The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Finale Episode (I’m So Sad It’s Over!)

The show starts where we left off with the worlds most awkward toast. I wonder how much time Bravo saves in each episode by replaying things we’ve already seen?
Camille gets her last walk down the red carpet as the wife of a celebrity. In her talking heads she can’t seem to make up her mind about whether Kesley asked her there to have a romantic weekend and try to fix their marriage, or whether the marriage was over and he had already moved on. It must be hard to keep your stories straight when you’re constantly making shit up.


Kyle, who up until this point seemed like one of the normal ones, goes to visit her psychic and brings her mother’s ashes and a lock of her hair with her. Um… ok? This psychic tells her that she is having a conflict with another woman (duh) and Kyle seems so impressed by this premonition. Oh come on Kyle! When the psychic told Kyle that she was feeling betrayed by Kim in New York, Kyle was all like “Omg how did you know?” Holy hell! Read back a couple recaps, I said the exact same thing. Where is my $50 an hour, huh Kyle?


Did the women change opening outfits? This looks new.


Lisa invites Taylor to lunch to discuss her shit stirring ways. I love Lisa, but she really needs to stop saying “put it to bed” about everything. It’s getting very annoying and she even got Taylor saying it now. So Lisa confronts Taylor, and Taylor laughs and giggles like she always does and then embarks on some long rambling explanation of events. Eventually it becomes clear that what Taylor had attempted to do was get Camille angry at Kim. But her manipulation attempt went horribly wrong when Camille ended up taking her crazy out on Kyle instead.


Lisa is getting annoyed with Taylor’s excuses and finally tells her very simply to just stay out of it and to make things right with Kim. But it’s not really a suggestion. Lisa is telling her that this is what she has to do. Taylor smiles, tilts her head, and says “Lisa…” and I swear she was about to go all Oklahoma on her ass. But then she stopped herself and thought about how rich and connected Lisa is and decided that her social climbing agenda is more important than whatever she felt like saying in that moment.


Back at home, Taylor invites a girlfriend over to take her daughters dog Snowball off her hands. Another reason why I don’t believe Taylor’s childhood abuse stories is because she cries exactly the same over giving away Kennedy’s dog as she does about the “attack on her mother.” The tears just seem to come a little too easy and shut off a little too fast. I’m telling you guys, something is not right with this bitch.


Over at Lisa’s they are STILL talking about Cedric moving out. How many episodes are they going to dedicate to this? Boring… But there was one interesting piece of information that was mentioned by Ken: Cedric is 37 years old. Really? He looks good!


Does Kennedy ever wear anything else? This is the 3rd time I’ve seen her in this outfit.
I actually like Taylor’s strategy of wearing baggy dresses to make herself look skinnier. Good idea.


I’m trying so hard to feel bad for Camille, but I just can’t. There is no way that this break up was a surprise to Camille. I don’t believe it. Either that, or she is just very, very heavily medicated. Her calm, tearless reaction to everything that’s happening just doesn’t make sense. To me, she doesn’t seem like a hurt woman, she seems like someone trying to get sympathy from people. I don’t know what the real story is here, but I’m sure it’s not what they’re showing on tv. Not at all. I don’t believe anything in Camille scene’s anymore, especially not after that toast in New York. Shady bitch.


So the women (minus Camille) all head out to Taylor’s birthday party that was supposedly planned by Russel. I think it was really planned by Bravo and just given the title of “Taylor’s birthday party”. The only people there were members of the show, their relatives, personal assistants, PR reps, and managers. Come on Bravo, are we really supposed to believe that Kim’s best friend and Mauricio’s mother were invited to Taylor’s birthday? Or that Russel threw a party? Seriously.
What does that chair in the bottom of the picture look like? Lol.


Russel makes a little toast to Taylor. Either he is extremely socially awkward, or he just really doesn’t like his wife. It’s hard to tell. He tries to be nice by calling Taylor 29, and she admits that she’s 39. Thirty nine? And Cedric is 37? Do those two look even close to being the same age? Whaaaat? Bravo is blowing my mind tonight.


The party is going along nicely, so Taylor the shit stirrer decides to do what she does best and stir some shit up. So she goes over to Kim, interrupts the conversation she is having with her friend, and pulls her aside to start a fight.


She stands 2 inches away from Kim’s face and tells her that she hates her guts and that the entire drama with Camille was all her fault. I don’t think that was what Lisa had in mind when she told Taylor to fix things with Kim.
I think this was also a little “fuck you” to Lisa. Like, “You told me I have to fix things? Now watch what I’m gonna do. Try telling me what to do again, bitch.”


Kim is bad at communicating, but she’s right in everything she says. She calls Taylor a shit stirrer, and reminds her that it was in fact her that started the conversation about Camille and her self esteem. When she reminds Taylor that she said Camille feels insignificant, Taylor denies it. But thankfully we have the footage to prove what a liar Taylor is. Taylor started the conversation, Taylor called her insignificant, and Taylor went and whispered in Camille’s ear in New York and that’s how this whole mess between Kyle and Camille got started. All because of Taylor and her big mouth and even bigger lips.


Eventually all the women start gathering around. Kim tells Kyle that Lisa and Taylor aren’t her friends. But then changes her mind and says actually it’s just Taylor. Then Kim and Kyle start arguing with each other and Taylor stands back to admire the mess she’s created.


Then Taylor pulls another master manipulation move and tells Kim to stop stirring up drama. Since no one else was there to see how the argument started, they all believe Taylor when she says that Kim was the one who started it, and Kyle is the first one to jump down Kim’s throat for stirring shit up. Now everyone is fighting and Kim is getting blamed for it when she really didn’t do anything wrong. See how well Taylor plays the victim when she really isn’t? I bet she was the one waging an attack on her mother in blue footed pajamas because she got her the wrong Barbie doll for Christmas.


Adrienne actually did something other than bicker with Paul this episode and was nice to Kim. Adrienne really tried to be sympathetic, but you can tell she is so uncomfortable when people get emotional. It’s clearly hard for her to find the right words and she really just wants to say “Man up and get over it already. Crying is for sissy’s!”


My cold heart is actually softening a bit, because I felt really bad for Kim when she said “I’m not lonely. I like being alone” in that soft voice. How sad was that? I wanted to hug her. Ok. I officially don’t hate Kim anymore. She still annoys me, but now I feel sad for her.


The limo ride was actually pretty peaceful, they were all talking calmly, and Kim was settling down. And then here comes Kyle. Like a bull in a china shop. Loud and aggressive and antagonizing.


I’m really seeing a different side of Kim in this episode. Now I’m actually thinking about the fact that she really didn’t have a childhood. It was Kim’s work and Kim’s money that paid for the lifestyle her sisters grew up in. It seems like Kim doesn’t feel appreciated enough or like she gets enough credit for sacrificing her childhood so that her family could have a nice life. Now she’s old and alone and has nothing left, while her sisters are benefitting from their positions in life – positions which likely wouldn’t have been possible without Kim’s pay checks and status. This family is seriously screwed up. I hope they get some serious family therapy.


There is some deeper issue with the house situation. Kim says that Kyle stole her house, and this makes Kyle really mad. Like, really angry. If it was Kim’s money that paid for the house, then why did Kyle get so upset? Why did she call her delusional and sick? There is definitely more going on here.


When Kim refuses to “take back” her comment about the house, Kyle bum rushes her, and Kim dives behind Adrienne so fucking fast! I’m starting to think that maybe Kyle beats Kim in private or something. The way Kim dodged her, it looks like she’s used to it. Look, you can’t even see Kim in this picture! That’s how far behind Adrienne she is!


And then the truth comes out!!! We’ve all been wondering what’s wrong with Kim. She’s an alcoholic. That’s what’s wrong with her. It all makes a little more sense now. Her odd behavior, her shaky voice, the way her face gets so red, the whole Single Gary thing. Ah ha. The puzzle pieces are beginning to fit. But shame on Kyle for saying that on national tv.



Final updates:

I hope Kyle feels bad when she watches the show air. I’m sure her and Kim will make up. I highly doubt this was the first bad fight between those two.



Why do Bravo’s cameras always miss all the good stuff?



Is it wrong that I want Taylor to struggle? Sorry, but I just can’t stand her.



It hadn’t occurred to me that Adrienne might be responsible for Paul’s broken noses, but now that I think about it…



So basically they’re saying that Kim’s still an alcoholic. Guess that will make for a good reunion.



It’s really nice of Camille to fight for custody so that her nannies don’t lose the children they raised. See, she does have a heart!

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118 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – The Finale Episode (I’m So Sad It’s Over!)

  1. @sarah310 says:

    I’m with you- I thought Kim was borderline crazy for the longest time (she kind of has Ramona crazy eyes in her intro segment), but I felt so sorry for her. I thought it was so LOW of Kyle to get in her face like that, I didn’t like it. Taylor is one woman on this whole series that I would have a lot of respect for if she left her creepy husband. He is so controlling. She just wants that CASH for her clothes and lifestyle. That’s the payoff for staying with someone like that??????
    If Kim is an alcoholic then she needs help not to be humiliated…..
    I don’t feel sorry for Camille about her husband because she didn’t cry. I don’t think she can cry. I think I’m happy I’m normal after this show. People with money blow things way out of proportion. This show is so LA. It’s so fake. Fake like get the f over your stupid problems. Shitty husband? Get divorced. Sister’s an alcoholic? Have some sense of decorum and have a private family intervention. Have the corresponding reaction and action to the corresponding problem. I live here, it’s the fake capital of the world.
    But yeah I love the show, but love your recaps even more. If I wasn’t so knee deep in BS with school I would comment more. Lots of love for 2011.

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  3. tweatcyn says:

    True That! So glad you resurfaced to at least do the finale darling. Missed you.

  4. Susie says:

    Wow! Lookie here, I’m the first to comment. Course that’s because normal people are in bed at this late hour. Oh well. No one will ever accuse me of being normal!? As usual, loved the blog and the insights, RCH, and congratulations on your byline! YAY!

    You know, it never occurred to me that Taylor was trying to get shit started between Camille and KIM. Boy, that lady (I use the term loosely) is a real piece of work. Ahahaha…get it? piece of work??? (If someone has already used that one, sorry. I really thought I was being original.) This is really tacky, but too funny not to share. Someone tweeted that Taylor looked like a trout with a Kim Z wig on. It was like the heaven’s opened and I thought, my goodness, she really does!!!

    I know, doesn’t Cedric look great to be 37? That was a real surprise in itself.

    I was a wee bit creeped out that Kyle took her “mother” to the psychic. I mean, to each his own, but….

    Totally agree with your take on the Taylor/Lisa talk. Yeah, Taylor wanted to tell her off, but didn’t have the guts. She can only get gutsy with the poor and downtrodden. Lisa kinda annoyed me though, because at times she comes across as being a little imperious, which is a trait I don’t find particularly attractive. Lisa hasn’t really pissed me off yet though and so I’ll still hang with her.

    Whether Kim is a drunkard or not, she made really good sense in her stumbling way at Taylor’s crappy party. She certainly remembered the “insignificant” word, huh? Plus, Kyle probably does drink everyday too, and Taylor does only God knows what. Kyle is a bully and I don’t give a rat’s patootie if that is a “buzz” word. Yep, Kyle and Taylor are way down on the food chain in my opinion.

    I guess I don’t dislike Camille quite as much as before, but that’s just because I only have so much dislike in me and now Kyle and Taylor the Trout have used up some of Camille’s share.

    I like Adrienne more than I ever did. When she saw Kim leave the party upset, she took it upon herself to be a friend. That was really decent and decent people are held in high esteem in my world.

    So, Kim still remains my favorite. Drunk or not, she’s at least (seemingly) honest, and not a plastic, two-faced, imperious, phony, bully. Long live Kim.

    P.S. My views and all the love and hate I feel this week may very well change next week. Ya just never know. That’s what makes it soooo much fun!

  5. Susie says:

    Well dang, those comments were not there when I started my comment. Boy, is my face RED!!!!

  6. Periwinkle says:

    I’m going to miss the show too. At least we still have part 2 of the reunion next week to look forward to. As I looked at the picture of Kim and Martin in the limo I couldn’t help think that the poor guy probably hopped in there hoping to score w/a tipsy Kim and ended up getting involved in WW3.
    If I never see Taylor and her lips again, it will be too soon. She is getting blasted on Twitter tonight with Kyle right behind her but she still does have a lot of loyal fans.
    Thanks for the recap RCH.☺

  7. captaincarebear says:

    Makes ya really appreciate the simple things in life doesn’t it. Although if I had a penis chair on my back porch I’d be the envy of the neighborhood.

  8. Alicia says:

    Yay! Glad you posted the recap!!!
    This show made me really sad and left me with a lot more questions about what was really going on. If you go to the BravoTV site and click on blogs for RHOBH, there is a blog post by the producer of the show. The producer is clearly on Kyle’s side of this whole disaster and I find it interesting that Kyle was the first housewife to sign on to the show and she was the one who brought everyone else on board.
    IF you know your sister has problems like Kyle’s does, WHY in the world would you talk her into doing a reality show? Wouldn’t you talk your sister OUT of doing it because it probably would not be the best thing for her to do for her health? I can only imagine how stressful these shows are for the cast.
    Something does not add up or feel right with this situation. Am I the only person that feels this way?

    The whole Kim/Kyle situation is bad. They both need help. Taylor disgusts me. I hope the sisters can get the help they need, especially Kim.

    • Taylor disgusts me too. I didn’t like her from day 1 and I’m glad everyone else hates her now too. Lol.

      Here is my take on the whole Kim and Kyle thing:
      I think Kim has a problem with alcohol in general but maybe it wasn’t a current problem at the beginning of taping because at the finale Kyle looked concerned and said “I think she’s drunk.” Not like “Oh Kim’s drunk again.” She seemed concerned. I think maybe Kim hadn’t been drinking and then started again secretly.
      I don’t think Kyle had any negative intentions by bringing Kim on the show. Kim can’t seem to get over the loss of her career. She clearly wants to be famous again. In every interview I’ve seen from her since the show aired (some dating back 10 years) she always says she wants to start acting again. I think that the point of this was for Kim to get her name and face out there again, create opportunities for her, and help her get some independence. Maybe Kyle thought that working again (RHOBH is technically a job) and being forced to be around people, Kim would finally come out of her shell and make some new friends. I remember in one episode kyle getting upset with Kim for being anti social and not trying harder to befriend the other women. I think Kyle was trying to help Kim with this whole thing and it kinda backfired and she blamed Kim. I think she feels like “I tried to help you, I gave you this amazing opportunity, and what did you do with it? Nothing, you just made yourself look crazy and now I have to deal with all this drama, like always.”
      I also don’t see any way that Kyle and Kim could have remained on good terms if Kyle had done the show and not involved Kim. People seem to be under the impression that it was Kyle’s decision whether Kim came on the show or not. I have trouble imagining that Bravo wanted Kyle but didn’t care if her more famous sister participated or not. And do you think Kim would sit by happily as her sister got all this attention and she remained in the shadows? I don’t think so. I think it would have caused even more problems in their relationship.
      I could be wrong, but this is the way I see it.

      About the whole Kim being an alcoholic thing:
      I don’t think Kim is the typical alcoholic we think of, slurring their words and stumbling all over the place. Kyle said “alcohol and my sister don’t mix.” I’ve known people like this, well one person. I had a family member actually… they don’t have to be drunk from morning till night or down a bottle of vodka by themselves. But a few drinks change them and make them act crazy. With my relative, he would just act totally nuts and if you weren’t a part of his life and didn’t see that this crazy behavior always occurred when alcohol was involved, you might not even know that he was drunk. No matter how much he drank he never slurred his words, always walked straight, but he just got really crazy. He just said and did really crazy things that made no sense and then he wouldn’t remember anything the next day, and often times would accuse us of lying when we told him what he had done.
      I don’t if anyone else knows someone like this. I don’t know if this is a common thing or not. I always assumed that he had something wrong in his brain that was triggered by the alcohol. Kim kinda reminds me of that with her odd behavior.

  9. MickeyMouth says:

    I laughed at the screen cap and thought, who put the penis sculpture in the room? Glad to see I wasn’t the only one who noticed that, lol.

    Glad you’re back re-capping the craziness for us 🙂

  10. TayTay Lips is nothing but a con married to a con. Who changes their name “5” times unlesss they have a uncool agenda!
    I read that before they were married, TayLips and Russ were dating and working various parts of Florida. She claimed to be “Taylor Ford” of the Ford Motor Company! They were running some investment scam. It said she wasn’t quite as thin and didn’t have the hair ext, but of course, she had those big-ass creepy lips!! I love how all her dirty secrets are starting to surface one by one. And I did not ever believe she was abused-just another con!! TayLips and Russ are driftets and cons Wtf bravo??

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Taylor has a horse shaped face to begin with – her surgical tampering seems to exaggerate that fact. Without the slugs of whatever in her lips and cheeks she would still look like a horse but at least you could look away without being creeped out.

      • Daisy says:

        Yes… She looks like a man.

        And, no, Shanna Taylor Armstrong, Ford, Hughes, (whoever the heck you really are) I am not being cowardly. I would say that to your horse-shaped face if the opportunity presented itself and would appreciate the opportunity for you to try to teach me some manners. In the end, you may be rid of those implants (lips and cheek bones) without the need for surgical intervention. 🙂

        I didn’t think bullies had any concept of manners or boundaries. Funny why such a person would bring that up knowing that they were being recorded. I would love to see her “charity” drop her.

    • Susie says:

      Linda Carrier~I read that too and here is the entire story. True or not true? Hmmmm, who knows?

      A reader emailed this to

      “My husband and I live in Boca Raton and we met Taylor and Russel in Boca and then we all drove down (in my husband’s car) to Miami (South Beach) to have dinner. At the time, Taylor and Russell were just dating. He was trying to get my husband to invest in some crazy deal – luckily my husband decided against it.
      Taylor was very aloof – she did not say much about what she did for a living and her life – she was also rude and condescending. However, she did make sure that we were aware she was Taylor “Ford” from the Ford Motor Family of Oklahoma. I had such a strong feeling it was not true – she seemed more like white-trash dressed in Gucci than a trust-fund person – but I did not say anything about my feelings. Russell insisted to my husband that she was from the “Ford” family. They obviously were trying to impress us. If only Taylor had some manners, then perhaps we would have had some positive thoughts about her!

      It was the worst night….because Taylor was so bizarre – she was so obnoxious and was very rude – I had never seen someone be that rude in my entire life. She was screaming (trying to be cute and flirty with Russell) in the car and then started making out with Russell in the back seat of our Mercedes. Russell was such a wimp…he didn’t even say anything to her about her rude and obnoxious behavior.

      She was drunk when we picked them up at the hotel they were staying at – and she proceeded to get even more drunk at the restaurant (Prime 112 in South Beach). She did not speak to my husband or me and she kept making snide remarks about us to Russell (all while we were across from them at the same table). It also seemed like she was “high” on something, by the way she was acting, but I can not confirm that for sure. Finally, half way through the dinner they both got up to use the restroom and never came back! They left us with a huge bill (mostly from all the drinks they ordered) and when we called Russell to find out what happened to them, he did not answer his cell. The next day Russell called my husband – on the voicemaill he said that Taylor wanted to leave early to meet up with some celebrity – I forget which celebrity it was – who was in South Beach that night. My husband did not return the call. He was extremely turned off by their behavior.

      I forgot about this terrible night, but when I saw Taylor on RHBH I knew I had met her somewhere – when I found out that her maiden name was “Ford” I remembered all of it. When I learned online that her real name is Shana Hughes Armstrong, I could not stop laughing! She was so pretentious and snobby the night we were with her and it turns out she is a fraud! The fact that she changed her entire name to appear as an “important” person is so sad, because it verifies just how very insecure she is – and also how much of a “social climber” she is.

      After I realized this was the same Taylor that my husband and I met six years ago, I went through an old pile of photos and found a picture of the four of us, taken at Prime 112 restaurant in South Beach.
      My husband does not want a picture of himself with Russell on the internet, becaues he does not want to be associated with Russell (Russell does not have the cleanest reputation in the financial industry) – but I promise I will try to talk him into it!
      By the way, back in 2004 she had those horrendous lips too! She didn’t have the extensions in and she wasn’t as skinny as she is now (she looks anorexic now).

      Just thought you might find this interesting!

      All the best”

      • Brobee says:

        Interesting info on the Trout Lipped Wonder! I am from the Boca area and her type is all that lives there! LOL! I can’t believe that she and I are the same age- she looks so OLD. It’s all the bad plastic surgery I guess.

        As for Kyle, I liked her a lot until this episode. I agree that she is a total bully. Kim is obviously in need of an intervention, but it needs to be done privately with family, she never should have put that label of “alcoholic” on her on TV. That will live on forever now that it’s been committed to film. She can never take it back. I hope that the 2 of them can reconcile, and that Kim gets the help she so badly needs.

        Cedric DOES look great for his age- but he was too “moochy” for my liking. I can’t blame Ken and Lisa for wanting to push him out of the nest. He’s a total freeloader.

        Adrienne is cool! I like her the best because of her non-dramatic tendencies- Bickering with Paul is totally normal- it puts things in perspective- all couples bicker here and there, whether you have oodles of money or not. That’s my 2 cents. Great recap as usual RCH!

      • Thank you for sharing this!
        I want to see that picture. She should just black out her and her husbands face before posting it online.

    • On twitter everyone is bashing Taylor except for the occasional person who tweets “Don’t listen to the haters. They’re just jealous because they don’t have lips like yours.”‘
      Lol. Anyone could buy lips like that. But who would want to? Yuk.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        They used to sell them in wax, you don’t even need surgery!

        • LilyLynn says:

          Lol – I remember buying those as a kid, wearing them and then eating them (yikes!) Had to share:

          Note the description: Wax Lips. How can you not smile at these? Wear them at your next business meeting. They are guaranteed to reduce stress.

          So, do we have any volunteers willing to wear these at your next business meeting and report back on your stress level??

  11. LilyLynn says:

    Hi!! I “think” I’m glad you’re back — was almost weaned off this stuff, now I’m pulled back in again. Thought the same think about Taylor’s BD party being put together by Bravo – Russell had zip to do with planning that thing – he couldn’t even provide a guest list. At least Bravo left him out to hang with that lame, embarrasing toast. BTW I have a pet peeve of people thinking they’re being funny and/or nice by saying happy 29th! when you’re really 39 or whatever age. My husband did that to me one year on my birthday – I let it go the first couple of times he said it, but by the third I had to pull him aside and put a quiet end to that 🙂

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      That was Bravo’s finale wrap party – why call it Taylor’s birthday escapes me. Then again she was the party throwing wifey in this group. What was supposed to be the posh BH slice of life close the season turned out to be Saturday night at the corner bar cat fight.

      • I wonder if Taylor is pissed because Kennedy’s party cost more than hers?

        • glued2it says:

          Bravo must think their RHOBH audience is dumber than a box of rocks to not notice who was really at “Taylor’s Birthday party” – Kim’s best friend is there, huh??? The publicists are there??? Mauricio’s mom???

          I’d like them to put a little more “REAL” back into this REALITY show. It is that asking too much???

          • It's Hot In Texas says:

            Where was Taylor’s birthday cake???

            • glued2it says:

              And her gifts. Did anyone bring Taylor gifts? Nope!
              And why can’t Kim leave Taylor’s birthday party early? Because it wasn’t really Kim’s party it was the SHOW FINALE and we can’t have Kim leaving THAT EVENT early!!!

    • Just when you think you’re out… I pull you back in!

    • Michele says:

      Do you remember when Taylor was leaving Mauricio’s birthday party and she said to Kyle “Tell Mauricio happy 29th birthday for me!” She thought she was so cute. Because of this, when she corrected her husband for saying basically the same thing to/about her, I was thinking she was the ass, not him.

  12. jc says:

    On the reunion, Taylor brushed off the comments about her lips, but have you ever noticed that she is constantly putting her fingers up in front of her mouth or she sucks in her lips – maybe in an unconscious attempt to keep mininmizingg them ???
    Another reason CAmille never got it straight what Kyle said to her- ( she half admitted that) this is NOT the real COUPLES of Beverly Hills, so of course it would not follow that Kyle would say “who is interested in you without Kelsey ?” He was never the star of this show.

    • Daisy says:

      I could actually see Kyle saying that though as a thinly veiled jab and then laughing it off.

      I really wish Kim would just spill it. She knows more, which is exactly why she is not speaking up. Kyle would kill her.

      • Susie says:

        I’ve always thought that Kyle must have said something for Camille to misconstrue to begin with. Yeah, Kyle may not have verbatim said what Camille heard, but Camille isn’t such a bird brain that she made that comment up out of thin air and for absolutely no reason. I think that’s why when Kim was confronted, she was so put on the spot she didn’t know how to handle it or what to say. Kim’s been covering for Kyle and jeeze, I probably would too if it kept me from getting beat up.

        • Daisy says:

          I completely agree, Susie. I vaguely remember Andy Cohen saying that opinions about people who change by the end of the season…and I have done some serious back pedalling.

          Taylor is by far the worst. She really is vile and much more vile than Taylor. I feel bad that I felt so strongly about Camille and ignored Taylor mostly.

          I hope that Kim finally does say what she heard. It must have been questionable for her to keep mum like she has since she could have so easily “put it to bed.”

          • Daisy says:

            Wow….many typos in the above post.

            For clarification (and no, I am not Taylor-drunk):
            1. Andy Cohen, may have said that opinions WILL change. (I may have dreamt that.)
            2. Taylor is much more vile than Camille. I am sure she could be more vile than herself, but I hope not. She’s pretty trailor park right now.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            My theory – Kim didn’t hear anything because she wasn’t paying attention and/or was drunk. The fact that she can’t say something as simple as “I wasn’t paying attention” leads me to think it might be the later.

            • Kyle wanted Kim to say what she heard Kyle say to Camille in L.Vegas. She said as much at the table in N.Y. But Kim sat there, clammed up, and acted weird. Maybe that’s what Taylor was referring to when she brought up Kim’s “state of mind” at the table.

              I have felt this is partly why Kyle has been so angry at Kim. She has said on camera to Kim she had a chance to tell the truth about what Kyle said to Camille, but Kim still refused. Even on the Reunion Pt. 1, Kim again made excuses. Maybe it’s what you said, WCW–Kim was spaced and missed it all. I have even suspected Kim wanted to be friends with Camille, who has a working production co. after all, and as others say, Kim wants to act again. Maybe that’s really what the issue is with Kim–money and power always sway people. Even Kyle wanted to make up with Camille for business reasons when I’d have told her where to shove her insecurity.

              I don’t know what’s going on with these sisters, but I think both of them have family issues we’re never going to know everything about. Just guessing, though.

              • Terry says:

                I don’t know. This speculation certainly has some plausibility, but it assumes that Kim was drunk — or not paying attention.

                You assert that Kim was “acting weird” at the table in New York. You know what? I would act weird (indeed, I might even have an out-of-body experience) if I were in the middle of two women fighting and one of them just called the other “a f@# liar” in any angry and loud tone. I would have been rendered speechless.

                Certainly, Kim may have wanted to make nice with the production company lady, but I do believe she loves her sister and has her back. That’s one thing, but intervening in an angry argument is another.

                We now know that there was a discussion about filming in Hawaii. Kyle can be aggressive and careless with the way she formulates what she says. For example: “Do you know how crazy you look right now? I’m sick of all your crap. Everybody is.” (I’m paraphrasing, but that’s the gist: Kyle went right into attack mode.)

                Let’s assume for the sake of argument that Kim was drunk or not paying attention. She might have a vague recollection.

                Let’s assume Kim was not drunk and was paying attention. Would any of you have wanted to join the fray in NYC? Would any of you have been able to courteously, politely and respectfully say something in the very moment following Kyle saying “You’re such a f@# liar, Camille”?

                I know that I would not have been able to do much except sit there in shock. This is not a normal situation.

                • If it were my sister or friend, I would have said “Camille, stop lying. That never happened and you know it.”
                  And I think that would have ended the argument. When it’s two against one it ends the argument faster.
                  Kyle said “Kim you were there, did I say that?” and Kim could have easily said “No.” One word. Simple. Instead she said “uh… oh… I get nervous…” and she made Kyle look like a liar.
                  If I were being accused of something I didn’t do and there was another person there who knew the truth and didn’t step up, whether they are a sister a friend or an acquaintance I would have been very upset. It’s not even about loyalty or having someone’s back, it’s about the truth and not letting someone spread lies about another person.
                  In that moment when Kim refused to speak up, I doubted Kyle. I don’t think Kim needed to argue to start problems, but she simply could have said “I never heard Kyle say that.” But she didn’t and that was wrong. Even at the reunion she still didn’t speak up. I would be more willing to forgive Kim for not speaking up in the moment if she had spoken up later on.

            • BessiB says:

              Kim did say what she heard & what Camille misconstrued- the next day after they arrived in NY. And Kyle confirmed it, “That is what I said I said”.

              • Oh, I’m so confused at this point in this long argument between these women, I can’t remember who said what, when. lol

                But Kim did say one thing at the table in NY that really made me go, What? Kim told Kyle to “mind your place.” Now that was strange to me. Others have discussed this and some differing interpretations have come up, but the gist is Kim was telling her sister, for whatever reason, to back off.

                I guess I want to hear Kim say exactly what she heard between the women, no ambiguity. If she has, I missed it.

  13. Tracy says:

    I too, believe there is some deep-seated sh*t going on between Kim and Kyle. The way Kim dove behind Adrienne says it all. It’s official, I’m no longer a fan of Kyle. Kim deserves much sympathy and support. Shame on Kyle for airing dirty laundry. In my opinion she’s a bully.

  14. troystacha says:


    My favorite part was when Kyle, in a dress that’s trying way too hard to become the new slut dress, lunged at Kim the way her niece Paris Hilton lunges for an 8-ball. Kyle wanted to choke the crazy out of Kim, but she knew better than to touch that glorious pearl masterpiece around her neck.

  15. Terry says:

    The reunion show gave me a bad reaction. I felt sad and depleted and sorry for humanity.

    I’m also curious as to Taylor’s psychic make-up, as well as Adrienne’s.

    I get Camille: she’s histrionic. I get Kim and Kyle: they were pitted against each other from childhood, and both suffer the lingering effects. Lisa is narcissistic, what with the careless comments about her husband and her belief that she is fabulous (and she is, sort of).

    Taylor is so awful and conniving and lies a great deal and seems to have a substance abuse problem and some sort of eating disorder. She bullies those who are weaker and toadies up to people whom she perceives as higher up. That would make her a sociopath, but I can’t make up my mind. Truly, I can’t get a clear picture of who she is or why she grew up to be as she is. I had seen the Boca Raton rumors, but they are unsubstantiated thus far. I wish someone would run her name and Russell’s through LEXIS; I would but I don’t have access to it. Russell is utterly hateful but we don’t know much about him — other than that he’s very hateful and selfish and creepy. Some speculate that he has Asperger’s; I don’t know enough about it to to try to diagnose him.

    Adrienne is interesting. She’s competitive, certainly. She did shield her children during the filming, so props to her for that. She was kind to Kim. I get that her participation in the reality show is an advertisement for her businesses and she carried it off well. I’m a little confused though: why go to such extremes for some advertising? Is it her competitive nature? Is it so that she does something more successfully than her brothers?

    I’m also quite sorry that everyone assumes that Kim is indeed an alcoholic. We only have her sister’s word on that, but to my mind, we never saw her drunk on the show. I’m not judging because I saw no proof. If she is an alcoholic, then I feel incredibly sad that she was outed as she was. It was abusive and a betrayal that I, at least, would find unforgivable.

    In the end, Kim was the only likable and kind person on the show (I’m undecided about Adrienne).

    I have been surprised that Kim irritates so many people; I guess I am able to overlook her perceived helplessness. Indeed, I thought some of the helplessness she displayed was not all that much. 1) She had trouble deciding on a house to rent. Who hasn’t? Choosing one’s living space is a big deal. 2) She couldn’t light the stove in her new house. Well, her kids couldn’t either (and kids can start anything), so maybe the stove did have a little trick to it. 3) She doesn’t feel that she’s good at make-up. Hell, neither do I. So… I’m a bit confused as to why people found that so irritating. I’d love to know.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I think Kim is trained to recite a script, but flounders with reality interactions. Remember as a child, she learned to be “directed”, not think for herself. I imagine that could have a huge impact on a child.

    • Shari says:

      I agree with you about Kim. I really like her, more so than any of the other housewives on that show. I totally get that she hates conflict. I do too. So much so, that I’ve taken the blame for something I didn’t do, just to stop an argument.

    • Afraid says:

      On under the tab “realhousehusbands she has Russel’s court doc’s that got him to be a convicted felon for running that scam.

    • In answer to your question about Kim irritating people, she never irritated me. I always figured she and Kyle have family stuff going on, as all siblings do. I really didn’t take a side.

      I am very neutral about Kyle, as far as like/dislike. My fav’s have been Lisa, for her naughty wit and charm, and Adrienne, for her steel backbone and balanced temperament. I find Taylor annoying and clearly a social-climbing backstabber. Camille is just a cheap ho who snagged her sugar daddy and made a fortune; obviously Kelsey is an easy target–nitwit that he is.

      • Terry says:

        You made me laugh so hard!

        Histrionic = cheap ho
        Malignant narcissist = social-climbing backstabber

        I must say, you are absolutely right and were able to describe the women with a wonderful economy of language.

  16. JustMe says:

    How did I miss that chair? lol I think Kim gives us a clue that the party is really a Bravo deal when she mentions Taylor should stop and leave now. In some sort of way.
    Very nice recap. 😉

    Although the show has come to an end, has anyone read the book “House of Hilton”? It tells us a lot about how the Richards girls grew up. Their mother really pushed Kim (once Kathy(Paris’ mom) stopped working) to keep going. I some times wondered if Kyle had resentment towards Kim on how “mom” dotted on Kim. To Kim, it was not pleasant. Their mother made sure that her girls married rich men. She was not going to stop at anything. Also, how in one form or another…they are all intertwined with the Hiltons. Besides Kathy’s marriage. It is an interesting read.

    Did anyone notice the commercial about Millionaire Realtor show coming on Bravo? Was that Kyle’s husband that they show real quick?

    • ~Luvz Bravo Less Now~ says:

      Yes, that did look like Mauricio!
      Is that the promo where one of the Millionaire Realtors seyz he’s a shark?
      I wonder if Mauricio has a contract w/Bravo for that new series?
      …….and if he’ll let Kyle have some camera time. ahhhh ha!~

  17. car54 says:

    Now the film is out of Kim drunk ……

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      That doesn’t say as much to me as the video of Traylor staggering and falling down posted on the epi 12 blog. I really dislike Traylor but never really bothered to think about it b/c I find her “insignificant” and “in-VIS- a- bull”.
      What we DO know about Russell is that he IS a convicted felon for financial fraud..the links were posted on a prior blog, but if anyone can’t find the records, I’ll find them and post them again. In Traylor’s drunken video (where Russ drags her off and says “you’re drunk), she drops Faye like a hot potato to stagger over to Kyle when the camera went to Kyle. I have no doubt if Kyle loses favor, Traylor will flee so fast that she will be a blur. Remember the “blind Item” about the coke addict? I think Traylor wears a loose dress to disguise just how wasted away she is.

    • Daisy says:

      I agree with Tuzentswurth. This video does not prove that she is an alcoholic or even that she was drunk or doing anything illegal. What is does appear to be is an attempt by Kyle to try to further damage her sister’s reputation and assure that she never has a future in acting ever again. (Anyone else notice how weird Kyle got after the Disney interview?) HAD she been doing something illegal, would she really be doing it out in the open?? Just a thought. This just looks like a poor attempt at a smear campaign that failed. Anyone falling for it is also a FAIL.

      And also, concur with Tuzentswurth that the video of Taylor falling over everyone, clearly drunk and possibly high on an illegal substance, is much more damaging. What is more awful is that Taylor has a 4(?)-year-old child, who seems to me to be a very unhappy, maladjusted, insecure girl who is not very comfortable around her scary, drunk mother. Drunk mother, as in serves cocktails at her 4-year-old’s birthday in the middle of the day. Taylor is an alcoholic and a bad mother.

      Taywhore reminds me of Shana Sands…but worse.

      • Afraid says:

        LOL how funny it is that Taylor real name is Shanna LMAO

      • Tam5115 says:

        That video? What does that prove? It proves nothing other than Kim asking if anyone knew her name. Oh… my… goodness… Kim is guilty of trying to extend her childhood fame. How horrible, how awful. If she was drunk, so what? It’s not like Kim was making a scene.

    • Terry says:

      Well. I’m not so sure about it. Let’s say, for the sake of argument, that Kim is indeed an alcoholic.

      Is that worse than being mean-spirited, narcissistic, opportunistic, manipulative, nasty, cruel or so many other traits the RHoBH seem to have? (I know, I know, alcoholics are manipulative. But still.)

      My point is, Kim is easily the nicest and kindest person in the cast.

      • Alcoholism can be fixed, or at least controlled. Personality disorders can’t.

        • I’m committing social networking suicide on this issue of Kim/Kyle, I know. lol But I keep reading people going off on mean old Kyle and how sorry they feel for poor Kim, as she’s so sweet and doesn’t like all that drama, which is a good thing, right?

          Oh, if y’all only knew what perfect enablers you make.

          There are all kinds of degrees of addiction. I have no personal knowledge of whether Kim is or isn’t an addict, but I do know that people can feel so sympathetic for a functional alcoholic, who can seem so vulnerable and bring out the nurturer in people who are kind and giving. Oh, lord, how I know that. But in reality, addicts make the lives of their loved ones pure hell every day.

          It’s not so cut and dried as Kim just needs some help and don’t be mean to her. You can’t believe the problems addicts cause to feed their addiction. Make all the excuses you want for it, place blame, whatever–the addict does. Bottom line: only the addict can stop it.

          She can go into or leave rehab whenever she chooses, and no one can force her either way. She chooses to use, or she chooses not to use. Her disease is a sickness for the entire family. Her own children are no doubt very distressed and have life-altering damage from the fear, uncertainty, and dysfunction, if Kim is an alcoholic.

          Remember when Kyle said Kim’s children go to Kyle when they need something? Does no one else wonder why Kim, at her age, with all the money she made and married, with her children all but grown, was moving into a rental home with little time to find what she needed? She’s been divorced for over ten years. Her home had few furnishings in it, if you noticed when scenes were shot there. Her daughter’s clothes were on the floor around her bedroom walls with no furniture. Something was very off in all of that.

          In addiction everyone is being controlled by the disease of the addict and she has the power. Period. The family are the ones who feel helpless. That’s what Kyle resents, why she’s angry, if that’s the case. Y’all really should watch Celebrity Rehab or Intervention. Behind closed doors–that’s Kim’s and Kyle’s battle.

          • I don’t hate Kyle. But I don’t like some of the things she did in the final episode, and I think she needs to work on controlling herself. There was no need for her to go in the limo, she should have let Kim go home and just talked to her the next day off camera. But I feel like I understand her, so it’s easier for me to forgive some of her bad behavior, unlike with other Housewives. Kim has annoyed the hell out of me and pissed me off all season long, only in the last episode did I start feeling bad for her. I’m not judging Kyle too harshly because I really do believe that there is a whole lot we don’t know about. And just from what I’ve seen, Kim looks like an infuriating person to have to deal with. Kyle is in a tough spot because if Kim were not her sister, I don’t think she would choose to be friends with someone like that. But she loves her, and (I think) feels responsible for her, but she can’t always control her frustration. I’m reserving my judgments until we know the true story, but I don’t know if we’ll ever really know the truth.

            Kyle’s relationship with Taylor is really pissing me off though. 1 – because I can’t believe she’s so stupid to not be able to see through Taylor. 2 – because Taylor is a bad influence on her and gets her to act like an immature little girl and gets her to “side with her” over Lisa and Kim and 3 – because of the way she lets Taylor talk to Kim.

            I still don’t hate Kyle. But I guess we’ll have to watch what happens on season 2.

            • I agree with what you say. I am not defending Kyle’s behavior, just trying to put it into context. Addiction brings out the worst in everyone involved. Very few people walk away from true addiction unscathed. That’s all I meant to say.

              Taylor and Kyle–I can only imagine Taylor is giving Kyle a lot of emotional support during this time of weakness for Kyle. People like Taylor look for a weakness and use it, so that’s going to cost Kyle BIG; because as Taylor has shown time and again, she’ll use anything and run over anyone to deflect attention from her little betrayals. I wouldn’t want her knowing my private life. Lisa sees straight through Taylor.

          • TT in OC says:

            I am still trying to catch up reading all the recaps and comments. However, I share your (realtywatcher) viewpoint in regards to Kim and Kyle’s relationship. Everyone sees Kim is the victim but I think Kyle is as much as a victim in this relationship. Most of the people seems to be okay with Kim calling Kyle a thief on national TV but scolds at Kyle calling Kim an alchoholic.
            I agree with RCH, there has to be more in this relationship than we have been witnessing on TV. Kyle’s aggression in the limo appeared to be she has had enough of covering up for Kim. She called Kim alchoholic because she wanted to get even with Kim calling her a thief after all she and her husband have been doing for Kim.
            I am not a fan of Kyle and I have my only share of family feud. In fact, I have been more like Kim in my family. However, I have never constantly reminding my siblings about how much I’ve done for them nor feel sorry for myself/let myself be a victim. I simply can’t feel sorry for Kim maybe because I refuse to feel sorry for myself.

  18. Tuzentswurth says:

    Awesome, hilarious spot on recap. Thank you, amazing one! Cedric looks good b/c he has had no stress in his cushy life! Taylor and her whiny baby voice, huge fake lips and big dentures, and 12 year old behavior are more irritating to me, no just as irritating as KKB.

  19. Little T says:

    Welcome back RCH. Been lurky for a while but have never posted. Love your recaps.

    That whole limo scene was shocking and at some parts, almost seemed scripted as Kyle kept taking jabs at Kim. But did anyone hear Kim’s response when Kyle called her and alcoholic? It was hard to hear because Kyle kept telling her to shut up, but she said something to the effect of “oh yeah, oh yeah, well who’s ??? drinks all damn day?” Like I said, Kyle was talking over her so it’s hard to hear, but I think she said husband. Just curious if anyone else caught that.

    • I replayed it a couple times but couldn’t hear what Kim said. I thought she was maybe accusing Kyle of drinking all day. But it seems to me that they all drink all day. Every time we see them they have a glass of wine in their hands.

  20. Afraid says:

    Lol ok, I have to remain anonymous for this comment I don’t want people coming after me. One of my favorite blogs along with this one course called it right when she/he said “Kennedy isn’t even that cute” meaning Taylaor’s kid. I feel aweful for agreeing BUT
    I have to LOL about it because that bitch can’t even make a cute kid. There I said it! I hate Taylor. Lets talk about her husband being a convicted felon now and Taylor attempted to use the name “Ford” for a scam they had going.
    Can’t believe she lied on WWHL with a straight face when asked about her name change. Who changes their name because of what clients think lol or don’t want to call you.

    • Susie says:

      Come out, come out, whoever you are!!!!

      I read that blog too and thought the same thing. Well, I didn’t think the part about “that bitch not even being able to make a cute kid”, but I did think that little Kennedy was a rather homely child. That’s right, that’s right, I said it now, everybody

      • I think the child looks unhealthy. She doesn’t look cute not because she’s homely, but because she’s always pale and seems unhappy. Someone said she comes from a place of No, and that’s it, really. It could be allergies, but I’m not buying they’re from the little dog, which had hair, rather than fur. The dr. Taylor took the child to surprised me, as well, because I thought they do extensive allergy tests on children suspected of having allergies, but he just heard what Taylor said and pronounced it was the dog. Bad medicine. I have a nephew who is allergic to cats and he really sneezes his head off and totally goes into serious respiratory distress when around cats.

        I don’t know. I just know that birthday party was wrong on so many levels, not the least of which was the child had no fun at all until she got the puppy, which Taylor soon got rid of. If any of the gossip about Taylor and Russell is true, I feel really sorry for this child.

        • In Taylor’s blog she said that Kennedy now has a Chihuahua and she isn’t allergic to it. What a crock of shit. I don’t believe for a second that Kennedy was really allergic to Snowball. Is it even possible to be allergic to a specific breed of dog? I think Taylor didn’t want that dog because it was the thing that stole her thunder during the birthday party, and she resented it because Russel got it behind her back. I’m sure she wanted a Chihuahua instead because those are the “in” dogs at the moment and she wanted to carry it around in her purse and be cool like Paris Hilton.

          • There’s something seriously wrong with this Taylor/Russell family. Dogs are the least of it. lol

            • I agree. It’s just a very weird dynamic there. The way she interacts with her daughter seems odd to me. The way she interacts with Russel seems odd to me.
              She said that their relationship is all business and no romance. But what business? She clearly doesn’t work. Now I’m starting to think she was talking about their scam artist business. It must be hard work what with the fake names, fake companies, and trying to keep shady pasts in the closet.

              • Interesting. I know when she said that about 80% business in the first episode, I thought that’s not a loving marriage. If they’re grifters I hope they get exposed. Like the Guidices.

          • Susie says:

            Concerning Snowball the pooch:
            Question: Can I be allergic to one type of dog but not another?
            Answer: Yes. It seems strange, but it is possible for a person to be allergic to one breed of dog but not another. Some breeds of dogs are hypoallergenic, meaning they produce less dander and therefore cause less symptoms in those with dog allergy.

            I almost didn’t want to post this because I didn’t want Taylor to get the benefit of the doubt on anything, but sheesh, at least it’s true information.

            • But I’ve heard all over the internet that snowball was hypo allergenic. And are Chihuahua’s hyper allergenic?

              • Tuzentswurth says:

                No,not at all. Snowball would be more hypo-allergenic than a chihuahua. Traylor whined at the Dr till he agreed with her, then she got a really smug smile on her face b/c she was getting her own way and winning over Russel. She was pissed that he dared to get the dog w/o her permission. Really if you were going to break your kid’s heart by getting rid of a pet she was attached to, would you be pleased and smiling? That scene made me really disgusted.

        • Susie says:

          realitywatchers~now I feel kinda bad saying the child is homely, because you explained it well. She does look unhealthy and maybe that’s why she comes across as homely. She just never smiles or seems happy…I wonder if she’s kind of neglected or something. What does coming from a place of “No” mean? I’ve never heard that expression before.

          • Susie says:

            About whether Chihuahua’s are hypoallergenic or not and after looking it up on several different sites it would seem that there is really no such thing as a totally hypoallergenic dog to begin with. Anyway, without boring everyone with all the technical crap, my conclusion is that it just depends on the individual person and the individual dog.

            In Taylor’s case I really do think that Kennedy was allergic to Snowball, mostly because I remember the doctor visit and the rash Kennedy had on the inside of her arm from toting Snowball around. It’s plausible.

            • I don’t think Kennedy is allergic to anything, Taylor probably rubbed poison ivy on her arm. She just wanted an excuse to get rid of the dog that over shadowed her 60k birthday party and was a symbol of Russell’s disobedience and replace it with a dog that was a present from mommy.

  21. ilovelynn says:

    thank god you’re back! withdrawal over, cancelling rehab. can’t wait to read your reunion blog, but wanted to mention the fact that I HATE taylor and not liking kyle much either now. did anyone notice when russell started to give the toast at the “birthday” party he held out his hand to taylor and she slapped her hand in his like it was a dead fish or something. no smile, no nothin’. hey lady, you made your bed, now lie in it!

  22. Tam5115 says:

    I am furious with Kyle at this point. Kim did nothing at that party, nothing wrong. As usual, Kyle came up and attacked Kim… oh, I’m so pissed.

    Fuck you, Kyle.

  23. Tam5115 says:

    Maybe i need to just shut up. Seriously.

    • LOL No, you’re by far in the majority on the Kyle/Kim debate. I never saw Kim in her acting career, but she’s got a huge fan base, turns out. I guess that’s why I’ve spoken up about the addiction issue, because Kyle is getting creamed–and buddying up with Taylor didn’t help. But IF Kyle’s a co-dependent with Kim, they both bear responsibility for the dysfuntion going on. It’s just never pretty.

  24. Anonymous says:

    RCH, I just want to thank you for allowing me to have this discussion on your blog. I happen to have experience with the complexities of addiction, going back generations in my own family. Have you ever seen the movie “The Days of Wine and Roses”? That is an excellent dramatic interpretation of what happens to addicts and their families over the long haul, more or less. The heart breaks a thousand times. It took me a lifetime to understand, but now people going through it have better resources for recovery and healing. I wish the best for Kim and Kyle.

  25. Kelly says:

    Love your blog, natch. But why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Kyle and Kim basically called each other sister wives??! Kim basically says that she has been servicing Mauricio after Kyle says he “treats” her like a second wife, basically cementing what Camille had said. THEN Kyle goes for the jugular. Does it make anyone else remember how Mauricio kissed Kim at the Grad party and makes that weird comment about, “I don’t know why I’m kissing you, I’m kissing everyone today.” and Kim’s bizarre response, that basically is like, yes dufus there are cameras here, remember? Just wondering what you think??? To me, THIS is the elephant that is not being discussed. Kim may be an alcoholic, but this family has way more to deal with!

    • I don’t think Mauricio is sleeping with Kim. Lol. I think he takes care of her like a second wife. Kyle implied that they pay her rent, and I’m sure he is the one who goes over and fixes things around the house and does all those “man” things for Kim. I can see how Kyle might share him with her. But I don’t think they’re sleeping together. Kim is awkward, I can’t even imagine her having sex.

      • Terry says:

        I agree. Mauricio and Kim is just implausible.

        Mauricio kissed Kim; so what? It was a happy day. I kiss my in laws on the cheek, happy day or not.

        RCH, your take on this is probably correct; I too see Mauricio perhaps helping Kim financially from time to time. Perhaps helping oversee a contractor, since Mauricio is in real estate. But nothing more.

        The only ones with an open marriage were Camille and Kelsey, by Camille’s own admission. While I would not want to live my life that way, as long as they agreed to that, it’s their prerogative and their business.

        • Kelly says:

          It just seemed odd to me. (his reaction to a simple happy day kiss and in turn her reaction to that) Does anyone know what was bleeped out before Kyle lost it and lunged?
          But, in the end, it was just sad.

  26. Lori024 says:

    Ur comments about feeling sorry 4 Camille are EXACTly what I’ve been thinking. Camille said on Howard Stern that she & Kelsey hadn’t slept together in almost 10 years….she also said they had discussed having an open marriage, but never came to an actual conclusion on that possibility……So how in the WORLD could this have come as a shock? Her tears/anquish does not seem sincere, but as you say, a bad acting job for sympathy.

  27. Terry says:

    Am I mistaken? I thought Camille had talked about open marriage for a much shorter period of time — something like a year.

    Ten years just seems implausible.

    I hope someone can confirm this because I certainly don’t want to listen to the Howard Stern interview. He’s so despicable.

  28. RCH Just wanna let you know your the best damn hobby blogger ever. I miss you hon. I’m in vegas be back Tuesday!

  29. Terry says:

    Well, ladies, I suffered through it. I really suffered through it, because Howard Stern is a sophomoric tool. But I bear the gift of a transcript of what Camille said on Howard Stern. I transcribed only the parts about the sexual relationship.

    HS: I had read that you two had ceased having sex.
    CG:: Yeah, years ago.
    HS: Years ago?
    CG:: Years ago.
    HS: Was that your doing or his?
    CG:: Uhm. It was mutual.
    HS: You had lost all desire?
    CG:: There was some of that.
    Robin: Why were you staying in the marriage?
    CG:: For my children. I was trying to do the right thing for my kids.
    Camille asserts she has never had sex with Nick the tennis guy.

    CG:: I thought it was going to be one of his back-up dancers; I didn’t think it was going to be to another woman.
    HS: You imply that you don’t think he’s 100% straight.
    CG:: I think he’s straight. There were times I didn’t throughout our marriage. I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t physically be with me.
    HS: Are you saying he couldn’t get it up?
    CG:: I’m not saying that; you said it.
    HS: Are you saying that he couldn’t get it up? Because….
    HS: Did you offer everything to him? Oral? Anal?
    CG:: I’m not getting into that.
    HS: What were you guys into then?
    CG:: I like straight sex. I like being with somebody, I like intimacy; I like snuggling, cuddling
    HS: And you didn’t get it. Did you ever think of just leaving because it was getting too freaky?
    CG:: A few years ago we talked about it, but ….
    Then CG: implies that Kelsey is a cross-dresser. HS asks about it and CG: says “I didn’t say that, you did” etc.

    • She said she likes straight sex, and implied that Kelsey can’t get it up. That makes me think that he probably likes some real freaky shit and can’t get it up unless she’s whipping him or something. Maybe she got tired of not being able to have “normal” sex so they just stopped sleeping together and he went to dominatrix’s to get his needs met while she looked the other way.
      This makes her whole “I was the loving wife who got blindsided” act on RH seem even more like BS than I had originally thought. You can’t be surprised when your husband leaves you if you haven’t been sleeping with him for years. Come on.
      Thanks for suffering through that for us.

      • Terry says:

        Yes, but wouldn’t you take anything she says with a large, large grain of salt? Remember, she is saying these things for public consumption.

        Why reveal cross-dressing in a radio interview during a divorce? Why say that your husband could not have erections during a divorce — it’s something her kids will hear later? Why say you struggled to have a physical relationship with your husband during a divorce? Why say that your husband has not given you an orgasm for years? Why say that she was emotionally battered by him because he wouldn’t have sex with her? Again, her kids are going to hear this.

        It’s horrible. I’ve been married twice, and I assure you that I have never discussed my sex life with either of my husbands with anyone — except a therapist, at times. I would consider any discussion about my most intimate sex life as a betrayal of the first order.

        • glued2it says:

          I agree. We don’t know that Camille is telling the truth. From all we’ve heard and seen this season, especially near the end, the truth seems to be a matter of convenience for Camille. If it suits the moment, she says it. And sometimes she forgets what that moment is and has to dial back. Like when she went on and on to DeeDee about how horrible Kelsey was to her, keeping her under his thumb etc etc but then it’s like the light went on and she had to get back to that place of a marriage that shouldn’t be broken up so she quickly says….but I still love him!!

        • Yes I agree, it is a huge betrayal. Especially when you have kids and the person you are talking to is Howard Stern.

          I honestly don’t know what Camille’s deal is. She’s hard to figure out.
          Is she the sexy wife who has affairs with tennis instructors? Or the loyal loving wife who was dumped out of the blue? Or a woman who married a sex freak and dealt with a sexless marriage for the sake of her kids?
          Were they best friends and business partners, or was he the controlling husband who didn’t let her have friends and made her take a back seat to his fame? Did she go to New York to have a romantic weekend and fix her marriage, or did she do him a favor by walking the red carpet even though he had already moved on?

          Camille changes her stories so many times it’s hard to know what’s real. I think Kyle was dead on when she called her delusional.

  30. glued2it says:

    And back to Taylor – I think she thought that this storyline “my marriage is not fulfilling me, I need more love & romance & fun, do I deserve that??” would bring her TRUCKLOADS of empathy from millions of housewives who understood what it was like to be in a sad marriage or who knew what a great marriage was like and wanted every woman to have that. I think Bravo tried to accommodate her by constantly showing Russell clips that made him seem boring or demanding. (And yeah, I realize he’s probably a financial skunk but I’m just focusing on his marriage w/Taylor right now.) However….

    I think her plan backfired tremendously. Instead, as a wife she comes across as a pitiful whiner who, as Lisa herself said in the Finale, wants the Beverly Hills lifestyle so much that she’s willing to sacrifice her own happiness to get it.

    That storyline got SO OLD, SO FAST that it nearly snapped my last nerve watching her. If she comes back next season, I hope she’s taken up a new hobby! Wait, that sounds familiar – GET A HOBBY, TAYLOR! GET. A. HOBBY!! (ghost of Bethenny yells to Taylor…)

    • Everything about Taylor’s scenes screamed “feel bad for me!”
      – Her mean husband
      – Her abusive past
      – Her heartbreaking decision to get rid of the dog her daughter loved in order to keep her healthy

      But nothing about her seems genuin to me. She just seems like one of those people who loves it when others feel bad for her.
      As far as Russel, I don’t really know why people are quick to say he’s a bad husband. Not counting the criminal past and just focusing on the marriage – I don’t think we’ve seen nearly enough of him to make a decision. He was rude when he called her company little, but after watching the show I don’t even think it’s little, I think it’s non existent. And Taylor was pretty nasty to Russel at Kennedy’s birthday.
      Yes, Russel seems a little odd and socially awkward. But not everyone loves fancy Beverly Hills parties and dancing into the night. I don’t think that makes him a bad person. Maybe he would be a better match for someone like Kim who would rather be home in sweat pants on a Saturday night.

      • Susie says:

        RCH~you’ve pretty much summed it up about my feelings toward Russell. Also, Taylor didn’t seem all that nice to him the night of her birthday party even though it seemed to me like he was really trying. I don’t know, she seemed kinda pissed about something.

        • glued2it says:

          Yes, I agree. I mean, it’s possible he’s a CREEPOID but knowing how my hubby would be on national TV, lol – I want to give the man the benefit of the doubt until, as RCH says, we have more info on him as a husband.

          (although it could very well be that DH would act normal and I would be the one pulling down Ramona scenes, left & right)

      • Also I want to add that Taylor admits she “went after Russel” for a while before he gave in.
        She knew what she was getting when she married him. She wanted him for the money and then thought she would change him after she got the ring. Now that that’s not happening, she’s disappointed and blaming him for not being the husband she wanted. But that’s what happens when you chose a guy based on money and not because his personality is a good match with yours.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I think Russell has to keep a tight reign on Traylor or she would be falling down drunk at every gathering.

  31. glued2it says:

    And another thing, (feel like I’m on a RHOBH binge today)…

    I hope that NEXT SEASON we don’t see as much of the husbands. Does anyone else besides me think they’re boring? I’m talking about when they have these “male bonding” scenes. They really don’t seem that interested in each other and they eat into FABULOUS TIME for the women. I DON’T CARE if they’re getting along or not. BUT they do get along so good for them, but BRAVO, who cares????

  32. over the gaffe says:

    lol lol. Bravo! Your “my tv” for these shows. You should do some writing for Leno 🙂

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