The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part 2


And now for Part 2 of the Beverly Hills reunion:

Andy asks Camille if she really thinks Kyle is jealous of her. She says no and apologizes to Kyle for saying that. Kyle doesn’t accept the apology and says that the only reason Camille is apologizing is because the blogs made fun of her for saying that. Camille isn’t sorry, it was a nice PR move, but I don’t buy it.

Camille then blames Kyle for ruining her reputation by calling her delusional. She takes no responsibility for the fact that she actually acted delusional. Kyle gives Camille a break and says that she doesn’t think Camille is a liar, she believes that Camille believes that she heard the things she claims Kyle said. But Camille can’t accept that. She still continues to insist that Kyle said that no one would be interested in her without Kelsey. She just can’t let it go!

Kim finally stepped up and recounted the conversation she heard between Kyle and Camille. Thank you! Geeze, it only took her how many weeks? I wish Andy would have asked her “Seriously, now was that so fucking hard?

Andy asked Kim if Kyle is a bully. That pause she took while she thought about the answer was a clear “yes.”

Andy asked Camille if there is something, anything at all she is willing to own up to without blaming it on her divorce. She almost took responsibility for saying that Mauricio cheats on Kyle, but then backed out and blamed it on Allison. She tried to pretend once again that she was really just saying that Mauricio is a friendly guy, and what’s the problem with that? After Andy and Kyle both called her out on the fact that she is full of shit, Camille finally admitted that she might have possibly meant it in a negative way – maybe. And then she blamed editing for not showing her charity work.

Camille finally admitted to something and said that it was stupid of her to compare herself to Jesus. This caused all the women to laugh. While Kim was laughing she put her hand on Camille’s arm and Camille kinda brushed it off.

We finally got to hear about what happened between Lisa and Cedric. Apparently Lisa has some skeletons in her closet and after Cedric moved out he threatened to tell her secrets to the tabloids unless her and Ken paid him a certain amount of money. It was a serious enough extortion attempt that Lisa and Ken filed a police report.

They showed some clips of Cedric and what he’s been up to since moving out of the Vanderpump home. He said that Lisa doesn’t have any long time friends in her life and all the people around her are new and not real friends. There may be some truth to that, but when you start your life over in a new country I don’t really know if that is an avoidable situation. He also made a comment about how Lisa woke him up every morning and he had to go to the gym with her listen to her talk. He sounded like he expected people to feel sorry for him having to do this. I’m sure that during those times Lisa believed that he was sitting there with her because he wanted to spend time with her and didn’t know that he was just pretending to be interested in order to get a free ride. Even when Cedric was defending himself he still came off looking like a total user.

It seems as though Cedric felt devalued and disrespected by Lisa and that the dynamic between them caused resentments, and I actually do get that. But if Cedric wanted respect and wasn’t content in being Lisa’s little pet, then he shouldn’t have been living in her house rent free and allowing her to pay for everything. Cedric may be a con man, but he clearly isn’t a very good one. He would have gone a lot farther in life by staying on Lisa’s good side.

Taylor feels the need to add that all the people who want to sell their stories to the tabloids are the people who really know nothing. Shut up Taylor. Implying that Cedric knows nothing about Lisa after living with her for a year and a half and knowing her for 15 years is not helping.

Next we talk about Taylor’s fake marriage and watch her fake cry. I don’t feel bad for her. She chased down and married a man who wasn’t a good personality match for her just for his money, and now she’s miserable and blames him for not becoming the person she wishes he would be. You reap what you sow bitch. That’s all I have to say about Shannaconda Traylor Trash Ford-wanna-be Armstrong. Her crocodile tears mean nothing to me.

Next the husbands come out. Russel says that he wouldn’t leave Taylor for a 2o year old because he doesn’t have the energy.

Taylor was obviously getting drunk between takes because she laughed way too long and hard at that one, and continued to laugh too loudly at pretty much everything the husbands said from that point on.

Camille is still refusing to admit that it’s weird to kiss Nick on the lips. She took a page out of The Teresa Giudice Guide To Life and blamed her bad behavior on being Italian. When all the ladies were asked if they would kiss their husband’s friend on the lips, they all said no. Taylor said that she would kiss Kyle on the lips. Shut up Traylor! Andy said “We’ve already established that.” He sounded annoyed. I don’t think Andy likes her either.

Ken joked about only having sex with Lisa 3 times a year and I still can’t tell if they’re being serious or not. I want to know! What do you guys think? I mean… he is old, and there are a lot of issues that arise (or fail to) with age. He also discussed how much he hates Cedric for taking advantage of them and for using Lisa’s feelings towards him to get a free ride for so long. I love Ken and Lisa’s relationship. I think they are my favorite Real Housewife couple. 30 years… damn that is a looooong time. And they still seem so in love.

Women have been sending Mauricio naked pictures of themselves. I bet one of those women is Camille.

Adrienne and Paul have a pre nup. Obviously. No one else does. We know Camille didn’t. Lisa said pre nups didn’t exist when she got married in the 1800’s. Taylor obviously doesn’t have one because that would have defeated her purpose of marrying Russel for his money. Kyle doesn’t have one because her family connections got Mauricio his job so she will definitely be taking half, but they don’t seem like they’ll be getting divorced any time soon. Kim may have had one because she married some rich men and she doesn’t seem very well off.

The husbands leave and Andy asks Adrienne if she wants to hook Kim up with one of her single brothers. She was like “Uhh… well you see… um… the thing is….”
I’m sure Adrienne’s brothers are banging 20 year old show girls in Vegas. They don’t want an ex child actress with a thousand pounds of emotional baggage and an “alleged” drinking problem. And that was about all their was of Adrienne in this reunion.

They replayed the footage of the final fight between Kyle and Kim. Andy tried to ask Kim some questions about that night but she said that she’s trying to move forward and doesn’t want to discuss that night at all. It’s frustrating, because I really want to know about the house comment, but I guess I can respect Kim’s decision to remain quiet… since I have no other choice.

Andy kept pushing, but neither her or Kyle would spill any details. They both cried while refusing to tell us anything and it’s clear that there is a lot of painful history between the two of them. Kyle eventually asked Camille if she could switch seats with her and went to sit next to her sister. Taylor was not happy about that.

Andy asked Kim about her past as a child actress and asked if she had regrets. She said no. Kyle added that not everything Kim said about paying for their life was accurate because their father was successful and Kyle herself was also an actress. Kim looked down when Kyle said that, and I imagine she was thinking “Yeah Kyle, the money you earned playing a younger version of ME and your role as an extra on Little House on the Prairie wouldn’t even have paid for the gas in the convertible I bought you.” I believe that Kim says and does her share of hurtful things as well. I just think that Kim had the good sense to keep their personal problems personal, and Kyle did not.

Andy asks Kyle about her “alcoholic” comment. She declined to talk about it. Kim didn’t say anything. So basically, their silence would be a “yes”. Kim does have a problem with alcohol. That’s the conclusion I came to from what wasn’t said.

Then Andy turned to Taylor and said “You started the fight.” And she acted like “Whaaaa? Whooo? Me?” The way Taylor tells the story is that she wanted to talk to Kim, and Kim jumped up and started arguing with her. No Traylor. That’s not how it happened. Not at all. She throws Andy off track by once again bringing up Kim’s “state of mind” and Andy totally fell for it and let Taylor off the hook.

Andy looks at Kim and asks her point blank if she has a drinking problem. Forget that Taylor just lied her bony little ass off. Let’s talk about Kim’s drinking. Again. Kim doesn’t deny it, she just repeats that she doesn’t want to talk about that night. She’s not going to admit to being an alcoholic, okay Andy? Who cares? Make Taylor admit that she’s an instigating shit starter!

So Taylor got away with pretending that she didn’t instigate the fight that night. Kyle wasn’t asked if she feels bad for jumping into the fight and assuming that Kim was the one at fault. Kyle wasn’t asked why she expects Kim to take her side when she argues with Camille but she doesn’t take her side when she argues with Taylor. Kyle wasn’t asked how she feels about the fact that all the drama she’s been involved in this season was started by Taylor. Andy sucks as a moderator! If the point of these reunions is to watch the women tell blatant lies and not be held accountable then why am I even watching? Stick to your day job Andy Cohen!

Andy eventually gave up asking Kyle and Kim to talk about the fight and moved on. They hugged each other. Kim told Kyle she loves her. Kyle said nothing. After the break Kyle was back in her original seat next to Taylor. I thought it was weird that Kyle didn’t just stay next to Kim.

Now we get to talk about the dinner from hell. My favorite episode! I was hoping they would bring out our favorite electronic cigarette smoking psychic as a surprise guest, but we were not so lucky. Camille says that the whole night made her uncomfortable. That’s a lie. Camille got an obvious thrill out of all the drama. Lisa said that she saw Camille move the drinks away from Allison, but I don’t see that as a valid defence of anything. She knew that Allison was going to get nasty if she drank and she served her super sized extra strong drinks all night. Once Allison was good and drunk and causing the drama Camille had hoped for, she inched the drink away so that Allison had to reach a little further to pick it up. That does not make Camille look any better in my opinion. That dinner went exactly the way she had planned. The only thing that didn’t go as planned was the fans reaction to her, and that’s why she is now backtracking and semi-apologizing.

Camille says that she didn’t like the vibe Faye gave her when she walked into her home. They played footage of Camille and Faye meeting, and it didn’t go exactly the way Camille described it (does anything ever happen the way Camille thinks it does?) Faye was nice and didn’t look away from Camille the way she claimed, it was actually Camille who looked away from Faye. I will admit that there is something a little off with Faye’s smile, but I would attribute that more to the massive amounts of plastic surgery she has had on her face than an attitude problem.

Camille insists that it wasn’t hypocritical of her to call Faye morally corrupt for doing playboy when she herself did porn. Though she will admit that it sounds hypocritical when you say it like that. Yes, when you say it exactly the way it is, it does sound hypocritical.


Camille accuses Kyle of looking at her porn pictures because she was trying to set her up. Kyle says that Camille thinks everything is a set up (which seems to be true.) Then Camille accused Kyle of calling her delusional. Kyle says that she didn’t call her delusional (and she didn’t.) Camille says “but you just said that I think everything is a set up.” At this point Kyle gets all tongue ties and speechless before finally asking “didn’t YOU just say it was a set up?”

This is the point at which I would have walked across the room and gone all Nene Leakes on Camille’s ass. She is such an infuriating person. I almost stopped hating her so much by the end of the season, but now I can’t stand her again. There is no better word to describe Camille than “delusional”. She also has a real inability to let things go. How many times have her and Kyle talked about the Hawaii conversation, made up, and moved on? I hope Camille doesn’t come back next season because I imagine it will just be more of her obsessing over Kyle and the things she says.


Andy went around and asked the women if they have any regrets. The only thing Taylor regrets is saying Oklahoma. Unbelievable. I hate this bitch. Camille says that she has a lot of regrets, and she apologized to Kyle… but I’m not sure what she’s apologizing for since she refused to admit to any wrong doing. So which is it, Camille? Is Kyle a bully who ruined your reputation or not? I would think that if Camille truly believed the things she said about Kyle that she wouldn’t have apologized to her.


Kim says that she doesn’t regret doing the show because she made some great friends. I assume she can only be talking about Adrienne because I don’t think anyone else in that room likes her. Taylor must have been fuming to see Kim getting so close to Adrienne who is a very important rung on her social climbing ladder. I would be willing to bet that Adrienne and Taylor aren’t so close anymore after this season.


The reunion ended with a champagne and sparking cider (cough, cough, wink, wink, just in case any of you still had your doubts about Kim’s drinking problem) toast.

Here are some entertaining tweets that were sent to Taylor:

I sent a tweet to Paul:

And this was his response:

Transplanting your own hair kinda defeats the purpose, so I guess I will have to invent a different way to get permanent hair extensions.

Cedric was on E! News.
He said that Lisa and Ken are only pretending to be a really tight couple. He also said that he only lived with them for 6 months and that a lot of situations and the way he was portrayed were exaggerated for the show. He called Lisa insecure. I find that hard to believe. Things like that tend to show through on the screen no matter how hard you try to hide it. Case in point: Camille. He said that Lisa felt threatened by him because he knows a lot of secrets about them, but that he’s not the kind of person who would go around telling, and he said that he never tried to blackmail Ken. He also stated that he has never slept with Lisa because she’s a woman and he never slept with Ken because he is too old. That was about all he said. If he does know any juicy secrets, he’s not telling them.

Well that’s it for the Beverly Hills ladies. We have the lost footage episode next week, but those always suck so I’m not really looking forward to anything there. I will be happy to finally get some relief from the nightmares Taylor’s lips have been causing me and to move onto my all time favorite ladies: The Real Housewives of New York, although it sucks that Bethenny won’t be a part of it. Jill really thinks that this season she is going to turn her reputation around, and I can’t wait to see her freak out on twitter and blogs as her plan totally fails.

BS BRAVO BLOGS: Taylor Armstrong

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217 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part 2

  1. Peony says:

    You’ve got it right!

  2. tweatcyn says:

    According to Cedric’s website, he has a book in the making. I’m sure he’s saving his fake stories for that so he can profit from his lies.

    • humbruh says:

      I really wish he would go away already.

    • Vonya says:

      Cedric reminds me of the Kimes’ mom & son duo the movie “Grifters” was based on. He’s scarier than the weirdo at the DMV! The DMV creep was obviously sleazy, Cedric is a devious and sneaky sleaze-bag and that’s scary as hell!

  3. Tam5115 says:

    Oh boy, this is going to be a long one, sorry.

    I cried. I literally cried! It was very painful due to all that’s gone on in my RL and the stress causing troubles between my sister and I when we’ve always been super, super tight my entire life! Family can be uber difficult ya know? But I also had an older sister (One of 3 I am, and the youngest) who used me as a whipping post for years until I stood up firm and cut her off. We ended up with an okay relationship but she unfortunately took her anger issues out on her eldest daughter when she couldn’t on me anymore. That sister passed away in 2000 from a very rare auto immune disease. The sister that I’m now having issues with over our mom’s illness was more like another mother to me and we were always each other’s rock… not now, so this was hard to watch.

    I read the entire House Of Hilton book on my PC Kindle last night. If even 1/8 of that shit is true… it’s tragic. Nothing like a vicious stage mother living vicariously through her children at ALL costs and with a mean streak. Playing her own children against each other, the golden child being the one who was working the most and of course, earning the most money. Look, Kim and Kyle’s dad was failing at business and pretty much kicked out of the scene when Kyle was about 3. Three! I do believe their father built a home in his financially better days but don’t buy for a second that he was able or even allowed to continue to support them once Kim hit 7 figures. I know many of you may not recall, but Kim really was more than a child actress, she was a child star! She was only the second child ever signed to Disney. Hayley Mills being the first. Kyle tried to downplay Kim’s claims, but Kim I believe with all my heart, was correct. Kim supported that family. Big Kathy was horrid and they still worship that woman! No mistake here when Kim said that Kyle was most like their mother. I’ve got two words for Kyle. ANGER MANAGEMENT. That’s not to say Kim doesn’t have issues that she needs help with, but they is all sorts of fucked up! Family therapy, intense family therapy.

    And see, Kyle doesn’t just show this with Kim either. Jebus! she is never challenged in her position of superiority until Camille comes along. Kyle is like a pit bull when she’s challenged. You see that set of her jaw and she’s will nab an ankle and not let go. I’m not saying she’s mean, nasty, horrid or anything like that. But let’s face it, Kyle has a hard time being criticized at all. hey, we all get defensive, and that’s okay. It’s just that Kyle could go a long way to keeping the peace if she just approached it with, I’m sorry you feel that way, I didn’t mean it that way…instead of… you’re such a fucking liar, Camille! seems to me when they had a conflict, it was Kyle who flew off the handle. ::shrug::

    Everyone is going to hate me, but i’m willing to give Camille a chance. I know, I know… PR prep or not, I think she gave just enough to maybe be sincere but not too much to be an obvious bullshit artist. I wouldn’t be comfortable with Camille because I do think she’s insecure, defensive and paranoid. I don’t want to walk through that kind of minefield! I’m just saying that I no longer hate Camille, I feel kind of bad for her because her husband unceremoniously dumped her ass after 13 years, and regardless, that has to hurt, right?

    For fucks sake, she at least did apologize to Kyle, and I don’t know about all you guys, but I never heard Kyle apologize for anything. I didn’t even hear Kyle say she loved Kim… and sorry, but the film was not cut off immediately after Kim told her she loved her and hugged her.

    One thing I’m not gonna do… is give Taylor any kind of break. That bitch ONLY attempted to apologize after she’d been raped and pillaged for being a malicious cunt to Kim. Fucking social climbing gold digger tried to come between sisters for her benefit. That’s clear. she wants Kyle as her BFF and it’s creepy. She would suck up to Camille because Camille is stinking rich. she won’t challenge Lisa too much for the same reasons. Adrienne… hahahaha. Go to Bravo and watch: Resigned To A Loveless Marriage. (Adrienne is Kennedy’s Godmother, Taylor? really?) Say it together now… AWKWARD!

    Phew, I feel better, do you feel better? Anyone have an extra Xanax? LOL

    • I don’t know why, but I’m just not angry at Kyle the way everyone else seems to be. I’m sure she loves Kim, I wish she would have said it, but I think Kyle just has that tough exterior. Instead of getting hurt she gets angry. Camille’s apologies were total bullshit. She’s not sorry for anything. And I don’t think Kyle should have apologized to Camille. She didn’t do anything to her. Kyle could control her anger more, but I kinda like that she doesn’t have a problem saying exactly what she feels and doesn’t gloss over or try to make what she’s saying nicer or softer – she just says it. It makes the show more interesting. And I didn’t really blame her for calling Camille a fucking liar after everything she had just dealt with from her. She knew that Camille had been talking about her behind her back and saying things that weren’t true, when she called Camille to discuss it she wouldn’t return her phone calls, then they finally talked it out in New York, they made up, everything was fine, and then out of no where Camille started accusing her once again of saying things she never said. I can understand why Kyle got so mad. It’s not like they were having a normal disagreement – Camille was making shit up about her in front of tv cameras. So I don’t hold her anger against her.

      I can’t stand Taylor and I can’t wait until Kyle flips on her. Everyone is going to appreciate Kyle’s no bullshit attitude once she directs it towards Big Lips. Taylor is a professional social climber, that’s the only reason Adrienne is Kennedy’s Godmother. And I hope now that Adrienne has seen the show she is starting to realize what kind of a person Taylor is. I wish Andy would have asked Taylor about her “business”. It’s clear that she doesn’t work, and how can she say that her relationship with Russel is 80% business when they don’t work together?? This woman is a fake and a phony in every aspect of her life.

      • Tam5115 says:

        “and then out of no where Camille started accusing her once again of saying things she never said. ”

        My point. Kyle didn’t say anything, Taylor did! Taylor won’t own any of it.

        “Taylor is professional social climber, that’s the only reason Adrienne is Kennedy’s Godmother.”

        Adrienne IS NOT Kennedy’s Godmother, that was why I said to go see the video. It’s so delicious and I don’t understand why it wasn’t included in the reunion.

        • I can’t see the video. What does it say?

        • Because didn’t Taylor say that Adrienne is the Godmother? Or am I making things up like Camille?

          • Tam5115 says:

            Taylor had and has said that Adrienne was Kennedy’s Godmother.. In this video, Andy asks Adrienne if she is the godmother. Taylor is grinning widely and nodding her head… Adrienne stutters in her speech and finally gets around to saying that yes, Taylor asked her to be but that IHO, a Godparent should be a relative or someone extremely close… and slowly, Taylor’s happy face deflates. Adrienne confirms that she was asked but did not agree and is NOT a godparent to Kennedy. It was priceless.

            • LMAO! So Taylor lied then? Knowing that Adrienne would see her lie? Omg I love it. What was this, extra reunion footage? How come Andy didn’t use this to totally catch Taylor in her lies? Andy sucks.
              I need to figure out how to edit video and make some youtubes.
              I am sure that there is no way Adrienne and Taylor are friends anymore after this season aired. I totally thought that Adrienne and Taylor were close because of the Godmother comment. What a dirty little liar….

              • Tam5115 says:

                Oh honey, I know! I was floored! Taylor is a bold and unashamed LIAR when she should have known it would come out.

                I felt for Adrienne because she’s so NICE, she tried to say what she had to so NICELY… but really? It led to some really awkward pauses in conversation. I think Andy said something about it putting the pin in the story of Adrienne being the Godmother. LOL

                • It's Hot In Texas says:

                  Even though Adrienne was diplomatic and nice, she maintained direct eye contact with Taylor. And her expression seemed to be no nonsense. I think Taylor thought Adrienne would go along with the godmother thing just because she had told people that.
                  And isn’t a godmother picked while the child is still an infant, or even before birth? Taylor would be delusional to think that she and Adrienne would still be discussing this when Kennedy is now 5!

                • Tam5115 says:

                  Yes. As a Catholic I can tell you that we at least, would choose Godparents before the child is born. I can’t say for other religions.

                  Baptism at 5? Only if you just now decided that you were religious… or you were of a faith that only those who were old enough to choose were baptized.

                • Or if you are of the faith that worships money and power, in which case a baptism can be done at any time as long the Godparent provides you with the necessary social connections that you desire. Who wants to bet that Kyle or Camille are next in line for the role?

                • glued2it says:

                  A child can be baptized at any age, just depends on the church. Do we know that Taylor’s Catholic? Could be Lutheran or something else.
                  But I’m agreeing with RCH that it was a social climbing maneuver to ask Adrienne to be the Godmother.

        • Daisy says:

          WOW!!!! Why in the world was this not on TV???

          I LOVE how Taylor tried to coach Adrienne’s answer from the couch with her big smile and head nod. You know Taylor was SO embarrassed that she had just got her lie exposed and Adrienne was not going to even pretend she was Kennedy’s godmother. I also love how they showed Taylor’s smile go away and then she turned to Andy with her eyes closed and lips pursed as she always does when she has been pwned.

        • Daisy says:

          I wonder why they titled the clip at “resigned to a loveless marriage” Who in their right mind cares at this point about Taylor’s marriage?

          Why Not:
          Taylor Caught in a Big Lie
          Adrienne is not Kennedy’s Godmother
          Who is Kennedy’s Fairy Godmother? Not Adrienne.
          Taylor Gets Caught Using Kennedy for Social Climbing

        • TheRealBex says:

          Awesome Tam5115! I stopped visiting the Bravo site a long time ago because it was such bs, but I can see I need to give it another shot. That was my favorite part of the whole reunion. I wonder why they didn’t put it on air. Priceless!

      • Tam5115 says:

        I’m sure that Kyle loves Kim too. I just think Kyle has anger problems.

      • 7and7is says:

        ahhh…sometime we don’t need love from our families…it can be the worst form of “love”.
        Kyle’s version of love for Kim consists of trying to control her, putting her in her place, putting her down, and taking over their dead mommy dearest job of mentally torturing her… sheesh with family like that, who needs enemies
        Kyles shitty treatment of her sister gives Troutlips the OK to do the same…uck
        I could never understand having to put family first, or blood is thicker than water when you are stuck with ma crappy family

        • Tam5115 says:

          Family can be complicated, painful and yes, shitty.

          But I do think that in over 90% of cases, at the bottom… family is the best we’ve got going.

          “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”

      • Navymommy says:

        I feel the same way about Kyle as you do. When the show started, I wanted to whup Kim’s ass everytime she would say ‘I was a child star’, which was every other sentence. As the show progressed you could see how fragile her pysche was and didn’t have the emotional strength to run with that crowd. I agree with your opinion of Taylor. She picked him and knew exactly what price she was going to pay. Love Lisa and Ken. Cedric is a lying, little attention whore and I hope his book goes straight to the shelves of your nearest Dollar Tree, that is, if he can even find a publisher for his whining drivel. Also, he needs to be careful. I’m sure he’s here on a work visa and he hasn’t done much of that. He should take a page out of Taylor’s book. I thought this was the best series, second to the RHONY. Orange County needs to bring back the original cast, Atlanta is too ghetto, NJ was pretty entertaining but I think Miami will be a yawnfest similar to Basketball Wives. Time will tell.

  4. Real "TO" Housewife says:

    anyone who says they would never tell anyones secrets would also never say there are any secrets to tell. so fuck off cedric, and button up your shirt, you’re not tony manero, circa 1977.

    i heard kyle said that both her and kim were child stars. hello kyle, kim was a child star and you were a child actress. BIG difference. just take a looksee at your wikipedia page. not to mention kim was recently in black snake moan and you were an extra on er.
    i still say kyle went to that dinner from hell looking for a fight. so she’s just as much to blame as camille. allison and camille clearly stated that allison would not be doing any readings and kyle pushed. as much as i dislike allison she DID ask if kyle had been married before and when kyle said yes, said good because she sees two marriages (hello wikipedia). but she genuinely seemed to feel bad about saying it (this must have been before the massive amounts of alcohol).

    camille is as delusional as kyle, “child star”, camille’s “reputation” with who? no one even knows who the fuck you are except you have been on kelsey grammers arm for 13 years. i never heard about any great charity work, or a business she started, nothing. lady there was no “reputation” to ruin. you should be happy he cheated on your because if he had just filed for divorce no one would still no who you are.

    BMBB married russell bcause she was a willing participant in the grift. i’ll bet there was never any great love, SHE looke(d) (not anymore) good on his arm and lent an air of trophy wife to the scams, and HE had the bucks. i feel sorry for poor kennedy being the offspring of these two bottom feeders. kyle should know better that to hang out with BMBB. jewish people are forbidden from eating bottom feeders and i’m sure the torah would include hanging out with the scamstrongs.

    if all italians kiss on the lips, i gotta get me some more italian male friends.

    i think mauricio looks like john turturro and is not attractive at all. there just seems to me like something kinda slimey about him. i’ll also bet there was a different career before the realtor one that didn’t pay at all well. i think kyle married for love the second time and it was a poor love. i’ll bet the family was tired of either one being the poor relation, or her always asking for money and they said, ‘ok get mauricio to get his real estate license and we will give him a job. PLUS i remember it being said that he sells multi million dollar properties. i call BS. even with the market being down, it was up before and if he was selling houses in excess of 10+ million they would have a lot more money. there is no way pretentious kyle would live in that house if he was selling expensive properties. i think lisa’s place is probably his highest listing EVER.

    • I’m curious if Mauricio got that job before or after marrying Kyle. I’m guessing after. I’m sure Paris’ dad threw a few million dollar listings his way to help them out.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I’m guessing after too. No doubt, he has benefited from a family connection to the Hiltons.

        yet, the info I’ve sucked into my brain in the last 24 hours, Paris better shake her bony ass as fast as she can… they aren’t really good at passing down the Hilton wealth. The majority of each Hilton has gone to charity upon death.

      • Meggles says:

        I read somewhere that Kyle actually met Mauricio through the Hiltons. So I think he was already working for Rick when he met her.

    • Daisy says:

      I am just dying to hear Mauricio say “Yo, Adrienne.”

      He is Rocky Balboa.

      • Tam5115 says:

        LOL! maybe that’s it. I’m not on the Mauricio is so hot, bandwagon. Is it cuz he looks like Rocky in a way????

        • Daisy says:


          Mauricio is totally Rocky, and he sounds like him too. Maybe he and Sly Stallone are relatives?

          I just do not think Mauricio is hot at all. My husband is waaaayyyy better looking and doesn’t sound like he has just been punching cow carcasses.

          Sometimes people just think “celebrity” with their minds and then they automatically see “good looking” with their eyes. I have never thought Brad Pitt is good looking. So, it could be a taste thing.

        • TheRealBex says:

          He is handsome, but would be more so if he stopped overwaxing his eye brows. If I’m wrong he needs to start drawing them in. There’s something amiss with brows. Other than that he’s pretty cute as RH husbands go.

        • I don’t have a good vibe from Mauricio either. Remember he blew a kiss to Camille when she mentioned she hired him back? If my husband flirted with the woman I had problem with like that, I would definitely smack him. I think Mauricio flirts a lot (maybe Allison heard/knew about this and therefore made the comments about he was unable to fulfil Kyle emotionally). Have you seen the promo that Kyle told a woman to get off her husband? Anyway, I like Ken a lot more.

  5. Real "TO" Housewife says:

    i hope to hell kim always reminds kyle of her child star status. i hope she pokes and picks at that scab kyle has about kim being famous and successful. kyle is a jealous pernicious pretentious bitch. i don’t even care about her and BMBB’s relationship anymore, they deserve each other. kyle you got all of your super fabulous rich friends together for a reality show and you came out smelling like oklahoma skunk shit.

    i can’t even comment on the kim, kyle limo whatever it was. it was bs and i just felt sorry for kim.

    again andy is a douche, and i have concluded that BMBB has a penis that andy could pick out of a line up. because that is the ONLY way i can figure that andy let her/him off without owning up to anything. so now big mouth billy bass is officially big mouth bill bass dick, BMBBD. and THAT is why he/she wears such loose dresses.

    i still love adrienne but she is just to normal to hang out with these bitches – and that is saying something for someone who generally hangs out in vegas.

    i give this a fail and an “i want those two hours of my life back”

    • Tam5115 says:

      Seriously? BMBB has a penis? What about KKB? Jill Zarin? Teresa? and I could include others that Andy has let off the hook with barely a murmer of protest. He is not strong enough to run these reunions, we need someone who will not relent and will not let slide. Own your shit, bitches.

      • RHofWhatever says:

        Andy runs away from strong women with firey tempers…He’s a widdle scarewdy tat!

      • Real "TO" Housewife says:

        man body, embarrasment to jewish people, and no brow, definitely all have dicks. yep. i went there 🙂
        (i hope no jewish people take offence. it’s just that all of my jewish friends are soooo embarrassed about that man trap book.)

    • nancy says:

      I agree with most of this except about the Kyle part. I believe Kyle has had to take care of Kim and her issues for a very long time.

      • nancy says:

        That was for TO

      • TheRealBex says:

        I agree. Kim is fragile and needs TLC, but that’s also a heavy burden to bear. Kyle seems frustrated and exhausted by Kim. If Kim’s an alcoholic, Kyle has probably had to pick up a lot of pieces. Is is right that she just wants to grab Kim and shake her? NO. But life is messy and sometimes it just breaks a person down.

  6. Real "TO" Housewife says:

    oh and thank you rch for giving me a place to vent. the voices in my head have stopped.

  7. Tam5115 says:

    “i heard kyle said that both her and kim were child stars. hello kyle, kim was a child star and you were a child actress. BIG difference. ”

    Yep, that was one of my points above. these be the facts. They both acted but Kim was WAY more successful than Kyle, sorry, she just was. Kyle knows nothing about what their father did or didn’t do… she was THREE when he left. Honor thy parents, but really? Beware it fucking you up for life.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      wow, my tv audio said that their father supported their family and that they were both child actors and it wasn’t all on Kim’s shoulder – guess I need a new tv…

      • Terry says:

        I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle. The father probably did contribute something, but I do believe Kim.

        I trust Kim’s assertions more because she is psychologically able to see the truth a bit better. Kyle has constructed idealized parents in a manner very typical of a person in her circumstances. Further, her jealousy of Kim’s child star status impels her to mention that she too was a child actor, thereby taking away Kim’s identity and accomplishments.

        I wish Kyle were able to see how fortunate she is to function well, to have a loving husband, and so on, and let Kim have the child actor thing to herself.

  8. Periwinkle says:

    Well imagine my shock at learning that Taylor lied about Adrienne being Kennedy’s Godmother.

    • Yes we were just discussing that. I can’t believe they left that out of the reunion!!

    • glued2it says:

      Oh this is priceless!!!! Why didn’t they PLAY THIS on TV????

      All I can think is – maybe Bravo was hoping to HIDE the SHIT on TAYLOR during the 1st season so that they INTRODUCE it to the DRAMA on the 2nd season???

      • glued2it says:

        And maybe they’ve released it on the website because they’re realizing that the viewers are NOT BUYING Taylor’s CRAP and feel that they better come clean on some stuff??? I dunno….but all I can say is, they’ve got to give the goods on Taylor in season 2.

      • LilyLynn says:

        The godmother lie — at first I thought how did I miss this when watching the reunion – but now realize Bravo didn’t even show this on TV! Those idiots! I’d much rather have watched this segment than that feature of Cedric in his “new” life. Epic fail Bravo.

      • Have no no idea why they didn’t air this. I finally just got to watch it. This was like the best part of the whole reunion. I don’t know why they didn’t include it.

    • Daisy says:

      I am sure Adrienne has people weasling in trying to get a piece of Maloof pie all of the time and saw this “godmother thing” for what it actually was. (This expose’ actually makes the Boca Raton story look more credible.)

      In the clip, Adrienne seems like she was offended at her even being asked to be a godmother, and then, you can just see the disgust at her having to address it and clean up the lies. This may be why there has not been much interaction between Adrienne and Traylor after the first episode.

      Adrienne, Paul, and the rest of the Maloof family probably still laugh at Trash’s blatant over reach. Just when you think Trash can go no lower she goes and jumps under the trailor.

      • I don’t think Adrienne laughs about it. I think she is probably more angry than anything. Can you imagine how hard it is for this woman to make real friends? And then, once again, she discovers that someone is trying to take advantage her. It must hurt.

      • glued2it says:

        can you remind me again what the Boca Raton story is? I know it’s around here somewhere but with so many blogs and posts now, it’s like looking for a needle in a Haystack, or the truth in anything Taylor says.

  9. Periwinkle says:

    Oops didn’t see the previous post about this…….Sorry!

  10. Periwinkle says:

    Watching rerun of the reunion pt 2. Kyle please stop using Paris’ catch phrases. “Loves It” is the term a teenager would use.

  11. Tam5115 says:

    Well ladies, I’m starting at the beginning and giving us ALL thumbs up. LOL

  12. Tam5115 says:

    You know what’s so amazing? It’s not even the fact that any type of substance abuse or addiction has to be a big secret in Hollywood. clearly that’s dumb.

    Paris, hmmmm. cocaine, marijuana, sex tapes, jail. Gee. any problem Kim may have is more embarrassing, right? sheesh. Paris has no real talents at all.

    You know what’s really cool? Kim has a photographic memory, as her father did

    • Vonya says:

      That area is just over-flowing with vices and plenty of people who live to take advantage of them and see to it that no vice goes to waste. After Lisa’s concern over what her son might be tempted by at the Musician’s Institute, I think she empathizes with Kyle and Kim.

  13. glued2it says:

    I mentioned this on the 1st Reunion blog, that Lisa said something in an interview scene on the episode of Camille’s dinner party that Faye was planning her move like a panther (or tiger or some big cat) and was getting ready to pounce. But we didn’t really see that play out due to editing, so I can only conclude that Camille might be telling the truth that all thru the evening, Faye was setting her up for “the kill”. At least, that seemed to be Lisa’s take on it, and why would Lisa lie about that?

    • Tam5115 says:

      I think both sides were setting up for the kill. Both Kyle and Camille admitted they were glad their friends were with them.

      I do think Camille baited to begin with and I certainly don’t blame Faye for wanting to defend her friend. Yet, I do see that Camille may have been embarrassed by Allison, at least at some point she was. God knows, anyone should have been embarrassed by Allison! I’ve never seen anyone quite that vile before. Dear God, call an exorcist. “the power of Christ compels you”

      Yes, Camille sunk to low levels in the talk after the others left, and she admits that. Kyle passing around her Blackberry full of Camille’s nudes on the ride to “the lounge where Kim was not invited” just seems tacky to me. Yes, we know it’s out there. I know a few minutes of Paris’ sex tape is out there too… I’m just not going to look for it! Tit for tat? Do we really have to go there? Knowing that Camille had no business throwing stones while living in a glass house, is enough. seriously. poor taste there in looking that up, IMO

      Before someone gets their knickers in a twist, I know some unknown e-mailed these pics to Kyle, but I get tasteless and inappropriate e-mails at times too… I don’t share them, I delete them. Just saying. My point being that Kyle is no Anita Bryant here. (that’s an ancient reference to the early moral majority, y’all)

      • glued2it says:

        Yes, I think both sides were ready for a throwdown. I wasn’t trying to imply that Camille was sitting there like a little defensive lamb, lol
        But I think that Faye’s part in the drama was heavily edited.

      • I don’t think Camille was embarrassed by Allison until she saw what everyone online was saying about her. I don’t believe a word from Camille. I believe that we saw the real her and the only reason she is “sorry” or “embarrassed” is because of the way everyone responded to her.
        She may have been going through a hard time, but thats not why she made the comments about the pecking order, or firing Mauricio, or Kyle being jealous, or invited her psychic knowing she would cause problems. She did all those things because that’s who she is.
        I don’t think she kept giving the friendship with Kyle a chance. I think she kept giving Kyle chances to kiss her ass and fall into place, and when she didn’t, the fight would reignite. The only reason Camille is semi-submitting now is because Kyle is (was until recently) a fan favorite and therefore became higher on the pecking order.
        I still hate Taylor the most. But I don’t like Camille either.

      • I don’t blame Kyle for showing the pics. If you’re going to act all high and mighty and try to make other people look bad for Playboy when you’ve done far worse, then you give people a reason to look up your past and make fun of you. Camille begged for that to happen.
        And I don’t think what Paris did was the same thing. She made a private tape with a guy she loved, and if she wasn’t “Paris Hilton” the tape would have remained private. That’s not the same as acting in a porno. In fact, I think what Rick Solomon did should be illegal and I feel bad for Paris. She was only 20 something. Imagine how hard it must be to trust a man again after that?

        • shaigyrl says:

          I’m still trying to figure out exactly HOW Camille knew about the things that transpired in the limo. Who do you think told her?

        • Tam5115 says:

          Yeah, that guy releasing the sex tape with Paris was a really shitty thing to do, for sure. yet, this is what made Paris a “star” I don’t think anyone really knew or cared about Paris before that.

          Good for her she took such a negative and turned it into a career. Because really, Paris is famous for being famous and that’s it.

          • Actually I don’t think that’s true. I know that the media always says that, but that’s not the way it happened. She was already famous. If she hadn’t been, no one would have cared about her sex tape. The only reason it sold for so much was because of who she was. The reality show happened after the sex tape, but I don’t think it happened because of the sex tape, and she was also a model walking on runways and being photographed by the paparazzi long before that tape came out. I feel bad for her actually, because the media creates this image of who she is, and I think it’s very wrong. I’ve actually hung out with her a few times, and she is a very sweet girl, so I feel bad when I see people always writing mean things about her. I think that when her new real reality show comes out people will see a different side of her, instead of the image she’s been portraying for so long.

            • Sangfroid says:

              I first remember hearing of her when she modeled with Mick Jagger’s daughter at Bryant Park in 2000. She must have been about 19.
              The tape was released in 2003.
              Paris was already a household name by then and had made appearances in four or five films. She was in Zoolander in 2001 playing herself, which would have been meaningless if she had not already established some celebrity status.

            • Tam5115 says:

              Fair enough. I should have clarified that I had never heard of her before that broohaha.

            • glued2it says:

              @RCH –
              “I’ve actually hung out with her a few times, and she is a very sweet girl…”

              WAIT…WHAT??? When was this? How’d it happen? Have you said this before?

              • RHofWhatever says:

                hmmmmmm…RCH, do you and gaffe run in the same circle?

              • No, I have no idea who Gaffe is. I never mentioned it before because there wasn’t really a reason to, and I think saying things like that sounds “braggy”. I’ve just met her a few times at parties when she’s here. We used to have some similar acquaintances in common.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Camille’s hostess skills leave alot to be desired. She made Faye feel real welcomed with that playboy introduction…..then let her pet psychic get nasty with Kyle and tell Faye to leave when Faye called bs….again unchecked by that hostess with the mostest! I am looking forward to Faye vs Allison!

  14. glued2it says:

    Oh, RCH, I’m surprised you didn’t mention what Kim said to Taylor about waiting for Russel when they get out of the car. It was during the Taylor’s loveless marriage discussion, and Kim was giving Taylor advice about waiting for him. And, IIRC, Taylor actually had a moment where she was NOT smirking at Kim but seemed to be honestly listening. And Kim was coherent and making sense and had it together and it lasted all of 10 seconds, I think.

    • I know. I debated whether to add that or not. No wonder Taylor hates Kim, she doesn’t let her get away with anything and she is constantly ruining Taylor’s “poor me, I’m a victim” image she tries to portray.

      • Distressed says:

        Maybe this is where all the hatred for Kim comes from on Traylor’s part. She thinks Kim sees through here and she’s right. Kim probably met her and thought, no way am I getting close to one of those.

  15. glued2it says:

    This occurred to me this morning, and I think it supports RCH’s supposition (and Kyle’s) that Camille is delusional…
    thinking back on the Reunion episodes and on a few scenes in the Finale – whenever they show Taylor getting caught in her own lies or caught stirring up trouble, she gets this look on her face that says either CAUGHT! or GUILTY! and if it’s Kim she gives that “I’LL GET YOU LATER!!” look.
    But Camille doesn’t look like Taylor when her words come back to bite her. She just doesn’t seem to believe what she’s being told. On rare occasion, she will agree. But mostly she just seems defiant.

  16. Samgfroid says:

    Referring to the dinner party Kim said, “Omigosh, I was waiting for Kyle to fly across the table.”
    Then at the finale party we see Kyle “fly across” the limo.
    I think there was good reason for Kim’s pause when asked if Kyle was a bully.
    Apparently it is not unusual for Kyle to become physical in the heat of the moment.

    • Tam5115 says:


      This is why I said, two words, Kyle. ANGER MANAGEMENT

      • Samgfroid says:

        Tam, you read the book.
        Did you not cringe when Kim said that Kyle was like Big Kathy?
        What a creepy little story that was.

        • Tam5115 says:


          and I got the impression that Kyle thought it was a compliment. Maybe Kim did too. ewwwwwwww.

          • Samgfroid says:

            Having looked at the author’s sources for the book, I believe much of it to be sensationalism from interviews with the Cedrics in their lives.
            However after discounting the gossip and innuendo, the family dynamic still comes through, and I am amazed that these women have done this well. The last thing they need is someone like Taylor in their lives to revive the competition.

    • I agree. The way Kim dove behind Adrienne makes me think she’s used to it. And the first thing she said to Kyle when she got in the limo was “don’t get that close to me” or something like that.

  17. Tam5115 says:

    “Ken joked about only having sex with Lisa 3 times a year and I still can’t tell if they’re being serious or not. I want to know! What do you guys think? I mean… he is old, and there are a lot of issues that arise (or fail to) with age. ”

    LMAO! Really? They are not THAT old. Just wait until you get over 40. You’ll see how 30 years of marriage allows you the freedom to tease, two puffs and a grunt. It’s absolutely endearing. Those of us who have been in a marriage or relationship this long, or almost this long, (almost 27 years for me) appreciate the humor. What a CUTE couple! They absolutely adore each other.

    • Terry says:

      Sorry, Tam.

      The Lisa-Ken-sex-object joke was rehearsed to death before the reunion. Ken’s and Lisa’s PR people worked with them quite a bit and expanded Lisa’s comments about twice a year to Ken’s saying the bit about her having forgotten Valentine’s Day. He later said (I’m paraphrasing) “I have sex with this woman three times a year.” It was very good work on the part of the PR team.

      Russell also rehearsed the “challenging years of the economy” and the “I don’t have the energy for a 20-year-old” bits.

      I believe most, if not all, participants at the reunion had PR coaching, some to better effect than others.

    • Daisy says:

      I loved it with they were talking about Nick, and Ken said he would kiss him.

      That was so funny and cute!! I love Ken. He is my favorite fauxlebrity.

    • So it’s just a joke then? I really can’t tell if they’re being serious or not.

      • glued2it says:

        They’re NOT being serious. If it were true, then they wouldn’t mention their sex life at all. Or they’d be saying they have sex ALL the time! lol

        • Are you sure? Why would you make something up like that? I think it’s true but they’re trying to turn it into a joke so it doesn’t sound so depressing. Lol.

          • glued2it says:

            Lisa said something to the effect that she likes to joke around and she told Andy that she enjoys sex with her husband.I think it’s true that they really joke like that. I don’t think it was PR like Terry said. AND I think it’s VERY LIKELY that they don’t have sex as often as they did when they were younger. Maybe 2 or 3 times a month as opposed to 2 or 3 times a week? So, compared to how things were, it feels like 2 times a year, and they joke about it.
            But Lisa seems too private a person to let everyone on earth know she only has sex with Ken twice a year IF that were true.

  18. ilovelynn says:

    thanks for the recap, rch, right on as usual.

    there is a link to a youtube video of “taylor totally wasted”. it’s after a rh party and at first she is hanging all over faye and some old guy and then when kyle comes out and is being interviewed she is hanging all over her and practically making out with her. at one point she says “we’re besties” and kyle just ignores her, after a few minutes someone takes taylor away. she is a mess and soooo ugly with those lips. andy cohen is a jerk for never asking the right questions. when will bravo wise up and get a better moderator of the reunions! sorry, too stupid to know how to get the link for the video, I got it from lynn’s site.

    • I saw that video. I think Taylor has a bit of a crush on Kyle.

      • glued2it says:

        @ RCH – yep, yep, yep, yep, yep on the crush on Kyle!!! I think Kyle was just playing around and being funny. But I got the vibe that Taylor was wishing it could be real. Maybe not full blown sex but definitely a lot more physical attention from Kyle.

    • Distressed says:

      Excellent post. I saw the video too it was great.

      That “someone” who takes Taylor away is Russell. He doesn’t come out to the street until after Traylor appears nearly incoherent from booze. It was a video of a Bravo event and therefore it was work for all the wives. Kyle was shown, not drunk. Faye Resnick was also shown not drunk. And the guy that Taylor is hanging off there is named Elliot Minz or something like that, he’s a publicist and works for Paris Hilton among others I guess, not sure. But he was also working and didn’t appear to be half as drunk as Trashed Traylor in the video.

      Okay now remember the vegas trip when Traylor says that she had to leave the party because Russell is “driving the bus.” Okay? What happened there was Traylor was again trashed and stumbling visibly and Russell goes over takes her hand and says lets go, “lets get something to eat,” and leads her out. Remember that?

      Traylor is the real drunk. That’s why she’s so vicious to Kim.

  19. missmi says:

    Does anyone remember Kim saying to Faye when they were leaving the party…”you started this”. It comes off as a flaky comment, but now Im starting to wonder if it wasnt accurate. RCH, I adore your blog, more than anyone elses, but I can’t believe you’re not being harder on Kyle. She is clearly a bully to KIM, not Camille. Im also noticing that she seems to enjoy dropping Pariss name and association with it and Paris is the poster child for morally corrupt behavior. I would love to have seen Camille say something about Pariss trashy video and drug and alcohol convictions. You would have seen Kyle come unglued. Kim refused to talk about the fight, but Kyle could not just stay quiet because she had to call Kim a liar saying that she was an actress too and their dad made plenty of money. No he didnt. He died broke!! I don’t hate Kyle because I would probably go nuts if Camille ws pulling that shit on me, but I think Kyle has been jealous of Kim for a long time. Thats why she has such a double standard. Kim will always be a problem for Kyle, because Kyle is tired of Kim being the focus. IMHO. Btw, Mauricio was working for the Hiltons when Kyle met him.

    • Tam5115 says:

      I thought it was Taylor that Kim said, “you started this” to

      but of course, Kim was ostracized that night because she dared to stand up for herself to Taylor. That was the night that Kim was put in a car by herself and then Kyle wouldn’t answer her calls. she was too busy planning a night out with everyone, including Taylor who had just trashed Kim. Oh yeah, and showing everyone the nude photos of Camille she’d gotten in an e-mail. This was okay because someone sent her an e-mail and “it was out there”

      OH… so Kathy introduced their employee Mauricio to Kyle? How nice.

      • missmi says:

        It is completely by memory, so I may be wrong. I seem to remember Kim kindof pushing Faye and laughing while saying you started this. Faye was like “what” kind of surprised. This was before Kyle started in on Kim for fighting with Taylor.

    • I thought Kim said “you started this” to Taylor.
      I know I’m not being very hard on Kyle… but I dont know… I’m having trouble judging her the way everyone else is. I find Kim infuriating. I can’t imagine having to deal with someone like her on a daily basis. So I don’t blame Kyle for her anger. I do blame her for the way she handles her anger, but I don’t think she’s a horrible person. I think she needs some therapy and some self control to learn how to deal with things.
      And I think Kim caused a lot of the anger Kyle had for her throughout the season by not standing up for her in New York. I think that was very wrong on Kim’s part. Kim could have helped end the argument and chose not to. I don’t believe that Kim “gets nerovous”. No she doesn’t. She has no problem standing up and telling it like it is when she’s defending herself or calling out Taylor. She just wouldn’t do the same for Klye. I don’t think Kim is as innocent as she pretends to be.
      When Kyle says “You don’t understand the things I have to deal with” I believe her. I think there is a whole mess of stuff there that we don’t understand, so I’m trying not to judge.

      • TT in OC says:

        It would be a perfect world if all siblings simply love each other. I used to enjoy that when I was younger. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect.

        I do believe Kyle is competitive and jealous of Kim and sister Kathy because of their financially status. Kyle probably did choose love over money in her 2nd marriage as someone mentioned. I incline to oversee Kyle’s shortcoming because I feel sorry for her more so than for Kim. IMO, Kyle is still “fighting” hard and fair to get what she wants (fame and money?) and not pretends to be nor acts like a victim.

      • missmi says:

        Well said RCH. I happened to have the dinner episode and some others on my dvr. When Ny came up between Kyle and Camille. Kim jumped in and pointed out that Taylor had done something. Taylor got mad and started to yell at Kim. Taylor then said what looks to be directed at Adrienne “you need to stop this” Adrienne for some reason did not want to. Taylor then said to Kim “well I cant stop you, because you run your mouth to much” then she stood up and told them enough. They do show Taylor telling Faye how frustrated she is with her (assume Kim). Outside Kyle started in on Kim about she doesnt need Kim fighting with Taylor while she is arguing with Camille. Then as they walk, Kim hits Faye with her purse and says “you started this”.

        Still dont like the way Kyle treats Kim, however rewatching the show made me realize that Kim is misdirected. They are all on point A and Kim in on point D. Its like she has’nt wrapped her brain around the big picture.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kim was capable of defending her sister in NYC she didn’t and I think she is jealous of her sister and/or was in an alcohol fueled black out and won’t admit it. Pay back is a bitch and no one can do that as well as a sister on a sister.

        • Terry says:

          Your comments surprise me! I’m trying to see their merits and thus far, what I can see is that Kim has clearly been a victim here.

          However, being the victim of a proximate wrong is not a character flaw; it’s just a fact. I’ve been a victim of a couple of crimes and found the helplessness I felt unpalatable to the point that I tried to deny it.

          I see Kim so differently. I see a woman who has maintained her sweetness, concern for others, and family values despite a horrid childhood and misfortune as an adult. She’s not strong, but I would personally prefer to lack strength than to become emotionally abusive and morally vacuous.

          I guess it depends on whether a person identifies with the witch or the accuser.

  20. missmi says:

    Sorry. One more thing…I think Kim did tell Andy that she did not have a drinking problem.

    • She said “No I don’t want to talk about that night”
      She didn’t simply say “No”.
      I don’t think she would have checked into rehab if she didn’t have a drinking problem. I don’t think Kyle made up that lie in the heat of the moment. And I don’t think it’s a big conspiracy for everyone to pretend that she has a problem when she really doesn’t.

      • TT in OC says:

        Although I believe Kim has a drinking problem, I think I read somewhere that Kathy checked Kim into the rehab becasue Kim was depressed and might hurt herself after the limo incident.

        • Tam5115 says:

          That makes sense to me. My guess is that Kim’s problems are more emotional ones. Depression/Anxiety seated. The alcohol is from self medication IMO, and possibly used on top of anti depressants, maybe Xanax even since that is often prescribed for anxiety, such as Panic.

          That is how I’ve always seen Kim. She seems to have a really bad case of social anxiety at the very least. Most telling to me was when she told Adrienne I think, that she wasn’t lonely, she likes to be alone. I can identify with that.

          Kim didn’t have a normal childhood. She spent most of her time in an adult world working and seldom had the socializing benefit of attending school with others her age. This isn’t abnormal when you look at child actors and how many of them end up with serious problems later in life. Kim actually didn’t turn out so bad when you consider such cases as Danny Bonaduce.

          Kyle probably wanted to help Kim to have a social life, to go out and meet people, have friends, find a partner etc… it is frustrating for others to understand, if they don’t have the same kind of feelings, fears, concerns, worries. Just because you have an irrational fear, that doesn’t make it less real for the person who has it. I’ve never seen Kim look at all comfortable in any of the social settings. Perhaps alcohol provided a little liquid courage? Just a guess on my part.

          • Terry says:

            You know, I was thinking that also. Without knowing it for sure, it almost seems to be common sense that Kim would suffer from depression and anxiety.

            A person who is clinically depressed is very difficult to be around. Among the horrible effects of depression is a sensitivity so acute that it feels as though one has lost one’s skin, and every single little thing results in excruciating pain. Imagine, if you will, how a burn victim would react to the slightest touch. Depressed people, therefore, are highly irascible, in addition to being so low that they suck the joy out of a room. (I know from experience — on both ends).

            Whatever ails Kim, I’m sorry for it. One thing that makes her a target for bullies though, is that she is kind and guileless and not very strong. I wouldn’t want her to grow some guile; she’s a lovely person.

            • glued2it says:

              That’s why she needs to leave the show. That venue is not her forte. I think she’d do much better guest-starring on CSI and other cop shows. Do an episode of Hawaii Five-O. Stuff where she has a script and a director and can rehearse and really ACT and not feel like she’s being asked to be phony in a “reality” show.
              She needs another agent!

            • Tam5115 says:

              I think clinical depression should really be called, The Void. Depression seems to indicate sadness somehow, and that’s so far from the truth it’s laughable. There is no sad, no joy, no anything. It’s not only hard to be around someone like that, it’s painful to be like that. There’s just nothing. My doctor and therapists would ask me what I saw as the future, and I’m not kidding when I say that trying to think about that, all I saw was an empty room painted that horrid institutional green. JK Rowlings, who has been clinically depressed herself, based the Dementors on that idea. (Harry Potter)

              But I do think Kim is more on the anxiety side of the issue. If she were clinically depressed, she never would have done the show IMO

              • I agree, I think Kim’s problem is more like social anxiety or something. But she was also out of her league with those women. I think she would be more comfortable with someone more down to earth people who would come over her house for a bbq. She seems to enjoy the company of her children’s friends.

              • I agree, I think Kim’s problem is more like social anxiety or something. But she was also out of her league with those women. I think she would be more comfortable with someone more down to earth and people who would come over her house for a bbq. She seems to enjoy the company of her children’s friends.

  21. Tracy says:

    Those tweets are priceless! I’m glad the fans called Traylor-trash out!

  22. WindyCityWondering says:

    RHBH delivered more than expected but I am glad it is over too! In the end, I didn’t like any of them and I didn’t hate any of them. These ladies obviously have a different code of engagement than the rest of the world. They speak with their eyes because their faces can’t move and their verbal and audio communication skills clearly are not in sync with their brains. But they do have the coolest shoes!

    Then there is the matter of Cedric – button your shirt, shut your mouth, find a job that isn’t extortion/blackmail and will someone please deposit this weasel back at the Paris phone booth he alledgedly was abandoned at!

  23. Shari says:

    Just wanted to add the two tweets I sent to Smashmouth, Taylips.

  24. WindyCityWondering says:

    Ah Faye – the really morally corrupt thing about her is her face. Me thinks she asked for the tough girl, lip snarl lifted to my monster cheek implants surgery. Like Taylor – she gives plastic surgery a bad name. When you jack your face up that badly you should be issued a set of cards to hold up when you are in a conversation like the applause ones for show audiences.

  25. missmi says:

    I read Fayes book years ago. I remember it was a great read, but she did nothing to help Nicole Browns reputation. They both came off looking like sluts. If Nicole didnt have kids it may have been a bit more forgivable, but I remember thinking how mortified he kids would be when they read it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The book was pretty much a slice of the party life back then and I felt it was written to show that Nicole was a person not just a celebrity’s wife. AS for their poor children – their father has done an excellent job of being a felonious ass!

  26. missmi says:

    I guess its obvious they I have time and can’t get RHBH out of my head because I thought of something else. Do you all remember that Camille said n one of her talking heads that Taylor seemed nice or maybe she said genuine. She was hesitant to really stand by her as a friend. She told Taylor about the medium coming to dinner and how the show was based on her life blah, blah, blah. Taylor, hook line and sinker repeated every word to the ladies in the limo.

    Seems as though Camille may have known that Taylor was not just making conversation in NY, but gossiping and being two faced. Although Im sure she appreciated it we all know a pot stirrer when we see one.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Part of Taylor’s role was to communicate with everyone – remember she also texted Adrienne during NYC? Camille told Taylor about the dinner and a psychic at lunch (which included Kyle snark and what Allison would be doing) so should Taylor have said nothing to the others? So how much is making sure everyone knows what is going on vs gossip? What Camille/DeDe/Allison did after everyone left the dinner was gossip!

      • missmi says:

        I agree that Taylor discussing who Allison is does not indicate gossip, but who Allison is seemed to be brought up ALOT by Camille/DD/Allsion. This seems like baiting. Taylor is just communicating as you said, but Camille telling Taylor may have been more calculated. Only for the simple fact that it was constantly being referenced before and during dinner.

        I will say that Taylor calling Adrienne while in NY is 100% dishing. No good reason to call while Adrienne is dealing with a funeral to discuss that crap. I think she was trying to put her spin on things before anyone else, because at this point she was not tight with any of the other ladies. Or maybe she knew she just caused a bunch of shit and was desperate for Adriennes advice.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Taylor said to Camille that she was texting Adrienne to let her know they were thinking of her because of the death of her uncle and that they missed her.

          • missmi says:

            I could be wrong but I believe she also called and left her a message about the fiasco. I remember that when Adrienne played the message Paul made a comment about it.

  27. TheRealBex says:

    So happy your new blog is up. You have become a little unpredictable. In the words of Tom Petty, “Stop draggin’ my heart around!”

    Agree with you about Kyle not accepting Camille’s apology without a snarky comment. The jealousy comments made by Camille were such a low blow. All season, Camille was insinuating that she was so much better than Kyle, so obviously that’s why Kyle was so mean to her. Both of those things are highly questionable, which leads to your next comment RCH and…….yes, Camille you are delusional.

    Back off Kyle-haters. First you loved her, now you hate her. Bravo does that on purpose – the story manipulates our emotions to some extent, but you can see through all that if you try. None of these women are perfect. I for one do not think Kyle is a mean-girl or a bully, despite all her missteps and tantrums. She grew up in crazy town. She’s bound to be a little bit temperamental.

    Wow, good catch on the Camille-brushing-off-Kim’s-arm incident. I hadn’t noticed that while watching.

    I thought the whole Cedric segment was bor-rrrrring! That could have been covered in a few sentences. I would have preferred less Cedric bullshit and more housewives bullshit. By the way, hate his new look. Gag!

    “Taylor feels the need to add that all the people who want to sell their stories to the tabloids are the people who really know nothing. Shut up Taylor.”
    Practically everything Taylor added was meant for herself. In other words, don’t believe the tabloids about my dear friends – while really thinking, “There’s some new stuff in the tabloids about me, all true, but don’t believe that either.”

    Shut up, Taylor. And stop fake crying while you’re at it.

    And furthermore, why do you have to laugh the loudest and force us to look at the huge gaping-hole-of-a-mouth you have. Ugh!

    This is getting long. I better stop recapping your recap. Lol!

  28. Daisy says:

    I was just thinking, why do the Richard sisters even claim to be related to Paris? She is nasty and her drug and alcohol abuse is reprehensible. Has she not caused the family any grief at all? And if Kim is so horrible, why haven’t we heard about any of her shenanigans before this show and Kyle’s public humiliation of her?

    Paris, in a functional family, would be a liability and a genetic anomaly. Kyle can’t stop worshipping her….I just don’t get it. I have not read House of Hilton, but from what I have heard, maybe the gene pool just needs to be drained.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ah you pick your friends not your family! lol We can now add Zha Zha Gabor’s daughter to the crazy mix – her father is a Hilton and her step father is a prince. Money battles are like backyard bbqs to this family!

      • Daisy says:

        You are so right. I thank God for my station in life.

      • Distressed says:

        Zsa Zsa was married to the father and AFTER they broke up she had a torrid affair with the son, Nick who was married to Elizabeth Taylor for a couple weeks until she booted his wife beating raging alcoholic ass out. I’ve read that the marriage was over before the honeymoon ended for Nicky and Liz. They were on a cruise or something and the joke is that if the captain could have performed a divorce, like they can perform a marriage, then Liz would have taken him up on it. Stat.

        • glued2it says:

          Yes, I think Nick Hilton thought Liz was young & impressionable and would go along with whatever. He found out fast what a tough woman she was, even at 18 yrs old.

          • Distressed says:

            And she never took any alimony from the Hiltons though she was entitled to a large amount.

            That’s how much of a monster he was. She just chose to sever all ties even though she could have gotten quite a lot of money out of it.

  29. TheRealBex says:

    Oh, and one more little thing before I go–

    Did anyone else have a problem with Kyle’s mouth? Not what was coming out of it, I mean the actual appearance of it. Her mouth just seemed so ugly during the reunion. I never noticed that before.

    I only bring this up because, seriously, these ladies have got to stop with the plastic surgery. By now we can all see that it doesn’t make you look better, it just makes you look weirder.

    • Daisy says:

      It was in a constant state of smirk or smug….I can’t decide. I hope that it was humility, but I doubt it.

    • I did make a comment somewhere that Kyle really needs to be careful with her lips because they are beginning to look a little questionable. This show is like a walkin PSA for why plastic surgery is dangerous.

  30. car54 says:

    The night after the finale, Paris was on twitter defending her Aunt Kyle….not sure that was a huge help to the situation.

    I don’t have a link but over at TwoP, someone posted a story about Kim and the “stolen house”…..they said that Big Kathy, their mother, left the Palm Springs house to the 3 daughters–Kim, Kathy, and Kyle….and at the time, Kathy and Kim had more money and their own homes so they let Kyle and Mauricio buy their shares of the house for cheap.

    Later, Kim’s circumstances changed and she wanted to buy her share back, and Kyle had started renovations on her own, and she refused to sell part of it back (which I don’t disagree with, necessarily).

    If it’s true, I can kind of see why Kim is upset–but I don’t think that equals stealing and I can see why Kyle got mad about her saying it. (not a Kyle fan—but money and family stuff like this can get VERY emotional…..when someone dies and there is a division of their stuff–people often come away upset one way or another).

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So Kathy and Kim didn’t want the responsibilities of the homestead – sold it off to the clean up sister knowing she would take care of it and keep it in the family – makes sense.

  31. Daisy says:

    This may have been posted before, but I thought I would refresh us on Taylor saying,

    “Adrienne IS the godmother of my daughter Kennedy.”

    It is at the 08:23 mark. Gotta love video evidence. I am not tech savvy so I can’t do it, but it would be great if there was a video mashup of Taylor saying that Adrienne is and Adrienne saying that she isn’t and will never be.

    • Why is it backwards? Lol.

      The only other Housewife to lie as blatantly as Taylor is the Salami’s. At least when Teresa lies she knows her husband and friends will back her up and take her side, she doesn’t lie ABOUT them. There must be so much dirt on Taylor just waiting to come out.

      • Daisy says:

        Yep. Taylor is a habitual liar. She lies without skipping a beat, and you can tell she is a pro at covering them up, patting them down, and smoothing them over when the truth comes out.

        Taylor is 75% Salami, 20% Cedric, 5% lip implants.

        • Daisy says:

          Taylor and Russell’s 80% business relationship are all of these mixed up in one:
          The Salami’s 50%
          The Guidice’s 40%
          Cedric’s childhood BS 10%

      • Daisy says:

        I noticed that it was backwards. At first I thought it was Chinese! LOL!

  32. RHofWhatever says:

    I wasn’t liking Kyles bitchy defensive attitude through the whole show, but was willing to let it go since whe was mostly interacting with Camille who could bring the defensive bitch out of anyone. The part that made me REALLY start intensly disliking Kyle was after whe went and sat near her sister. From the very instant she sat down I knew her move over there was a calculated PR scene. The second she sat down Kim was starting to move her bum over to be closer to Kyle, and Kyle took the pillow that was on the OTHER side of her and pushed it inbetween them. From that point on there was a wall Kim was not getting over. Everything that came out of Kyles mouth was said to take away any pride or self-confidence from Kim. She discredited Kim’s star talents, family support, and state of mind. When they went for a hug Kim went into it with open arms facing her sister for a full head on embrace and told her “I love you”. Kyle leaned over from her side of the pillow sideways, wrapped her hands around Kims arm and NEVER responded to Kim’s statement.
    FAKE ASS BITCH!!! Her and Taylor are PERFECT for each other.

    • Distressed says:

      Right, I think people are understandably questioning what Kyle is getting out of her association with Traylor. The fact that Traylor is abusive to her sister is the attraction. We don’t understand that. If Traylor was cool with Kim and always talking her up or hanging out with her then Kyle wouldn’t be attracted to her. Traylor says out loud what Kyle longs to say to her sister.

      Kyle really believes that her career was on a par with Kim’s and that Kim didn’t really support the family to the extent she did. Talk about delusional, especially since Kyle is the self-appointed delusion police.

      Kyle you are the delusional one if you think your career was just as successful as your sister Kim’s career was. And according to you, you really need to get help.

      • RHofWhatever says:

        Totally agree Distress! I think Kyle just gets me so heated up because she is a “mean girl” and Taylor is in her posse as the little chiuaua jumping along side her trying to play with the big bitches.
        I would catagorize Camille as one too, but I don’t see her being that way to her blood family on camera in front of millions. That, to me, is absolutely disgusting 😛

      • I don’t think Kyle really believes her career was as successful as Kim’s. She knows the truth and that creates insecurity which creates resentments towards her sister. She knows the truth, she just doesn’t want anyone else to know it.

  33. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO Taylor doesn’t hate Kim but she is frustrated by her behavior. Taylor should just take a page from Camille’s play book and totally ignore Kim.

    • glued2it says:

      I think she views Kim as a pest who’s hindering her smooth ascent up the Beverly Hills social ladder. IMO, Taylor was nice to Kim in the one-on-one scene at the salon (an episode or 2 after Camille’s dinner) in order to do damage control on her image.
      It was obvious earlier in the season when they went to Las Vegas that Taylor had NO DESIRE to befriend Kim. And she was just getting to know Kim! She really hadn’t spent time with her because Kim was not part of that circle of friends and Taylor made it clear that she didn’t want her in that circle either!

  34. Need a Hobby says:

    Just a drive by Wheeeeee! while I can before the filter comes back on. Whoo! Will catch up with these BH broads later. (Some must have some weird body dimorphism (sp?) thing going on if they don’t realize how hideously unnatural they look with all this “work.” Heading toward Jocelyn Wildenstein territory….yeah, you Cammy….& Taylor just looks like she flies south for the winter, quack. No offense to actual real ducks & geese intended btw.)

    OK, the portal is closing for now. Laters, guys… 🙂

  35. TT in OC says:

    Adrienne put up a new blog at Bravo and so did Kat (from DC). I admire how graceful Adrienne is. It takes someone who is really comfortable in her own skin to behave this way. Good for you Adrienne. Kat’s comments are fair.

  36. Terry says:

    Oh boy, I’m back. I want to perhaps illuminate the Kyle-Kim situation for people, as the same thing happened in my own family, in which I am the Kim and my sister is the Kyle.

    Imagine you are a little girl, wanting your mother’s attention and approval. Imagine that all of it is given to your sister, who is the family’s golden girl. (In the Richards household, Kim was also the breadwinner.) Imagine that you are repeatedly rebuffed and compared unfavorably to your sister. You would, like Cain in Genesis, grow to resent and hate that sister. And because you cannot hate your parents, whom you count on for your very existence, you make up an imaginary scenario about them.

    Now imagine the opposite: you are the golden child. You are given attention, but only as a means to be used. You are never given the unconditional love you deserve; you are loved as long as you toe the line and do what your parents expect. Also, the love you get, though more than your siblings receive, is insufficient.

    Now two girls are grown up, at least physically. The golden child feels intense guilt at having had all the attention at the expense of her siblings, and tries to make it up to her sister by being supportive and loving. The neglected child has manufactured ideal parents in her mind, and covertly (and sometimes not so covertly) insults and undermines her sister at every turn.

    There is enormous anger underneath it all with both sisters. Kim, like me, is a bit more able to give her sister love, plus she feels guilty. Kim, like me, suffers from serious developmental gaps and lacks social skills other people take for granted.

    Kyle, who was left to her own devices as a child, has better interpersonal skills and is able to make friends with more ease. And, she has a vendetta against her sister, plus she’s inadvertently hostile toward others and has a big problem with irascibility. This will never cease until she takes a hard look at her upbringing.

    Neither sister can make any headway in mending what’s wrong because it is hidden in their respective psyches. Their psyches work hard to keep them in the dark since the truth is so painful as to be, perhaps, unbearable.

    How did I resolve this situation in my own life, you ask? I had to cut my sister — my sister! — out of my life. It was painful at first; now, ten years in, it makes me wistful. I wish I could have my sister in my life, but I can’t without compromising my peace and happiness. So I imagine I shall never see her again.

    • Reality Chick says:

      OMG. I’m in the same boat as you. I wasn’t exactly the golden child, but my sister decided I was favored and has been downright poisonous to me. I’ve done everything I could to reach out to her, to be kind, to build a relationship, but I finally had enough of her button-pushing and her cruelty. 😦

      • Terry says:

        Dear RealityChick,

        I’m so sorry. I know exactly how you feel and I’m very sad for you.

        I don’t know whether cutting your sister out of your life is the right choice for you, but it was the right choice for me. That said, it’s painful.

        Should you choose this path, you will hurt for a long while, but it will get better. I promise. You will have a measure of peace that you couldn’t have as long as you interact with your sister.

        I’m sending you big hugs and the hope that knowing someone understands you a bit helps.

    • Sangfroid says:

      So perhaps there is a therapeutic value to these shows?
      If these experiences can be drawn out, shared with others who can relate, then Reality TV may not be quite as damaging a crack addiction as we thought?

      • Terry says:

        Well, I suppose that depends. Therapeutic for whom exactly?

        I admit that seeing the Kim-Kyle dynamic play out on television did help me somewhat to see my own situation a bit more clearly, but I already knew, at least cognitively, if not intuitively, that this was the problem in my own family.

        Therapeutic for Kim or Kyle? I would say not. Can you possibly imagine just how humiliating it must be to have your dirty laundry and psychological problems aired on national television? And that people you don’t know will be judging you?

        I find it embarrassing that I am estranged from my sister, and it comes up every once in a while when a family member brings it up — and also every single time I see a family member and the topic does not come up.

        I don’t want to talk about it, except at a therapist’s office or anonymously (as I do here). Frankly, it would give me no satisfaction whatsoever to tell other people my sister is cruel. I find it unseemly to speak poorly of any member of my family in public. (The opposite is not true, but what can I do? The people in my family live in Dysfunction Junction, and some of them love to gossip.)

        That is another reason I don’t contact my sister. She talks about me. It’s disturbing and it’s unforgivable. Now imagine if she had done so on national television?

        • Sangfroid says:

          Terry I was certainly not suggesting that it was therapeutic or helpful for the Reality Celebrities.

          What I meant was that here, through the anonymity of the interwebs, one could occasionally vent about things that are painful and find some solace through others that have had similar experiences.
          Just as you reached out to RealityChick.
          A perfect example of what I intended.
          And by mentioning Reality TV crack, I was trying to return a bit of levity to the situation.
          It is hard for me to discern from your response if I’ve offended you by suggesting this. (can’t see your face)
          If I did please know that it was not my intent.

          • Terry says:

            Hey Sangfroid,

            So sorry, I didn’t mean to sound defensive. Truly I’m not.

            In retrospect, I see your post as light and uplifting. When I first read it, I was thinking literally. (I’ve been in a literal mindset with this as I’m trying to discern personality disorders and the psychic underpinnings of what we’re watching.)

            Again, I’m sorry. I feel that I insulted you, and that’s not good. I hope you will accept my apology.


            • Sangfroid says:

              No worries Terry,
              My fear was that I had offended you with a flippant sounding comment.
              My brow (no botox) was wrinkled with concern when I wrote my response, not a frown and I have yet to master a range of emoticons beyond the classic smiley face or I would have put up that little concerned face following my post.

              Darn, now I’m going to have to get some frownies to undo the expression lines or RCH won’t let me play in the land of the beautiful people.

              • Sardonica says:

                Don’t ya hate it when commenting becomes work?
                @Terry @Reality Chick
                Sorry about your sister relationship but life is short and precious and we all have crappy relatives and circumstances. I know it isn’t my place but I will butt in anyway. Forgive, forget, move on. You are blessed to have a sister even if she is a pain in the a**. Accept her and the relationship for what it is and I bet someday it will become a precious thing, or not but you will feel good about yourself for trying. I have lived long enough and through enough to have seen problems you have expressed change over time. You need to change you. You need to feel good about yourself and strong enough in yourself to be able to handle whatever the problems with your sister happen to be. Only you can make you happy and content. Do not empower her and do not avoid her. You may be surprised at how much the two of you could learn from each other if you give it a chance. Family is family no matter what and you are missing a vital connection in your life without a sister. The fact you write about it on a blog shows that it is not a peaceful decision. Your heart is not at rest. I may be wrong but I am rarely wrong ( that is a joke harhar ) I want the best for you and your story needs a different ending. Do it for me to make me happy, okay? All about me

                • Terry says:

                  Would you write the same advice to a person who was being abused physically? I think not.

                  I don’t mean to seem defensive, but being constantly undermined and put down by one’s sibling is just as abusive as being beaten.

                  Your advice about being strong in myself is good: now if implementing it weren’t beyond what I am able to do. It’s not fun to feel weak, but it’s hardly the same as being cruel.

                • Sardonica says:

                  I have been abused by my mother in ways that would make you shake your head. I KNOW where you are coming from I am typing from experience. Please do not take offense. Will follow up with a longer comment

                • Sardonica says:

                  This is not theplace but I do know what you are typing about and would like to continue this discussion in another venue. Maybe RCH can give you my e addy and we can talk/type.I am not feeling peace from you. I may be wrong

                • Reality Chick says:

                  I tried, for years to reach out. I tried, for years, to forgive and forget. (And FWIW, I harbor no ill will towards her–I am doing this for my OWN mental and emotional well-being.) I tried, for years, to remind myself that family is family. She’s not just a pain in the ass. She’s been toxic, and it now actually hurts to interact with someone who says deeply hurtful things with no apology (and continues when you tell her how hurt you are) and acts in very hurtful ways.

                  But thank you for the sermon.

                • Terry says:

                  Hey Sardonica,

                  Thanks for the concern, but I feel just as Reality Chick does.

                  If I brought the discussion downward because of my posting, I apologize. I intended to explain the Kim-Kyle dynamic, not to elicit advice.

                  Thanks for your concern, though.


                • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:


        • Reality Chick says:

          There’s no need to be embarassed–though I don’t blame you for not talking about it. I don’t mention it either because it’s no one’s business (though it’s nice to find others anonymously who know where I’m coming from)! And so help me, if any friend of mine tried to stir things up with my sister, I’d go ballistic on said “friend.”

      • Sardonica says:

        My Dear Madame Sangfroid
        I enjoy the damaging aspect of the reality crack addiction. Please do not suggest it is anything but an addiction to garbage. I am proud of my time spent in the gutter with the likes of you and others who shoot up here. I have found it to be fun to not wallow alone in the Bravo mud as I once did before finding fellow RHeads on this blog

        • Sangfroid says:

          Back at ya my own Sardonic One.
          Note: trying out new emoticon skills

          • glued2it says:

            Feeling dumber than a box of rocks here, but I gotta ask cuz I gotta know (cuz my curiosity is stronger than my pride)…
            Are you the same person – Sardonica & Sangfroid???
            Or, do you know each other in RL?
            Are you related?
            Somehow the 2 of you seem more linked than the rest of us. Or maybe it’s just me….
            (no shrugging here, gotta know!)

            • Sangfroid says:

              How funny you are!
              If Sardonica and I were the same person then the above posts would be a horrible violation of blog posting etiquette, unless of course we are a multiple personality and we had a note from the doctor.
              However RCH can confirm if need be that we are far apart geographically,
              and I can assure you that Sardonica’s linen closet is tidier than mine.

              I enjoy Sardonica’s quick wit and admire the kind spirit that shines through her snarkiness, so I am honored that you might think we are one and the same.
              Sardonica may have a different take on it.

              • Sardonica says:

                Dear Glued
                1st up…rocks can be smarter than some people. Unless they are stoned
                …ahahaha ackack. Sorry, had to typo it
                I can attest to the fact Sangfroid wouldn’t typo such silliness, she is brainierer than me. Although I sometimes wonder if Madame Sangfroid and I shared the same tinfoil hat in a previous life. I would type back that I think she is quick witted and kind but I am not able to phrase it in the eloquent way she did so I won’t, but she is. See? Two peas in a pod… 2 nuts sharing the same shell. I do not believe I am Sangfroid but it is a compliment to have one think I could be she/her (?)

  37. karenne says:

    Love your Recaps!

    Adrienne really dealt Taylor a blow…of TRUTH. Didnt see it on Reunion, but I think it was on a video at ?
    Andy asks Adrienne about being Taylors daughters, God Mother. Adrienne speaks Truth, not what Taylor wanted everyone to think….that Fabulous Maloof was involved in her life forever!
    She is NOT the GodMother, and for reasons, that Taylor knows about.
    I love that Adrienne. She speaks the truth, without Slamming someone else. She embarrassed Taylor, only because the Truth embarrassed Taylor, due to her lies about that relationship!

    She took the gals to see the Basketball Game, in a private jet. She took them to see Jay-Z in Vegas, and put them up at the Palms. Then, just bits and pieces here and there…until the Finale, where she keeps Kyle from beating on her sister, Kim.

    She is the woman, who lives up to her “Money is what I have, not what I am” beginning, and the only one that Sees Truth and considers it important, in my opinion.
    a Nice friend to have, right?

    But, she is barely seen in the Reunion!!!! How about…”Thanks to Adrienne, none of our housewives got killed this year” from Andy. And why not show the spot where Adrienne shows Taylor to be a liar, during the reunion?

    if you are going to be asked questions on the reunion, Answer them! the Biggest thing was the Finale, which Kyle and Kim decided they didnt have to answer for.
    So Andy, just thinks fast and says “well Taylor you started it” knowing he is the biggest shit starter of them all…haha

    I was so disappointed in reunion, both parts.
    All of it on Camille and Kyle, then Lisa backing Kyle up and starting the questions, about Kim… Taylor could pick it up and go with it….or do I have that backwards?

    Lisa is funny, love to watch her on TV. But…she lives her own version of what is the truth, and how it makes her look. she stood up for Kyle, by stabbing Kim in the back.
    Taking the heat off of Kyle, giving her impression that its OK, for Kyle to act that way.
    Why? Because Kyle is “fun” and Kim isnt according to Lisa’s sensibilities.
    I get it, but Lisa could have kept her mouth shut, let Kyle fight her own battles!!!
    She certainly has no problem fighting with Camille, and Kim!

    Just read the book, the first half actually of “House of Hilton” and Kyle and Kim begin to make sense. if even half of it is true…haha…Kyle and Kim and their half sister, Kathy make sense, as to why they are the way they are. Kyle is like her mom, Kim isnt. if Kim was smart, she’d move far away and find real friends that appreciate her, instead of use her as a whipping post.
    When pigs fly….

    thanks for the blog, as usual enjoyed every word and picture!

    • Meggles says:

      In the clip when Andy asks Adrienne about being Kennedy’s godmother, I LOVED when Taylor kept nodding and smiling. It was like she was trying to send a telepathic message of “Just say “yes.” Please just say “yes, I am Kennedy’s godmother.”” Adrienne was having NONE of that. Amazing!

  38. captaincarebear says:

    Well I’ve only got one thing to say….

    “Miamiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!” Woot Woot!

    Sorry, I live in this crazy town. I can’t help myself.

  39. CAgirl says:

    Seriously–I’m still waiting for my pistachios from the “Nut Club” that trollie recommended. It’s all I can do to hold myself back from the mail every day. For real.

  40. glued2it says:

    Okay, I’ve got to say this, even though I’m sure some of the Kim lovers are going to jump all over me for it but here goes….

    Kim Richards was a child actress but she was not a *star* in the sense that some people, Kim included, are using that term. Yes, she did a lot of acting. But….I was growing up when she was growing up. I remember watching her on TV and in Disney movies. I liked her fine. But it wasn’t like she was winning awards and on the cover of magazines every month.

    The big child stars in the 70s were Kristy McNichol (she won an Emmy for her work on Family) and Jodie Foster (who was in serious films like Taxi Driver) and Brooke Shields who was on every magazine cover from here to Milan. And many of us dreamed of being Marcia Brady (Maureen McCormick).

    THOSE were the real child stars. In comparison, Kim was just another child actress who got a lot of work. She was signed to Disney but she wasn’t really a STAR. She wasn’t anyone that my friends and I discussed. She just wasn’t on the radar screen for STAR appeal.

    • Real "TO" Housewife says:

      and see i respectfully disagree. she was a child star, just not in the way they are now. brooke shields and jodie foster were movie stars. kim was a movie and tv star for a time. remember how BIG disney was back then and how BIG the witch mountain movies were. she may not have been a “star” for any length of time before she went on to bit parts, but look at christina applegate. she was a child star when married with children was on, and then when it went off the air just became a child actress due to bit parts etc. kim was the same. there was no longevity to her career on top, but she was on top.

      • glued2it says:

        Back then when they were kids, if someone said Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields, or Kristy McNichol – everyone knew who you meant. Even at the peak of Kim’s career, she never had that kind of name recognition.

  41. embroiderbee says:

    If any of the following has already been posted … sorry. I only read about half of the replies before the ADD kicked in.

    Here’s what I think

    Taylor: Where does she get off slyly insinuating that Kim was under the influence at her party? The Old Broad Chronicles posted a bizarre clip of a very high Taylor at some function near the beginning of the season. She was manhandling Kyle to get into the shot and could barely stand. She gives me the creeps. Perhaps she and Cedric are related?

    Kim: beware the power of the weak.

    Kyle: I just put the Hilton family book on hold at my library. If the sisters’ Mom was what another poster who read the book implied … an uber stage Mom, then it isn’t surprising that the girls and the grand-girls have issues. Kyle seems to just naturally have more chutzpah and a shorter fuse. Some people can let another’s hypocrisy roll off their back, and some just cannot … especially when, as with Camille, the hypocrisy is intended to demean.

    Cedric: A funny little snake. He reminds me of NeNe in that he might be really fun to have a drink with, but you’d always have to watch your back I think he’s related to that bleached blonde guy who hung out with OJ. Can’t remember his name. Cedric will say what he believes he has to say to “survive”. Getting a job doesn’t seem to be an option for him. He doesn’t appear to have any creative talent, so he’ll have to destroy. Devilish little man.

    Adrienne: Sassy and very smart. Her eyes are pretty and very shrewd. Hard to get to know. Always politic. Probably Paul doesn’t even know the “real” Adrienne too well.

    Paul: Educated, well-connected but whiney. I can understand some of Adrienne’s little jabs at him, but I hate to see that type of behavior in any marriage.

    Russell: A con-man trying to be invisible saddled with a wife determined to be a celebrity.

    Lisa and Ken: My favorites. I do not think Lisa has any skeletons of note in her past. God, she was married at 21. I like their interactions, especially his towards her. Good people who worked hard and did well. Bound to attract the money-sniffers and grifters because they’re kind. Ken is a silver fox! Lisa is beautiful and sassy.

    Camille: Blessed with some brains and good looks, but spoiled and narcissistic. Becoming delusional. Yes, Camille … know that! Many of us think you’re a bit twisted.

    DeDe: Basically a good person, but heavily indebted to Camille. Didn’t like her behavior at the DP from Hell.

    Martin: Would like to see more of him. Seems like a good man, just not for Kim.

  42. Ada says:

    Love your bloggs ~ Hate Taylor ~ I want permanent extentions too .

  43. trice says:

    I’m curious to why the viewer didn’t know about Kyle, Lisa, Taylor, and Faye looking at Camille’s pictures until it came up at the reunion.

    Obviously their ride home was being filmed because we saw Kyle annoyed that Kim was calling while she was riding home alone. I think Camille also said that it was production that told her about it.

    I think it would have been interested to hear/see how the conversation came up and the snark that was said. It seems like it could have been an important scene to show what that group of girls reactions were after the dinner since we were mainly shown the Camille/D.D./Allison reaction after the dinner. and that would have meant less time having to watch the crazy, psycho antics of the medium, which I definitely could have used!

  44. Toomuch says:

    When Taylor laughs my dogs bark!!!

  45. Real "TO" Housewife says:

    wow when you actually watch something and see facial expressions your opinion changes. i finally got to see part one.
    some musings:

    i officially hate kyle. at the beginning when they were talking about camille’s divorce everyone seemed genuinely upset and felt bad for her. kyle kept flipping her hair and she had a smirk the whole time. while i don’t like camille at the end of the day she did lose her marriage on national tv. even if she knew for years it was a farce it was still outed on television. and really, what did camille say to her or about her that was so bad. she called her good friend morally bankrupt – get real, you were nothing before your nicole simpson book and then you were asked to pose for playboy. hell, it wasn’t your sparkling wit, it was your BODY and YOUR CONNECTION TO THE CASE. you are kinda morally bankrupt. and she insinuated mauricio was having affairs. so fucking what. if you know that’s crap then it shouldn’t affect you. the rest was just snide comments and rudeness. and she IS jealous of camille. first because she felt she was getting better perks, and now because her divorce makes her pitiable.

    when bmbbd says it’s my party so stay away from me to kim, kyle actually laughs. nice bitch. when andy asks what go oklahoma on your ass is, she laughs again. she really is a pernicious bitch.

    bmbbd had no right at the b-day party to bring up to kim that she didn’t have kyle’s back. it’s none of her fucking business. of course, she has her head far up kyle’s ass and her lips all over kyle so maybe that was kyle wearing bmbbd like last seasons versace and not bmbbd at all?

    i wonder if the reason bmbbd was so upset about kim bringing up her charity is that she needs to stop bringing focus to it because it’s busllshit and she is worried about the feds.

    i’ll bet lisa and kyle are not good friends anymore. who the hell wants to hear over and over again that they are jealous of bmbbd. she did not seem impressed.
    i love her though. i do not think she is pretentious at all. i love her cattiness and i think she is hilarious.

    i love adrienne and her hobbit hubby. they are sooo like my hubby and i . we just work even though we bicker all the time. it is how we communicate and it is with love. we have fun. i can really see how much they love each other.
    i think she is the most well bred of the women and that is why she shies away from confrontation. it is distasteful.

    i think kyle did say why would anyone be interested in you without kelsey. think about it. kyle was the one to put this group together. no one knows camille. so how did she get involved? mauricio is their realtor. so fucking what. i have a realtor and we aren’t close. unless camille and kelsey buy and sell houses every month how much do they deal with mauricio. i’ll bet the grammars are his only celeb clients so kyle asked her because she wanted ratings and she needed a celeb. she wanted the show to be the best franchise so this could rocket her back into ‘star’ status. kelsey grammar is a well known tv celebrity. he can bring the viewers. not his wife who no one knows except for on his arm. so after they all sign on and start filiming she realizes kelsey will barely be shown on camera. totally fucks up her plan. so yeah i can see her asking why the crew would go all the way to hawaii to film camille alone when they will only go to the palm desert for her.

    kyle is a sneaky bitch.

    kyle only got teary when camille fired her hubby because she was worried about the money and how upset hubby would be. she realized she pushed a little to far.

    i wish bmbbd would just shut up. she is so full of shit.

    why doesn’t lisa see through kyle’s bullshit

    pufuckinglease. who DOESN”T have a drinking problem in bh.

    • In defense of Kyle, Camille tried to get Mauricio fired. The commission on even on of their houses is more than most people make in 2 years at a full time job. Losing a client like that is a huge deal.
      Even though it didn’t happen in the end, she threatened it and meant it at the time, and even sent the text telling Kyle about her plans while she knew she was at Lisa’s fund raiser. Personally, that’s not something I would ever forgive if someone did something like that to me. It speaks to Camille’s overall character and I wouldn’t want a person like that in my life.

      Lol about the charity. I don’t think it’s fake because it’s not her charity, she just helps out there. If it were her own I would be very suspicious.
      I have also been re watching clips and noticed that Taylors “celebrity poker event” had celebrities like Kato Kaylin and one of the Brady Bunch girls. If those were the kind of “celebrities” she had there, then why didn’t she invite Kim?

      • Real "TO" Housewife says:

        but see the difference in our feelings is that i think kyle lied about the kelsey filming comment. and if she did then i am happy camille tried to fire mauricio.

        • You think Kyle really did say it?
          I don’t believe she said it because it just doesn’t make sense to me and I can see how Camille hears things differently than how people say them. Look at the insecure comments that Camille freaked out about. Camille basically said she was feeling insecure just without using that word, Kyle responded appropriately “don’t feel insecure” in an effort to make her feel better, and Camille accused Kyle of attacking her.
          Camille definitely is delusional so I don’t believe anything she says.

    • Susie says:

      I hate Kyle too.

  46. OK Corral says:

    Real City Housewife, I’m so glad I found you…the Kyle bashing on other sites just has taken on a pack mentality – I share your opinions exactly. She’s got faults, but I think she’s a good gal at heart, and I think I would also lose my cool sometimes if I had to deal with Kim on a daily basis. I don’t dislike Kim, by the way, I can just imagine that she can be draining. I LOVE the footage where Taylor gets exposed about the Godmother claim, its priceless. I’m bookmarking your blog as we speak.

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