Twitter I*N*S*A*N*I*T*Y AKA JennGate Fraud-A-Thon 2011


WARNING: I know that posting this blog will probably inspire some people to come and scream at me in the comments section, and might even attract a troll or two. So before you go calling me a hater or whatever, I just want to make something clear: the things I’m posting here are the facts as they happened. Not my personal opinions. I am simply providing the information, and you can all come to your own conclusions. Please don’t yell at me if you don’t like what you read. Thank you.

(Please Note: insert the word “allegedly” where applicable.)

A little back story for those of you who are not regular readers and aren’t familiar with Zen Jenn from Chicago Now:

– It all started here when I wrote a little rant about a guy who wrote an absolutly awful RHOBH recap for Yahoo’s OMG:

– Jenn (who also writes for Yahoo) seemed to take personal offence to my blog about that random guy’s recap (she doesn’t know him), and wrote a nasty blog attacking me and even Lynn too (for no reason bc Lynn didn’t do anything to her). So I created a “BS Blogger Blog” from Jenn’s nasty blog post. She has since deleted the original that she wrote, but you can still read the copy/paste (with my comments inserted) here:

– Then I did this just for fun:

– Here is a Youtube of Jenn, just to give you an idea of the type of person we’re dealing with:

Here are her twitterlongers from the time all this was going on:

See you back here in 5 hours when you’ve finally read all this.


Ok, so getting to the point: A lot of people are wondering exactly what the fuck happened on twitter the other day (Feb 2011). It all began when JS (Jenn Sale) started tweeting and blogging about personal things that were happening in her relationship. I can’t show you the tweets because she has since deleted her twitter account, but here are the screen shots of a couple of the blogs she posted (also now deleted):

(You may need to use the magnifier on your browser to read these OR you can click on them to enlarge them. But each blog post is broken into 2 or 3 pieces even though it doesn’t look like it, so you’ll have to click each piece. Sorry this is so complicated. Lol.)




Later on that night, after the last blog post, she tweeted that she had checked into a hotel and was safe.

This situation inspired some people to want to get involved and help, and when they did, information started being revealed. Here are the things that started coming out about Zen Jenn:






When all this info came out people online began tweeting to Jenn and asking her about it. She tweeted a few answers blaming her (ex?) husband for her arrest. Eventually she tweeted that no one will believe her no matter what she says and deleted her twitter account. She said she was fine before twitter and would be fine after it…. But then she created a new twitter account within an hour. That account has also since been deleted and as of now she just uses her RealityZen twitter account. After her original twitter disappeared she posted a new blog, but deleted all the posts written before that. That new blog post has also since been deleted, but here is the screen shot:


After all the vague references to unspecified people and events in that blog, we are only left with more questions.


Here is @Intensity38’s account of what happened. It is long, but it will help put things into perspective:

I know I’m a little late in these responses, but I do have a comment to make about the suicide of that teenage girl who posted her last message on twitter along with the explanation that everyone has been asking for.

Last fall there was a woman who was friends with quite a few of us here in this group.
I will cut to the chase cause this is long and I don’t want to take up more room on this blog. Anyway she was drinking that day and was not at all happy with anyone. She was calling people out left and right saying some horrible things to people that she was angry at and was posting with many spelling mistakes and repeated words.

Wellsies, (lol) after a whole day of this she posted that she took a ‘boat load’ of pills and said goodbye and other things like, she would ‘see us on the other side’. A number of people on twitter were frantic, thinking that this woman, whom had children, had taken pills and nobody knew what to do.
A number of people, including me, had written URGENT messages to twitter asking them to get her IP and call the police. There was no response to anyone’s message, except the automated message saying that they had gotten your message and would get back to you. Not what you want to hear when you believe someone’s life is at stake.
So, I decided that enough time had passed and called 911. I spoke to the operator, and gave her as much information as I could. There wasn’t a lot she could do seeing we were in different states, so I got back on twitter and by the luck of the Irish, I found that one of her followers had her cell phone number.

I called 911 back and they put me through to the area code’s emergency response network. I was put through to the police and spent almost an hour trying to explain to this police woman what was happening.
(During this time, we were all still watching her account and nothing. She was not responding.)
Your not going to believe this, but I swear on my life it’s true. This police department did NOT have Internet access! This woman didn’t even have any idea what Twitter was.
I thought, ‘oh great, now what’?

After going through all of this (and now it’s almost 2 hours since she wrote “see you on the other side, or something to that effect.) She finally took down the cell phone number and the information a number of kind people had collected from her friends (who were all still waiting anxiously to find out what happened to her).

She said she would call me back and hung up. I informed everyone as to what was happening and we all sat nervously awaiting the call back.

About an hour later the phone rang, and it was her, the female policewoman. She explained to me that they found out who she was and where she lived from her cell phone information and had sent a couple cars to her house. They knocked but nobody answered, so they pounded on the door and they heard someone yell that they were coming.
She (the woman who ‘took the boatload of pills) answered the door and was quite pissed off that the police were there pounding on her door and she denied saying she took the pills. She denied saying she would see us on the other side. She denied it all. They checked on her son and left.
That was it. The visit took 5 minutes total. Most of it was her saying this was all a lie.
We all were thankful, yet very upset that she had put us through this. (A sweet woman on twitter even left a meeting at work, to try and keep her tweeting so we could find her)
So, Let’s say, the whole bunch of us were pissed off but glad that it had not happened. If this was not enough, this woman comes back on twitter about eight hours later, deletes a couple of her ‘see you on the other side’ tweets and tweeted that ‘SHE was PISSED off that SOMEONE sent the POLICE to her house last night because THEY *the police* woke her and her son up!’ OMFG!

Your probably asking ‘why is she telling us this’, and it’s because I want people to know that first, there are some wonderful people on twitter with very big hearts, and second, it’s people like her who make other people on Twitter dismiss the REAL tweets of the people who are REALLY committing suicide.

I pray that this is not what happened with this teenager, and that it doesn’t ever happen again.

If you ask me now, would I do the same thing as I did that night, the answer is YES! Because I would never be able to live with myself had I not attempted to contact this woman and found out later that she had gone through with it.

Okie Dokie. So now on to Jen. She did not say she was going to kill herself, nor did she ever indicate that she was going to hurt herself or her children, BUT She indicated that she was in an abusive situation that she could not get out of. She said that her husband was ‘holding her hostage’ by taking the battery out of the car and removing her cash and credit cards from her wallet.

Because I have volunteered on crisis hotlines for years,
I knew there were many ‘underground’ shelters out there who will come in, and in two hours, will have the abused woman and her children out of the house, far away. They will give them a new life with a place to live, help them change their name, get a job and give them money to help them get started. All of this so the abuser cannot find them because sometimes orders of protection do not work.
Anyway, because of what Jen saidin her blogs and on her Twitter page, I really thought that she needed this help. My heart broke for her and her children because nobody, not a man or woman should have to live their lives in fear.
She had been saying what an awful situation she was in, that her ‘husband’ burned her things, her clothes and the things her father had left her. She indicated that she was being held hostage with no way out, no money and she was fearful for herself and her children.
I made some phone calls with the information I had and tried to find someone to help her. I emailed her blogs and her tweets to a woman who’s name I will not reveal and waited for her to collect the things she needed to, and to get a hold of Jen and try to get her out if she needed to get out.
I will not reveal what happened next but lets just say, my eyes were opened up and I found out that she was not the abused woman she was claiming to be. Nor was she in the situations she reported on her blogs.
I was more than angry and I apologize for this because it seems that she really does need help. Not from a shelter but from a professional psychiatrist or someone who can help her to stop with her lies.
I had to post this because I have been asked over and over about what happened and I wanted to clear the air.
If Jen actually was telling the truth, I wanted to hear it from her, so I asked her and she tweeted some kind of “fuck off” to me. I then became even more angry and posted the article I received (from someone I asked to help Jen)
I asked her to comment and she deleted her Twitter account and posted a blog (you can read it above) and she gave me a special shout out and she told me to “Go fuck myself”
So there is what happened in total. Nobody at twitter, no blogger, gave me that information. Nobody did anything to Jen but me, and it was a gesture that I would hope someone would do for me if I was in a situation like she described.
Jen keeps blaming Lynn and others for what happened and it was only me. Nobody else. So if the friends that she still has, want to tar and feather anyone, come and see me. I did it.
Now, ‘ask me would I do it again’? And I will tell you YES! Yes I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just because she used her blog to lie, does not mean that if someone else needed help, that I wouldn’t help.
I guess that means I am a sucker and I will let people use me, but I see it as, I hope that if I ever needed help, that there would be someone out there who would help me.

Okay, I’m done now. So I will go to twitter now and await the hate tweets and the name calling. I don’t care what you do. You cannot, and you will not ever, make me not care about another human being. If that is your goal, give it up.

Now that I’m done, I’m going to go try and ‘fuck myself’. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ve been told it so many times since this went down, I’m going to go try.

Have a great night everyone!


But there is more…

Here is another website of Jenn’s:
I will include a screen shot as well, because you never know when it will all be deleted.

^^^ Donation button is still there.
(It is my unbiased observation that for someone who is too proud to accept hand outs, she sure does ask for them a lot.)

First of all, the blog that she claims was purchased by an unnamed media company… It’s a free wordpress blog. She gave up the name because of all the negative attention she was getting from her nasty blog posts. That blog is now available at wordpress if anyone wants it:

The “editors” she’s always talking about… you can have them too if you sign up here. I’m a writer for Yahoo too. I have an editor. It doesn’t mean anything. It took me one week to become a fancy pants “featured contributor.” I’m not saying it isn’t something to brag about but… well, yeah, actually that’s exactly what I’m saying. You can view my “professional blogger” profile here if you want.

Something else I found interesting… Here the description of Jenn’s book “Don’t Count Your Chicken’s Before They’re McNuggets” from her website:

And here is another description of the same book from her kickstarter website:

Did she write two different books with the same title?

It amazes me, actually, to see how easily she twists and manipulates the truth. Reading her “About Me” page was like watching the Salahi’s on the RHODC reunion.

My head hurts.

Oh, by the by…. I have a paypal button now. It’s just an old inside joke, nothing to do with actual donations, so don’t pay it any mind. I could never accept money from any of you anyway. Ever. But if you wanted to force me to have the money against my will, then I suppose you could hit the donate button and then I wouldn’t be able to stop you.
But just so we’re clear, I am NOT asking for money. I’m perfectly fine sleeping on the streets with nothing but my bathrobe and slippers in the middle of a snow storm. Do not hit that donate button! I do not want help.


Jenn’s “Interview” with Jill Zarin – I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t look like an interview to me…..

Jenn gives advice on how to have your record expunged – LOL

Jenn’s tweets <– this link may or may not still be working.

Jenn’s Bio BEFORE I revealed her lies. Click to enlarge: 

The same Bio AFTER (changed yesterday):

Jenn’s blog in response to her info being uncovered – Here are the screen shots for when she deletes that one too:

She changed her name on this site:

Interesting fact from Wikipedia:

In Book 7 of the Aeneid, in lines 69–83, Lavinia’s presence is made more known to the readers in her most memorable role in the Aeneid; during the sacrifice at the altars of the gods, Lavinia’s hair catches on fire, an omen promising glorious days to come for Lavinia and war for all Latins.
In Ursula K. Le Guin‘s 2008 novel Lavinia, the character of Lavinia and her relationship with Aeneas is expanded and elaborated, giving insight into the life of a king’s daughter in ancient Italy. The narrative is intriguing in that the narrator, Lavinia, says that she would not have a life without Virgil, implying that she knows she is only a myth

Her name is still the same on this site where she is listed as director of Media/PR for Project Ladybug in Chicago:

Here is Project Ladybug’s Facebook page where she is not listed:

Is she a Catholic?

Or is she a Lutheran?

This is her original AOL blog titled “Jenn’s World” that she claims in her bio (^ up there) caught the attention of “some editors”:  The screen shots are below (click to enlarge) but if the link is still working it would be easier to read it here:

If you haven’t read the comments yet, you can’t miss them. They are hilarious!

All New Blogs Are Being Posted Over Here: Reality Crack House

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2,195 Responses to Twitter I*N*S*A*N*I*T*Y AKA JennGate Fraud-A-Thon 2011

  1. Dubious says:

    How time flies. Seems like yesterday but it was four years ago that we were all together here. Now Lynn is gone, Christi is gone, someone told me that Pompalicious (I never knew her real name) is gone. Lynn’s blog is gone. Our brilliant PYHU has gone AWOL. Jennifer Lavinia Jacob Gulbrandsen Sale is out of jail, in Atlanta, scamming some nice Jewish kid named Louis, having broken up with her bestie Kristi. She’s got another batch of blogs and now calls herself Jenni Lavinia on FB. With Christmas coming, can’t we have a reunion, talk about the glory days, and that stupid Yule log?

  2. dubious says:

    RHoNJ marathon today. Dina. Project Ladybug. Brought back fond memories of JLJGS trying to worm her way into the Atia Lutarewych fundraiser in Chicago, standing proudly with Dina in a photo, smiling as she schemed a way to get her hands on the cash…

  3. dubious says:

    Jennifer Lavinia Gulbrandsen Jacob Sale is back to her old ways. She now says that while recovering from a hysterectomy last summer, she wrote a script (Trash with Money?) and it was optioned by Amazon Studios. Uh huh. Sure. She also claims to be getting ready for a figure skating competition despite her bad ankles and bad hips. There are fewer changes of websites and blogs and FB pages, though she does still change it up every now and then. And after three years in Atlanta, she is calling it quits and heading back to Chicago to cause more chaos in the lives of her three kids. Miraculously, she didn’t rack up a criminal record in Georgia. Anyone want to bet who she will be living with when she gets back to Chicago?

  4. dubious says:

    PYHU – glad you are still checking comments from time-to-time. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who stops by. And for those who do, please clear the comments reporting the news about WSL?

  5. live2bird says:

    2018 Jennifer Gulbrandsen Sale update. She’s been living in an Atlanta suburb. She burned her friendship with Kristie (who explained the sad, sordid demise of that friendship in a post a couple of pages back). She’s apparently burned her friendship with Karrie – the rich one whose long-time friendship with Kristie died as a result of Jenn Sale’s lies. She claims to have a wealthy lawyer boyfriend named Topo Gigio or something like that. She claims to have resumed her championship rollerskating career – she’s even posted video of someone – no face is visible- skating around an empty rink. She claims to have sold a pilot and now it is being made. We are supposed to believe this because she posted a script she wrote. She claims to be moving back to Chicago. She also claims to be seeing a therapist and taking medication. Time will tell but if the past is any indication, this is all fantasy. She’s still making those insanely long meandering podcasts where she laughs at herself with that irritating phony laugh at things that aren’t even remotely funny. And still multiple FB pages (Jenni Lavinia, Jennifer Gulbrandsen, Brand Media) but only one website best I can tell (ymojenn).

  6. dubious says:

    Oh yeah, this sounds a whole lot like that claim that she had a big meeting with NBC. When in reality, she was going to court on a probation violation and might have had to go right to jail. She even “likes” her own FB posts using the name Jenni Lavinia. The other likes are probably phony accounts, too. It is her M.O. If there really is a therapist, I wonder if Jenn told her about the criminal convictions, the imprisonment, the lying-as-a-way-of-life, the fighting with everyone in the blogosphere…

    • Kristi says:

      I keep getting emails every time someone comments so I guess I’m in the Insanity Club for life. Lol
      And of COURSE she “turned down” the opportunity to have her story made into a pilot because she wants a stable life. I mean, how in the heck does she write this crap with a straight face? She is a complete psychopath. I still get messages from people who she lied to, screwed over or duped telling me what she’s doing and it’s the same ol’ shit, different day. Now she has tattoos to mark friendships that she’s already fucked up who were friends for like 6 months. Pathetic. Still haven’t been paid back so if she wants to tell stories about how stable she is now, she should shoot me over my 2 grand so I’ll shut up. Also, where tf is her kids???

      • dubious says:

        Kristi – you have no idea how many people wanted to warn you but we figured you would never believe us. I feel terrible now that I did not reach out to you. How the heck did she ever qualify for a mortgage to buy a condo? Why didn’t she move in with this boyfriend? Does she actually have a job? I was shocked to find out that the figure skating thing is real. First thing she ever told the truth about.

        • Kristi says:

          She didn’t buy a condo. None of those things are true and most people who were around and aren’t any longer doubt there’s a guy either. It’s a case study for the ages. Honestly, I think her life sucks so bad that she creates online lives and lives through them. She’s got nothing. And-I would not have listened to the warnings. I am loyal to a fault. But that’s just who I am and I give no apologies for it. My aftermath is being a director of marketing for a national non-profit and a podcast with 5,000 downloads a week….and we see hers: a lot of purchased interest and made-up followers.
          Now, speaking of, I’m off to go have an awesome holiday weekend! I hope you do as well!

          • dubious says:

            Thanks, Kristi, for confirming what I already suspected. How the heck does she support herself? Glad you got away from her fairly quickly and that things went well for you.

          • dubious says:

            FYI I checked the Cobb County and Fulton County land records for every one of her recent addresses. No surprise. She is not listed as the owner of any property. I suspect that the current address is a condo she is renting from one of the owners at that address. I have long doubted that the BF (Gio?) exists. She recently created a post that included sections he supposedly wrote. He alludes to not letting on at work that they are a couple. Well, he’s supposedly an attorney. She is….who knows what? A social media adviser? How is it that they work together? Maybe she is working for a law firm in some kind of supporrt job (hope she doesn’t have access to the $$!) and has a fantasy about one of the lawyers who works there?

      • dubious says:

        Kristi – I hope you are able to repair the friendships that were damaged by Jenn. How is it that Louis doesn’t see through her? Ii gather that she burned her friendship with Karrie, too? Is that why she had to move out of Karrie’s house? Did she leave it in lousy condition, the way she did with the furniture you provided to her?

  7. Eric says:

    The kids are happy, healthy and doing great w with their father, jenn is a deadbeat who refuses to help support them. But we are all the better that she’s gone and staying gone!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I stumbled across her podcast this week by accident. It was a Q&A episode. I gave it a listen and it just sounded so manic and was seriously the most narcissistic thing I have ever heard. After I listened I googled her name and ended up here. This woman is seriously sick. All she talks about is her “online presence”. A quick search shows 5,706 instagram followers. She has the same amount of likes on every picture ( a clear sign of bought followers ) and only like 1 – 3 comments on each picture. Her posts on FB generate only about 1 – 3 likes each. Her original tweets average about 2 retweets and likes. Her you tube videos have 25 views. She claims 22 people sent her questions for her podcast Q&A. The questions were so obviously made up by her. She also gives advice about how she’s raising her kids when a quick google search reveals she hasn’t seen her kids in months and hasn’t lived with them in three years. She talks about some successful writing career and I haven’t looked up any of her books but judging by her extremely unpopular social media I can’t imagine she’s some successful author. I guess I’m just interested because I don’t understand how she’s not embarrassed to have all these delusions of grandeur public.

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