The Animal Cruelty Featured on the Show Hoarders – This Deserves It’s Very Own Post

We have to talk about Hoarders! I’m so angry over this show. Most of you know how strongly I feel about animals, animal rights, humane treatment yadda yadda. Well this latest episode of Hoarders has me absolutely outraged! OUTRAGED! You can watch here if you want to share in my outrage. This week featured a woman named Hanna. Hanna is a disgusting, vile, semi deformed, clearly inbred, nasty piece of work who makes Teresa Giudice look like a fucking saint. (For those of you who read The Glass Castle – think of the Appalachian Grandmother).
Meet the devil in human form:

This woman chooses to live her life surrounded by garbage and animal feces. And that’s fine by me, if you wanna live in trash – by all means go ahead. But this woman is abusing and torturing the animals in her care. Inside her trash filled trailer are rodent cages and bins filled with chickens, turkeys, and other birds. They are packed in those cages so tight that they can barely move.

This evil woman never cleans their cages so the feces piles higher and higher in the bottom of the cages until the birds head’s are squished against the top of the cages and some of them can’t even stand up.

They even found a dead bird in one of the cages that had been crushed to dead underneath the other birds. It was literally as flat as a piece of paper. Outside she has pens with goats who’s hoves are so over grown that they’re curving and they have trouble walking. At least a couple were limping or walking on 3 legs due to injuries that had never been treated.

There are more cages outside containing more birds and even ducks. (Tuz, you know how I feel about ducks). If you don’t know about ducks, let me tell you – they can’t be kept in cages. Ducks need to be free and they need water to swim in. Their legs are very delicate and they can’t safely stand in wire cages without injuring themselves. The duck in this picture couldn’t even stand up, it just scooched around on it’s belly.

Hanna, the inbred beast from hell had 16 (sixteen!) children. Only 10 are still alive today and I assume that she must have murdered 6 of them. I can totally picture her smothering them in their sleep with a dirty stained pillow. Only a couple of her living children still talk to her. They were all taken away by the state when they were young, and although they are adults now, they are clearly very damaged by the abuse they suffered. There is also a high probability that their mother is also their aunt and their second cousin. This woman couldn’t even treat her own flesh and blood properly, and they left defenseless animals in her care! She shouldn’t even be allowed to care for a bug!

What she is doing to those animals is cruel and evil. She shouldn’t be getting help – she should be in jail!
But what’s even worse is that all the healthy, normal, sane people working on the show stood around talking about how horrible the animals were being treated while doing nothing to help them! Not only did they not take the animals way from her – when animal control showed up unannounced (I assume one of the crew members felt bad and made the call) the dumb psychiatrist bitch Robin Zasio (hate her) actually convinced them to leave because the poor old lady who lives in a trash pile was having anxiety. Anxiety! OMG! What about the animals’ anxiety and suffering?! They ended up taking some of her animals away because she allowed them to, but they left the rest to suffer!! I am OUTRAGED. Did I say that already? OUTRAGED!

Dr. Robin Zasio

In the update at the end of the show they said that the state of Illinois (Hey Lynn!) did end up getting involved and charged Hanna with failing to properly care for her animals, but the birds are still on her property! And who knows how many more animals she got since then? This disgusting woman shouldn’t be allowed within 50 feet of a defenseless creature. I literally can not sleep at night knowing what this woman is doing to her animals. It’s breaking my heart. It’s winter now, and I’m sure she doesn’t have heated shelter for those poor things.

Please guys, send an email and complain about the way these animals are being treated. Even if you don’t care about animals, if you like me and my blog, please do it for me. I am so upset over this. This show brought tears to my eyes, and trust me, that’s not an easy thing to do.


217 – 782 – 6657 This is the number for the department of agriculture. It is them and not animal control who has jurisdiction over farm animals. I called and spoke to a woman there who said that all she could tell me was that the investigation was still ongoing. I asked her what that meant and she said it means that someone is still going out there and checking on the animals. I asked her why there is even an investigation, what is there to investigate? The conditions are horrific and criminal – period. The animals should be removed immediately. She didn’t have an answer for that and would only repeat “the investigation is still ongoing”. She didn’t sound incredibly concerned. If the only people with authority to remove the animals don’t care, then who is going to help them?! PLEASE call this number and complain. With enough pressure, we can get them to finally do something!
This is their email if you prefer not to call:

618 – 658 – 9318 This is the phone number for the States Attorneys office who is prosecuting the case. Please call and demand that they don’t let this monster get off easy. I spoke to the secretary and I’m waiting for the DA to call me back. She also didn’t seem too concerned about the situation at Hanna’s home and although she can’t say for sure – wasn’t too convinced that Hanna will actually go to jail for this. After seeing the way people in this state have conducted themselves, I don’t have any reason to believe that they will give her anything harsher than probation – if that.

757 – 622 – 7382 This is the number for PETA. Please call and ask them to get involved. I called and spoke with one woman and left a message as well. The more people that call and the more attention this gets, the more likely it is that something will get done.
Don’t call PETA anymore. They are already helping and we’re driving them crazy.

It’s cold outside, it’s breaking my heart thinking of those animals suffering outside right now. How many of them are going to die today? Every day that goes by and nothing is done innocent creatures are living in hell. Please do what you can to make a difference in their lives. This is the email for Dr. Zasio, who casually stood over the piles of cages filled with suffering animals, with her arm leaning over one cage, and having a conversation while doing absolutely nothing for those poor animals. I sent her an email and let her know how appalling her behaviour was.
And here is her phone number: 916.366.0647 – This is the email for the animal control people in her area who did nothing and apparently are still doing nothing to help those animals.
Don’t bother with them, they don’t have any legal right to do anything. -The City of Carbondale Police Department – Animal Control and Licensing – Southern Illinois Humane Society. I’m not sure they have authority to do anything at all, but I figured I would add them here just in case.

Please let A&E know how disgusted you are by the fact that they allowed animals to continue to suffer and die (they filmed one chicken take it’s last breath) for the sake of ratings. – A&E – A&E

Also – to those of you who watched the show and were as horrified as me, I just want you to know that if you eat fast food, or buy meat at the grocery store, the animals you eat suffered even worse than the ones in this womans home. Help stop animal torture by shopping at the farmers market and not eating fast food.

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  1. shockedMom says:

    Love how people are shocked. Bet they buy their meat from Costco or eat at McDonald’s. Shopping specials to buy that Sunday roast. Those animals live in far worse situations. Shop your local farmer’s market. Visit their farms!

    • Yes!
      That is true. And I made sure to leave comments all over the Hoarders message boards letting all those outraged people know that the meat they eat suffers even worse than the animals on this show. I don’t think it’s that people don’t care, I think it’s that most of them don’t know. Hopefully will help open some people’s eyes as to where their food comes from.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Those animals are terrorized and I refuse to eat them.

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  3. emily says:

    this breaks my heart. this is why I cannot watch that Animal Hoarders crap on Animal Planet. I will email some of those addresses you listed, but I will send an especially nasty email to A&E. that’s just vile. This woman won’t stop even if they are all taken away. I hope her animals band together to kill her in her sleep.

  4. Tuzentswurth says:

    Excellent job RCH and thanks for the phone numbers and emails, makes it so easy to start calling and writing and I am on it. Unfortunately, legally animals are considered nothing more than property and there is no big profit to be made for anyone, so many don’t give a shit. The USDA oversees all agriculture including our lovely chicken farms, egg facilities and feedlots where extreme cruelty prevails against these profit producing “products” we call God’s creatures. I wouldn’t hold my breath for the USDA to care much beyond how large they can inflate their own bureaucracy and get larger budgets to fatten themselves. I find it very easy to hate stupid people.

    • I don’t think anyone in that entire state cares about these animals. I’m just hoping that with enough pressure we can get them to do something. It’s the only way they are going to act. They clearly aren’t going to do it because it’s the right thing to do.

      • Patricia says:

        I will have you know I grew up unfornately around Mrs Palmer and I can guarantee you that there is NOT one person in that area that likes her or what she does, we have ALL been trying for years to get something done about her and NO ONE would help!!!!

        So it is NOT right of you to say that the people there don’t care cause trust me WE DO CARE!!!!!!

        In a way you guys should be greatful that A&E did the special, now they finally have to do something about her cause it was brought out to the public eye beyond the little town that it is…

        The news yesterday is that she is facing ALOT of prison time for her actions and the animals have/are being removed!!!

        • She’s not getting any prison time and they are only removing the animals for 18 months, then she will be free to torture them again. Plus it’s up to the same authorities who have done absolutely nothing for 10+ years to remove the animals, so I’m not even hopeful that that will actually happen.
          No one in your area cares. The judge didn’t even care. It’s despicable.

  5. We at PETA share everyone’s concerns regarding this horrific case, and our caseworkers are looking into what we can do to expedite help to the remaining animals and to ensure that charges are filed. I appreciate that PETA has been thought of in regards to this case but please do not call repeatedly to urge us to act. We’re already involved. Multiple calls and emails saying the same thing (and requiring response) will only slow us down.
    – Martin Mersereau, Emergency Response Division

    • Thank you very much for responding.
      I don’t know what else to do because it doesn’t seem as though any of the people in that state with the authority to do something care. I hope PETA can help!

      • Daisy says:


        It is called bureaucracy and government red tape.

        Kidnapping would be the only way, and then I wouldn’t be surprised if the government tumor had a stake out keeping people from taking them. No animals means they can’t milk money from the taxpayer for “investigating” for years.

        Sad world we live in. I’ll try to get in touch with the ASPCA in that area? Have you tried them?

        • Daisy says:

          Found this on ASPCA’s website….. I don’t know how to bold, but Illinois law is mentioned as not prohibiting Animal Hoarding. Perhaps this can change that.

          From the ASPCA website:
          Are There Laws Against Animal Hoarding?
          Animal hoarding is covered implicitly under every state’s animal cruelty statute, which typically requires caretakers to provide sufficient food and water, veterinary care and a sanitary environment. Only two states, Illinois and Hawaii, currently have statutory language specifically addressing animal hoarding. With guidance from ASPCA, the Illinois Companion Animal Hoarder Act was created in 2001 to create a legal definition for “companion animal hoarder” and mandate counseling for those convicted of animal cruelty who meet the definition. Animal hoarding itself is not prohibited by the statute. Hawaii’s 2008 law is the only state law specifically outlawing animal hoarding. It does not mandate psychological counseling for convicted hoarders or restrict future animal ownership. Anti-hoarding legislation has been proposed, but not passed, in several other states. See Illinois and Hawaii’s hoarding laws, as well as hoarding-related bills introduced in other states.

          • The problem here is “companion” animals. That doesn’t include farm animals. If we were dealing with cats and dogs it would be a totally different story. From what I have been able to learn, the Department of Agriculture are the only people with authority to take the animals away from her.

            • Daisy says:

              I have known the ASPCA go out to farms and rescue horses, which really by definition is a working animal.

              I put a call in, and if nothing else, they will contact the appropriate agency.

              Thank you for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I have watched Hoarder’s once and it gives me heart palpitations so I quit. I had no idea that people did that with animals. Those people need to be commited.

              • Thank you for helping. Hopefully the ASPCA will be able to do something, because things are not looking good right now.
                I had no idea that people did this either. I know some people have 50 cats, but I never could have imagined that someone would have storage bins full of birds inside their home.

                • Tam5115 says:

                  The hoarding of cats happens ALL the time around here and the local chapter of The Humane Society goes out and takes the animals immediately. I have two little survivors living in my home right now. The little boy has health problems that still linger, but he’s fat and sassy and much better now than he was. The little girl was 6 months old and had spent her entire life in a cage. I had to leave the kitty carrier out so that she could retreat there when she felt insecure. Broke my heart!

                • Thank you so much for this site. I saw the episode and was horrified. I shouted at my television to kill this woman! I am thrilled there are so many like minded people. There is strength in numbers and we will not let that disgusting excuse for a human being get away with it. If the laws allow this sort of treatment of farm animals there is a glitch in humanity. Thank you to all who have gotten involved. I am glad they put that woman on camera. That’s what evil looks like.

        • Daisy says:

          Another possible contact:

          The Anti-Cruelty Society
          157 W. Grand Ave.
          Chicago, IL 60610
          (312) 644-8338

          Read more:

  6. RCHisMYhero says:

    What I find funny how these ppl are supposed to be “professionals” is they have G-mail and Yahoo accounts v/s like a company server or where ever they work for. Damn straight ‘m gonna write these ppl. Thanks Penny. Sorry I Can’t watch the show, Thanks so much for taking one for the team and watching.

    • desta elliott says:

      DUH these are dummy emails that emails just land. They DO have ‘real’ email addresses; but these are not going to be generally handed out–not after leaving all those animals caged up, because, well, frankly I have no idea why someone didn’t just go around opening cages and letting those animals lose. OMG Hannah was vicious and a terrior, but she couldn’t have taken everyone on.

  7. RCHisMYhero says:

    Can you get that Dr.’s number? I’d like to give her a call..

  8. Concerned4All says:

    I am in the mental health profession, and most people i know in the field don’t approve of most of the methods used. Personally the best way to the this woman and the animals help is to have her committed to a mental health facility because she is clearly a danger to herself, living in these conditions, and a danger to others, but destroying the environment around her. If she is committed, the animal rights agencies will be able to step in and take ALL the animals. Honestly, she will not get the time or help she needs if she ever gets prosecuted.

    • That’s what I thought – that she should have been committed.
      I mean, if living in a trash filled trailer with no heat and willingly eating rotten food isn’t cause to be committed, what is?
      A lot of people asked this question on the Hoarders message board. The stupid doctor has excuses for everything.
      She keeps insisting that there is “nothing she could do”.
      I wonder if she is in fact a real doctor. She clearly doesn’t care about helping people, only creating entertainment. Obviously it’s pointless to try to talk to a woman like Hanna. She is a danger to herself and others (she psychically attacked one daughter in front of the cameras). This Dr. put a TV show over the health and safety of people and animals. That has to be some kind of ethics violation.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I have not watched the show b/c I would be too disturbed by it. Reading of the horrors are enough for me. I don’t understand why, if she lives in a trailer with no heat and eats rotten food, is she not considered a danger to herself and forcibly removed to a mental health facility?

        • Don’t watch it. You’ll just get upset.

          I don’t know why they didn’t have her committed. I guess it wouldn’t make for good tv if she weren’t there to yell and curse at people. And her children aren’t going to do anything about her. They cry about the horrible abuse they suffered and defend her in the same sentence. The one daughter said that the kids weren’t treated any better than the animals.

          • Skywalker says:

            Well Hanna said in the episode “I had 16 kids, 10 of them are still living” That’s probably a major red flag that she’s not a suitable guardian (for any kind of life) if 33% of her offspring didn’t make it…

        • Tam5115 says:

          There is no help to be had. I know from experience in trying to get my own mother some real help that we cannot provide for her. She refuses to see a doctor or to take her medication? Won’t eat? goes on rages and lashes out at those closest to her? Well yeah, she has Alzheimers… this is the disease speaking here. But no, you cannot force her to do anything because she is still an adult.

          So I guess we are just sent packing with nothing more than an understanding nod that it is difficult to care for an Alzheimers patient. When the woman dies because she won’t take her medication or get health care, we’ll probably be charged with neglect or abuse. That is IF she hasn’t caused us all to commit ourselves to a psych ward before that. My sister was in the ER in enormous pain for over 6 hours yesterday. Final diagnosis? An ulcer. Guess where that comes from? STRESS!!

          Please forgive my rant. I am so sick of “the system” making you jump through hoops continually and going in circles and all those “well meaning” folks who insist there is help out there. THERE IS NO HELP!! That’s why this woman has not been committed.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            Tam, see DM on twitter.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            It is very difficult if not impossible to commit someone. Times have changed.

          • Sangfroid says:

            Tam you have every right to rant.
            So sorry you and your sibs are going through this.

          • That is true. I spoke with one of Hanna’s family members today and he was describing his frustration with having no assistance in dealing with her. In some states family members can have a person temporarily committed against their will, but not where they live. They did manage to get her a psych evaluation years ago hoping that that would help something. But guess what, they decided that there was nothing wrong with her. She lives with trash and eats expired food, but the doctor says she doesn’t have any mental problems. Imagine that.
            Not everyone in that family is crazy. The person I spoke to was very nice and his side of the family has really tried to help her over the years but they get no support and they have basically given up. It’s very frustrating for them. And I feel bad about calling her inbred now.

            It must be really hard dealing with an adult who needs help but refuses it. I can’t imagine, and I hope I never have to. Sorry for what you are going through. 😦

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              So Hanna is truly just a fucking cruel bitch? You really are on this RCH. Are the animals and birds still cage as shown on the show or didn’t family member know. A bunch of people need to go to her house, divert her while someone hides her phone, and everyone else release the animals. If a daughter got assaulted on camera, she could file charges. When the haul Hanna’s ass off, animals could be “released” then. Doesn’t look like Hanna has video surveillance.

              • Tuzentswurth says:

                I’m missing some letters up there, damn arthritis!

              • They actually have done that before. They’ve cleaned out her home while she was away too.
                But then she just buys more animals and fills the house up with more garbage. Apparently animals, especially chickens, are really easy to get in the country and no one seems to have a problem selling them to her. It’s a constant cycle with her and no matter what they’ve done to help – she will always get more animals and more garbage. Many of the family members just gave up and have walked away from her.

            • Tam5115 says:

              Yes, it is.

              Thanks to all who understand and a big FU to those who gave us thumbs down. yeah, give it to me, you bitches.

              • Tuzentswurth says:

                Who the feckin hell has a problem with any of those posts but doesn’t have the balls to say why? WTF
                Speak the hell up if you have something to say.

                • I know who it is.
                  There is a crazy woman on the A&E boards who for some reason is really pissed that I’m trying to help the animals. She replies to every single post I make and comments in every thread I start. She even posted links to my blog and said something about how she would never watch an insipid show like Housewives (because Hoarders is such sophisticated programming).
                  I suggested that she should probably just ignore my posts if she doesn’t like them, but she can’t help herself I guess. I have a cyber stalker! Lol.

                • Tam5115 says:

                  sorry about that.

                  But really, any person who would be so dismissive of concerns such as I have, or that someone would wish to be my friend, like Tuz has, they are not worth anything as a person.

                  I am not concerned that everyone like me, but really? FU you creep!

                • Woah tiny posts!
                  Yes, I don’t know what this woman’s problem is. If you don’t want to help – then don’t. But she’s posting everywhere telling people not to listen to me and not to get involved. I will just never understand some people.

                • Tam5115 says:

                  Even tinier post, LOL

                  F them and the horse they rode in on. Proof that there are people who would just warehouse their parents rather than take care of them.

                • LilyLynn says:

                  RCH, I had to go check out A&E board for myself. Someone there is saying they checked out your blog and that you were bragging about all your awards. LMAO! Haaaaahaaaa. OMG they so don’t get us. The hell with them – and what a boring group of people I might add.

                • Tuzentswurth says:


                • I know! Someone there said something like “Writing for AC doesn’t make you a professional”. Uh… duh. Lmao. They clearly don’t get the humor here.

                • Tuzentswurth says:

                  You MUST give yourself another award up top for this recent work! I nominate you to get another star or badge or trophy. Display it proudly and prominently.

                • Tuzentswurth says:

                  Maybe we’ll have some catnip to bat around here soon. Anyone so heartless and stupid should be an easy target. I’ve got to check out these A&E message boards. Maybe your replier is involved in the show, why else would a sane person take the stance you describe?

                • I think she’s from that area and took it personal that I called Hanna inbred.
                  No one has avatars on that site and I never pay attention to the names so it took me a while to realize that it was the same person replying to all my posts. There are all kinds of crazy people on the internet. She’s probably related to Hanna.

                • Tuzentswurth says:

                  Going to open that A&E tab now

                • I just closed that tab. I can’t go there anymore. I feel like Lisa when she went to the DMV. I prefer the nice little bubble of my blog surrounded by reasonable intelligent people.

                • Sangfroid says:

                  Blink, Blink,
                  Hey RCH,
                  at least she agrees with you about AC
                  and has clean teeth!

          • Sangfroid says:

            Why give a thumbs down Tam for the above?
            Seems kind of heartless.

  9. gypsygirl says:


  10. Tuzentswurth says:

    There aren’t laws or protection for animals b/c animals can’t vote or donate to political causes. It just isn’t “popular” or profit-making. The bloated useless Dept of Ag exempts all kinds of humane treatment protocol for farm animals. Legislation needs to exist to protect animals, but I’m not holding my breath for it to happen. My opinion is animals kept such as these are not farm animals but are being kept as “home pets”. (Farm animals should have the same protection. They suffer and feel pain just the same.) If only animal control could have jurisdiction, they could remove the animals. The Humane Society, in a better world, wouldn’t have it’s hands tied. If an animal isn’t considered a “domestic pet” like a cat or dog, the “authorities” apparently can’t do anything. Protection for farm animals would cut into corporate greed profits so it’ll never happen. Remember how the beef industry went after Oprah with all they had to destroy her for criticizing their industry?

    • I remember that. I’ve never liked Oprah since then. She has an amazing platform to make a difference. She damaged their business just from her one comment. Can you imagine what she could do if she called on everyone to boycott factory farmed meat? She could have made a huge impact. But she chose not to because they sued her.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        They really came after her with a vengeance to totally annihilate her. She was scared! They threw loads of money into destroying her. That is where she met Dr Phil. He coached her in psychological warfare in the courtroom. The Texas cattlemen meant business and they had big bucks behind them! She did beat them, amazingly, b/c odds weren’t on her. I don’t really think she backed down or recanted anything she said, but she was intimidated after that. I think she did promote” Food, Inc” too and had the people involved with that on her show. I’m not a regular viewer so maybe someone here knows more.

        • Did she promote Food Inc? I didn’t know that.
          See, I’m the type of person who if someone tells me not to talk about something – I’m going to scream it from the rooftops. I think they call it defiant personality disorder? So when it looked like they got her to stop talking, it bothered me. Maybe things were different back then, but now I don’t think any amount of money is going to be able to ruin Oprah. Unless she has something to hide?

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            It is possible that there was something in the settlement that made her not openly criticize the beef industry anymore,but I’m sure she did feature Food, Inc and some other subtle digs, but of course Oprah is all over the place with causes and where she can get ratings.Unfortunately our food giants are sooo huge, they are able to buy and pay for our government.

  11. Need a Hobby says:

    The “doctor” said there was “nothing she could do?”Bullshit.

    She couldn’t call animal control, report a physical assault on the daughter, couldn’t report the unsanitary conditions, violations of health codes, possibly local codes? Nothing she could do? Compared to any other person who could readily & easily drop a dime on this woman? Nonsense.

    She’s a psychologist licensed in the state of California. Certain professions have a duty to report abuse, health & safety issues. Now this may or may not technically be relevant in this specific case. But the woman assaulted her daughter? The woman clearly has mental problems perhaps endangering herself and others? And there was “nothing” the licensed psychologist who witnessed this could do? Patient/doctor confidentiality couldn’t be an issue with an entire camera crew there filming, with the results going to be shown to a national audience.

    Saw your tweet re: her phone number. Here’s her office’s website:

    Also, here’s the California Board of Psychology’s website:

    Now the laws/rules of course primarily are geared toward patient/doctor issues. But there also could be a question regarding what might constitute “unprofessional, unethical, or negligent acts” in terms of what this doctor does or doesn’t do on this show, in cases such as this, since she is a licensed professional acting in her capacity as a psychologist.

    • I’ve seen animals on other episodes taken away for lesser crimes than this.
      I’ve seen homes condemned and people fined and jailed for not cleaning up.
      Are the laws just non existent in this state, or did A&E drop the ball? I don’t know.
      But what I have argued repeatedly on the A&E message boards is this – there was nothing stopping any of them from carrying those bird cages outside to the open bird pen (there was one the property) and letting the birds loose. They wouldn’t be committing any crime, and Hanna being old and overweight would have never been able to get them back into the cages once they were lose.
      That is the very LEAST they could have done – and they didn’t even do that.
      That is inexcusable imo.

      I’m not a doctor, but I don’t see how this case didn’t warrant at the very least a 48 hour.

  12. Adgirl says:

    All of this has been extremely upsetting. There are animal hoarders living right near each of us – right now. Their families have turned their backs on them, but still protect the hoarder so the family won’t have to deal with their sick relative or the mess they’ve made.

    The hoarders are mentally ill. The families in many cases are co-conspirators.

    It is embarrassing that our country has restricted mental health services to the point we can’t intervene earlier. It is inhumane.

    I don’t usually like the government stepping in to “fix us”, but in this case, as in the case of people who “choose” to sleep in doorways when it’s 23 below zero, it’s obvious they are suffering and too scared or emotionally unable to change their circumstance.

    They deserve a better existence, we deserve a better society and certainly the animals deserve a better life.

    This is a tragedy.

  13. Waxdiva says:

    Video of Camille on today’s Ellen Show:

  14. Navymommy says:

    There is no distinction made in Virginia between farm and companion animals. They really tightened up these laws in the nineties, even before Michael Vick. Perhaps folks should encourage their state legislators to follow suit. This would probably earn this woman a fat fine and perhaps jail time in VA. But most importantly, these animals would have been removed immediately. If she were to reoffend, it would be a felony with mandatory jail time. We have these problems in the Tidewater, VA area because we are a mix of urban, suburban and rural. We have great animal shelters. The shelter in Norfolk is a no kill shelter and we also have many rescue groups. Peta ‘s headquarters is also located here. I torture myself with Animal Cops. I get so damn angry and want to rescue every animal I see! Right now I have a feral pregnant cat and two gray tabbies that were abandoned. Please take your shredded paper to the local SPCA for bedding. Sorry this is such a disjointed post, but I am so pissed!

  15. car54 says:

    It depends on the area–I have family in the southern Illinois are that this woman lives in—parts of it are very “country” and some towns are very small.

    Did you see the episode with Vula—she had animals–primarily cats who were living buried in her shit—the authorities came and took all the animals–one cat had delivered a litter and the kittens were stuck under tons of her stuff—it was horrendous. I read over at A&E from Matt–the extreme cleaner guy –that eventually Vula got some of them back tho–which seems crazy to me.

    Several other hoarders not taking care of their animals have had animal control come and take them away—I remember that family with the very odd grown son and daughter living at home–all of them hoarding–they came and took the daughters cats–and she was very upset–but she was not taking care of them.

    This show has me scared straight–I watch every episode–and my house has NEVER been this clean in my entire life.

  16. car54 says:

    PS–Dr Zasio did threaten to call the authorities on that nurse in Hawaii for having a house that was a danger to her children—she did call without identifying the woman to get info on the law in that state and then they cleaned up the house within a few days to avoid having the woman’s kids taken away.

    She plays way too much to the camera for me—she is my least favorite of the doctors.

    Matt is my favorite person on the show—he tells it like it is and doesn’t hesitate to say what needs to be said to these people-but he’s never mean-spirited or disrespectful.

    • Dr. Z is my least favourite too. I think she is a condescending bitch most of the time. So I was actually happy when I saw that she was going to be working with Hanna because I thought she would be mean to her. But then to see how nice and understanding she was to a person who really didn’t deserve it really pissed me off. I didn’t see the episode with Vula. I don’t watch the show that often. I only watch it if it happens to be on at the moment, and even then I only get about half way through an episode before I have to start cleaning or organizing something.
      Up until now, all the episodes I’ve seen were really just about people with very messy houses. I think there is a fine line between a hoarder and a mentally ill person who happens to hoard, and they crossed that line with this episode. I don’t think I’m going to watch the show anymore. I avoid Animal Hoarders and the Animal Planet in general (unless for ghost stories – they have the best ones) because I know how upset I get over stuff like this. I just want to see messy houses get cleaned. I don’t want to see shows that make me angry and upset.
      Unfortunately I think they are trying to up the shock value and I have a feeling that the episodes are only going to be getting more extreme.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Ghosts or the thought of them don’t bother me, but shows like this haunt me. I can’t watch them, they disturb me so much.

  17. Janet says:

    Personally, I found this episode VERY disturbing and embarrassing as I’m also from Southern Illinois. I can’t even imagine what it must’ve been like to grow up with the woman, and I seriously hope that her remaining children get outside help from dealing their mom. In a way, I feel bad for Hanna, since she doesn’t recognize that she has a mental illness, but I’m also PISSED that she hasn’t been involuntary committed, and that she got to keep some of her animals. ALL of the animals should have been taken for evaluation because of the deplorable conditions they were living in. Some of them may have looked okay on the outside, but goodness knows what their insides might have been like.

    I also wasn’t impressed with the psychologist, but she was given a “worst case” scenario as well. Unfortunately, in the state of Illinois, to my knowledge, a person CANNOT be voluntarily committed unless they actually physically hurt someone or themselves. Although she did “lash out” at her daughter, it doesn’t look like the daughter was actually harmed. However, I’m hoping that the airing of this video will allow for authorities to pursue further action very soon. I’m not expecting much with this woman at this point, but there is always hope for her to get better, and I certainly hope that she’ll eventually feel remorse for her actions in the future.

    • Tam5115 says:

      As I said above, there is no help. I feel for Hanna’s children. Since they won’t help this family get Hanna the help she needs, there’s no reason to think they will help the animals. I guess we should be thankful that the TV brought this to our attention because now the viewers can make it an issue. If she had not been the subject of a TV show, this would have continued on until those poor animals all died in deplorable conditions. How many animals died between filming and airing, really?

      How many others are out there who will never see a TV camera?

  18. car54 says:

    Over at TwoP, they call her Dr Tonya Harding……now I have trouble remembering her real name because of that….there IS a resemblance, lol.

    I just saw the preview of the “season finale” next week….the guy hoards RATS.

    I don’t think I can watch this kind of show 2 weeks in a row. The other Hoarder show on TLC is back soon–I like it better anyway–it is less sensational but I think they give these people a little more lasting help.

  19. I think I’ve realized that I’m a hoarder of browser tabs. I constantly have like 20 tabs open at all times.

  20. Sarah says:

    I have been trying to research information on Hoarder Hanna Palmer’s background. Does anyone have information about her history? Does she really have 16 children? How did 6 of them die? How did she get the property she lives on and the animals? What was her upbringing like, and how old was she when she had her first child? Where is her husband or father of her children? I am just so disturbed by her existence and how she chooses to live. How does a human being turn into that?

    • I don’t know how much information you will be able to find online, but from what I was able to learn she moved onto that property some years ago. I think the government pays for it. She lives in the country and knows people who keep selling her the animals as long as she’s willing to pay for them. Her upbringing (from what the nephew told me) was pretty normal and her sister turned out just fine, and actually raised 4 of Hanna’s children and adopted a 5th. I don’t know how old she was when she had her first child, but I think she was young. I’m not sure about the father. I know she had at least 2 husbands and I’m not sure how many kids belong to which one. But all her kids were taken away in the 80’s and she never got them back. That’s about all I know.

  21. Good ole boy says:

    I can’t say that I know Hanna or her family personally, but as a resident of the same county I can give some info on her living situation. She has been at her current residence for about five years now. The last house she lived in was purchased by the state of Illinois because they were widening the highway and needed the property to do so. In return the state bought (or gave) her the house she is currently in. By most accounts her previous home was in very similar shape, and the state demolishing it for road work was temporarily solving the problem. While living in that house she reportedly would charge a fee to allow people to dump their trash in her yard. So her landfill income, along with whatever public aid she is receiving (supposedly a “ward of the state”) is what allowed her to buy ridiculous amounts of animals any time she was forced to get rid of what she had. Hate to over state the obvious, but the woman has severe mental deficiencies. I hope this shed at least a little bit of light on the story for you Sarah.
    It’s a shame that such a nice little town is getting national recognition for such an ugly, isolated situation.

    • Thank you for sharing this info. If you want to help you could call, email, or fax any of the contacts listed here: and ask that they permanently remove the animals from Hanna’s home.
      A letter from someone who lives in the area would mean so much more. Sorry about the negative attention your area is getting. I’m sure everyone understands that Hanna is a rare case and that not everyone around there is like that. I spoke to one of her nephews, he was a really nice guy and also very concerned about the animals.

  22. WiteWolf00 says:

    This is my first time to your blog, via a co-worker. Great post! Thought I’d let you know that I volunteer at a facility that took 4 of the goats from her house (and we planned to take more than that, but obviously that didn’t happen). Currently, they are being treated very well. Their hooves have been trimmed (and are still being trimmed), and I hear that we plan on soaking their hooves in the near future to eliminate any more discomfort they may be experiencing. I haven’t watched the show yet (didn’t know they aired it already!) so forgive me if anything I type is already made obvious on the show.

    We thought one of the goats was pregnant when we got her- after a veterinary exam, we found out that she had been bred so many times that she just appeared to be pregnant. Currently the goats are receiving a daily diet of goat feed as well as mixed fresh fruit and veggies, fresh greens, and hay. They are being quite spoiled!

    After viewing these pictures on your blog, I am absolutely appalled that the goats were not dead. The conditions of that house are absolutely terrible, it makes me literally sick to my stomach. I hope that the rest of the animals can be confiscated soon and given the humane treatment they deserve. Thanks for making people aware of this terrible woman and actually taking the time and effort to do something about it.

    • OMG thank you SO much for commenting!!!!
      I’m so glad to hear that the goats are being spoiled! That makes me so happy! 😀
      If you think the pictures are bad… you probably don’t want to see the actual show. It was very upsetting.
      Which facility do you volunteer at? Do you have a website? I would love to check it out.

      • WiteWolf00 says:

        I gave in and watched the show- I think that that episode of Hoarders is probably my least favorite ever in that I wanted to punch everybody in the face. Pseudo-violence aside, you’re right, I ended up being very upset. I almost lost it after her excuse not to give the ducks water was because she didn’t “want them to lay eggs in the water where [she] couldn’t get them.” … … OMG.

        If you want to shoot me an e-mail at, I’d love to provide you with some links to the website/facebook. Right now, I’m not sure if the director would like me to publish the location here without permission, sorry. 😦

  23. Mama says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t have time at the moment to read the other (always insightful) comments but I feel the need to comment myself.

    I agree 100% with your post. It seems clear to me she ‘raised’ her children much like she ‘raises’ her animals. Didn’t she seem happy that 10 of her 16 children are alive? WTF? She seemed proud of that statistic! And her children obviously have some pretty serious issues of their own, likely in large part due to their upbringing.

    My four sisters and myself were raised by parents that are addicts. We occasionally were put in foster care but my father, a law enforcement officer, played the system like a fiddle and basically has gotten away with a lot that most men would find hard to live with. I have one sister, due to the abuse she suffered, (the worst of any of us) that goes in and out of mental institutions. She occasionally stays with us and I have learned that I have to either lock or passcode EVERYTHING because nothing is off-limits to her.

    My other sisters and myself function far better, and I like to think of myself as the one who has the most normal life. My sisters tell me I do and I am happy but I am not normal. I find it difficult to form close friendships and I wish I could change that but I tend to hold non-family at an arm’s length.

    I tell you this (thanks to the anonymity of the internet) to say that I suspect that Hanna raised (or partially raised at least) her children in a much more damaging environment and continues to think its OK, just like what she does with her animals. The legacy of people like her has ramifications for generations. She needs to be institutionalized and to never, ever be the caregiver of any living thing, not even a plant.

    I will join your campaign and write and call everyone you suggest. I hope all the Hannas are stopped now and forever.

  24. Jezzica says:

    I wrote “Dr. Zasio” and told her how disgusted I was with her and the entire crew of A&E!

  25. whatsaysyou says:

    As a blog reader, having read your your blog about hoarding involving animals really shocked me to the core. When I think of the word ‘hoarding’, unwanted items and rubbish filling up an entire room space usually comes to mind. But animal hoarding is just shocking and considered as animal cruelty. What kind of person this woman could do such a thing? Perhaps there should be a law reform on animal cruelty when it comes to animal hoarding so that this incident won’t repeat again.

  26. WiteWolf00 says:

    Hello again! Thought I’d let you guys know that one of the goats we received from Hanna was pregnant (though not the one Hanna claimed to be pregnant) and just gave birth to a beautiful baby on Sunday. Here’s a pic if you’re interested:

    Also, an update! Their hooves are looking amazing and are almost back to normal. We’ve been treating a really nasty case of thrush (an infection between the toes that smells horrific) on all of them. They may have blue hooves from all the soaking, but two of the goats that previously refused to use a leg are now starting to put weight on those legs and walking like normal goats!

    I also showed the episode to the director of the facility where I volunteer. She informed me that Animal Control was totally planned, and was a little miffed that they played it off like they were the bad guys when they were told to be there by a certain time by one of Hanna’s sons. Also, the turkey was taken in by one of our volunteers on her farm and the bird now looks like a completely different animal. I believe another volunteer took some rabbits or ducks, I can’t remember which. Needless to say, she was as completely appalled as we are at the condition these animals were in.

    Anyway, thought I’d give you a heads up on the great news of a new baby being brought into a world magnitudes better than what it would have been born into.

    • Omg was an adorable picture!!
      Thank you so much for the update! I’m so glad that the animals are doing better!
      This makes me very happy!!!! 😀

      • ~Luvz Film Noir Bluffs~ says:

        Thanx again for your efforts…….and the update. 🙂

        Will any of these animals return to Hanna after her 18 month probation period ?. Has she lost all claim to them?

        • WiteWolf00 says:

          These animals will definitely not go back. I don’t even think she knows where they went. Since she signed them over, they are now officially no longer her animals. I think even if they were to go back after the period, I would probably sneak in and kidnap (oh look, a pun 😀 )these guys so it wouldn’t happen anyway, but I’d probably be fighting with everyone at the facility trying to do the same thing haha.

          And thanks! I encourage everyone to volunteer wherever they can – it’s hard work sometimes, but a totally rewarding experience.

  27. kevin says:

    Start an online petition so we can sign it and the courts can see how many people have been outraged by this blob.

  28. tsve says:

    I hope something can be done to help these poor innocent animals. That is so sad how they are being treated. I imagine the animals will be helped before the poor innocent elders who are forced to live in nursing homes will be helped. Nursing homes are really jails in disguise if people only knew what happens in a nursing home they would never want their loved one to be prisoned there. If only they had the same laws to help elders like the animals are helped. Elders are shoved in those homes that appear to be nice.I do not know how people can trust nursing homes even if they look very nice from the outside they can be a very evil horrible life for an innocent good human being. Elders are forced there against their will and forced to live in diapers and wheelchairs and on drugs.They are also humiliated, disrespected, degraded and emotionally tortured by the way they are forced to live. They are not allowed to come home even if they want to and they have someone who is there to help them. They are drugged so bad and the family is told that they are deteriorating and they are becoming senile or more senile. They are labeled in such a way where it is ok to give them haldol and other drugs that are not even supposed to ever be given to elders or people with heart problems and other medical problems. The drugs just makes more problems. They may not get their regular medicine,just bad drugs to kill them. They are put in those homes to die even if they are not ready to die they will get forced in to it by being drugged to death or by sending them to a hospital that can drug them to death.There are so many sneaky ways that they can be killed off and the family will think it is old age. Also in the hospitals, if a person is sick the staff can kill them off too by drugs such as haldol and other ways. They can be overdosed with all kinds of drugs and the family is told it was the injury or illness that killed their loved one. This is happening all over America.So while it is great to look out for these innocent animals. I also believe that people should look out for each other as well. People need to protect not only the innocent animals but the innocent people and people who are hurting innocent people or innocent animals should be dealt with in whatever way that will stop this kind of behavior from ever happening again.The world could be a better place if that would happen.

  29. Rich Meyers says:

    I realize I’m way behind in posting a comment on this matter, but I don’t have cable, and was only recently able to view the episode on Netflix. I must say you give a very nice one-sided, biased summary of the show. Admittedly I am not a lover of animals like a lot of freaks out there (unless a good dipping sauce is provided), but even I was appalled by the living conditions of these animanls. However you must allow a little time for legal processes to run their course. I have absolutely no idea who you are, but you’re jealousy of the beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished Dr. Robin Zasio is hard to miss.

  30. Anonymous says:

    What a nutty tirade. I’m pretty certain the good doctor has more important things to concern herself with than your hysteria. The only thing not funny about this are the other people who apparently agree with you.

    Circus clowns, the lot of you.

  31. Ron says:

    WHY is this UNRELIABLE source coming back as FIRST results for popular search engines???

    I am searching for FACTS and I receive an amateur blog? This applies to google and bing, et. all

    Where is the internet going if I search for something and the results are blogs?

    I will no longer use google or bing for a homepage if they give me this site as a first result!

    I have always hated yahoo, never used it, but it gave me a factual find for my search!

    Looks like I am going to have to use every search engine with significant discretion. I am just concerned that google, the most popular search engine, is giving me opinions from any random person able to type as the primary answer for serious inquiries.

  32. Guest says:

    Wow, that guy’s a dick.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I cant even muster a tiny bit of empathy for animal hoarders – they are sick ok but so is a serial killer – i dont eat meat but i guess the meat industry is just as bad but at least the animals feed and nourish people.. i believe that animal hoarding should be classified as a serious crime .. sorry if you are sick with ocd and hoarding animals like this you don’t deserve to live amongst responsible citizens despite the fact that our culture is pretty much established on the same insane behaviour .. argggg

  34. Anonymous says:

    seriously Hannah is the most disgusting human being i have ever seen .. sadly, she puts a face on a lot of the evil that is accepted as normal in our every day life .. like factory farms.. people, the chickens you eat live conditions not unlike the ones depicted in this episode.

  35. Joel says:

    I just read that Hanna Palmer, 70, of Vienna, Illinois, died today (November 30). Apparently she froze to death and was suffering from pneumonia. I guess there’s no funeral planned. Karma’s a bitch, huh? Ding dong the witch is dead!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  36. Alulu2303 says:

    Okay, I have some problems with this article. Some of the things you said were very uncalled for and just spiteful. A lot of the things you said were just rude and you have no clue what she went through in her life because unlike you I do know, no I am not proud of this fact but she is my great AUNT! I do not associate with her at all but the things you said have me upset. Don’t get me wrong I am an animal lover, obviously because I am going to school to become a vet, but its not the animal things that you said that bother me. For one saying she killed six of her kids was was way off. Second of all that is there MOTHER nothing more we are not a bunch of incest monsters. I would like to know where you got your so called proof of this because its wrong. Another thing saying you hope she died was just uncalled for, for the gentlemen that posted that she died, I’m sorry but that information is wrong. All of the animals were removed from her property, and she is not allowed to own any animals, she is now on probation and living in Washington state with her daughter, while they try to make a home that is live able for her. I love animals and am glad they were removed I just want to make that clear, but you bashing her like that was very uncalled for.

  37. Stanley says:

    Your post cracked me up. I can see why it would upset her niece/nephew Alulu2303, but I loved the humor. Dr. Robin Zasio is my favorite as she steps through piles of crap week after week and gains/maintains the trust to get through the show. She adopted two of the Rats from one of the episodes. I thought that was awesome.

  38. Cruel and Disgusting says:

    Watching Hannah and her children were like watching the characters in the “The Hill have Eyes”. What a bunch of dysfunctional human beings. Obviously the children are a product of their disgusting and poor excuse of a morher. This woman should be put away and have her vocal cords removed. 16 kids and only 10 still alive as she says so nonchalant!?!? She probably raised those kids just like she raises her animals. This was truly the worst episode I’ve ever seen…I really hope those poor innocent animals received some help as I know this was most likely filmed a while ago. I don’t know how you doctors had the patience for someone like her. I would of lost it 2 minutes after she started screaming with her spit flying everywhere. Gross!!!!

  39. Tracy says:

    So you know, Hanna’s son Glenn Ramey has just been charged with sexual assault and murder of an 8 year old girl in Olney Illinois. I guess we know where the he learned empathy.

  40. Linda Hilt says:

    Take this post down about my mother. Have a little respect. I can sue you for slander. So please take it down

    • Cassie says:

      As if you are mentioning respect after the way Hanna treated those animals. She doesn’t deserve any respect.

      • Joy says:

        Curious, It’s 2018. Where is Hanna and what happen? Did they put her in a Tupperware container in a bed made of her own poop?

  41. D. Earwood says:

    Hannah’s son was also arrested and is in prison for raping and killing an 8 yr old girl. Glenn Ramey. In Colorado. Horrible family.

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