A Chat with Cat from The Real Housewives of DC

I had a chance to chat with Cat from The Real Housewives of DC the other day. She is a funny woman who speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back. We spoke about her new book, her life, the show, her cast mates, and what she really thinks about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I know this blog is mostly sarcastic and I make things up a lot for comedy’s sake, so just incase there is any confusion: this actually is a real interview. (Although now that I think about it… making fake interviews with Housewives could be pretty funny.)

RCH: What have you been up to since the show ended? You finally finished your book. Are you happy to have it completed?

Cat: Well since the publishers had wanted to make my book into something it wasn’t, and somebody else’s voice, I decided to do it alone and self publish. It was one of the hardest, longest projects of my life! Sitting day after day, alone at my desk, for months with the worst back ache possible, was miserable but necessary! And I did it, and I’m really proud to have achieved that goal and the majority of the reviews prior to the hardbacks coming out are great, which makes it all worth the hard work I put in! But it took my mind off what a hideous, toxic, relationship I’d managed to escape from.


Any new love interests? From what I’ve read, you’ve dated/married some pretty interesting people. Do you think you could be happy dating a guy with a normal 9-5 life or do you need something more exciting than that?

Yes I could do a 9-5 man as long as he could take a lot of holidays!!


What was the most surreal scene you filmed throughout the season?

Sitting at Stacie’s at 2am when the Salami’s arrived for a piece of my mind in the final episode. That was super surreal esp as they were the last people on the planet I wanted to see! (but someone had to do it!)


Was there anything edited out of the show you wish wasn’t?

Yes! Tons! Especially when at the reunion when I said to Miss Plastic that how dare she call Jason a liar when she had even had botox done at Ted Gibson salon and walked out and never paid!!


I’m not a big fan of Stacie. She made you look bad on the show by implying that you were racist. Do you forgive her for that? And do you think that maybe she was a little prejudice herself? A lot of things came out of her mouth that, had they been said by a white person, would have been completely unacceptable.

Absolutely. Can you imagine me saying “Are we really taking those black folks to Paris”? I would be impaled on a stake on Pennsylvania ave within hours. I had to leave DC for a couple of weeks as I was getting such grief on the streets after she implied that. It was not a fun time..The only person who bought up color almost every episode was Stacie and yes I was disappointed that she back stabbed me so much but hey, we are friends now.


How is your relationship with Erika now? My theory is that she didn’t like you because she wanted to be a Housewife and felt that as a native DC-er she deserved to be on the show more than you did. What do you think?

There is no relationship whatsoever, nor will there be. I have enough friends here thanks!


Someone recently left a comment on my blog that said:
“OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake America.”
Funny, huh? What do you think Stacie would say about that?

Depends what color the person who said it was! ha ha ha


Tell the truth: is Lynda a total pot head? And do you think marijuana should be legalized, decriminalized, or should it stay illegal and why?

Of course she is! Lynda and I sit in her basement where we grow it and smoke it and then roll around laughing!!! (kidding). I don’t know about legalizing it. I’m so paranoid about my girls in the future, as it seems pot is often the first stepping stone before harder drugs. Think there should be more research to determine that.


The Salahi’s watched the Super Bowl from the owners box. And they were actually invited. How the hell do they do it? Any ideas?

They make me so sick to my stomach that I don’t even like hearing their names! Wish they would crawl back under the bin they came out from under -forever.


Like Camille Grammer, your marriage was also ending while the show was taping. She blamed her divorce for a lot of the things she said and did this season. Do you buy that, or do you think she’s just using her divorce as an excuse for her naturally bad behavior?

My pain showed on my face, with my “Ukrainian washer woman look, after a hard Slovak winter” (comment from a fan of the show) and I was bloody miserable, but it didn’t affect how I was on the show other than the ‘Aunt Francis dinner’, where I was going home to hell on earth. I have nothing in common with Camille, from what I’ve seen on the show. Period.


Camille also claimed at the reunion that getting divorced was one of the reasons she considered herself to be 30% busier than all the other women. Does getting divorced in fact make you busier, or is that just another excuse?

Bollocks! That was the most ludicrous thing that came out of her mouth…!! I couldn’t see her doing anything. Suppose it’s because I do all cooking, cleaning, washing, and working full time that I can’t relate to that kind of lifestyle..


Taylor’s face: Plastic or fantastic?

Plastic. She is furious with me for saying that she should have put that $65k into an account for therapy for her daughter, having watched her withdrawn, overwhelmed behavior at her party, which I shouldn’t have aired (where is my filter when I need it??!!) So don’t think we’ll ever be friends!


I totally believed Cedric’s story, but you were suspicious of him from early on. What was it about him that made you think he was full of it?

Because he behaved like a ‘taker’ and anyone with a history like his I would have imagined ‘giving’ a whole lot more. Plus you can never trust a guy who wears budgie smugglers. (speedo’s)


Lisa Vanderpump owed several night clubs in London including Jewel, Shadow Lounge, Bar Blanca, Bar Soho and a “Cheers” themed bar on Regent Street (funny, since she’s now friends with Fraiser’s wife). Have you ever been to any of them? She also used to be the door girl at Cork Bar. Do you think you’ve ever run into her in the past while clubbing?

Yes, I’ve been to a few of them over the years, but don’t think we’ve met. I’m sure she and I have several mutual friends..


Both you and Lisa have a “call it like it is” attitude. Is that a British thing, or just a coincidence?

I think it’s a Brit thing. We just don’t beat around the bush!


What do you think of the ring Price William gave to Kate. A little disappointing for a future princess, no?

I’d have preferred a new one, for sure, but I guess that’s his way of keeping his mother close.


You and Prince Harry have mutual friends in common. Even if you don’t get an invitation to the Royal wedding do you think you might attend as someone’s Plus One?

You have to be kidding!! The Queen happy to have me there, a divorced mother having kissed her grandson? I don’t think so! LOL


Where do you live now and where do you see yourself living in the future?

I live on 14th street which I love as its so much more me rather than Chevy Bloody Chase. Its hip, its eclectic and far more buzzing. No idea about the future, since I came here to marry the man of my dreams??!! (or rather nightmares). Ideally I’d like a base here in DC or maybe NYC, and in London.



Do you cook dinner at home or go out to eat more often? What is your favorite recipe to make?

I cook all the time. I LOVE cooking. I like having lots of friends over for Sunday traditional lunches..ie a stuffed leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic, thousands of roast potatoes and at least a case of wine!


What is you favorite book and why?

My favorite book is “The Journey from Lost to Found” by Susan Jeffers. I was given it when I was going through the toughest time of my life, and it really gave me so much hope. I kept it in my handbag for months (its small and blue) and when ever I needed a little reassurance that life could be OK I would open it at a random page! I bought it for many friends who also loved it!


Have you seen Sarah Palin’s new reality show, and if so, has it changed your opinion of her at all?

I haven’t and I’d rather watch paint dry really slowly, or even rearrange my sock drawer?


Do you think Sarah Palin should join The Real Housewives of DC if there is a second season? I think that would be awesome.

Now that’s a great idea, but isn’t she planning on running the country? Dear god, please no. I need to earn enough money to move to a remote island if that tragedy ever happens. (sorry to all her fans)


Having experienced both, which is better, driving on the right or left side of the road?

I’ve lived in UK, Spain and USA so I’m used to jumping in and out both sides.


Have you ever accidentally gotten in the wrong side of the car, like come out of the super market and then jumped into the passenger seat?

No, but who would have guessed that a ‘real housewife’ drives around in a 1992, old school Ford Bronco, which was our ‘dog truck’ (ie stinks of wet dogs) where the windows don’t go up, has no water/brake fluid, or engine oil, with a HUGE, orange ‘final violation’ sticker across the windscreen? Now that’s what I call keeping a low profile!! LOL!!


The “teaser” I read from your book ends right before you’re about to cheat on your husband who you live with in a mansion on an island in Spain. Did everything in the book really happen or did you take some creative license?

Yes, it all happened. Good, bad and the ugly. “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent doing nothing” (George Bernard Shaw).


What exactly are “green wellied bores”?

Women who do nothing but talk about their children, the cost of school fees and horses. (real bores)


Where does the book end, does it cover your time with Charles and The Real Housewives? And do you plan on writing a Part 2?

You better read it…I’m already halfway through part two, which is going to make everyone’s heads spin even more than part one. ‘You aint seen nothing yet!’

“Who would have guessed that my girls and I had to hitch hike to escape, in the worst snow storm in DC in years….”

It will show everyone that anything is possible, and you can never judge a book by its cover, or a woman you think you know having seen her on a reality TV show..when you have no idea what is happening in her life behind the scenes. I think it will give hope to everyone who reads it, that anything is possible if you dare to believe in your dreams and not give up, no matter how bad the situation is you can find yourself in.


The Kindle version of the book is already available on Amazon. When will the actual book be coming out?

I’m so excited to be launching ‘Inbox Full’ in NYC on the 3rd of March and the following week (10th) here in DC with all my fellow cast mates and Bravo, plus my parents are flying out, which will be fantastic!

I’m extremely lucky to have so many great people, and some big names who are supporting the launch, so stay tuned!

You can buy my book ‘Inbox Full’ now on www.createspace.com/3549665 or on Amazon.com and keep up with me on


FB Catherine Ommanney

Twitter @catommanney


A preview of Cat’s book:


Her life was supposed to be perfect, having swapped the English countryside for a manor house in the Mediterranean sun. Complete with husband, kids and animals she lived the paradise dream – until a chance meeting with a beautiful married Swiss banker was to suddenly turn her heart inside out and challenge everything she held dear. She crossed the line of her gilded cage to rendezvous across the world to be with him, leading to explosive consequences that were impossible to predict. She could never go home.

Being a single mother, reinventing herself in the most expensive city in the world was not the plan but she didn’t ‘do’ compromise.

From private jets, super yachts and playboys to school fees and parking tickets. Penniless suicidal nights in ER to being hounded by the world press – This is an extraordinary true story of choices and where they can lead you. Fear and loneliness, painful lessons and lots of hilarious escapades, a rollercoaster ride from spiritual adventures in Peru to all night parties in Ibiza. Her incredible journey of climbing mountains to follow her dream led to arriving in New York for a date with what she believed was destiny…. He was very late.

You can read the book reviews here. There is already some drama going on in the comments between fans of the show and people who claim to have known Cat in the past.

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95 Responses to A Chat with Cat from The Real Housewives of DC

  1. Golden Girl says:

    Great job RCH! Based on the interview I think I might actually buy her book. I never had a problem with her on the show because I liked that she called everyone out on their BS.

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    Great questions! I never had a problem with Cat either and could tell she was edited to be the British stereotypical snobby elitist bitch. Bravo’s mistep of allowing the Salahi’s to hijack RHDC robbed us of getting to know Cat better.

  3. TheMom says:

    Great Questions learned something new like now we have to ask Cat for recipes cause the Sunday lunch sounds amazing.
    Love the pics she shared with you and the sneek peek at book two.
    Hope the real ladies of DC get to have the show and tell their stories this time instead of being hijacked by sociopaths. They definitely are the more real of the housewives we have seen (well other than Caroline we all gotta love Mama Caroline)

  4. dreemz says:

    I didn’t like Cat at first. She seemed really rude at Stacie’s get-together at the beginning of the season. I’m all for honesty but it seemed like she was TRYing to be abrasive. As the season progressed my first impression of her really changed. She became entertaining, charming & delightful! I’m sure her books will be fascinating, I’ll read them. What I saw in Cat is what keeps me watching realityTV. Cat is a mulifaceted individual unafraid to show her vulnerability and her flaws along with her shining qualities such as crazy & gutsy sense of humor!

    I hope the HW of DC has another season, the first season with the Salamis wasn’t fair to any of them. I’d love to see of all of them, except of course, the obvious – the Salamis. I can’t WAIT to see more of CAT!!!

  5. ~Luvz Film Noir Bluffs~ says:

    Thanx for the interview chat’n w/ ~Cat….. 🙂
    She’s got the cat’s gutz an’ meow to go with.

  6. glued2it says:

    I immediately didn’t like Cat when I watched RHODC, but I also didn’t see all the episodes (guess I wasn’t “glued to it”). So, I’ve had a half-formed opinion of her. But…

    this interview shows another side to her, and I think I’d really enjoy reading her book. Not that I’ll morph into a FAN but I definitely have an interest in her life & her perspective on life.

    Nice job, RCH

    • I always liked Cat. I like the RH’s who speak their mind and don’t care what people think. DC was boring because the other women were too concerned with being polite and following a certain etiquette. Manner and etiquette are not what people want to see on their Housewife shows! Lol

  7. glued2it says:

    AND I’d also like to say that it’s refreshing to see a beautiful woman who looks REAL!!!
    Taylor & some of the other RH’s could definitely take a page from Cat on how a woman can be very attractive and still look like a real woman. Kudos to Cat on that!

  8. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    Great interview RCH! I’ve always liked Cat. I definitely want to read her book now!

  9. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Hey there- maybe you should have stayed a hobby blogger.

    Evidently you go bat shit crazy when you’re a professional blogger?


  10. Ginny Morris says:

    Awesome interview!! Fabulous work, as usual!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I think JS will be wearing an orange jumpsuit by the end of the day on Tues- her next court appearance for felony grand larceny and fraud.

      Or she’ll disappear herself.

      What’s going to happen to her Project Ladybug event with Dina Manzo in Chicago?

      poor Dina. I hope JS didn’t rip off her charity.

    • I know I saw that. Twitter is blowing up right now.
      I’m trying to keep up!

      • Debbie says:

        Thanks, RCH.
        Really interesting interview. I always liked Cat ,never considered her racist and appreciated her forthrightness. I like her more now. I think she’s one of the only housewives that presents herself honestly, flaws and all. It’s refreshing. And physically she looks natural unlike most of the others. I think I’d enjoy hanging out with her for awhile. I hope her inbox continues to fill up..Now that the Salamis are gone maybe we can see more of her (and the others)on RHoDC. Maybe we can get to share an evening in Lynda’s basement. I think she tweeted Ebong today to let her out. LOL.
        By the way, JennSale seems to have closed twitter account today after the bruhaha.. I’ve been blocked ..again.. and when try to pull it up, it says account no longer exists. So sad. jk

        • Haha! An evening in Lynda’s basement! Now that would make for a good episode of Housewives. Lol.

          JS closed her twitter and blog rather than answer people’s legitimate questions. It’s a shame. I knew there was something off about her, but I didn’t know she was that fucked up.

  11. glued2it says:

    Jenn Sale? I’m not sure what her connection is to this blog or the RHs…

  12. Shari says:

    I always liked Cat, she’s a saucy thing. lol Also, I hope her book does well.

  13. Shari says:

    According to that site, this happened in 2008. Why is it just now being brought to our attention? Just curious.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      because she posted the plea below on her blog last night. Some of her followers donated to her PaPal account and then someone started to dig up info before they contributed:

      “One for the Money…Two for the Show…Three to get Ready…Four Let’s Go.

      I just wanted to take a minute and update everyone on what’s happening…
      After I posted last night, things went from bad to worse, and it’s time for me to take my kids and leave this mess. This will be the fourth time. The last time I left, he burned everything I owned. I stayed with my kids in a shelter for two weeks, while starting a new job and eventually was able to get my own house, car, and I could be free of this mess.

      It didn’t help. No amount of court orders helped. He eventually became such a handful with harassing my bosses, telling outrageous lies about me (like I had slept with the big boss to get the job and he was notifying the media) and causing so much embarrassment to me and my employers, I resigned. Today, looking back, I would have fought him tooth and nail every step of the way, but I have an overwhelming fear of him and the need to pacify this problem he has.

      So now here we go, Deja Vu. Same outbursts. Same delusional and paranoid accusations. I fucked someone for this new job, blah, blah, blah. There was some pretty insane nonsense throughout the entire night and morning. I woke up dreading the next two days before he left on his trip. The battery to the car has been removed so I can’t leave…so for someone that hates me so much, he sure does want to hold me hostage.

      He came home for lunch a few minutes ago, threw my mail directly in my face, saw the packed duffel bag, and proceeded to tell me that if I leave, he’ll throw everything of mine in the street.

      Just like last time. He was arrested the last time too…didn’t make enough of a point.

      But I’m not scared anymore. Let him. I kind of giggled a bit when he got mad about the duffel bags, because he burned the last two sets of luggage I had the last time. So I’ll just inventory what is the most valuable to me, at let him throw a fit when I go…it’s just stuff. I replaced it all the last time, except all of my father’s things he burned…

      I also want to take a moment to thank you ALL for the generous outpouring of support you’ve given me. Especially those who have been through this the three times before, and the ones who are just my readers wanting to help. I appreciate all of the help being offered, places to stay, money, etc.

      Please do not feel insulted if I’m turning down your offer to help. I just don’t want to make it feel like I’m trying to capitalize on a bad time in my life or anything like that. There is an old “donate now” Paypal button over in the right margin of this blog, that was mostly a joke about something else, and that’s the “Live the Dream” fund. So if you insist on wanting to help financially, you can do that rather than have me insult you by refusing.

      I just want to be clear that I am NOT asking anyone for money or anything else. I know what it’s like to want to help a friend in need that is stupidly stubborn. And one of my bad traits of many is to be stupidly stubborn.The next few weeks, will be very lean for me and the kids, if he does what he’s done in the past we could very well be starting over with only the clothes on our backs.But prayer works, and with all of you praying for me, it’ll be ok.
      I’ll update again soon…hopefully from my hotel room. I am honored, touched, and humbled by all of you reaching out. You guys are making me brave, and ready to be the badass I am, and take my life back. ”

  14. Shari says:

    Could you please post the link? 🙂

  15. Terry says:

    Nice interview, RCH. Good for you. Unlike you, I was not fond of Cat and I did have a lot of problems with the way she behaved. Not ladylike IMO. But to each his own.

  16. Shari says:

    Wow, she’s deleted her blog. lol

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  18. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    I could easily forget about the DC housewives. Cat was the only one that offered some slight entertainment though.

    • LilyLynn says:

      Yes – Cat was the only one who gave the Salamis a run for their money — didn’t back down on calling them out for their delusions of grandeur. She knew what a White House invite would involve and what grocery store grapes look like. Only other thing I remember is Mary’s fingerprint access key to her closet, because why??? oh her daughter likes to wear her clothes. Got to be more to that one.

  19. Its Me Toonces says:

    Long time no…blah blah blah. Hey this interview was stupendous! Loved the questions you asked her!

    This Jen Sale shit? Oh Hell!! It’s 100% the reason I made @Totally_Toonces disappear. Peeps on Twitter have stepped off the curb, to be sure!!

    If you want you can email me to keep in touch!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Hi Toonces, careful driving.

    • Hey Toonces!!! How ya been?
      JS is the reason you left twitter? I didn’t know.
      Well she has disappeared. The account she spent all that money buying followers for is gone. So you can come back!

      • Its Me Toonces says:

        Hey! No Crazy Mary (JS) isnt the reason. It was all the swirling nastys on there and the threats and hate. It’s not what Twitter started out as and its just sickening to “watch”. Even now just observing it requires a good scrubbing afterward to get the dirt off.

        BTW Crazy Mary must still be out on bail because she posted another blog today about someone named matt martin. So much for going underground.


        • Damnert says:

          Tooncesssssss I miss you horibbly. Come home NOW. Patiently waiting on twitter for FOOD.


        • She is still out on bail waiting for court on Tues… Or the charges were dropped and everything is fine. Depends weather you believe her blogs or court docs.
          She still has her CN blog. She can’t give that up. Otherwise how will she pretend to have editors and call herself an author?

          • Its Me Toonces says:

            Ok so if I read it all correctly from yesterday this embezzlement biz has been going on since 2005? I know next to nothing about the criminal justice system but for a case to linger in the courts for almost 5 1/2 yrs this crazzzy beoyatch HAD to have stolen upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars; otherwise why not plead it out and do restitution? Whatever sentence she will get could probably have been completed in the ensuing almost 6 blinkin’ years. And apparently the husband she lovingly refers to as “whatshisface” is actually an X husband of FOUR YEARS? Faith and begorrah!!!

            I believe her stories about abuse are just that…stories. If you think about it she is paid to write stories…she is quite good at weaving tales (the RH franchise reunions done as masterpiece theatre, for example). Im not sure her original intent was to defraud because she is no way no how gonna get another $100K from folks on twitter but when the offers of help rolled in she rolled outta the way so they could more easily land in her paypal account.

            Im not offering her any benjamins but I can send Toonces over to speak with her fake husband…after all Toonces is a fake cat (ok he’s real but his name isnt Toonces).


            I see no one is feeding you and I am sad about this. I think you should talk more about this on your twitter and set up a paypal for donations. Or go work a 2nd job and steal from them. You dont have a mugshot but I bet you have always wanted one, am I right? I will not ever be returning to Twitter because of exactly the shitstorm of February 16th, 2011. That was out and out lunacy.
            Do you have email? shoot me your email on here (pass it thru PYHU and she can forward it to me) and we can keep in touch…

            • Crazy shit, huh?
              The woman has serious issues.
              She spent 3 paragraphs teling people “not to donate” because she’s too proud to accept. But there is that paypal button up there, ya know, just in case, I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by refusing help, so if you want to give me something… if you insist, but I don’t want it!
              That was a scam and a half.
              Hubby was laughing. Apparently the “abused single mom that needs help from strangers on the internet” is becoming as popular as the Nigerian business man who needs to deposit 5 million dollars into your bank account.

          • debbie says:

            Toonces said her Chicago Now blog was up today so I had to look.. She put a link there to her new Twitter account. She hasnt been too active and the 9 tweets there are for her blog posts.. here it is….. @RealityZen. I’m certain she’ll be back wreaking havoc under another name in no time.

            • LOL
              She came back faster than I thought. Didn’t her blog last night say that she was done with social media? She’ll be back to her same old crazy tricks in no time.
              Should I write a blog about this mess? It was pretty funny the last time.

              • debbie says:

                Of course you must blog this!!! Why even ask? You did it first with the pro-hobby blogger mess. This is the natural continuation of the saga.
                You’re right about lost night too.. All commmunication though social media was at an end according to the Zen-meister. Didn’t take her long to be gasping for attention. lmao

                • glued2it says:

                  This pathetic woman makes Camille and Taylor seem like BFF material in comparison, lol. Lord, what a mess…

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                I don’t know…it IS timely…she is a part of the RH periphery community as she is involved with Dina and Project LadyBug…but she is just so bat shit crazy that it almost seems like keeping Kelly on RHONY- just WRONG. ?

                I’m a little torn on this chick.

                Slick or sick? I can’t decide.

            • Damnert says:

              her account created after immediately deleting the @jennifersale account is @bananasbishes It is locked and takes a special password that involves kissing that pathetic ass of hers before entry can be made.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Hi Toonces, miss you on twitter. One of the sane few. The numbers are dwindling.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I ignore and stay out of the shit-storms, I’m not on twitter a lot so when I see all this nasty stuff going on, I don’t even know the players or wth they are talking about.

  20. Tuzentswurth says:

    Very good interview RCH. You continue to amaze! Cat is outspoken and not fake, also NOT racist. I enjoyed her too. I’m proud of you my little “hobby blogger”.

  21. tweatcyn says:

    Great interview! Would love to know how that came together. Cat was my favorite on DC. I’m very interested to read Inbox Full, esp after tis interview and also VinnieInNewYork’s review over on Lynn’s blog comments. This Jenn Gulbransen-sale aka Jennifer Jacob, aka Jennife Gulbrandse stuff is better than TV. Following those twitter TLs and links took me on a wild ride this am. KooKoo for Kocopuffs. What a scammer. Dina deserves JS. Birds of a feather. Hope someone cc’s Dina on all this.

  22. AZ Girl says:

    Well done. I always like Cat. She is honest and fun. Hopefully, Bravo can re-coup HWODC with a new cast (minus the Salahi) and bring it back.

  23. we tired of your bull shit says:

    bitch please come out from behind your pc and show your face prove to us who are you and your cowardly readers hiding behind your shutty ass computers trashing an talking shit about jenn you could never an never will be her idiotts dont have a iq over 10 you must be a buncha conserviscum always hating on the working mans whos tryin to get by an make a living you retards gona be in for a treat wen you teabagers realzie just how stupid an dumb your partie is you hypocrisps talk bout jenn an what she do look in the mirro to your ugly shelves an stop throwing rocks at glass stones you dont have a clue how this womans life being efected by violence an abuse in her house yet you come on here acting big an mighty draging her down mocking an laughing when you start to get kicked an beat on hope you laugh an mock your shelves you are nothing but a buncha fat smoking alcohol drinking pill poping buncha fatties who just sit behind your computer an be on internet all day long talking shit bet you idioits dont even know rch is a man who pretends to be a woman weve got the solid proof an can prove it to you weve got your real name an no where you live rch your a man bet you wouldnt have the big saggy balls to post this so your stupid elamentry readers can see just what a hypocrisps you are –ca nee dah tard—

  24. Adgirl says:

    I think the court date is because she hasn’t been making her restitution payments on the old charge.

    Of course she back blogging and twattering. She is a drama-holic.

    “Me! Me! Me! I’m a Professional Blogger”

    The Tragic and Heartwarming story of Jennifer Jenn Guldbransen-Saleis Sales.
    Written, produced and starring Jennifer Jenn Guldbransen-Saleis Sales.
    Now showing and suddenly deleted on crap web services and twitter.

    Special command performances in Illinois courthouses by appointment only.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • debbie says:

      If she hasn’t been making restitution maybe the “Oh woe is me” plea to donate to her paypal account (or not, because she wasn’t Really asking) was her way of raising money to meet court ordered obligations.
      But that would be unethical, no? Bwahahahaha!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        or it was her way of raising funds to disappear.

        And then blog from a hotel room to her loyal posters. And then maybe show up at their house in fear for her life “just for a few nights”.

        I don’t think she’s been ordered to make restitution yet, because she never showed up for court in 2006-they arrested her on a warrant in 2008.

        What I don’t understand is the court date in Tuesday for NEW fraud charges or on the same charges from New York and Co.? Oh crap- ALLEGED charges.

        • It looks like it’s from the same case… but I really don’t know.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            You know- in the middle of all the insanity yesterday a friend emailed me that she always kinda admired Jen because she was a hustler- writing blog after blog like clockwork- networking- getting deals going with Dina and heading up Project LadyBug in Chicago-, but little did she realize it was because she really IS a hustler! LOL

            • glued2it says:

              I’ll bet she winds up like that man on A Thousand Ways To Die who couldn’t leave the porn long enough to eat & drink something. Or the artist woman who died from chewing too much on her own hair while painting in the nude….

              • Haha
                Did you see the one where the girl was growing wheat grass for her smoothies in the back yard and the landlord was spraying them with pesticides?

              • whatever says:

                yo steep out show urself an we”ll show u what dying while eating paint means an how long it I’ll take ur all cowards i dear u idiots to revel urself an stop trash talking womansavers u no shit about we can tell u ain’t nothing but a bunca red necks hillbilles with ur ringle ass old man writing this blog an got u idiots thinkin hes a women u idiots r in for a reel dose of reality once we put up who rch realie is btw u can rch nude pics on craigslist an lynns pics in the casual section there all nude pics of um hows that koolaid drink working for u idiots

    • whatever says:

      get ur facts straight b4 u got talking shit u wish u could be jenn get a life

  25. Adgirl says:


    LOL .(Redundancy).

    So when does the Thousand Ways to Die episode air when the “Professional Blogger” starves because her paycheck is stopped by her disgusted Editor after he/she is alerted by faithful blog readers??

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      well, her paycheck is what $30 a month?

      Not too sure she wouldn’t be starving now except for her generous benefactor New York and Co. Except she forgot to let them know about her ALLEGED 20K endowment.


      well, why let facts get in the way of a good blog? It’s just words right?

      • Kat says:

        I think the upcoming court date is for new charges. The amounts listed under the charges are different. One was 10K-100K and the new charge is less. That is how I read it anyway.

        • whatever says:

          yo dont flatter urself sweetie report acurate info not just here say we dare u bafoons to give names an #”s ur nothing but cowards an thats all u ever will be at least Jenn got the guts to tell her warm feel story to let abuse womans no what shes going through an had the guts to ask for $ nicely she aint like lynnisourd lynnifraud who had to scam people with a 50dollar keychain to pay her bills nurse worker ur left nuts stay@home canada woman blogger ur right nuts shes a gay man rch s a gay man but we all no who u republitards roll in the closet yet try to push ur morals down our throats u can tell a book by its cover better yet u can tell a mans by his left an right nuts if 1″s bigger than the other 1 u just no its a man an thats what u are sweetie a man! eat our shit an die

  26. Damnert says:

    It was pointed out to me that the older charges originated in Lake County. These current charges are in DuPage County.

    Depending on the disposition of the old charges – IT SUCKS TO BE HER RIGHT NOW with pending charges.

    Damn Cap-locks…….

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