Teen Mom 2 – Episode 9

Watching Chelsea and Adam communicate is difficult. It’s like watching two children playing house and pretending to be grown ups. Chelsea’s all like Adummm. Why-yaaa don’t you ever come home-aaaahhhh. I can’t believe no one in her life has ever pulled her aside and told her that she talks like a 5 year old. Megan, where are you? Adam doesn’t really want anything to do with Chelsea and only puts up with her to get a free place to sleep, eat, and play video games. He refers to their daughter as a turd, but I guess it’s a step up from “mistake”. Chelsea thinks that a trip to the local fair will fix the fact that he doesn’t love her. It didn’t work. First he refused to pay the $5 entrance fee so Chelsea had to buy his ticket for him. Then he waved to a girl he cheated on her with, so Chelsea got upset asked him to hold her hand so that she can show those skanks that he belongs to her. But giving Chelsea confidence or security would be counter productive to Adam’s manipulative agenda so he loudly and publicly refuses to hold her hand which leaves her feeling defeated and disrespected – exactly where he wants her.

Back at home Chelsea shares the fears she has about Adam cheating on her. Adam says that, duh, of course he cheats! Everyone does it. But he only cheated like 5 times total so it’s not that bad, plus it was really Chelsea’s fault, she totally made him do it. (I did notice that Chelsea didn’t deny it when Adam accused her of cheating too.)

The argument ends with Chelsea throwing his deadbeat ass out on the street Adam walking out because he doesn’t want to be told that he can’t come home at 4am. I did feel a little bad for Chelsea as she sat on the couch scrunching her face and trying not to cry after he walked out, but girl needs to grow a back bone, and quick. Aubrey is watching and learning all of this.




Leah and Corey’s wedding day is a month away and she goes wedding dress shopping with her mom and Corey’s mom. You can tell that Corey’s mom spent the entire morning at the salon getting all done up for her tv appearance. She actually had her whole head blow dried instead of just the bangs like everyone else. But she is looking good for a granny! I’m guessing this is a whole family of teen parents. Leah tried on a bunch of dresses and I was surprised when she actually chose a really pretty one. I don’t know why I kinda expected her to wear jeans to her wedding.
Leah and Corey go back to see that awful doctor for Ali’s MRI results. The test showed that everything is fine and there is nothing wrong with her spine. That’s great news and they’re both relieved. But there is still a problem with Ali’s legs and Leah is obviously concerned about that. She tries to discuss this with the doctor but he brushes her off because babies aren’t supposed to be walking at 8 months old anyway.

He then takes the opportunity to tell them, yet again, that Ali’s arms are too short for her body while offering no diagnosis or solution, then wishes them good luck and walks out of the room leaving them confused and still needing answers. I want to smack this doctor! Who gave this guy a medical license? Leah is also fed up with his behavior and decides to get a second opinion. Good idea.


What is up with Kailyn and Jo always meeting in parking lots? Jo can’t seem to get it through his head that Kailyn doesn’t want to be his girlfriend and just wants to be friends and co parent together, so they are meeting to discuss their relationship again. Jo walks over to Kailyn and remarks on what a beautiful day it is outside, oh that was nice… but then he adds you don’t deserve to be outside enjoying the sun, you should be in a cave. Omg! What is wrong with this kid? So Kailyn (who has the worlds worst timing) decides to come clean about dating Jordan. Jo is seriously offended that she would actually date another person because he totally thought that having a child together meant he could treat her however he wanted and she would have no choice but to put up with it. Jo isn’t used to not getting what he wants when he wants it and has no idea how to handle this situation, so he resorts to tantrum throwing and name calling. He calls Kailyn a stupid whore and tells her that not only is she not allowed back at his (parents) house, but she isn’t even allowed on his block. That’s his turf, yo! Don’t you love it when kids who live in nice houses in the suburbs act all gangsta?Kailyn asks her mother if she can move in with her, and she agrees since the only other option is for Kailyn to sleep in her car. A couple days later Kailyn and her mom go over to Jo’s house to pick up the rest of her stuff. Kailyn waits in the car to avoid drama while her mom goes inside. Janet answers the door and I figured that the two mothers would be able to transfer Kailyn’s stuff with minimal drama. Nope. Janet says it’s up to Jo, and when he refuses to give her stuff back until she pays back the $600 he lent her for school, she totally backs him up. Now I know where Jo gets his awful behavior from, his mother is just as bad as he is. Geez, the girl is working two jobs and going to school to try to make a life and a future for HIS child, the least he can do is let her have some of her clothes and her hair brush. Since Jo and his mom are total douche bags, Kailyn’s mom decides that this is a case for the proper authorities.

The cops finally arrive and are entirely unhelpful. They even give Jo a little tip that he can keep Issac from her since they don’t have any legal custody agreement. Thanks officer. I understand if the cops can’t force him to do anything, but they could have at least strongly encouraged it.


Barbara must have completed AA or something because she’s been an entirely different person for two whole episodes now. Her and Janelle actually have a mature talk and they managed to get through the entire conversation with neither one raising their voices. They agree to show more respect to each other, and while they didn’t get as far as hugging, they did shake hands which is a huge improvement from pushing and spitting.

I love how Janelle calls it “baby sitting” when she watches Jace. It’s not babysitting when he’s your son, Janelle! She decided to continue living at her moms to be near Jace even though Kieffer isn’t allowed stay there anymore. That was a smart decision, and she’s actually been doing good. She’s going to school, working, “babysitting” her son, and actually getting along with Barbara. She even got away with taking Jace to the store for a minute without being kicked out of the house or arrested for kidnapping.

But after not seeing Kieffer for a few days she misses him and goes to meet him by the vacation house he’s been squatting in. After spending 5 minutes with him she’s packing her bags, calling out of work, and heading to New Jersey with her mom’s stolen credit card. I really want to be on Janelle’s side, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to stick up for this girl.

Next week Jo is still mean, Chelsea is still a doormat, Leah gets cold feet about the wedding, and Janelle commits credit card fraud.

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77 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Episode 9

  1. NMhousewife says:

    Great recap, exactly how I saw it myself. I was totally disappointed in Janet thinking she may be the only voice of reason in that house, but no such luck. Actually thinking on earlier episodes as well as the 16&Pregnant episode, she always let Jo get away with TERRIBLE behavior. But you’re right of course, now we know where he gets it. I hate that kid, and his new rap song (have you heard it?) It really stood out to me regarding Chelsea and her annoying way she communicates this episode. For some reason it was really irritating me. “Aaaduum….What are you dooiinnng??” There is no point to say anything else as next week Adam is manipulating her again (probably after hooking up with someone in the meantime) and she will of course take him back. Jenelle, didn’t even bother to say bye to Jace as she left for New Jersey. That’s one of many reasons why I don’t believe her when she cries how she is only doing what is best for Jace or wants to see Jace. The ONLY reason she was back at Barbara’s house was because there was nowhere else to go that would take both her and Kieffer. I think we are down to the last 3 or 4 episodes.

  2. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    OMG their lives get worse and worse. Can’t believe Kailyn can’t get her belongings! I didn’t know “proper authority” was synonymous with “proper asshole douchebag”.

  3. Miss Anthrope says:

    Jo reminds me of a kid I dated when I was about 18. When I broke up with him he cried and cut his arms all up and wore a sleeveless shirt in the middle of winter to show me what I’d done to him. When he finally got it through his head that we were never getting back together, he started calling me ugly, worthless, stupid, blah blah blah. Yeah, that’s Jo.

    I really liked Janet at first but she obviously has the same attitude as her son. Just give the girls stuff back. She’s done dating your son, lady. Deal with it.

    It’s hard to feel bad for Chelsea when she sets herself up for this shit. It’s obvious that Adam does not care about her or their kid. My guess is that he just wanted to be on MTV again, so he pretended to like her for a little while longer. I understand what love can do to you when you’re that young but the girl needs to step up and put her daughter first. Any guy who calls your baby a mistake has no place in your life.

    ITA about Janelle. I feel sorry for her because 99% of the time he mother is a raving lunatic. But when you steal said lunatics credit card you’re really asking for it. I wish she would get rid of Keiffer, but who does she really have if she doesn’t have him? The girl is totally alone in this world. I just wish she would smarten up a little.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    So Jo is still the major tool and now we know his mother taught him well! Give Kaitlyn back her stuff and Issac’s crib (poor kid is sleeping in a pack and play) and make the tool go back to school and/or get a job! So now custody papers will be drawn up…yes the tool is a sterling example of a parent! MTV has captured his behavior and I hope it is used against him in the custody procedings.
    Janelle treats her son like a pet – I feed him, I bath him, I put him in his crib (cage) and then I go out and get wasted cause my mom will take care of business. Her dependency on Keiffer is sad as he just wants to be on MTV yo! Heard he is taking her to court for breaking his cell phone and trespassing….fun times for all.
    While I am glad that Ally is progressing – the bet taking on rolling over was kind of rude. As for a wedding – I guess it is an achievement to get the baby daddy to actually marry you in a fancy dress and all. Sadly, Leah is tiring of being a grown up – saw she wants a divorce now….six months of wedded bliss must be like a life time to a teenager.

    As I watch I really wonder – what any of these girls/boys are truly getting out of their Teen Mom2 experience. When their kids are old enough are they going to proudly show them these episodes?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Jo’s parents paid for Issac’s crib – why should they give it to Kaitlynn? It’s not like she has a place of her own. Not to mention that when the baby is with Jo, he will need a bed to sleep in.

      • She wasn’t asking for the crib she was asking for her clothes.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          WCW said she should get the crib 🙂

          Yes- at that moment she just wanted her cloths- and they should have returned them instead of used them for collateral.

          If she doesn’t pay back Jo, he should take her to court….which leads me to another one of her lies when she said “he never gave me a time period to pay him back”. I remember him asking her when she would pay him back and she said she should be able to do it by her next paycheck.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            I did say crib what I was thinking was now she has to get all the baby stuff, like a crib, so the $600 ranson for her stuff was petty and spiteful because now she has to get $$crib, etc for her mom’s house. She doesn’t think too far ahead or even through- Jo kicks her out and she asks his brother to sit Issac – it wasn’t an argument! Didn’t she think Jo would do something? Like keep the baby? Or was her stuff her only worry?

      • Jane says:

        typically grandparents want what is best for their grandchild and allowing her to have the baby’s bed is a small consession – even if she wasn’t asking for it….It just demonstrates how petty and small Jo’s parents really are!!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          The baby will need a place to sleep when he at with Jo.

          Why should they be ones to sell out the extra money again?

          I would argue that not having a boyfriend, while living in someones house rent free and be given addition support of food, utilities ect is a small concession.

          Kaitlynn is just to difficult and self centered to see it.

          • Jane says:

            If the baby spent more time there than yes – but it sounds like the baby is with Jo 2 days a week and with Kailynn the rest of the time. I think Kailynn is self-centered as a coping mechanism. She has probably learned in life that people let you down (just look at how quickly her own mother threw her away). I think this is also reflected in the fact that she doesn’t defend herself against Jo’s attacks – she just stands there and takes it…She has learned to look out for no. 1 as no one else has her best interests at heart. I feel bad for her.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Leah has been tweeting that the divorce story is a nasty rumor.

    • NMhousewife says:

      Don’t believe Leah is heading for divorce…for one, the TABLOID mag In Touch Weekly (whatever) is based on rumors, most of which they create, in order to sell their mag. I saw this same story on E-online, and that verifies that that rumor is false, with Leah confirming that.

      She tweeted,
      “Bahahaha, just seen InTouch’s new Rumor of the week. Lmao! It says me and Corey are getting divorced, just wanted to let you all know that its a complete false alarm. We are NOT getting divorced. This marriage is till death do us part ”

      I for one need to believe that someone will have a happy ending.

  5. Distressed says:

    Fantastic recap. I love your perspective on all of these “women” and their stories.

    Adam needs to be sterilized immediately before another one of his completely blameless “mistakes” turns into a “turd” that he nonchalantly discards on the floor like a candy bar wrapper. Chelsea is just as eff’ed up as Charlie Sheen if she would allow Adam to call their child that. It’s disgusting. Smells like a turd, fine. Turd generator unit, also fine. Poop happens and nobody is happy to change a diaper, but “a turd.” No, just no.

    I don’t know anything about Chelsea’s past but there has to be some serious abuse in that family to allow for this kind of behavior. A turd, Adam, really? Your own kid that you do little or nothing to support. Nice one, you really burned that lame ass princess. Call the urologist stat, I’ll pay for the procedure. I’d tell Chelsea to run, but what would she run to? Another Adam more than likely. She needs serious therapy.

    Kailynn, you are going to get reamed by these evil people. Prepare yourself. Like you said, RCH, they can’t give her a pair of underwear or a brush, the mother of their child/grandchild until she forks over 600.00. That’s obscene. Greedy mofus, all of them. Isaac will taught well.

    Jenelle, you are so far from messed-up you couldn’t drive their with a million tanks of gas in that car of yours. Kieffer is a scumbag. Please reconsider a life with such a loser. Wait a minute, see comment on Chelsea above.

    Corey and Leah, good luck.

  6. Marie says:

    It breaks my heart everytime they show Jace standing at the door watching Jenelle leave,poor little guy. :-\

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Chelsea and Adam are made for each other. He doesn’t pay rent or child support, comes and goes as he pleases, taunts her with his hookups and honestly doesn’t like her or the baby. She takes it all in stride because she isn’t responsible either! We watch her spend a lot of time fixing her hair and never gets dress to go anywhere… I can’t feel sorry for her and I can’t hate him because they are both selfish, self centered, lazy, insecure and immature. She needs to move back home (still don’t understand why she has a house and car) and get herself an education and a trade. He just needs to move out and disappear from the picture. Calling his daughter a turd was probably one of the nicer things he has called her…..and the longer he is in the picture the worse it will get.

  8. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    Sadly, I have known wonderful mature educated couples that wanted children , couldn’t conceive, and would have been wonderful parents to these innocent children. My heart breaks for these babies and the lives they seem sentenced to with these idiots.

  9. Rabble Rouser says:

    Thanks for the blog…..I have a bit of a different take on some of the “Moms” tho.

    Chelsea is an idiot and the perfect example of what happens when you give your kids ‘everything’. They end up lazy, spoiled and lack the drive to see any sort of ambition come to fruition.

    I’m not sure who needs a bigger kick in the ass, her or her dad who’s bankrolling the whole fiasco. Where is the rational in thinking that renting this girl a party/flop house is somehow suppose me make a more studious and responsible parent? If Chelsea actually had a job and was the one PAYING for it, it might work but I don’t have that much faith in the girl.

    The moment that sack of sh!t Adam started coming around and she lied about it, should have been the end of the ‘living on your own’ experiment.

    Adam- what really is left to discuss. I’m predicting more arrests are in his future as well as some girls boyfriend punching him in the throat.

    I’ve always liked Corey, the thought of one never mind two babies would have most guys running for the hills, never mind a child with special needs. I know that I would be proud of him if he was my son.

    Leah has grown on me this season and for some strange reason seems to have gotten better looking.

    I heard they don’t have medical insurance which probably limits their health care options. I think Corey should join the Marines so he can get his kids Tri-Care.

    I don’t know why that doctor limited the MRI to Ali’s spine. Why wasn’t there one done with her brain, especially given her vision issues? I can’t imagine anyone having the misfortune of having that doctor being the barrier of catastrophic news.

    ‘So I just read your chart- and it says you are going to die which means you are going to have to pay in advance for future appointments from now on’.

    I know Jo is an immature jerk who thinks he is a bad ass but Kaitlynn isn’t much better. She is so whiny it drives me crazy. She is also a liar and I HATE liars.

    While I don’t blame her for not wanting to be with Jo, the last thing this girl needs is a ‘boyfriend’. Wwith a baby to take care of, school and working 2 jobs she has enough on her plate. I think there is a lot the producers of Teen Mom aren’t showing us- Jo was onto something when he called her out about the millage not adding up when she borrowed his car under the premise she was going just going to work and back.

    Janet and her husband are within their rights to lay down rules and expectations for a minor living in their house. If she doesn’t like it she can leave. But instead she lies and connives and brings that poor baby along for the ride. I predict this season we’ll see more of her LIES come out.

    While I don’t think they were right to hold her stuff until Jo got his $600 bucks back (don’t these folks watch Judge Judy- you can’t resort to ‘self-help’) – most of the baby’s expensive items were bought by Jo’s family so she better figure out what her kid is going to sleep in. They wouldn’t be wrong or selfish for keeping it either since the baby will need the stuff when he’s at Jo’s house.

    I can’t stand Janelle. I get that her mom is overbearing and has one of those annoying voices- so much so that even if she is being pleasant, it still wants to make you stick hot daggers in your ears but Janelle should be kissing her ass. If it wasn’t for her mom, that baby would wind up in state care with God knows who. While it would have been best for the baby to be put up for adoption, a series of foster homes is no way for a child to live.

    The reason why Janelle isn’t suppose to have the baby in her car, is that she allegedly left him in the car while she got drunk and partied at a friends house. I believe it too, given she had the audacity to smoke weed on her mothers porch with the baby in the house. She’s also a thieve to boot. I think her and that idiot Amber from TM1 will end up cell mates somewhere.

    • I actually do agree with you about Kailyn. I thought Janet was right to say that she can’t have a boyfriend while she lives in their house. I think that’s fair. BUT just because Kailyn lied and did the wrong thing doesn’t give them the right to act the way they did. They should have given her a certain amount of time to find a new place to live and they should have never kept her stuff from her no matter what. That was just low. Also, Jo and Kailyn are kids. Janet is a grown woman and that makes her behavior so much worse.

      I don’t think Jace would be in foster care if it weren’t for Barbara. I think Janelle would take care of him if her mom weren’t standing over her every minute telling her she’s doing everything wrong and screaming and bitching at her until she just gives up and walks out.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Although I am sure it was clear she would no longer be welcome there, it was Jo who kicked her out of house with out giving her the chance to get her stuff back.

        She could have grabbed a few things when she was dropping Issac off. I have to wonder if Jo’s brother agreeing to watch the baby the next day while she went to school/work was a strategic move on their (Jo’s family) part since it left them with the physical custody of the baby.

        I wish you were write about Janelle but everything I’ve seen of her tells me she wouldn’t step up. She’s reportedly left him alone in car while she has partied, she has strolled in after a night of drinking and drug using when she was suppose to watch him-and went to bed. She has partied all night and not shown up when she was suppose to watch him. She has used drugs around him. She has driven under the influence of drugs.

        Her buying one box of diapers and a ride on birthday toy doesn’t cut it.

        I think she is just awful, I would be in FEAR if given her current state she was given custody of that poor child- especially if she had some useless boyfriend.

    • NMhousewife says:

      Rabble Rouser,
      Love your take of the doctor that poor Leah has had to deal with. I just wanted to make one comment. I don’t know if an MRI would be diagnostic for Ali’s vision because Ali may not have an actual problem with poor vision. It is really about training the brain and the eye muscles to properly move. My daughter had the same problem. She was a preemie, although my daughter’s problem didn’t come up until she was 3. She was sent to get glasses also to correct the problem. She wore them from age 3 to about 10. I was told right away from her doctors that she probably wouldn’t have to wear glasses after that if the glasses did their job. Her glasses did not really have a strong prescription or any at all (I can’t remember), and she is 18 and still not wearing glasses. I thought she might need them genetically for an actual vision problem because I was near-sighted since 4th grade, but not the case for her.

      Long story short, Ali doesn’t necessarily have bad vision. Turning in of the eye tends to be more common in preemies, but I can’t remember if Leah’s girls were preemies.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think the girls were slightly preterm, I know she almost went into premature labor and was in the hospital a few days with them trying to stop the labor.

        About the brain MRI, I was remember when Ali went to the ophthalmologist and Leah was giving some medical information and said they thought there might be nerve damage in the spine and she wondered if it was related to the other health issues.

        I can’t remember the doctors exact words but the gist of it was that if Ali’s vision problems were significant, the issue would stem from her brain.

        I also think because there is more than on area of developmental delay, it could be beneficial from a diagnostic stand point.

        There is something about Ali’s physical look that reminded me of my daughter when she was on ACTH. It looks like Cushing Syndrome.

      • Rabble Rouser says:


        I am glad (if I followed you correctly) your daughter vision issues don’t seem to be too significant 🙂

  10. Adgirl says:

    I know this is the wrong thread …. but (I will comment anyway!) there hasn’t been any sign of Pomp. I hope she did not get in trouble for her comments. That would bug me. Certainly was interesting but not worth it.

  11. Sparkles says:

    OT: “Sister Wives” on TLC

    RCH, do you watch this fiasco, by any chance? The second season begins on Sunday and I’m hoping that you will do recaps.

    For the unfamiliar, the show features an immature, egomaniac, mid-life-crisis-experiencing, sexist tool named Kody, his four wives, his ’80s hair, and his 16 kids. Kody almost makes my head explode. (My hubby kept asking me why I watch the show if it makes me so angry. LOL.) But it is sooo ripe for jokes. I don’t know anyone who watches it and will need a place to vent and make fun of this guy.

    If anyone is interested, TLC is going to do a season one marathon tomorrow afternoon. You can also watch the episodes On Demand and online, though.

    Any other Sister Wives viewers out there?

    • ImaJillHater2 says:

      Yep – I’m a “Sister Wives” viewer. Loved your description of the show – so dead-on! Would love to see a recap.

    • I’ve seen it. I don’t know if I have time to add another show to the list, but I’ll consider it. These women are miserable! The first wife is clearly depressed, she feels seriously inadequate for only being able to have one child so she puts up with the other wives to alleviate the guilt she feels over not giving her husband more kids.
      The second wife is a lesbian and is totally fine with sharing the husband because she doesn’t want to have sex with him anyway.
      The third wife was perfectly happy being the third, youngest, most fertile wife. Then came along younger, prettier, skinner, wife number 4 and now wife number 3 feels an insecurity and jealousy she never felt before with the other two wives and polygamy isn’t quite as fun as it used to be.
      Wife number 4 was abused in her last relationship and now she is just trying to get love from anywhere and anyone. She should be getting counseling instead of rushing into a polygamous marriage.
      Codey is a child. He’s a teenage boy pretending to be a man. I’ve never seen a grown man cry as much as he does. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone cry as much as this family does. Not even Bethenny. These people are not in touch with their emotions, they’re just unhappy and I don’t even think they even realize why.
      Their tag line that love should be multiplied not divided is such a crock of shit. Obviously you have to divide your time and your love if you have 4 wives. If they were practicing polyamory then it would make sense that they’re multiplying the love. But in polygamy you are definitely dividing. This guy needs to learn his math.
      I don’t have a problem with polygamy – I think people should do whatever makes them happy. But this family does not look happy.

      • Sparkles says:

        I’m glad you watch it too, IJH2. And thanks for considering the recaps, RCH. I like your assessment. I completely agree about Kody and Robin (#4), who I think may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        Last season it was so annoying to see Janelle (#2) commute to her job in that beat-up SUV with the duct-taped window all to support the family while Kody zipped around in a sports car to go a-courtin’ his fiancee across the state, probably on dates financed by Janelle.

        Other choice moments include Kody telling Meri (#1) that a woman having more than one husband would be disgusting. Oh, and when Christine (#3) was in the hospital to have her baby and Kody asked the doctor about IVF for Meri, since he is a sensitive guy and needs more kids.

        Or maybe when Kody revealed that he saw Robyn’s upcoming wedding dress (squealing “I saw the dress!”) or doing his little jig when the family was picking out the wedding cake.

        So, yeah, I’m going to need an outlet!

      • Tracey with an 'e' says:

        Wow!! Your assessment of the Sisterwives are spot on and exactly what I was thinking. I’d love it if you recapped this show.

        Thanks to your recap of Teen Mom2 I’ve started watching it. It’s a wonder I get anything done with all the bad TV I watch.

  12. mnick says:

    Hello again. I think Janet was the irresponsible parent. She left the Kailyn issue in Jo’s hands as to giving her belongings back. She let Jo decide to not return her things until he got his money back. Jo being young, hurt, spoiled, and vengeful struck back at Kailyn the only way he could think of. At that point he couldn’t kick her out of the house or verbally attack her so the $$ was his only way of striking back. Janet should have been the adult and given the stuff back. Her immaturity shows up since she wants to attack Kailyn for cheating on her son like the kid behind the bully yelling go get him.

    Kailyn is just the product of an egocentric mother forcing her to look for love where she could find it, a boatload of stupid genes, and maybe just maybe, some inbreeding which shows up in her bland, confused looking expressions.

    • I agree about Janet. She had an opportunity there to teach her son an important lesson about how to treat people – especially the mother of his child – and she totally failed. Her excuse was “well Kailyn did him dirty”. What? How old are you? You should always be a good person and do the right thing no matter how other people behave.
      Kailyn is going to have a hard time preventing her son from turning out just like Jo. Jo and his family are going to be a horrible influence over Issac as he grows up. I can totally picture them bribing him in the future with toys and presents and letting him get away with whatever he wants and making Kailyn look like the mean parent for having rules and boundaries.
      I hope they can work out their issues, but I would guess Jo is going to hold a grudge forever and Kailyn will have a very difficult next 18 years ahead of her.

  13. Dawn says:

    I think youre spot on with the entire recap. Im not a big fan of Kaylins. The way Jo and the family treat her is ridiculous. He walks up and tells her she doesnt deserve to breathe? His parents should be ashamed. If my sons ever treated a woman this way i would beat the daylights out of them REGARDLESS of how old they are. Kaylin is wrong for dating someone else. But, her mother is an asshole, jo and family mistreat her and she’s working her ass off at school , 2 jobs and loves her child. At 16/17 years old .. she is just looking for someone to love her. I really feel bad for her. I’m disgusted with Jo and his parents.

    @ sparkles..
    I watch sister wives too! It’s creepy, facinating and funny all at the same time. I like the sisters but Cody is super creepy to me. I almost cant stand watching when he’s on camera, it makes me as angry as it makes you. LOL

    • Sparkles says:

      Thanks for validating me, Dawn.
      I was on another website today and saw a bunch of comments about the show like “they are such a fun and loving family!!” and “the marriage works well for them!!” I dunno…some of the wives seem trapped to me.

    • captaincarebear says:

      Glad to see that I’m not the only one with the “creepy” red flag when Cody appears. Yet I’m not glad. The world is already overloaded with “creepy” sometimes I don’t need another reminder.

      I personally don’t have a problem with Kaylin dating. I know right now may not seem like the “appropriate” time but geesh, the girl, as whiny as she is, gets trampled on by everyone around her. I don’t believe for a second that Janet would have taken her in if Issac wasn’t a concern. No one seems to give a crap for that girl so she needs a little diversion. Heck, she’s only human and frankly she’s way too young to see the bigger picture. So for a moment, I’m giving her a break.

  14. Amber...RealWife says:

    I agree Janet could have given Kailyn her stuff back but she left the decision in Joe’s hands. He, of course, refuses to return the stuff until she pays the $600 bucks he loaned her. Wrong or not, (it is) he has every right to feel used and fooled by the slack jawed grifter that is Kailyn. This little bitch and her big bitch grifting mother have pretty much taken advantage of these people from the moment she became pregnant. The mother, Suzi, was able to toss her to them and they out of responsiblity accepted her like no other “baby daddy” family ever has on MTV. They, Janet and husband, forced their son to be with Kailyn during her pregnancy, siding with her and blaming him in their fights and supporting her throughout. They purchased everything for their grandchild which Suzi picked out, without regard to price as she knew the grandparents could afford it!

    Kailyn has made fools of not only Joe but also Janet who has been nothing but kind and supportive of her. She has lived off of and used Janet, knowing the rules that Janet layed down once they found out she was dating elsewhere, and proceeded to date anyway. So to recap, Janet funded her food, shelter, and watched Isaac while Kailyn was parading around with her new beau. She allowed her to stay even after she publicly declared her new love, to the humiliation of Joe AND Janet, her benefactor. They took her word and with a simple facebook change, Kailyn was back in the fold. This chick is smarter than she looks!

    RCH I’m amazed that you are now finding it hard to defend Janelle. It was obvious from the start that she was an irresponsible nut, who cared more about herself and partying than taking care of her son. Is Barbara perfect? Hell no, but she seems to be the only one in the household who is worried about her grandson’s well being. Janelle can’t be bothered to stop drinking and drugging to take proper care of her own son. She would leave the house and not return even though she had to care for him. She would be hungover, sleeping, while the child was left to fend for himself. She would take off even when Barbara refused to care for Jace, forcing Barb to watch him. She has chosen drugs and men over her son. It’s pretty easy to see, she not a good mom.

    • I disagree about Kailyn. I don’t think she took advantage of them. They are doing what they should do. I don’t think they deserve an award for doing the right thing. I think Kailyn dating while living in their house was wrong. But I think it’s understandable considering the way Jo treated her. I was on Janet and Jo’s side in the beginning, but after seeing how fucking mean he is to her, I can’t blame her for anything she did. Keeping Kailyn’s clothes was just immature and spiteful. I don’t care what Kailyn did, there as no excuse for that. Those people have money, Kailyn has nothing. Give the girl her freakin clothes. What did she even have, a couple boxes at the most?

      I agree Janelle isn’t a good mom. But idk… there is just something I like about her. I think she would be a totally different person if she had been raised by someone else. She is still young enough where her problems can be blamed on her mother.

      • Tracy without an E says:

        I was not a fan of Jenelle at first either, but I’m siding with RCH on this one. After seeing more of Barbara, I think most of what Jenelle does is a direct result of how she was raised and treated by her mother. Children need love, first and foremost, then encouragement and acceptance. All I have ever seen Barbara do is criticize and belittle Jenelle. How can a child possibly have faith in themselves when it’s clear their only parent has none? Jenelle wants to be loved and believed in, so since her mother does not, she seeks out that approval and nurturing elsewhere. When you are young, it is from a guy. She’s sad and hurt and self-medicating. Not the best choices, especially since she needs to prove that she can be a good mom, but she is still just a teenager. Perhaps if her mother ever encouraged her or backed off a little and let her attempt some of the day-to-day care of Jace, she could rise to the occasion. When my kids were newborns, I had to figure it out. Did I make mistakes? Sure. Did it take some trial and error to learn how to best meet their needs? Abso-fuckin-lutely. Has Barbara allowed Jenelle this trial and error period so that she can learn (as all new moms do)? Not that I’ve seen.
        My hope is that Jenelle realizes that her behavior needs to reflect her seriousness in being a good mom. I’m still rooting for her and hope she proves everyone wrong.

        • Janelle said in one of the after shows that giving her mom custody was the right thing to do because she isn’t capable of taking care of her son. I sooo disagree with that. Barbara may feed him and cloth him. But she also screams all day long while holding him in her arms and never takes him out of the house. The kid is permanently sitting by the front door looking out. There are actually some very interesting new studies out that say not only do children need love just as much as they need food and water, but if given a choice, they will chose love over food. I’ll try to see if I can find the video online. Very interesting stuff.
          I think Janelle is perfectly capable of taking care of Jace, but Barbara told her she was incapable every day until she finally believed it. Until Janelle gets love and support from her mother she is going to keep looking for it from men. And since her self esteem is so screwed, she’s going to be an easy target for users like Kieffer. Unlike some of the other girls on this show, I think Janelle is smart despite the mistakes she makes. I also think a lot of her bad behavior is the result of total boredom. It doesn’t look like there is much to do where she lives. I bet if she lived in NYC and was around more cultured people she would do better and get in less trouble.

          • Tracy without an E says:

            Exactly! I don’t understand why so many parents (and especially Teen Mom parents) argue and yell in front of their kids?! Not to say my husband and I don’t occasionally bicker in front of ours, but it’s over stupid stuff like how to tie the trash bag closed and moronic crap that doesn’t really matter.
            Now imagine your parents or mom and grandma were always arguing and threatening and demeaning each other? How is that a good environment? Jace looks around like he’s confused most of the time. Why are they always mad? Why don’t I ever leave this house? Why can my mom not take me to the park? I can’t stand to listen to Jenelle and Barbara (or Chelsea and Adam) go at each other all the time. 😦
            Does anyone know Jenelle’s twitter handle? I’d like to send some encouragement and advice her way for a change. And you’re right, again, RCH. Most of the trouble kids get into is the result of sheer boredom.

            • Yes! Bikering is one thing, but they scream at each other and Barbara calls Janelle a whore in front of her son. That is just awful. Plus I think people dismiss how much kids actually understand when they’re young. Jace can feel the tension in the house and he can feel the animosity they have towards each other. Aubrey feels her mom’s sadness. These are not emotionally healthy environments for children.
              I wish high schools would teach basic psychology. It’s such an important subject. Adam is abusive. Barbara is abusive. I don’t think these girls understand how fucked up their situations really are.

              Janelle’s twitter is @PBandJenelley_1

          • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

            When I was a nursing student (many years ago) doing my pediatric rotation, my patient was an 8 month old 11 pound infant boy with “failure to thrive syndrome”. Nothing was wrong other than this baby with pretty brown eyes and soft brown curls had never been loved, cuddled or interacted with in a loving way. He had never smiled. He barely ate, b/c yes, a baby wants love more than food. After ~ 2 months in the hosp, he was 18 pounds and smiling and responding to humans, making eye contact and beginning to thrive. I still wish I could have taken that baby home! He was adorable and beautiful and only needed the loving attention and acceptance of loving cg’s. It was heartbreaking but he was thriving when I left. Sometimes these situations can’t be turned around and a baby will pine away and die. That was an extreme case. I can see in Janelle the low self-esteem she suffers b/c of her mother’s rejection of her. The old time tradition of orphanages was abandoned b/c of the lack of adequate nurturing found in these huge warehouse situations.

          • Miss Anthrope says:

            Yup. I think that Janelle does a lot of the stuff she does because, hey, why not? Why not smoke weed on the porch and get drunk and steal your moms credit card if you’re going to be called a piece of shit, a slut, and screamed at whether you do those things or not? The girl has gotten zero positive reinforcement her entire life. It’s really no wonder she does stupid shit with no care in the world.

            And I agree that the worst thing she ever did was give her mom custody. Immediately you could tell that it was a horrible mistake. “You can’t touch that baby”, “You arent allowed to bring him outta this house!”. She treats that kid like a video game console. “No you can’t play super mario brothers because you fucked up…AGAIN!”. He’s just another way to punish Janelle. It’s really fucking disgusting. Her moms boyfriend isn’t a whole lot better either, from what little we’ve seen of his redneck ass.

        • humbruh says:

          I agree about Janell & Barbara. Go back & watch the 16 & Pregnant reunion show from their season & watch the convo she has with Dr. Drew. She made the comment that she has never thought her mom loved her because of how she has treated her. I think I remember her saying that she never remembers her mom saying she loves her. That mother/daughter relationship is jacked up & I think a lot of the drinking/drugs/men are Janelle’s way of self medicating.

  15. WindyCityWondering says:

    What is the back story on Janelle’s baby daddy? The fact that he isn’t there and that Barb is in effect being Jace’s mom – can anyone be surprised by Janelle’s behavior? And I wonder if the yelling is more for MTV’s benefit than the norm in that house – except the pot on the porch incident – that was too funny and deserved!

    • Dawn says:

      remember Jaces dad on 16 and pregnant? He was a real jerk. Lied a lot,refused to get a job, partys more than Janelle. I think Barbra is worse when cameras are off. Most people are on their best behavior when people are around. My heart truely breaks for Janelle. I think she will end up with some loser douche bag man living off her. Just like her mom… she needs to break the abusive cycle and get far away from her mother.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Jaces dad fancied himself a “male model” and lived out of state. When he’d come to visit, Barbara would have a conniption and go out of her way to make him know he wasn’t wanted there. The kid WAS a piece of crap though.

      You can watch her 16 and pregnant episode on mtv.com. It’s definitely worth a watch if you want a little more back story. Janelles baby shower scene was pretty telling in terms of Barbaras psycho behavior.

      • NMhousewife says:

        Jace’s dad (Andrew) looked pretty bad too. He had those dark circles under his eyes and was a bit emaciated looking.

        • Tracy without an E says:

          I think I read somewhere that Andrew might not even be Jace’s father either. That’s probably for the best as he seemed kinda strung-out most of the time.

  16. Amber...RealWife says:

    I agree Joes parents don’t deserve a medal for taking care of Kailyn, throughout the last two years, but what will do … an honorable mention? It’s obvious that people should do what is right and not look for any reward, but how many actually do it? We are talking teenage pregnancy here, where the put upon parents is ALWAYS the girl’s side. How often do the parent’s of the teenage boy accept all responsibility for the girl? Not often enough! But of course no good deed goes unpunished. Janet helped this girl in her most trying of times, playing cheerleader, therapist, relationship counselor, protector, benefactor and mother to this girl. But as you say it is what she’s supposed to do!
    Now what was Suzi supposed to do? What does Suzi deserve… Mother of the year? She dumps her daughter off on the family of a kid that knocked up her daughter and proceeded to live carefree, now single, dating and loving it! She rarely visited her daughter and didn’t care one bit what she was suffering at the evil hands of Joe’s family. She was just happy she got knocked up by some random boy with responsible, decent parents, who were well off, easily emotionally blackmailed and readily conned. She has bettered her situation and only because of Kailyn’s deceit, was finally forced to help her daughter and grandson with housing. Let’s hope she finally stepped up because it was the right thing to do, and not because she knows Kailyn’s in for some big payday from MTV.

    • Dawn says:

      I agree with you @ Kaylins Mom. I was watching her call her mother and about fainted when the mom said she could stay with her. She must have seen how bad she looked on TV and has decided to change her ways. I have NO doubt its ONLY for the cameras.

      In the beginning i was on Jos parents side. I really was. I thought Kaylin was lucky to have them and she should appriciate them more. But as time went on.. knowing this girl had NO ONE else. They should have cut her some slack. I dont know how they can believe their actions are ok.

      So one baby daddys parent steps up to the plate for 1 year when most of the time its the girls mom.. and all other behavior should be forgiven because they did the right thing in the beginning? I’m sure there is a lot left on the editing room floor but the words “you dont deserve to breathe” came out of that kids mouth. They ganged up on her and Jo’s mom “was” the only voice of reason in both familys. She should have done the right thing here. I hope in future episodes it shows some redemption for her.

      Jo has the love of family and extended family. Kaylin has no one. Compassion should have been shown. I hope she did not know the way Jo was treating Kaylin. I hope she has beat some sense into him after seeing it with her own eyes.

    • I didn’t see 16 & P so maybe you have a different perspective than me, but from what I’ve seen, I don’t think putting a roof over Kailyn’s head gave them the right to treat her the way they did. Jo’s mom did not help Kailyn because she cared about Kailyn, she helped her grandson and Kailyn just happened to be part of the package. Jo’s mom said she would never turn her back on her. But the second she didn’t want to be with Jo their backs were turned. They helped her out of obligation, not love or care. Look how quick they threw her away. Janet had a right to be mad about her dating, she did not have a right to treat Kailyn the way she did. Especially after all that “I’ll never turn my back on you” talk.
      And keeping Kailyn’s stuff was just so wrong. I don’t care if Kailyn snuck a guy in the house and slept with him in Jordans bed. Holding her stuff hostage, and even considering keeping her son from her is just mean vindictive behavior and really says something about their character. Just bc Kailyn did something wrong doesn’t give them the right to do something wrong back to her. That’s not a good way to go through life. You should always do the right thing regardless of what the other person does. Janet is an adult and should know better, and should be teaching her son better.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        All the expectations are on Kaitlyn – Jo doesn’t have to do anything! Why aren’t his parents pushing him to finish school (he has gone farther than her) and get a job (pay for his son’s stuff)? Why aren’t they calling him on the way he treats Kaitlyn and make him be more active in Issac’s care (his brother babysits)? He is spoiled and entitled and please the $600 loan for school came from Janet! And it will be his parents money that goes into the custody battle.
        With what she had on her plate (baby, school, work) her desire to have another boyfriend makes no sense but I do understand why she wants someone to see her in a positive light and be supportive of her plans!

    • FANCY GIRL says:


  17. captaincarebear says:

    Ok RCH, totally off subject here but I can’t figure out how to email you. Here’s a clip just for you since you love the UFC stuff. Christian is family so I though I’d share one of his many fights with you. His record is like 8-1 or something. Got his first belt last night. We are so proud! http://www.youtube.com/user/crisez1#p/u/2/wfKmmtPN_8c

  18. Cindi says:

    I hope the judge in the parenting time case reviews this episode of the show which clearly demonstrates that Jo is not the least bit interested in what is in the best interest of his child, but how he can use the child to make himself feel good by getting revenge on Kailyn. Come to think of it, I’ve never really seen him do too much parenting – I think his brother has a stronger bond with his baby than he does. Wonder why the sudden 180 degree turn by Kailyn’s mom – she’s finally acting like a mother? What?

    Janelle takes one step forward, 4 steps back….she needs to have one man in her life for now – Jace. She is clearly unable to make good choices in men, but with Barbara as a mother, it is a bit more understandable why she grabs the first guy she sees and hangs on for dear life to hear some nice words, regardless of the fact that they are losers. She should get a place of her own with a girlfriend or something, concentrate on school, and get a parenting plan with her mom so she takes Jace on weekends or something like that so she can learn to trust herself and be ready to parent him herself when she gets school behind her and/or figures out a way to take care of herself and him. We KNOW what kind of child Barbara turns out — maybe Jenelle can do a better job, so let’s give Jace a chance.

    I wish Leah would’ve had a list of questions for that doctor – isn’t Corey’s mother a nurse or something?? Sadly, it took not one, but two doctors to give these kids not a shred of good information – that hospital needs to be doing some damage control for being so badly represented by those 2 docs. Clearly something is wrong with this baby. Still, Leah appears to have her act together the most out of this sad bunch of teens and Corey really loves her and his girls. Maybe they’ll make it.

    Why the hell is Chelsea living away from home? Her dad should’ve made her stay at home at least until she finished her high school work. It should come as no surprise that the BF is STILL a loser. He should never have been allowed to move in. A big part of Chelsea’s problem is Chelsea’s dad. He needs to give her a spanking and take her back home. And, PLEASE, get the girl a brush and get that friggin hair out of her face. Hard to imagine her going to beauty school.

  19. Old School Woman says:

    Love your recap on the “Teen Mom 2” show. Let me give you mine: 1) Chelsea: Must agree that her dad is an enabler. Why give this CHILD her own home when she couldn’t function in his. I think he may have done it to have some peace in his own home. When she lived with him she whined the whole time about her life. She called him constantly asking him to leave his job to hold her hand after DISGUSTING text from her so-called man. She also handed over her daughter to him every chance she got. She is lazy and living in a “DREAM” world thinking that Adam wants to be with her and THEIR child. He wanted NOTHING to do with her or HIS BABY until she had her own home. Now it was a place for him and his friends (most shows always show another friend playing video games with him) to hang out. No child support, no rent, no love, no parental skills; a perfect place for him to hang his hat. Where are his parents? Did they tell him that he could no longer live in their home without doing anything (school, a job?). Are they as embarrassed about him as the rest of us are? Chelsea is a fool and a brat. Her father should have told her if Adam stays there he would no longer pay the bills. It would be on them. I guarantee you she would have HAD to come RUNNING HOME in a hot minute! Where is her self-esteem? Spare me the fact that she is still young. She was old enough to open her legs, so old enough to know that her DAUGHTER comes before this POS BOYFRIEND! 2) Kailyn: Yes, she is doing a lot to help herself, two jobs, school and a baby, when does she have time for a boyfriend? Every free minute she has should be spent on her son! Yeah, Jo is not a guy she should spend her life with, but I do agree that she does owe his parents something. Some are saying that his parents should have been there for her. Well, if you watched 16 and Pregnant they were. Where in the H-LL was her mom? Why should they be responsible for her? Their thoughts then and now are for their grandson! Yes, they should have let her get her clothes, but giving her the furniture THEY brought for the baby, NO! Let her mom who all of a sudden is willing to let her daughter and grandson live with her pay for these things for her home. Where was she when this child REALLY needed her? With her boyfriend, that’s where. Also, don’t think for ONE MINUTE that the knowledge of Kailyn getting PAID in the thousands by MTV is not also a reason to jump on the bandwagon now! I hate her, she is a user and using her own child too for the MONEY she expects her to get.
    3) Jenelle: Once felt for this girl because I do believe her mom has control issues. She couldn’t control Jenelle before (in 16 and Pregnant, Jenelle almost hit her mom {Amber, from Teen Mom 1, comes to mind), she was so ungrateful on that show, and CONSTANTLY went out partying telling her mom “Well the baby is in his crib”. Well that is not what a parent does. If her mom was not there I fear she may have still went out to party thinking as long as he is in the crib she had nothing to worry about. This girl makes the worst choices in life and with men. Kieffer is a “HUSTLER” just like the mom said. Do the guys get paid like the girls (not sure, but hope not). She gets mad at her mom, after her mom let her and the lowlife Kieffer stay in HER HOME. They then go on her porch and smoke WEED??? WTF! She is an IDIOT! Jace deserves a mom who cares more about him than the FLAVOR of the WEEK! Felt so bad when he looked out the door and watched her leave and she NEVER said or KISSED him goodbye. In my book, SHE’S DONE!
    4) Leah and Cory: Doing good and don’t believe the stories about her fooling around. She has no time. Just a JEALOUS neighbor who wants their payoff for telling false stories. These two might actually make it.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I LOVE your take. I think we are twins 🙂

      • Jane says:

        Chelsea lives in Sioux Falls and her dad lives in Vermillion – I know that they don’t spell that out in the show but the two towns are actually about 70 miles apart (I live about 90 miles from Sioux Falls – and am familiar with the area). While I agree that she should not have her own house – I think her dad is paying for her rent with the intention that she goes to beauty school in the city. To commute would be too far.

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      I think I agree with most of what you say except for the part about Joe’s parents not giving Kailyn the crib they bought for the baby. The crib was bought for the benefit of the baby, not Kailyn. Kailyn doesn’t sleep in the crib, the baby does. Just because Kailyn is moving out doesn’t mean that the baby no longer needs or deserves a crib and it is sickening that they would deprive their own grandchild of the crib. It seems to me that Joe’s parents gave conditional love to their own grandchild and conditional gifts as well. The fact that they will hold onto material things to get what they think they deserve to the detriment of the child speaks volumes as to the type of people they really are.

  20. SillyMe says:

    Thanks for the recap I just watched the episode on mtv.com and I have to say the only girl on there I’m rooting for is Leah who seem to put her kids’ well-being first while the other girls are boy-crazy. It’s sad to say this but I can’t feel sorry for Chelsea because she allows Adam to treat her the way he does and now she has no one because she did pick him over her best friend Amber who’s been there for her when Adam wasn’t. It was pretty pitiful when he openly admitted to cheating on her multiple times and she can’t do or say anything about it. I hope for her sake she does grow a backbone and really does try to accomplish something in her life instead of just waiting around for him to be the boyfriend or father that she dreams he would/could be. Janelle is just stupid and immature and I think as bad as it was, the mom was right for taking custody of her son since obviously she seems to have higher priorities and that is her bf, not her son, it almost breaks my heart watching the scene of her walking out of her mom’s house to go on that trip to NJ with the bf while her son is running and looking after her leaving. I read somewhere today that the old teenmom Amber Portwood was trashing Janelle lol…talk about pot calling kettle black she really is the one to talk about being a good parent!! 😉

  21. Tracy without an E says:

    Well, crap. I really want to be on Jenelle’s side, but she makes it so hard sometimes. Acting out is one thing, but ffs girl, you cannot steal your mom’s credit cards. 😦

  22. Old School Woman says:

    @Rabble Rouser, I think you are right, I am your twin! Let me give you my take of this week’s episode. 1) Chelsea: As “realcityhousewife” says let’s get this doormat out of the way. Chelsea wants everyone to assume (and when you assume you make an _SS out of U and ME) she wants everyone to believe that she is the one who broke the realtionship off with the IDIOT ADAM (NOT!). It was ADAM who said he was leaving. Randilicious (Chelsea’s name for her Dad, WTF! Who in the H-LL calls their DAD that) now was once again hoodwinked and got her “LADY GAGA TICKETS” for her birthday for her and two friends. According to Chelsea, she NEEDS a girls night out, and Randilicious gives it to her hotel included for her and TWO friends. (ENABLER, YES). God, where was Randy when I needed a good man!! Has this man not done enough? Another post said that the reason Chelsea’s Dad brought her the home is because since she wanted to go to BEAUTY SCHOOL, the commute was easier from her “PAID FOR HOME” than living where her DAD did. HELLO!! Why SHOULD ANYTHING be more easy for her? Also, this episode was the first time I really saw her mom, who took care of Aubree while she went to her LADY GAGA concert. Where has this woman been throughout the show? Her home is fabulous, place is A-1, but I can bet you that she would not put up with Chelsea’s total SELFISHNESS and knowing she’s DADDY’s girl, let daddy deal with her. ADAM texted Chelsea’s FACEBOOK to say he missed her and LOVED her and was sorry for everything (YEAH,RIGHT, sounds like his parents are not putting up with his LAZY A-S). Luckily her friends and Randilicious were there to tell her ADAM is playing with her head (IDIOT that Chelsea is, she actually seemed as if she thought ADAM’s words were true), but instead she finally did the right thing and did not answer and went to the concert with Megan (the one who was there for her when ADAM wasn’t, but according to reports Megan is now PREGNANT [looking for a spin-off]) and Tiffany who went to the FAIR with her and the NUMBNUT ADAM). Enough of this CREW ! 2) Kailyn (K), used to like her, but now I am sick of her. At my earlier post I spoke about the fact that HER MOM had no time for her, but Jo’s family did. Now her MOM seems to want to be the perfect mom by letting K and her son stay with her. She should have had the same feeling when K was on “16 and Pregnant”! Her mom was not there for her, but Jo’s family was. Don’t get me wrong. Jo is a DoucheBag! K should not have to put up with the verbal abuse he gives her, but hold up — 2 jobs and school and she finds time for a new boyfriend less than a minute from no longer being with Jo!? Where is the time for her son! Her mom is a USER! Thinking of the money she believes that K will make from the show, her mom now ALL OF A SUDDEN wants to be there for her, BS! 3) Leah: She was the one who said she waited so long for the engagement ring she got from Corey, even after her mom and friends told her maybe she is rushing things. Well low and behold she now has second thoughts. Of course through reports we know that she will indeed get married anyway. STOP THE DRAMA! Was she told that her role was not juicy enough and to amp it up? 4) Jenelle (worst of the bunch): What more can you say. As much as her mom seems to be off the hook, let’s try to understand her mom’s feelings. Here is a woman that should be living out her later years with no problem and now has to take responsibility for Jenelle’s son. Yes, she flies off the handle at times, but did anyone think that maybe she is going through MENOPAUSE? Barb now has to take care of a child that SHE DID NOT PRODUCE and making sure that he will not be a STATISTIC in the APPALLING FOSTER SYSTEM! I am so tired of people saying that Jenelle acts out due to her upbringing. Well, then why do some kids birthed of CRACKHEADS, PSYCHOTICS, ABUSERS, etc. who have never been showed an INCH of LOVE make a better person of themselves! They learned to be ADULTS and make their own way in the world. Jenelle is OLD ENOUGH to know the difference between right and wrong reagardless of her upbringing. Smoking weed on her Mom’s porch with her son in the home! WTF, did she not realize that may have caused her mom her home and Jace’s only home, besides showing that there is NO WAY she could actually have him back now? Jenelle believes that once she has a home and MONEY she will get her son back. Well let me give her a clue. A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME! Her lack of concern and for that matter RESPECT for her son shows that she is no MOTHER. Now she LIES to her mom about where she is going and STEALS her mom’s credit cards? That’s right, STOLE THEM! To get gas and food for her and the IDIOT Kieffer’s trip to see HIS brother. Did anyone hear the LOWLIFE Kieffer tell Jenelle to “put PREMIUM in the B-TCH when Jenelle had to get gas!” What NERVE! This guy doesn’t even have a pot to piss in (did you notice when he told his bro that they had no where to stay the brother never invited them to stay there? Why? Probably because it was the girlfriend’s home (the white girl with dredlocks — yeah I know her family must be proud!) Not dissing on the dreads, but the fact that Kieffer’s bro is no better than him. Living off whomever, wherever and however they can. So why did Jenelle steal her Mom’s credit cardS(2 of them)? Will she do ANYTHING TO KEEP A MAN!(spent all her MTV money on herself for a new car and DESIGNER clothes) trying to make it in HOLLYWEIRD! NOT!! I will state it again: “Stop giving these idiot so-called moms money from these shows. The stipulation should be ANY MONEY made will be put in trust for their children! Believe me they will need it.

  23. HD says:

    Hey everyone! I don’t watch Teen Mom very much so I really don’t know what it going on. I just wanted to introduce myself to the board. I have lurked for a little while but you are just so damn witty I had to come out from lurking. I will be commenting and probably a lot! I post at Lynn’s site all the time and I see some familiar names.

  24. Old School Woman says:

    @HD, welcome to the board. Give us your comments on TM2. Can’t wait to hear a view from a newbee! You should watch recaps of 16 and Pregnant 2 to get a better understanding of these young women ( and I use the word loosely). The MTV website gives recaps of the shows.

  25. LilyLynn says:

    Very disturbing. What an idiot. Video shows jenelle in fight with another girl, apparently over boyfriend.


    • I can’t get the video to work, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Janelle in a fight. She probably learned how from her mom.

      • I finally saw the video. That fight would have never happened if it weren’t for Janelle’s so-called “friends”. They totally pushed her into that fight – literally. I bet they set the whole thing up so that they could make money selling the video to TMZ. I still feel bad for Janelle. This girl doesn’t have one positive influence in her life. No wonder she makes such stupid choices.

    • buffywood says:

      I don’t watch that show but I did just see the video. All I can say is “What the hell is wrong with these people?”. They are right up there with Snooki and Teresa Giudice. They are all trunk worthy as far as I am concerned (belong in the Thelma and Louise’s trunk).

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