If Things Look Different Don’t Panic

I’m playing around with some new themes this weekend, nothing is permanent, if everyone hates the new look we can always go back to the old way. No worries. Just experimenting.

I know you all want the thumbs back, and I’m going to fix that. I know the trolls have been dying to click the thumbs down on the JS comments.

And what does everyone think about the comments? Do you want them to be able to get teeny tiny, or should I set a limit so the posts can’t get so small?

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65 Responses to If Things Look Different Don’t Panic

  1. WhiteTrashGal says:

    I have no idea. It looks the same to me. I like the thumbs up option, though. It’s a good Up vs Down competitive element, I think. I mean, would we be here if we weren’t feeding that human instinct? Conflict is the basis for all drama, after all. If you can add blood and death options, even better. Okay, just kidding. Played too many violent videogames with grandkid, obviously. =D

  2. So you and I are locked down in Blog jail for the weekend? LOL

  3. Terry says:

    I don’t care about the trolls. I don’t read the comments. My own instinct is to get rid of trolls unless you don’t agree. You’re the one who has the extra work, so I think you should decide.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    You have always entertained me – what you like is what I will like too.
    I liked the thumbs up/down as it was a heads up that critters were around. Don’t care about the trolls – if you want them gone that banish them. As for the text getting skinny as more reply – that doesn’t bother me either – it just makes those who can’t let go have to use fewer words! lol

  5. housewifeaddict says:

    I was in Vancouver’s China town last weekend and walked past the skinniest building in the world according to the Guiness Book of World Records

  6. ignore the next few comments PYUP & I are doing a test.

  7. test(amia009) says:

    test test test

  8. Tam5115 says:

    Yeah, RCH did something so we can’t get those skinny posts anymore. They did get really skinny too! I think there’s a few on the really long blog war one.

  9. ilovemesomePYHU says:

    lets see what the avi is?

  10. Adgirl says:

    RCH Can you make us sample pages or give us links to other bloggers live pages, so we can peek at them before voting???

  11. ilovemesomePYHU says:

    test@anymail.com see when i use test@anymail.com and no matter if i put amia009 or ilovemesomePYHU the pink avi comes up.
    lets’s see what color the avi comes up if i use the same name but dif. address?

  12. amia009 says:

    see if u use the same email address the same avi comes up.

  13. amia009 says:

    lets see what happens if i don’t use an email address

  14. thesameonecomesup says:

    test test test test

  15. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Personally I hate the thumbs. And I don’t mind skinny I guess. I luvs the trolls. So do whatever makes YOU happy.

  16. Ok so I guess I will bring back skinny posts.

    I was never going to rid of the trolls… I think there was a misunderstanding there. I don’t censor comments.

  17. Adgirl says:

    There aren’t any reply buttons under individual posts, just one at the bottom of the page. How can I harass trolls?

    • CAgirl says:

      Say what?? Maybe because I am on Mac, but every post I’ve read still has a reply button (as I am doing here, and still trying to look skinnier).

  18. Tracey with an 'e' says:

    I totally panicked!!! I don’t care what theme you use as long as you keep me laughing. PS…don’t scare me like that again. Lol!!

  19. Sparkles says:

    Okay, so it looks like each post now allows four replies and then the reply button disappears.

  20. Need a Hobby says:

    ok i momentarily freaked although i knew RCH was test, test, testing.

    What ever format you like & prefer, RCH. I’m ok with or without thumbs. Teeny posts ok. Readability is the main thing, I think. Oh, and ability to reply. Most of the folks who post here are a hoot. Intentionally or not. πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah I think readability and comments are the most important.
      I don’t like these comments with the picture on the right side.
      I like when the picture is on the left and the name is bigger than the date.

  21. ilovemesomePYHU says:

    you do what ever you want hon. It’s your blog, you take the time to write it so what ever works for you. xo

  22. Terry says:

    Well, I signed on with the laptop to see your handiwork. It’s looking good. I admire your resolve.

    After much consideration, I believe the trolls are distracting in a way that robs us of energy and light. They’re not fun, really, and they do not allow for reasonable discourse and a creative exchange of ideas.

    I say get rid of the trolls. They waste time, not only yours, but mine as well.

  23. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    I like the thumbs, I don’t mind skinny posts, and I think we have had fun in the past with some of our trolls. We have even brought one over to the dark side and the troll can’t help but like us now. Play around RCH and do what you like, just keep blogging the reality shows!

    • Ok so skinny posts and thumbs are coming back. Trolls are staying, I wasn’t going to get rid of them anyway. (Sorry Terry)
      I thought it would be fun playing around with the theme but it was just a big pain in the ass. It rearranged everything behind the scenes and messed up my settings.
      I can’t wait for NY to come back. BEA and Teen Mom just aren’t doing it for me.

      • Tracy without an E says:

        Do you think you’ll blog the OC? I’m not sure how this season will be for sure, but I know I’ll watch anyway. I wanna see Tamra freak out on Jeanie. And in watching the OC marathon today, I was reminded of how utterly skeevy and creepy Alexis’ husband is. Eww, he makes Russell look like Brad Pitt.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        I oppose(able) thumbs. LOL. Just kidding.

      • Terry says:

        It’s your blog, dear RCH. Do as you will.

  24. ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

    I vote…..keep the trolls and kick out the dullards……
    (especially the ones try’n to inhibit free speech)

    Yes-Yes, even the dullard-dips have freedoms to be protected……
    but at least make their text too teenie-tiny to read.
    Choose your own format ~PookiePie……
    it’s your choice to do so…..one that’s easiest for you to work with.
    I appreciate the freedom format……s’all I care about.

  25. momofthree says:

    I don’t know why I do it, but whenever I go to your blog, I google Real City Housewife to get there. When I just googled you, there was a website about managing your “gravatars”. If you click on it, your head comes up really big. Just thought you might want to look.
    BTW-Whatever you do is fine with me. I don’t really know a troll from a (what are those thing that hide under bridges – maybe they are trolls) gremlin. I just like to read your blogs.

  26. momofthree says:

    OneMoreInBoston says:
    Beside all PTA moms are dirty whores anyway. I know that because Jen said so.
    My Reply:
    How do you think I know about client #9? And I can get four days out of my underwear – inside, outside, frontwards and backwards. After that, I just don’t wear any.

  27. Mimisfbay says:

    Not savvy enough to know anything it looks the same to me. Just come here to read, laugh and I love this blog. Power on and do what you want as long as you occasionally do the dinner party style. I am only looking forward to NY so the blogging can begin again in earnest. Yay.

  28. Terry says:

    I was watching a little bit from last season of RHOC. I think I have had my fill of vapid women who live in McMansions, mangle the English language, power shop, and think looking like a stripper is a good thing.

    Have I finally kicked my HW addiction? Am I free?

  29. ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

    ‘Other Blogs We Should Be Read’n’ link got dinked. 😦

  30. Pest control lady says:

    Excuse me…..when will the thumbs be back? I really really really like the thumbs.

  31. Tootalou says:

    I can do w/o the thumbs but the trolls… nevah. It was comical reading the back n forth on the JS post. Besides not liking censorship, it reminds me too much of the HW blogs where they only let the sickeningly saccharine sweet comments show. So I whole heartily agree w/ you on not censoring anyone comments.

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