Taylor Armstrong Is A Big Fat Liar

Andy Cohen really needs to step up his moderating game. Instead of asking Taylor some bs about putting a pin in the conversation, he should have said “So why did you lie about Adrienne being the Godmother? Did you really think you would get away with that?”

And on WWHL he should have had a Oklahoma year book ready. We found that picture after the first episode, so surly Andy must have known about it too. I think he’s scared of these women. Especially after being beaten like an egg by Teresa.

Traylor really needs to get her insecure/insignificant/invisible stories straight. Did Lisa say it, or did Kim? Make up your mind woman!

I love how she implied that the women talked about fillers and botox on the show and then people twisted their comments to be about plastic surgery. Uh… no Traylor, it really had nothing to do with anything you said being blown out of proportion. I promise you. It is painfully obvious every time your huge head is on camera that you have had massive amounts of work done.

You all know she thought she was soooo sexy when she was eating that cotton candy. I bet she was really shocked to hear such negative comments about her lips. I’m sure no one ever said anything to her face before and she’s been walking around all these years thinking her lips look totally natural and sexy.

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398 Responses to Taylor Armstrong Is A Big Fat Liar

  1. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Taylor looked like a lizard eating that cotton candy. That scene is one of the top 5 nastiest things I’ve seen on Bravo with Danielle’s “invite then suggest” and TammySue Barney’s “Show your pubes!” all competing for most cring inducing.

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  3. Tam5115 says:

    This is perfect! Nothing like all the video evidence side by side to show just how much of a liar she is. That and a revisionist.

  4. Ro050 says:

    This is gooooood. I hope you sent it to her twitter.

  5. Adgirl says:

    The Reunion shows are bogus excuses to get more ad $ and make the viewers feel involved with the show. “Wow, Andy might read my question on the air!” “Now, we’ll find out about whether Vicki and Tamra really hang out together!”

    It’s all BS. It’s a cash register and a hoax to make us feel warm and fuzzy about being part of the Bravo family.

    Every reunion Andy says it going to be the Most Drama Filled! It’s so drama filled it will be shown in 43 parts. Bravo surely charges extra money for first run shows. And of course now the reunions provide several additional hours of (free to Bravo) tv to run repeatedly.

    Andy does not give a crap about supplying us with answers. He asks a few watered down questions and moves on. He doesn’t need some Bravo diva hassling him about being mean to her during the reunion.

    I bet Andy just peed his pants the first time there was a fight on a reunion show. Bingo $$$ Yeah the drama!

    • He needs to grow some balls and ask some real questions. When they complain he needs to remind them of the price of fame and that they signed their souls away in their Bravo contracts. Every Housewife is replaceable.
      I’ve said from day one, the reunions need to be done in 3 parts with 3 different moderators.
      First Kathy Griffin to mock the women.
      Then Nancy Grace to call them on their bullshit and not let them get away with anything.
      And what was the 3rd? I forget now. But I remember I had a 3 part plan in my head. It’s late. I’m sure it will come to me in the morning.

      • AnnaM says:

        Third should be Judge Judy the expressions on her face alone would be priceless. They could put it on PPV and I’d pay big to watch.

        • Adgirl says:

          Judge Judy is probably a paid friend of Jill Zarins. LOL. How about Perry Mason?

          • plainviewsue says:

            It should be YOU or Lynn From Chicago!!!

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              How about a panel of the top HW bloggers – with questions that come up on their blogs?

              • glued2it says:

                Personally, I think it should be Padma from Top Chef. She’s on Bravo BUT that woman can intimidate the skin off a shark. She would put those women in their place in a NY minute. And they couldn’t possibly say she’s just jealous, as they could about Kathy Griffin & Nancy Grace because Padma’s hotter looking and just as successful if not more so than those RHs.
                Taylor would turn to ashes under Padma’s gaze.

                • TLM says:

                  If you’re worried about boring tv, I don’t think Padma is the answer. Watching her is like getting a shot of novocaine. The woman is the most comatose, monotone, boring freak I’ve seen on tv. Someone needs to tell her to pack her knives and go. I doubt her expression would change if she were in a plane crash.

                • glued2it says:

                  Padma’s not interesting but she is TOUGH! The woman will literally spit your food out and stare daggers into your face if she hates your food. She doesn’t put up with crap from anyone, lol

          • dsc60 says:

            i actually like Judge Judy in the line-up. i don’t think she can be bought so no problem with Jill infringing there. the other option is realhousewife or lynn or another regular housewife blogger.

            almost ANYONE would be better than wuss Andy Cohen. the housewives have him in their pocket. i’d agree that most are replaceable, however, take bethany as an example… i don’t think RH0NY is going to be nearly as successful without her.

      • karenne says:

        Yes, three reunions with Kathy and Nancy and then….You or Lynnn!!! why can those RH’s get paid, and lie…when its time to fess up…they dont want to “go there”.
        BS I say …..
        I like your plan…its the ONLY sensible one I’ve seen!

      • Dr. K says:

        Another knock against the reunion specials is that Andy is not impartial and clearly takes sides and lets some housewives get away with murder for unclear reasons as he has more power than any of the housewives being one of the creators of the show and having a major say in the casting. The clever device of having unknown viewers asking questions can be used to ask even the most difficult or controversial questions without taking the blame directly. The major theme of Beverly Hills was that nearly every confrontation was in some shape instigated by Taylor or drawn out by Taylor and it is surprising that Andy either does not see it, appreciate it, or chooses to let it run free (maybe for ratings?).

      • Melanie says:

        If you can’t come up with the 3rd, how about Grace and Griffin together?

        You are brilliant, girl!

    • Stephenie says:

      I don’t see how that reunion made anyone quit or cry for days. SNORE!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – if you ask a question Andy then stay on it til you get an answer. I don’t buy: “I forget, I don’t remember, I was in a bad place that day, I didn’t mean that, I don’t want to talk about that, it is a family/private matter”. And bring proof – like the tape, documentation, etc – hold them all accountable and don’t play favorites!

      • Golden Girl says:

        I love the idea of having Kathy G, Nancy G, and Judge Judy in a 3 part reunion and airing it on PPV! I would pay to see that kind of reunion lol.

  6. Tracy says:

    Why do we all hate Camille so much when there is sooooo much more to hate about Traylor? And yeah…and really dropped the ball on this reunion show…NONE of what I wanted to know got answered.

    • LilyLynn says:

      Camille should send her a thank you note – Traylor has definitely taken a lot of heat off Camille. I can see them becoming buddies and palling around in season 2. As far as reunion shows go, I’ve come to expect being let down by them. Andy should at the very least consider a co-host – maybe Cat from Washington D.C. since she’s still around blogging.

    • I don’t hate Camille. But her and her delusions annoy me beyond belief. In real life she’s the kind of person I would just turn around and walk away from while she was in the middle of talking.

    • TLM says:

      More to hate about Taylor? I don’t see how that works out. I find Taylor kind of boring and sad. She’s a wannabe and acts accordingly. Camille, on the other hand, is a cottage industry of delusion and narcissism.

  7. Daisy says:

    Great job with the video!! I lurve you!!

    I am glad to see that Taylor has taken her appropriate place next to Teresa, Michaele, Camille, and Danielle.

  8. “They can live in Beverly Hills, just like I do”… who would want to live like her, look like her or be like her? Talk about ‘delusional’!!!

    • Fidgee says:

      I thought that was an incredibly inappropriate thing to say to a victim of domestic violence! Hell, even Nene didn’t go that far at that “big head…I mean HAT brunch” debacle. Bragging about living in Bev Hills to someone who is just hoping to escape an abusive situation is SO arrogant and rude. They’re worried about luxury items like food, shelter, medical assistance…….not pissing away $60K on a four year old’s birthday party and getting their first “mommy and daughter diamonds” (then, when the kid’s more impressed with a swing-set, making the party all about themself). Hell a lot of people would feel blessed to have $60K to live on for a friggin year–ask Russell, he’ll tell ya how bad the economy is! If she truly wants to help people, telling them to aspire to her greatness is the LAST thing she–or Camgram (since she’s so upset that ALL her “philanthropic” work [with the D.D. & hubby foundation] was left on the editing room floor) should do! It’s ALL about image and attention…..and she (and Camgram) obviously LOVES to draw attention to her image!

      • I also thinks it’s pretty unrealistic to say that they can live in Beverly Hills too. It’s unlikely that any of those women are going to go from a shelter to a mansion in this life time. It’s not impossible, but not likely. I don’t see Taylor dressing them up and bringing them to parties so that they can meet rich men.
        If I was in a shelter and some bimbo like her walked in telling me that I can “have it all” when I don’t even have a roof over my head I’d want to smack her. I find it really hard to believe that the women cry when she leaves. Maybe they cry tears of relief.

      • Grad student4eva says:

        Exactly! That speaks volumes about Taylor’s idea of worthy aspirations and goals. “You can just marry your way out of your situation, just like me! Why waste 4 years in college and take on debt? Diamonds are forever and are a girl’s best friend — you can show them!”

        That birthday party bill would have paid a college tuition.

  9. firepainter says:

    Very funny, great job! The look on Lisa’s face while watching Taylor eat the cotton candy is priceless.

    • Golden Girl says:

      No kidding! I agree with RCH that Taylor thought she looked so sexy eating the cotton candy that way.

      • glued2it says:

        yep! she thought she was hot stuff

        She not only got botox for her lips,she had her mouth split so that it would be wide like Julia Robert’s. You can tell her mouth is larger than her OK days. She is a LIAR!!!

        • She doesn’t even look like the same person from her high school photos. Is it possible that someone’s mouth can become bigger over time? Surly she couldn’t have had that surgically done.

          • glued2it says:

            I don’t know as a “fact” but it sure LOOKS LIKE her mouth has been split wider to look more Julia Roberts-ish.

            My mouth is the same size as it was in high school, so I don’t think she can blame it on age, lol

          • TLM says:

            I don’t think that’s possible, but I would bet the lip implants bring attention to the fact that she has long lips.

            The cotton candy display was just obnoxious and trashy. I don’t think it helped her relationship with Adrienne any. Adrienne looked at her with disgust when Taylor was doing it. I put it in the same category with Camille’s dancing in Vegas. Designed to capture the attention of the other husbands, which would be completely denied by both women. I doubt that Camille’s dancing or Taylor’s deep-throating cotton candy would have occurred if it was an all-girls weekend.

            Unless Nick showed up.

    • Fidgee says:

      She looked like a snake eating a friggin rat! I am terrified of reptiles…..they creep me out worse than rodents. I’m not sure what’s worse, her eating cotton candy or Camgram’s “soft” porn…….I fear I’m scarred for life.

    • Grad student4eva says:

      Yeah, there is no way that was not on purpose. So who was that performance for? Hmmm….

  10. LilyLynn says:

    Perfect! Just spent over an hour on your YouTube videos – Totally like amazing and authentic –> Kelly Kannever Besomeone -haaahaaa – those reporters were definitely fucking with her asking about Bethany’s wedding…. and she’s so self-important she can’t just admit she wasn’t invited. See ya later lunatic! Actually found myself saying that out loud to husband on Sunday as I was going out the door for some retail therapy 🙂 I usually like to say, Well, I’m off like a prom dress, but he had just asked if I wanted to take any of the kids with me and “see ya later lunatic!” just came out of my mouth lol.

  11. WindyCityWondering says:

    Taylor lives in her own world of lies and fantasies. I doubt she thought people would dig into her life and expose what she tried to hide. Her plastic surgery probably looks fine to her but it is jarring for the rest of the world because it makes for a very unnatural freakish appearance.
    I wish they would get rid of Taylor, Kyle and Kim – they are not BH worthy, more like bottom feeders, pretenders/posers and has beens who desperately want us to believe they are what Beverly Hills really is all about. Adrienne, Lisa and Camille have the money, the lives, the houses, the connections that are what makes peeking into BH interesting.

    • Daisy says:

      Totally agree with you Windy.

      The true line in the sand on whether I watch Season 2 is if Taylor returns. She is better suited for a Jerry Springer type of reality show. Watching people be crazy and catty is one thing, but when you throw a pathological, habitual liar in the mix, it just sucks the fun right out of it. (i.e., the Sahali’s on DC)

      I hope Bravo chooses wisely.

      • LilyLynn says:

        But, Daisy, don’t you want to see Kyle finally catching on to Traylor’s BS in season 2?

        Personally, I don’t want to see Kim again (unless she has some amazing therapy and comes back balls-to-the-wall strong – I will root for that), and I don’t think we will see Adrianne.

        Re-watching that reunion clip where the godmother question came up, Adrianne really paused there, looking at Traylor, I think trying to give her the chance to save face and confess the truth which, let’s face it, Traylor could have spun and manipulated and it would have looked much better. Just a simple “I admire and look up to Adrianne so much, I knew she’d be a wonderful godmother to Kennedy. She said she would think it over. Unfortunately, I jumped the gun in making the announcement, because ultimately Adrianne did recognize what an honor and responsibility it was and she did not feel she could devote the time and energy it would require. I respect that she gave it such serious consideration.” The end. Adrianne is nice enough, I think she would have allowed that statement. Instead Traylor froze like a deer in headlights. —Damn, I think I could be a pretty good publicist! lol.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Wow – I thought the same thing about the eye contact and pause that Adrienne was giving Taylor a chance to say she had asked her to be godmother but it wasn’t confirmed. Loved how Adriene handled her answer with tact and grace.

        • Daisy says:

          You bring up a great point about Kyle jumping Taylor in Season 2, Lily. Yeah, I would LOVE that!!! (maybe Andy, that sneaky little booger, is setting it up for us?) 🙂

          You could and should totally be a PR person!!! Loved your response. Unfortunately for Taylor, she’d rather lie and try to make people back up those lies. If she were smart, she would hire you. If you were smart (and you are), you’d refuse because she would probably pay you in cotton candy, alcohol, and crystal meth.

        • You would be a good publicist. That would have been a good way to get out of it. Taylor can’t think that fast. All those fillers and Botox clouding her brain.
          I think Adrienne was really pissed about being put in that situation, and when she realized that Taylor was begging her to lie with her eyes she got even more pissed. Adrienne was clearly uncomfortable in that clip, and I don’t think her and Taylor are going to be such good friends after this. In the first episod Adrienne said that her whole life she’s had to be careful who her friends are, and I think she’s feeling pretty stupid about not seeing the truth in Taylor earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised if she bought Taylors “Ford” story too. Plus I think she became friends with Kim. During the reunion Kim kept looking over at Adrienne, I’m not sure why, for reassurance? To say “see I told you” about Taylor? But she kept looking at her. And they even held hands at one point.

          • glued2it says:

            That’s why I said earlier (on another thread) that I don’t think Taylor & Adrienne are close friends. I think, from Adrienne’s POV, that they are women who know each other socially. And have talked at times. But I don’t think Adrienne ever considered Taylor as a close friend. Taylor WANTS it to be that way. And wants people to think she IS close to Adrienne. It never come from Adrienne though.

            • In the first episode Adrienne said “I have a few close friends and a lot of acquaintances. Growing up with wealth you have to be careful who your friends are.”
              Right after that they played Taylor saying that Adrienne was Kennedy’s Godmother. So it gave the impression that Taylor was in the “close friends” category. But now I think she is in the “acquaintances” category. See, editing can be sneaky.

          • TLM says:

            Taylor seems to be a social climber, so Adrienne would seem to be a good bet, but it doesn’t sound like Adrienne was up for that. Lisa has already been pissed off at Taylor, so I don’t think she’s finding a home there either. And we know how Kim feels. Taylor tried at the reunion to butter up Camille, but then never spoke when Camille brought up someone accusing her of having her kids through a surrogate so Camille could keep her figure. So I think she may have burned another bridge there. It seems the only person liking Taylor at the moment is Kyle, who is a born skeptic. Kyle jumped on the Cedric story as false when I was inclined to believe him. (I later felt he was a total fraud). So I’m not sure that friendship will last. But then, Kyle likes who she likes. I’m sure many people would not associate with Faye Resnick because of her past, but Kyle likes her and doesn’t care what others think. It may be the same with Taylor.

            • Oh shit I totally forgot the comment about the surrogate in my video! Damn it.

            • Fidgee says:

              It was SO fake when Traylor said (I’m paraphrasing) we cowards who sit behind our computers and say nasty things about Camigram would be put in our place if we dared say anything about Cami in front of any of the other women. It was even better that Cami did not even say “Gee, Thanks for being the ONLY one to say you’d defend me in public….wow, what a great friend you’ve become”–Cami just threw her that fake smile….guess she knew it was just bullshit Traylor said to get more camera time! And Cami said the other women would “eat their young”? (Of course she credited that comment to Alison DooB-Wahaahaahaa) They’re probably still hauling bullshit off from that reunion set!

              • Taylor said that because Taylor can’t imagine that there are people in the world who might not care what the amazing Mrs. Grammer thinks of them. Taylor is probably one of those people hiding behind her computer writing nasty things about Lisa and Camille on blog comments because she doesn’t have the balls to say it to their face.

                • glued2it says:

                  You just know when she had to watch the Finale episode and it came to the scene of her at Lisa’s restaurant and she said, “Lisa…..” and you know shes was PISSED but she didn’t go there – THAT’S when she pulled out her blackberry and started posted anonymous crap about Lisa.

            • gmf says:

              I’ve seen this happen a lot in life.

              Sometimes those who are usually the first or best at sniffing out BS fall hard for what others see as obvious con artists.

        • glued2it says:

          Good comeback, LilyLynn! You could help this woman for a nice fee and Russell can pay you in rubber checks, lol.
          I’m wondering though…maybe Adrienne didn’t even say she’d think about it. And maybe she didn’t give a flat out NO either. Maybe Adrienne just assumed that Taylor would realize the answer was no because Adrienne had given her good solid reasons why she shouldn’t be Kennedy’s godmother.

          Maybe Taylor’s thinking – if I just SAY IT then it makes it so, just like an Oklahoma common-law marriage…..

          • TLM says:

            I was pretty shocked at Adrienne’s brutal honesty, both with the godmother thing and with setting up her brothers with Kim. She could have said, “Maybe someday,” but she made it pretty clear the answer was no. Same with Taylor and the godmother choice. I agree with the person who said Taylor’s foisting that on Adrienne must have pissed her off. What was surprising is that even at the reunion, Taylor was all smiles and perked up when Andy said it, like she was expecting Adrienne to say yes. Did she never even discuss it with Adrienne? What did she expect? Is that how they do it in Oklahoma??

            I have a friend who chose her boss as her kids’ godparent, which I thought was nothing short of insane, and kind of an insult to family and friends. She openly said it was for job security. I can see choosing your kids’ godparents partly for their financial situation — you wouldn’t want to place a burden on people who really can’t do it — but finances should hardly be the ONLY consideration. If that were the case, I guess we would all choose Donald Trump as a godfather. It made about as much sense as Taylor’s choice.

            • RHofWhatever says:

              That is absolutely insane! WTH is she going to do when she gets laid off/fired/recruited to a better job? And what kind of a person is her boss for agreeing to that stupidity?!

            • But the kid is 4 years old already! If you couldn’t find a Godmother in 4 years… there is a big problem there.

              • glued2it says:

                I’ll bet the idea of having Kennedy baptized even occurred to her until she was talking to one of the mom’s at the school and they were discussing the woman’s new baby and the woman said she was going to have the baby baptized and was going to ask her very best friend to be the godmother. And a LIGHTBULB went off in Taylor’s head…

                “If I can get Adrienne to be Kennedy’s godmother, then people will know HOW CLOSE we are. And people will have it cemented in their minds that I’m SPECIAL and WONDERFUL and BELONG in Beverly Hills/Bel Air.”

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              TLM, I just think Adrienne is not a liar. She seems to think it is better to just be honest and upfront. It really makes life much easier. I’m that way too. I think it is easier for people to deal with the truth than later find out something is a lie and deal with that. Adrienne is wise for her years.

              • Fidgee says:

                I noticed she also makes an effort to refrain from using foul language–I have a mouth like a trucker sometimes so I’m not saying that to slam the other women. I thought she was even a bit reluctant to laugh at Kyle’s “party favor” joke at the King’s game. I also agree that she cuts through the bullshit and calls it like she sees it. With everyone…I still love the look on Cami’s face when she told her that both she AND Kyle needed to be put in “time out”! Priceless!!! In her world, she’s got to be an “alpha female” or she’ll be screwed over and pushed around.

            • gmf says:

              I have a cousin who asked my sister to be the godmother of her Catholic infant.

              Problem was my sister is not, nor ever has been Catholic, but she was in a position to be quite generous.

              The cousin told my sister that it was OK that she wasn’t Catholic and obviously told the priest my sis was.

              Godparent is a serious responsibility in the Catholic church and one of the duties is overseeing the religious instruction of the child, not just someone to bestow gifts.

              I’d bet Adrienne is Catholic and found the situation offensive.

              • 2Stupid says:

                When choosing godparents for Caholic children only one person has to be Catholic. I am Catholic, but my family isn’t. We always choose one of my husband’s family members and one of my family members to be godparents. The non-caholic is a christian witness. In the catholic faith a godparent isn’t going to be the child’s guardian in the event something happens, is a Christian mentor. You are expected to attend all the sacrements. Your will will dictate who will be the guardian. Most Catholics have different goddparents for each child.

            • Grad student4eva says:

              Me too — that really surprised me! I am glad someone else caught that bc i wondered if i was starting to go over-overboard on analyzing it all. She is usually far more tactful and kind. As the filming was like 12 hours, maybe she was tired and a wee bit grouchy? Though that would imply that it takes effort for her to be so tactful…

      • I think they should move Taylor over to RHONJ. She fits in better there.

        • Reality Chick says:

          Ugh! The RHONJ doesn’t have one redeeming cast member! (I know a lot of people are fans of Caroline, but I always thought she was a gossipy sh*t stirrer with a huge double-standard and bossy to boot.) Traylor would fit right in there. Bleah.

  12. Daisy says:

    I just Googled “Taylor Armstrong is”…

    Results in order:
    1. ugly
    2. from where in oklahoma
    3. a liar
    4. a fake
    5. an idiot

    LOL! Taylor wants all of the children of domestic violence in the world to grow up and be like her. Who wouldn’t want the above descriptors for themselves? Who wouldn’t want to grow up to lie like a dog and overreach themselves into public humiliation.

    Her People interview:
    “It’s not easy having your life on television for people to judge you and feel like they can evaluate your life because you put it out there,” she said in Dallas on Saturday at the Style Icon gifting lounge, which catered to celebrities in town for the Super Bowl. “It’s been a little harder than I thought. Sometimes people aren’t very kind.”


    O rly?

    • TLM says:

      When Taylor was asked if she would return for Season 2: “Every other day I think, ‘I just want to go back to being a snack mom at school,’ ” she said. “Back then my biggest concern in my week was whether I had to be room mom. So we’ll see.”

      WTF is up with her company and the job she supposedly has? Why would she say her biggest concern in her week was whether she had to room mom, if she were working 5 days a week in her consulting biz???

      • Daisy says:

        Good catch!!! I always wondered why Russell referred to it as little. Hmmm, perhaps by “little” he meant “nonexistent”?

        Wouldn’t surprise me that Taylor would lie about that if she’d lie about :
        1. Not having any plastic surgery.
        2. Adrienne being her chap’s godmother.
        3. Russell being “richer than Texas”. (RCH! That one should have been on the video along with a jpeg of the bankruptcy docs from 2005.)
        4. Her being anti-violence.
        5. Her last name being Taylor. Her last name being Ford. Being born into THE Ford family. (oh. my. god.)

        I just want to know what the difference between Taylor and Michaele Sahali is besides a White House event? I can’t find one.

        • I know! I need to do some serious re-editing!

          • Daisy says:

            I think you did a great job!!

            I just was sitting her thinking of all the things she said that are either lied about or just haven’t been proven a lie yet.

            Another clip would be her explanation at the Reunion that the people selling/telling their stories are the ones that “really don’t know anything.”

            There’s a lot of material on this faker; it could seriously turn into a full-length movie.

        • glued2it says:

          I don’t get this Ford family reference. Ford was not a big name in Oklahoma when I was there. I asked DH if he remembered Ford being a big name. He said no. Kerr McGee were big names. Phillips was a big name. There were a few others that I don’t recall now but would recognize if I heard again. Maybe I was not in the know, but I worked for an ad agency in Tulsa and they were constantly dropping names there (not in a bragging sense but in a business sense) and Ford just escapes me as being an important name.

          Now if you’re talking Ford in Michigan, that would be big.

        • Fidgee says:

          The only difference I can see is that Mic and Tar Salannabe were NEVER more than five feet from each other and TraySell were rarely LESS than a mile from each other. Maybe MicTar and Traylor should have a clingy threesome–OFF CAMERA cuz I’d be really happy to never see any of them again.

      • When did she say that? Look at all the stuff I’m missing in my video of lies!
        Do you have the clip?
        Her business is fake. All she ever did on the show was shop, lunch, and drink during the day on the show. Anyone else notice that she doesn’t seem to have a car? Someone is always picking her up or Russel is dropping her off.

        • missmi says:

          I just thought of this very same thing lately. If they have 80% business relationship, then why is’nt she shown doing her “work” Christ! Even Camille pretended a little with the production company. I also agree about the car thing. We saw at least one vehicle per household, except them.

        • Hooked on HW says:

          Their relationship is 80% business because they got married to be professional con artists.

  13. buzzybee says:

    Good morning and thank you.
    What a perfect perfect montage of Traylor’s lies and delusions. [Is it my imagination or was that Russell ‘rescuing’ his wife when she was making a complete **s of herself? He seems to have taken her/removed her from the scene when Traylor Trash was about to fall in the middle of the sidewalk…I also seem to have heard him use the word “…stop” as in, ‘this has got to stop’…I feel suddenly, but I hope this feeling will soon leave me, bad for him.]

    • LilyLynn says:

      Yeah, that was Russell pulling her away – and now I think we know why he always wants to leave a party early.

      • Daisy says:

        Probably why he treats Taylor in what looks to be disdain and utter contempt: He lives with Shana with a substance abuse problem.

        Because Russell is quiet and not a housewife, we don’t get to hear his side of the story, but that’s my guess.

    • Adgirl says:

      He “rescues” her quite often. He fetched her out of the LV party when she was drinking with the ladies.

    • Yes that was mean controlling Russel who drives the bus once again making Taylor leave the party early and ruining all the fun.

      • Distressed says:

        Russell is just feed-up with all of Traylor’s doctor bills. Those shoes are not easy to stumble around in. You can break an ankle.

      • Damnert says:

        Free Russell FREE RUSSELL Free….

        Sorry, I invisioned those huge lips schmacking him around and got carried away.

        She just looks like she could and would beat the shit outta him….

  14. Sangfroid says:

    Nicely done
    Wonderful montage although it left me feeling slightly queasy.
    Not sure if it’s the flu, or watching Taylor struggle to find her mouth.
    Can having lip implants cause the loss of sensation?

    • DarkSonnet says:

      The lip implant could be another of Traylor’s little prevarications.

      In the video where Traylor visits the office of Dr. Paul, Traylor is shown with her “normal” mouth. Well, somewhat normal, it is Traylor after all…

      However, at the end of the video/clip when she is admiring her most recent maiming, her top lip appears to have been massaged by a 2 x 4 or that maybe she stood too close to Adrienne during a workout. During the season of filming, the size of her upper lip has varied considerably and implants should remain stable.

      Perhaps the lip “implant” story is to defuse the suggestions that she should consider toning down the injectables?

      Hard to say…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It appears that the log in her upper lip is enhanced by “injectibles” throughout the season. What I don’t get is why get something put in your lip and then add more too it to the point of looking like an engorged slug on your mouth?

    • Fidgee says:

      Remember when she went down on Cedric’s hamburger at Kyle’s hootenanny? He said Russell was a “lucky man”…..Nope, gotta put that in the “no way in hell, Cedric” and “thanks for the revolting visual” file.

      • Glued2it says:

        I loved when Lisa said that she couldn’t get her mouth around that burger but then looked at Taylor and said, “But I bet you can.” Priceless. And seemed to go right over Taylor’s head.

  15. DarkSonnet says:

    Fantastic job on the video! She is truly a piece of work and at this point in time, I don’t believe a word she says. ( including the domestic violence story)

    She and Salahi could be plasticized twins separated at birth. They are born grifters partnered with equally vile men.

    Celebrities indeed…

    • Stephenie says:

      I don’t necessarily thing Russell is vile. A drip, boring, wet blanket, talentless, severely lacking an ounce of personality, yes… but I’m not sure I’d compare him directly to Ta-wreck.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        I based that observation on his felony record. I have a distinct problem with people who lie and cheat other people by fleecing them with malicious intent.

    • buzzybee says:

      I agree with you. I just think that Mr. Salahi went where no other husband of other wives has gone and that is: he attacked someone’s child, her reputation, and as it turned out, without foundation. That was reprehensible and likely done only because, they are childless couple and would not understand, or be fully empathetic to that sort of hurt. His accusations of the Ammons’ daughter [not sure that I am spelling that last name correctly], was beyond the pale. Anything else that he ever uttered, [ever, before or after that incident], I consider false. [Including his silly silly explanations of their “invitation” to the White House, ha!] And invoking the fifth when they ‘visited’ Congress? Now, I bet that was a coveted invitation indeed!
      Russell strikes me differently.

  16. Trish says:

    Got to love Adrienne. In regards to the godmother comment, with a well timed pause, she was able to wipe that “joker-like” grin right off her face. You could tell she was begging Adrienne with her eyes and smile “Please have my back on this?!?”. She looked humiliated.

  17. Susie says:

    Excellent video! It really put things in perspective. I especially got a kick out of the heartbeat sound and that weird eerie music.

    During the godmother fiasco, Adrienne looked so pissed, the way she was doing her mouth, like she wanted to jump up and kick some serious ass. I also felt like she was almost shaking, she was so indignant. For sure, she’s aware that Taylor is a snake.

    Could have lived without the cotton candy scene…it makes me want to hurl.

    Also, I’ve never noticed until this video that Taylor has a fairly deep vertical crease in her upper lip. It almost looks like Russell may have had to bust her in the chops or something. It’s at about 0:54 on the video. As big as her mouth is already, I can’t imagine that she would need to have stretched it out any further to get that crease. Or maybe her implant has separated to accommodate that massive fake smile.

  18. kelly says:

    I’m so glad someone took the time to piece together this this delusional screwball’s claims … she *almost* makes Camille look sane !!! good job PYHU!!

  19. missmi says:

    Great job RCH!!! I noticed that Adrienne did the same hing with her mouth during the godmother talk as she did at the table during the dinner from hell. Just a quick observation.

  20. Mo says:

    I keep thinking I’d like to do a video montage (hint hint) of every instance in which Kyle utters a deprecating remark to Kim, followed by her trademark triumphant head toss and smirk, which seems to be her personal step-kick-twirl, as she watches Kim wilt. Except that I am very bad at making video montages (hint hint) and could not possibly do it as well as this one.

    (anyone getting my hints?) 😉

  21. jane says:

    oh me oh my , what will i do with out the bravo housew. hehe, nene the strangler, kyle the queen of the bullies , taylor the big fat lier oklohoma, camille the jesus complex, teresa table flipper head of bankruptcy, kimz, the clueless, and so on , what can i say love love love ………..

  22. Mo says:

    I also notice in the second clip of Taylor asserting that Adrienne is the godmother, Taylor exhibits her infamous “tell” — the closing of her eyes that she frequently does when lying, as seen in the reunion.

    • RHofWhatever says:

      The reunioun was a nice place to sit back and watch the body language and facial expressions on full display. It really is hard to hide what you really feel when you can’t turn away or become busy doing something else. Andy may not be able to ellicit true spoken responses from them, but you definately can get them if you tune out the answers and just watch them.

  23. Josephine Blowe says:

    As a medical professional, I can absolutely say: botox to forehead, chin and most likely her neck. Restelyne ( a collegan-like filler) to her lips, upper and lower. This must be ‘retouched’ about every 3-4 months, which is why her lips change shape. She has also had some blelaroplasty to her eyelids, which is why she looks perpetually surprised. She has either Restelyne or some other type of filler in her cheekbones. She is definitely spray-tanned regularily as well. There is probably not too much of the original person left. It was probably as ugly inside as it is now.

    • Botox to the neck? Why would someone do that?

      • Josephine Blowe says:

        freeze the ‘wattle’, just in case.

        • That works? I thought botox just froze the muscle. If you have loose skin how can Botox fix that?
          I did Thermage. I don’t really need it, but figured I would start doing it now before I need it, so maybe I’ll never need it. What is your opinion of that? Do you think it actually works? It hurts like hell. I would hate to be doing it for no reason.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            Thermage is somewhat controversial- I haven’t had it done and I run 4 medspas that don’t offer it. However, if done correctly- the results can be amazing and it will work with your body to create more elastin and collegen naturally. Lasts longer than Botox or fillers too.
            It’s very operator dependent and I wanted procedures that were easier to standardize.
            Yes, I’ve heard it’s very painful. It works though.

            I have had Restalyne- quite a bit of it actually (3 full vials every 6 months- but in both lips and the nasal labial folds) and I have never myself or had a patient look as ridiculous as Taylor. I’ve never had that “morphing” look either except within the first 48 hrs. or so.

            I don’t think it’s Restalyne. She may be injecting another type of filler over an implant.

            Botox in the neck avoids that “ropey” look that some women can get if they age and are too thin

            • So it might not work if it isn’t done right? They told me you can’t see any effects until 6 months after. I wasn’t really expecting anything to change, just using it to prevent things in the future, but the woman told me I should feel a tightening and should see a bit of a difference. But I don’t see or feel anything. The only thing I felt was massive amounts of pain.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                did they take before pictures? Sometimes the change is very gradual.
                Call and tell them what you just wrote and see what they can do for you.

      • Trigger says:

        Cosmetic BOTOX® Injection for the Neck – it’s towards the end of the article.

  24. Need a Hobby says:

    Bravo should hire you as editor in chief of the various Ho’wives shows! Now that would be fanfuckintastic!!! 😀

    As for the Traylor trailer….very, very well done but difficult for me to watch due to the “queasy” factor, as Sangfroid noted. There’s something about Traylor that is somewhat vomit inducing….beginning with the lies, the pretensions, the lies….and more lies….she just b nasty.

    Kudos on the clip! 🙂

    • You mean you weren’t totally turned on by the sexy way she eats cotton candy?

      • Trigger says:

        Not even the cotton candy was prepared for Taylor’s oral commitment.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        IMO watching a Gaboon Viper regurgitating its dinner would be preferable to watching Traylor “unhinge her jaw” (as another blogger so graphically described it) and slitheringly devour those pieces of cotton candy, or anything else for that matter. (Maybe you should post a poll on the cotton candy clip: “Sexy or Freudian Nightmare?” Note the size of T’s choppers. Her scariness transcends gender and orientation, IMO. Icky goes to the bone)

        Isn’t that series “V” back on TV? Where the lizard people, disguised as humanoids, take over the earth? That seems a natural environment for Traylor. Hasn’t any one noticed that whenever the BH Ho’wives are having an event or function outdoors, one doesn’t see any insects buzzing around Traylor? Snacks.

        (Only Kim—due to her special….sensitivities—can see through Traylor’s humanoid disguise & that’s why Traylor’s on Kim’s case and trying to turn others against Kim. Aha! Plot line! Genius! 😀 )

  25. Josephine Blowe says:

    I just tweeted this video to her twitter address! Such kind person I am, knowing that Miss Shana/Taylor whoever the hell she actually is, just adores being filmed, photographed, fawned over!

  26. captaincarebear says:

    As usual, you’ve outdone yourself. I agree with Mo. Some more video montages are in order. But who should do them? Hmmmmm…

  27. Mo says:



    I could *try*, though I’ve never done it before. I could google up on how to do it. But I cannot match the opus above, with sound effects, music, and etc.

    I’d love to also do (or, you know… love if *someone* could do…) a whole mini “film” with subtitles, much like Woody Allen’s first film, “What’s Up Pussycat?” in which he took an old Japanese spy film and merely dubbed over all the words. It was madcap genius!

    Like, change all the casts’ words to the Oklahoma remark, with maybe a few “You’re a f***ing LIAR Camille”, sprinkled throughout. 😉

    Ok, if no one else will do it, I will try it next week, after my houseguest leaves. I call her Cedrica! Kidding!

    • That’s actually a creative idea. But do people really want to read subtitles?
      I might try it.
      I just used the video editor that came with my Mac. It wasn’t that hard once I figured out how everything works. Just time consuming.

      • Mo says:


        Maybe it could be audio but with subtitles as faux translations? I saw an ad for a film about a lesbian relationship once that said, “In Lesbian, with subtitles”.

        So this could be like, “In RHOBH, with subtitles”, like, explaining what it means to real people? Or, subtitles as though balloons? There is so much precious footage to work with!

        I really will think about taking a spin at it next week when I don’t have guests. But I bow to your madcap brilliance, RCH, and think you could do a much better job. Or perhaps a collaboration? We could all send you clips so you can wave your magic humor over the end result?


        I am SO glad I found this site! It made my day and I have been posting this link all over. I suppose I am transferring my dissatisfaction at winter on to the antics of these alleged “ladies” of BH.

        YOU ROCK!

        • I definitely take out my hatred of snow and rain on the Housewives. Unfortunately for them we only get about 60 nice days a year.

          So what are some idea? Maybe the dinner in New York or the Dinner Party From Hell with subtitles?
          Oh no I’m already getting ideas. This is bad, bc once I get on something I get really into it and I’m supposed to go somewhere with Hubby tonight. But I’m already imagining the things I could make Ms. Dubois say…. uh oh….
          This blog is going to ruin my marriage. Lol.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Oh yeah, I think I posted before that the Dinner From Hell was a natural for dubbed in or subtitled dialog.

            Allison is so over the top to begin with that she’s sort of a natural self parody. Add Hammy Cammy & poof, it’s nuts like Mad TV, but they’re taking themselves so seriously that they just don’t get how bizarre & funny they are. (*puff, puff*)

            Shoot, I briefly saw Kyle do a good imitation of Allison in one of her talking heads. She got the crazy eyed sideways looks & tight grin down. & the rest is probably a piece of cake. If it weren’t for the fact that Kyle’s probably trying to maintain or recoup her public image, she would prolly volunteer—after a few drinks—- to do a cameo in a video parody of Allison & that dinner. (Like something for the ‘Funny or Die” site. That’d be cool.)

            Maybe you could “skype her ass in” to whatever you came up with. (I still love that Funny or Die parody of the NJ Ho’wives.)

        • Damn you! It’s now 1am and I’m making a black and white subtitled version of the Dinner From Hell.

        • Periwinkle says:

          LMAO at “In Lesbian with subtitles”

    • Helena says:

      What’s up Tiger Lily was the name of the film. You ladies are hilarious. I wish I’d found you sooner.

  28. Kellita says:

    OMG this was absolutely brilliant!! She’s despicable, but seems completely unaware. Let’s hope she see view this and is enlightened. Ha!

  29. Mo says:

    I meant thoughT balloons…

  30. glued2it says:

    I was going to take a day off from this blog but nooooo!! RCH just had to go post something brilliant on Taylor.

    Just be careful when you go out that you don’t see a big billy bass mouth in a blond wig swerving your way, RCH!

  31. TheRealBex says:

    Haha. Great job RCH. I thoroughly enjoyed that!

  32. Fairweather Viewer says:

    Friggin fabulous! lmao

  33. CAgirl says:

    Just when I think I’m done, you pull me back in–like a blond, sunglass-wearing godfather!!! Thanks RCH!!!

  34. Mo says:


    Yay! Glad you are on it! I will stay up late in honor of your staying up late on this one. 😉

    I think there is so much under-appreciated footage — the “ladies” finest moments are sometimes not in the big moments, but also in the little moments. Think about Kyle berating Kim for using butter substitute, for instance — then substitute designer clothes or some other seemingly-innocuous thing for butter sub. You could mash up some of the moments of the women behaving “well” (comparatively) with their notorious moments.

    Taylor’s slow-speed pleading head bob would come in handy in response to Kim saying “Kyle is faked by you”, and etc. ?

    I thought I saw a question about if it is possible to surgically widen one’s mouth but now I can’t find it. At any rate, I googled it and found this:

    Dr. Plavic is spot on with his assessment of the limitations of widening a small mouth. In general, patients should not alter the very delicate commissural structures that make up the corner of the mouth unless they are quite off spec because of the visible scarring and unnatural appearance that a commissuroplasty causes.

    However, there are a number of patients who have apparent microstomia. In fact, the corners of the mouth are simply not visible. It is a very satisfying procedure to enlarge the lip corners by placing grafts into the lips. In our practice we like LiveFill grafts, autologous fat-fascial grafts for this purpose.


  35. Mo says:

    ~Luvz Genius Shag’n Carpets


    Change it to black and white as Film Noir! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

    A new genre — Film Nauséeux! Hoho!

  36. Mo says:

    Also, the cotton candy scene could be interstitched as taylor’s respose to Andy’s questions…

    Like, if you changed up their words to make it like Andy asking, “Taylor, how did you get to be so rich?” and cut to Taylor eating cotton candy and then bobbing her head up and down…

    I’m just sayin’….

  37. Distressed says:

    A Tour de Force. Thank you. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might vomit.

    Well worth the pain of having to watch Traylor for a whole season. Can’t wait for next year.

  38. Miss Anthrope says:

    Taylor has had WAYYYYYYYY too much botox. Her forehead looks like silly putty, all waxy and smooth. There is no way that that is all she’s had done. Obviously she has a lip implant but it certainly doesn’t stop there. Her cheeks are FUBAR. I suspect she had the fat sucked out of them and then had implants put in. In any case, the bitch looks like a muppet on crack.

    I love Adrienne but c’mon lady, nobody is believing that shit about you only having botox and a boob job. Her face is a plastic surgery nightmare. Her skin is far too tight, as if she’s had a bad facelift, and one more nose job is going to send her in Michael Jackson territory.

    • In the clip when Taylor touched her cheeks did you see what an indent they made? Is that normal, because I think if it were bone instead of filler in there she wouldn’t have been able to push her finger into her skin like that.
      I don’t have huge cheekbones, but I checked in the mirror and if I press on them my skin doesn’t make that much of an impression because the bone is right there.
      Adrienne is def not fooling anyone. That is a bad face lift and I think she tried to give herself slanty cat eyes. It just looks unnatural.
      Again in the reunion the women were saying that people only talk about their plastic surgery because they’re from Beverly Hills. Are they all delusional? Do they not realize how incredibly unnatural they all look? Except for Kim, and Lisa doesn’t look so bad either.
      New York really knows how to do it right. Jersey isn’t so bad either if you don’t count Danielle’s eyebrows.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I think Adrienne is of middle eastern descent or something. She naturally has that exotic looking face, it is enhanced (botox, filler), but I don’t think changed. I do however love her honesty, integrity and view of women. She is not petty, gossipy, nor does she tear people down. She will not get sucked into lies or drama. All women should have her integrity and drive. She is a fantastic role model.

      • ~Luvz Genius Shag'n Carpets~ says:

        HWoNJ aren’t so bad unless you look @their innards.
        …… bloody gastric!~

        …..and Jaq should’ve trim’d her hair…..not her nose.
        Her voice changed. :-/

        btw….. I like KimR’s botox ‘tween her eyebrows.

        • ~Luvz Genius Shag'n Carpets~ says:

          Did Carolyn have her stomach stapled, also
          ….or just her hub?

          • DarkSonnet says:

            There are some significant rumors that Carolyn also had the procedure but she keeps denying it.

            • ~Luvz Film Noir Bluffs~ says:

              A ‘significant’ rumour…….ohhh sounds serious. So, an ‘insignificant’ rumour would be Claudine have’n her own TV show w/clutter crafts…..
              Or…..Taylor being related to Howard Hughes?

      • iwannabeanarchy says:

        I think it’s Adrienne’s obvious nose job that makes her really look unnatural. She has a “Jackson” nose, which is never a natural look. That plus the fillers. I’d love to see what her original face was like. I noticed that on Bravo’s website in the photos section she didn’t have any old pictures of herself.

        That being said I still think Adrienne is the best one out of the cast in terms of “genuine” people, but my favorite as a “character” is Camille. Camille kept things interesting the same way that Danielle Staub did.

  39. Tuzentswurth says:

    This is great, I am trying to catch up here…..I had pneumonia after my lovely flu so I’ve been really out of it. I think I’m starting to recuperate today though, feeling a little better with a little energy today. I’ve missed you Rch, the blog and all you great posters.
    Regarding Traylors mouth, beyond those lips it is obvious that she has giant fake teeth. She either had huge dentures made or large caps or huge veneers. They look WAY too big for her mouth, it looks like she has 80 teeth…..did you ever see those pictures with dogs with dentures? http://www.funnyville.com/fv/pictures/dogdentures.shtml: http://www.guzer.com/pictures/dog_dentures.php….you get the idea.

  40. I’m re-editing the Taylor video because apparently I missed some important things.

    I need video of:
    – Taylor saying Russel is richer than texas
    – Taylor saying Camille used a surrogate to keep her figure
    – Taylor talking about being a PTA/snack mom

    I don’t remember seeing any of these, so if anyone knows where I can find them or has a link to a video I would greatly appreciate it. And so would Taylor. Lol.

  41. twoile says:

    @RCH, TX 4 the Fantastic blog, gr8 “film noir”Traylor will never grt over this one imho.

  42. Tuzentswurth says:

    The one link above doesn’t seem to work, so here is another: http://www.carolinamountaindog.com/2010/03/pedgree-dentastix.html
    I forget to mention, I tweeted this to Traylor cause I’m not blocked….yet. I’m surprised b/c I’ve said some nasty (true) things to her.

  43. STOK WATCH says:

    So how are things at Bravo? Or is a $8 an hour employee from the “special floor” leaking these to you? I’m on to you too. My best to —– OWNER of the —— and professional stalker.

  44. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Dang it! Jill was here and I didn’t have my notes! 😀

  45. Adgirl says:

    I can’t believe you guys aren’t talking about NY Kelly’s twitter crisis!

    She wanted to change her twitter handle @kikilet to her name but instead of updating it she opened a new account @kkbensimone and disgarded her old handle.
    Some enterprising person swooped in and is now sending parady Kelly tweets from @kikilet.

    Example :
    @BravoAndy Me and Scary Island? Thats like a perfect foil. Go ahead and show that unaired footage of my breakthru. I can take it #likeaman;

    Kelly is furious! I don’t know if Twitter will help her out.

    They can be viewed here http://twitter.com/kikilet

  46. Tuzentswurth says:

    Do we get a discussion blog about the lost footage? And I guess we are getting the director’s cut of the dinner from hell next week. They are milking this for all it is worth!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I dunno. What I really got out of the “lost footage”:

      1. Camille is a saint per DD who BTW was stoned at the time IIRC. Camille was just proving that money can indeed buy you friends, but Bravo felt compelled to put that segment on air after all Cammy’s bitching.

      2. Kyle is a terrier who will take on a drunken Great Dane sniffing around her territory. Not surprising. A lot of snapping and threatening behavior, but no one was harmed as far as we could tell.

      3. The majority of the show dedicated to the Sorrows of Young Giggy. Cute dog. Lisa way over the top. Should pitch a show to Animal Planet or Disney.

      Yeah, Bravo’s milking it for allllll it can. Now we get the Dinner From Hell, director’s cut or whatever.

    • Tam5115 says:

      I saw all the extra footage from Bravo’s site on the lost footage show, except for the godmother stuff. Interesting.

  47. Tuzentswurth says:

    After I tweeted this blog to Traylor, I remembered I had a ? for her, so tweeted this:

    @tayloratweets Why point fingers when you have a huge drinking problem.You’ve been seen flat out falling down drunk too many times.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist. It’s the medication………….

    • Fairweather Viewer Ford says:

      In your next tweet, will you ask her what else she was on that night because it didn’t appear to be just alcohol.

    • Adgirl says:

      Real Housewives of AA: Taylor Armstrong, Kim & Kyle Richards, Kim Zolciak, NeNe Leakes, Teresa Giudice, Mary Amons, Ramona Singer and the entire cast past & present of OC.

  48. Adgirl says:

    RCH Thanks for the video montage.
    The very last scene is my favorite where Taylor is giving a BJ to the cotton candy while Lisa looks on repulsed across the table. LOL.

  49. Sparkles says:

    RCH – here is one of the Traylor quotes you were looking for (“The great perk is that you get to keep that great figure. That seems to work out nicely.”)

    Go to 2:30

    • Thanks for finding that. I didn’t remember that part.
      But it wasn’t what I thought it would be. She said “the perk is you get to keep your figure”
      Not really the same thing as saying she did it on purpose to keep her figure.
      I think this was less a case of Taylor being a liar and more a case of Camille being delusional again.

    • Nancy says:

      What I saw on this videos was that “Traylor” & Kyle were drinking on the plane (in the am) and Kim was not. The End!

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