Bethenny Ever After ~ Season Premier

So it was the premier of Bethenny Ever After yesterday. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. Still love Bethenny, but I loved her way more when she was on Housewives making fun of silly women and not insulting nice little towns and the people who live there. I couldn’t find the show anywhere online, so the pictures here are what was available on the Bravo website mixed in with pictures I found on google. A little ghetto, but it’s the best I got for now. I will update with actual screen shots when/if they become available.

The show starts with Bethenny and Jason going for a walk with Cookie and Bryn. Bethenny asks Jason if he can help her out with her business and I think it’s nice that she’s trying to give him work since it doesn’t appear as though he actually has a job. Jason says he’ll work with her, but doesn’t want to work for her. (Good luck with that buddy.) Then they discuss death and who gets what if the other one dies. Bethenny is getting rich and she’s worried Jason might decide to off her and blow all her money on some 20 year old hoochie. She wants to get a will to be sure that his new girlfriend doesn’t get any of the money she worked so hard for. They didn’t discuss what would happen to Jason’ money if he died. I assume that’s because he doesn’t have any.

Bethenny and her girlfriend who’s name I can’t remember go to get fitted for some brars since that’s one of those “things” Bravo likes to make their Housewives do, along with shooting guns and filming botox injections. Bethenny finds out that she’s a size F, which the sales lady explains stands for Fantastic. I don’t understand why the women always go to these random little dumpy stores for their bras. Don’t they have a Victoria’s Secret? So anyway, Bethenny stands in the store half naked telling the brar lady her whole life story because that’s totally normal and not at all done for shock value or ratings.

After the bra experience, Bethenny and Jason pack up the car and head out to Pennsylvania to spend the weekend with the grandparents. But first they need to stop to pick up a cake, walk the dog, eat, feed the baby, and find out what exactly is making the car smell like shit.

After 16 hours they finally manage to get out of Manhattan and when they arrive in Pennsylvania Bethenny acts as if she’s never seen grass before. She can’t seem to get over the fact that the entire world is not covered in concrete and buildings.

They finally arrive at the grandparents home and it’s a lot of hugs and kisses and excitement which seemed to annoy Bethenny. Bon Jovi stopped by with a “Hot Mom” t-shirt, which I guess was supposed to be a compliment to B. It appeared to be the first time she was meeting him, and it makes me wonder why he wasn’t invited to their wedding, or why she hadn’t met him on previous visits. I guess with all the traveling required to keep up his hair style he must be on the road a lot.

Being in the small town made Bethenny realize how incredibly different Jason’s childhood was from hers. As they walk down the street Bethenny makes observations about the empty town and all the closed stores. Jason assures her that they will be paving Main Street any day now.

They stop at a local restaurant for some chili dogs and Bethenny acts like she’s been taken to another planet and doesn’t understand who these space creatures are that surround her. It was serious over kill with the constant shocked observations. Small towns are different from Manhattan. Point made, get over it. While they were eating, a young girl came up and asked Bethenny for her autograph, and even got a hug from her too. She’s probably the most popular girl in high school right now for making it on the show.

That night the family goes out to a local restaurant for Jason’s mom’s (can’t remember her name) birthday, and when they walk in you get the feeling that she just might have called everyone she knew in town and told them to be there that night if they wanted to get their faces on camera. The owner of the restaurant introduced himself and tells Bethenny that her being there is the biggest thing to ever happen to the town. That’s sad. Very sad.

At dinner the conversation of how often they should be visiting the in-laws comes up. Bethenny explains that she doesn’t want to exclude anyone, but she needs some things to be just for them. She told them how it upset her when the baby rolled over for the first time and Jason’s immediate reaction was to call his mom and tell her about it instead of just sharing that special moment with Bethenny alone. So basically, Jason is a big ol mamma’s boy. And that’s always a problem.

The next night at dinner the same conversation comes up again about how often they should be visiting. I have seen a lot of controversy on the web over this dinner, but I just don’t see it. The grandparents want to spend every possible moment they can with their only grandchild – makes sense, I get it. Bethenny is trying to get used to being a new mom and a new wife and doesn’t want to feel pressured to pack up and travel 2 hours every weekend with a new born – makes sense, I get it.
The grandparents probably always imagined that their grandchildren would grow up down the street from them, but they lost one son and the other one moved away, so they are a little anxious about how often they will get to see their only grandchild. Bethenny wants to create memories and traditions with her family. As welcoming as the Hoppy’s have been, when she’s with them it’s their family and she is an outsider. No one is wrong here. Everyone is right and it’s a complicated situation. But at least they’re communicating and being honest with each other about how they feel, that’s the most important part.

Bethenny and Jason leave Bryn with the grandparents go to hang out at the towns (only?) bar where Bethenny says she feels like Jodi Foster in The Accused. I kept waiting for the moment when Jason would tell her to shut the F up, but he has the patience of a saint. She met all of Jason’s friends, seemingly for the first time, and again I’m wondering why they weren’t they at the wedding, or why didn’t she meet them on one of her previous visits? Maybe they aren’t really that close anymore and just got together for a little reunion so that Bethenny and Jason had people to film with.

I like Bethenny, but she was acting like a real snobby bitch. Her digs at the bar itself were one thing, but her comments about the people were rude and unnecessary. Wasn’t she poor and struggling when she joined Housewives? A bar with vinyl chairs and cheap liquor can’t really be all that shocking. Although I did share her amazement at only paying $5 for two drinks. I can’t even get two bottles of water for $5.

There was a nice moment when Jason’s friend was talking about roots, and Bethenny explained that she doesn’t have any, so he tells her that she can share their roots with them. It was really sweet. But I wonder if they still want to share their roots with her now that they’ve seen the show and all the things she had to say about them and their town.

The next day they pack up and get ready to head back to the city. They almost forgot Cookie who came tearing out of the house and into the car like she couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. Jason’s dad (sorry, still don’t know the parents name’s yet) shed a tear. They seem like nice people and I hope they find a way to work out the visitation issue so that everyone can be Hoppy. That was lame. Sorry.

Back in the city Bethenny goes to a therapy session. I don’t like that shrink. He gives her these “wtf?” looks in reaction to some of the things she says and I don’t like that. When she explains that she doesn’t have roots he tries to talk her out of her feelings and convince her that she does have roots because she has parents. Uh… no. I understand what Bethenny is saying. Just because she has parents doesn’t mean she has roots. It’s not the same thing and I think the doctor was not validating the feelings that she was totally justified in having.

Well, that’s all for this week. The previews for the rest of the season show the wedding planner refusing to eat oysters, Max getting yelled at, Skinny Girl production, trespassing and possibly breaking and entering, Bethenny crying in the bathroom about something, and behind the scenes of Skating With The Stars. Looks like we get to see Alex and Ramona too.
What did you think, was Bethenny being her snarky self or going overboard? And what does everyone think about the grandparent situation?

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203 Responses to Bethenny Ever After ~ Season Premier

  1. MissHathaway says:

    Carol. Mom’s name is Carol. I do love Carol! She’s terrific. I can’t remember Dad’s name. So he’s going to have to be Dad.

    I think the people who are ripping Bethenny apart for the discussion with Carol and Dad have one good point – did it have to be at Carol’s birthday dinner? Apart from that, I think they had the conversation that four mature, rational adults should have had. This is real life, this is what really does happen. Some people don’t talk about it. They just smile and nod and then bitch in the car on the way home and gripe every time they have to go see the parents. They hold it in and then get resentful and angry and let it out in other ways. So better that they talk about it and try to work it out.

    I am not from NYC, but those dying industrial towns in the Northeast give me the blues. They are so, so sad. Ashtabula, Ohio – had to spend two days there. I thought I’d throw myself in the lake, it was so depressing.

    • msroncon says:

      I live by Ashtabula….You sound like Bethanny. If you grew up in Ashtabula and came back to visit, then you would be happy. But to slam a town when you clearly are a stranger is rude.

      • msroncon says:

        Ashtabula is beautiful and is also wine country…you should have done the town a favor and went ahead and jumped in the lake.

        • Anonymous says:

          lol. From Mentor. Ashtabula is a sad sad place. Filled with rednecks and drugs (crack mostly). Just the truth.

  2. Stephenie says:

    I LOVE the ghetto style!! Well done!
    I know Bethenny is catching a lot of shit for her comments on the small town… maybe it’s a NY thing (I’m in LI, not Manhattan, but it’s basically the same thing… anything north of the Tallahassee Zee bridge, we consider upstate). When I went to College in the ‘city’ of Albany at 18 it was quite the culture shock… And a far as the bar thing goes, you have to understand how different Manhattan (and LA, and Las Vegas) is from anywhere else. Bottle Service is standard and your $20 bottle of Grey Goose is upcharged to a minimum of $400. When you’re paying $17 for a Martini, you better have something nice for my ass to sit in… so understand her comments regarding the bar. My Hubs moonlights as a barback at a club (I won’t name it-but it has been featured on #RHONY) – on a ‘bad’ night, he brings home $300 in tips. (Gay nights in the summer bring in over a grand-a NIGHT!)… I know she seems uppity about it.. but it really is a TOTALLY different world… so go easy on her. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, RCH! You never fail to entertain me!

  3. Stephenie says:

    TAPPAN ZEE Bridge… damned auotcorrect

    • OMG—-I thought you typed Tallahassee Bridge to be funny (oh, and I
      laughed) thinking it was a Long Island thing about separating the
      north and south!!! My husband grew up by the Tappan Zee Bridge so
      I got what you were saying. too funny
      I agree with with what you’re saying, but please, where can I find that
      $20 Bottle of Grey Goose?? lol 🙂

    • Lol. That’s what I thought! I re read that sentence a couple times and was confused. (What state is LI? I thought Tallahassee was in Florida…. I’m a moron)

      I understand about the clubs, but I think she made a way bigger deal out of everything than she had too. Even NYC must have crappy little bars with cheap alcohol, no? I don’t know… it was just overboard and crossing the line from snarky to rude.

      Are you at all concerned about your bf getting so much money on the gay nights? Lol. Jk.

  4. Sus says:

    I agree with RCH that it’s a very complicated situation with the death of Jason’s sibling. The two of them come from completely different backgrounds. It wouldn’t hurt if Bethenny tried to embrace the grandparents. They’ll be thrilled to come to NYC to babysit. Just because she isn’t close with her family doesn’t mean she can’t be close to his.

    I loved it when Jason said he needs time when it isn’t “Bethenny” time. I do see him quitting his job and managing Bethenny.

    Bethenny would be shoving multiple hot dogs in instead of a pathetic half of one if she had my mother-in-law. Mrs Hoppy seems like a lamb. She’ll do whatever Bethenny wants to keep the peace.

  5. Susie says:

    I felt bad for everyone at the two dinners. Poor Jason. Poor Bethenny. Poor Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice (if you’re old enough, you just might get that one). Seems like Jason is on a serious guilt trip, trying to be the perfect son because his brother died. Course, he dearly loves his parents, and they do seem like super people, but they were laying it on a little thick. I think Bethenny did the right thing by just coming out and saying that they needed their own family time without the in/outlaws.

    I know that once something starts feeling like an obligation, instead of something you want to do, resentments can really creep in. I hate to do things out of obligation in my spare time.

    I think if the elder Hoppy’s are smart, they’ll zip it and give Bethenny space. I think she’s a decent sort and will do the decent thing.

  6. car54 says:


    i totally get her having trouble with how clingy Jason’s parents are (understandably) but there are SO many options to make this better besides going to there house and making them miserable and threatened with losing access to their son and grandchild.

    Bethenny has travelled almost every week of Bryn’s life–why not ask grandma to come babysit with Jason and give the nanny a night or day off–win/win-grandma gets her fix, Bethenny looks gracious at absolutely no cost to herself–this is so easy to make better.

    I feel sure she is going to push him to move to California to drive a wedge. And HE pissed me off repeating that about her promising him another baby if he’d move to CA—that was absolutely throwing her under the bus.

    Oh my. I used to love Bethenny but I might just be Bethenny’d out.

    Oh and someone at TwoP posted that the bar scene was totally staged—Jason and his friends never went there—they planned to film someplace nicer and word got out and it was mobbed by fans, so they moved to this place at the last minute.

    • I don’t think they’re really going to move to California. We’ll see how the season plays out, but I can’t picture Bethenny actually living in California.

      I hope that’s not true about the bar. Because Bethenny talks a lot about how real her show is, and if it turned out that the whole thing was staged that would suck.

      • Sairah says:

        Actually I had read that too-about the bar. Seems Carol let too many people know & the place was full of fans. They had to change locations last minute. Bethenny may have been ALL real before, but methinks she’s becoming a little Hollywood now. Sad, but true.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wow, remember when Jason’s mom fessed up to telling a few people about them coming to film there….wild fires in California have nothing on small town gossip spreading!

    • Susie says:

      That “brar” was funny. I have yet to meet a man that can actually pronunciate “bra”. What’s up with that?

  7. Terry says:

    Hi All!

    So… I live in Manhattan. One of the most maddening, arrogant things New Yorkers (and I mean Manhattanites) do is assume that there is no life outside the city. It’s infuriating and insulting to everyone else on the planet.

    If Bethenny had never seen a restaurant or bar like the ones in Jason’s hometown, then boo on her; at 39, she must have driven places or at least seen movies. She acted like royalty
    among the teeming hordes and it was just plain

    I remember when a certain Republican vice-presidential candidate did the reverse and basically said that only small-town people were good people. That was plenty insulting to us city dwellers.

    There are interesting, fascinating things everywhere. There are insular rubes in cities and sophisticates in villages.

    I’m disgusted with Bethenny. It’s ridiculous to make fun of small-town people; it’s just plain callous and cruel when those people include your in-laws.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:


    • Adgirl says:

      I really was upset by Bethenny’s nasty remarks at Jimmy’s hotdog place about the nice people who doing nothing to her other than being human in her presence. She said two older men at the counter probably had booze in their coffee cups. I think she may have said something about inbreeding too.
      Gack. Get over your damn self.

  8. bella says:

    I understand where Bethenny is coming from. But she should also realize that holdays with family is so much better. She needs to let these people in. She wants what she wants and that’s it. She needs to see it from their point of view. Her problem is she was alone too long. She wanted a family now that she has one she doesn’t know what to do with them.

  9. Terry says:

    Oh yeah, and discussing the family togetherness thing at the dinner table was not nice. Clearly, the same can be said at a better time, and not on camera. Also, she should have reached an agreement with Jason first, and the topic should have been broached more delicately. I felt very bad for the in-laws.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      Yes, it was rude to the Hoppy’s. B needs to realize that it isn’t ALL about B anymore. Having loving, involved grandparents isn’t the worst thing that could happen to Bryn. Maybe Bryn can grow up with the family stability that B is always crying about that she missed, wah,wah,wah, my mother was self-absorbed, oh BTW I want to move to Ca for MY career. Bethenny, expand your world view a little, you are myopic from running the NYC rat-race.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        The Hoppys started the discussion twice and their son threw the California bomb at his parents! Bethenny was trying to have an honest and inclusive conversation without any support from her husband and it was Carol met her half way! This isn’t a unique issue – couples with and without children have this challenge. They will find what works best for all involved!

      • meow says:

        I so agree!! Bethenny is pissing me off already!! And I loved her! But bitch is acting like she “up here” & the small town peeps are “down there” 😉 And enough!!! of her saying ” I got married, I had a baby, I have this amazing career, I have so much going” on blah blah blah! We know!!! We watch the damn show(s) & follow your ass on twitter! This is what you wanted. Just like she WANTED a family. Jasons’ parents are so sweet and tolerant, UNLIKE Bethenny, who now thinks the world revolves around her & what SHE wants! Careful what you wish for B! You just might get it! And realize it’s not what you expected!

        • msroncon says:

          I agree…..I changed my DVR to not record any future episodes. I could not believe her attitude and comments about the people in town. These people are going to hear her comments. She knows this, and doesn’t care.

  10. captaincarebear says:

    Totally off comment but Bethenny didn’t do it for me this time. Most openers don’t have a lot of gusto. But, so did ya hear the rumors: The Salami’s are gonna star on Celebrity Rehab. See we found another show for you to start blogging about. Gosh I hope it’s true. I love a good train wreck.

    • Omg, they probably went and got high just to get on the show!
      Unless their addiction is to fame… or lying.

      I hope it’s true too. Lol

      • vilzvet says:

        Dumb question but can’t rehab apply to ANY type of compulsive behavior, not just drugs/alcohol? Maybe they have acknowledged their addiction to fame/trying to be famous and this is why they are going on the show? Wouldn’t that be nice…

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          More likely scenerio – they aren’t coming back to RHDC and have an unbridled need to be on tv now! Sadly it probably has nothing to do with being better people or dealing with an addiction – and is there a cure for being total jackholes??

    • Terry says:

      Rehab is useless for treating sociopathy. I don’t know that there is any effective therapy for sociopathy, but putting these two on TV is not going to reform them.

  11. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I totally got what Bethenny was saying about creating their own traditions and not just spending EVERY holiday at the grandparents house. I think they will work things out to everyone’s satisfaction. And I also agree, Jason IS a big ol’ mama’s boy.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      I think there is a different sensitivity in a family when they live through a terrible tragedy together. They need to support each other, have done so very well, and it is amazing that they have weathered the crisis so well. That speaks volumes.

      • sophie says:

        Probably they could all do with some family counseling. Both Bethenny and her husband’s family have dealt with loss. I think Jason’s mom is trying very hard to remember when she was a young bride and afford that to Bethenny.

        And Bethenny needs to afford the same consideration to her mother in law…she needs to step out of her box and think about when Bryn grows up and gets married and has a baby, how will Bethenny feel about not being able to be around her grandchild all the time, because her son in law needs his space.

        It goes both ways, and thank goodness one of the parties is wise and sage enough to know this. Here’s hoping the other party eventually does too.

  12. tweatcyn says:

    I think the dad’s name is Bob, because I remember thinking Bob and Carol, Ted and Alice (70s movie) when they were going over details with their wedding officiant. Love the Cartoon. LOL “JustPlainNuts” good twitter handle.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Well….so glad you called Jason a mama’s boy first! He was a wussy turd during a very important discussion on visiting and boundries that his parents kept bringing up! Yeah, he doesn’t want to disappoint his parents – let’s see he moved away from home leaving them childless, then he got one of them big city gals pregnant and convinced her to marry him…..Oh, yeah that gal entertained his parents solo while he was snowed out of the city, included his mama in the wedding dress shopping ritual, then named her first born after the brother – seems like it would be Bethenny they should be proud of! Don’t get me wrong – Jason is easy on the eyes and is behaving like a gentleman but he didn’t support his wife in a very delicate, relationship defining conversation. Not so cool!
    And hell to the yes on $5.00 for two mixed drinks!

    • WooHoo WWW- you hit so many nails in that paragraph..ITA…Yet,
      I will always have empathy for the Hoppy’s as I’m sure we all do.
      No greater tragedy in the world than to lose a child..none.
      Unfortunately, All the parties in this circus are damaged goods.
      they have years of working around each other to find any form
      of a “happy Medium” But hell,
      I’ve been married 25 yrs and we’re still working on it…..
      life is a work in progress.

    • Adgirl says:

      Yeah Jason really needs to ride herd over the situation. I really disliked how Bethenny talked about it – but her point is she doesn’t like having so much of her life pre-planned with the inlaws. Also they stay at Jason & Bethenny’s so that is pretty oppressive, even if you like them.

    • 2Stupid says:

      WCW- I agree on every point. I couldn’t have said it better if I tried. I think Bethenny is handling it in the most caring way, by being honest. Also, IMO there is nothing better than a dive bar w/ $2.50 drinks. I think I’m moving to PA.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ahhhh, the fond memories visiting my country cousins and the dive bars – and they had the good brands for a quarter more so $2.75 for a Gray Goose martini or a Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic! lol I just couldn’t get used to partying with the cousins and having aunts and uncles sitting at the other end of the bar.

      • Anonymous says:

        Fanned!!!(Ooops wrong blog)
        Thumbs Up!(Ooops it’s not here)

  14. DJ says:

    There are little lingerie/bra stores in Manhattan where their specialty is custom fitting you. New York is a city of neighborhoods, and in those neighborhoods are little stores. The chains have moved in over the past twenty years, along with a tourist economy, but in pockets of the city there are still little proprietors selling their wares. Down the street from the bra store I went to (Upper West Side, across town from B’s bra store) is H&H Bagels, where the bagels are boiled in the New York style. Sure, there are a gazillion Starbucks, and probably chain bagel stores (can’t think of one now) but if you can get a genuine bagel, or in this case a custom fitting from an old lady who has been a bra fitter for most of her life, what would you choose?

    I think Bethenny compulsively says whatever comes to mind and has no sense of occasion. Sometimes it is better to let it go. But then again, we are her audience, and her mouth is part of the package. And yes, as someone said above, and is so true, New Yorkers can be the most provincial and insular group around. Anywhere outside of the city seems alien.

    Their backgrounds are very different. I think Jason’s parents are portrayed as very nice, and they suffered a huge loss, and here they are on display. It is so strange when people’s livelihood’s depend upon revealing all. It seems to sink a lot of these marriages, and Bethenny and Jason are so new. There is also an obvious class difference which is always hard to overcome over the long haul. She was angling for the rich finance dudes, and the first Jason had parents that seemed to fit better. It should be interesting to see how it unfolds. I like Bethenny and wish her happiness, but she isn’t very practiced at it.

    • Periwinkle says:

      “There is also an obvious class difference which is always hard to overcome ”
      A class difference? The proprietor of the hot dog joint showed more class in his 2 second appearance than B did the entire episode. I am disappointed in her. Remember how she acted when Luanne wanted the driver to address her as Mrs. Delessepps? She seemed like she knew nothing of class divisions and everyone should be treated the same. I guess that was before she had money.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        IMO it isn’t about class and Bethenny didn’t act like she was better than the townfolk. It wasn’t big city vs small town either as she was concerned about the dead downtown and what did people do for a living. It was a culture shock situation and her reactions were genuine. And she did acknowledge how much she learned about Jason from the visit.

        • Periwinkle says:

          I didn’t see it that way but to each his own. I’ll still watch as I’m absolutely in love with Cookie. I hope you enjoy it too. ☺

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Cookie is my favorite housewife pet! I loved the beeline into the suv at the end of the visit.

        • CathyOP says:

          Concerned? I respectfully disagree.

          Bethenny behaved much as was written so wonderfully above in the recap, as though she’d never seen grass before and all those weird people were not something she was concerned with or about, they were weirdos to her and she talked about them accordingly.

          It was snobbish, at minimum. I don’t believe Bethenny at heart is a snob. It was bad behavior though, if not evil, just not very nice. Not funny, not insightful, not “understandable” but rather at 39, unbecoming and the class and maturity of 14 year old.

          Bethenny called Ramona on her BS when she said that Ramona couldn’t just go around saying that she speaks her mind and expect that to be an excuse for saying cruel or insensitive things. In this case, it’s really no different, dear Bethenny.

    • msroncon says:

      Right, there is a class difference…..Jason has it, Bethanny doesn’t

  15. Christine says:

    I was very disappointed. I have always loved Bethany more than all housewives put together but this time her remarks seemed mean spirited and judgmental. We all love her for her very direct personality but she really came off like a mean girl last night. Hope it gets better next week!

  16. BlueSky_Forever says:

    I was really disappointed with Bethenny, after seeing her in BGM, now we are really seeing her mean side. She is an executive producer on BEA, so she has control over what we are seeing. I don’t see her picking up a lot of small town fans…maybe she just doesn’t care. She’s touring on the bus, with her “show”…has anyone seen it? She’s not going to small towns, so maybe this is a demographic that she sees as expendable.

    So between Skating with the Stars, her tour on the bus, filming BEA, the new book, endless marketing building her “brand” just where is all this family time? If Jason is working then when are they together? Weekends on the bus? Who cares, I don’t.

    I’m from a really small town, with a downtown full of empty buildings. So it really bothered me to see how nasty she was to those small town folks and her inlaws. Screw you Bethenny. I will never ever buy a book, a video, or one of your bottles of booze or anything you are selling. Really am tired of the whole marketing aspect of her reality show. Did you see the tweets after the show? Now we are supposed to buy Hanes underwear, & check her website for more info about the stuff we saw on the show that just because Bethenny wore it/sat on it/used it we must be dying to have it too.

    Sorry for the rant. Just not into you any more Bethenny. I like Jason & his parents, they deserve better.

    • It’s not only about the fans and the demographic, but that’s the town her husband is from and where her in-laws live. I can’t imagine that the people who live there were happy to watch that episode. They were all so excited for her to come and she was so rude. I mean, it wasn’t THAT bad. It’s not like there were dirt roads, people walking around in camo gear, driving pick ups, and sitting on couches on the front porch of their trailers. It looked like a regular middle class suburban town to me. I feel like she tried to make it out to be a lot worse than it really was. Idk… I live in the city and I didn’t see what was so shocking about the place.

      I still like her though, I think she was trying to be funny/snarky, but more than anything it made her look ignorant. Obviously small towns have bars and pool halls instead of bottle service. What did she expect? What would happen if she went to another country? Would her head would explode? It just made her look very small minded.

      She did say she had control over editing, so I’m surprised she let some of that footage go through. Maybe the fame is going to her head a little bit. Wasn’t it just last season she was saying she would rather eat potato skins at the small than go to a fancy dinner?

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Maybe she’s so overworked & overwrought that she is falling apart at the seams. Did you see those photos of her in the bikini, just a few days ago in Reality Tea? She looks awful, the picture from the back shows all the bones sticking out like an anorexic.

        I really liked Bethenny, this is not the same person…she needs to really slow down, chill out. What happened to “A place of yes” her latest book’s message? Being so mean to her husband’s parents, Jason, Jason’s friends, snarking at the people in the bar, the restaurant & the town really was not smart. She’s headed for a breakdown, maybe a divorce, and potentially the crashing of her empire if she doesn’t just give the constant bitching a rest. We all are our own worst enemy – think about it. Bethenny is self-destructing herself with her driving ambition. Don’t get me wrong, I want her to succeed. Bethenny, please take care of yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

        • Sairah says:

          Omg she looks emaciated!! I don’t think she looks very attractive anymore. She is simply too thin now. I seriously think she still is suffering from eating disorders. I’m sorry but it’s just not normal.

          She even looks too thin on BEA. Her cheeks are all hollow and her arms so thin. She is gorgeous with a few more pounds on her.

      • Adgirl says:

        The Project Runway spin off “Santino and Scarlett” (or Austin Scarlett?) had those two gay guys driving around super midwest teeney tiny towns. There were real deer hunters and real couches on the porches. The deisgners make a special dress for someone in the town. The fabric store is usually in a barn or garage on a dirt road.

        The designers are really respectful and kind. Unlike B.

      • CathyOP says:

        You make a great point about her intent. It was about being snarky, but you made me think beyond that. Bethenny was/is likable because she is self deprecating and perhaps we were so supposed to laugh at how “ignorant” she was about small towns and small town folk?

        That’s the best “intent” I can give it since I still believe she can’t be that clueless about how unoriginal, unfunny, and insulting she actually was.

        • Me either. That’s why I think the fame/money has gone to her head. How did she not realize she would offend people?
          Even if she hadn’t insulted anyone, her “omg they have a well in the yard????” reactions were just annoying. Obviously that’s not really where they get their water from. Did she think it would be cute if she pretended to be completely clueless?
          I was easy on her. But she better get her act together and stop tempting me with all this material. Lol

          • CathyOP says:

            Tempt on! If she doesn’t change, at least I’ll look forward to your take down.

            Very new around here but love your writing and the commenters here.

          • debbie says:

            This could very well turn out to be Jill Zarin’s favorite blog. LOL. Seeing Bethanny labeled a ‘mean girl’ and the implication that she will get her comeuppance should thrill her.

      • msroncon says:

        Uh Oh….you started to sound like Bethanny….People with pick ups and wearing camo are nice people too!!

        • Yeah I know. We have a house in the mountains, there is no Main Street with a movie theatre, most of the roads aren’t paved, everyone drives pickups and people always wear their camo even when they’re not hunting. When we go up there we take the pickup out of the garage and pull the camo gear out of the back of the closet.
          My point was that if she had been talking about a place like that her shock would be more understandable. I get it that when city people see a dirt road for the first time it’s shocking. But it was like a middle class small suburban town. Her “shock” seemed all for show. Had it been genuine that would be another story. But I don’t believe it was.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      you know when I looked at Bethenny’s schedule- it looked like ALL small towns.
      For example: she’s not playing Boston proper but a more blue collar , small city/big town: Worcester.

  17. Go To Sleep says:

    First off- NEVER get measured at Victoria’s Secret! If you want a true measurement, I swear by Nordstrom’s or those small boutiques. Go someplace where there bra sizes aren’t only “A, B, C, D, DD”. But the way B was getting measured, over her clothes, was so wrong. When I get measured, it’s totally amazing how well the bras I get fit and make such a difference. At first it might feel a little weird, because you have to go into the fitting room with the lady and take it off, but it’s sooo worth it. I promise! My size drasticaly changes depending on the brand of bra.
    That whole bra scene was just so strange, her standing there in her bra chatting. Who does that? Anyway…

    On to the show: I was totally disappointed this episode. I’ve never been a HUGE Bethenny fan like so many people. I, however, have always enjoyed her quick wit and little quips here and there. But I also think there always lurks a ‘mean girl’ within, and she is quick to dump a person and never look back (which is a quality I despise). I think this episode made her look just plain awful. She gave that Talking Head where she made fun of all the people in the bar AFTER his friends had told her she can be part of their roots. I know she just wants to get a laugh, but that’s plain mean.
    The whole town was so freakin’ nice to her. The owners of all the restaurants she went to came to greet her and tell her how happy they were to have her, the fans were gushing over her..and she plays rich, snobby, Manhattanite bitch.

    The conversations with the in-laws were cringe-worthy, too. They only have one living child and one grandchild…broach the subject carefully! Take it from me- your in-laws can be so much worse! When Bethenny made the comment about Bryn rolling over and Jason wanting to call his mom, I felt so bad for his mom. Why even make that comment to his mom? That is something she can talk about with Jason, but don’t make his mom feel bad about it! I can imagine being married to a mama’s boy will be difficult, but the way she was talking to them, I thought was plain rude.
    And when they got to his parents house, she was sprawled out all over that couch while his mom was in this miniature rocking chair….

    Ugh, just so many things turned me off, I really can’t even pinpoint a moment where I enjoyed her during this episode.

    • Periwinkle says:

      “And when they got to his parents house, she was sprawled out all over that couch while his mom was in this miniature rocking chair….”

      That bugged me too. I think I even shouted at the tv…..Move your ass so this woman can gave a decent place to sit!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I thought the sofa was cleared for the Bon Jovi interview and there were likely a couple of “drop by and chat” segments filmed.

    • Hmm… I don’t know if we have little bra fitting stores around here. I’ve never seen one. I just get what fits, I don’t really go by size. A lot of my bra’s are different sizes just like my shoes.

      It’s interesting how you guys saw the couch situation. I noticed that too, but I took it as a sign that she was comfortable and felt at home there. I didn’t think that she was taking a seat away from the mother, because when Bon Jovi came in he sat on the couch with her.

      • Tracey with an 'e' says:

        I thought the same thing. I was thinking she seems really at home there.

      • Terry says:

        In NYC, the best place is BraSmyth. You walk in, the nice French lady looks at your breasts, brings you two bras, and you’re done. They have all sorts of sizes and all sorts of bras and they will get you the right bra for you.

        Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom are supposed to offer the service, but I don’t know, they just don’t, nor does Victoria’s Secret.

        The women at Brasmyth are the true boob whisperers.

        (The shop Bethenny went to looked very good as well.)

        • Go To Sleep says:

          The Nordstrom where I live does, the one girl is amazing…I swear, the bra she put me in changed my life. LOL

          I guess it is nice that Bethenny is comfortable at the in-laws…but if she’s that comfy there, then why did it seem like this was her first trip to Hazelton? I’m confused now. I just thought it was an interesting visual to see her all over the couch while mom was stuffed in that little chair. lol

    • thank you! b has to realize it’s not just about her, it’s about j and his family also. she’s so selfish it makes me sick. she can’t blame the editing.

  18. Candace says:

    Bethenny said she had no real family. Maybe that is why she does not know what it is like to live in one.

    Poor little rich girl.

  19. Periwinkle says:

    I didn’t see Jason as being a Mama’s boy at all, nor did I think his parents came off as being clingy. They are no different from any grandparents who fawn over and wish for more time with their grandchild. Bethenny did not need to take it as a personal insult. She is lucky to have these people in her life. Remember how she cried to the shrink about her ex’s parents being taken away from her? Does she want a loving family in her life or not? At this point she is her own worst enemy.

    • Ugh I just wrote you a whole reply and it got lost in cyber space.

      Jason is a total mamma’s boy. B said when the baby rolled over Jason’s first reaction was to call his mom instead of just being there and sharing the moment with her. If he does stuff like that a lot it could cause B to want to put distance between her and the parents.
      I totally understand where B was coming from in that situation, it would bother me too if hubs did something like that. When we’re sharing a special moment, the last thing I want to hear is how much you want to be sharing it with your mother.
      And Jason was kinda insensitive when B told him how it made her feel. He was sorta like “oh it’s no big deal”. At least his mother was understanding though. She seems like a really nice lady.

      • msroncon says:

        Bethanny has to remember that “small town mama’s boy” married her, after she got pregnant. What do you think her chances of getting married to the father of her baby if he was a big city New Yorker?? Maybe not as good.

  20. WindyCityWondering says:

    Alright let’s get on to “I love hot Moms” Bon Jovi wannabee – WTH?
    I didn’t catch it but is this guy a teacher (from the it would be inappropriate to wear this shirt at work remark)??? His hair looked like a Halloween fright wig! Then the story about the 120 mile drive to get a cut and highlights? Jason’s family couldn’t even keep it together and Bethenny’s remarks were as diplomatic as humanly possible! Good, bad or indifferent – Bethenny is an equal opportunity snarkette.

  21. Alicia says:

    I have always loved Bethenny. Always been a huge fan. But then we got to see a new side of her when she branched off from the “Housewives” franchise and started her own show. The way things ended with her and Jill made me sad, because I loved Jill. I think Jill helped Bethenny A LOT, and B just dumped her when things got a little rough between them. Of course, Bravo HAD to make Jill look mean because they needed sympathy for B because she was launching her own show and they had to ensure that B had fans. So that is why they made Jill look like the mean girl. I too feel that B can be a mean girl.
    As I was watching this episode I was really upset at how she was behaving and her mean snarky comments, because I am from a small town and small towns have a lot to offer in their own way. I was mad at the way she was treating the local people and the conversations she had with Jason’s parents.
    HOWEVER, we have all loved her for her “honesty and snark”. B has built an empire because people love that she says what she is thinking. I think she really played it up for the cameras. I hope she does not really feel this way. If she was nicey nice and only had sweet things to say, it would have been a snooze fest. A little “controversy” is always a great way to get ratings. We are all talking about it here!

    • Clare says:

      Alicia, very well said!

      On another note, I found myself thinking, who the hell does she think she is quite a few times. She grew up in a smaller town (great neck, NY) and certainly wasn’t wealthy. It’s been my experience that the only people that brag about having money are insecure about not having as much as they would like. I do not see this marriage ending well. I feel badly for Jason. Does anyone still think those rumors about him being bisexual are true?

    • Clare says:

      One more observation before I take up the whole thread…did anyone notice at the hotdog place she only took a bite of the hot dog? Something tells me all of her naturally thin BS is mostly just her starving herself!

      • Alicia says:

        Yes!! I noticed right away that she only took a bite! Personally, I have never believe her SG bullshi*! She just had a baby and she is that thin? Only 2 ways for that to happen. Dont eat and/or surgery!
        Yes I realize some women bounce back fast, but that is the minority and she is pushing 40. Plus she has told us numerous times she struggled for years with her weight and dieting. Her metabolism has to be messed up.

        • Clare says:

          Ahhhhh Alicia! We are definitely on the same page!

          I didn’t even consider the fact that she is pushing 40. I’m not 40 yet, always had a fast metabolism but I even noticed things slowing down. I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that looked like she did in the bra scene at her age with a baby that young.

          It’s sad because I really did used to think she was adorable. And I’m glad I’m not the only one that was turned off by this episode… I actually didn’t mind her in BGM, but this was just too much.

    • Bravo didn’t make Jill look mean, she WAS mean.
      And B didn’t dump Jill, Jill was the one who dumped B. But when she saw that the audience wasn’t on her side she suddenly wanted to be friends again, but by then she had done too many evil things and B couldn’t forgive her.
      And the majority of her nasty behavior was done off camera, so I don’t know how you can blame Bravo for that.
      Don’t forget the most important part of their fight – Jill tried to make B’s show fail. She plotted behind her back to make sure that show didn’t happen. The show is Bethenny’s livelihood, a good education for her daughter, a college fund, security, peace of mind…. and Jill tried to ruin that for her. That is cruel and unforgivable.
      An argument is one thing, but trying to destroy someone’s future… Jill is despicable. If I were B I would never speak to her again either.

      • TEB says:

        Agree with RCH

      • Adgirl says:

        ICAM. It’s not the arguing or even the lying that makes me really dislike one of these reality cast members. It’s the trying to take someone’s livelihood away that infuriates me.
        Jill has tried to get Alex kicked off RH several times and refuses to film with her frequently. Jill tries to have other cast mates refuse to film with Alex too.
        Jill tried to sabotage Alex & Simon’s book and Bethenny’s cookbook sales with nasty reviews under an alias on Amazon.
        NeNe tries that on Kim Z too. Very cruel. Bad karma!

      • Clare says:

        RCH I agree with you that Jill is a mean girl. I also think Jill is very jealous. But I often wonder if B has a nasty streak in her that can go toe to toe with Jill. They say birds of a feather flock together and they were butt buddies for a long time. By the way, I am new to the site, but you make me laugh a whole lot!!

        • Thanks!
          I don’t know how long they were really friends for…. they met because of the show and were only friends for 2 seasons. I think the fame is getting to B’s head. I don’t think she would have acted the same way had she gone there on season one.

      • CathyOP says:

        Totally agree.

        Despite some of my criticism of Bethenny over the opening of this season of BEA, “dumping” is the only thing she should have done regarding Jill.

  22. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO, as executive producer of her show she can edit herself any way she wants…yet she chose to show a side of herself that made some viewers uncomfortable. All she shows can be related to by many – relationships with in laws, your spouse’s background and friends, a lifestyle that is different from your own, the trials of traveling with an infant who has more stuff than both parents combined. My expectations were pretty much met – she is showing her life to us and her reaction to all the new things being a newlywed and mother hold. Would I watch BEA if she was June Cleaver and devoid of her snark – nope!

    • CathyOP says:

      She just chose the wrong kind of snark. Imagine how entertaining she’d have been truly laughing at herself for being so out of sorts with all this newness instead of making tired, unfunny observations about people who have not signed on for reality tv scrutiny and opportunities for mockery.

      There doesn’t have to be one choice of boring Bethenny pretending to be unfazed and dopey happy without a care vs. I say anything that comes to mind, be it unoriginal, unkind, stereotypical, unduly harsh, whatever…

      And if she chooses the latter, then I hope she gets the controversy she may well have hoped to get. It comes at a price, though. She may think coldly about things now but it isn’t smart ultimately to not care how you are perceived. Honesty is only a virtue if it is fortified with humanity, balance, sensitivity, humor and absent vacant, vapid indulgent ignorance.

  23. Str8gal says:

    I just wanted to add that Bethenny did not grow up in a close-knit family, so she doesn’t know the protocol. Family is everything to Jason and his parents. Bethenny has basically been alone for most of her life, so it could feel very smothering to have to see family every weekend. She will have to get used to it! She’s won the in-law lottery, you know many of you have not…Thank God Carol is a reasonable woman!

    Looking at some of the people Bethenny was commenting on, don’t tell me you guys would not have said something snide to your friends about them,,,,puhleaze hookers! You know you would comment. LOL! No disrespect meant on the hookers comment just playing NeNe in my head!

    I don’t quite understand the counseling scenes. I guess I’ll take a quote from Hope Floats, “Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome. That’s what momma always says. She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it’s the middle that counts the most. Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning. Just give hope a chance to float up. And it will…”
    -Birdee from the film Hope Floats

    • Terry says:

      You’re very kind, Str8gal, but I think not knowing protocol does not excuse mean-spirited behavior nor making fun of others. Family roots or no, Bethenny should be able to treat others kindly and with courtesy.

      This big-city girl in culture shock is bogus. It is impossible to live in a city and not have some idea that small towns are different, but worthy just the same. For goodness’ sake, has the woman never seen a movie set in a small town? Has she never taken the train from NYC to DC and seen the empty shells of manufacturing towns from the window? Has she never been outside NYC and Miami? Of course she has!

      I’ve lived in huge cities (NYC and Mexico City) and in towns (Hudson, PA towns). People are different. Townspeople call city folk cidiots, and when they behave as Bethenny did, with good reason. It’s ludicrous to think that only people who live in the way we do are worthy or interesting or deserving of respect.

    • 2Stupid says:

      I can understand that as well. Leave it to Beaver my family was not. I moved away from my hometown to get away from my family. I mean we visit, but if I go monhts w/out visiting, it is not the end of the world. My hubby’s family (his 7 siblings) want to see each other ALL the time. It is overwhelming at first. I have now found a balance. If I don’t feel like going to something, I don’t and send the kids. Is there some backlash, sometimes. I have learned to not let it really affect me. I am respectful, but how I spend my time should be determined by ME.

    • CathyOP says:

      I really wouldn’t.

      I would not assume someone who looks “lived” puts booze in their coffee, surely!

      I would not make a tired joke about bad teeth or lack of teeth.

      I might make some dumb joke about the bar decor. Yes, I would do that.

      I wouldn’t make a stupid rape joke about an an inebriated induced pass, even if the bar reminded me of The Accused.

      I would not talk to Jason’s parents in an accusatory, whiney manner. I would be as kind as possible, and respectful of what I observe to be intelligent, understanding people who can be talked to about an important issue with kindness, loving humor, whatever it takes, but not thoughtlessness.

      • The thing is.. maybe if the people in the town really had looked like toothless drunk hill billies it would be different. But I didn’t see what she was talking about in her observations, I think that’s what’s causing all the controversy.
        It didn’t seem like she was making honest observations, it seemed like she was searching for negative things to say.

        • CathyOP says:

          Very true. Excellent point and ultimately makes it even more insulting. She’s just making up insulting observations because she went the snark route through very lazy channels.

          • Sairah says:

            Yes, I think she was trying too hard to be funny. She was totally putting on a show for us.

            I am disappointed with B. She used to be real….one of the girls…I used to really like her. Now she seems self-serving, narcissistic & just plain mean.

            Hearing about California only further proves the point that B has her head in the clouds (or up her own ass). She wants fame it seems more than a loving family.

            I thought she would slow down after having Bryn, but she’s gotten worse it seems. She is more than just driven. I think fame has gone to her head and she’s become wrapped up in becoming even more famous.

            Sorry ladies, I just don’t like the B I’m seeing. Yuck.

  24. Adgirl says:

    About the hot dog store …. when Bethenny was photographed for PETA wasn’t she a vegetarian?

  25. tootalou says:

    Hey all

    RCH- This is some funny shyeet here. I started reading the Jenngate mess and I was hook (not hooker) I had to chime in to say Jason is not (IMO) gay or bi. That was Omarosa being a jealous catty beotch because she was not the break out star she hoped to be and certainly did not otain the level of success that B has. She was certainly infamous but proably not in the way she hoped to be. Hmmm Who else does that sound like? bloop bloop

  26. Tootalou says:

    I am not sure she is a veg Adgirl. I remember her eating “street meat” when she was prego.

  27. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    I get that a man CAN be too much of a mama’s boy, however Jason wasn’t found living at home in his parents’ basement. He had moved to NYC and had built his own life. The old adage comes to mind and I believe it is true….you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mother. If he loves and respects his mother, ( I get it…not that he thinks the sun rises and sets on her and there is no one as good as momma) chances are he can love and respect other women. Beware men who don’t like their mothers. Bob is loving and supportive of Carol so Jason has had an amazing role model.

    • I’ve had my share of bad experiences with mamma’s boys in the past so maybe I’m a little sensitive to the issue. But calling the mom when the baby rolled over and another comment he made about Bethenny taking the place of the relationship he had with his mom (or something similar to that) set off all kinds of alarms and red flags for me.
      Plus didn’t he say he visits his parents every weekend? That’s a little much if you ask me.
      I go by that “the way he treats his mother” thing too, but it can backfire if you aren’t careful. There are men who respect their mother and all women, and then there are men who love and respect their mother and no other woman will ever come close to comparing with her greatness.
      I guess the verdict is still out on Jason for now, but my vote is on major mamma’s boy.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Yes he loves and respects his mama but he didn’t back his wife nor did his dad give him the traditional man up you have a family now speech. All Jason had to say is that this was something Bethenny and he had to talk about first and it would have ended the discussion. They are both older and established so they both will have to compromise – betting on Bethenny doing that better! And looking forward to Jason whinning that his mom always takes Bethenny’s side! lol

      • MissHathaway says:

        I used to think it was endearing that he calls Bethenny “momma” but now, after reading your insights, and the opinions of others here, maybe I was wrong. Maybe it is just a tad creepy.

  28. Anita Vacation says:

    I used to love Bethenny on RHoNY (especially the first two seasons). Then I watched BGM and found myself liking her less and less with each passing episode. BUT I was willing to give her a break–she’s pregnant and hormonal after all, along with the stress of moving, lots of work projects, etc.

    However, throughout that first season of BGM, a nagging annoyance with her began creeping up and it has steadily risen throughout the coures of her spinoff. I really hate people who bitch all the time–especially when they are bitching about things that most people would envy–and things that she herself is responsible for!

    On the premier of BEA, I absolutely LOATHED Bethenny. Seriously. Her screechy voice became even more annoying each time she opened her mouth. By the end of the show, I put her on mute and had the caption going because I couldn’t stand to listen to that shrill, obnoxious, overhyped voice any longer! (Please make it stop–PLEEEEZE!!!). The way she treated the Hoppy’s was horrible–who does that? She should be so thankful to have at least ONE set of grandparents who adore her little baby. Children cannot have too many people who love and support them–and instead of embracing their love of her and her daughter–she is pushing them away, insulting them on national television, and generally being Queen Bitch.

    I won’t watch this show again–ugh. I will enjoy reading about how she goes up in flames in the fire she’s chosen to build.

    And I give the marriage 5 years tops–and that’s only if Jason really is the saint he seems to be.

    Can’t stand Bethenny anymore! Ick!

  29. Tracy says:

    Bethenny Ever After is making me get over Bethenny REALLY quickly! Enough with the snark-fest directed @ ppl that don’t even know they’re being made fun of.


  30. Kim says:

    I have an aquaintence who met Bethanny last summer at a bar in the Hamptons. She was already with Jason at the time. My friend (who is male) had a friend who was flirting with/trying to pick up Bethanny’s friend. Long short, they all had dinner together. My point for explaning this was that according to him – she is a nutjob. He said he was a complete stranger, and yes, she told her entire life story to him before appetizers even came to the table. It was all about Bethanny all the time. So maybe its not just for the cameras.

    ps – love your blog!

  31. WindyCityWondering says:

    Just got a call from my country cousin (lives in upstate New York in an area that has less than 5,000 residents) so I asked her if she ever watched housewives, etc. She is an avid fan – duh me – she has a dish!
    She made an interesting point – she feels that all of Hazelton has watched last season of RHNY, BGM? and BEA because Jason was on those shows. So they knew more about her than she knew about them and they were eager to meet her. She also felt that Bethenny got the typical small town meets big city treatment – bring out the crazies (Bon Jovi hair and Buck) and see how the city slicker handles them plus the trial by too many shots to see what you are made of ritual and that Bethenny passed the tests. As for grandparents – they all say that stuff in the beginning so just wait til they have to chase those babies around and the tune will change.

  32. Cute. They do have to go to specialty boutiques to be fitted for bras because Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have qualified fitters, nor do they stock the size range required for many women ie… ‘F’ : )

  33. Miss Anthrope says:

    I just don’t know. I still love her…but there’s so much about her that I don’t like after having seen this and Bethenny Getting Married. It’s actually made me kind of realize what Luanne was saying about her all this time. She simply does not know how to put things gently. That’s a bad trait to have, because showing empathy is a very important part of social interaction.

    Do we have to hear about how she was “raised by crazy people” one more time? C’mon Bethenny. Enough. We get it. Stop blaming your inability to be gentle or kind on your upbringing- which btw doesn’t sound nearly half as bad as a lot of people I know personally. Try getting your ass beat by your father day after day, or having your mom be a raging alcoholic who bangs your friends (married) father. The more she talks about it, the less sympathy I have for her.

    I also find it odd that she claims that there were times when she had no place to live…yet she acts like going to a true dive bar is beneath her. “OMG They didn’t even have a single brand of liquor that I recognized!”. Ugh…

    And this isn’t just a typical NYC bigshot thing either. My sister was engaged to the president of a big time real estate agency in NYC. He had NO problems going to dive bars or little hole in the wall restaurants when he’d come to stay with us. He certainly never acted like we were from a different universe for knowing that such places exist. So I will never accept that the way she acted was because she “grew up sooooo different”. That’s bullshit. She’s just a snob.

    It really pains me to say all this about her because there is still something so likable about her. But I’m beginning to have mixed feelings.

    • JenD says:

      Great post, well said. *Slow Clap*

    • Yes I totally agree. I felt bad for her about her past, but how many times is she going to cry about it? She’s 40! Get over it already! I understand that your past experiences affect how you deal with things in the future, but her constant crying is beginning to seem like she’s just trying to get sympathy OR she needs serious help because (I’m not a doctor but) I think she should have learned how to deal and move past it by now.

      I don’t know how it is in NYC, but in the city I live in we have fancy bottle service only clubs, and we have little dive bars with vinel chairs and pool tables (No $5 drinks though) and they’re not all that far away from each other. I’m sure NYC must have drive bars too, no? The way she acted was just so ignorant. And I still don’t see what was so wrong about the people there. She made them out to be hill billies with missing teeth. They looked like regular working class people to me. I really feel like she went out of her way to make the people/town look a lot worse than what it really was.
      I don’t buy her “shock”. I think it was just an excuse for her to be a snobby bitch. People liked her bc she was down to earth and relatable. What concerns me the most is that she has control over editing and didn’t see a problem with this footage being aired – and on the season premier no less. She used to be so self aware, what happened?

      But with all that being said – it was only one episode and I’m still gonna give her a chance.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        For sure. I’m in Boston and we have many a dive bar and quite a few bottle service only clubs as well. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been to a dive before. Dives are awesome!

        And that was exactly it- those were average working class people and she acted like they were backwoods hicks or destitute crackheads or something.

        I didn’t know she had control over editing. That is strange.

        I think part of the reason I will probably love her no matter what is because I refuse to let Jill win. LOL

        • crazysweet says:

          I’m in Newport Beach where we live for our dives. Although we are featured in the OG OC Housewives, the posh places are mainly for tourists and out of towers or to pick up men lol but the real hang outs are the dives, thats where locals go. I spent my teens in LA where we also have a lot of dives and nice places depending on your mood. I don’t get this NYC thing about never seeing the inside of a dive bar…I guess she’s NEVER been to Jersey?! 😉

      • Clare says:

        I can 100% verify there are plenty of “dive bars” in NYC….even on the upper east side, where I used to live!

  34. Distressed says:

    Thanks for a great recap. Haven’t watched this one yet. I’ve had enough Bethenny for one lifetime, but interesting thread here. Maybe I’ll catch it online.

  35. OneMoreInBoston says:

    I feel like there might be a darkness to Bethenny. I never really saw it before…and although I am NO fan of Jill Zarin, I wonder how much we didn’t see.

  36. Miss Anthrope says:

    Something else that I wanted to get out of my system while we’re on the subject of Bethenny…

    I would never encourage anyone to take dieting advice from her. If you have read her book, then you should be able to see the patterns of disordered eating that she follows. “Taste everything, eat nothing”. That is the most disordered idea of eating that I have ever heard and it is straight out of the anorexics handbook.

    Bethenny is not someone who appears to be “naturally thin”. She appears to be at least 10 pounds underweight. And just fyi, jowls are a tell tale sign of bulimia.

    I think she should be talking to that shrink of hers about body image rather than her oh so traumatic childhood.

    • Distressed says:

      I agree. Her skinnygirl persona is offensive. I recently read some quotes from a magazine article about her dieting tips. Anyway, she’s talking about eating corn nuts, gelato, cupcakes, potato chips and pizza in one paragraph. One paragraph. Totally insane.

      That’s why I stopped watching last season and just tuned in for the wedding at the end. I remember her eating everything sight at night in a restaurant and then she’s having a Meg Ryan moment with that disgusting frosting right out of the can in the first episode. Plus she’s never shown working out.

      I can see that you might be able to eat all this crap and have a great figure if you work out, a lot. But depicting unhealthy eating habits for a woman of this age and then lying your ass off about how to be a skinnygirl is just too much for me to buy.

      I liked what Elizabeth Hurley said about her regiment a while back. Paraphrasing, “yeah it sucks, I don’t even have coffee, tea or red wine anymore to fight my bloat and keep my tummy flat, it really sucks.” Honesty never sucks. Like a drop of rain in the desert or is that dessert. That’s how you stay skinny apparently corn nuts, chili dogs and pizza. Who knew.

      • Clare says:

        Yep! She’s an anorexic fraud for lack of better words haha

        But the sad thing is, that people see her and buy into her crap, buy her book, products, etc. thinking that they are going to get those kind of results…when in reality it’s all BS!

        • Distressed says:

          Totally, this is the problem. It doesn’t matter to me at all that she does this to herself. But look at her fan base. Remember that young girl that came up to her in the coffee shop? Exactly what your talking about.

          A lot of people might see here and think she’s being honest about the effortlessness of it all because she appears to be honest about a lot of other stuff in her life. She’s not, she’s lying, starving, purging and/or working out like an athlete going to the damn Olympics to maintain such a bitching body.

          Just be honest. Just tell us the truth. Just tell that girl you hugged the truth, Bethenny.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      @Miss Anthrope :
      Totally agree with you.

  37. crazysweet says:

    A. the matching outfits her and her equally too-skinny friend were stupid AND we open with yet ANOTHER shot of her semi-naked. we’ve seen her ass twice, seen her peeing and now her boobs in a brar. She’s ridiculously skinny! If that’s what her “skinny girl” brand promotes then I’ll take my “healthy girl” normal weight ANYDAY! oh and BTW Bethhanny, your boobs are FAKE who are you trying to kid?
    B. the whole set-up as if she’s never been there before was SO F-ing confusing. She touts herself as “real” and “normal” compared to Jill’s “fake” and obsessed with “stuff” but all she showed me was that the only time she went to Hazelton was to go to Walmart no doubt to push her skinny girl shit. why oh why didn’t she EVER meet these friends before? because they weren’t important enough to go to their wedding?
    C. she completely snubbed one of the friends wives at the bar. as she was tripping balls over the $5 dollar drinks the girl went to say something to her and she totally ignored her life she wasn’t even there.
    D. the jody foster comment was just wrong.
    F. the grandparents conversation was awkward and painful. I could see her point but it was hard to watch and I’m not sure such a good idea to display on camera though I know NOTHING s off limits to her, the grandparents don’t know any better, I blame Jason for going along with that shit.
    E. I grew up in northeast Philly, we have LOADS of towns like that. If you’ve EVER been on a tour bus as she has promoting her shit, then why hasn’t she seen an area like that before?
    D. She used to live in LA that’s how she knows Kyle.

  38. Tam5115 says:

    I did think she was mean and insulting, and I was less than charmed by that.

    My main impression though was that she was manic. She talked constantly and even faster than she normally does.

    • Distressed says:

      … and, she couldn’t even complete a sentence. I never noticed that about her before. Maybe it was Jill talking over her before I don’t know. Strange. I mean even Charlie seems to be getting to the punctuation marks. Okay so maybe Charlie’s using all exclamation points, and the questions he answers himself – but still.

  39. Coffee FIRST says:

    Where is Glued2It? Has she been here lately…I miss her.

  40. Terry says:

    We have plenty of dive bars in NYC. Bethenny is a snob who is pretending to hang out only at the Gansrvoort or such. Normal people go to dives and eat in diners, here in NYC and elsewhere.

    • Coffee FIRST says:


      Part One that Annoyed me: She was raised by wolves..right: She went to one of the best (top three) boarding schools in the U.S. (poor Beth)

      Part Two that Annoyed me: If she was introduced to ‘life’ by wolves; shouldn’t she be more then comfortable (wayyy more) than in Jason’s hometown?

      I adored B at one time – no longer.
      FYI – A distant family member lives in Jason’s hometown and am waiting to hear feedback from him. BTW…he’s a great guy! (He has all his teeth as well as all in his family and also his great-grandfather!)

  41. Terry says:

    Does anyone know what Jason does for a living?

    • I think nothing. I’m 100% sure they are lying about him actually having a job.

      • CAgirl says:

        Quite frankly (or Frankelly!), I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to hook up with someone who wouldn’t compete with her new career and be flexible as to her schedule, where they live etc. Unfortunately, I think many men, despite their best intentions, have a tough time with this, and end up rebelling (in my experience). Ego is difficult, and being Mr. B Frankel can’t be easy for him (again, IMO), especially if he didn’t have this public life in mind for himself…

      • Clare says:

        haha! Like when he “comes home from work” in a suit or dress pants…he totally just got changed, walked out the door and back in!

      • JenD says:

        I think he went in for her second assistant job and they started talking and dated. I do remember that scene where he walked in with an empty suitcase.

    • Distressed says:

      I think I read he does pharmaceutical sales, yes he sells drugs. She picked someone just perfect for her. Up the dosage Jason.

  42. Coffee FIRST says:

    He’s in pharmaceutical/medical sales and “has made enough to live around the block from Bethenny!”…was my answer. YIKES!

    I believe he did well on his own. jmo

  43. CAgirl says:

    Just sort of a meh for me…I once liked her well enough, I do admire someone who goes out for what they want in life and doesn’t take no for an answer. I wonder if she’s trying too hard to play up for the camera/audience with this new show though. Her baby is cute as hell though…so I’ll reserve judgement for more episodes. Have to say, she totally lucked out with the in-laws, they backed right off when she pushed back, she may consider herself lucky in that regard.

  44. ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:


    ~Bethenny is start’n to look like her mother………(skinnyskin)
    Why does Jason always have his mouth open?……(mouth breather)

    Only my opinion———> the show is a very fun set-up……theme-wise.
    We’re not ‘spose to like ~Bethenny in this beginning.
    We ARE ‘spose to be chat’n up the blogs re: ~m’gosh, Bethenny’s a beeech this year.
    Then soon in the season:
    *Bethenny will have an elliptical epiphany!~ 😉
    *Bethenny will come from ‘A Place of Yes’.
    *We will buy the book.
    This is one street-smart cookie…….just ask Cookie.
    I think she’s totally fun to watch and totally fun to examine……..albeit predictable.

    Don’t-even get me started on Skate’nWStars….ahhh ha!~

    • Coffee FIRST says:


    • Distressed says:

      Ratings are way down so far. Maybe they are generating buzz on the blogs to boost the product so to speak, it worked with me. I went and watched this on Hulu after reading this thread.

      • ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

        ~Bethenny will use her dark side to her advantage.
        Rude snark isn’t as fun as objective snark, tho……
        so’z I hope she returns to being fun and funny quickly!~

        Only then will I order the book…….ahhh ha!~

    • crazysweet says:

      agreed. I think it’s a BRAVO set up too. where-in she has a meltdown from skating w the stars and her in-laws (maybe the mom) are there to pick her back up. at least thats how I’d write it! lol
      then we all see what a great gal she is in learning to come from a place of yes and buy her books again.
      I still say, I NEVER want to be that thin “naturally” holy crap!

  45. Coffee FIRST says:

    The BEST!!!……BEST!!

    I bet he owns that CO.


  46. CAgirl says:

    I thought of that myself–but damn, the nuts rocked, the coffee was awesome, so at the end of the day…who cares!!! I’ll buy good coffee and nuts any day of the week. I’m easy that way 🙂

    • CAgirl says:

      And if a big old cheese troll comes on-line, I’m toast. Wish I had more self control, but there it is…I don’t 🙂

  47. Distressed says:

    I agree with so much here, now that I’ve seen it.

    Yeah Hazelton is no Grimstone Gulch, it seems like a nice quiet town to raise a family in. What’s with all these alien comments. And like everyone is posting here, how come this is all being portrayed as if it’s for the first time? The chili dogs, the friends, the drive out, all of it. Jason sees the parents every two weeks, bethenny every three. How does that work exactly? Every 6 weeks they visit together and sometimes it’s Jason only. Sometimes Bethenny only. What?

    As far as the parents. I think Bethenny secretly resents the hell out of Jason. Even with the severe trauma and pain the death of his brother brought to the family they are clearly a functional, close knit family unit.

    The shrink didn’t bother me that much. Apart from appearing on Tv, which in my opinion is borderline unethical behavior to begin with, I think the doctor is trying to call Bethenny out on some of her shit. Now that she’s a mother the doctor is probably shaking his head in disbelief that Bethenny has not even thought about contacting her own mother.

    Bob and Carol are going to be royally screwed. Their insecurity is palpable.

    • None YaBizz says:

      As far as the parents. I think Bethenny secretly resents the hell out of Jason. Even with the severe trauma and pain the death of his brother brought to the family they are clearly a functional, close knit family unit.

      The shrink didn’t bother me that much. Apart from appearing on Tv, which in my opinion is borderline unethical behavior to begin with, I think the doctor is trying to call Bethenny out on some of her shit. Now that she’s a mother the doctor is probably shaking his head in disbelief that Bethenny has not even thought about contacting her own mother.

      Bob and Carol are going to be royally screwed. Their insecurity is palpable.

      Nothing to add. Just noting your post was like a branch in the face when yer jogging in the forest. Stunned. (thank you)

  48. car54 says:

    I wish I could remember exactly when but a few months ago (might have been in the fall) Bethenny tweeted on a weekend something slightly snarky about having to drive to PA to visit the in-laws, and I remember at the time thinking, Dude, what if your mother in law goes online and reads that…..I am guessing it was about the time they might have been filming this.

    I think she did Skating with the Stars to have something to film for the show–there was no other valid reason to go through that mess but to give herself some fodder for the reality show.

    • ~Luvz Proper Authorities~ says:

      Also last fall…..from tweets:
      ~Bethenny was complain’n about a holiday-visit chat w her in-lawz.
      She said it was understandable that grammy and grampy wanted to spend major holidays with JasonBrynHer but …….Halloween?!~
      She wanted to trick-treat in the city……just the 3 of ’em……
      but not M’hatten ‘cuz the treats were better in the ‘hood’.
      Tricky 😉

  49. MamaXanax says:

    I really liked your take on the convo at dinner — I think you’re right when you say that everybody was right.

    Also agree about her ‘tude at the bar. Was a little surprised and sometimes wonder how much is for show and how much is her. Either way, I still love B. I love J even more after this episode.

    While watching her with her therapist I had the opposite reaction as you. I thought he appeared to be a good fit with B. I think she needs someone who will be firm at times and challenge her.

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