I LOVE Jill Zarin

There are so many hate blogs out there, so I decided to even out the universe with a little love.

People are so hard on Jill Zarin just because her friendship with Bethenny ended. We loved both Jill and Bethenny when they were friends, so I don’t see why we can’t continue to love them both now that they aren’t friends anymore.

What did Jill really do that was so horrible? Let’s try to put things into perspective. She was mad at Bethenny because Bethenny didn’t call her when Bobby was in the hospital. Yes, Jill didn’t go out of her way to tell Bethenny about the extent of Bobby’s illness, but Bethenny should have known. As a friend, she should call Jill every single day and find out what’s going on in her life. After she had gone some time without hearing from Jill, she should have called, emailed, twittered, and facebooked her to find out what was going on. For all she knows Jill could have been dead. Dead! But did she care? No. All Bethenny did was send a simple little email. You know who else sends emails? The mail man. A dear friend like Jill deserved more than that. And when Jill didn’t respond to Bethenny’s email, she should have known that Jill was upset and dropped everything to find out why her friend didn’t reply to her. For Bethenny to get so preoccupied with her business and new relationship to the point that she didn’t even notice an unanswered email just proves what a horrible friend she is. Sure, Jill could have emailed her back, but she was upset, and what clearer way to let your best friend know you’re upset than to not return an email? I’m sure Jill was checking her email multiple times a day for messages from Bethenny, because that’s the kind of friend she is. Look how long she kept Bethenny’s voice mail for. I’m sure Bethenny listened to Jill’s messages and deleted them right away, just like they were garbage.

You must also keep in mind that Bethenny owes the success of her business to her fame, and she owes her fame to Jill. If Jill hadn’t asked Bethenny to be on Housewives she would have never gotten so popular and then been given her own show. Obviously since Jill is responsible for Bethenny’s fame and therefore the creation of her show, it’s only fair that the show be focused on her and Jill’s friendship. To base the show around her own life was selfish and a slap in the face to Jill, the woman who is solely responsible for everything Bethenny has. In fact, it could be said that if Jill hadn’t included B in Housewives she would still be struggling to pay her rent and she would have been sitting home eating canned beans instead of partying at the club the night she met Jason. If she had never met Jason she would have never had Bryn. So one could logically conclude that Bethenny owes the birth of her daughter to Jill since Jill is the one who set all these events in motion. The least she could have done is name her daughter after Jill, but she didn’t. She didn’t even give her “Jill” as a middle name. That is absolutely unforgivable.

I know, I know, you are all going to say that Bethenny tried to make up with Jill and repair the friendship. And I will admit, she did try… sorta. I mean, she called her what, one or two times? Then ambushed her at Ramona’s when she was totally caught off guard and un prepared. If she had really loved Jill as much as she claimed, then how come she didn’t try harder? How come she didn’t make an appointment with Jill so she had time to prepare and gather her thoughts and her notes? How come she gave up on the friendship so easily? Just because Jill said “we’re done”? Oh please, so what? People say things like that all the time. It doesn’t mean anything. The other day at dinner I said “I’m done.” Does that mean I’m never going to eat again? Geeze. People take things so seriously. The fact that Bethenny didn’t continue begging Jill to be her friend is proof that she never really cared about her in the first place. Jill is an amazing person. And when Jill decided that she wanted to be friends again, Bethenny should have jumped at the chance. But she didn’t jump. She didn’t even get up from her pedicure to thank Jill for chartering a private jet and going so far out of her way to come forgive her. If Bethenny were a true friend, she would have waited until the end of time for Jill to come back into her life. What kind of person can just cut people out of their lives like that? Jill only cuts people out temporarily, but Bethenny cuts them out permanently.

People also have a problem with the way Jill treated Alex. But hello, Alex is from Brooklyn! That barely even counts as New York City. It’s practically in a different state. So the fact that Alex was even included in the show in the first place is just unfair to women like Jill who pay the extra money to live in the most fabulous place on earth. But Jill, being the saint that she is, did try to be nice to Alex. Remember when she hooked her up with an interview at a fancy private school? That was so kind and generous. And how does Alex repay her? By delivering an evil message like a Mafia hitman. Alex is clearly ungrateful and unappreciative of Jill’s friendship. I mean, Jill even traveled all the way to Brooklyn to visit Alex’s home. She could have been mugged or even assaulted! She risked her health and safety to reach out to Alex, and Alex turned on her. Why? Because Jill made fun of her kids and her husband? So what! It was all in good fun. Remember how Jill laughed about them? That’s because it was all a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. It’s not Jill’s fault that Alex can’t take a little joke at her family’s expense. Besides, Alex is just a farm girl from Kansas. She can’t really expect to receive the same level of respect given to Countesses and former models now can she? Clearly not. And I think we are all forgetting that Jill runs with a fabulous circle of people, and including someone from Brooklyn would cause her circle of friends to become less fabulous. Jill has a whole circle of people to think about here. Once again she proves how selfless she is, always thinking about others.

And lets not forget about the other castmates. Look how kind Jill is to the mentally disturbed Kelly Bensimon. Only a true saint could put up with a woman like that. Instead of attacking her the way Bethenny did, Jill took her under her wing and tried to help her out by telling her what to say, how to act, and who to be friends with.

Jill also continues to be friends with Ramona despite the fact that she is clearly not a good friend to Jill. Ramona didn’t bother to tell Jill when Bethenny’s dad died, when Jill should have been the first person she called when she found out. She also didn’t give her a free piece of jewelry at her yacht party. Jill gets $12,000 purses given to her for free, yet her supposed friend Ramona couldn’t even give her a lousy necklace? And let’s not forget how Ramona kicked her off Scary Island when she had come to surprise everyone. The fact that Jill is still friends with Ramona shows what a capacity she has for forgiveness.

Jill also has an amazing work ethic. While some other Housewives like LuAnn seem to have forgotten all about their books, Jill continues to advertise her book at every opportunity. She never gives up and I think her “never quit” attitude should be applauded.

Jill is also a strong supporter of No Hate, and anti-bullying campaigns. And she doesn’t just tweet about it like everyone else does. She takes action. She got all her followers together in an effort to track down and expose online bullies and get them fired from their jobs! Who else takes the extra step and goes the extra mile like this? Not Bethenny, I’ll tell you that right now.

So for all of you Jill haters out there, I urge you to take another look at the situation and try to see it from my perspective. I cannot wait until season 4 so that Jill has a chance to show more of the person she really is and you can all begin to love her just as much as I do. 😉

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  1. Thanks for pointing out how much Jill is beloved by her castmates and how much she has done for each and every one of them. Don’t forget, Jill loves to spread herself around to the young people of the USA, too, by visiting universities and talking about her life experiences… I wonder if she would have done that if she weren’t paid $15,000 up front or not permitted to sell her book afterwards… nevertheless, Jill still traveled to Florida to let 20-year-olds pick her brain and learn from her vast and deep knowledge of uh.. fabrics??? No wonder you love Jill…

    “She got all her followers together in an effort to tack down and expose online bullies”… I think you mean to say “track”… you can delete this part of the message after you read it.

    • oh yes, thanks for pointing that out

    • debbie says:

      Hey stoopid!
      I think RCH may have gotten it right!! I think Jill did “get her followers together in an effort to TACK down and expose online bullies”…
      Furthernore I believe that had they tracked RCH down they WOULD have TACKED her down so she could no longer blog.
      Even if they need to use thousands of push pins to do it. That would surely prove their devotion and determination to their beloved Jill.

  2. sweet pea says:

    Brava! That was awesome!

  3. boston02127 says:

    I’m sending medical rescue to your house immediately. 🙂

    • LynnNChicago says:

      It’s ok Boston, I think she fell and hit her head like Quincy did. There is a lot of snow and ice in Canada, she easily could have slipped and fell.

      Quincy posts her I Love Jill Zarin blog within a blog daily on my IHJZ blog. I think RCH should get together with Quincy to discuss the virtues of Mrs. Jill Zarin. 🙂

      LMAO what a great blog RCH! Nice work!

  4. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Hi Real City HW: I liked your viewpoint on Jill. Was it meant to be sincere or sarcastic? Either way…I do like this take on Jill.

  5. I think Jill will consider this a “good blog”. Maybe she will retweet it and then you will get 10,000 -15,000 hits like Lisa in New England. 🙂

  6. Scarlet Letter says:

    While I’m not a fan of Jill’s, I also don’t worship at the Temple of Frankel. Bethenny’s true colors were shown in that voicemail that she didn’t realize would become part of the show. Once the cameras were rolling, she set out to redeeem herself. I think her scheming is at a par with Jill’s.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      @Scarlet Letter: I agree…BF and JZ are very similar…I am not a fan of Bethenny…she’s too abrasive.

      • krone says:

        Vincenzo, I wouldn’t argue with your description of Bethenny as “abrasive”. I wonder if that’s a result of her miserable chilhood? kind of a way of deflecting and not allowing herself too much vulnerability? Although I think we saw a huge change once she met Jason, who clearly adores her, and Brynn whom she clearly adores.

    • krone says:

      I see it differently Scarlet. I wouldn’t go so far as to claim that Bethenny’s not made mistakes but the crucual difference between J & Z is that Bethenny owns hers IMO. She’s a savvy businesswoman and for that I give her kudos (EOS?),- knowing how to turn name recognition into PR for her ventures. She also has a quick wit that I would DIE for, although I don’t know how long I’d last at the receiving end of them. AND she does have skills and talents to bring to her ventures. I’ve never read Jill’s “book” but I’ve never read a positive review that didn’t come from Susan Saunders, the repulsive nephew, or paid staffers. Just my take; I’ll think more about your perspective;)

  7. Mimisfbay says:

    Ah, what a way to start my morning, good coffee and a link to this blog! This is so hilarious; I will laugh about this post all day.

  8. buzzybee says:

    Love your blog and your wit.
    I KNOW that your “I love Jill Zarin” is meant to be ‘tongue-in-cheek’ and enough time has passed that most of us are ready to view Jill anew; time being that soother of annoyances, most of the time anyway…
    [Almost anything that I remember from the NYC wives pales in comparison to what we have just witnessed in the RHofBH! So it was not all that bad; I, for one, have become desensitized to emotional explosions on reality tv, maybe?]
    Regarding the Jill and Bethanny ‘rift’ though; Jill kept that voice mail message in order to listen to it and keep the wound alive and keep her anger alive as well; also, to have others listen to it [such as LuAnn for example], and to feel righteous in her wrath and superior to Bethanny; though Jill had already behaved as though she WAS or thought that she was superior to Bethanny and almost everyone else with the exception of Luann; (so impressed Jill was with that “countess” title of LuAnn’s). Jill kept the message for dubious reasons; she was not keeping the message because she “cherished” it; and she did not cherish the friendship, either. She liked the friendship while the dynamics of it suited her. When she was ‘top dog’ and Bethanny was the ‘underdog’; a point that Ramona did call in one episode, remember? And that assessment hurt Bethanny’s feelings at the time as she discussed it on camera later. Re the phone call from Bethanny that Jill took while with LuAnn: Jill spoke to Bethanny while having her cell phone on speaker for LuAnn to be amused; that was SO NOT nice. Who does that to a friend that you have called your best friend? As I remember, Bethanny did ask Jill why the call was on ‘speaker mode’ and in her response, Jill LIED. Without missing a beat, she answered that she was trying to multi-task or something along those lines. Just lied. The way that Jill ended that conversation was so cruel, so mean. The camera showed Bethanny just standing on that sidewalk, crying. That was so sad.
    Whatever happened after that, as the rift became a chasm, Jill had coming. So whereas I don’t “hate” Jill I say: what a thing to do to a friend. She should have discussed it in private and made an exception of that particular ‘problem’ between good friends and not hashed it out in front of cameras. Why not discuss it in private? And, if Jill really had treasured that particular friendship as she claimed over and over again during the “reunions”, she could have repaired it any number of times when Bethanny tried SO very hard. But oh, no, Jill needed to be QueenJill. Like Kyle wants to be “QueenKyle and oh, the other housewives too…” Maybe.
    [Ooops, I know you like Kyle too…]
    I think that her subsequent apologies during the reunions were insincere; I just think she read the tea leaves and decided that she did not want to be the one housewife that was unpopular/most-hated/disliked. Jill has become a caricature of herself.
    I do think that we, the viewers, are manipulated by Bravo’s editing and I do think that someone is having a whole lot of fun with our reactions to the episodes…so the fact that we liked Jill earlier in the season and viewed her as a good mother and viewed her competitiveness with Ramona with tolerance and good-humor and all of that turned around when Jill turned on Bethanny, was all, well, programmed…
    Anyway, I shouldn’t care but do!
    Wishing all a glorious day!

    • krone says:

      Buzzybee wrote:

      “She liked the friendship while the dynamics of it suited her. When she was ‘top dog’ and Bethanny was the ‘underdog’; a point that Ramona did call in one episode, remember? ”

      I remember that scene very well Buzzy and if I’m not mistaken Bethenny defended Jill by saying that she was truly good to her then, in her interview, made some remark like,”what am I, The one legged crazy, lonely and alone old spinster who’ll never meet anyone on my own?. AND she did note that Ramona and Jill have their own “thing”, so she refused to take that bait though I do think her feelings were hurt just a bit by Ramona’s tactless way of speaking about her.

  9. Scarlet Letter says:

    Jill surely does like to play fairy godmother and take the underdog under her wing but BethEnny was not above using Jill and Bobby and their connections to launch her brand. They used each other for their own means.

    • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

      Are you say’n they used each other for their own means…..
      or they were mean to each other for their own use? :-/

  10. tweatcyn says:


  11. glued2it says:

    RCH – you are a saint! Thank God we have you to keep us on the path of love & light around here, lol.
    And let’s not forget how magnanimous it was for Jill to tell Bethenny what a GREAT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING she was sportin’ at Kelly’s media party deal. Even though Bethenny was clearly not showin’ the love to Jill, dear sweet Jill made a point of acknowledging what’s really important in life – material possessions.
    How would we ever know what is right in this world if we didn’t have JZ to shine her light???

  12. Periwinkle says:

    Perfect way to start the day……Thanks RCH

  13. Golden Girl says:

    Lol RCH great job!

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill did Bethenny a hugh favor by being her friend and knowing when to let go of that friendship so Bethenny could go on to build her brand empire, have a family and become a breakout reality star. Thank you RCH for not letting us forget what having a friend like Jill truly means.

  15. Amber...RealWife says:

    Once again another great blog. Don’t know which is better. Tongue in cheek, or kiss both cheeks! LOL Your dry humor today was funny but I love it when you do the wet, looney bitchy humor. Nobody does it better than the drunk canadian with internet access! Go RCH… Keep the liquor stores in business and keep the snark alive!

  16. Ada says:

    Great blog, after reading this I’m reminded nice again what a loving giving & forgiving person Jill is, I hope she reads this blog as I’m unable to tell her myself, you see she blocked me long ago when I asked her a question she was not prepared to answer, I felt so bad for doing that to her in twitter, looking forward to seeing her next season & all the goodness of her way. Once again that you again for your wonderful blogs & glad you are around more often nowadays . 😉 xo

    • krone says:

      We mustn’t forget how concerned J was about her buddy Beensomeone; I mean she jumped right on a chartered plane to tend to her poor, psychotic friend. Oh wait! she was flying to the vacation she’d already tried to sabotauge in order to ambush/”comfort” pregnant, grieving, lonely Bethenny. But she proved that she loves her fabulous circle of friends: sha did after all “wave” to Kooky at the airport. The woman’s a saint.

  17. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I never realized until now what a “giver” Jill is. Gotta love her, she’s a giver we could all learn from ;-).

  18. I couldn’t even read your entire ass kissing fest for Jill. Bethanny owes her nothing. And, I am the bigger fan of the beloved MS.Stoopid Housewife. You can’t compete as you steal stories from her, that she posted first. Get over youself and expose yourself. Take off the dumb sunglasses. You just think you’re that. When I see your stoopid pic on MS.SH site, it’s always some blathering, right wing kind of justice for Jill bullshit. I guess we’ll start calling you, DD.

    • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

      **circles moderately slow**

    • Jill is amazing and you are just jealous that you can’t be as fabulous as her.
      She is a victim and Bethenny owes Jill her life, her soul, and her first born. You are a bully and should be fired from your job.

      • captaincarebear says:

        It takes a high level of intelligence to recognize sarcasm in it’s finest form.

        • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:


          Are you being sarcastic?

          • Lol.
            I would like to know when I was blathering about justice for Jill on Stoopid Housewives site though. Hmmm….

            • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

              Blathering for justice is always good!
              I hope JZarin gets a blathering of deserved justice this season, too.
              I would just LUV that kind of blathering!
              This is a very kewl blathering of LUV Blog for JZarin.

            • krone says:

              you used an alias but clicking cat sees all

          • Sardonica says:

            Dear Dr Cappuccino
            Every now and then I phonetically mouth read a comment that makes me almost fall off my La-Z-Boy recliner. THAT one re: intelligence and sarcasm actually broke the beer holder I duct taped onto the side of the chair. My sides ar a’hurtin’ from the laughing. This place owes me a new chair and a fresh bottle of Miller Lite. The carpet is okay cause it is a brown shag and the beer blends in. Bravo, Dr C…bravo

            • Need a Hobby says:

              “…actually broke the beer holder I duct taped onto the side of the chair. ”


            • Please Note,

              It is advised that one refrain from inhaling beverages while reading said blog. Drink at your own risk
              The owner of this blog is not responsible for broken chairs, hurt sides, stained carpets or underwear. Please refer to the fine print at the bottom of the page.

              – From the Law Offices of Hughes and Ford LLP

              • krone says:

                Do I get the services of Rosie for 1 day to clean all the sputtered coffee off my monitor and environs? I heard that Countless freed her from her indentured servitude; or perhaps Zoila will make the rounds on JZ’s dime. Even if Iget stuck cleaning off my own mess, it”s well worth it. It’s been a long while since I’ve had this much mindless fun. Thanks RCH and members here. Really, this had all the makings for a truly terrible day and instead i’ve spent most of it chucling like a crazzzzy person.

            • ~Luvz Genius Shag'n Carpets~ says:

              Just as I ‘spected…..
              you’ve scored in the gifted genius level on the carpet shag’n sarcasmic’odometer.~
              Kadoooze!~ 😉

          • captaincarebear says:

            Just a tad… Or am I???

    • Damnert says:

      ohhhh PYHU I’m so confused. Who is Stoopid Housewife and why is her cat telling you to *ahem* expose yourself? She thought of kissing Jill’s ass first and THEN you stole the idea? Jill’s ass is a copywrite infringement?

      Does your “right wing blathering kind of justice” for Jill include a FEMA trailer and a death panel?

      Who’s spiking the Catnip around this damned place.

      • Stoopid Housewive’s is WaxDiva’s blog. As far as I know WaxDiva has never kissed Jill’s ass. And I’m definitely not over there defending Jill in the comments. So I’m not sure what that was all about. Everyone knows I only comment if I have something mean to say. Lol.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Hmn…the portal has leaked open again & another inter-dimensional intrusion may have occurred. Our visitor may operate on another plane (or “brane”) than the rest of us, an alternate reality in which you (or rather, the other you) have been leading a “Justice for Jill” campaign.

          What would such a campaign look like? Perhaps a gaggle of overdressed bejeweled ho’wives, emulating the Z’s dulcet tones and impeccable diction (“like a foghorn”), picketing outside Bloomies, insisting that JZ have her return privileges reinstated. Maybe Jillz clones attacking and overturning Pepperidge Farm delivery trucks, just becuz. Rampaging through the city in knock off Spanx and borrowed Zang Tois and Louboutins, pouring Diet Cokes on other people’s food, and yelling “Buy the book!!!” and “Help! Help! We’re being bullied!” as they knock aside little old ladies in their path who don’t move fast enough.

          The horror, the horror….

          Or perhaps its just another nutter.

      • krone says:

        Damnert, if you’re lucky enough to live in Arizona and also need an organ transplant, you’ve literally struck gold. No more metaphorical “death panels” or granny killings. Just burn any money you may have laying around and go for the ultimate death panel. No ‘elective” organ transplants (don’t you just hate it when people save their vacation days for receiving those “elective” transplants? If you’re lucky enough to hit the trifecta: 1. ill enough to require a new heart, liver, kidney, etc. 2) aren’t independently wealthy 3) and aren’t a recipient of that “socialist” and/or communist Government health care that house and senate employees get foisted upon them, then you can look forward to being denied life saving medical care. 1.2.3. THANK YOU GOV. bREWER! Now THAT’S “right wing blathering justice “and will kill you much faster than those mold, asbestos FEMA trailers and “death panels combined. Brought to you today by HAPPY THOUGHTS FOR THE HAVE NOTS.

        • kmuellfa says:

          I recently came across this story in one of the nursing blogs I follow. This young (twenties) couple lives in Arizona and the husband is dying of a brain tumor. State reps even suggested they move to Canada.
          Sad story, and you can read the wife’s blog here:


          The Phoenix New Times did a story on them here:


          • Debbie says:

            I read the link you posted “Learning to Hope”. I was brought into another type of reality and it left me sorrowful. What a sad, sad way to have to spend your days. Yearning for more and what might have been for this young, compassionate couple.
            It gives you a wake up call as to what Reality is for some.

        • Damnert says:

          I think Gov Brewer should be set up in an Airport Restroom. Proprositioning a prostitute in the next stall by tapping her heels in Morse Code. Like all good Right winged teabaggers are doing, damnit.

          She should be caught ala Lou Dobbs with a trunk full of illegal aliens that work for her.

          She should go hunting with Sarah Palin. That ended well for Cheney’s hunting partner.

          On a more serious note: WTF is our world coming to that we cannot offer healthcare for all the way police and fire us offered.

          Who knew that the movie John Q could actually be a reality acted out in hospitals across the nation because of refusal of treatment to save a life.

          Gov Brewer – ALL you people against healthcare for all – You really really, super suck !

    • @chris106243 says:

      Give me a break
      Give me a break
      Break me off a piece of that ClickCat Tard

    • krone says:

      Huh? Low flying aircraft. Duck, cover and roll. Is it possible/ nahhhhh Kelly’s keepers explain complex “emotions” to her. I’m aware that sarcasm and irony are more complicated than, “me like; me don’t like” Is it possible her aides took a break and she raced to the keyboard? Don’t you hate this? emotions are so 1979.

  19. twoile says:

    @SHW…ITA Very funny TX:0)

  20. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Have I wandered into a parallel alternate universe?
    Is it Backwards Day?
    Am I taking crazy pills?
    So disorientated- I have to go lie down.
    It’s all too much.

  21. Tam5115 says:

    ::Looks slowly around the room::

    I didn’t get the memo.

  22. Susie says:

    I come back from a Housewives hiatus in order to return to sanity, and feel more than ever that I walked into the Twilight Zone.

    …and I not trying to get any shit started, but I am confused. Was click click/mycat serious?

  23. Fairweather Viewer says:

    Ok…I didn’t read the blog for a whole day and I come back and apparently hell froze over! ha ha

    Btw, isn’t NOH8 a campaign to protest California Prop 8 and in support of gay/lesbian rights on marriage equality and anti-discrimination?

  24. Need a Hobby says:

    RCH: your possessed iPaddy has been posting again.


    • I know. I need to call a paranormal investigator… or maybe an exorcist.

      • Fairweather Viewer says:

        I watched some show a couple weeks ago that was about celebrities who have experienced ghost sightings or whatever and it sort of spooked me out. I don’t believe in that stuff but for whatever reason, watching that show sure had me “thinking”. ha ha

        • krone says:

          Did you ever watch “Paranormal State” on A&E?It’s also streaming on netflix. Kinda fun if you’re in the mood.

  25. Adgirl says:

    RCH, Jill has the gift of making everyone feel included!
    Jill made sure to share her hurt feelings about Bethenny with everyone. In the event they forgot, she repeated it. She also graciously allowed her friend LuAnn listen in on a private phone conversation between Jill and Bethenny.
    Group hug!

  26. Tracy says:

    Well we are all entitled to our own opinions…I’m squarely on Team Bethenny. There is one thing I believe with all my heart, Bethenny was ambitious and driven from day one. I think she would have made it to where she is all on her own, after all she did Martha Stewart’s apprentice prior to RHoNYC.

    Yes Jill assisted her with getting her foot in the door, however it’s what she did while she was there that made her so popular today.

    Just my two cents.

  27. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    i dont think i ever laughed so hard in my entire life
    thanks so much

  28. HeiferPlease says:

    AMEN! I never got the hype with B — wtf does everyone see in that obnoxious, abrasive, social climbing nobody?! she was never a good friend to Jill though Jill was always a good friend to her … B spun the situation very cleverly! #TeamJill

  29. Need a Hobby says:

    It’s like a Rorschach test, isn’t it?


  30. TEB says:

    Soooo Much Fun!! Love it RCH!

  31. car54 says:

    Jill is making an appearance on the Nate Berkus show on Thursday—from the promo they showed, she surprises a viewer and trades places with her for a day—it looks like the lady is a cashier—so Jill works at her job.

  32. Rusty - please put anonymous or something creative for my name says:

    OMG – I just had to come out of hiding in delightful response to your I LOVE Jill Zarin. I LOVE her so much too! Kindred spirits.

    GREAT and hilarious writing RCH.

  33. Rusty says:

    Yeah . . . I see that worked out well! Forgot my posting skills. Regardless . . . TRES funny!

  34. Rusty says:

    I would have emailed you directly but couldn’t find your email address on the site. Fun to catch up and read back on what your wicked, little mind has been up to.

  35. this is really funny. i was just reading through the twitter posts that responded to jill about blogs they wanted her to read because i wanted to count how many there were (and found a link here). i was irritated by jill appointing herself supreme judge of which opinions are “good” … i noticed that (nearly?) 2 days after jill solicited new blogs, she hadn’t retweeted any of them. so of course i made a snarky comment (@jillzarin of course) about how she didn’t like any of the blogs people sent her. and then she plugged lisa in new england (which i also read …. and immediately wished i had spent the time drinking bleach instead). i have to admit, though, that after i read your first line, i only skimmed your post the first time through (i nearly reached for the bleach – i’m sorry, i was fearing for lisa in new england version 2.0) – but then i saw the comments and went back up and really read it).

    p’shaw … isn’t it better to not get the JZ stamp of approval?

    • “(which i also read …. and immediately wished i had spent the time drinking bleach instead)”

      I was hoping I could trick Jill into tweeting the blog. I thought that would be pretty hilarious.

      • that would have been awesome! it was a valiant effort.

        i think one way to trick her might be to create an entirely new blog … and fill it with enough sugary sweetness to make a fairy princess vomit … but not outright sarcasm … then a minute after she tweets it, you copy and paste the content you REALLY want in it … (just in case anyone was bored …)

  36. Tracy says:

    Obviously I’m not as quick on the uptake as I thought. After re-reading the post AND the comments?

    I get it. RCH I thought you’d lost it for a moment.

  37. Terry says:

    Geez RCH,

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You have a gift. Bravo should be paying you, really they should. I had forgotten about many of Jill Zarin’s antics and, suddenly, I care again.

    Those NYC women: I live here and this is the capital of chutzpah and vulgar. I see women like the housewives at the opera pretending to like it, at Gracious Home, and so forth. I’m grateful for the friends I have: not fabulous, for sure, but certainly more concerned with real endeavors. God help us all.

  38. Lovella says:

    When I read the first read the title and first paragraph, I was thinking “No f-ing way. How can this be RCH?” Honestly I was close to deleting you from my favorites bar.
    Lucky for me I actually read it through. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that you weren’t serious. Then I laughed so hard my sides hurt. When I got to the parts about naming her daughter Jill and the “we’re done” dinner analogy, I totally lost it.

  39. Debbie says:

    Check out this tweet: Wednesday afternoon 4:27pm

    @CindyBarshop Cindy Barshop
    Today is going great, but being away from JZ makes me sad
    57 minutes ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

    she must have some kind of life if she feels this way. Poor thing.

  40. Cheryl says:

    PLEASE…This is I LOVE JILL ZARIN site. I marvel at how rabbit Bethenny’s followers are. I mean, do you all not question a woman who has absolutely no family ties. It can’t be everybody else and not Bethenny. She’s a user and victim when it suits her but a backstabber when she gets a SMALL taste of fame.

    I began wathing RHWONY because I wanted to see upper crust society and how they live. Bethenny and Alex should have never been cast on this show. Jill, LuAnn, and Ramona give us a peek into their world and I love it. Stop hating on Jill. Enough already!

  41. Beyoncca says:

    I Love you Jill.
    Ramona speaks of her renewed self. I think she’s still up to her old antics. INSTIGATING
    Alex is the biggest follower ever. When Bethenny spoke such harsh words about Alex, Alex got over it quick when she saw there was a “I HATE JILL” bandwagon to hitch her attention starved wagon to.
    Just like Bethenny said” Alex will crawl through a vent to get into a party”.
    Sonja finally found a voice this season and Alex wasted no time shutting her down.
    Kelly is neutral as usual. (Now that she’s not ducking Bethenny’s insulting blows)
    Countess Luane is opinionated this season. I love her comment about Alex’s dress. It was tacky.

  42. Beyoncca says:

    Alex could barely breathe at the Wedding. She’s so jealous that Jill’s higher class then her and her husband. Jill has the connections to help Alex enroll her children in the best schools 200k annually.
    Alex can’t get past her obsession with Jill. Jill’s comments have been off camera. Other ladies have said offensive things on camera.
    I Love Jill. Jill was beautiful before and now she’s even better. Jill is down to earth{like a sista} to me JUST REAL!

  43. Isabella says:

    Jill Zarin rocks!!! She has her MAJOR flaws but then again who doesn’t. Love her or dislike (HATE is an excessive phrase to utilize in reference to someone who is simply playing a part… you all do realize that most of these “reality shows are scripted, right so enjoy disliking or liking the character she portrays 🙂 Jill Zarin is a very entertaining character. Lol. Oh btw, people life is to short to spread hatred. We have enough of that from corupt corporation and individuals seeking power or compassion. Thanx

  44. Lola says:

    Jill gets such a bad rep for being real. The blonde team, for lack of a better term, completely sucks! Alex is the ugliest model on earth with a need to confront everyone and an ever growing victim complex. Sonja is a Ramona wanna be – of which there is nothing scarier and I can’t even talk about Ramona. She constantly insults other people – how they raise their children, how sane (or not) they are, and the not so subtle digs she constantly throws around almost as aggressively as she guzzles her Pinot.

    Anyway, long story short, Jill is all class and I have nothing but respect for her. Has she made some mistakes? Sure. But she is never mean spirited and is rarely the instigator. Team Jill!

  45. vimax says:

    I would like to thank you for the efforts youve got produced in writing this article. I am hoping the same finest operate from you inside the potential also. Actually your creative writing skills has inspired me to start my personal BlogEngine weblog now.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I Love Jill …at least she’s real!! Yeah we all gossip or at least, enjoy a little gossip here and there…common, be straight, who doesn’t enjoy some juicy gossip on someone that has really been mean to them. We are all guilty of it, why should poor Jill the scapegoat for everything we don’t like in ourselves?

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