Bethenny Ever After ~ Episode 5

This week’s theme on Bethenny Ever After: Birthday parties. And we will talk about absolutely nothing else for a full 42 minutes. With the exception of unloving neglectful parents, who are contractually obligated to receive at least a two mentions per episode.

Bethenny is turning 40 (why did I think she was like 42?) and is having a girls night out. A friend asks how she feels about turning 40 and Bethenny goes off on a 5 minute monologue about her feelings. Save it for therapy. I’m pretty sure her friend was just asking a standard question and wasn’t really interested in hearing B’s inner most feelings on the subject.

I’m not sure if Bethenny and her friend’s behavior was appropriate or not, but after watching Vicky and Tamra’s vacation of trashiness, they all looked like perfectly classy women to me.

Bethenny and Julie are grabbing a coffee when she gets the call asking if she wants to do Skating with the Stars. See Teresa, that’s how you get on those shows. Not by starting rumors on Twitter.

Jason and Julie are concerned about Bethenny’s schedule. Julie talks about “all the things” Bethenny has to do, and Jason reminds her that she has a new husband and new baby, in addition to “all the other things” she’s doing. But no one ever says exactly what it is that she does. What are all these mysterious “things” she’s doing all the time? So far all we see her do is hang out with Jason, eat, and go to parties. What exactly is she so busy with?

Bethenny meets with Shawn the party planner to discuss her 40th birthday. But she doesn’t want to have a party. She really doesn’t. She can’t afford it anyway. So she definitely doesn’t want one. Well, unless Shawn insists. And he’s dong it for free as her birthday present? Ok, well since he’s practically twisting her arm, she supposes she’ll go along with it… since it’s what he wants. She wouldn’t want to be rude and turn down his gift.
Reminds me of a certain story about a paypal button…

WHY is this freakin HOP egg on everything I watch recently? Go away! Even if this movie had been something I was dying to see I would boycott it out of spite for annoying me.

Bethenny attends the GLAAD awards and tries to help her gay friend meet a guy. Yawn. Why does she always wear her hair in a pony tail at the fancy events? It’s really not a great look on her. But at least her hair looked brushed and not like someone raked through it with their fingers, which is a step up from last time, but she seriously needs to fire whoever she pays to do that to her.

Bethenny and Jason go for a walk with Bryn. Bethenny is yelling as usual since she isn’t capable of speaking at a normal decibel and Jason Shhh’s her. Uh oh. She was like, What?! Did you just shush ME? as though it was the most offensive thing ever. That’s it. I am totally convinced that Jill Zarin made Bobby pay off someone in the editing room. There is no way Bethenny has control over editing and allowed herself to look this hypocritical, mean, and whiney. It’s definitely all Jill Zarin’s fault.

Jason wants to invite some of his friends to his wife’s birthday party and she thinks that is just the most insane thing she has ever heard. She wants exactly 35 people at her birthday party, no more, no less. And she has exactly 35 friends that she wants to invite. Having 45 people there, or inviting 25 of her own friends and allowing Jason to invite 10 is just completely impossible. Bethenny says in her interview she doesn’t even want to have the party now that Jason actually expected people from his life to be a part of it.
You know who Bethenny should have married? Slade. He would be perfect for her. A little puppy dog to follow her around and do whatever she says and with no attachments to friends or family who will go along with every single thing she wants to do as long as he gets his face on tv.

Therapy. Ugh. Is she seeking mental help, or just looking for more excuses to talk about herself? I understand being hurt about your past, but it’s been like 20 years… and she’s still crying about it weekly. This can’t be healthy or normal. It’s a sad situation, and I used to feel bad for her, but she’s gone on about it for so long I’m just annoyed now. I think Bethenny should go volunteer at a kid’s group home and get some perspective. Despite what she thinks, she actually did not have the worlds worst childhood.

Bethenny went to get fitted for ice skates and was making sexual remarks and flirting with the shop owner. His wife didn’t seem too happy about that. I understand that Bethenny is an inappropriate person, but it’s starting to look like she’s just going out of her way to make normal people feel uncomfortable.

Bethenny goes to her first skating practice. She gives her trainer her expert opinion on why he didn’t make it to the Olympics, which I’m sure ripped open a very deep wound for him. But then to make it better, Bethenny reminded him that if he had won the Olympics he wouldn’t be there skating with her right now… which for some reason she seemed to think was a good thing.

Back at home Bethenny and Jason sit in bed and discuss her birthday, again. And she cries, again, about how sad birthday’s are for her while insisting that she really doesn’t want Jason to feel bad for her. Just ignore the tears.

As though it wasn’t enough having to hear about her birthday in every single scene this episode, we have to wait until next week to see the actual party which means they’ll be dragging this birthday bullshit our for two episodes. On the bright side, we didn’t have to see Gina this time.
Next week Bethenny cries some more, and Alex and Ramona make a guest appearance. I hope we get to see more than just a minute of them. I’m seriously in need of a RHONY fix. BEA is just not doing it for me.

Bethenny on the Gayle King Show.

She says in this video that for her, dieting was always less about the way she looked and more about control. That reminds me of some of the eating disorder comments left on last week’s recap.

Here are some video’s of Bethenny on Access Hollywood:

Bethenny talks about a Place of Yes (It’s about saying yes to everything and getting what you want – even if it takes you 40 years to do it)

Bethenny talks about when she’ll quit reality tv and how often her and Jason have sex (She wants to do reality tv for a couple more years, and her and Jason have sex twice a week)

How much nudity is too much for Bethenny? (There can never be enough nudity)

Bethenny talks about Chris Brown (He had an entourage)

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69 Responses to Bethenny Ever After ~ Episode 5

  1. car54 says:

    Bethenny married to Slade made me laugh out loud.


  2. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Bethenny seems to think the long ponytail is a sassy sexy look. Oh well, I guess it’s better than Jill’s outdated two-bags-of-weave boufant ‘do that she trots out for special occasions.

  3. TrueLifeDiva says:


  4. Buffy_Marshmellow says:

    To me, this is just my opinion, mind you…when Bethenny goes to see the Shrink, he is the one to bring up her parents. She’s all…me me me me me me me! Then, to make her cry, we have to hear about her crappy childhood ALL over again when the Shrink brings up the parents.

  5. MickeyMouth says:

    I’m half watching BEA and the RHOC. I can’t sit through an entire episode of either so I zip through the DVR or read the blogs.

    I just posted this over at Lynn’s. I guess Max is around for a little while longer. She didn’t fired him she gave him away, lol.

    • Dominque says:

      I agree re: rhwoc!! Can’t sit through it! They are just such crass trash!! UGH!! Especially trashy Tamara!! She is completely white trash & PROUD OF IT!! I can’t stand Alexis? whatever her name is & that new chick is a snore too! Gretchen is SUCH a wannabe!! UGH!!! She and that awful cackle of a laugh & TRIES to be funny & is NOT! (so does fugly Tamara) And this stupid wedding, renewal bullshit! Enough!!! And NOW they are doing the effing parents??!! snooooooore! Who the hell cares?! Who can watch this shit?? Clearly it is time for them to cancel Real Housewives OC… & Atlanta ..def Miami!!! & of course New Jersey!:D The only one that is watchable is New York! Period!! The rest SUCK!! 😦

  6. Dominque says:

    I used to love Bethenny! BUT! to use her own words… “Get over yourself”!! Geeez!! Enough already about your past & your shitty parents!! We get it! She is soooo self centered & self absorbed now!! 😦 Your parents sucked! Learn from it, and be a great mom to Bryn. And how about appreciating wonderful parents.. . like Jasons!! Instead of treating them like shit, appreciate & respect! She acts like she is doing them a “favor” being in her presence & allowing them to see THEIR sons child. I can’t imagine down-to-earth Jason NOT getting sick of her LOUD, me me me attitude! A little goes a long way! I hope they stay together, but she seems like someone who would take A LOT of energy to be around. Even her shrink (whom I love) is probably getting sick of her bullshit!;) WTH?! Enjoy the great life you have now, and let go of your shitty past & stop LOOKING for drama/problems! You are the queen of making mountains out of hole mills this season! 😛

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    I like Bethenny – her snark, her take on her life. The Skating with the Stars stuff was funny – she is in it for the costumes and sequins but you know she is going to work her ass off! Her friends are hilarious and I loved the double date with Jake. It was fun to see Shawn again too. Jason is starting to get on my nerves with the me, me, me crap – the show is about Bethenny so it is supposed to be about her, her, her!

    • I agree with Jason about the me, me, me stuff. I thought the show was supposed to be about her life with Jason and Bryn as a family. Not just about her.
      That stuff about not inviting his friends to her party was crazy. I can’t imagine telling my husband he can’t invite his friends to something.

  8. Caroline says:

    I just “loved” the scene with the therapist when she tells about her mother having sex with the ex husband as Bethenny lurked outside. Who really needs to know this stuff? The mother must be mortified every time that show comes on.

    The problem is that Bethenny has no boundaries or filter. Where some think this is “refreshing, candid, and honest” I think it is more evidence of her insane behavior.

    Guess it is clear I don’t drink from the “Bethenny Fountain of Love”.

    • I didn’t understand that part.
      “I came to get my clothes and heard them having sex”
      So they probably didn’t know she was in the house… I didn’t understand what her point was there.
      I don’t doubt that Bethenny’s mother was horrible. I don’t think a daughter can cut her mother out of her life without a good reason, but Bethenny needs to stop crying about it already. The world does not need to know every detail. The more she talks the worse she’s making herself look. Especially because her life was not THAT bad compared to many people. I think her life just looks a lot worse when she’s comparing it to all her fancy Manhattan friends.

      • If you had it like this says:

        I know, right?! And doesn’t almost everyone have some horrifying, traumatic story about walking in on or hearing their parents have sex??…that they laugh about as adults!! …but are still traumatized by. Ha!

        • I do!!
          And it was way worse than just hearing them from another room.
          Ugh, now I’m thinking about it! It burns, it burns!!!

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          When I was about 8, my parents were divorced and I lived with my mom. We were staying over at a relative’s house and the adults played cards and drank practically all night. My mom sleep in a bed upstairs with me and the guy she was dating at the time slept downstairs on the couch. I got up to watch cartoons which were downstairs and when I got to the living room, there was mom’s boyfriend on the couch asleep with his hands down his pants! I just kinda turned on the TV and started watching the cartoons. A few minutes later my mom came down and saw Mr. Pocketpool and damn near beat the shit out of him. I still laugh when I think about her kicking his butt all the way out the door. ha ha

  9. Adgirl says:

    90% of Bethenny’s arguments with Jason are about spending time with other people. Visiting his parents, having his friends watching basketball at their house, having his parents staying over night.

    I think she is a quiet homebody who has specific social situations she likes to enjoy outside the house, then she goes home. She likes her family & extended family at home but doesn’t enjoy entertaining guests too often (filming is “work”). Jason on the other hand is super social. I’ll bet he thinks he has 237 best friends. He loves to have people around all of the time.

    • I can understand that some people don’t like having company over the house. But Bethenny has Gina, Julie, Max, gays, make up artists ect over the house all the time. But Jason can’t have friends to watch the game?
      And I get that some people aren’t social, but Bethenny seems to be quite the social butterfly party girl… as long as it’s her kind of people.
      Not allowing him to invite 10 people to a big party was ridiculous.
      Idk… I just don’t find Bethenny relateable anymore. Or even likeable.

      • Caroline says:

        Whether Bethenny realizes it or not her behavior has a lot of her father’s traits. He apparently preferred spending time with his horses than with people and she seems to carry that same vibe to a large extent.

        She seems to want total control over Jason, the baby, and her staff with the exclusion of everyone else. Any other concession is regarded as an “intrusion”.

        No matter how good or bad I am as a parent I sure would hate to have any one of my kids broadcasting my every perceived fault for the world to chew over every week.

      • Marie says:

        Exactly RCH! Her home is always sworming with people for HER but God forbid it be anyone like Jasons parents or close friends,that’s just unacceptable!

    • VAgirl says:

      ITA. My husband is the sociable one, I am the homebody. We’ve somehow made it work. We’ve been married 37+ years. It’s B’s birthday and she shouldn’t have to invite 10 of J’s friends if she doesn’t want to. Jason was wrong on this one. He can invite whomever he darn well pleases to his birthday. I must be drinking from B’s Fountain of Love. LOL!

  10. If you had it like this says:

    Did anyone see this?
    It seems to me that Bethenny’s mom was probably a selfish, ill-equipped mother, possibly an alcoholic, from Bethenny’s description. However, very few of us get by unscathed in terms of the way we’re parented. I don’t need to go on and on about how unlucky some children are in the parents/life lottery. It gets as bad for some kids as you could ever imagine and worse. Having said that, I know everyone deals with all their childhood stuff differently so I’m not saying Bethenny’s issues aren’t real to her…. but it kind of seems like Bethenny was a privileged kid who got too much freedom and not enough attention and rules. I think I must be very cynical about this because I’m starting to think that all of this childhood stuff plays into Bethenny’s brand and story, if you will, and it’s starting to seem so calculated. She recently said in an interview that when Jill and Bobby approached her about being on the housewives show she just knew she was going to have her own show and be successful and she already knew how it was going to play out. She said she purposely kept herself separate from the rest of the cast. Nothing wrong with having a plan, that’s for sure, but B is striking me as sort of fame/success obsessed at this point and it’s really turning me off. Someone said she may be like her father when it comes to her career. I agree. There’s a mercenary feeling about it.

    • She was bff’s with Jill until the last season. She hung out with Alex when no one else wanted to. How was that keeping herself separate?
      From the article:
      Bethenny’s take? “My childhood was not terrible,” she admits during our interview. “I had a lot of happiness — or at least a lot of fun times. I did a lot of interesting things’ — but not necessarily at an age that would have been appropriate, she feels.
      So which is it? Was her childhood terrible or not? She’s crying in her show 10x an episode bc of her tragic past, now it wasn’t terrible and she had a lot of fun times?
      This why I’m starting to think she’s just using her past to get more attention and also as an excuse for bad behavior. It sucks to be unloved/ignored by your parents. But she wasn’t abused or neglected to the point that she didn’t have clothes or food!
      I’m seriously so fed up with her. More and more each week.

      • If you had it like this says:

        Sactly. It’s all a part of the “Bethenny” storyline.

      • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

        Yeah, I’m with you. I’m getting tired of the same old violin, same old soapbox routine.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        This is why I say that I think at least part of the family rift is her own fault. She wants it that way, and the way she treats Jasons parents only lends to that theory. You’d think that if it was so rough for her that she would be over the moon to be welcomed so warmly into her husbands family. Instead, she’s just resentful and annoyed by them wanting to be close. She’s played tis victimhood card as a way to seem relateable to the average person. But she’s going too far with it.

        Bethennys only driving force, imo, is to be famous. She tried many different avenues to become famous before she landed on RHONY. Celeb nanny, actress, chef, etc etc. She keeps talking about all these opportunities she wants to explore in LA. What opportunities would those be? WTF is next? Singing? Modeling? Another crack at acting?

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Her insane never ending obsession with her perceived childhood slights is now looking to me like more of her crazy (yes I said crazy) obsession with herself. Everything has to relate to her and her feelings. She is beyond self-obsessed. She didn’t get that way by childhood abuse imo, maybe too much indulgence, but yet it was never enough for her and nothing is ever enough for her….nor ever will be. She is a very negative person. Her “generous” moments are confined to her underlings to make herself look magnanimous. She looks like a spoiled brat. TMI has not been good for her. She gets angry if she isn’t the center of attention.

      • humbruh says:

        It’s starting too look like a “poor little rich girl” situation.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I like Bethenny but her show is grating on my nerves. I only liked parts of it – mainly when she wasn’t talking about herself. This last episode was very dull. I don’t like parties or birthdays either – but I don’t make a big deal about not making a big deal out of them. She and Jason have to stop judging each other and find a happy hoppy place or it’ll be over before it started.

  11. OneMoreInBoston says:

    I think the troll from last night was Dina. All the same characteristics of when we would talk about Dina’s charity- and the the trolls would go wild.

    Remember the proper authorities? it’s the same deal-io.

  12. Caroline says:

    Rest assured RCH there is no danger of you running out of snark. Bethenny has been renewed for another season of neverending WHINE:

    • Sairah says:

      I think she should quit before everyone turns on her. Another season is too much to bear. I’m barely sitting through this season…I’m just not going to tune in for a 3rd round. I’m seriously done. Im a little surprised they renewed it so soon…her ratings are almost a mil viewers down from BGM. Methinks season 3 will be under a million viewers per episode & that’s it.

      There is something so contrived & mean-spirited about this season. Now either she is changing…or we are seeing the real her….which is a narcissistic, angry, resentful, mean person. I hope not the latter, but I’m not going to be hanging around to see. I’m done. Sorry, B….

    • Ugh. I hope she learns something watching herself this season and is less awful next time.

      From the comments on that article:
      “if these affluencers are watching this crap, it explains why this country is in so much trouble.”

  13. SillyMe says:

    Thanks RCH for the recap I just couldn’t follow B this season. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes at the beginning and can barely stomach them. Thanks to you I get a fix for my curiosity without having to watch her whine about her life lol

    • That’s why I’m here. To suffer for you. Kinda like Jesus.
      You’re welcome.

      • SillyMe says:

        Hahahha yup you definitely are taking one for the team!! OMG I was really cheering for B up until now…before she seemed gracious and appreciative of the opportunities she has been given and the accomplishments she has made…but now all she does is whine and complain about pretty much all the good things and all the good people that she’s surrounded herself with!! Ohh and BTW her childhood WAS NOT that bad…having a father who wasn’t in her life…and I’m speaking from knowing the experience of someone near and dear to me going through worse and have come out on top without complaining, my very own husband. His father left when he was just 4 years old so all his life he grew up without any financial, emotional, physical support from a father, and his family was poor so they lived in a bad neighborhood where one day his house was robbed WITH his mom and him inside and the thugs made them kneel on their knees and held guns to their heads while they ransacked the house…after that he made a decision to make a better life for himself so he can get out of that “neighborhood” and life and he did…went on to achieve more than a college degree and one of which is a doctorate and is now financially stable and is a supportive son, brother/uncle, and most of all husband. A few years ago his dad did come back into his life and my husband has been financially supporting him since, to which I’ve asked him why when shouldn’t he hold resentment towards a father that didn’t take care of him growing up and he told me “he brought me into this world…maybe he didn’t support me because he couldn’t…but who knows because of everything I had more of a motivation to push myself to succeed so now that I have the means I can help him…” I’ve been married to him for 2 years and in a relationship with him for 6 years prior to that and I have never heard him complain or whine about how bad his life was…I only know the stories because they came up as part of our conversations about our childhoods and such…so B should just shut it with the constant reference to her bad childhood and just be happy that she has a successful career, a loving husband, and a beautiful and healthy baby…I know my husband is for everything he has. 😀 Sorry that’s my rant for today!!

        • You bring up a good point, A LOT of people (unfortunately) grow up without their dads in their lives. At least she got $500 on her birthday and he probably payed child support too. I’m sure it was painful for her that he didn’t want to be involved in her life, and I really do feel for her on that. But she’s taking it too far now.
          Once everything started going good and she had nothing left to complain about in her current life she started complaining about her past.
          I’m starting to think she just enjoys complaining and being a victim.

        • Marie says:

          Exactly SillyMe! Your husband sounds like most of my closest girlfriends and myself. Most of our biological fathers weren’t really involved in our lives and had our own share of problems growing up but NONE of us are still crying about it today and we are at least a decade younger than Bethenny. The reality is most people don’t grow up in perfect families and its what you do as an adult with your own family that really matters. Id welcome my father into my life any day of the week because he is just that,my FATHER. He didn’t abuse me or is some kind of predator and neither is/was B’s parents so that’s why I have NO pity for her…get over it Bethenny. I don’t even pity my own situtation and my father didn’t see my son,his own grandchild till after my son passed away and was at his wake and funeral service. Bethenny needs to understand that shitty parents are the ones who have to live with the guilt of not being there and just be that parent yours weren’t and more to your own children. Shitty things happen in life Bethenny but it could ALWAYS be worse..grudges in general are bad but grudges against your own family are even worse. Would she want Bryn when she’s older talking about her that way on national tv and to the magazines..Get over it Bethenny.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            (((Hugs, Marie))), you are right, just like SillyMe above. You have to choose at some point who you want to be in your adult life, then get on with it. Every one seems to be getting sick of B’s narcissism, even her therapist. B won’t ever get over it b/c she doesn’t want to. It is her identity.

            • Marie says:

              Thanks Tuzentswurth.

              If there is one thing that irks the living days lights out of me besides liars,it’s people that are constantly doing the “woe is me” crap.

          • SillyMe says:

            Aww hugs from me to you to Marie!! Even with everything you’ve endured you still sound positive and that’s what most of us are. I am a true believer that your happiness is what you make of it. Things happen in life that you learn from, but should also move forward from them, not to gripe about the past day in and day out. Yah i don’t even find B relateable anymore, she comes off as very selfish and entitled, and that’s why i’m not even the least bit interested in getting her new book where she talks about how u can get everything you want out of life. I think most of us know what we want and have gone for what we want, but what separates us from her is that after we GET what we want we count our blessings and not bitch and compare about what happened in our pasts!! 😀

            • Marie says:

              Thanks SillyMe

              It’s so true what you said about counting our blessings instead of complaining about the past. I count mine EVERYDAY because i have two beautiful daughters i was blessed with and live for. Life is too short to wallow in self pity and harbor resentment.

  14. car54 says:

    I just got this in an email from

    Recently, it was announced that I had sold the rights to the Skinnygirl cocktails brand to Beam Global Spirits & Wine, one of the world’s largest spirits companies. You are the ones who made Skinnygirl as popular as it is, so I want to give you all the details about this decision.

    The Skinnygirl Margarita was a solution I came up with for a simple problem: We all want a delicious cocktail, but we don’t want the guilt or the hangover.

    I knew the product would be a hit, so I brought it to all of the major liquor companies, run by men—incidentally—and no one wanted it. I knew I had a good idea, and as I say in my new book, “A Place of Yes,” never assume that anyone is smarter than you. This was a great idea, and I wasn’t going rely on the opinions of men, when I knew women would be the ones buying and drinking it.

    So I decided to develop the product and the brand myself.

    Lo and behold: A craze began, an entirely new category in this industry was created, and I had demand for what became the Cabbage Patch Doll of cocktails. We were the Little Cocktail That Could, trying to keep up with unprecedented demand within an industry we were racing to gain an understanding of.

    When Beam came along, I was completely reluctant to share or give up my baby. This brand with so much potential was mine to grow. I was the first to come up with this concept, and I wanted to keep it that way—rolling out all of my new flavors, sizes, and marketing ideas. I wanted the ability to go global. I have a great international fan base, and they’re clamoring for Skinnygirl Margaritas as well. At the same time, all of the other liquor giants have been scrambling to try to copy this brand with cheap imitations. My job is to get you a wide variety of high-quality Skinnygirl cocktails as soon as possible.

    My decision to “partner” with Beam (and I use that word intentionally) was entered into and decided upon because I will remain integrally involved. I will remain creator, collaborator, marketer, flavor inventor, and idea person. Beam understood that if I wasn’t involved, we couldn’t do this.

    I also couldn’t do it to you: my fans who drink this product because you know I created it to be the cocktail you can trust. This will remain the case; I will still look to you for ideas and decisions about what you want next, and I will always put your opinions first.

    I think this was a great decision, and I can’t wait for you to try all of the new things I’ve been dying to bring to market for you!

  15. car54 says:

    Also…..BEA was just renewed for another season…so somebody likes the show, I guess.

  16. Miss Anthrope says:

    UGHHHH the scene where they are walking Bryn in the stroller made me hate her guts for a few minutes. She may as well have just said, “But Jason! I want a golden goose egg NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!”. She seriously was acting like one of those little bitches on My Super Sweet 16.

    It’s always awesome to see Jason stand up to her though, because I get the feeling that she’s never really expecting it and when it finally happens she looks like, “oh shit…I just got told”.

    I’m convinced that this broad doesn’t want to be happy though. She has everything she could possibly want and all she ever does is complain about it. She wants everyone to be happy for her, yet she can’t even be happy for herself. And next week she has a full on meltdown because her birthday party guests (GASP!) wished her a Happy Birthday? Christ Almighty…

    And yeah, if your head looks like a trapezoid you probably should consider keeping your hair down.

    • Omg that trapezoid remark was mean… but had me laughing out loud.

      I swear, if she really freaks out next week bc people wish her a happy birthday – at her birthday party – I might start officially hating her.
      But it looks like that is whats going to happen.

      • SillyMe says:

        LoL seriously!! I still hate Jill Zarin but B is making it very hard for me to like her right now!!

        • Anonymous says:

          Why do you hate Jill?
          Because she is rich,smart
          And beautiful?

          • Clare says:

            Wow Jill reads this blog too? RCH You need to contact Andy Cohen! This is where all the “bravo-lebrities” hang!

          • SillyMe says:

            @Anonymous: how funny!! Your comment gave me a good laugh!! I hate Jill Zarin because of the way she treats other people as we’ve all seen on the shows and believe me my reasons for hating her is NOT because she is rich (which I can careless for because that has no baring in my own life!!), OR that she’s smart which I think is a joke because i DON’T think she’s smart, OR that she’s beautiful because I think she’s the LEAST attractive housewife in that whole group of housewives on Bravo!! So to make it clear for you and to respond to each and everyone of YOUR reason of WHY i hate Jill Zarin, I’ll sum it up for you:
            1. Because she’s rich?? — who cares if she is rich or poor, for ME i make plenty money so i’m not sure if she’s richer than me or not lol
            2. She’s smart?? — she comes off pretty dumb on the show, so street smart-wise I’m not sure if that’s something i would be jealous of or even envy. And book smart-wise I do hold 2 degrees from 2 very well-known universities (and they’re not online universities either) and am also employed by a big well-known company so I don’t need to sit around and take notes on everybody who has pissed me off!! 😉
            3. She’s beautiful?? — uhh if that’s what she thinks of herself then she has her own opinion but certainly not me!! There is absolutely NOTHING about her face or body or ANYTHING on her that I would want because what I have is way better but that’s just me and my opinion. 😀

    • Marie says:

      Lmbo!! Too funny Miss. Anthrope. 🙂

      • Dawn says:

        I was annoyed when she was crying about inviting his friends as well. Picture her throwing Jason a birthday party and inviting all of her friends and just a few of his. We would all be hating on her for it. I get her point, but she could have communicated better.

    • JenD says:

      “And yeah, if your head looks like a trapezoid you probably should consider keeping your hair down”. HAHAHAHAHA. I actually laughed out loud…WOW

    • Monkey says:

      “I’m convinced that this broad doesn’t want to be happy though. She has everything she could possibly want and all she ever does is complain about it. She wants everyone to be happy for her, yet she can’t even be happy for herself. ”

      I agree, her issues are keeping her from being happy. She has control issues, and needs to get over this whole childhood thing. Instead of dealing with them and moving on she ignores the issues until they bubble up to the surface and then she makes excuses and blames everyone else for them instead of actually doing something to fix it. That is why her reactions to normal, everyday family situations seems so over the top.

      She has admitted she has control issues when it comes to eating, and people with control issues usually have them in every area of life. I do as well, and marrying and having children brought up all kinds of crap for me that I didn’t even know was there, because my control freak tendencies had led me to be extremely high functioning and independent when I was on my own. It took me a while to even see what was going on, but then I dealt with it. Bethenny needs to see her problems for what they really are and deal with them as well. Her life has completely changed in a year and a half. This would be hard for anyone to deal with, let alone a control freak who has spent 40 years being totally independent. She needs to actually deal with this in therapy, instead of using therapy as a cheerleading session to reinforce the “aren’t I so great considering” type thinking she seems to have.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m cheering for B and I really hope she can get through this and get her act together. But if the next season is like this one, I won’t be watching.

  17. car54 says:

    Jill also was on ustream this week doing a “test”- i think she got the idea from Charlie Sheen. It says she is doing a live chat on Thursdays during RHONY.

  18. krone says:

    Whoa, I feel like a stranger in a strange land here. I still luv me some Bethenny. I think it’s amazing that a relatively loner type person went from looking out for herself by herself for most of her life to a situation where she has to share everything about herself with another person, then before fully adjusting to that, has a baby too. I think it’s perfectly natural that while experiencing motherhood and the unconditional love that comes with it, she re-visits her own childhood and can’t fathom how her mother didn’t experience those same feelings re her. Those feelings just bubble up.. and thank God she has Jason around who seems to really care about her and her emotional well being. I also think the shrink asks pretty shrink-like questions (and we all know those sessions are edited for time). I remember feeling very cut off from the rest of humanity after having my first child and also very emotional. I love that she keeps her humor, and it’s smart humor; no dummy could come up with her one-liners, while mothering, wifing?, writing and getting a business off the ground. I guess I wish she were a bit warmer towards jason but he’s a big boy and seems pretty happy. I guess I’ll be the official Bethenny cheerleader BUT I STILL HATE JILL ZARIN!!

    • Melissa Gowan says:

      That’s all well and good, but why are you wasting time and emotional energy hating someone You. Do. Not. Know?

      • Tam5115 says:

        Why am I wasting time and emotional energy watching shows about people I. Do. Not. Know?

      • krone says:

        Hating JZ is not a waste of time. It’s a passion shared by many and the 1 good thing about hating someone I.Do.Not. Know.? It’s introduced me to many people I’ve grown to enjoy. Created. A. Bond.

  19. ackstua says:

    Bethenny is an egomaniac. Not to mention annoying. I just stumbled across this blog, and I can’t believe anyone could still like this woman. She is vile.

    • NorCal says:

      I just stumbled across it, too, and had the same disbelieving reaction.

      I wonder if Bethenny’s 15 minutes of fame are almost expired. I read a couple of days ago that some story she told of getting “lost at sea” was apparently a fabrication– a tugboat rescue captain who had been on the scene said there hadn’t been a real emergency.

      The “lost at sea” story, along with the lie about the all-naturalness of the SG Margarita, would seem to erode the public’s confidence in Bethenny’s credibility. One more lie publicly exposed and she’s on her way to being toast, I imagine.

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