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blogger imageTaylor Armstrong

Wake Up Call

As she closes the book on this season, Taylor reflects on the good times, the less-than-good times, and the good that came from it all.

Our season has come to an end. We have had so much fun together (I don’t think Kim would agree) and yet we have hurt one another too. (The only ones hurting people seemed to be you and your buddy Kyle) Watching the reunion was very emotional. (You mean you didn’t laugh the whole way through?) Seeing us all together revisiting the struggles made me sad. (You mean the struggles YOU caused?) I wish there had been a montage of all the funny times and the laughter (I’m glad there wasn’t. We’ve seen enough of your annoying laughter and gaping pie hole for one season.) so you could see how much we enjoy one another as well. (I don’t think anyone except Kyle enjoyed you, and her “uh oh” moment will come)

Kim and I got off on the wrong foot from the beginning. (Because she saw through your bullshit) I wish I could turn back time, reach out to her, and take the time to understand her better. (I’m sure if you had understood her better you would have tried harder to hide your fakeness from her) I am sorry for arguing with her and for allowing myself to get so frustrated that I said things I didn’t mean. (You meant everything you said. If you didn’t, you would have owned up and apologized at the reunion) When she and I spent time one on one, I enjoyed her company, (No one to stop you from going Oklahoma on her ass?) and it was obvious that we could be friends. In a group setting, things just seemed to go wrong. (Because you can’t deal with it when she tells the truth in front of others) If I could take back my part in that, I would. I can’t, so, I just have to live with that regret. I am sorry, Kim. (Sorry for what? You still haven’t admitted to any wrong doing) I wish you happiness and I look forward to putting the past behind us (I would too if I had a past like yours) and building our friendship. (Whatever gets you closer to your crush Kyle, huh?)

Thankfully, Russell and I are working on our communication and spending more time together… (Poor Russel) without our Blackberrys. (Don’t want him to see all the horrible things people are saying about you online?) This experience allowed us to see that we needed to refocus our attention on our marriage (taking a break from scamming?) and work on being there for one another. (To back up each other’s lies?) We are spending more quality time together having just returned from two weekend getaways and we will be heading to the Superbowl this weekend. (The Superbowl is certainly my idea of  “quality time”) The show gave us a wakeup call and for that, we are thankful. (I can’t wait for the wake up call you’re gonna get next season. It’s gonna be GOOD)

I made wonderful memories with each of the ladies while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Stirring up drama with Camille, threatening Kim, lying about Adrienne, getting on Lisa’s nerves, and kissing Kyle’s ass. Great memories!) And, although the cameras have stopped rolling, our friendships and our lives continue to grow and develop. (I’m sure these relationships are not going to end up developing the way you had hoped. Find a Godmother for Kennedy yet?) I look forward to more laughs (easy to laugh when you’re tipsy all day) and more moments with five women who will always hold a special place in my heart. (Oh please, we all know you don’t have a heart.)

Thank you for watching. I hope you have enjoyed it. (I enjoyed watching Adrienne totally bust you in your lies!)

All my best to you. (Screw you bitch)


Don’t miss this video of Taylor getting busted in a lie by Adrienne. This is an instant classic!

The video of Traylor acting like a drunken lush that everyone has been talking about. Should we discuss her state of mind this evening?

Traylor and Russel do not own the house they live in, just like the Curtains, and the Salahi’s (scroll down on the page).

Funny reunion recap

Lynn’s portrait of a scum sucking pathological lying name changing shit stirring fake ass wanna be mutant lipped Housewife

My RHOBH Reunion Recap

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131 Responses to BS Bravo Blogs: Shana Taylor Ford Armstrong – The Reunion

  1. Shari says:

    “I look forward to more laughs” Me too, because I can’t help but laugh at you.

    “and more moments with five women who will always hold a special place in my heart.” I look forward to the day they see through all your bullshit and decide to whip your ass. THAT is something to look forward to.

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  3. Ginny Morris says:

    Now, I just can’t wait to hear more about the drama! Must be more to this Shana Taylor Ford Armstrong then I know!

  4. Terry says:

    Wow! Excellent.

    The only addition I’d make is:

    “My publicist is forcing me to write about regret and to say good things about Kim. It sticks in my craw because she’s so weak, and I am the sort of person who pounces on the weak and sucks up to my betters. Still, Russell is paying this guy a lot of money and I just want to be invited to some fancy Beverly Hills shindigs on my social merits, which I know I have. Please, please, tell me I’m the queen of Beverly Hills! Please! I’m skinny enough… and look at my lips! I fit in, don’t I?”

    • Shari says:

      LOL Terry, that last line reminded me of Teresa. “I fit in, don’t I Joe?”

    • Lol.
      But I don’t think the publicist forced her to write that, I think the publicist actually wrote the whole thing for her and just put her name on it.
      It was way too political and very full of total crapolla.

      • Terry says:

        Yes, I agree. The PR person wrote it, and when it was sent for approval, it was dumbed down and styled in short sentences with few adjectives and adverbs.

  5. Annie says:

    All I can say is right on.. You nailed that Fake Ass Lip Bitch in your Blog!! I agree with everything you said!
    P.S. Heard about this site from 1 of Cat’s twitters… from RHDC… one of my favorites! Oh and by the way, even though I live in GA now… I used to live in TEXAS…. and I wuld love to take TAYLOR (out in the ally) and give her some TEXAS – cuz it is a helluva of lot bigger than Oklahoma and especially her Fucking LIPS!!!!

  6. Shari says:

    Annie, I don’t know about that. Taylor’s lips may be bigger’n Texas. lol

  7. humbruh says:

    Here’s my official response to Taylor’s PR rep manufactured blog: **cough** BULLSHIT! *cough cough**

  8. Tam5115 says:

    The worst part is that I can actually see her in my head doing that annoying eyelid flutter thing she does. So fake, she forces herself to smile the entire time she’s talking. It’s creepy.

  9. anna says:

    She is just, ugh. The way she spoke so condescendingly to Kim i wanted to reach in through my screen and smack those flotation devices off her face. And I love how kyle just sat there and repeatedly let Traylor trash attack her sister. Is this not the same kyle who spent almost the whole season complaining that Kim didn’t have her back? Smh. Taylor and Kyle are both snakes but hey it makes for good TV lol.

    Kim and her got off on the wrong foot? from what I remember Traylor was in attack mode from day 1. I clearly recall Kim saying that Traylor sat with her back towards Kim at the game & completely ignored her.

    I doubt that her & Russell worked out anything. for as long as they have been married, and have a child, it was painful to hear all he had to say at her birthday party was “she’s hot”. Lol! Trophy wife, anyone? She’ll be traded in for a younger version anyday now.

    • captaincarebear says:

      Hard to say… after all he doesn’t have the pre-nup. He’s got to figure out his way around that one. They each will have to figure out a way to out con the con man.

    • Miss Anthrope says:


      How the fuck can you accuse someone of not having your back when your friend threatens physical violence against them at the SAME FUCKING TIME and you do nothing? It doesn’t make any sense at all. And if I remember correctly, Kim did state that she would not be friends with Camille out of loyalty to Kyle. So who is the one who doesn’t have the others back?

      But I called this from the second episode on. When you berate your sister in the grocery store for putting her purse too close to yours and picking out the inexpensive tortilla chips, you are a douche. You can’t treat your sister like a mentally challenged infant on national television and not expect people to notice.

      • missmi says:

        Totally agree!

      • Distressed says:

        Echoing missmi, totally agree.

        I don’t know what’s worse, the hypocrisy of Kyle’s actions or that fact that she thought no one would notice.

        I’ll go you one better since your comment is spot on.

        Traylor’s problem with Kim is that she didn’t have her sister’s back in NY, as stated by Traylor on the reunion. But Traylor doesn’t have Kyle’s back either as Lisa sussed out in the final episodes. See? Infuriating.

        None of this works on any level. However you approach it you come to a big, huge, impassable “wait a minute … what?”

        A first grader would have a serious problem with this kind of logic. Rightly so.

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          Definitely. And what was that shit she pulled at Camilles dinner party where she kept telling everyone else to “stand up” and “say something!”? Uh….why can’t you? Oh, I know. Because just like Kim (tried) to state at the reunion, she has no loyalty to anyone and plays everyones side when it’s convenient for her. Not to mention that she goes out to lunch with Camille. But somehow Kyle doesn’t mind that.

      • I actually have to defend the purse thing. That’s a $12k + purse, and Kim put her purse on top of it which was squishing it and could create creases in the delicate leather.

        But Kyle is def a hypocrite. She expects Kim to have her back but she won’t do the same.

  10. Tracy says:

    Oh-my-f*cking-god! You SOOOO totally nailed it!

  11. Tracy says:

    Oh…and let me say one more thing? Kyle used to be my 2nd fave BH housewife (Lisa Vanderpump is BEYOND faboosh and numero uno in my opinion) but she is now on the bottom rung because of how she’s treated her sister. Shame on you Kyle, this is your SISTER and when those other fake bitches desert you SHE will be there! It’s obvious Kim loves Kyle, but in my heart I believe Kyle is a bully.

    To quote Bethenny Frankel “adios lunatic!”

  12. Miss Anthrope says:

    She’s so full of shit. The massive amount of hate that she received via twitter after the reunion had her in a frenzy and she knew she HAD to write a blog like that one. She can count on being the most hated housewife until Teresa comes back on the airwaves.

    WTF is wrong with Kyle? She has absolutely no loyalty to her own sister. I would NEVER let one of my friends threaten my sister. I’m sure that this is exactly what their mom had in mind when she supposedly asked Kyle to “take care of” Kim.

    I love Adrienne. She’s not all that entertaining and she has a really scary face, but she is definitely someone I would want to be friends with. I hope that her and Kim become good friends next season. Kim needs someone who will be a loyal friend to her, and she’s certainly not going to find that in Kyle, Taylor or Lisa.

    • missmi says:

      It reminds of how I can bitch about my siblings and parents to my husband, but if he complained about them I feel like I need to defend them immediately. I think this is because I know that I love them no matter what and in the end its my family. Nothing they do will change that. Someone outside of family may not have the same loyalty. Thats why I feel like Kyle is a bully to Kim. She promotes that behavior in others towards he sister. Her friends don’t respect that boundry between sisters, because Kyle needs them to justify her behavior.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    It would be fun to sit down with Taylor and find out all the behind the scenes details and dynamics. There was alot going on and she is more transparent than the others – she doesn’t hide much. Besides being the communicator/gossip of the group, IMO she was assigned Kim as a drama bringing partner ( we have Kyle vs Camille, Lisa and Adrienne just said hell no to that role) and it wasn’t a fair or interesting match up. Frankly, I never saw Taylor trying to get between Kim and Kyle. Taylor and Kyle like to have fun and that was what drew them to each other – nothing fake there but maybe someone is a little jellybean….
    Bottomline – Taylor brought what she was paided to bring! My biggest problem with Taylor is a visual one – I can’t get past the wonky plastic surgery which made it difficult for me to take anything she did or said seriously. The show would have been boring without her.

  14. ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

    Befriend the keymaster to the gatekeeper of the portal. ~
    Nice to see you sugarbooger.

    There’s already a strange dimorphic bird down south……wait ’til ya catch HWof Miami and the plant?/animal?/sexy morphed witch (admittedly) fly’n high down there.
    Jocelyn’s cuz?

    • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Dhp.~ says:

      ahhhh…..sorry……meant for NeedahHobby :-0

      • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

        …..on an entirely different thread……oh my!~ 😉

        • Sangfroid says:

          But no kidding about the Bruja!

          • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

            True that…….pookiepie!~
            Truely mental’ness. 😦
            Ohhh….speak’n of mental……..
            Have you and ~Sardonica ever noticed how fast our very own psycho-bitch flips from…….errrrr……
            I’m on the wrong thread again……..aha ha haaa!~

            • Sardonica says:

              “What is that? What does it mean?”, she typed as she struggled to understand a few comments and the possibility of yet another new language developing within the walls of Villa de la Blog

              • Sangfroid says:

                Not a new language Sardonica, you have landed in the box room of disconnected thoughts and discarded brik-a-brac.

                Luvs,*circles slowly* brought to mind the Aquabats song “Sharkfighter.”
                While not a classical piece, it amuses me and is danceable.

            • Sangfroid says:

              The first was particularly edifying.

              Is the witch a woman? I ask, remembering Walter Mercado.

              • glued2it says:

                Glued is confused. I’m sure it’ll all come together one day. Maybe Giggy knows…

                • Sangfroid says:

                  Glued, the woman appearing in the clip for Miami who calls herself a witch ( I used the term bruja) has more than likely had a bit of surgical enhancement.
                  I believe Luvs is wondering if it is perhaps an homage to Jocelyn Wildenstein.
                  Walter Mercado is an astrologer who used to appear on univision. Google images is worth a thousand words.

                • glued2it says:

                  UGH. I just saw the clip introducing the Miami RHs. I can tell RIGHT NOW that I have no interest in that show. It seems more like Jersey Shore & the Kardashians than a RH show.

                • glued2it says:

                  And thanks, Sangfroid.

    • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

      Need a Hobby says:
      February 4, 2011 at 4:59 pm
      Just a drive by Wheeeeee! while I can before the filter comes back on. Whoo! Will catch up with these BH broads later. (Some must have some weird body dimorphism (sp?) thing going on if they don’t realize how hideously unnatural they look with all this “work.” Heading toward Jocelyn Wildenstein territory….yeah, you Cammy….& Taylor just looks like she flies south for the winter, quack. No offense to actual real ducks & geese intended btw.)

      OK, the portal is closing for now. Laters, guys…
      ~Sardonica—–ohhh witchy!
      ~Sangfroid—–ohhh sharky! (ymmv?)
      ~Glued———-ohhh Giggyly!

      Kadooooze 🙂

  15. missmi says:

    RCH great job! My personal favorite is her wake up call versus the wake up call she will get. My guess is its becoming crystal clear right now how screwed she is. Wonder if she can turn it around?

    • Distressed says:

      Watch what happens … season 2. The harshing she is still to receive is beyond her imagination at this point. She actually went into the reunion thinking, “oh I got this. See? Kim is an alcoholic, Kyle said it herself. Her own sister thinks this, it’s not me. It’s Kim.”

      Why do they all pay for PR people when they clearly a.) have the worst of the worst working for them b.) never listen to a thing the professionals say.

      I think the answer to “b” is because they all say, first of all don’t do the show, secondly, is this meeting now over? I’ve got a busy day. My assistant will gladly validate your parking ticket on the way out.

  16. glued2it says:

    “Find a Godmother for Kennedy yet?”

    This is cracking me up!!!
    And Taylor really royally screwed herself on this one because –
    1) She can’t blame it on Kim.
    2) She can’t blame it on editing.
    3) She can’t blame it on insecurity – like Camille mistaking what Kyle said because she’s insecure & hears insults when none are intended.
    4) She can’t blame it on her abusive past.

    There is NOTHING that Taylor can do to worm out of this. But…I’d like to see her try, lol

    • Distressed says:

      Save Kennedy’s Soul.

      Without a godmother this poor child’s soul is destined to roam purgatory for an eternity.

      Save Kennedy’s Soul.

    • glued2it says:

      Oh, thought of another thing that TAylor CAN’T use as an excuse about the Godmother lie –
      Taylor can’t say it was a misunderstanding with Adrienne (such as “we talked about it and I got the impression that Adrienne was going to say yes) because Taylor didn’t claim that Adrienne was GOING TO BE Kennedy’s godmother. She claimed that Adrienne IS her godmother!!!
      No misunderstanding there. Not even Camille is delusional enough to get away with that, lol!

  17. missmi says:

    Exactly Glue!!! Sucks being the hated housewife with a sordid past and alot of people with the time and energy to start digging.

  18. Lynn from texas says:

    Just goes to show you,”money don’t buy you class”! The look on Traylor’s face was priceless when she knew she was busted. Wonder how she’s spinning that and all her other BS to her Beverly Hills “friends”. I’ll bet she’s saying was scripted that way.

  19. Distressed says:

    Another great BS blog, RCH. Thanks so much for all these glorious recaps. Much appreciated.

  20. SherryinBA says:

    This Okie girl lives in the same neighborhood Traylor did back in her Tulsa days. And believe me, I know a lot of us here would like to take Traylor out back and go “Oklahoma” on HER ass. Whatever “going Oklahoma” is. We still haven’t quite figured that out yet.

    • Since you are from the same area, can you get us some inside dirt?

      • SherryinBA says:

        I’ve been trying to find out some inside dirt, but nothing. The high school she went to is very large where football rules. Also very middle class. I can’t even find out where she went to college… if she went. I imagine no one around here wants to claim her. Believe me, we don’t go out back and beat the shit out of each other to settle our scores. Well, I take that back. Maybe Shana Hughes did.

    • glued2it says:

      I know a Sherry in Broken Arrow…you didn’t happen to work for a law office at one time, did you???

      • SherryinBA says:

        No, that’s not me.

        • glued2it says:

          Well, nice to have YOU here! I lived in Broken Arrow for about a year, and in south Tulsa for 7 or 8 yrs before that. Back in the 80s.

          • SherryinBA says:

            Thank you. Love it here. I’ve asked around about Traylor, but my suspicion is after high school, she high-tailed it out of town to become rich and famous… er, notorious. I’m wondering if she went to college in state. I read somewhere that she’d been a pharmaceutical sales rep. But that is probably fabricated just like everything else.

            • When I first read that she worked for Pizer my first thought was that she was probably a secretary there.

            • Tracy without an E says:

              I also lived in BA and Tulsa in the 80’s. (It’s a small world in Real HousewifeLand.) In fact my sis went to HS with Shana Hughes and I’ve only been able to glean the same intel on her as you, Sherry. General consensus is that she’s been a back-stabbing social climber from the get-go.

    • Terry says:

      Yes, Sherry. Please, c’mon. Spill it.

  21. Fairweather Viewer says:

    RCH, bravo! Taylor could have somewhat redeemed herself if she had shown any of this “alleged” remorse during the reunion but instead, she demonstrated that she was not only NOT sorry but she continued to attack Kim, threaten Kim and refused to acknowledge her extremely disgusting behavior. I wish we could vote her off the show like they vote people off American Idol or something.

    RCH, do you remember MTV’s pop-up video? If so, I think it would be funny if you could take some of the Bravo video clips and add some of your own “pop-ups” to them. Not sure if that sort of thing would be in violation of copyrights but I think with some of the things you come up with it would be funny to watch.

    • Do I look like I care about copy rights? Lol. I’m sure I’ve violated all kinds already. That’s a good idea for the video, I might consider it. I did that with Kelly’s video. Currently I’ve been thinking of a mash up of Taylor’s lies vs the truth, but I don’t know how to do it. I know how to edit videos on Windows, but I’m currently using a Mac (I know, I know, I always say I’ll never buy another one of these again, especially after the last one… and then the ipad… but they suck me in with their fancy packaging!) but I don’t know how to get video’s from Bravo’s website onto my computer in order to edit them.
      If anyone knows please tell me.
      I might head over to Yahoo Answers later and ask. I love that place.

      • Fairweather Viewer says:

        I don’t know anything about Macs. I hope you figure it out though because it would be hilarious with your clever comments.

        • I’m gonna try it. Those youtube take forever though. That’s why I haven’t done one in a while.

          • Fairweather Viewer says:

            If Bravo is really going to post an episode that is entirely based on the dinner from hell, that would be a great one to do a pop-up on.

            BTW, I am rather new to reading your blog so I’ve spent all day going back and reading your old blogs from several months back. I started at like 11 am (Central time) and I look up and it is now 7:30 pm. See what you’ve done! I’ve lost a whole day in a twilight zone. ha ha I have thoroughly enjoyed it though. I was reading one of your blogs that showed a shot of partial boobs and right about that time my husband looked over my shoulder (his timing is impeccible) and he was like “what in the world are you looking at?” You sort of had to hear his tone of voice but it was a hilarious moment. My husband thinks (probably hopes) I’ve taken an interest in looking at half naked women. Ha ha. Anyway, your blog on the dinner from hell was hilarious and that was only over small clips so if they do a whole show that includes new scenes it will be an awesome “pop-up” start.

            Good luck with whichever clips you choose though and I’ll be anxiously awaiting the entertainment!

  22. Terry says:

    I need a new hobby. I’m in a mood today and started looking at blogs about the housewives. Holy bejeebies. I just saw pictures of Phaedra Parks’ house; it’s Klassy meets sex dungeon meets teenager’s hangout. The housewives are not known for their taste in interior decor, but there is something about this place that just sticks in my craw.

  23. I just re watched the dinner in New York:

    Kim refused to take Kyle’s side because she was “nervous” but then she started with Taylor the second Camille walked out. Then she yelled at Kyle for the way she was talking to Camille and told Kyle “remember your place.”
    Then at lunch the next day Kim acted like she didn’t remember not standing up for Kyle and they had to tell her what happened.

    I feel bad for Kim and her problems, but I totally understand Kyle’s anger towards her.

    • Terry says:

      I just watched what you posted. And…. I can’t believe I actually spent time on this, but here you go:

      Part 1
      Kim is sitting between Camille, who is acting all offended and speaking in an accusatory tone. Kyle immediately pounces back, claws out, and says

      Kyle: “You’re a #$%ing liar, Camille!”
      Camille: “I wouldn’t make that up.”
      Kyle: “I believe that you think I said that. I believe you heard that.”
      Camille: “I don’t lie; I don’t lie. It’s not my personality.”
      Kyle: “Well then you hallucinate. You are scaring me. You…like…snap and turn.”
      Camille: “You’re the one who keeps saying the rudest things about me. Keep going…”
      Kyle: “My sister was sitting right there, Camille, when that happened. She was there the entire time. She heard everything.”
      Camille: You did say it.
      Kyle (raising her voice): Kim! You were sitting there….”
      Kim spaces out.
      Kim: “I don’t think…. I get nervous….”

      Then Kim interviews: I think if I had opened my mouth, there’s no telling which person would have taken it the right or wrong way. But I never heard my sister say ‘Why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey.

      Lisa: This is what I don’t understand. If you want to go with the insecure story … it was out of left field. I don’t even know what you guys said.
      Camille: So nobody in this room has said anything about me being insecure other than…
      Someone Kim?: I did.
      Camille: yadayada
      Kim (to Taylor): You asked me.
      Camille: So that’s my whole point.
      Airport footage in which Taylor says invisible and Kim asks if Camille is therefore feeling insecure.
      Camille says that she thinks Lisa was prompting Taylor.

      Conclusion: Camille thinks everyone is involved (Lisa prompted Taylor) and asserts that Taylor told her in the room. But she attacks Kyle specifically. (Perhaps something about the pecking order, or perhaps because Kyle was the one who told her not to be insecure?) Kim is the only one who admits to saying something at the airport, and then, rightly, says that Taylor began the conversation.

      IN KIM’S DEFENSE: I would freeze up if I were sitting between two women who were hurling accusations and raising their voices. It’s just a horrid place to be. Also, she was the only person who admitted to saying something, and once Camille was gone and Kim’s right flank was free (and a route of escape open), she correctly told Taylor that she had started the conversation or asked her or something along those lines.

      ALSO: This argument is just silly.
      You say I’m insecure.
      I would reply “Yes, I am, about certain things. We all have insecurities, no?”

      You allegedly say “Why would anyone be interested in you without your husband?”
      I reply: “Gee, I don’t know. I guess, this being a show about housewives, they are interested in how I might go on a spring break without my husband.”
      OR “Gee, I don’t know, but I’m grateful to the people who are.”

      Case closed. This argument was the height of silliness. Plus, if Kyle had placated Camille instead of come out fighting, that would have been the end of it. Plus Taylor certainly didn’t have to gossip in the room.

      FINAL COMMENT: I don’t know why “insecure” is an insult. Every one of us is insecure about something.

      Part 2:
      Oklahoma! (where the wind keeps sweeping down the plain…)

      Part 3:
      Kyle: Kim, stop. I just want to eat and go.
      Notice that Kyle says nothing about Oklahoma.
      Taylor: What does she… what is she starting with me for?
      Kyle: I don’t know. Kyle can fight but Kim can’t?

      Kim (to Kyle): Honestly, she was making you look stupid.
      Kyle: Well, she was trying to. BLEEP (Expletive deleted)
      Kim: Well, she was doing a good job, so you need to, like, stop pointing your finger and [unintelligible]
      Lisa: Oh, come on… you’re not attacking her. She was defending herself.
      Kyle: And you were doing a real nice job, too, She came after me.
      Kim: You need to stay in your place, Kyle.

      Conclusion: Kyle does not defend Kim about Oklahoma. Kim does indeed tell her sister to stop pointing her finger and to stay in her place.

      Is this a hierarchical place? A physical place? Who knows? I don’t understand the comment. These girls are, ostensibly, equals. Who knows what Kim meant. It was not a good comment.

      Dear RCH:
      Now that I’ve invested an hour in a silly argument on television, I see your point. It didn’t sound like Kim to me, but you were right.

      I know you’re not a Kim fan, and I see that she was not helpful at that dinner table. Also, it was interesting to see her emboldened and lecturing Kyle for once.

      • I don’t know what “stay in your place” meant either. I’m curious. Also, after re watching I find it interesting that it seems as though Traylor was trying to get Kim AND Lisa in trouble with Camille. Unfortunately it went wrong when Camille took it all out on Kyle.
        I can kinda see how this whole thing happened. Because of Taylor and her shit talking, Camille was under the impression that the women had a whole in depth conversation about her being insecure. Yes, everyone has insecurities, but for whatever reason (either paranoia or because Taylor put the idea in her head) Camille was under the impression that it was a mean/shit talking/ type of conversation. So then she went to dinner with a bunch of women who (in her mind) had just spent the entire day talking shit about her and she was being defensive.
        I hate Taylor even more now. Lol

        • Terry says:

          Yup. Taylor is a piece of work. Lisa did her part too though. Kyle is just irascible. And Kim was frightened in the cross-fire.

          I agree: Taylor must have gotten Camille quite worked up. Plus, although Kyle did apologize, she is naturally sort of aggressive and in-your-face, so between that and Camille wanting to plead that she was deeply shy, I just don’t know….

          I have a feeling that the place thing was something the Richards’ mother would say to them, because it makes no sense to me. It’s not a turn of phrase that fits the situation.

          PS: I sent you a thing for Internet HW about fights and money. I went into the fights because the Camille-Kyle fight was so ludicrous.

          • glued2it says:

            Maybe “stay in your place” simply means “don’t go flying across the table and hitting Camille!”

            Think about it – when they had dinner at Camille’s and Allison started in on Kyle, the show cut to an interview take w/Kim saying that she was expecting Kyle to go flying across the table.

            And then what happened on the finale? Kyle went flying to the back of the limo to hit Kim with her purse (or so it appeared).

            I think Kyle has a habit of flying at people who are royally pissing her off. So, Kyle “stay in your place” okay?

            • Terry says:

              Transcribing that fight gave me nightmares. Now I see on the “Ellen” tape that there were even more accusations: “You’re delusional. You need to get help.” And so on.

              I’m sorry I was privy to this. Also, this gave me some pause. It’s such a silly, silly argument, and it went on and on for such a very long time.

              Is it possible that, these shows being about women fighting, these women didn’t, in a way, pick something to fight about for the viewers? I don’t mean Kyle-Kim; I mean the endless Camille-Kyle fight that got so vicious and blown up so out of proportion.

              At any time, anyone could have taken Camille aside and asked, with compassion “What’s wrong? Is she picking on you? Are you feeling a little less sure of yourself, what with a reality show and your husband away for a year and all these new women? Gosh, you are so accomplished. I know you can ride out this apprehension.”

              At any time, Kyle could have said “Camille, I probably said something that sounded vaguely insulting, but I meant no harm. The last thing I want to do is insult you. I think a great deal of you and I’m impressed with x, y, z. Oh, you heard me say no one would be interested in you without Kelsey? Gosh, I’m so sorry. I meant that I was impressed that you were going on spring break without Kelsey. It must have come out wrong.” If she said something like that with sincerity, problem solved.

              These women have disordered personalities, yes. People with disordered personalities tend to read into things, yes. But who in their right mind has a fight for several hours?

              Any of the other women would have intervened and said “This is out of hand. Let’s go and calm down.”

              I don’t know if I believe that the fight wasn’t partly manufactured and then extended for filming. I don’t fight like that, nor do most people I’ve ever seen fight. People’s flight response kicks in and they leave to cool down.

              I now hate these women more than before because I’m spending so much time upset about their dumb fight. Transcribing it upset me. When I watched it without transcribing, I spaced out, just as Kim seems to. But now I’m obsessing over the details and feeling manipulated.

              I also had a thought about the time Ramona left Jill’s dinner party in the first season because Simon was there. As I remember, Ramona said something about a “girls’ night.” I now think Ramona was upset that Simon was trying to get into the filming and become part of the show. And if Ramona saw the RH as a vehicle for advertising and branding her name, I can see why she would resent that.

              I’m thinking back to several arguments on various franchises. Vicki vs. everyone = stupid. Tamra v. Gretchen = hottest, youngest housewife. Jill Zarin v. Bethenny = ok, that one I believe. The Salahi’s being hated I also believe. But not every single silly fight.

              Anyway, I say Bravo should bring back the Fab 5 and build people up. This constant fighting is just destructive and it’s terrible for these people’s children.

              Also, I want the McMansion people to go. They’re just beneath contempt.

              I’m going to watch the DIY network for a while so I can watch people doing something constructive.

              • glued2it says:

                I think you might be right in that you need to stop watching the RH shows. At least for a while. You do seem like a very sensitive person who cares very much what happens to people – even people you don’t know who are on TV. If it’s hard to detach from the drama then, yeah, it might be time for you to tune them out.
                Blessings & peace,
                Lisa (Glued)

                • Terry says:

                  Hey Lisa,

                  Thanks! I’m actually on it. I’m preparing a résumé so that I can volunteer at a hospital as an interpreter. I’m getting worked up here and I think helping some people with real problems will be a much better thing for me.

                  RCH: One thing I must say about you: your blog is addictive. But addictive. Kudos! I think Bravo needs to pay you a salary.

                  See you sometime, ladies. With xoxoxo,

                • glued2it says:

                  What a WONDERFUL thing to do!!! I hope you get that position as an interpreter. What language(s) do you speak? That would be such satifying work. Let us know if/when you start doing that, ok?

                • Terry says:

                  Thank you. You are a very nice person and I appreciate the cheering.

                  I speak Spanish fluently (the Mexico thing) and Italian well. The hospital needs Spanish.

                  I’m prepping the résumé and will submit it mañana. In the meantime, I’m going to just show up at the either the neighborhood church or the Salvation Army and ask them to put me to work.

                  You’re so right; the RH fights are taking up too much of my energy.

                  I’ll post when I have some results!

                  Have fun, ladies!

                • Bravo should pay me! Lol. Good luck with the volunteering, that’s very kind of you.
                  But you should still stick around the blog. We only have Atlanta left, and there is no serious drama there. Just silly pointless drama over whether or not Kim is a pop star or Nene is an intern.

                • glued2it says:

                  You’re going to stay for the really real housewife blogging, yes?? You know, the hair & the decorating & the shopping & the laundry (I am so blessed in the laundry dept). Please stay for that, Terry, when it is up & running!!

                • Reality Chick says:

                  Interpreting! That’s fantastic!

              • But Kyle did pretty much did what you described up in the hotel room. She was nice, and was willing to chalk the whole thing up to a misunderstanding. They hugged and everything was fine. Then Camille came downstairs and freaked out on her.
                So I totally get where Kyle was coming from. At that point it was clear that Camille was fucking nuts and there was no reasoning with her.
                I don’t think it’s staged, but I do think the fight continued for so long was because of the show. In a normal situation I’m sure Kyle would have simply not hung out with Camille after that, but because of the show she had to. Plus Camille’s accusations were heard by 2 million people, so I’m sure that caused Kyle to feel and extra strong need to defend herself.
                The reason there is so much drama on these shows is because they take women who wouldn’t normally be friends and force them to be around each other.

    • Terry says:

      More thoughts on silly arguments:

      If any of these women had implemented their parenting skills at that table, the argument wouldn’t have gone away.

      Those of us with teenage to early twenties children know how to deal with a person who is trying to pick a fight and thinks you are the stupidest and most vile person who ever lived.

      My stepson recently said to me, with malice in his tone: “Oh, you just don’t know anything about that.” I replied “You’re right. I don’t know anything about it.” With a smile.

      Camille is silly for arguing about insecurity, but that is hardly an ugly character flaw. Both she and Kyle were vile about the entire thing, and Lisa and Taylor started the cogs a-turning. But this is a silly, silly argument. Is this the best they can do? Tamra Barney would leave both these women in the dust.

    • Terry says:

      In the same clip, Adrienne, wearing a cross the size of which would impress a Cardinal, gets Paul to clasp it. We see their dressing area complete with framed wedding dress and watch thingy that runs them in circles. Much funnier.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kim could have stopped that NYC catfight in it’s tracks by saying Kyle didn’t say whatever it was that got jacked into WWIII – she didn’t because she secretly wanted Kyle to get a Camille smackdown and/or she didn’t remember what was initially said because she was zoned out and/or she couldn’t remember what she said in the airport and was afraid Camille would go after her.
      Instead she goes after Taylor? Then she spends the rest of the season making lame excuses why she didn’t have her sister’s back! And all of Kim’s idiotic skirmishes with Taylor – she’s on her own because those “fights” were not about her sister, having her sister’s back or her sister’s hair.
      So I see Taylor’s Go Oklahoma and raise you one Kim’s Go blow up your lips and call that a push. But if I was in a fight – I would be taking Lips with me!

  24. Distressed says:

    WOW. WHat an update, RCH – thanks. You’ve outdone yourself and it’s a high bar to begin with.

    Traylor is totally a drunk. And the whole godmother fiasco is absurd to the point of disbelief, really, if I didn’t see the video I wouldn’t believe it happened.

    • krone says:

      Up here in Maine we’re a peace-loving people but we do still have remedies for EXTREMELY unpleasant people. We simply take them out in the woods, sidetrack them by saying, “OOOH look at the pretty deer” and then run like hell. My fantasy: I tell Shanna that there are many “green” people here with money but to properly impress them, she must take tree-hugging to a whole new level. She gets terribly excited and runs to hig a big ole tree, but being Shanna, she also muckles onto it with those hideous lips which form a vacuum of sorts, and there she stands til someone cares enough to go find her. In my fantasy, just as she’s good and stuck, I hear this “Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” and lo and behold, it’s Beensomeone cartwheeling through the forest; of course when she smacks into a tree, looks up and finds many, many more, she launches into her “systematic bullying” diatribe against all the noble Firs and Birches. Just when I begin feeling really good about my fantasy , a Sasquatch wanders by saying, “I’m a nice person; ain’t I a nice person?”Suddenly everything goes incredibly quiet & I realize what’s frightening all the little forest animals, because I pick up a foghorn sound yelling “BAWWWWWWWBY” and damn it! That was enough to ruin my fantasy og going Maine on someone’s ass. Damn!

  25. Sardonica says:

    Thank you Lighthouse!
    That was soo funny. This place isn’t a crackden. It is an institution of higher learning, a place full of researchers scouring the net night and day bringing much needed resources to the table so we can all strive together to a higher understanding of the one thing truly important to the betterment of man/womankind. The basis of life. The answer to all things eternal. The Realhousewife franchise. Well done to all who bring such links to light

    • Daisy says:

      Real City Housewife is my first love-blog, but this one I found this morning did make me laugh out loud a few times. I don’t really like the language to much, but can overlook it for the sake of hilarity.

      (I haven’t read all of the blogs, just this particular linked one, so can’t attest to consistency of funniness.)

      • Daisy says:

        Okay….I read some more of this person’s blogs and they are really funny…like roll on the floor funny. RCH you would really like it.

        There aren’t any commenters on his blogs, and I would love to give the guy some kudos, but you sign in with Facebook, and no one knows I watch HW except my daughter bc I won’t let her watch (we do watch Toddlers and Tiaras though) and my husband bc he has to go to his man-cave and play Black Ops.

        Y’all need to read at least one of his blogs, if for nothing else but a laugh and a few new lines to attach to these women. They are hilarious.

    • Lighthouse says:

      Ha ha! How eloquent of you, Sardonica. Thank you.

  26. Sardonica says:

    Off to work on my February White Party
    1) order tons of snow and ice *check*

  27. missmi says:

    I felt that Kims comment about stay in your place was a way of telling Kyle to stay calm and not yell out everything that pops into her head.

  28. Tuzentswurth says:

    Shana Hughes is such a huge phony, I wonder if she legally has changed her name or just changes the name she goes by? The video of her grinning and shaking her head yes so vigorously, trying to convince Adrienne to lie for her is hysterical. When I have rime to be on twitter, I’m going to tweet that everyday so no body misses it. Adrienne is so far out of Shanaconda’s league it isn’t even the same sport. Great BS blog RCH. I abhor the ever phony shana hughes taylor ford armstrong pieceofshit.

    • She did legally change her name. Someone posted the court docs here, but I don’t know where that link is now.
      If I remember correctly it was the change from Shana Taylor or Taylor Armstrong.
      No evidence of show she got from Hughes to Taylor or what happened Ford along the way.
      But she was definitely using Ford up until recently because I was reading some of the old blogs discussing the potential RHOBH cast members and she was constantly listed as Taylor Ford Armstrong. I think she dropped the Ford because of the show because she knew there was no way she could get away with that one on national tv.

      • glued2it says:

        Is there an ex-husband in the pic? That would be interesting if he just “happened to” POP-UP in Beverly Hills, lol.

        • I wondered about that too. But I think if there were an ex husband we would have heard about it by now.

          • glued2it says:

            Back when I was in OK (and maybe still? Sherry might know) there was a convenient little thing called common-law marriage. You & your live-in could be legally married by simply telling others that you were married. You didn’t have to get a license, get a ring, get a minister, etc.
            And since Taylor/Shana has a propensity to lie, it would be hilarious if she had herself a common-law husband that she forgot to divorce when she left town.

            • SherryinBA says:

              I believe common law marriages are still recognized in Oklahoma. Even an old boyfriend coming out of the woodwork would be great!

  29. Terry says:

    Hey Lisa!

    Thanks for thinking of me. I will definitely come back for the Real Housewives of the Internet if RCH will have me. I’m excited about that project and I’m curious about how our lives will compare and contrast. I imagine there will be regional and age differences, as well as economic ones, but since most everyone here is very nice, I don’t foresee any ugly arguments; rather, I hope it’s going to turn into a way to view the daily lives of women in different areas and circumstances.

    Going Gray
    So… I looked into the gray hair and have been asking every woman with gray hair I see for advice. The women look good, and to a woman they told me that no longer dyeing their hair was an exercise in freedom.

    I was told to let the gray grow in (even if I have gray on the top and red at the bottom), or else advised to go to a colorist who specializes in this (a woman in Midtown Manhattan), but it’s $350–$500, so… no. That is decidedly not freedom.

    I’m getting a short bob like the ones below: just enough for a short ponytail. I’ll do updos when my hair grows out in a single color.

    I’m already feeling energized about this. It’s going to be a fantastic change!

    To RCH
    Missy, you have a great sense of humor and run a fantastic blog. You’ve managed to create an online community — something that is decidedly not easy to do. Bravo ought to pay you; I’m certain they monitor your site since you get so much traffic. Anyhow, I hope you start the RHoI; I’d love to participate. Take care and I hope to see you soon.

    The new woman on RHoNYC is the owner of waxing salons. They perform a Brazilian wax and then put sparkly stuff (including Swaroski crystals) on one’s vagina. Actually, it can’t be the vagina, it must be, perhaps, along the outer labia and mons veneris.

    It seems like a cute idea (get my hubs going, for sure!), but when I thought about it I started to worry about how the crystals are affixed and how stable that can be. Can you imagine if they came loose in the street and one walked and seemed to pee crystals onto the sidewalk? Oy! Also, what happens when the stubble grows in? Another oy!

    OK, I hope that gets your imagination going toward hilarity.


    • Ok but come back for the Real Housewives of the Internet thing.
      I got your email, I just need to set it all up. I’ll prob do it this week since there won’t be any Housewife stuff until Sunday. Plus I’m working on a funny video about BMBB so you gotta come back to see that.

    • glued2it says:

      Lordhavemercy! I would just DIE if I had sparkles descending from my panties as I walked downtown during my lunch break. I think I’ll take a pass, lol

      Those gray haircuts look pretty, Terry. I’ll bet you’ll look great. My oldest daughter says she thinks I’ll look great when I go gray. I don’t have enough gray right now though to look good. It just looks MOUSY. Do not want!

  30. Daisy says:

    Okay, so I am having a crappy day and decide to watch the Taylor Pwned clip again. (Thank you Tay-Tay for being so shady that you are funny.)

    Anyway, I paused the clip to go back and watch it again, and the screen paused with Taylor’s tongue stuck out of her mouth and I thought….EW, that’s gross. When did she do that? So, I watched that part and found that it was immediately after being caught lying and during Andy’s next question.

    Obviously, Taylor (nee’ Ford of the Ford Motor Co. *cough, cough*) had a physiological reaction to being caught in a whopper of a lie and having to explain it in front of Adrienne and the other women. Her mouth apparently turned into the Sahara and she had to wet it before her lying tongue dried up. I bet her ears were also ringing, her vision got blurry, she was dizzy, and her heart was beating out of her chest. She had to be feeling her own skin breathing at that point with all of the nerves in her body going bezerk. (I am thinking about the feelings I had when I caught in a lie at the age of 10.) I can imagine her only thought at that point was herself being kicked out of a moving limo back at the trailor park in Oklahoma, back at square 1. I really feel sorry for the poor thing…hope that teaches her to stop lying. That is, if the lies aren’t already a drug to her.

  31. workingclass says:

    1st time commenter here. Did anyone else notice that earlier in the season when Taylor was planning the big birthday party, she made a comment about the great parties her parents had for her and how she remembered all of them. I wonder if that was before or after she was abused. Perhaps another lie?

    • I don’t believe that Taylor was abused. I’m not sure I even believe that she was having marriage problems. I think everything she does is just to get attention.

    • krone says:

      welcome workingclass. Hope you have fun here; I certainly do. I don’t believe Shanna’s “abuse” story for a minute; she wouldn’t threaten violence so cavalierly to kim if her story were true. JMO

  32. doobie says:

    Shana Hughes was born to Marla Pugh and Chuck Hughes. Her mother worked for Jim Halsey, an agent in country music. Her parents grew up in Cherryvale, Kansas, where Shana spent a majority of her summers while growing up.

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