TV and Movie Sites

Video Sites Where You Can Watch The Real Housewives and Other Good Shows:!v=UQV8HbABP5I&feature=related

A Must-Have For Non-US Residents:
Downloading hotspot shield will enable you to watch videos on and Hulu and other websites that block content in your area. It will give you annoying pop up ads while it’s open, but it’s worth it. Just don’t forget to disconnect from it when you are done watching your video. (RIP  NinjaVideo. It was the most amazing video site ever. You could have watched RH an hour after it aired in the States. So sad it’s gone, but the forum is still there)


7 Responses to TV and Movie Sites

  1. Jeninvegas says:

    Any links that are iPad/iPhone compatible?

    • Apple products are crap and you should throw them in the trash where they belong. But if you insist on using them, you are pretty much shit out of luck with anything other than youtube.
      You could jailbreak the iPad and then you can download the megavideo links to itunes and watch that way. But it would really be easier to just use a lap top instead.

  2. Jeninvegas says:

    :)~~~~~~ I use to think the same thing about apple; then I got the iPhone – I’m a toyal cincert now. Never used a MAC but I do love my iPad! I just wish the apple vs adobe war would end so I can watch some stuff like regular folks!!! Fyi~ Super loving your blog

    • May I ask what exactly you love about the iPad? I think it’s biggest waste of money I ever spent.
      You can’t watch videos, there are no scroll bars in the text boxes for comments, there are no back and forth arrows so if you want to go back and correct your spelling, you can only try to get to the right spot with your finger and that rarely works, almost all available apps are for the iPhone, so you are holding this big iPad using an app the size of an iPone making me wonder why I didn’t just buy an iPhone instead, 90% of apps are total crap and don’t work and there is no way to get your money back once you buy one, you can’t download free apps without a credit card. It can’t replace your lap top, it’s too big to carry around in your purse…
      It was a fun toy at first, but I see no practical use for it. And more often than not it just frustrates the hell out of me.
      Can you tell I really hate Apple? I even have a blog post floating around here somewhere detailing my contempt for their products.

  3. Jeninvegas says:

    Whooo weeee I’m sure nothing I saw will change your opinion!! Haha!

    Well I haven’t had any problems scrolling or correcting things on the iPad. I can watch videos ~ the ones apple finds *worthy* enough to be formatted right.

    I find it much more portable than my laptop and powers up and down instantly.

    I thought it was a colossal waste of money when my BF got it too, but I think your feelings about apple run deeper than mine did ~ haha!!

  4. Kristy says:

    Hello, I know this is a super old post but you should also add to the list. Also, I heard project free tv will be releasing a new version of their site at 🙂

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