Teen Mom 2 – Season Finale

This episode was actually incredibly boring considering it was the season finale.

Adam got over his sudden impulse to see Aubrey and hasn’t contacted Chelsea again about seeing her, even though her first birthday is coming up. It’s been 3 weeks since Adam moved in with the new girl but his truck is still in Chelsea’s driveway. Sugar Daddy Randy finally found his balls and gave Adam a timeline to move his car. When he didn’t do it, Randy had the car towed. Awesome. Chelsea said that she didn’t think her dad would actually do it. Neither did I.
Chelsea threw Aubrey a pink and leopard print drama free first birthday party with friends and family, but no Adam.

Adam finally showed up at the house after the party was over and Aubrey was napping. But he didn’t come to wish his daughter a happy birthday or bring her a present… or child support. He came to pick up his car and when he saw it wasn’t there he flipped out, cursed, slammed doors, and acted like his usual jerk off self.


Kailyn had her and Jo’s custody agreement put in writing and they meet at the court house to sign it. Jo must have been taking medication this week because he actually behaved like a mature rational human being for a good 80% of his scenes. He was actually civil to Kailyn when she came to pick up Issac and signed the custody papers without any drama. He even dressed nice for the occasion.

But once the papers were signed and Kailyn was about to leave to go to class, Jo decided that in 5 years he might want to change the custody agreement and if Kailyn doesn’t agree he’ll take her to court over and over and over until she has no money left. When Kailyn brings up the fact that unlike him she’s in college, and in 5 years will be making more money than he does, he suddenly wants to play the victim and act offended that Kailyn would say something so mean to him. Kailyn lowers herself to his level by telling Issac that his father is an asshole, and Jo tried to one-up her by telling Issac that his mother is a bitch. I really hope these two figure their shit out before the kid is old enough to really understand what they’re saying.


Leah and Corey finally got married. Leah looked beautiful, Corey wore a camo vest and tie which was cute and actually didn’t look as bad as it sounds. Before the wedding Corey’s dad gave him his favorite knife, and a Polaroid of the two of them when Corey was a kid. He tells him how proud he is of him and of the man he grew up to be. It was sweet. Ali and Aleeah were a part of the wedding too and went down the aisle in a wagon pulled by one of the bridesmaids. When Leah walked in the room Corey started crying.

I hope they have a happy life together and Leah doesn’t screw it up again.


I still feel bad for Janelle. Her mom is a miserable bitch and the girl is desperate for love and attention. Even though her and Kieffer haven’t been getting along, she’s lonely so she sneaks away from her mom’s to go spend time with him. He invited her over to the house he was illegally squatting in, then left her there alone while he took her car to go get drunk and do cocaine. While he was gone the cops showed up and arrested her for breaking and entering. Later they found Kieffer and arrested him too. Janelle bailed herself out of jail the next morning, and her mom let her come back to the house as long as she promised to stop seeing Kieffer. She promised that she would, and even called the credit card company and set up a payment plan to pay back the money she stole. Things seemed to be looking good for her and Barbara, but Kieffer kept calling from jail and making her feel guilty for not bailing him out. He told her that he loves her and that he’ll change, and said all the things he knew she wanted to hear.

She told her step dad and her friends that she was thinking of bailing him out, almost as though she was looking for someone to stop her. Even though everyone thought it was a bad idea, no one really tried too hard to talk her out of it. Her friends told her that she probably shouldn’t do it, but then they not only went with her to the bail bonds, they co-signed on the $2,000 bond – all while telling her what a bad idea it was. Idiots. So now Kieffer is out, Janelle is financially responsible for his bond, and it’s only a matter of time before she does something stupid and gets kicked out of the house… again.

Next week is the reunion where Dr. Drew will ask a bunch of pointless questions, not call anyone out on their crap, and cut the interviews short without really getting to the heart of the issues.

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84 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Season Finale

  1. I hate to say this, but Dr. Drew reminds me of Andy Cohen.
    ask the question, don’t wait for the answer.

    I am still annoyed with myself that I watch this show…

    • kas says:

      Ha! Very true. Drew was on Nancy Grace (don’t judge!!) the other night and it was kinda fun to watch her cut him off at every turn. They were talking about Jenelle’s latest arrest and he just kept going on and ON with his BS like tends to. Finally, she screams: “Dr. Drew!! You don’t need to put so much lipstick on the pig, just answer the question!”

      Nancy Grace is 100 different types of annoying, but that was pretty funny.

      • I LOVE Nancy Grace. That woman is pure unintentional comedy. I can’t believe I missed the Teen Mom episode!! People keep telling me about it. I’m dying to hear what Nancy has to say about Janelle!

        • kas says:

          It WAS pretty awesome. As you must know since you watch her, she knows next to nothing of popular culture, so Teen Moms very existence was pretty much news to her. Needless to say, her opinion of MTV– not high. Her willingness to express this– not halted by Dr. Drews’ presence in the least. (She did offer a half-hearted non-apology before essentially calling MTV a cesspool. It was great. You should see if you can find it on her website. I’m sure she has one.

          Off topic: Did you know Dr.Drew has 18 yr. old triplets?!?

          • I’m going to look for it. I HAVE to see this. Maybe I’ll recap it.
            Was it only one episode, or did she drag the conversation on for multiple shows? No one can talk about the same story with no new developments for 2 weeks straight like Nancy can.

            I had no idea about Dr. Drew’s kids. I hate him. He sucks at the Teen Mom reunions.

            • Monkey says:

              I agree that Dr. Drew sucks at the Teen Mom reunions, but I have a soft spot for him because of my memories of Loveline. That show was hilarious when it started. I can’t stand Dr. Phil, even when I agree with him.

              I have thought since the beginning that Judge Judy should quite her show and just host reality show reunions for EVERY network. MTV, Bravo, even those stupid “After the Rose” specials for the Bachelor. I have always loved her, we could all use a little more Judge Judy in our lives.

          • Her website has the episode, but it says “video no longer available”. So frustrating!
            I did find this one:

            And I found this too:

            And this:

            And this:

            • kas says:

              HA-HA!!! That Elizabeth Smart clip makes my day every time I see it. The inanity of the QUESTION she asked!!
              But, oh yes- Nancy did an entire hour around the, what, 20 sec. clip(which they showed 50 times) of Jenelle delivering the beat-down to whoever. Oh, and some chick from Radaronline was there. Nancy has the utmost respect for Radaronline. There was a great moment where they showed a picture of Jenelle’s boyfriend. Nancy quit talking and said: “WAIT, THIS is the BOY-FRIEND?! THIS is who they were fighting over?” That was pretty funny since we’ve “met” him.

              YOUTUBE is a NG goldmine. She’s quite popular there as you found out.

              They might re-show the episode entirely this weekend. I think I’ve noticed they replay the weeks episodes over the weekend.

      • humbruh says:

        Either Nancy Grace or Dr. Phil needs to host these reunions from now on.

        • Dr. Phil is another fake Dr. who sucks at his job. Can’t stand him… yet still watch the show for some reason. Lol.
          I’ve been saying for a while that Nancy Grace NEEDS to do the reunions. That would be amazing. Can you imagine her taking on Teresa? That would be so great. But I think all the Housewives would quit.

          • humbruh says:

            He is fake too & I refuse to watch his show anymore but at least he has enough balls to call folks on the carpet for their bs, unlike Dr. Drew. I get so tired of him coddling everyone on the reunions.

            Nancy Grace’s line of questioning & would cause Tree’s head to explode. We need to start a petition to have her host the next one.

            • I actually did start a petition for Nancy Grace on twitter after RHONJ. Lol. Maybe I’ll try again for the NY reunion.

              • kas says:

                OMG. We have to figure out a way to AT LEAST dangle the Guidice Den of Disfunction under her nose. She did an episode after an arrest of a Teen Mom, we just have to wait for Joe or Tree to get busted again (it’s kind of a given).

                FYI: Watch for all Charlie Sheen related NG’s. Goes without saying: Magical.

                I hate Dr. Phil too. The voice alone is too much for me and I am Southern. That’s not “Southern”, that’s “I talk to everyone like they’re a slow 5 yr. old.” Hate him.

  2. Ann says:

    I agree, uneventful however, jenelle, this girl can’t help but get in trouble. Thank god she has her mother to take care of her son. I felt bad for the mom when she started crying. She loves jenelle, it’s obvious by how many times she takes her back. She wants her to succeed unfortunately the hugs jenelle wants aren’t going to come until she gets her shit together. Based on the news lately that ain’t happening! The mom is affectionate with Jace she would be with janelle too. Hope Drew gets through to her.

    • I’m not sure I see the good in Janelle’s mom that you see. Did you notice she said to her: “you don’t love me, you don’t care about me” – something like that. I found that odd. She expects Janelle to just come out and say it, without ever being told it? Seriously?
      Barbara is either fucking with Janelle on purpose, or she’s just too freakin stupid to understand how abusive her behavior is. If screaming at Janelle didn’t work yesterday, or the day before, or last week, or last year, then TRY ANOTHER METHOD. It’s really not rocket science.
      I really don’t think Jace is all that much better off in Barbara’s care. I mean, this is the woman who raised Janelle, right?
      I think those two seriously need counseling. If therapy got Farrah’s cold hearted beast of a mother to crack, I’m sure it could help Barbara too.
      But real therapy. Not Dr. Drew made for tv therapy.

      • Dawn says:

        Sometimes I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. Exactly what buttons to push to hurt Janelle. Other times I think Barbra was once like Janelle. Its a family pattern. The way Barbra treats her children is the way her mother treated her. Its a nasty cycle of violence and Janelle is the ONLY one left who can break that cycle. Both of her older sisters are worse off than her. Both have been in and out of jail.

        Mandatory counseling she be attached to their MTV paychecks. For all the girls on the show. They all need it.

        • humbruh says:


          I agree with you about the counseling. It should be mandatory in order for them to participate in the show & a portion of whatever astronomical amount MTV is giving them should go toward paying for the sessions & a trust for the kids.

      • humbruh says:

        I agree with you completely RCH!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I think Barbara can be affectionate with Jace b/c he is a small child that is able to be totally controlled.

      • Dawn says:

        Yep. she is safe with Jace until he reaches about 11 or 12 and starts to back talk a little like every child does… then she will unleash her parental skills on him!

  3. Miss Anthrope says:

    I loved the scene where Chelsea sat around at her moms house saying “moooooommmmmmmm i’m siiiiiiiiiick. i want suuuuuushiiiiiiii” and then when her mom wouldn’t get it for her she called her dumbass dad and he was right over there delivering the bitch her sushi. WTF! I also loved how her kids birthday party was really just a party for her and her girlfriends to get dressed up and eat cake. The girl has no idea how to function in the real world at all. She couldn’t even get her ass off the couch to call the cops when Adam came over. Is she ever NOT on the couch or doing her hair?

    Joe is a total douche. What did he expect her to say when he kept baiting her with shit like, “Man, you’re so broke. Look at you, you’re so fucking broke”. Um…thats the mother of your child. You think it’s amusing that she’s broke? Does Joe even have a job? It seems like he just hangs around his idiotic parents house acting like a tool while Kailyn goes out and works 2 jobs and goes to school. What a dick.

    Janelle…there isn’t much I can say at this point. That girl needs to get away from her mother.

    • What do you mean does Jo have a job? He’s a rapper Yo! Didn’t you see the youtubes?

      He seems to take pleasure in telling Kailyn that she’ll never finish college or make money. This is the woman that’s going to be taking care of his child the majority of the time. Does he not realize that? Or is he ok with his son living in poverty as long as Kailyn suffers? These kids are so stupid.

      Chelsea isn’t always on the couch. Sometimes her and her friends hang out on her bed.

    • humbruh says:

      Chelsea’s dad is an enabler & Chelsea takes full advantage of him. She is on the fast track to being the newest member of Jersey Shore with all of that leopard print.

      Jo is an abusive little prick & his mother should be ashamed of herself for condoning that kind of behavior. If it were my son I would have put my foot in his ass a long time ago. It is eating him up that Kailyn is doing more than him. She is working 2 jobs & going to school in spite of all the obstacles. He doesn’t want her, yet doesn’t want her to be with anyone else. He is jealous of the fact that the girl has taken some initiative to create something better for her & her child & he can’t hold her living in his house over her head. All of his ammo is gone so he resorts to trying to tear her down mentally.

  4. Ryan says:

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  5. ~Luvz ★Badger Badges★~ says:

    G’evening ~RCH 😉
    Ryan may just be Sprute’n off……
    but this look$ intere$ting——> monetization
    Did you visit the site?

    • Anonymous says:

      get ur facts about …….before you go spewing shit bet non you pussies will give me your address so I can come give you a good whoop ass !!! and Put you in your place

      • nashhousewife says:

        Jenelle? Is that you?

        I thought that this episode really showed Bahbrah’s softer side and I really think deep down that she loves her daughter and shows it by allowing her chances over and over and over again. Jenelle, Barb, and Keiffer are on twitter under new handles. @barbaraevansnc, @teenmombitch @keifferdelp….. get on ’em RCH…Barb told someone on twitter that they have been going to counseling, but Janelle quit going. Also, she calls keiffer out a lot. Jenelle’s other pj and jenelly account got hacked and she can’t log in, so she uses this new one.

      • Dawn says:

        Spoke too soon.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        My address is 1313 Mockingbird Lane. We’ll leave the light on.

      • jezzibel says:

        742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield USA

    • I checked out the site.
      Monetizing sounds nice. Lol. But I didn’t see links to any blogs there, all their writers seem to write for their site only.

  6. Dawn says:

    It’s funny how the tables have turned with Kail and her mom. She wanted nothing to do with her daughter and grandchild till teen mom 2 . During 16 &pregnant she couldnt be bothered with pregnant, emotional, homeless teenage daughter. But now? Now shes all “stay as long as you need” and always has hair and make up done for filming. I dont believe for a minute that she loves her daughter or wants to help. She is on the bandwagon hoping for money and fame.

    I dislike Jo more and more with each episode. He is awful telling Kail he will sue till shes broke. What exactly does he have without his parents? Will they carry his luggage forever? Kail was right, she will get her shit together and be better off in the long run. While he sits in his locked bedroom, high and rapping about how everyone has done him wrong. what a tool!

    • Marie says:

      IMO,better late then never when it comes to Kail’s mom. I hope it’s genuine and after the show she is still there for them. Either way I think Kail will end up ding well in life. She seems to have her shit together and knows what it’s going to take to make a good future for her and Issac.

    • humbruh says:

      I really think there are 2 reasons why Kailyn’s mom is all of a sudden concerned about her daughter’s well being:

      1.) That Teen Mom 2 paycheck looks real good

      2.) The boyfriend that was the center of her universe during 16 & Pregnant is no longer in the picture.

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jo will always be an insecure, hurtful tool – Kaitlyn has out grown him and he knows she won’t be looking back.
    Chelsea is dumb, her father is dumb and for someone who wants to go to beauty school – her hair always looks nasty so another career choice might be in order! Adam’s vehicle should have been towed immediately and the police should have been called and Chelsea’s “I don’t want to be in the middle of it” excuse is why I can’t stand her.
    We got the teenage fairy tale ending with Leah/Corey….she looked stunning like a “Barbie doll”, he got emotional and I really wanted to learn more about the baby’s prognosis.
    Janelle is a self centered, immature bitch. IMO, Barb is trying to raise Jace and because Janelle is not interested in doing so kicks her out for peace in the house. Janelle doesn’t love her mother, never puts Jace first and continues to spiral downward – her choice to bail out Reefer made no sense to anyone but the consequences were clear! Sorry but I just don’t feel sorry for her! Next to Chelsea, she is the biggest slacker.

    • humbruh says:

      Not giving Janelle a pass here cause she needs a foot in her ass just as much as Jo, but she had to learn it somewhere & I’m pretty sure she got it from her mama. The 16 & Pregnant reunion they were on hinted at a lot of stuff that may explain the behavior of both Janelle & Barbara.

  8. Dawn says:

    I think baby Ali has some form of dwarfisim.( Im no doctor so I have no basis aside from what I have seen on TV.) She reminds me of the twin on little people big world. Her arms and legs being turned the wrong way. Torso bigger than arms and legs. Head larger than whats normal. On one of the episodes they describe the different types of dwarfisim and Ali fits one of them. I would be shocked to find its something other than this. But will be happy to say I was wrong.

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    If Kaitlyn has Issac 5 days a week and Jotool has him 2 days a week, why was child support not mentioned? Sounds like Jotool’s brother is babysitting, while Kaitlyn is at school/work, but what is Jotool doing in terms of covering Issac’s expenses? This agreement is for five years – so does that mean Jotool doesn’t need to go to school or get a job? She is stepping up but he is doing nothing.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Yeah, I want to know why Joes brother has to babysit when Joe doesn;t appear to go to work or school. Why can’t he watch the kid?

      • humbruh says:

        When they were on 16 & Pregnant Jo was working & his shifts were really odd & sometimes very long. I remember his mom jumping in his shiz because Kailyn was the one getting up with Isaac & doing everything for him. Jo’s excuse was that he was always working odd hours & was tired.

        I think they need to bring in the scared straight drill sargent(sp) that use to be on Maury all the time & let Jo hang out with him for a week or 2.

    • I think she didn’t ask for child support because his parents have been supporting her since she was 16 and bought pretty much everything the baby owns. And I’m pretty sure they’ll continue to help out.

  10. Dawn says:

    Kail gets 600 a month child support. I should not know so much about this show. :[

    • Who pays that? The parents?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Interesting that is also the amount, $600, that he said she owed him for her “stuff” right before the custody agreement…so it must be part of his monthly allowance from his parents since he doesn’t have a job (beyond u tube rapper) and has never mentioned going back and finishing school.

      • humbruh says:

        The way Jo speaks to & handles Kailyn reminds me a lot of Ike Turner. I pray to God Kailyn completes her education & becomes a success outside of this show so she can tell this dude to kiss her ass.

    • nashhousewife says:

      UMMMM… if $600 is true, that is more than my ex hubby pays in child support for our child. I doubt that is a correct figure, but I don’t know how PA calculates support.

    • humbruh says:

      What in the heck kind of job does Jo have to be able to pay $600/month? I know some people with 2 & 3 kids that don’t get that much! His parents have to be paying some, if not all of that. If she is getting that much & has 2 jobs, there is no reason why she should have to go stay with her mom. She should be able to get a place of her own.

  11. Dawn says:

    I dont know where he works but i remember some mention of him working on one of the shows. Jo is never there when Janelle drops issac off.

    I think it is hilarious he’s paying the exact amount he held her clothes for. Is it based off the amount he makes per month?

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    Janelle is pissed because the girl who pushed her into the fight sold the footage for $45,000! Guess her good buddy didn’t offer her a taste of the tabloid money….

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Aha, what a great fiend, I mean friend. What a set-up. I wonder if this will make Janelle any wiser???……nah

      • Tracy without an E says:

        I’d heard they all were profiting from the fight. Some news org pointed out that the production quality did not appear to be what you’d see at a spur-of-the-moment brawl when someone whips out a cell phone and starts taping.

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          Wow, it is so easy to make money nowadays. Remember when you had to get a job, show up every day and work?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Janelle’s lawyer is going with the set up/production quality as a defense strategy….they are all losers and the fight was supposedly over Facebook remarks.

      • humbruh says:

        “Aha, what a great fiend, I mean friend. What a set-up. I wonder if this will make Janelle any wiser???”

        Doubt it.

  13. BLAh says:

    I am so confused why all these girls are always saying they are broke, or stealing money from their parents. Don’t they make bank by doing this show? Do they not get paid until after the show airs or something?

    • Distressed says:

      Yeah good point. I read somewhere that they don’t get paid until after the show so if they’re broke to start with then they stay that way for the first season.

      But your point is extremely valid. If they’re doing the show for the friggin money then where’s all the damn money? If I was broke and I knew that I would be receiving a couple hundred grand from a show shortly then it would be a total lie to portray myself as, what …. someone who found it impossible to come up with 600.00 say?

      • RCH says:

        I think that’s why Kailyn wasn’t in a hurry to pay Jo back, and Janelle didn’t think taking the credit cards was a big deal. They all knew that Teen Mom money was coming at the end of the season so it’s all good.

  14. Distressed says:

    Great recap thanks, I’ll be looking for your stuff at the new locale.

    Haven’t seen this one yet, but now I’m going to watch it for the wedding. I also hate all that trailer trash/redneck crap but Corey pulls it off big time. Rednecks. by the way, are very proud of the color of their necks – so no offense to any self-professed rednecks out there is intended. Especially not you Corey.

    Jo, just like his sadistic mom. Adam, I can only imagine the shit show he emerged from to start his life. predictably he’s found another woman with a rich gutless enabling parent to support his COD lifestyle and any take out needs he might have on a whim . Anyone else?

    Corey is the only one. And even he is from a divorced family. But good parenting is universal. With all his problems, the kids, the pressure to support his family, he still handles it all gracefully.

    I will definitely watch the recap though I agree, Dr. Drew or the show or whatever is really grossly inadequate to cover some of these issues. Okay, okay. Any of these issues. It’s important, so thanks for bringing more awareness to this issue through your recaps.

    Good luck in your new home, RCH. And wishes for your continued success.

  15. missmi says:

    Love the new blog name RCH. I will be sure to follow along.

    I still think that Janelle is an absolute loser and her mother cannot be held responsible for her choices for the rest of her life. Just like Obama can’t keep blaming Bush. 🙂 Barbara has created some of what Janelle has become, but that girl cant make a good choice even when its sitting on her lap and she knows better. Her friends were stupid to help, but again she thinks nothing of positions she puts people in.

    Im so glad Kailiyns mom stepped up, because Kailyn can move on and not be controlled by Jo and family. She will go far.

    Chelsea is the lamest, most spoiled teen mom ever. Her father is just as responsible for Chelsea’s stupidity as Barbara is for Janelles. I can’t imagine her ever having to face real life and she is constantly watching others fight her battles and keep her happy.

    Leah and Cory are so sweet and I wish them the best.

  16. Keep your legs closed says:

    I love the loooooonies that mention Obama in a completely unrelated discussion. Talking about fly fishing? Bring up Obama! Invisible pink unicorns? Gotta tie it in to Obama! Obsessed psychos…
    Anywho, MTV needs to *quit* with this crap ass, exploitive “reality” tv. So sick of it – tacky and trashy and they keep pumping out and publicizing these leeches of society.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      People who think an economy can be turned around in 1-2 years after a downward spiral/crash that occurred as a result of YEARS of mismanagement are like the people who go $11 million in debt and think it can be erased w/o consequence to anyone, or hey, lets buy $12,000 worth of furniture b/c there are no payments due for one year…..when they can’t afford it. Very simplistic!
      I’d say Obama CAN keep blaming Bush. He was handed a disaster.

  17. Rah says:

    OK so I really don’t care for Janelle I just leave it at that. Chelsea I can do without seeing her life. Kailyn is going through something she is going to have to learn from and well Leah I love her. Leah is doing her thing even though right now she is going through a divorce after 6 months she is doing what she thinks is best. I am a single mom and you have to learn to do things on your own and I know it is hard for most girls but you have to for your kids. I work at DISH I got a job with them after I switched over from DIRECTV and got DISH. I do whatever it takes for my daughter.

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