Twitter I*N*S*A*N*I*T*Y AKA JennGate Fraud-A-Thon 2011


WARNING: I know that posting this blog will probably inspire some people to come and scream at me in the comments section, and might even attract a troll or two. So before you go calling me a hater or whatever, I just want to make something clear: the things I’m posting here are the facts as they happened. Not my personal opinions. I am simply providing the information, and you can all come to your own conclusions. Please don’t yell at me if you don’t like what you read. Thank you.

(Please Note: insert the word “allegedly” where applicable.)

A little back story for those of you who are not regular readers and aren’t familiar with Zen Jenn from Chicago Now:

– It all started here when I wrote a little rant about a guy who wrote an absolutly awful RHOBH recap for Yahoo’s OMG:

– Jenn (who also writes for Yahoo) seemed to take personal offence to my blog about that random guy’s recap (she doesn’t know him), and wrote a nasty blog attacking me and even Lynn too (for no reason bc Lynn didn’t do anything to her). So I created a “BS Blogger Blog” from Jenn’s nasty blog post. She has since deleted the original that she wrote, but you can still read the copy/paste (with my comments inserted) here:

– Then I did this just for fun:

– Here is a Youtube of Jenn, just to give you an idea of the type of person we’re dealing with:

Here are her twitterlongers from the time all this was going on:

See you back here in 5 hours when you’ve finally read all this.


Ok, so getting to the point: A lot of people are wondering exactly what the fuck happened on twitter the other day (Feb 2011). It all began when JS (Jenn Sale) started tweeting and blogging about personal things that were happening in her relationship. I can’t show you the tweets because she has since deleted her twitter account, but here are the screen shots of a couple of the blogs she posted (also now deleted):

(You may need to use the magnifier on your browser to read these OR you can click on them to enlarge them. But each blog post is broken into 2 or 3 pieces even though it doesn’t look like it, so you’ll have to click each piece. Sorry this is so complicated. Lol.)




Later on that night, after the last blog post, she tweeted that she had checked into a hotel and was safe.

This situation inspired some people to want to get involved and help, and when they did, information started being revealed. Here are the things that started coming out about Zen Jenn:






When all this info came out people online began tweeting to Jenn and asking her about it. She tweeted a few answers blaming her (ex?) husband for her arrest. Eventually she tweeted that no one will believe her no matter what she says and deleted her twitter account. She said she was fine before twitter and would be fine after it…. But then she created a new twitter account within an hour. That account has also since been deleted and as of now she just uses her RealityZen twitter account. After her original twitter disappeared she posted a new blog, but deleted all the posts written before that. That new blog post has also since been deleted, but here is the screen shot:


After all the vague references to unspecified people and events in that blog, we are only left with more questions.


Here is @Intensity38’s account of what happened. It is long, but it will help put things into perspective:

I know I’m a little late in these responses, but I do have a comment to make about the suicide of that teenage girl who posted her last message on twitter along with the explanation that everyone has been asking for.

Last fall there was a woman who was friends with quite a few of us here in this group.
I will cut to the chase cause this is long and I don’t want to take up more room on this blog. Anyway she was drinking that day and was not at all happy with anyone. She was calling people out left and right saying some horrible things to people that she was angry at and was posting with many spelling mistakes and repeated words.

Wellsies, (lol) after a whole day of this she posted that she took a ‘boat load’ of pills and said goodbye and other things like, she would ‘see us on the other side’. A number of people on twitter were frantic, thinking that this woman, whom had children, had taken pills and nobody knew what to do.
A number of people, including me, had written URGENT messages to twitter asking them to get her IP and call the police. There was no response to anyone’s message, except the automated message saying that they had gotten your message and would get back to you. Not what you want to hear when you believe someone’s life is at stake.
So, I decided that enough time had passed and called 911. I spoke to the operator, and gave her as much information as I could. There wasn’t a lot she could do seeing we were in different states, so I got back on twitter and by the luck of the Irish, I found that one of her followers had her cell phone number.

I called 911 back and they put me through to the area code’s emergency response network. I was put through to the police and spent almost an hour trying to explain to this police woman what was happening.
(During this time, we were all still watching her account and nothing. She was not responding.)
Your not going to believe this, but I swear on my life it’s true. This police department did NOT have Internet access! This woman didn’t even have any idea what Twitter was.
I thought, ‘oh great, now what’?

After going through all of this (and now it’s almost 2 hours since she wrote “see you on the other side, or something to that effect.) She finally took down the cell phone number and the information a number of kind people had collected from her friends (who were all still waiting anxiously to find out what happened to her).

She said she would call me back and hung up. I informed everyone as to what was happening and we all sat nervously awaiting the call back.

About an hour later the phone rang, and it was her, the female policewoman. She explained to me that they found out who she was and where she lived from her cell phone information and had sent a couple cars to her house. They knocked but nobody answered, so they pounded on the door and they heard someone yell that they were coming.
She (the woman who ‘took the boatload of pills) answered the door and was quite pissed off that the police were there pounding on her door and she denied saying she took the pills. She denied saying she would see us on the other side. She denied it all. They checked on her son and left.
That was it. The visit took 5 minutes total. Most of it was her saying this was all a lie.
We all were thankful, yet very upset that she had put us through this. (A sweet woman on twitter even left a meeting at work, to try and keep her tweeting so we could find her)
So, Let’s say, the whole bunch of us were pissed off but glad that it had not happened. If this was not enough, this woman comes back on twitter about eight hours later, deletes a couple of her ‘see you on the other side’ tweets and tweeted that ‘SHE was PISSED off that SOMEONE sent the POLICE to her house last night because THEY *the police* woke her and her son up!’ OMFG!

Your probably asking ‘why is she telling us this’, and it’s because I want people to know that first, there are some wonderful people on twitter with very big hearts, and second, it’s people like her who make other people on Twitter dismiss the REAL tweets of the people who are REALLY committing suicide.

I pray that this is not what happened with this teenager, and that it doesn’t ever happen again.

If you ask me now, would I do the same thing as I did that night, the answer is YES! Because I would never be able to live with myself had I not attempted to contact this woman and found out later that she had gone through with it.

Okie Dokie. So now on to Jen. She did not say she was going to kill herself, nor did she ever indicate that she was going to hurt herself or her children, BUT She indicated that she was in an abusive situation that she could not get out of. She said that her husband was ‘holding her hostage’ by taking the battery out of the car and removing her cash and credit cards from her wallet.

Because I have volunteered on crisis hotlines for years,
I knew there were many ‘underground’ shelters out there who will come in, and in two hours, will have the abused woman and her children out of the house, far away. They will give them a new life with a place to live, help them change their name, get a job and give them money to help them get started. All of this so the abuser cannot find them because sometimes orders of protection do not work.
Anyway, because of what Jen saidin her blogs and on her Twitter page, I really thought that she needed this help. My heart broke for her and her children because nobody, not a man or woman should have to live their lives in fear.
She had been saying what an awful situation she was in, that her ‘husband’ burned her things, her clothes and the things her father had left her. She indicated that she was being held hostage with no way out, no money and she was fearful for herself and her children.
I made some phone calls with the information I had and tried to find someone to help her. I emailed her blogs and her tweets to a woman who’s name I will not reveal and waited for her to collect the things she needed to, and to get a hold of Jen and try to get her out if she needed to get out.
I will not reveal what happened next but lets just say, my eyes were opened up and I found out that she was not the abused woman she was claiming to be. Nor was she in the situations she reported on her blogs.
I was more than angry and I apologize for this because it seems that she really does need help. Not from a shelter but from a professional psychiatrist or someone who can help her to stop with her lies.
I had to post this because I have been asked over and over about what happened and I wanted to clear the air.
If Jen actually was telling the truth, I wanted to hear it from her, so I asked her and she tweeted some kind of “fuck off” to me. I then became even more angry and posted the article I received (from someone I asked to help Jen)
I asked her to comment and she deleted her Twitter account and posted a blog (you can read it above) and she gave me a special shout out and she told me to “Go fuck myself”
So there is what happened in total. Nobody at twitter, no blogger, gave me that information. Nobody did anything to Jen but me, and it was a gesture that I would hope someone would do for me if I was in a situation like she described.
Jen keeps blaming Lynn and others for what happened and it was only me. Nobody else. So if the friends that she still has, want to tar and feather anyone, come and see me. I did it.
Now, ‘ask me would I do it again’? And I will tell you YES! Yes I would do it again in a heartbeat. Just because she used her blog to lie, does not mean that if someone else needed help, that I wouldn’t help.
I guess that means I am a sucker and I will let people use me, but I see it as, I hope that if I ever needed help, that there would be someone out there who would help me.

Okay, I’m done now. So I will go to twitter now and await the hate tweets and the name calling. I don’t care what you do. You cannot, and you will not ever, make me not care about another human being. If that is your goal, give it up.

Now that I’m done, I’m going to go try and ‘fuck myself’. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’ve been told it so many times since this went down, I’m going to go try.

Have a great night everyone!


But there is more…

Here is another website of Jenn’s:
I will include a screen shot as well, because you never know when it will all be deleted.

^^^ Donation button is still there.
(It is my unbiased observation that for someone who is too proud to accept hand outs, she sure does ask for them a lot.)

First of all, the blog that she claims was purchased by an unnamed media company… It’s a free wordpress blog. She gave up the name because of all the negative attention she was getting from her nasty blog posts. That blog is now available at wordpress if anyone wants it:

The “editors” she’s always talking about… you can have them too if you sign up here. I’m a writer for Yahoo too. I have an editor. It doesn’t mean anything. It took me one week to become a fancy pants “featured contributor.” I’m not saying it isn’t something to brag about but… well, yeah, actually that’s exactly what I’m saying. You can view my “professional blogger” profile here if you want.

Something else I found interesting… Here the description of Jenn’s book “Don’t Count Your Chicken’s Before They’re McNuggets” from her website:

And here is another description of the same book from her kickstarter website:

Did she write two different books with the same title?

It amazes me, actually, to see how easily she twists and manipulates the truth. Reading her “About Me” page was like watching the Salahi’s on the RHODC reunion.

My head hurts.

Oh, by the by…. I have a paypal button now. It’s just an old inside joke, nothing to do with actual donations, so don’t pay it any mind. I could never accept money from any of you anyway. Ever. But if you wanted to force me to have the money against my will, then I suppose you could hit the donate button and then I wouldn’t be able to stop you.
But just so we’re clear, I am NOT asking for money. I’m perfectly fine sleeping on the streets with nothing but my bathrobe and slippers in the middle of a snow storm. Do not hit that donate button! I do not want help.


Jenn’s “Interview” with Jill Zarin – I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t look like an interview to me…..

Jenn gives advice on how to have your record expunged – LOL

Jenn’s tweets <– this link may or may not still be working.

Jenn’s Bio BEFORE I revealed her lies. Click to enlarge: 

The same Bio AFTER (changed yesterday):

Jenn’s blog in response to her info being uncovered – Here are the screen shots for when she deletes that one too:

She changed her name on this site:

Interesting fact from Wikipedia:

In Book 7 of the Aeneid, in lines 69–83, Lavinia’s presence is made more known to the readers in her most memorable role in the Aeneid; during the sacrifice at the altars of the gods, Lavinia’s hair catches on fire, an omen promising glorious days to come for Lavinia and war for all Latins.
In Ursula K. Le Guin‘s 2008 novel Lavinia, the character of Lavinia and her relationship with Aeneas is expanded and elaborated, giving insight into the life of a king’s daughter in ancient Italy. The narrative is intriguing in that the narrator, Lavinia, says that she would not have a life without Virgil, implying that she knows she is only a myth

Her name is still the same on this site where she is listed as director of Media/PR for Project Ladybug in Chicago:

Here is Project Ladybug’s Facebook page where she is not listed:

Is she a Catholic?

Or is she a Lutheran?

This is her original AOL blog titled “Jenn’s World” that she claims in her bio (^ up there) caught the attention of “some editors”:  The screen shots are below (click to enlarge) but if the link is still working it would be easier to read it here:

If you haven’t read the comments yet, you can’t miss them. They are hilarious!

All New Blogs Are Being Posted Over Here: Reality Crack House

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2,486 Responses to Twitter I*N*S*A*N*I*T*Y AKA JennGate Fraud-A-Thon 2011

  1. Dubious says:

    How time flies. Seems like yesterday but it was four years ago that we were all together here. Now Lynn is gone, Christi is gone, someone told me that Pompalicious (I never knew her real name) is gone. Lynn’s blog is gone. Our brilliant PYHU has gone AWOL. Jennifer Lavinia Jacob Gulbrandsen Sale is out of jail, in Atlanta, scamming some nice Jewish kid named Louis, having broken up with her bestie Kristi. She’s got another batch of blogs and now calls herself Jenni Lavinia on FB. With Christmas coming, can’t we have a reunion, talk about the glory days, and that stupid Yule log?

  2. dubious says:

    RHoNJ marathon today. Dina. Project Ladybug. Brought back fond memories of JLJGS trying to worm her way into the Atia Lutarewych fundraiser in Chicago, standing proudly with Dina in a photo, smiling as she schemed a way to get her hands on the cash…

  3. dubious says:

    Jennifer Lavinia Gulbrandsen Jacob Sale is back to her old ways. She now says that while recovering from a hysterectomy last summer, she wrote a script (Trash with Money?) and it was optioned by Amazon Studios. Uh huh. Sure. She also claims to be getting ready for a figure skating competition despite her bad ankles and bad hips. There are fewer changes of websites and blogs and FB pages, though she does still change it up every now and then. And after three years in Atlanta, she is calling it quits and heading back to Chicago to cause more chaos in the lives of her three kids. Miraculously, she didn’t rack up a criminal record in Georgia. Anyone want to bet who she will be living with when she gets back to Chicago?

  4. dubious says:

    PYHU – glad you are still checking comments from time-to-time. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who stops by. And for those who do, please clear the comments reporting the news about WSL?

  5. live2bird says:

    2018 Jennifer Gulbrandsen Sale update. She’s been living in an Atlanta suburb. She burned her friendship with Kristie (who explained the sad, sordid demise of that friendship in a post a couple of pages back). She’s apparently burned her friendship with Karrie – the rich one whose long-time friendship with Kristie died as a result of Jenn Sale’s lies. She claims to have a wealthy lawyer boyfriend named Topo Gigio or something like that. She claims to have resumed her championship rollerskating career – she’s even posted video of someone – no face is visible- skating around an empty rink. She claims to have sold a pilot and now it is being made. We are supposed to believe this because she posted a script she wrote. She claims to be moving back to Chicago. She also claims to be seeing a therapist and taking medication. Time will tell but if the past is any indication, this is all fantasy. She’s still making those insanely long meandering podcasts where she laughs at herself with that irritating phony laugh at things that aren’t even remotely funny. And still multiple FB pages (Jenni Lavinia, Jennifer Gulbrandsen, Brand Media) but only one website best I can tell (ymojenn).

  6. dubious says:

    Oh yeah, this sounds a whole lot like that claim that she had a big meeting with NBC. When in reality, she was going to court on a probation violation and might have had to go right to jail. She even “likes” her own FB posts using the name Jenni Lavinia. The other likes are probably phony accounts, too. It is her M.O. If there really is a therapist, I wonder if Jenn told her about the criminal convictions, the imprisonment, the lying-as-a-way-of-life, the fighting with everyone in the blogosphere…

    • Kristi says:

      I keep getting emails every time someone comments so I guess I’m in the Insanity Club for life. Lol
      And of COURSE she “turned down” the opportunity to have her story made into a pilot because she wants a stable life. I mean, how in the heck does she write this crap with a straight face? She is a complete psychopath. I still get messages from people who she lied to, screwed over or duped telling me what she’s doing and it’s the same ol’ shit, different day. Now she has tattoos to mark friendships that she’s already fucked up who were friends for like 6 months. Pathetic. Still haven’t been paid back so if she wants to tell stories about how stable she is now, she should shoot me over my 2 grand so I’ll shut up. Also, where tf is her kids???

      • dubious says:

        Kristi – you have no idea how many people wanted to warn you but we figured you would never believe us. I feel terrible now that I did not reach out to you. How the heck did she ever qualify for a mortgage to buy a condo? Why didn’t she move in with this boyfriend? Does she actually have a job? I was shocked to find out that the figure skating thing is real. First thing she ever told the truth about.

        • Kristi says:

          She didn’t buy a condo. None of those things are true and most people who were around and aren’t any longer doubt there’s a guy either. It’s a case study for the ages. Honestly, I think her life sucks so bad that she creates online lives and lives through them. She’s got nothing. And-I would not have listened to the warnings. I am loyal to a fault. But that’s just who I am and I give no apologies for it. My aftermath is being a director of marketing for a national non-profit and a podcast with 5,000 downloads a week….and we see hers: a lot of purchased interest and made-up followers.
          Now, speaking of, I’m off to go have an awesome holiday weekend! I hope you do as well!

          • dubious says:

            Thanks, Kristi, for confirming what I already suspected. How the heck does she support herself? Glad you got away from her fairly quickly and that things went well for you.

          • dubious says:

            FYI I checked the Cobb County and Fulton County land records for every one of her recent addresses. No surprise. She is not listed as the owner of any property. I suspect that the current address is a condo she is renting from one of the owners at that address. I have long doubted that the BF (Gio?) exists. She recently created a post that included sections he supposedly wrote. He alludes to not letting on at work that they are a couple. Well, he’s supposedly an attorney. She is….who knows what? A social media adviser? How is it that they work together? Maybe she is working for a law firm in some kind of supporrt job (hope she doesn’t have access to the $$!) and has a fantasy about one of the lawyers who works there?

      • dubious says:

        Kristi – I hope you are able to repair the friendships that were damaged by Jenn. How is it that Louis doesn’t see through her? Ii gather that she burned her friendship with Karrie, too? Is that why she had to move out of Karrie’s house? Did she leave it in lousy condition, the way she did with the furniture you provided to her?

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not Kristi but I am close to the situation and pop over here sporadically in partial disbelief that she lies so blatantly on her public accounts. Her social media accounts are 100% manufactured to piss off her ex-husband and make her “haters” jealous.

          She has not seen her kids since May. She claims her ex is an alcoholic, the kids live in filth and sleep on couches but has made ZERO effort to try to better her children’s situation. The only way she is involved is getting her wages garnished for child support. In fact, she got their hopes up by telling them she was moving home last summer but never did.

          The reason she didn’t move is because of her obsession with the guy she is claiming is her new husband. He is one of the partners at the Law firm she is an admin at. They are casually dating and he has no idea she’s telling the internet they’re married. She wants everyone believe she’s choosing to live in an 800 square foot apartment with 3 large breed dogs instead of living in her “husband’s” mansion. Okay.

          • Eric Sale says:

            She may be getting her wages garnished but its not for child support, she does not support them in any way!

            • Anonymous says:

              She claims you won’t sue her for child support because you are breaking the law by not letting her have visitation/contact. Good riddance! I’m glad the kids have you.

          • Kristi says:

            Which partner is it? The bald one, the fat one or the bald & fat one? LOL!
            Her made up life is fascinating. I guess she thinks she’ll fake it until she makes it. Unfortunately she’s a shitty writer, shitty marketer and bad person. She’d better cling to that attorney and never let go.

            • Anonymous says:

              They’re all kind of fat and bald lol. She should put the effort she puts into her fake persona into her “novels”, she’d be a bestseller! Everyone in her inner circle is blocked from and unaware of her public IG account, she never tags anyone and no one ever comments. Its so transparent. She leads a VERY VERY lonely life. She claims she just got back from her honeymoon and is sitting alone crying in her apartment on a used couch she said her husband bought her for Xmas.

              • Kristi says:

                DYING to know who you are. Please friend me on IG so I can solve this mystery. @creepinitkristi
                All the people who see through her crazy are also very curious. I’m getting texted and messaged – they think you’re me! Lol

                • Tonya says:

                  I work at the Conyers practice of Dan Chapman and Associates. Josh is not a lawyer, he’s head of marketing for the firm. A colleague of mine alerted me to the drama that went down on Jennifer’s IG last night. The reason she is able to take 8 months off is because her only responsibility is running the firm’s Facebook, and it’s a mess! Go check it out, it’s just reposted garbage from her Facebook account. Everyone’s embarrassed about the content, but Josh won’t do anything because he’s dating Jennifer. THEY ARE NOT MARRIED. I imagine he would be mortified if he had access to her “public” account.

              • V says:

                Shocked they hired a convicted felon who went to prison twice for stealing -one from her job that was a charity. That firm had better watch it’s bank accounts!

                • Dubious says:

                  Just to correct the record. No one ever found evidence that she stole from a charity. One conviction was for stealing from her employer, a clothing store called New York & Company. The other was stealing from her grandmother, I think by taking her social security checks or using her credit cards. There was concern that she was Bonter ring for the Ada lutarewich Project Ladybug project so she could steal money, which is why people contacted Dina Manzo.

  7. Eric says:

    The kids are happy, healthy and doing great w with their father, jenn is a deadbeat who refuses to help support them. But we are all the better that she’s gone and staying gone!

    • Anonymous says:

      Eric, did she really get remarried? A lot of people in the know think it’s a lie.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes. It’s 100% a total fabrication. Just like her fake “business” she says she does and everything else. The people who follow her are laughing their asses off at her while she posts these posts with stock images and claiming it’s her, the pic was found online to be a woman and her husband and she cropped the face out and then claimed it’s her and described what all the flowers stand for: her kids and dogs…. Then she posted a photo of Cuba, again stock photo. She is a completely and utter psycho.
        She’s always posting photos of her in her “office” working on stories and scripts: the office is the law firm she’s secretary for. Everything she posts is a lie. Everything.

        • Dubious says:

          In a way, I get it. Way back when all of these reality tv blogs got started, people used them as diversions from whatever real life troubles they had. Apart from illness, loss of loved ones, marital problems and such, many were still suffering economic downturn due to the recession. And many just felt stuck in their lives. Jenn was hardly the only one who had an active fantasy life going on (she was the number one blogger in Chicago, for instance). She wasn’t even the best of the liars. That prize went to the woman who called herself Lady Brooks and claimed to be wealthy British nobility living incognito in the US. Turned out she was a blowsy middle-aged mom of three bu three different men, on her fourth of fifth marriage, and losing her dream home and life due to the recession. No wonder she made up this wonderful faux persona. So it was understandable, what Jenn did. Stuck in a bad, violent marriage, two convictions, no real future. But it has been years now. She seems not to have gotten her life together, she just keeps going with the lies.

          As for Eric, if he really is keeping her from seeing the kids and from talking with them, that’s just plain wrong. It would be legit to worry about how her visits and calls would impact them so it would probably be good to have them meet in a family therapy setting for a while (without Eric being there as they simply can’t get along even for the sake of their kids). But unless a professional says it is not in the kids’ best interest to see their mom, they should be able to see her and talk to her and spend time with her in Atlanta on school holidays and during the summer. A judge ought to order a professional evaluation and appoint a lawyer to represent the kids and find out what they want. Eric is also running the risk that they will end up hating him if they think he kept them from seeing her.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I stumbled across her podcast this week by accident. It was a Q&A episode. I gave it a listen and it just sounded so manic and was seriously the most narcissistic thing I have ever heard. After I listened I googled her name and ended up here. This woman is seriously sick. All she talks about is her “online presence”. A quick search shows 5,706 instagram followers. She has the same amount of likes on every picture ( a clear sign of bought followers ) and only like 1 – 3 comments on each picture. Her posts on FB generate only about 1 – 3 likes each. Her original tweets average about 2 retweets and likes. Her you tube videos have 25 views. She claims 22 people sent her questions for her podcast Q&A. The questions were so obviously made up by her. She also gives advice about how she’s raising her kids when a quick google search reveals she hasn’t seen her kids in months and hasn’t lived with them in three years. She talks about some successful writing career and I haven’t looked up any of her books but judging by her extremely unpopular social media I can’t imagine she’s some successful author. I guess I’m just interested because I don’t understand how she’s not embarrassed to have all these delusions of grandeur public.

  9. Eric Sale says:

    LOL, nope don’t need her money, If you have to be taken to court to do right by your own kids that’s just, well jenn. If I was breaking any laws she would come after me, Kids are doing great in school, unlike when she had them for a few months. They are healthy and happy. That’s all that matters.

    • Anonymous says:

      I hope the kids don’t have access to her instagram. It must hurt them so much to see her pretending to be SO HAPPY while she hasn’t seen them in 6 months and lives 700 miles away. How dare she post pictures of them! Could you imagine thinking your mom marrying someone you’ve never even met??? She said on her podcast that she didn’t go to see them for Christmas because she wasn’t allowed, yeah right. Maybe they don’t want to see you because you’re not being a mom in any capacity?

    • timfoff0779 says:

      Hmmmm… so you cut her off in August when she actually got married. There are emails to prove that, and she cut you off. I’m told she sent stuff on Halloween and you belittled her? Then she emailed you several times about Christmas and you ignored her? But when you caught wind of a honeymoon, you had something to say? She called/FaceTimed several times over the holiday and one of your daughters said, “I can’t call you, but I can text you”??? Also a daughter upset at your performance art texting my cousin, “I’ll make him stop.” There’s proof of this, if you’re wondering.

  10. Eric Sale says:

    That is correct, it’s all very sad,

    kids and really do pity her, but then we get over it!

    • Not You says:

      You all are fucking assholes! Why do you give a fuck what Jenn does or doesn’t do? Obsessed much?! Jesus fucking Christ. If you have a beef with her, take it up with her. Face to face. Stop trying to get the inter webs all twisted and on your side. You people are the worst!

      • Eric Sale says:

        Hey not you “jen” you text the kids and tell them you will take what I say here public? all I can say is please do! lol what public, those few loser trolls with no life that hang on your every lie? You need help!!

        • Sissy Dev says:

          Please keep her away from the kids! You’re doing a great job with them, Who cares if she makes anything public? All her followers are bots and a couple online ‘friends”. Block her number, email, IG, Facebook, etc and move on. She pretends to be a involved mother 700 miles away, BULLSHIT! She wrote a post on FB about having a blended family! How can you have a blended family if you haven’t seen your kids in 8 months and they don’t live with you? She desecrates you on her blog, showing your emails, etc. I bet you have some stories Eric, but you’ve been very controlled on here,

      • Karla says:

        We give a fuck because she has scammed many people, she’s hurting children and she’s pretending to be married to some guy that has no idea. I tried to “take it up” with her via IG last night and she either ignored my questions or lied.
        She did not get married, public record are easily accessible
        She has not seen her kids since May, in a parking lot for 20 minutes
        She did not buy a condo, again public records easily accessible
        She pays no child support
        She told the children she was moving home this summer but is still in Atlanta.

        Jenn has been a blogger for years, there’s over 2000 comments on this blog about her scammy antics. I think if you put yourself out there like that then you have to be open for some criticism, especially if she is intentionally hurting her children.

        I give a fuck because I am a family member. I love G,E & G and I hate to see them hurting. Imagine not seeing your mom during Christmas, its so sad.

  11. Eric Sale says:

    Wow would like to know who you are Karla, however my kids really aren’t hurting because this has been the only life they know where their mother is concerned, Yes that is sad but I did everything I could to be a happy healthy family like how I grew up. So please keep me and my kids out of this, we are happy and doing great without her, and if you know us you know its all good.

    • Karla says:

      I hope you have those kids in therapy. You’re delusional if you think their mother’s actions don’t affect them.

    • Karla says:

      You sure comment here a lot to want to be kept out of it. BTW it is possible to be a single parent and have a happy healthy family. Also, maybe stop with the late night drunk emails to her from your work email…

  12. V says:

    Jenn has made her IG private. Looks like her lies finally caught up with her….again.

    • timfoff0779 says:

      She made it private after deleting everyone outside of herself, her work, and the dogs. I don’t see her ever being public again.

      • Karla says:

        She has 5064 followers, thats a lot of coworkers & pets

      • Dubious says:

        Don’t count on it. That’s been her MO for years. People catch on, start calling her out, and she deletes accounts. New ones pop up within days. Just a matter of finding them. Looks like she has deleted her blog, too. Are you claiming that josh, the supposed husband, has access to her accounts? That her coworkers have access? And her dogs have access? Thanks for that chuckle.

  13. timfoff0779 says:

    This is hilarious. All four of you need to step back.
    “Karla” isn’t family. There IS no family. She’s got 2 bothers, 3 step brothers and 2 step sisters on her father’s side, and us, her 3rd cousins. There is zero family on her mother’s side, and her step father is in contact with her secretly, and has been for years. Between us and her brother, shes only spoken to us in the last decade with good reason. We follow her on all platforms, btw. Check it out. Eric, on the other hand, has DV convictions before Jenni even came into the picture. He’s also got umpteen convictions since then, including burning Steve’s guitars as an act of absolute cruelty because Jenni committed the absolute crime of leaving him. That’s all public record. Lance Laureys, among others, would have a lot to say about your sweet Eric. Hit him up. Also hit up his eldest daughter Kiley Kiethley who wasn’t allowed to see him til she was 18, and chose to see Jenni this summer and not him. She’s pretty active on SM as well.

    As far as I know, Louis and his brother are officers of the state/federal court, so no fools there, and that whole family embraces my cousin with open arms. I also know she legally married in August and if anyone were paying attention, they’d see her husband doubling down on his attention to her this weekend from his account, and his account had been active since the beginning of IG with at least 50 mutual friends of hers. Lisa’s entire family and friends also fully support her always. As do most of the people who have been there forever. We all look at you with a bit of horror. She’s no saint, no one is, but what are you even getting at? Eric is not a good guy. Any of you doubting Jenni’s motives? Use some critical thinking. His eldest daughter and most of his family thinks he is not okay and is firmly on my cousin’s side.

    Karla is a fraud.

    • Karla says:

      “Karla” isn’t family.”
      Who said I was a family member on Jennifer’s side of the family?

      “and her step father is in contact with her secretly.”
      The stepfather she publicly stated sexually assaulted her in a van?

      “chose to see Jenni this summer and not him.”
      Kinda ironic seeing as Jennifer has made no attempt to see her own kids since May. I’ve seen her kids more in the last 3 years than she has.

      “Eric is not a good guy.”
      Yet Jennifer relinquished custody of her children to him.

      “her husband doubling down on his attention to her”
      Does he know she states he he’s a lawyer every chance she gets on her IG account? Why is she lying about that? He is not a lawyer.

      “His eldest daughter and most of his family thinks he is not okay”
      Her three children think she is not okay and are scared of her.

      Jennifer, shouldn’t you be enjoying your honeymoon instead of pretending to be your “cousin” all alone in your apartment???

      • timfoff0779 says:

        Well that’s how you show yourself was a fake. You’d know the first step father, was run out of town in 1988 by Steve. The step father that raised her, Tony, was married to her mother in 1989. You’d know that if you were family.

        Jenni never relinquished custody. It’s public record. DuPage County, look it up. Eric has a piece of paper saying he can make school/medical decisions. That’s it. No child support order order, nothing. It’s easy to look up.

        • timfoff0779 says:

          Pretty sure the jig is up for you, “Karla”

        • Karla says:

          I don’t know anything about Jennifer’s upbringing, like I said I’m not HER family member. She might of not formally relinquished custody but she informally has not seen her kids since May.

          I love how you conveniently avoided the questions I asked that aren’t true lol

          • timfoff0779 says:

            Lol, your previous comments say otherwise. Eric practically humped you for intel. You’re a fraud. We’re a tight knit circle. My sisters, her brother, and I are the last ones of our family. She’s made mistakes, but her heart is good. She emailed Eric about Christmas, and called/FaceTimed the kids endlessly only to have Emma say something to the effect that I can’t call you but I can text. Monday night while you were doing your crusading, “Karla?” Gabby was asking her dad to delete what he said and backed her mom up.

            • timfoff0779 says:

              Pretty sure I answered all questions asked, ‘Fake Karla,’ to the best I know.

              • timfoff0779 says:

                Oh and about Jenni’s husband, since that’s the thing you’re most hyper focused on. We went to a Cubs game in September? He was nice? He and Louis’s brother went to Emory together. I don’t know much else about him, but he seems nice and isn’t here trying to pretend to be family? Idk, “Karla” if Eric doesn’t know who you are and the surviving members of Jenni’s family don’t know who you are… then who are you? You’re absolutely not a Scaminaci, Messina, or Thorson. Those are all who’s left, and you’d definitely know Tony raised the Gulbrandsen kids since they were 10 and 8. You’re certainly not a Sale since Eric was on you like he is any other woman with a pulse.

              • Karla says:

                “Fake Karla” Lol, who the fuck do you think I am?
                You didn’t answer why she lies about her “husband” being a lawyer.
                Emails and FaceTime is pathetic. How about moving back, lawyering up and actually fighting for access to her children??? No, she’s too busy posting stock photos from her “honeymoon”

              • Eric Sale says:

                LOL well this turned into an exercise in stupid rather quickly, not one of you are 100% correct except me. say what you want about me I don’t care. This is a new year and I do NOT intend to let psycho’s and POS’s in me or my kids life, so you people have at it I’m out! Happy New Year!

                • timfoff0779 says:

                  Funny how you are ‘out’ when your eldest daughter is firmly on Jenni’s side, visited you, and I bike by your house on the reg. Good times, Eric, good times. Way to show your ass.

      • V says:

        Karla’s got your number, dumbass. We all know these comments are you. You’re not married. Even your law firm says as much because Joshipoo isn’t admitting it. Do you even have a job anymore after this farce? I’ve never seen such a pathetic display. Thank you for being the best entertainment this month. Reevaluate your life and stop the lying. You think you’re smarter than everyone but you really aren’t- not even close. Use this energy to do something that is actually beneficial to your life. Get some real therapy, get a real job and find a way for form real relationships instead of those you burn through every year to get money and resources from. You’ll be amazed how well that can go. Otherwise, you’re going to be in big trouble.

        • timfoff0779 says:

          Lol, I’m not the one you’re addressing, V, is it? But I’m here and maybe you need a moment to breathe. Think about what you just wrote. Do you really think a law firm would entertain you for half a second? Did you call with, “Are the married?” well, frankly with my minimal knowledge, that would be illegal to share, and they’re both independent contractors with their own companies doing some work here and there for them? I’m just spitballing here, but they’re kind of the gatekeepers as far as I know, and no one is crying yet. Besides pray tell what they’ve done to you personally to lose their contracts? Did they personally hurt you in some way? I’m curious.

          • Karla says:

            Thank you for finally confirming what we all know, that Jennifer is lying about Josh being a lawyer. You need to stop and breathe, does it ever cross your mind that you’re not the only person here who knows Jennifer personally? Pretty sure there are at least two people commenting here that have personal knowledge of her workplace.

            • timfoff0779 says:

              I don’t know anything about the guy, besides he’s nice. He went to school with Louis’s brother who is an attorney. I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

              • Karla says:

                You know exactly what I’m getting at. I can’t be any more clear and you’re purposely avoiding the question “Why is Jennifer constantly saying Josh is a lawyer?”

        • Karla says:

          Have another glass of wine Jennifer, I mean Tim. You’re starting to not make sense. WTF is up with this marriage? Stock photos, “fiancé” denying it, living separately….sounds sooooo romantic!

          • timfoff0779 says:

            Ok, this is fun for me at this point, because I’m watching all three of you implode. You’re commenting under someone who is saying ‘Joshipoo’ isn’t saying anything and basically threatening jobs over the dissatisfaction of a stranger with an axe to grind. All I know is no one is saying a thing over here.

            • V says:

              Glad this is fun for you. Look at this thread. Pages of your need to be revelant at any cost. I’ve read all of them and the comments and I honestly can’t believe you still invent all these fake lives. How does this work for you? It’s all a lie. I know this, I’ve seen it and most of us have. You can try to group us all together but this is your past catching up with you and your lies in which you think everyone is too stupid to see through. But you’re slipping. Maybe it’s all the alcohol or you’re just lazy. Who knows. But l am enjoying your downfall. You deserve it all.

              • timfoff0779 says:

                You’re talking to someone who you’re clearly over invested in. Is the problem with you, or is it with her? If what you believe is 110% true, how much money has it cost you? Whom has it hurt? Why are you here with MAYBE three other people? Couldn’t you have a card game somewhere, instead? Seems more your speed:

                • V says:

                  I can understand you’d play stupid, Jenn. You need someone in your court. But no one is there. Hey, maybe you can build good relationships for 2019. Make it a goal. Put it on a dream board. Visions and lots of therapy. You’ll get there. Meantime-its been a great way for me to watch you get yours. Gracias.

                • Anonymous says:

                  There’s a group chat currently with at least 8 people she’s fucked over financially.

    • Dubious says:

      Louis is an actor, not a lawyer. If she got married in August, why did she claim on FB than she got married in December? And those posts are now gone or changed to private. Why is that? What is she hiding and who is she hiding it from? And why? And if you really are her close knit relative, then (a) why didn’t you help her when she was in so much trouble all those years and (b) help her now to get access to her kids and (c p) knowing her history, why would you believe she got married just because she said so?

      She has told so many lies, big and small, that I was shocked to learn that she actually was a skater. That, and having three kids and the flood in Lisle are the only things I can recall her having said that were true. She lies so much that when she cried about the murder of Lisa koziol Ellis (she never gave the name) I had to wonder if she was making up a story to get sympathy. I was able to figure out that the story was true but I had to wonder if she actually new this woman. Her name never appeared on the FB page set up by the victim’s friends. With all her lies, you start by assuming everything is a lie. That’s what she has done to herself.

      Speaking of FB pages, why haven’t you or any of the others in this close knit group ever appeared on her many posts on various pages? Even to just like one of her posts?

    • Dubious says:

      Why does her stepfather have to be in touch with her secretly? And where were all of you when she needed help? And now? Why aren’t you helping her now?

      I don’t remember seeing any charges or convictions against him for destruction of property. I do remember that someone contacted his father on FB and the father acknowledged that Eric had thrown her things, including a guitar, out on the lawn, just as jenn had claimed. I don’t recall jenn claiming that he had burned one or more guitars.

      I also see that she spoke well of her stepmother but I don’t see that she is on her stepmothers FB page, although Eric is.

      As always there is so much that doesn’t add up.

    • Dubious says:

      Fine. Give us the link to his account and let us see for ourselves.

    • NC Friend says:

      I follow her “husband” and wife on FB. There is no sign of her on there.

  14. Eric Sale says:

    lol …….oh ok, lol lol lol lo !!

    • timfoff0779 says:

      Errr… errr… errr… what do I say, errrrrrr. Fuck off, and take your old leathery ass to bed. You’ve been useless since the dawn of ages.

      • Karla says:

        Useless? He’s raising your children solo Jennifer.

        • Timfoffo779 says:

          lol, you’re new to this, yes? Jenni would be a 100% hands on mom if she could. She was a 100% hands on mom their whole lives. In the last week, her own daughters expressed fear of their father. It didn’t go unnoticed. You were naive to think she signed away custody, and you’re naive to think this is going to go on much longer.

          • Karla says:

            Not new to this at all. Nothing is stopping Jennifer from being a mother with 50/50 custody. She hasn’t lived with her kids in over 3 years, so no she hasn’t been a 100% hands on mom their whole lives, it’s you that seems new to this. Jennifer has been saying for years that this isn’t going to go on much longer and then meets a guy and loses all interest in being a mom. In the last week her own daughters witnessed their mother get “married” to a man who has no intention of leaving his life and child in Georgia.

          • Dubious says:

            Who did they express fear to? You say that DCFS is not needed but if they are genuinely in fear of him, why is that and why isn’t DCFS needed? You are not making sense.

  15. Eric Sale says:

    Oh and if you bike by my place on the “reg” why are your comments an hour ahead? Hell of a bike ride!

  16. V says:

    Ok, JENN.
    You’re such the important marketer posting you’re stupid memes. Yes. I can imagine everyone is vying for your skills. And he doesn’t have to confirm this crazy delusion you made up. His coworkers have done that. Hope that shitty book you wrote pays off since he’s likely to dump you and fire you all at the same time. Sound familiar? Maybe like the one you hooked up with that was married, or the other guy, or the other….you’ve been busy.

    • timfoff0779 says:

      I’m not sure who you’re talking to, but it’s been days. Like sadness since Christmas Eve kind of days. Why were you talking shit about someone sadder than you on Christmas Eve? Did she start it? Tell me where, because I want to see.

      • Karla says:

        I’m enjoying seeing you get drunker and drunker as the night goes on. You’re making no sense lol

        • Timfoffo779 says:

          Who’s drunk? It’s 8:45pm? Hey, you’re clearly on Eric’s side and you should ride that Hep C dick right into the sunset. I won’t change your mind, but maybe a blood test will?

  17. Eric Sale says:

    lol ok jen, Im a much better human than you will ever be!

    • timfoff0779 says:

      Well, it’s John. I live in Glen Ellyn, as you’ve known forever. Been biking past everything since the beginning of everything. Comforted my cousin because you were never there. Steve was very important to me. One of my heroes. You should maybe reflect on that for some time after what you did.

      • Karla says:

        Hey John, I’m willing to bet Steve is glad someone is stepping up to raise his grandchildren.

        • Anonymous says:

          Steve hated Eric. Eric didn’t even go to Steve’s funeral. Who are you? Why are you here defending this guy?

        • Timfoffo779 says:

          Riddle me this, why are you defending this guy? Steve hated him. Eric burned his guitars and didn’t even go to his funeral.

          • Karla says:

            I’m not defending him. You say you are Jennifer’s cousin so that means her children are your cousins as well. You should be grateful that Eric is taking care of his responsibilities and raising your cousins. Obviously Jennifer doesn’t want to do it.

            • Timfoffo779 says:

              No. Eric is a bully. His kids live in absolute filth. Drive by one day. It will blow your mind. His house is disgusting. Jenni only gets access to the kids when she feigns reconciliation is on the table. She was sending thousands a month last year and not seeing them. She is the one with full custody. Again, public record, look it up. Eric is a violent coward. Jenni feels like an absent mother is better than a dead one. There are no victories. You want her to march up to Chicago and claim her kids? Do you know he’s stalked her for 10 years? If they come to Atlanta they are psychologically damaged by him whenever they go back. They went back because she was sick of the games and how it affected them. He keeps them from her. She still has custody, again, check your facts and look at the public record. She wants peace for them.

              • Timfoffo779 says:

                And hey Karla, you’re family. You’ve been in the hovel with the toilets that don’t work. RIGHT?

                • Karla says:

                  Jennifer, why are you okay with your kids living in absolute filth with non operational toilets. You’re trying to trash Eric’s living conditions but you’re the one allowing your kids to live that way. All it’s doing is confirming the fact that you’re a shitty mom.

                • Karla says:

                  I feel invested because of the kids and all this new info is making me sad. I’m imagining the kids calling their mom saying they’re scared and she’s on a honeymoon with a man they’ve never met. Jennifer’s fantasy life is hilarious because it’s so transparent, but it stops being funny when you realize there are 3 kids involved in this mess. Jennifer we all know you’re “John”, you’re writing style is very noticeable.

              • Karla says:

                Check your facts. She wants peace for them? Does she think it’s peaceful for them living with a bully in “absolute filth”? If he’s keeping them from her and she has full custody, what is stopping her from taking legal action. Hey, she can have her new “attorney husband” represent her.

                • Timfoffo779 says:

                  So you’re simple, eh? Ever deal with a violent malignant narcissist? yes she’d rather have them in a filthy 2 bedroom condo sleeping on couches than sobbing and exhausted on a plane every week. And how do you not know there’s a plan? You seem quite obsessed with her. I even know there’s a plan. Maybe why they’re in separate abodes until the summer, you daft dingbat? Also wondering why Eric step-pivoted out of this forum? He knows who I am. I’m the one who held his wife while she sobbed for his father and he burned his guitars because she deserved better. I don’t care what she ever did to survive. All of you can throw yourselves off the nearest bridge. Goodness.

              • Dubious says:

                Thousands per month? Where was she getting all this money to support herself and three large digs, pay for all that therapy, fly back and forth to Chicago, and still send thousands per month? Does this sound at all plausible to you? Even if Karrie wasn’t charging her any rent (even after that relationship dissolved?). Again I ask – knowing her history, why do you believe what she says?

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder if poor John knows he’s being impersonated on the internet? Anyone want to tell him, or should I?

  18. Eric Sale says:

    LOL DCFS can come here and check us out anytime they like! Please call them tomorrow PLEASE!! lol lollol

    • Timfoffo779 says:

      The adults are talking, Eric. No one here is going to call DCFs when there are actual overloaded caseworkers. No one is saying the kids are in danger, your house is disgusting and… well social media has documented it…It’s not like you calling them on my cousin bc she had three jobs and the sitter was 10 minutes late. Again, public record.

      • Timfoffo779 says:

        I’m sure I’ll roll by tomorrow and waive to a disheveled Gavin traipsing through the woods while you’re passed out on the couch.

        • V says:

          You’re so drunk you can’t even try to be anyone but yourself, Jenn. These comments are you. Sober up and come back when you’re ready to actually try to fake this.

          • Timfoffo779 says:

            Lol, do you know Jenni? She’s never awake after 9pm in any time zone. Drunk people don’t punctuate. Nice to meet you, oddly over invested person. If you’re wondering why I’m here, I’m 50 years old with only a dog. I’ve got time.

          • Timfoffo779 says:

            And V, is it? Sweetheart. I’m not sure you want to be on Eric’s dick. He didn’t finish his Hp C treatments. At least that’s what I’m told. Ew.

            • V says:

              You’re really off your game tonight. You really think I give a fuck about that guy? Nope, crazy. I just know from experience that you need to hang all this up and stop lying 24/7. We’re all rooting for you. You can do it.

              • Timfoffo779 says:

                V, you seem either needy or lost. Let me help. You’re trying to make a thing happen, that isn’t going to happen. We’re coming up on a new year. You can either scream at a cloud because someone tells you to, or maybe do your own thing? For example, you were in a takedown of someone that involved 3 people and you thought that was worth your time. I’m an hour behind and blood related to this bitch, but it’s Prosecco o’clock, you dig?

                • Karla says:

                  We’re supposed to believe that a 50 year old man says Prosecco o’clock you dig? Go to bed Jenn, you’re drunk.

                • Timfoffo779 says:

                  Serious question, hags..: have you EVER seen my cousin with a glass of Prosecco? I’ll wait. Basic ass bitches.

                • V says:

                  Have you ever seen my cousin?? You mean YOU Jenn or your cousin? Because yes, Jenn, you even have Prosecco in your IG story you ignoramaous. Wow. Put the wine down, genius.

            • Karla says:

              You seem overly invested in Eric’s dick for a 50 year old male cousin in law.

              • Timfoffo779 says:

                Maybe a little. I did say it exactly once in a completely gross and averted context. But please make it a thing. I have jokes, and he deserves endless shame.

        • Karla says:

          Then you’ll have interacted with Gavin more than Jennifer has done since May!

  19. Karla says:

    Jennifer, you seem a little obsessed with Eric’s sex life. You’re “married” now, perhaps it’s time to move on.

    “Eric practically humped you for intel.”
    “Eric was on you like he is any other woman with a pulse.”
    “Hey, you’re clearly on Eric’s side and you should ride that Hep C dick right into the sunset.”
    “I’m not sure you want to be on Eric’s dick.”

    Again, why do you constantly say Josh is an attorney when he’s not. Why are you avoiding this question “John”?

  20. JudgeNoOne says:

    Karla, V, Dubious, and Kristi,

    This is for you. Not a dog in this fight, but all of your concern for the kids well being, whether real or not, commit to doing something instead of wasting time on a discussion forum. Call DCFS if you are that concerned, by law most people are required to call if they are witness to neglect, abuse etc, If you really are that concerned for them, then do something instead of bashing the mom or dad. Or better yet, send gift cards for clothes or food or notify school counselors. None of you are innocent in your bystander like concern.

    Your concern that Jenn is never going to change may be true, but it also may not be. How would you all like it if your mistakes were put out there on the internet and never taken down. Like really, this is an 8 year old blog that is no longer active; is that really fair to someone who may or may not be interested in starting over? Kristi is totally valid in leaving her experience with Jenn on her personal IG page, but the rest of you, really, come on?

    Here is the number for DCFS in Lisle, Illinois. (630) 790-6800 If you are really, genuinely concerned for the well being of those 3 kids, then call. If you are only on this forum to play judge and jury with no action, then take stock of your own life.

    • V says:

      Jesus,Jenn. You are a sick fuck.

    • Dubious says:

      Actually, I am one of the people who wanted to help Jenn way back when, get her help, get her into a shelter, call DCFS. A bunch of us were talking about it offline and trying to decide if calling DCFS might do more harm than good. At the same time, intensity learned about the Sales and their history of mutual violence. We looked at the court records, we found the newspaper article, and her many lies begin to unravel. Her hate-filled rants about the PTA moms, her drinking and other conduct that suggested mental instability all contributed to growing concern about the well-being of the kids. No one knew if Eric was violent with them, too, though even she never alleged that. However, it was obviously an unhealthy environment.

      I have no idea what their lives are like now other than what I see on his FB. He seems like an engaged dad. I don’t know how timfoffo/John can know from riding his bike past the house that the toilets don’t work. As for a young boy being disheveled and wandering around in the woods, that kind of defines most young boys.

      Apart from that, I don’t remember having written about the kids so not sure why I was included in your comment. My only remark about the kids was that her moving back to Chicago would cause more chaos in their lives and given how her parents behave towards one another, that should be obvious to everyone.

  21. Karla says:

    The only person that has shown concern about neglect, abuse etc is John/Jenn. I can only speak for myself but my concern is what Jennifer is doing to the children, not Eric. Repeatedly telling them she’s moving home and then changing her mind, bashing their father on a public IG account that all her children and some of their friends follow, cruising around the Bahamas while her daughters are telling her they’re scared of their father, etc. None of that is DCFS worthy, but it is shitty parenting.

    Jennifer is still up to her old tricks. Lying on the internet, making up false narratives. How do you know if our negative experiences with Jennifer are valid or not?

    Just in case here is the number for NAMI National Help Line: 1 800 950-6264 (NAMI) (Mon.-Fri. 10-6) Someone is clearly out of touch with reality, pathologically lying, and suffering from extreme narcissism.

  22. JudgeNoOne says:


    I never questioned the validity of anyone’s negative experiences with Jenn. What I am questioning is the pretense of the concern for her kids which when someone states that “my concern is what Jennifer is doing to the children, not Eric” seems to indicate concern for the children.

    So, you say it is not DCFS worthy, okay then what is your intent here?? Honestly, there are many shitty parents out there. Not sure why it is your personal mission to flog the shitty parenting of Jenn on an 8 year old blog. If you were the victim of shitty parenting, then hopefully you are in therapy and not projecting your negative experiences from childhood onto these kids.

    What I do know is that the info on here really does now move towards cyberstalking and cyberbullying and since my husband is in law enforcement, he has advised me that I have a responsibility to submit all of this to his police department. He doesn’t want to get involved and I don’t want to get involved, but we both agree that this blog and the comments attached are not okay and it is up to someone else to decide if they are violating any laws.

    None of this is okay and any of you that participated in this are all in the wrong. And I hope Kristi knows (I am just saying this in case Karla is actually Kristi that non-profits like the Dairy Alliance do not like negative publicity and might be interested in what their PR person puts out on the web.)

    • V says:

      I think it’s fantastic you want to belittle this “8 year old blog” but these are things that happened this year or THIS WEEK. Just because things are posted on an “8 year old blog” fucking genius but let’s recap:
      -she claims she got married and she didn’t,
      -She claims she was moving to Chicago and didn’t.
      -she claims she is in a marketing business. Nope.
      – she claims she went on a honeymoon…NOPE.
      – she claims she sold a script….Fuck nope.
      Where’s the husband? Let’s see some real
      Wedding photos. Let’s see that bouquet that stands for the kids and the pets that’s REAL. Real honeymoon photos? Real any-fucking-thing? But you can’t. BECAUSE she’s a fake. No kids, no family, no husband, no real job. Hey-that’s ok but be fucking real for once. Your pour kids. How pitiful.

    • Kristi says:

      I’m catching up on all this and you can send it to whoever you want. I’m not any of these commenters but my own. I don’t create fake accounts or make comments that aren’t my own. I’m sure it’s hard for Jenn to understand that when you spend your life grifting off of other people and shitting all over them, it’s going to follow you. There’s a ton of people out there that either love watching her insane freak show of a delusional life or they’re watching like I do in hopes what happened to them doesn’t happen to someone else. Do whatever you want, tweet my job, call my job- they’d laugh their asses off at all this. Even better, call the police…maybe they could get my $2k back from Jenn? Who knows. I find it hysterical that Jenn fully admits I haven’t seen her in four years but then thinks I’m someone that knows everything about her current life or anything about her family. She’s not the brightest bulb in the box that’s for sure.

  23. V says:

    You don’t know who I am. I thought you were smarter than that…but no, I didn’t really. You are actually stupid. And I know that but I love that you think you know everything so this is fun. Keep playing.

  24. JudgeNoOne says:

    Sorry V, this really isn’t Jenn. My husband is sitting next to me and said that I need to bow out of all this at this point since it will be turned over tomorrow.

    • V says:

      Yep. Ok. It’s never you, Jenn. Sleep tight and I’ll be here praying you wake up and actually find a soul. That’d be so wonderful for your kids. Like the Grinch, you could make things right with every single person you’ve shit on. It might take you about 30 years to reach them all but I’d say it’s worth the effort. I think maybe one day once you’ve made things right, your children would accept you. But that’s up to them.

    • Anonymous says:

      But I thought your husband was a lawyer lol. The truth is an absolute defense to slander. Everything I’ve said is true. Jennifer are you going to tweet to Dairy Alliance just like you tweeted to Eric’s job? Nothing came of that, did it?

      Not projecting negative experiences, but my involvement in this must end. It’s time to focus on the positives in my life.

      Jennifer, it’s a New Year tomorrow. A lot of people are rooting for you. Stop with the lies. Pull up your bootstraps and fight for your children, they need you, regardless of what Eric says. You will regret missing out on this time of their life, I promise you that.

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder if John knows he’s being impersonated on the internet? Anyone want to tell him? I would, but even though they’re soooooo close he doesn’t follow her on IG nor does she follow him.

        • Karla says:

          I’m guessing John/Jenn has one wicked hangover this morning lol.

          • Anonymous says:

            Holy hell! So Jenn has full custody of her kids but hasn’t seen them since May? How does that even work? Both Jenn and her ex husband seem like flea infested trash, the oldest is probably itching ( pun intended ) to turn 18 and get away from these deadbeats.

  25. John says:

    Lying about her significant other is nothing new to Jennifer. She used to claim all the time she was a doctor’s wife. Now she’s pretending to be married to an attorney. She is a pathological liar, she really needs help.

    • Anon says:

      Is it proven that she’s lied about the marriage? That she doesn’t have a boyfriend? I’ve followed for years and frankly I’m a cut freaked out by this. It makes her entire social media a lie and that’s bizzaire. Why would she die that? She’s not making money off it and her kids can see it. It just didn’t make sense to me.

      • John says:

        She did not get married. She does have a boyfriend. They are not even living together. Her entire social media is to make her ex, kids, & haters jealous.

        • V says:

          If she thinks her social media makes anyone jealous than she is more delusional than we all feared. It’s cringe-worthy and hilarious at best. Every month it’s a new “success” but then nothing ever comes from them so she moves on to another…and another. I think the only true thing is the books and they never go anywhere. She takes fake it until you make it to a whole other level.
          She did not get married nor go on a cruise and that poor guy will hopefully find out how insane she is and run. She doesn’t own a home and she doesn’t have any other jobs except her assistant at the law firm. But she loves to play make believe in their conference rooms and offices while the bosses are away. I’ve honestly never in my life seen anything as pitiful as her life. She puts so much energy into make believe, imagine if she focused it on actual real life, she could have a decent life going for her. Maybe not anything as big as she pretends but it would be something. The issue is she’s a complete psychopath so keeping any kind of long term relationship is impossible. She can pretend for a small amount of time but the real her surfaces and she ruins it all. Her superiority complex always wins out in the end. I’ve watched her do this to people online over and over for ten years. She is her own worst enemy.

          • Karla says:

            The scariest thing is the rinse, wash and repeat of all the lies:

            She said she was a rich Doctor’s wife for years. Eric turned out to be in the medical sales field, not very well off and it later turned out their “marriage” was annulled years earlier due to her already being married when she “married” him. Now, she claims to be an attorney’s wife. Her “husband” ( her boyfriend who she is not married to ) is in marketing at the law firm she admins for. His Linkedin proves this.

            Her honeymoon “cruise”? Weird choice. Those stock photos were embarrassing. She has a history of lying about the circumstances surrounding cruises. Remember when she went on a cruise with Eric after lying about abuse and begging for money on the internet? Or when Eric went on a cruise and she faxed his birth certificate to him while she claimed she was in hiding?

            I think she craves attention good or bad and knows these lies in the past has gotten her attention. She does seem to have gone underground a bit. No podcast in a couple weeks, private IG, and I think she deleted her blog. No worries she’ll be back, she can’t stay away. The minute people in real life find out about her she cuts and run. The only true mystery is how the current BF doesn’t find out about this. Or may he knows and he’s just as insane as she is.

            • dubious says:

              You nailed it. She knows she is going to get caught out and called yet she keeps doing it. I’m sure we’ll be back here within 6-12 months, untangling her latest set of lies.

              • NC Friend says:

                Dubious, do you know her personally? I am an acquaintance of Josh’s wife. I want to get my facts straight before I contact her. I am concerned there is an affair going on and need to be delicate.

                • Kristi says:

                  You can contact me. I know her personally. Or did. I can try to help you. Find me on Instagram @creepinitkristi

                • dubious says:

                  No, I don’t know her personally. Just followed her antics since the early days (i.e., just before the events described at the beginning of this blog post). WordPress won’t let me post the link but you can go to itunes and listen to the 12/27 podcast where she claims he is divorced.

      • NC Friend says:

        The boyfriend/husband she’s claiming is married to another woman

  26. NC Friend says:

    Just spent the last few days reading this blog and the comments. I am sick to my stomach. Josh Chance, Jenn’s “husband” is already married. I know his wife and will be alerting her to this situation as it is scary.

    • dubious says:

      Chance? I thought his last name was Chase. Press Check Marketing, right?

      • NC Friend says:

        Yes sorry, that was a misspelling.

      • NC Friend says:

        He has a wife. She changed her FB profile pic to the two of them on Jan 13. So they are very much together

        • dubious says:

          Is her last name Chase, too?

          • NC Friend says:

            Yes. Not comfortable divulging her first name though

          • Karla says:

            Hint. They live in the same home. The “manor” as Jenn calls it.

            • dubious says:

              How does she show her face at work? Everyone must know about it now. She’s managed to stay offline for two weeks now. She must be ready to explode. The blog or podcast – when it emerges – will be a real doozy.

              • Anon says:

                Why do you say she’s stayed offline? She’s been posting daily since Christmas? She may have gone private, but she’s very much there.

            • dubious says:

              Found it. Yes nice photo of the two of them.

              • Kristi says:

                Careful emailing this person. I don’t trust them. I emailed them, no reply. I asked basic questions. I’m not going to share private info to a stranger without some basic knowledge…no matter who they are trying to help. You say you’re friends with Joshs wife than you will explain some things. How did you find this site or know Jenns name?
                Don’t email them from an email with your names in it in case they are just fishing for who you all are for Jenn.
                I don’t care because I’m on here with my own name. Just thought I’d give a heads up. Jenn is derrranged and would pull a stunt like this because she doesn’t like being exposed and wants to know who you all are.

                • dubious says:

                  Exactly. I found the info on my own. Took a little longer but I did find. I’m having flashbacks to years ago, when she supposedly contacted some detective named Rex or something like that and this guy was going to find all of us and then have us prosecuted. Didn’t someone do that just a couple of weeks ago? Claimed her husband was a lawyer and was going to contact the authorities and have us all locked up?

  27. dubious says:

    What is she denying? That she is dating him (in other words, she made the whole thing up?) or denying that she said they got married?

  28. dubious says:

    Where’s TimFoffo these days?

  29. A former friend says:

    A lot of what various people say here, and have said all along in this many years long blog, I know to be untrue. Maybe they think they know, but they are inaccurate. I know from long time first hand knowledge of Jenn, but I am not in contact with her now.

    Unless she has personally wronged you, which she has many, and then it is justified, I don’t understand all the anger towards her. She is obviously not a healthy person with extreme challenges in coping with life. She is phony, a liar, delusional, and frequently cruel. Her mental health is very poor. There is lots of false bravado, but her self-esteem is very poor. I feel sorry for her.

    • dubious says:

      Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not angry. Well, she did wrong some people I know but I am not angry on their behalf. I’m not angry at all. I definitely wish I had tried to warn Kristi, but as Kristi said, she wouldn’t have listened. Doesn’t excuse my failure to reach out, though. If possible, I would have liked to prevent the harm that happened there. If it is true that she is knowingly screwing around with a married man, there’s some potential to cause some real harm there and those who know the wife are justified in being angry. Why are you no longer in contact with her?

      • A former friend says:

        If she is involved with a married man, it won’t be the first time in her recent history. She has admitted this herself in her blog or podcast or videos or Instastories – who can keep track? If true, she and he have justified it to themselves some way and it is really only the concern of the 3 people involved. Her values, or lack thereof, is one of the reasonss I no longer communicate with her in any way. However I have to admit that she has shown for many years the kind of person she is and frequently states herself that she is a bad person. Best to believe others if they say this.

        Maybe you aren’t angry, but that is the emotion that leaps out to me in many of these comments by several others. She has done me wrong, but I consider the source and have long since moved on, as far as anger or hurt.

        I do agree with those who said that several of the recent posters, starting on December 27, are fake personas of Jenn. They are transparent and pitiful.

        • dubious says:

          If you don’t mind my asking – did she really know Lisa Koziol Ellis? It seems horrific that someone would use a tragedy like that for sympathy but it also seems entirely plausible that JSG would do that. She made it sound as though they were extremely close. I do feel sorry for her. Whatever the underlying psychological pathologies, whatever the traumas in her early life, she does seem to have traveled a very rocky road, made lots and lots of very bad choices (including the incessant public lying), and seems to have a bleak future. Unfortunately, she is damaging three innocent kids, but as you say, that is not my business. I am merely an observer. Anyway, as I said above – I get what she’s doing. She is fantasizing a better life. Well fine. We all do that sometimes. Except do it in your head. Not on the internet. We’ve all fantasized about things like winning the lottery and writing that EFF YOU letter to the boss or the others who have wronged us. But again – you keep it to yourself. You don’t do podcasts, blogs, FB posts.

          • A former friend says:

            Yes, she knew Lisa, for a number of years before her horrific death. They started working together in their late teens. How close they were, I don’t know. She does exaggerate and play the victim, and try to gather sympathy.

            Jenn does make many bad choices. And she doesn’t seem to learn from the poor results. So then she makes more bad choices. She is dishonest and often extremely obnoxious. She is in a fantasy world a lot. This and lots more of her outrageous and unbelievable behavior is all related to low self esteem and serious mental illness. People like this are hard to take. Most give her up sooner or later because of the deceitfulness. And she is exhausting. She will never be able to enjoy or allow good things to happen to her, for long. She will sabotage whatever it is that is good. It is all so sad. Years of therapy, off and on, hasn’t seemed to affect her behavior much, though it may make her feel better. At least she is able to work and support herself.

            Her children are the real victims. They have suffered all along because of the extreme instability of both parents. Many people survive bad parenting and go on to have productive and normal lives. I sure hope they do. They are very nice kids, by the way.

            I believe in having compassion for the mentally ill. It is no picnic to be one of them.

            • Anonymous says:

              No. She doesn’t support herself. Unless you consider scamming people a career. Trust me on this one. She can’t keep a job. She’s been fired from every job she’s had in Atlanta and will probably be fired from this one soon.

              • A former friend says:

                If she does lose this job, she’ll get another, or more than one. She comes across well and gets hired fast. Sometimes she has had more than one job trying to hire her at the same time. She is not adverse to work. Even with her criminal record, she is not out of work for long.

                If she isn’t supporting herself, who is paying her bills?

                • Anonymous says:

                  She scams people and doesn’t pay bills. She’s gone long amounts of time without a job. Her posts about work on social media is mainly lies. Her current job is only part time and she has nothing else. That’s all I’ll say.

            • dubious says:

              Thank you for replying. It is much worse than I ever imagined.

              Yes, her ex is a piece of work, too. And the two of them together are toxic. I also hope that the kids survive this without too much damage.

  30. A former friend says:

    Anonymous, if she doesn’t pay her bills, she will be evicted. If she is currently cheating others and committing crimes, those parties should report her to the police.

    I don’t know how much she is working, if she is paying her bills, or anything about that at the present time. But in the past I’ve seen her get hired very fast, over and over. It amazes me because those companies obviously didn’t do background checks on her. She comes across well and can charm people. In real life, her personality is often quite different than on line.

  31. A former friend says:

    Well, “Anonymous” Eric, 😂
    You better look after those kids well, not that you can. Justice is coming for you. Just wait.

    • Eric Sale says:

      lol ok, loser troll, if you all agree that jen is mentally ill isn’t this bullying? as for me, fuck you! Bring whatever you have I’m good!

      • A former friend says:

        Such language from a single father bringing up 3 children. I remember when Jenn had them all in Sunday school. How far down they have been brought. How drunk are you at 630 p.m.? How many 12 packs did you bring home to get through the weekend?

        Do you really think anyone here cares about your inarticulate name calling? Just water off this duck’s back. Crawl back in your hole and pass out. The kids will be releaved.

  32. A former friend says:


  33. A former friend says:

    You are too, too pathetic, Eric.

  34. Corrine says:

    Email to Josh’s wife:

    Just making sure that you are aware that a colleague of your husband is claiming to have married him at the end of last year. She says they have been together two years. He’s all over her Instagram, Blog and Podcast.

    Some links for your reference:

    Her Website with links to her twitter, instagram, etc

    A blog about her criminal history, lies, etc. Pay attention to the last page of comments.

    Just want to make sure you’re safe.

    Let me know if you want more information. I know a lot about her, she’s been doing stuff like this online for years.

    Thanks, Corrine

  35. Corrine says:

    Response from Jenn:

    Oh hey… where you at, girl? You were SO CONFIDENT yesterday and I thought we had a good thing going. Sorry, literally NO ONE is answering you. You win some, you lose some. Happens.

  36. Corrine says:

    Response from me:

    You’re delusional. You claimed you married Josh Chase. You claimed your your husband was an attorney at Dan Chapman & Associates LLC. He’s not, he’s a Digital Marketer. Why lie about something so transparent? Josh Chase has a wife named Nova Chase. Why lie about that? You just can’t stop! Kristi hates you, Karrie hates you, you are so fucking toxic. Even the condo you claimed to have bought is fake. Go home to your kids Jenn, do you even realize what you’re missing out on? Those kids hate you.

    • A former friend says:

      Corrine, if you are so new to all this, as you said, how do you know who hates whom? Where are you getting info about the kids?

      • Corrine says:

        She has admitted her eldest hates her

        • A former friend says:

          No she doesn’t. You really know nothing about any of this. Why the kids are with Eric. Why she isn’t in Chicago. And so much more. Overwhelmingly more. Unless you have been following her for many years, as most here have, you only have little pieces of info and you are making assumptions based on not enough info. There is plenty of false info here anyway. It is all a long, involved saga. And it is all damn sad, for all the parties involved.

  37. dubious says:

    Oh yeah the new podcast is up. As predicted, it was a doozy. Thirty-eight minutes of borderline hysterics. “You could literally deliver a severed arm that she had carved her initials into, and her husband would sigh and say ‘Yeah she was hungry.’ Still with the husband. Who said of us “fuck them bitches and keep it moving.” Louis and someone named Ruth (she names her male friends with female names – another of her not-cute affectations) are apparently going to jump on this and be her online surrogates. Louis apparently hasn’t been burned (yet) and hasn’t got a lick of common sense. All punctuated with her phony giggle-laugh and a warning that she’s stepping back into her own skin and becoming the trash box she was always meant to be. And of course the de rigeur health issues (bad ankles, bad hips, hysterectomy, whatever – this time is bad thyroid). These podcasts have a pattern for sure. And new car. Because – not working on a regular basis but can afford a new car. If true, then someone is supporting her and/or she is scamming someone. And like her early blogs of years ago – slamming the appearance of other women – what they are wearing, what their hair looks like, etc. And she’s got a real LV bag – she will even post the serial numbers to prove it – and RayBan glasses, etc. But she’s dressed the same way because she had turned her trash meter down to six. And now she’s going back to being a garbage person. Ed: expect court records any day now. Then she’s saying that success means “I answer to no one. I can do whatever I want.” It has amazed me that she’s managed to stay out of legal trouble while in Atlanta. Oh now we hear that the “new” car is new to her, but is a two-yr-old Camry. It’s really the same as an Avalon she says, just before saying she doesn’t need to be vanity-badge rich. Then we get some boasting about how big her former houses were but she really wants a small place. Then she tells us that she is self-centered, a psychopath, an idiot – and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Yet constantly boasting and distorting about her possessions, her activities – by comparison to others. Defending everything, including roller skating v. ice skating. So clearly she is using others as a barometer – then talking them down and talking herself up.

    I agree with former friend that we should be compassionate to the mentally ill but with JSG, it is a challenge.

    • A former friend says:

      I heard it. As manic as can be. I used to hear the recordings/videos/radio show years ago and wonder who that person is. She is quite shy and unsure in person, much of the time. She has stagefright. I would wonder if she would take something (besides lots of alcohol) to get pumped up to do it. It is so very fake, and therefore disturbing.

      The health problems are likely real. She has long had thyroid problems and joint issues. Her initials are JLG. Sale was dropped about 5 years ago. There was a big blow up about it that was one of the last straws resulting in her kicking Eric out. Her middle name is Lavinia. Her parents gave her that when she was born. All that stuff up above about some possible deeper meaning to her using that name is hilarious. She is not so deep.

      The mentally ill ARE very challenging to deal with. So, I should be less combative with Eric. But I consider him at the lowest most despicable rung of humanity, and just evil. So it is difficult to be tolerant. The biggest mistake Jenn ever made, that caused so many other disasters, was getting involved with him.

      I doubt Jenn is reading this these days, or she would tear into me. She is one of the few here who could know who I am. I belong to the group of those who helped and supported her, emotionally and financially, at great personal cost, who she has now turned on. Biting the hand that feeds her in part of her M.O.

  38. dubious says:

    Jenn – if you don’t care what anyone thinks of you, why are you reading these comments? Think about it.

  39. dubious says:

    Jenn – if you don’t care what anyone thinks of you, why are your FB posts private? Why did you make the blog private? Seems to me that if you want to turn up the trash dial, you’d be happy to go public and flaunt it.

    • A former friend says:

      She does care much what others think – about her looks, her job, her skating, her clothes, her purse, her sunglasses, her home, her actions, her bf, her friends, her job, her writing, etc. That is perfectly apparent in what she says over and over, as in this new podcast. She is not thick skinned at all. So, making all social media private (most followers fake anyway) can keep those who criticize out of her face. Makes sense.

      At the end of the big kerfuffle on December 27 on IG she said she was going private. Also she was going to block all on FB who also were in contact with Kristi. She was furious that her stock photos of her fake vacation were exposed by Kristi. Someone clued Kristi in, or something. Of course, anyone could tell the wedding and Cuba pictures were stock ones.

      The podcast that night was so bizarre and alarming to me that it drove me to her IG account where I came in on the whole scene. Sissy Dev’s (she disappeared here) posting of the link to this blog got me here. I hadn’t looked at this in nearly 6 years. I forgot about it. And as I said before, some of it is inaccurate. I never posted here before yesterday. It surprises me that others are still interested in her exploits after all these years. Some things posted go back 12 years! I have a personal stake in it all, and I still care about her. So that is my interest.

      • Kristi says:

        Jenn isn’t mentally ill, she’s a psychopath. She doesn’t bite the hand that feeds her, she uses you, drains you dry, destroys anything she can and then dumps you and moves on the next person she finds who can benefit her. If you have nothing she can take, use or you can do for her, you’re discarded. I haven’t added up the amount of money she got out of me and my friends, the things she tore up or destroyed but I know it’s well over ten thousand. Then you add the friendships of tens years she destroyed and the horrible lies she told about all of us to each other to ruin our friendships. Lies she told people about my KIDS and husband abusing me. She’s a life ruiner. And she doesn’t give one shit. She justifies it with more lies because she knows she has to justify her bevhabior to those that witness. If she doesn’t have a reason she’s exposed for the psycho she is. She’s like a plague. A disease. She shows up, wears you down, drains you of everything you can give, takes even more you don’t give, drops a bomb on your life and then laughs at you and walks away.
        She’s done this over and over for a decade. Eric isn’t a good person but he has zero to do with her behavior. She’s been here doing shitty things for four years just fine without him.
        When she pulled her shit with me, tons of people reached out to me and told me their stories. There are easily 15 people who reached out to me and more and more through the years. When someone sent me those stock photos I immediately knew she was gearing up for a new con. She has to. She’s burned through everyone she had here. I feel responsible for bringing her here and when I see the damage she has done to the ones I care about, I feel sick about it all. I’m responsible. I decided to call her out in hopes anyone who she’s working on now would see me and it might make them think twice. She can’t hurt me, I’m not scared of her but she’s traumatized some so badly they can’t even think about confronting her. And that’s what she counts on. And she absolutely reads every word of this forum. Hi, Jenn. Warms my heart to see your life is still a big pile of shit. You deserve it. 👍

        • A former friend says:

          Psychopathy is a mental illness. Look it up. One of the dark triad. I don’t know what her diagnosis is. But she is high in narcissism. Also shows characteristics of bipolar and BPD. And, of course, she has anxiety and depression, which she says to all.

          Eric is a very, very bad guy. But, you are right in that she is the only one responsible for her behavior. And she pays for it, along with any others who befriend her.

          • Kristi says:

            I don’t feel sorry for psychopaths who destroy lives or even pity them.
            Eric is a bad guy and she is a bad girl- likes attract likes.
            The only people I feel sorry for in that scenario is her kids.
            I feel sorry for my friend who at the time of Jenns arrival was recovering from breast cancer and we were all trying to help her with her surgeries. Jenn showed up and started “helping” her then began telling us all that our friend was abusing drugs and drinking all day. This went on for months. She didn’t want us helping this girl out because SHE wanted that money going to her. She spent weeks telling me if i talked to my friend about the drug abuse she’d push me away and things would get worse so I sat there worried trying to figure out what to do. It didn’t end well and my friend and I didn’t speak for almost a year because she was so hurt I could be convinced of something like that plus Jenn was telling HER I was being abused in front of my kids and cheated on and didn’t want anyone to know so to justify my weird behavior towards my friend, she staged a whole thing to completely blow up all our group friendships…I feel sorry for the 3 men’s wives who’s husbands Jenn has slept with here in GA..the companies who hire her hoping for help in marketing where she ends up completely messing up their accounts. I feel bad for a lot of the people who, like me, walked into a friendship and gave everything they had to help someone they thought needed it but I don’t spend one second feeling sorry for her. She’s a danger to others emotionally, physically and financially.

            • A former friend says:

              I TOTALLY understand your anger. It is justified. I had a much different experience with her, so my feelings are different. Also, my professional career involved interacting with and helping the mentally ill. So I knew what I was dealing with. Also, I don’t enjoy feelings of anger or hurt. So I let go of them pretty quickly. Nobody is going to harm my happiness and peace of mind for long. Kristi, you did a good thing when you helped her. I hope you can find healing, soon.

              • Kristi says:

                I’m honestly not angry at what she did to me. But I do feel obligation to do what I can because the thought of someone going through what me or my friends did…and then the many others that contacted me and told me their stories…it’s awful. I can’t live with myself or ignore warning signs when they are presented. I’ve been off doing my thing and enjoying life for the last four years. But when I got the news of this crazy she delivered over the holidays I knew she’s gearing up for something. I don’t care if she wants to play make believe online but when you know what she’s doing behind the scenes, you know there’s much more going on and someone could be in danger. I won’t divulge everything I know but let’s just say it’s a straight up miracle she’s not in jail. She’s been very busy.

              • dubious says:

                Both of you sound like remarkable women. I am so sorry you have had her in your lives and glad that I am just an observer. Might I ask if there aren’t people – perhaps in Eric’s family – who can intervene to help the kids? He seems to have a fair number of friends and family – surely they can provide some kind of oversight and/or support? He thinks they are fine but it sounds like the living conditions are less than optimal and he drinks too much. And no matter what he says, this situation has to be having a negative impact on them. They are too young to understand their mother’s mental illness and the sick relationship between their parents and even if they understand it, it can’t be easy to cope with the consequences at their ages. All those years ago, even after we figured out that Jenn was as much of the problem as he was, we still hesitated to call child services because we feared it might provoke more violence between them.

                • A former friend says:

                  No, no one to help. Eric has a couple relatives 200 miles away. They go there on weekends sometimes. This includes his father, who is in his 80’s, who was supposed to supervise his weekends with the kids, from back when Jenn and Eric split up. But that didn’t happen consistently. Eric had a court ordered psychological evaluation during the summer of 2014. The results were scary. Therefore, along with his violence and harassment to Jenn, he never got custody of the kids, just visitation. He also has a sister. She took the kids when Eric and Jenn went on that cruise 5 years ago, right before they split up. But she never helped with the situation. The friends he has is real life are a drinking buddy or two. Not anyone who could help.

                  The truth about Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCSF) is that unless kids are being physically abused or starved, they won’t intervene. These kids are not that. The emotional damage is clear and will be long range. But there is no solution there.

                  The children were much better off with Jenn. And she was much more stable when they were with her. I don’t agree that the turmoil in their lives when they were still together was as much Jenn’s doing as his. He is abusive. She took a lot. And it took multiple tries and help from others to get her out, finally. Multiple tries and fails is typical for abused women before success in getting free. Just the financial burden, and she was a stay at home mom, was overwhelming.

                  She FLED to Georgia. It was shortly after he put her in the hospital. I was there – at the hospital with her – and seeing that the kids were looked after until she could go home. They were all traumatized. This incident, which Kristi saved her from by calling the police, included him imprisoning her for hours, in her own home, when there was a restraining order against him. This all after a year of constant harassment and stalking. Kristi called me also, so I could help. Jenn’s life was in danger. Kristi encouraged her to move to Atlanta and she generously opened her home to the 4 of them and got her set up there. I helped her pack and got them out that early morning. This after a night of me sleeping over (as others had other nights) as he was stalking and threatening constantly. They left in late March, 2015, nearly 4 years ago. They left in a car that was not his, by the way. He said up above it was his. The car in his name, that she and the kids used when he lived with them, had died a year before. He lies as much as she.

                  In Illinois, fathers have the right to see their kids a lot, even if it endangers their mother. She tried to comply with the law that required her to send them to him from Georgia every couple weeks and pay for the flights. She couldn’t afford it. And still, the constant harassment didn’t stop. The kids were unhappy with the trips to Chicago and they didn’t adjust to Atlanta. So, when he promised the harassment would stop, she sent them to live with him. It wasn’t supposed to be long term. The harassment, and the danger, hasn’t stopped. That, with other reasons, keeps her in Georgia. She still should not move back. He is obsessed with her, still, as his (and in several weak disguises) posts here show.

                  Some problems don’t have solutions.

                • Kristi says:

                  I don’t think Jenn asks for the physical abuse but she certainly enjoys poking him and riling him up. When she “escaped” to GA she was still in contact with him. All while she was telling me he was stalking her. She was telling the guy she was with at the time Eric was stalking her and he shows up to her house with Eric sitting there drinking a beer with her. She was also sending photos of ME to him. I was shopping for lingerie and sent her a funny pic of myself, she sent it to Eric making fun of me. I saw the texts. This was while she was telling me she feared for her life. Then when she got here she spent the entire time I was around her engaging with him via emails and texts. We kept telling her to stop but she wouldn’t. We sent her to a beach house for a getaway, she spent the entire time on email sending insults to Eric. Why do that? And the kids lived in filth when they were with her here. I saw the empty apartment we got for her when she moved into my friends rental. She has been there 5 months and it looked like she’d been there 20 years. Dirt crusted to the walls and the furniture I lent her, trash in closets and they never unpacked from the move. The kids had all the clothes we gave them in piles with trash and debris all over their rooms and closets. She never disaplined them….I don’t think they are better off with either. Maybe she was someone different in Chicago but she can’t hold a job here and eventually the hiring is going to run out. She burned though all the people who could help her here. If she had her kids, she’d be in real trouble right now. I mean what I say when I say it’s a miracle she’s not in jail right now. And she drinks heavily. She’s admitted as much.

          • Corrine says:

            Eric might be a bad guy, but he’s raising her kids. Someone’s gotta do it

            • A former friend says:

              Maybe you should listen to her podcasts if you want to know the story. Those are the only sources of info that remain, I think. There are scores of them going back several years.

              • dubious says:

                She deleted the 12/27 podcast. I have know idea what happened on Instagram but she is probably worried that someone is going to tell Josh Chase about it. If you have the time and patience to read the blogs and other info at the beginning of this blog, there’s quite a bit more info there. And all this began because she picked fights with other bloggers. There was no need for it. None at all. However, there’s now a public record of her behavior and that might help some people and some employers to avoid being taken in by her.

  40. Corrine says:

    Jenn is on a TANGENT tonight. 4 emails in 20 minutes

  41. Corrine says:

    Jenn, you are not married to Josh Chase. He’s very happily married to Nova Chase. Why the lies?

  42. A former friend says:

    I have been assuming that “Corrine” is who she claimed to be and have been responding to her as if. But it has been coming apparent that it is another fake persona. Sigh. So many crazies. Or rather the same couple of them, over and over.

  43. A former friend says:

    Kristi, there is no”reply” word showing above under your last comment, so I have to answer here. I want to say that at this point, I really don’t know if the kids would be better off with her. I doubt the living conditions in their father’s apartment are any better than what you described. However, that is not the way they lived here. To me that shows, in one way, how her mental health has been in decline for years. Neither parent is fit to care for them.

    There was a long, long, toxic pattern of tit for tat sniping at each other. They enrage each other. She always had to counter. Could never let it go. She fed off it. Got her adrenaline going. She enjoyed the fight. Each forever trying to get the upper hand, which will never happen. And their kids witnessing much of it. They may be still going at it. She FINALLY tried “no contact” or “gray rock” starting last summer, as all the experts advise and I had been trying to get her to do for years. But I don’t believe she continued. He retaliated by cutting off her contact with the children.

    I wonder if him being obsessed with her may be something she likes.

    Do you remember me telling you when you got her in an apartment that she would tell him the address? You were dismayed. But she did. There is this twisted, long time thing between them. Old patterns die hard, if at all.

    Most of his abuse was not physical but mental, emotional, and financial. That is, still, tremendously damaging, especially over many years. He sure didn’t help her be a stable person. She may have been much better off if she had never met him. We’ll never know.

  44. Kristi says:

    For me this conversation is debating which stinks worse: pig shit or sheep shit. Lol.
    I watched her devise plots and manipulate all of us who were helping her in such devious ways at the end, that when our “friendship” imploded and I put the pieces together and l it knocked my socks off. I have never seen anyone scheme and lie for weeks and even months in preparation for getting what they want. Setting people up to take the fall for her behavior, lying about everyone to everyone to cause discord so she could corner the ones who benefit her and get rid of those who can’t or who she’s drained dry….Eric is a shitty person but he is stupid. She is shitty and diabolical. And she has absolutely zero remorse for her actions and what distress it causes to them even when they’ve spent thousands on helping her out of what they thought were dangerous situations. I grew up with a severely mentally ill parent who is now in a mental institution and Jenn is heads and shoulders worse than my parent. And judging what she’s been up to behind the scenes and all this made up weddings, trips and relationships online…she’s desperate, out of control and probably going to end up seriously hurting someone or end up in prison again. I only hope she gets out of my city and starts scamming somewhere else. I have to sit here and watch all this destruction to friends and local strangers knowing if I hadn’t moved her here, they wouldn’t have gone through this. But no one would help her there. She had no one despite what she likes to say online, no family would help her. I should have listened to the warnings and believed all the red flags.

  45. A former friend says:

    Dubious, Thank you for your kind words. But I don’t regret my association with Jenn. I went into the relationship with my eyes wide open, knowing what kind of person I was dealing with. I had my reasons. But I never trusted her or gave her any opportunity to con me. She was lying to me a lot, and being deceitful and manipulative. But I saw it all as it was happening and chose to help her anyway. And I did, help her, A LOT. I’m glad I did that, for her sake and for her kids who I was very close to. They are all long out of my life, and that is the best for me. I will always care. I will always wonder and worry about those 3 lovely children, who deserve so much better.

    • Kristi says:

      I am cracking up at myself! I just realized who this is. I should have known from the last few comments but I was doing 10 things at once. Now what you’re saying makes all the sense. You have a good heart and your feelings make total sense. She didn’t con you but she certainly lost a very good friend in her life. What a shame. *hugs* to A Former Friend.

  46. A former friend says:

    Kristi, it all amazes me what she did to you and others in Atlanta. I had no idea she would behave that way. I never saw or heard of anything like that when she was here. She did have a few friends, and they did do things to help her that I observed. But most were pretty fed up with the continuing drama and her not being able to get Eric out permanently. The last year, before she left and he was out of the house and there were all the court dates, was pretty harrowing. I kept thinking Eric would face facts that it was over between them. But he didn’t. He never let up on the harassment at all. Not that she managed him well.

    I’m really sorry she did all that in Atlanta. Incomprehensible to me. Why be so destructive to people who helped you? I just don’t understand.

    If she doesn’t get better, jail and homelessness may be her future.

  47. Okay, I have been following this because I used to be friends with Kristi, and I just need to set the record straight on one issue – Kristi’s portrayal of herself as a caring person with a big heart who Jenn took advantage of and tossed away. Her “Friends warned her but she didn’t listen because she is loyal to a fault” narrative has a big hole in it.

    No, Kristi didn’t just “not listen” – she went after people like a rabid dog. She turned on Rhonda so viciously and publicly, it was horrifying. Made fun of her kids on “Wine and Sass” – that was you, Kristi. You, not Jenn.

    Look at Kristi’s own words “I watched her devise plots and manipulate all of us….” You watched? And did nothing? I beg to differ. You were active in devising plots with Jenn about taking people down on twitter – and I am one of those people.

    I have years of your duplicity and lies, Kristi. The list is long, and I am not really invested enough to write a tome of your deceitful actions and words towards me and all of your other friends….lies that were so elaborate and planned out that you actually got people in trouble.

    I cannot sit here and watch you play the big hearted victim, calling Jenn’s behavior a “case study for the ages” – well, as far as I am concerned, you are right behind her. I am gobsmacked at the picture you are portraying of yourself when the line of people that you threw under the bus is just as long as Jennifer’s.

    I simply want “Former Friend” – who seems very genuine and was there when you were getting Jenn to Atlanta, to not buy into your entire narrative of things that Jenn did lock, stock and barrel.

    • Kristi says:

      So you’re getting on here ranting about me after listening to one side? That seems pretty hypocritical. You have no idea what happened between Rhonda and the show.
      I don’t really care what you say or think about me. We’ve never met and we haven’t spoken in over five years? You have absolutely no idea what went down between any of us on here. And yes I watched her manipulate my friends and there was nothing I could do. I tried/begged for weeks to get them to listen to me and they wouldn’t listen. But they figured it out. Unfortunately for some, too late.
      She began behaving in a way that didn’t make sense to me and I began questioning her about it. When that happened, she quickly cut me off and yep, I put the pieces together.
      Rhonda never once warned me what Jenn was doing. She just disappeared and blocked me after her and Jenn had a blow out while I took my kids to dinner. I get home and Jenn tells me what “happened.” I didn’t have anyone else to give any other side so yep- I believed her. I can absolutely now believe that that is most likely not what happened. I still have no idea what really happened. I never ever heard from Rhonda again and she was my good friend. Nothing. I was angry she just walked away and blocked me and left without even telling me what was going on.

      I KNOW former friend and yes she’s very nice. You can get on here, say what you want but you are talking about things that you learned from one side saying how dare I speak of things from one side. You weren’t even involved in any of this nor friends with any of us while this was going on and you’ve decided that you know what happened.
      I’ve seen you watching my IG stories recently and it surprised me. I haven’t even seen your name in over five years. I guess I know why now. You’re still invested in things you have no idea about and people you aren’t even involved with. Makes zero sense.

  48. Kristi, Kristi, Kristi….*sigh*

    Read what I wrote and try to understand it. I did not say “How dare you speak of things concerning Jenn!” I am talking about how you turned on me, and how vicious you were and how you lied and manipulated people and things to suit your narrative when you decided I was a horrible person.

    How is it one sided when you did it to me? Pretty sure I was here when you sicced your pack of sycophants on me after giving them partial information from an e-mail I wrote to you, how you went after me hiding behind a fake accounts, etc.,etc.

    I have neither the time or interest to run down all of the details that happened between us five years ago, but I was there, and you were lying to me. Go further back, remember Kari Spruill? You “saw her evidence” and got all of us on board from something a con-artist convinced you of. All lies.

    And you are right, I have no idea what happened between you and Jenn, however, what I do know is your capacity for making yourself the big-hearted victim to gain sympathy and head pats without taking a shred of real responsibility in your part in it. Remember Kristen Johnson? She contacted me asking who you were, because evidently there was a calculated hit out on her by Jenn, and you were neck deep in it.

    But, I know this is a waste of time, because you will never own up to your part in playing Jenn’s games, you were not an innocent bystander, and you tried to drag me into one of those dramas, then had a meltdown when I made it very clear that I was not the author of a blog that was a hit-piece on someone else. Should I name names?

    As far as Rhonda, sure, I heard one side, hers – she at least had the balls to apologize to me after you manipulated her into going after me on twitter. Frankly, I figured there were three sides and the truth was somewhere in the triangle, maybe.

    But then Rhonda was infuriated because you were on the podcast making jokes about her kids, and she read you the riot act, said never speak of her or her children on “Wine and Sass” and……the very next episode, there you were, saying,”Okay Rhoooooonda, we will never say your name again, Rhoooooonda, you have my word, Rhooooonda…” classic high school mean girl antics.

    That was your side, Kristi. It was pretty nauseating, and not long after that I wandered off of social media, it was boring and juvenile. However, I did finally get an instagram account, and yes, it is true, I DO pop over to people I have not thought of in years, I have even said hello to a few of them.

    Way back, I had just looked at your IG feed, and thought about saying hi to you, too, figuring everyone had grown up and out of the silly twitter days. I saw a post about Peter Thomas Roth skincare, and it was the same soap I use, and I almost gave it a “like” and commented, but I got distracted, whatever. I kept meaning to pop back on and comment on that post.

    But, I did not for a while, and when I finally remembered that I wanted to say hi, it was months later and I saw your post about Jenn, it was about 8 or 9 months ago, and your “poor me” narrative turned my stomach, the whole “if I can save ONE person…” good lord. You did not put up stories, at least, the few times I popped over. I did tell Tomás about your “Psycho Jenn” manifesto, and he laughed and rolled his eyes and that was that. It killed my desire to say hello to you.

    But, you know how rabbit holes go – It was obvious that 4 years later you were still enraged about Jenn, so at some point I came over here and saw you commenting back in May, I think. Nothing much, same Kristi story, no one biting.

    So, fast forward to the holidays, I am cruising Instagram again, and I see your stories. They were weird, so curiosity got the cat and I came over here and was utterly blown away by your participation in resuscitating this eight year old blog, the one that even Former Friend says has inaccuracies, and going on this rant about something that happened between you and Jenn four years ago. You say I have no business talking about things that I was not part of, you are right! I am not part of the breakup between you and Jenn, but I AM part of you and Jenn together, and the days before you met Jenn, and the wording is the same. Poor Kristi, mean bad Kelly. Fast forward, Poor Kristi, mean psycho Jenn.

    If you had never dragged me through the mud on twitter, tried to hang me out to dry over a blog that either you or one of your mean girls-in-idiocy wrote, gone after me on every blog you could find, under fake accounts, and threatening me with legal action over a tweetlonger I wrote then yeah, this would be none of my business.

    I may not personally know any of the players in your current drama, Kristi, but I know how you roll. I think any of the people reading this and believing your “big heart save others” story – they might want to know the other side of that penny. And it is that you create drama, love drama, and will tell any lie that you think might fly to get attention and be in the middle of a drama. I am not saying that Jenn didn’t screw you over! Sounds like she did, and even though you deny it, you are still hurt and angry, otherwise you would not be here. Fair enough. But you won’t even admit that.

    And if there is one thing I know well, it is that you always need to have the last word, so go to town. I am done. Best of luck to you with whatever you are getting out of all of this.

    • V says:

      Whoa. Everyone, exhibit 1: this is why I don’t meet people on the internet.
      Who let this crazy out of the nuthouse? You missed Kristi when she was in her teen years. Anything you want to add with that? Did she steal a lipstick from Walmart you’d like to expose? Did she cheat on her math test in 2nd grade?
      Here’s the thing: she has never been to prison, never stole money or used people for financial gain…we’re all assholes on here. None of us have lived a perfect life and honestly I can’t even get through all this response. But I can’t tell you as someone who knows Jenn personally and saw how kristi tried to help her, she was done wrong. And I definitely know she learned a hard lesson like MANY of us did. I’m more than sure you in this long story behaved Impeccably. That was sarcasm by the way. I’m am embarrassed for you.

    • dubious says:

      Kelly – sometimes people get sucked into the toxicity. I have no idea who these people are or what happened between them and Kristi. I do know that during those years, I saw battles on Twitter (I’m not on twitter – I watched by looking at open timelines) between grown women that were inconceivable and about absolutely nothing. Same with blogs. It was like microcosm of the behavior of the women on the shows that spawned all these blogs (Real Housewives). A bunch of grown women behaving horribly towards one another over nothing. Someone should write a book about it. As I said above, all this with Jenn began because she went after other bloggers for no apparent reason. They had said nothing about her or her blogs. She seemed resentful of their followings, In any case, my point is that if Kristi got sucked into that kind of thing – or let herself get drawn in, or joined in gleefully – it isn’t at all surprising. There seemed to be a tidal wave of toxicity back then, people just really unloading on one another. Total strangers in most cases. We’ve all done things we regret, that we are not proud of. But it is a far cry from taking part in nasty twitter drama to conning people, stealing, going to prison, chronic lying, etc. Stealing from your own grandmother (who, supposedly was blind and disabled at the time). How low can you go? You would think that going to prison would be rock bottom and she would try to turn things around, but apparently not. As I said, I’m shocked that she hasn’t landed in the criminal justice system in Georgia, but maybe she just hasn’t been caught. Or maybe she just hasn’t had the opportunity to steal yet. Kristi may not be perfect but she did something truly wonderful in trying to help Jenn. What has Jenn ever done to offset her otherwise unredeemable life?

      • Karla says:

        I’m thinking about starting a new blog about her latest antics.

        • dubious says:

          Be sure to post the link here! I will contribute by checking GA court records periodically. It is only a matter of time. I just looked at the FB page for the Chapman law firm. How embarrassing. I would never hire a law firm like that.

      • Kristi says:

        I didn’t even read Kelly’s reply. I saw it was a novella and closed it. I have no idea what all she said but the only time she knew me was during the Brandi/Leann drama. I left that and ended up on Wine & Sass and we all saw what happened there. I do my own thing now and as you can see from the above, stay AWAY from Twitter people. Kelly was unstable back then and I doubt it’s changed today. She became angry with me for not responding to her comments quick enough for her about 6 years ago and then launched her attack towards me on social media. I just ignored it back then and I will continue today. I refuse to deal with anymore toxic people.
        I am sticking in with this Jenn shit until she’s gone from Georgia. It’s my fault she here so I’m not going to walk away from it when I know she’s hurting people and sleeping her way through most of the husbands of GA, trashing people’s things and spiraling out of control.
        Kelly is welcome to continue her fixation of me but I personally will not read or respond to anything she has to say. She was never involved with any of this and has no clue what’s going on. I could sit down here and make a crazy list of her behavior that caused me to cut her off but I honestly just don’t care enough. Just giving you a heads up to make sure she doesn’t know who you are or you’ll get someone like this losing their shit on you for a decade for reasons unknown.

        • dubious says:

          I don’t know if you know this guy Louis she claims is her best friend, but someone really ought to warn him.

          • Karla says:

            She used to tag him on her IG, but not anymore. Anyone know his username?

            • dubious says:

              No idea what his username is. His last name is Margulis and he uses a stage name, too.. Something like Louis Greggory.

              • Karla says:

                How do you know so much about Jenn’s friends?

                • dubious says:

                  I don’t know anything about her friends. I just saw the photo of this guy a long time ago on her FB (I’m not on Instagram). She had her arm draped over his shoulder and was displaying a diamond ring on the finger in the photo. The other guy she mentioned in her podcast and on FB before she made the posts private. Some guy who took care of her dogs when she went on her “honeymoon.”

  49. Karla says:

    Wow. A lot to unravel here. I’m going to start my expose today. Any tips, pictures or old blogs she erased ( that prove she was with Josh ) will be helpful. I will try to conceal the identity of Josh & his wife, they didn’t sign up for this shit.

    • Karla says:

      And of course Jenn is claiming legal action. It’s all true, not sure what case she has

      • dubious says:

        Where is she claiming she will take legal action? If she asks the firm where she works to represent her, they will of course learn about her shenanigans. Guessing she would not want that to happen.

        • A former friend says:

          If the law firm hired her without a background check, they deserve what they get. Someone here, Tonya maybe it was, said she works at that firm. Unlikely she hasn’t at least googled Jenn. And she knows this blog.

      • A former friend says:

        If Josh is still married and involved with Jenn, he asked for every bit of it.

        I think you should examine your motives. Think about what you could drive this desperate unstable person, Jenn, to do. And would you be comfortable with those consequences?

        As far as Louis, on a video several years ago now, she said someone sent him documents revealing her past. She seemed upset about that. Outraged. If true though, it didn’t matter to him.

        On the most recent podcast, she goes on, again, about being a terrible person. She seems proud of that. And she said she is surrounded by also terrible people – including Louis and Josh.

        • Jenn's Friend says:

          Maybe Josh is unaware that Jenn is pretending to be involved with him.

          • A former friend says:

            If he doesn’t know, then he doesn’t read her IG (he used to comment on them, but I’m not there to know not), IG stories, or listen to her podcasts. I don’t believe that. If she has him blocked from IG, he would be suspicious. And she can’t block podcasts. Also, someone has surely told him.

        • dubious says:

          Very good points, FF. There is a balance here – between trying to prevent others from being taken in and doing harm. If it is true that someone sent Louis documents revealing her past, and she was upset about it, she didn’t do anything to harm herself them – that we know of. And her past was revealed here on this blog in full detail and she didn’t do anything to harm herself then, either. She does not seem like the kind of person who would harm herself but I’m not a mental health professional. She seems like the kind who, under pressure, would figure out a way to get her hands on money and run. But it is not a chance to be taken, IMHO.

          • A former friend says:

            The self destructive things she has done in the past, no one here knows. And you’re right, it is unconscionable to take that risk. She also could be a danger to others, if desperate.

            • dubious says:

              You are very well-informed and level-headed so I will take your advice and refrain from participating. Karla – will you reconsider?

          • A former friend says:

            Louis didn’t care about the documents was what she said. If that happened at all. Can’t believe any of what she says. She said that Louis took care of her dogs when she was away, at times. Then she had a pet sitter/dog walker. Both could be true. Last summer she said Louis was staying at her house as he transitioned to a new apartment. If true, that is the same house that Kristi reports as totally trashed. So didn’t he notice? Was he fine with that? Makes you wonder.

            She posted on IG many pictures of Louis and his last name was revealed there. Also, in IG stories, pictures of Josh. This was when out with Louis and others for her birthday last June. A friend at that gathering took pictures and was quite critical of Josh. So others know about their relationship. Jenn later deleted all that and defended Josh.

            • A former friend says:

              Also, she said at the time that the info that was sent to Louis that he already knew all about her past. Meaning she had told him. She probably had told him some of it, edited to make her look a victim and to justify her actions. If you don’t know her in real life, you can’t understand how different she is than on line, and how manipulative she is.

              • A former friend says:

                Wish I could edit here. Can’t, right?

                • dubious says:

                  I have never figured out a way to edit. Kristi can give us timeline but I think JLG was already out of that apartment and into Karrie’s house by that time.

              • dubious says:

                Maybe she burned that friendship, too. I just looked at his FB page. She’s no longer on his friends list.

                • A former friend says:

                  She was talking about Louis on the podcast of a couple days ago. She was saying how unbeakabke her friendships with Louis and Josh are. But I believe nothing she says.

                  She was in the house until last July. She was still showing pictures inside it on Instagram stories – with nothing strange showing. She also documented the move into the condo. When Louis was staying with her for a few days was before she moved out of the house. Also, she would talk about him being at that house for the day or evening often, long before that. Also, Josh. And showed herself cooking for each of them. Kitchen looked ok. Weird.

                • A former friend says:

                  She calls Louis her BFF, and has for at least 3 years. Before that Kristi was her BFF, she said. Before that, when she was in Illinois, her BFF was someone you never heard of. Her next door neighbor who wasn’t involved with her on line, at all. She is a kind woman who helped her a lot. After Jenn went to GA, I never heard of her again.

                • A former friend says:

                  All this BFF stuff is so 3rd grade.

  50. Jenn's Friend says:

    Found her You Tube Channel, Her intro is aptly titled:
    “Watch out Atlanta Your Moment of Jenn has arrived”

    I couldn’t sit through her Stories & Wine, they were so boring. But I did notice something. For someone who claims to have so much Digital Marketing experience her views are quite low.

    Episode 1 – 152 views
    Episode 2 – 30 views
    Episode 3 – 51 views
    Episode 4 – 50 views
    Episode 5 – 64 views ( Karrie makes an appearance in this one )
    Episode 6 – 16 views
    Episode 7 – 27 views
    ( She seems to have deleted 2 episodes )
    Episode 10 – 34 views
    Episode 11 – 21 views
    Episode 12 – 49 views

    I actually think Jenn is a good writer. Her You Tube videos and podcasts do not portray her in a good light. I would love to read a blog about what’s really going on in her life, the truth.

    • A former friend says:

      It is not at all hard to find her on Youtube, all been there for years. Her podcasts are on several apps (where 12/27 is not removed). Most or all her blogs have been removed, I believe. Her books are on Amazon. Just googling her leads to this blog. Criminal records are easy to look up. Anyone who hires her or gets involved with her and hasn’t AT LEAST googled her is niave, dumb, or doesn’t want to know.

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