The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 6 Premier

The OC bitches are back. Simon is gone and Tamra already got herself a new man with a better kitchen than the one she shared with Simon. These OC women don’t stay single for long, huh? Vicky is still with Don, but we’ll be watching that marriage fall apart very soon. Gretchen is still Slade’s sugar mamma and Alexis is still pretending to be Christian.
Tamra is throwing a shopping party at her boyfriend’s house because apparently she got nothing in the divorce and now lives in a tiny apartment. She calls up all the women to invite them, and even gives Gretchen a call. Now that she’s a free bitch I guess she doesn’t mind be associated with the hooker of Orange County anymore.

Gretchen is hawking a new line of ugly purses. They have pockets (omg pockets!) and hardware that doesn’t fall off. Fancy. Don’t you just hate it when you’re walking down the street and your purse starts falling apart? So glad to hear Gretchen’s purses won’t be doing that. I agree with Vicky, any semi famous person can stick their label on a bunch of made-in-China purses and call it a handbag line. But Gretchen’s not concerned about sales because she knows there are a bunch of women in Wichita named Wanda with southern accents who will want to get themselves soma them fancy Califorian purses.

Gretchen is trying to bring back the 80’s Prom look. (I don’t think it’s going to catch on.)

Tamra goes to get Simon’s name lazered off her ring finger. The doctor tells her how much easier it would be if the tattoo had been black. But all classy women know that finger tattoos look better in pink. She’s also having her tramp stamp removed while she’s there.

Bravo treated us to 3 minutes of pure torture watching Alexis attempt to be a parent. The way she talks to her kids was driving me nuts. “Give mommy a second”, “Mommy’s coming” “Mommy will be right there”. When she isn’t referring to herself in the 3rd person she’s talking about how similar her and Jesus are. I get it, she loves to play the role of the subservient housewife, that’s great. But she needs to stop acting like she’s doing the Lord’s work by spending her days shopping, working out, and burning toast. No wonder her kids are barbarians who takes bites out of each other. She’s frying their brains with her absurdity.

This week on Christianity According To Alexis: Jesus doesn’t mind divorce. And having sex with another person while you’re still married isn’t adultery as long as the divorce papers have been served.

It’s time for Tamra’s party and Bravo sent a limo to pick up Alexis and Gretchen in an attempt to keep up appearances and make us forget the fact that Gretchen is broke and Alexis is in debt and losing her home.
What exactly is the point of taking a stretch limo if you’re all just going to squish into the same seat?

The shopping party begins and the sales lady just had to bring a bunch of evil eye hats into a room full of bitches giving each other the evil eye. Gretchen grabs a hat and points it towards Tamra. Tamra pretended that she was being the bigger person by not responding, but we all know she didn’t respond because she needs time to formulate a plan and get her revenge through rumors and character assassination.

Vicky arrives to the party late because unlike the other women she WORKS. Did ya know that? Vicky works. She has a JOB. Did ya know, did ya? Vicky works – at a job.
Tamra and Vicky head out back for a little shit talking before joining the other women at the party and they have an (ironic) conversation about Gretchen being loud and having an annoying high pitched voice.

Tamra decides that she can’t let the evil eye comment go, so she joins Gretchen at the bar and asks her to clarify whether or not she was implying that she is an evil bitch.

Gretchen confirms that yes, yes she was in fact calling Tamra an evil bitch. But it’s a good thing, see, because she’s telling her to her face and not saying it behind her back. Tamra tells the camera (hey that rhymed!) that she would have thrown her wine in Gretchen’s face, except she isn’t worth a good glass of wine. But Jeana is!! Can’t wait for that episode.

Gretchen and Alexis finally decide to leave the party and they spend the ride home arguing over the fact that Alexis called Gretchen a Princess. Maybe bitch would have been better?

The WHHL poll results were Gretchen 51% and Tamra 49%. What do you guys think?

And what about Alexis’s pronunciation?

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222 Responses to The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 6 Premier

  1. simpy cyn says:

    Well done…woof woof woof!

  2. TrueLifeDiva says:

    “Tamra and Vicky head out back for a little shit talking before joining the other women at the party and they have an (ironic) conversation about Gretchen being loud and having an annoying high pitched voice.”
    Totally agree, pot meet kettles 😉

    • Jenn says:

      So you and your friend were frequently in the frays in previous blogs (here and at Lynn). As I understood it, certain members (including me) were complaining about you and the boston chick since you constantly were in the middle of EVERY fight (troll or just disagreement). After you and your annoying friend disappeared on the other board we were told you had some amazing modeling contract (lol) and she has some business deal (lol) keeping her away. Guess that wasn’t totally the truth. You guys left for a few days, but I now notice you both back in full force. LOL…just thought I’d point that out.

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        And the point of you saying all this is because????? You say you complained about me? LOL!!! And where did that get you? NOWHERE!!!! If you don’t like someones comments, scroll past them. I do it all the time. Why bother complaining, it just makes YOU look petty.
        “we were told you had some amazing modeling contract (lol) ” Okay, anyone who graduated from high school knew WSL was making a funny. But I guess you’re just stupid like that. What’s the LOL for? Certainly not my looks. Everybody knows I’m absolutely gorgeous. I never claimed to be a model. WSL was just complimenting me, but jealous anonymous heifers like you don’t get it. Truth of the matter is, I’ve had a career of 20+yrs on the other side of the camera as a make up artist and hairstylist. Because I take great pictures, people assume I’m a model also.
        Since you want everyone to know what I’ve been up to lately, I’ve been working on starting a new business IRL. As for the blogs, I get bored and flitter from blog to blog as I choose. Us Gemini’s are like that :-). I used to post on Reality Tea a lot, now not so much. I used to post on “You Know You Dead Azz Wrong” quite a bit, not so much now. I do post a lot on and guest blog occasionally. I’m really into fitness these days and that’s been my focus.
        I’m really really flattered that you gave me a shout out. I didn’t think folks were that interested in what I’m up to. But thanks for pointing out absolutely nothing ;-D

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        I noticed on the other thread you are identifying yourself as Jenn S. Now it all makes sense. You’re mad because you can’t compete with your wonkey eye, Guidice head tilt, and Fire Marshal Bill grimace :-D. Sucks to look like you!!! Now matter how much you tell people you “used” to model or do beauty pageants (whatever the fuck your story is) the proof is in your craptastic pictures. No matter how many hunks of hair you pull over your wonky eye, you’re still unattractive. Just thought I’d point that out….. Jenn.

  3. TEB says:

    I say “Am- Ex” (Canadians have a different accent 🙂
    I still don’t like Vicki. Does it look like she gained weight to anyone else?
    I don’t like Tamra- white trash. Gretchen got on my nerves with her loud laugh. Lynn is a doofus- don’t care she is gone. Alexis needs to pay her freaking bills. God would want her to not STEAL from people.
    Whew. I feel better now. Thanks.

    • Yes! I should have written it that way. Let me see if I can edit it…
      I was trying to figure out how to write it the way it sounds. Your way makes more sense.

      I didn’t even notice Lynn was gone until they showed her in the preview at the end.

      • TEB says:

        No one can write better than you for sure! I loved your recap! These ladies are very tired… very, very tired.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Love the zingers & the way you write RCH. I only watch the show to better get the jokes! Lol, Bravo should be paying you $$$.

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      HA! – Thank God, I thought I was not saying it right.

    • 7and7is says:

      Ugh, I had forgotten how much I hate this bunch. As much as I could take Gretchen last season, she really got on my last nerve. Her “Gretchen Christine” line of crap Oy Vey…. >snort<
      Now Tamra…I can't see the "gorgeous" that others see. In fact she is starting to resemble the alien woman Posh Spice Beckham with her pointed . botoxed bobble head
      Vickie was almost tolerable as was Alex.
      I honestly don't know if I can sit through this crap anymore and any one that knows me knows I can watch just about anything

  4. car54 says:

    it doesn’t seem to matter which one of these women is on camera—whoever it is opens her mouth and the first think in my head is “jesus, i hate _____”

    i am an equal opportunity hater….i hate Vicki slightly less but only because i’m sure i’ve forgotten her worst behavior.

    oh, btw….Vicki has announced that she and Donn have filed for divorce….yes…..but they are STILL LIVING TOGETHER….and all their money is still in joint accounts.

    what’s up with that????? lol, i can see Vicki letting him stay in her house, but frankly i can’t see her letting him touch her money.

  5. Miss Anthrope says:

    How could anyone be on Gretchens side? You can’t just show up at someones house (or boyfriends house in this case) and call them a bitch to their face whilst proceeding to drink their booze. Wtf?

    I read so many comments online of people saying that “Gretchen could do better than Slade!” and “Gretchen is a little dumb but she’s sweet!”. LOL, really? In what universe is that golddigging bitch any different than Slade? They’re both deluded nobodies who think they can get far in life by cashing in on someone elses success/fame/money. I cringe whenever either of them waltz onto the tv screen. I’d rather watch Vicki spew her jealous venom than watch those 2 suck face.

    I’m probably in the minority but I don’t really mind Tamra that much. She’s a total bitch but she kind of owns it, so I can at least respect that about her.

    Alexis…wtf. Does she have to inject GOD and JESUS into every little fucking thing? She has a rationalization for every unholy deed she does too. I’m sure her plastic surgeon sticks his scalpel in holy water before he cuts open her chest and inserts new silicone sacks. Fredericks of Hollywood has a priest bless the building before she goes in to buy leopard print mini dresses, and The Pope himself must piss down her gullet each time she blows her lameass husband. If Alexis is a good Catholic, then so are those strippers you see wearing the school girl outfits while they give lapdances for $20 a pop.

    I’m pissed that we didn’t get to see the other new housewife this week. She looks like a real doozy. At first I thought she was that other housewife who was on season 1. The tennis player with the terrible boob job, leather skin, and hatchet face. I forget her name. But now that I mention it….she may as well have been named Lauri.

    • TEB says:

      LOL!!! that made me snort drink UP my nose (trying to save the computer…) Inject holy water- HA! too funny.

    • If I were in Gretchen’s position I would never forgive Tamra, and I would probably call her a bitch too. BUT I wouldn’t have done it in her home at her party while drinking her alcohol.
      Gretchen is a little dumb and totally annoying, but I don’t think she’s mean or has bad intentions. Tamra is mean, and doesn’t mind hurting people. She looks like she woud be fun to hang out with, but I would never trust her.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Stupid and mean mixed with alcohol is never pretty.

      • TEB says:

        I think Tamra is a girl from little money who likes to fancy herself as a Rich Girl. She’s fun- but only on her terms. I think Gretchen choose the wrong opportunity to get back at T. I also think Gretchen was innapropriate.

        • captaincarebear says:

          Dang I need a thumbs up for Miss Anthrope. Missing me those thumbs.

        • twoile says:

          T’s Mom was on last season “facelift” didn’t appear 2 b from $ & T’s Dad also on last season definately didn’t appear 2 have $, no aspersions just no $ 2 speak of from what was available on the show.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        See, I have never been a huge fan of RHOOC so I know there are definitely bits and pieces that I have forgotten/ never entered my long term memory. So I guess I don’t really know exactly what Tamra did to her that was so bad. Was it about calling her out on some dude calling her and saying he was Gretchens boyfriend?

        I know the naked wasted thing was pretty foul. I don’t like anybody purposely trying to liquor a woman up in order to get her to do sexual things. That borders very close to rape IMO. So if that’s the main reason that she hates Tamra then I guess I understand. But unless Tamra was lying about the boyfriend thing I can’t see how she could possibly be pissed at anyone but herself in that particular situation.

        • Yeah there was the naked wasted thing which I thought was pretty awful.
          And she was the one who started the rumors about her having a boyfriend while Jeff was dying. I guess we will never really know the truth, but personally I don’t believe it.
          She also never stopped calling her a gold digger and saying she used Jeff for his money, even after he was dead. Like, the guy is dead, let it go… I thought continuing to attack their relationship after he died was cruel.
          It was mostly just shit talking and rumors. But the things she said were mean spirited and unnecessary. Gretchen never did anything to her, so all her anger towards her comes from nowhere.

          • Adgirl says:

            But ….. Tamra didn’t really start those rumors. They were all over the local newspaper site and the old dead guys family talked about them on some blog too. Tamra WAS repeating that the “boyfriend” called her in the middle of the night to announce he was Gretchen’s boyfriend. There are about 40 pix of Gretchen making out with the guy so I’m inclined to believe it. I noticed that Gretchen only sued the “boyfriend” and lost. She never sued Tamra (for slander).

            Regardless, Tamra is still an dumb plastic face bitch and so is Gretchen.

            • I didn’t know that. I only ever heard those things coming from Tamra.
              But that still doesn’t explain why Tamra seems to have such a personal problem with Gretchen.
              If some guy called me in the middle of the night claiming to be the boyfriend of a woman I wasn’t even friends with I’d hang up on him. I wouldn’t talk to him and start emailing with him.
              I understand why Gretchen doesn’t like Tamra. But I don’t understand why Tamra doesn’t like Gretchen.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Tamra fancied herself the “hottest” of the OC Ho’wives. And then came Gretchen. I think that’s the basis for Tamra’s being against Gretchen from the start . Everything else was gravy.

            • I don’t find Gretchen attractive at all. Yeah she’s younger and somehow managed to have blond hair that actually looks healthy, but I think Tamra is a lot prettier…. or at least I did think that before her awful personality made me change my mind.

          • crazysweet says:

            gretchen lives in my neighborhood. her house is on a tiny alleyway with no yard. I can’t imagine how she pays for it so I can only assume Jeff paid that shit off before he passed. Tamra & Vicki live way inland, ie not by the beach. The stuff about Jay was all true and infect he just won a $40k lawsuit against Gretchen for defamation and frivolous lawsuit or some shit. Even had to pay his attny fees and his lunches on court dates and parking.
            The Jim and Alexis Faye are former hardcore partiers who committed…yes adultery! Jim’s a big slob I’ve had the displeasure of having to interact with once. Alexis was supposed to walk in a show for a local boutique owner where she frequented long before RYHOC and had walked in for free clothes however after last season she demanded $45k to walk!!! Their kid fell in the pool at the bayclub while they were drinking and luckily it turned out ok. I heard other people had to dive in to save it but don’t know for sure. I think the cameras were there.
            Tamra’s classless.
            Viki’s OCD and a complete bitch but she does WORK you know?!
            Fernanda wasn’t mentioned because she as dull as lynn and that other chick w the huge boobs quinn.

          • crazysweet says:

            all in due it unfolds. 😉
            …..not much stays secret in OC there’s less than 6 degrees of kevin bacon here. lol

          • nashhousewife says:

            Gretchen totally was dating Jay Photoglou during her engagement. I am following him now on twitter. I have seen the pics of her hand with the “Jay” tattoo on her ring finger underneath the engagement ring from Jeff while hanging all over Jay. Gretchen should just come out with it already.

          • Tracy without an E says:

            While the naked wasted thing wasn’t cool, Gretchen is a grown-ass woman who has the ability to say “no thanks, I’m good” and stop drinking. Gretchen WAS fooling around on Jeff, but who’s to say they didn’t have some kind of understanding. How do we know he wasn’t OK with her doing her thing as long as she was there to take care of him and be a companion in his final months. I’ll give her credit for being there thru the chemo and the sickness and the death. However, Tamra is unnecessarily jealous of Gretchen and should quit being such a jelly bean. So I guess I’m Team No One…at this point. 😉

          • If you had it like this says:

            I think gretchen’s sweet little innocent selfless caretaker act is what got tamra and it gets me too. It’s been proven G had that boyfriend while she was filming with Jeff. The court recently ordered her to pay around40k to that dude for defamation and Atty fees. He proved they are a couple she called him a liar and couldn’t prove they weren’t a couple. There is so much online about it! She basically faked her way on that show. Another interesting tidbit is that she was friends with Slade’s ex, Jo. Dig around. It’s pretty interesting. And gross. Lol!

          • katie says:

            There are pictures of Gretchen and jay and of the several lawsuits those two have been involved in, Gretchen hasn’t won any.

          • Miss Anthrope says:

            Yeah, see I don’t fault Tamra for saying that stuff about Gretchen having another boyfriend. Sure, it might not be related to the show a whole lot but I can’t say I wouldn’t call someone out on that level of bullshit either.

            Gretchen represented herself as some sweet innocent victim who was a “caregiver” for her old dying fiance. I could see through that bullshit immediately. I actually have been a caregiver for years at a time for my mom after she had her heart surgeries. It’s not a come and go as you please type of job. When someone is that sick and you are their “caregiver”, you aren’t out drinking with your girlfriends, going to parties, or filming a reality show. Sorry, but no. Being a caregiver for someone who is that far gone is a 24h a day job. Her act reeked of bullshit.

            So while I didn’t like the naked wasted thing, I understood why Tamra put that shit out there. Why should she sit back and let Gretchen pretend she’s some big victim when she’s just lying to the cameras?

      • Intensity38 says:

        Last season, Didn’t Gretchen and Tamra have lunch to try and get passed this but Gretchen refused to remove her blog? I may have been dreaming but I thought that Tamra apologized.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        In real life, no way in hell would Tamra have invited Gretchen without the cameras. This was all being filmed, she wants to clean up her image abit for TV, Gretchen knew it. I personally wouldn’t have gone and would have told her the reason on the phone, on camera. They are both immature blonde bimbos as far as I’m concern, and they both want their camera time…Whatever!! the poll buttons are so much fun 🙂

  6. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    RCH – I love the pics you include with your blog! Great recap!

    When I watch OC HW’s I lose a bit of respect for myself. There is nothing to like about this group. And the silly way they act makes me want to smack them all (and I’m totally not a violent person). Gretchen for so many reasons is the worst for me, I get a migraine every time I hear her fake laughing screech. Tamara and trying so hard to be sexy and funny and failing at both.

    The way they all dress, way overdone hair and makeup, the injections and surgeries – Good Lord they are all so stupid – they have no taste at all. Just tacky – all of them! I travel, I get out and know people and I have never met people like this. They are freaks!

    They actually make me miss Jill Zarin and that’s saying a lot.

    • TEB says:

      Wow Kats2 (that’s how I knew you originally :-)) I Agree!!!!!
      However, I find JZ more disgusting with each week that she is harping her book. I don’t think I will ever miss her. I would prefer she go away.

      • Katie (aka kats2) says:

        Hi TEB, 🙂

        See for me Jill is at least fun to hate, you know what I mean? I just get no pleasure from this OC lot. I’m pissed they are given the attention. Where with Jill I kind of can’t wait to see what stupid thing she’ll do next.

        • TEB says:

          I agree- not a lot of enjoyment from watching the OC. I used to love to hate JZ but I find myself just really, really disliking her. I’m not sure why but she makes me BSC and I want to run in the other direction. I used to ‘love to hate’ but now I’m just disgusted. I still love Kats2/Katie. You were one of the first people to say hello to me on a blog 🙂

          • Katie (aka kats2) says:

            Awww that’s so nice. I’m still on Lynn’s blog too when I can. So hard with work and life to keep up. There are lot’s of nice peeps around on these blogs.

        • For me it’s the opposite. I think these women are fun to watch, but I don’t have any actual feelings about them one way or the other. Buy Jill makes me like legitimately angry. Lol.

          • TEB says:

            I’m still on Lynn’s blog too 🙂 I like all the blogs.

          • TEB says:

            RCH- I have a physical (negative) reaction when I hear her voice or hear her name. I don’t ‘love to hate’ her I ‘love to watch her self-destruct’. She is a sad, sad person.

    • crazysweet says:

      lawd you’ve never been to OC then! I came here to live by the beach and settle down 10 years ago. I have 1 friend….all my friends are still up in LA. OC bitches are 1 dimensional. But I love the weather, no smog, safe neighborhoods and great food! so it’s an ok trade for me…who needs friends when you have the interweb?!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        how funny are you!

        My parents had a house in Malibu-that they built an addition onto just for me. I was there to try it out for bout 10 days…couldn’t do it- just couldn’t stand it. But that was before I discovered these blogs…too late- they already sold the house…sigh..

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    They are back and they are still the same vapid vixens with no real purpose on this earth! What was Vicky, who works, thinking when she put on that white top for the party? She looks like she is smuggling cantelopes! And don’t get me started on those ass packed jeans!

  8. Alicia says:

    Yay! Glad you are doing recaps on the OC housewives! I thought the premiere last night was great! These “bitches” do not mess around and they brought the drama!
    But, should they really be called Housewives? The only person that is married is Alexis! They need to re-think the name of the show, since they are all divorced now!

  9. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    Why does my pic show up on Lynn’s blog but not here? Same WordPress log-in.

  10. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the update, my dvr recorded the news, oh well. Your recap is probably much better anyway, lol 😛

  11. Sus says:

    I am going to make my daughter watch the scene with TamRA, Dr. Will and the tattoo removal. I couldn’t take the pain of getting the tattoo, nevermind removing it. I loved Dr. Will when he was on Big Brother. He was a riot.

  12. Ro050 says:

    Fun blog as always. I watch RHOC, but there’s not one woman on it that I can stand. Loud, shrill, tacky……everyone of ’em. Vicky’s the worst. I guess I watch ’cause I love to hate them.

  13. AZKay says:

    Does Gretchen think the pronunciation of “because” is be-CUZ? Why is she cracking up over be-CAUS…it sounds correct to me? Sadly, Gretchen is now my favorite Housewife.

  14. NMhousewife says:

    I just finished watching the OC premiere before Bethanny starts, and it really made an impression on me how Tamara was really trying to come off as a victim. NOT that I think Gretchen was in the right for her over-the-top behavior, but when I think of how Tamara has treated Gretchen in the past without provocation (regardless of what Gretchen has done in her personal life, she did nothing personally to Tamara), I don’t blame Gretchen for hating Tamara. Tamara was sooo a drama queen tonight. Give me a break, practically crying on Vicki’s shoulder because Gretchen admitted to calling her a bitch. She is definitely trying to change the terrible image that is out there.

    Can’t stand Vicki or Tamara (more so than Gretchen) but watched and WWHL and was glad that Vicki and Tam had that little tiff on air.

  15. nyhousewife says:

    Wonderful recap as always!

    After watching the previous seasons while I was home sick this week (thanks, Bravo), I can see where Gretchen is coming from. However, if Tamra really wanted to blame Simon and start a clean slate, she really should have invited Gretchen somewhere private first to hash things out and make ammends. On the other hand, I feel as though since the OC housewives are the originals, I see a lot of this as being planned drama for the camera; especially since it is pretty obvious these women do not see each other outside of filming.

    • I agree. Tamra said she wanted to move on. But you can’t do mean things to someone and then expect them to just get over it without an apology or anything.

      • Adgirl says:

        I hate that I am defending Tamra … she said on WWHL that she and Gretchen communicated several times during the off season about cleaning the slate (not cleaning the Slade) so she thought they were OK.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          How convenient for Tamra. So why not really prove you apologized by doing it on camera? Tamra hates Gretchen & vice versa. And Bravo loves the drama!

  16. ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

    Super-sonicly fast recap!~
    Luz the pollz.

    • ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

      not luz …Luvz pollz…

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        agree Luvz, the polls rock. Still can’t pronounce anything correctly. Grew up in a really really small town in the midwest. Jesus barbie (Alexis) is from Missouri….and Tamra’s dad is from Iowa….hmmm aren’t most Cali people from or descended from mid-westerners? Jeanna = Wisconsin, Vicki = Icky (haha)

        Watch what you say on the east coast…everyone has an accent out here & they all think their pronunciation is perfect! They tell me I have an accent all the time. After 27 years…lol

        • ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

          A mid-western’ern poll for ya……~Blue

          picture (on the wall)…….pitcher
          roof (on the house)………ruff

          Are you one of those cute Norwegian’ies?

          • Tracy without an E says:

            Or what about the Southern colloquialisms I have come to love:

            couch = devan
            toilet = commode
            refrigerator = ice box

            Just ask Shana-Taylor Hughes-Ford-Armstrong. That’s how we roll down south.

            • Omg I just learned the word commode the other week from watching Nancy Grace! I’d never heard it before. I thought maybe the producers made her say it that way because it sounds more professional than toilet bowl. Lol
              Ice box makes sense, but devan? Huh?

          • ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

            ~Devan derived from m’granny’s davenport?

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            Ok Luvz, here’s the real deal:
            pop ? or soda?

            is it roof (like oof) or roof (like rurough)?

            radiator (rad) or radiator (rae)?

          • ~Luvz Lentils~ says:

            I’m guess’n here ~Blue ….
            that Olie and Lena sit on the rurough drink’n pop after fix’n the ol’ raediator, ya?

            Hmmm……Ya, you a Sveede,? 😉

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            okay Luvz, you are good. Think of it as Molly and Otto driving in their Model T….way back in the last century. Having an old time coca-cola at the local Pfeiffer’s drugstore. Going back to the 1800’s farming virgin soil…converting local Indians to Christianity. The wind in the willows billowing across the plains…in a land far far away.

            How about you? What’s your ancestral tree like?

        • ~Luvz Lentils~ says:

          Ahh luvz yer sweet tea and BBQ that noth’unerz try to replicate but just kaint. 😉

        • ~Luvz Lentils~ says:

          Ahhhh…….my turn for the vetting….. 🙂
          Well, yer vet would call me a ‘mix’…. ahhh ha!~

          Various ancient grand parents have contributed to my birth day…..mostly Europeans in the mix.
          So call me a mix……..mix’n it up,
          but nevah a mutt.!~ ha!
          P.S. Yers was a sweet windy post.
          Molly b’golly…… are Leprechauns wealthy trolls?

  17. mamaluvshockey says:

    Love reading your recaps especially since I don’t get to see the shows when they first air. I’m the only female in my house, so usually I can only watch re-runs of any of the Housewives shows on weekends when the boys aren’t home. Your recaps are hilarious and keep me up to date!!

  18. momofthree says:

    I amy be wrong, but I swear Alexis first said that the Christians do not accept divorce but she was somehow remaining friends with Tamra. A few minutes later, she mentioned that she was divorced.
    This is the first day of my Lent so I would love to share a story with you: Mary Magdeline was being stoned by the villagers and Jesus stepped in front of her and said”Let those amoung you who have never sinned throw the first stone. Shortly after this, Jesus was hit right in the head with a big rock, to which he replied, “Very funny mom!”

  19. Adgirl says:

    I don’t think Gretchen can get someone “better” than Slade. If she could, she would have….. right?

    • crazysweet says:

      not if he gives her the big O like she claims over and over in that screeching voice and donkey laugh.

      • Adgirl says:

        Don’t they have strict noise ordinances in OC? HeeHaw.

      • Purplebombshell says:

        She is way to stupid and money hungry to do that. She’s so entranced by Sludge’s ‘wisdom’ when he speaks. You can just see it in her horseface. She still thinks she’s going to get rich by being with him. She’s going to have to find another rich old guy who wants a piece of arm candy for that. Preferably one thats hard of hearing. Sorry, I can’t stand Wretchen.

        • crazysweet says:

          yes as a matter of fact we do! that is why the cops do the helicopter fly by’s all the time…they’re looking for that ridiculous donkey in the neighborhood!
          slade has been arrested for not paying his child support right out of her house! soooo…don’t think she thinks she’s with a winner but who’s to say?

        • Intensity38 says:

          SlimySlade makes me wretch! Every time I see him that picture of him naked with the sock on his little dick, pops up in my mind! Uggh!

    • Intensity38 says:


  20. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    Gretchen must have been PMSing or something. I can give her a pass for it considering all the slamming Tamra has done the past two seasons but I hope Gretchen hasn’t morphed into a raving loud mouth lush.

    I was watching some old episodes of OC and Tamra was very judgmental of Gretchen and now look at Tamra. How can Tamra call Gretchen a “gold digger” with a straight face? What exactly does Tamra do for a living and/or what did she do for a living before she married Simon?

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      I believe I recall that Tamra “sold real estate” (don’t they all, except for Vicki who sells insurance?).
      I think Tamra knew Gretchen was a phony, fake gold digger, not the sweet, devoted person she claimed to be. (More fake even than their usual standard, so Tamra of course wanted to expose her as a public service to us when she saw Gretchen’s popularity increasing, ain’t she nice?)
      for a before and after pic of Gretchen. Her mouth and teeth redo must be why she talks like a mush mouth, like she just can’t form her words quite right. It is my belief that she was a small time unattractive girl that redid herself to the “Barbie” image to gold-dig without ever achieving any actual intelligence (obviously). Gretchen was drunk and obnoxious at the party, she needs no help getting naked wasted, she is more than willing, obviously,…… allegedly.
      BTW, I think Tamra is a tramp too. OC HW are just all awful anymore and the show is so contrived. The first two seasons were fun when I was innocent and thought the show was slightly legit. Imagine being so dumb at my age!

      • Tracy without an E says:

        Yay, Tuz!! It’s like we’re the same person sometimes. 🙂

        And what are y’all’s thoughts on Alexis saying that the man is the head of the household and the woman is second to him. What.The.Frak?! Seriously? My brother’s wife (in their marriage vows) vowed to submit herself to him and the man, and he then submitted himself to God. Whuck? Sorry, dudes, ain’t gonna happen. We are a 50-50 team here. Wait, it IS 2011 right? Becuz, I kinda was worried I’d woken up in the Dark Ages for a second with all that subservient crap.

        • I think Alexis is just having fun playing a part. It has nothing to do with religion or her beliefs, it’s just easier not to have to think or made decisions on her own.

          • Intensity38 says:

            I think Alexis will do anything to stay ‘in that lifestyle’ even if it means that Jim has to Lay hands on her and the kids everyday before he leaves the house.
            I almost fell off the couch when he said that.
            The other thing that I almost died about was him say to a 2 year old, “that is not acceptable behavior” and thinking they understand him.
            The twins bite fest was amusing. I wonder if they are copying Mom and Dad? LOL

        • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

          “what are y’all’s thoughts on Alexis saying that the man is the head of the household and the woman is second to him. ”
          I think it’s a load of bollocks!

        • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

          I wear the pants in my family! My husband just helps me put them on in the morning.

      • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

        I have never really thought that Gretchen was all that pretty. I mean, from a distance she is pretty but when the camera gets too close, then she has an oatmeal face. JMO I do think she has a great body though but I’d look like that too if I didn’t have 4 children (or so I tell myself while I eat another cherry chocolate).

        • Tracy without an E says:

          I agree and think she should invest in some Proactiv. Her body is slamming and I’ll give her props for that. However, I’m seriously over the hair on the OC gals, the Kardashians, etc. I think that style originated sometime around the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey days and it is beyond played out. Time to move on ladies. JMO

  21. Periwinkle says:

    I was on Gretchen’s side from day one because Tam and Vick were so horrible to her but this episode, she’s all on her own. She has that really unfunny way of hamming it up like Jac does that just grates on the nerves. Her laugh is annoying and really there is nothing funny about her.

    • LilyLynn says:

      Agree – I was on Gretchen’s side in the past for those same reasons, but damn she came across as very unlikeable in this first episode. Sure hope I like the new housewife, because right now there is no one on this show I care to root for. Although, I would root for Gretchen to kick Slade and his sock puppet to the curb.

  22. Clare says:

    Great blog!! Loved the line about her crappy purses…and Vicki’s comment was my favorite of the premiere.

    Anyway, I thought I might add my two cents. I read a “reality” blog called the dirty, and they have exposed the whole Gretchen/Jeff/boyfriend thing as a scam. Apparently, she never actually dated Jeff, she was just his caretaker, and the ring she had wasn’t even real. On the site, they posted pictures of Gretchen and the boyfriend making out, while she was wearing her “ring”. And, as someone else stated on here, he sued her and won!

    Yes, I think Tamra is trashy. Did anyone else find it funny that she freaked out when her son got a tattoo only to reveal she has a tramp stamp? But I also think that if I put myself in her shoes, I could understand why she is pissed at Gretchen. The things she said about Gretchen were true, and Gretchen twisted things to try and make her look bad so that she could be the “star”. It almost makes me laugh that she even tries to still play the victim after it’s been proving she was dating Jay. WTF?

    I actually was really disappointed with this episode. I think the new cast vibe is obnoxious. It has become too much about fame whoring and hawking their crappy products just to try and stay out of foreclosure. Alexis seems really awkward with her kids. It’s almost hard to watch. If this season continues this way, we may not even see a season 7.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      please make it so! no more RHOC please pretty please (at least not with this group of “ladies”)!!! Vicky looks like the granny now, with her bevy of bodacious trashy tramps. Problem is, these gals need to do the show since they are all broke (except Vicky). Hmm…Vicky probably decided not to go thru with the divorce once she realized just how much $ dear Don was going to make off with.

      • Clare says:

        I actually used to call my ex boyfriend’s Mom “Vicki Monster” because she reminded me of Vicki…scary…crazy make up…over bearing LOL

      • Intensity38 says:

        Did anyone but me and my hubby hear Donn call Vicki a C…
        while they were moving furniture?

        • LilyLynn says:

          Hah! thought so too – Bravo, of course, bleeped the word, but couldn’t think of anything else that fit the cu*bleep* sound I heard. Vick didn’t even flinch though.

    • Do you have a link to that blog with the story about Gretchen?
      I really believed Gretchen’s side of the story. I’m so gullible! I guess I didn’t learn anything from this whole JS experience.

      Alexis looked like she didn’t know what to do with her kids. They are going to walk all over her when they’re older.

        • Clare says:

          Ahh you beat me to it! But yes, that is exactly what I am talking about…the entries are pretty interesting!!

        • But this is what I don’t get… If it was all fake, then why did Jeff’s kids like her? They even visited her after he died.
          I would think that if she was just using him for his money the daughters would be the first people to hate her. Especially because any money he spent on her cut into their inheritance.

          • Clare says:

            Your guess is as good as mine…maybe because they knew she was just the caretaker? Or maybe they are just oblivious to the truth. I know that if my Dad was extremely old and extremely sick, and came home with Gretchen and was legitimately “engaged” to her, I would be suspicious. Not to mention within 5 months of his passing she was living with Slade…gross!

          • crazysweet says:

            one of jeff’s daughter appeared on rock of love 2 when all that was going down. she had to leave the show cause her dad died. from what I know they went on as a courtesy to their dad because all this crap was being written due to gretchen and they wanted his memory to be about the good things he did. also gretchen got into a HUGE fight with 2 of the 5 ex-wives jeff had when they showed up at the hops. in palm springs and she freaked and refused to et them in to see him. it really was all a out money but the guy had a lot of debt. don’t be so gullible RCH she has really dirty porn pics all over the internet that we taken RIGHT after jeff passed. licking girls tithes, on the toilet, w vibrators.
            she threw some shit parties here too right after for her “charity” in honor of jeff but the charity never saw any of the money.
            there’s so much dirt on that chick all over the internet its hard to believe someone out there still buys her banquet of bullshit?
            don’t get me wrong..the others are no better but a little less messy and scandalous.
            BTW Donn makes bank. he’s cute the bread winner himself. He was out of work for a time because he was a big timer at homedepot and had a sexual harassment suit filed so he was forced to quit hence why he was out of work in the very beg. of the 1st season. but they guy works and contributes very well to their lifestyle.

        • Tracy without an E says:

          Man, I spent all day trolling that damn I forgot what a douche bag Nic Richie was. That guy needs to seriously get the eff over himself…though it IS kinda fun to scroll thru my hometown and see if I recognize anybody. (I know, I’m going to hell)
          Thank the good Lord the internet was in its infancy when I was in college. That’s fo damn sho.

          • Tracy without an E says:

            Wait, crazysweet!! Which girl was Jeff’s daughter on Rock of Love 2?!! Inquiring minds want to know!!!

          • crazysweet says:

            he’s a total douche! I used to read it when it was only newport & tucson.
            I don’t know which one she was, the blonde who’s dad died and she had to leave early.
            don’t know about the lawsuit, I think it got settled. vicki used tot ramp all around OC total cougar w/ younger boys.
            none of these chicks are actually from here and set a bad example. the people I know who grew up here are actually pretty grounded and laid back. yet there’s this whole other side of new wealth that are obnoxious.
            BTW Simon was out of work because he lost his job due to the show. Fletcher Jones Mercedes canned him. I don’t know if that came from Mercedes or the dealership but THAT’s why he was out of work, tried a shitty tequila business and Tamra found herself a new sugar daddy to pay the rent.
            If you ever look at these digs you’ll notice they have NO YARDS thats because they live in prefab McMansions and PUD housing not real houses with character.
            we have a nice size house & yard and we don’t flash like we have money but I’m certainly grateful everyday for where we live, especially this morning when it was 75 degrees and my jasmine is blooming all over!

          • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

            Crazysweet, that makes sense about Simon losing his job and Tamra needing a new sugar-daddy. No wonder he looked so miserable,.. oh well if he didn’t know he married a gold-digger, he learned the hard way.
            Snow is coming back here, I’m coming to visit so get the guest room ready and open the window, I wanna smell me some jasmine!

    • Intensity38 says:

      I heard the same thing. Not from a web site but from people who knew Jeff’s family.The whole thing was a real mess and yes, Gretchen was ‘dating’ Jay when she was “engaged” to Jeff.
      I was told that Jeff was ready to get rid of Gretchen the week he died.
      I wonder if he wished he changed his will too.

      I felt horrible for him, Yes, I know he had 200 ex wives and was a ‘known playa’, but he got played in the end and although people say it’s karma, sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair especially when everything is left so ‘up in the air’ with a death.

      I need to say this about the Naked wasted thing. Nobody poured that alcohol down Gretchens throat and Im getting tired of her bellyaching about it. She apparently cannot handle her liquor (which is how she explains the toilet and vibrator pictures all over the web)
      So, she knows what happens when she drinks and she still continues to drink.
      Her purses are now clearanced to sell and her makeup line, I heard, got a lot of buys last year when she first put it out but not a lot of people re-ordoring it.
      It isn’t her make-up anyway, She paid a company that makes this make-up for a certain amount of them and put her labels on them.
      Someone said her purses are a rip off of someone else designs.
      If I am going to spend over 200 bucks on a purse, I sure the hell aint going to buy Gretchen Christine’s bags, But then again, I am not Wanda from Wichita
      It didn’t bother me but I thought, I wonder if those people that did actually buy a purse from her are humilated by the comments on the show?
      Hmm, I know I would be.

      • I agree that Gretchen is responsible for how much she drinks, but I also think you should be able to get wasted at a girlfriends house without having to worry about being taken advantage of.

        • LilyLynn says:

          Tamra’s son (forget his name) seemed to be in on it with the blessings of mom, cornering an obviously drunk Gretchen in the bathroom with the Bravo cameras running. Not such a smart way, Tamra, to showcase your husband’s new position with this tequila company, unless they want their tagline to read.. for when you want your guests to get naked wasted. Winning, duh.

          • Tracy without an E says:

            Actually maybe that’s a great name for the tequila: Naked Wasted Tequila – Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

            • Honestly, if Tamra woud have put her name on it the way Ramona did with the wine and actually called it Naked Wasted I bet it would have sold.
              That whole episode was like one long comercial. And she wouldn’t have to rely on just Housewife fans to buy it, you know with a name like Naked Wasted it would be a hit among college boys.

              • Oh that reminds me. I saw a billboard once (online so who knows if it was real or not) for Jack Daniel’s or some kind of liquor and it said “Liquid Panty Remover”
                Lol. I was just reminded of that right now.

        • Intensity38 says:

          Your right RCH. I suppose I would feel safe at a friends house too, yet, If I knew I couldn’t handle my liquor, I might have stopped myself.
          Who really knows. I heard a rumor that Gretchen was accusing someone (Bravo producers or Tamra) of ‘spiking her drinks with some drug’ that night so I don’t think we will ever know.
          Did anyone else hear this?

          • I never heard that. But it wouldn’t be the first time a Housewife tried to blame Bravo for her bad behavior.
            I usually don’t drink beyond my limit. I don’t think sloppy drunk is a good look on a woman. But if that’s what someone chooses to do I think they should be able to do it without worrying that someone might take advantage of them. I understand that if you’re with one girlfriend at a night club alone you need to be more responsible. But when it’s at the home of someone you know I think it’s a different story and you should be able to have an expectation that you will be taken care of.

          • Tracy without an E says:

            Well, really and truly unless she was a seasoned partier, if someone spiked her drink with a rohypnol (ruffies) she’d be passed out. Back in the day we called them “trip n falls” cuz ya know it rhymes with rohypnol and they make you…well you get the idea. But that really only applied if you could handle your stuff. Not that I’m admitting to anything per se. 😉 I call BS on Gretchen’s part…again. However, I do think that amongst friends, you have the expectation that you wouldn’t be taken advantage of; it’s not like it was a raucous frat party.
            Sorry to reply here instead of under RCH, but sometimes I don’t get a “reply” to click under each post.

      • Terry says:

        I don’t claim to know anything here, but perhaps Jeff didn’t do so badly for himself. After all, he was dying and needed someone around to care for him. Rather than a regular nurse, he got a hot blond number who maybe was dating others but who still put a smile on his face and probably did the dirty with him when he could do it.

        Said hot blond was “his fiancée.” I don’t know. If I were a player-type guy who was dying and needed general care, a hot blond “fiancée” would be way cooler than a housekeeper/nurse/caretaker/companion. The fianceé would take care of most of the general care, plus there’s sex. Not a bad way to go — for a player-type dude.

  23. Clare says:

    oh AND Gretchen had a tattoo of the boyfriend’s name (Jay) on her ring finger which they also had pictures off…which is part of the reason why she had to wear the fake ring!!

    • Intensity38 says:

      She DID have Jay tattooed on her finger and lied and said that the tattoo said Jeff,
      Some people might have believed her but Jay looks a lot different than Jeff and it said JAY. She thought the flesh colored bandaids were covering it but everyone knows.
      If your going to do something, even if it ends up looking stupid, OWN IT!
      I hate, hate, hate liars!

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I agree. And this is such a big lie. And the way that they make it look like Tamra was spreading rumors and it was her fault is so bizarre. Tamra is an obnoxious bitch but I can deal with that a lot better than a fake liar. I don’t feel sorry for Gretchen about the naked wasted night, really. It was a good vehicle for her to use to show what a bitch Tamra is and what a poor, innocent victim she is. Kind of took the heat off her lies.

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          I agree with you for the most part. Tamra IS a bitch and she mostly owns it. I can deal with that. But being a cheating, lying, golddigging scumbag is not something I can look past. It wouldn’t even be so bad if she didn’t put on the “oh poor innocent me!” front. Not only did she use that guy for his money, but she used him for sympathy too. Like, “oh no my fiance is dying! I love him so much. Feel bad for me!”. Total scumbag. One of the most disgusting HW for sure (and there are a LOT of them..)

  24. TT in OC says:

    Great recap especially when I did not watch the whole show. To be honest, I lived in OC over 10 years now and I never meet people (or housewives) like this crowd. I do go to the high-end shopping malls from time to time, and deal with housewives in well-to-do neighbourhood due to my job. However, these women are just over-the-top. They are the want-to-be Bel-air, Beverly Hills or Malibu wives who really have money. I used to like watching the RHWOC in the first couple seasons because I want to take a peep of other housewives’ life in OC. But now, I think they give us a bad name because not all of us OC housewives (including the rich ones I know) have fake boobs and plastic surgury, nor do we dress like “escorts”. The current cast is the worst ever. I like Jeanna (spelling?) and maybe Lauren much better. In my opinion, when Tamera joined the cast, it marks the beginning of the end. None of the new OC housewives appeals to me. Lynn (?I already forgot her name) and Alexis are just pathetic.

    By the way, I still haven’t seen RHWM. I know RCH is not going to watch nor recap …. thank goodness, so I won’t be tempted to watch. Seriously, life have been busy and hectic lately and I don’t have time to indulge my guilty pleasure. Besides, I still have to catch up reading RCH’s earlier blogs. Fortunately, the girl I am helping is doing great and we have 8 more days to complete this project. Wish me (and her) luck.

    • Adgirl says:

      I just moved out of OC after being there 5 years. TTinOC is probably more plugged in than I was. The below is just my opinion and casual observations.
      Other than right on the ocean, South OC (the nice part) is just endless McMansions and jumped up strip malls. Every other person was into some aspect of real estate (mortgage, insurance, new homes sales) so when the market collapsed so did the wealth in OC. Most people over paid for their homes and then took out 2nds to pay for their Hummer lease and implants.

      I never knew anyone like the RH cast. But there are a lot of fancy cars in OC. Like it’s a rule. Must have an european luxury import to be here. Even we have a jag.
      I have noticed that they do not seem to be authorized to film at the nicer locations in Newport & Laguna. The actual wealthy people are probably embarrassed by this show and the businesses that cater to them don’t allow Bravo or Tamra Barney anywhere near them.

    • Intensity38 says:

      I watched 10 minutes of RHOM and turned it off the first night. The second, I didn’t make it to 5.
      Even their commercials are so so so ‘played’
      They all act like they are ‘acting’ for a reality show that’s pretty stoooopid!
      I wonder why Bravotv on twitter hasn’t been ‘screaming’ out their ratings like they do with most of their shows? I would love to know how many people are actually watching it.
      Does anyone here know how we could find that information out?
      I think Bravo has pushed this ‘housewife’ thing too far now.
      There just are too many shows and I heard a while back that the next is going to be Dallas. OMG Are they filming for that too?
      One ‘tv’ idea can only have so many idiots.

  25. CathyOP says:

    I think Tamra thinks we have amnesia. Gretchen thinks we’re in junior high.

  26. @tweatcyn says:

    Nice insider news CrazySweet. I live in the OC but have never crossed paths with any of the Ho’Wives of OC. I thank my lucky stars for that too. I’m a Christian and I do not think that Alexis is a good spokesperson for Jesus. In addition to the divorce/partying stuff, she and Jim are terrible stewards in the finance department which is also unbiblical. Anyway, thanks PYHU for the funny blog recap. I fell asleep during the second airing of the episode at 11pm. Was watching Secret Millionaire at 8 and Celebrity Apprentice at 9.

    Secret Millionaire was a really good show. If you’re curious what happened I blogged about Secret Millionaire on my blog.

    I also recapped Celebrity Apprentice on ImaJustSayin’s blog:

    • Adgirl says:

      OMG loved you CA recap.
      We adore this show. Did you know it is one of the most popular shows for high income people? It’s the boardroom part. My husband says the boardroom grilling is like a real business meeting. No Gary Busey Preacher Profit in real boardrooms though.
      Trump likes hardasses. If someone is confused or weak he will take them down immediately.

      Since you don’t usually watch CA I want to tell you to watch out for the professional musicians – they are surprisingly good competitors. Much better than actors and athletes. I think touring musicians like Meatloaf have been through the Make a Music, Record, Go on Tour, marketing cycle over and over. Gene Simmons and Brett Michaels were outstanding competitors.
      The country singers don’t fair as well. I think they are too “nice”.

      Richard Hatch and NeNe are on the show for Drama only. Richard is a schemer and NeNe is a screamer. They both have no fear when it comes to war.
      NeNe doesn’t know anything about marketing or leadership, so when her ignorance is revealed she will immediately start a fight with someone. Deflection!


    • Mimisfbay says:

      What a fun read! Thanks for blogging CA and I definitely will keep coming back for your recaps. It was a great show and ADGirl said it all. Thanks!

      • Tam5115 says:

        I heard they are putting Hatch back in prison for 9 months, and I’m really pissed off about that. He served his time and his attorney was asking for any help they can get (in a private Survivor group I belong to) because Richard can’t pay on what he owes since the IRS controls all of his funds. The judge is apparently being a creep.

        Back to your regularly scheduled program. 🙂

  27. CathyOP says:

    “They have pockets (omg pockets!) and hardware that doesn’t fall off. Fancy. Don’t you just hate it when you’re walking down the street and your purse starts falling apart?”

    Very funny.

    • ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

      Real faux housewives hawk’n faux purse’s for 4-real nitwitz. 😛

      ……..faux pas much?

  28. CathyOP says:

    I presume I’d be a terrible producer of these shows but if Gretchen was to be exposed for merely being Jeff’s caretaker, something Tamra exposed but in a bitchy, backstabbing way and never very clearly nor conclusively.

    I wish they’d just have these women talk to each other or deal with confrontations on a more mature level. Can’t there be some upscale drama?

    Guess not. Since we’re dealing with wanna be upscalers in the first place.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Outstanding fucking post. I haven’t seen this epi yet since I’m currently in London (the British don’t seem to care about Bravo, can you believe it? Or perhaps this is the downfall of our country after all–so much for American supremacy).

    I’m looking forward to the OC Bitches, and particularly into seeing Jesus Barbie explain the Lord to all of us who aren’t so enlightened. I hear Jim-slug isn’t going to be on this season because he feels the producers gave him a bad edit. I think that’s pretty funny because I cannot imagine how they could have edited that ugly tub of lard to look anything but bad. He really turns my tummy.

    Oh and RCH–thank you for reminding me that VICKY WORKS (damnit). I’d completely forgotten! Silly me!

  30. Anita Vacation says:

    This was my post. I had forgotten to put my email address in after I cleared history and cookies.

    Outstanding fucking post. I haven’t seen this epi yet since I’m currently in London (the British don’t seem to care about Bravo, can you believe it? Or perhaps this is the downfall of our country after all–so much for American supremacy).

    I’m looking forward to the OC Bitches, and particularly into seeing Jesus Barbie explain the Lord to all of us who aren’t so enlightened. I hear Jim-slug isn’t going to be on this season because he feels the producers gave him a bad edit. I think that’s pretty funny because I cannot imagine how they could have edited that ugly tub of lard to look anything but bad. He really turns my tummy.

    Oh and RCH–thank you for reminding me that VICKY WORKS (damnit). I’d completely forgotten! Silly me!

  31. Mimisfbay says:

    Great blog…better than the damn show. The OC gals just don’t do it for me but I do love this blog and Lynn’s. Thanks

  32. justathought says:

    Jesus Barbie is a story in contradiction. A totally fake poser, christian who can’t properly quote scripture, whose husband leaves the show because he doesn’t like the way he’s portrayed, yet she stays cause she’s a fame whore. He’s BK, and being sued for fraud and all the while she’s coming out with a sexy and revealing clothing line!
    I am totally dazed and confused, send me back to Beverly Hills! lol

    • Intensity38 says:

      LMAO Remember her ‘Jesus parted the sea’ story.
      I bet her pastor was quite embarrassed that night. LMAO

      • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

        Maybe that is how they tell the story at the “Our Lady of the Mercedes” church or whatever church Alexis attends.

  33. JenD says:

    Hey RCH,

    Can you write a piece on how much Dina Manzo and Jac Laurita don’t like each other. It’s funny how Jac support March of Dimes, but not LadyBug Foundation. Seems these two have on going issues. I also thinh that Jac befriended Danielle to spite her family.

  34. Intensity38 says:

    Did anyone notice that she’s got BUBBIES now?
    I seem to remember her saying she was anti-boob surgery and you should be happy with what God gave you.
    I also see some sort of change in her face, If you look at her face from last season, it looks completely different! No wonder. I bet her friendship with Alexis has helped her morph into the person she is today.
    I love the fact that Slimy Slade and the Reverand Jim are friends.
    They should date, The would be good for each other!

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      Alexis looks like a cartoon version of a duck-billed platypus, especially when they show her profile.

  35. Intensity38 says:

    Who else is glad that Lynn Curtain’s kids are not on this season?
    I want too grab their heads and hit them together screaming “Peace out OC”
    Yeah, peace out! They are so miserable that their 15 minutes are up.
    If my daughter called me a bitch in public, her tongue would have been removed and pureed for the cat!
    Peace out little S….! LOL

  36. car54 says:

    Lynn had to have been drinking when she was pregnant with those girls. It’s the only explanation.

    • Adgirl says:

      LOL. I just think it’s low quality IQ running through all of their DNA.

      • yeah, remember Frank saying “I feel a real family
        vacation coming on, would you like that?” while he’s
        apologizing for the eviction notice to Lynn and Alexa
        in the hotel room. Can you imagine? can’t pay your
        rent for your home so take a vacation. moron

        • Intensity38 says:

          And Lynn buying a 1400.00 jacket the DAY after they are evicted and she found out that they OWED the deposit!
          Its always nice to play the ditzy one, You can get away with anything!
          I agree about their girls.
          Wow, are most of the RH’s kids on something? Or is the fame too much for them.
          I blame Bravo for Ashely’s demise. Why the hell did they give her a blog? That was outrageous!

          • Adgirl says:

            Vicki G’s daughter Brianna has a good head on her shoulders. I used to like Jeanna’s daughter Kara but she’s kind of a big snot. .

            Otherwise the OC kids are dopes, arrogant or mean. Or all of the above.

  37. If You Had It Like This says:

    Okay, here’s a really good site to dig around on that kind of lays the sex, lies and videotape on the line. Court papers and emails, photos…

    Go to older and newer posts. There’s a lot of dirt and it explains a lot. I think Tamra is OBNOXIOUS and probably, partially behaved the way she did out of childish jealousy but Gretchen’s story was a total fake and she is seemingly not the person she appears to be. Which could be said about many of the housewives but this case is just so loathsome. Reading up on this won’t necessarily make you a fan of Tamra but it might make you realize that it wasn’t a simple case of the mean girl bullying the innocent.

    • Adgirl says:

      I lurv U. 🙂

    • I read half that blog and got bored.
      Honestly… I don’t care enough about these OC bitches to be interested in their drama. Now if this had been Taylor…. Lol.

      I miss BH. Couldn’t get enough of their lies and gossip.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I agree with you on the OC bitches. I have never really cared about that show. The only thing that ever really stirred me up about that show was Miss Gretchen Christine Beaute’ and her fake bull shit. Well, that, and Vicki and her pious ways and narcissistic need to be top dog. Other than that. Meh. Blonde Jersey.

      • Intensity38 says:

        I miss BH too. I really think those ladies have class and should be showcased. It’s so unbelieveable the more money they (REALLY) Have, the less of a snob they seem to be.
        I guess you have to ‘pretend’ you have money and be snobby in order for those around you to pay attention to you.
        Bravo should stick with BH and NY. If I were the president of operations (LOL) I would do half the year NY and half BH and that would be it. 10 Housewives are quite enough for this world!

        • The BH women are rich and have nothing to prove. The OC women are just faking it so they over compensate by throwing it in people’s faces. Taylor needs to move her ass over to the OC. She’d fit in much better there.

          • Intensity38 says:

            I agree 100%. Taylor always seems a step-down BH housewife. Her husband reminds me of how quiet Simon used to be.
            Nice marriage they have there. ;o)

          • justathought says:

            That’s the difference! Taylor belongs with the midwestern girls..the one’s who don’t have a clue as to what “old money” means. OC is nothing but posers and fakers and totally scripted. With BH, you have some drama but you feel like you have stepped into the lives of these women and it is really and enjoyable experience! Did I mention, I love them – I mean even Camille?

  38. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    Outstanding recap RCH! Thanks so much. 🙂

  39. justathought says:

    I love the BH women, they are real and really have money!!

  40. tweatcyn says:

    Mimisfbay and AdGirl- thanks! for

  41. Terry says:

    I know you’re not doing Miami, but have you seen Elsa? I could watch her all day long.

  42. Intensity38 says:

    I watched the season premier again last night and I again noted that Donn called Vicki a C…!!!! They tried to edit it out but missed that word!
    I can’t see Donn being mean so I wonder if their love tanks were already leaking when the season began.

    • Adgirl says:

      Wow. really? I must have zoned. People have commented that Donn was complaining about Vicki during the furniture moving but I actually thought she was the one complaining. Now I have read his lips.
      LOL. Then Bravo overlaid her “new We” Vicki talking head about being kinder and giving Donn space and respect … I know LOL.

      I always like Donn on tv but there were a lot of reports of dickishness by his female co-workers at Home Depot. Sounds like he’s handsy.

  43. Pingback: The Real Housewives of Orange County – Season 6 Premier | | Daily Reality Dose

  44. car54 says:

    omg….i really think we almost have enough scary housewife parents for a spin-off.

    we have Elsa (i heart Elsa—those lips and eyebrows!!!!) and Glora, Jill Zarin’s mom, and Alexis poor mother who she made get that face lift—add in Kim Zolciak’s folks and maybe Kandi’s mom… got a show for sure.

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      I think all the Miami housewives are either plain or scary looking. I think Hurricane Fugly must have slapped them all in the face or something.

    • Realminkey says:

      Ironically, the best-looking, most natural and classiest mom has been Lynn Curtin’s.

      I just poured myself a drink, and watched the second half of the last Miami ep. What awful awful women. Loved the next week preview of the piggy-nosed “blonde” one going to a pig farm lol.

      • Intensity38 says:

        Now Bravo should take that and make a show out of it.
        I think they could start with the Jersey bunch.
        The Scary housewives of New Jersey.

  45. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    Whaddyamean about Gretchen’s prom look? I sit around in the evenings in that same red dress in front of my fireplace, candles lit, and my hair done exactly the same nearly every night, except I also have the dress in plum, chartreuse and teal in addition to cranberry so I change the colors. I think I look authentic and amazing, not to mention very natural.

    • Adgirl says:

      It’s funny because Lisa on BH wore the pink dresses with appliqued flowers but I never thought she was cheap.

      Everything Gretchen does is low class. Come to think of it, her boyfriend is low class, and, her “feud” with Tamra is so trashy that it’s not even a feud.
      They are just two sows trying push each other out of the stye.

  46. Realminkey says:

    I stopped sitting around my fireplace and candles with my 80s hair and dress after I caught fire and went up in flames one night. 80s= highly flammable!

  47. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    I think actual pigs have better manners.

  48. May I just tell you that I’m totally impressed and slightly jealous that you have so many comments on your recap? I’ve been watching these ladies since the beginning, but barely blog about them, so I guess that’s why my poor little lonely live recap post only got one comment, lol!

    I can not wait to see the fight between Jeana and Tamra next week–isn’t it due to Jeana siding with Simon?

  49. Adgirl says:

    @ Luvz. Whaaa? It’s not about me, me, me? LOL.

  50. Distressed says:

    Anyone catch Alexis’s opener? God is first, her husband is second and her body is third. Little to no mention of the kids. Sounds just about right.

    Too bad King James, the alleged predatory payday lender, bailed out of this season, maybe he would have treated us to a Godly portrayal of a man beating the snot of his kids for no reason whatsoever. That’s the way you raise your kids right. Spare the rod spoil the child. So repulsive or should I say “unrehensible?”

    Who is the kid bleeding in the promo clip. Cherchez King Jim. Just a suggestion.

    Divorce is wrong according to Jesus, but fraud, foreclosure, and loaning money at 100% interest is okay. Nice values.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      Don’t forget huge boob implants, lip implants, botox, facial fillers, slutty clothes….those are Godly too!

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