Teen Mom 2 – Episode 3

Let’s start with Kailyn, because she’s the one that has me to shaking my head so much I’m dizzy by the end of the show. Jo’s mom (why do I have such trouble remembering the names of the parents on this show?) sits her down and  tells her that she has to choose between dating the guy from work or living in her house. I understand why the family is bothered by her dating, especially so soon after breaking up with their son and while still living in their home. And Jo’s mom had a really good point about the statistics of teen moms who get pregnant again. That would just be a disaster, and Kailyn looks like she’s stupid enough to let that happen. Jo’s mom might be a bit of a bitch, but I think she really helped Kailyn dodge a bullet on this one. Plus it’s not like she really liked the guy. She said he was stupid, but stupid people are fun so that’s why she was spending time with him. After Jo’s mom beat Kailyn into submission, she let the boy toy know the bad news – over the phone of course. But I suppose we should give her some credit for not sending a text. I did feel bad for her when she had to go to college orientation and not only would no one drive her, no one would even watch the kid for her while she went. So she ended up getting a ride from Jo’s brother and went to orientation alone with her baby and had to change him on the bathroom floor at the college.

I’m not a fan of Kailyn, but I don’t like Jo and his family either. Kailyn could learn some social skills, improve her attitude, and close her mouth once in while and she might be alright. But Jo and his family will probably always be mean. Her segment did end on a happy note though, when that worthless mother of hers finally did something decent and gave Kailyn her old car.

Poor Janelle. I thought she was crazy and out of control when she told her mother she would spit on her, but now I totally understand where she was coming from. Barbra the bitch from hell now has custody over baby Jace and complete control over Janelle’s life. She can kick Janelle out of the house any time she wants and prevent her from seeing Jace, and she makes sure to remind Janelle of that fact every chance she gets. She wouldn’t even let her take him with her to the grocery store or to see the fireworks on 4th of July. She made it clear to Janelle that if she took Jace anywhere without getting her permission first (FYI, she won’t give her permission for anything), she would call the police and have her arrested for kidnapping .

Janelle is trying to do the right thing and went out and got herself a job. She used her first pay check to buy some stuff for Jace and some clothes for herself. Of course Barbara finds a way to turn this into a reason why Janelle is a horrible person. When Janelle defends herself by telling her mother that the skirt she bought was for work and only cost $3, her mom yells at her for spending so much money. Is it wrong that I actually get angry over this woman?

Let’s move on to Chelsea. She’s still a moron. Adam saw that she has a nice new house and is becoming a reality tv star and now he wants to come back into her life so he can get in on some of that fame and get a free place to stay. He probably also wanted to fix his reputation because I’m sure it’s been hard for him to get a date since 16 And Pregnant aired.

I don’t think any of his actions are sincere and I predict that this situation will end in disaster. The roommate agrees with me. She’s a smart girl.

Leah and Corey have decided to give their relationship another chance. I’m happy for them. But they’re boring. So I don’t really have anything else to say about their situation. Hope everything turns out alright with Ali.

Next week Corey and Leah move back in together, Adam con’s his way into Chelsea’s house, Kailyn and Jo get back together, and Janelle’s mother screams at her for breathing.

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33 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Episode 3

  1. missmi says:

    Omg I love it RCH! However, Janelles mom will probably only yell at Janelle for breathing in the house. She is free to leave the house now and breathe as much as she wants.

  2. car54 says:

    As dumb as she is, I feel so sorry for Kailyn….she literally has NOBODY who really gives a damn about her in her life. Jo’s family took her in because of Jo and because of her baby—not because of anything about her–and she is not really smart enough to make her way on her own, her mother is worthless–if Jo’s family doesn’t push her she will end up just like her mother…homeless and living for the current boyfriend–and Jo’s family will probably end up raising her son.

    I was yelling at Janelle–“DON’T SIGN THAT!”—she has signed her life away to her bitch of a mother.

    • Janelle made a deal with the devil when she signed those papers.
      I didn’t know that’s how custody cases work. If you can’t afford a lawyer you lose? That’s not fair.

      • Fairweather Viewer says:

        Actually, there is probably some sort of Legal Aide type of help available for people like Janelle but she probably wasn’t smart enough to look into it and I’m sure her mom’s attorney didn’t volunteer that information to her.

        • I’m sure there was something available.
          Look at Amber, she got the government to pay for her apartment… and tanning and fake nails. And she is clearly a neglectful mother and no one took custody from her.

  3. Golden Girl says:

    OMG! I thought I was going to hate Janelle this season but oh my it’s her mother who is the worst one! How does she expect Janelle to ever regain custody of her son when she wont even let her take him to see fireworks? Kaylin I think was just going out with that other guy because she was trying to make Jo jealous and it back fired. I can’t believe how Jo talks to Kaylin and his parents are ok with it but then the way they ganged up on her I can see why they don’t mind.

    • Yes me too, I was totally prepared to hate Janelle and now I feel bad for her. I think what her mother is doing is abusive. Janelle is gonna snap and stab her one day. Living environments like that are how people get murdered.

      If I were Jo’s mom I would smack him across the face for speaking to a female the way he talks to Kailyn. She’s annoying, but she still deserves respect.

  4. car54 says:

    I just did jury duty and the case I got on was shop-lifting–which is a misdemeanor and the woman represented herself–and the judge told us if it is not a criminal case they are not obligated to supply a lawyer to the defendant.

    There MUST be some kind of social services who would have been able to help her–the mother’s attorney was such a slime-ball– I felt like he was not being straight with her on a lot of what he and the mother told her.

    She should have let it go to court–they would have had a social worker or someone look at how they are living and nobody could be around that mother very long without knowing she’s a bitch.

    • I think she should have gone to court. Nothing worse would have happened. I was under the impression that it was really difficult to take custody away from a mother. Like, the child would have had to be seriously abused or neglected. I think Barbara and her lawyer scammed Janelle. Just because you can’t afford your own apartment isn’t a reason to lose custody. That’s why they have all kinds of government programs for single moms, and welfare etc…
      In my opinion, Janelle is like an abused woman. If she were married and it were her husband treating her this way instead of her mother people would be freaking out and no judge or jury would give custody to the husband.

      • Golden Girl says:

        ITA! I think that since Janelle no longer has custody of her son, and has no reason to believe she will get him back or that she could she’s going to get into a lot of trouble. It so sad she just needs someone in her corner to guide her in the right direction.

        • Her mother is pushing her to just say “Fuck it, I might as well go party.”
          I think that’s what she wants. There is no way that mother actually thinks she’s doing the right thing as a parent. She can’t be that stupid, I think she’s doing it on purpose. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t think Janelle is a bad person. I think she’s a product of her mother’s environment, and like you said, with guidance I think she would be alright.

  5. captaincarebear says:

    This is the most hopeless of shows. It’s like you see the future for all these families and depression sets in. Kinda like the starving homeless dog in the street. Sad.

  6. Toomuch says:

    This show kinda makes it look easy to have kids. People give you cars and houses. Then MTV gives you money.

    I think everyone on this show is crazy and maybe it is smart to keep cameras on them. Someone has to watch these kids and protect them. When I say kids I mean the babies.

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wow – I watch this show and think to myself – adoption would be the best thing for the babies. These girls are not in any position to support themselves, continue their education so they can support themselves, actually be a full time mother and worry too much about what they are missing with their friends.
    Janelle and her mother are both pieces of work and neither one of them should have custody – Janelle wants to play mom – her mom is very resentful because she has to be responsible for both of them.
    Maybe MTV should put any income in a trust for the babies instead of rewarding these nitwits.

  8. Tuzentswurth says:

    Janelle’s mother is despicable. She is so hateful and jealous of her daughter. She is the worst control freak I have ever seen. I feel so sorry for Janelle. Janelle should go to CPS with this show and show how she was railroaded to sign away custody to a despicable moron that is now telling this baby that his mother is a bad, bad girl. I think Janelle is f-ed up b/c of her mom and the same thing is going to happen to the baby. That woman is abusive. You’re right RCH, murder springs to mind. I don’t understand how that lawyer didn’t think that there was a problem forcing Janelle to sign that without any legal representation. Janelle should get to legal aid, get this reversed since it appears they forced her to sign this under duress. Then she should give the baby up for adoption and go make a life for herself. Her mother is horrible.

    • gfuqgfujqgfvqla says:

      Janelle’s mom is AMAZING!!! she lets her slut of a daughter syatay in her house, meanwhile Janelle is on the front porch while Jace is at home, smoking pot with Keiffer, she should go live under a rock and die

  9. Tuzentswurth says:

    As for Chelsea, she is an immature brat. To allow her dad to support her and then sneak in Adam & lie to her dad is pathetic. Open your eyes Chelsea, tell Adam he can move in if he had a job and can pay the bills. He is a loser.

  10. Navymommy says:

    I just started watching this show. I got pregnant at nineteen and married the father of my son one week before I delivered. He was a responsible young man and a loving father. It was still a struggle since daycare was too expensive and we lived off one income for a long time. Times are far more difficult now and these young women don’t realize that sometimes the babies are not always completely healthy as that one young mom is finding out. They say every child born out of wedlock sets the mother back five years. I think it’s more like ten. Janelle’s mother is torn between her daughter’s poor choices, which she continues to make, and being the stability to her grandchild. I understand why she’s angry. I’d be pissed too. But I would not toss my child out and leave her homeless. My family would work with me to see that one way or another her basic needs are covered.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Janelle only knows how to make poor choices b/c her mother is very deficient in the nurturing of a child. The mother is deplorable and very emotionally abusive.

  11. Mom of Many says:

    Janells mom is a nightmare! She does not even allow Janell to be a mom when she is there and is constantly overbearing and far from being supportive instead she does nothing but constantly verbally abuses her every chance she gets. How does she expect her to have any respect for her or herself with her constant nasty berating she does. He mom is only trying to break her.

    Janell is one sad lonely little creature in a game of bully mom. I wonder why Janells dad left and what happened to him.? She said he came faithfully then stopped.
    I thought her mom was nasty about that adoption.

    I am sure its too heartbreaking for Janell to face that her father first abandoned her and her mother has too now. When she made Janell sign over those adoption papers that was her cruel nasty way of saying …”I don’t’ want you either just leave and I will take the baby and this way I can pretend its my baby and I am young again and its me, my man and baby.” No room for you Janell.

  12. Mom of Many says:

    These poor kids. Parents have means and not dirt poor and still cannot help out when needed their own let alone anyone else. Kailyn’s mom is a loser and chooses her boyfriend over a daughter. How right do we expect kids to be when adults in their life are not. Jo and his family are “lording over her” Jo treats her like garbage but that is ok and how far have things changed there is still too much of fathers getting off all righteous and scot free but its like the female are looked down only and they have the total care while dad plays on his off time. Its all one sided.

  13. Mom of Many says:

    Chelsea is the fool in this one. She has a guy that is a con artist and wants to be on tv. But she falls for him hook line and sinker. She don’t get that this man abandoned his baby besides her. She is far too ungrateful for her dads help and deserve every man who comes along to poop on her but not the child. She needs to at least grow a backbone for her baby.

  14. Mom of Many says:

    Corey and Leah are moving too fast. It will blow up in their face and the pressure will get to them. They should have taken it slower. Men are immature failures and not raised to be manly but women have to become women once they give birth and often raised to be caretakers. Mothers fail in raising boys too often to be fit for manhood and step up in caring for a family.

    • I agree but I think Corey is the exception. He only knew Leah for a month when she got pregnant and instead of walking away like most guys would have done he got them a house and was happy about having a family. In 16 and Pregnant he used to work all day and then come home and take care of the kids while Leah went out and partied.

  15. Sam says:

    I really don’t care so much for Janelle just seeing that she can careless for her child and not trying to make things work proves that she didn’t need to have a kid. I work for DISH and I see these shows all the time or hear about them and I think it’s just sad. I mean Leah is a wonderful mother her main concern is her kids and I love that. I would watch her all the time with my Free HD because I know that I’m getting the best TV for it.

  16. gfuqgfujqgfvqla says:

    The many things wrong with Janelle from Teen Mom 2!
    1. She doesn’t care about Jace or her poor mom who ,after raising her, now has to raise Jace (selfess)
    2. SHE IS A SLUT JUST LIKE HER MOM SAID! I love her mom, she is strong and says it like it is! There is no reason to sugar coat what Jannelle is!!! (slutty)
    3. She is incapable of taking care of Jace and her mom still lets her (another sign of how great she is)(not to metion the fact that Jannelle fails miserably the one time her mom leaves her and Kieffer alone wth Jace) (incompitent)
    4. Keiffer!!!!!!!!!!!!! She and her piece of shit bf smoke marijuna at home while Jace and her mom are there and Keiffer just laughs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS AN ASSHOLE (shelfess, imcompitent and a criminal)
    5. The only reason she would even consider taking care of Jace is so she could get finantial aid so she can go back to school and have more sex (slutty and selfess)
    6. She always yells at her mom with Jace around which is a repeat of Amber’s problems, she doesn’t care about the inviroment she is creating for her son(shelfess and imcompitent)
    P.S.- Sometimes I change the channel when her part is one cause I don’t have the stomach watch her

    • Tuzentswurth Vanderbilt-Carnegie says:

      Hi Barbara, In RCH’s absence allow me to welcome you to the blog.

      • Haha!! I was going to leave the same comment.
        Great minds think alike Tuz!

        • Tracy without an E says:

          I think maybe it’s Amber? The inclusion of a dig (towards Amber) was merely a smokescreen. Besides, I would hope that Barbara’s grammar was a wee bit better than that hot mess above….but then again you may say I’m a dreamer. 😉

          Besides, everybody knows Amber’s the worst mom in the history of the show.

  17. gfuqgfujqgfvqla says:

    the best couple is Coery and Leah. they are doing everything right: they are getting married and their main concern is their twins and Lai’s medical condition! They ROCK

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