The Real Housewives of Orange County – A Day Late and an Episode Short

Sorry I skipped last weeks episode. But it was a bit of a snoozer anyway, so I think I can get away with it. If I remember correctly it was mostly just Tamra pretending to be a lesbian and Vicky being annoying in Seattle.

The show opens with Alexis going over to Gretchen’s house. Gretchen still has a problem with the “princess” comment and wore a tiara in order to keep the argument going.

Alexis and Gretchen head out to go shoe shopping with the new girl Peggy. We met Peggy last week, she’s married to a younger man and her hair is in desperate need of a trim, or some layers, or highlights, or something, but other than that she seems nice enough. And she’s friends with Alexis so Vicky will probably hate her which is always fun. Gretchen and Peggy meet for the first time at the store. Peggy thinks Gretchen looks like she’s from Texas with her big hair, Gretchen thinks old women shouldn’t try to be “all that” by wearing short skirts. The scene would have been way more interesting if they had said these things to each other’s faces instead of in their interviews.

After shoe shopping they go out to eat and of course they can’t help but to discuss the other women. Gretchen seriously has a hard time letting go of things and seems determined to mention Tamra’s name at least once in every scene. Alexis tells Peggy that her problems with Vicky began when Vicky said “Welcome to my world” which they all seemed to agree is almost as bad as calling someone Madonna.

Vicky is remodeling her house. Not very interesting, but at least it’s better than watching her sell insurance. She says that Don doesn’t like change, and he spends a lot more time in the house than she does but she’s changing the house anyway. She explains that it’s herlife and she doesn’t really care what other people think. Which I guess is why she’s getting divorced now.

Vicky and Tamra go to lunch and try to repair the damage done to their friendship last season. It was almost sad watching Tamra talk about how hard the divorce was on her and how she’s having panic attacks, but then I remembered that she started dating a younger, hotter guy before the divorce was even finalized and I feel a little less bad for her. Usually it’s the husband who snags a younger woman after a divorce, so Tamra isn’t doing too bad for herself.

Unfortunately I don’t think Vicky will end up being so lucky. She should have stuck with Don.

Jim, Alexis, and the kids are going on vacation to San Diego which seem like an odd vacation destination when you live in Orange County, but whatever. Jim blesses everyone before they leave, and the little boy asks for lip gloss. Someone has been spending too much time with mommy.

Alexis and Jim have to take two separate cars because all their luggage and their nanny won’t fit in one car. The little boy asks Jim if he can ride with him and he says no, ride with mommy. Alexis explains that he won’t fit in daddy’s car because there is no room for him with all the luggage, but there wasn’t any luggage in the passenger seat. Why don’t you want to ride with your son, Jim? Was it because he asked for lip gloss?

Peggy is into natural medicine and herbal remedies.  Her mother in law is a
natural-o-path (??) and comes over to show Peggy some of her new gadgetry.

She has Peggy pee in a cup and then analysis her pee by mixing it with food coloring. Her scientific tests conclude that Peggy’s cells are dying, but it’s ok because she has a the wrist band from the club she attended the night before and that is going to make everything better.

She needs to drink more water. I think that would help more than the shiny wrist band.

The Bellino’s arrive in San Diego and unload the 10 bags they packed for the trip. Alexis says that 10 bags for 5 people is normal because each person should have 2 bags. That could potentially make sense, but you know that Jim only had one bag, and all 3 kid’s clothes probably fit in one or two bags and 8 of those bags were all Alexis’.

Editing is intent on making Alexis look bad as they are constantly showing the things she says in her interviews contradict what we’re watching. We hear her say how lucky she is to be married to someone like Jim while we watch him boss her around and make her keep getting up to serve him during breakfast. We watch her talk about all the pretty things he buys her as they go to a jewelry store and he buys himself two watches and doesn’t get her anything.

Gretchen and Slade are also going on a trip. Gretchen was right last week when she called Slade her bitch. He totally is. We watch as Gretchen calls him a tubba wubba, accuses him of not washing his hair, tells him that he always drives in the “not so smart” lane, and even takes little digs at his libido. Slade is clearly bothered by her comments, but what’s he gonna do about it? She has all the control in this relationship and she knows it.

At dinner Gretchen’s friends announce that they want to get married so that they have an excuse throw a big party and get free stuff. Slade proposes that maybe they should have a double wedding, but Gretchen doesn’t want to get married, she just wants a lease. That is the smartest thing that’s ever come out of Gretchen’s mouth. With a boyfriend like Slade, I think a lease is a genius idea.

Tamra and Eddie go on a date and we finally get to see his face. Simon must be freeeeaking out watching this show.

For some reason they brought their friend Marcos along on the date with them, and then proceeded to act as though he wasn’t there while they flirted and made out with each other at the table. Who else thought Marcos looks just like Simon?

Back at Eddie’s house Tamra gets naked in the hot tub in front of the cameras, on a tv show that her children’s friends are going to see. As though that wasn’t trashy enough, she then invites Eddie to get in with her.

He looked around the room at all the people that were probably standing behind the multiple cameras and downed an entire glass of red wine before reluctantly hopping in. It was actually kinda awkward and waaaaay more than I ever wanted to see of Tamra.

And the episode ends with only have made us suffer through two scenes of Vicky. Thanks editors!

Next week Tamra and Eddie have sex for 5 hours, Gretchen discusses marriage with some guy who I guess is her father, and someone’s kid is bleeding.

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47 Responses to The Real Housewives of Orange County – A Day Late and an Episode Short

  1. TrueLifeDiva says:

    It was so freaking gross to watch Trampoline make out with Latino Simone in front of Simon’s friend. I had to change the channel during the bath tub scene. But did anyone else get the idea TammySue hit it rawdog with Mr.Humpable? Eeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!

  2. humbruh says:

    Not only did Tampax let Latino Simone hit it raw, she hasn’t picked up on the fact that her business partner wants to hump him too. My gay-dar went off ass soon as I saw the new boyfriend.

  3. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    Tamra needs to enjoy lil Ed while she can because I’m pretty sure he is going to dump her. What is wrong with Gretchen this season? Is it just me or is she coming across as very annoying? She made me feel slightly sorry for Slime..oops…Slade. I am probably one of the few who like Vicki and I think it is because I tend to work a lot like she does and I take a lot of pride in what I do. My job involves dealing with life insurance too (no I don’t sell insurance). I do think she would be better off single and I think Don would be happier as well. Alexis isn’t annoying me as much this year so far as she did last year. I can’t stand her constant references to being a “christian” and what the “bible” says but it cracks me up when she gets things twisted and confused. I don’t know what to think about Peggy. I tend to think she is full of herself but then, they all are full of themselves right?

    Ok…here is something funny! I have that exact same crown that Gretchen had on in that pic! I was crowned Sweetheart Queen in highschool and that is the very crown given to me and that was back in 1986! How old is Gretchen anyway? I was thinking she was early 30’s.

    • JeninVegas says:

      its crazy – I have the shirt that tamara wears in her interviews in black. hers is red. I got mine at Marshalls for something like $26.00!! she is a low rent hag – I’m low rent too but I don’t try to appear as anything else on TV!!

      • 7and7is says:

        Haaa…I have the same calla lily print that she first had on the staircase wall in her old house that she schlepped to her new apartment. OMG I guess there is more Tamra in us then we realize!…got mine at TJ, too >snort<

    • auntie mimi says:

      In response to your question about what is wrong with gretchen this season:
      Is there a lag in her brain? All of her anger and responses to tamra are like two seasons behind schedule.

  4. That was the grossest scene i’ve ever seen!! does anyone else think Tamraw was
    just copying the episode with Laurie n George from 2-3 years ago? I felt
    awkward watching Laurie, But this with Tamraw was just so offensive. She is so
    desperate, she really is an attention whore, amongst other things. She thinks all
    attention is good attention. Her poor kids, really?!
    I could not stand Simon, he is verbally and emotionally abusive and watching him
    last season was scary- now,,, maybe just maybe,, I feel a little sorry for him.

    • justanothermary says:

      Didn’t Lisa Hartwell get in the tub with her hub on the show too? It’s a housewife staple, like renewing wedding vows and getting work done at the plastic surgeon’s office and denying it.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      I know she trying to go for “romantical” but when he chugged his wine before doing what he obviously considered a chore, any romance aspirations flew out the window. I hope Eddy gets whatever he thinks sleeping with Tammy Sue will earn him. Maybe he’s using her to advertise his boytoy services?

    • loulou says:

      Tamra has spent most of her life bringing up kids, and being a faithful servant to her husband, now she is free and the shackles that every woman has had with having children, have loosened. She is now having a good time and going a little wild…so what??? The woman is gorgeous and I think there is more than a little envy going on with the comments made about her. Ill bet you this, once she has tired of the excitement of freedom and single hood, she is one gal who definitley wont be alone for long!!!

  5. Clare says:

    Great recap! I laughed out loud several times at my desk!

    I totally agree, Marcos looks exactly like Simon.

    What is with everyone on this show dressing like they are a 19 year old Jersey Shore wannabe? I can’t stand all the tacky crosses, beading, etc. Especially on the men! If my man ever wore some of the stuff that Jim wears, I would burn it!

    • loulou says:

      yeah well he can afford naff bling aswell as true bling lol
      I certainly wouldnt mind having the choice and neither would you

  6. Courtenay says:

    Ugh – I love how Tamra was talking earlier in the show about wanting to protect her children, and that’s why they haven’t met Eddie. Then 20 minutes later we get to see way more of her than anyone ever desired. I guess her kids don’t watch the show.

  7. HotMess! says:

    So far, sooooo bored! Well, next week we get the pleasure of watching Tamra make an ass out of her slutty self again, when se becomes the body shot offering… Agree FVF, Gretchen is kinda overkill annoying this season… So far, not impressed at all!!

  8. Alicia says:

    I am really disappointed in the OC housewives this season….such a snoozefest! As well as the Miami housewives! And their season is over next week? WTH? I am ready for Bev Hills to be back! At least they are worth watching!

  9. Ches says:

    Tamara’s lil naked tub scene is only showing Simon that she she is the classless slore he thought of her as. That scene had no comparison to Lisa & Ed’s. Tamara is just trashy all together & I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder because I definitely don’t see hers…that sun spotted skin, straggedy hair, sneaky mouse nose, NO, she is not what’s up…not cute at all, so she can get off that horse. I can definitely see why she hates Gretchen so much and has so much envy, because Gretchen is is her prime, nice looking, nice bod, and stylish, where Tamara is destined to look like her mama….i’d be mad too! & if Gretchen was screwing someone else while she was w/ Jeff, who I’m sure wasn’t in a position to pleasure her,why does it matter so much to Tamera? A lot of ppl cheat, why is that a reason to hate someone? Tamera is just hateful and jealous hearted and nothing good will come to her until she changes that. Now Vicky, I like her. I think what you see is what you get. I just don’t think she a personality made for TV or to be a part of this cast. She’s all about priorties and I think she’s one of those ppl that’s just as hard on herself as she is on others and that’s why she pushes ppl away. Alexes, all I can say is stop fronting. & I’m not sure about the new chic Peggy. I do feel that at a certain age, no matter your body type, its certain things you should give up wearing, because you start to make yourself look silly when your face doesn’t match your clothes. Uuuurgh!

  10. jezzibel says:

    Someone on one of the other blogs made a comment about how different Slade was with Jo, compared to how he is with Gretchen.
    Peggy seems okay..I think even she realized how over the top her MIL was being with all the new agey/homeopathic stuff.
    Tamra…yeah, hate to tell you this that new younger hotter boyfriend your a rebound realtionship…gay/straight/bi/or any combination…its not going to last.
    Alexis I felt really bad for….but then I remember reading all about the kids falling in the pool and how she and her hubby acted afterward, what sympathy I have for her goes away.
    Vicki…GROW UP!!!

    • Yes Slade is very different with Gretchen. With Jo he was controlling and bossy, kinda like Simon.
      But I think that’s because when he was with Jo he had money, now he doesn’t and he relies on Gretchen. Money changes people.

  11. auntie mimi says:

    Omg loved your club bracelet comment. That was hilare!! Didnt slade lose his drivers license for not paying child support? I thought he wasnt supposed to drive! And i cant believe you forgot to mention to on-going one-upping between alexis and peggy, which this week involved peggy saying, “we got so horny, we did it in the closet.” While alexis one-upped, “we do that all the time. Plus one time, i tied up manbearpig to a chair and had my way with him.” Puke.
    P.S.10 bags may be normal for a 2 week trip for 5 adults, but they went for 3 days! Did you just love it when manbearpig bought himself TWO watches and kept telling her to “tone it down”?!

  12. BonBon says:

    Tamra: Ugly nosed, big mouthed Ho Bag/attention whore/drunk.. completely oblivious to the real fact that her Hot Lover, Eddie, is as GAY as they come. She’s just awful and from the time she opens in her too tight swimsuit, I just wanna puke. Elch!
    Vicki: Controlling, mean-spirited, gonna end up alone and lonely attention ho. If she’s not the center of attention, watch out! Uglier Vicki appears in full gear.
    Gretchen: Can’t figure her out. Don’t know if Slade is really NOT worthy of her. I think she’s really not happy this year (like Tamra was last year and probably is this year, also.. even though she pretends to be happy with her gay lover, Eddie) and it is showing with her atypical jealous remarks. I wish she would get back to the sweet yet sassy Gretchen that used to be. She’s just too loud and too sensitive this year.
    Alexis: Quite delusional and think she will probably be in for a big wake-up call someday. Don’t know when but just know it will happen. Either that or she and Jim are really made for each other.
    Peggy: Oy Vay. What a ridunculous phony. I believe we will soon learn that 1. She is suffering from clinical depression and 2. Must really be hard up for friends as she latches onto the 2 worst of the group: Tamra and Vicki. Read the Bravo Blogs this week and you will get a glimpse of how the “friendships” progress.

    • Adgirl says:

      Peggy and her husband lost their house this year too. Another point of competition with Alexis. LOL.

    • Goodtobeme says:

      Your a mean mean jealous girl !!! You must be in high school I feel sure Tamara is laughing her way all the way to the BANK Read watch and weap

  13. Adgirl says:

    Alexis is silly and harmless. I don’t think she is very smart.
    Gretchen totally jumped on the pricess remark to start a season long one sided fued for camera time.

    Gretchen gets offended when people say things that are true about her, like that she was screwing Jay while pretending to love emptying dying Jeff’s bedpans.
    She got pissed off at Alexis for calling her a princess just because Gretchen makes Slade bend over and kiss her A-Mex (aaa-mex) card before she buys him clean socks to put on his dingdong.

    • I understood why Gretchen was offended. She is single and makes her own money and pays for her own stuff (and her boyfriend’s too) and then Alexis who has no job and spends her days shopping and working out while a nanny raises her kids calls her a princess because she doesn’t wake up at 7am…. I get why she was upset. I bet if the comment had come from someone like Vicky it would have been different.
      Plus I think Gretchen is extra sensitive because of all the gold digger rumors she’s been dealing with from last season.

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        I’d be pissed too if someone with no job/income called me a princess. I work 72hrs, 4 days a week and a co-worker once said to me very snidely, “Must be nice to get 3 days off in a row.” GTFOH!!!!

      • Adgirl says:

        All true. I think Gretchen is totally milking it to get screen time for a brand new fight.

        Wait. Don’t Gretchen and Alexis have the SAME JOB?
        They both only work for RH.
        I don’t know that Gretchen makes money outside of RH which is exactly what Alexis gets paid to do too.

        So aren’t they making the same amount of money? Before Jeff foot the bill Gretchen was a real estate agent that sold exactly one house.

        I don’t think there is much different between them on a “professional” level, except now instead of being a parasite on Jeff, Gretchen has her own parasite – Slade.

        • Adgirl says:

          and furthermore … LOL.
          Gretchen is selling those cheap walmart reject purses that the hardware stays on and Alexis has a dress line so they are both still reality show ho’s trying to shill merchandise.

        • Ches says:

          I get why she was mad as well. A woman who has nannies raising her kids shouldn’t part her lips to call anyone else a princess. Alexes could at least put forth the effort of being a full time mom and housewife. & furthermore Gretchen is in real estate. She was doing before Jeff and still is, so in actuality she does a lot more than Alexes. I hate to see such a pissy type attitude coming from her this season though. I hope she doesn’t become as mean spirited as some of the other ladies.

          • Adgirl says:

            I don’t think she is working in RE now.
            Last year someone looked up her public career record which was exactly one assist on a house sale. One. Total. Right around the time she met Jeff.

  14. missmi says:

    IMO, Gretchen was mad because the princess comment came from Alexis and Alexis is supposed to have her back with Vicky and Tamara. If Alexis is making any negative comment after or before being with those two, then Gretchen is defensive because thats something they would have said.

  15. Adgirl says:

    Gretchen’s RE license is expired.
    Did anyone know she also used the name Gretchen Christine Forward???


    The license information shown below represents public information taken from the Department of Real Estate’s database at the time of your inquiry. It will not reflect pending changes which are being reviewed for subsequent database updating. Also, the license information provided includes formal administrative actions that have been taken against licensees pursuant to the Business and Professions Code and/or the Administrative Procedure Act. All of the information displayed is public information. Although the business and mailing addresses of real estate licensees are included, this information is not intended for mass mailing purposes.

    License information taken from records of the Department of Real Estate on 3/23/2011 11:41:39 PM

    License Type:

    Rossi, Gretchen Christine

    Mailing Address:
    (Above address is marked unreliable in DRE database)

    License ID:

    Expiration Date:

    License Status:

    Salesperson License Issued:

    Former Name(s):
    Forward, Gretchen Christine

    Employing Broker:



    >>>> Public information request complete <<<<

  16. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    Thanks for the recap and SO glad to have you back. 🙂 I haven’t even seen last episode or this one either and I think I will just skip them, the recaps cover the depths of this crew. I watched this show from season 1, this blond bimbo bevy of wannabes is tiresome. Gretchen hates Slade for being such a loser, but after all, she does have a man to parade on her arm on TV, and he is willing to have his face on at all costs. The whole crew of them are just pathetic.

  17. crazysweet says:

    what about jim and alexis faye bringing 10 bags and forgetting their new nannies ONE bag?! what about the fact they used to have two and now have on a few days a week and she’s only been with them 4 mos.
    newflash: eddie is gay!
    breaking news: yes every blonde bimbo with fake boobs in OC IS a gold digger!
    peggy needs ass implants.
    who the hell are these women trying to kid? Tamra’s “business” partner, Gretchen’s hand bag & make up line, tamers life “starting” at 40???? didn’t she turn 40 the first season she was on like 4 years ago? Slade “works” for Gretchen? are we all that stupid?

    • Adgirl says:

      I think it’s hysterical. They are so completely serious in their delivery of delusional or self-absorbed statements you have to just enjoy the ride.

      Gretchen wants us to believe she is a fashion mogul (I pick on her because frankly I don’t like her).
      How many handbags will she sell to Wanda’s in Witchita? 500? 5000? She nets what, $15 bucks per bag? The make up same story. She’d have to sell a huge amount of product to get a big paycheck.

      Jim and Alexis are gross. Both are dumb as stumps but he is a conniver.

      Tamra is the faded LV show girl desperate to return to the good old days.

      They are a sad lot aren’t they.

      Gretchen, supports herself with her paycheck from Bravo. Exactly as Tamra and Alexis do. When RH is all over so will her paychecks and pretend fashion empire.

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