Sister Wives

Season 2 of Sister Wives has begun. I watched season one occasionally but didn’t recap it. I’m probably not going to recap this season either, but I did have a few things I wanted to say about this family. If you haven’t seen the show, Sister Wives is about a man named Kody Brown and is four wives. Last season he had 3 wives, and married the 4th after only dating her for a couple of months. My knowledge of polygamy comes solely from the tv show Big Love, so I was pretty disappointed to see that we wouldn’t be having any drama with Juniper Creek profits or other shady family members from “the compound”. For polygamists, their day to day lives are actually disappointingly normal.

Wife number one is Meri, her and Kody have one teenage daughter together. Kody proposed after only knowing her for two months. Meri says that the day he held her hand was when she knew he was serious about her. They were married within 6 months. Even though she clearly doesn’t want to be living a polygamous life style, she doesn’t have enough self esteem to insist that her husband not fuck other women. She had trouble conceiving, and didn’t give birth to her only child until after Kody and wife #2, Janelle, had their first child. The fact that Janelle was able to give him a child before her, as well as the fact that she has experienced multiple miscarriages only adds to her feelings of guilt and inadequacy as a wife and child bearer. She could have had more children with the help of a fertility doctor, but with Kody constantly adding new wives, and those wives constantly adding new children, there wasn’t enough money left to afford it. In order to make herself feel less useless she works a full time job and helps to pay the family’s bills. But even in that arena she comes in second to Janelle who not only has the most kids, but also makes the most money. She copes with her misery by telling herself that sleeping alone every 4th night and having to suppress her jealousy and anger is making her a better person.  Continue reading on…

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2 Responses to Sister Wives

  1. Bea says:

    Oh sure! Tease us with the opening and then make us go to new site for the rest! … going there now! LOL

  2. krone says:

    I watched season 1 only occasionally too but was nauseated when Kody, having dinner with Meri on their anniversary, stated that it would be “vulgar” if she were to have sex with another man. WHAT A DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

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