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Here is a documentary detailing why America is on it’s way to becoming the next Nazi Germany. No joke. Watch it and freak out.



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The Real Housewives of New York Faux Recap

The Real Housewives of Late Night

This lady is crazy, but I think I’d like to hang out with her

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  1. Terry says:

    Lovely little film. She’s captured many concerns in a lovely, fluid way.

    With the greatest respect, but as right as she is about many things, her viewpoint is very typically insular of America: Americans can express their thoughts freely, etc., as if that was not the case anywhere else. She also completely bypasses the legacy of our horrid, horrid foreign policy, and why that might have just a tad to do with why the rest of the world feels we might be receiving the bad karma we spread around.

    While I applaud her film, I find it hopelessly provincial and insular in scope. Maybe that’s part of our problem.

  2. Need a Hobby says:

    lol @ the RH secrets.

    I first read The Bloggess when I ran across her account of her vacation in Belize. I was lmao:

  3. Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

    *mber alert
    Missing As’ have been reported
    Disclaimer: this is not making fun of the Amber Alert system which is a very GOOD system. This is only pointing out RCH lost some As’ along the way ;D. She has either gone blind trying to keep up with the past week or broke her keyboard ( keybord ). I surrender to the blog powers and the higher powers of Twitter
    P.S. I still do not hate JS She may be guilty but she does not deserve this kind of treatment. No one does

    • Where are my missing A’s? You just made me spell check the blog. I’m confused…

      If you don’t think JS deserves this, then does that mean you are ok with her asking for donations from people instead of working an actual job to pay the money she owes in restitution? You think I should stay quiet and let her guilt people into giving her money when I see serious evidence that she’s lying? I’m really confused by you Sardonica. I see her lies spread all over the internet accompanied by a donate button, and you don’t think I should say anything? I just cannot understand that.

  4. Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

    You fixed the 1st ‘A’ ( lunder? ) since I posted comment. Sure, make me a liar ermm lir*

  5. Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

    Okay now the cat ppl are ‘pissed’ at me for the #peeecircle stuff. I freakin quit this crap . Help me Tuz!!!!!!!!!!!! I blame it ALL on RCH. She made me join Twitter last fall. Started with You Tube vid and progressed to RH rehab. Next up the blog…then the dreaded mother of em all…Twitter. Tomorrow I will have no twitfriends, PETA will toss paint on me and I will have to go back to real life. Oh the inhumanity of it ALL! Also I sent the past week referencing stuff to husband by saying hash this and hash that…geeee. #insanitycalledandianswered
    P.S. Still dont hate the JS person and still think it is hateful and how many pounds of flesh do you need? #ffs he/
    he/she who is without sin yada yada . Glass houses, etc. Dont approve but look in your own backyard

    • I may not be perfect, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to sit by quietly and not say anything when I see someone clearly lying about something.
      So by you defending her I can only assume that you approve of what she’s doing. If you think a blog about the TRUTH is bad – then that means you are ok with her lies.
      I don’t expect you to hate her. I don’t hate her. But what she’s doing is wrong, and my conscience doesn’t let me sit here and see her lies and do nothing about it. People need to know the truth. I wish there had been a blog like this around when I first learned of Zen Jenn. Then I (and so many others) wouldn’t be feeling stupid right now for falling for soooo much of her crap.
      It’s not like JS apologized, learned a lesson, and moved on. She’s still doing it! Read her twitter timeline. It’s all lies. I’m sorry… but I have to seriously question the morals of someone who would stand up for a scam artist and a liar and be unhappy with the people telling the truth.

      • And btw, I pay for things with my own money. Not stolen credit cards.
        “Glass houses” does not apply in this situation.

        • jezzibel says:

          just spritz the cat with some water from a water bottle, she’ll fluff up and after some thorough self-grooming she’ll sort her self out, and if not just toss her a jingly ball and she’ll be preoccupied for hours.

        • Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

          It is about letting the law deal with her. The point was made on day 1 and everything after is nothing more than vindictiveness and bloodlust.

          • “The law” does not know about what she does online, and even if they did, “the law” is not going to come on twitter and warn people not to give her money.
            As someone else put it – it was a public service.
            In case you haven’t noticed, I didn’t make anything up here, this all stuff Jenn put out there. As soon as she stops lying we have nothing left to talk about.
            I find it incredibly interesting that every time people stop talking about her, someone like you comes in and tells us to stop talking about her.
            You have a problem with the blog, I know, I saw your original post and sent you a email. You ignored my email and instead come onto a blog that has nothing to do with Jenn and start talking about her. What is your goal here other than to make sure the topic stays on her?
            I find your motives questionable.

            • Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

              oh geeeeeeee
              Move on already

            • If you have something to say to “everyone” then why don’t you go post in the JS blog and say it to “everyone”???
              I purposely replied to you in an email and not on the blog (and asked others not to repsond to you) because I liked you and didn’t want any drama regarding your opinion of the JS mess. But obviously you WANT to have drama. There was no other reason for you to post what you did except to stir up trouble.

              Honestly Sardonica… I don’t know what your problem is all of a sudden, and I RARELY post anything that isn’t sarcastic, but you seriously pissed me off today.
              I have to question someone who so strongly defends someone like Jenn, someone who you don’t even talk to (as far as I know). If you think credit card fraud is ok, and scamming people is ok, and telling the truth about lies you see being told is wrong, then maybe you shouldn’t post here anymore.
              I was willing to accept that we have different opinions and let it go, but you obviously just want to start trouble.
              So maybe you should go post on Jenn’s blog instead since you think she’s such a great person… oh wait, you can’t, because she doesn’t allow comments. Hmm wonder why that is?

              • Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

                I know I shouldnt respond to your baiting but the gutter does have its draw after awhile. You asked for a letter. You got it yet still you say I keep bring up the JS issue. What a hoot! No matter what I or anyone else who isn’t kissing your rear do you will twist it to make yourself some sort of victim and me or the other naysayers the instigators. Enjoy your mind games but please do try to get better at them at least. You and your co horts are kinda lame. No winning games with people who have no agenda in life other than to create hate all the day long and then type about it to each other and any others who are in the vicinity. I find it hard to believe you are that clueless, I used to give you the benefit of the doubt but I have seen enough people tell you the same thing. Enjoy the hell you have set up for yourselves but remember that someday the type of people you associate with and apparently are will always turn on you at some point, too. Birds of a feather, etc. What a pity
                Now go to work on yourself justification and spin away. Enjoy the mud! It the natural enviroment for you and your kind. Yes… meow meow. I do bite back when I see bad behavior and I have seen more than my share in this blog especially this past week. Also I suggest you stop trolling your own blogs for hits. Another lame move. All of you are so obvious. Children playing a game and playing it so very poorly, too. Sorry I insulted children just now. They tend to grow and mature over time. I have only seen devolution encouraged here

              • I’m baiting YOU???
                Are you insane or are you just trying to fuck with my head right now??
                I sent you a very nice email asking you to agree to disagree and come back to the blog. But you just couldn’t let it go. You couldn’t resist the nasty comments.
                Should I remind you of what you wrote at the end of each of your posts up there:

                “P.S. I still do not hate JS She may be guilty but she does not deserve this kind of treatment. No one does”

                “P.S. Still dont hate the JS person and still think it is hateful and how many pounds of flesh do you need? #ffs he/
                he/she who is without sin yada yada . Glass houses, etc. Dont approve but look in your own backyard”

                “The point was made on day 1 and everything after is nothing more than vindictiveness and bloodlust.”

                And all this on a blog that wasn’t even about JS – no one was talking about her, YOU brought it up. If that’s not baiting then I don’t know what is. There was no reason for you to write those comments. You made your point very clear in your very long post on the JS blog. Everyone already knows how you feel. There was no point to those comments other than to start an argument. I asked you to talk to me in emails if you had a problem and not do it on the blog. You ignored my email and instead and come on here trying to instigate. Considering that we always got along, I don’t understand what your motive is right now. If you don’t like the blog anymore than don’t read it. You coming in here just to argue makes no sense to me. I don’t like drama and I REALLY don’t appreciate someone I considered a friend of the blog creating it.

                And as far as birds of a feather: exactly my point.
                That’s why I have a real problem with the people defending JS. What kind of person are YOU that you don’t have a problem with her behavior?

                And who are you accusing of being a troll? The point of a troll is to stir up drama and create fighting, right? Well, the only person doing that is you.

                There is only one troll here, and he’s a man.

  6. Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

    I love jingly bells!

    • Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

      I never get these replies in the right place …grrrrr

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Why don’t you get the hell out of here if you don’t like the blog?

        And…I’m going to strongly suggest that remove the tweet that you posted saying that WSL is a convict. Either prove it or remove it sweetie. And stay the hell off of my blog, you’re NOT welcome there!

        RCH this disgusting cat’s litter box is really starting to STINK, why let this piece of garbage stick around here? She is stinking up the place!

        • Sardonica and @catsamewsed says:

          I did get the hell out and was encouraged back everyday. I only repeat what I read back in November and I read the proof submitted by another then. I dont go to your blog. The name of the blog alone tells me all I ever needed to know about you and your victims ermm I mean commenters. You flatter yourself.. Once again…birds of a feather. tweet tweet
          P.S. The word ‘sweetie’ is used by trash when trying to gear up for a brawl in a cheap bar. Well, I guess I did stumble into this darkly lit place one day and this is what I get for not paying enough attention to my surroundings. Sadly I have seen me lower myself to a level I do not desire to be on. Responding as I have today makes me no better than you right now. Another saying comes to mind ‘lie down with dogs and you get up with fleas’ I am off to the groomer strongly in need of a dip. At least I know the difference between right and wrong and when to clean myself up. I suggest you take an honest look at yourself and your motivations, too

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Not surprisingly you have no clue what you’re talking about, you visit well respected and popular blogs like this one and throw out your vile comments. You were encouraged to come back? I doubt it!

            You said, “The word ‘sweetie’ is used by trash when trying to gear up for a brawl in a cheap bar.”
            You would know…
            “I am off to the groomer strongly in need of a dip”
            I couldn’t agree more…adios!

  7. tweatcyn says:

    Housewife Post Secrets are my favorite. LOVE them! Please be sure to visit to see Alison Dubois’ Oscar predictions.

    • So was she right? I predict… NO.
      I skimmed the Amanda Knox thing. Poor girl. Did you hear they charged her parents now too? Apparently it’s a crime to tell the newspapers that the Italian cops are morons and don’t know how to do their jobs. Have you ever seen that show Banged Up Abroad? Scary shit.

      • Adgirl says:

        If you read the book The Monster of Florence you get a good idea of the Italian rural police. The American author was researching a series of murders in Tuscany when the very same DA/police official charged him with the murders!
        The author and his family fled the country.
        He ends his book with a synopsis of the Amanda Knox situation. She was railroaded plain and simple. Someone else already has been convicted of the crime!
        She is a little weird but not a murderess. I feel especially bad for her family and the italian borfriend that have been caught up in this miscarriage of justice.

      • Go To Sleep says:

        This is interesting…I haven’t followed the Amanda Knox case too closely, but I saw some of the Lifetime movie (I had to pause and need to rewatch the rest today! It was so interesting). But I thought there was a lot of evidence pointing to her involvement, no? They said she told her roommates that Meredith’s throat was slit when that info hadn’t been released yet. Wouldn’t that be a red flag? If she wasn’t involved and is wrongly accused, that would be such a travesty.

  8. Adgirl says:

    Sardonica – is that really you?? I used to enjoy your posts.

    Your comments about JS are stupid. Sardonica is/was not stupid. If JS steals from her employer (as she confirmed in court) and she is nasty online as we have read on her very own blog & twitters then what else is she doing?

    I’ll be she harasses people & all over the place. I’ll bet she barely sleeps because of all of the crazy schemes running through her cracked brain. She probably plots all day. I’ll bet her poor kids are filthy and neglected because all Jenn wants to do is to steal anything that isn’t nailed down and hurt the people she is jealous of.

    She is plain evil. There is nothing that has been said about her that isn’t true in fact or spirit. There is nothing that has been said she doesn’t say herself about innocent people she is professionally afraid of. She is worm. A cockroach. A slimy potato-bug that lives underground.

    I’ve had someone like this in my own life and I only wish someone, anyone, everyone warned me. I’m not a mean, violent or nasty person but I would gladly remove that person’s teeth & fingernails out with a set of pliers for what he/she/they did to my family. GLADLY.

    • Adgirl, I also can’t believe this is really Sardonica. After the first couple posts I was hoping she was on vacation and JS hacked her account.
      It doesn’t sound like her at all, does it? She was always funny and witty…. and now her posts are so ignorant and rude.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Haven’t said anything previously on this, but eff that after her comments to RCH.

      IMO Sar/cat’s underlying issue is not essentially about JS per se or about compassion, or “haters,” etc. For ex, she has no problem with those who “hate” Lynn and use her and others as punching bags. She follows that without noticeable complaint or sermonizing.

      Sar/cat got all upset months ago when she tried on Twitter to “make peace” in the “chins”/Lynn bidness, without having a clue of the history, & was basically told to butt out by Lynn IIRC. IIRC the worse thing said to her by others, not Lynn, was that she was being passive/aggressive. That was it. She could not let that go. Since then, she’s thrown in with chins, etc, who of course we know are never unkind or “hateful.” Right. So of course JS is a poor victim, no matter what she did IRL. Lynn is their shared Moriarty.

      • You know what, this makes a lot of sense.
        In her first post on the JS blog, I think she said something along the lines of telling me to think for myself and not listen to Lynn.
        I figured she was confused and in the email I explained that Lynn had nothing to do with this. I didn’t understand why she would think that.
        But now it all makes sense. As usual… it’s not really about what it’s about.
        And after reading her TL (something I had never done before which is another reason why I was caught off guard here) it’s clear that she has no problem with mean or vindictive behavior.
        Passive/agressive is exactly what she is. I can’t stand that. I would have had more respect and been less bothered if she would have gone in the JS blog and stated her opinion. But the sneaky way she slid those little digs in at the end of her comments were what pushed me over the edge.
        I’ve never told anyone to leave the blog before. Not trolls, not haters, not JS defenders. No one. She is the first.

      • Adgirl says:

        Wow. Thanks for your note. I really hadn’t kept up with any of that. I only noticed maybe 4 posts by Sar the past few months.

        People are strange. I don’t understand why they get their diapers in a wad about RCH or Lynn.
        Why visit their site or talk about them obsessively on twitter if you don’t like them or their writing? That demonstrates some serious emotional problems by them. I’m glad I don’t know any of these bishes in real life.

        I visit the sites because of my own personal JS. My experience so infuriated me that I have had a blast venting on the JS topic.

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Some behavior will never have a positive justification – stealing, lying for profit, committing fraud, defaming someone’s character, giving your child a Sharpie to play with – just can not be justified! When behavior becomes public knowledge, sadly it will be talked about but the bottomline is that if you did it, you will own it one way or another because like it or not consequences happen! If someone doesn’t want to know about it – then don’t go to blogs where that is the topic!

  10. Anita Vacation says:

    RCH–I’m a long time lurker here (well, not that long–about 3 weeks–lol) but first time poster.

    Personally, I think it is fabulous that you outed JS–someone needed to. Playing on the sympathy of those following your blog(s) and scamming them for money through lying is simply disgusting behavior. And you are absolutely right–the law is not going to do anything to stop her shenanigans online (although hopefully, she will be prosecuted to the full extent for ripping off her former employers).

    I think people should do what they can to protect each other–and that would include calling someone out on lying, unethical behavior. So bravo to you!

    I also want to say that I love your blog! You are fast becoming a fave of mine. And now that I have broken in with commenting, I expect I’ll be back.

    Take care,

    Anita Vacation

  11. Adgirl says:

    @ putyourhairup. I saw this on your twitter. I don’t have an account so I thought I’d take a guess here.
    Your twitter: “I can’t sleep & I was just thinking… who is the person who invented cooking? Does anyone know? Like, who was the first person that decided ”
    about 3 hours ago via web

    Wilma Flintstone & Betty Rubble?

  12. tweatcyn says:

    Wow, whaddup with sard/cats? I had no idea all of this has been going on. Outrageous comments coming from that one.
    Thanks for reading my last two blog posts. I didn’t know abt that book so I’m glad you mentioned it.I’ll have to see if my library has it.

  13. CAgirl says:

    Wow. I already miss Sardonica’s comments, they were quite witty and enjoyable. No desire to jump into the fray, other than to say I will miss her snark. Not taking sides or pointing fingers here, just feeling a bit blue…and confused.

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      Me too. 😦

      • Tracy without an E says:

        Me three. I feel like there’s a rift in the family and Sunday dinner has become *really* uncomfortable. I hope this blows over asap and we get back to snarking about housewives and teen moms and the like.

        Soooo, how ’bout that Charlie Sheen??

        • CAgirl says:

          He he Tracy–I have been walking around the last day telling everyone how much I am “winning” at everything (it’s the new know that)!!! Looking forward to the interview tonight 🙂

        • I really tried to make it blow over. I don’t like to argue with people I like, so I asked her to agree to disagree, move on, let it go, and not discuss the JS stuff since it causes drama. But I guess she is refusing to do that. And after reading her TL I am extra disappointed. She’s not the nice sarcastic cat I thought she was.

          She knows that she is still welcome back when/if she decides to let it go. 😦

          (Btw Lynn’s comment here was about something that happened on twitter in case anyone was wondering why it seemed random)

        • Over The Gaffe says:

          I am no’Chaim Levine’ here. Hope you caught that joke 🙂 vrooooooooooom vrooooooom beeeeeep beeeeeeeep

  14. Over The Gaffe says:

    Why do I always miss the showdowns? 😦
    I’m eating a fresh sliced of bread, with melted Bre Cheese, topped off with some Greek Olives, glazzed with some Virgin Olive oil, and sealed with some fresh ground black pepper,and basil. I’m in Heaven 🙂

    ‘Realhouse wife of whatever’ you’d be correct we’re talking about .igourmet they’ve got some really good Yummy cheese.

    • CAgirl says:

      Dammit, you’re making me hungry Gaffe!!! And cheese is my weakness, second only to nuts 🙂

    • Everywhere I look today people are talking about food! Now it’s almost midnight and I’m cooking pasta because I’m out of cake mix.
      Wishing I had some Brie.
      This whole “not eating late” thing we’ve been trying is not working out so well.

    • Real Houswife of Wherever says:

      I had the best from them, and am currently nibbling on some Parmiggiano
      Reggiano like a little mouse savoring every last yummy morsel 🙂

  15. Over The Gaffe says:

    CAgirl I told you,and warned you before hand you’d get addictive to them. 🙂

    Put your hair up. Staten Island Kids, were a group of kids booked to perform for the Academy Awards. Which the show was dreadful this year. Night night goober heads.

  16. Over The Gaffe says:

    P.S Sardonicananicanola.
    BLOG. Oooopsies burp burp burp
    (sardonica) you can be devoured by my adoration, sparkle by sparkle. (troll man) to (sardonica)Oh no my duck can do a wonderful trick,my duck can lay an egg

    (sardonica) to (trollman) And what is so wonderful about that? (trollman) to (sardonica) well..can you lay an egg? Vrooooooooom vrooooooooom vroooooooom

  17. over the gaffe says:

    For a sweet ole prize, tell me which Actress spoke those famous lines. “my duck can do a wonderful trick” 🙂

  18. Real Houswife of Wherever says:

    Well, I’m off for a few days and come back to check out what I missed, and find out the neighborhood cat had rabies.
    It reminds me of those internet singles looking for love that your warned about. They send you a picture of Johnny Depp, quote lines from Like Water for Chocolate, Dirty Dancing, Better off Dead, etc, tell you of how they are a bad boy with a heart of gold just waiting for you to come and dig it out….then you fly across country after 6mths of cyber dating and sexting, only to come face to face with Kenny Powers still living in the “apartment” above his parents garage, waiting for his disablity check to come so he can take you out to In-n-Out Burger (the best part of the whole trip).
    Mama always told me “Cat’s are evil animals that suck the air out of babies in when they sleep in their cribs”. …not really…that was my grandmother that told me that, BUT it just goes to show you that you can be lulled into a state of contentment and then they strike.

    • LOL. Did that really happen to you??

      • Real Houswife of Wherever says:

        No, but I do watch Millionare Matchmaker which could be considered the same thing…never judge a book by it’s cover!
        I did have a friend that met her soon-to-be husband on some new-age website comment section! Maybe you need to open up a “co-ed getting to know your commenters” tab along with the beauty tab!
        (PS – my grandmother never told me anything about cats sucking the life out of you. Only my great-grandmother told me I was “Strong Like Bull!” while making us flex our arm muscles.)

        • I think a co-ed page would be pointless because Anthro and Troll Man are the only men here, and one of them is gay. Lol.

          • Real Houswife of Wherever says:

            I was thinking the same thing after I posted! Slim Pickins!

          • WhiteTrashGal says:

            You’re not trying to tell me you think there’s a straight man posting here, are you? Or tweeting with all the hens? Even the evil hens?

            That would be extraordinary, my dear.

            About that cat…that looked like grandstanding to me.

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