Teen Mom – Episode 6

Wow, Chelsea really got on my nerves tonight. Adam doesn’t want to pay rent because he is a dead beat loser already pays $300 a month in child support and he thinks that’s more than enough. If he has to pay rent too he’ll have to actually get a real job and that would cut into his xbox time which clearly can’t happen.

He manages to get the heat off himself my saying “Yeah well Megan doesn’t pay rent either”. Yeah moron, because Megan is a baby sitter, a partner, a companion, and a therapist all in one and she helps around the house. She earns her keep. What do you do besides play video games all day? Fucking loser. Oh.. sorry. That’s what I would have said if he had said that to me. But he didn’t. He said it to Chelsea, and she was like “yeah, you’re right Adam, you’re so smart and amazing, let me go run to Megan right now and tell her that she has to start paying rent.
Adam wants Megan gone. He is slithering his way back into Chelsea’s life and he doesn’t need a voice of reason around the house putting ideas in her head about things like being “respected” and “treated properly”. So shit really blows up at the house because Adam is an ignorant douche and Megan wants Chelsea to stand up for her. But Chelsea can’t even stand up for herself, so I don’t really know what Megan was expecting. Megan packs up and gets the hell out of there because she didn’t have a baby with that scum bag so she see’s no need to put up with his crap. Chelsea sits in the kitchen bawling her eyes out (yet still refusing to do anything about the situation) as Megan’s parents help move her stuff out.

Once Megan is gone Chelsea cries in the bathroom and yells at her dad because… I don’t know… she has to yell at someone and it only makes sense to yell at the one person who always has her back instead of the asshole standing next to her who caused this entire mess. Adam stands there and pretends to care that Chelsea is upset while the cameras are on him. I love Chelsea’s dad, but he totally failed in this situation. He’s a fucking doormat. He needs to pull a Teresa Giudice on Adam’s punk ass and earn himself a little respect around that house. Violence is wrong, but sometimes it’s understandable.



Leah is still stressing over Ali’s situation while she waits for the MRI to tell them what’s wrong with her. In the mean time she has a physical therapist come to the house to work with her. Corey and Leah discuss their fears, and Corey reassures her that the baby’s health problems are not her fault. It was cute watching Corey explain that they need to teach Ali’s brain how to move her legs. Aww. I love Corey. And the whole “redneck family photo” they took in camo gear… Adorable.

Corey is the total opposite of every other guy on this show and actually enjoys having a family more than hanging out with his friends. He is thinking about the future, and he wants a son. Leah says no more kids unless they’re married, so he decides to make it official and goes ring shopping. And unlike when Gary bought Amber’s ring, he didn’t ask the salesman what the return policy was.



Kailyn doesn’t want to keep trying to make things work with Jo anymore, because it’s just not working. But this time she decided to break the news to him in person instead of sending a tweet or updating her facebook. Congrats Kailyn, you’re learning how to communicate like a human being. Her and Jo met to talk in an empty parking lot at night, pulling their cars up next to each other like a couple of drug dealers.

Jo’s parents decide to let Jo and Kailyn move back into the house. Jo’s dad said that the fight was between him and Jo and he didn’t actually kick Kailyn out of the house. It would have been nice if he had called her and let her know that before leaving her homeless for 3 days. So anyway they’re all back at Jo’s parent’s house but Kailyn wants to move out on her own and take care of herself. That’s admirable. But Jo is not happy about that, and Kailyn’s need for independence is going to cause all kinds of problems next week.



Barbara finally did something that wasn’t completely horrible and filled out the necessary forms so that Janelle can get financial aid for school.

Janelle figures that since her mom signed the papers she must not completely hate her, so she decides to stop by the house. I found it interesting that she rang the door bell instead of just walking in even though the door was open. Barbara came to the door and the first words out of her mouth were “Whadda ya doin here?” Gee… I don’t know Barbara, maybe she’s there because she’s your fucking daughter and she wants to see her son! After a moment of consideration, she decides to let her in. Barbara, being the nice person that she is (ain’t she nice?) actually invited Janelle to Jace’s first birthday. Janelle bought him a mini 4 wheeler (not exactly age appropriate – but she’s trying) and of course Barbara has a problem with this. She told Janelle that there is no point to buy presents for babies because when they’re older they won’t remember it, so she should return it and buy him a silver cup instead. Huh? I think Barbara just wanted Janelle to buy him something she could pawn for beer money.



Next week Corey pops the question, Janelle’s life is still a mess, Chelsea is still Chelsea, and Jo takes a page out of Adam’s book and sends Kailyn verbally abusive text messages.

Jo was arrested for being under the influence of marijuana (That’s actually a charge? How could that ever be proven?)

Ratings information for Teen Mom, RHOBH, and other shows. (Spoiler: The dog show got better ratings than RHOBH.)

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50 Responses to Teen Mom – Episode 6

  1. Distressed says:

    I cannot stand this bitch princess Chelsea at all. Adam is too good for her.

    Yeah, the guy is a total douchebag, but still. On the show he tells her in that scene that she needs to notify the court they are living together so he can stop paying child support. Only, when a “man” lives with his “family” he usually works a job to support said family and does not allow the grandfather to entirely support his family.

    See the redneck portrait, Adam. That’s what a man does when he realizes that it’s time to grow up and get serious because he has a family to support.

    I also saw the after show at MTV. Chelsea lies and says that it was her Dad that made Megan move out. She didn’t have anything to do with it. And we all say on cue, “poor chelsea.” That poor child.

    • I just watched that too. Why did she say that? Did she not watch the show?

      The other weird thing on the aftershow was that Janelle said she was there for Jace’s first steps when her mom wasn’t home. But that’s totally not what we watched happen.

      What is up with these girls? Are they liars or is there some serious editing going on here?

      • Distressed says:

        There has got to be a lot of editing, not sure. But on Princess, there is no way her dad forced Megan out of that house in favor of the Shirtless Wonder of South Dakota. No way in hell.

        And also when Chelsea talked to megan about the bills on the episode, I heard her agree to splitting things 3 ways in the house. I didn’t sound like “once he pays, then I’ll pay,” to me either. It sounded like Megan was pretty realistic about chipping in and thought her share amounted to 1/3 since there were 3 people living there.

        Chelsea is a liar and she is totally gross.

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    Adam is a sub life form and I don’t understand why Chelsea’s father just didn’t tell him to get out – dude, man up you pay the rent! I find myself clenching my teeth when these bozos are on.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Chelseas dad is a complete moron. Why is that girl living in a HOUSE (not even an APT!!!!) and driving around what looks to be a brand new VW Beetle? He even told her that he only wants her to work a measly one day a week at “a tanning salon or something…just to get out of the house”. UM….WHAT?

      I could seriously write 10 pages on how stupid her father is and how pathetic she is.

    • That dad is a door mat. Look how Chelsea speaks to him. No respect.

  3. Miss Anthrope says:

    Janelles mother absolutely infuriates me.

    I’m from Boston and I have seen this type of thing way too many times. Barbara was probably raised in a shitbag town (I strongly suspect New Bedford), in an abusive household to poor parents, and now she is a horrible parent because of it. The cycle just keeps on going. I cannot tell you how many friends I had growing up whos parents were JUST like Barbara. Where are those friends now? Most had babies before the age of 18 and I can’t think of a single one who went to college or has a decent job. Hopefully Janelle takes that paycheck she’s getting from MTV and makes something of herself before she ends up like her mother.

    I don’t know if you saw the episode of 16 and Pregnant that Janelle was on, but it gives a pretty good back story. Janelles mother did not want that baby. She said so point blank. So why the change of heart? She wants nothing more than to hurt and control her daughter. Not only did she know that taking Jase away from Janelle would pretty much fuck her whole life up, but she figured that by doing it on MTV that it would somehow show everyone how awful Janelle is and what a great grandmother she is. Congrats, you old hag. Now you look like a giant douche on national tv. So who is the “piece of shit mother” now?

    • I totally agree. I think Barbara’s actions have nothing to do with Jace’s welfare and everything to do with hurting and controlling Janelle.

    • Distressed says:

      Totally agree with both of you here. barbara is delusional. She thinks she probably comes off smelling like a rose and even now with all the criticism she probably just shrugs it off like “we” don’t know her whore daughter like she does.

      The whole thing is a form of perpetuating the child abuse in the family. Barbara’s problem is that Janelle doesn’t spend enough time with the baby. So she figures out how to bar Janelle from spending more time with the baby. Brilliant plan Babs.

  4. NMhousewife says:

    I too watched the aftershow to get Chelsea’s take on things, and I also caught she said it was her dad that wanted Megan to start paying rent, but that confuses me because on the show, the dad makes the comment “an effort could have been made” while looking at Adam. This sounded to me that Chelsea is not telling the truth about what really happened. The reason she was yelling at her dad is because she wanted Megan to leave (why else let Adam text M?) and knew she was looking bad and was feeling major guilt. I don’t hate Chelsea, but I can tell she is a girl destined to make very bad choices throughout her life (even with a great support system in place). I don’t doubt that in 10 years time Adam will be gone because he found someone younger, prettier, skinnier, richer, etc.

    Kailynn I am actually liking now I watch more of her story. Okay she is not always the happiest person in the world, but just like her friend said, her life sucks! She has no one to fall back on. JOe’s parents have done a lot for her, but you can tell it is solely done for Isaac’s sake rather than for love of her. That’s great and all, but everyone needs someone that loves them (like parents!). I thought she was totally wrong to get into a relationship with Jordan while still living in their house, that should have waited until she was independent of course, but overall, she is looking at the bigger picture, trying to continue her schooling, working a job, trying to make overall good choices and I think she realizes that staying with Joe out of necessity is not a good thing. I really think she deserves better than that creep. Also regarding being kicked out, I suspected that the parents only kicked Joe out but Joe wanted to hurt them by telling Kailynn not to go back there. Kailynn could have easily have taken the baby and gone back to the parents house, probably the tension would have been gone from the house without Joe there. I really hope all her hard work pays off.

    I love Corey and Leah! It is so refreshing to see great teamwork. I watched next week’s sneak peak, showing Leah at the Ali’s eye doctor appointment. I am mildly alarmed at the bedside manner of these doctor’s she has seen! They were talking about Ali’s eye condition where one is turning in, and that is exactly what happened with my daughter at the age of 3 (apparently more common in preemies). It is not brain damage, but retraining the brain (eye) to focus correctly with the use of glasses. Usually it will correct itself after a few years, occasionally requiring surgery, but nothing life threatening. My daughter’s glasses came off at age 10 and she has perfect vision and has always done well in school and has started her first year in college with no problems. I was horrified that Leah came away from that appointment thinking Ali had some form of brain damage…felt really bad for her. Again, I am going off just the sneak peak, and will have to watch the whole episode next week. Can’t wait.

    Janelle is another one I am convinced is destined to make bad choices through life, but each week after watching Barbara, I have more pity for Janelle just for having such a mother. It is good that there is someone taking care of Jace, but that woman loves conflict! Living with her really should have given Janelle incentive to get her education, get a job, get out of that environment with Jace, and stay out of trouble. Sounds like things go from bad to worse next week being kicked out of her friend’s house also.

    Last thought, That picture of Chelsea sitting on the toilet seat while arguing with her dad, I thought she was actually using the pot because of the way her pants were bunched up…yikes!

    • I agree about the doctor. I don’t know about next week, but that last doctor she saw was awful! He was so insensitive and the way he told her that Ali was not proportional looked more like he was making fun of her than diagnosing her.

      I’m feel bad for Kailyn too. I didn’t before. But she really is all alone and that sucks. I agree with you, she needs someone to love her too and Jo’s parents aren’t helping her because they care about her. Honestly, if the drama and tension is that bad in their house I think they should make Jo get an apartment and move out and let Kailyn keep living at the house so she can focus on work and school until she can afford her own place.

      Chelsea probably did want Megan to leave. Megan was her support when she needed her, but then once she got Adam back Megan was just getting in the way. I don’t think the dad cared if Megan payed rent or not. He’d be paying the rent anyway and having Megan there was only a benefit because she helped out, and Chelsea had someone to complain about things to instead of calling her dad every 5 minutes. Btw, Megan is pregnant now.

  5. missmi says:

    UGH!!!! I said in the beginning that I liked Chelsea, but she was at risk because she makes such bad choices and she is the one that is given every opportunity to succeed. I cannot believe that this girl and her father are such IDIOTS. Lets just take her self esteem and inability to see Adam for what he is out of the equation for a minute. What father would continue to pay all the bills, be nonchalant about school and stress that a job should only be one day a week and let that douchebag live there and call the shots. Why isnt this dad up in his face getting down to brass tax on rent payments. On top of the fact that I cannot stand weak people who dont have the balls to stand up for themselves. Why does Chelsea think Adam has the right to move in and make demands. This girl deserves all the shit she is going to get. She will be miserable and I just bet she wont be able to figure out why because she is to busy doing nothing for herself.

    • She keeps whining that she “wants her family together”.
      I get what she’s saying, but Adam is never going to be the husband and father she wants. And she’s being selfish. Aubrey would be better off with a single mom and loving grandfather than growing up learning that it’s ok to allow a man to treat you like garbage. They are setting a really horrible example for her.
      I don’t understand why the dad got Chelsea her own house anyway. She should have just kept living at home. He can help her with the baby, and there would be no way Adam would be moving into that house. If she wants her own place she should have to work for it, or Adam can work (which will never happen).
      I understand that the father just wants to do anything to make her happy, but he’s doing her a huge disservice. He’s not helping her grow into a responsible mature adult. He is enabling her to remain a whiney spoiled 10 year old.

      • Distressed says:

        Not sure. I think I heard them talking about this in one of the first shows. I think the deal originally was that the father sets her and Megan up in a house and in exchange Chelsea agrees to work hard on her HS diploma. That’s why Megan was there in the first palce, to help out with the baby while Chelsea took her studies seriously.

        It sounds like a good deal. Let the kid get out there and see how hard this shit is, but give her a basis for being successful in the goals she sets for herself. But now we can see that Chelsea just wants to hang around the house and be fucked by Adam and his chocolate covered dick all day.

        I guarantee you Chelsea will not get her degree and then blame it on everyone else except Adam or herself.

    • Distressed says:

      It’s complicated. Chelsea plays the victim continually but she has no problems standing up to her father or confronting Megan about paying her fare share of the bills.

      When he tells his daughter that the piece of crap baby daddy needs to chip in she immediately escalates the disagreement to, “well what do you want me to do, move out?” End of discussion.

      Chelsea is not weak, but she is extremely manipulative of the people around her that genuinely support her. She needs counseling to understand why she is disloyal and abusive to the people in her life that treat with respect while allowing the shirtless one to continuously use and abuse her without any repercussions whatsoever.

      This is not about keeping her “family” together. That is the biggest lie of all. This is about erasing the humiliation Adam’s break-up caused her. Great choice Chelsea. Good luck with your “I’m too sexy for my shirt,” baby daddy. You are certainly going to need it.

      • Nice insite. It’s about erasing humiliation, I think you’re right.

        • Distressed says:

          Something we should all remember when commenting on these kids is that they are still HS teenagers and their social lives are more important to them than anything else in their worlds.

          Even though I was very college centric and successful in my academics when I was young like this none of that mattered the same way getting invited to a party or having a popular friend mattered.

          And Chelsea’s humiliation was public. He did that right in front of not only her own friends in SD, but in front of the nation on MTV.

          She needs counseling before it’s too late. The kid is still young. The kid still has a chance but not if Chelsea continues to run herself into bare chested brick walls.

          • missmi says:

            I agree that these girls still think like teenagers, but Chelsea is sooooo spoiled and her father props her up everytime she starts to fall over. My sister had a baby at 16. My parents gave her alot of chances to still be a teen.. ie: going out on the weekends, babysitting, paying bills. After a while, she would give them money for diapers from her measley job pay, because she wanted to give back. They did not like the baby daddy, but she was the one that pursued getting him off the birth cert. because he was a deadbeat and was never going to be a good father to the baby. Chelsea is delusional and for some reason lets things happen to her instead of being proactive for her future.

  6. Amber...RealWife says:

    Thanks for the recap.

    Chelsea is a waste of space or at most a doormat for the loser boyfriend. He probably weasled his way in to have the child support stopped, sex, and free rent. He was pretty disappointed with the insistence of him paying rent, and has caused the blow up with Megan to alienate her only helpful friend.

    Leah is really showing a mature streak, probably due to having a special needs child. I like the way she has ignored her friends attempts to stir shit, and has decided she wants her “family” together. Her earlier mistake, really taught her a lesson. Corey it seems has forgiven her, and they really love each other.

    Kailyn is a dirty using pig, who annoys the hell out of me. She is so dependent on Jo and family, causing so much distress to the parents, yet now she wants to move out? As if she’d actually leave. Jo wanted her out so she went to the mother and was allowed to live in the finished basement. She repays Jo’s parents by announcing her “new” relationship via Facebook! She expected to live off of these people for free, free sitters, not do chores, use their vehicles, AND date someone? She is a slothlike vampire, who got knocked up and moved up, using that family. The only “baby daddy” family that forced the dad to be responsible, siding with the bovine teen mom, more than their own son. It seems, they are on to her. Finally!

    Janelle is a piss poor mom. Barbara may indeed torture her daughter, but let us not forget that Janelle is a drug user who was neglecting her baby. Partying, drugging, sleeping all day, not caring for her baby, is not a good mother. Walking out to party even when Barb refused to babysit was horrible! Barbara was right to file for custody, but wrong to withhold visitation.

    • I used to agree with you about Kailyn. But I’m changing my mind about her.

      Janelle is def irresponsible. But I don’t think the mother took custody for the right reasons. I don’t think she cares about that baby at all, she just likes having control. If she really cared about Jace she would never keep Janelle from seeing him or discourage her from coming around by screaming at her constantly.

    • Distressed says:

      Barbara was right to file for custody, but wrong to withhold visitation.

      I very much agree here. Janelle has been completely irresponsible. But Barbara has shown that this is much, much more than concern for her grandson’s well being. If Barbara really wanted to help her young, irresponsible, clueless, partying kid to grow up and become the kind of parent she needs to be, she would never put up roadblocks to Janelle spending time with own her child.

      The mother had to be “invited” to her child’s first birthday party. That is twisted.

    • Distressed says:

      Oh and one more thing you’re right about here: He probably weasled his way in to have the child support stopped, sex, and free rent.

      He says that right up front in the episode. While they’re in bed he tells Chelsea she needs to notify the court they are living together so he can stop child support payments. Usually the state assumes that when the parents are living together that both are contributing to the child’s needs. They don’t usually see a case where the baby daddy acts like a baby himself and expects or demands the grandfather to carry the entire load for his family.

  7. missmi says:

    @Amber. Your right about Chelsea and Adam, but compare Chelseas family life and Kailyns. Kailyns problem is that her mother sucks and she is forced to live with people who will not put her first. No matter what Kailyn does for herself, everyone around her will see her as selfish. Her mother doesnt care and is fine with letting her flap in the wind. Chelsea has everything handed to her and can’t manage to make a good choice even when it concerns the people who spoil and love her. Im not sure if its avoidance or laziness, but come on! Im glad Kailyn had the guts to tell them that she doesnt want to be Jo. It shows strength and some character. She doesnt get to sit on a toilet crying wanting Daddy to fix it.

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      I agree Kailyn has a hard road, it still doesn’t take away the fact that she is a grifter. She has learned from her horrible mom, to have others feel sympathy for her and use it to her advantage. I really feel Jo’s parents stepped up big for this girl who was equally irresponsible in the birth control department. They forced the son to man up, much to Jo’s chagrin. Kailyn, takes advantage of the parent’s kindness, acting as if she is entitled to all that is given and more.

      Jo’s parents ARE only taking care of her because of her son, which is more than her own mother has done. For her to assume that she could “date” other men, while being financially and emotionally supported by her ex’s family was outrageous! No she is not “family”. She is an ex who’s baby is family and for her to try to insist otherwise is part of her con. She should do chores, help out and not fight like any tenant with benefits that lives for free would do.

  8. WindyCityWondering says:

    It amazes me that the parents don’t have a clue about what they should now be teaching these girls – at this rate they will be supporting them and/or ignoring them completely for the rest of their lives and the babies will not get what they need to be healthy, loved and having good role models in their lives! Where is finish school? Where is get a job and help support the baby? Where are the parenting classes? Being a parent isn’t a game and babies are not like pets! If they were going to be so awful to their daughters why didn’t they insist on adoption?

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    • I didn’t block your IP. But when you send the same comment over and over and over it gets flagged as spam FYI.
      You are right about one thing – I can never be Jenn. Thank you Jesus!

    • TooMuch says:

      What I understand from reading this is that I have fat shelves. But that is good because I have a lot of plates and dishes.

      I also learned that some girl jenn has one foot.

      But one thing that I don’t understand is how a person can ling!?! Can you explain this further?

  10. TooMuch says:

    Oh these crazy ladies!

    I think kailyn has been working hard to improve her life! I believe her dating that one guy was a need to feel loved. Of course her approach of telling others by changing her Facebook status was all wrong but even though she had a baby she is still a teenager!!!!

    Chelsea!!! Spoiled and clueless! Her baby daddy is a genius! He was able to slime his way back into her life and into her dad’s house while getting rid of the roommate! Chelsea may be an idiot but her father should have more brains! What about Chelsea’s mother? Where did she go?

    Well there is my opinion! Hooray! The end!

    • I think Chelsea’s mom is in the picture, but just didn’t want to be on tv.

      Btw, Kailyn’s pic on twitter is of her and the guy from the pizza place. So I guess they are back together?

      • TooMuch says:

        They had an article in a magazine recently saying they were a couple. They also talked about Janelle having a sister who has been arrested before for hitting mom and Janelle. Sounds like that family is a mess.

        • Janelle has a sister? Would love to hear from her.

          • Distressed says:

            I think you’ll set them at the birthday party. Maybe not the combative sister but I think there’s more then one other sibling.

            Barbara referred to “her kids” when she said she never bought “them” presents when they were little because they wouldn’t remember them anyway.

          • Distressed says:

            sorry, I meant I think you can see them at the birthday party. But they’re not on the show so they don’t get discussed.

  11. TooMuch says:

    Her name is Asheigh according to OK magazine.

  12. Tuzentswurth says:

    Great blog, I stopped watching the show b/c I had enough and could not watch Horrible Barbara anymore, but I know the people and really enjoyed the blog and the comments. Does Chelsea have a twitter acct so you can tweet the blog to her and maybe she could open her eyes a bit to reality????
    I have a great idea, you should become the therapist/life coach/psychic medium for the show. You could straighten up their sorry ass lives, your perspective is perfect!

    • Chelsea does have twitter and I do tweet the blog to her. Lol. I always tweet my blogs to the people I write about.
      Chelsea totally knows what everyone thinks. It’s all she hears online & they always ask her the same things on the aftershow. But her view is basically that she loves him and she doesn’t care how he treats her.
      I should totally be a life coach. Not a therapist, because you have to go to school for that and then I wouldn’t have time for my blog. A life coach is like a therapist without the education. Perfect!

  13. It's Hot In Texas says:

    The fact that Chelsea knew she could lie to her father about Adam, not get in trouble, and not even feel bad about it shows her true character. Were I her parent, I would change the name on the lease to Chelsea and Adam, and see how long he would stick around. Chelsea’s mom is just as bad- Chelsea orders her around as well.

    Side thought- I think Aubree is looking more and more like Adam.

    • Distressed says:

      Sounds reasonable. But when you’re dealing with a mentally defective kid like Chelsea you’re painted into a corner.

      Remember in this episode when Chelsea’s father tells her that Adam has got to pony up for the rent? She immediately fired back at him, “what do you want me to do, move out?” She’s a frigging emotional terrorist with the father and this has probably been going on forever with her. He’s used to it by now.

      Although I heartily agree that Chelsea’s father is an enabler and he’s doing her a disservice overall with her behavior, what choices does he really have? He either pays the bills or his daughter and granddaughter will be destitute. She can’t support herself and Adam doesn’t care one fig about her security or that of his child.

      But overall I agree. If Chelsea fails to get her degree and continue with beauty school the father needs to pull the plug on playing house and let Chelsea decide where and how she is going to set up housekeeping.

      Man I love me some Corey. Looks like he’s “using” his parents in the exactly the appropriate way. The grand parents always want to babysit. So “use” them as your number one go to people when you and your wife need to get out and just walk around and have an ice cream and have some fun. Corey just gets cuter and cuter in every episode.

  14. It's Hot In Texas says:

    I also wonder if Megan will be on the next season of Teen Mom? She might be too old. People like her. She knows the producers. However, she has only been with the Baby-Daddy for a few months before getting pregnant. She should have learned better.

    • I’m surprised that she wanted to have a baby after seeing what Chelsea went through. What was she thinking?

      • Distressed says:

        Thinking? Oh right that’s what the stuff inside my head is for. I thought it was just there to provide ballast for the 60 pounds of hair they glued on my head at the salon last week.

        Right, thinking. Got to remember to think. Maybe I should write myself a note.

        • sarah says:

          Bahahahahaha a ballast for her hair you are too much.

          Oh how I enjoy Teen Mom it is such a guilty pleasure and makes me appreciate my own life as I am also a teen mum (mum is how we say it in Australia) but I feel like I really have my shit together when I watch these girls.

          Adam is a textbook case of a controlling/manipulative male. He is only able to do this because he obviously singles out girls with low self esteem who will allow him to. I think he also thinks that he is alot more superior to Chelsea granted she is quite vacuous but If Adam was truely intelligent he would know that he has no right to attempt to control others.

          I do think that teen mom is a good platform to discuss these issues with teens and make them more aware but at the same time I know that before I was pregnant at 17 I romanticised the idea of a baby and you never really know how hard it is until you experience it. That said, I am not an entirely stupid person, I think it was just part of being an impulsive teenager so I worry that girls may watch this and have ideas put into their head.

          • Do you think that if you had seen the show and all the crap these girls go through you would have thought twice before getting pregnant? I think this show erases some of those romanticized ideas girls tend to have about babies and families. Or you think you still would have wanted a child?

            • sarah says:

              Well of course I cannot really answer that, perhaps not. However look at Chelsea’s friend Megan. She was there with her almost vicariously experiencing teen parenthood, closer than watching on tv and she is now pregnant.

              When it comes down to it most of the girls on the show would say it is hard but that they love their kids, that although they face challenges they would not change a thing. I think that this love for a child is what appeals some girls who feel they have nothing or no prospects.

              Besides being entertaining the show has its merits it will just be interesting to see if it has any impact on teen pregnancy rates in the future.

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