Twitter I*N*S*A*N*I*T*Y AKA JennGate Fraud-A-Thon 2011


WARNING: I know that posting this blog will probably inspire some people to come and scream at me in the comments section, and might even attract a troll or two. So before you go calling me a hater or whatever, I just want to make something clear: the things I’m posting here are the facts as they happened. Not my personal opinions. I am simply providing the information, and you can all come to your own conclusions. Please don’t yell at me if you don’t like what you read. Thank you.

(Please Note: insert the word “allegedly” where applicable.)

A little back story for those of you who are not regular readers and aren’t familiar with Zen Jenn from Chicago Now:

– It all started here when I wrote a little rant about a guy who wrote an absolutly awful RHOBH recap for Yahoo’s OMG:

– Jenn (who also writes for Yahoo) seemed to take personal offence to my blog about that random guy’s recap (she doesn’t know him), and wrote a nasty blog attacking me and even Lynn too (for no reason bc Lynn didn’t do anything to her). So I created a “BS Blogger Blog” from Jenn’s nasty blog post. She has since deleted the original that she wrote, but you can still read the copy/paste (with my comments inserted) here:

– Then I did this just for fun:

– Here is a Youtube of Jenn, just to give you an idea of the type of person we’re dealing with:

Here are her twitterlongers from the time all this was going on:

See you back here in 5 hours when you’ve finally read all this.


Ok, so getting to the point: A lot of people are wondering exactly what the fuck happened on twitter the other day (Feb 2011). It all began when JS (Jenn Sale) started tweeting and blogging about personal things that were happening in her relationship. I can’t show you the tweets because she has since deleted her twitter account, but here are the screen shots of a couple of the blogs she posted (also now deleted):

(You may need to use the magnifier on your browser to read these OR you can click on them to enlarge them. But each blog post is broken into 2 or 3 pieces even though it doesn’t look like it, so you’ll have to click each piece. Sorry this is so complicated. Lol.)




Later on that night, after the last blog post, she tweeted that she had checked into a hotel and was safe.

This situation inspired some people to want to get involved and help, and when they did, information started being revealed. Here are the things that started coming out about Zen Jenn:






When all this info came out people online began tweeting to Jenn and asking her about it. She tweeted a few answers blaming her (ex?) husband for her arrest. Eventually she tweeted that no one will believe her no matter what she says and deleted her twitter account. She said she was fine before twitter and would be fine after it…. But then she created a new twitter account within an hour. That account has also since been deleted and as of now she just uses her RealityZen twitter account. After her original twitter disappeared she posted a new blog, but deleted all the posts written before that. That new blog post has also since been deleted, but here is the screen shot:


After all the vague references to unspecified people and events in that blog, we are only left with more questions.


Here is @Intensity38’s account of what happened. It is long, but it will help put things into perspective:

I know I’m a little late in these responses, but I do have a comment to make about the suicide of that teenage girl who posted her last message on twitter along with the explanation that everyone has been asking for.

Last fall there was a woman who was friends with quite a few of us here in this group.
I will cut to the chase cause this is long and I don’t want to take up more room on this blog. Anyway she was drinking that day and was not at all happy with anyone. She was calling people out left and right saying some horrible things to people that she was angry at and was posting with many spelling mistakes and repeated words.

Wellsies, (lol) after a whole day of this she posted that she took a ‘boat load’ of pills and said goodbye and other things like, she would ‘see us on the other side’. A number of people on twitter were frantic, thinking that this woman, whom had children, had taken pills and nobody knew what to do.
A number of people, including me, had written URGENT messages to twitter asking them to get her IP and call the police. There was no response to anyone’s message, except the automated message saying that they had gotten your message and would get back to you. Not what you want to hear when you believe someone’s life is at stake.
So, I decided that enough time had passed and called 911. I spoke to the operator, and gave her as much information as I could. There wasn’t a lot she could do seeing we were in different states, so I got back on twitter and by the luck of the Irish, I found that one of her followers had her cell phone number.

I called 911 back and they put me through to the area code’s emergency response network. I was put through to the police and spent almost an hour trying to explain to this police woman what was happening.
(During this time, we were all still watching her account and nothing. She was not responding.)
Your not going to believe this, but I swear on my life it’s true. This police department did NOT have Internet access! This woman didn’t even have any idea what Twitter was.
I thought, ‘oh great, now what’?

After going through all of this (and now it’s almost 2 hours since she wrote “see you on the other side, or something to that effect.) She finally took down the cell phone number and the information a number of kind people had collected from her friends (who were all still waiting anxiously to find out what happened to her).

She said she would call me back and hung up. I informed everyone as to what was happening and we all sat nervously awaiting the call back.

About an hour later the phone rang, and it was her, the female policewoman. She explained to me that they found out who she was and where she lived from her cell phone information and had sent a couple cars to her house. They knocked but nobody answered, so they pounded on the door and they heard someone yell that they were coming.
She (the woman who ‘took the boatload of pills) answered the door and was quite pissed off that the police were there pounding on her door and she denied saying she took the pills. She denied saying she would see us on the other side. She denied it all. They checked on her son and left.
That was it. The visit took 5 minutes total. Most of it was her saying this was all a lie.
We all were thankful, yet very upset that she had put us through this. (A sweet woman on twitter even left a meeting at work, to try and keep her tweeting so we could find her)
So, Let’s say, the whole bunch of us were pissed off but glad that it had not happened. If this was not enough, this woman comes back on twitter about eight hours later, deletes a couple of her ‘see you on the other side’ tweets and tweeted that ‘SHE was PISSED off that SOMEONE sent the POLICE to her house last night because THEY *the police* woke her and her son up!’ OMFG!

Your probably asking ‘why is she telling us this’, and it’s because I want people to know that first, there are some wonderful people on twitter with very big hearts, and second, it’s people like her who make other people on Twitter dismiss the REAL tweets of the people who are REALLY committing suicide.

I pray that this is not what happened with this teenager, and that it doesn’t ever happen again.

If you ask me now, would I do the same thing as I did that night, the answer is YES! Because I would never be able to live with myself had I not attempted to contact this woman and found out later that she had gone through with it.

Okie Dokie. So now on to Jen. She did not say she was going to kill herself, nor did she ever indicate that she was going to hurt herself or her children, BUT She indicated that she was in an abusive situation that she could not get out of. She said that her husband was ‘holding her hostage’ by taking the battery out of the car and removing her cash and credit cards from her wallet.

Because I have volunteered on crisis hotlines for years,
I knew there were many ‘underground’ shelters out there who will come in, and in two hours, will have the abused woman and her children out of the house, far away. They will give them a new life with a place to live, help them change their name, get a job and give them money to help them get started. All of this so the abuser cannot find them because sometimes orders of protection do not work.
Anyway, because of what Jen saidin her blogs and on her Twitter page, I really thought that she needed this help. My heart broke for her and her children because nobody, not a man or woman should have to live their lives in fear.
She had been saying what an awful situation she was in, that her ‘husband’ burned her things, her clothes and the things her father had left her. She indicated that she was being held hostage with no way out, no money and she was fearful for herself and her children.
I made some phone calls with the information I had and tried to find someone to help her. I emailed her blogs and her tweets to a woman who’s name I will not reveal and waited for her to collect the things she needed to, and to get a hold of Jen and try to get her out if she needed to get out.
I will not reveal what happened next but lets just say, my eyes were opened up and I found out that she was not the abused woman she was claiming to be. Nor was she in the situations she reported on her blogs.
I was more than angry and I apologize for this because it seems that she really does need help. Not from a shelter but from a professional psychiatrist or someone who can help her to stop with her lies.
I had to post this because I have been asked over and over about what happened and I wanted to clear the air.
If Jen actually was telling the truth, I wanted to hear it from her, so I asked her and she tweeted some kind of “fuck off” to me. I then became even more angry and posted the article I received (from someone I asked to help Jen)
I asked her to comment and she deleted her Twitter account and posted a blog (you can read it above) and she gave me a special shout out and she told me to “Go fuck myself”
So there is what happened in total. Nobody at twitter, no blogger, gave me that information. Nobody did anything to Jen but me, and it was a gesture that I would hope someone would do for me if I was in a situation like she described.
Jen keeps blaming Lynn and others for what happened and it was only me. Nobody else. So if the friends that she still has, want to tar and feather anyone, come and see me. I did it.
Now, ‘ask me would I do it again’? And I will tell you YES! Yes I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just because she used her blog to lie, does not mean that if someone else needed help, that I wouldn’t help.
I guess that means I am a sucker and I will let people use me, but I see it as, I hope that if I ever needed help, that there would be someone out there who would help me.

Okay, I’m done now. So I will go to twitter now and await the hate tweets and the name calling. I don’t care what you do. You cannot, and you will not ever, make me not care about another human being. If that is your goal, give it up.

Now that I’m done, I’m going to go try and ‘fuck myself’. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ve been told it so many times since this went down, I’m going to go try.

Have a great night everyone!


But there is more…

Here is another website of Jenn’s:
I will include a screen shot as well, because you never know when it will all be deleted.

^^^ Donation button is still there.
(It is my unbiased observation that for someone who is too proud to accept hand outs, she sure does ask for them a lot.)

First of all, the blog that she claims was purchased by an unnamed media company… It’s a free wordpress blog. She gave up the name because of all the negative attention she was getting from her nasty blog posts. That blog is now available at wordpress if anyone wants it:

The “editors” she’s always talking about… you can have them too if you sign up here. I’m a writer for Yahoo too. I have an editor. It doesn’t mean anything. It took me one week to become a fancy pants “featured contributor.” I’m not saying it isn’t something to brag about but… well, yeah, actually that’s exactly what I’m saying. You can view my “professional blogger” profile here if you want.

Something else I found interesting… Here the description of Jenn’s book “Don’t Count Your Chicken’s Before They’re McNuggets” from her website:

And here is another description of the same book from her kickstarter website:

Did she write two different books with the same title?

It amazes me, actually, to see how easily she twists and manipulates the truth. Reading her “About Me” page was like watching the Salahi’s on the RHODC reunion.

My head hurts.

Oh, by the by…. I have a paypal button now. It’s just an old inside joke, nothing to do with actual donations, so don’t pay it any mind. I could never accept money from any of you anyway. Ever. But if you wanted to force me to have the money against my will, then I suppose you could hit the donate button and then I wouldn’t be able to stop you.
But just so we’re clear, I am NOT asking for money. I’m perfectly fine sleeping on the streets with nothing but my bathrobe and slippers in the middle of a snow storm. Do not hit that donate button! I do not want help.


Jenn’s “Interview” with Jill Zarin – I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t look like an interview to me…..

Jenn gives advice on how to have your record expunged – LOL

Jenn’s tweets <– this link may or may not still be working.

Jenn’s Bio BEFORE I revealed her lies. Click to enlarge: 

The same Bio AFTER (changed yesterday):

Jenn’s blog in response to her info being uncovered – Here are the screen shots for when she deletes that one too:

She changed her name on this site:

Interesting fact from Wikipedia:

In Book 7 of the Aeneid, in lines 69–83, Lavinia’s presence is made more known to the readers in her most memorable role in the Aeneid; during the sacrifice at the altars of the gods, Lavinia’s hair catches on fire, an omen promising glorious days to come for Lavinia and war for all Latins.
In Ursula K. Le Guin‘s 2008 novel Lavinia, the character of Lavinia and her relationship with Aeneas is expanded and elaborated, giving insight into the life of a king’s daughter in ancient Italy. The narrative is intriguing in that the narrator, Lavinia, says that she would not have a life without Virgil, implying that she knows she is only a myth

Her name is still the same on this site where she is listed as director of Media/PR for Project Ladybug in Chicago:

Here is Project Ladybug’s Facebook page where she is not listed:

Is she a Catholic?

Or is she a Lutheran?

This is her original AOL blog titled “Jenn’s World” that she claims in her bio (^ up there) caught the attention of “some editors”:  The screen shots are below (click to enlarge) but if the link is still working it would be easier to read it here:

If you haven’t read the comments yet, you can’t miss them. They are hilarious!

All New Blogs Are Being Posted Over Here: Reality Crack House

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2,576 Responses to Twitter I*N*S*A*N*I*T*Y AKA JennGate Fraud-A-Thon 2011

  1. KoalaBear says:

    I was patiently waiting for this blog. LOL YOU ROCK!!!! ok, time to sit back and read your masterpiece.

  2. K MAC says:

    OMG!! Yes! That chick is certifiable!!! If she’s so abused and trying to escape how the hell does she have time to delete and open new accounts and then blog some more. If you’ve just taken yourself and your children away from an abusive situation, shouldn’t you be trying to comfort them and making sure they know they’re safe now?

  3. jennifersjail says:

    JUST BRILLIANT! The web is like a watering hole for sociopaths. Anyone who has rallied around this crazy woman is simply nuts themselves.

    • debbie says:

      Who sits around with their kids for weeks( and waits for donations she doesn’t want) to leave an abusive situation? If things did happen as she says, someone familiar with her situation could have offered to help her and her kids get away from the “terror ” she describes. With all her “professional connections” alone she must have someone she oculd have turned to for a temporary place to go with her kids.
      I dont believe her for a moment. I’ll be looking forward to the comments.

      • humbruh says:

        I was in an abusive relationship years ago & I also lost a friend to domestic violence at the hands of her husband. My church also sponsors a shelter for women & children escaping abusive situations. None of this behavior lines up with that of a woman who is being abused. When you are in a situation like that & you finally get up enough courage to get out, you reach out to people you can trust & try to keep it as hush as possible. The last thing you would want to do is broadcast what’s going on in multiple blog posts for all the world to see, further pissing off your abuser & making him/her more inclined to come after you.

        • Anthroboi says:

          Especially when you’ve already blogged that you know your husband (although it appears their marriage was annuled in 07, and they both had restraining orders against eachother in 06, if it’s the same guy) has been ACTIVELY READING your twitter timeline (per her own blog entry).

          So then you escape your abusive partner in the middle of the night with $8 cash, $156 in your bank acct, and 3 very young children and check into a cheap(?) motel, finally safe from your abuser. So what is the next natural step? Send a million tweets, create 14 new twitter accounts and tweet from them, write 2 blogs on your own website, write a recap of the Jersey Shore and chat with your buddies under a protected twitter account and (apparently) ignore your three children who would surely be frightened and confused.

          I call BULLSHIT on this chick. Everything screams fraud, in my humble personal opinion based on the evidence that I’ve seen (and her behaviour).

          • Its Me Toonces says:

            I’ll see your bullshit and raise you a No Fucking Way!!!

            she be full of the crazies…

            hey does anyone know how to add money to someone’s prison commisary account? I want to donate early cuz I figure all the donations she’s gonna get will crash the prison paypal site.

            • Kat says:

              Love your “No Fucking Way”.
              Wait to donate please. She may use your money for her “restitution” or to flee the jurisdiction.

              I may send her stamps, dice and toe socks. Oh and a dozen eggs.

  4. Harvey says:

    Harvey is a rabbit and doesn’t quite understand all this shit, but he looked at the bloggy thingys and was hoping you could explain this comment thingy under the bloggy thingy. Did this Jenn Sale person write it, or did one of her other personalities write it?

    You know, she could win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction! And go on Oprah – I am sure Oprah would send a limo for her – like that James guy. You know – that Million Little Pieces book?

    Shazzer wrote:
    Ok, 1st off I’ve been your friend forever, and let me tell these assholes & the world that they have NO idea. You do such a great job putting on this exterior that they have not even half a clue of what you’ve been through in the last 7 yrs. I’m not on Twitter, and I’m glad for it. Everybody has your back in real life because you are an amazing person! The fact that all you’ve had to endure yet you keep popping right back up is a testament to that. These people don’t know all the charity work you do. That you just put on a beautiful even last sunday for underprivilaged kids, so they could take a trip. Or how you are at the food bank EVERY saturday morning. You stayed home alone on Christmas &Tgiving to serve the homeless dinner. You teach sunday school every week. ur three kids are the happiest, most well behaved children I have ever known. Because you don’t need to brag about it or need any recognition, ppl just don’t know. I hope I’m not revealing too much when I say that after your oldest was born you went through a very very dark time. When that incident happened, and yet you were unafraid to confront it maybe you should tell that story again and make these people feel like the scum they truly are. I know you feel the need to keep your family together because of what we all saw you go through as a kid. Nobody can sit back and judge without the whole story. Share it with them. Let them know what you’ve been through and how amazing you are just to keep dusting yourself off each and every single time.Your courage to publicly put yourself out there warts and all speaks for itself.

    • So she is really Mother Teresa in disguise? LOL

      Smart money says she wrote that comment herself.

    • Dominque says:

      Harvey aka Jenn Sale is hilarious!! lol! DELUSIONAL much!? -oops! Actually we do know,… you are often delusional- hehe! I wonder if the people you STOLE money from think you are wonderful? I highly doubt it, you poor pathetic loser. Do you have any friends in “real life”? The only”friends” you appear to have are the nerd herd crew on twitter! ewwwww! What a pathetic bunch of misfits they are!! And absolute hypocrites!! Just like you St.Jenn !! (although many of them are two-faced to beware;) And you soooo wanted to be in with Dina Manzo! ugh! close! but now we know the REAL reason! 😉 $$$$$ At least you got rid of the bad yellow hair! YIKES! & you’re clearly not into fashion, let alone A MODEL? hahahaha! Now that’s comedy!!! ;D Keep writing your great FICTION!!! Sucker born everyday, lucky for you bitch! Oh wellsie!

    • needrealitytvanonymous says:

      LMAO! Does Jen have someone writing for her on her behalf that has NO grammar skills. Cute. I have read her blogs in the past when they popped up through a google search on RHONY and honestly they were not interesting or informational. I guess she realized she is not a journalist and her 1 good friend was honest with her so she created a little (okay, BIG) drama for some recognition. Oh Boy. Note to Jen: You’re as bad as Traylor being a liar, a thief and pretending to stand up for some kind of charity and then trying to get some limelight for it. I know! Since you are a “Celebrity” Blogger (which makes you famous, right?) go on Dr. Drew’s rehab on VH1. I’m sure he’ll find some underlying addiction we haven’t figured out here besides compulsive lying and stealing. You’ll get your 15 minutes then.

  5. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I have a supervisor at my job just like this. Its very exhausting to deal with all the lies, screaming, and tears on a weekly basis from a nutjob. I’ve always gotten a bad vibe from JS. Not to mention the bald face lie about being a model :-D. I’m not saying she’s ugly but model material she’s not…..

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  7. Well, ya don’t say! Ms. Sale should have taken the saying ‘those who live in glass houses…’ to heart. IMO, it is a very sad story, but one that had to have the spotlight shine on it. I truly hope that all turns out well for Ms. Sale, as she is responsible for her children… nothing good comes from accusing others, as you have proven.

  8. Apparently we’re all ass holes. Sticks and Stones yo!–stonesdeal-with-it.aspx
    Why do the little pictures she uses all look familiar? I think she’s reusing the same pics from the IHABY drama days. I beginning to see a pattern…

    • debbie says:

      She lies..She can’t stop.
      ABout ‘Fugs’ forgetting his passport. Faxing a copy of a birth certificate to Miami wouldn’t help . You need a certified copy with a raised seal to get a new passport or to travel with a BC.
      As for the following from today’s blog? I don’t see the humor in the joke at all.

      “I’ve had income come in throughout the week, from all of your generous donations. <—THAT IS A JOKE! A JOKE! AS IN NOT SERIOUS! There were a couple of gig paydays, and I get paid from the big job next week, so we're sound. Not great, but sound. Feel free to keep donating. <—–THAT IS ANOTHER JOKE! A JOKE! AS IN NOT SERIOUS! Gahhhhhdddddd…."

      Jenn Sale needs some serious help. Hope she gets it for her kids sake.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      I love the part where she says that half of “us” probably have a rap sheet.

      She’s partly right. I’m sure I’m not the only one here besides Jenn who has been arrested (public intoxication at 20yo….). But there is a BIG difference between having a “rap sheet” and being charged with felony grand theft.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      “the whole Facebook friend request thing opened the lines of communication in such a way that I got my cards and car back.”

      Wait “back”? Bitch- he nevah took em- the marriage was ALLEGEDLY annulled ‘member?

      suuurre you told your job…you told your job you needed a day off on Tuesday for a doctor’s appointment. Then you’ll reveal your cancer diagnosis that causes you to be unable to work but if you all want to throw me a goodbye party -ok-but I just won’t feel right about accepting donations…

      • amia009 says:

        Let’s be fair. She said this happened before so maybe when they first got married then the burning of the stuff allegedly happened they got their marriage annulled then got back together later on but didn’t re marry and just consider their selves husband and wife for kids sake. I don’t know. I am just trying to be fair and hope this all isn’t a lie. If it is, then this is messed up. Why lie about something like that? Sounds like someone I know who really is in a somewhat situation like that. Someone I know real well. She don’t meed donations though. lol no worries..

        • Kat says:

          When I fear for my life I always blog about it. I want everyone to know. I never immediately leave the dangerous situation. Me and the kids stay so I can blog and tweet ad nauseum. I call BS.

      • Damnert says:

        I could be totally off base, but it looks to me in reviewing the court documents and the domestic/finaincial relationship she has with “Fug”, is that that the ” alleged totally hypothetical person” was charged with a crime almost 6 yrs ago that would require restitution to be made if she made a plea agreement or was found guilty.

        Sorry guys, It really looks to me like another incident occurred since the notorious Mugshot photo (Court date 02/22/11)

        The annulment? Doesn’t make sense, but happened. In my neck of the woods annulment of marriage occurs if there is not children or property settlements involved. What do I know…

        Now, property? Makes sense that a divorce (or in this case, annulment) would occur to protect what would otherwise be considered communial earnings as well as assets. Signing yourself off anything that could be attached via court order makes sense in those that live in that type of world where you take what isn’t yours, and protect yourself from accountability.

        Homes, personal property, credit, and paychecks that were originally part of the household possibly become protected from the acts of an ex-spouse.

        The Domestic issues? Not making any sense to me. Although records show protective orders every year from 2006 until Sept 2010 (most of them dropped within a week or two after issued) They still, from what I gather, lived together in a house with kiddos as domestic partners.

        Given the domestic partnership, ya just can’t give the mother of your children AND the children 2 weeks notice to vacate. That takes an order from a Judge. As well, “Fug” has a responsibility to pay child support if those are his children, and has had that responsibility since the break-up of the marriage in 2006 even if she never “made him”.

        I’m not much on civil law. Know some about family law, but this just isn’t pulling together for me…

        Soap Box Bitching:

        I’m one of these people who think a Mother’s instinct to protect their children out weighs “normally” her own wants and needs and no relationship becomes more important than that goal to protect the emotional and physical well being of your off-spring.

        When I read 4 protective orders in 4 yrs, and this person backs it up with her insane stories, those kids have got to be going through emotional hell that becomes the parents responsibility to protect them from.

        Reading that last blog link posted, Daddy (Fug) needs to learn how to use the internet. At least google search the mother of his children’s name.

        Unfortunately I see all to often when a parent goes down, they take the children down with them.

        Damn this is long, sorry PYHU.

        • Its Me Toonces says:

          I have major cat love for my Damnert! *winks at you*…lets be hobby bloggers together! We can get paid in food.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          hi- I actually found his “rap sheet” when I was researching her. I didn’t publicize it cause it’s all domestic violence A&B during the time they were married.

          So who’s to say he really did anything at all?

          She’s blaming Lynn over at IHJZ for just everything including her ingrown toenail- imagine being her hubs?

          Or he DID do all this crazy shit. Some of it does have a ring of tuth to it- but it was all in 2006.

          And another thing…anullment? You have kids with this guy- it’s not an anullment UNLESS there was fraud.

          OMG- is Jen a man?

        • Debbie says:

          You are so smart. S-M-A-T. I mean, S-M-A-R-T. That was my Homeer Simpson immitation. By the way, in case you are reading this JS. I NEVER attacked you on twitter. Some of your goons, or you posing as a goon attacked me repeatedly. Even going so far as to say to me to “Be careful, you use your real name here on twitter and stuff could happen to you”

        • Jane says:

          I truly have no opinion whatsoever about anything going on here – I have not ever followed this Jen Sale and am glad I haven’t – she sounds truly off her rocker. I dont’ know how annulment works for sure but always thought divorce was done through the courts and annulment done through the church. In the catholic church you cannot get married again in the church unless you have had an annulment. I can’t imagine courts in the US actually deal with annulments? I don’t know.

          • I’m not really sure how it works. But I know Britney Spears got an annulment from her first Vegas quickie husband.

          • Both are legal actions to end a marriage. The difference is that a divorce dissolves the marriage, while an annulment renders the marriage legally invalid, as if it never even happened (but the rights of any children from the marriage are always protected, regardless of how the marriage is legally ended).

            Obviously, annulment is taken very seriously, since it severely restricts the rights of the parties.

            In Illinois, you can only get an annulment if one of four criteria regarding the validity of the marriage are met. The criteria are whether the parties were able to consent to marriage, if there was fraud or duress, if a party lacked the ability to consummate the marriage, or if the marriage was prohibited (for example, if one party is already married, or if the parties are closely related). Parties have only 90 days from the time they learn about the problem to file for an annulment.

            It is therefore much easier to get a divorce in the state of Illinois, than it is to get an annulment.

            There are also annulments for religious reasons, as you correctly note, but those are rarely legal actions in the state of Illinois due to the strictness of their annulment criteria. Instead, the parties petition a church tribunal to grant an annulment, which has no legal effect but does allow them to remarry within the church.

    • babelony says:

      “someone hacked the GPS on my phone ” and “half of them probably have rap sheets too”–uh yeah, you’re crazy.

  9. Bobbi says:

    Brilliant recap! Thank you so much for putting this all in one place. Now I can just refer people that ask here! These events are hard to explain in 140 characters at a time.

  10. firepainter says:

    Love the mugshot.

  11. Amber...RealWife says:

    Although it’s none of my business…i’d be interested in finding out how much she actually received via the Donate Button. Was it enough for a cab ride, a limo or a down payment for a vehicle?

  12. Pompalicious says:

    Thank you. Thank you and BRAVO. I was hoping for a complete story, and, like usual, you fail to disappoint! I myself had missed the first few blogs of her tortured life, and know it makes sense. Well, she doesn’t make sense, but you know what I mean. I still can’t believe Dina is mum on the PLB affiliation. Great job. One day I hope to be a hobby blogger, but never a professional.

    • Debbie says:

      I just wanna know something..Is she getting paid for us reading her nonsense blog that posted here? If so, I want our money back.

  13. Its Me Toonces says:


    Again, you do not disappoint! This blog is beyond thorough! Donate to you? Hell I want to move you into my home and feed you grapes I peeled with my own 4 paws.

    This Jennifer Sale (Inmate #666) person is NOT an abused woman. No way No how. Abused women do not sit on their fat asses in front of their ugly ass drapes handing their children desperate for attention a sharpie to go play with while they make youtube videos and tweet and blog and write stories and make dinner and grocery shop and volunteer and teach sunday school and sew clothes for guatamalan orphans and shovel their neighbor’s snow and have bake sales and cut everyone’s hair for charity, etc…

    If Inmate #666 is to be believed she came in contact ON A DAILY BASIS with people she could have told about her “abuse” who would have most likely immediately intervened.

    She is so mentally ill that PayPal could donate ALL of one day’s donations to her and this would not BEGIN to pay for the help she needs.

    I do wonder what she has done with all the money she stole?

  14. Daisy Rockefeller says:

    This is completely sad. I do not know any back story on this, but just reading her blogs and seeing her criminal past leads me to believe that she is a danger to herself and others.

    I hope Jennifer Sale gets the help she needs even jail time if it is warranted.

    But more than that, I pray that her children get a safe home and some stability. By all accounts, they have been living a nightmare.

    Sad, sad situation.

    • Its Me Toonces says:

      “By all accounts her children have been living in a nightmare”??? Actually its only HER account and probably the only job she HASNT claimed to have is working for the truth…


      • Daisy Rockefeller says:

        Well, being a mother myself, I can tell you the kids feel neglected when she’s staring at the computer all day long thinking up the ridiculous crap she writes. I legitimately work from home at my computer for hours, and my kids do feel neglected when they are not in school. We are going to the children’s museum this afternoon to make up for it. 🙂

        There is no way she can type the stuff she does, step away from it, and be a nurturing mother. I imagine she reads the negative and takes it out on the little ones or the husband she claims abuses her.

        She’s obviously a very angry person and clearly not mentally stable. I just don’t see any of it as a healthy environment for children. Whether or not she is lying about the abuse, she is still stomping over her children to play chicken with the public scrutiny train.

        Just my very humble opinion, coming from the Rockefeller family and all. 🙂

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          I know my kids felt neglected when I spent hours in front of the computer trying to move money around to avoid accepting a government bailout. It all worked out and I gave the kids new Mustangs so everyone is happy now. 😉

  15. Miss Anthrope says:

    Hahaha! It’s no wonder she has defended Dinas “charity”. She was probably trying to squeeze any tips she could out of Dina so that she could eventually begin stealing the church money.

    My guess is that she knows she will probably be going to jail for a least a little while and wanted to give everyone some pity story about how abused she is and that’s why she wouldn’t be around.

    We all knew she was a psycho from her past rantings and that infamous youtube video, but this really confirms it. She obviously needs mental help, and I’m not just saying that to be flippant. This chick has serious psychological problems and I’m afraid her internet addiction is only making them worse.

    And what is she talking about when she says “work”? There is no way she supports 3 kids on her AC paycheck. That’s ludicrous and only a moron would believe it.

    • debbie says:

      Miss Anthrope,
      RCH posted a link up thread to JS’ blog post today. In it she says she has found a new job in PR
      “Just a quick post to say WORD before I head into the office today. YES I HAVE A JOB. A good one. No a great one. I went back to work, since I knew there would be major changes in my life, and I have 3 kids to support. I am very blessed that something so great came through so quickly. I had only been looking since the “Christmas Tree Throwing Incident” of 2010. ”
      Um-hmmm. Sure.

      • jennifersjail says:

        So she found a job, daycare for her kids, living arrangements, legal assistance and transportation THE DAY AFTER leaving an abusive relationship?????? Really??????? She IS superwoman.

        • Its Me Toonces says:

          and supposedly she “fled” the (not so) marital home BUT was able to fax Whathisface’s (mr abuser tree thrower battery stealer) passport to him which presumably was still at the house she fled?

          I think she sniffed too many of those sharpies she gave her kids as “toys”.

      • jennifersjail says:

        Can I ask a question?

        Did anyone notice who was following Jen the moment she became “bananas” or whatever on twitter? She had followers before INTENSITY outed her. I might steer clear of those “haters” too.

        • Its Me Toonces says:

          “the moment she became bananas”…ok that made me laugh the crazy person laugh where you actually snort and my cats actually came into the room to see what was wrong with mommy!

        • Debbie says:

          Those followers are either her or just assholes as they came after me for calling BS on the BS they said to Lynn. They told me that Lynn was a weasel etc. I think it’s her. She claims that I attacked her on twitter but I have never followed her on twitter. I hope this makes sense. I think she follows herself and keeps tabs on Lynn and anyone Lynn follows.

        • Raquelpapel says:

          Well, I was one of those followers and I guess according to your post – a hater. I do not spend a lot of time on twitter. But, when I was there Jenn was actually quite nice as are a lot of people that are posting here. But it seems like you want to start an angry mob here. Dont paint with such a broad brush and put all people in one category (haters, etc)
          I usually enjoy this blog, its funny, and silly, but as I read this yesterday, my thought was, how is this not cyberbullying? its not just the blog, but this is ongoing on twitter too. its non-stop and its ugly. To think you are all grown women. I just dont get why you would post such things. If Jenn is as crazy as some of you claim, what would you do if she offs herself because of all this? Even if you feel she deserves it, isnt the punishment so much worse than the crime. So she blogged some things that may or may not be true, who cares? why take it to this extreme?

          As far as the court “documents” above, that is a screen shot of a docket. It says nothing. Was her marriage annulled? I don’t know and neither do you. Was this a court date from a previous offense? I dont know and neither do you. She most likely will plead down and do some community service. She most likely will not go to jail, so you can change your handle. Now I will leave you to your speculations, I am sure you have a lot more theories and photographs you would like to share. I would hope that before you do, you ask yourself if you would like to be treated this way.

          • Raquelpapel says:

            my post was in reply to jennsjail.

            • colibrimoon says:

              Your sporadic visits to Twitter now makes you an expert on Jennifer Sale’s virtue and cyberbullying? Jennifer Sale portrayed herself as a professional blogger who didn’t have time for hobby bloggers and their minions. She treated most of us with disdain and considered us persona non grata in her very important literary world. Oh, I know my response won’t mean anything to you because you joined Jennifer and that merry little band of bitches soon after you started tweeting. I remember you.

              I have to wonder why you can’t empathize with regular folk who were about to be scammed out of their hard earned common dollars. I ponder why you are not leery of Jennifer after learning that someone with a history of fraud was suddenly asking for donations. Instead, you choose to focus on challenging the validity of court docs and labeling the discussion on this blog as cyberbullying.
              I’m curious Raquel, did you ever ask your friends why one of them had an avatar with piles of shit on it? Did you ever ask your friends why they ridiculed Patti by using a photo she shared of her daughter’s accomplishment and turned it into a joke? Go on, ask them why they then used Patti’s profile picture and piled shit on yet another avatar.

              I mean if you’re going to get on a high horse, ride it through.

              • Anonymous says:

                Most of us who have a problem with you people commenting on this blog and on twitter just feel that at this point it’s time to leave jenn alone and move on. Your constant commentary has reached the point of abuse whether you see it that way or not. It is pathetic and sad that you all have spent this much time attacking someone who is obviously in a bad place…

                One more thing… I don’t believe for a second that any of you were going to send her money. You all claim that you are so mad because you almost got “scammed”. That is bullshit. Just own the fact that you have nothing better to do with your time than attack someone for days… Don’t try and give it some fake justification. Any normal sane person sees right through that.

                • I never had any intention of sending her money. I can’t speak for others, but when I say that I got “scammed” I mean because I believed her BS. I believed she was an author, and had a deal with NBC, and had inside sources who worked at Bravo when RHONJ was taping, and had won awards for her writing, and had written for magazines and real publications, and was married, and was currently working on a new book etc etc etc…
                  I believed all her lies and I’m shocked to find out the truth, so yeah, I feel scammed.

                  I would probably feel very differently about all of her lies if she weren’t asking anyone for money. But she has multiple websites set up where she asks for “donations” for various things including to publish a book which does not exist. So yeah… I have a problem with her misleading people in order to get money from them.

              • @Bravolebrity says:

                Thank you Coli. your the best! @LynnschinsLLC has a HATE account made up just to hate LynnNChicago. They have laughed, joked, ridiculed and harassed Lynn to no end even up to today but yet they seem to forget that they dish out their own brand of hate for a woman that only Jenn and Robin hate. So they jumped on the hate bandwagon. Their group has called peoples place of employment and their homes to try and cause trouble for them. Their small group has posted people’s personal information on twitter as a form of harassment & bullying. They are ALL guilty of doing it yet they don’t see it in themselves. So who are the haters? Just look at her follwers and you will see them right there. It doesn’t matter to me if she uses my avatars, she can continue to do so. I figure she uses the little shits on them because she likes the smell of shit so much. I can actually say she is a shit head!
                Raquel read your own friends TL’s and see if your aren’t a hater just like them! Funny how you all have been hating on Lynn for months and you do no wrong, sell your bullshit to someone who believes it! Tell your friends to grow the fuck up!

                • @Bravolebrity says:

                  @lynnschinnsLLC It’s a compliment to me that you use my pics as your avatars. It shows that I have good taste and that you want what I have! I love know that!

                  Furthermore, thats all I have to say on this subject. I only commented because Coli. mentioned me. So talk away if you will because I really don’t give a damn! 🙂

            • needrealitytvanonymous says:

              @Raquelpapel, well I guess you can call it what you want, but maybe you should take a look at this video and hear how she talks and then talks in front of her kids. Maybe a call to CPS would be more appropriate? Agree to disagree, right? : )

          • Raquel, my blog is not “cyberbullying”, it’s laying out the truth for people because they wanted to know what happened. Considering that Jenn is constantly asking people for money, I think they have a right to know the truth.

            And this comment section is not “bullying” either. No one is bothering Jenn, we’re just talking amongst ourselves and finding the humor in what really is a crazy situation.
            Yes, we laugh at her and make jokes. That’s not the same thing as “bullying” so you should be careful about using that word.

            Bullying is harassment, it’s cruel, it is a form of abuse. It involves repeated acts over time attempting to enforce one persons power over another.

            I find it irresponsible for you to use that word to describe my blog. This is an honest blog meant to illuminate the truth and the comments are from people expressing their feelings and opinions over the situation.
            It is a slippery slope when you start referring to unpleasant truths and opinions as bullying.

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              Very well said RCH.

            • Damnert says:

              Most excellent reply. I would give you a “thumbs up” but SOMEONE TOOK ALL THE THUMBS :o)

            • Bea from NJ says:

              I ditto the very well said!!

            • gmf says:

              It is not talking amongst yourselves if it is on the internet, now is it?

              Perhaps bullying isn’t the correct term for what is going on here. Maybe there isn’t one.

              It is wrong, and mean, even if not intended to be so.

              This young woman is obviously mentally ill. We know that she has young children at home from the YouTube video. That video also indicates a serious issue with priorities, to say the least.

              Every word of this talking amongst yourselves will be read by or reported to this woman. This will continue feed and inflame her crazy behavior.

              Is there anyone here that doesn’t think taunting a mentally ill person is wrong and mean?

              • I think someone would have to be talking TO her in order for it to be considered “taunting”.
                I don’t think she’s mentally ill, I think she’s just a pernicious morally corrupt jealous woman. ::head dip shoulder shrug::

                If she didn’t want to be talked about on the internet, then she shouldn’t have acted like a mean bitch on the internet. If she were our rl friend we would be talking about her irl, not online. I think it would be a hell of a lot more fun if all these people flew up to my house and we could talk about all this over a few boxes of wine, maybe put on some blond wigs and do our best Housewife impersonations… but unfortunately that’s not realistic, so we’re talking to each other online. No one is forcing anyone to come here and read this.

                And since you love telling others what to do, why don’t you tell Jenn to take down those donation buttons?
                “Help support freelance writing/art by making a donation” is just a tad misleading, no? Go lecture her please.

                You must have realized at this point that you aren’t going to get people to stop posting their opinions, right? It will die down eventually. Your comments are only helping it to continue, fyi.

              • needrealitytvanonymous says:

                @gmf Are you getting paid to come on RCH blog to harass us? You do know that you are “participating” in our “conversation” by posting here, right? Hey, are you KKBensimon?

            • renee says:

              No, this is bullying. Just because you weren’t a bad enough bitch to say all this to her face doesn’t get you off the hook. It seems like you’re were pissed because she called out your behavior & you went on a warpath. You & you’re ilk are the ones with mental issues, check your damned self. I had no idea about her “meltdown” until I couldn’t find her blog anymore & I stumbled across this shithole of immature “women” & catty gay men. The behavior displayed here is just disgusting & I’m positive it extends to your “real” lives, you can’t turn this shit off & on. You bitches are BULLYS, OWN IT!

              • damnert says:

                You’re right Renee. How insensitive of us “immature women and catty gay men” .

                To make amends, once the poor pathetic victim Jenn is settled into the women’s prison she’ll be assigned to, may PYHU will post the address and her prison ID number so you can be her pen pal.

          • Mrs. Anthroboi AKA Pompalicious says:

            Raquel, Raquel, what a small world you live in. 1st) The court docs sited here can be found on Make sure you have the case # 2nd) Her marriage was annulled and can be seen on previously stated website. 3rd) You may need to check your Law Cliff Notes For Dummy Books. She will not, no way in HELL, get community service. If she does, I will eat dog shit. Seriously. If you believe she will plead down to community service, take the bet. I would love to see you eating poo. 4th) Bullying? Puh-Leaze. No one is holding a gun to her, or yours for that matter, forcing you to read this. No one is seeking her out. Get a grip. 5th) Lastly, you finish by saying, “ask yourself if you would like to be treated this way. If I said and did the things Jennifer JailBait Sale did to others, I would HOPE the same be done to me. That is all.

    • I knew she was crazy after the last time, but this is just beyond…

      Those articles she writes can’t even be considered a job. She would make more at McDonalds. Hell, she would make more sitting on the corner with a cup and a sign. For every sentence she types, I can find another one that completely contradicts it.

  16. Shari says:

    Crazy is as crazy does, I guess. We can only hope that she seeks help.

  17. @Bravolebrity says:

    Jenn, Jenn, Jenn! When Bravo announced that the #RHONY were not going to start showing as advertised. Jenn quickly gathered all of her #RHONY blogs that she had written and bundled them up in a package deal. You could read her old RHONY blogs for the price of $7.99. One person was so upset that she had to pay for blogs that were written from last season. No Donate button here!

  18. @Bravolebrity says:

    If Jenn were to take a LIE detector test it would electrocute her!

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    It is sad to see someone implode in a pool of their lies – and it is hard to feel sorry for someone who can’t step away from the internetblogging/tweeterville universe. And like others I am really wondering when Dina is going to weigh in on this mess – then again they may have compatible neuroses and understand their wacky worlds.

    What I still don’t understand is what set this off – is it jealousy of the success of IHJZ? Or of all blogs that have a topic of HWs? There are enough blogs and followers for everyone – if you don’t have lots of followers than your blog just plain sucks!

    • I think it’s combo of jealousy, crazy, and delusions of grandeur.
      Do you see how she turns every minor stupid thing she does into some huge accomplishment?
      Signing up to AC means she’s a journalist.
      Getting a “star badge” means she’s won an award.
      The go-to/help people at AC are “editors”

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        You said it- delusions of grandeur.

        When I watched the PTA video on youtube a while back, I could tell that not only was she completely unlikeable, but she was also very delusional. All she has ever done is hype herself up, brag about how awesome she is, how much success she’s attained as a writer, and how edgy she is. Basically, she’s a big blowhard. Anyone who speaks that highly of themselves has issues with their ego and in Jenns case it also seemed really delusional because you could tell that she actually believed her own bullshit.

        What is really startling about this whole thing is just how very different she truly is from the person she wants everyone to think she is. She even “lies” about her appearance. Take a look at that mugshot in comparison to the photos she uses on her website. Photoshop, anyone?

        • I still want to know WHY she made that youtube in the first place. I’m very fascinated by it. Lol.
          She had some explanation back then about doing it for her circle of friends, or keeping in touch with people or something like that…. But that doesn’t make sense bc it wasn’t like an update on her life and family, like showing off the kids, look how big they got, watch the little one say a word etc….
          She really thought that story about the PTA moms was entertaining enough to make a youtube out of it? And important enough that she couldn’t pause it to pay attention to her daughter for a second?
          I think she has the personality of a reality star. She thinks everything she does and says is so important and that people should care. Reminds me a bit of Dina and her silly youtubes about decorating the table with glitter and plates from the dollar store. Or Kelly and the 1,847,490,000 photos of herself she posts every month.

          • Tam5115 says:

            I couldn’t even watch that whole video. She’s a nasty mouthed, mean bitch. I really think she thought it was funny! It’s actually vile.

          • LilyLynn says:

            Agree that video is fascinating – it should be donated to the Harvard psych dept. I’m guessing what set her off is no one was oohing and ahhing over her 2-doz. break and bake cookies – in other words some imagined slight that she kept turning over and over in her mind – add to that a thermos of chardonnay and voila! a rant against all bumpit-wearing PTA snack moms.

          • Go To Sleep says:

            honestly…she wonders why the PTA moms hate her? I’d be giving her the side-eye, too!

  20. Its Me Toonces says:


    oops! I missed that one cuz I was peeling the grapes for RCH. *Hopes RCH likes grapes. I don’t even know! I just know I have crazy feline love for her and her reporting*

    How the frak did Looney Tunes “find” a job so zippy quick? A job in PR probably means she is either a Denny’s hostess or the receptionist at a hair salon or manning the cash register at Dunkin’ Donuts (uh oh!)…

    Yea and what employer, in response to a BRAND NEW EMPLOYEE saying “I, uh, have some, uh, legal, uh, obligations, uh which sorta kinda might mean I need to know if I can take the 2 week vacation I have not accrued hours for NOW? I’ll see if they will give me work furlough but wowzers it IS a few felonious felonies but, ya know, whatevs…” says “oh they all probably have rap sheets too…”… RAP SHEETS? WTF??? Is this from a bad Barney Miller episode?

    Oh my stars…

    • Yes I like grapes! You can feed them to me anytime. But I want fancy winery grapes. None of that store bought super market crap.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Or what “new employer” would say: (in reply to her telling said “employer” that she was being “targeted”)
      “So I let them know. And their response? “That’s some fucked up stuff, half of them probably have rap sheets too, they just have the luxury of anonymity.”

      This is all very disturbing on may levels.

      For one, I highly resent her whoring out the Domestic Violence drama. I don’t believe it for a minute. This is a real and threatening problem for many people in our society who are actually living in a nightmare of fear and oppression not of their own choosing. Their lives and the lives of their children are a living hell. In some situations the environment is truly life threatening.

      Sadly for her, we are not fools.

  21. Its Me Toonces says:

    And that mug shot? I have seen better looking things staring back at me from my litterbox after a night of HARD kitty partying…

  22. Mlis says:

    Holy crap I feel like an ass…I missed all of this with my sick kiddo 😦 wow 😦 I even followed her new twitter not having read up on this crap. Thanks for compiling it and posting it all together. Not to be mean, but doesn’t the mugshot look like sloth from the goonies? (totally dating myself there lol)

    When I read her blog this am I was confused and then saw she’d deleted the entire thing. I started following when I thought she was an abused mom.

    As someone that was in an abusive relationship I really felt for her “story”. Not sure if any of it was true.

    Yeah…the faxing the birth certificate thing made me go “huh?”…I just had to get my 10mo daughters passport to go to the BVI’s…I didn’t think you could travel outside of the country (not
    Even Mexico and Canada) without a passport!

    She’s really built herself up, hasn’t she? Shit I fell for it and feel like an ass. I’m so gullible.

    • debbie says:

      Don’t feel bad. Anyone who didn’t know would feel bad for a woman and her children in a situation like that.. And you’re right, she certainly built herself up. She only has herself to blame for the fall she’s about to take.

    • You’re not alone. Even though I had those problems with her in the past I still felt bad for her and was concerned about her situation.
      It’s hard for me to wrap my head around someone lying about abuse. But with every sentence she types, her story unravels more and more. She went over board in the blogs. Otherwise we would all still be believing her.

      I also noticed that her stories very closely resemble the story line of Ronnie and Sammi on Jersey Shore. She has even used similar statements and sentences in her blogs about her husband and in her Jersey Shore recaps.

    • Tam5115 says:

      Don’t feel bad at all. I would’ve fell for her crap too if I hadn’t been in on the original attack of hers on Lynn and RCH.

      I’m always a sucker for a sad song, but once I find out I’ve been bamboozled… I get really pissy! This can be witnessed in the previous blog comments RCH provided links to. Zen Jenn is on my shit list.

  23. Shari says:

    Mlis, don’t feel bad about falling for it. You have a good heart and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m the same way as well and when I get suckered by someone such as Jenn, I just think of the old addage. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  24. debbie says:

    Me thinks you’re going to be busy today, RCH. It’s really hard to keep up with all the comments. We tweeted last night about wether you would do a blog about this. Glad you did.. Gives the whole timeline and background on this fiasco.

    • I felt like we needed to have it all layed out. People kept asking what happened and it was impossible to explain.
      Plus she does crazy shit like this, then deletes everything and deny’s that it ever happened.
      And I needed a place to discuss this issue and my feelings of gullible-ness.

      • Kat says:

        The post a blog – delete the blog game was too much.
        Doesn’t she “get” that once people catch on someone on the internet will get a screen capture or copy & paste?

        And disappearing tweets tend to get a life of their own to, especially the ones with outside urls.

        Oh geez, I just realized how much I’ve learned keeping up with crazies. I salute you bitches. Thanks so much.

  25. Mlis says:

    Thanks girls…I think it all just hit me like a ton of bricks-lol! That’s a lot of info and a lot of history. I’m new to twitter so I wasn’t around for most of it.

    Hey, does anyone remember her saying she was in negotiations with NBC to write a sitcom?!?!!!

    • debbie says:

      I mentioneed that on twitter last night!! She had a BIG announcement this was ‘top secret’.. then she let those anxiously aawaiting her news know that her NY meetings went well, NBC may pick up one of her ‘treatments’ for a show.. (Reminded on Seinfeld’s show for NBC about Nothing)

      • Its Me Toonces says:

        Maybe her “big announcement” is that we were going to get to meet all of her personalities…and be given backstage passes to her upcoming trials?

    • I remember that JS said that she had a development deal with NBC. She also said that after this season of RHOA and RHOBH, she wasn’t going to recap ‘Real Housewives’ anymore because it was a conflict of interest. I think she lied about the development deal.

  26. jennifersjail says:

    Can I ask a point?

    Did anyone notice who was following Jen the moment she became “bananas” or whatever on twitter? She had followers before INTENSITY outed her. I might steer clear of those “haters” too.

  27. Shari says:

    I wonder if said sicom is called. How to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses? lol

  28. Shari says:

    jennifersjail, I just followed both her twitter accounts this morning. I’m nosy. 🙂

    • Its Me Toonces...Not Currently A Felon says:

      no no no! It’s not nosy!!! It’s investigative reporting. I think Inmate#666 did that for a living, too.

      She reminds me of that Jamaican family on In Living Color where each one of them had more jobs than the other one and kept one upping each other with how many jobs they had.

      Oh great, I just dated myself…at least I dont have a rap sheet (that one still makes me laugh..rap sheet).

    • Its Me Toonces says:

      no no no!! It’s not nosy, it’s investigative reporting. I think that was also one of inmate#666’s jobs, as well.

      she reminds me of that Jamaican family on that old sitcom In Living Color who all had like 50 jobs and constantly one upped each other with all the jobs they had.

    • jennifersjail says:

      Oh no, I get that. I get following them this morning…but seconds before anyone else knew they were up??? Who befriends these crazies????

  29. Kat says:

    Great job RCH.
    Dear blog gods… please don’t let another Really Really Long Fight blog recur.
    I’m waiting for the inevitable #666 visits, at least if it happens it will be over on the 22nd.

  30. WindyCityWondering says:

    The thing about JS’s writing style that has always annoyed me is how much she needs to talk about herself and not the titled “topic” of her blogs. IMO, she really does fancy herself as a professional writer and that anyone who reads her blogs are probably more interested in her life than in her writing!

    So I am nominating JS for the 2011 Fruity Little Nutcake Award. Alas, the field will likely fill up quickly and this will probably be another award she will not receive!

    • jennifersjail says:

      I, I, I, I, I……the calling card of the sociopath.

      • lol says:

        This entire blog is about “I” feel scammed. “I” feel duped”. “I” believed her. I, I ,I , when everyone that followed her ignored her plea’s for cash. We knew Jenn was insecure, and much of what she said was a lie. We, however, did not feel her personal life was any of our business. If lying made her happy, so be it. It wasn’t hurting anyone but Jenn. Anyone that considered sending Jenn cash, probably deserved that life lesson. Isn’t that how ‘we” operate here. We teach people lessons?

    • Its Me Toonces says:

      Well I for one hope she wins. It will give her something to decorate her prison cell with. That and pictures of OJ, Scott Peterson, and Casey Anthony or, as I like to call them, a cavalcade of Psychos.

  31. @Bravolebrity says:

    I just hope that Jenn gets the help that she needs for the sake of her children. They are the ones that are going to be hurt in the mess that Jenn has created for herself. And I wish that Jenn and her friends would STOP playing the blame game. No one did this to her. She brought it all unto herself! She needs to step away from the computer and concetrate & focus on her children and their future. God Bless the children!

  32. Shari says:

    “I wonder if she goes to jail if she will meet up with Real Old HouseWife of Manatee County and they will get matching teardrop tatoos?”

    I missed all that. What happened with Real Old HouseWife of Manatee County?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      From what I gather, RHONJ’s Kim G’s attnys sent ROH a cease & desist letter threatening to sue if ROH didn’t delete comments posted by anonymous posters on her blog about Kim G. It’s not a criminal matter. ROH has blogged about it.

      I’ve been lax on my internet reading lately so haven’t kept up with all this stuff. I just log on, browse a bit, & go “WTF?” actually at a loss for words. Oh, the insanity.

  33. Its Me Toonces says:

    Hey does anyone know how many comments you have to leave on a blog before you can call yourself a professional writer/blogger/scam artist? I mean, am I like 3 away or something?

  34. Shari says:

    Its Me Toonces, don’t feel bad, I remember that show too. I was in my early 30’s when it came on T.V., so I think I’m older than you. 🙂

  35. dreemz says:

    Thanks RCH! Maybe JS’s literary influence is so far-reaching that a mere copy of a birth certificate will suffice for her former husband to return to the US. lol

    I was hoping to see the blog about the skating again. I recall one about none of us could begin to understand how dedicated she is, it was something about practicing her skating until her feet/ankles bled (?). Also, I think in the same blog she implied she had grown up privileged in Orange County (?) with a nanny. It was about the same time as those links you posted to those earlier blogs. Do you remember this one? I just found it hard to believe her Mom wouldn’t be helping at least a little financialy with the split-up, those 3 little kids and all.

    With all her contradictions, it’s hard to believe anything coming from her.

    • debbie says:

      i remember her talking about her dedication to her skating..and dance! when she recapped dancing with he stars she made it about her too.. always talking about her yearsof dance and she would critique the judging as well. after all, she dedicated so much of her life and her feet to dance that she was better qualified to judge the dancers lines, feet, arms,,hands. She always was all about Her.

      • Bobbi says:

        And all the time she was tearing down Bethenny on Skating With the Stars, you would have thought she was the next Kristi Yamaguchi. But, Johnny Weir is a personal friend of hers too, right? Wonder why he didn’t help her escape from her terrible situation?

    • Yeah I remember the ice skating stuff. Never read about a nanny in OC. Crazy….

  36. @Bravolebrity says:

    I think when Jenn goes to court on Feb 22nd. it’s actually to set the date for the actual trial for her case. So she will still be arround for awhile.

    I always wondered what became of that job in NYC with NBC. I knew she was lying then, one minute she was boarding the plane to NYC and 2 hours later she was in a meeting with NBC execs. Then 30 minutes later she was back home tweeting away. I was just shaking my head!

    • Mlis says:

      Didn’t she change the story in there and say that she was so important that the execs came to her?! She never really followed up on that I don’t think.

      Gosh the lies just keep on piling on. One thing is for sure…before getting the whole scoop on what happened I was following her new twitter…I did notice she was all of a sudden swearing up a storm in an almost manic ranting, kwim? I kinda felt like either it wasn’t her or maybe she had decided to just how her true colors. I honestly wasn’t liking this new Jenn. Now that I know the deets it all makes sense. Her mask was pulled off so she didn’t feel she had to pretend…

      Also…isn’t there some guy she seriously flirts and fawns over on twitter obsessively? He’s like a doctor or something??

      • Bea from NJ says:

        what was she tweeting under her new name? & yes, I think it may be Funky something that she flirts with .. the few I saw I always thought were odd tweets

    • Ada says:

      You have a lot of time in your hands, dont ya girl!

  37. kbinldo says:

    Okay, I just saw the infamous YouTube video for the first time. WTF brand of crazy was that?

    Well, fellow Associated Content member, I’d rather be a “hobby blogger” than a convicted felon. Just sayin’ 🙂

    • @Bravolebrity says:

      Now, I’m in the mood for break and bake cookies! #PTAMOMGONEWILD

      • dreemz says:

        I was just thinking, good LAWD!!! Those “break N bake” cookies are sure expensive if you have to make a zillion of them…she should’ve been saving that money up for the great escape. Well, hope she had coupons at least.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      When I first read Jen’s “hobby blogger” comments- I was out for blood. I was relentlessly making fun of her on Lynn’s blog and here.

      It was like a ghostie that lives in RCH’s house came and invaded my body – I was like a woman possessed to expose this POS for being, well…a POS.

      Then I saw the YouTube video about the PTA mom and the “bump-it” and I was so shocked and appalled at her just bat shit craziness that I stopped.

      It just seemed like making fun of a mentally “challenged” person. Not so fun when someone gets poked in the eye-right?

      she’s still a POS tho.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        @OMIB – you did a great job of bringing to light the strange nature of JS – as for her being “mentally challenged” – it looks like an unchecked ego and low self esteem with a criminal bend to me.

  38. Twitrauma says:

    This is the wildest thing I’ve ever read. I believe it, but I’m glad you have screen shots of some of JS’s stuff – the people that don’t know you would think you HAVE to be making this stuff up, no one is that nuts. Who needs proof-of-life when you have proof-of-crazy….

  39. Mlis says:

    Sorry but I just keep remembering stuff she tweeted and blogged about….didn’t she recently blog about interviewing Jill zarin? Only she never posted the interview just that Jill was nice and screw the haters? I also remember her tweeting that she had drinks with bethenny and that bethenny can really drink it up…where were her kids while she was doing this?

    • Mlis says:

      Actually I’m going to answer myself lol…her kids were probably sitting at her feet sniffing glue while she made the whole thing up 😦

  40. Lurker Bot 5000 says:

    Jenn tweeted that Lynn friend requested her husband (ex?) on Facebook. Intensity then started tweeting links to the article about Jenn’s old case. Intensity claimed that she had contacted people in Chicago to go help Jenn, but was then alerted about what was going on.

    The thing is the case she has a court date for next week is actually an entirely different case. The original case was in a different county. I believed many of the things Jenn said at first as well, but now see they don’t add up. It’s all very sad and disturbing.

    • Kat says:

      Yes the two charges involve different amounts of alleged theft/fraud.
      10K-100K and the second court doc is for a lesser amount.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So she has a case in Lake County for the $20,000 theft from a business and she has another case pending regarding the credit card fraudulent usage in DuPage County?

      • Kat says:

        I don’t know about the charge for 20K.
        But I *think* 2/22 is for $300+ (I’ve forgotten the top dollar limit). I believe felonies are divided by dollar amount categories to determine the seriousness of the felony. To me the current charge doesn’t seem too derious unless her previous charge is considered.

        All that said, Teresa and Juicy Guidice have Jen beat by Millions. I believe fraud was commited and involved a former business partner, the bankruptcy court, and the IRS. Allegedly, in my opinion, iirc.

  41. KoalaBear says:

    Why does JS hate Lynn so much? Its like she’s made it her mission to ‘destroy’ Lynn! Some of her followers were dismissing *all* the information being revealed about her and just blamed everything on Lynn. I dont get it. What am I missing?

    • Kat says:

      Jealousy. JS is very jealous of the success of Hobby Bloggers. Allegedly in my opinion…
      Sue me Jen.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      IMHO- if Lynn lived in another city- not Chicago- Jen would have probably tried to ride on her coat tails. But because they are in the same city I think Jen sees it as taking over “her” city.

      I really think that she believes that if Lynn’s blog didn’t exist that all of Lynn’s followers would be over at her blog. WRONG! Lynn’s followers come here to this blog they go other places, I never went to Jen’s blog because I don’t like her writing.

      She’s funny in small doses, but too much and it is just OCD out of control snarkiness.

      • Who cares? who cares? says:

        I used to read Lynn, Maria, Jenn – pretty much all of them. In fact, I learned about Jenn’s blog because Lynn promoted it. Jenn’s zen blog was ok – pretty well written, mostly recap and not too much snark, although her snark was pretty good. Subtle. But she never allowed comments. So I pretty much lost interest.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      As the protagonist of her own interior drama that she plays out online, J needs an antagonist, a foe. She needs a Moriarty. And she found one. If Lynn didn’t exist, J’d invent or find another “Lynn” to be her Moriarty.

      I recall J long ago posting a link to her facebook where she ranted against unnamed friends/family who allegedly had wronged her. J’s plays both the victim and heroine in her dramatic sagas. The pattern is the same. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      It’s not essentially at base a rational issue, howevermuch she may provide “reasons” and evidently whip up others–some of whom have their own issues/reasons for choosing to hitch a ride on her bandwagon.

      That will be 5 cents. Next. 😉 (Did I forget to mention my online diploma in psychotherapy and carpentry?)

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I need some shelves built and I need you to tell me who the hell Moriarty is and where I can find me one.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Ya know, Sherlock Holmes’ famed nemesis, Professor Moriarty.

          Moriarty was the evil genius plotting against Holmes and all that is bright and beautiful. Holmes could ferret out Moriarty’s evil plans from the most unrelated and obscure events. For example, a bird falls in Trafalgar Square, a bakery is robbed in Paris, and a secretary to an Italian minister of state goes on vacation. From all these disparate events, Holmes could deduce yet another conspiracy set into motion by the evil Dr. Moriarty.

          Moriarty was everywhere…behind everything. Nothing was random, nothing was mere coincidence. Shit didn’t just happen….Moriarty made it happen.

          Sound familiar?

          • OneMoreInBoston says:


          • Tuzentswurth says:

            I need some fat shelves. Can you make it happen Hobby?

            • Need a Hobby says:

              ‘ Fraid not. Turns out it wasn’t the best idea to let my former inmates patients have access to power tools (carpentry was part of their therapy, you see).

              They ran off with them and left me duct taped to a chair with only dental floss and nose hair clippers just out of reach. (Too many MacGyver reruns—part of their problem solving and team building exercises.)

              They’re progressing really well, though. So proud. I hear they advertise on Craigslist these days.

              Another one of my many professional success stories. (Where’s my Donate button?)

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Excellent analysis! Here is $1.00, paying for the people who can’t find the PayPal button over there >>>>>>>>>>> 😉

    • Kat says:

      Jennifer Sale

      On Monday 8th November 2010, @jennifersale said:
      (In reply to baileyslaura)

      @baileyslaura @gracecharles @oh4foksake LEAVE ME ALONE!!! 🙂 I’ll be honest that my interest only piqued in this because MY integrity has been smeared all over the place all weekend when what I do is very clear & really isn’t up for interpretation. I am not paid by YOU the readers, but by an entity that pays for my content whether you read it or not. BIG DIFFERENCE! I don’t know Lynn, I really don’t even know how advanced her blog is, so I can’t speak to how tech savvy she is. All I can speak to is that ‘internet radio’ exists for the exact opposite reason that her podcast is marketing itself as. Whether thru her, or another party. I did one for a minute, and it was very easy to do if you sat for a couple of hours and researched it. Personally, I got bored with it and didn’t have time to invest for only $40 a week. The whole thing as I have seen it explained makes zero sense to me. Personal feelings and all. And yes, I will bet you all $50 that if I put a paypal widget on my wordpress blog for $$ it would cause outrage because I’m trying to make $ on a free product. And well, if we’re being honest…’#1 Blogger’ chaps my ass because there’s no way to rank that if you aren’t participating in a measurable market i.e. google news or syndication i.e. Amazon/HuffPo/BIN/AV That is all, thank you, and have a nice day 🙂

      Oh ya… did I mention I sometimes keep stuff from the net? – Kat

      • Kat says:

        From Lynn’s blog:
        February 17, 2011 at 9:02 pm
        I agree and when one of her goons came after me for defending Lynn, they had the balls to say that Lynn was charging $50 to us for keychains and that the disabled woman gave Lynn her last money. (This part was a long time ago. back when she called Lynn and RCH “Hobby bloggers”) but it resurfaced this morning and there I was argueing with a nut job. Long before that incedent happened “hobby blog gate” JS told me that my responses to her blog were too nasty to post but if I wanted to make a donation, she might see her way to get them posted. Yeah, that would never happen. I wouldn’t give her a dime and even told her I was on disability on a very fixed income. My comments were meant for her anyway. I just didn’t like her or agree with anything she said.

      • Its Me Toonces says:

        did she actually really truly tweet those immortal words “…MY integrity…”???????????????????

        oh no she di’ int!!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        ok- I’m officially in love and askerred of you at the same time.

        sorry TLD! it’s not cheating if it’s cyber space….

      • Jane says:

        she shouldn’t be making bets she can’t pay on

      • Jane says:

        “…I will bet you all $50 that if I put a paypal widget on my wordpress blog”

        she shouldn’t be making bets she can’t pay on

    • I really HATE to say it, but she’s clearly jealous. ::Camille shoulder shrug::

      • Tam5115 says:

        Don’t forget the head dip!

      • MickeyMouth says:

        This guy wants to have a word with you!

      • Wow this comments was in response to the one waaaay up there^^ About why Jenn hates Lynn.

        Oh and btw, even though Lynn never really says anything about her, and this is the 3rd blog I’ve written about her antics…
        Lynn is going to get blamed for this. Lol.
        In her mind Lynn is responsible for everything.

        Just like the Sherlock Holmes story!

        • Kat says:

          Lynn just blogs and lives her life.
          She can’t help the “hits” she gets. She is close to 2 million now.
          Jen probably cries herself to sleep.

          Lynn used to post links to Jen’s blog but then that wasn’t good enough.

          I wish IHJZ, RCH and ROH all the success in the world.
          Your blogs are entertaining, factual, funny and worth reading. (Except for when RCH just makes up shit cuz it’s better reading than a show… love those blogs.)

          Jen can’t keep up. If she only played “nice” instead of playing people.

  42. @Bravolebrity says:

    When Jenn went to NYC she had told me that NBC was buying the rights to a show idea that she had and that she was very good friends with BravoAndy. She wanted me to tell Andy how special she was. I laughed because I was new to twitter and I have no pull with anyone except the people in my own house!

    • Who cares? who cares? says:

      Now I am jealous. I have no pull with the people in my own house. I guess I am going to have to start creating some little dramas around here to get what I want.

  43. JB says:

    Bravo Reality has nuthin’ on this.

  44. Tammie says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for the all the explanation-I follow on JS on twitter and was quite confused. I love your blog. One thing I don’t quite understand though, I was under the mpression her husband was a Dr?

    • Jen (not Sale) says:

      In her tweets she made it out like he was a Dr. but then when someone asked she said he was a physical therapist? I can’t remember but I don’t think he is an MD. Maybe he is a mechanic since he is so good at taking batteries out of cars so quickly.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Who takes batteries out of cars? Who does that?! Does he also call all the cab, bus and train companies as well?

        • Jen (not Sale) says:

          I know right? It’s such an odd thing, almost like something she saw on a Lifetime movie. It’s not even something that’s so quick and easy to do out of anger, I’m sure it takes a few minutes to do all of that. And what does he do with the battery after he takes it out, hide it? It’s a car battery! If my husband did that on a regular basis to prevent me from going anywhere I’d buy my own reserve battery and learn how to put it in. Why am I even looking at this with any sort of logic when it’s probably made up?

          • Wouldn’t it be more effective and simpler to just hide the keys? A battery can be replaced easier than keys.
            Not very smart Whatshisface…

            • Need a Hobby says:

              um….perhaps our little Jenn also wrote a featured AC article on “How to Hot Wire a Car and Other Practical Life Skills for Fun and Profit”


          • LilyLynn says:

            Funny – the lifetime movie thing occured to me too. My sister’s crazy ex used to remove the distributor cap from her car to prevent her from going anywhere (asshole)… it was a lot smaller than a car battery. This happened many, many years ago -not sure if modern cars still have distributor caps.

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        @Jen (not Sale) I almost blew my coffee on my computer screen! A mechanic!! LMAO!! She told me he was a Physical Therapist Tech (someone who helps the PT) but who knows? Are we even really sure she has custody of the kids?

        “What a web we weave when we practice to deceive”

      • debbie says:

        Back during the summer, before blog gate, I had asked her on twitter what her husband did. She did say he was a physical therapist.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Following this chick from one twitter account to another, one blog to another – kinda like whack-a-mole.

    So ‘splain this. At what point did whatsisface get so abusive? Before or after kid one? Before or after kid two? Before or after kid three? Why do you keep having kids with someone who abuses you? How many times did you go back to whatsisface?

    And PULLLEEEEZZ spare us the “it was in the past” crap. Yes, the Lake County charge (stealing 20k from the NY & Co in Vernon Hills) took place in 2005, but this little court date on Tuesday? That’s for some shit that you were arrested for in June 2010. Not so past. Kinda present and future, if you ask me.

    And this church you volunteer for, while taking care of three little kids, working FT, writing blogs, tweeting all day …do they know about your past?

    I believe your life is a mess. Oh yes, I do. But I think that at least 90% of that mess is your own doing. Stop blaming other people. I would advise you to try telling the truth for once but as you’ve destroyed your credibility, why bother? Just keep on lying … no one will know the difference.

    Much as I dislike you for having attacked RCH and Lynn FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN YOUR JEALOUSY OVER THEIR SUCCESS I actually wanted to send you some money last week and was planning to call social services in the morning, when Intensity 38 broke the news to me and everyone else that I was a complete moron for believing you.


    • dreemz says:


      We KNOW she spends a great deal of time tweeting and writing blogs. If she really does work FT and volunteer at the church, too, the poor little kids are not getting the attention they need.

      I have 3 Mommy stripes, I’m qualified to speak on this topic. Three little kids wouldn’t have let me sit down to tweet or blog, I couldn’t even sit down to have a bowel movement in private.

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        Also, she has to watch all these “trash” TV shows and take notes. I DVR my trash shows and watch when the kids aren’t around so as to not warp their poor minds! That’s a lot of time invested not spending time with the kids. Sharpie anyone?

  46. EricSale says:

    I think Chicago Project Lady Bug dropped Jen like a hot potato after someone sent her mug shot to a few of the board members. A few pictures of her meeting dina used to be on their Facebook page but they’ve mysteriously disappeared.

  47. amia009 says:

    Jen’s profile on twitter copy and pasted below
    Banana Split-Jones
    @bananasbishes view full profile →
    In a peel, fool!
    Bananas are the motherfucking shit, get used to it assholes. I’m a loner Dottie…a rebel. Aces High to the Sky, Outlaws!

    * 31Following
    * 31Followers
    * 1Listed

    • MissHathaway says:

      So do tell – anyone “lucky” enough to have been allowed to follow the bananabishes account? What’s she been up to today? Besides working FT, taking care of three kids, going to Haiti to dig wells, curing cancer, and trying to expunge her record even though it is already over the internetz….

      Curious minds want to know.

    • Debbie says:

      probably had enough Jen Junk posted here, but for those who haven’t seen her About Jen posted under her bio on her blog, here goes…..

      Who is Jenn, and why should we love her?

      Literary critic, Dennis Forgerton, describes Jenn’s blog as, “Comic genius. Saying the things we are all secretly thinking, and not afraid to poke fun at herself. Her cutting and acerbic wit definitely set her apart from the rest. It’s a “Gonzo” writing style cloaked in a sugary veil. Definitely one for your bookmark page.” –Weblog Review, January 4, 2010

      It all started with an AOL Journal back in 2004 when Jenn decided to just document her daily life. “Jenn’s World” quickly gained popularity and caught the attention of some editors. After the AOL Journals platform was discontinued, Jenn went back to focusing on her career in Development/Media and PR, and contributed now and then on Facebook and networking sites like CafeMom.

      After her third child was born, it was time to take a break from the corporate world, so Jenn began writing again. “I Haz a Blog, Yo!” picked up where “Jenn’s World” left off, only this time making commentary not only on her own life but on current events in the news, especially the goings on in Reality TV and Celebrity Gossip. And this time when editors noticed, Jenn decided to take the plunge and try giving “living the dream” a go and threw her hat into the professional writing arena. Soon, the gigs began to multiply eventually launching “Reality Zen With Jenn” on Chicago Now, which is widely featured in other publications, syndicated, and has grown to a team of 13 regular contributors.

      Jenn also began writing for Yahoo! in April 2010, and is regularly featured on the gossip site, omg!, Your Wisdom, Yahoo! News, and Yahoo! TV. She was named a “2010 Rising Star” and recently one of the “Top 1000 of 2010”

      “I Haz A Blog, Yo” was purchased by a media company in late 2010, and at the beginning of 2011 Jenn launched a new blog, picking up where “I Haz a Blog, Yo” left off…”Writing Words About Stuff.”

      In addition to writing in these publications, Jenn has had articles published in Buzz Magazine, Real Simple, Self, and Runner’s World. She also has several short stories published in Literary Journals all over. Her first novel for major release, “Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re McNuggets” is written in the same style as her hilarious and somewhat sardonic recaps as she tells the story of a young woman finding herself during a devastating Cancer diagnosis, and amid a huge amount of dysfunction.

      Jenn also keeps her Development and Media/PR skills sharp through consulting. She is currently managing media/PR and marketing campaigns for several companies in the Chicago Area. Jenn is a hard working, single mom to her three kids, Tater Tot, Small Fry, and Lil’ Nugget.

      For a media kit or to get on Jenn’s monthly mailing list, please fill out the contact form, or email

      things that make you go hmmmmm?

  48. Adgirl says:

    All these years I wondered whatever really happened to Andy Kaufman. I’m so glad he’s still with us.

  49. LookieLou says:

    I just don’t understand why you all care so much. I enjoy many different blogs, this one included. But I’m over watching the fighting back and forth. I will continue to read blogs, but not the ones that bash eachother or ‘expose’ eachother. I just don’t care what you all do in your real lives, just keep writing the hillarious stuff about the Housewives and such! Live and let live.

    • Adgirl says:

      “Live and let live” indeed.
      Maybe you should inquire to the subject of today’s blog why she has devoted so much energy publicly trying to eliminate competing blogs?

      If I may, I’d also like to point out that “Live and let live” is rather contrary to the spirit of snark in general. However, we do try to contain our normal commentary to people who parade around on TV asking us to admire them.

    • MissHathaway says:

      Mostly because she tried to scam good people out of hard-earned money with her sob stories, but also because for no good reason, she started to attack other bloggers. Viciously. But those of us who were nearly taken in by her scam want to be sure that everyone knows exactly who she is and what she’s done so it won’t happen to anyone else.

    • Damnert says:

      Lookie – Did you maybe miss some blog posts attacking PYHU and Lynn along the line. Ah well, lets call it unimportant, and call a blog that emits the “I’m abused by hubby, bloggers (who could give a shit until she started attacking them) sympathy notes in cyber stream NOT really blogging , and NOT really interesting, and NOT really funny.

      NOT attacking you, just – um, yeah, if you read all of the above plus the accusations about other bloggers she deleted about them being jealous and hacking her- she has earned her place in the funny pages.

      • LookieLou says:

        No worries, I don’t take this as an attack. I’m not saying who is right or who is wrong. I will read PYHU blogs, I think she’s mad funny. I will read a ton of others too. I was just putting my thoughts out there.

        • Kat says:

          I posted some blog links on the next page if you’re interested. Others have posted them also.
          Happy reading.

          • Debbie says:

            ok.. sunday am stupidity.. where is the next page? is there another post for this blog? if there is i cant find it. *blushing*
            It’s a blustery day, pooh bear:(

  50. @tweatcyn says:

    ROFLMAO! Way to control your anihillation Zen Jen.

    P.S. this paragraph is priceless PYHU:

    Oh, by the by…. I have a paypal button now. It’s just an old inside joke, nothing to do with actual donations, so don’t pay it any mind. I could never accept money from any of you anyway. Ever. But if you wanted to force me to have the money against my will, then I suppose you could hit the donate button and then I wouldn’t be able to stop you.
    But just so we’re clear, I am NOT asking for money. I’m perfectly fine sleeping on the streets with nothing but my bathrobe and slippers in the middle of a snow storm. Do not hit that donate button! I do not want help.

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