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Here are some of the comments I moved over from the other blog so that we can have everything in one easy to find place:

Over The Gaffe says:

Also saw your discussion on Botox, that’s very bad for you. I’m an ecentric of sorts,and can get caught up with keeping,and staying “wrinkle free” as much as I can.

If you want to achieve the smoothe,vibrant look, try (Alpha Hydroxy Acid cream, coconut oil, or wash your face with the real deal! Fresh coconut water. Works every time Dah lings.

Missed all you ladies. Your a fun bunch!

Daisy Rockefeller says:

I have very sensitive skin and I can only use Philosophy. I have tried everything too! But Philosophy is the only cheaper product that I can use that will not turn my face into a pizza.

I love the retinol product from Philosophy called Help Me. It has really eradicated the fine lines around my eyes. I use When Hope Is Not Enough for moisture, which my skin loves!! I use Miracle Worker also for my eyes.

The names of those products are really….sad. lol.

Daisy Rockefeller says:

You can get it at If you have sensitive skin and can get it in Canada, I highly recommend it. It’s medium expensive; here about $20-50. They also have a mineral powder makeup that I love!! The cleanser, Purity, melts the makeup off and doesn’t dry out my face.

Please share the things you love! I try new stuff all of the time, some cause a reaction, some not, but I am always trying to find that fountain of youth.

For the most part, I find that all products are equally unhelpful. There are only two products that I really really like. One is Soap & Glory pore minimizer which actually does work. But of course they don’t sell it here anymore. I think it was an English company.
I also like Biotherm Exfoliating Milk. My skin always looks so much healthier after using it, but you can’t exfoliate too often, that’s the only problem. I use it on my whole body in the shower. Especially if you get dry winter skin it makes your hands so silky smooth.
There is nothing else that I really love.
Oh and I just tried Fake Bake fake tanning lotion – it didn’t work at all.
It has really good reviews online, so maybe it was just me? Idk. But it didn’t work for me.

Daisy Rockefeller says:

I am going to go look for those things you mentioned right now.

I need a good pore minimizer. That seems to be a big problem my skin has now. I tried Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner, and it did nothing. I do think the Help Me from Philosophy is doing a good job with it though, but of course, not fast enough. :)

I had to go to my dermatologist yesterday. She runs a medi-spa and suggested the new peel they are using called a Vi Peel. Ever heard of it?

Also, a neighbor and I are thinking about doing the Beautiful Image face lift. Takes like 45 minutes. She is going to see a demonstration on Tuesday. If I decide to do this, I’ll post before and after pics. :)

DarkSonnet says:

I had the same experience with the Fake Bake, great reviews and NO results.

I couldn’t believe it so I tried it again. Nothing, nada… Then to totally prove my ignorance to the world, I returned it and received a replacement which also didn’t do a darn thing.

LilyLynn says:

I too can vouch for the Philosophy “Help Me” product – love it! I like ordering from – they give you all kinds of samples for free (and a birthday present every year) if you sign up for their club.

Daisy Rockefeller says:

Have you tried the {hilosophy microdelivery peel? I haven’t yet, but I thought I might try that before doing the Vi Peel. I am afraid I’ll send my skin into shock, so if you have a review, I’d seriously take it to heart and probably go ahead and buy it today if you think it’s good.

Miss Anthrope says:

This is awesome:

It’s an AHA product, but it’s extremely gentle and moisturizing. It’s great for acne as well.

The most natural fake tanner BY FAR, is :

It also smells like chocolate.

I have honest to god used everything ever made on my sensitive, oily but flaky, acne prone skin. Nothing compares to that cleanser. I’ve also tried no less than 10 different faux tanning products. I’m pretty sure you can get those things shipped to Canada from Amazon as well.

Over The Gaffe says:

Put Your Hair Up
if you have sensitive skin, then you should skip the Hydroxy Acid cream and just use coconut water or you can try use plain yougart.

Or try getting Leeche treatment. I know the thought of Leeches crawling on you women faces make freak you work, but it works like a charm everytime.

Demi Moore uses Leeche on her face,and it was sure to do her some good.

Over The Gaffe says:

lol I kid you not!
As a matter of fact try sending a tweet to Demi,and tell her you heard that she uses Leeche on her face.

She may deny it,and pretend she don’t know what your talking about,but she uses it. It’s a FACT! I do too,and it works! If you don’t like the thought of having it crawling on your face

Then stick to the coconut water.
Now what? Lets to a two week test on this matter. Go to your local store purchase yourself some coconut water,or fresh coconut, crack it open,

wash your face with it every morning. Mid day slice lime, or lemon rub it onto your face. At night before bed rub some plain yogart on your face,and massage it into your for few mins wash it off

If you choose you can rub some vicks onto your face after washing the yogart off do this for at least three days and you’d be amazed don’t cheat you have to do this every day for two weeks.

~Luvz Cappuccino More’n Bravo Does~ says:

I get my LaLeeche Yogurt from Austria.

Eat the top……
Leeches are in the bottom of the carton.
I won’t mask my enthusiasm…..ahhh ha!~

kmuellfa says:

RCH, if your skin is sensitive to AHA’s, you should check out Paula’s Choice Beta Hydroxy lotion or gel. It’s a exfoilator that is derivative of salicylic acid- which is basically aspirin.
BHA’s will not cause the redness and peeling associated with AHA’s and also fight acne. I have rosacea and have used her products for years. As for gentle cleansers, I live CeraVe which is found in most drugstores (I get it at CVS) and their moisturizers contain hyaluronic acid which helps the skin retain moisture.


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  1. I saw this on Dr. Oz-
    For bags under the eyes.
    use 1/2 tsp. of very good moisturizer mixed with
    1/2 tsp. of Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed)
    place on bags under eyes and leave on
    I asked a plastic surgeon about this and he said
    you could use Benadryl instead of Sudafed
    (Benadryl comes in capsules that are easier to
    use as opposed to the Red tablet Sudafed)
    So, I used 1/2 tsp. benadryl mixed w/ 1/2 tsp Le Mer cream
    put it on and left for about 45 min-to an hour before
    I went in shower.
    unbelievable. it really worked
    I put a little more on under my eyes and just
    left it. the bags were completely gone by the time
    I went out.
    it makes sense-the decongestant clears the built up
    fluid. 🙂

  2. ~Luvz TeaPot Tempests~ says:

    Thanx a bunch for the OT thread.
    Your efforts to defend your blog……
    and diminish the zit’heads is impressive.

    A Beauty Hide-Out……..!~ Beautiful!~
    There’s a beauty light within. 😉

    ……..and remember to drink tons and tons
    of water.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      I agree, good old pure water and lots of it leaves the skin looking fresh, hydrated, plump and clean. I notice a difference in my face right away if I don’t drink enough water. #cheaptrick

      • ~Luvz TeaPot Tempests~ says:

        ~There you are ~Tuzzy!~ (Mr.Trollpie calls you that)
        Extra sleep on it too,
        works a wonder.

      • Daisy Rockefeller says:

        You are right Madame Vanderbilt-Carnegie, water is the secret….I just hate the taste of it….or lack of taste of it.

        Any ideas for giving it a taste other than enamel-eating citrus juices?

      • Intensity38 says:

        I also agree about the water. I am a water person, I drink anywhere between 30-36 ounces 4 times a day. The only other daily drink is my coffee. I just can’t give it up.
        I used to drown myself in diet coke and I noticed that once I stopped the diet soda’s my skin cleared up and I had no problem shedding the extra pounds from the winter.
        PLUS, When we go to Parrot Cay every year, I used to have an awful problem with edema in my ankles and I never could figure out why, Once I stopped the diet soda, no more edema.

  3. Miss Anthrope says:

    Awesome thread. I’m a makeup/hair whore and a licensed nail tech with a flair for nail art. I have tried and tested so many things over the years that I have probably spent my years salary at least a few times over in beauty products since the age of 13.

    My best tip: If you color your hair at home (especially if you color it red like me) then you must experience a certain level of fading. The best thing to do is to take whatever dye you have left over and add it to a cheap shampoo. Do not wash or even wet your hair unless you absolutely have to. I know that sounds gross but you really shouldn’t wash your hair every day anyway. Each time you wash your hair, do it with cold water and wash it with the shampoo you added the dye to. Do it QUICKLY. The more time your hair spends under the water, the faster it will fade in the long run. Do not towel dry your hair. A towel will just soak up the color.

    I promise you that your color will stay vibrant at least 2x longer than usual. I dye mine a deep red color and add semi-permanent black streaks, and doing this even keeps the black in my hair for weeks at a time.

    I also have a million and 1 at-home manicure tips and tricks, but I’d be here all day. I sometimes toy with the idea of starting a tutorial based nail art blog, but I really don’t know how many people would actually be interested in something like that.

    • Daisy Rockefeller says:

      Nice tip!!! I starting graying at age 18 thanks to dear old grandma and dad. I have to keep my dark chocolate locks, so I color at home so I can afford to put mess on my face. I don’t usually have much dye left at the end of the treatment, maybe a teaspoon or so as I have hair that is to the middle of my back. Would that be enough to add to shampoo?

      Also, a trick I learned for at-home dyers for darker hair. If it is too dark and you’ve used the permanent dye….you can wash your hair with a little baking soda (especially at the ends where it absorbs more color) to take out some of the dye.

      Miss Anthrope, I am a home “manicurist” and would love your tutorials!!!!

    • When I don’t have fake nails I do them myself with the french manicure paint “pen”. I love that pen. It comes out looking really professional.

    • Intensity38 says:

      Thanks for this, Im going to be trying a home color next month, I wanted to see if I could do just as good of a job as my colorist saving me about 120 bucks!

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      It always says to discard unused dye or it will explode (not that “I” have EVER colored MY hair). Will your shampoo blow up?

  4. CAgirl says:

    Anyone know if any good fade creams? That actually work?? I think I’ve tried most, to little/no success. Also, something for the combating the furrow of the brow, other than botox. Thanks in advance!

    • CAgirl says:

      Please do ignore all typos, I haven’t had my wine yet and can’t type!

    • Daisy Rockefeller says:

      Are you olive complected or fair complected?

      • CAgirl says:

        I’m fair complected. I’ve had slight freckles my whole life, that get darker with too much time in the sun (which I now try to avoid), but the last few years started to get more spots if I do get some sun, and they haven’t completely gone away.

        • Daisy Rockefeller says:

          I had an old burn on my hand that I tried Clarins spot treatment on….it’s gone. I think I have heard their cream is great too.

          • Daisy Rockefeller says:

            I have to add that the burn was old and was just a spot of discoloration about 5X my normal skin shade. I can’t see it after using the Clarins for 4 weeks.

          • CAgirl says:

            Why thank you Miss Rockefeller, Clarins is not one I’ve tried yet–I will order some! I’m already loving the beauty page :).
            None of the lighteners have worked for me to the point where I don’t have to wear make-up out (although concealer does the trick). I’d like to leave the house without any make-up and not feel self-conscious. I don’t mind my freckles but hate the couple of dime-size spots I am sporting currently.

            • Daisy Rockefeller says:

              You are welcome! I hope you get the results you want!

              I have olive (Choctaw Indian) skin, which is why I tested on my hand to make sure it wouldn’t put a really visible whitish mark on my face….it does turn a little whitish at first around the hyperpigmentation, but that does go away.

              • CAgirl says:

                I will try it–really appreciate the tip!! I had also heard of Ambi fade cream, but to mixed reviews. All the other quinone creams seem to do jack all, unless my skin is just stubborn and resistant.

                • Daisy Rockefeller says:

                  I heard that about quinone too. I was told that I would have to put quinone all over my face and not just spot treat because it really bleaches your skin.

                  True story. My great grandmother was full blooded Choctaw. Her mother and father traveled to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears. GeeGee (what we called her) married a lily white Irish man (taboo in OK) so she would use white powder to hide her skin color so as not to embarrass the family. That is so sad to me….anyway. She did always braid her jet black hair and put flowers in it, so I guess she wasn’t totally hiding.

                  Moral of the story, if the creams don’t work…super white powder will. 😀

                • CAgirl says:

                  Wow, what a story! I had no idea it would bleach your skin–maybe in a higher concentration? Maybe that’s what MJ used?? Anyway, it’s a beautiful love story, except I wish your grandma didn’t have to go to those lengths. Let’s hope the next generation is wiser…who am I kidding, they all worship the Biebs!!! Aaack!!!

                • Daisy Rockefeller says:


    • I don’t know… I gave in and got Botox.

      • Intensity38 says:

        Your brave, I would never let anyone stick my face with needles. I get stuck enough. LOL

      • CAgirl says:

        Botox scares me for some reason, even though I know people who get it regularly. I even have a male friend who gets in his armpits to combat excessive sweating!

      • It scared me too. I went to a whole bunch of consultations with a bunch of different doctors before I actually did it.
        I don’t think I would have done it that day, but I was at the doctor for something else and I asked “What do you think about Botox?” I just wanted to talk about it because I love to talk about things forever before I actually do it. But instead of having a long conversation with me and explaining things like all the other doctors had done, he goes, “Yeah, you could use a little, not too much” and he grabbed a needle from the drawer and stuck it in my face!
        When we were leaving hubs started laughing he goes “I know you didn’t actually think he was going to do it.” I really didn’t. I just wanted to talk about it but he caught me off guard and I didn’t know what do to! Lol
        But I’m glad he did it like that. If I had made an appointment I would have been counting down the days stressing myself out.

        • Intensity38 says:

          Wow! What a cool doc! Sounds like he knew you and figured if he didn’t do it then… you said.

          I saw a friend get it in her mouth/gums, kind of like they did at Danielle’s party on RHONJ, and it looked painful but my friend said it was worth it.

          Where did you get it? I have a line straight across my forehead but I don’t want to ‘paralyze’ my forehead like Taylor on BH cause I do want people to be able to tell that Im alive, and have feelings. LOL

          You have me very curious about this now and I want to know more.
          Anyone else get botox or fillers?
          What about that lip plumping?
          (Mouth lips, b/c I do know that some people who have that vaginal rejuvination, sometimes do have their lips plumped down there too!) Ouch!

          • It hurt, but it was worth it.
            I got it in between my eye brows. It looks very natural. I can still squish my face, just not enough to make a deep crease.
            The biggest tip I learned after seeing so many doctors is to pay attention the the faces of the people who work there. If the doctor looks like Bruce Jenner and the nurses look like Taylor, RUN. The doctor I saw was an older man with no work done, and he didn’t try to convince me to freeze my whole face or get a whole bunch of things done I hadn’t even asked about. Don’t trust them when they try to sell you fillers and stuff or convince you that you more than what you asked for.
            Finding the right doctor is important because that’s the difference between ending up like Taylor or like Ramona.

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          Good thing you only asked about Botox. You might have walked out with new boobs, buttock cheek implants and lip implants too. 😉

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      Prescription strength Retin-A will take that away, but not overnight. Must use everyday for weeks.

  5. Daisy Rockefeller says:

    Big hugs to RCH!! This Beauty Talk is awesome!!

    I have a hair product to promote!

    I just started using Moroccan Oil on my hair. I guess I’ve used it every other day now for 2 weeks–early Valentine’s present to myself :). I have to tell you all that I LOVE it!!! I wish I had taken before and after pictures. I first heard about it here, and then my mom (of all people) has been using it for months.

    Since I have been using it, I notice I have a lot of volume and my hair has literally grown about an inch in 2 weeks. It takes no time to dry my hair, and I have to do a full-on blow out because I have naturally wavy/curly hair. Even my daughter is commenting on my hair, and for a 13-year-old who thinks that I’m as cool as a yule log, that is saying something. I looked like a brunette Farrah Fawcett tonight for girls’ night out! LOL!!

  6. Over The Gaffee says:

    O these long legs are sexy

  7. Over The Gaffee says:

    These Staten Island kids can hit some serious note on somewhere over the rainbow. I’ll be in heaven once they start entertaining us at the Gold’s man painted face tomorrow. They’ll put Dion,and Gwyentt to shame. Tee hee hee I’ve gotta bounce on outta here vroooooooooooooom

  8. Intensity38 says:

    I have been using Roc products since they came out. Nothing I have ever used comes close to their products as far as my skin is concerned,
    However, I do know that every woman (or man) needs to try all the products they can and go with what works for them.
    You all know how Carolyn from NJ shaves her face and throat daily?
    Well I use the hardest loofa I can and scrub those dead cells right off my face. I always use sunscreen and if I wear makeup, It’s all Bare Minerals. Nothing I have ever tried works as good as that and it looks great, Just does some minor covering and you can’t tell that you even have makeup on.
    A littls FYI, Two people that I know from Twitter have tried Gretchen’s (RHOC) makeup line and had problems with it, Not saying it’s bad, just saying what they told me. (both had major breakouts after using)
    It’s nice to hear about other products and the results people have but everyones skin is different and only you can figure out what it the best for you.
    Also, my nieces and a couple nephews use the Proactive for their Acne and they say it rocks! The refining mask is almost like a magic wand, they say, as they dab it on at bedtime and in the morning that monster zit is ‘calmed’ and almost not visible.

  9. Intensity38 says:

    One of my greatest secrets for my great looking legs (Or so I have been told) is I use baby oil on them in the shower. Slather it on and shave every single day.
    It is great for the moisturizing effect and keeps the legs very soft and pretty looking.

    • Oh yes I do this too. I totally recommend baby oil in the shower!

      • Intensity38 says:

        Baby oil is a woman’s best friend, except when you have to clean the tub, shower.
        I hate the excess clean up from the oil!

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          I use some after shower spray on my shower from a company called Melalueca and it keeps the shower from getting all oily and gooey. I would imagine that other after shower cleaning products would work just as well.

          • Intensity38 says:

            Thanks. I will have to get it. I have tried 3 after shower sprays and nothing works well.
            (BTW, don’t ever get dark blue tiles in your showers)

  10. Intensity38 says:

    If you have any skin discolorations or scars, Mederma is great for that, but, but, but, Once they are faded or gone you need to use a high sunblock on that area to make sure that they don’t show back up.
    I saw they now have a cream for stretch marks. Im going to get some and try it on my boobs! I lost about 20 pounds a few years ago and have stayed at a good weight since then but I must have lost some of my boobs cause I have three stretch marks on the sides of each breast. My cup size didn’t change but I went from a 38 to a 36 and the stretch marks remain.
    Had anyone tried the Mederma for stretch marks yet and/or has anything else worked?
    I want to get rid of them b/c I can see them on the side of my bathing suit. My husband says nobody else can see them but they ‘pop’ right out to me LOL
    I would love to hear if anyone else here has that problem and what they do for it.

  11. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    Intensity38…I use Bare Minerals too and I do love it but as I hit another milestone in age, I have found that my skin seems to get more oily. I’m now looking for a mattifier to wear underneath my makeup but was happy that Bare Minerals now offers a matte finish mineral foundation. I also use the baby oil in the shower. But, again as I’ve aged, I’ve developed some sort of itchiness on my lower legs so I’m having to alter my regimen a bit. Getting older really sucks!

    Has anybody found a face product that removes or lightens dark spots on the face? I’m not talking about freckles or moles but I developed a dark spot on my cheek a couple of years ago. My grandma calls it an age spot. Doctor said it is from sun exposure and told me to wear sunscreen, blah blah, and said that there are lazer treatments that will remove the spot but I only want to do that as a last resort. I can cover it with my foundation and a light concealer but I am hoping to find a product that might make it fade. Any recommendations?

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      Intensity, I must have been typing my post at the same time you typing the previous post. So, thanks for the Mederma tip.

      Also, another thing, has anybody ever tried that shampoo called Wen? If so, comments?

    • Intensity38 says:

      Yes! The Oil of Olay product line Pro-X has a wonderful product out there called discoloration fighting concentrate!
      It works wonders and is worth the price!
      Even used it when I got that ‘pregnancy mask’ and it was gone within 2 weeks!
      I get all my Pro-X products from Ebay cause you can usually find them cheaper. If not, the Sunday papers usually have coupons for 5 bucks off!
      Let me know if you try it and what you think.

      • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

        Thanks! I will give it a try. I have used the Mary Kay Even Complexion Essence for about 5 months and while I am pleased that it has, in fact, evened out my complexion, the spot has not faded.

    • Am I the only person in the world who doesn’t like Bare Minerals? Or did I get a bad batch?
      I found that if I put enough to cover blemishes then the powder was really visible on my face.
      I’m going to watch the DVD that came with it and try again….

      • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

        It took me a full two weeks of experimenting with it before I finally liked it. However, I don’t use the Bare Minerals concealer because I fell in love with a stick concealer by Smashbox. I know you are suppose to blend concealer normally but the one I use on the dark spot on my face, I barely blend it because it matches my skin tone perfectly. I put the bare minerals foundation on first and then on that one spot, I use the Smashbox concealer and then it hides it perfectly and you can’t tell at all. In fact, when I asked my doctor about the spot on my face, he couldn’t see it so he had to use a little alcohol swab to remove the makeup so he could look at what I was talking about. I’d say that is some darn good concealer!

      • Intensity38 says:

        The thing with bare minerals is you need to kind of wait while your putting it on. Does that make sense?
        Plus if you dont tap the excess off, you get waaaay too much and it does looke powdery (if that is a word)
        After washing my face I tap a tiny bit into the top, Take the fat brush (the fattest brush works the best for me) and swirl the brush around till it’s gone from the top. Then I tap it about 4-5 times and start working it in a little area at a time ( I usually use the warmth all over) and then I use the blush the same way, working it over my cheeks and along the sides of my nose to narrow the nose.
        I use the blush on my finger as an eye shadow and then get the mineral veil, do the same thing and wait.
        Within a couple minutes it looks practically flawless.
        The only problem I had with this was when I first bought it, I bought the wrong color line and it looked powdery and very made up.
        Maybe that’s what you did.
        I swear by this stuff, I did a before and after picture for them and the change was unbelievable b/c I am pretty pale most of the time.
        They actually showed it on QVC, so for less than 15 seconds, I was famous! LOL

        Maybe you should try it again.

        I really didn’t see the difference in the mirror but the pictures showed a huge difference.
        I think that is why so many people think it doesn’t work for them because it’s very subtle but it does work well AND if your so tired at night that you don’t want to wash off your makeup before passing out, it’s okay to sleep in. They say it’s actually good for your skin so no problems the next day.
        Hope this helps. Let me know if you try it again.
        You will be amazed at the difference in the pictures.
        I should be their advertising exec, (maybe I am….LOL) b/c I have gotten so many people I know using it.

        I threw out 2 drawers worth of makeup after I found this.

        I have to ask this. Who throws out their makeup after 6 months?
        Nobody I know does it but all the magazines and pro’s say you should.

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          I don’t throw out my old eye shadows but I never have anything else old left over. I think I go through mascara faster than anything. I have really long eyelashes and the only mascara I can wear is Cover Girl Remarkable Washable Waterproof. I’ve tried dozens of others including some really expensive ones and none work for me except CGRWW. I buy a new one every 4 to 6 weeks. It doesn’t flake and it washes off easily with face cleanser. Plus, it keeps my eyelashes under control otherwise I pull on my lashes to the point where I pull them out. If I can feel my lashes or if one of them gets in my line of vision, I pick at them and about go nuts. My 19 year old son has really long lashes too and one time when he was playing football, he got fed up and literally trimmed his eyelashes! I almost freaked out and couldn’t believe he did it but he said he did it because his eyelashes kept getting in his eyes when he would sweat. The darn things are so full now its a wonder he can stand it but he said they don’t bother him as much as they use to.

          • Intensity38 says:

            Lucky, Lucky you!
            I was thinking of trying that new prescription lash grower.
            Has anyone tried that?

            • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

              I’ve had patients that have used it and my mother had glaucoma and used the eyedrops for it (it is the same med). It does work and very well too.

      • dina says:

        I didn’t care for it, either. It was like a dry, caked mask on my face, highlighting every line. The adivsor at Lancome suggested to use a foundation brush and apply some moisturizer on top of the mineral make-up. I haven’t tried it, but I like the idea of the mineral veil, so I may.

  12. Intensity38 says:

    Got to tell you all something my husband’s allergist told him.
    Nothing to do with ‘beauty’ but its some great, (gross) advice that works.

    If you have allergies, like so many people do, and you get stuffy noses, sneezing fits, and even scratchy eyes. This is something weird, but believe me, it works.

    Every single day, morning and night, Take a Q-tip and clean out the upper inside of your nostrils.
    You won’t believe the crap on the q-tip, especially after being outside on a spring or late August day.

    It’s all the pollen and pollutants that are sitting there irriating the hell out of you and they stay there unless your nose is super runny and it cleans itself out.

    Dont believe me? Go do it now, and turn the q-tip around and around in the upper from part of your nose and see what comes out on the q-tip!

    My husbands allergies are still bothering him but he has not had a sinus headache nor an infection since he began doing this.
    I say it’s pretty remarkable!
    Easy and who knew? LOL

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      OT….but you brought up sticking things up noses..ha ha

      When my oldest two children were little on Saturday mornings they would get up and watch cartoons. I am not a morning person so I would get up, get them breakfast and make them a breakfast picnic on the floor and then I would lay on the couch and fall back to sleep. They were always happy to watch cartoons all morning so I’d get a nice doze. Anyway, one time I opened my eyes to my son’s worried face and he says “mommy, wake up, sissy needs help” and she was standing right next to him and I looked at her and there something red up one of her nostrils and something yellow up the other. Turns out they were Skittles! So I try to pull them out and got the tweezers and tried to get them out and almost called 911 when it dawned on my to simply slide my fingers from the top of her nose down and they came right out. I told my daughter never to stick anything up her nose and she said “but bubby told me to do it!” ha ha The kids are almost 19 and 15 now and they get a kick out of hearing that story.

      • Intensity38 says:

        LOL! I guess I should have put a disclaimer on there in case any kids were watching!
        That is so funny! Last year a post went around Twitter with a kid who had some kind of accident with a fork and his nose.
        I almost passed out when I saw the photo so I can’t imagine his mother reaction when she saw it in front of her.
        Kids will do the exact opposite of what you tell them anyway, So tell them to stick a crayon up their nose and I bet they won’t LOL
        My sister told her son NOT to put a golf ball in his mouth, And of course he did it, It got stuck and we couldn’t get it out.
        It was a nightmare. He had to be taken to the Er and given a sedative before they could get it out. I guess it relaxed his jaw enough for them to pop it out.
        I have pictures of him and I plan on blowing them up for his graduation in 2018!
        Great Story, Make sure to tell it to your child’s spouse! LOL

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the old wringer type of washers but my mom had one when I was little and she was doing laundry when the phone rang. She told me before she answered the phone not to put my hand near the wringer. So what did I do the moment that she turned her back? Yep! Stuck my hand right in there and it sucked my whole arm through. The ER doc determined that my arm would be fine but my mom was given valium for her nerves. lol

          • Intensity38 says:

            So should we call you pancakeArm?
            Did you do any permanant damage to yourself? Im sure your Mother lost a couple years and got a few gray hairs after that stunt!

            I remember my cousin doing something similar at my great Grandma’s house but luckily there was someone right there to pull the plug out of the wall. (there was no on-off switch for the wringer)
            The valium is funny, b/c the ER doc asked hubby if he needed one after watching me cartwheel down the stairs. The EMT’s had to take his blood pressure as his face was pure white and he said he had chest pain!
            Not funny then, but he said I aged him ten years with that stunt!
            I bet everyone has some story in their lives about their parent or guardian needing assistance after watching us do something stupid! LOL
            Sorry RCH for getting off topic, yet again,

            • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

              Shoot, my arm wasn’t even bruised. I have a bionic arm apparently. I’ve taken a few falls down the stairs myself. Those are not fun. But, when I fall down the stairs, people usually laugh first and then ask if I’m ok when they realize I’m about to lose consciousness from pain. ha ha

  13. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    Does anybody use teeth whiteners and what brands do you recommend?

    • Intensity38 says:

      I tried a few of them but they irritated my gums so much that I had to take them off before the time.
      I gave up and got veneers. Love them and they were worth every penny.

      I was told the colgate whitening toothpaste works just as well but takes about 3 weeks before the change is noticeable.
      Hope this helps a little.
      Maybe someone can help that has had some success with them.

  14. Intensity38 says:

    Home hair color.

    What’s the best for red, Not bright red but toned down a little?

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      I read an article yesterday that said something like “blondes may have more fun but red heads have more sex” and it said it was “true”. Don’t know how they get statistics on that but what the hell, I might go red. ha ha

      I use to use an auburn OTC color back in 1995 that I really liked but I can’t remember the name of it. I went from blonde to that auburn shade and it looked fantastic, plus it made my complexion look 10 times better than it really was at the time. I’ll see if I can google it and see if it is even still on the market. If so, I’m sure they improved the formula. I just remember that it worked really well, looked beautiful and lasted about 4 weeks before it started to fade. It was like $7.00 at the time.

      • Intensity38 says:

        My natural color is too dark for me as I am pretty pale so since I was 17 I always had my hair lightened and get low and high gloss tones put throughout.
        I WISH my natural hair color was this way.
        Anyhow, I look great (and natural) in red but don’t want to screw this up and end up having to drive into the city to have my colorist fix it.
        Been there, done that.
        The first and last time I tried home color was when I 21 and I thought this ash blonde looked beautiful so I tried it.
        My hair turned green!
        I dont remember why I didn’t have a car at that time, but I had to call my father to take me to get it fixed.
        I had a towel over my head and he was laughing at me.
        As we approached a work zone, he pulled the towel off my head and yelled to the guys standing next to the car ” look at my polack daughter! Don’t she just look beeeeuuuutiful with green hair?”
        They (and he) were laughing their asses off while I was trying to get the damn towel back from him to cover it up.
        He never let me live that down!
        So, after all that, I am very leery about home hair color and would love to hear about what works the best from you guys here.
        Thanks, in advance for any info you can give me.

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          Ok..I think the brand I used was Clairol Ultress, but I don’t know that they even still make it. I can’t seem to run across anything current on it. But, the websites for all of these OTC color companies have all sorts of information and tips on the proper ways to color your hair and several also have videos.

  15. Intensity38 says:

    I hear that Teresa is supposed to be coming out with her very own makeup line.
    I guess she is waiting till NJ is back on so she can really get it out there.

    I wonder if she used it last night the bat when that fight happened at the Hard Rock Cafe in the DR.
    I saw that and immediately pictured her pissed off at someone for asking her if her home was in foreclosure, as she slammed a glass over their head screaming ‘ Ain’t I nice? LMAO!

    Who, beside me, thinks that these Bravo housewives are selling waaaaay too much crap and only are on twitter and the blogs to get people to buy their products or books?

  16. kmuellfa says:

    OK, so these are the things I have used and loved.

    For skin care, nothing beats Paula’s Choice. All of her products are backed by real scientific research, I can’t say enough good things about them. Her 10% AHA body lotion is the bomb, but don’t get it near any cuts, etc (it burns). It works wonders on rough, dry skin. She also reviews other product lines as well, so check it out and click around.

    Any one heard of the no-chip manicure? O-M-G. It changed my life. As an unemployed nursing student, this was the first thing to go (out of my budget), but I still get one when we go on vacation. Perfect nails for 2-3 weeks? Sold.

    A few years ago I had juvederm to plump up my upper lip. All the women in my family lose their upper lip after 35. I paid 700, and it lasted for about 9-10 months. I had it done twice. If you don’t like shots, I don’t recommend it. You have to get a series of shots to numb the area-similar to dental injections before any dental work. After that, it’s a walk in the park.

    I loved it, it was so natural. I was working as a flight attendant, and no one could believe I had my “lips done”. It just made my upper lip match my bottom lip (nothing injected in the lower lip). BTW, I looked nothing like Taylor. I had a dermatologist do it, as well as some laser treatments for Rosacea. As soon as I start working as a RN, I’m going back. If anyone in Chicago wants the DR info, I highly recommend him.

  17. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:
  18. TrueLifeDiva working it out daily to get sexy for high school reunion! says:

    I had no idea this section was here. I am a licensed cosmetologist and make up artist with 20+yrs experience. I will check back regularly to answer your hair and skincare question s as they come in 🙂

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