The Real Housewives of Orange County – Beg For It Bitch

Vicky and Tamra head out to their romantic weekend in Cabo to repair the friendship that Simon so rudely got in the way of last year.

Vicky won’t shut up about Tamra stabbing her in the back and pouring salt in her wound. She brings it up every chance she gets. She reminds Tamra every 5 minutes about how much she owes her and even tells the hotel staff what an awful friend Tamra is.

When they get to their room Tamra runs out on the balcony and flashes her butt. Vicky sits her down and explains that they’re going to have to have some rules for this trip. Hmmm. Rules? Kinda like how Simona had rules? Maybe now Vicky is getting a taste of what Simon had to deal with.

Gretchen and Alexis meet for lunch. For skinny women, it seems like all they do is eat. They discuss relationships and marriage. Gretchen still wants a lease, but unfortunately the State of California isn’t willing to grant her one. Alexis says that Slade is a great guy and that Gretchen should totally marry him. I was unaware that Alexis secretly hated Gretchen.

Gretchen says that she wants kids, but that her mom would murder her if she got pregnant without being married. But dating Slade is kinda like having a child who depends on you to take care of them, and buy them food and clothes, and put a roof over their head. So if Gretchen wants kids she should just keep dating Slade, that way she gets the child without having to commit to marriage or be murdered by her mother. Win, win.

This week on Christianity according to Alexis: Biblically, people are not supposed to get divorced. But God is forgiving, so it’s all good. Leases are bizerk (did she mean bazar?) because they’re not in the bible. Better to just make a vow in front of God, then break that vow and pray for forgiveness. That’s the way good Christians do it.

Jim is paying for Alexis to pretend she’s a fashion designer. Ugh. I will not be buying that crap. Moving on.

Peggy is participating in a documentary about post-pardum depression and talks about the things she experienced after her first daughter was born. Her mother-in-law (the one who cures aging with holograms) gave her some holistic medicine and made it all better… well, kinda better… sorta… today at least… no telling what tomorrow will be like. I’m all for holistic remedies, but it sounds like girlfriend needs to get herself to an actual doctor.

Peggy and her husband go on vacation because all anyone ever does on this show is go out to eat and go on trips. No wonder they’re all losing their homes. Vicky is right, no one besides her seems to actually work.

Peggy and family check into their hotel room and then head down to the pool. In the cabana her youngest daughter cut her finger and was bleeding. The way Peggy was freaking out I thought she was setting the scene for a lawsuit.

Even though the baby wasn’t crying and didn’t seem the least bit bothered by the little cut, Peggy insisted that she needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately… by her father… while Peggy continued to hang out at the pool.

Vicky and Tamra go to dinner and Vicky continues to make her grovel and pay for her sins. She makes Tamra pull the seat out for her and then makes the poor waiter listen as she goes on and on about how Tamra stabbed her in the back and ran her over with a car. Since the guy had an accent, she was dumbing down her sentences and using hand signals just to make sure that he understood everything she was saying.

The way Vicky told the story made Tamra look like an abusive girlfriend who kicks her ass and then takes her on nice vacations to make up for it. I think I saw the guy take the knife away from Tamra’s plate.

TMI lady!

Vicky tells Tamra that she wants her to write a two page apology and then read it to her on the beach by candle light the following night. She even brought along a pen and paper for Tamra to use. She should have just printed out a copy of Cynthia’s friendship contract. I always got a kinda butchy, man-hating vibe from Vicky. I think she may have a little crush on Tamra.

Lookin a little disheveled there Vicks

Tamra jokes about Vicky making her work for her friendship. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it. At this point it would be easier to just get a new friend. Vicky explains that friendships are important and friends are like family to her. (As long as they don’t ask to borrow money, right Vicky?)

Gretchen and her dad go out to eat and she asks him what he would say if Slade asked his permission to marry her. Her father didn’t grab her and shake her and say what the hell are you thinking even considering marrying that loser??? So I guess we know who Gretchen takes after in the intelligence department. How does she think he’s going to propose anyway? What is he going to do, make an engagement ring out of origami?

Gretchen does acknowledge that Slade is broke and that if they get married she’ll be the bread winner. So at least she doesn’t have any delusions about him actually ever getting a job (or paying child support to his ex). She also admits that she has a history of making bad decisions when it comes to men. So I guess in the end it will just come down to weather her head or her heart wins the argument.

Tamra and Vicky continue on their vacation of inappropriateness. Tamra wants to talk about the hot 5 hour long single sex she’s having, but Vicky doesn’t want to hear it. I don’t know why Vicky got so freaked out over the sex talk. Maybe because she’s jealous of Eddie? But I’m with Vicky on the vaginal rejuvenation talk. I don’t really don’t want to be thinking about Tamra’s lose vajayjay. Ugh… now I just thought about it.

Vicky and Tamra head to the pool bar and Tamra continues making a fool of herself by asking random guys if Vicky’s boobs look good and encouraging Vicky to flirt with a Don look-a-like. Then she hops up onto the bar so that a total stranger can do a body shot off of her. Tamra says she never did body shots before, and somehow I find that very, very hard to believe. Anyone who bought into Vicky’s “I’m so mortified” act should check out some of the pictures on Lynn’s blog. (Btw Lynn, no one would ever believe those two are Canadian, but nice try. ;))

Later that night Vicky asks Tamra to read the “vows” she wrote to her. Vicky is really pushing the whole apology thing too far. It’s getting creepy. Tamra was too busy getting bombed at the pool all day to write a declaration of love and loyalty to Vicky, so she speaks from her “heart”. She spewed a bunch of bullshit that she thought sounded nice, but when it looked like Vicky wasn’t buying it, she came out with the deal closer: If Alexis bothers Vicky again she’ll knock her down. The Alexis comment seemed to satisfy Vicky, and Tamra was allowed to stop groveling. Friendship is nice and all, but what’s really important in life is having an ally on the Real Housewives.

I love how Tamra said “our friendship means everything to me?” as though she was asking a question.

Vicky says that no one has any reason not to like her. Um… I could think of more than a few reasons. She also says that she is easy to get along with as long as no one pisses her off…..Β  or doesn’t have a job, or calls their husband too much on the phone, or refuses to go on a girls weekend, or calls her out when she’s being rude, or doesn’t consider her to be the “top dog” she thinks of herself as, or dates Slade, or… you get the point.

Then fireworks erupt in the distance and Tamra acts like she’s never seen a firework before in her life as she runs towards them and almost falls off the balcony while trying to reach out and touch the sparkly sky jewels. Vicky pulled her down, saving her life, and they have a nice romantic hug under the stars. Gag me.

Next week someone get’s pepper sprayed!
What did you think of Vicky and Tamra’s girls weekend? Just two girls having fun, or is Vicky a total closet lesbian?

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416 Responses to The Real Housewives of Orange County – Beg For It Bitch

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  2. Buffy_Marshmellow says:

    New Fan posting here…love all your posts, RCH!

    I don’t understand Vicki’s constant “Girl’s Weekend” or “Girl’s Night Out” stuff. To me, if you are spending more time with the “Girls” then your priorities are out of order. I think it’s cool to go out with your friends once in a while, or have a monthly bunco game or book club because I do think Moms need to decompress every so often, but when you spend more time with the “Girls” than your family, you’re in trouble. And it presents trouble.

    Vicki is so needy and psychotic this season. Maybe she needs to change her meds, see a doctor about The Change, or just go for it and make out with Tamra.

    • I think it’s overboard with the girls stuff too. A girls weekend is nice, but it seems like she has a lot more girls weekends than married weekends. She never seems to want Don around, and it seems to bother her when the other women want their husbands around, or miss them, or want to call them. She’s happy that Tamra got divorced.

    • humbruh says:

      She needs some serious therapy. The girls weekends, the need to be in control & always right are too much. I can hardly tolerate this woman on my tv every week. I couldn’t imagine actually having to deal with her face to face everyday.

    • real oc queen says:

      Do you know the meaning of defamation?

      • Buffy_Marshmellow says:

        Wow. Troll much?

        Do you know the meaning of “opinion” and “free speech”?

        • real oc queen says:

          Freedom of speech have it’s limits .All good things come to an end. Happily for me. This trashy blog will be the down fall!

          • MissHathaway says:

            Oh dear. An semi-literate troll. Let’s try this, dearie.

            Freedom of speech is singular, and thus takes the singular form of the verb. Freedom of speech HAS …

            And then the it’s/its problem. It’s is a contraction of it is. It is not a possessive. The possessive pronoun is its. No apostrophe.

            So …Freedom of speech has its limits.

            The rest of your post is incoherent. What is the good thing that will come to an end? Freedom of speech? The RHOC? This blog?

            Look, be a troll if you like but try to make sense, OK? And based on your very weak grasp on written English, I am guessing that you actually know nothing about First Amendment (that would be the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, dear, which says that CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW…), much less the law of defamation. So you probably don’t know that satire is protected.

            Were those words too big for you, dearie?

            • real oc queen says:

              The good thing that will come to an end. Is my fist to your face dummy Hathaway .Didn’t ya mammie teach you any manners dearie?

              • Isn’t it a little silly to be threatening violence over the internet? How exactly does that work? You guys exchange email addresses, then she sends you her home address, then you book a flight, hotel, and rental car with GSP. Then after you check into the hotel you drive to her house, knock on the door, and punch her?
                Just curious what your thought process was there.

                • real oc queen says:

                  I don’t make treats. I make promises ! You run around all the time picking on helpless people no different

                • Who is helpless? The Housewives? Lol.

                • housewifeaddict says:

                  You crack me up RCHW!

                • real oc queen says:

                  I’m talking in general there’s always re tweets about how you and your commenters bullying housewives and other bloggers .I’m gonna give you idiots a rude awakening I’m their advocate and clean up compartment your move

                • Tuzentswurth says:

                  Mmmmm, oc queen,treats are really good. You SHOULD make them. It is easier than punching someone on the internet and so tasty too.

                • Real "TO" Housewife says:

                  haha, that was totally on an episode of family guy. stewie flew to la to punch will ferrell in the mouth. so maybe real oc queen is stewie. does lois know you are online stewie?

                • Distressed says:

                  Priceline is often for last minute for last minute air/hotel deals.

                  Know that.

              • MissHathaway says:

                Move aside, RCH. I’ve got this one. I’m going to go all WordPress on her ass.

                • Executive Lawyer&Co says:

                  Hi real to h.wife ain’t too day to be posting lame stewie jokes@ 1:35am in the morning??

  3. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I said it on another site and I’ll say it again, if you have to ask if your vagina is tight, it isn’t. Eddy either has a pencil dick or he can’t get it all the way up because he’s really gay. Tammy Sue, you’re proving Simon right…….

    • real oc queen says:

      Eddy gay? Ha! Are you the small dick ,that poked him in the ass? Or were you the one, removing his anal probe?

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        You are not funny or sharp. Just like Tammy Sue……..

        • real oc queen says:

          Didn’t come here too be funny what’s your point? Your village called their missing they town mascot

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            Why did you come here? We already have a troll and I don’t think said troll will be happy about you trying to steal the thunder. Run along now b/c some other blog is missing it’s idiot!…..or mascot?

            • Their, they’re, there. So many people get their English grammar confused. They’re really trying to say one thing about something but they end up saying something else. So there. So idiotic when trying to fight with words. At least know the words you fight with.

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  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    Whether alone or in pairs – these women are boring!
    Whatever they were doing in their 20’s isn’t that interesting that they need a redo…and the concept of girls’ weekend reminds me of “Girls Gone Wild” with insecure, superficial, over the hill not that hot sloppy seconds! Looking for validation from total strangers in a bar is creepy. Get a real job, go back to school, parent your children, but leave the obnoxious bar barbie behavior to those who are in their 20s!

  6. Sus says:

    Here’s what I can’t stop wondering – why would someone want to swallow liquid that has been inside someone’s bellybutton? That’s so gross!

  7. Dani says:

    I just can’t watch this show any longer and rely on your blog as well as Lynn’s to keep me up to date. Great blog I enjoyed reading it and feel that I didn’t waste my time watching trashy Tamara. That girl truly has a problem. My, my her children must be so proud of the way she acts on national TV.

    • real oc queen says:

      Tamra kids are proud of all the things she accomplished! Have you accomplished anything in your life, beside hiding behind your screen,calling another woman gross?

      • BonBon says:

        Excuse me, you seem to be doing a pretty good job of hiding behind YOUR screen. Look to yourself once in awhile.
        Name ONE thing Tamra has accomplished (besides being a Gold Digger herself and pushing babies out of her Vigaygay) and I’ll eat the flowers out of the vase I’m holding.
        She doesn’t even seem to spend much time with them. Elch!

      • Lol. What exactly has Tamra accomplished in life? Just curious. Because I really can’t think of one. Unless being a Housewife counts, then I can think of exactly one thing.

      • MissHathaway says:

        So what planet are you from, dearie? What language is spoken there?

      • Sus says:

        Which parts are they are proud of? Saying she was going to get another woman “naked wasted”? Having sex in the bathtub with a guy that isn’t their dad?

        • real oc queen says:

          Lamest bunch of drama queens I’m so over you idiots! She never said naked drunk in a bath tub with another woman the was heavily edited what part of that didn’t you sus?

          • Sus says:

            Ahh, Tamra did say she was going to get Gretchen naked wasted at her dinner party. She also had sex with Gayddie this season. Her children must be brimming with pride.

  8. justanothermary says:

    Tamra is grosser than gross, but she should run, run hard and run fast, cuz Vicki is totally bat shit crazy with this “vows” stuff. Telling all the hotel staff how badly Tamra has treated her, WHO DOES THAT? What if Breanna actually does move away? What then? Will Vicki bring Tamra a brand new car complete with payment booklet? She’s always been controlling but she is totally over the top with this stuff and she needs some right now help.

    • real oc queen says:

      Vicki and Tamra are set for life! While they laugh all the way to the bank.And what do you do? Worry if she’ll get a car from Vicki? What a joke

      • BonBon says:

        Yes. Satchels of Gold!

        • Some people are set with money but their misery and insecurities still shine through. No matter how much money they have, they try and try to keep buying their happiness and try to prove to the world that their money is what makes them better somehow. Some people have little money but their lives are rich because they have family, friends, intelligence, and a kickass group of blogging comments to read from some wickedly funny people. When you are truly happy, you don’t need to try to prove it on television. You already know it on the inside. No proof required.

  9. cdnfillie58 says:

    LOL….I agree one would ever believe these two are Canadians..our kooks are a different breed altogether πŸ˜›

  10. Clare says:

    I thought it was interesting how Gretchen is like “oh, after my first marriage failed I really can’t think about getting married again”….but wasn’t she engaged to Jeff? I think in a way it sort of offers proof as to that whole thing being fake.

    Not a single one of these ladies is likable to me, and someone should keep Peggy away from her children. She was “so concerned” about Capri, and yet she didn’t even bother to go to the doctor with her. Even her husband said something along the lines of “Peggy was more concerned with what she cut her hand on, I was more concerned with the injury”. It was a very bizarre scene.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Peggy said her husband was a Libra(?) And therefore more calmer than her. She kept yelling, “She lost a lot of blood” but all I saw were droplets. If she had went to the hospital with them she probably would have fainted or vomited or something really ridiculous. I noticed how calm the baby was despite Peggy’s hysterics. I think Capri is already used to her mom freaking out all the time.

    • I figure that Gretchen didn’t mind being engaged to Jeff because she knew he would die before the marriage ever happened.
      I agree Peggy’s behavior was odd. I really hope she isn’t going to spend the rest of the season being crazy and blaming post pardum. I don’t know how her husband puts up with her, I was so annoyed after two minutes. It’s a little cut!!! Holy hell. The kid wasn’t even bothered, she was just eating her cookie. We were just talking on the Bethenny blog about children being so over protected these days. What is Peggy gonna do when she falls off her bike and scrapes a knee?

      • Clare says:

        Speaking of awkward interactions…am I the only one that finds the interaction between B and Brynn somewhat forced at times? Maybe it’s just because I’m not used to seeing her in that light…but it usually seems like, fawn over Brynn like she is Cookie, then hand her off to someone else.

      • real oc queen says:

        Where did you get such ridiculous BS? Gretchen knew Jeff was going to die before they got married. So that was supposedly her reason to be engaged to Jeff? Wow if all you dumb asses could fly. Your blog would be an Airport!

      • Distressed says:

        Her husband loves her, that’s how he puts up with it. Can you imagine the embarrassment? Going to see a doctor, who happens to be another adult, with a little tiny baby with a little tiny cut on her finger. With a camera crew. And he did it? Why? He thought it would pacify the wife. And he was right.

        My opinion, he’s been doing this quite a while. he never blinked. He’s used to it at this point.

    • real oc queen says:

      Do you know Gretchen personally. To say that her relationship with Jeff was fake? Don’t assume things you don’t know about. To the owner of this blog and commenters please all have your facts together,before you go around spewing lies.Which you can be taken to court for.

      • Sus says:

        I don’t know Gretchen personally. It seemed likes she was a golddigging dip from what they have showed on the show the first season. The internet pictures with her tongue down someone else’s throat while Jeff was in the hospital dying have helped that picture for me. Now that she has hooked up with Slade and keeps saying he is being paid in the bedroom to protect his assets from his children also doesn’t help how she appears. Allegedly.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:


        She can’t be taken to court for her poster’s opinions. Besides which country’s court? She’s in Canada.

        In My Opinion- Gretchen’s relationship with Jeff was FAKE!

        I don’t have to know her because the stupid douchebag filmed it for reality TV.

        Do YOU know Grethen personally to say it WASN’T faked?

        • real oc queen says:

          Hi Boston Canada and America are aliens there for any American citizen can have Canadians prosecuted in the court of law. Ever heard of the constitution and bill of rights? Or are you too busy watching housewives?

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            bullshit. I’ve tried to prosecute a Canadian- there is no way to bring them into court in the USA.

            • Real OC queen says:

              Sucks for you that you couldn’t get them prostituted. Boston My dads a judge and he prostitute Canadian citizens all the time so your fail attempt at saying you can’t bring them to court on usa soil is a bunch of bullshit at best! USA and Canada have ties canadians can bring us to court and nice versa Go read the constitruction you may learn something for a change

              • Sus says:

                I don’t think your dad, the judge, is going to appreciate you talking about his prostitution online.

              • So when you bring me to the US to prostitute me, how much of the money do I get to keep? What’s the split, like 60/40? I think I should get more since I’m doing most of the work.

                • jezzibel says:

                  RCH don’t sell yourself short…go 70/30

                • I didn’t want to ask for too much and get pimp slapped.

                • BonBon says:

                  LOL. You crack me up. I think, though, we have to be Sonjas now: ROCQ has mental problems and I think we need to stop baiting her. She is beginning to remind me of a rabid dog. She can’t help herself from making a fool of herself.
                  Either that, or she is intentionally trying to make us laugh.
                  The English lesson that Miss Hathaway is trying to give her are charming, but dearie, they seem to be having the opposite effect.

                • Executive Lawyer&Co says:

                  hi dawn yea I gotta ax to grind gotta problem with that??

                • Executive Lawyer&Co says:

                  no pimp will want you for prostate pimps only go for high class y’all a bunch of low class broken down fake wanna bee housewives hi haters bye haters

              • Grace says:

                I don’t think Canadian prostitutes can be prostituted by the American constistruction because they are aliens.

                • O.C queens back assholes says:

                  hi grace did you go to school please do not butcher the us constitution word aliens aren’t even real how old are you 9??

              • Real "TO" Housewife says:

                it is stewie. i knew it. oh honey you really need to be in bed. lois will be angry

                • O.C queens back assholes says:

                  hi to housewife I’m on break to do whatever I want gotta problem with that?? do I need to have my attornies contact you to??

          • Grace says:

            Canada and America are aliens? I learn so much from these comments. Thank you, OC

          • ladyliberty says:

            “Aliens” really?!?!?!

      • Actually Clare does know Gretchen personally. She lives next door to her, their mother’s are best friends from childhood, and her second cousin is dating Gretchen’s brother. They even got their dogs from the same breeder.

        • real oc queen says:

          Actually Gretchen does not know anyone by the name of Claire. Unless Claire is on here using an alias.Then no Gretchen don’t know her.And I’m 130% certain Clare doesn’t know Gretchen,nor live any where close to her!

          • She definitely knows her. Claire is not her real name. That’s just the alias she uses online.
            She also told me that Gretchen and Slade aren’t really together, they are just pretending for the show. Slade is actually gay and dating Gretchen’s hair stylist. See, Slade has a big gambling problem and owes tons of money to loan sharks and if he doesn’t pay them back soon he’s gonna end up buried in the desert, then Gretchen’s hair stylist will be devastated and will be too depressed to do her hair properly. So she let’s Slade be on the show so that he can make some money and she can keep getting her hair did.

            • real oc queen says:

              Where’s Claire need to ask her these questions. I’ll also need you to turn over to me all information and proof you had with Claire regarding her saying those baseless things. Or do I have to contact the head honcho for this blog to get all the information I need about this alias Claire and all others who continue to trash and defame good characters?

              • I think you’re going to have to contact the head honcho. Good luck with that.

                • real oc queen says:

                  Guess you missed my point I know the owner of wordpress watch what you say and please don’t get carried away. I can have rip this blog off the Internet before you can type your next adjective! Your move tell me how’d you like to play this? Right about now you standing on a very thin rope

                • The owner of wordpress is my half brother. He’s sitting next to me right now. I just asked him if he knows you and he said no. In fact, he said he’s going to call his good friend Bill Gates and get you banned from the entire internet.

                • Clare says:

                  RCH you forgot to mention the fact that we go to the same gym, have the same manicurist, and that Slade does my hair too. Queen of OC…are you Gina Peterson? Be honest!

                • O.C queens back assholes says:

                  lol y’all just plane stupid you don’t know the owner of wordpress I do !! and I can prove it!!! my dad already gave the right away to get all ip homes who write on this blog and who sit on they fat ass bullying all day long the FBI have your #’s losers!!

              • Tuzentswurth says:

                I need someone to turn over their credit card numbers, expiration date and 3 digit code on the back. Release this information immediately or someone will punch you in the face.

                • BonBon says:

                  Do you want my SS number, also. I have the other info ready to send. Just tell me where.

                • Tuzentswurth says:

                  Thanks BonBon. SS# not needed, that would be dangerous to send, I could steal your identity then and prostitute Canadians in your name. You could get in a heap of trouble!

                • O.C queens back assholes says:

                  bon Bon don’t be a idiot people don’t give ss# online they could steel your image o that’s right you ass wipes don’t know any better smdh

                • O.C queens back assholes says:

                  hi Claire you wish you go to the same gym with Gretch! Stop hating and envy what others have slades gay!! Not heterosexual so get your facts rite!!

        • Bea says:

          I must have missed something .. who is Claire & where did she come from in all this?

    • nyhousewife says:

      I agree about Peggy. That was the weirdest scene. Was that supposed to be part of the post pardum depression? Her husband must be a saint, because I don’t see how she could make such a huge deal out of her daughter needing to go to the hospital, then not going herself to make sure everything was ok.

      • Buffy_Marshmellow says:

        Very weird. Even weirder that she didn’t go to the hospital with “Pri Pri”. (Hate these names!)

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Her husband did seem very patient. Thank goodness!!

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I think her husband is a nut for even putting up with that crap. Peggy was putting on a big fake scene for the cameras, asking questions to Capri, a non-verbal infant, such as ..did you get a knife? Then…”She’s losing a lot of blood.” The kid scratched her finger. If she lost a lot of blood, who was going to resuscitate her when she passed out on the way to the hospital in the back seat of the car unattended? People shouldn’t be encouraged to clog up emergency rooms (where real people have real life threatening emergencies) to imitate this sort of drama and attention seeking behavior. Peggy’s husband needs to grow a set. Being in a reality show apparently doesn’t mean you are actually grounded in reality.

        • Tracy without an E says:

          I can’t believe I’m going to defend Peggy, but here goes… As someone who suffered from debilitating depression for years, I can attest to the loooong process of coming out of the fog. It is possible- no probable- that if she does in fact have postpartum depression and is not being properly medicated, she is still suffering. Part of the problem with the recovery from that level of depression is the inability to “deal” with normal everyday things that happen. So to her, that cut seemed like a very big deal and it’s seriousness (or really lack of seriousness) was magnified. It’s like the depression is so all-encompasing that parts of your brain shut off in order for the rest of your body to survive. Memory goes, decision making skills go, along with the ability to feel happy at things that should make you happy. For me, it took every ounce of my being not to just end it all. Every. Single. Day. For years. And to have the responsibility of mothering and family obligations and what does everyone think and I am such a failure as a human being. It is unbelievably overwhelming. And if she, like me, knew that suicide was not ever an option, no matter how dark and full of utter despair you feel…well, it’s truly something I would not wish on my worst enemy.
          So, even though I totally agree Peggy was a wee wackadoodle at the pool, I’m gonna give her a pass for now. You really have no idea how awful severe depression is unless you have experienced it. And honestly, I hope none of you ever do. 😦

          • Tracy without an E says:

            I’m sorry, that last sentence sounded like a threat, which was unintentional. Please don’t sic the Proper Authorities on me. πŸ˜‰

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            I do understand Tracy and I am sorry for what you went through. I had a major depressive episode myself and it is no picnic. I just couldn’t have gone on a reality show and acted like an extrovert at the same time. That’s why I call bullshit on her and I think this is just something she heard about and wants more me me me time for it. She looked pretty joyful shooting those guns and seriously, would you put that weapon in a depressed person’s hands to play with?

            • Tracy without an E says:

              Thanks, Tuz. You are a true sweetheart. And that IS a good point, though about going on the show and all that. Though maybe her husband, much like Kyle, thought the show would occupy her time and help pull her out of it. I have to say I get kind of protective of women (and men) who go through true depression. While never a real Britney Spears fan, once she went to Crazytown I jumped on the “leave Britney alone!!!” bandwagon, too. Hot messes like Charlie Sheen are fair game, but those who are truly suffering need to be treated with compassion. It remains to be seen which camp Peggy falls into, but it appears her husband is supportive and for that I am thankful. Somehow I doubt Jim would be as supportive of Alexis.

      • Clare says:

        This is her official comment from her bravo blog…

        “He suggested I stay at the pool with London so she wouldn’t be at the hospital and possibly be scared or bored, and I’m really glad we did!”


        • So why didn’t he stay at the pool while Peggy wasted her day at the hospital since she was the one who insisted on it?
          Idk… after the whole attention seeking over board freak out I’m not sure I’m believing Peggy’s story. Maybe she was depressed in the past, I don’t know, but that didn’t look like depression to me. That looked like a woman trying to make a scene for a tv show. Even her husband said she seemed much less concerned that her daughter cut herself and more concerned about what she cut herself on. Then she didn’t even go to the hospital. Something just isn’t adding up with this one. I still think she may have been trying to set up the hotel for a lawsuit.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            Well, duh,she has to find some way to continue that lifestyle and save their house.
            Depressed people usually don’t care (or can’t care) about their appearance, can’t participate in life, etc. She is just too self absorbed, which is a recurring theme for these HW.

            • Tracy without an E says:

              That’s an excellent point about her appearance. When I was at my worst, I went for days without showering and whenI did, I certainly didn’t do my hair and bother putting on make-up. Maybe a lawsuit WAS what she was after. Hmmmm. Now I don’t like her again. Don’t go using depression as an excuse. Mental illness is hard enough to cope with and get through since no one wants to admit it or talk about it or help you when you are that low, don’t freaking lie about it to gain sympathy.

          • Clare says:

            Yea! Not to mention…my bf’s nephews could get hit with a stuffed animal and burst into hysterical tears…this girl didn’t even flinch. And the comment by her husband was super super weird.

            Something about her really rubs me the wrong way.

            Btw, did you know that 30Rock did a spoof episode on the Real Housewives franchise? (Bravo is owned by NBC networks) It’s super funny, you should check it out!

          • Intensity38 says:

            When Peggy yelled to the attendent the first thing I thought of was LAWSUIT!
            I have to check the court sites in OC and see if there were any filed Funny!

  11. LilyLynn says:

    “Tamra wants to talk about the hot 5 hour long single sex she’s having, but Vicky doesn’t want to hear it.”

    Tamra also over-shared that they did it with Lady Gaga music playing in the background. Right away I’m thinking Poker Face, Born This Way, Bad Romance… lol. Umm, Tamra that’s not helping to dispel the gay vibes people are getting with Eddie.

  12. Adgirl says:

    When is Tamra getting Vicki’s name tatooed on her finger??

    That Cabo trip was hilarious. I guess Vicki wanted another Vow Renewal trip except she’s pissed at Donn for staying home all day being drunk so she decided to remarry Tamra instead.
    The whole thing felt like a desperate weekend away for a failing marriage except without the make up sex.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Confession – I have never been able to get into this franchise – and have never made it through an entire season either. Come on – shopping, lunching, drinking, trotting out the kids for show, dressing like 20 year olds with bodies enhanced to unnatural proportions and talking about sex and their desireability….come on – Wanda in Wichita probably has better stories!

  14. Rhetorica says:

    First time poster! I found you on Lynn’s blog. Love your witty remarks with the recap. I’ve only been watching Bravo for less than a year. First time seeing OC; such trashy women! This was Bravo’s premiere for the franchise? How did it make it? I’ve seen most of last year NY and all of BH. That’s plenty for me:)

  15. crazysweet says:

    “Friendship is nice and all, but what’s really important in life is having an ally on the Real Housewives.” >>> best line you ever wrote! and you know I’ve been here from the very start of your blog. lol

    Ok what about ALL the inappropriate sex comments from Gretchen’s dad to the waitress??? f*cking gross!! also when she went to bass lake, there was a LOT of blog talk about how sexually weird her relationship is with her dad, then her dad rides with Slade every week and all Gretchen is talk about how Slade is her sex slave since she pays all his bills.

    Gretchen must REALLY like going to Billy’s cause she goes there for lunch with Alexis EVERY time they meet, then she met her dada there too. Why oh why is Billy’s letting them film there? I’ll never ride my bike down that hill to go there again, though it’s full of douches and I haven’t been in a couple years so I guess they won’t miss my money and it all makes more sense now!

    Why does Slade want to marry EVERY bitch he is with so badly he pushes it so hard and takes it far? He already has two ex-wives and two kids and a vasectomy. His stupid made up story line to get on this show way back when is old and tired and his made up romance with Gretchen is worse than watching his drama play out with Jo. Take the license plate of the car already Slade!

    Vicki+Tamra=Vickmra should just drop the act and get it on already! they’d be the first lesbian couple housewives and you KNOW Bravo Andy loves those who swim in the lady pond thereby securing their roles on this franchise forever. The End.

    There is NO WAY in hell that was the first time EITHER of them have seen or done a body shot. I guarantee Tamra made a living at body shooting. And I have know doubt that’s how she bagged Simon and spent all his money.

    Every single time Vicki talks to anyone who speaks more than one language she dumbs her words down and in fact uses words that are not even words i.e. “no scratchy the woody.” and her own contractor looked at her offended for his employee’s and says “what?!”

    • Slade had a vasectomy? Then how the hell does Gretchen think they’re gonna have kids together? Starting to look like another made up story line.

      • Adgirl says:

        Oh no!
        Now we have to watch Gretchen carting Slade to the peeny fixy doctor. There has got to be at least one fame hungry Urologist in OC who will donate his uncastration services for screen time.

          • crazysweet says:

            yeah he talked about it a lot before…now it just seems to have “disappeared” it’s all too familiar. slade wants jo to mary…jo is not ready…slade hooks up with laurie who IS ready but realizes quick sales running out of money so she tossed him back to jo who then realized that he’s worthless without his money who then tossed him to gretchen who said shit “my poor me story line w/ Jeff ended now what do I do?” and slade said don’t worry…I have an idea, I’ll pretend like I real really what to marry you and you resist! *yawn* can you say 2005

  16. Amber...RealWife says:

    Vicki and Tamra were so disgusting on that trip to Cabo. No, not the “ugly American” routine, but the overaged, oversexed suburban housewife out on the prowl! Two cougars looking for prey, one desperate and the other hopeful that cubs would come hither. Well no one was “coming” and no one was hithering for these two aging nuts! Vicki’s insistence on written vows was crazier than Cynthia’s friendship contract. The real difference is that Vicki is intent on making Tamra “beg” for her friendship. She knows slutty Tamra is alone against the other housewives and needs an ally. These two deserve each other and a enema. Notice how Vicki, playing the shocked decent one, was allowing a total stranger to feel her up and hug her in the water? Poor Don, his wife is a ho too. As for Tamra, no wonder Simon was against the “girls only” excursions. He knew that trashy whore would make a fool of herself, w or w/o booze and possibly cause an international incident. Well at least Simon had her before her vag went south and needed rejuvenation, LOL. Poor Eddie is swimming in her, bumping into lost sailors, misplaced keys, Simon’s old jewelry and a Moped! Tamra you ignorant slut! Less is more.

  17. Miss Anthrope says:

    Does anyone else want to vomit every time Alexis spews her anti feminist stepford wife drivel? Normally I’d feel bad for a woman who is clearly being controlled by her husband but Alexis just fucking sucks. It’s like she enjoys being oppressed.

    Vicki…oh my. Her petty jealousies and persecution complex make her behave like a 4th grader.

    I’m kind of liking Tamra this year. She’s a bitch but she doesn’t seem phony like Alexis and Gretchen. It’s a shame too because the average viewer probably thinks Gretchen is the real one and Tamra is a liar, when it’s the other way around. I wish Bravo would put Gretchen on blast once and for all.

    Speaking of Gretchen…how stupid would you have to be to have a child with Slade? Not only is he a greasy fame mongering loser, but he’s proven to be a deadbeat dad. I don’t give a shit what those 2 morons say on WWHL- he IS a shitty parent. I hope she marries him though, because when he gold digs her ass into oblivion, it’ll be the sweetest dose of karma ever.

    I’ve been meaning to bring up one more thing about Gretchen-
    I went back and watched the reunion from last year or the year before (cant remember which) and Gretchen states that she has a degree in psychology and was trained to deal with problem teenagers. 2 seconds later she says that the degree is in sociology. And another time I swear she said she had a degree in business or something like that. Someone needs to tell this girl that psychology and sociology are not the same thing. The girl lies as much as Danielle Staub.

    • Adgirl says:

      Yeah, Gretchen Pagenthead really sucks.
      From her Barbie collection handbags and makeup to her hobo boyfriend with his moody pene, she is rank.

      • real oc queen says:

        Are you jealous of her Barbie collections? Didn’t you have any Barbies to play with as a kid? Or were you one of those kids that their whose mom had to tie a steak around your neck,just to get the dog to play with you?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They are the biggest collection of skeevy barbie dolls in one place! Just plastic parts held together with trashy clothes and excessive amounts of make up.

      • real oc queen says:

        Trashy dolls you’ve always dreamed of becoming . Sorry it didn’t work out for ya guess your still ‘wondering’ why huh ? Why do you think you watch the show? It’s because you sit there obsessed with becoming house wives to live and have the glitz and glamour they have sucks you’ll never come close to their FAB lives

    • I don’t feel bad for Alexis because I don’t think she’s oppressed or controlled. I think she likes it. She wants to be the subservient wife to the dominant husband. She’s having fun playing the role of the good Christian housewife (or her version of it, at least). As soon as it’s not fun for her anymore, she’ll be out the door like Tamra.

    • Clare says:

      Gretchen and Slade are like the broke down version of Spencer and Heidi…

  18. real oc queen says:

    Hi Amber, would you like to call Tamra a slut to her face? Maybe you’d also like to tell Vicki what a ‘ho’ she is? The words whore not ho,leave the ho to Santa clause. These ladies in the O.C eat up the likes of you and your jealously bitches up everyday

    • Actually the words “whore” and “ho” are interchangeable. Also sometimes also pronounced as “who-ah”. Not to be confused with the “ho” used by Santa Claus. Not the same thing. Kinda like how tear can mean the things you cry from your eyes, or like when you rip a cloth. Same word but different meaning depending on how you use it, ya know?
      Glad I could help you with this little English lesson. πŸ™‚

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Yeah, we’re jealous of the likes of Alexis and Gretchen. Alexis has to blow a sweaty bloated pig every night and then make him a sandwich afterwards just so she can get her plastic surgeries paid for. I’m super jealous. I’m also really jealous of Gretchen, who was banging a geriatric for free motorcycles. Now she has sex with Slade Smiley to stay relavent on a reality show that is about stupid bitches acting like stupid bitches. Both of them glorified prostitutes in their own right.

      God I am so green with envy!

  19. Kim says:

    Real oc queen: Santa “clause”?!?!? Pathetic troll.

    • real oc queen says:

      Well hello there Kimmy doll, didn’t your mom teach you not to stick your head out the window? If you keep it up . I’m gonna start thinking it’s time for halloween ! Troll? Did Charlie spoon feed you that flat line?

      • Haha. OMG! I just made a comment to hubs about there being a troll on the blog and I said “Stealing lines from Charlie Sheen?”!!!! LOL!!!
        I guess some people never heard that word before he said it. I assume you are new to internet trolling then?

    • Anonymous says:

      kim that OC troll is @intensity38 she used that tampon line before . She has daddy issues

      • CiCi says:

        Actually, the troll repeated from a previous comment. Intensity is NOT a troll and it’s unfair to accuse without reading correctly:
        Sus says:
        March 29, 2011 at 6:13 pm

        Hey real oc queen, who lit your tampon fuse*? What do you care what we say on this website?

        *learned this saying here but can’t find the source

        real oc queen says:
        March 29, 2011 at 6:20 pm

        no one lit the fuse on my tampon idiot did you just have a bowl of bitchflakes?

  20. Terry says:

    I thought one of the most priceless things in this episode was the names of Peggy’s kids. Capri and London? Ugh. How about Hackensack and East Orange? Mogadishu and Kabul? New Jersey and Iowa?

    I’m so over these trailer trash names, I can’t tell you.

    • real oc queen says:

      Hi how about I name you sucker punch or Terr ah trash?

      • Sus says:

        When Terry decides to do body shots on TV at 43 years old, fakes loving a man dying of cancer, has sex in a bathtub on TV and flashes her ass off a balcony you may call her sucker punch if you want to.

        When does your show start Terry πŸ™‚

        • real oc queen says:

          Hi sus are you normally this stupid? Or are you making an extra effort today? Do you have any proof Gretchen faked her relationship? Did any of Jeff kids or his siblings come out and say his relationship was a fake?

          • Sus says:

            I don’t need proof. I know what I saw on the show and what was on the internet. I’ve read all the court files regarding Gretchen and Jay Photoglou. Gretchen sued Jay and lost. She ended up having to pay him 40K and his court costs.

            I think Jeff probably thought Gretchen was in it for a loving relationship and told his kids that. He was dying. Why would Gretchen tell him that she was screwing Jay after spending the day at the hospital with him? She’s ridiculous but I don’t think she’s mean.

            • real oc queen says:

              You just proved my flash don’t believe everything you read. The shows are heavily edited.A 45mins to 1hour show can not prove nor does it show what’s really going on with in a family. Jeff gave Gretchen his blessings to date Slade. He knew he didn’t have long to live.And wanted her to be as happy like she were.When she was with him Jeff. So again if you can’t provide me with proof. Your liable for slander!

          • I actually have video and sworn affidavits of Gretchen and Jeff’s kids admitting that the relationship was fake. But that can only be viewed in the VIP section of the blog which requires a $100 registration fee to access.

      • Anonymous says:

        How about you stfu Intensity38 aka real oc queen

        • Damnert says:

          Awwwww lookie there. An idiot post by someone named anonymous. I would say how original BUT IT’S NOT.

          Did Intense piss ya off cos she made you or one of your friends swallow all that shit you been spewing? *snicker*

  21. MissHathaway says:

    We seem to be experiencing a sudden downturn in the quality of our trolls today. Makes me long for the days of fugmata jumblata. Even the dear departed Otay Panky was at least witty before she went off her rocker. But this one – dumb and boring.

    • jezzibel says:

      oh well what can ya do, send it back to the troll producing company as defective and ask for a different one?

    • real oc queen says:

      Hi I didn’t come here to be a troll. Nor did I post here to make you laugh. I came here for answers.And I am not leaving until you give me the answers I’m asking. I need to see proof of the things your running around recklessly claiming . If you don’t have anything to back your claims ups. If you don’t have any proof than blog and tabloid garbage. Then shut your traps. Or do I have to shut it for you?

      • jezzibel says:

        ” me the answers I’m asking.” so what answers are you asking again

        • real oc queen says:

          Jezebel your name fits you perfectly. You can’t ask answers. You ask questions.didn’t you learn anything in the 1st. Grade? Ha grown ass women don’t know the difference between ask and ask village idiot at best!

          • jezzibel says:

            I copied and pasted the part in quotations from your previous statement, because if you want to ask answers, most of us have questions for you

            • LilyLynn says:

              Let’s play Jeopardy! Alex, I’ll take Trolls for $2000.

              Answer: A sad little troll with empty “treats” who pretends to know proper authorities.

              Question: Who is real oc queen?!

          • jezzibel says:

            and its JEZZIBEL can’t you spell whats right in front of you, if you can’t spell my handle right, then please don’t bother addressing me at all

            • real oc queen says:

              The proper spelling is Jezebel not jizzibel. I sit back and laugh at you fools. You don’t get to ask the questions I do.

              • jezzibel says:

                ??? because your so great at asking question, when in fact all you’ve made is accusations and threats against people on this blog…you never considered the possibility that the misspelling of my handle might have been deliberate.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Didn’t think it delibarate you seem like one of those illitarates who’d shake their computer just to clear the cookies OH O did I hit a nerve jizz a tit?

                • jezzibel says:

        … not particularly.

      • Sus says:

        You are making me laugh at your trollness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Thank you RCH, I love your blog πŸ™‚

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Yes RCH and fellow posters, puh-leeze. I think we’ve deviated from the standard of truth, facts and serious reporting that this blog is known for, so sober up ladies and laddies and ask your answers with facts and fallacies only.

    • Haha! I just posted a similar comment.

    • housewifeaddict says:


  22. Dee says:

    Gretchen was engaged to a dying older man yet says herself that since her first marriage ended she did not believe in marriage…only leasing. So that to me says this engagement to Jeff was a sham and a lie since she did NOT believe in marriage and didn’t want to marry again after her first failure. That was according to HER own words.

    • Adgirl says:

      She deeply believes in marriage to men with $$ and an expiration date.

    • real oc queen says:

      Hi dee nasty stinky pee pee. You seem to forget when Gretchen met Jiff he wasn’t dying.She couldn’t predict he’d die.So your little ridiculous notion that she only marry men for money is plausible at best!

      • Dee says:

        hahahahaa, no one said anything about the day they met…but the engagement….You are not a very good troll now are you? Keep trying ***pats your head and scoots you along***

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        So you admit that it’s plausible? Ok then, what’s the issue? You both agree!

        Or…maybe you should go back and get your GED, because you clearly don’t know your vocabulary words.

  23. Lainie not a troll says:

    I have always said, right from the start, that Tamara was so jealous of Gretchin, she wanted the party life that G lived. T like Vicky craves attention & camera time, will do and or say anything to get it. With out these 2 it would be boring. well slightly less boring.
    I love reading your blogs, keep them going

  24. Lainie not a troll says:

    I own the title of Typo Queen and work very hard a keeping it. Real OC Queen, thought you would be Happy that you’re still the only troll here. I’m happy you like my zebra ass. It shows I work out. Luv ya lol

    • Adgirl says:

      Lainie you will have to try harder. Real OC is after your tiara.

    • real oc queen says:

      Did you missed it the 1st time lainie? I’m not a troll! Some 1 from this blog sent tweets and they were traced back to commenters on this blog! Those tweets an DM was very trashy. I’m here to take the trash outta this blog and will teach all of you a good lesson of why it’s important to not bully people. You have already been reported and eyes are always watching this blog one false move and your all gonna be knocked down your high horses!

  25. firepainter says:

    With his or her name, Real OC Queen, this troll really identifies with the women of OC. He/she is so offended. Real OC Queen also has the same level of education (lack thereof) as the women of OC. Hilarious. Thank you RCH, I’ve had my entertainment for the night.

  26. Sus says:

    Real OC Queen says: “I don’t make treats. I make promises ! You run around all the time picking on helpless people no different”

    No treats? Do you do tricks? Can you spin plates? Can you stick a spoon on the end of your nose and it stays there without you touching it? How about card tricks? Please?

  27. Dee says:

    real oc queen, party of one….your tables ready

  28. Sus says:

    real oc queen says:
    March 29, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    I’m talking in general there’s always re tweets about how you and your commenters bullying housewives and other bloggers .I’m gonna give you idiots a rude awakening I’m their advocate and clean up compartment your move

    Compartment?? So you are like a part of a box? building?

    I bet all the HWs are beyond thrilled that real oc queen is taking up their cause.

  29. TrueLifeDiva says:

    If you really knew the owner(s) of WordPress, you would know snarky comments are not prosectution worthy but threats of physical violence are. The more you rant, the more it’s obvious you’re just talking out of your ass.

    Save yourself a plane ride,
    I’m just down the road in SD.
    Come punch me, please πŸ˜€

  30. Sus says:

    Real City Housewife says:
    March 29, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    The owner of wordpress is my half brother. He’s sitting next to me right now. I just asked him if he knows you and he said no. In fact, he said he’s going to call his good friend Bill Gates and get you banned from the entire internet.

    Oh yeah ? Well, I know someone whose father was Marilyn Monroe’s garbage man. So there.

  31. A Friend of OC queen says:

    Hi everyone one I’m a good fried friend of the girl you guys were claiming to be a troll. She does know the owner of wordpress. Her cousins married to the owners son. She’s asked you nicely to stop making fun of people. Now I’m going to step in and ask each and everyone of you to choose your words wisely when communicating with her. If you fail to adhere to these instruction we will be taking the next time by having a petition to execute this blog.Thanks!

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Your friend never asked, only threatened and harrassed. I’ll say WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT TO about a housewife, reality star, or anyone on TV if I choose to. Your anonymous attempts at intimidation do not pump fear in my heart. You’re a joke. Don’t talk about it, be about it!

    • Adgirl says:

      You certainly are a ‘good fried friend’.

    • Adgirl says:

      Petitions always scare the fuck out of me.

    • Skeered says:

      I’m skeered. Vewwy, vewwy skeered. *pees a little*

    • LilyLynn says:

      LOL @ A Fried of OC queen – your hillagarious!! Tanks for the laffs!. <— I'm fluent in troll πŸ™‚

    • MissHathaway says:

      I missed the “nicely” part. Would you mind repeating the stuff she said nicely? In fact, would you mind repeating the stuff she said coherently? Because I missed that part, too.

      By the way, Matt Mullenweg was born in 1984. That means he is 27 years old. I am guessing he doesn’t have a son old enough to be married to your fried friend’s cousin.

      But thanks for playing.

  32. Need a Hobby says:

    Easter’s not until the 24th? Dang.

  33. A frend of Oc queen says:

    Hi hobby how bout I put my short tiny midget cow boy foot to your face? Think making fun of midgets funny? I’d like to see you talk your big old wolf big talk on streets and see what happends I don’t make treaths I make things happen

  34. A frend of Oc queen says:

    Hi truelife my friend oc queen never treating anyone on here please get your facts together stat! and misanthrope I never agreed with that non plauseable analogys again get your facts strait please Dee your such an ass what part of I’m a friend of oc queen didn’t you understand Oc left and got upset because you idiots kept insulting her I’m her friend and gonna be closing up shop

  35. A frend of Oc queen says:

    Child please your bullying tacticts ain’t gonna work on me I’m over you loosers it’s good I thought you never to mess with housewives or other bloggers take that and shove it in your world pipes it’s past my bed time bye this is the last time I’ll ever be back to this dump smelly place

  36. TrueLifeDiva says:

    The troll got quiet all of a sudden. Must be on the east coast and NOT in the OC like she claimed. Oh well, maybe she’s going to bed early to study for that G.E.D. Exam she’s obviously flunked several times πŸ˜‰

  37. A frend of Oc queen says:

    Honey child please your GED traits ain’t scaring me it’s past my bed time can’t wait to see you loosers on the 6am news tomorrow your gonna be put out to dry! True Dee ad jezz sus Jeana lilylyn mistrope realcity Lainey firepumppants Hathaway windy boston anynymous I’ve got all your names written down and there’s already a file open up on all of you. You tell me how you want to do this I’ll have you all humiliated on the news in alphabetical order you got that? I’m never commenting on this dump again it smells bye !

    • Sus says:

      Make sure you have my name correct please. It’s S – U – S

      You forgot to add Dee to the list. You’ve hurt her feelings by leaving her out. Not very nice!

      • LilyLynn says:

        Yes we are all waiting to have our quilts humiliated in alphabetical order with mug shots on the internet for all to see. I’m especially excited about the promise of it being in alphabetical order for some reason.

    • MissHathaway says:

      So 6 a.m. here was 12 hours ago. I am in tears. I was really looking forward to seeing all of us on the news. The trollie makes promises but doesn’t deliver.

    • Bea says:

      I’m stilling looking for this ‘expose’ on the 6 am news!! LOL

  38. dramaqueen says:

    love you rchw. Your blog is without a doubt the best I’ve read. Very entertaining. You should write a book!

  39. dramaqueen says:

    nah Diva I think she’s cleaning the corn out of her dentures. It might be that time of day for her.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      She cleaned out the corn and then dumped a load of shit. Now she’s going to do horrible things to all of us at 6:00am, she got a list of everyones names!.Damn, I’m on the West Coast so I’ll be tardy for the party. She’s claiming she’s gonna hurt our feelings and make us pay. Hmm? It takes a lot to hurt my feelings. I doubt some illiterate jackass on the internet will be able to achieve that. Her postings are just pathetic at this point. Why make threats we all know you can’t carry out? You look as impotent as Tammy Sue’s gay boyfriend :-D.

  40. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    Wow, it appears I missed the drive by tooting.

    Tamra and Vicki’s trip was strange. Vicki seems to be stuck in the “highschool” mentality when it comes to friendship. Actually, make it “midde school”. Tamra is making an ass out of herself. I’m almost embarrassed for her.

    Peggy needs to see not only a psychologist but also a psychiatrist. The way she overreacted to the minor cut was ridiculous.

    Alexis….did anyone else catch her say that even she might get divorced again? I bet ol Jimbo made her wash her mouth out with soap.

    If Gretchen doesn’t listen to her own instincts when it comes to Slade, then she deserves the misery marrying him will bring. She already knows it would be a mistake. If she were a friend of mine, I would tell her to quit acting ignorant and kick that loser to the curb.

  41. A Friend of OC queen says:

    1:30am in the morning and your still worrying about what goes on in Gretchens world.what a bunch of sorry losers shaking my damn head

    • Adgirl says:

      Idiot. It’s only 1:30 on the East Coast.

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      It isn’t 1:34 where I live but considering that it must be where you live, does that make you the loser?

    • Ya know, I was about to fall asleep but then I started thinking about weather or not Gretchen is going to marry Slade, and now it looks like it’s gonna be another all nighter for me.
      But I guess worrying about reality stars at is at least one step above worrying what people are saying on internet blogs at 1am.

  42. A frend of Oc queen says:

    1:30am in the morning and you are still worrying about what goes on in Gretchens world. What a bunch of sorry losers shaking my damn head

  43. A Friend of OC queen says:

    Listen here adgirl you don’t wanna be picking fights with me.Of course it’s 1:30am on the east coast I said that 4mins ago what part of that didn’t you get? Now put a stock in it! I’m gonna humiliate You all in alphabetical order jizzibel marshmallow true diva Boston real city misanthrope house addict sus adgirl bombom hobby Hathaway lilylynn windy city Buffy humbruh vigil girl amber crazy sweet rhetoric jeana Terry when I’m through plastering your names and faces and your pattern quilts in the 6am news line up you’d wish you haven’t met me and you’d beg me to off yourselves!

  44. A Friend of OC queen says:

    I have all your names written down here and I’m gonna teach you a lesson when am through with your asses you’d think I was the holy ghost shooting up your bones

  45. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    Who let the chihuahua loose in here?

  46. Real OC queen says:

    Hey sorry about that guys one of my room mates accidentally hacked my computer and was posting on the wrong forum. Anyways it’s past my bed time. I’ll hope the owner of this blog remove the word bitch in the headline that he she used to described the housewives tasteless as best this will be my last time coming back to this nasty smelly dump! Bye!

    • Skeered says:

      Bye, don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out. *pees a little*

    • jezzibel says:

      just want to put this out there..because you seem somewhat normal on this right here…ever consider getting a new roomate…or hiding your computer??

  47. Adgirl says:

    Really!? We’ll be famous!! Maybe Andy will give us our own show!! Looking forward to creating my dress/handbag/bedding/makeup line. Thanks!

  48. dramaqueen says:

    this is better than CNN on a slow night. Night night ass girl ad girl what ever your name is. Go find another blog to troll on. Oh and tell Getchen we said hi!. Hugs.

  49. dramaqueen says:

    yikes I replied to adgirl when I meant to reply to oc drag queen. Sorry.

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