The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Dinner From Hell – Directors Cut

First of all, sorry about the play button in the middle of the screen caps, don’t try to press it, it’s not a video.

Well this episode was disappointing. It was basically the episode we already saw with a few minutes of new stuff added in here and there. You know, I’m almost ok with getting scammed into watching the same episode twice, but if Bravo is going to do this to us, they should at least do it before the reunion. I’m not going to re-re-cap the whole entire thing, so let’s just go over the new stuff.

So the first interesting piece of information revealed is that Faye brought up Camille doing Playboy in the limo before the dinner started. And Kyle’s response was “What.. I’m so scared…” Kyle knew. She totally knew and got caught off guard when Faye brought it up on camera. Kyle is shown to be a liar as we see that Faye was also the one who brought the subject up again in the limo on the way home. But, I still don’t hate Kyle. She lied, but it was to protect her friend. Sorry guys, I can’t get on that bandwagon just yet.

This isn’t new, but while the women were standing on the terrace having cocktails and Allison was bragging about having a tv show (which you can just tell makes her feel like she’s the most important person in the world) she says that the show is like a side thing for her and her real job is profiling serial killers. If any of you bought that load of crap you should read this. The serial killer that ends up with her on their case is one lucky guy.

They replayed the scene with Lisa telling Allison that she will watch the show some time. Then they played her interview: “Oops, it’s been canceled”. Lol. Still love Lisa.

As the women are talking in the kitchen Taylor explains that Allison is not a psychic, she’s a medium so that means she see’s things. Let’s clear stuff up here: Fortune tellers see the future. Psychic’s read minds. And Mediums talk to dead people. Allison seems to keep getting confused as to which one she is.

Once the ladies are all seated, Allison is going on about being bad since it’s girls night out, and she says “it’s good to be in control of your annihilation.” Awesome. I have no clue what that’s supposed to mean, but I can see us using that one in the comment section for a long time to come.

Camille interviews that Allison brought her fake cigarette as a courtesy because she didn’t want to sit at the dinner table and blow smoke. Ironic.

Bravo, for some reason, felt the need to add the clip of Allison accusing Kim of being drunk, and Kim claiming that she’s only drinking Coke (or doing coke?). They also made sure to play a slow motion clip of Kim bumping into the table on her way out. We get it Bravo! Kim has issues with her “state of mind.” Let it go already, it’s getting old.

We have a bunch of scenes of stuff we’ve already seen. Camille lying about doing the Playboy book of lingerie. Allison giving Kyle Camille’s reading. Allison telling people they have two legs the last time she checked, and then new interviews with the women wondering what exactly that means. Maybe my mind is in the gutter, but I kinda thought it was a tranny reference. Like maybe one of them had a “3rd leg”. Idk… don’t listen to me. I’m sure it’s was what Taylor said. That there were ghosts under the table cutting off people’s legs.

Lisa begs for a reading because she really wants to hear from her grandmother. Allison tells her that dead relatives find it offensive when you ask if they’re around because you should know that they’re around you. What?? Look, I loved my grandmother and all, but I sure as hell hope she isn’t spending the afterlife following me around. I prefer to think of my loved ones as sitting on clouds in Heaven, not stuck on earth without a body and having to communicate through people like Allison Dubois.

Camille tried to cover for Allison’s multiple completely inaccurate readings by saying she got confused and was getting hits from Camille because they were sitting next to each other. Give it up Camille. The show is canceled and her reputation is shit. Find another fake psychic friend.

What the hell is she wearing anyway? Some people have speculated that this is literally the shirt off Kelsey’s back:

It was interesting to hear Camille talk about how she was disappointed that Taylor didn’t stand up for her since she had been her “source of information” (KNEW IT!) and “warned her” about a plan the other women had to gang up on her in New York. It didn’t look to me like the other women were aware of this plan Taylor was referring to, and this totally validates my belief that Traylor Trash Big Lips is a pot stirring shit starter and all the drama this season was her fault.

DiDi also thought that Taylor was Camille’s friend but now realizes that she’s not. So Camille, DiDi, Kim, Lisa (and now probably Adrienne after the whole Godmother thing) all see through Taylor’s bullshit. Kyle is the only clueless one left. Oh Taylor, I hope you come back for another season. Your downfall is going to be so much fun to watch.

Allison said that if Camille were out of the picture the other women would turn on each other and feed one another to their children. Or just eat their children themselves. Very odd statement. As much as I can’t stand Taylor, I just don’t picture her taking a bite out of Kennedy… or anything else for that matter. She should really eat something now that I think about it.

It was nice to hear Adrienne actually have a real opinion about something for once and call Allison a mean girl, obnoxious, horrible, and distasteful. Lol.

Allison gives us another good line when she calls the other women “Garbage of rubies and diamonds. Garbage bins of jewels.” Where does she come up with this stuff? I guess that was supposed to be an insult, but I say: lucky them! My garbage bin has nothing but… well, garbage in it.

Allison does have very nice skin though. If all of our mean tweets hadn’t caused her to delete her twitter I might tweet her and ask what kind of face cream she uses. Whatever it is, she’s not sharing the secret with Camille or DiDi.

In the limo ride on the way home Faye shows everyone Camille’s naked pictures. Not Kyle, Faye. And it wasn’t an email saved on her phone like Kyle claimed at the reunion. Faye said that earlier she had been “pulling up all these pictures on the internet” which to me means that she was googling Camille. So, yeah, Camille maybe did have a right to feel like Faye was there to start problems.

Allison and DiDi seemed to get into a little disagreement over whether or not Camille can stand up for herself or if she needed Kelsey there to get all tough and manly and kick the women out. Allison says Camille can’t fight her own battles because she’s an angel and angels’ don’t fight. Is that how Allison got her own show? Serious major league ass kissing? DiDi maintains that Camille actually can stand up for herself. Allison says that if Kelsey had been there he would have kicked all their teeth out. For some reason I have trouble imagining Fraiser Crane kicking teeth, ass, or anything like that. I can however picture him ringing a bell to summon the Butler to have them removed from the premises.

And that’s about all there was from the directors cut. Nothing new really, except Faye showing the naked pics in the limo and a couple one liners from Allison.

I still think my version of the dinner from hell is better. But I’m biased.

I’m really disappointed that Allison didn’t take the opportunity to do the follow up interview. That would have been sooo good, and Bravo knew it. That’s why they’re pissed at her and decided to get in some little digs, like in the beginning of the show when Andy says “Bet Allison didn’t see this coming” and with the two little updates at the end:

AKA: See, it wasn’t editing. She really is a nasty bitch.

In other shocking news that was first displayed on Lynn’s blog but which I just now discovered: Faye Resnick is black? Check out her before picture and tell me what you think:

Everyone has to see this: LOL

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61 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Dinner From Hell – Directors Cut

  1. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    Great recap!

    This made me LOL and still laughing.

    “Allison does have very nice skin though. If all of our mean tweets hadn’t caused her to delete her twitter I might tweet her and ask what kind of face cream she uses.”

    Yep we already talked this afternoon on the Faye pic, how do you bleach your skin to look so dramatically different?

  2. glued2it says:

    I always thought Faye was black or half black. She has certain features that seem a give away to me. And Lisa had said on the first showing of the dinner from hell that Faye was up to something & ready to strike, so it doesn’t surprise me that she took a few swipes at Camille.
    I think Faye is more of a questionable character than Bravo originally portrayed her that night.
    Regarding Kyle’s choice of friends – I think Lisa is a mother figure, Faye is the bad-girl friend that lets her show her wilder side (that we really haven’t seen yet) and Taylor is the friend she can mother and give advice to. Just a thought…

    • glued2it says:

      And my comments on Faye’s features are not related at all to my comments on what Lisa said about Faye. Should’ve broken up the paragraph (geez, I need an editor sitting on my laptop to get me thru these comments tonight!)

  3. camille says:

    WOW!. Not that it matters. Black or white she is still a horrible person.

  4. debbie says:

    I remember seeing a lot of her during the OJ trial. She was in court a lot and of course in the anyone involved in the case as a witness was. It never occurred to me that she was black..If anything her name is totally Jewish.. MAybe ahe over did it in the tanning booth?

  5. Tam5115 says:

    I don’t know if Faye is black or not, but it doesn’t mean anything to me. I do know she was in rehab when Nicole and Ron were murdered and iirc, she had been staying with Nicole before that.

    • glued2it says:

      And I have to say that one thing I REALLY ENJOYED about that dinner from hell episode was how funny & together KIM was in the interview scenes where she was describing Allison and what was happening that night. She was hilarious and clear-headed; I wish she could have been more like that throughout the season.

      • glued2it says:

        sorry, not meant to be a direct response to Tam…

        • krone says:

          I agree with you! I surprised myself by thinking a couple of times that Kim seemed like she was kinda/sorta having a good time til the shit started flying. I felt kind of ewwwwww when she seemed so pathetically grateful to Allison when the bitch looked to her and said she liked her. Remember poor kim stumbling over her words, smiling, being happy and totally unaware of how to react to positive feedback? I could almost imagine hanging out with her (for a limited time)

      • humbruh says:

        Of course she was clear headed. I just watched it again & did anyone else besides me notice that Kim was the only one who wasn’t drinking at the party? She was drinking a coke while everyone else was sipping the Witch’s Brew.

        • glued2it says:

          I was referring to the interview scenes in between the dinner scenes when Kim was describing how Allison was acting. She was at her wittiest in those mini-scenes.

  6. that was so funny, and I totally agree w/ Katie(Kats2)
    the best line was about twittering her for her face cream-
    I have to re-watch this episode though- I actually thought
    that Allison was trying to engage w/ Kim about what she was
    drinking,since this took place before all the BS started-

    that’s what I love about the re-caps, I actually enjoy seeing
    that I perceive something differently-

    • Yeah she was beng friendly with Kim. Maybe “accuse” was too harsh of a word. But she told Kim that she could tell she was drunk, Kim said that she wasn’t, and Allison basically called her a liar, but nicely.

      • i didn’t hear her say she was drunk(i wasn’t really paying that
        much attention, tho) i thought she was asking her somthin like
        “and what are you drinking?”
        God only knows that I will probably see this episode 25x over
        the next year…….time enuf to see it!!

  7. Shari says:

    That photo of Nicole looks a bit like Cat.

  8. Tuzentswurth says:

    Hilarious blog! RCH, you are on fire! Seriously, stop typing for a minute and get the extinguisher. LMAO, I don’t want deceased people following me around either, I hope there is something better than that to do in the afterlife. I think the whole point of this show was to stick it to Allison. Lack of editing didn’t make her look any better or smarter, lol, just worse and more drunk.

  9. DarkSonnet says:

    Faye claims that her mother was of Spanish and Italian descent, her father “boasted” English forebears from the south. He abandoned the family while her mother was pregnant with Faye, the youngest of 4 children.

    Her mother supposedly became an activist for Latino causes and has been published.

    I have been able to confirm some of her claims. (From her book and from the depositions from the O. J. Simpson trials)

    However, in her book she indicates that she was born in Chicago but the birth records for the State of California indicate otherwise.

    At this point, I don’t think that she is black. Her appearance in the posted picture looks more like a really bad self tanner application, natural over-tanning. or a half a ton of bronzer. 😉 Plus information from her birth record confirms the Italian/Latino connection. IMHO

    Of course, this certainly doesn’t constitute a positive at this point.

    Back to digging…

  10. tweatcyn says:

    Very funny. Allison can’t make up her mind if she’s psychic, a fortune teller or a medium. None of the above. She’s a Fraud. Yes, she does have great skin. Must be the humidity bath provided by her eCigs.

  11. crazysweet says:

    I prefer my annihilation to control me….it’s so much more fun that way.

    Faye has balls of steel and I really wouldn’t want to be caught in her crosshairs. You could tell the way she said “fair game” about Camille that she is not a bitch to be fucked with and your skeletons will be blown the hell out of your closet if you do. She has no problem digging your dirt and revealing it tot he world.
    Camille should have stayed in her own lane if she didn’t want that mess.

    On to another topic: Kyle was really mean to Lisa in that limo. I’m sorry but she wouldn’t let Lisa look at the pics, grabbed it out of her hand and told her in that mean Kyle tone to JUST WAIT! Lisa adores Kyle and I don’t see it reciprocated IMO.
    If my bff spoke to me like that in a group of girls I’d be like “excuse me?! who the fuck you speaking to?” though you never see Kyle refer to Lisa as her bff so I really do think it’s one way which brings me to my other question….

    why are these bitches so far up Kyle’s ass?
    According to Camille, in the pecking order she’s not that high.

    Taylor is a lying conniving drunk tramp, I had a bit of sympathy for at first then quickly lost interest.

    ….just saying.

    • It's Hot In Texas says:

      That is a good point about everyone liking Kyle. Lisa could be friends with probably anyone. The fact that she was so close to Cedric for so long shows she is not the best judge of character.

      Lisa seems to like the kind of people who she can joke with, and pull practical jokes on/with. It seems kind of juvenile. Like she does not ever want to be alone. That is extremlely extroverted behavior. I cannot figure her out.

      But Kim seems to be extremely introverted. Lisa needs constant stimulation, so they will never be friends.

    • Distressed says:

      I noticed Kyle’s dismissive behavior to Lisa as well. Good catch.

  12. krone says:

    I can’t blame Kyle for taking the “blame” for showing Camille pics either RCH. It makes perfect sense to me. She, (Kyle) had a “voice” on the show and could be a bit generous about assuming blame while her pal Faye had no voice (until Bravo decided to milk the Dinner from Hell for all it could get). In a way, I see it as a point in Kyle’s favor. She was willing to accept the wrath of Camille and whatever fanbase she may have had while her galpal Faye could have been gutted and fileted with no way to explain or justify.

  13. sweet pea says:

    Wonderful recap. Thank you so much!

    Re: “Allison telling people they have two legs the last time she checked, and then new interviews with the women wondering what exactly that means.”

    I think she meant they could leave any time they want to. It’s kinda like when my daughters are being lazy and ask me to go get them something…I say “What are your legs painted on?”

    Re: Allison gives us another good line when she calls the other women “Garbage of rubies and diamonds. Garbage bins of jewels.”

    Lawsa! Made me think “Satchels of Gold” ala Kookoolet!

    • sweet pea says:

      P.S. Allison Dubois is a stone cold crazy bitch, bless her heart. I actually liked the show “Medium” the first season, but viewed it as fantasy. Not believable but entertaining. After the first season it got annoying to me and stopped watching. No loss that it’s cancelled.

  14. val says:

    I’m loving this blog and all the comments!

    Did you guys watch Camille on” BLEEP My Dad Says” last night. She was actually good.
    It’s so funny that Lisa, Kyle and Kim were actresses at one time, yet Camille got the first acting gig after RHOBH!

    • I’ve never seen that show. But I heard she was funny on it. I’m gonna watch it online later.

      • Remy says:

        She probably paid for it. Heck, she ought to be able to play herself cause nobody else could act quite that schitzo. I would love to read (from the library only) an unauthorized bio of Camille. I wish somebody would write one, with all the juicy bits she likes to gloss over.

        • Remy says:

          Also, has anyone read, House of Hilton by Jerry Oppenheimer? Someone on one of the boards recommended it, and it’s an eye opener. Kim and Kyle’s Mum was one beautiful, scary, mean as a snake, social climber. They’re miracles for turning our “normal” or even close to normal.

  15. missmi says:

    Kyle is such “fucking liar”! There is no way that she did not know about those pictures and didnt know that Faye had them on her phone. I bet they agreed to have Faye bring it up and Kyle could pretend to be hearing about it for the first time. That is why she stuck up for Faye and said that she had them on her phone. Faye was helping Kyle set up Camilles porn history. While I cant blame her for having something on Camille and fighting back, dont cry and act like Camille is being relentless when you clearly want to win this fight and are not willing to let it go anymore than she is.
    I have to say I thought that Camille stating that Taylor was telling her stuff was the final nail in Taylors coffin. This chic must have pist someone off, because they are outing her lies like crazy. Andy seemed to even be helping Kim at the reunion, by clarify her statements about Taylor. She is such a tool.

    RCH, great blog as usual. 🙂

  16. Distressed says:

    I watched this too, sadly.

    Traylor was the prime instigator of the NY fight and that’s why she stood up and said enough. She didn’t have a problem with anything happening at the party, she just felt like she might get exposed on the spot and wanted everything to end abruptly before she was find out.

    What did Camille say? “Taylor has been quite a good source of information for me.” And not just about what the girls had said about Camille, but that there was a secret plan to gang up on Camille in New York. If someone had told you that and then I had to sit down to dinner I would have gone ballistic too? This explains Camille’s bad attitude to some extent. And why Lisa was is totally right. Nothing happened at the NY dinner to cause a fight. Camille came in to the restaurant reday for a fight.

    Traylor even had Camille’s back during the dinner party pointing out that the Playboy Camille did was not nude. She’s a total 2 faced liar.

    So know we know why Traylor’s lips are so huge. She needs a mouth twice the normal size to cover both her faces. Natch.

    • That’s a good point about why Taylor said ENOUGH. Bc she didn’t want to get caught in her BS and just wanted to get the hell out of there. She wasn’t upset about the fighting, she was afraid she was going to get exposed. Ah ha!

  17. missmi says:

    Very good point. I hadnt put those two things together, but it makes sense. Her frustration may have been more about the fact that Kim is going to keep making that a point. Which is a good one.

    Anyone else think that Faye and her comments about death by pearls and worse ways to die a little odd. I know she didnt kill Nicole, but when you are associated with and have made money off the biggest murder trial of our time, can you just avoid death talk on TV. Just sayin.

  18. missmi says:

    Im also wondering if Taylor told Camille about the pics in the limo. Im also wondering if that is the reason that Camille fired Mauricio via Kyle. And Im also wondering if Kyle didnt play up her friendship with Faye. Faye could be “like a sister” because she is so close with Kathy, not necessarily Kyle.

    • Distressed says:

      As I understand it Camille has said on twitter that a producer from the show or someone who worked in production told her about the limo ride. But that’s not to say that Camille didn’t then follow up with Traylor and get an earful which may have infuriated Camille even further.

  19. 1Marsha3 says:

    ok, you got me interested in finding out who Paris’s godmother is so i did some research and found nothing because the sites kept coming up with Paris being Nicole Richies daughter- Harlow’s godmother.
    BUT i did find out an interesting tidbit ‘Nicole Richies godmother is Nancy Davis who is the sister to Greg Davis who was married to Kim Richards!!’ WOW is Beverly hills really that small of a world where everyone knows and is related some how to everyone in BH?!!

    • missmi says:

      and Jason Davis who is the son to Greg and Nancy Davis brother was on celebrity rehab. His brother Brandon Davis was caught on video with Paris calling Lindsay Lohan “firecrotch”. Isnt that precious?

    • I never thought of Beverly Hills as a “small town” but Kyle kept saying it on the show, and it does seem like that the way everyone is connected in some way. And one of those Davis kids, isn’t that the guy they call Gummi Bear in the tabloids? He was on Stankers Millionair Madam show once.

      • crazysweet says:

        yes, gummy bear and greasy bear…davis kids. yes BH is very small townish because majority of people all hang out, travel, work, and go to school together. LA is full of pockets where people work,live,play. BH is rather insulated.

  20. TNT says:

    I thought that Alison’s comment ‘you have two legs…last time we checked’ was a dig at Faye’s playboy spread. Like ‘Yup I saw you naked and you had two legs’ Never, ever, ever, ever did I think she meant there were ghosts under the table ready to chop off your legs if you messed with Alison. The whole show was pretty much a waste of time, but that line from Taylor was worth the price of admission.

  21. @tweatcyn says:

    Kyle is close to Faye because she was also bffs with Nicole Brown Simpson.

  22. crazysweet says:

    ummmm just another thought….

    if Lisa could see right through Taylors bullshit, backstabbing then WHY in the HELL couldn’t she see through 15 years of Cedric’s bullshit??
    I mean I know I wasn’t the only one cheering when she FINALLY called Taylor out about that but she never once thought to question the story of some guy telling her that his mother was a whore and left him in a phone booth?? (which I know I’ve either read or watched that story somewhere before…)
    and yet Kyle saw “right through” Cedric”s story but never once looked at Taylor and said “bitch wtf did you tell her to piss her off so much?!” and Kyle’s the “outspoken” one, no bullshit, no phony???
    this shit isn’t adding up to me.
    Also Camille certainly got her way with production when she said, “Look, I know that bitch Faye showed those pictures of me in the limo and Kyle lied right to my face at the reunion. Show the tape so people know I’m not the delusional liar she’s trying to make me out to be.”
    I’d have to say and I know I’m not going to be popular for this….but the fact that Kyle was proven a liar and I’m not going to agree that it was to “protect” Faye because Faye is a ferocious woman fully capable of handling owning up to showing them pics. as she did in the interviews. But ow I’m wondering if Kyle didn’t actually say something really catty like Camille accused her of? Maybe Camille paraphrased, maybe Kyle said it in a backhanded way, maybe she said it under her breath then realized “oh shit these are my husbands clients!” IDK I’m just saying a lot of this shit isn’t adding up and if you go back to that limo ride Kyle’s colors show.
    the way she was treating her sister
    the way she treated Lisa
    the way she was acting as if she didn’t know ANYTHING about those pics.
    (which by Faye’s own words girlfriends say EVERYTHING!)
    standing up for Taylor against Lisa
    standing up for Taylor against her own sister
    calling her sister out on camera for being an alcoholic.
    (I mean Kim’s got kids you know?)
    Saying “Mom had to die and leave this shit on me…”
    I’m just not on this Kyle’s the coolest chick thing.
    I think she’s rather selfish and bossy and bitchy and insecure.
    Maybe that’s why she gets along with taylor so well?
    Everyone at that dinner is held responsible for their own actions except Adrienne who’s responsible for her inaction!
    ….just sayin

    • buzzybee says:

      Where are the “thumbs up” and “thumb down” thingies?:( I wanted to give this post ONE BIG THUMBS UP! I haven’t liked Kyle based really only on her treatment of her sister throughout the season, but you have just listed what is basically one LONG laundry list of Kyle’s other ‘objectionables ‘…[like in, ‘unmentionables’? hehe] So I am clucking over here. I love when others, [obviously more astute and shrewd viewers than me!], point out Kyle’s shortcomings because she, to me anyway, behaves like she has been crowned Queen and everyone just take your seats and wait till Queen Kyle is ready to speak …just can’t stand her. But had liked her during the “I didn’t say that Camille, you are delusional” debacle… [One of the other sites, I think it was “Gawker”? a while ago called Kyle, “Basic Cable’s answer to Demi Moore….” I thought that was so very unkind but…I laughed anyway!
      [I am doing something wrong when signing in I think]

    • buzzybee says:

      Forgot to add, that I did LOVE when Kyle went up to that woman who was hanging on Mauricio’s neck during the “White Party” [pretty fancypants to give your party a name, I thought, btw, when it is not a charity-event…], but anyway, I thought, “wow! that is chutzpah!”… And the woman was standing there, totally speechless; though, of course, she was likely quite intoxicated and had little to say …
      So, was the woman NOT invited? Kyle asked Mauricio “who was that?” Um, doesn’t she know who her guests are? If the woman attended with another guest, didn’t she know the other woman either?
      But I did like that move: “Get the bleep away from my husband!” Nice bumper sticker. Just kidding.

      • crazysweet says:

        maybe they were removed? I was looking for them too.
        To be honest the one thing about her “white party” (which is a really overplayed copy of Pdidy’s Hamptons party) is her threatening that woman of sticking her Manolo in her eye. They never showed her looking at her husband going “wtf? that woman was SO drunk hanging ALL over you, in front of our children and our guests and you let her??” Instead she went after the woman ONLY which is bullshit. and really the scene she made was SO much more than the act perpetrated. a classier, calmer way to handle it would have been to get her friend or someone to say “hey your way too drunk lets go.” But Kyle is so emotional and hotheaded she has NO control of herself she just acts. She’s jealous and insecure. And really, that woman was old and haggard. I would have been laughing at my husband until he figured out how to get her off him. If I felt threatened by her in some way, all I have to do is give my husband a look and he knows and walks away. Not everyone handles things the same way but seems mutual respect.
        As to the guest thing, yes often in BH or surrounding you can have parties where guest of guest are invited and you don’t know who everybody is. My best GF’s reception was thrown by her ex-in-laws and was SO big we looked around and were like “who in the fuck are all these people?”
        My thought is that Kyle said something like “are any of the other women going to be there? (no) Is Kelsey going to be there? (no) oh and their still filming you?” I think Kyle spoke without thinking and was just being her snide self and probably jealous because I don’t think Kyle got any screen time without the other women and Camille is highly sensitive to those kind of statements and decided she wasn’t going to let Kyle get away with it and it became “Kelseygate”
        idk I’m projecting but thats all we’re left to do with these shows since there never any resolution on camera.

  23. 1Marsha3 says:

    oh i totally believe Camille, that Kyle DID say “Why are they filming you without your star husband” Not in those exact words but it was meant that way!! I was not sure in the begining but now seeing how much Kyle lies I do see this clearer. I am not saying Camille is all innocent. She really plays up for the camera and acts all high and mighty and does exaterate(sp) but i do not see her NOT telling the truth.
    What confused me was how Kim was all flabbergasted in explaining what really happened because i don’t think it was her anxiety or drinking problems that made her so flustered. It was becuse she was Damed if she did tell the truth and damed if she didn’t. She already had Taylor causing her so many problems so she didn’t want another one of Kyles friends to be against her so she couldn’t lie and say Camille was not telling the truth and she SURE couldn’t say Kyle was really not saying the truth for she may get a beat down by Kyle on or off camera!! We did not know Kyle would do such a thing at the time but Kim sure did!
    Now believe it or not i am not hating Kyle I even feel for her. Both Kim and Kyle went through so much growing up even if they do not want to admit it. It’s just interesting how their damaged behaviors came out so differently. One being so needy, helpless and fragile and the other being so overpowering, defensive and bully like. Therapy, therapy therapy therapy would do them wonders and real psychological therapy not the psychic kind, that’s just messing them up even more!!

    and one more thing, I will be sad if Kim is not on next season especially because of all the housewives she’s the one that NEEDS the money the most so she doesn’t have to rely on Kyle and her husband. But i do understand if she needs to be off the show and heal and get stronger But she should really get her jewelry line going and her book and strike when she’s hot still talked about and not forgotten like she was for the past 20 years prior to the show. This way she can make her own money and be independent!!!

    • crazysweet says:

      yeah, it’s hard for me to understand how ANY of these wives need help. after all she married rich as all the others did. You don’t need a 5 bdrm house in Malibu if your struggling and have grown kids with rich dads fully capable of taking care of them.
      and we’re ALL still waiting to know wtf “you stole my house!” means.
      I know this is unpopular but if you lie about 1 or 2 things…chances are you lie about 3 or 4 things.
      If they were all saints we wouldn’t watch so I say Hey bring on the drama! lol
      I didn’t jump on the “Camille’s a delusional bitch” train and I’m glad I didn’t
      as my dad always said, “There’s your side, my side and then there’s the truth!”

    • crazysweet says:

      ….and I REALLY can’t wait for Kim’s tell all!!!! juicy juicy juicy if she grows a spine and spills it! hahaha

  24. k says:

    Faye Resnick is half black and half white. Where she gets the name Resnick could be from marrying a Jewish man. End of story. This woman is a capitalist from the get go. Even though she may be considered a democrat (only suggesting this because most of Hollywood is, yet funny how they LOVE making money for them selves), she has made millions off her friendship with Nichole Brown (murdered by OJ Simpson), and continues to lurk around Hollywood and Beverly Hills, sucking up to anyone who had money. Its’ that the way of the dems?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Faye Resnick is not black. For those watching in colour, she is ORANGE!

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