Hanna The Animal Hoarder – AN UPDATE

Original story here.


I have been in contact with one of Hanna’s family members. I spoke with him on the phone and we had a really long conversation. You will be happy to hear that they did eventually convince her to sell the goats and get rid of some of the birds after the show was filmed. The only animals still on the property today are the chickens and some guinea pigs. The Department of Agriculture responded to our complaints and went out to her property yesterday. Unfortunately they didn’t remove the animals that were still there, but they did open all the cages and release the birds into the outdoor pen (while Hanna yelled and screamed at them). This isn’t nearly enough in my opinion, but at least they aren’t squished in those feces filled cages anymore… for now.

This family member explained to me that they have gotten rid of Hanna’s animals in the past but she just goes and buys more and the state does nothing to prevent this from happening despite neighbors and family members constantly reporting her. So although some progress has been made, it is likely that this situation will just continue to repeat itself.
Most of the family members don’t have any contact with Hanna, and some of them are of the opinion that she should have been put in prison a long time ago, not only for the way she treats the animals, but for the way she treated her children and allowed others to treat them. Once again, this situation comes down to the state and law enforcement not doing their jobs. I was told some pretty disturbing stories about Hanna, and it’s clear that law enforcement dropped the ball big time on this woman – and continue to do so.
Hanna has a court appearance coming up next week and hopefully some progress will finally be made there.

I have also been in contact with someone from PETA and apparently I was wrong in thinking that the DOA were the only people with the authority to remove the animals. Here is an excerpt from his email:

The sheriff’s department can enforce cruelty laws as they pertain to any animal, so-called “agricultural” animals included, make no mistake. They likely have an internal policy that such species “belong” to the DOA, and my guess is this would be because they feel ill equipped, either financially/resource-wise, knowledge-wise, or both, to deal with animals who aren’t dogs or cats. But this isn’t law. Here’s a link to Illinois’ animal protection laws … they’re actually pretty good relative to other states. http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/stusil510ilcs70_1_16.htm#sec70_3_02

Here is PETA’s fact sheet about hoarders, please feel free to share it: http://origin.www.helpinganimals.com/pdfs/hoardingsingle72.pdf.

…our push is that all animals be confiscated (upon conviction, be this provision a part of the sentencing or a plea agreement) and that she be banned from owning or harboring animals in the future. We’ve already written to the prosecutor. I think you should encourage the many visitors to your blog, to do the same! Our letter may help folks know how/what to ask for specifically, I’ve attached it. Of course their words should be their own 😉 “

We still need your help on this guys! So please write, email, fax, and call the proper authorities (<– I finally found a legitimate use for the term “proper authorities”!) until this situation is fixed!

Her name is Hanna Palmer and she is from Vienna, Illinois.

Please write to the prosecutor and ask them to include a provision in her sentencing or plea deal that prevents her from owning animals in the future. Her hearing is next week:

State’s Attorney of Johnson County:
Tricia Shelton
400 Court Street
Vienna, IL 62995-1564
(618) 658-9318
(618) 658-2908 fax

Call, write, or email the Department of Agriculture and demand that they remove ALL of the animals from Hanna’s property immediately:

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Animal Welfare
P.O. Box 19281
State Fairgrounds
Springfield, IL 62794-9281
(217) 782 – 6657
(217) 524 – 7702 fax


Call or send a letter to the sheriff and demand that he take action to prevent animals from being abused. Despite what the Sheriff’s department is claiming, they do have the legal right to enforce cruelty laws:

Sheriff Elry Faulkner
P.O. Box 546
Vienna, IL 62995
(618) 658-8264
(618) 658-5951 fax


I want to thank everyone who called and sent emails yesterday. Even though this case is not over yet, there are a bunch of chickens in Illinois who are at least free tonight and not crammed in tight, dirty cages. And that’s better than nothing!


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178 Responses to Hanna The Animal Hoarder – AN UPDATE

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  2. Miken says:

    First of all, her name is Dr. Robin ZaSio, no one can apparently read. She is awful, it’s true, but this situation is not her fault. I am also sick of reading people blame A&E. Legally they cant touch things if they are not given permission from the owner. They did all they could at the time to help the animals. They also said they would call the authorities afterwards to get the rest removed. So many stupid people post “I would not have stood by and let that happen”. Do you know what Hanna would do if you started opening her animals cages? She doesnt mind beating her animals or children, so I bet you would instantly start to get beat on by one ugly, retarded, deranged woman.

    • RCH says:

      If I would have been there I would have been happy to let her beat me on the head, so then I could call the cops and have her arrested and charged with assault and the authorities would have no choice but to remove the animals from the empty home.
      So yes, opening the cages is EXACTLY what those spineless selfish people who work for A&E should have done.

  3. KW says:

    Just watched this Hoarders episode. What an awful wretch of a human being Hanna is. She and Vula, the cat hoarder with tons of dead cats in her house are two of a kind. They are nasty and vile. What happened to that Vula monster? I don’t know why or how anyone could even care about thse two awful people. I love animals and I am a vegan. I’m horrified that I ate meat for so long and I’m much happier living my life this way. some hoarders, not the animal hoarders usually, seem to be decent folks, but so many are just horrible. The guy with the thousands of rats really did care for those rats and tried to take care of them, but they were certainly way out of control. I wish Hanna and Vula could be prosecuted for animal cruelty. RCH, thanks for your concern about these poor animals.

  4. neerajax says:

    RCH: I am a big-city lawyer, and a vegetarian (non-judgmental I hope) by choice solely because of my love for animals. I could not have done better research or be more impassioned or proactive. For all of us who don’t have or don’t make time, just let me say–kudos, and don’t stop! (p.s. I look forward–grimly–to your reaction to the newest Hoarders episode featuring Stacey. Lead the way, and we’ll folloW

    • RCH says:

      Thank you for the compliments.
      But I have not watched an episode of Hoarders or any other show on A&E since this one, and I don’t plan to ever again.
      I’m still bothered by this episode. I can’t bare to see another one like this or watch as none of the “professionals” on the show do anything about it.
      A&E should be ashamed of themselves. I will never watch their channel again.

  5. sam says:

    That woman is a monster. I can only imagine what her kids went through growing up.

    • Shauna says:

      I can. They were tortured. And it’s no wonder they turned out the way they did. The deck was already stacked against them growing up.

  6. Dani says:

    Hi! Any updates? I’ll happily write in if nothing’s changed, she’s possibly the worst human being I’ve ever seen on the show (and I’ve seen just about everyone, what can I say, I get addicted to trashy “reality” shows).

    The show itself could use some extreme reform, but for this episode, I wish they had better explained state law….state laws are so different that APS and CPS and the Humane Society have been called in certain episode, but then they go to even worse houses (and, probably not much to anyone’s surprise, the houses get more horrifying with each season) and do nothing…I just don’t get it.

    Oh, and it sounds like you’ve lost interest, but you may be happy to know Vula (the sorry excuse for a person with all the dead cats) has not been allowed to have anymore cats. She wants them, and legally she can have them, but her son was so horrified by what happened that he has refused to allow her to get anyone.

  7. Shauna says:

    Does anyone know if she actually served time got this? Any updates? If this doesn’t get someone locked up I don’t know what will.

    I know people say locking her yo doesn’t solve the problem. Maybe, maybe not. Jail isn’t only for rehabilitation. It’s also for punishment. And this lady clearly has some control issues. Animals don’t talk back. Animals love unconditionally. You can literally slap a dog in the face, and he will still want to love you. IMHO, since this lady has anger/control issues, this is part of the reason why she enjoys havin animals around. She can treat them how she wants and no one will give a damn. Just like she raised her kids.

    As far as someone, another relative, going to court for guardianship, honestly it doesn’t appear to me that ANYONE is capable of being a guardian. They all appear to have sever mental/emotional issues.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol you just caught the rerun too & went looking for an update? The episode was pretty damn disturbing. I found an article & posted it below. It’s an update from fall of last year…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Found this, uh, interesting piece on Hanna, from fall 2012. It’s quite a read, & part of me wants to be happy that this seriously disturbed human has found a mate & happiness in life. However, the article leaves a funny taste in your mouth; it’s very spun & biased, with the author saying she felt an instant connection(!?) to Hanna based on the Hoarders episode. Unfortunately, there is no update on her current animals-owning status. The one promising piece of info in this article is that Hanna is now confined to a wheelchair, & therefore hopefully much less able to abuse any more animals.

    • Jane says:

      I read this article and was dismayed that only once was any livestock mentioned and that was at the beginning of it. The writer is delusional in her attachment to Hanna the Hoarder! Strange bedfellows it seems. I hope her children are doing well and happy.

  9. Bitty says:

    This disgusting pig of a woman is appalling in so many ways. I thought it was horrendous how nicely she was treated, to be honest. The animal “experts” that worked with her sending away animal control really pissed me off. Those animals were being starved and shoved into completely inhumane, tiny cages and they’re still allowed to live on this morons property?? I don’t care that they’re out of their cages now- they shouldn’t be there, period. She will shove them right back into the cages. She can live a disgusting, filthy life all she wants, but take the innocent animals that deserve a humane, clean environment out of it! She can live in squalor alone. How has this woman not been locked up for abusing not only animals, but her children!?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hanna is the most vile monster I’ve ever seen walk the Earth. At one point in the show I was truly convinced she was not a human, rather the spawn of Elephant Man and Brindle Fly. I wish I could stuff her fat, inbred, disgusting ass in one of those filthy chicken coops to die the same way she let the rest of those animals die!

  11. I just started watching Hoarders and had taped several shows. The show with Hana shocked me too. But, the one I just watched and put me over the edge was the one with staci.46 dogs and cats. When that woman came in, from the the county or what ever and told her she could keep ten dogs and cats indooor and outdoors , I wanted to jump through the screen and strangle her. The women that work for the show looked about the same as I was feeling.
    Why in the Hell did she open her mouth. For staci to ask her daughter if she should keep the dogs when she couldn’t afford to take care of even one (it’s expensive to do it right for one)….. ? Does anyone know if the laws where changed after this episode. I would be so grateful to know. I don’t think I’ve ever been so shook up by a tv show in my life. Can’t get it out of my head. If nothing has been done could we start a petition or something. I couldn’t sleep,thinking about those animals left behind living with that self absorbed woman. I was so excited tears where pouring down my face when you got those animals out and then the tears where from horror. God bless those of you that work for that show. I don’t know how you do it. You couldn’t possibly make enough money and you must have incredibly large hearts.

  12. Gabe says:

    Ok all we can say is the world would be ALOT better place WITHOUT people like Hanna. Its cruel but fact is… we should just kill her off or let her rot somewhere where she cannot touch another animal. Its inhumane what she has done. Downright unforgivable.. I’d seriously like to go to meet this Hanna in person and stab her in the throat with a knife and stuff her asshole with a barbwire.. Hell I’d do it if someone paid me lol who wouldnt want Hanna gone? Like I said the world would be alot better place without people like Hanna. This is a true known fact.

  13. rauette says:

    I’ve really appreciated the work done on behalf of these animals years ago. Now that these episodes have hit Netflix, there is an opportunity to capitalize on a new wave of outrage from those of us who are just now seeing Hanna’s episode. If anyone has information on what happened with this case, I suspect I am just one of many who really hope that those animals were helped and that Hanna was not allowed to repeat this cycle of animal cruelty.

  14. Zeph says:

    Is there any new updates on HannA and the removal of her animals? I’m still digging on the internet for info.

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  16. Julia says:

    And now one of her kids has been arrested for the rape and murder of an 8 year old girl. Makes you wonder what her other kids are capable of.

  17. BG says:

    Update as of 11/2016. Hanna’s son has been charged with the rape and murder of an 8 year old girl.

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