Teen Mom 2 – Episode 4

Corey and Leah are back together and moving into a new home. They found a nice grey double wide by the water and they couldn’t be happier.

We still don’t know what’s wrong with Ali because she’s too young for an MRI and all the scary possibilities are obviously causing a lot of stress for Leah. But at least she has Corey and they are both trying to make it work for the sake of their daughters. Leah’s mom thinks they’re moving too fast, but as Leah pointed out, they already have two children together so it’s a little late to be worrying about that now. I hope these two can make it work, but the preview for next week shows them fighting again already.

Jo wants to get back with Kailyn, although I can’t imagine why. When Jo asked her to go somewhere with him so they could talk, he said sarcastically that he would let her treat him to dinner and she responded as if he had asked her to throw her baby out the window. She lives in his house and he’s helping her pay for college, the least she could do is buy the kid a hamburger. She tells him that she still loves him, but her tone and facial expressions suggest otherwise.
Jo admits that he was jealous when she was dating the pizza boy, and she admits that she may have dated the guy just so she coud add “spiteful” to her long list of glowing personality traits. I was feeling a little bad for her last week, but now I remember why I can’t stand her.

There is no point to even write anything about Chelsea. We all already know exactly where her story line is headed. I predicted in the beginning that Adam was going to move in and that it would all end in disaster. The first part of my prediction came true last night, and I expect to see the second half manifest itself in the coming weeks.
Not only does Chelsea allow Adam to move into the house her father pays for without expecting him to contribute to the bills, she decides it would be a good idea to keep the whole living situation a secret. When her father comes over to help her fix the air conditioner, that little snake Adam slithers out of the house without even looking in her father’s direction. Chelsea doesn’t seem to have a problem with this, but since she doesn’t demand respect for herself then I guess we can’t expect her to demand it for her father either. I love Chelsea’s dad. He’s such a sweet heart. But his pushover attitude is only enabling Chelsea’s idiotic behavior.

Janelle met a boy named Keiffer. He seems like a nice kid, but he didn’t graduate high school, doesn’t have a job, and is pretty much a vagrant who walked into town with nothing but what he could fit in his back pack. Not exactly what Janelle needs in her life. Surprisingly, Barbara responded pretty well to meeting Keiffer for the first time, but I suspect that’s because she’s only a bully to people she can push around.
Janelle didn’t bother wasting too much time getting to know the kid before they took their relationship to the next level. When Barbra see’s the hickeys on Janelle’s neck she screamed “Nice job Janelle, you got hickeys all ova ya neck like a lil – “ and I swear she would have finished that sentence with “whore” if the cameras hadn’t been there. Then she proceeded to feed baby Jace while telling him what a horrible person his mother is. They have a word for that, it’s called parental alienation, and it will make good evidence for Janelle when she decides to get custody of her son back.
As Janelle was leaving the house Barbra reminds her multiple times not to speed – but not because it’s dangerous, because there are cameras on the street and she doesn’t want her to get a ticket. Nice. Barbra is not a caretaker, she is a prison warden. She won’t let Janelle take Jace out of the house, but I don’t think she ever takes him outside either. He seems to be permanently sitting by the front door waiting for his moment to escape.

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15 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Episode 4

  1. Tuzentswurth says:

    Watching this show breaks my heart. Ali, the twin girl, has some severe problems, it is obvious that all her limbs are malformed. How has no Dr seen this at simple well baby/inoculation visits?
    Listening to Janelle’s mother makes ME want to run away from home. Then I remembered that I could just turn off the TV.

    • Tracy without an E says:

      I totally agree about Allie. I am really worried when the time comes for that MRI. My heart breaks every time they show her little legs. 😦
      As for Jenelle… I used to dilike her, but now I feel sorry for her. How can anyone be expected to grow into a functioning adult with that witch of a mother?!
      Chelsea and Kailyn? Both will sadly be pregnant again in the next couple of years. It pisses me off, though, that Chelsea is screwing over the one man in her life that will always try to do right by her. I agree that the roommate is the smartest one in that equation.

  2. Sardonica says:

    I agree with you , Tuz. I couldn’t watch this show. The poor children. It is like trying to watch a show about someone abusing animals. The producers of shows involving children in this manner should be arrested.

  3. Golden Girl says:

    I cannot figure out Kailyn. She apparently has no support from her own family but she has what seems such a sense of entitlement. She lives rent free in Jo’s house, her mom just gave her a car, Jo’s parents buy her food, Jo’s parents buy all the baby items, and now Jo is paying for her college I don’t get it. Plus when she went to find out when and how much her tuition was, she just sat there and told the lady she didn’t have the money for it and kinda looked at her like “so you gonna give it to me for free?”

  4. Sardonica says:

    I am in distress over the news about RHNYC being held back until SPRING! I mean WTF?! I suffered through allll of NJ and 3 epis of DC AND the entire season of BH to read this news? The only thing getting me through the winter is waiting for this show and RCH blogging about the show and commenters commenting about this show. NOW I may have to actually do something or like talk to real people or like find another TV show to dissect and analyze in a really weird obessive way with a bunch of other weird obessive fruitynutcakes or nuttyfruitcakes and where am I to find this show and those people? I mean really…wtf. Sighhhhhhhh

  5. Sardonica says:

    I gave myself the thumbs up because it is a thumb and I need to suck something right now and Mr S isn’t home and the mailman already left off the mail and we don’t have a milkman and that was a naughty thing to type but so what. I am like despondent over the RHNYC news
    * curling up in a fetal position, weeping* MOMMY? MOMMY RCH!!… where are youuu? wahhh

  6. OneMoreInBoston says:

    I know our trollie said he was leaving on the 8th so maybe he’s lurking?

    I have RCH on my daily bookmarks but then she went AWOL for awhile so I stopped checking in and then lo and behold, just a plethora of blogs.

    My mother grew up in Holmby Hills and my dad grew up near WestLake Village. They lived there (Westlake Village) for about 8 years, and my dad moved to Palm Springs when my Mom died.

    I ***think*** I know who Mr. Trollie is or who Mr. Trollie is pretending to be. (No disrespect meant, Mr. Levine, just not sure in our anonymous internet world who’s who, and what’s what.)

    And yes, Mr. Trollie- you do seem very credible- there is a ring of truth about much of what you say. Or you could be an incredibly good troll and I am naive- it wouldn’t be the first or last time I’m taken in by a troll.

    But what I am confused about-how do you know so much about BOTH NJ & BH?

    If I am correct on who you are, you did attend an Ivy League undergrad college in NJ- but that was an awfully long time ago. Or is your cousin giving you some inside scoop from Reality Tea?

    No matter- I appreciate you and your trollie humor, we don’t get to play as much as we used to.

    keep it coming…luvs

  7. krone says:

    I knew if I looked I’d find my true love!! Hey Boston8) Wanna meet a teen any Mom would be proud of?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      my darlin krone!
      happy belated birthday!!!

      I saw this on Huffington today- I don’t know if I want to adopt him or do bad things to him 😉

      • krone says:

        ty for the bd wishes (I’m working backwards and am now in my 50’s;) Hey, keep your hands off Zach darlin’,- I’m going to stalk him; discreetly of course;)

  8. krone says:

    I need to post tonight’s follow up. Sorry but he’s my new hero

  9. Jackie says:

    Kailyn is sooo weird..Poor Jo tries to be playful with her and she barely cracks a smile..She has zero personality not sure what they have or had in common..I feel bad cause of her lack of family support but its time for her to stop using it as an excuse and make something of herself!! Jenelle even though I don’t agree with her going out as much as she does..her mom is PSYCHO and can’t wait for DR Drew to lay it into her ASS on the reunion show..cause she is going about it the wrong way..I’ve never heard of a daughter not being able to take her child for a car ride!! Anywho Leah and Corey will be just fine cause there finally on the same page!! And Chelsea is an idiot!! Yea let ur loser boyfriend who wanted to sign over that mistake live in the house your father pays for and supports with EVERYTHING!! She will get hit with a frisby soon enough!!!

  10. Sam says:

    I think what Leah is going through is unbelievable I couldn’t imagine going through anything like that with my daughter. My prayers go out for her and her family hopefully things are going great! As for Janelle I have no care for your mother may get on your case and am hard to deal with but that is no reason to run off with a boy and forget about your child your mother is being a mother. I would cherish my mother if she was that way toward me because it proves her love for me. Sometimes I’m not sure why I watch this show and I think it’s because I have HD free for life from working with DISH and I love it. I’m glad to have my daughter be able to support her by having a good job.

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