Camille Grammer GONE from Housewives??

Can it be true? The Daily Truffle is reporting that Camille Grammer has officially been   re-cast on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But they aren’t going to tell us who replaced her. What kind of bullshit is that?? If I knew, I would totally tell you guys.

(Thank u Irish2Life for the link)

I wasn’t a fan of Camille’s, but I don’t want her to leave the show. Especially not now that we’re kinda starting to not hate her so much anymore. If she’s gone, who is going to give us vocabulary words like pernicious and machiavellic? Who is going to set Kyle off and make her flip out? (Oh, right, Kim, women who look at Mauricio, a waitress who gets her order wrong…) Who is going to treat us to special guest stars like Allison Dubois, the alpha female who gave me the inspiration for my first silent film? Who? I hate to admit it, but if she leaves I’ll be sad to see her go.




Camille made an appearance on Shit My Dad Says. It was the first time I ever watched that show, and probably the last. But Camille was good. She played a rich, recently divorced woman on a reality show who is looking for a new house, so her acting skills were really put to the test.

She poked fun at herself with a comment about how her and the children could make do in the new 10,000 sqft house because they’re survivors. And she gave us a new vocabulary word; Salavaciously. As in “I did not ask your husband to stare at me salavaciously.”

In the end, she said “Suck it Kyle!”

It was a short spot, I wish they would have given her more air time because the rest of the show sucked.

Also, did Camille hike her dress up for the Bravo photo shoot, or did they photoshop in some extra skin? Mickey, I will need your opinion in the comments. If this were a “Who wore it better?” I would go with the one on the left.

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97 Responses to Camille Grammer GONE from Housewives??

  1. MickeyMouth says:

    The Bravo stills are always heavily photohopped, but I think these are two different dresses. The Camille on the left is a little to skinny for my liking, but I like the over all look with the shoes and pearls.

    A poster on another site commented they wanted Allison to be a guest at dinner on every real housewife franchise. If we are losing Camille then I want this to happen. Know that! 🙂

    • I think it’s the same dress. Look at the lines, it’s too similar to be two different dresses. I like her hair better on the right, but the shoes and jewelry are better on the left. Camille doesn’t seem to be a big jewelry girl, which is odd since she actually has a jewelry line.

      I agree, Allison should be a permanent dinner guest. Could you imagine New Jersey? Omg, that would be awesome.

      • CathyOP says:

        But, they appear to be two different colors though, one simulating gold the other silver.

        Could be same dress in two different colors, but they could also be similar at two different lengths. They aren’t the exact same dress. That’s my point.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Hmm,same style restyled? It is a stumper for sure, looks like the same dress but they do look different colors. With her money, if she liked the dress, maybe she had another made, just a bit longer and a diff color. I like the longer length too, more appropriate for a woman her age. I too think these mom/grandma age people look stupid dressing like 20 year olds. The worst is the really short dress, really high heels, no stockings….and gosh-awful looking OLD knees. Lumpy, baggy, saggy old knees!

        • You can’t count the color because those aren’t great quality copies of the photos, and one was taken during the day and one was at night, so the color you see might not be the real color.
          I agree about the knees. Haha. I think Sonja is the worst offender for wearing outfits that should be on a 20 year old. When I’m that age I plan to dress more like Lisa.

      • firepainter says:

        It’s a different dress. there is an extra tier on the silver dress starting at the hip – on the gold one where her hand is there is no tier.

    • And I like the shoes better on the left too.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I like right Camille’s shoes better! LOL- Well, we’d never fight over shoes if we were roommates…I think they are 2 different dresses by the same designer. One is a gold mini and one is a silver cocktail dress.

    • tinselkitty says:

      I say same dress but the stylist folded the skirt up and under to make it shorter, based on the funky bit with the hem at the front. That’s what it looks like when you fold something up to hem it but haven’t stitched it yet. Then they ‘shopped that bottom tier out.

      As for the color, they probably used light filters during the photo shoot to give everything a cohesive overall color. Everyone in that shot is kind of gold-washed and the background colors aren’t pure.

      I spend too much time thinking about these things.

  2. sunshine mls says:

    interesting “news”…. now i will have to check out that episode on on demand.

    as for the dress, it looks like two DIFFERENT dresses. one is a gold and one is a silver/pewter. she has plenty of money and probably bought two versions. they definitely look like different colors and the shoes give it away….. gold shoe on the left, silver/pewter on the right.

    • Apparently before it was a tv show it was a book and a twitter:
      The twitter TL is way funnier than the show.

      You can’t consider the color of the dress because these are screen shots of photographs so the original color might not show accurately. Look at it and ignore the color, what do you think? Actually… why do I care about this? Lol. Oh and I also noticed that the red dress Camille wore to the Grammies was (I think) worn by Adrienne in the Vegas photo shoot. I saw pictures somewhere, I can’t remember where now.

  3. Terry says:

    The dresses
    The one on the left (gold) is way too short. I don’t think anyone over the age of 19 or 20 ought to wear a skirt that short. The one on the right is way too long. Camille can’t win.

    Well, if Camille has to be gone, it’s too bad. However, Camille has no real relationships with any other cast mates, meaning none of them are close friends. It would be very easy for her to be marginalized by the other women, as Danielle in NJ was, except that Camille is not going to stalk anyone or show up with guns, or anything as stupid as that. So I guess that thinking about possible scenes for next season, it was difficult to imagine that Camille would have much to say to the other women, and vice-versa.

    However, I’m with you, RCH. I would like to see Camille in Season 2.

    The one I definitely want gone is Kim Richards, but for her own psychological well-being. I don’t want her to be susceptible to any more attacks from Taylor or quick judgments by Lisa. Of course, ideally, Kim would cut Kyle out of her life. I really wish her well.

  4. Jeninvegas says:

    I think it’s the same dress shot in different lighting making the reflective material pick up the colors around her. I’m pretty sure it was tailored shorter. I once saw Kelly Ripa explain how she expands her wodrobe with altering…..not that Kelly Ripa knows all….

  5. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Thanks for the new blog, RCH. Despite what some are accusing, this is the 2nd blog post since the weekend and you are trying to move on. Love your blog 😀

  6. missmi says:

    Look for Camille to perhaps have her own show. I think that producers cut was the result of Camilles lawyers. Her reputation is improving!

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Camille wasn’t a “typical” myopic thinking housewife – she wasn’t looking for fame from RHBH, she wanted to be out from her husband’s shadow. Looks like she is doing just that! I’ll miss her because she was one of the three who really were BH worthy – the house, the clothes, the $$$$, plus the attitude! Whoever replaces her better be someone who brings the BH style and not low hanging fruit!
    As for the dresses, similar style but definately different – the accessories/shoes give it away. She favors styles that highlight her chest/arms and legs with a draping/wrapping effect.

    • Crisanna says:

      I think I read somewhere that it was going to be Denise Richards?

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        She already had a reality show and she was boring and not “real” at all.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I liked her reality show. She had a veritable zoo, pigs and ougs and chickens- I liked her relationship with her dad- I liked her house- I was a little meh about her- She sorta reminds me of Dina for some reason…

          • sunshine mls says:

            i agree one more in boston…. i kind of liked her reality show and i LOVED the relationship they showed with her mother and then with her dad once her mom passed away. it was sweet….. i would definitely watch it again.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            I only watched it once so my assessment isn’t based on the whole series. However, after watching one show, I didn’t care to watch any others.

      • That would be cool. But doesn’t she have her own reality show?

        • I should really read first before posting.

        • Crisanna says:

          I think they are trying to capitalize off of Charlie Sheen right now. Who’s the goofball celebrity always in the news for screwing up (not really Lindsay anymore…) it’s Charlie. So to capitalize off his celebrity…we have DENISE! Yeah, nobody really cares but she might have a storyline due to the kids. Kinda like Camille’s whole storyline came indirectly from Kelsey. Maybe that’s their POV. Then again, my info may be TOTALLY off. LOL!

  8. Sus says:

    This is a bummer. Watching Camille was a riot. I was looking forward to post-divorce Camille.

  9. Terry says:

    I’m freaked out by Camille’s freakish breasts. They’re pretty weird. They bother me more than other fake boobs, and I don’t know why. Anyway, ugh! Those boobs need to be covered up.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      And I LOVE her boobs!

      um…that didn’t really come out right did it?

      I really have no opinion on them atall (<-Lisa speak) but it seemed funny. Shrug…pat hair…

    • gmf says:

      Perhaps because she is so scrawny?

      I fail to see how these women think huge globes of silicon stuck on a skeleton is attractive to anyone other than the gay designers.

      I have made clothing for 40 yrs and it is most certainly 2 different dresses.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        I think it’s a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that fake boobs almost never look natural. But beyond that, I’d wager that the implants never really settled in right (Like Danielle….) and that she opted for the typical round implants instead of the newer tear shaped ones that tend to look a lot less like 2 basketballs shoved under the skin. In any case, she needs to have them revised.

        I’m hugely against fake boobs though. Why bother to get something done when it’s so obvious you had it done? I thought the idea of plastic surgery was to create an illusion? There are no illusions with fake tits. Everyone knows you had to pay for them, so wtf is the point?

    • glued2it says:

      Oh Terry, there you go again about Camille’s boobs. I’m gonna call you a JellyBean if you keep this up ; )

      The weird thing about the Camille photo to me is that even though upon inspection it does appear to be a different dress – Camille’s legs still look photoshopped on the left!

      And I want Camille to return too. As a newly-minted divorcee, the other RH’s could be fixing her up with all sorts of new men. (Did someone say this already? I’ve just skimmed the comments tonight.) And we can see her lose ALL interest in Nick now that she can’t use him to make Kelsey jealous anymore. Or maybe she’ll see him for the sycophant that he is and send him packing like an American Cecil…

    • sambaca says:

      Thank you Terry, i despise women snarking on another’s body, but CG boobs imo are beyond atrocious, yuck. The dress she wore in the reunion was embarrassing for her, I found myself yelling, stop the camera, new stylist please. By the way, this obviously is bacasam but couldn’t figure out how to get a quilt instead of my usual avi.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        That is not really snarking on her body though, it is snarking on phony man-made thingys. Camille’s and KKB’s are horrible.

  10. Terry says:

    I just went back and looked at the still photographs in this posting. Camille is most definitely an advertisement against plastic surgery. (I know, I know, Taylor is worse.)

  11. Tracy says:

    Now who am I gonna hate? Oh that’s right Traylor Trash.

    • glued2it says:

      I’m start to hate BRAVO more than I do any of these RHs. I wish they’d stop setting up these overly-obvious FAKE-O scenes (yeah, it was Taylor’s birthday party, right. About as right as Adrienne being Kennedy’s godmother. No.) I wish they’d replace Andy on the reunions. I wish a hundred things that they could easily change…

  12. Amber...RealWife says:

    Say it ain’t so! RHOBH without Camille is like rain and no rainbows, snow and no sleet, blow and no job. you get my drift! This must be a publicity stunt from that website, as Camille has been making the rounds acting coy about her return to the show. Where would the show be without Camille’s word of the day, shoulder shrugs, eye rolls and penchant for misconstruing all snarky comments from VileKyle? In the gold encrusted crapper, that’s where!

    Seriously, besides Kim, what would TyrannosaurusLips, KrakenToothedKyle and LisaTwoFistPumps talk about while throwing back countless bottles of wine at noon in a non alcholic manner? Nothing, Nathan, Nada.

    BRAVO needs to bring back Camille as a single millionairess, who EARNED her money is a work of art to be admired! And yeah she earned that shit, have you seen Kelsey? He looks like an ugly dick, imagine his actual dick!!! Yucka! That was one brave girl! LOL

  13. Tam5115 says:

    Oh no! I want Camille to stay. the only one I might want gone is Traylor trash.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I wouldn’t mins her back either, but I don’t know how she would interact with the others, I don’t think they like each other much.
      However, I DO want my thumbs back RCH! Life is so hard without them…….

    • I want Taylor to stay. She gives us too much to snark about. I like that cast the way it is. I think Kim could be re-cast just because she’s so damn sad all the time. Add one more vapid shit stirring woman to the mix and the show is perfect. I nominate the drunk woman who was hanging all over Mauricio at the white party. Or Allison Dubois.

  14. sambaca says:

    i have not developed dyslexia, was trying NOT to get that avi, I want a quilt!!!

  15. RealityBites says:

    If it’s true, I’m glad Camille will be leaving. While I see that some think she redeemed herself in the last couple of episodes, I’m not among them. I still think she’s fake and self absorbed, and the extended party from hell footage, with her cya explanations only reminded me and reinforced why I didn’t like her. Good riddance. 🙂

    As for her getting her own tv show? *vigorous eye roll* IMO, she’s just not that interesting.

    I also don’t want to see Kim come back. I found her hopelessly annoying from the start, another aging child actor who couldn’t extend her career into adulthood, clinging to the past. She seems so troubled, and was painful to watch. I only hope that she gets the psychological help she needs. I don’t think the show’s good for her.

    So who’s gonna replace Camille? Faye? I’d actually like to see that 🙂

    And a side note, so far I’m not liking the Real Housewives of Miami. It’s kind of a disappointing bore so far, as DC was. In fact, other than BH, which I really liked (mostly due to Lisa), I’m no longer a fan of any of the others (OC, NYC, NJ, Atlanta). I think there have just been too many spin offs. Too many housewives that are trashy, fake and annoying, not fabulous, and not even close to wealthy. And I’m really turned off by the perpetual merchandising of so many of their cheesy opportunistic products that now spam their Twitter feeds. Personally, I think that the individual housewives’ branding efforts are gonna kill their franchise as more people tire of seeing them. I don’t really care about most of them anymore.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If Camille goes I have no problem with that either. Kim can’t run with the big dogs and I cringe every time she is in a scene so she can go too. I’d like to see Adrienne get someone to play with too. And Faye may be what Taylor needs – an in your face reality check and a real friendship with Kyle (a RH triangle).

    • I don’t want Faye to join because she’ll be on Kyle’s side and then where is the drama? They need someone who Kyle doesn’t get along with, because watching her freak out is just too good.

      I agree with you though, the product pushing is annoying. I liked the way Beverly Hills did it. Camille had jewelry, Lisa had face cream, Kim had bracelets, and we barely heard a word about any of it. New York is the worst offender for pushing their crap. I really hope they don’t actually make us watch Jill try to sell her new griddles.

      • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

        Someone needs to make sure that Kyle understands that if she were to (God forbid) die, that Faye will write a book about her that will tell all of her personal and private sexual information. Faye is a good friend like that, ya know.

    • Delilah says:

      I agree! I stopped following a lot of celebrities due to their constant product pushing. I think that the Kardashian sisters are the worst offenders.
      However, I strongly disagree with you about Camille:).

  16. Lucy O says:

    Okay I have one itty bitty question… Are you curently working on a RHO Miami blog???? Lol I’ve been checking every five hours to see If you’ve put one up… Totally love you blogs btw 🙂

  17. JB says:

    Too bad that Camille is leaving. I think she was a great addition, and God only knows who they will pick to replace her.

    But Mickey’s suggestion to hire Allison Dubois as a permanent dinner guest is brilliant.
    Pure gold!

    • I agree. That was a brilliant idea.
      I wonder what goes into casting these shows?
      I wish they would do a reality behind the scenes special so we can see that there is more involved than just picking names out of a hat.

      • Adgirl says:

        It must be pretty hard to cast these shows. Why else would Miami be so awful? OC is rundown because they can’t find anyone new that’s interesting. DC meh. NY in danger.

        NJ could be fabulous because Teresa’s sister in law will be an uber bitch to Teresa and kick her ass on tv.
        Now THAT is casting!!

        • I agree. The hated sister in law was a genius casting move. I think they should hire a PI to find enemies in the women’s lives and cast them. Like the girl they hated from high school, or the PTA mom who think she’s superior bc she bakes cookies from scratch. Lamo. It’s evil, but it would make great tv.

  18. Delilah says:

    This can’t be true:(. The show will not be the same. Who the hell will everybody gang up on? I hope they do not replace her with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick.
    Where am I going to get my Camille fix? I loved her since the 1st episode. I didn’t give a shit what anybody else thought of her.

    • Really? Lol.
      I did like her in the beginning too, it was a couple episodes in when I changed my mind.
      I judge her less now that I see how much shit Taylor was stirring behind the scenes and how she put ideas in Camille’s head. But Camille still did say that she is higher on the pecking order (did she not watch NY and see how well that worked out for Kelly?), she laughed about firing Mauricio, and about him cheating on Kyle, and she definitely brought Allison to the dinner and got her drunk to stir up trouble. She can’t take those things back.

  19. missmi says:

    I dont really care if Camille is on the show, because she doesnt seem to have genuine emotions, so it would be like watching alot of bad acting. I do like the idea of having someone who is married to someone famous. I for sure want Traylor to stay so that we can watch her downfall. I would like Kim to stay, but its best if she probably doesnt.

    • I just hope the new woman is RICH. Lisa and Adrienne’s scenes are worth it just to stare at their surroundings, even if they don’t say anything interesting. People still talk about the dress in the picture frame. Lol. It’s like watching an episode of Cribs. They should totally cast Mohamed’s girlfriend.

  20. MickeyMouth says:

    I tweeted Camille and her friend Dedra last night asking if this was true. Dedra responded:

  21. Daisy Rockefeller says:

    I want KrakenToothKyle (thanks, Amber 🙂 ) and BigMouthBillyBass to get into it.

    I read a recent interview Kyle gave where she said that she and Trailor are not close friends. It would be awesome to see Trailor get the Sahali treatment from all of the women. And for that, I would love it for Kim to be present. Even though vengenance is not supposed to be ours, it would still be nice to see a richly deserved Karma moment for Lips McGee.

    • Not close friends? Well something changed then because they couldn’t keep their hands off each other at the reunion.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        That handsy thing is for Andy’s discomfort/benefit. IMO, Kyle and Taylor are not BBFs but both see the show the same way as an adventure and they have to know that they don’t really belong in BH worthy terms/pecking order.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        I think Kyle and Taylor are close friends just like Adrienne is Taylors daughters God Mother. Taylor does and says whatever she thinks will make her look like a a member of the Hollywood Elite. And what could be more “Hollywood” than being BFF’s with Paris Hiltons aunt?

        And Kyle really isn’t a whole lot different than Taylor. Just look at the way she treats Kim in comparison to how she treats Kathy. That’s not an accident. She’s always a talking head for those “Hilton Sisters” E! true Hollywood stories. She wants to align herself with the fame and money just as much as Taylor does. She’s just lucky enough to have a wealthy husband and a famous name.

      • Daisy Rockefeller says:

        This is from Reality Tea…

        Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is opening up about a lot in what is arguably her most revealing interview yet.
        Kyle, 42, gave a candid interview to NYMag this week during which she touched on a lot of issues. For starters, Kyle reveals she is undecided about doing a second season, while also revealing that many times, she wishes she “hadn’t gone on the show.”

        The interview gets better as when asked if she works, Kyle answers that the show is her job. Kyle goes on to deny being angry or being a bully, and discusses the status of her relationship with sister Kim Richards. “The the show has taught me to handle her in a different way,” reveals Kyle.

        The highlight of the interview however is when Kyle throws Taylor under the bus distances herself from costar Taylor Armstrong, who appeared to be her BFF on the show. “We’re friends. I mean, we’re not best friends. I think our relationship was made to seem bigger on the show. I’m friendly with her,” said Kyle of Taylor. Wowzers, guessing all the hand holding on the show was simply all for show?

  22. katie says:

    RCH, will you be summarizing the court ruling for Jen? I have several hours invested in trying to figure out who the hell she is/what she did/ why some lady is so mad about a cake. Thank
    you in advance.
    PS are there pictures of the cake? Is it the wedding of prince William? OMIB mentioned about poo piles. I would like an explanation.

    PSS I would rather watch Camille than taylor.

    • I have no idea about the court thing. I’m not the legal expert here. I just copy/paste things. Looking at court records gives me a head ache.

      I only learned about Cake-Gate from the comments. I don’t know exactly what happened, all I know is that I’ve had a craving for cake for the past few days.

  23. TooMuch says:

    maybe she is smart! maybe she realizes that now that she is divorced she is NOT a housewife so she doesn’t belong. Its like Basketball Wives! None of them are wives! the titles are lies! its like having teen mom but all the moms are forty!

  24. @tweatcyn says:

    I love me a genuine sociopath, so I hope Camille does return to RHBH, and Faye and Allison should be added as well. Pow! Pow! KABAM!

  25. Miss Anthrope says:

    If Camille doesn’t come back then it’ll be for the same reasons that Danielle isn’t coming back to RHONJ- because Andy doesn’t like her.

    They’ve already proven that they don’t give a shit if a housewife is good or bad for business, so long as Andy Cohen wants to be their bff. The ENTIRE NJ show was based on one thing: Danielle Staub. The entire RHOBH was based solely on one thing: Camille being delusional. Andy made it clear that he didn’t like Danielle and he made it pretty clear on WWHL that he’s not a fan of Camille either. My guess is that they won’t decline to renew her contract like with Danielle, but they will refuse to pony up the big paycheck she’s asking for.

    Meanwhile, Teresa Giudice continues to be a liability and Bravo keeps signing her paychecks.

  26. auntie mimi says:

    No!! It wouldve been so fun seeing her try to recover from the entire world having googled her nekked photos/films, watching her read the tabloids full of kelsey marrying a better version of her, watching nick not kiss her back, and watching her try not to make the evil faces and weird shoulder shrugs. If her husband, an A-list celeb, with emmys and golden globes, who is up here— kicks her to the curb, where does that leave her? Sure she has $50mill, but her personality is shit- and ere’ one knows it now. (more hated than a kidnapping prostitution whore!)

  27. redfeather says:

    Hopefully Bravo doesn’t replace Camille with another generic fake. Kyle and Taylor have that position pretty well covered. Sorry to see her go.

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