Why I’m Not Blogging About Miami

Hey guys. A few blogs ago I wrote this in response to Bravo snatching RHONY away from us at the very last moment and replacing them with some random women we weren’t expecting and who didn’t even have a page on the Bravo website:

“I want RHONY back. I think I’m going to boycott these Miami bitches out of spite.”

It turned out that I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t planning on watching the show. So I jumped on the boycott band wagon in an effort to get some free stuff… erm, wait, what are we asking for? Acknowledgment? Ok, but I also want a free case of Skinny Girl Margarita’s and a couple bottles of Ramona’s Turtle Time juice – or else Bravo!! OR…ELSE!!!

While we’re on the subject of complaining and demanding things, I have one complaint that the others don’t: Bravo Canada does not air Housewives! Why do you hate Canadians Bravo? Why?? Yes, I know, you do give us Housewives on Slice… eventually. But that is way after the seasons are over in the U.S. and no one is talking about them online anymore. And Slice releases all the franchises all at once and plays them back to back one right after the other creating one big confusing mess. At 8pm they’re in DC, at 9pm they’re in Atlanta, in New Jersey at 10pm… No one knows what the hell is going on! Not to mention that Slice is like the red headed step child of Canadian programing. You might as well just give me the shows and let me release them on my Youtube channel. It would be better than Slice.

Ohhhh Bravo, I show you so much love and you just throw me aside. You are the Greg to my Nene, the Adrienne to my Taylor, the Bethenny to my Jill. Sigh…

If you guys want to join in on the boycott that’s cool, if not, I won’t hold it against you. You can still discuss the show in the comments.

Here is what some of the other bloggers are saying:

From Lynn’s Blog:

I Hate Jill Zarin Bloggers Unite!

Hi Everyone!

Yes, its true, I won’t be blogging about The Real Housewives of Miami. I’m not “banning” any discussion of the show, but I want everyone to understand why we’re all doing this and I’m hoping for your support.

By “we” I’m talking about Real Old Housewife, Real City Housewife, TVTime101 and Terry Aley. We’re all a bit upset with Bravo right now and we are hoping that this will change the relationship between us and them and in turn improve our blogs and improve the content that you all read on our blogs. Continue reading….


From Terry Aley:

This is the last I’ll be talking about the Real Housewives of Miami – for now. Let me explain if you haven’t already heard the buzz. A group of the biggest and most influential Real Housewives and Bravo TV bloggers have united to simply stop talking about this brand new series. I gave the “sneaky preview” show a negative review yesterday. And I’ll continue to remind my 6,300+ Twitter followers just how much of a snoozefest this show is. Continue reading…


From TV Time 101:

Ok, reasons for me boycotting the new ‘unamed’ franchise is this.  Bravo has done nothing to support us bloggers or give us any acknowledgement to the fact that we egg on viewership and provide a lot of advertising for their programming.
Continue reading…


Also from TV Time 101:

Believe it or not, there are other worthy networks to peruse on the Tuesday 10:00 pm time slot!!   Let me give you a few options if your channel is stuck on the Bravo channel.  We have a remote for a reason people!!  It is not a back scratcher or something to throw at the dog or kids with.   Or more importantly to some.. to hide your batteries from your kids that is stored for OTHER uses.. yes.. I went there..    Continue reading…


From Real Old Housewife:

As you may have already read on some other blogs and on Twitter, a few of us bloggers are taking a pass on Real Housewives of Miami. We won’t be watching or writing recaps of Bravo’s newest Real Housewives franchise. When I was asked to join the others in this boycott, I said sure because I had already decided not to  watch or recap RHOM. Though I support the requests made by my fellow bloggers, my reasons for shunning RHOM are a bit different.

One of my reasons is that after Bravo got me excited about the new season of RHONY starting, at the last minute they suddenly announced they were postponing the NYC premiere and would be showing Real Housewives of Miami instead. To add insult to injury, all they offered as an explanation was some lame blather about NYC needing more editing. Continue reading…


Mickey’s take on the matter

On another subject, here is a really good interview with Kyle. Looks like she’s beginning to see the light with Taylor.

I love this woman. The Really Real Housewife from Bensonhurst

And then there is this……

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297 Responses to Why I’m Not Blogging About Miami

  1. Marie says:

    Coming out of lurkdom to comment for once…say it ain’t so RCH?!?RHOMIA sucks but I was hoping you weren’t going along with the “boycott”..I’ve loved you from afar and shared some info with you in the past..don’t do iiit! 🙂

  2. FakeOprah says:

    I’m so sad to hear that, good or bad RHOM I look forward to your blogs for my weekly entertainment and my belly laugh.

  3. OMG says:

    “Influencial Bloggers?”


    This is what RT says,

    51Reality Tea
    23 Feb, 2011 at 7:17 pm
    @Teresa and @Cutie pie, I did not know about this boycott. From reading that, it seems a bit puzzling. Bravo isn’t leaking out anything to TMZ or RadarOnline, it is typically done by the cast members or others involved with the shows – something the network discourages. They prefer to keep things under wraps until they decide to officially announce it.

    I have access to Bravo’s photos and press releases. Quite frankly, it’s not that hard to get access to if you know what to do. Contacting Andy Cohen via twitter or any other form is not the way to get access to these things. That’s not Andy’s job.

    And whenever Bravo does supply a major media outlet with breaking news (example – PEOPLE magazine with the news of RHMIA premiere) they usually make it available to other outlets within hours.

    And Valerie, you are right. Even if the top blogs decided to stop covering the housewives, it wouldn’t have that big of an impact. These shows gets millions of viewers. Majority of people who watch don’t read the “blogs.”

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      so far this has been the best post about the situation
      most of the fans of the blogs seem to think its all to do with Andy and while he is vice pres of programming and ex producer of the shows its not his job
      there are people at Bravo that handle all that BUT if they dont allow the stars themselfs to speak of upcoming shows what makes these people think they are gonna give them things in advance

  4. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    not joining any boycott and i adore both you and lynn
    i just find the boycott to be counter productive and cant see anything positive coming from it

  5. Go To Sleep says:

    Well, personally, I don’t understand this whole concept. I didn’t start watching Bravo because of these blogs- actually the other way around: I started reading these blogs because of Bravo! If anything, you guys owe them! LOL. Without them, none of you would have your blogs or loyal viewers.
    So you all are just boycotting one Bravo show since you aren’t getting to see RH0NY when you wanted? Seriously, I love your blog and will continue to read- but this whole thing is silly. And the ‘demands’…are you guys kidding yourselves? Who thought of this mess? Lynn having a blog worshipping Bethenny and Alex and making fun of Jill and Kelly did not make her the Queen Bravo Bee!

    • Go To Sleep says:

      let me just add, the reason I make that comment about Lynn is because I went to her blog as well and read her post about this, and that list of expectations in the letter sent to Bravo is simply ridiculous. You guys chose to do these blogs on your own, and now you want to get exclusive rights to Bravo for it? Sounds like some of you have caught the “Jenn Sale” fever….

      • I don’t think anyone asked for exclusive rights to anything, just to have the same opportunities that the other blogs get.

        • Go To Sleep says:

          To have a Bravo “source” that gives exclusive interviews and information…To get sneak peeks of the shows…To get a special line for WWHL to call in…To have your blogs linked on Bravotv.com….plus more…

          Did you read your own list of expectations in that letter? I’m sorry, but do you really think Andy and Co. is going to endorse blogs that are completely biased or with names like “I HATE JILL ZARIN”. I’m pretty sure he’s not trying to alienate the people that are on his shows by making a couple hobby bloggers happy. If you guys think you are on the levels of USWeekly or TMZ, then like I said: “Jenn Sale Fever”.

          • You bring up some good points about endorsing biased blogs. I really don’t know…
            No one said they were on the level of USWeekly or TMZ lol. But those aren’t Housewife sites, so it’s not the same thing. They cover all things celebrity related. Our blogs (mine at least) is Housewives only with a little Teen Mom thrown in. And even though they get more readers, they don’t get the comments or discussion that we do about Housewife stuff. So that should count for something, no?
            I think Lynn’s point was that if they would have at least replied to an email and said “We can’t endorse a blog with that name” it would be better than being completely ignored.
            So… idk…
            You should ask her that question though. My blog isn’t biased. I’m an equal opportunity offender.

    • AngryOldMan says:

      I think your argument falls apart since your premise, “you all are just boycotting one Bravo show since you aren’t getting to see RH0NY when you wanted” is incorrect. Bravo spent months advertising a start date for RHoNY thereby creating the usual anticipation then swapped it for RHoMIA a week before the premier. A classic bait and switch. That’s why some feel duped, they were.

      I think Bravo execs would agree that their success is largely due to their use of the web. Bravo has aggressively marketed on blogs, Facebook and Twitter. They produce a great deal of web-only content to increase interest and attract the younger, tech-savvy demographic they sell to advertisers. To think Bravo doesn’t need the free advertising and buzz of blogs is wrong. While you may not have started watching Bravo because of the blogs, I bet the blogs got you watching more and kept you interested. Heck, this blog geven you commenting. That’s all part of Bravo’s strategy.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ITA – Obviously most, if not all, who come to these blogs watched the shows first. Most, if not all, who come to these blogs were dissatisfied with Bravo’s blogs. Bait and switch sucks – on tv and in real life. Asking for acknowledgement of efforts that enhance your product is not asking much and all these blog boycotts say you are still free to comment on RHoM. Just as you are free to watch or not watch the show in question.

        • Amber...RealWife says:

          Some viewers were dissatisfied with BRAVO blogs, but only SANTA in Miracle on 34th Street, sends readers from Macy’s to Gimbels or Bloomingdales or Saks! LOL

          I really liked RCH and if anyone can take the heat it’s her. She really needs to understand this move is disingenuous as all those bloggers continue to blog on BRAVO fare daily, and keep salivating over their offers. What incentive does BRAVO have to acquiese to their demands, when like a broke down ho, they keep coming back to their pimp? LOL

          Let me love you like I do RCH! LMAO

      • Go To Sleep says:

        Actually, I read the blogs for the entertainment….and even if I never came to this blog, there are many larger sites out there that I will still read the recaps from (Gawker, People, B-sideBlog, etc). This will also open the doors for other bloggers to get more attention and viewers, anyway. There will always be other bloggers.
        Without this blog, I HONESTLY will always still watch Bravo and their shows. Actually, I never even read Lynn’s recaps because they are sooo long and totally biased and waaay too serious for my taste.
        I only came onto this blog about a week ago when I saw the link to the Dinner from Hell Clip and saw that PYHU is much more light and funnier, but I’ve been “bravo’s bitch’ for waaaay long than that.

        For them to only boycott Miami, it’s really not going to do anything to Bravo…especially since they will still be watching OC, Bethenny, Top Chef, etc. It will have no impact. They will still be ‘advertising’ the network.

        The general public was annoyed by the bait-and-switch, sure. Maybe that will affect Miami only. And really, it’s funny how these ladies decided to boycott AFTER they saw that Miami was boring anyway…so now they can claim that their boycott was the reason- when people probably just won’t tune in because it’s not too interesting.

        The list of expected demands is ridiculous, not even the huge sites have a direct line to WWHL or their blogs linked on BravoTV.com

      • Distressed says:

        Fantastic argument, I agree on all counts.

    • I don’t think we owe them. It’s not like we profit off of this, or make a living from it. We do it because we love the shows and love talking about them. But the blog doesn’t really benefit me or my life… in fact it actually kinda gets in the way of my life. Lol. Bravo benefits from this situation more than I do.
      I don’t think it’s wrong to expect Bravo to show some appreciation to their fans, especially the ones who dedicate their time and effort to promote their shows for free.

      • Go To Sleep says:

        You chose to make this blog, no? How can you now complain about the time you put into it, when I’m pretty sure no one from Bravo approached you and asked you to do so.
        You all have not provided one shred of evidence that supports your claim that Bravo has benefited from any of your blogs. How are you going to make a claim without supporting it? Even Lynn said she really can’t provide the data. Please, take a poll or SOMETHING that tells me that people came onto your site without ever hearing of Bravo, and in turn tuned into Bravo because of it. I’d love to see those stats.
        I read your blogs AFTER watching the shows, not beforehand.

        Now I’m going to go call Brad Pitt and demand dinner with him, since I watch all his movies and spend money to do so… I had no idea it was all so simple!

        • When did I complain about the time I put into the blog? I love this blog. That’s why I do it.

          Bravo does benefit from blogs. Of course they do! Even if in a small way, anyone who is talking about the show, especially on the interent, is benefitting them.
          If you go to work and tell all your friends about this crazy show and then they start watching it, it’s benefiting them.

          Your Brad Pitt analogy isn’t fitting. Now if the person who runs his fansite was upset about him never replying to an email or tweet, that would be different.

  6. BessiB says:

    Well, I’m not watching Miami because it is just bad.

  7. BessiB says:

    Well, I’m not watching Miami because it is just a lousy show.

  8. Daisy Rockefeller says:

    RCH, I completely understand why you are boycotting, and if for nothing else, I imagine it takes up a lot of free time entertaining the masses with your amazing blogs. I can’t imagine doing blogs for something you are not interested in at all.

    Even before I knew of a boycott, I didn’t care to watch Miami. Just not interested. Maybe RHofBH took it out of me. Or, it could be the fact that I have a few friends that live in Miami and South Beach, and where I love them to pieces, I am glad they live there and I live here. We would not be friends if we were neighbors. I am so not interested in watching what I hear about. So, you still have a faithful reader who would push that donate button if you had one! 🙂

  9. Daisy Rockefeller says:

    I think that if you do not get a response, you bloggers should move to another network. TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras has a HUGE amount of material, exclusively the Moms say the most stupid stuff and do the most ridiculous things like spending up to 10,000 dollars on pageants for their 4 year old while living in squalor, and why are 99.9% of them morbidly obese? There are other reality shows out there on other networks. And even though we love to hate RH’s, it sucks if the network is full of unappreciative A-holes. I would not watch Bravo at all if I didn’t need to be up-to-date with this blog.

    • JB says:

      Oh that is so true. There are other GREAT shows on other networks that would create a lot of fodder for the bloggers!

      • Tracy without an E says:

        Yes, I vote for a Toddlers and Tiaras recap, too!

        • Really?
          Well if enough people want it I guess I could do it. Althout it sounds a little bit like torture.

          • Daisy Rockefeller says:

            You would be great at it!! The moms on this show are horrendous, and I have only see two girls that were little brats, but it’s the mom’s fault.

            The mom of the 15-month-old SamiJo Grace (she’s on Facebook) sprayed tanned her in the face!!! I nearly died when I saw that! The 5-year-old who was held down and the door shut on the cameras to get her eyebrows waxed….
            The little girl whose mom claims that she wants her to be a “doctor” but that the 6-year-old insists on being a Las Vegas dancer.

            I am telling you…there is so much to work with. Don’t get me wrong, I do not hold these children accountable; they can’t fix crazy no more than than the rest of us can. But we can point and laugh at it…LOL!!

            • Real Houswife of Wherever says:

              PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE recap T&T!!!! I watch this show in facinated disgust (SamiJo’s mom – I’m talking about you as a main offender!) I can’t tell you how many times (every) I am watching this train wreck and think “If only RCH blogged about this show, too!”
              Then I could unleash the pure ripshit anger I feel over these idiots ripping facial hair off their 5yr old, or giving their 15 mth old Redbull to keep them awake, or actually having ANOTHER kid when they are raising a demon spawn from hell now!
              And is it a requirement that the mothers come from the Bible Belt? Or be overweight or underage?
              PLEASE!!!!! I’ll send you some coffee even though I don’t drink it!

              BTW – changed my tag. Used to be of Whatever, but got a new computer and figured no one would know me anyway! lol

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    Dearest RCH – you have always given us much to snark and laugh about – you have put in much of your time and talent here for us to enjoy. You also snag the craziest trolls for our amusement. So I support you! Asking to be acknowledged with the intent of making Bravo shows more interesting for those who watch and blog is not going to cost them anything.
    I caught the RHoM sneak preview – Bravo threw us leftovers and scraps. The women are uninteresting, weird looking, think they are entitled/envied and dress like hookers. Yeah Miami isn’t New York but trash will always be trash.

  11. Marlyu says:

    How is the boycott helping exactly? If the Housewives shows suffer in any city I think we will see less of all of them. I think it’s a mistake. It’s not like they are canceling RHONY, it’s just been delayed about what.. 6 weeks?? Is that really a huge deal?? I for one would rather them take the time to make the show great then have it be disappointing!! Maybe the last footage they shot was the best and they had to re-vamp the whole thing? Those Miami bitches are idiots, that is for sure, they are embarrassing to watch, but I think we should support Bravo because we don’t want the RH franchise in general to suffer in the long run. Isn’t it more fun to make fun of those Miami fools than boycott them? Think of all the snarky fun Jill would have missed out on had it not been for the bloggers! 😉 In a way I can see how not giving them any attention could be a burn as well, but I just don’t want to discourage people from watching it.

    • It’s not so much the fact that NY was delayed as much as the way they did it.
      If one show does bad, I don’t think it will affect any of the other shows. If Miami gets poor rating it doesn’t change the fact that BH had good ratings. So I wouldn’t worry about that.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Advertisers put their money on good shows – their choice not Bravo’s choice. So do you put your money on a higher rated, meaning more viewers who may buy your products, show or not? At this point, reviews are out for RHoM and its not all sunshine and lollipops there – add a blogcott (small but a niche of show viewers) and ad dollars will go elsewhere. Not trying to take down Bravo here – just looking for some acknowledgement that gives them a more loyal fan base.

  12. Distressed says:

    I support the boycott. Bravo did post a teaser for NY as you mentioned and if Ramona getting into a physical altercation with a bravo producer is not enough for Andy Cohen then clearly he is nothing more than a greedy, whiny bitch – just like his principle subjects.

    I never watched a single episode of DC and it was no problem. I also went to the website and looked at the season preview of Miami; the next thing I knew I woke up at my desk with a piece of paper stuck to the side of my face.

    OC is coming very soon and regrettably NY will just take longer to air. As other commenters have pointed out here there’s plenty of trash TV to satisfy even the insatiable, wait a minute.

    • Tam5115 says:

      “I never watched a single episode of DC and it was no problem. I also went to the website and looked at the season preview of Miami; the next thing I knew I woke up at my desk with a piece of paper stuck to the side of my face.”

      LOL! Same thing happened to me but it was when I went to watch RHOA on my DVR and it had been switched to Miami.

  13. ~Luvz Cappuccino Frill'd~ says:

    It’s the witchyWives themselves who’ll put the kaboshe on this ganache…
    But kadoooze for try’n. 🙂

    I may YouTube watch……..with sound off…..
    to try and find that kewl turquoise that I once saw in a coastal sunset.

    Sound Off ~Sugarboogers!~ 🙂

  14. Over The Gaffe says:

    Ooops! Seems Trollman was right on January 28th,when he told you goober heads. If things didn’t go well with that show ,and if they couldn’t find new replacements they were going to scrap it.

    Now what do you know? Trollman came back,and your all fussing about what I had already given you the heads up about. Tee hee hee.

    Number(2) Why surprise about the Camille exit? And no she’s not being replaced with Denise Richards. It’s someone you haven’t heard of. Throw some troll food my way,and I’ll spill the beans.

  15. Over The Gaffe says:

    Put Your Hair Up. About the (infusion hair)
    My ex said she uses(Remie) strand by strand,and to achieve the “Texas Big hair” look. She “teases,and blow dries it.

    CAgirl. How did you like your products? Question goes for every one else who purchased their coffees.
    Susie did you purchase your coffee?

    Sanfroid? Hi
    Howdy Daisy
    Hi Glue , Hi Mickey Mouth, Windy, Terry, LuvsPHD,Tuzzy, Anthrope, CA, and a shout out to (A.S) House wife of whatever. I believe 🙂 did I miss any names?

    What happened to cmfdile Canadian poster? Haven’t seen him/her post for the year. Also Put your Hair Up, did you get permission to use Mikey Mouth ,Fruity little nut cake trademark? And can someone please tell me why all of the fun happened while I was gone?
    I would have loved to be in on that J.S action. Over 1 thousand comments.

  16. Marie says:

    I watch the HW’s because I enjoy the entertainment it brings..it has nothing to do with blogs.I think blogs are a fun to read along with the shows we watch but in no way do blogs influence me to watch or not watch anything.I think when a blog begins to have any influence on things you do irl you should maybe step away & evaluate how consumed you have become.I love this site and come to read to get my snorts and laughs on but “demands”??IMO it’s beyond silly BUT I heart RCH so I will continue to come and read..this is the only site of the ones on the list I visit so if I only have to read about this “boycott” here then so be it.If I read the others then id be beyond annoyed and just not read at all.

  17. Marie says:

    Too bad for you guys I’m not more nutty over blogs because I could have been one of your reporters at the Dupage County Courthouse.I use to work in that county for several years.lol. 😉

  18. I’m sorry that some of you have a problem with this, and I knew that not everyone would be happy. But look, I said a week ago that I wasn’t going to be watching Miami.
    So if others also aren’t watching, why not join their cause?
    Can you imagine if they get something out of this boycott and I wasn’t a part of it even though I wasn’t watching? Lol. That would suck! It’s worth a shot, why not?

    Besides I think some of you are missing the very important point that the show DOES NOT AIR ON TV where I live. I rely on tv sites to watch the show. Tv sites have enough problems with getting brand new shows even when they’re promoted to death before their release, and now they release Miami out of nowhere with no warning. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to find it online. I go threw a lot of hassle to get the shows, and I just don’t think it’s worth it for this show – and that’s IF it’s even available online.

    And, YES, I am pissed about NY and I think I have a right to be. Look, problems arrise sometimes – it’s life. But they should at least have enough respect for their viewers to tell us the truth about why they did that. Their answer about editing was insulting imo.

    Also, Miami is NOT a Housewives show. It was something else, then they just stuck the Housewives title on it at the last minute. Miami didn’t even have a page on Bravotv.com when their air date was released. The whole thing is just a mess….

    So no, I’m not watching the show.
    I’ve personally never contacted Bravo or even thought about dong that before. But the others do have a point – we provide free advertising and promotion for their shows and their network. I know that people from Bravo read our blogs, and I personally know of 5 Housewives who read my blog and tell me it’s funny in DM’s where their cast mates can’t see. So yeah… now that I think about it, I guess a little recognition would be nice.

    Do I think we’ll get anything on the list of demands? Not really…. But it’s worth a try, right?

    • Go To Sleep says:

      There is someone on Youtube named Kalipaus2 who posts the real housewives shows almost immediately. She had the Sneak Preview of Miami up the day it aired. And she posted all of ATL and BH. Just FYI.

      Like I said before, I highly doubt Andy will be endorsing a blog titled “I HATE JILL ZARIN’ anytime soon…

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      LMAO like for REAL!!

      Dag RCH you really believe in your cause don’t ya?! If you weren’t blogging MIAMI for your own reasons okay. If you decided to join the cause just for shits and giggles that’s okay too. But YOU, the snark queen, should step out and look into the crystal ball! If this were done by JSaleingTakesMeAway… ToPrison, you’d be laughing your Canadian Ass Off!

      Could this be a generational thing that you got caught up into? ROHOMC, while amusing, reminds me of your typical senior who becomes irrational. Mood swings, where they are either aggressive, docile, confrontational or lastly seeking vengeance when slighted, even displacing their anger on innocent victims they decide are guilty. And that’s just my DAD at the supermarket! LOL

      While the KimG issue was OTT, and stressful for a blogger to be censored with a threat of financial ruin, it had nothing to do with Miami. ROH has decided to boycott Miami, because BRAVO didn’t chastise or stop KimG, who is not even an employee! KimG can’t be controlled by her own children, family or friends, so I doubt she’ll listen to BRAVO, who publicly humiliated her and didn’t choose her as a HW. ROH should have taken her story to the major sites and shamed KimG into dropping her threats. But, she’s been here longer than most of us and it is her right to do as she pleases. She’s earned it!

      I hope this works out for all of you. I intend to watch the show if it’s good or even if it’s bad! LOL As when a show is bad, it’s even better! Just wish you would’ve done the same. 😉

  19. RCH – I am baffled with all the disdain for bloggers like us protesting a particular franchise which no one is watching anyway that appears to be a bad parody RHOBH on a poor mans pocket book for a good plastic surgeon!!

    I guess I am looking at this way.. peeps are protesting us protesting.. Its everyone’s god given right and I am sticking to rights..


    • Marie says:

      I for one have NO “disdain”,i actually find it comical.I support RCH wanting the HW’s shown in Canada but i find the other “demands” silly and unrealistic.

    • Go To Sleep says:

      It’s not the boycott that people have the problem with. Watch what you want. Of course they saw that Miami was a bore anyway, and then decided to boycott. LOL What bothers me is the list of demands they made with their letter to Andy….after that whole stuff about Jenn Sale and making fun of her for her delusions of grandeur, I just find the whole thing IRONIC.

      • Hey Go to Sleep.. GO TO SLEEEEEP!!!

        First of ALL~!~ and second of ALL~!~ the email conversation started before the show aired. Also, I am not involved in this whole Jennsale thing and have never engaged with her so stick that in your pipe and shmoke it! or a pancake..

        Thats not saying I dont find the whole Jennsale thing inneresting to say the least but that shouldnt matter to you.. cause.. who the hell are ya anyway??

        Now I am replying to randomness..

        RCH!!!! What kind of shop you got cookin in here~! Who left the front door open!?!?!?! Where is the bug spray!!!

        • First of all and second of all, it’s the Youtube video. It led all kinds of people here. Lol

          • I am wondering if peeps know the reference to “first of all and second of all” before you make your statement..

            ITS JERSDAY PEEPS!!! Fist pumps all round while wearing my snooki poof.. Ronnie juice anyone???

            RCH – thats cool if you got traffic just from youtube. Krazy Kool!!

            • I know! They play that teaser every 5 minutes when you watch Mtv.ca, even though the episode is long over, they still use that scene in their promos.
              First of all, second of all *punch in the face*

              Yeah that video I made of Taylor got over 35,000 hits and some people made their way over here. We got some people signed up to twitter too. Lol

        • Go To Sleep says:

          First of all…I am a random blog viewer, devoted Bravo viewer and a person who was sent the link to RCH’s Dinner video. I guess I am one of those ‘all kinds of people’ that RCH is talking about. I enjoy her blog and up til today I actually thought she was one of the sanest ‘hobby bloggers’ who didn’t take herself so seriously. oops.
          But, nxt time I’ll be sure to provide I.D. when I reply to a question that you asked in an open forum.

          Who the hell are YOU anyway? When did I ever say you had anything to do with Jenn Sale? I don’t even know who you are. Last I checked we were on RCH’s blog and talking about this particular ‘boycott’ entry and why people felt ‘disdain’. Put down the pipe…

          • Well second of all.. AND MOSTLY third of all.. I had no idea I had no idea you were such a Bravo viewer.. that adds streets credits to.. WHO REALLY CARES!!! anywho.. I would appreciate some ID for the WHO CARES police and will validate ur creditials for WHO CARES PAH-LEACE station and all the cohorts.. cause ya know.. I care..

            Who the hell am I?? Perp.. you have run into the madest mudda fudda blogga you have eva seen!! yep.. I in the mag of WHO DAT? and WTFPEEPS! and mostly.. my main resume is .. IAINTUR MOMMY!!! all reputable and is a point of contention for me baby daddy’s. yeah yeah.. they all want a piece of me now that I went public. I am so mad on my dolla’s.. now all me baby daddy’s want a holla!!!
            Can you feel me??

    • Well… commenting on the Insanity blog has become a full time job for many people anyway. They don’t have time to comment AND watch Miami.

      I don’t think people care that much about the show, I was dragged kicking and screaming and forced to recap RHOA against my will. No one seems too incredibly upset about missing a Miami recap. I think it’s more that they don’t like the list of demands.

    • Coffee FIRST says:

      Hey IJS…Know you from way back and love you 😉

      I’m behind you and all the bloggers’ stance and it’s far more than just an ego trip. It’s apparent you’re not supported on your blog by many than just a few, and to be ridiculed about your choice is just a bit much for me. Just cut a Bitch(es) already!

      Know That.

      • OMG.. I need you as my PR peep and my attorney!! Hey.. its just my glitter cohort who sprinkles the fairy dust on me to endure this crazy place we call.. ALL HAIL IMAJUSTSAYING!!!

        I just want to set the rest right up while I sip on me gin and juice.. shlurrp.
        shmooches luvely..

  20. Over The Gaffe says:

    (Put Your Hair Up) It’s not my “permission” you have to get. Its “Mikey Mouth” “Fruity little nut cake” was he/her creativity.

    I skimmed through the J.S non sense.
    (1) If you goober heads had listened too me when this Jenn Sale “tv show” Thing first came about. You wouldn’t have wasted your time on this.

    I’ve said before,there was no talks in the works for any Jenn Sales character,and there will never be! Her first mistake was claiming she’s off to meet with tv Executive. The only way she would have gotten to meet in private ,with the Networks Big Cheese.

    Is if/when they needed her to go “bobbing for apples” under their desk,while their on a lunch break!
    If there’s any “ordinary” person who pitches a show to any Network,and they are interested in your idea, it would take lots of middle men you have to go through before ,having any sort of meeting/s with the Executive,and further more they don’t,and wouldn’t conduct any meetings with anyone, with out legal representation present.

    • Yes, but a meeting with a middle man just doesn’t sound important enough for JS.
      I think she subscribes to the idea that the more brazen the lie, the less people will question it because “she couldn’t possibly be lying about something so obvious!”
      I don’t remember you saying that she was lying, but you were right.
      Even so, I still find all this new info shocking!

  21. Over The Gaffe says:

    Saw someone mentioned (Tea) in one of their post. (on another thread) You can visit http://www.iGourmet.com .They have a wide selection of Teas there. I get all of my Yummy Cheese,Organic meats,and more from iGourmet.

    Also saw your discussion on Botox, that’s very bad for you. I’m an ecentric of sorts,and can get caught up with keeping,and staying “wrinkle free” as much as I can.

    If you want to achieve the smoothe,vibrant look, try (Alpha Hydroxy Acid cream, coconut oil, or wash your face with the real deal! Fresh coconut water. Works every time Dah lings.

    Missed all you ladies. Your a fun bunch!

    • Coconut water? I’ll try that. Can you give me the name of a specific product? I try everything. I have real issues with my skin, it’s very sensitive and everything seems to make it either too dry or too shiny or makes me break out.
      I don’t have wrinkles yet. Just saw some hints and I’m trying to stop them before they come!

      • Daisy Rockefeller says:

        I have very sensitive skin and I can only use Philosophy. I have tried everything too! But Philosophy is the only cheaper product that I can use that will not turn my face into a pizza.

        I love the retinol product from Philosophy called Help Me. It has really eradicated the fine lines around my eyes. I use When Hope Is Not Enough for moisture, which my skin loves!! I use Miracle Worker also for my eyes.

        The names of those products are really….sad. lol.

        • I’ve never heard of Philosophy. I have a little sticky note where I keep a running list of things people suggest online.

          • Daisy Rockefeller says:

            You can get it at Sephora.com. If you have sensitive skin and can get it in Canada, I highly recommend it. It’s medium expensive; here about $20-50. They also have a mineral powder makeup that I love!! The cleanser, Purity, melts the makeup off and doesn’t dry out my face.

            Please share the things you love! I try new stuff all of the time, some cause a reaction, some not, but I am always trying to find that fountain of youth.

            • For the most part, I find that all products are equally unhelpful. There are only two products that I really really like. One is Soap & Glory pore minimizer which actually does work. But of course they don’t sell it here anymore. I think it was an English company.
              I also like Biotherm Exfoliating Milk. My skin always looks so much healthier after using it, but you can’t exfoliate too often, that’s the only problem. I use it on my whole body in the shower. Especially if you get dry winter skin it makes your hands so silky smooth.
              There is nothing else that I really love.
              Oh and I just tried Fake Bake fake tanning lotion – it didn’t work at all.
              It has really good reviews online, so maybe it was just me? Idk. But it didn’t work for me.

              • Daisy Rockefeller says:

                I am going to go look for those things you mentioned right now.

                I need a good pore minimizer. That seems to be a big problem my skin has now. I tried Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner, and it did nothing. I do think the Help Me from Philosophy is doing a good job with it though, but of course, not fast enough. 🙂

                I had to go to my dermatologist yesterday. She runs a medi-spa and suggested the new peel they are using called a Vi Peel. Ever heard of it?

                Also, a neighbor and I are thinking about doing the Beautiful Image face lift. Takes like 45 minutes. She is going to see a demonstration on Tuesday. If I decide to do this, I’ll post before and after pics. 🙂

              • DarkSonnet says:

                I had the same experience with the Fake Bake, great reviews and NO results.

                I couldn’t believe it so I tried it again. Nothing, nada… Then to totally prove my ignorance to the world, I returned it and received a replacement which also didn’t do a darn thing.

            • LilyLynn says:

              I too can vouch for the Philosophy “Help Me” product – love it! I like ordering from Sephora.com – they give you all kinds of samples for free (and a birthday present every year) if you sign up for their club.

              • Daisy Rockefeller says:

                It is great stuff!!

                Sephora rocks. They just opened a store here, and their member perks are just fabulous. Especially if you like to try different things. They alway stuff your bag with samples. LOVE THEM!

        • Marie says:

          I loooves me some Philosophy.

          • Daisy Rockefeller says:

            Have you tried the {hilosophy microdelivery peel? I haven’t yet, but I thought I might try that before doing the Vi Peel. I am afraid I’ll send my skin into shock, so if you have a review, I’d seriously take it to heart and probably go ahead and buy it today if you think it’s good.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        This is awesome: http://www.amazon.com/Aqua-Glycolic-Cleanser-6-Ounce-Bottles/dp/B001ET6Y4C/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=beauty&qid=1298653245&sr=8-2

        It’s an AHA product, but it’s extremely gentle and moisturizing. It’s great for acne as well.

        The most natural fake tanner BY FAR, is : http://www.amazon.com/Body-Drench-Quick-Tan-Self-tanning/dp/B00283SN92/ref=sr_1_1?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1298653626&sr=1-1

        It also smells like chocolate.

        I have honest to god used everything ever made on my sensitive, oily but flaky, acne prone skin. Nothing compares to that cleanser. I’ve also tried no less than 10 different faux tanning products. I’m pretty sure you can get those things shipped to Canada from Amazon as well.

    • Real Houswife of Wherever says:

      Funny…I just posted about the cheese a couple comments up from here….I really need to read through all comments first and THEN go back and add my 5 cents (inflation, you know…good cheese isn’t cheap)

  22. Over The Gaffe says:

    I’ll tell you all a “Big secret” but you can’t tell the other Housewives I slipped this by you, Okay?

  23. ~Luvz Cappuccino More'n Bravo~ says:

    Sssshhhhhhh……..it’s just ‘tween us punkie’pooh

  24. Over The Gaffe says:

    “Go To Sleep” Not even
    “TMZ” nor US Weekly can obtain any rights to Bravo shows! Call me in no less than (Ten mintues,and I’ll be more than delighted to tell you ,which hole you can go stick an (Enchilada in)

    There are (Three ) things I distate with a passion in this world.

    (1) Teachers who are placed into the School system, that Educate the Youths in (Ebonics)

    (2) Teachers,and Grown A** women who have the Justin Bieber fever and

    (3) Ragmatical dweebs like yourself.
    stop adding dressing to the salad,when there’s clearly none here on Our plates.

  25. Over The Gaffe says:

    Okay here goes

  26. Over The Gaffe says:

    The secret is.

  27. Over The Gaffe says:


  28. Need a Hobby says:

    I had on the preview of the first Miami episode—I think it originally was to be called “Miami Social”— and lost interest. Although that Jabba the Hutt woman (when she was lounging on the couch that’s what I thought of) is both scary & yet somewhat strangely intriguing.

    Why would anyone begrudge our dear RCH a free monogrammed gift bag with SG margaritas or mebbe some free lady squeezers from Zarin’s latest line of athletic supporters and fine linens?

    Oh reason not the need. etc.

  29. Over The Gaffe says:

    You can all save a lot,by switching to Geico Insurance tee hee hee! Vroooooooooom Vroooooooom Vrooooooom.

  30. dropping turds on my go to sleep friend says:

    yo yo yo wad up I iz be on dis go to sleep chick likes ketchup on a nathan’s hot dog. Me & go to sleep be up in da clubz making dem green crisps dolla billz likes bernie madoff@ a how i made my billionz convention yeaz for reelz honey y you thunketh ma frenz callz me go to sleep¿ iz cause I no how to do da back flipz ons a limp stick whilez I sleeps shyteZ toldz ya dey don’t callz me go to sleep for nothingz getz@ me and I can giveth you a 4 for one specialz withz a 80% off plus a 20% rebateses

  31. Anonymous says:

    I would be very surprised if you get a response. Bravo owns TwoP and I suspect they feel that between their own blogs and that discussion board they have communications with the fans covered.

    Frankly I prefer to read/discuss on blogs done by “fans” and doubt I would be as interested or entertained if they were somehow connected or supported in some way with the network. Half the fun is snarking about the network and the cheesyness and I think a lot of the edge would be gone if the relationship was somehow closer.

    I like the outsider perspective.

    I do think RCH has the most valid reason to protest over the situation with seeing Bravo shows in Canada….that does suck.

    • A lot of readers come here because of their frustration with Bravo never allowing their comments to go through on the blogs and the control they have over what people post on TWOP.
      So… what was my point? I don’t know. Just sayin.

      Don’t worry, I will never change whether Bravo gives me free booze or not.

      • crazysweet says:

        yup! twop sux and you’ll never see a comment that doesn’t agree with their opinions. twop will reprimand you for misspelled words or lack of using capital letters!

  32. captaincarebear says:

    All of a sudden I feel like doing a blog on bloggers not blogging. Nah, nevermind, I’m over it.

  33. nyhousewife says:

    I’ve been lurking for some time, but never posted, but I have to say I love your blog, and while I was watching the Housewives before I found it, I have found that I don’t watch the new franchises until I read the blogs and see if they are worth my time. I didn’t plan on watching Miami anyway, especially since they keep changing the Housewives nights and I have too many other shows to watch on Tuesdays, but now that there won’t be any blogs to tweak my interest, I probably won’t watch the reruns either.

  34. AFlyOnTheWall says:

    The hysterical laughter you hear is coming from Andy Cohens office as his assistants read this missive and that of this Lynn who’s blogs, BTW, are very poorly written. It will more than likely never cross his desk b/c they don’t waste his time with this crap! Except for a laugh. Assistants pre-screen emails so as not to waste execs time.

    Sure, people at Bravo are aware of the “hobby blogs”. There are teams of interns and assistants whose sole jobs are to read and give feedback about what is being said about the shows online. This includes Twitter and Bravos own blogs. Your exsistance is known but is of no real use to the Network except as free focus groups.

    Plus, blog patterns are tracked. Meaning, the patterns of responses and respondants. It isn’t rocket science. It’s the same 20-30 people commenting on the same blogs over and over again. Also, most blog hits are a result of after show searching. Except for people who are attached to one blog or another and follow the crowd to the next show.

    Interesting comment about People et al not seeing our shows ahead of time. Of COURSE they do! How do you think the reviews are printed in time for the shows to air? Plenty of people in the “biz” are privvy to the shows prior to air. Including the HW’s themselves. That is why their blogs, articles and interviews related to some episodes are in print to time with said episode. Magazines, for example are planned ahead of time. (Except for “big breaking news” which has shifted stories more than once). They are planned to hit as the episode is airing to maximize the show and it’s exposure. The thing is, people in the media understand the code of conduct (ie don’t leak) no one in their right mind would trust some blogger trying to get attention and hits with the storylines of their shows. Blogs not recognized by the networks usually start or spread rumors anyway. But they do brighten up peoples days!

    When “leaks” occur, they are either from people within the shows themselves, production, random witnesses, nosy assistants or the HW’s themselves (or their publicists). Occassionaly something leaks that shouldn’t…but quite often they are apporoved “red herrings” or done for publicity with a terse “no comment” from Andy. The networks and their publicity people know how to play games with the public…and EVERYTIME ya’ll play along! It’s like a fat kid and cake!

    Another funny comment was people trying to get Lynn as a guest on WWHL. Never gonna happen. No bloggers allowed. Not even the bigger ones at Gawker et al. People don’t watch WWHL to see unknown bloggers, they watch it for the stars of the shows.

    Anyway, bottom line, we know you are here…you do serve a purpose, but that purpose does not make or break a show or a network! Nice try though…which isn’t to say a bone or 2 won’t be thrown to a blogger at some point, just don’t hold your breath. It’s not so much the blogs themeselves, it’s the people who read and comment on them. Crazy works on HW’s b/c we know (via blogs and Bravo boards) that crazy is rampant out there. However, no network wants to be in any way aligned with what goes on outside of their own little bubble. We can control our boards to the extent we want to…but blogs you cannot. Twitter, you cannot. So, as much as you may get a “friendly” response, it’s not serious. It’s good PR. Keep them happy so they won’t bother us. Let them think we care and they won’t clog our inboxes.

    So enjoy the “boycott”. I don’t think it will have any effect, since no one knows about it except for this group (and the lurking spies ;)). Unless “someone” decides to put it out there to the “masses”….b/c every 1 hater/boycotter/angry viewer whatever=100 curious viewers! Why do you think Jersey Shore is so successful?

    • ~Luvz Cappuccino More'n Bravo~ says:

      Is that’ah nice way of say’n….
      “let’em eat cake”..? 😦

    • “It’s the same 20-30 people commenting on the same blogs over and over again”
      No, that’s not true at all. Also, the majority of people who read the blog don’t comment. I think that’s typical. Do you think that I don’t have access to these stats or something? Lol.

      I don’t know what the point of the rest of your post was. Your explanations of press getting previews, magazine articles being planned, the way things are leaked, etc… uh yeah.. duh. Lol. What is your point?
      No one ever said anything about making or breaking the network. I think you are totally missing the point here.
      And Jersey Shore is so successful because they’re fun to watch. People like depravity and violence. Same reason RHONJ does so well.

    • Daisy Rockefeller says:

      You keep saying “our” this and “our” that and using “we” like you with Bravo. If you were really a “we” or an “our”, you would not have chosen this route for an answer to the blogger letter, but used the emails that they provided.

      Sorry. I am not buying this as a Bravo spy. But, I think it is safe to say, everything you offered is common knowledge and expected business sense.

      Moving on.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……sorry bs tends to make me sleepy.

    • JenFromCincy says:

      I normally let spelling and grammar errors slide, but the hypocrisy displayed was a little too enticing to let pass.

      “and that of this Lynn who’s blogs, BTW, are very poorly written.”

      Instant grammar police karma….it’s whose, not who’s.

      Oh, and existence doesn’t have an “s” immediately after the “x”, and an “e” goes where you have an “a.” Lastly, it’s respondents not respondants.

      Karma is only a “B” if you’re one.

  35. crazysweet says:

    well personally I can’t stand RHONY due to Jill and Kelly and the egos but I still watch. I’m actually excited for this Miami season…from what I saw it was hot hot hot! lol Real money, real bitches with real drama!
    p.s why’d you remove the thumbs up/down???

    • Because with so many comments on the other blog the pages weren’t loading. I had to take that off to speed up loading time.

      • Daisy Rockefeller says:

        And thank you for doing that!


        Loads much, much faster!!

        • crazysweet says:

          ahhh makes sense now.
          and are “we” supposed to take that “crazy” (above posting) comment personally? “we” being the committee in my head and the entire staff of Bravotv
          since “we” are the original crazy!!!
          anyway I can’t help it…I’m addicted to all these stupid franchises, even the *yawn* dc housewives.
          call me “crazy”!!!

  36. @tweatcyn says:

    I actually watched another network last night. CBS. Criminal Minds: Societal Bellyaching.
    I blogged a blog about it instead of Miami. http://www.tweattwaddle.blogspot.com

    PYHU: That picture of you and Andrea with the girl hands at top is so funny. Have you been getting fillers and botox? Cuz your expression never changes in all these months I’ve known you.

    For another commercial ad, cuz I see you are lacking in advertisements above, I have sensitive skin like you describe also, and I’ve been using a product line I like lately from Rosaceacare.com The lotions are non-clogging and moisture retaining and the sensitive skin cleanser is great. Also like the tinted zinc sunscreen instead of foundation. They have a non-tinted. A sampler kit is available to try it out first. Makes my skin soft.

  37. Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

    I’m only one person, but here’s how it is for me. I love this site b/c RCH has a humor and a perspective that resonates with me. I was not a follower of New Jersey or Atlanta but watched the past seasons b/c of her recaps. I also have taken a peek at Teen Mom b/c of RCH. It is pure fun for me. I am not interested in Miami especially if there isn’t a recap. I have already become acquainted with more ego-maniacal, screaming, immature, plastic women than I cared to. OC keeps trading down to worse grifters every season and is probably unwatchable at this point too. I just wish that Bravo would show the same programming in Canada as in the US. It sucks that RCH has to blog 30% harder than everyone else to recap the shows! And yes, I changed my name after what Daisy Rockefeller told me was said about me and everybody used to call me Carnegie b/c that was my step-fathers name in Scotland so I just changed my name to make it easier for my gawdmother to find me.

    • Daisy Rockefeller says:

      ***big sister-love squeeze to my fellow social climber***
      Can’t make it in Beverly Hills (or even on the outskirts) without a famous last name, sugar. I can’t really take credit. After all, it was Shana Hughes who came up with such an idea, even though she’d rather have a lip reduction than admit it.

    • That is very very true Mrs. Vanderbilt-Carnegie, I do work 30% harder than everyone else and it is very difficult for me, especially with all the Jesus-like good deeds I do… how do I find the time? I amaze myself. Bravo should really just fly the Housewives over to my place and make them act the scenes out in my living room, don’t you think?

      • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

        I would PAY to see that! Great Idea, I’m sending that to Andy now. Great picture above, and to take some work load off of you, if anyone wants to contribute to Andy’s ransom money, send me your bank info in a DM, I don’t really want you to contribute but I don’t want to offend you if you do, so bank #, SS# and amount you wish to donate will work fine. We upper-crust types do this sort of charity work all the time.

  38. Ginny Morris says:

    What’s Miami???? A drink?? A Spa Food? An Italian Sports Car??

  39. Karma says:

    I tend to lurk more than post but on rare occasions a topic draws me in, and this boycott (that is not a boycott) that has participants (that are not really participating), for reasons spelled out in an open letter (but are not the real reasons for all participants) is just such a topic.

    At first I thought it was a joke, some ironic twist cuz there has been so much posting about bloggers over inflating their importance and manipulating people but it seems to be serious for the self titled “five most influential bloggers”. I chose this blog to comment because I used to find it the most self effacing and least likely to take itself so seriously. Go figure….

    To stop providing content on your own blog to punish some uninvolved third party because you have decreed your influence on them is not a boycott. (when I use you, it is the collective you, the influential 5) It is simply nonsensical.

    Now, had you asked people to not watch Bravo, or even a specific show on Bravo, that would be a boycott of Bravo. And if ratings went down and the show tanked, that would show your influence (you can declare all kinds of things including influence but it is not real unless it can be documented).

    Not posting on your own blog, and not posting content that your visitors may want does not hurt Bravo in any way (except for in your own minds) but can actually hurt you and your visitors. Nature abhors a vacuum if there is a demand for Miami recaps and blogs people will go elsewhere. Consequently any influence you may have had will diminish.

    This letter you 5 signed reads like some delusional ransom demand where you hold yourselves hostage — some crazy ass shit and ironic as hell. INMHO

  40. Snarkella says:

    RCH you’re far and away my fav blogger. You don’t just recap the shows. You have a knack for taking a dull-ish, silly show and tweaking every comedic nuance out of it.

    I am one of the commenters who starting watching RHOA because of you.

    Damn typing on my phone brb

      • i think that the re-caps and blogs do promote
        the shows they talk about.
        I, for one, never even considered watching
        “Teen Mom” until i saw it mentioned HERE.
        I watch it all the time now-

        i even read the articles in the rag mags
        now about it, as well. before i would pass
        right by it. sooo, it’s not just Bravo shows
        that benefit when people, whose opinion
        i trust, suggest a new show to watch.

        the other day on Lynns Blog someone
        suggested watching “Basketball Wives”
        because it was similar to RHOM, but better.
        I enjoyed that as well, and am looking
        forward the the next marathon to catch up!

        • Oh u reminded me, I’m missing a Teen Mom recap.
          My apologies for getting you hooked on more trashy tv. But I’m neck deep and this addiction and I love to drag others down with me. Say, have your seen Jersey Shore?

          • God save me, but I do love me some
            “Jersey Shore”….
            I’m not especially fond of all the
            players, but there really is something
            about seeing your “backyard”
            on television. It draws you in, you
            can’t help yourself.

            ok, don’t get mad at me RCH,
            I know you already have too much
            work on your plate, but HOW
            funny would a Jersey Shore re-cap
            be in your words??!!
            seriously, how funny would it be-

            can you be bribed??

            I don’t know if you even watch
            this train-wreck?! Do you?

            • I actually did like one Jersey Shore recap last season. But it was hard because they all make fun of each other. I think anything I would say in a recap is pretty much covered by the cast in their talking heads. It’s easier to make fun of Housewives because they’re unintentionally funny.

  41. Snarkella says:

    With that said, I don’t see why Bravo would want to show support to bloggers who basically never miss an opportunity to rip them a new one. At the risk of offending my favorite crack-dea, errr, blogger, I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.

    When Kathy Griffin was knocking Whitney Houston in her act, she wasn’t asking Whitney or her record label for a paycheck.

    We are your audience and I’m willing to pay. $2 a blog a la iTunes. Get writing chicky! Checks in the mail! Not really. Set up a tip jar and see what happens.

    I was so happy to see that you were even able to find the humor in this awkward strike.

    This comments sucks. Typing on my phone sucks. Sorry.

  42. Coffee FIRST says:


  43. Snarkella says:

    At the risk of upsetting everyone even further, my friend Frank said that he was going to start his own blog and call it, “I hate the blogger who hates Jill Zarin.”. Sorry Lynn. I don’t hate you and I’m sure he was just kidding. But it made me laugh so I thought I’d share.

  44. Over The Gaffe says:

    Put Your Hair Up
    if you have sensitive skin, then you should skip the Hydroxy Acid cream and just use coconut water or you can try use plain yougart.

    Or try getting Leeche treatment. I know the thought of Leeches crawling on you women faces make freak you work, but it works like a charm everytime.

    Demi Moore uses Leeche on her face,and it was sure to do her some good.

    • Yeeeeah right! You are just telling me that so I can come back and say “Hey Gaffe I tried your leech suggestion…” and you can get a good laugh out of it. I’m not falling for your little trolly tricks.

    • Daisy Rockefeller says:

      You are too cute!!!

      Maybe you are talking about Lychee?

      • Coffee FIRST says:

        Is this true?
        I’ve heard this rumor(not child..lol) that she’s (Demi) been doing this for like…ever!?! Overseas..and it’s half the price of the “beverly hills” procedure?…It’s more natural!!?!

        Any take on this?

  45. Over The Gaffe says:

    Fly on the wall,
    trying to mimick me¿ can you say fachadick?

  46. Snarkella says:

    I was serious about the tip jar. I own a restaurant. A few years ago one of our servers was a DJ on one of those morning radio shows. From working here she got the idea to put a tip jar on her page on the station’s website. She was getting some really great tips until the station made her take it down.

  47. Snarkella says:

    And plain yogurt really does make the best face mask. Removes all flaky skin. For dry skin add a little honey first.

  48. Over The Gaffe says:

    Help someone help me
    do any of you know the number for 911?

  49. Over The Gaffe says:

    O snarkella your fly on the wall?
    sorry 😦 thought it was a poster sent here to torment me 🙂

  50. Over The Gaffe says:

    lol I kid you not!
    As a matter of fact try sending a tweet to Demi,and tell her you heard that she uses Leeche on her face.

    She may deny it,and pretend she don’t know what your talking about,but she uses it. It’s a FACT! I do too,and it works! If you don’t like the thought of having it crawling on your face

    Then stick to the coconut water.
    Now what? Lets to a two week test on this matter. Go to your local store purchase yourself some coconut water,or fresh coconut, crack it open,

    wash your face with it every morning. Mid day slice lime, or lemon rub it onto your face. At night before bed rub some plain yogart on your face,and massage it into your for few mins wash it off

    If you choose you can rub some vicks onto your face after washing the yogart off do this for at least three days and you’d be amazed don’t cheat you have to do this every day for two weeks.

    • I’m actually not grossed out by leeches. When it comes to my face I will do anything if it makes me look good. Underneath my funny exterior I’m really very shallow.
      I think I saw something about leeches on nip/tuck once.
      But don’t they suck your blood? So doesn’t that leave marks on your face? Where do you get leeches anyway?
      I’ll try your coconut experiment though.
      I guess I’ll have to actually go to the grocery store then. Doubt they have them at the farmers market.

      • Coffee FIRST says:

        there’s more to this….

        • Periwinkle says:

          You need to wash your quilt Coffe FIRST, there’s like 5 or 6 other peeps wandering around in here with it. That’s just unsanitary and with cold and flu season upon us, you can’t be too careful.

          • Coffee FIRST says:

            Don’t be shy…tell me what you really think!

            I gather a quilt is ..the avatar.
            If I commit then I’ll be here brand spanking New!

            (Oh btw, your name doesn’t match your quilt…fyi..shhhhhhh) 😉

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