Teen Mom 2 – Episodes 10 and 11

I missed last week’s episode so here are two recaps in one.

Last week Chelsea continued to be a waste of space, except she actually left the house for once and went to a Lady Gaga concert with her two friends and stayed in a hotel for the night. All of which her dad paid for to reward her for working so hard while studying for school.

Adam moved out of Chelsea’s house and straight into another girl’s apartment. Apparently this girl never saw 16 & Pregnant because she doesn’t understand why Chelsea doesn’t want to let Adam take Aubrey for an entire weekend. Adam and the new girl discuss his child support payments. Adam does some math and realizes that over 18 years he will end up paying $52,000. He thinks that is incredibly unfair. The new girlfriend agrees and it looks like Adam finally found someone as stupid as he is to share his life with. I wonder if either of them ever thought about how much Chelsea’s dad is going to end up paying over those 18 years?

Adam then says what a shame it is that he doesn’t get to spend more time with Aubrey and how sad it is that he missed her first steps… as though it was someone else’s fault that he was hanging out with his friends instead of being a father for the last 9 months.I’m pretty sure Adam’s new found interest in his child is just an act he’s putting on for the new girl. We’ve watched nothing but episode after episode of Chelsea begging Adam to spend time with her and Aubrey. It never ceases to amaze me how some people can lie so brazenly while all their actions and words are being documented on national television, and how they still find people who will believe them.

Leah got cold feet about the wedding last week. At this point in the relationship a marriage is nothing but a piece of paper, they’re already living like a married couple so I say they should just go for it. I’m still not sure how I feel about Leah. I think having such a wonderful boyfriend and a sick child makes her look more sympathetic. But I still see her as that selfish girl who would rather hang out with her friends than stay home with Corey and the girls. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Leah feels the same about Corey as he feels about her. I think she needed support and someone to lean on during a difficult time in her life and that’s the only reason why she is with him.

It doesn’t appear as though there are any doctors where Leah lives because every time she takes Ali to an appointment she has to stay in a hotel. The doctor she saw this time was a nice woman who seemed to actually know what she was talking about. Leah asked her about the length of Ali’s arms and said that she didn’t see a problem, and that Ali’s too young to really tell at this point anyway.

They did some x-rays on Ali’s legs, and it looks like they are still leaning towards her problem being a genetic one. They won’t really know for sure whether or not Ali will be able to walk until she is 2 years old. So Leah still doesn’t have any concrete answers which means more waiting, more tests, and more worrying.


Kailyn finally got her stuff from Jo’s house, but not without drama and as much verbal abuse as Jo could possibly squeeze into the 5 minutes she was there. Janet disapproved of the way Jo spoke to her, but she wasn’t completely shocked or appalled at the words coming out of her son’s mouth. And she was totally ok with him slamming the door on Kailyn. I would be so ashamed if he were my son, and she basically co signs his behavior. Anyone else notice that when Jo went upstairs to get Kailyn’s stuff he opened his bedroom door with a key?

This week Kailyn had to drop some classes because she has too much on her plate with being a single mom and working two jobs. She decides, smartly, to put her and Jo’s custody arrangement in writing because Jo is an unpredictable asshole who might just run away to New Jersey with their child.

Since a written agreement is the mature, responsible thing to do, Jo is obviously going to have a big problem with it and cause drama when she asks him to sign the papers. Kailyn’s mom is suddenly very supportive of her daughter and concerned about her well being. I assume she is getting paid for her appearances on the show.


Janelle returned home after her New Jersey adventure with Kieffer and refused to give Barbra back her credit cards, or even apologize for taking them. As she explained, she only used them to buy gas and food so that should excuse the fact that she stole them. Of course Barbara kicked her out of the house… again. Barbara also sent back Janelle’s financial aid check, the one she was planning to use to get an apartment, so now she is homeless… again. Janelle is wrong and I can’t defend her, but Barbara raised her this way. When you grow up in a house where the punishment for spilling something on the couch is exactly the same as the punishment for credit card fraud, you’re going to turn out a little screwed up.

Barbara has to make a claim with the credit card company if she doesn’t want to be held responsible for the $700 Janelle charged. She gave Janelle an option to pay the money back, but Janelle doesn’t have any money. Barbra heads to her attorney’s office to discuss her options. He reminds her that if she presses charges against Janelle it will result in her having a criminal record which will make it more difficult for her to find employment in the future which will in turn only prolong the time until Janelle is able to take care of herself and Jace. So now Barbra has to decide if it’s worth it to try to recover the $700, or if doing so will end up costing her more in the long run.

On top of everything, Janelle lost her job because she didn’t show up to work for 2 days in a row and didn’t bother to call out… or answer the phone when her boss called. Kieffer ran out of free places to stay in the area and had to move an hour away to find a couch to sleep on. With Kieffer gone and Janelle’s only friend not answering the phone, Janelle has no choice but to spend the night in her car. Luckily Barbara calls and tells her she can come home. She even says that she will wait until the morning to scream at her. So Janelle is back in the house… at least for another day or two before she gets kicked out again.

Next week Leah and Corey have a wedding while everyone else has the same drama as always.


Jo is a rapper Yo! Unfortunately the comments are disabled on these videos. Too bad, because I bet there would have been some funny ones.

Is he doing coke or does he just have allergies? Why the hell is he touching his nose so much?

What Janelle beat the shit out of a girl. She could join the UFC with some of those moves.

How much do the Teen Mom’s really make?

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61 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Episodes 10 and 11

  1. Toomuch says:

    There is a point in time where we have to stop blaming Janelle’s mom for this girl being a complete loser! The girl needs to go away! I mean does anyone truly feel that she cares at all for her son?!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      No, she is a complete moron and it doesn’t matter at this point if she was raised wrong (which she obviously was) or not. She is an unfit parent and a pile of trash. That video from TMZ makes you want to lock all those assholes up in a pen, throw them food twice a day and keep them out of society at large, sorry folks.
      Jo, keep your day job.

    • I agree, and that time will come soon. But she is still under her mom’s control and very much influenced by the way her mom treats her. Janelle doesn’t have one single positive influence in her life. Look at that fight video. Her friends totally pushed her into that fight. She is surrounded by people who are constantly pushing her to make the wrong decisions and who shit on her when she tries to do the right thing. But she does need to grow up and do the right thing despite her past and her surroundings. I don’t know why I don’t hate her more, but for some reason I just feel bad for her. I’m usually not that nice, so it’s weird.

      • LilyLynn says:

        Did the show ever mention where Janelle’s own father is? I don’t watch the show, but keep up on it through your recaps. Thanks for all your recaps! πŸ™‚

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I’d like to be behind that dumb bitch that kept shoving Janelle into that fight and clunk her on the back of the head a good one. Janelle just doesn’t have any common sense nor does she use her own brain. I feel sorry for her, but I don’t think she is bright enough to change. Unfortunately, that crap is the only “normal” she knows.

        • Jane says:

          Janelle kept asking her mother for copies of the credit card statement to verify that her mother was not trying to overcharge her for the charges on the card. Seems reasonable enough. Do you notice how mad that made her mother? Why not just show Janelle the statement. If her mother is telling the truth and the charges total $700 what is she out? Seems a little strange she wouldn’t let Janelle look at the bill. Janelle makes stupid choices – but has never had anyone in her life to model correct behavior. I feel bad for her.

          • Tracy without an E says:

            I’m curious about the cash advances. Is it possible that Kiefer was using the card w/out Jenelle’s knowledge to fund his coke habit? Not that it exonerates her for her part in the theft, but it would be interesting if she wasn’t aware. However, given her track record, it’s feasible she did know.

      • krone says:

        I have the same reaction to Janelle. I was appalled when I saw the video on MSNBC but at least it’s starting a dialogue on whether or not this show should even exist; does it encourage teens to become pregnant and possible “reality stars” or does it serve as a cautionary tale? While there’s no real excuse for Janelle’s behavior, I can’t help but despise and blame her host/uterus, birth vessel Babs. That kid never had a chance but there does come a time when everyone has to be held accountable. IDK, I just have this feeling that there’s a spark of humanity in Janelle that might have developed had she had real parents or caretakers.

      • Bajan Queen says:

        I have to say I agree with you on this. Normally I say there comes a point where a person has to take personal responsibility but Janelle and her mother are in a cycle that won’t stop until one of them changes their behavior. Barbara wants Janelle to be a more responsible parent but undermines her with even the slightest thing (like dressing Jace). Then Janelle makes this “intelligent” decisions that jeopardizes her entire well being. Rather than take a vacation day or switch with a collegue, I’m going to go run off for a few days with my loser boyfriend to another state and not tell anyone where I’m going. My husband compares her with Farrah from the original series but the circumstances are different, Farrah’s mom isn’t a complete nutcase. I do pray this little girl matures and gets herself together before it gets to a point of no return.

  2. Miss Anthrope says:

    I wish that I could just take Janelle by the shoulders, shake her, and talk some fucking sense into her. The girl has so much potential and all she ever does is ruin her chances at having a decent life.

    I agree with you about Barbara raising her this way. Janelle has no idea what it’s like to feel loved. It’s really no wonder that she goes to such idiotic lengths to try and keep that loser boyfriend around.

    At this point I am starting to resent that this show even exists. These girls already have so many problems, and MTV seems to just make them worse. It wouldn’t surprise me if after all this, social services takes Jase away from Barbara just like they took Leah away from Amber and Gary . I wonder if Barbara ever considered that her constant screaming and verbally abusing Janelle in front of “that damn baby” is just as bad as Janelles irresponsible parenting. In all reality, Barbaras house is possibly the worst place for that kid to be brought up. in 18 years she’s just going to have a male Janelle hanging around.

    I’m kind of surprised that the season 1 and 2 girls only make 250k a year. Aren’t the Jersey Shore dumbasses making over 1mil an episode or something ridiculous like that? Not that MTV would ever allow us to think that they pay the girls a single dime, since 75% of these storylines are about how broke they are.

  3. Miss Anthrope says:

    Oh, I almost forgot- LOLOLOLOL @ Joes “rapping”. That kid needs to GET THE FUCK OVER IT and fast. He’s just making a complete fool out of himself.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    I’m starting to think that Barbra got custody of Jace because Janelle’s behavior and lack of interest in parenting him would have gotten him taken away. And as for why she acts the way she does – that is her decision not her difficult mother’s parenting. She doesn’t care, she never shows remorse and knows her mother is there to clean up her messes/parent her son.
    Jo continues to get the Tool of the Universe award – his doormat mother is no better! He cares more about his ego, hurting the mother of his child and pretending he is some kind of player!

  5. Dawn says:

    Jo rapping about getting high after being arrested for having weed. Hope the judge watched this and peeked at his anger on teen moms. What a tool. Im starting to feel sorry for Janet again. Raising such a piece of shit son.

    I feel sorry for Janelle as well. She has no idea what “normal” is. she is surrounded by crazy. Crazy is as crazy does. She needs to get out of that small town. Put her life back together then go back and fight for her kid. She has no chance of making it in that small town. I came from the same background as her. If i had not moved away i would be dead or in prison.

    • I agree. She is surrounded by nothing but bad influences, and it doesn’t look like there is much to do in that area, so she get’s high and hangs out with her loser friends who encourage her to do bad things. Unlike most of the teen moms, I think Janelle is actually smart and if she lived somewhere else, like NYC maybe, and was surrounded by more civilized people I think it would be so good for her. Her mom is clearly from Boston. I’m curious why someone would move from a big city to a small little vacation town like that. Does Janelle have family there she could stay with? I think the best thing she can do at this point is just move away. But I think she feels trapped because her mom has Jace and she doesn’t want to leave him. But she needs to get out of that little town.

      • ImaJillHater2 says:

        I expect that Janelle’s Mom moved to NC for a more affordable cost of living, warm weather, easier lifestyle, etc.

        I’m in an NYC suburb and HORDES of people are moving out of this area annually and down to North Carolina (and other warm-weather states, but NC is a popular destination). All looking for a better quality of life.

      • Dawn says:

        She shuts herself off emotionally. I’ve watched it over and over again. She has no reaction to her mothers screaming and insults because she has heard them so much it doesnt hurt her anymore.

        I see myself in her, i see my mother in her mother, i see my small town in her small town. The latching onto shitty men..I wish i could spend a few hours talking with her.

        I watch her shut down. Nothing matters, no one can hurt her because her own mother has made her “emotionally bankrupt” if she was anything else she would be DEAD. You cant live with abuse like that and be normal. You naturally protect yourself. Her way is shutting them out. She feels helpless and trapped and her mother is going to torture her to the very last day!

        Rumor is Janelle has 2 sisters who have already escaped and wont come back. I wish they would help her.

        Janelle is not stupid. She is making some stupid choices right now because she feels trapped and alone. We are wittnessing the backside of abuse. Mental and no doubt Physical. The physical has slowed down as Janelle has grown up and started fighting back.

        She will make it out of there and prove everyone wrong. I strongly believe in her.

        • I hope you are right about her making it out of there. But her mom having custody of Jace make’s it all more difficult.

        • krone says:

          Dawn, I really want to believe that you’re right about Janelle. You seem to “get” her completely; I’m afraid that i agree with RCH’s statement about Jace keeping her connected to Babs and that town though. I find it very depressing.

          • Janelle appears to be very influenced by the people around her. Her friends tell her to fight, she fights. Keiffer encourages her to steal her moms credit cards and disappear to New Jersey, she does it. Imagine if she could take Jace and go away to school in NYC. Imagine if the people around her were going to museums and poetry readings and parties at art galleries, instead of house parties getting drunk and high.
            I really think her mother and that town are holding her back and will ultimately destroy her shot at a decent future if she doesn’t get away. And Barbra is a big part of what’s keeping her there because of her custody over Jace. Jannelle feels like she isn’t capable of taking care of her son (she said that on one of the after shows) because her mom has drilled it into her head to the point that she believes it. If Janelle was on her own with Jace does anyone really believe she would go out to party and leave him alone? Maybe I give her too much credit, but I don’t think she would. Right now she knows her mom is there so she doesn’t have to be, and her mom discourages her from doing anything for him – so she walks away and lets her mom do it. Some people have the personality that when someone tells them they can’t do something they say “Oh yeah, watch me prove you wrong.” But some people think to themselves: “You’re probably right, I can’t do it so I won’t even try.” I think that’s Janelle’s personality, which is unfortunate because I think she is a bright girl, but I don’t think she is the type of person who is going to rise above it against all odds with no support. She needs guidance and positive reinforcement if she is going to make it in this life.

  6. BlueSky_Forever says:

    Watching Teen Mom is really depressing. Jenelle why in the world did you ditch your job, your studies, your son & run off with that total loser? So you stole your mom’s credit cards for what, that loser? Was it worth eating out, paying for all those losers so you go to jail? Then the video of her fighting…omg that was awful. That poor little baby, being raised by her psycho mom – but even worse possibly being raised by Jenelle! The best thing would be to put him up for adoption. At least the kid would have a chance of being raised by a decent family. You wouldn’t believe the screening that is done on adoptive parents. Finger printing, criminal checks, home studies, interviews with the parents, letters of recommendation…why don’t all prospective parents have to go through it?

    The only one that has a glimmer of hope is Leah. At least the father of her twins appears to be a really decent guy.

    Jo? What a jerk. Kailyn should use those videos to get total custody of her son. The further she stays away from Jo the better.

    Any teen watching this show should be getting a good idea of what to do to prevent pregnancy.

  7. Misunderstood Genius says:

    Yea(Put Your Hair Up) The comments were comical and, most were very repelling. When I saw the rapper sprang up out of no where in her video.

    I had me one of those. Acronym/initialism (W.T.F) moments. The spoof videos others made,give me a good hearty chuckle. And (Tuzzy) that soda pop song never gets old.

    Have a good Spring break fever all,gotta go make these Green dollar bills ,rain like 40 days and 40 Nights on Noahs Ark. Ah chew! Bless you vroooooooooooooom

  8. Misunderstood Genius says:

    p.s is it just me ? Your Blog is now asking me to swipe the pages to read your articles, different layout?

  9. Sus says:

    In case you thought Jenelle couldn’t look any more trashier than she does, watch this video


    I wonder if Barbara was home when she got arrested.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wow, with friends like that who needs enemies! She is already in trouble for the credit cards and now she can add assault. Sounds like she is again unemployed and who knows if she is still in school. Jace seems to be the farthest thing from her mind and I’m beginning to think she only sees him when MTV is filming.

    • If they charge Janelle I hope they charge everyone else who was there too.
      I agree with Janelle’s attorney 100%, she was totally set up. That doesn’t excuse her behavior, but I don’t think that fight would have happened if her loser friends hadn’t been there instigating and egging her on.

      • Toomuch says:

        According to TMZ two other girls have been arrested. The girl that pushed Janelle and the girl she hit (or beat up).

        I don’t feel bad for janelle. I know of many who came from awful households and turned their life around!

  10. Real "TO" Housewife says:

    ok so i only know about this show from reading this blog for epi’s 10&11. i went to the mtv websit and watched half of epi 9 without the sound on (all i could handle) and i got this:

    1. WHAT THE HOLY HELL is wrong with leah’s mom hair. who told her a perm in 2011 with the front flat ironed was a good idea.
    2. everyone except for corey’s mom wears strange DARK eyeliner on the both the tops and botoms of their eyelids. they all look like anime characters.
    3. every single father looks interchangeable. baggy jeans, tattoos, baseball cap. is this our youth? sadly yes.
    4. i wonder how many girls are hoping if they get pregnant their fathers will rent them a beautiful house to live with their boyfriend a’la chelsea. damn that girl has a nice little setup.
    4. i don’t understand how you can pay money for a wedding, dress etc. when you are living in a trailer – don’t they at least want an apartment if not a house?
    5. chelsea has a weird hair part.
    6. sadly or really not so sadly i think this show is just to much for me. i can only handle so much reality when i myself have an 18yo daughter. (these are the people that will be taking care of us in our old age – god help us all πŸ™‚ even without sound i found myself yelling at the computer. with sound it’s bad but without it’s just tragic and πŸ™‚

    • I agree about the hair! What is up with the curly hair and the flat ironed bangs? Lol. That’s such a crazy look.
      They’re not worried about the wedding or the trailer bc all that Teen Mom money is going to take care of that. I swear the girls move into crappier places during filming. There is no way Amber was making over 200k while living in that dump. And if the government was really paying for it like she claimed, isn’t that fraud?

    • humbruh says:

      Answer to question number 1 ======>>> Michelle Duggar

  11. Hello I’m a mom of one of the teens I’m shock and in disgust @ the most stupid and vile non sense all you grown ass people write on here their kids for Christ sake you only see one side of the story none of you live in our shoes so just stfu and stop bad mouthing little kids it’s funny how you talk shit behind your computers non of you would dare talk all your hot air out in the streets pussies

    • Monkey says:

      Well, if you are one of the grandmothers, your comments explain a lot. I guess these girls come by their white trash ways naturally.

    • Real "TO" Housewife says:

      hello, i’m a mom of one of the teens(.) i’m shock(ed )and disgust(ed) at the most stupid and vile (nonsense) all (of) you grown ass people write on here(.) (they’re) kids for chris(t’s) sake(.) you only see one side of the story(.) none of you live in our shoes, so just stfu and stop bad mouthing little kids(.) it’s funny how you talk shit behind your computer(.) none of you would dare talk all (of) your hot air out on the streets(.) pussies(!)

      WOW!! – i would say it could be any of the moms or teens with the exception of kaitlyn as she MUST have learned something to get into college.

      • Real "TO" Housewife says:

        i think all of these “moms” ceased to be called “little kids” when they popped the baby out of their pikachu.

  12. Amber never lived in the dump hi how bout you losers get locked up you don’t know what these girls go through bunch a grown ass PTA moms sitting bashing 14 year olds your all a big joke

    • Toomuch says:

      You should use your time to look up the English language and learn how to use it correctly.

      Also, no one enjoys a liar!

    • Real "TO" Housewife says:

      oh honey. if they are indeed 14 year olds you should be ashamed. while accidental pregnancies happen it’s what you do AFTER the fact that makes you a mom, teen or not.

  13. @too sorry I’d like to see things from your dumb point of view but I can’t seem to get my head that far up my ass didn’t your momma taught you to stay outta grown ups arguments

  14. missmi says:

    I noticed that Janelle manages to steal credit cards, blow off her job at will without any regard for her longtime financial situation and walk away from her son without even saying goodbye, BUT…….. When her mother throws down the gauntlet and demands answers and basically goes ape shit, Jenelle will pick up that baby and then cry and say “I just want to see my son”!
    This girl is the biggest pile of crap and she manipulates situations with her mother. I am convinced that when she is around her mother is already having major anxiety because she is such an asshole kid. Thats why she is yelling at her over everything, because its the result of EVERYTHING. Im glad her mother took custody of that baby. Janelle is the biggest loser mother and I no longer can defend her because she is a thug, thief, deadbeat, and druggie.

    • But Janelle didn’t turn out that way all on her own.
      Do you ever watch Super Nanny? I’m not a big fan, but I’ve seen it a handful of times. The parents always expect her to come in and fix their out of control kids, but what she does is change the way the parents behave, speak, and deal with the kids. Once the parents change, the kids change.

      • missmi says:

        Yes I have and I am a mother myself. Im positive that Barbara has a huge role in the way she turned out, however Janelle is old enough to know right from wrong. If you have noticed that Barbara caves almost everytime. She lets her back in the house, she cares for Jace and she decides to not press charges for Janelles long term job outlook. Janelle continues to take the low road and actually steals from her mom. She is an asshole! Sometimes people just come into the world that way.

        • I see it a little differently. I don’t see it as “she let her back in the house” I see it as “she kicked her out of the house and refused to let her see her son – again.”
          Janelle has no stability in her life.
          I guess Janelle is old enough to know right from wrong, but when you are surrounded by nothing but bad influences and don’t have one positive role model in your life, right and wrong can be a little blurry despite your age. Janelle get’s treated like crap no matter what she does, so why bother doing the right thing?

          • missmi says:

            ITA, to a point. I believe she does not care what she does to her mom, because her mom is on her all the time. However as a mom, there is a natural pull towards that child. She makes bad choices all the way around. Janelle is totally disconnected from him and does not consider her role as a mother to Jace in her decisions. Her boyfriend came first, because she knew her mother would care for him. Maybe thats Barbs fault, IDK. I would think that there would be one thing that she does right for herself if she cared about her kid.

            • Barbara doesn’t even let her feed him or bathe him without screaming at her that she’s doing everything wrong. She won’t let her take him out of the house, any time she spends with him she also spends getting screamed at. So she walks out and spends her time getting attention from guys who are no good, but tell her they love her.
              Janelle is never given a chance to be responsible. Did you ever hear the saying “kids will always live up to your expectations”? If you constantly tell them they’re irresponsible that’s exactly what they’ll be.

              • Tracy without an E says:

                Yep, you are so right, RCH. I really really wish we could hear Jenelle’s sisters’ perspective on growing up with Barbara. I don’t feel she is a horrible person, as it’s probable she was raised just as she’s raising Jenelle. I do totally see from a teenager’s POV how Jenelle may have just stopped trying & shut down emotionally (as another poster said ^). She seems love-starved as is seeking out her affection from any loser leech that will give her even the smallest inkling. Life is hard enough without the support of your mother. I have messed up a lot in my life, but my parents (all 4 of them) never treated me the way Barbara treats Jenelle. They made me want to do better. They forgave me, encouraged me, told me no one is perfect, and helped me move forward. If you don’t ever worry about letting anyone down, because they already have no faith in you, then why in hell would you be compelled to try harder? She IS only 19. I really hope she can get outta NC and see what else the world has to offer. Stick with school, build up her self-confidence a little, realize that she can do better and that there is worth in herself that she can see even if others do not. Should she still be on the show if it’s picked up for a S2? I dunno, I don’t think so. Reality shows are inherently notorious for ruining lives and marriages, rather than enriching them. This ain’t The Amazing Race.

      • krone says:

        YES!! I was amazed at what an old fart I’d become while watching Super Nanny!! Looking at it now, everything she does seems so commonsensical; when I was a young mom, I’m sure I would have found her cold and rigid. I’d say start basic parenting classes in high school but am afraid that would send the message that all people are expected to become parents and I think we should present parenthood as a possible option that not everyone need choose. I do remember saying to my girls, “If you should decide to become a Mom I hope you understand the concept of Karma”. (unlike my Mom who hoped I’d go through the same Hell I put her through;>)

        • Not necessarily parenting classes (although that’s not a bad idea), but I strongly believe that at least a basic psychology class should be taught in high school. These kids need it! Lack of communication skills and a lack of understanding and sensitivity to other people’s feeling and emotions are the cause for a whole lot of the drama we see.
          Or honestly… these kids could even use a “how to treat people” class. Sad, but I think a lot of them (and by “them” I mean the boys) need it.

          What we are witnessing is a serous failure in the parenting department on this show – and I’m not talking about the teen moms. The unfortunate thing is that the cycle is likely to continue onto the next generation.

          • krone says:

            “Treating people decently” classes would be a great idea; it might even have an effect on bullying. There’s something about Janelle,- no matter what she does, she pulls at my withered old heartstrings, there’s just something about that girl. More likely it’s the antipathy I feel towards her gestational carrier that continues to terrorize her tho. How I’d love to hear from her other spawn as someone here suggested!

  15. Monkey says:

    Thanks for the recaps, they are great. I haven’t ever watched this show, though I watched Teen Mom 1 all the time. Now that it is a full blown franchise, it seems a bit expoitive and I feel like I would be enabling these dumbasses if I actually watch it. But, I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not interested. I’m more than happy to let others watch it for me, so thanks for that. I guess that makes you my enabler :).

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