Teen Mom 2 – Episode 7

Corey proposed to Leah. He took her fishing and tied the ring to the end of a fishing line and let her reel it up. Her initial response was “No shit.” It was very romantic. Wish them the best of luck. They’re cute… but boring. When is Amber coming back?

Leah shows her friends the ring, and she was like “omg how long have I waited for this?” Idk… a year? Lol. Didn’t she get pregnant after only knowing him for a month? What did she wait for? I especially loved how they made fun of Corey for being a “redneck” while sitting on a couch on the front porch.


Megan stops by Chelsea’s to pick up the rest of her stuff. She peaks her head in the door to make sure Adam isn’t there before she comes in. Chelsea doesn’t even get off her lazy ass to greet her friend or help her pack her things. She doesn’t even say anything to her. Not “sorry my boyfriend is an abusive jerk”, or “sorry about not having your back after how much you helped me and stood by me“, not even a “sorry things turned out this way.” Nope. Nada. I bet she would have just sat there and let Megan walk right out the door without saying a word to her, except Megan came and sat on the couch and told Chelsea that she still wants to be BFFF’s (best fucking friends forever) with her, but that it will be hard if she’s going to be dating Adam.

Since Megan doesn’t want to be within 50 feet of Adam, Chelsea found a new BFFF to follow her around and listen to her complain. This girl could care less and the only reason she is sitting there listening to this spoiled brat whine is because she wants to be on tv. As expected, Chelsea didn’t finish high school, and isn’t making the deadline for beauty school. But no worries. Daddy pays for everything so why bother trying, right?


Janelle decides she’s going to move to Wilmington which is an hour away from where her mom lives to get a job and go to school. Upon hearing the news that Janelle is leaving, Barbra is suddenly so much nicer. She isn’t screaming or cursing anymore and she actually manages to make words leave her mouth at a normal decible. It’s like the thought of Janelle moving away and leaving Jace behind cleared the rain clouds over her head and made the sun shine down upon her and her house of horrors.

I think getting away from Barbra is a good move. Unfortunately Janelle is planning this move with Keiffer who appears to be a total bum and doesn’t look like he has any intention of getting a job or helping to pay for anything.


Kailyn wants to be independent. She goes apartment hunting and applies for a second job so that she can afford to live on her own. Jo can’t stand the idea of not being able to hold his “help” over her head, and tried his best to convince her to move in with him so he can continue to torture her. He reminds her how much easier everything would be if she lived with him, implies that living on her own will make her a bad mother because she’ll have to work more and spend less time with her son, and he threatens her not to come crying to him when she falls on her face. Nice.

Although… now that we know how much these bitches make, I’m having a bit of a hard time feeling too bad for her. And this whole conversation about her getting a second job and moving out seems incredibly fake seeing as how they both know that she is getting PAID from this show and will probably be living in a nice penthouse somewhere in the   off-season when she isn’t pretending to be a poor struggling single mom.
Another reason why I think “second job as a waitress” is really code for “Mtv is paying me a boat load and I don’t need you anymore” is because they made it seem like the whole job situation happened over a few days, and that she got the job the same day she applied. I will direct you to Article A of the evidence:
Pink nails when she decided to apply for the job.

Chipped dark nails the day she went to the interview.

And fake nails (at least 2 weeks grown out) when she tells Jo that she got the job.

Seems to be some time issues going on here. And what the hell is with these boys and the evil text messages? I wonder what their mothers think of the fact that their son’s treat the women in their lives the way they do. I would be so ashamed, there is no way in hell I would be showing my face on national television and claim responsibility for raising that.

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38 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Episode 7

  1. nashhousewife says:

    OMG! I didn’t even notice the nails.

  2. WIHousewife says:

    According to an article at starcasm.net Chelsea’s friend Meghan is also pregnant now…I know Chelsea looks like a spoiled brat – and let’s face it IS a spoiled brat – but maybe Meghan was also using Chelsea to get on TV…In the article they talk about Megan perhaps wanting to do a joint show with Chelsea. I don’t think that will fly because without their abusive boyfriends there is no story there.

    • Yeah I saw that. I can’t believe she got pregnant after seeing what Chelsea went through. I hope she didn’t get pregnant on purpose to get on the show because Mtv tends to stick to their script and I don’t see them adding a new cast member who wasn’t even on 16 & Pregnant. Plus her and Chelsea are not nearly interesting enough to have their own show.

  3. NMhousewife says:

    Great recap…I didn’t catch the fingernail clues at the time, although I didn’t think she had gotten the job the same day, but good eyes all the same. One thing I do catch is Barbara’s blue shirt, she seems to wear it all the time. I was wondering how the whole money thing works with regard to how the girls are supposed to be showing the struggles of being a teen mom. I thought maybe they don’t get the money until after the season airs or maybe after all shooting is done or even maybe it is put into a trust of some kind. I can’t believe that there would be fake storylines about struggling financially!? Maybe I am just naive.

    I am liking Kailynn better and think she deserves a nicer guy and I applaud her efforts to move out and have some independence. I can’t get over how the family is semi-against Kailynn’s decisions but I have no doubt they would be complaining if she refused to think of her future, didn’t go to school or have even 1 job, and was okay with living off of them for years. I hope the episode where she gets to move out comes up quickly. Joe sucks…

    Janelle as I have said before has potential to go far, but I wish she would wise up a bit about falling in with bad elements. At least she got herself a job and is excited about her first day of college. Keiffer sucks…

    Chelsea, I don’t hate her even with all these stupid decisions, she is just too dumb but not mean, just holding out for what is not going to happen, happiness with a loving baby-daddy, good job, whatever. I put a lot of blame of course on her dad who is letting her get away with her bad decisions. I dont’ care if she is 18, she has no business on on her own if she can’t afford it just like millions of other 18-year-olds. He needs to get her out of the free house, back to her dad’s home, and they need to set some rules (finish her schooling/GED). If she wants to spend time with Adam, fine, but still continue with whatever child support he owes. This is so obvious, it sounds dumb on my part even repeating it. We all know he is only back not because he loves Chelsea, but for TV exposure, stopping child support, and free living/food situation. Duhh. This whole situation sucks…

    I know Cory and Leah seem boring to many, but I am just glad to see week after week maturity in 2 young people. The loving never gets old to me. I need to see it every week just to get through the other girls’ situations. The only thing to add is how awful these doctors that Leah goes to seem to be, possibly due to editing, but also it seems like they are not explaining the medical issues clearly to someone who doesn’t have a medical background. I think doctors sometimes forget they are not having a discussion with another doctor, most people haven’t gone to medical school to understand medical terminology, and most patients need careful handling when discussing medical issues because it can be scary. I feel really bad for Leah having to listen to these doctors and happy that at least she has a good support system in place. These doctors suck….

    Anyone know how long this series lasts?

    • Yes I agree those doctors are awful. The eye doctor was like “well it’s probably nothing, or it could be BRAIN DAMAGE.” Like, why would he even tell her that? There is nothing she can do about anything until they get the MRI so all he did was add to her stress. I agree, it is nice to see two young people actually being normal and responsible, but they make the recaps hard to do. Lol.

      I hope Janelle gets her life on track. After they taped the reunion she was tweeting that she hadn’t seen Keifer since she got home or something like that. So I think she got rid of him. I don’t know how much is left, but they already taped the reunion so it’s probably almost over.

      I don’t dislike Kailyn as much as before, but her attitude still really sucks. She brings a lot of crap on herself by the way she behaves, and those faces! But Jo shouldn’t speak to a woman the way he does no matter what. I would love to know what his mother thinks about his behavior.

      Same story with Chelsea every week. I don’t hate her, but I think the show would be better without her. She doesn’t do anything. And her constant whining… I can’t take it. I understand why Adam never wants to come home. Ok, that was mean. He’s a snake. But she could at least try to do something slightly entertaining. Why can’t they find teen moms like Snookie? Now that would be an interesting show!

      • NMhousewife says:

        I heard a rumor that Janelle apparently blew a gasket on the reunion, apparently blowing up at Dr. Drew or maybe others on stage, I don’t really know. There was a tweet to Dr. Drew where she apologized for yelling. Reunion should be interesting. I saw pix of Chelsea and Adam going to or from the reunion together, so that story apparently doesn’t get any better.

      • Go To Sleep says:

        The doctor never told her that Ali might have brain damage. He just pointed out that if there was a bigger issue, it would be related to the brain and not the spinal cord (since that was what she thought). I mean, the brain does control eye movement…so I really didn’t see how that was mean of him to say. Leah is just young and very sensitive right now about Ali’s issues, so it was harder for her to comprehend, I think.

        I’m torn about Kailyn. But all in all, I applaud her for working, going to school and being independant. But I think she was seeing Jordan the entire time and just staged the ‘breakup’ so she could stay at Jo’s house. We know she’s with Jordan now, and I think they never really broke up.
        Her and Jo went back and forth on her FB page (but she’s since deleted it) and he says she cheated on him, then she says he cheated on her when she was pregnant (which I’ve heard will come up during the reunion). And in the end she points out to him that he’s just mad because she is where he said she’d never be, and he’s still living at home. Zing!

        • They argue on FB? How did I miss this? Next time take ss please.

          My main prob with the doctors is that they are so rude. They aren’t being sensitive to a young mother who is afraid and confused.
          I get better treatment from my vet when my dog is sick than what she’s getting.

          • Go To Sleep says:

            Yah that’s true, they definitely don’t have the best bedside manner when it comes to breaking the news. That’s just how some doctors are. When my mom found out she had cancer the doctor came in the room after looking over the results of the tests and said “Yup, just like I thought, you have cancer”. It was like a smack in the face…no breaking of the news gently or anything. Some doctors just see patients as a statistic and number.

            I think they have the FB comments on Starcasm. Jo actually posts on Kail’s page pretty often defending himself about stuff, but it gets deleted a lot.

          • Go To Sleep says:

            BTW, did you see last night’s episode? Did I call it or what…of course she was still with Jordan

        • isabel says:

          uh actually Kailynn is not independent if she still lives with her (ex)boyfriends parents. Granted Jo does act like a jerk he has more right being in that house than she does so I guess he can hold it over his head that his parents are helping her out a whole heck of a lot better than her family is. She seems like a bit of a leech to me honestly if she really wants to move out she would, but she seems to like the free living the free childcare and the open ears when she wants to complain about Jo. If he’s an abusive jerk do yourself a favor and get out and dont come cryig to his family every time you need help.
          Chelsea seems like a hopeless case. Regardless of what they make on the show the only deserving parents I see would be Leah and Corey. And – does Jenelle get paid to do the show or does her mother? because she really isn’t a teen mom – she’s just a teen in my eyes since she does nada for Jace.

  4. Sus says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I have a crush on Corey. I’ve loved him since 16&P and he sold his truck for the babies’ car seats. He goes to work every day. The camo picture was precious if you are in that sort of thing (I’m not). However, I don’t think they should be on the show. I like the drama filled ones that scare the teenagers into wearing a condom.

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      You are not ashamed to admit you have a little crush on Corey, but I found myself horribly ashamed to find out that the kid that plays Jacob in the Twilight movies (Taylor something) whom I’ve lusted after and drool over when there are scenes with him without his shirt, is younger than my oldest son. I am a pervert. I am so ashamed!

  5. NMhousewife says:

    I am with you in the crush department also since 16&P (in a harmless way). I also have mixed feelings with them continuing on the show if this continues on into next seasons. Fame/notoriety cannot be good for even the best relationships, although I do think the show should have at least 1 couple working together as an example.

    • LOVE Corey. I bet he had NO problem getting girls after 16&P and now that Leah realizes what she has she’s never gonna let him go. He’s the man that all these girls imagine their boyfriends being when they get pregnant. It’s nice to see that at least one of these guys isn’t a total piece of shit. But…. how old is he? He wasn’t in high school with her. In some states that’s illegal….

      • Tracy without an E says:

        Yeah, well, they are from West Virginia. j/k Corey’s a peach, and I’m glad Leah finally realized it. I sincerely hope she’s able to use the $ from the show and hopefully MTV connections to get Allie to a reputable doctor. I find the doctors’ behavior and demeanor towards her unconscionable. I think they treat her with disrespect b/c she is a teen mother, and perhaps in some way they blame her and her youth for her baby’s problems.
        Kailyn is a lost little girl who I hope can one day realize no one person can fill the void she has within herself. She had a shitty hand dealt to her, but now’s the time for her to rise above it and do something with her life she can feel good about. I think that’s best done by herself, without Jo or his parents.
        Jenelle. Hmmf. Of all the Teen Mom’ers, she’s the one who’ve I’ve come to sympathize with more. On 16 & Pregnant, she appeared to be a selfish, self-absorbed typical teen partier. I really felt she was a loser and often sided with Barbara in her anger at Jenelle’s parenting skills. Now? I think Barbara is the problem. Can you even imagine having a mother like that? I don’t really blame Jenelle for all her self-medicating. I think if given the chance and a little encouragement, Jenelle could and would step up. The problem is the lifetime of negativity thrust upon her by that witch of a mother. I don’t know if she has it in her to recognize her self worth. I hope so, though. I’m rooting for her and Leah and Corey the most.
        As for Chelsea? Good Lord, there’s not much to even say. She’ll reap what she’s sown and will undoubtedly be living off MTV and her father for the rest of her fake n baked life.

        • Agree about Janelle. On the after show she said that when her mom encourages her (which is almost never) it inspires her to do good. But when all she gets is negativity and criticism it makes her want to give up because if her mom doesn’t care about her life, why should she care? It was sad.

  6. I can’t believe i watch this stuff. It’s all your fault, RCH.
    I can’t decide who I’m more annoyed with, these young, ignorant
    kids or me (the old ignorant adult)-for watching.
    I think the Chelsea situation just pisses me off the most-I feel so bad for
    that father. he just cannot say “no” (what happened to the mother
    of chelsea?)
    I really hope the twins end up ok-do we ever find out whats really
    wrong w/ Ali?

  7. boston02127 says:

    I can’t stand Chelsea. She’s so dumb. I really don’t like Janelle but I hope the best for her. I feel sorry for her. Her mother is sick. Is her mother an alcoholic?

    • I don’t know but she looks like an alcoholic, doesn’t she?

      • Tracy without an E says:

        I’m thinking she may be also. I also think she’s a hardened, bitter woman whose husband/baby daddy probably took off when her kids were young. Now she sees Jenelle- the younger, prettier version of herself- making the same mistakes she made and instead of helping her better her and Jace’s life, she’d rather Jenelle be miserable and alone and without any future like she had been.
        Like you said, RCH, if her own mother does not believe in her how in the hell is she going to believe in herself? Let’s remember she’s still just a kid, really and truly, and kids don’t always project what they are really feeling inside. I am now Team Jenelle and hope that her anger and bitterness does not take over so much that she cannot rise above her situation and prove her mother wrong.

  8. Go To Sleep says:

    I’m curious to know when these girls get paid and how much they make (for their first season). Recently Kailyn posted on FB about her car accident and how her car was totaled- the one her mom gave her. She seemed stressed about it and about getting a new car. If they are making so much money, why is it such a big issue, I wonder…

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jo is a major tool – the more distance she puts between them the better!
    What bothers me about these mommies is how they want what they think they are missing and their babies are not their first priorities. I know it is a blanket statement but their immaturity and lack of life experiences and clueless parents drive me nuts! Chelsea’s dad take the prize – kick icky Adam out of the house he is paying for and make his daughter go to school and get a trade or the gravy train ends. Janielle should go to school but why does she have to move away from Jace to do so? As crazy as her mother is you would think Janielle would want to be more in her son’s life but it seems that Kieffer is more important and Jace is like a pet she will get back eventually. MTV should pay them in trust funds for their kids – afterall, they wouldn’t be on tv unless they had them!

  10. Tara F says:

    Chelsea makes me SO cranky… but I can’t decide if it’s even really her fault. She’s surrounded by enablers – her stupid friends who won’t tell her to break up with Adam, her father who continues to pay her bills despite the fact that she’s going against his wishes, or even Adam himself who just keeps telling her what she wants to hear. Boo…

    All in all, I’m not finding this group of “women” as compelling as the last group. Granted, Janelle can scream, but she’s not half as scary as Amber. Kaylin’s life was kind of trashy, but Caitlin’s life was TOTALLY trashy (Mom and Stepdad all tweaked out, bumping from trailer to trailer). Maci and Ryan were so much more interesting to watch than Adam and Chelsea — Maci at least had the guts to sack up and kick his ass to the curb. And Farrah may have bugged me, but she doesn’t come NEAR to the level of ire that Chelsea inspires. Leah doesn’t totally bother me, but according to this weeks’s issue of In Touch magazine, she’s totally cheating on Cory with this guy “Sam” – so she’s totally putting on a show for the cameras and is really and Amber in disguise.

    The idea that girls are getting pregnant to go on this show is just sad… The novelty’s wearing off quickly!

    Good recap 🙂

    • Leah better not be cheating on my beloved Corey!

      I agree, the other Teen Moms are better. I think they should swap Caitlyn and Tyler for Janelle and just have one show.

      • Addy Lynn says:

        I agree that the Teen Mom shows should be merged into one, but I think it should be Maci, Farrah, Leah and Jenelle. I’m over Amber, Caitlyn’s storyline has run its course, and Chelsea and Kailyn are blah.

    • Go To Sleep says:

      Leah has come out and said the story of her cheating is a lie and some guy is just trying to make money off her. I hope that’s the case. She would be crazy to cheat on Corey. And really, I don’t see when she would even have the chance to do so with being the primary caregiver of 2 kids.

  11. NMhousewife says:

    I personally don’t think Leah cheats on Cory. Look at the source, “In Touch”….Isn’t that just rumor reporting for a good story? All those mags like Us Weekly, OK, etc are just as reputable as the Enquirer and Star. I have read some of those mags, and the stories are all rumor and fashion, nothing substantial.

    That’s another reason I hope this group of girls do not continue with season after season of this show because that sort of notoriety can’t be healthy for relationships.

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  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Can’t understand how Jo’s parents can overlook their son’s behavior! His mom obviously wants K&J to be a happy couple but putting a roof over Kailyn’s head but not making her son go to school or get a job is stupid. Why would Kailyn want a relationship with that loser?

    • Jo’s mom seems to think that they should stay together because of Issac and doesn’t consider Jo’s behavior to be an issue.
      It makes me wonder how her husband treats her. Jo learned that behavior somewhere.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Maybe his folks are looking for a “do over” with Issac and don’t have the stones to kick both K&J out and go for custody themselves.

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