Sunday Randomness

There really isn’t anything new happening today… but we need a new blog because there are way too many comments on the last one. So here are some random things and links I felt like sharing. Enjoy.

Here is a documentary that I really love, it’s reveals the truth you probably didn’t know about marijuana, the lies the government tells us about it, and the business behind it all. It’s educational, yet highly entertaining with commentary from Joe Rogan and Tommy Chong (who I actually saw in a restaurant a few months ago, but he was eating so I didn’t bother him.)

The intro for The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Watch the full length movie here

More entertaining things and Housewife stuff:

On the Maury Show this week

The singing fish makes a come back

Lynn’s Reality Buzz podcast with Cat Ommanney <– Just realized I hadn’t linked that one. My bad. Link is there now.

Something about the Real Housewives of Miami – Honestly, I didn’t even read this post, that’s how uninterested I am in these women. I want NY back! I think I’m going to boycott these bitches out of spite.

The Real Housewives of New York ep 3 – Huh? Yup. Who needs Bravo anymore? We just make up our own stuff when they don’t give us what we want.

More Housewife Stuff

Kim G is a horrible person

The Armstrongs bought a rehab center?

My new twitter crush: @anthroboi

A hilarious blog written by a woman who records the crazy things her husband says while he’s sleeping. Thanks for the link Ches.

Mummified Fairy Remains Seriously… I think…

I think most of you have probably seen this site: PostSecret
If you don’t know what it is, it’s a site where people can anonymously send in their secrets on post cards. They post new secrets every Sunday and I always check it out to see what kind of sick things people will confess this week. If you like reality tv, you will probably like this site. Very voyeuristic.

I have a few secrets of my own that I was thinking of sending in. But I thought I would share them here first, with all of you. I love all my readers and commenters so much, and I feel like we’ve reached a point in our cyber friendship where we can be open about things like deep dark personal secrets. So here goes:





















Happy Sunday!!

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59 Responses to Sunday Randomness

  1. Periwinkle says:

    My son went a taping of the Maury Show last year with his business class. Not sure what the point of that was but he said Maury wasn’t nice to the audience at all and neither was the guy that was supposed to “pump up” the audience. He told them that if they weren’t wild enough, he’d kick them all out and bring in people off the street.
    They were promised lunch which turned out to be a few pizzas and if you didn’t push people over to get to the front of the line, you didn’t get any.
    Happy Sunday RCH!

  2. debbie says:

    Thanks, RCH….
    we needed some fresh air after the last couple of days. as usual your take on the postcards is priceless.. i bookmarked that site last time you posted it and check in now and then.

  3. captaincarebear says:

    You better not boycott Miami. I’ve been waiting for a show with all the f-ups in my hometown. This city takes the cake for self absorbed wack jobs. I don’t think I could live anywhere else because the boredom would kill me. I NEED your humor, it’s crack, ok? So don’t go there with the spite thing or I’m gonna go all Miamihoma on your azz.

    Note to show: Please be drama filled or else I just made a damn fool of myself with my petty threats.

    • What? U live in the same city as these women? Where is the dirt, the gossip, the behind the scenes rumors? You have not been doing your job missy. Get to work!

      • captaincarebear says:

        I’m going to try. But I still am twenty minutes away. But geesh, there are ummm, I don’t know, several MILLION people in this city. Do you think I know everyone? I mean I have lots of friends but this is pushing it.
        Seriously (or not), I spent a quite a bit of my younger years growing up in the area of Star Island, South Beach, etc. where they all hang out. Lived near the Thomas Kramer mansion before he lived there. It was my playground. But alas, those high flying days are long since gone and now I’m just a middle-class mom in the suburbs. I wouldn’t trade it though. The high society peeps were mostly pretensious phonies. Behind those plastic faces lived sooo many people that were all about constant validation and attention. Empty people really. Despite all the money around me, I felt so sorry for them because they never seemed fulfilled and their happiness was contrived. Hmmmm, if I like middle class suburbia so much, maybe there is ultimate joy in complete poverty. Nah, I don’t want to find out. But believe me, if I hear of any dirt, and I mean any… I’m on it. These ladies are already on all the local news channels doing their attention seeking rounds.

        • glued2it says:

          “…if I like middle class suburbia so much, maybe there is ultimate joy in complete poverty. Nah, I don’t want to find out.”
          I feel the same way, lol!

          I don’t want to watch the Miami housewives, most of them seem to young for me to care what they do, I’ll just chalk it all up to youthful indescretions or something like that. There is that old witch looking woman and she’s scary, lol – nope, I hope I don’t get sucked in and glued 2 it!

    • debbie says:

      “Note to show: Please be drama filled or else I just made a damn fool of myself with my petty threats.”
      I’m a carpetbagging Yankee and moved to Miami 29 years ago.(now living about 10 miles north on 95) I am all too familiar with the histrionics that take place daily in Me=ami. I know that it seems that every day scenes acted out here seem like they “could only happen in Miami”.
      I believe that we will ultimately be disappointed in the show if episode one is any indication of what we can expect…I was so looking forward to it and fell asleep 10 minutes in. The Miami episode of RHoA was more interesting with the women visiting the Star Island home of Thomas Kramer.
      I hope it gets more interesting so I can share some snark with you. 🙂

  4. Damnert says:

    We may have to do some serious hair pulling over @anthroboi, PYHU.

    Give me a few hours to get my KimmyWongus weave on this dirty hair of mine, then the girl fight is ON Sherrrrriiiiii.

  5. sweet pea says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I was having the most boring Sunday. I have 2 term papers to write and a math mid-term to study for. I am back in college at the ripe old age of 52. I soooo needed this break. Love your blog. Again….thank you.

  6. I have a feeling that the HWs franchise is jumping the shark with Miami…. just my opinion, but I’m usually right!!!

  7. Anthroboi says:

    Awh, shucks *blush* I dunno what to say. Teeeheeeeeheeee *runs away*

  8. Periwinkle says:

    Ok. well now I have to follow you. That may or may not be in a stalker kind of way. 🙂

  9. ~Luvz Cappuccino Frill'd~ says:

    The Miami beechnuts seem beechier and younger…….
    so I’ll prob watch. Jealousy reek’n Bravolicious!~
    Please beechblog their beachbutts,~RCH

    The pot vid looks ………smoke’n.

  10. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @RCH love the postcards! 😀

  11. sweet pea says:

    Somebody stop me. I’m supposed to be studying!

  12. sweet pea says:

    You are evil. But in a good way…..

  13. Tuzentswurth says:

    LMAO at the agent trying to kick the door in……repeatedly……dang that was one tough door! Do you think the ppl inside were “surprised” by the time he made it through the door? Hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  14. Miss Anthrope says:

    I watched the sneak peak of episode one of RHOM last night. What a snore! You know it’s bad when the season trailer doesn’t even show anything interesting.

    You might want to watch another documentary called aka Tommy Chong (or something like that). It’s about how the government spent millions to take him down just for selling bongs on the internet.

    Thankfully things are getting better in the US in regards to weed. In Massachusetts you can now carry less than an ounce without getting arrested. Of course, said weed will be confiscated (and probably smoked by whatever cop searched you), but at least you won’t have to show up in court and plead guilty for possession.

  15. tweatcyn says:

    OMG, just busted a gut over your RH. Post Secrets! Been a fan of that site for years and you just elevated it to a new level. Awesome!

  16. anna says:

    hey RCH I dont know if you were still waiting for the latest RHOA episode but this youtube user has it uploaded. She usually has the bravo episodes uploaded the night of, if not then its the morning after. She moved to a new yoututbe channel, all the old episodes are here RHOA Reunion part 2 plus the WWHL is here

  17. Tuzentswurth says:

    I love your deep dark personal secrets. Hilarious, especially the dog…so true.

  18. CAgirl says:

    Dear god–I just tried to catch up on the blog, and the previous entry blew up my computer. Literally. I’m sure I missed a lot of smart funny snarkiness, but I just don’t have the CPUs to deal with it. Hope I can catch some more in the future 😉

  19. auntie mimi says:

    I met lynne curtain at an airport– tried taking a picture of her on a moving tram, but she kept moving her turkey neck.. finally, had to (lie) tell her i was a big fan and her 200lb assistant snapped the photo.
    She must NEVER get recognized or have fans because she started fawning over my clothes/handbag and asked me to go on tv to model her new (super giant hideous crazy fringey Botkier ripped-off) handbags the next day. I had other plans so we exchanged numbers.
    she would not stop texting me. Heres what she told me. She is in 6 episodes of oc this season. She doesnt get along with any of the housewives anymore. Her husband frank is lazy and theyre super on the rocks. Hes working for her handbag, cuff, jewelry line along with her lazy daughters. Theyre shopping for a family reality show- one about her business or one about her girls. I have more, but it almost sounds like im bragging and thats the exact opposite of my experience.

  20. auntie mimi says:

    Oh, i have her cell and personal email should you wish to ask her. Im sure she’d <333 to have a fan interview. Hah. She invited me to a cocktail party, but i had plans with my girlfriends- so she had her assistant put me plus 10 on the guestlist at her event (i was with 3 people, but she wanted to 'make sure there was no excuse i wouldnt show up'). It was like single white female.
    So we stopped by. Had no idea she was hocking said stringy handbags (you could fit a backpack inside them), giant earrings with gemstones (i imagined her using that same glue gun to bedazzle them), and of course the overpriced cuffs.
    okay, so irl she is quite tall (5'7-5'8), cannot weigh more than 89lbs, has ginormous tatas, has the most mick jaggerish face- which by the way, juts out 7 inches past her body like a clucking chicken, and the oldest, most wrinkley neck i have ever seen. And her facelift? It does not look good. It looks like one of those thick, plastic, rubbery halloween masks.
    Anyway, she said she wasnt happy that gina started filming with them and she wanted $$ for her kids filming. She said rhe kids in nj and ickys and ginas kids always got $ to appear and her kids never did. She felt they were filmed a lot- often times by themselves, and central to the story so she found it unfair.
    Icky didnt have her back and they had a big falling out. She also thought icky was phoney because of her whole "higher road" and pretending not to come back- but when lynne asked her to have her back and hold out until the whole family made $ vicki said yes, but then signed her contract.
    Lynne then alluded to icky having lesbian feelings for tamra. Haha. I asked if her and tamra are still friends, she said shes not supposed to talk about it, but she isnt friends with anyone anymore. Lynne said she planted the rumors that she was fired. She hadnt been getting any press and felt like any press was good press. She really thought that asking for her girls to get paid was fair and threatened to stop filming if they didnt give them something- there was a lot of drama at that time- good tv- so she felt she had it in the bag, but she made the mistake of approaching the situation in a way where they could say, "fine. Youre done." (Ie dont f with andy)
    She was super convinced they made up and he would give her her own show. She thinks editing makes her and frank look like bad parents. Oh, the list goes on.

  21. auntie mimi says:

    Oh we had a little falling out when i didnt show up to another invite. I was only in town for the weekend visiting family! Anyway… if you wanna delete my comments ill just give you her contact info;)

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