Teen Mom 2 – Episode 8


I’ll start with the human doormat just to get her whinny ass out of the way. She has a conversation with her dad about Adam and whether he is going to make an effort to take care of his family or just be a mooching bum for the rest of his life.  She actually says that she doesn’t want Adam to have to get a job because she likes that he’s around all the time. She also doesn’t want him to be able to meet girls at work. She makes a point out of the fact that he already pays $300 a month in child support. Since she doesn’t actually pay for anything herself she doesn’t realize how little $300 is when it comes to providing for a child. She eventually agreed that she would tell Adam to get a job, but I suspect she said that just to satisfy her dad. I think her and Adam have every intention of mooching off of her father for as long as possible. It’s the same repetitive story every week. I don’t want to write about her anymore. Get off my tv screen you annoying girl!



It’s finally time for Ali’s MRI. They have to travel to another town to get the test done, so Corey takes off work and him, Leah, and Leah’s mom check into a hotel near the hospital. Corey is a strong guy and has a “everything will be fine” attitude. But when the doctors take Ali back to be sedated he breaks down and cries with Leah in the hospital hallway. I can’t even imagine what they’re going through and I don’t like this! I want my trashy reality shows to make my eyes roll, not tear. Moving on….




Kailyn started seeing Jordan again. She’s sneaking around behind Jo’s back, but she’s not a great liar and he knows something is going on. Jo’s mom sits down with Kailyn and tries to convince her that she needs to stay with Jo and work things out. It probably would have been a better idea for Janet to sit down with her son and tell him to stop being such a douche to the girl he supposedly loves instead of trying to convince Kailyn to stay with a guy who doesn’t treat her right. But I guess that’s not the way she operates.

Janet seems like the type of woman who likes to use force rather than reason, and when she see’s that Kailyn isn’t going to give in, she simply tells her that if she wants to date someone other than Jo then she will have to move out of their house. I actually don’t disagree with her on this rule. Kailyn dating Jordan (openly) while living in that house would cause all kinds of drama and Janet knows that. But it sucks for Kailyn to know that the only reason they are helping her is because of their son and grand child, not because they actually care about her.




Janelle and Kieffer have to move out of the house they’ve been squatting in because the people who own it are coming back. Janelle asks her mother if she and Kieffer can move in with her, and Barbra actually agreed which totally surprised me.
Obviously this situation ended in total disaster when Barbara finds Kieffer and Janelle smoking pot on the front porch. The front porch! And in front of the cameras! I’m rooting for Janelle and all, but she really needs to stop doing stupid shit like this. At least take a walk down the street or something!

So Barbra obviously blows a gasket and starts screaming, Kieffer was totally stoned and started laughing which caused Barbara to tell him he has to move out. I did love it when Barbra called him a “damn lying hustler“. Barbra and I finally agree on something! Kieffer actually had the balls to tell her “I get money… more than you think” while he’s homeless and living in her house for free! Barbara tells Janelle that even though Kieffer has to leave she can stay, but Janelle wants to go with Kieffer. Barbra totally surprised me when she followed Janelle into the room and tried to reason with her. She tells her that Kieffer is a loser and is dragging her down. She began to cry as she told her that she loves her and wants to see her do better. Wow. That was a really nice/normal moment there. Unfortunately, Barbra is a nasty cold hearted bitch the other 364 days of the year so her opinion doesn’t really mean that much to Janelle who just wants someone to hug her and tell her they love her. Kieffer gives her that, Barbara does not. So she left with Kieffer. I liked how Barbara looked at her and asked quietly “do you need therapy?“.
Uh… DUH. Of course she does! Anyone growing up in that house would! Barbra was such a different person this episode I wonder if maybe she isn’t an alcoholic and just happened to be sober this day.

Kieffer is totally blackmailing Janelle emotionally. He keeps telling her “well if we don’t figure something out I’m gonna have to move back to New Jersey” while making no attempts to get a job or make any money. He knows that she doesn’t want him to leave and that she’ll pay for everything and give him a free ride not to lose him. Scum bag.

Next week looks like it’s going to be good. I think we might finally get to find out what’s going on with Ali, Adam tells Chelsea he cheated on her 5 times (that week?), and Jo calls the mother of his child a whore then calls the cops on her.

Janelle and Barbara drama

Interview with Kailyn

Megan pregnancy updates

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24 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Episode 8

  1. @tweatcyn says:

    I don’t watch this show but I sure do enjoy your recaps.
    If you or your readers are interested, I have just posted my recap of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, starring Justine Bateman.

    • I haven’t watched that one yet. But I like the other one with Punky Brewster. Something about the new cast isn’t interesting to me… idk…

      • Stephenie says:

        Punky Brewster?

        • Yeah. Remember her? She’s on Criminal Minds now.

          • Stephenie says:

            Soleil Moon Frye is definitely not on Criminal Minds…. Special Agent Prentiss kinda sorta looks like a butchier Punky…but her last episode is on Wednesday 😦

          • Stephenie says:

            Yup totally had to Google that ish. ..Emily Prentiss the character is played by the actress Paget Brewster…Soleil Moon Frye played Punky Brewster… I’ve seen every episode (I’m such a geek)…I would watch marathons on Ion and A&E while pregnant..and then dream up my own episodes. I’m dumping my husband for Dr. Reid…and Agent Morgan..I don’t discriminate when it comes to my men 😉

  2. Distressed says:

    Fantastic recap.

    Chelsea is completely out of her mind and she isn’t acting like a doormat. She is a doormat, not human. Not even close. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, the father is the biggest doormat of all. Looks like the princess’s parents are divorced and the father lets his kid walk all over him because he feels guilty. Adam knows exactly what he’s doing and he’ll keep using this family for everything they’re worth – forever, or until he finds another cuter richer mentally deranged princess to sponge off. Know that, Chelsea.

    Janelle. Jesus H. Christ. Barbara really did come off as half human in this show and she made some excellent points about Janelle liking losers. I was impressed with her comments until she screamed as Janelle walked out the door, “you don’t care about me at all.” Kieffer is also smart, like Adam, and manipulative. Why work when you can get someone with zero self-esteem to support you and buy you drugs when you need to “take the edge off.” Yeah Kieffer gets money, out of the monopoly game. “See Barbara, see all the money I got, it’s all 100’s, there.” Barbara is right about him.

    Kailynn. Wow. ROck and a hard place. Case in point. Jo is a scumbag. He’s been threatening to take the kid away since before it was born. Hopefully he’ll stop getting stoned and arrested with his brother long enough to support his child. I think a lot of the reason he wants to live with her is so that he doesn’t have to get a job, act like a man, and pay a dime in support. He’s the princess in his story line. And he’s totally gross looking. The mother is also gross. I heard her basically say that unless she’s screwing her son then Kailynn can get out. Kailynn is in for a rude awakening. The parents will take that kid in a second without any thought for her at all. Be careful.

    Corey should have his own show. He’s the pick of the litter. Hang in there kids and be good to each other. That baby is so cute and so sick. It’s so heartbreaking.

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    Chelsea’s life is so UNFAIR….she doesn’t have to do anything – no school, no job and yet she is living in a house with a late model car at her disposal! Her baby daddy is a slug and does nothing but sleep and complain and yet she can’t ask him to get a job or provide income because he is slut. Her dad should pull the plug on this gravy train and give her the option of moving home and finishing school/learning a trade before she gets pregnant again.

    Barb came across as human because likely life without the nitwit in the house had to be like heaven. Fell off the couch laughing when Keiffer and Jenelle got busted for smoking pot on the front porch! Kieffer is a player and Janelle is stupid enough to believe what he says. Yeah Janelle you are going to get Jace back….like never! By the time he is ready for school Barb will be passing you off as his big sister.

    • Distressed says:

      I know, I mean they went and “took the edge off” with the camera crew there, not just on the front porch. Really, Janelle. Rocket science called and said no thanks. But still, Janelle is way ahead of Chelsea, excuse me, poor misunderstood long suffering awesome cool beautiful Chelsea, just having a HS diploma.

      Chelsea, baby steps. You may not be able to ask Adam to do anything at this point but you could always start with trying to get him to put on a damn shirt. Even with his “shirt” on he’s shirtless. He’s the absolute worst. Kieffer’s coming on in second place, but Jace isn’t his so he doesn’t come across as half the tool Adam is to me.

  4. Miss Anthrope says:


    I too was shocked by how….loving(?) Barbara was toward Janelle when she caught them getting high. And for once she actually had a reason to be pissed at her. Usually she just goes stark raving mad over absolutely nothing. So it certainly was a change to see her have a suitable reaction for once.

    Of all these girls, I feel the worst for Janelle. That girl never had a prayer in the world.

    Chelsea is just a complete dumbass who is living in a fantasy world where her and Adam are going to live happily ever after in her Barbie dream house. Her father bugs the shit out of me too, because he is the one who made her that idiotic to begin with.

    LOL @ “he cheated on her 5 times (that week?)”.

    I kind of feel bad for Kailyn too. She’s screwed no matter what she does. Joe is the biggest tool. He’s one of those spiteful pieces of shit who when you finally dump their sorry ass, they try everything possible to ruin your life. Douche.

    • Distressed says:

      I know. I mean Janelle is totally irresponsible but she is sympathetic, working and trying to go to school. That’s hard to do with a lump in your throat and a chip on your shoulder, especially when both are the size of a boulder.

      Jo is actually scary. The way he looks at her is homicidal. I agreee he’s one of those vindictive little pricks. Didn’t he text her “you suck,” for absolutely no reason int his episode? Way to win the heart of the mother of your child, Jo.

      • He texted “you suck” because she asked him to put the baby to bed.
        The dads on these shows always act like they’re doing the mom a favor or something whenever they do anything for their OWN child!

  5. boston02127 says:

    Great recap. I’m keep praying for the Ali, I feel so sorry for her.

  6. really great re-cap, RCH.
    I just erased an endless diatribe on what i thought was everyones’s problem-
    then I realized I don’t know shit. I could never tell these
    young girls what they should do, or how they should react to anything.
    It’s their life. It reminds me of my most favorite saying in the world
    “I was the worlds greatest mother, until I had a child-”

    never, have truer words been said!!

  7. NMhousewife says:

    bad, bad decision on Kailyn’s part, of course, to sneak around and lie, but I can’t get mad about it because of her situation. I’m glad next week it comes out and makes her get out of that house which I think would be best.

    Chelsea, I reallized the other day never really leaves her house except a few times to eat out and twice to go to the hair school. She always looks so sloppy and sluggish. I wish Adam would get it over with and leave her for someone else as it is inevitable he will, so she can get off her but and do something for herself and the baby.

    Janelle, so smart (grades-wise) yet so stupid. I don’t expect much from her. I would hate to have Barbara for a mother but at least Jace has someone he can rely on.

    Leah, the main reason I am watching this season of course. Too sad for words, but I am glad she has someone who will actually be there for her and with her. Can you even imagine Adam in the same situation?

  8. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kaitlyn is my favorite because she has a PLAN! At first I thought it was kind of skeevy to be dating someone else – but he is the best thing for her – encouraging and supportive and comfortable with the baby. Getting out of Jo’s parents place will be the best thing for her and the baby – those people are creepy and living with them has to be very uncomfortable! Jo has time to worry about what she is doing but has no time for school or getting a job.

    • I couldn’t stand her in the beginning but I’m starting to like her more and more. After seeing more of Jo’s behavior I don’t blame her as much for seeing someone else behind his back. It’s nice to have a roof over your head, but you also need a safe peaceful place to go at the end of the day. She knows she can lose her place in that house at any moment. It must be stressful.

  9. captaincarebear says:

    On a happy note, Barbra started off in the blue shirt but changed by the end of the show. Kinda like her personality. Maybe it’s her drinking shirt… not that I’m insinuating anything. I wouldn’t dream of it.

  10. missmi says:

    So Chelsea managed to get me to hate her. She is so lazy and her father is not doing her any favors by allowing her to be in control of her own life. She needs to move home and be treated like a child and having a fire lit under her ass.

    Kailyn needs an advocate since her mother wont do it, Kailyn will have to resort to lying and sneaking around just to have an opportunity to get to know another guy. This girl is being held emotionally hostage by Joe and his parents. I was a little creeped out by the mothers talk. I agree that the request that she not see another guy is reasonable, the fallout when they find out she is lying is going to horrible. I cant figure out why Kailyn just doesnt focus on moving out and then see this guy.

    • Well she’s young and probably isn’t thinking too far ahead of whatever she is doing in the moment. That’s how she got pregnant in the first place, right? Next week it looks like she tells Jo about Jordan. Obviously that was not a smart thing to do.
      BUT she works two jobs, goes to school, takes care of a baby, and lives with a bunch of people who don’t really seem to like her. I can kinda understand her wanting to have SOME enjoyment in her life.

      • missmi says:

        Believe me! I get it. Your right about the age and not understanding the consequences, BUT her lies are obvious, as stated by Jo and she seems to be pushing it. If the moving out thing is within reach, why not chill out a little.

  11. Jeninvegas says:

    So what’s with the multiple bracelets?? has she been to a couple rockfests this week or did the local beergarden hand them out to get in the door and she wants to rock THAT fashion statement??

  12. countrygirl says:

    I think Jenelle needs to grow up and be a mom. Not worry about keiffer and realize she has a baby and a education to do. Its not fair for her mother to have to stress and take care of her mistake she wasn’t ready to be a mother. Having a kid is not a piece of cake and to still her moms credit cards wow that is so grown up. She needs to get her head out of her ass and take on her responsibility

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