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25 Responses to The Blog Has Moved!!!!

  1. ilovelynn says:

    help! love the emails and the recaps, but how do we see the comments and comment on them?

  2. Mary Jane says:

    I was wondering the same thing ilovelynn. I wanted to comment on the Housewives recap but don’t know where I can.

  3. RCH says:

    If anyone is having problems with the new blog please let me know here.

  4. peni says:

    Congratulations for your new blog, any way i love this one!

  5. Tracy without an E says:

    Since the Feds shut down the crackhouse, I’m going make a lil comment here and try to drum up traffic again. Your addict fambily is floundering a little and cannot possibly snark enough on the twitter, so we’ve made new blogs and tried to move on. Alas, we cannot. So here I am…peeking around the old place. Maybe Tuz will come by and freshen things up a little? Miss A might wanna do a lil redecorating; nothing major, maybe just an updated recap. And all us happy addicts will come over for a nice fambily reunion. Whadaya say, guys?

  6. Tuzentswurth says:

    On April 9th RCH said above: If anyone is having problems with the new blog please let me know here. Fat chance she’s watching! BOOHOOOO. There have been angry posters on the Steve Jobs post and penis enlargers have moved in here. WE COULD BE MOLESTED HERE TRACY! This place is scarier than the crackhouse!

  7. Tracy without an E says:

    Yeah you’re right. This place is wack. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!

  8. Ellijule says:

    Thanks for the link again Tuz!!

  9. mscarp says:

    Pssst. Is it safe yet?

  10. tuzentswurth says:

    Keep your head down. I don’t think it’s safe. @putyourhairup on twitter could be some alien shapeshifter that assumed Al Sharpton’s identity.

  11. mscarp says:

    Oh god, good point. Maybe Jenn Sale (aka Jenna deSaley or whatever) has assumed her identity!!!???

  12. ? says:

    Can you comment here?

  13. ? says:

    This comment is for @putyourhairup

    As soon as you renew your domain and pay your hosting fees, you can start blogging there again. I like how you act like you don’t know what is going on with your blog. Clever 🙂
    Let’s iron a few things out, I already feel dirty for coming on this site I need to get the hell off of here.
    Since you have been back, you have been nothing but a vindictive trouble trolling troll wanting to put salt on old wounds in hopes to find people that will join you so you can pick up where you left off at and start trouble.
    One of your first few tweets went something like this:
    It’s Al Sharpton! ‏@PutYourHairUp
    @sweeetbea Missed u too!! Still remember the fun we had putting together the list of comments from the Jenn blog. Hahahaaa
    @sweeetbea replied:
    Bea Bea ‏@sweeetbea
    @PutYourHairUp speaking of which, did you get my email about a month ago??

    It’s Al Sharpton! ‏@PutYourHairUp
    Where is my bff Jennifer Sale btw? What alias is she going by these days?

    Notice how @sweeetbea didn’t say to you because she didn’t want to, “I’m over that”, or “I was a total bitch for playing follow the leader and helping you put that together, don’t remind me”, or “I grew up a tad since then”. While you were off wherever, @sweeetea got her ass handed to her for helping you with that comment project. It’s disturbing that you don’t have an ounce of remorse like some of the others do.
    On a lighter note, It’s my pleasure to inform you, no one is interested in participating or joining you by bullying Jenn Sale again. You know JzandLynnSuck can harass someone to the point of no return, I wouldn’t go there if I were you, not only because of that either. After everyone washed their hands of Lynn Hudson, them same people became friends with JZandLynnSuck who now @Vodka4dummies. Not many people are happy with you for writing that dastardly-erroneous blog either. Your cherished work left scars on people that you will never know because you are too selfish and don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself. The pathetic thing about the whole situation is, you did it merely out of boredom. Furthermore, you wanted others to believe that JS was asking for money because she was lying about her situation. Who do you think you are to put children in danger? What if someone didn’t donate to her because of you and she stayed home and got murdered. You can stop laughing because you never know. Incidentally, JS never asked anyone for money. The absurd thing way, it was okay for Lynn Hudson to have a criminal like WSL-yes she is one, ask her readers for money, for Lynn. What was Lynn asking for donations for? A podcast. Hello, they are free. Notice how Lynn and Cousin It now have a podcast that is free.
    Your twisted way of thinking is Lynn doesn’t have a criminal record, which you don’t know if he does or does not. To whom should I donate too.
    – A person who has kids and going through a divorce and is living out of hotels and isn’t in a sage situation.
    -A person who claims they need money for advertisers for a free podcast. But you’re so stupid to understand that advertisers sponsor the show. Someone said to Lynn, ” no, don’t you need advertisers to advertise for you” Lynn said no, “she needed it them for start up costs and other BSC things that don’t exist.
    The problem is, it’s the other way around. How do you think people on T.V. and radio get paid? Advertisers! That’s it! The second problem is, Podcast are free. Even if Lynn would of wanted to advertise her show, the worst thing she could of done was to pay advertisers to advertise. She already was attracting her audience and allegedly attracting over a million viewers. According to the site that she had her joke of a show said that no money was needed because someone else pretended like they wanted to do a show there. Even if so, Google, as someone tried to explain to WSL and Lynn, she could sign up for Google Ads, which they give you $250 at the time in free advertising through the web to test it out to see if you attract people before you pay, because every time someone clicks on an ad, the person who has the ad, pays for it. WSL jumped in and called that person a troll. Even after getting called a troll, that person tried to reason with them and said, “no look, I signed up for that and look my ad is here and there and so on” Once it gets over $250 I will have to start paying and they will let me know and ask me if I want to continue. Of course when someone makes sense and ruins your plans to scam people, they are the bad ones.
    Your logic and way of thinking is ass backwards. You must be unhappy in life to do what you did to JS. You were looking for any reason to bully that woman all because she called you what you are, a “hobby blogger”. Own it, you were and still are one if you decided to blog again. A Yahoo Contributor don’t make you a real blogger, press credentials is a start. .
    You have no idea what JS went through at that time in her life, you have no idea what happened and why she had them charges on her. Since you had nothing better to do with your time, you deemed it necessary to destine such a mean spirited blog that you even had @sweeetbea help you find the most revolting insults against JS and name a winner, which is criminal on your part. The sad part of this all is, one of your cohorts that participated in the slandering and passing out private information of J.S.’s allegedly died.I would not go there if I were you, God works in mysterious ways, God is the one who issues Karma to people. it sounds harsh,oh well toots, that is the way it works.

    After your failed attempt against JS, you tried to pick a fight with Wax Diva. Meanwhile, WD has not said a word to you in months, you tweet out of the blue to her:
    It’s Al Sharpton! ‏@PutYourHairUp
    @stoopidhsewives Glad to see u r still crazy. 😉

    What you, @putyourhairup fail to recognize is, you’re the crazy one. You hobby blogged a post asking what was wrong with WaxDiva and the comment section turned in to a bashing session. You made it go there, because if someone said, “I’ll talk to so and so” you would say, “that’s the only person that comments there” What is wrong with you?
    These are your words exactly.
    What Is Wrong With WaxDiva AKA StoopidHousewives?
    by: RCH
    It’s a legitimate question, because I have no idea. Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know WaxDiva from the comments. She now has her own blog called Stoopid Housewives (her link is at the bottom of the blog), and now leaves comments under that name.
    Not too long ago she left a passive aggressive sounding comment on one of my Youtube videos, so I left a comment on her site asking if it was really her that left that comment or if it was someone using her name – because you never know. We have always been friendly so her comment didn’t make sense to me. Her number one commenter/biggest blog fan has been known to troll on my blog in the past so I thought maybe it was her trying to start problems again.
    When I got to her site I noticed that she had taken down the link to my blog which used to be on her blog roll. So I left a comment asking if she was upset with me for some reason. She immediately deleted my comment from her site and never replied to me.
    So then I left another comment asking her why she deleted my first comment, and she deleted that one too with no explanation. You all know how much censorship annoys me, I don’t do it on my site and I don’t appreciate others doing it to me, especially when I didn’t even say anything bad. I was simply asking if she has a problem with me because I thought we were friends (as much as you can be friends with someone on the internet).
    Since WaxDiva won’t let my comments through on her site and refuses to respond to me, I’m writing this here where I can’t be censored. I know that she doesn’t have any legitimate reason to have a problem with me, which is probably why she won’t respond to my comments or let them stand on her site.
    Since she began deleting my comments, I’ve seen a few other weird things going on with her involving other people as well. But instead of explaining her behavior she chooses to block, ignore, and delete. Sounds familiar…

    Yes it does sound familiar. Anyone who wants to avoid trouble has a right to ignore, that is what a responsible adult does. However, WD did explain it to you, but you wanted to be a hero to someone else and couldn’t accept the truth.
    This is your ass backwards way of thinking:
    Wax Diva is so rotten because:
    – WD doesn’t allow you or anyone else for that matter, to say whatever the hell you want on HER blog that she pays for.
    -censorship annoys PYHU
    Not everyone has a blog for the purpose of bullying like you do.
    -Her number one commenter/biggest blog fan has been known to troll on PYHU blog in the past so PYHU thought maybe it was her trying to start problems again.
    To PYHU, starting trouble is someone calling PYHU out for your immature behavior or standing up to PYHU because PYHU thinks no one should ever dare do that
    -When I got to her site I noticed that she had taken down the link to my blog which used to be on her blog roll. So I left a comment asking if she was upset with me for some reason. She immediately deleted my comment from her site and never replied to me
    It’s her blog and she can have who ever she wants on her blog roll. Many people tried to explain to you in the comments section what Lynn had done, however, since you think you know everything and Lynn would never do such a thing by leaving nasty comments on Wax Diva’s blog, you (thought) “proved” to WD that Lynn didn’t do it and showed WD how someone else could of done it. You forgot that Lynn and Wax Diva were friends and She knew Lynn’s I.P. and email. Lynn was butt hurt because Wax Diva didn’t join the childish strike on Miami Housewives. When another blogger laid everything out, had all the screen shot comments, as the fool you are, you went and left comments on that blog using Wax Diva sign-in information and mentioned it was easy to make it seem like you were commenting from a different part of the world. The joke was on you because that Proxy you used didn’t work Mrs Canada, that was an epic moment of the blogger calling you out. She didn’t know where you were from either. If I’m not mistaking, Lynn did admit to WD leaving the comments and blamed it on her having a bad day and apologized. But PYHU knows everything and doesn’t realize that there are people out there just as mean spirited as her self is.
    There is no sense in pointing out anymore of your insane, immature behavior. I suggest you grow up and stop your shit already because you’re going to be in for one hell of a surprise if you think you are going to pick up where you left off when you took a break. I do have manners, on behalf of the twitter and blog community, we would like to thank you for taking that extended leave and welcome you to please do so again A/S/A/P and can only hope you will grow up this time.

  14. Missing the Wildlife says:

    Whatever happened to the good ol’ days? The days of delishiously smooth coffee spraying out of my mouth on my computer and choking on nuts and cheese, all because this blog had THE most hilarious commentors of all time. So much so, that we attracted our own high-quality trolls who enjoyed the banter WITH us, instead of AGAINST us. (Except for that ALL CAPS FUGMATA…but they still added to the enjoyment of our time here)
    I have tried long and hard to find a new home.
    But NONE of them can recreate the synergy that was made here.
    I come back every so often to see the old place. Check and see how many vandals have come by and left their tags. I feel like I’m walking through an abandoned amusement park…

  15. Damnert says:

    PYHU Come backkkkkkkk BTW…w-h-o is that crazy question mark with the horrible writing skills who thinks she can speak for not only Bea, but twitter and the “Whole Blogging Community” ? Dunbshit :0)

    • JZ says:

      I would not go there if I were you Damn your friends are drooping like flys KARMA is making the rounds maybe you are next

    • Cry me a river... says:

      You stooooopid! You’re responding to a comment that is almost 7 months old. Look at you thinking you can speak for bea. You really need to get a hobby and grow the hell up. Your life must suck that you’re coming to an old thread and commenting hoping to stir up more trouble. I would hate to be you. Only reason why I came by is because I saw on Stoopidhousewives that RCH was on the community list. You’re so disrespectful, don’t matter what blog it is, you give your unwanted and unasked for opinion and start up trouble. You can go to that trash Loco site and do that.
      RCH, hope you’re doing good! We do miss your funny posts!

      • Had Tobyou says:

        Cry me a river; Damnut and Angus McFeets JZLLC Never stop the drama, take a look at their tweets.

      • @crymeariver: that’s exactly what brought me back here. I saw her on the list too. So what’s the deal here? Is there a new site? Is ms RCH coming back here? People still drop by and leave comments? just curious. Used to comment here back in the day.

    • CJ says:

      Can we all stop here please. RCH is having technical problems on the other side. I appriciate the concern. If I remember correctly, the comment is old, RCH laughed it off then ended speaking to the person. All I can say is she is having technical problems on her end.
      A friend of RCH passed away and she is really bummed. I think also there is some mixed feelings

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