Bethenny Ever After ~ Episodes 2 and 3

I’m a horrible blogger, but I’m finally catching up so here are two recaps in one. I’ll be honest, the Bethenny recaps are a little hard for me to write because I’m not really enjoying the show as much as I thought I would. I definitely liked Bethenny a lot better on Housewives. But don’t start celebrating yet Jill Zarin! Just because I’m not crazy about Bethenny’s show doesn’t mean I hate you any less. You’ll get your turn soon.

So let’s start with last week’s episode. Bethenny and her makeup artist get a good laugh out of her attending the Top 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers party. That made no sense. I guess that was supposed to be one of those “I’m still relatable even though I’m going to a red carpet event” moments. But she’s been wearing designer dresses, Louboutins, and had Birkin Bags in every color since season 1, so the whole “I don’t know how to dress myself” act seemed… well… like an act.

Bethenny’s jewelry gay comes over and she says how great it is to have a guy who just stops by with satchels of jewels. I think we should make “satchel of jewels” the new catch phrase just to piss off Kelly.

I’m not sure exactly why Bethenny needs to pay someone to put her hair in a pony tail. She couldn’t have done that herself? Really? The lady could have at least brushed her hair on the sides so that her scalp wasn’t showing. I can’t believe some of the things these Housewives pay people to do for them.

After rushing around the house like a mad woman and saying how late they were going to be to the party, they suddenly have time to stop and sit and grab a bite to eat. Napoleon Dynamite shows up and Bethenny remarks on what a coincidence it is that she suddenly see’s him everywhere she goes. Yes Bethenny, it’s called stalking… or trying to get on tv. One or the other.

I like this guy for some reason. I wouldn’t mind seeing him on the show. I never cared much for Max. Little punk.

Bethenny and Jason continue on their way to the party and Bethenny starts crying in the car because she feels like she’s in a tornado holding onto a tree branch trying not to get hit by a house or something like that. She got everything she wanted and she’s still unhappy so it’s a little hard to feel bad for her. No one is forcing her to do anything. And it’s not like she’s in the factory day and night bottling margaritas, so crying about all the things she has to do just seems silly. Especially because it appears as though she actually spends a whole lot of time at home sitting on the couch.

The next day Jason and Bethenny argue about how often they should be seeing the grandparents again. Jason doesn’t understand why he does all of Bethenny’s “things” without complaint, but every time he wants to do something it’s an argument. Easy Jason, that’s because Bethenny’s things are tv shows and fancy parties with famous people and you want to do that stuff. Your “things” are small towns and old people.

How about the way Bethenny said “Because I’m a difficult human being.” Scary, no? A little Mommy Dearest moment there.

Rachel Ray decided to give Bethenny’s assistant Julie a makeover. The camera crew arrives at the apartment and Bethenny began foaming at the mouth over the producer. He was a decent looking guy, but nothing to drool over. It was seriously ridiculous, but not in a funny, silly way. In an uncomfortable that’s enough already, you’re pushing it too far, please stop embarrassing yourself kinda way.

Then as though her behavior wasn’t bad enough, Gina the baby nurse sets her sights on the sound guy and joined in on the sexual harassment. The poor guy looked terrified. No one bothered the camera guy and he seemed to be getting a kick out of the whole thing.

Julie walks in and they surprise her with the news that she’s getting a makeover and she reacts as though they told her she was getting a new car or something. If the girl gets this excited over a trip to the salon maybe they should be giving her a life instead of a makeover.

During Julie’s hair appointment both her and Bethenny start crying. What is going on in the Frankel household? Everyone just seems way too emotional. I think Julie needs to sit in on some of those therapy sessions. Either that, or Bethenny is so awful to work for that even the smallest bit of kindness is something to cry over.

The next day it’s time for the big makeover reveal. They managed to find Julie a dress that added 10 pounds to her figure and a hair cut that added 10 years to her appearance. Between Bethenny’s pony tail and Julie’s new look I wonder if there is anyone in the beauty industry in New York who actually knows what the hell they’re doing.

Focusing on someone other than herself for once was hard, so Bethenny is happy to get to her weekly all about me session. They discuss the grandparent situation again. It’s nice that the doctor validates her feelings and all, but this is not some past issue that Bethenny needs to feel better about and move on from. This is a current issue that Bethenny and Jason need to work out together. Discussing it with Bethenny alone isn’t helping to resolve the situation and the doctor should have requested that Jason join them. But explaining to Bethenny that she needs to include other people in her decision making is probably futile, so I can understand why he didn’t even try.

You could just see Bethenny’s face light up when the doctor brought up swapping holidays. I think that only applies to families that have another extended family to swap them with, but Bethenny found her Doctor Approved excuse and she’s going to make it work for her.

Jason and Bethenny have a date night, and they pretend not to know each other as he attempts to pick her up at the bar. Bethenny says that Jason claims he had game and got all the girls before he met her, but she’s never seen any evidence of that. Uh… hello?? Didn’t he pick her up at a bar, have her pregnant and engaged within like 3 months, and doesn’t he now have a rich and famous sugar mamma who he gets him invited to all the fancy parties where he gets to hang out with famous people and have his picture taken? That’s a player if I ever met one.

Jason has some pretty good lines and the evening was going very nicely until Bethenny had to cut the fun short to freak out about spending holidays with the grandparents even though it’s summer and there are no holidays coming up any time soon.

She has issues, I get it. But enough is enough already. It’s getting annoying.


Next we’re moving on to episode 3. Bethenny was less horrible this time and didn’t cry as much, so things are looking up.

Bethenny says that Gina likes to sleep in, which you think would be the opposite of a baby nurses’ job, so Bethenny goes for a walk and brings Bryn with her. When the paparazzi spot her and start snapping pictures she approaches a man on the street and asks if she can walk with him so he can hide her and her baby from the cameras…. even though she’s being followed by cameras… and her babies’ face was all over every gossip magazine days after her birth. The man didn’t know who she was and asked what her name was. Lol.

Bethenny and Jason visit a local liquor store to talk with the cashier about Skinny Girl Margaritas and how well they’re selling. Bethenny is having problems meeting the demands for her margaritas and she wants Jason to help with her business. He doesn’t look too excited about working “with” her. I totally get it. I wouldn’t want to work “with” her either.

The next day Bethenny invited over Napoleon Dynamite who’s real name is actually Nick. I wish I had a friend like him to bring me bags full of sandwiches and deserts and other goodies. Bethenny decides that she wants Nick to write a food blog for her, but I searched online and couldn’t find it so I don’t know if that ever happened or not. He does have a personal blog which you can read here if you’re interested.

It’s Gina’s birthday and Bethenny takes her to get a pedicure (either I am completely butchering this word, or it’s not in the spell check dictionary) as a birthday present. Gina knows that her time in the Frankel house is coming to an end now that baby Bryn is getting older and she cooked up a sob story about her ex husband stealing her house and all her money. Bethenny fell for it hook, line, and sinker. And cried, of course. I don’t trust this baby nurse for a second.

This show is making me hungry.

Max got fired. No loss there imo.

But I did  find it interesting that when Max arrived at the apartment Julie gave him a hug and said “It’s nice to see you.” An odd greeting for two people who supposedly work together, no? It appears as though Max hasn’t been working for Bethenny recently, and she just called him in to fire him on camera. Nice.

Bethenny and Jason attended some party, I’m not really sure what it was for. Something about mommy’s and baby products. Jason was getting along with everyone and making friends and seemed to be having a great time. Bethenny was abrasive and unfriendly and dragged him out early because Paris Hilton’s book on how to be a socialite says that you should never be the last one to leave a party.

Next Bethenny and Nick go on a food crawl. For a natural food chef, Bethenny sure does seem to eat a lot of unhealthy non homemade food. I like Nick, and I wish Bethenny was nicer to him. When her snarky-ness was directed at Housewives it was funny, when it’s directed at nice guys like Nick it just makes her look like a bitch. Their afternoon seemed to be going well until Nick said that he doesn’t eat red meat and then Bethenny seemed to lose interest in him.

She managed to lose him in the crowd, and once he was out of ear shot she called Jason and asked him to come join them since Nick’s refusal to eat pork was killing her food buzz. When Jason arrives they order some gourmet slushies which they add booze to, and Bethenny asks Nick for the 685th time if he drinks alcohol. I don’t know if that’s her OCD or she really just doesn’t pay attention when people talk to her.

Next it’s Gina’s birthday party and I’m staring at this very delicious looking cake and now I’m headed to the kitchen for a snack. The show has driven me to eat. I think this is Bethenny’s plan. She’s going to make everyone hungry while watching her show so that they eat and gain weight and then we’ll have to buy her diet books and workout DVD’s to lose it.


And I’m so far behind that I just realized there is already a new episode out, so I guess I’ll go watch that now.

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63 Responses to Bethenny Ever After ~ Episodes 2 and 3

  1. BlueSky_Forever says:

    Thank you for blogging BEA RCH! You might like the next episode better. Bryn steals the show, she is just adorable & her smile is magical. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about Gina’s church scene in the next episode lol. This episode made me want to try putting booze on everything. So I tried the McDonald’s vanilla with fudge sundae & put Grand Mariner on it OMG it was fantastic!

  2. Clare says:

    Great recap too! I have some interesting info for you guys…have you ever noticed B likes to pretend like she eats a lot on the show but never actually eats anything…Pop Burger (One bite of burger), Sandwich from Nick (Cut into a quarter and took one bite), Eggs for Jason (didn’t eat any), GIna’s cake (didn’t eat her slice), Shepard Pie @ the Fair (took a bite and threw away) . It got me thinking, so I popped over to Amazon to take a glance at what diet strategy she exactly recommends…besides drinking all of your calories. On Amazon they give you previews of her book, and in the back there is a “chart” of a typical week in her life. I was SHOCKED when I read it. She eats way less than 1000 calories a day…one day her dinner included “one bite of mozarella stick, 3 bites of steak and a plain salad. If that isn’t disordered eating, I don’t know what is.

    On to Max — I definitely thought he was a little brat, but you have to admit she came across as a hypocrite when firing him. She regularly talks about things like “waxing vaginas” with Gina, yet she called him out for “crossing a line”.

    I think Julie might take the cake as one of the most pathetic people on reality tv. That being said, her personality is PERFECT for someone like B. Malleable, over weight, insecure, etc.

    I am really disappointed with this season. I actually thought B was likable in the first season, and now I am just disgusted. She is completely obsessed with herself and a rude angry bitch to pretty much everyone. Her ‘tude must come from not eating. I was even more disgusted at this weeks episode when she brings a camera crew into a church (twice), films something as private and spiritual as a baptism(note, they didn’t even do that on RHONJ), and disrespects one of the services.

    Ok, that’s my rant for now. lol.

    • humbruh says:

      So glad I’m not the only one that noticed the weird eating habits about Bethenny! I haven’t seen her eat anything in it’s entirety since Bryn was born. So not healthy. The funny thing is the Skinnygirl diet does work so I’m not sure why she wouldn’t utilize it herself.

      I agree that the once charming snarkiness is turning into bitchyness & is not cute. In her defense, I do think she’s playing it up even more since she has become known for it & feels like that’s what people want to see. I could do without the talking bad about people & places in her interviews during the show & more of the lighthearted goofy moments.

      • Clare says:

        I think we all liked the snarkiness more when it was directed at people who “deserved” it…

        I mean…there is a HUGE difference in calling out maniacs like KKB and making fun of people like Nick.

        I agree that part of it is “played up” for the cameras, but I also think that is part of her natural tendencies. It is so overplayed now that it just comes across as, shrew like, desperate and mean. She had a good thing going, I almost wished she had stayed on RHONY.

  3. Alicia says:

    Bethenny is becoming less and less likable as this show moves along. I am really disappointed in her. Her bitchiness and snarkiness were cute on RHo NY, but now she just looks mean. I hope she is just putting on a show for the cameras, but I wonder bc Jason seems to have a problem with her “all about me” attitude. That being said, I think seeing the gradnparents every 3-4 weeks is overkill. Seriously. I do feel bad for Bethenny about that. Just bc she doesnt have family does not mean she has to spend ALL of her time with Jason’s. Rotating holidays is a great idea. They (B and J) do need some family time for themselves without his parents always being involved. I do think she has done a lot for Jason in that regard. She named Bryn after his brother, baptized Bryn in the Catholic church bc that is what was important to Jason and his parents. I know that it must be hard for Jason and his parents since they lost their son/brother, but that was 20 some years ago. It does not give Jason the right to feel that everything needs to revolve around his family because of it. I am not trying to be cold-hearted about it, but come on! They are suffocating her! It would be suffocating for anyone! I do like Jason and his family and think that he is prob right that it is always about Bethenny.

    Max, is a wannabe actor. That whole scene was totally staged. I saw Max in a Lifetime movie. I tweeted B about it, no response of course. Interesting though that it is never brought up on the show. Google him, you will see what I am talking about.

  4. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I was over Max when he plopped his ass across a massage table while Bethenny’s guests were waiting for a turn. He totally took the gig for the perks. I guess he never looked up the definition of personal assistant. Personal assistant=my bitch. I got the vibe Max thought he’d either get his own spin off show or at least move up the ladder to a more famous celebrity. Pull your towel up Max, no one cares about your soft 6-pack
    I think Bethenny needed a hairdresser to do her ponytail beause she’s been wearing weave/tracks ever since the PETA shoot. Scalp showing is better than your extensions hanging out.
    The problem with Bethenny’s weight is never gonna be resolved. She will always be scrawny and not gain weight because too many people are telling her she looks good. Believe me on this. My mother has been underweight most of her life and people drool over her thinness. My mother would rather die than eat a whole meal. Once being skinny is your claim to fame, you’re done for. Anyone remember Nicole Ritchie in S1-S2 of The Simple Life? Chunky chunky! Now show “can’t gain weight” no matter how hard she tries……..
    Anywhoo, I’m still undecided about Bethenny this season.

  5. Miss Anthrope says:

    I really don’t like how Bethenny treated Nick. She treated him just like she treated the people in Jasons home town- like an amusing joke. She really needs to cut that shit out.

    I hate when she talks about how she couldn’t pay her rent a year ago. Are we supposed to believe that? People who can’t pay their rent don’t hang out with the Hillfigers, vacation in The Hamptons, or wear designer dresses. Sorry, but I’m not buying it. She also claims that her mom sometimes couldn’t afford to feed her, but in the next breath she talks about how she grew up at the track and hung out at clubs in NYC as a kid. Again, sorry but that doesn’t add up.

    Why she doesn’t admit to having breast implants is beyond me. We all know you have fake tits, Bethenny. Just own up to it.

    And it’s pretty obvious that she tells the paparazzi where she’s going to be and when. Those staged panda photos in the gossip mags were no accident. That really annoys me. It’s one thing to be an attention whore, but don’t put your baby through that. She claims she had an unstable childhood but look what she’s doing to Brynn. The kid was born on television for Christs sake. And I can’t be the only one who is under the distinct impression that most of the people who “work for her” are just paid actors.

    I hate to say this but I doubt her and Jason are going to last. If my sister in law SHHHHH’d my mother, my brother would lose his shit. How rude can you be? I think he’s going to get fed up with her bullshit and the constant media attention and hightail it out of that marriage.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Bethenny has stated her mother relied on men to “keep” her. When she had a rich boyfriend it was steak and lobster. No boyfriend meant Hamburger Helper. Bethenny’s mom thought working meant working a tight dress at a cocktail party 😉

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        But she went to Catholic schools and makes reference to her stepfather a lot when talking about her childhood. I think a lot of her childhood woes are a fabrication. Perhaps her mom wasn’t the best but she never gives any examples of financial struggles as a kid except for saying “my mom didn’t feed me”. What we DO hear a lot of is how she used to run off to Limelight and worked at the horse track. So i’m naturally inclined to believe that she was more spoiled than deprived.

        • When she says things like “my mom didn’t feed me” I took that to mean that her mom was too busy living her life to care if Bethenny ate or not. I didn’t think it meant that she couldn’t afford food. I don’t remember ever hearing her say that they were poor. I was under the impression that her mom was never around and didn’t really care about Bethenny, and I believe that. People don’t just cut their mothers out of their lives for no reason, so I believe that her mother really must have been awful.
          Also, if all these stories aren’t true then how come no one has ever come foreword to say otherwise? I’ve only ever seen one interview done with Bethenny’s mom, and even while defending herself she made herself look bad.

          • Miss Anthrope says:

            Well I don’t doubt that her mom probably wasn’t a great parent. I just think she is careful to only tell that one side of things and dwell on them incessantly. I distinctly remember her saying “we didn’t have food” whilst talking specifically about their finances though. I don’t know….I just think there are way too many inconsistencies. Perhaps things were bad, but I just don’t believe they were as bad as she wants us to believe they were.

            When you look at someone like Bethenny, and you think of all the boyfriends and careers she’s had over the years and the fact that she doesn’t appear to have many (if any) friends, add the fact that she is a fame whore into the mix and you’ve got to wonder if at least part of her strained family relationships are on her. Especially when you see how controlling she is in her day to day life.

            And don’t get me wrong here, I still do love parts of her. But a lot of things don’t add up.

    • VV says:

      Miss Anthrope: I think you’re right on the money, and couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t even watch this season, I soured on #1, watching her pee in a wastebasket while wearing her wedding dress…that’s NOT snarky or cute in my book, and I didn’t think a zipper was that difficult to open and close for necessary creature comforts. However, I do read these recaps because RCH is so funny. Even though I am so over Bethenny, and in fairness I don’t know what she’s saying now about implants, but she was upfront about them in the past. She claimed to have been “saggy to the waist”, and having seen a clip of her in a soft porn flick from about 15 years ago, no exaggeration. A genetic fluke:( The implants weren’t an enhancement, they were a necessary REPAIR.

      I also agree with you about the poor husband, the normal guy with a normal life who thought he got a good thing going, but had NO IDEA how deep the caca was that he had wed himself into. Sort of like Brad Pitt and Angelina, but on a much smaller and previously normal scale. I feel sorry for him. And the baby has FLK syndrome.

  6. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jason as a player makes me laugh! Feed the ego much?
    Under that pleasant exterior he has a normal that isn’t really normal but the suggestion that everyone has a normal (just not like his normal) was an unacceptable concept for him. When he offered the compromise of going to see his parents (play golf with his buddies) and bring the baby (who his parents will watch the entire visit) and left Bethenny alone in the city – hmmm, I missed the win/win in that compromise. I like him, but he is almost 40, has a wife and baby so it is time for him to change his priorities! Sorry folks but the life he is building with his wife/baby takes priority over his bachelor routine parental visits – not saying exclude the grandparents but it is time for him to grow up.

    • humbruh says:

      Jason definitely needs grab his Bible & read up on leaving & cleaving. I’m very close to my family but every 3-4 weeks is too much.

      • ~Luvz Leave'n & Cleave'n~ says:

        ~humbruh….. 🙂

        Yeah, I’m all for leave’n and cleave’n, also.
        But…….Jason won’t be leave’n mumsy;
        he’ll be cleave’n to the cleavage for as long as possible, tho.

        Now, aint he the …….cleaver one?!~
        Ahhhh haha!

    • ilovemesomePYHU says:

      she knew that getting into the marriage just as well he knew about her. they need to work together. b is at fault for allot of things

    • Coffee First says:

      @WindyCityWondering, AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!

      Beautifully put.

  7. TNT says:

    I am SO tired of B crying about how hard it is to do everything she ‘has to do’. Its not like she is a single mother of 3 working two jobs to pay the rent. Honestly, STOP CRYING about it!!!! She created this life and now just whines how hard it is…ENOUGH!!

    One random thought….does anyone else think Nick has aspergers??

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Nick is socially awkward and aspergers may be the reason – he is loveable, quirkly and knows his food. Bethenny clearly likes him and she will find the correct way to communicate with him eventually. People she doesn’t like are just not in her life or a topic of conversation – right Jill?

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      No. I think Nick is an actor, as evidenced by his blog. He talks about dating and doing improv. The guy is probably eccentric, but not anywhere near as socially inept as he appears on BEA. I also believe that Max was an actor and possibly Gina as well.

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        Gina needs t act like she knows what a beauty salon is I’m sick and tired of her looking like a raggamuffin in need of a touch up. I have yet to see her with her hair combed. She is not representing her Trini people well.

        • humbruh says:

          As a black woman, she pisses me off to no end with the letting the doo rag see the light of day. I know B & J are paying her good money. No reason why she can’t go get her creamy crack fix every month.

  8. BonBon says:

    Don’t you wonder if Bethenny is still friends with Ramona and Alex? Or was she merely using them as allies until her stint on RHNYC was over?
    I did see them one time each in her first season, but they were still taping RHNYC.
    I just don’t see her having friendships for very long, unless she is in total control. The fact that she asked her assistant, Julie, to be Bryn’s G-dmother is really if to say that she had no other friends (of any length of time) to ask. What do you all think?

    • I saw Ramona and Alex in a preview, so they are going to be in the show this season too. But I don’t think they’re real friends. I think they were more just like “work friends”. I also thought it was weird that Bethenny asked her assistant to be the Godmother. BUT, Bethenny isn’t religious so maybe she just thought “you see the baby everyday anyway, so why not?” I don’t think choosing a Godmother really mean anything special to her.
      I did think it was weird that they didn’t invite anyone to the baptism. Bethenny is weird like that. She didn’t want anyone at the baptism, she didn’t want a lot of people at the wedding, she doesn’t like having people over to the house (unless they work for her).
      I think she’s one of those people who knows a lot of people but doesn’t have any really close friends. But if she grew up in boarding schools with a mom who was never around, different boyfriends and step fathers coming in and out, and a father who wanted nothing to do with her, I can understand why she might be like that.

  9. Adgirl says:

    Isn’t it weird that almost every scene on BEA is about food or discussing eating but Bethenny seems to be slowing disappearing into her own skull?

    She’s looking a little Calista Flockhart-ish.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Totally agree. It’s like she’s saying, “LOOK! I eat! I swear!” to cover up the fact that she most likely doesn’t.

      I said on one of RCH’s other posts that her skinny girl diet is just a series of disordered eating patterns and mantras, like “taste everything, eat nothing”. That’s the way anorexics think. Her jowls are also indicative of bulimia.

      • Humbruh says:

        I’ve started substituting certain ingredients in recipes like she recommends in Skinnygirl Dish & it’s worked out well for me. As far as the taking a bite & tossing the rest is concerned, the New Orleanian in me will not allow that. Wasting food is sacreligious where I’m from.

    • ~Luvz Leave'n & Cleave'n~ says:

      ~Bethenny looks more ‘n more like her anorexic mumsy.
      Give that girl some cappoccino pudd’n!~

  10. car54 says:

    Nick is/was a film student and has some acting/improv experience and some film/tv production work on his resume.

    Someone over at TWoP found some mention of aspbergers on his blog–I actually was too bored by it to read very much.

    I don’t get how hiring someone else to write a food blog FOR her adds to Bethenny’s cachet as a “natural chef”.

    I think she’s seriously over-exposed herself this year and we probably need a break –they started filming this last fall and I get the impression they were desperate for material to film.

  11. TrueLifeDiva says:


  12. Linda says:

    Glad ur back…u r my fav!!
    Still like Bethany,BUT, she is a bitch this season and I do not watch any of her shows more than once this year…she wears me out. She DIDN’T hire Nick and I really wish she wouldn’t insult him in her cameo shots!! As if he isn’t watching.
    Didn’t care for her Adar either, BUT, hated that she fired him on her show, really Bethany? I also read that she is bumbed how viewers are not liking her as much this season and she demanded Bravo reshoot and edit (even the reruns) to make her look “nicer.” that is ridiculous. If she stays on her bitchy neurotic rant all season, I don’t see her lasting. The fact she didn’t even hire Nick…damn…she IS fake and not “real” like she claims. Fail

    • ~Luvz Bumbed~ says:

      Agreed……~RCH is definitely the best’est!~
      …..and today I learned how to spell ‘bumbed’……..ahh ha!
      Dumby me!~
      Could reports of ~Bethenny’s request to do a nice-edit … a plant?
      ……by a not-so-nice poison ivy?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bethenny is executive producer – she has final say on all so I think we are talking a little jellybean poison ivy….lol

    • Bethenny said that she has control over editing on her show. Unlike Housewives, her show depends on viewers liking her. I don’t know how no one at Bravo realized how bad she looked this season. Seriously… no one realized that people wouldn’t respond well to watching her act like a stuck up neurotic spazzy snob? I think she’s beginning to suffer from that affliction that so many reality stars get where they think that just because they are popular that they can suddenly do whatever they want and people will forgive there bad behavior. I hate to say it, but if she doesn’t turn things around soon it looks like she might be going down the same road as Jill. The baptism episode wasn’t so bad, but I’m still annoyed at her for the first episode so I’m seeing everything she says and does a little differently. I seriously don’t know what the fuck they were thinking with that season premier. I want to like Bethenny, but she’s making it so hard.

      • ilovemesomePYHU says:

        i agree, honestly i can’t watch the show no more. i am thankful that ppl like u do recaps. i feel so bad for his parents. all they want to do is be apart of their grand baby’s life, i could see if jason would take bryn to visit while she works & she would bitch that its to much traveling on bryn i bet ya that’s what will happen.

      • ilovemesomePYHU says:

        one more thing, can u re cap on lol tamra’s porn episode?

  13. ilovemesomePYHU says:

    hey the sides is gray hair. her roots are gray lol.

  14. ilovemesomePYHU says:

    this is what makes me mad! OK if B so much appreciates Julie then why did she have Rachael Rey give her a big makeover? why couldn’t b do that her self? is it b/c B don’t want to pay for it? after all she brags she don’t pay full price for nothing. i’m sorry but if i appreciate someone im not gonna have @putyourhairup tell that person for me & expect her to re ward that person also. anyone else feel this way?

  15. car54 says:

    I thought Bethenny took full advantage of Rachael Ray’s offer–and made it come off like somehow the makeover was her idea –on Rachael’s nickel.

    And that dress they put Julie in was HORRIBLE–made her look pregnant.

    I think the first episode when she got a lot of shit over how she treated Jason’s family she tried to tough it out–but by the end of the second episode and things weren’t getting better and people still were criticizing her she may have finally figured out she better look at her edit. Not sure I totally believe the story about her having the power to make Bravo re-edit reruns–but we’ll see.

    Can’t believe she told her MIL to shhhhhhhh at the baptism luncheon…..she just doesn’t get how she comes across. I think we like when she snarks on Jill or Countess-they are so pretentious it is fun to watch her pop their little balloons with her sharp tongue, but Jason’s family is so NICE…and kind of defenseless….

    I do think Bryn is a damn cute baby–Bethenny lucked out–the baby is like Jason, easy going, lol.

  16. SillyMe says:

    I just couldn’t follow B’s show this season after the first episode, she makes it very hard to watch the whole episode. And isn’t it funny that B is now blaming editing for the way she comes across when not too long ago she said something like “what you see is what you get”, kinda hypocritical in my opinion. Thanks for the recaps because I can’t seem to get myself to watch any more of her episodes where her snarkiness comes off as being mean to nice people!

  17. VV says:

    Oh: one last thing….the queen who apparently delivered the “satchels of jewelry” is from the Bravo family. He was a contestant on one of their past clothing design shows, and do not think he won. At any rate, another character supplied by Bravo.

  18. joe says:

    I love bethenny because she is open and honest and im so glad to see her without the other housewives i thnk she does better on her own

  19. LC says:

    I’m really disappointed this season! B has shown her true colors, she’s reached celeb status and has become as self-centered as they come! I love when Jason say’s “there you go again me, me, me”. I think he’s good about calling her out but not often enough. I’ll always love B but I wish she would take step back and see what we’re seeing!!!

  20. LC says:

    Ok wait one more thing, why is she so f-n skinny this season…less than 1000 calories a day??? Who can do that…not me that’s for sure and who wants to…again not me! Alright last thing…B get over your family sh**, J has a great relationship w/ his folks, embrace it and don’t make him feel bad when he wants to go visit. I wouldn’t stand for that…just sayin…

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Thumbs up LC.

    • jay says:

      yeah, you can really tell she’s lost weight since RHNY….

      haha omg love it.

      • jay says:

        sorry, post didn’t work. i meant to quote: “The show has driven me to eat. I think this is Bethenny’s plan. She’s going to make everyone hungry while watching her show so that they eat and gain weight and then we’ll have to buy her diet books and workout DVD’s to lose it.” and say haha love it.

  21. I care says:

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    Do you ask yourself why when there is so much more in the world to do positive
    To make fun of anyone is wrong
    The Nick person seems very kind so why would anyone say anything
    Everyone be kind and stop judging others for it is not nice
    Help others
    It is not what we have or accomplish in this world that truly matters
    It is family and sharing your life
    So next time you see someone you know or don’t and you see they are down or sad
    smile and say hello
    You will brighten their day and feel good inside
    Try it
    We are in a world consumed by too much gossip and talk
    How about a day relaxing on a picnic
    A cook out with family
    A walk along the beach
    Look around and see that the world is a beautiful place full of beautiful people
    of all personalities, shapes, and sizes
    Smile everyone for I care for you all
    With that
    Have a beautiful day and take time to notice the simple things in life for truly they are the best and the ones you will remember the most
    The proof of this is to think back to your childhood and think of what was special then
    It is still now
    Take time and be a kid again
    Appreciate all we have for it is always there
    Only we need open our eyes and hearts
    Be kind….

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