The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Dinner From Hell Lost Footage

Click here to read about my encounters with the ghost Allison Dubois (allegedly) sent to bother me. True story.

Don’t forget to listen to Lynn’s interview with Cat Ommanney from The Real Housewives of DC:

I’m going to be doing a Q&A with Cat Ommanney tomorrow as well. If you have any questions for her you can put it in the comments and I’ll ask her.

Read about Kim Granatell’s master plan to become rich and famous by suing Real Old Housewife for the millions of dollars she’s made by blogging about Kim:

Taylor set up a fansite for herself. It’s supposedly written by a terminally ill woman who just happens to be Taylor’s biggest fan, but this site has Shanaconda written all over it:

Here is a video of Kelly talking about charity and lying about the amount of money she raised:

Check out the new Kelly Bensimon parody twitter account. It’s funny. And Kelly is upset about it, which just makes it even funnier: @Kikilet

Here is a little preview for those who aren’t on twitter:

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128 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Dinner From Hell Lost Footage

  1. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Pure gold 😀

    • nancy says:

      Have really missed you on Lynn’s blog. But I truely understand why you left. I still go there but mostly lurk. I don’t read any blog posts but Lynn’s.

  2. Daisy Rockefeller says:

    Will. go. viral… KNOW THAT!!!

    I had tears rolling down my cheeks. You really are talented!

    • Distressed says:

      I agree RCH has really outblogged her own divine self with these Hills Reals. Especially the latest videos, above beyond and sublime. The Traylor video was featured at Reality Tea, so that was awesome, but this one is approaching Fellini territory.

  3. Susie says:

    Loved it, loved it, loved it! This is one I will watch over and over again.

    BTW, whatever happened to the ghost? Please update!

    • After I did all the prayers and yelled at it and hung the blessings on the wall it went away. The weird happenings didn’t last very long. They came and went… suspiciously around the same time I was writing mean things about the Medium online.

  4. Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

    I laughed so hard my guts hurt! I’m going to watch it again!

  5. Terry says:

    Fantastic. You are truly talented. I hope this goes viral. My favorite line: “I know you’re really from Delaware.”

    The Taylor Fansite is appalling. I can’t believe it. I would not have believed it was true unless I had seen it. That woman is certainly full of herself. It’s hard to believe that anyone would do that; even harder to believe that anyone would do that and expect other people to believe it’s legitimate.

  6. l. dakota says:

    hilarious! I seriously laughed thru the entire thing.

    • Distressed says:

      Yeah I was gone by the time she said, “I know your real ages.” And it just got better from there.

      Traylor is a spry 58. Who knew.

  7. Periwinkle says:

    Too damn funny….sleep w/one eye open RCH, the medium is hella scarey. If she could leave real ashes w/that electronic cig, there’s no telling what else she’s capable of.

  8. Jillousy says:

    This was so good, again!! You are a riot and very talented. I giggled throughout but burst out laughing at the part with Traylor & Adrienne about the godmother and kept on to the end. It was hysterical. I hope you sent a link to Andy Cohen. I think he’d laugh at it, he has a good sense of humor.

  9. ~Luvz Film Noir Bluffs~ says:

    You went w/the Lesbian Film Noir Psycho-Bitch Brawl w/Stink Eyes thing!~
    I almost ‘spected them to put on rain coat dusters and hide in the shadows with a purse pistol…..ahhh haha!~
    My fave line—-> When Camille was talking to Kyle in her sideline talking head and said “perniciou………

    Ummm no
    not that line.

    Fave line—–> “Kim, why did you suck all the negative energy ghosts in the room”.
    That was so kewl.

    This was some ~very ~very creative stuff.
    Thanx ~RCH for your efforts…….you’re so generous to share.

    And no worries about the end of the season.
    This is an insignificant rumour, but I’ve heard silly~ass stories that
    when each HWoCity closes……
    and the housewifey bitchery comes to an end…….
    they each might turn into a succubus or incubus and haunt endlessly.


  10. Brobee says:

    Aww…RCH did you take down the vid? When I clicked on the link it says the user removed it… bummer! I wanted to see it!

    • Brobee says:

      Ok..I went directly to your you tube page and I was able to watch it…it was so funny…spot on! I especially liked the reference to our Jumla Troll friend with Lisa’s “She’s a fruity little nutcake” comment. Hilarious!!

  11. captaincarebear says:

    It’s already linked on my fb page. And I have at least as many friends as Allison Dubois. So it’s going viral for sure!

  12. Trish says:

    Absolutely Brilliant…Standing-O! Everything was so well timed. Loved the Taylor part. You’re jealous of Camille!? EVERYONE is. Know that!

    Thank you so much for this. : ) Ok, now I’m going to watch it again.

  13. jm2jmm says:

    questions for Cat:

    Why don’t you move your lips when you speak?

    When are you going back to England (for good)?

    • Vonya says:

      Tareq? Is that YOU? How’s Michayl-uh? Has “Sparkle” tossed her on her head and knocked some sense into her thick skull yet? No? Oh, Bollocks!

  14. workingclass says:

    loved this.

  15. Mary Jane says:

    That lost footage was great. You did an amazing job. Poor Kim, “”Ride in the other car no one likes you”, lol.

  16. Kellita says:

    Loved it!! Hilarious! You are so talented.

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    Now I must go clean up the kitchen as I shot coffee in the most unladylike fashion on the island countertop and floor! Thanks you for sharing your creative genius with us.

  18. DarkSonnet says:

    Fantastic!!! You are really a talented genius in creating these hilarious videos! They are better than the actual show!

    Thank you for sharing! (Back to watch for the 3rd time)

  19. Harvey says:

    Well darned it all to heck. I thought for sure you were going to work a table flip in there somewhere.

    After the Traylor Lies masterpiece, I didn’t think you could do any better, but you topped yourself with this one, for sure!

  20. Tuzentswurth DuPont-Vanderbilt says:

    RCH! You’ve outdone yourself again! I laughed so hard I think I’ve coughed out most of my pneumonia, quick get me oxygen. I laughed so hard, tears came out of my eyes,(nearly pissed myself too). I loved this!

  21. Tuzentswurth DuPont-Vanderbilt says:

    I watched the crazy KKB video, so happy to know that Kelly still “literally wakes up every morning”. 🙂

  22. Tam5115 says:

    Love it!

  23. LilyLynn says:

    Haahaaa – lol during the godmother and Taylor’s lips section! You deserve another award [:-) Eat your heart out Jenn!!

  24. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    I had a Kelly moment the first time that I watch it! I kept trying to turn up the volume. I seriously thought something was wrong with my computer! LMAO!

    Good Job Hot Stuff!

  25. nancy says:

    RCH Love Love Love all your blogs. You are absolutely the funnist person. I have a few blogs that I lurk. By far you are the funnist. Keep it up.

  26. Sparkles says:

    RCH –
    You are so creative and witty.
    Thanks for doing this!

  27. Sardonica Guggenheim says:

    I am sooo glad I wore my red dress to the premiere even though you asked me to wear the black one. I laughed so hard I crushed my box o’ Merlot which I was holding between my legs, ya know how hard it is to balance and use the sippy straw at the same time, and the entire contents ended up on my dress. At least it blends in but I can tell you one thing. I am really happy you didnt premiere this at my white party last week.

    • Sardonica Guggenheim says:

      …and oh yea, I forgot. Thank you for being my daughter Eisenhower’s Godmother * European air kiss*

      • Tuzentswurth DuPont-Vanderbilt says:

        RCH is my new granddaughter’s Godmother. *big grin, head nodding up and down vigorously*
        I’ve known RCH for a really long time, we are the best of friends.

        • Um… well…. you see…. uhhhh…. the things is…. *hard stare*… weeeeeeell…. You’ve asked me to be the Godmother. But…. ummm…. that’s something that’s, you know… uh, it’s usually, like a family member… or close friend…. *dagger eyes* …And you know that’s just a big responsibility… so…. no. *Lie about me again bitch*

        • Tuzentswurth DuPont-Vanderbilt says:

          HaHaHaHa Shhhhhh (Yes, what I said was completely true but RCH doesn’t want everyone to know because everyone will want her to be a Godmother to their children and grandchildren and it really is a special kind of relationship, so I just wanted you all to know and don’t mention it around her anymore or you’ll make her uncomfortable and she won’t be your friend anymore like she is with me, but then I am so old money that everyone kisses my a$$- see even my a$$ has $signs.)

          • Tuzentswurth DuPont-Vanderbilt says:

            And if anyone does mention this to her I’ll go Pennsylvania on your ass,…. don’t even ask, but it involves Benjamin Franklin, old sludge from Lake Erie, steel mills and the Johnstown flood (1889, not 1936 or 1977 but they could be added).

            • Daisy Rockefeller says:


              I’ve been dining with my in-laws, The Waltons (not Jim Bob….of Wal-mart sillies). I have missed my well-to-do’s here on this site. Everyone is sooooooo abusive in that household, daaaahhhmmmm. They even made me carry my plate to the sink for cleaning. Horror.

              I can’t play tonight, but I just wanted you lovely dollars……..ladies to know that you are fabulous, and if any one says otherwise they are just jealous and catty.

              To quote my favorite changeling, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

              Goodnight! *muah, muah*

              • Sardonica Guggenheim says:

                D Rockefeller
                Puleeeeze stop abusing me. I can read between the lines cuz I am sensitive that way. *shoulder shrug and coy smirk* Eyelid flutter flutter*
                We are becoming one

                • Daisy Rockefeller says:

                  You are fabulous. You know that, don’t you?!

                  *muah, muah*

                  I can’t wait until Eisenhower and Lincoln get married and have a Reagan.

          • Sardonica Guggenheim says:

            lol @ a$$ has $$signs
            Meds must be working well, Ms D-V

  28. Sparkles says:

    If you want to see a video *almost* as good as RCH’s, check out the valentine video on Taylor’s “fan” site.

    • Lol. WHY did you make me watch that?
      What is with all the fake photoshopped “billboards” of Taylor everywhere? Is she hoping someone will see that and decide to make her the face of their product or something? The only product she could be the “face” for is ski masks.

      • Sparkles says:

        Yeah, seeing all those street scenes with Taylor’s face on the billboards made me feel like George Bailey seeing Pottersville in “It’s a Wonderful Life”… Thank goodness this nightmarish Taylorsville doesn’t really exist!

        BTW, Russell looks like a hostage in that kissing photo at the beginning of the montage.

  29. tabhor says:

    I have been reading for a while never have posted, I’m afraid you won’t feel appreciated so I have to say Thank you Thank you Thank you, you are sooo witty and so on spot, you make my day

  30. Glued2it Gates says:

    Beautiful. Elegant. Intriguing. And more *Noir* than the Pinot I’d like to be drinking right now. I am NEVER going to get thru detox if this parade of cinematic brilliance continues. I weep for my once & future REAL life….

  31. Tracey with an 'e' says:

    I’m literally lol!!! I love all your blogs and I’m contantly telling my friends that your blogs are a must read! My only complaint is there isn’t a new one everyday.

  32. Terry says:

    Hey RCH!

    I can see that you have been incredibly busy making the montages and kudos to you for your excellent skills and sharp wit. I so enjoy your efforts and am sure the people at Bravo are aware of you by now; your oeuvre is just too good.

    I write to ask you about the experiment in social anthropology “The Real Housewives of the Internet.” I hope you still want to set that up. If you don’t, I will try my best to do it, but I doubt sincerely that I can get the following you have, so my hope is that you are still up for it.

    You have lately gotten so many comments about pretention, class, courtesy, whom to ask to be a godmother, and a slew of other topics that I would love to see categorized along regional and socio-economic and educational lines. It would be fascinating.

    Forty years ago, women had consciousness-raising groups (yes, about equality), and that was a huge thing. Now that we are more equal (though not there yet), it would be incredibly instructive to get to know women from other regions and to learn what their concerns are.

  33. humbruh says:

    RCH, if there were Emmys given out for Youtube videos, you would be a front runner!!! I’m linking it to my facebook page.

  34. krone says:

    I kneel at the altar of your intellect and humor. Either the senility is getting to me and I forgot a really good joke or your “lost dinner footage” had me in tears from laughing so much. No one’s here in the room with me so I’m betting it was you. All bow to the Goddess!!!

  35. Golden Girl says:

    RCH that was perfect! The girls looked like they were really saying that stuff. You know they were all thinking it though lol.

  36. this is awesome! the heck with Jill – Camille likes your site!

  37. missmi says:

    LOVE THIS!!!! RCH you are so talented and witty and Faye and Camille at a Whitesnake concert is nothing short of genius. I had tears coming down my face. Im so glad that I stumbled across your blog so many months ago. 🙂

  38. For some reason, can’t get this video. I’m on my iphone and that little blue box appears where video should be. Don’t get mad at me, but I’m watching the BH reruns and honestly, Lisa is getting on my last nerve, almost as bad as Kyle bug never as bad as TayFish Con Lips! Lisa ONLY wants the original cast for season 2. I also think she is getting a little tooo big for her british britches! lol What is up with her getting “attacked” so much in real life?? And does anyone else think her adoptive son looks just like Ken, her hubby? Exact same chin, lips, nose, coloring, face, etc.. Me thinks Lisa has some secrets and wants TayCon and Kim, all the troubled people back to DEFLECT from HER secrets and skeletons…just a thought!

    • Try watching it on youtube instead, maybe that will work?
      I’m starting to second guess my love for Lisa too now that I’m looking back at things.
      She really has some bad luck irl. Did you see on TMZ she got in a car accident with a truck, and she said the driver intentionally rammed her car. I think someone put a bounty on her head. People are always trying to hurt her.

      • Terry says:

        Hey RCH!

        So you’re reconsidering your love for Lisa? I thought I might have to wait for you to come around in Season 2. What’s changed your mind?

        And what’s this about people crashing into her and attacking her? Was it previous to the show or is it happening now? Are the attacks intentional, do you think?

        • Daisy Rockefeller says:

          My opinion is that Lisa’s self-importance is getting in the way of her common sense. She needs to get back down to earth where she lives and go sit on the commode and ponder the fact that shes uses toilet paper just like everyone else.

          During the reunion, she loved to highlight that she tells it like it is, but when a viewer was “telling it like it is” she wanted their address. Wha? I am not a fan of Lisa’s…she’s just okay to me, although I love Ken.

          • Sardonica Guggenheim says:

            On Twitter in DM her dog threatened to block my cat. She can dish out the Brit humor/humour ( which I adore ) but it seems she can’t take it. re: her adopted son looking like Ken. I think most Brits look alike. All pasty and whatnot

            • Daisy Rockefeller says:

              “Pasty and whatnot!” LOL!! Hilarious. I think she may be a little too sensitive or feels to little “too” above reproach.

              Either way, she’s misguided. She poo-poos too.

          • Glued2it Gates says:

            I’m a Lisa Lover. She’s my fave RH of ALL the shows. I really get a kick out of her. Is she perfect? No. She has a wicked sense of humor, but I kinda like that. She’s a little old-fashioned, but I like that too.

            Yes, she could’ve been a little more helpful in the Kim/Kyle dept but I think she’s just very loyal to her friend, Kyle. She’s known her much longer. However, I’ve never seen Lisa be mean or condescending to Kim. She was willing to set Kim up with a man when the others didn’t want to even try.

            If I had to be any one of the RH’s on any of the shows – I’d be Lisa in a heartbeat!

        • The fact that she (like Taylor) brought up Kim’s “state of mind” at the reunion really bothered me. Since then I’ve been reading a lot of comments that made me think twice. I still like her, but I think she might be more of a mean girl than what was shown.
          Also at the finale I kinda expected her to have more of an attitude like Adrienne’s about the Kim situation, but she didn’t. She was more in line with Kyle and Taylor. I didn’t like that either.

          As far as the real life stuff, Lisa and her husband were attacked in a restaurant by some random guy, her car was stolen out of her driveway, her hotel room was robbed while staying in NYC, and now she says a truck driver tried to run her off the road. And this is all in the last few months.

          • Glued2it Gates says:

            Yes, Lisa brought up Kim’s state of mind. But the way she did it sounded more out of concrn than mean-girlish, like Taylor. She seemed to be uncertain as to how much she should reveal and how much she should keep mum.

            I’m still a “fan” until she gives me a really good reason to jump ship.

          • It's Hot In Texas says:

            But for some reason, she did not want to press charges against the driver of the lumber truck that hit her? And Kyle came to the scene of the accident? Bizarre…

            • Glued2it says:

              That’s a reason to dislike someone? I have a lousy driving record. It’s not that I don’t try but I seem to get caught more than most – I’d hate to think my friends (or fans if I were famous) would turn on me because of that.

              A lot of this stuff on Lisa sounds like gossip not real news. But either way, it’s no crime to be a victim of a crime. Sometimes you get a rush of bad luck.

              Maybe Taylor has a little Lisa Voo-Doo doll that she’s taking out her frustrations on, lol!

            • Of course Kyle rushed to the scene when her dear friend got in an accident. The Paparazzi was there!

              • Daisy Rockefeller says:

                Ha! The paparazzi, of course. And, Kyle couldn’t stand Lisa being filmed w/o her being there too. Kind of like how she was interrogating Camille. She doesn’t like it when they get camera time.

                Ms. Gates, I know you love Lisa, and she may very well be fabulous, but after watching Jersey, Atlanta, and BH you have to know that anyone who would go onto this franchise has got some screws loose somewhere. I used to love Lisa until she started acting like her poo doesn’t stink, looking down her nose at the nice people in the DMV. People start losing credibility and likability when they start unnecessarily elevating themselves above others.

                My grampy would say, ” When you die, you will have as much money as everyone else…zilch…you might as well understand that now.”

                • Glued2it Gates says:

                  I’m GLAD that Lisa didn’t act like the DMV is a swell place to be, lol! Who in their right mind enjoys spending an hour at the DMV?!?
                  I don’t get the impression that Lisa hates being around poor people or Latino people or whatever. I think she didn’t like being there because of the creepy men who try hitting on her.
                  I think some of you have OD’d on hating Camille & Taylor and now you need fresh meat, lol!

                • I think Lisa was just trying to play up the whole “super rich BH” image. If you look at the still shots from the DMV most of the people sitting around her were preppy looking white people. Cedric looked more sketchy than anyone else there with his open shirt and jewelry.

  39. crazysweet says:

    that is some fucking funny ass shit!!!! especially for those of us who’ve been reading this blog since you started it. Maybe you should use your psychic powers to deflect Alison’s ghost since you clearly “head tapped” each and every one of those bitches!

    • Oh yeah. I’m good at head tapping. I am totally moving to BH and becoming a psychic for rich famous people. When they come to see me I will tell them all the information I read about them on Google and they will all be sooo impressed by my magical googling skills that the will pay me tons of money, and maybe one day make a tv show about me. I think it’s a good plan.

      • Sardonica Guggenheim says:

        Now you’re thinking like a grifter. Good for you! RCH is growing right before our very eyes * tears up* I am so proud to typo to her

      • Tuzentswurth DuPont-Vanderbilt says:

        RCH-You could do an amazing job, I’m sure. You would need to put on a really bad dry stringy looking wig and a padded mumu and remove the makeup, most of these psychics seem really dowdy, so work on that. Those ladies don’t want a hot chick like you giving them advice so you must tone down your fabulosity my dear.
        Why would Traylor say anything about Kim’s state of mind when they were at a party and ALL obviously drinking and Kyle seems to have had enough to make her primitive brain nonfunctional. Traylor showed lack of rationality and inability to cope also. Pot, meet kettle. They were all drinking at Vegas too when Traylor flipped her lips at Kim and went off the rails.

      • crazysweet says:

        I’ll come be your psydkick and feed you the info they talk about while I’m serving them drinks before you enter the room. I’ll channel their little dogs and tell them about what fashions and foie gras they prefer. We can move into their guest houses and drink all their Dom, go to fabulous parties and steal their lawn boys right out from under their noses while they praise our services. Then we can get OUR own show the Medium and the Psydkick!!

  40. Whisper says:

    Wow!!! Standing Ovation!!!!!! Have been lurking for a while, but between the Taylor Lying video & this one, have to Shout It Out!!! RCH, you are the best!! Job well done.
    You have me hooked. It’s like some drug , I have to come & get my fix everyday! You never fail to make me laugh out loud .Keep up the good work!! XOXOXO!!!!!!

    • Thanks. Lol
      When the addiction gets to be too much to handle we have a rehab center around here somewhere.
      Until then, welcome to the crack den!

      • Whisper says:

        Thanks!!! Then just sign me up right now ’cause I’m hooked & I don’t think I can stop on my own!!
        As long as you keep feeding me “crack” I’m here to stay!
        Again, job well done!!

  41. Tuzentswurth DuPont-Vanderbilt says:

    I found the scene in the lost footage disturbing when the blonde was whispering (at length) into Mauricio’s ear and he was sucking it up. Kyle comes over and yanks the woman around pointing her finger and saying “Get off my husband” etc, leave etc.
    Mauricio turned tail, slinked off, did not back up Kyle, did not tell the woman she was being inappropriate and should leave. Kyle was left there looking like a raving lunatic.
    First of all, that woman has no allegiance to Kyle and owes her nothing ( other than apparently being an invited guest in their house unless she is some extra Bravo recruited).
    Mauricio on the other hand, has taken marriage vows with Kyle and does owe her respect. IMO, Kyle grabbed the wrong person. She should have spun Mauricio around and asked HIM WTF is HE doing. His behavior was so disrespectful and unconcerned, I have re-thought my opinion of him. I definitely think he would partake of opportunities presented to him. It also may explain why Kyle went ballistic when Kim called her a phony and makes me wonder why she looks soooo uptight at the reunion and at other times, like she is really afraid of something coming out that would shatter her “perfect life, perfect family” image. “Reality” tv has fooled us again I think. A rational, secure woman would not have to pull a woman from her husband and make a big scene, and a loving husband would not publicly disrespect his wife in their home at a party full of friends (or any other time for that matter). Was anyone else left scratching their head over that scene? Watching Mauricio’s behavior just gave me the creeps.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Scoot over – I definitely am buying a ticket on this bus. These were my sentiments after watching the scene several times. Kyle’s “perfect veneer” appears to be coming apart.

      The expression on Mauricio’s face as he did the “Slink Off Two Step” seemed to be “uh oh, caught again” rather than bemused.

    • I see it two ways. It could be what you said. OR it could be that he was just eating it up, getting an ego boost out of it, but had no intention of doing anything wrong. I mean, the camera was right on him and he was making faces like “OMG” so it’s not like he was trying to hide what was going on. He probably knew exactly how Kyle would react and was just waiting for it. It probably turned him on watching her fight over him. Guys love stuff like that.
      I think the way Kyle reacted was of more concern than the way Mauricio acted. Why was she so mad? Dare I say… insecure? I suppose Mauricio could have given her a reason to be insecure in the past. Or maybe it’s just because she lives in an environment where hot young women are constantly looking for a rich older guy. Plus Kyle is at an unfortunate time in her life where, while she’s getting older, her husband is getting sexier. That has to be hard to deal with. So I don’t think that scene necessarily means that he’s a cheater. But I do see what you’re saying.

      • Glued2it Gates says:

        I see what Tuz & RCH are saying. The fact that the woman was very unattractive made Kyle’s behavior seem a tad overboard. I’m betting Mauricio has better offers than from frau cows who got a freebie from Bravo. But Mauricio let it go on a bit too long, also. I dunno. It must be rather stressful living the BH lifestyle…

        • Tam5115 says:

          Unattractive? She was an Amazon for Christ’s sake! And who was she? I pondered this at another message board as to how that woman was at the party if no one knew her. Another poster said that one time her and some friends had a Bentley and drove around BH until they saw a party. They drove up and the valet opened the car, perfectly willing to let them in. LOL (they chickened out and left)

          Said woman was also shee threets, iykwim?

          • She was probably friends with someone who was invited. If it’s not an intimate setting, guests are usually allowed to invite their own guests. My friends do it all the time.

            Re party crashing: I’ve totally done things like that when I was younger. Lol. I’ve actually made some long term friends that I met while crashing parties.

            • Glued2it Gates says:

              Well if you do it at Kyle’s, I highly suggest you don’t try dancing w/Mauricio. She’ll probably attack you with her purse, lol

          • Tracy without an E says:

            Still, Kyle’s reaction makes me wonder. Combined with the ogling he was doing towards the hairstylist before the party, it’s safe to infer he might at minimum be a shameless flirt. And in LA with all the young hot chicks everywhere, I’ll admit I might become a little bit of a crazy wife, too, if my husband was Mauricio.

    • Daisy Rockefeller says:

      I agree with you here. I was disturbed by Mauricio and by Kyle.

      Being married to a hottie is not for the insecure. I used to be insecure about it because women throw themselves at my husband all of the time, but I am not anymore. In public, if a woman approaches him, he is not shy about pushing her away and coming to find me.

      I think he’s given her a reason to be that way and perhaps there is some truth to what Camille was saying about him.

  42. 7and7is says:

    Has anyone watched Howard Sterns “Private Parts lately? Camille is in it for about 35 second and really was adorable. I can see why Grammer married her but can also see why he traded her in for a new shiner model .

  43. 7and7is says:

    How in the world can you tell Kelly is ANYTHING..she is a babbling idiot and just because it’s twitter is not an excuse for rambling posts:-)

    • ~Luvz Film Noir Bluffs~ says:

      There’s twitter’n that KKBesomeone should be
      -drilling- wells in Lovey
      ‘stead of
      -building- wells in Hatey.

    • needrealitytvanonymous says:

      I can’t stand her tweets. Screw her fashion non-sense and her advice where to shop and where she went to lunccccch. hiiiiii mornnniin loveeeee. She is SO out there as Bethenny said it Humpty Dumpty. I feel for her kids. Where the hell is her ex or CPS?

  44. missmi says:

    So, not sure if we want to go down this road again, but I watched the first episode again over the weekend. I noticed that for all of Kyles blah, blah, blah about kim, she does the same shit!

    1. Kim spends to much money, she bought a porsche when she was 18 and got her movie money. Kyle barters in the same episode about for every hour of golf, she spends $1,000.
    2. Kim needs to let her children go and hangs on to them to much. She did’nt think it made sense for Kim to get a house with enough bedrooms for her children when they are close to leaving the nest. Same episode, Kyle states that her children are her life and admits to crying because one daughter was going to a sleepover.
    3. Kim is crazy for thinking about having another child. She needs a husband first and on and on and on. Yet, Kyle admits that if she is rejected for an acting kid she says screw and has another kid and discusses it with M. He doesnt seem big on the idea and she basically says she can do it even if he doesnt want to. NICE!!!!!
    4. In the end Kim is stressed and tells Kyle she is nervous with her friends and it takes her a while to warm up to people. Kyles attitude is you should be thanking me for including you.

    I think Im gonna have to make my official position on Kyle: Hypocritical, jealous, bully bitch. If she wants to change that perception, than she better have some big time specifics to back up her attitude with Kim.

  45. missmi says:

    Also, Im not drunk. My computer has a virus and keeps moving the cursor to different spots. I didnt proofread because it keeps telling me it will shut down. Which it did. Hope you got the jist of my first post. Kyle is a hy

  46. Pingback: I Hate Jill Zarin Tabatha’s Salon Takeover / Bravo’s New Schedule | Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  47. RCH, your film noir was one of the most hysterical things I’ve seen.

  48. Vonya says:

    Was anyone else terrified to hear Ali Doobwa-ha-ha-ha say “Lucifer has many faces”? That was scary as hell! I’m afraid to go to sleep now! That broad gets crazier and more vindictive each time she opens her friggin mouth! She’s been spending way too much time talking to dead people on the wrong side of the pearlie gates! She should never, EVER be allowed out of her cage again. On a funnier note, I did love the comments Faye made about her “hand (jacking-off) gestures”! Even though Faye did a “spread” in Playboy, she’s got more class than the Psycho-side-kick can buy with CamiGram’s divorce settlement. It was nice of the producers to let us know that Doobie felt she’d been misrepresented due to editing and that she “politely declined” their opportunity to make an even bigger ass of herself, oh, sorry, I mean ‘to be interviewed’. (Anyone wanna bet her publicist told they’d shove that electric ciggie up her ass if she uttered one syllable on camera? She’s gonna have to go to jail, rehab–hell, BOTH, if she ever wants to get a speck of credibility back. Know that! Her PR folks are probably already talking to Dr. Phil AND Dr. Drew about getting her on their shows. I can picture her in a straight-jacket on “Celebrity Rehab” next season. I love that about (reality) TV!)

    Doe-Doe proved that she’s as delusional as her benefactor, St. CamiGram, when she kept saying (paraphrasing) “Kelsey would have kicked their asses out if he heard them talking to CamiGram that way…” Uh, sorry, Doe-Doe, WRONG AGAIN! And calling CamiGram and “angel”? Really? Last time I checked Angels didn’t do PORN!

    The person I’d love to talk to is Nicki’s wife–If she’s really okay with another woman laying lip-locks on her hubby, she needs a wakeup call, no matter what ethnicity you are, that’s not appropriate–AT ALL! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but she need to see what Teresa would do if CamiGram laid a lip-lock on Joe in front of millions of people and said “mmmm, that’s good….” CamiGram would find herself under a flippin table! (And we’d be laughing our asses off!!!) I’d definitely “Watch What Happens”-over, and over, and over………

  49. Meg1964 says:

    OMG.. priceless! You have a gift!!

  50. JB says:

    Regarding the Taylor Armstrong Fan Page

    According to Christine’s profile,
    she only actually owns one blog
    The Ginger Zarin Fan Page

    But she also has public photo albums of both Giggy and Ginger

    Interesting that she doesn’t have ownership of either the Giggy official Fan Page OR
    the Taylor Armstrong Fan page, only that she has joined them.
    But both those blogs claim that Christine S is the owner.

    If she owned those blogs, wouldn’t they would be linked to her google profile?

    I noticed that she joined her own Taylor Armstrong
    Fan Page at least 3 times, maybe 4.

    Also interesting that Taylor Armstrong’s Number one FAN finally met Taylor on Feb 10, but didn’t post a photo of them together. Wouldn’t you make sure you got a pic together if you are the person who started the Official Taylor Armstrong Fan Page???

    I suspect this is a Bravo intern or publicist intern taking care of the Fan Pages here.

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