Did Laurie Peterson’s Husband Steal His Children From His Ex-Wife?

I was bored yesterday and playing around on twitter when I checked my follow list and saw this person: @REALexHousewife following me. Interested, I clicked on the profile and read some of her tweets and followed the link to her facebook page.

This is Gina, the ex wife George Peterson who married Laurie from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Gina Peterson

I tweeted to her asking what her story was, and we exchanged some tweets. She made some pretty serious accusations against her ex-husband George and the things he was doing to her children. Then Laure’s daughter @AshelyZarlin joined the conversation and told a much different story.

Gina claims that George is alienating her kids against her and using money and connections to keep her kids away from her. One of her many claims is that her daughter Bria is missing and the police are refusing to investigate.

According to Ashley, Gina had a meth lab in her home, which is interesting because Ashley’s brother Josh (who has admitined to using meth in the past) lived with Gina for a while after Laurie kicked him out of the house. Ashely also informed us that Josh is now married. Here is an interview Josh did about his mom and how the show and fame changed her.

After her split with George, Gina was dating Denis Rodman, but had assault charges filed against him after an altercation in a hotel room.

Gina and ex boyfriend Denis Rodman

Here are some article about the drama surrounding the house George and Gina used to share. You can see the videos from this day on Gina’s facebook page.
The following articles are biased and written by someone clearly on Team Gina and who possibly wants to bang her, so take it all with a grain of salt:

‘Real Housewives’ hubby kicks ex-wife out of home

Ex of “Real Housewives” hubby must push Dennis Rodman’s cars off property

‘Real Housewives’ hubby’s ex wife packs it all in

‘Real Housewives’ hubby wins round vs ex-wife by driving her from home

Gina-George war didn’t let up after move

Laurie taping Gina taping Laurie at Gina’s house on moving day

Here are some of the messages that were sent on twitter yesterday. As you know twitter can be confusing so these messages are not necessarily in an exact order and there were more tweets than just these. I only took the most relevant messages and put them in an order that kinda made sense.









Then there were a few tweets from people who seemed to have first hand knowledge of the situation, but it wasn’t clear exactly who these people are:

So what is the truth here? Who really knows. But in my experience, the least crazy sounding one usually wins. Gina isn’t used to twitter and had some trouble keeping up with the conversations so I invited her to do an interview for the blog and tell her side of the story if she wants to. She hasn’t given me an answer yet.

But this is what I really want to know:



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255 Responses to Did Laurie Peterson’s Husband Steal His Children From His Ex-Wife?

  1. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    How old is Bria? Aren’t the rest of George’s kids over 18 now? How the hell do you set up one of the largest Meth labs in Southern California without anyone noticing in the house? How did these cronies know that their house would be free to invade? The others that were busted along with Gina’s daughter were all ex-cons on probation. I mean, I was born at night but not last night! I pulling my Bull Shit card on this one!

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      Thanks for the lightening fast blog RCH. I was excited to see it this morning, (sign of a sad life, isn’t it?) and couldn’t wait to read it when I got back home.

      I think I recall reading that Bria is 14. I asked @realexhousewife (who told me she had filed a missing person’s report but something to the effect that everyone is on George’s side) why not put out an Amber alert and call the FBI? I dunno, a different story from everyone…..interesting.

    • LisaPat says:

      All I have to say is Gina is much prettier than lauri.

  2. Adgirl says:

    I have tried to follow this crazy story but I can’t. No one can. LOL.

    I used to live in OC so what I DO know is the corrupt sheriff (Corona) has been out of office for years and is probably in jail. George cannot being protected by him.

    If Bria is “missing” why aren’t their Amber Alerts all over the freeway? (answer- she is runaway).

    Gina has a friendly voice at the OC Register, but I have seen no evidence that she has been abused – other than she is pissed about $$$. Writer Frank M is biased.
    The kids seem fine & happy with George and Laurie.

    Josh has to figure out his own life before asking for $$.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      Amber alerts are for runaways too…missing or exploited children. Runaways are missing. That claim, if from Gina doesn’t hold water.

      • krbmjb05 says:

        She was sent away after reporting abuse to police and subsequently being sent to Orangewood. Her mother, her mother’s family (YES, there is an extension to the alienation) and her school friends don’t know where she is.

        As this is Gina’s tragic story, I will leave it to her to share what she has done in the background and why. She pretty much was forced to come public as a schoolmate posted the “Bria is Missing” post on the Dirty and of course, Gina was accused of doing it.

        • You keeping saying “Being sent to Orangewood” as though we’re supposed to know what that means. Is it a boarding school, a spa, a rehab, what?

          But do you understand that Gina is only making herself looks nuts and not gaining any sympathy? Bria is not missing. Gina just doesn’t know where she is, which is not the same thing as “missing.” This is why no one takes her seriously. Tell her to stop being so dramatic and maybe people will start paying attention.

          • krbmjb05 says:

            Orangewood is a home for abused children, and yes, I understand what you are saying. As I said, this is Gina’s story, unfortunately, she is choosing to tell it her way. It is a complex, convoluded one. There will be 10,000 opinions and suggestions of what she should do, shouldn’t do, should have done and should not have done.

            I have been in contact, have given my 2 cents and my concern is for Bria. All I can say is we’ll see what happens. I can only support her at this very difficult time.

            • Damnert says:

              You cannot say Bria was sent to Orangewood in one sentence, then turn around and make a claim that her Mother or extended family doesn’t know where she is, or that she is somehow missing.

              Family Court evaluates, and places the safety and welfare of the child first. If there were allegations of child abuse, neglect, ect…and the child has nowhere that is SAFE to be placed (family members are always considered first options) then, Orangewood woukd be THAT logical safety net.

              Everything I’ve read indicates, really, that Gina is not a consistant, reliable resource for her child.

              Obviously there are problems within the home of her Father. Parents are not “normally” capable of placing their children in this type of home, it is normally an order from Family Court after careful examination of circumstances surrounding the child, so “hiding her away” is not an option I should imagine Mr. Peterson had.

              This is from my experience and IMHO…

              • Bria went from “missing”, to “George his hiding her from me”, to “Orangewood” in two days.
                Way to be consistent Gina.

                • krbmjb05 says:

                  I know it’s hard for you to keep up but the truth has been simple and has been stated several time – Bria went to police, police sent her to orangewood, george yanked her out, she was sent away the next day. I can put it in a Dr. Seuss Book for you if that helps.

                • Yes… proving my point that Brai is not missing, Gina just doesn’t know where she is. Which is not the same thing.
                  Gina’s done more to destroy her credibility than anyone else has.

  3. Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

    This is truly a very confusing, intriguing & interesting story, Wow! The real drama of the housewives continues off the show!

    My thoughts exactly when I read your line about the TeamGina reporter “who possibly wants to bang her”.

  4. over the gaffe says:

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  5. jezzibel says:

    is their a news story about the Meth bust at her house?

  6. over the gaffe says:

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  7. over the gaffe says:

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  8. jezzibel says:

    nevermind I just watched the video on her FB page…she’s making Kelly Beensomeone look like a normal person….yowza!!

  9. over the gaffe says:

    On a more serious note. Camille Grammar and her Camp played the media. Oh oh. They threw the bait and everyone fell for it hook line and sinker! Is she leaving, is she not leaving? They “confirmed” she was leaving but is she really leaving?

    Ah huh! So Camille is wanting to make her leaving decision based on if Kyle and Lisa make up their mind if their going to do a season 2 or not. And Kyle’s wanting to make her decision based on if Camille really leaves. Hhhmm it’s all games for them.

    Ahhh Adrienne ,Adrienne take what little,loyal real friends that you have left advice ,follow your instincts and leave now ahh cheww!

    Kim keep your chin up, your doing good. But don’t fall for the behind the scenes bully schemes their pulling on you to get you to leave the show,so they can replace you for the other 2 new ones. Stick to your ground Kim. I know Kyles playing you by saying she leaving and you should leave too, but they just want you out of the picture ahh chew Bless me

    • There is no way in hell Kyle is leaving with or without Camille. She can’t live without the fame now. It’s all she’s ever wanted, she isn’t going to let it go now that she’s so close.
      I hope Kim stays now. But since she doesn’t seem to be able to make decisions on her own who knows what she’ll end up doing.
      Lisa will stay because she’s rich and bored, what else is she going to do? Pay someone to write a cookbook for her?
      Camille will come back because opinions of her started to change and she needs to capitalize on that before disappearing and leaving us with only memories of the dinner from hell.
      Taylor obviously has nothing else going on in her life and would come back for free if they refused to pay her. I’m thoroughly looking forward to her downfall.

  10. over the gaffe says:

    On a more serious note. Who/which “Housewife” is shopping for their very own spin off show,and may very well get the deal? Which “Housewife” will get the boot? Ahh chew

    Friday Friday,kicking in the front seat, it’s Friday that means it’s the weekend Yeah! G-d this song is stuck into my brain. Was fun girls and boys gotta run vrooooooom vrooooooooom vroooooooooom

  11. Str8gal says:

    I investigated this story myself when I saw it on another nameless blog. There are news articles about the Meth Lab in the house. One police officer involved had to retire/ go on disability (cannot remember which) due to the amount of meth coating the home. Child services has been called by one woman and I’ve never seen that anything has come of that. I believe Bria is 14 or 15 and George has legal custody. He also did not kick Gina out of the home, it was to be sold per their divorce decree. I agree with you the less crazy story wins. Neither Laurie or George has said anything to the media about Gina, yet she is all over FB and twitter blogs slandering these guys. We all saw Ashley Zarlin on the show and she was a pretty straight shooter. If she didn’t like something or someone we could see that on the show. This whole family has had to take out restraining orders on Gina. I wrote on one blog that if Bria was missing the George would have had this all over the news and got banned from their site LOL! Thanks for posting this here so I could speak my mind without fear of being banned. Gina’s story stinks to high heaven.

    • Hotmess! says:

      agree with everything you said! Ditto……….

    • All I remember is that George sent his one daughter to Miami with Ashely and paid for the whole trip as a graduation present or something. The girl didn’t look unhappy at all, she looked like a spoiled daddy’s girl. Anyway at least 2 of the kids are 18 now, so if they miss their mom so much why aren’t they with her helping her spread the word about Bria’s disappearance?

      • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

        1.That is a very good point! Where are the >18 children in support of her? I recall there were 2 children of George’s that wouldn’t appear on the show.
        2.I seriously question the judgement and/or sanity of someone who would date Dennis Rodman.
        3.Why did George divorce Gina and marry Laurie. If Gina would just change her hair color to blonde, I think she’d look pretty much like Laurie. Could have saved a lot of grief all around.

        • Sus says:

          George was divorced from Gina a few years before he got married to Lauri. According to Gina, George wanted his cake and screwed around with his secretary and another woman.

          It looks like George and Gina have been battling for 10 years.

          • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

            Geez, 10 years, give it up and move on already. There are obviously feelings left even though they are negative ones.

          • krbmjb05 says:

            Give it up already? When you youngest child comes to you, sends you an e-mail begging for help, says she was abused and sends you pictures? Nope.

            • Yeah… that’s another thing that makes Gina look crazy and not sympathetic at all. If your daughter sent you a letter with pictures of bruises why the hell would you post that on the internet? It looks like she’s more concerned with getting attention for herself then helping her daughter. Taking her daughter’s info public is messed up. She even used to name of the show that she’s not on in her twitter name. Why? To get attention it seems. Why not just put her real name? Like I said, Gina needs a PR person more than a lawyer. I don’t think it’s right for a mother to lose her kids, but with the way she behaves online (which I’m sure is nothing compared to what she’s like irl) it makes you kinda understand why George got custody. She doesn’t seem stable. Like I said before, she either needs rehab or therapy, but something isn’t right with that woman.

    • brbOK777 says:

      Don’t mean to be rude, Str8gal, but how much time did YOU dedicate to the mounds, and mounds of legal documentation that included the kids letters that was never allowed as evidence? I’m guessing you spent about as much time, perhaps even more time (laughing here) than Judge Nancy Pollard did going over the boxes and boxes of evidence that included all the kids letters.

      Below is a link to one of many articles related to Judge Nancy Pollard with a couple of quotes borrowed from the article as follows ~

      1 ~ “Appellate justices were not pleased with Pollard’s conduct.”

      2 ~ “The justices warned Pollard that if she continues to ignore their rebukes, future bigotry “could compel the conclusion” she has “prejudged a case based on ethnicity.”

      Taking into consideration Gina is 1/4 Mexican, 1/4, Lebanese, and 1/2 Caucasian, consider what the Judge said during the cases related to the article. This should certainly makes one wonder ~ let me rephrase that ~ it “should” make some wonder! Sure, it could be a long shot, but what if?….

      I understand Judge Nancy Pollard has either already been disbarred , or risks being disbarred from ruling over Family Law cases.


      Str8gal, you said,

      “I agree with you the less crazy story wins. Neither Laurie or George has said anything to the media about Gina.”

      Did you watch the show Str8gal? Did you read Lauri’s Blog’s? Were you aware how George ran his mouth (prior to the gag order) to a whacked out person that had the audacity to attend one of the Peterson’s hearings ~ a total stranger to George and all parties involved at the time?
      Does Pizza Girl/aka/Lisalovelace come to mind?

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Wow, I read that article from last year. The judges are crazy there too. The inmates are running the asylum. High ranking criminal judge caught in pedophile sting and one reciting poetry. Haha. I was on jury duty once and the judge slept. He’d nod off and wake up when his head would fall so far it would jerk and startle him.

  12. Sus says:

    I should start off by saying I think Lauri is the scum of the earth. I don’t care how psycho the first Mrs P is. Lauri showing up at the house when the first Mrs was moving out was gross. What a bitch she is. She’s always been my favorite housewife to watch because of how stupid she is. Every time she opens her mouth, sewage comes out. I loved it when she was on Ashley’s case to get a life, and Ashley asked her why she was so interested all of sudden.

    I wonder if the first Mrs really got nothing in the divorce. Not very fair after a marriage that long.

    I hope PYHU is able to interview Gina. It will be a juicy story for sure.

    Thanks for the great post. I’ve been wanting to talk about this but TWOP doesn’t allow it.

  13. Hotmess! says:

    Wow! Very interesting story…..agree with you totally when u said the least crazy sounding one wins!

  14. Sus says:

    Here’s a LA Times article regarding the meth house.


    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      Thx for the link. Safe to say, Josh was not involved in this one as this occurred before he lived with Gina.

      • Adgirl says:

        The tone of the article is odd. A 22 year old being “left alone” at a house while her “parents” divorce. Later the writer states George is her stepfather but father to the younger children.

        I was married and pregnant when I was that age.

  15. Hotmess! says:

    Just read her Facebook page— think its awful how she acts like she is protecting the kids..IMO she is throwing her kids in the middle of her WAR! disgusting..

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      ITA, they are all a mess and horrible to their kids. Laurie coming out of the bushes and filming Gina was disgusting and classless. She looked like an ass and should have stayed out of it. For someone (Laurie) who boo-hooed about her own divorce you would think she’d know better.

  16. Adgirl says:

    The Orange County Register writer Frank Mickadeit wrote a bunch of stories about how mean George and Laurie were to George’s ex Gina. After a few articles you get the impression he is personally involved. I noticed he said once he lives in Cota de Coz is a cheap house and drives a VW bus. The RH started in Cota so he has an ax to grind.
    I’m not saying George & Laurie are right and Gina is wrong. I just think it’s pretty strange that the OC courts repeatedly side with him – so I’m not buying her sob story.

    Here is an example of his sterling journalism.

    • krbmjb05 says:

      Yes, it does seem unbelievable. Does it seem unbelievable that all the children had asked to write a letter to the judge or speak to the judge in person and they ALL were denied – not one voice allowed to be on the record (see the pic that Gina posted of Slayte protesting outside the OC Courthouse)? Does it seem unbelievable that the Judge in the case has had several cases where she has been (I don’t know the legal term) censured for bias and racism? The judge’s name is Nancy Pollard. There is so much to this, with years of documentation it would make your head spin.

  17. Hotmess! says:

    Gina Peterson is wacky… also had claimed abuse by exboyfriend Dennis Rodman!


    • Hotmess! says:

      another one! seems like she goes under the name monarch


    • Sus says:

      Definitely a trainwreck! Some of the comments are hysterical. One of them compared the situation to Betty Broderick. Speaking of, I think she’s coming up for parole again soon.

      The meth house was Gina’s daughter and Gina was not living there. When I was 22 I could have had a meth lab going without my parents knowing. Although, I would have been paying for it. The Daddy paycheck had already stopped coming by then I think.

      Their youngest kid is 14 now so in 4 years she’ll be free to do whatever she wants. It’s horrible when parents fight like this. Nothing good can come from keeping kids from their other parent.

      George probably thinks he is “protecting” the kids from her and Gina thinks she is “protecting” the kids from him. They are both assholes. There’s never going to be a way to fix the situation. George will be pissed if they see their mom. Gina is pissed that they see their dad. It’s despicable putting their kids through this. Shame on them both and shame on Lauri just for breathing. I still can’t believe Lauri went over to the house when the ex was moving out.

      • Hotmess! says:

        another one LOL http://absurdtosublime.net/2011/03/14/real-housewives-of-orange-county-bria-peterson-mystery-deepens/

        Monarch has to be Gina herself…. Just google George peterson and monarch and it will show this crazy train of comment by Monarch….

        Yep, SUS- that betty broderick comment seemed like a eerie threat! crazy stuff huh?

      • I agree with you, I think everyone in this situation is wrong. I don’t think children should be kept from a parent under any circumstances unless their physical safety is in danger. Gina looks a bit nuts, but so far I haven’t seen any reason why she shouldn’t share custody of her kids. I think both her and George only care about hurting each other and don’t mind using the kids to do it.
        I have to question a court that would take complete custody away from a mother. Either she really did something really really terrible that we haven’t heard about yet, or she’s right that the courts are unfair and George’s money is deciding the cases.

        • brbOK777 says:

          A hearty, YES, to your last comment.

          Many of you are hearing parts to Gina’s story ~ just parts! I know Gina, I know her children, I know them all very well. Gina’s only motive to turn to the Intenet was our of concern for Bria, to also bring awareness to the brutal side of extreme Parental Alienation. However, it is impossible to not delve into the past in order to bring people up to date with current events that surround Parental Alienation and the effects it has had on Gina’s kids, herself, and her entire family.

          All of us form opinions and draw conclusions ~ hastily, I might add, to determine for ourselves what WE would do, what GINA “SHOULD” or should “NOT” do by offering our two cents based on snippets of this extremely complex story ~ complex is putting it mildly!

          I take it most of the posters here are women, perhaps mothers and even grandmothers. I am asking you to dig deep and give Gina a chance, a clean “unbiased” slate (if you will) until all the facts come out. Plz allow her to continue to explain her side of the story instead of her having to dodge the already pre-conceived bullets, and untrue allegations some of you have based your decisions upon taken from, old, unfortunate events that occurred 9 ~ YES, NINE years ago! I understand people’s curiosity but you are jumping to conclusions.

          Clearly, you have questions, but none of you have walked in Gina, or her kids shoes ~ thank God you have not! You have no idea the absolute hell Gina and her kids have been through. Have any of you taken the time to research Parental Alienation in depth? Any of you? Gina is not the only mother/parent that at times is perceived to be acting “crazy” “obsessed”, etc.

          Ask yourself this of yourself ~ How would YOU handle this situation (first, you would have to know, in detail, ALL the facts) but a good beginning would be to look at yourself ~ first as a woman ~ a beautiful human being who ALWAYS put others first, a mother and wife who devoted your entire life to your family, not having a clue how your life, and the life that your kids once knew would be torn from you starting with finding out your husband was cheating on you, not once, but twice! Then, having to come to terms that your marriage was over, knowing divorce was your only option, trying your best to protect your kids as much as possible, hold your head high “thinking” that given time, it would heal wounds and you and your kids would eventually move past the divorce, share custody with your ex spouse, feeling reassured that since you live in a 50/50 community property state, and knowing that the business you and your husband built together over a 20 year period (after having nothing when you first met) would be your source of security for you and your kids. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to happen? Well, that did not happen for Gina or her kids! Not even close!

          Consider this in regard to Gina’s emotional state in her fb videos – where some of you have accused her of being “crazy” even accused of being on “drugs” ~ do you “not” understand or have any compassion for a woman who was literally being thrown out of her home?….This was AFTER her kids had been taken ~ the first wave of disbelief and a mother’s worst nightmare! The next ruling was that she would not receive one penny of their community property. At the time, Gina was beyond exhausted since she was given just a 5 days notice to vacate her family home. Add to that, Lauri coming to YOUR home to put the final knife in your back for good measure! Ashley, used some lame excuse for her mother going to Gina’s home saying her mom is married to George and was only there to help him! Does that include taking photos of a mother/woman who is obviously in distress? To me, that shows how cold some people can be. How soon Lauri forgot her tragic story having to leave her home behind a gated community! George and Lauri went to Gina’s house with George’s usual police escort entourage, not once but twice, taking up what little time Gina was given. Now, taking that information into consideration, put yourself in that very same situation (if you can) and ask yourself if you would come off in a video clip as being calm, cool, collected, and unaffected during that very intense moment.

          Gina never mentioned how on the last day of the move, and completely exhausted (no one knows how huge that house was) how many miles Gina must have walked during the 5 days and nights, walking on hard marble flooring, how the exhaustion caused weakness in her hands and arms that lead to her dropping a large TV on her right hand that broke four bones, the fragile bones leading from the knuckles to the wrist. The orthopedic surgeon who treated Gina told her it would require extensive surgery in order for her hand to heal properly to ensure the bones fused together ~ Gina had no other choice but to opt for a cast since she had no insurance. Gina didn’t even go to the doctor until two days after the move was complete since she was running out of her generous 5 day allotted time ~ and you accuse her of being crazy?

          To those of you who have gone through a divorce, came out on the other side with your children and family as intact as one can possibly be given the circumstances ~ be extremely grateful. But for those, who, like Gina, “thought” the judicial system would be fair and amicable but learned early on, that along with George, the legal system was her biggest enemy ~ And, YES, it WAS the injustice of a corrupt court (Gina is not the first, nor will she be the last) who have, and will continue to experience this horrific crime that goes on every day, in every state, in every country to innocent children everywhere. The more money the “specialists” smell, especially if their are very young kids involved, the more money is to be made b/c it stays within the system longer.

          It pains me to see Gina depicted by some here as playing the “victim” card ~ that is NOT how Gina wants to be perceived. That is NOT the Gina I know. Gina going public is to first, locate her daughter, to bring awareness to Parental Alienation, and the opportunity to stand up for the rights of not only her kids but kids all over the world, in doing that, her entire story has to be told. Bria is still not accounted for. Reports HAVE been filed!

          Gina is a woman who’s family was destroyed as a result of extreme Parental Alienation, a corrupt court system, and flat out greed and vindictiveness!

          The old addage, “Walk a mile in my shoes” is appropriate here. All of you would benefit knowing Gina. I hope you will give her that chance.

          • Sus says:

            I don’t buy that Gina found out 5 days before that she was going to have to move. She would have known that eventually she would have to move out of that house. It sounds like she stalled and stalled and lost.

            • Fly On Wall says:

              The house was “Up for sale”, not sold. George was ordered (Not that it ever made a difference) to provide any and all information on any offers, etc. The house sat for months with no offers. Out of nowhere he did what he does best and went to court and Surprise…yet another ex parte (Emergency Order) saying the house had sold with NO Purchase and sales agreement, just his word and on top of that said the new owners were moving in immediately and the house needed to be empty! George asked the judge to evict Gina so he could get the house ready with NO proof it had sold. The judge agreed and gave her by 5pm that afternoon to remove the dogs and cars and another 5 days for the remaining 20+ years and 5,600 sq feet. She asked for more time and funds to move as she had none, she was awarded Nada and only had herself and a couple of kids for help. Did she sound a little frantic on the tape?? How would you, those of you who seem to walk on water, handle it I wonder! George and Lauri showed up THREE Times to harass her. Lauri had NO business being there to begin with…real class act Lauri. You can take the girl out of the trailer…you know the rest. So, NO she did not have more than the 5 days notice. Given proper notice, she could have prepared, packed and hired proper help. She and her attorney informed George’s side (He had several atty’s) that they would be taking the chandelier in advance. He agreed to leave the artwork and just needed into the home to get some old photo’s of his family. He showed up with 3 cop cars, a truck and two hired hands to take a box of photo’s? No, he knew once he got there he would take what he wanted and she would have to go to court to get it back. Lauri just had the lack of class to show up and help herself too. So, believe it or not I don’t care, but you should at least know the other side of the story before you burn her at the stake! Oh and by the way, the house sat empty for about 3 months!

              • AGAIN, you guys only make her look bad! Lol. From your version of events it sounds like he had to get her out of the house to finally be able to sell it. You say the house was empty for 3 months after she moved out as though that’s a long time. Didn’t she live in that house for 9 years after they were divorced? So in 9 years there wasn’t one offer on the house, but then once she’s out the place is sold in 3 months? Come on! Do you not realize that none of you guys coming to her defense make her look good?? And I’m supposed to feel bad that she didn’t have funds to hire movers? Wtf?? If she can’t afford movers maybe she should have gotten a JOB… just a thought…

                • Fly On Wall says:

                  You’re an idiot and that cannot be fixed. You act like she didn’t have a right to live in HER house? They filed for divorce in 2004, the custody back and forth went on until 2007, so why would she want to move/sell the house she and her children lived in until the final custody order? But I’ve had enough of you small fry. I tried answering some of your “questions” so you can “understand” when you’ve clearly drawn your conclusion. Guilty until proven innocent. So, God Bless and good luck with your little blog thing. If you decide to open your mind a little and let some compassion into your heart…you’ll find some truth behind the well financed lies. Things like this really happen, but no matter who much you tell the truth, love on and help people, seek justice there will be always be that 10% who just don’t get it.

                • Of course she didn’t WANT to move. I think that’s obvious. But either she got the house in the divorce or she didn’t. They had been divorced for years. There is no way she was blindsided with 5 days notice to get out of her house. She knew she had to sell the house and was probably stalling.
                  My mind was 100% open. But your side of the story never adds up. You guys never answer anything straight, it’s just a lot of sob stories about broken hands and no money for movers. How about facts? No? Can’t do that? She makes her own self look bad through her inconsistencies, incomplete stories, and twisting of the truth.

          • Obviously I feel bad for anyone losing their home. But it’s hard to feel too bad for her when she’s ripping trees out of the front yard and complaining to the cops that her husband “stole” her artwork when the judge allowed him to take it. She seems to have a problem with twisting the truth, so I’m finding it hard to believe anything she says. And complaining to the cops about her husband not paying to keep the pool working. Wtf? Drop some chlorine in there and call it a day! How many years have they been divorced for? Either she got the house in the divorce or she didn’t. There is no way she got the house and then the judge ordered her to move out with 5 days notice. It sounds like Gina is twisting the truth again. It was likely part of the divorce agreement that they sell the house and then Gina stalled and stalled until the judge finally had to order her out. And was that the house the meth lab was in? Maybe that had something to do with her being ordered out? Even if she had nothing to do with the meth lab, it was her daughter who did it… so…. she’s at least kinda responsible for raising a drug dealer, no? And it’s not like it was marijuana. It was METH. A drug made with chemicals that causes houses to blow up and destroys peoples lives and ruins family’s. That is a seriously evil drug and a person would have to be incredibly morally bankrupt (stealing a line from Camille) to not only sell it, but make it. That’s the kind of kid she raised. Just sayin.
            You say George had his “police escort”. But from what I’ve read, the judge gave him permission to get artwork from the home and the cops were there to keep the peace. Statements like that make Gina look like a drama queen blowing things out of proportion and trying to make herself look like a victim.
            I said that I think it was pretty messed up for Laurie to be there, and to be taking video on top of it. Laurie is a bitch, so what, we knew that. It doesn’t excuse Gina’s behavior. She didn’t have to stand outside video taping them and making accusations. She could have just stayed in the house and continued packing.
            And the story about the broken hand. Come on!! Why didn’t she hire movers? And why doesn’t she have insurance? None of the things you say make me feel bad for her. They make me think “what is wrong with her?”
            Bottom line, her story just doesn’t make sense. In fact, the more I think about it, the more she looks like a liar. Nothing she says (or you say) adds up.
            Obviously I would not want to be in her situation. But if I were, I would do anything and everything to see my kids. I wouldn’t be partying with Denis Rodman and missing my supervised visits.
            And I’m curious. How is she standing up for the rights of kids all over the world? What group is she associated with? What has she done to help children?
            Look, I came into this with an open mind. Gina and her friend’s stories are making me doubt her more than anything Ashley ever said. And I’ve never heard anything from George or Laurie so I’ve never heard their version.
            I’m still sticking with my original conclusion. Everyone in this situation is equally horrible and the kids are the real victims.
            I invited Gina to tell her story here. She still can if she wants. But she’ll have to answer actual real questions, and can’t just ramble on with random baseless accusations.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            Bravo RCH!!!! You actually make sense, see, that’s how I like things. ITA with the morally bankrupt view, when the almighty dollar and extravagant lifestyle are the MOST important thing is the world……well, it just doesn’t seem that saying your children come first adds up. A 22 year old daughter (the meth labber) has learned these values somewhere along the line, maybe from both sides. A 22 year old should have a college degree and a job, and a parent would be aware of what kind of people their kid hangs out with, no? Would you mom’s out there know whether it is prudent to leave your adult child in charge of your home while vacationing? And yes, after nearly 10 yrs of being divorced, find a job that gives you insurance.
            Next…I still don’t get why Laurie was taking her ex to court a year or two ago seeking $12,000 a month living expenses and claiming she only had $400/month to live on. Either make new hubby ante up or get yourself a job and take care of yourself, gees, you are a grownup. AND, teach your daughters (and sons) to get an education and take care of themselves so they don’t get in these desperate situations.

            • I’m assuming the meth daughter wasn’t in school. Seems like the kids were raised to value money above all else, and the daughter was willing to do anything besides actually work to get it…. kinda like her mom.

              • Fly On Wall says:

                Is that your real hair color?

                • Fly On Wall says:

                  LOL, sorry that wasn’t meant for you..just figuring how this works. BTW. The artwork was community property and they agreed Gina would retain it for sale to split proceeds. It had been in the house for years and another 6 after George left the house. It was the only thing of value left, he knew it and knew he she could not afford to fight him for it. Same with proceeds from home, she got Nada, not a dime when ordered an even split, but George did not put her name on the title like he was ordered (Surprise, surprise) and when it came to escrow, he wrote out his own spreadsheet and said it was all owed to him. Again, you have to have money to take the guy back to court, he knew that too. Real nice guy. Married a real nice gal too. And no, I am not Gina..she has her own voice via Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, finally! Why not sooner? Can you say Gag Order? George likes to do his dirty work and keep it in the dark..times up!

          • Reality says:

            Always three points….Mine…Yours….THE TRUTH. In addressing this mini- novel probably has some validity. Yet, I could pick it apart bit by bit. Starting w/need to move with only 5 day notice. On what planet? What a joke!

  18. jezzibel says:

    seems to me (and I am not a doctor, I just play one on TV) she has something(don’t know the proper name)Persecution Complex, if you look at the FB posts and the video its all “I’m being harrassed”, “I’m being stalked”, “I’m the victim of(insert name here)”, its all I’s and me’s. and in the video she keeps calling it “my home”, not “our home”, or “my ex’s and I’s house”.

  19. kikilet says:

    Can I get Ginas number?

  20. TEB says:

    What is her facebook page? I dont see her when I type in a search for her.

  21. @tweatcyn says:

    Holy crap! I had no idea that was going in. My sister and a few close friends live near there. Unbelievable.

  22. Sus says:

    You can search the Orange County court cases here
    https://ocapps.occourts.org/FamLawWebv2/Home.do – agree to the terms and then click on Person Search and search by Peterson, George

    They have had 199 hearings under case number 02D007905 – that is crazy!!!!!!

    If the ex-Mrs P is so bad, why did he stay married to her for 18 years and have 3 kids with her? Same goes for ex-Mrs P.

    Mr Sus and I will stay married because we’d battle over neither of us wanting to take the kids.

    • Well Mrs. P stayed for the money obviously.
      I supposed Mr. P stayed for the money too – so he wouldn’t have to pay alimony and lose his house.

      • krbmjb05 says:

        Gina stayed with George after the first affair because she is a religious woman and George asked for forgiveness. She alway wanted to keep her family together. To say she stayed for the money is not true. They had nothing when they got together. They built the business together. That business should have been shared.

        When your husband keeps screwing around, there is a thing as self respect and wanting to protect your family, so divorce is the final answer.

  23. TEB says:

    The facebook link isn’t working. Did she shut it down?

  24. learninabtlife says:

    With George/Laurie on this one: 1)Court orders are court orders, if I could only see my children under supervision, even if knew unfair, nothing, nothing would keep me seeing them while I worked through the courts. 2)I am naive, but if Bria was truly missing she would have gone to every police/law enforcement agency in State to investigate. 3) The child is still a minor and missing, and you have a ‘celebrity’ connection and DON’T go to every media outlet available to talk about your baby?! Would be interesting to know if she has approached Adam Walsh, and if so, what he said after his investigation. Bottom line, I believe Bria is very safe and most likely feels secure away from that mess of a mom.

    • krbmjb05 says:

      Remember, Gina just went public. She has been bombarded by questions from dozens of bloggers (including this one! 🙂 ) and other media outlets. She has YEARS of information and what I call “evidence” to pull together to try to share the story.

      Don’t assume about reports and going to authorities. Gina will share what she has, but it is a process she is doing on her own. It’s her story, and she’s sharing it in her way. All I have to say is “Stay Tuned”. There has been lots of interest in this story.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        So what is she actually looking for? Fame, notoriety, a book or movie deal?

        • Tam5115 says:

          Perhaps, all of the above?

        • brbOK777 says:

          Most important, Gina is trying to locate her daughter. Secondly, after years of being silenced, (How many times does one have to remind people of that ~ is it too hard to believe?) Her children’s mind’s have been manipulated and played with like a cheap deck of cards, would any loving mother just say, “Oh well, I gave it my best shot, sorry, kid’s.”

          If it were my family, and knowing what Gina and her kids have been through, especially after hearing her kids lash out at her recently (did any of you see or read letters from the kids, begging for their mother to help them? All of them have, RECENTLY!!!) Now, when she does use the only tool she believes she has left by taking her story public, her kids side with the father ~ by threatening their mother? Wouldn’t that cause any parent alarm to see their children vascilate with such spite and hate from one parent to the next? Clearly, Gina realizes her children need help. I would be shouting from the highest mountain, using every option now available to me since the ridiculous gag order is no longer in effect that George was granted to keep all his BS from being splattered all over the media.

          In one of Gina’s tweets, she said something profound about George ~ “He Manipulates Grown Men daily. Kids R Childs Play 2 him.”

          Truer words never spoken! FACT!

          It is really sad and hurtful to see people accuse Gina of such things, especially if it is coming from another mother.

          There is so much more to this story.
          George manipulates men every day –

          • Ok… here is why I doubt your story. It’s 2011. Why would her kids write letters? Wouldn’t they call her on the phone or send her a text message?

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            At this point and given the age of her children, I think maybe just keeping quiet till you are free to reestablish a relationship would work better. There are school personnel that a child can seek help from and hospitals everywhere if a child is truly in danger, they can initiate investigations….again and again. It is odd that the adult children >18 were not at the house helping Gina move and shouting their story of abuse, which could have been posted publicly on facebook for authorities outside of OC to see. The kids may just be manipulative and playing one parent against the other for their own gain….it has happened before.
            It also seems that if Bria wanted her mom to know where she is, Bria would contact her.

  25. Sus says:

    Check out the comments here http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2011/03/real_ex-housewife_gina_peterso.php

    McKenzie, Bria’s older sister is posting….. allegedly

    It does sound sincere although I’m a sucker

  26. crazysweet says:

    this is REALLY OLD news…..REALLY old. George also put a gag order on the reporter for the oc register so he couldn’t report anymore after Georges own kids went into court and allegedly begged to move back with their mom. He also banged his assistant and thats why his first marriage broke up. *yawn* George and Laurie are such old news. Thats another reason she left the show, they couldn’t risk airing all this dirty laundry on TV.

  27. Adgirl says:

    Very strange case.
    The missing girl could be in boarding school far from OC. The mother might be trying to elicit information about her location by announcing she is “missing”.

    Maybe George stayed married because he knew what a horrible divorce it would become with the kids in the middle. That’s what my ex did with wife 2. She was unstable too. He just moved into the other bedroom.

    Children with a parent suffering with mental health issues are going to be screwed up.

    Personally, I don’t think George should have married again until the kids grew up. George should give his full attention to his kids. Now Laurie’s kids are in the mess too.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      It is my understanding that George was having his secretary on the side during his marriage thus leading to the demise of said marriage. I don’t know how long that went on or what happened to that relationship, but Laurie came after that. I wonder how they met or if he saw her on TV and wanted to get exposure?

      • Adgirl says:

        …or just want to expose himself. LOL.

      • brbOK777 says:

        Funny you should ask.

        George actually had two affairs both with young secretaries. Gina forgave the first, tried to move on until she learned about the second affair that George ended after seeing Lauri on S-1 and asked to be introduced to Lauri by a mutual friend. He had to sue the live-in secretary to recover the $200,000 ring he had given her, yet, he spent more money on both his and the girls atty fees and the large settlement granted the secretary then he did on the ring? What does that tell you?

        It’s rumored, and I would not be surprised, that George hooked up with Lauri so he could join the show in order to show off like most of the narcissistic Housewives do, especially if his business was beginning to suffer, thinking he could glean from the show and use Bravo as a platform for something bigger. George and Lauri were, perhaps still are (if they can control the kids) land their own reality show titled, “The Peterson Project.”

        The other thing that makes one wonder is George, when he was seperated from Gina, before the custody trial, and was living with the second secretary/affair, George rarely saw the kids, they were with Gina 90% of the time while George was sowing his oats with a 26 y/o spending a lot of time in Palm Springs and other hot spots in So. CA. It wasn’t until Lauri came into the picture that George asked for full custody of the kids. Was it to prevent from paying child support? Read the kids letters where they say George and Lauri don’t spend time with them, could care less about them, abuse them, you be the judge. Sorry to bring up money, but there was a lot at stake considering what George was paying out in child support, albeit, late, and short, every month.

        I don’t know for sure but it makes one wonder.

  28. Lorenzo says:

    The daughter Adriean pled guilty to many of the charges related to the meth lab.

    Case Number: 03SF0650

    OC Pay Number: 2184487
    Originating Court: Harbor – Laguna Niguel Facility

    Defendant: Volz, Adrien Marie
    Eyes: Brown Hair: Blond Height (ft/in): 5’5″ Weight (lbs): 113

    Last Name First Name Middle Name Type
    Volz Adrien Marie Real Name
    Case Status: Convicted
    Seq S/A Violation Date Section Statute OL Violation Plea Plea Date Disposition Dispo Date
    1 0 09/07/2003 182(a)(1) PC F Conspire to commit a crime GUILTY 10/07/2005 Pled Guilty 10/07/2005
    1 3 09/07/2003 11379.8(a)(2) HS F Enh. of punishment based on amt. – 10 gal of liquid or 3lb of solid ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005
    2 0 09/07/2003 11379.6(a) HS F Manufacture of controlled substance GUILTY 10/07/2005 Pled Guilty 10/07/2005
    2 3 09/07/2003 12022(c) PC F ENH: Personally armed with firearm. ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005
    2 5 09/07/2003 11379.8(a)(2) HS F Enh. of punishment based on amt. – 10 gal of liquid or 3lb of solid ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005
    2 6 09/07/2003 12022(d) PC F ENH-Use of Dangerous or Deadly Weapons ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005
    3 0 09/07/2003 11366.5(a) HS F Rent space for storage or sale of controlled substance GUILTY 10/07/2005 Pled Guilty 10/07/2005
    3 3 09/07/2003 12022(c) PC F ENH: Personally armed with firearm. ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005
    3 4 09/07/2003 12022(d) PC F ENH-Use of Dangerous or Deadly Weapons ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005
    4 0 09/07/2003 11378 HS F Possession of controlled substance with intent to sell GUILTY 10/07/2005 Pled Guilty 10/07/2005
    4 3 09/07/2003 12022(c) PC F ENH: Personally armed with firearm. ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005
    4 4 09/07/2003 12022(d) PC F ENH-Use of Dangerous or Deadly Weapons ADMITTED 10/07/2005 Admission 10/07/2005

  29. Adgirl says:

    I have no idea how a parent (George) can project such dominating mind control over that three teenagers, all of the time. According to their mother he alternatively beats or bribes them. He also informs them exactly what to say at all times, especially in connection to her.

    I couldn’t get my 2 teenagers to stop leaving their smelly shoes in the livingroom.

    • krbmjb05 says:

      Remember your comment AdGirl when you see and read stuff that Gina is posting from the kids. Gina does not live with these kids, and she has just as much “dominating mind control” over what they wrote and said about their dad, as what you say about George.

      ….and I agree….I have 2 teenagers myself.

      • Adgirl says:

        I just can’t read all that verbal vomit. Just a bunch of people I will never want in my life. All of the collective kids included.

        I’m sure the authorities are praying for them all to move out of their jurisdiction.
        Their attorneys are praying they never move and the children never reach the of 18 so this can on & on..

        • just sayin says:

          Have been reading through this, one thing I have to say, money can make people do strange things and George has money, lots of money that he can hold over his kids heads and the older they are the more they value it. What I have to wonder about is why someone with all the money and the new life George has, would he still be bent on harassing his ex wife. He continues to this day so one has to wonder why, I think it shows what kind of person he is and his behavior makes his ex appear crazy because he is making her that way. This is an ugly divorce that will never end because he does not want her to get anything at all, not the kids, house, car or money. The rich are different from the rest of us, they are meaner.

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      He is such a skunk!

    • ~Luvz A Formidable Canvas~ says:

      Thanx for the link~CaptCareBear 🙂
      Seriously serious……..up to 10 possible
      ID fakery and forgery.
      btw…..S’too funny:
      This Giuseppe Giudice breaking newz is ranked #1 under the Most Popular articles,
      whilst Teresa’s gardening tips sit somewhat silly now at #5
      ahhhh ha!~

  30. Billy Frasher (@Billy_Frasher) says:

    I tried to access the link for her Facebook page but it was unavailable. Did she deactivate her page after this was posted?

    I agree with one of the tweets. Way too many holes in BOTH stories to believe either one.

    Where are bravo cameras when you need them!!!

  31. krbmjb05 says:

    So, although Bria was not living with Gina, nor had any personal contact with her for the last few years, she somehow got Bria to send that e-mail and take those pictures of bruises.

    The letter Slayte wrote several years ago to the courts about the abuse, you ignore that too. Then you have Danyka on audio talking about abuse! Interesting, but I’m not willing to throw a 14 year old girl that wrote letters when she was little on up to current times begging to be with her mother. She took pictures of her bruises. The other kids have cried of abuse. Glad you are all so willing to ignore that and focus on a “meth lab” that Gina was NOT Charged nor jailed for. I mean come on, throw your bias on Ashley. If you are convicting Gina based on the meth lab info, you should also do the same for Ashley when her roomate was convicted of selling drugs from their home. Ohhh….that is different, right?

    Bria’s friend posted on the Dirty that Bria was missing. Gina says she is “missing” but if you read her information, it’s clear she says that George sent her away after she went to the police department (Newport Beach) to report the abuse. Just because you don’t have the “evidence” today, don’t think that it won’t show up. This is a long, sad, tale. I don’t blame Gina for going where she has to go now for Bria. The other kids are older. They’ve been through the SAME things, and they have no qualms of throwing Bria under the bus to save themselves and their lifestyle.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what else Gina posts. She is at least posting what I can only call RECENT “evidence”. The Peterson’s are using their same old MO of deflection. Either way, it’s sad. Looking forward to hearing from Bria or one of her friends that have actually seen and talked to her.

  32. Sus says:

    krbmjb05 – The 3 adults in question are acting badly. If even one of them were reasonable, they could resolve everything and have normal Thanksgivings without hiding kids, publishing old emails and all that crap! Why haven’t they just said we are stopping this right now and come up with a visitation agreement?

    I think any 14 year old girl who is in love with an 18 year old guy, would say just about anything to be with him. I don’t take anything drama-ish as fact from 14 year old girls. They are just crazy at that age. Especially for Bria since this nuttiness has been going on since she was 5.

    Also, several people posted above that it was Gina’s daughter that had the meth lab.

    • krbmjb05 says:

      Sus, I agree. Wouldn’t it be a great conclusion for everyone to call a truce? Somehow, I think this is unfortunately way beyond that. We’ll spend our few days or weeks following this story for our entertainment, but the pain will last a lifetime for everyone.

      I have been accused of being Gina because I have said that I understand why she is going where she is going now. I am a friend of Gina and her family. I know how she has suffered as each kid, one by one has vascilated from one parent to another. This is TRUE Parental Alienation. However, I will not discount the recent stuff from Bria. I’ve seen her heartache for years. Gina promised her she would fight for her. She tried to do it behind the Orange Curtain. Gina is doing what SHE thinks she has to at this point. In the long run, it’s about Bria and her mother not knowing where she is and not hearing from her. The other kids are doing what they have to to survive. Gina posts that she understands that, but, in MY opinion, it would be foolish of them to pretend that everything has been puppy dogs and rainbows with George! I hope the can remember the times they have cried to their Mom and saught her solice!

      Put Your Hair Up is Absolutely right….there is NO reason that Bria should be kept from her mother. Gina is guilty! Guilty of loving her kids beyond words and guilty of being angry about the years she has lost. But if her kids did not ASK her (and recently) for her help, she would not be where she is now.

      • I don’t doubt that Gina doesn’t know where Bria is, but I don’t think she’s missing. Gina just makes herself look nuts by saying that. She should stick to more honest statements like “they won’t tell me where my daughter is.”

        • krbmjb05 says:

          You are correct. It has been made clear the George and family knows where Bria is, but my understanding is that her friends/schoolmates have not seen hide nor hair of her, and obviously, they will not share where Bria went after she went to the police and was subsequently sent to Orangewood.

          Also, I checked with a family member today that adamantly tells me that Bria’s boyfriend is still in high school and is NOT 18 (or older). So, I believe there was a stretch of the truth there from Ms. Ashley.

          Put Your Hair Up, thanks for letting me post here. Again, I am just sharing what I know. But I am in NO WAY influencing anything that Gina is doing or saying. Like I said, this is a sad way to go, but knowing what she has been through, I also totally understand.

          Have a great weekend.

          • But has Gina seen the kids at all or no?
            Because according to Ashley she was allowed supervised visitation but never bothered to see them.

          • krbmjb05 says:

            All the kids have seen their mother from my understanding. I have also seen pics of the kids with her.

            • This is another reason why Gina’s story doesn’t make sense. If she had supervised visitation that she actually showed up for then George wouldn’t be allowed to stop the kids from going, if he did he would be in contempt of court. So if she hasn’t seen Bria it’s because she isn’t showing up for her visits. Ashely also said she was ordered to complete anger management which she didn’t do.

        • just sayin says:

          Since Bria is her daughter and she does not know where she is she is missing, also by saying missing it gets attention, something Gina has been unable to get so far due to GAG ORDERS and George’s MONEY. Also, if you have not met someone like George consider yourself lucky, I do know someone very much like him and I have seen this person do some very evil things to people who he feels have crossed him, with the backing of local police, if you have no experience with this type of person then you really can not give an informed opinion on what is going on.

      • Hotmess! says:

        Glad your not Gina! LoL!!!! Anyway, no matter who is wrong or right, which my opinion is that all adults are somewhat at fault!!!! But, I do think it is disgusting and sad of Gina to take all this public, some sort of smear campain, that will eventually hurt her in the long run….. I have been through a divorce and altho it was not pleasant, we both did what we could to protect the children. There were times, I was pissed at my ex, but I would never say anything bad about him or let the kids know, cuz I wouldn’t ever want to sway them from their dad. Even if he wasn’t being that way!….. These are kids here and while ranting on forums might make her feel better, or give some revenge, in the long run— it is devastaging to those kids…and it is on the internet forever!!! What a shame- who cares about who’s right/wrong— feel bad for the kids… Also, if I couldn’t see my kids- i would do whatever, whatever the court said to see them… Even if I disagreed, I would nod my head and do it, to see my children

        IMO, a mother does what is in the best interest for her kids. PERIOD!

        • krbmjb05 says:

          Hot Mess, trust me. I have been through divorce too, and it was a cake walk compared to the “Peterson” divorce. I too hated my ex, but never had any doubt that we would share custody of our kids 50/50 which we have been able to do.

          However, there are thousands of couples that are going through similar situations like the Petersons. They aren’t as lucky as us.

          It’s easy to judge Gina, but if I were in her shoes (and with my personality), I’m not sure what I would do. I do know she feels desperate about Bria though. Desperate people take desperate measures.

          • Hotmess! says:

            I agree except the last sentence! I know us as mothers would do anything for our kids, but even if I was desperate I would never exploit them online- that affects them forever!!!! There are other avenues….. Other ways! I kinda feel bad for her… cuz while she may be in her head (duh winning), she as well as her kids are gonna suffer….

          • krbmjb05 says:

            HotMess, I agree. Nobody “wins” here.

          • I can kinda see a bit of Gina’s side through all this. But she seems unstable which is not helping her case at all. Those FB videos made her look really bad. If she wants anyone to believe a word she says, why is she posting crazy things like that? She seriously doesn’t realize how bad she looks which makes me think she’s either nuts or on drugs. She needs to invest in a good PR person, I think that will do her more good than a lawyer. She is her own worst enemy. I never heard a bad word about her from anyone except Ashley the other night. She made herself look bad all on her own. It’s kinda sad when your version of the story makes the other side look good.

        • Periwinkle says:

          Gina’s family has been speaking out about this for many years on many message boards. I’m not sure Gina’s videos make her seem nuts, I think she just wanted to document everything that was going on. Lauri claimed that she didn’t return to the show b/c she wanted to give Josh privacy which was laughable since she aired his problems in previous seasons and didn’t seem too concerned about doing that at the time. Gina and Lauri’s ex both refused to let the minor kids be filmed for the show any longer so that kind of put a hole in her Brady Bunch tale……they had no story w/out the kids.

        • Fly On Wall says:

          You would not see them if the children asked you not to try and see them, due to the flack they received by asking to see their mother. Emails, texts, don’t lie. They were afraid if they showed any desire to see her, they would be shunned, treated like sh+t, ignored and their “Things” taken away. Worst of all was just being treated like the Red Headed step child by your own father. This is the Real George Peterson. They have been going through this since they were very young..they have been well trained and know how to survive their father…just agree to everything he says and does…that’s all.

  33. Lorenzo says:

    I checked the age of the boy. He IS 18. Born January 1993.

  34. Adgirl says:

    Gina’s FB. Try this:

    That Monarch has been busy posting this all over the world. I bumped into it on a news site.

    “Monarch says: March 19, 2011 at 12:36 pm Gina Peterson, George Peterson’s EX Wife speaks out for the first time. Read about the REALITY the Peterson’s have tried to keep from the public. The show is running in the UK right now. ”

    BTW- “Monarch” might be a reference to a place. Monarch Beach os right outside Laguna Beach.

    Have fun reading more verbal vomit ya’ll. They are all too craycray for me.

  35. Periwinkle says:

    I agree RCH…..kick out Jesus Barbie, the chick with foil in her bra and bring on the Petersons.

  36. Realminkey says:

    When I clicked on here, I thought I was in a time warp! I can’t believe this Peterson mess is still going on! Holy cow!

  37. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    “But has Gina seen the kids at all or no? Because according to Ashley she was allowed supervised visitation but never bothered to see them.”
    There are questions that get asked and ignored. That is why nobody can believe anything either side says. When Ashley Zarin said (on twitter 2 nights ago) to ask anything b/c she knows “everything”, she only answered what she wanted to, not ALL questions asked. They are ALL nuts IMO.
    What a great marriage George and Laurie must have, they are both still fighting with exes many years down the road. Duh…..losing.

    • Adgirl says:

      199 court appearances. They must have their own pew at the courthouse.

      The first thing I thought of with Laurie’s restraining order against her ex was he crawled out the woodwork after she married well. He was probably bugging her for $$$.

  38. Adgirl says:

    I don’t know anything about all of these nuts but I do find it unusual for a court to severely restrict or order supervised visitations, especially when the children are so old (midteens). Why the supervision when they are old enough to drive themselves home? Courts bend over backwards to be sure there is plenty of visitation.
    Most courts have a third party looking out for the interest of the kids. I think there is a lot that is not public info here, like psych reports, social services recommendations etc.

    I don’t think it’s easy to get restraining orders or visitation restrictions issued by the court. You have to actually “show cause” and have “evidence” and stuff.
    Gina makes it sound like there is a whole dept in OC that rubber stamps George’s requests.

    The whole premise doesn’t pass the smell test.

    Maybe Gina can get Gloria Allred interested in this case and clear it up. It’s exactly up her alley.

    • krbmjb05 says:

      It’s not about right and wrong, it’s about win and lose, and the one with the most money and connections has the opportunity to win. Do you believe politicians? Or do you think they say what they have to to get elected and cowtow to their financial contributors and lobbyists? Do you like lawyers, or do you think they spin things and hide things on their client’s behalf. What about judges. You like judges thinking they follow the law and are upstanding. Most are. But Judges are Lawyers who are ALSO politicians! I’m just saying to not be so naive that when you are in a courtroom it’s all about Justice and the righteous wins! And, in the FEDERAL family court system, that is rarely the case. It is a $$$$ making machine.

      • Adgirl says:

        I’m saying that I have a lot of trouble believing that there are 199 instances of deceit, corruption or favoritism by the OC judge or judges.
        It sounds like you are saying 100% of the time all of the dozens individuals that make up “the system” for this case including law enforcement, social services and judges colluded over a period of years to support Mr. Peterson.

        I just do not believe in large scale conspiracies. Maybe you & Gina should contact Glenn Beck or the radio show Coast to Coast.

        • Did you watch the FB videos? I think it gives you an idea of what people are dealing with. I think those videos make her look awful. She’s uprooting trees from the front yard and laughing with the cops about already haven taken the chandeliers out. Yes, Laurie shouldn’t have been there, that was wrong. But after watching the way Gina behaved I can understand why George showed up with the cops to make sure she wasn’t removing the kitchen cabinets from the walls. Plus if I understand correctly from everything I’ve read, George was there that day because he had permission from the judge to remove some artwork and the cops were there to make sure everything went smoothly. She was acting like he was stalking her, but he had a right to be there and had legitimate concerns about what she might do to the house.
          I’m not saying George isn’t a total douche bag bully, but when Gina’s own FB makes me see his POV, that’s not good.

          • Sus says:

            The FB videos were nutty!!!! I was impressed at how the officers behaved while their time was being abused. I think I counted 4 officers. That is a lot of resources (tax dollars) devoted to people that are acting crazy.

            It sounds like they got divorced with an agreement (court order) to sell the house at some point with art going to George. Gina probably stalled (fought in court) over selling the house and giving the art to George. She finally lost and then the scene happened when she was moving out.

            Lauri did herself no favors by being there. She looked very greedy. I noticed in the FB videos that Lauri is wearing jeans in one and a white warm up in the other. I think that means she showed up there twice. Just gross !!!

          • just sayin says:

            HE was stalking her, he should not have been there period, until she moved out. If my husband and I divorced and he tried a stunt like that I would be angry too and to an outsider might appear crazy. If you follow the story, after they stalked her there, they took her to court for her violating the order of protection by being within a certain distance of them, fortunately some one in the court room was sane that day and dismissed their case.

      • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

        Are you saying that this family court matter was heard in the “federal” court? Also, when did the State of California establish a “federal family court”? Perhaps you just mean that there is a particular issue in this case that has met the criteria for filing at the federal level. Family courts are usually part of state courts not federal although certain types of issues may be heard in federal court but those issues have to be related to a federal issue, for example a constitutional rights issue. Family court issues are seldom filed in federal court though so I would be interested to hear what issue in this case has made it to the federal level. Could you provide a link to the case?

        I think it was stated somewhere (maybe in another blog) that Gina refused visitation because it was ordered as supervised. If that is true, then I do find Gina’s unwillingness to take advantage of her supervised visitation quite telling. She can’t cry about not getting to see her kids if she doesn’t even take advantage of visitation that she is allowed.

        Now obviously Bria is not “missing” but the mother is not being told the whereabouts of her daughter. So now my question is besides posting on the internet, is Gina working with her attorney to file the proper motions in the court? Why is it taking so long for her attorney to file those motions if there is genuine belief that there is physical abuse? I agree with AdGirl on the smell test here.

        However, I do admit that I don’t the history of this case other than what I can decifer from the internet search and so the picture isn’t perfectly clear. I do feel like the reason we aren’t hearing anything out of the George camp is because his attorney has advised him to remain silent and let Gina ruin any credibility she has by continuing to post all of her allegations about him on the internet. I would even bet that if he has the money that Gina claims, he has hired a PI that specializes in internet tracking to monitor and track where every post on every website is coming from. We had an FBI agent at our firm not long ago that demonstrated how they track people down on the internet right to their front doors. It was very eye opening and made it really obvious that nobody can really hide behind their computers, even though Taylor Armstrong thinks we can. ha ha

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          That whole “Federal Family Court” didn’t make any sense to me either. Family court is state level stuff, in my state it is county level!

        • krbmjb05 says:

          I did not say that this was a federal family court case. What I said and meant is that the business of family court (making money) is a national problem. There is a gentleman by the name of Pete Loventas (sp) that is on twitter that I know of that writes about this. He is an attorney that works with families around the country on family law cases, etc. He has information and statistics on this.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            “And, in the FEDERAL family court system, that is rarely the case. It is a $$$$ making machine.”
            Here is your quote, it is misleading b/c it does say FEDERAL family court system.

    • You know, if Gina didn’t act crazy I would totally believe her conspiracy theory. I still think supervised visitation is harsh and unnecessary especially bc the kids are so old. But I was under the impression that she lost visitation after the meth lab incident, which is kinda understandable.
      I agree about Gloria Allred. But that’s what I’m saying about Gina! Why isn’t she banging down Gloria’s door? Instead she is talking to strangers who can’t do anything except influence public opinion. That’s why it looks like she’s more interested in getting attention for herself than helping her kids.

      • Adgirl says:

        I notice she and her friend/supporter/mother talk incessantly about money which makes me wonder if she believes she is owed a large settlement. She doesn’t get child support if the kids don’t live with her.

        If I talked publically about my kids they would cut me off too.
        Look at Michael Lohan.

      • brbOK777 says:

        I would like to address those who have formed opinions, without knowing the facts, in regard to Gina Peterson seeking Gloria Allred to take on her case ~ Gina did contact Ms. Allred, not once, but twice!

        Gina met with Gloria Allred at her office, but prior to her meeting she first did some research by reading her book. Gina relayed to Ms. Allred that she didn’t have cash at her disposal (Months before, Gina was surprised to learn that every account she was a co-signer on had her name taken off in addition to her checking and savings account, drained) ~ the home is another complex issue.

        Gina explained to Ms. Allred how there was more than enough money available, but Ms. Allred declined to take the case citing she rarely takes cases based on contingencies. Gina, as recent as last year, contacted Ms. Allred again seeking help for her kids since the kids were still depending on her but Ms. Allred declined to take the case once again. So much for Gloria Allred’s mantra of being an advocate for women and children!

        • Someone like Gloria Allred isn’t going to take a case unless she’s sure she can win it. The fact that she wouldn’t take Gina’s case when it ivolved money and semi-fame just makes me think even more that Gina has no case.
          Gina may be telling the truth, but no one is going to listen as long as she keeps acting the way she does. She sound like a paranoid nut on FB accusing everyone who looks her way of stalking her.
          It really bothers me that Gina posts pictures and recordings of the conversations she has with her children on FB. That is seriously messed up. She seems a lot more concerned with making George look bad then with helping her children. Even if everything she says about George is true, that doesn’t make her a great mother or mean that the kids should be with her.

          • Adgirl says:

            Gloria would take a ham sandwich as a client if there was sufficient camera time involved.

          • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

            I agree Adgirl. Gloria Allred is all about supporting women and if there was a real “conspiracy” going on in the California court she’d be all over it. Imagine the publicity for her. She took the stripper ho client in the Tiger Woods case for goodness sake and that was a sure long shot so I don’t think she cares so much about winning as she does about publicity.

  39. sof says:

    okay i am close to the peterson family maybe closer then you think I AM NOT lying at all i swear on the holly bible. Gina and her daughter Adrianne had one of the biggest meth labs in OC, and there are other reasons why she got her kids take away but there is a whole list. If you read the court documents Gina COULD have had visitation with her kid, but she would have them monitored. The kids did want to see there mom, but guess what. she NEVER SHOWED UP. Chasen(bria’s EX-boyfriend) IS 18! I have met him several time and yes he is 18. Gina has minupilted and lied about everything. she minuplated the kids. But when the kids did live with her she NEVER took them to school actually Slayte dropped out when he was living with Gina and now cant get a damn job because he doesnt have a high school education and he has a kid! How do you feel about that Gina? Runing your kids life. Hope your happy. But please, take my word. I SWEAR i have not lied AT ALL on this. Please take my word Gina is not a good person.

    • brbOK777 says:

      Being sent away to a school in Oregon for 14 months, (that was closed down by the Fed’s for abuse and neglect) and then forced to stay in hiding from his father for 6 more months waiting to turn 18, didn’t take away from Slayte receiving an education? That, SOF, is close to two years of not receiving an education. Slayte himself said there was no educational progams whatsoever at Mt. Bachelor and now you hang that on Gina, too? OK! Nothing new here.

      Yes, the Peterson old home does have a meth history ~ 9 years ago! Gina was not there there. Gina has never used meth, never done drugs, rarely, if ever, has a glass of wine with dinner. Gina and the children were allowed back into their home within 48 hours after it was properly sanitized. I won’t mention names, since it would clearly only bring up the past of the individual, but I am curious why people like you keep bringing up this same meth issue when someone else’s son has had issues of drug use and was incarcerated on more than two occassions, but that’s OK? Talk about living in the past, people!

      The focus is on Parental Alienation, a 14 y/o girl’s whereabouts are still not known, and we are talking about something that happenend close to a decade ago.

      If you know the Peterson’s as well as you say you do, and I absolutely believe you do ~ WHERE IS BRIA?!!

      Wrong ~ the boy is NOT 18.

      • sof. says:

        I know where Bria is but I am sworn not to say! But where she is, she is as happy as can be and is on a sports team and happy with friends.

        ACTUALLY I AM RIGHT! I know him personally HE IS 18 Chasen McNaughton is 18 years old.
        clearly YOU are the wrong one bud.

        • brbOK777 says:

          Sworn to not say? Parental Alienation, Lorenzo/Peterson clan, at it finest.

          No worries, we WILL find Bria since she is clearly not happy, clearly not with her OLD friends, so go sell your BS to some like-minded abuser that hides behind the skirts of his own kids.

        • Fly On Wall says:

          He is NOW 18, but was not while trying to help Bria months before he turned 18.

          • Lorenzo says:

            So last year the boyfriend was 17 and Bria was 13? That makes a father feel a whole lot better considering the family history. Gina had a baby at 16. Gina’s mother was 16 when Gina was born. Both children conceived outside of wedlock, both mothers had shotgun weddings, both mothers divorced by their early 20’s.

            Then we have Gina offering to let Bria and her boyfriend live at her place in exchange for doing a hatchet job on her father. Under that cozy arrangement, how long til history repeats itself?

    • krbmjb05 says:

      Ya, you pretty much make yourself obsolete by saying “gina and her daughter had a big meth lab”. OK, genius, if Gina had a meth lab, why wasn’t she in jail? Your lame logic means that Ashley and her roommate were dealing cocaine out of her apartment. Again, we know that it’s the only MO that is used to keep waving the shiney object in the other direction to deflect where Bria is.

      You are laughable.

      • Adgirl says:

        @ krbmjb05
        YOU are laughable with your wild conspiracy theories and ludicrous connect the dots between judges, police, sheriffs and social service evaluators who all apparently holding secret meetings at their clubhouse to collect instructions & paychecks from Mr Peterson.

        YOU completely undermine the sympathy I could have for the mother. Your claims make me think there is a good reason for the court ordered distance. Her horrible publicity seeking makes a mockery of caring and protecting children. How can damaging your children make things better for them?

        George is probably a huge asshole. But he’s not running around posting videos and publishing private communications on the internet.

        This whole case makes me sad.

  40. Lorenzo says:

    The boy IS 18. I looked it up on the California Birth Index. January 1993

  41. Lorenzo says:

    California Birth Index, 1905-1995

    Chasen Scott Mcnaughton 20 Jan 1993 Male Stalsis Orange

  42. Adgirl says:

    Who cares if the boyfriend is 17.5, 18 or 35 yrs old. He’s probably a nice kid.

    Isn’t this about whether there is a vast conspiracy to undermine Gina as a parent?? I have been revisiting this page because I think it’s a unique condition.

    I find Gina’s version farfetched. Even if it is 110% true I am shocked by her willingness to expose her children to the ridicule and shame of her blatant efforts to advertise this mess. This is not about the kids. It’s about her & her feelings towards George & Laurie.

    I am divorced. The second wife hated me. My children figured out the situation as they matured, My point being maybe Gina’s kids figured it out too, but not in her favor.

  43. Lorenzo says:

    My point being that Gina and her side often try to tweak the details and/or outright lie to spin public opinion her way. The same thing with this whole Bria is “missing” nonsense. I too, heard that when Slayte was in Gina’s custody he was failing three classes at school and his mother wasn’t doing a damned thing about it.

  44. Dawn says:

    I’m ashamed to admit im facinated by this entire situation. Obviously both sides have truths and untruths. I would have leaned more towards Georges side had Laurie not put her nose in the middle of everything. She should have stepped away from it all. She could have supported her husband behind the scenes. No reason to show up at the house while Gina was moving (even though i believe Gina has issues) As the “new wife” she should have kept herself out of everything!

    On the boyfriend issue….Who gives a shit if the kid turned 18 in Jan or May? Why is there so much attention on a four month difference unless someone is planning to press some sort of crack pot statutory rape? He is 17/18 not 35/40 what am I missing that seems so important to these people?

    I believe they are all at fault and have taken things so far they dont know when to stop. So much of their life has been eaten up with court and one upping each other that they know no other way to live. What will they do with their time if theres no court/ fighting?

    I Feel awful for the children (regardless of age). This is their family, to them this is normal life. They will seek similar relationships as adults because its normal to them. They will have (or already do have) problems with Drugs, jobs, relationships, jail. Disfuction at its finest.

    Only George and Gina can stop this mess. Laurie needs to stay out of it.
    After 199 court apperances why hasnt a judge ordered them to joint counseling?

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Good lord the only winners in this mess are the attorneys soaking up their fees to the max! If Gina was smart, she would have realized that she was/is being taken advantage of in continuing to fight her ex. Even George should have realized that he’s lost his children’s future $ for college etc. to his attorneys. Great business man he is…these two just like to fight. Notice how the attorneys kept them at it? 199 court appearances is ridiculous. Judges? Aren’t they former attorneys? Both sides should just walk away. The kids will figure it out eventually. Somewhere a long time ago someone very wise said “If you love someone, set them free. If they are truly meant to be with you, they will return.” That’s for the kids.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        p.s. both Gina & George sound like horrible parents! This is exactly why the RHOC is a trashy show not worth watching! Look at the people involved with it…George & Lauri? Vicki? Tamra? Jesus Barbie & her grifter hubby? Gretchen & Slade? Ughh, pure trash. The real people of Orange County must be sick of it.

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          I agree, it must be a huge embarrassment for the REAL people of OC. For everyone’s sake, I hope they have Bria on birth control before she is on “14 and Pregnant”.

        • sof. says:

          Also, BTW Geogre and Lauri are AMAZING parents they do what ever the can to have the kid have a good future! George pays a good 10 grand for Danyka to go to one of the best college prep schools in the country, for Sophia they pay a crap load of money so she can ride horses and follow her dreams. I could make a list of BILLLIONS of things they have done for their children. Its funny because people say Lauri and George are such shitty parents WHEN THEY ARE NOT! Gina is the dog shit parent. Yeah she may seem like she cares, but she doesnt! None of this “realEXhouswive” shit is real. I know the real hard core truth.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            Oh yeah, I think we’ve all got a good taste of how “amazing” they are as parents. Like Jeana said…born at night but not last night!

          • Interesting how you only bring up the amount of money George pays for things as a reason why he is a good parent.

            • sof. says:

              no that was not my point. He will do anything and everything for his children.

              • But according so some, he sends them to those boarding schools, you know the ones where the kids don’t actually go to class and instead work all day while being screamed at?
                So if that’s true, then yeah, George is a piece of shit.
                So far no one is looking good in this situation.

                • sof. says:

                  The only reason he sent slayte to boarding school was because when he lived with Gina she did not put any effort into making him go to school. None of the kids at any of this time were old enough to even work! They are just now are old enough to get a job! Except Slayte because he doesnt have a high school education because Gina never took him.

                • Tuzentswurth says:

                  Oh stop saying whatever sounds good to you. It is public record that George didn’t send Slayte to “boarding school” b/c Gina didn’t make an effort to send him to school. I’m calling BS there. From what I’ve read, Slayte was living with George, got in trouble and was sent to Mt B- a juvenile detention/rehab/boot camp type of thing, so why didn’t he graduate high school? George had custody. Why is Danyka in a “$10000 college prep” school since she is 18 or > and should be in actual college?
                  Let’s get our really high boots on now.

            • brbOK777 says:

              Wouldn’t George, his kids, and even Gina benefit more if George were to spend his money by getting some real indepth counseling for these kids instead of spending it on hush money that keeps the vacations, expensive cars, and lifestyle going? The person who would benefit the most from counseling seems to be ~ sof!

              Gina is elated that at the very least, her kids are receiving the kind of education she and George always talked about.

      • sof. says:

        Just putting this out there that George and Lauri have been trying to walk away for 6 years or so. Its just funny to me when someone who knows everything, like the truth,(like me) reads all this bull shit.

      • I bet George is his attorney’s only client. He doesn’t have time for anyone else. Lol

  45. over the gaffe says:

    uh huh (put your hair up, sadly that Friday songs stuck in my head. Coke¬ a¬cola came to town. Pepsi¬cola shot him down

    Dr. Pepper patched him up and now I’m drinking 7UP. But 7UP’s got the flu,now I’m drinking Mt.Dew

    Mt.Dew fell off his Mountain,now I’m drinking water fountain. My Water fountain broke! So no I’m back to drinking coke. La tee hee la ta da dee la ha ha

    • Nice lyircs! Add some auto tune and some high schoolers and you got yourself a youtube hit right there.
      Did you read the comments on youtube? They are hysterical. I love the ones asking “Why is that 30 yr old black guy cruising around looking for school buses?!” Lol

  46. housewifeaddict says:

    Once again great blog exposing the underbelly of crazy.

    One thing I disagree with – that they are all crazy. IMO only one of these people needs to be crazy for this situation to occur. One crazy can distort and smear the truth until everyone looks terrible. I’ve got one in my life right now – masterful at being on the offense, and makes everyone around her spin around until they are dizzy. Fortunately it’s a work thing – so I can disengage, but whoa – one person who lies, distorts, and has a completely messed up sense of reality can do a lot of damage.

    I just hope the kids in this Laurie – George – Gina situation survive.

    • Adgirl says:

      OMG I totally know what you mean. Sadly, with enough exposure a nut can make any normal person crack.

      Unstable people make everyone unstable. Just like a drowning person they grab onto people and drag them under too.

      I would not want any of the extended Peterson clan past & present in my life. Not even the kids.

  47. Miss Anthrope says:

    So basically we have 2 grown women airing a shitload of dirty laundry out on twitter when there are innocent children involved. And to top it off, stretch faced Lauri Waring who practically throws her son in a trash can once a rich dude comes along is involved too? Pathetic.

    • Adgirl says:

      Yep… pretty much that’s it.
      The only reason there is a thread here is because the mom was following PYHU on twitter with links to her rantings. It’s not like anyone in the actual real non-tv world searched out this mess to examine.

      It’s just like the other thread about JS. Another unstable person who thrust herself into public forums making big scenes about people she dislikes. Eventually everyone turned around and looked into her shit too.

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