The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part 1

The very first question of the night was from a viewer who said that the women’s plastic surgery doesn’t make them look young it makes them look deformed. Lol! Awesome. And so true. But Andy directs the question towards Lisa. It clearly should have been directed towards Taylor or Adrienne before anyone else. Adrienne wanted it to be known on the record that Paul is not the one who does her plastic surgery. I can only imagine that his business dried up after everyone saw her plastic face plastered all over their tv screens and this is her attempt to do some damage control. Even if Paul isn’t the one who messed up Adrienne’s face, he clearly hasn’t done anything to fix it. And he was the one who helped Taylor mutilate her face even more. So as much as Paul seems like a nice guy, I won’t be using his services any time soon.

I loved the viewer who wanted to know if any of them know the price of a gallon of milk. That was cute. Kyle took a guess and was wrong. Taylor totally knew the answer but was pretending not to in order to fit in with the other women.

Andy asks Taylor if she thinks $60k was a waste of money to spend on her 4 year old’s birthday party. Taylor says that it wasn’t because everyone had a great time. No one brought up the fact that the birthday girl didn’t have a great time and spent the day hiding and crying. Lisa says that spending that amount of money was ridiculous and Taylor gave her a real nasty look.
Daggers in those eyes!

Andy asks Camille about the comment she made that her apartment in New York was too small. She said it was because Kelsey needs his own space. Lisa made a joke about needing space because of the mistress and Camille laughed. She laughed! But she expects us to feel bad for her? Nothing about this woman seems honest or genuine to me. Like I’ve said before, there is way more to her marriage and divorce than what we were shown. I believe that we were shown what Camille wanted us to see, and not the truth.

They play scenes of Camille and Kelsey as their marriage fell apart. Adrienne tears up while watching the scenes, but not a drop from Camille.

When Andy asks Camille about the comment she made about being busier than the other women she cites her divorce and her children as two things that caused her to be extra busy. No one asked how busy you can really be with 2 kids when you have 4 nannies or how exactly a divorce causes you to be busy. Nothing Camille says makes sense to me.

When asked why she called Faye morally corrupt for doing Playboy when she herself had done soft core porn Camille explains that she was hurt because Faye showed naked pictures of her to the women in the limo after her dinner party. Ok… but if Camille hadn’t brought up Faye doing playboy in a malicious way and instead had been polite to her, then maybe Faye wouldn’t have gone out of her way to look for naked pictures of Camille and prove what a hypocrite she is. Camille is so irritating. I almost don’t even hate her anymore. I’m just annoyed by her. She really is fucking delusional and I just don’t care about anything she has to say.

A viewer asks what it means to “Go Oklahoma” on someone. Taylor totally refuses to own up to anything. Kim brings up a good point that Taylor is all anti violence and yet she was very quick to threaten Kim with violence. Taylor’s only defense is “But I didn’t do it.” Well technically, if you read any domestic violence website, abuse is described as threats of physical violence even if you don’t touch the person. So what Taylor did could technically be considered abuse. Since she works so closely with domestic violence charities, you think she would have known that. Taylor backtracks and tried to say that she wanted to take Kim out back and give her a lesson on manners. Lol. Okaaaaay, suuuure. Everyone knows what “take you out back” means, whether you go Oklahoma on them or not.

When it’s clear that Taylor can’t talk her way out of this one, she tries to deflect the attention by bringing up Kim’s “state of mind.” She looks over at Kyle and asks “Should we bring up her state of mind?” and Kyle just looks down and doesn’t respond. I wish Kyle would have said “No, it’s non of your business so stay out of it.” For as real as Kyle claims to be, she sure is getting faked (as Kim put it) pretty easily by the fakest one of the bunch.

I also love how after they played the clip of Kim telling Taylor to go blow up her lips some more she started sucking her lips in. I bet she thought those lips were sooo sexy and was hit hard by the comments from everyone when the show aired. She actually looks better here. She should suck her lips in more often.

Andy asked Kim who she thinks Taylor really is and I WISH she would have said “Shana Hughes“! That would have been awesome. But instead she stumbles over her words and fails at making sense. I think she was trying to say that Taylor is fake and changes her personality depending on who she’s hanging out with at the time and isn’t really loyal to any of her friends. But it didn’t come out that way at all and Taylor twisted her words to make them sound like a compliment.

I don’t know what was up with those looks Taylor was shooting at Kim, but she was saying something with her eyes for sure.

Andy asked Lisa about only having sex with Ken twice a year. She kinda made a joke about it and I’m still not sure if it’s true or not, but I really want to know. They seem like they have a strong marriage and I think Lisa should share the details with us. She’s probably saving it for a book.

I love when Andy asked Lisa if she had any poor friends and she said “Yes, you Andy.” Lol. I also love how Lisa said we have people of all colors working with us, instead of for us. Smart girl. When asked if she was jealous over Kyle and Taylor’s relationship she said that she’s not jealous, just irritated by the way they behave. I have to agree with her on this one. I also find it incredibly irritating. Especially because Taylor seems to be over exaggerating the hand holding and the touching purposely to piss off Lisa, and Kyle is just totally oblivious to it. The more Lisa commented about it being annoying the more Taylor held her and touched her.

Calling her “jelly” was only adding to Lisa’s frustration. That word annoyed me even more than the hand holding. It was so immature. I felt embarrassed for Kyle watching that scene. Kyle needs to open her eyes and see Taylor for what she really is. When your best friend and you sister are both warning you about a person, that should be a big sign. I just don’t understand how Kyle could watch the show and still not see it. The whole drama with Camille was caused by Taylor. The fight with Kim was caused by Taylor. And now Taylor is getting between her relationship with Lisa. She needs to get herself away from this fish lipped grifter.

Then Andy wants to talk about the Camille and Kyle argument. I honestly don’t even want to hear it anymore. Nothing is going to be resolved here and it’s just going to be the same argument we’ve already heard so many times. Camille, once again, changed her side of the story. This time she said that Kyle asked  “Why are they shooting you without Kesley there” instead of “Why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey there.” This new story makes even less sense than the original one.

I believe what Kyle says because her story makes sense to me and Camille’s doesn’t. Camille then tries to say that Kyle ruined her reputation by calling her delusional, as though she acted totally normal during the show and millions of views think she’s delusional simply because Kyle said it. That’s kind of a delusional statement in itself.

Kim tries to call Taylor out AGAIN for stirring the pot in New York but we still don’t get a real answer from Taylor. She just kinda brushed it off like “Oh, well I didn’t mean to do it” and everyone lets it go. I wish Kim or Lisa would have really stayed on it and brought up the fact that Taylor clearly repeated the airport conversation to Camille because she was deliberately trying to create conflict between Camille and Kim.

Kim explained why she didn’t want to get involved in the fight between Kyle and Camille. She said it was because they are all Kyle’s friends, not hers. So if she gets involved, then she’ll have a problem with Camille, and the next day Kyle and Camille will make up and be friends again but Kim will still be on the outs. I still think she should have spoken up, but I see where she’s coming from a little more now.

Next week the husbands come out and we get to hear about what happened between Lisa and Cedric. Apparently is was really bad because Lisa and Ken both seemed very emotional over it. We also get to hear about Kim’s drinking problem and it looks like Kyle switched seats to be next to her sister – where she should have been in the first place instead of next to that shit stirring fish faced freak. Who else hates Taylor more than Camille at this point? I do.



And I want to give a big MAZEL to Tuzentswurth for becoming a granny to a brand new baby girl!!! Congratulations! 😀

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545 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part 1

  1. Susie says:

    “shit stirring fish faced freak”…lol…you gotta love it!

  2. Shari says:

    “I believe that we were shown what Camille wanted us to see, and not the truth.”

    Here’s what I think happened. Kelsey caught Camille in bed with her ‘friend’. He decides what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and starts an affair with the flight attendent. It turns out that the latter is a much better woman, (in bed and out) so he dumps Camille. lol

  3. Rebecca says:

    Luv it, much more than the show! Taylor is a wanna-be hoe-dunk redneck with a creepy husband. Those lips are awful!

  4. Dee says:

    I totally hate Taylor more than Camille!!! Great blog!

  5. Fairweather Viewer says:

    I have a different opinion of Camille but agree with you completely about Lips McGee. In addition, Kyle seems to think this show was “Queen Kyle Richards and a few other housewives of Beverly Hills”.

    • Distressed says:

      I don’t like Kyle’s attitude either. It’s funny to see them interact, Kyle and Traylor in particular, without realizing how much they’ve been trashed on the web since the finale come out. They’re totally unaware of how much they’re despised. Camille knew she was hated going into the reunion. Kyle and Traylor don’t realize it yet.

  6. Rabble Rouser says:

    I totally hate Taylor more than Camille AND Jill Zarin…COMBINED.

  7. Shari says:

    Wow, Just got an email notice that Villa Blanca is now following me on twitter. LOL Lisa must have seen my tweet to Taylor. I can’t think of any other reason she’d follow me from her resturant twitter, since I wasn’t following it until just now.

  8. Tuzentswurth says:

    Than you so much for the Mazel, RCH. A very happy occasion indeed. I am truly feeling blessed. 🙂
    As for “shit stirring fish faced freak”, I hate her much more than Camille. Her smug little faces when Kim called her out at the reunion made Kim look totally rational and Taylor looked truly hapless,”flounder”ing and immature. Yes, Taylor, you did threaten and bully Kim and I don’t believe a word you say. Is the best you can do is threaten Kim again by saying “Don’t bring my charity into this.” Kim can do what the hell she wants, you’re not her puppet-master. Shana Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong, broke ass drunken scammer. Great blog again!

    • Sangfroid says:

      Wonderful news Tuz!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Congrats on the grandbaby! Is this your first? Make sure you spoil her with love and hugs and kisses.

    • Daisy says:

      Congratulations!!! That is very awesome.

      You are very blessed. 🙂

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      She is my very first and we are all so in love with her. It is just delightful.:)

    • Tam5115 says:

      Congratulations, Tuz!!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Thanks everyone! 🙂

    • Distressed says:

      I know. Traylor told Kim that’s she’s even protective of her in the most threatening way possible. Right around the time she prompted Kyle to attack her sister’s substance abuse problem. And even pointed out in detail which disputes or cat fights Kim should be involving herself with. She’s a complete psycho. Grade A Insane.

      I personally think that Traylor is also a drunk that’s why she goes after Kim so viciously. I saw a couple videos of her drunk off her ass stumbling around last week after the reunion.

      And remember when she threw Russell under the bus in Vegas? Everyone was in the suite after the concert. He came over to tell her to leave the ladies and “go get something to eat,” and she says that “Russell drives the bus in this relationship,” so she had no choice but to go with him.

      Remember that? Well he was probably trying to drag her drunken ass home as usual. She really was stumbling on the show that night. So he deals with her problem as usual and then she trashes him anyway.

      Traylor is gross. Beats the doors off Camille.

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  10. Shari says:

    Can anyone tell me how you go about reporting someone on twitter? This person needs to be stopped.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      It is probably better to just ignore and not poke sticks at the criminally insane. She seems a very unhappy person.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      step away from the crazy – while I don’t/won’t twitter I recognized some familiar names. maybe you can call upon St Dina the twitter slayer or St Jill the bully buster….

    • LynnnSoCal says:

      Wow! She’s off either off her meds again or mixing them with way too many cocktails. Who does that kind of stuff? Well, obviously someone very miserable, insecure and envious. Let’s hope this person is not responsible for being a role model for children. Yuck! Definitely not worth engaging. What a waste of space.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        I am referring to the person linked to the tweets in the post, not Shari. Read the tweets and I’m dumbfounded! Twitter seems like a big bully battlefield. Ignore the Twatee and maybe they will cease and desist.

  11. Peony says:

    Please do a YouTube video with the BH housewives!! That would be hilarious!!!

  12. cj says:

    While I’m no fan of Camille’s; at least it’s obvIous she’s self absorbed; but Taylor is worse (like Luanne)because she pretends to be something she is not. She’s desperate to be in the alpha groUp and will do anything to stay there. Plus, have you noticed how she puts her fingers up to cover her mouth or roll her lips in, but won’t admit the implants were a mistake she had no problem with getting surgery originally.

  13. *Hand raised* I also now hate Taylor more than I hate Camille.

    • bacasam says:

      Of course, I am anti-violence and I am even more anti-bully. Traylor (kuddos to Tuz) seriously makes me want to grab something sharp everytime see her face/have to hear her whine. After she whispered to Kyle and then Kyle simply puts her head down…ugh! beyond wrong, shameful. Kyle quickly rising to my Traylor level for disgust. RCH I also don’t understand why Kyle can’t see what is stabbing her in the face with regards to Traylor, but there is a saying whenever 2 people match up, there is always a reason, each getting something out of it. Tryalor’s is obvious, and while we know yet what is for Kyle, it is there, simply hidden.

  14. pamela says:

    Love, love love the blog. 😉 Besides being wickedly funny your recaps are spot on in portraying the true nature of the housewives.

    One thing I have noticed that bothers me with the Kim and Kyle relationship is that Kim has said several times that she has told Camille she can’t be her friend because of the rift between Kyle and Camille. However, Kyle feels no compunction to do the same with Taylor, in fact she has become closer and closer to Taylor as Kim’s relationship with Taylor worsens. Just an observation and it makes me sad to see Kim obviously trying to get Kyle’s approval this way and Kyle has no such respect for Kim.

    As far as Taylor and Camille, I dislike them both. I think I still dislike Camille the most because her manipultive ways seem much more calculated.

    Looking forward to Part Two next week.

    • I thought about that too, with Kim/Camille and Kyle/Taylor. I think it’s because Kyle and Taylor were already friends, but Kim was never friends with Camille. But I do wish that Kyle would tell Taylor that she better figure out a way to get along with her sister. Kyle is going to realize what Taylor is all about sooner or later. I just hope they capture that moment on camera.

  15. missmi says:

    I said the same thing on Lynns blog about hating Taylor more. I think Kim had a good point about the fight. The conversation between Kyle and Camille was probably a bit snarky. Im more confident in my thoughts that Kyle knew their marriage was over. Camille was ultra sensitive to her looming status change. Kim being used to Kyle implying one thing while saying another knew that Kyle was not simply “shootin the shit” to kill time. If Kim said what she really thought it would be to say something like “No Kyle didnt say that, but I can see how you may have thought that”. To much for Kim to take on. If Taylor didnt do what she did, then Kim would have never been in that position at dinner. Kim discussing it with Taylor was simply her way of defending her sister without being in the middle. The fact that Kyle will side with friends over Kim is proof that Kim made a wise choice for herself, but obviously thats not allowed with Kyle without severe consequences. Lose Lose for Kim.

  16. Shari says:

    “I also don’t understand why Kyle can’t see what is stabbing her in the face with regards to Traylor,” Which makes me wonder if this whole situation between Kyle, Taylor and Kim hasn’t been staged. Kyle can’t really be that naive, can she?

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    These ladies have more hidden agendas than the Easter Bunny has eggs! Bravo delivered BH with everything I expected and then some. This is the first franchise where I don’t hate anyone and I don’t love anyone. There are key pieces of this puzzle missing and if ever revealed will change the dynamics big time and have us little snarkettes eating our words and changing our opinions. IMO, RHBH earned their rookie year diamonds.

  18. Daisy says:

    The AUDACITY of a Two-Faced Grifting Trout:

    What a loser.

  19. TheRealBex says:

    Thanks for the recap RCH! So happy to see you blogging again.
    I had a different take on Kyle’s response to Taylor. I think Taylor has wormed her way in to Kyle’s good graces and they have become close friends. (Wow Kyle. Did you get played!) Taylor’s attempt at putting Kim’s problems on the table for discussion was very awkward and downright rude. When Kyle put her head down, I got the impression she froze, and was thinking something like, “OMG. I can’t believe she just said that.” I saw her actions as ignoring Taylor’s comment out of embarrassment, as opposed to her not sticking up for Kim.
    As everyone else seems to agree, Taylor appears to be a particularly nasty and devious person. I saw her threatening Kim throughout this reunion episode. She makes Kim feel as though she’s not allowed to speak or Taylor is going to bring up a subject that’s painful to Kim. I really hope that one of the other ladies calls her out on this. It is so cruel what she’s doing to Kim. Kim already feels like an outsider and that she gets flustered dealing with conflict, and here big, bad Taylor openly threatens her, the way a mom threatens a misbehaving child out in public. Like you better be careful what you say and do or you know what you’re going to get. It’s driving me mad. Housewives—Wake Up! One of you needs to go and bitch slap that big-lipped bully!
    RCH, I decided to use an email address that I actually bother to check, which is why I have the new moniker. With the New York ladies returning, I wanted to give myself a fresh start and come out of the closet a little as a housewives fan. I might even like you on facebook-LOL!

  20. glued2it says:

    Ohhh I tried to stay away. Really. But breaking an addiction is NO FUN, lol, and I HAD TO SEE that Reunion!! And I HAD TO READ RCH’s blogs on the Finale & the Reunion, pt 1.
    And yes – consider me a TAYLOR HATER over & above how I feel about Camille whom I simply roll my eyes at now. If Camille’s back next season, she might just be the comic relief of the show as she seems to be making a turn toward KKB-ville.
    Taylor, OTOH, is EVIL. Did anyone notice that her shoes were Prada?? And we all know who wears PRADA…
    Great recap AGAIN, RCH!

  21. I love your blogs the very very best!!!! I am so down with Camile is just annoying, but Tay Lips for Days is the reL evil one of the bunch. I don’t really care for Kyle so much either.
    There is “stoopid housewives” a blog that talked about Taylor, who has changed her name a total of 5 times-such a con!!! She & Russell worked the Fla area alot(before married) Taylor’s last name was Ford that time and she & Russ told everyone she was from the Ford Motor Co family! I promise there is lots of dirty secrets on this bitch and I hope we uncover every single one! They are so definetly grifters and cons!!!

  22. glued2it says:

    I think Kyle might see Taylor as the sister she wished she had. Her older sister Kathy was much older than her and Kim was busy working and getting the spotlight. Taylor is about the same age and, like Kyle, has a young child at home. She’s blond like Kyle’s real sisters. She’s more a contemporary of Kyle’s – Lisa is a bit older and more “dated” for lack of a better word (I love Lisa, but she does seem more old-fashion in her taste and what she likes to do).
    I think Kyle doesn’t see Taylor for what she is because she sees her for what she wants her to be.

  23. LynnnSoCal says:

    My sister is so similar to Kyle its been at times uncomfortable
    to watch. I’ve actually continued because I gained some insight into our relationship. Having been in counseling on off for years dealing with the toxicity of my mother and sister, Kim has my empathy. Kyle is damged beyond repair. Her world is carefully constructed, she controls it. Every time Fish-lipped Fake-Mess belittles Kim, Kyle feels validated. She is incredibly jealous of Kim. Thanks to their charming, picture of mental
    health, mother there’s no loyalty between the sisters that I can see. Regardless of Kim’s situation, whatever it may be, there was no excuse to humilate her in such an enormously public way. While I think Kim is a bit “out there” I haven’t seen much concrete evidence that she’s a pill-popping alcoholic. Kyle doesn’t have a shred of decency in her as far as I’m concerned. To allow anyone to berate a loved family member is beyond the pale. When someone as shady as plastic woman of many names goes after your own flesh and blood and you let her, Kyle, you’re the one that needs help. What a sad situation. Kim needs to let them go. Not easy by any stretch, but life is too short for that kind of poisonous “love?”. Way to go Bravo/Miss Andy. Ask some real questions, why don’t you. Ok, I feel
    better now. Glad your back RCH! Stay warm, keep the ghosties away and keep writing! Enjoy your perspective. Aloha

    • Terry says:

      Dear Lynn,

      I’m so, so sorry to read about your family. You are not alone: my sister is like Kyle as well, while I’m the Kim of the family (considered to be ineffectual and daft and so forth).

      So… I write to express my sympathy with all my heart and mind. It is very painful to become estranged from one’s family. I miss my sister frequently — until I give myself a mental kick in the butt to remind myself about her treatment of me.

      I don’t know about you, but I felt guilty for years that I had been the chosen sister. Without knowing how to broach the topic, I did try to befriend my sister as an adult and stand with her. Unfortunately, she has so much resentment about her being marginalized as a kid and she can’t let it go. Plus, she is misplacing her anger: it belongs to my parents, and a bit to me, but not nearly as much.

      Like you, I believe Kim would be better off distancing herself from Kyle. As you and I know, that’s a very difficult thing to do, and it takes years to get over it. For me, in the end, it turned out to be a good decision, as my life is peaceful and I can stand without fear of being disrespected at every turn.

      Anyway, Lynn, my heart does go out to you and I know your pain (literally). Please receive my best wishes for you, which I send with all my heart and mind.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        Mahalo, I’m deeply touched. I miss the idea of her often. My life is much kinder without her around. Still, Im sad for the loss. I know too, she is incapable of change. Carbon copy of our maternal parent. Sweet dreams Terry and thanks again

    • Distressed says:

      Apparently, they come from a really messed up family.

      The Hideous Hiltons:

      So … But yes I see Kyle/Kim the same way. Kim was the favorite successful child and now Kyle has outdone her in life some way or is trying to. The reason no one can understand the way Kyle allows Traylor to belittle and attack her sister is because that’s secretly what Kyle wants to do. Revealing her substance abuse in “Scary Limosine” was so far beyond the pale in a cruel, callow way. And Kyle even was guilt tripping Kim over their mother’s death? Really just not acceptable to me.

  24. LynnnSoCal says:

    “I” enjoy your perspective.

    • I liked the other house better.

      • glued2it says:

        It kinda bothers me that none of these women actually live in Beverly Hills. I mean, why bother calling it RHOBH? Why not just call it what it is – THE RICHEST HOUSEWIVES SHOW EVUH?!

        • Don’t Lisa and Adrienne live in Beverly Hills?

          • glued2it says:

            Lisa & Adrienne live in Beverly Park (Parks?) which is very ritzy but technically not Beverly Hills. I’ll have to find the article which said where they all live. brb

            • glued2it says:

              “None of the housewives technically live in Beverly Hills. Lisa and Adrienne come the closest-they have a 90210 ZIP code, but they actually live in Beverly Park, an ultra-exclusive gated community in the Hollywood Hills, which is located in the city of Los Angeles, not Beverly Hills. And Lisa is looking to move; she and Ken recently put their Versailles-y compound on the market for $29 million.

              Both Kyle Richards and Taylor Armstrong live in Bel-Air, a stone’s throw from BH, but still not the real deal. (Though Bel-Air is actually considered more posh and has bigger homes.) Like Lisa, Kyle is also reportedly looking to move. She and hubby Mauricio Umansky — Camille and Kelsey’s “real-a-tor,” as Camille would call him, before the catfight — say they want to move into a bigger place (could this mean Kyle won the baby argument!?) and have put their four-bedroom, five-bathroom home –described as “contemporary Balinese resort style” — on the market for $2.45 million.”

    • Terry says:

      I’m going to get on the 3500sf is too small train here and I sure hope I don’t offend anyone.

      I can totally see the need for a seventh bedroom and more living areas. These people have four kids. Count them: four! Add a live-in maid or nanny, plus at least one guest room, and this size house makes sense to me for a family of that size.

      I live in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City and it’s 550sf. It’s too small for two people. Truly. A man needs his own room, and we all know what Virginia Woolf said about a room for a woman.

      The way we are able to cohabitate without a homicide is this: My husband has a closet in the living room that has a desk all decked out in it. I have a pantry-like wardrobe in the dining room that serves the same purpose. Our printer is wireless and in a closet. We purposely set up our individual spaces so that we can’t see each other if we’re both playing on our respective computers.

      Our bedroom has two closets: a large one for him and a small one for me (I’m not the clotheshorse in the family). The rest of the bedroom is all bed.

      We have headphones for listening to different music if we choose to but we do share the television.

      Oh, and my husband has a storage locker in a facility in the neighborhood.

      So… we live together, but with a lot of caution, which would be unnecessary if we had a couple more rooms. Actually, I’d like a guest room, a family room and a den. Oh well, I can dream.

      • They have two kids, not four.
        But as someone who grew up in the country, I actually do kinda understand the feeling. To me, a 1,000sf home on a lot of land feels a lot bigger than a 2,500sf condo. There is something about being in a building – especially with no balcony – that just feels claustrophobic to me no matter how much space you have.
        So I sorta get it – but Camille still never should have said that. It was just in bad taste. And she can try to blame it on Kelsey, but we all heard what she said.

      • Daisy says:

        I live in a 3500 sq.ft home and it is plenty big for my husband and our 2 kids. My husband’s man cave has saved our marriage multiple times :), so I get everyone needing their space. As I have 2 young girls, they like to be where I am watching every move I make, especially when I am putting on makeup and doing hair. I get no such space, but its cute. I do have a home office, so that serves as my private abode.

        I don’t think my family could live on top of each other, but still, it was obnoxious what Camille said, and I think she finally admitted that it was.

  25. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    Loved it! No one has mentioned that Camille said Faye was morally corrupt before she realized they looked up Camille’s porn bidnezz. 2nd) Who in the Limo told Camille what Faye and Kyle were doing? Catfish Grifter Catty Taylor/Shana??

    In case you haven’t figured out my vote….I can’t stand backstabbing Catfish Cachexia Traylor!

    Congrats Tutz!

    • She called her morally corrupt in her interview, so that was probably after she found out about the limo ride. But that doesn’t change the fact that she brought up Faye being in Playboy at the dinner table in a rude way meant to embarrass her. Had she been nice and friendly instead acting like a crazy bitch they probably wouldn’t have even thought to look for naked pictures of her. I don’t think Faye brought the pictures with her in her purse. I imagine she was upset about what Camille had said and did a google search on her cell phone and then showed the other women.
      And for SURE Taylor was the one who told Camille about that. I didn’t even think about that! Stirring shit again!
      And people seem to forget – Taylor is Adrienne’s friend. That’s how she got into this group. Adrienne seems like a smart woman and even said that she is careful about who she lets into her life. But Taylor is one of her best friends? I think Taylor is a pro scammer and she has everyone fooled. Kim seems to be the only one who really see’s through her. Lisa is on to her, but she’s still friendly with her and lets her off the hook, so even though she feels like something isn’t right, but she still isn’t seeing things as clearly as we are.

      • Fairweather Viewer says:

        I didn’t really think about Adrienne’s friendship with Taylor but knowing it makes me disappointed in her.

        Camille was very rude at the dinner party. But I agree with her statement Faye Resnick is morally corrupt but not because of Playboy.

        • glued2it says:

          When you watch the show, you don’t really see Adrienne & Taylor doing that much together. When Adrienne went shopping for a dress to wear to the Broadway show, she was with Kim. And when she wanted to know what happened in NYC, she asked Lisa. Mostly she’s with Paul or at work or with the whole group of women. I think the first episode was the only one where Adrienne and Taylor were together, and wasn’t that at Paul’s plastic surgery office?

          This is my impression of Adrienne’s friendship with Taylor – they are not BFFs, nor are they close friends by any stretch of the imagination. They seem more like women who know each other and Taylor ingratiates herself into Adrienne’s life and is VERY CAREFUL about the boundaries. She knows where Adrienne’s rung on the BH ladder is – much higher than her own!

          • I think the first episode was the only one where they filmed together. They don’t seem like very close friends on the show, but Taylor said that they have been friends for years and that Adrienne is Kennedy’s Godmother.

            • glued2it says:

              Maybe Adrienne is too busy to really notice what a creep Taylor is? Taylor is on best behavior and says, I don’t really know anyone out here, my family in Oklahoma is dead, could you please be a godmother to Kennedy?
              And Adrienne thinks, aw poor girl from the midwest needs a godparent for her child. Sure I’ll help. I can do that.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        I thought Taylor was just a former neighbor, not a friend.

    • Vonya says:

      I thought the same thing as I heard Cami try to explain her comment about Faye’s morals. The way she suddenly “realized” she knew Faye from her “spread” in P-boy after the OJ trial (which was what….ten friggin years ago??) was an obvious–and highly successful attempt to “stir up” some shit at that dinner. Unless there’s a HUGE chunk of footage on the editing room floor with Faye being nasty to Cami (which I doubt), her attack on Faye was unprovoked an undeserved! After the Camagram copping to her “soft-core” video history, she’s in NO position (no pun intended) to judge ANYone else’s morals.

  26. missmi says:

    I do have to say that something tells me Kim did something big during filming that may have affected production and cast members. The producers blog said there were things that happened off camera with Kim. If everyone is hinting at this than something is up . I don’t feel, however, that its up to Taylor to capalize on this to get out of her bitch behavior. That is why I hate her more then Camille. What is the point of picking on someone who has emotional issues. At least we knew that Kyle has the friends and capabilities to fight back against Camille. When does Kyle decide that its time to work with her sister instead of against her where her friends are concerned. UGH!!!! I so want someone to give Taylor a lesson in good behavior, how to be a nice person, realizing family boundries, and treating people right.

    • I tend to believe the “alcoholic” statement because they checked her into rehab – which they can’t do against her will. If she really weren’t an alcoholic, then why would she agree to that in the first place?
      And Lisa seems to have a problem with Kim that I don’t really understand. You can tell she doesn’t like her. And then there is the producer blog, and the bad edit Kim got. So I really do believe that there were things that happened off camera.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        Sometimes rehab is also a mental health care facility. I do believe there is something going on with Kim. Still, you can be checked in on a 72 hr Hold; only if you’re considered a danger to yourself and/or others. She was there for a week and somewhere on the net I read it was Kathy Hilton who admitted her. She appears to be so fragile emotionally that I dislike Kyle more for letting her be on the show. If indeed that’s the case. These sisters are all messed up. I feel badly for their offspring. Counseling should be required before some people reproduce! IMHO! Re Taylor: Carp-lipped Harpy has a nice ring to it.

      • glued2it says:

        Yeah, I noticed the same thing about Lisa & Kim. But Lisa was willing to set Kim up with Martin. Would she do that though if she knew (or thought) that Kim was an alcoholic? I don’t know. As you’ve said already, there’s more to this story that we just don’t know.

      • Fairweather Viewer says:

        I don’t think a person can check themselves out of rehab unless they signed themselves into it. I bet we could pull up California law fairly easily if we really want to find it. I might research it later. Kim may have been broken down after filming and called Kathy and Kathy went and convinced Kim to go to rehab. Or maybe one Kim’s children contacted Kathy.

        • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

          A doctor can place u on a 72 hour hold if they think you are suicidal or homicidal until a psych MD assesses your state of mind. A rehab will not accept a substance abuser unless they are willing to do the work. Kim voluntarily admitted herself then voluntary discharged herself.

          I did read that people who drink live longer than people who don’t…so bottoms-up everyone!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, whatever happened during filming that hasn’t been shown is never going to come to light. Taylor is taking a ton of grief for whatever it is because Kyle likely asked her not to say anything. Lisa is fed up with whatever it is as well. It’s not a blip on Camille’s radar and while Adrienne wants a postive outcome she hasn’t figured out how to achieve that.

    • Terry says:

      Your lesson on good behavior to Taylor would, sadly, be a waste.

      She has no empathy, she lies without compunction, and her morals are so off so as to suggest underdevelopment of her center of conscience.

      Narcissists and sociopaths (I feel that her final diagnosis is somewhere there) are not treatable. The brain centers they need failed to develop.

      • missmi says:

        Agree! Taylor makes it so obvious that Kim did something. So if your truly a caring, good person you would not let on there is something out there. She is the only one who does that. Meanwhile, her and her husband are con-artits and she is probably snorting coke every morning to get going all the while acting as if Kim is this terrible person.

  27. Ok so we need to make a list of all the names for Taylor and put them in one place. Then maybe I’ll tweet them all to her. Lol.

    – Traylor Trash
    – Shanaconda
    – Catfish Grifter
    – Two-faced Grifting Trout
    – Fish-lipped Fake-Mess
    – Shit stirring fish faced freak

    What else do we have?

    • LilyLynn says:

      Shana Hughes – ha! she probably hates that one the most!

    • Fairweather Viewer says:

      I like Lips McGee!

      • TheRealBex says:

        I can’t stand the sight of that giant mouth when she’s laughing and giggling like a fool. She just annoys me. I never believed her bs or thought she was a nice person. When she was standing by the curb at Kyle’s white party looking sad and lonely, my only thought was…..gag me with a spoon. What an act! I think in her mind she’s playing the part of the poor little rich girl and we’re all going to fall in love with her. I don’t think so, you stupid cow.

        When she was talking about the kids at the shelter with big phony tears in her eyes and saying, “I just want to tell them they can grow up to live in Beverly Hills and be just like me.” Aaagggghhh! What a load of nonsense! It just goes to show how screwed up she is. I would wish they would grow up to know they are worthy of love and happiness. Why the eff would that want to grow up to be a sad, sorry mess, living in a loveless marriage in Beverly Hills and walking the streets with a deformed face.

        Oh gosh, sorry, I sound like a lunatic. I just can’t stand her.

    • Distressed says:

      Traylor Trash is immortal. That’s my vote. That way we can have a NJ/TT, trashy teresa, and a BH/TT for Traylor Trash.

      Plus trailer parks are so Oklahoma, y’all.

      • glued2it says:

        Actually, calling Taylor “Traylor” is an insult to most of the people who live in trailer parks. I had friend in Okla who lived in one for a few years. You’d never see her acting like Taylor for all the money in the world.

  28. Susie says:

    Lisa’s Loubitan shoes on the Reunion show reminded me of salt shakers. Anybody think that or even notice?

  29. Shari says:

    The only name I can think of for Taylor is…Pernicious bithc.

  30. Shari says:

    I wonder why Kyle doesn’t call Taylor an alcoholic. She was way more wasted in this video than Kim was on the show, but it doesn’t seem to bother Kyle in the least.

    • LynnnSoCal says:

      I don’t Twat but wish someone would send this to all and sundry! She should be taken down a notch or two. Her drunk lips could suck the chrome off a Mack truck!

  31. I would like to give a shout out to our RCH she is the best damn hobby blogger around.

  32. (actually I am justtomakeulaugh sister she is in Vegas and asked me to make this comment on her Word Press Account if I read your posts which I did you are one funny girl.)

  33. Shari says:

    I wish my scanner worked. I was just looking at these pics of the housewives, before they were ‘stars’ and noticed that my daughter looked almost exactly like Kyle when she was this age.

    I think my daughter looks prettier than Kyle though, now. 🙂

  34. captaincarebear says:

    My big devistation of the night was when my cable kept freezing through the show. Damn pernicious cable company. Or was it Bravo? Who do I complain to? Maybe it was trailor’s fault. That evil freezing glare. Thank the good lord above for the recap or I would have been clueless. But then again, I’m always a bit clueless so it just goes with the territory.

  35. Shari says:

    Okay, who here is good at finding information on the internet? I went to check out the tracker on the bravo site and came across this one.

    “On Sunday 30th January 2011, @MalibuEve said:

    I read the same thing!!! RT @MsFran53: @MalibuEve @Feeling1979 @KimRichards11 @KyleRichards18 I read kim went to stay at mom in diff state when returned her house not in her name ” I wonder if that’s true, and if it is, that’s why Kyle was so quick to shut Kim down on the show.

    • I read that too somewhere. I think I may have found it from one of the links posted in the comments here. There was a old video of Kim and other former actors from The Nanny and The Professor. Under the video the author wrote that Kim had gone to stay with her mom in Arizona when she got sick and when she came back to California her homes (plural) were no longer in her name. But they didn’t say where they got that information or who said it. It wasn’t a quote from Kim.
      I don’t really believe it because there was nothing backing it up, and how do you take someone’s house out of their name without their permission? It doesn’t really make sense.

      • Shari says:

        I don’t know if its true, but people have stolen other peoples houses by doing just that. illegally putting the house in their name. I saw it on 20/20 a few years back. And seeing as Kim is passive, I wouldn’t put it past her letting it slide, since it was her sister who did it. Why would she say it if it didn’t happen? We’re so quick to belive what Kyle says about her, but then dismiss what Kim says?

        • I find that hard to believe. It just doesn’t really make sense. If Kyle had sold the house and kept the money, maybe. But it’s still the “family” house so…. It’s easier for me to believe that the mother bought the house with Kim’s money and then left the house to Kyle in her will or something like that.
          I don’t think Kyle actually stole the house. Because she got SO mad when Kim said that. There has to be more to the story.

          • Shari says:

            Whatever happened, it will come out in the end.

          • Shari says:

            I just found this.

            Anyway, whatever happened, it will come out in the end.

            • Yes that was the article I was thinking about. The article was written as though it was describing what happened in the video, but in the video Kim doesn’t say anything about a house being stolen. It is only written in the article below with no mention of were they got the information from. It seems a little shady to me.

          • Fairweather Viewer says:

            I’ve worked on many cases where real estate has been stolen from people. Think about it…stuff like that is reported in the news a lot. It is really common with people who set up trusts and give powers to co-trustee’s.

            • I just can’t imagine that Kyle literally stole her house. There has to be more to it than that. I hope they talk about it on part 2 of the reunion.

            • TheRealBex says:

              You gave me an idea Fairweather. Kyle has said repeatedly that her mother chraged her to watch over Kim. Maybe the mother left a house for Kim in Kyle’s name. If Kim has struggled with an addiction problem, maybe the mother felt she wasn’t responsible enough to have property in her own name. A house meant for Kim, but in Kyle’s name. That’s how Kyle could steal a house. Just a thought.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        The only way to take that house would be for Kim to sign a quick claim deed document. Maybe she forgot she signed one or maybe the house was never in her name to begin with.

        • glued2it says:

          Maybe Kyle tricked her. Maybe she thought she was doing what was “best” for the whole family by getting the house out of Kim’s name and into hers & Mauricio’s. Maybe Kyle said…we need to put the house in all of our names so that in case something happens to one of us then it’s already owned by the other one. Something like that?

          • MAYBE Kim needed money so Kyle and Mauricio bought her share to try to help her out. Then when she wanted to continue using the house as she always had Kyle pulled rank on her.
            OR Kim doesn’t own, she rents. So maybe she wanted to sell that house to buy a main residence and when Kyle refused to sell her part Kim didn’t think that was fair since it was her money that paid for the house in the first place.
            OR maybe Kim has issues with credit and Kyle didn’t want to lose the house because of Kim’s bad financial decisions so she strong armed Kim into signing it over.

            Just some ideas.

  36. val says:

    Lisa did seem to have a problem w/ Kim all throughout the season, but if she thought Kim was so bad or that she was an alcoholic, why would she set her up with her close friend ,Martin?

    • I think Lisa’s problem with Kim started after the whole Martin thing. After that the way she started talking about Kim changed. Lisa seemed overly annoyed that Kim never called Martin to thank him for the ride home. I agree with Kim on that situation , the guy should be the one to call. Why would she call to thank him anyway? I’m sure she thanked him when he dropped her off, no? Lisa seemed too annoyed with Kim. There has to be more to that situation, or something else that happened between them off camera.

      • glued2it says:

        I think it was because Kim had too much too drink so Martin drove her home and his friend drove Kim’s car to her house. It was the extra effort he had to take, I think, that Lisa wanted Kim to acknowledge.

    • glued2it says:

      Oh, that’s interesting – I just said that about the same time you did, only I posted it up higher. Or maybe you said it first but I didn’t see it ’til now. ANYWAY….
      yeah, exactly! Poor Martin, lol – and hey, just for the record, if I were single I’d be going out with Martin and riding in limos with him after bad stupid finale parties!

  37. California says:

    Taylor has a shady past (and her husband too – all is documented) . Also, she was born Shana Hughes then changed her name to Shana Taylor and then changed it again to Taylor Ford. That is WEIRD.
    She is not a career woman…that is the biggest lie. She worked as a swimsuit salesperson when she moved to Los Angeles. She is not a Management Consultant…that is just some BS that her and Russell made up and put on her website, to make her look important and successful. They must think everyone is stupid and can’t figure all of this out (especially since it all can be proved).
    She obviously thinks everyone is really stupid to believe all that BS about her being so devoted to her “charity” – please, what a bunch of BS! She is using that “charity” to make it look like she is a caring person. What a HYPOCRITE she is to BULLY Kim and Threaten to “pull some Oklahoma” on her when she claims to be an advocate for violence. She can’t figure out that verbal threats are a form of violence also… how stupid SHE IS!!!
    Everyone I know in Beverly Hills (I live in Montecito, CA) thinks Taylor is a shallow, fake, snobby, pretentious, white-trash social climber from Oklahoma – who is desperate for fame and attention. I agree with them.

    • Daisy says:

      I am thinking an in depth interview with her mom or step dad or people who know Shana Hughes, and more interestingly Taylor Ford, would be appropriate.

      She lists herself as a “public figure” on facebook, so she needs to explain why she is running from her past. I personally think she has a mental illness.

      and yeah…She totally went back and told Camille about them looking at her in the limo. She isn’t a friend to anyone. Maybe her lips have to be that big for all of the a$$ she has to kiss to stay in good graces because she has an itchy finger that needs to poke poop.

  38. captaincarebear says:

    A song dedicated to…. well you figure it out.

  39. Tam5115 says:

    It may seem stupid but what really got me pissed off was when Kyle started saying that Kim was bringing all this drama. Um, excuse me? It was Taylor, it’s always Taylor bringing the drama. Kim is supposed to have Kyle’s back, but I’ve never seen Kyle have Kim’s, not once! She gets angry at Kim when Taylor goes after Kim and Kim tries to stick up for herself. Jesus, that irks me.

    Is Kyle still besties with the shit stirrer? I don’t see how she could be after watching the show air. She has to see that Kim was telling the truth the entire time, right? And for a raging alcoholic to have perfect recall, well that seems a little unusual, doesn’t it?

    I don’t know the extent or truth of Kim’s addiction. What I am sure of is that Kyle does bully Kim and she lords over her in a very demeaning way. that’s just not okay.

    At least on the reunion we saw Taylor try to humiliate Kim and asking Kyle to go along with her on it, and Kyle did not engage. In fact, Kyle looked very uncomfortable with Taylor having done that. What that means, I don’t know, but I would hope that maybe Kyle saw a little bit of what Taylor is up to.

    Did anyone else notice that Kim had the decency to act embarrassed when they played the clip of Kim telling Taylor to go blow up her lips some more? Whatever Kim’s issues are, she’s not a mean girl.

    All of these women should have been aware of exactly what they were signing up for. The dirt is going to come out… oh yes, Traylor, it’s already coming out. And without an understanding of what’s really going on in the background between Kim and Kyle, congratulations Kyle, you went from hero to zero in less than a season! Better than Jill Zarin herself!

    • I also thought that Kyle wouldn’t be friends with Taylor anymore after watching the show. But when they filmed the reunion they had seen all the episodes, right? So Kyle saw what we saw, yet is still friends with her….
      I think Kyle could have redeemed herself a lot if she had taken Kim’s side and told off Taylor during the reunion.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I don’t know if they see all the episodes before they air. With some of these type of shows I thought it was standard that they each got a tape of the show the week it was going to air. I’m not sure. I mean they all know what had been filmed so they would be able to discuss it even if they didn’t see the added confessionals etc…

        But yeah, I’m hugely disappointed with Kyle. Beyond that even. I’m pretty pissed at her. That was just a little too much like kicking a puppy IMO

        • I always thought the reunions were filmed when the show is almost finished airing, so I assumed the women had seen all the episodes by that time. But I don’t know.
          Even if Kyle didn’t see Taylor for what she is then, surly the massive amount of tweets and comments online must make her think twice.
          There are like no nice tweets to Taylor except the occasional “I love your lips”. Lol.
          I still like Kyle, but I’m not happy about her behavior. I believe that there is way more to the story with Kim. But nothing excuses the way Kyle lets Taylor talk to Kim, and not standing up for Kim when Taylor argues with her. I really hope Kyle wakes up. At least two of her bad fights with Kim this season were Taylor’s fault. I think their relationship was already difficult, which I don’t blame either of them for. But then Taylor came in and made everything so much worse. It’s all Traylor Trash’s fault! Can’t stand her.

          • Terry says:

            Wow! You’re being more generous with Kyle than I am, for sure. I truly cannot stand the woman. Her behavior toward Kim throughout has been, to my mind, despicable.

            Ultimately, I think some might give Kyle a wider berth because we are assuming that Kim is an alcoholic, and that is incredibly difficult on a family.

            If Kim does drink, I’m sorry for everyone involved, but I might have taken to the bottle if I had a sister who undercut and undermined me at every opportunity.

            • Kyle’s behavior hasn’t bothered me that much throughout the show because Kim really irritates me. Whether Kim is an alcoholic or not, something is not right with her. The whole single Gary thing… I didn’t think that was cute or funny, it was just very odd and uncomfortable to watch. The way her daughter had to ask Kyle to convince her mother to let her go stay with her dad over the summer, then the way Kim tried to guilt her daughter into not going while she was packing, and it was clear that her daughter lied about how long she was going for and was putting off telling Kim the truth. There have just been so many things that make me think omg, that is what Kyle has to deal with?
              I feel bad for Kim, but I wouldn’t be able to be friends with her.
              I only started getting pissed at Kyle in the last episode, and at the reunion. I think there are some things you just don’t do – you don’t spill family secrets on national tv, and you always have your sisters back no matter what.
              I also think their situation is different because they’re sisters and there is a lot of family history that we just don’t know so it’s hard to judge. I don’t think Kyle is a bad person. I think she and Kim both have issues and really need some family therapy.

              • TheRealBex says:

                I agree. I am surprised at how hated Kyle has become. She’s an emotional hot-head and she and her sister have issues. Wow. A lot of people must come from saintly families. I envy them, but in my family we fight like the dickens so I tend to understand the not so perfect behavior between sisters. Kyle said a lot of things she shouldn’t have on film. When she gets emotional she acts like a nut. But I don’t think she’s a bad person. She doesn’t set out to manipulate and hurt people as far as I can see. I think she’s just your run-of-the-mill imperfect person who does and says a lot of stuff she shouldn’t.

                • I agree, but I think you and me are in the minority here. I guess time will tell. Remember, we all loved Jill at one time… so you never know.

                • TheRealBex says:

                  We both got thumbs down but I tried to bump you up with a big thumbs up from me. Lol!

                • TheRealBex says:

                  Haha. Gave you another thumbs up.

                • BessiB says:

                  I think Thumbs down = Trolls.

                • Tam5115 says:

                  Skinny post. lol

                  I don’t think Kyle is a bad person either but I do think she bullies her sister, without a doubt.

                  Kim didn’t bring “her drama” in either of the two fights we saw, Taylor did.
                  It was Kyle that failed more to have Kim’s back than the other way around.

                  Watch Kim hide behind Adrienne again. I’m willing to say that Kyle has physically hit Kim in the past… often enough that Kim is sincerely afraid of her.

                  Having been in an abusive relationship myself many, many years ago. I know how you will react when an argument escalates.

      • Distressed says:

        yes they view all the episodes prior to filming. They don’t have the benefit of seeing public opinion on the show. But they do seem the rest of the show before they do the reunion.

    • Distressed says:

      After seeing the whole thing all I can say is these sisters have a lot of problems and the kind of abuse that Kyle doles out is just the symptom. Kyle tried and failed to be an actress. Kim succeeded. Their mother pushed all of them into modeling/acting/whatever.

      And Kyle resents Kim’s success, probably always has. Kyle has a 21 year old daughter so she must have gotten married at like 20, but never really did anything with acting or college after that.

      This is why no one should ever support their family when they’re kids.

  40. Camille said it was a member of the production crew, not Taylor, who told her about the women looking at her naked pics in the limo:

    That option actually hadn’t occurred to me.

    • Terry says:

      Ugh! That’s disgusting. Also, it reminds me of an episode of Law & Order in which the producers of a reality show were ultimately responsible for either a suicide or a homicide.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The production crew stirs more than the women do – they have to keep it interesting. A few BH ladies were hesitant to bring the drama (fight) – be honest here, BH would never fight like NJ! The BH fight with stares, silence and snubbing.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        …Except in the case of relatives, we never saw the Laurita sisters (Dina and Caroline) act like Kyle does with Kim and I don’t think we ever will. Kyle resents Kim and just doesn’t like her. Kim should drop her like a hot potato.

        • Tam5115 says:

          Exactly! Some families have very intricate and difficult relationships. (we know that for real)

          I see Caroline as a bully too, but she’s a bully her family seems willing to accept and allow to run everything. She bullies everyone around them and never her family members… no matter how at fault her family members may be.

    • Distressed says:

      Of course. Recall the story about Ramona physically assaulting a producer during filming recently? It was probably someone bated camille for a reaction to the other girls laughing their asses off at her expense. I don’t believe anything Camille says but these producers would do anything. Anything.

  41. Terry says:

    I’ve been thinking about Adrienne and how she handles herself among the women, and I have to say that she is rapidly becoming my role model. I’m going to tape the RHoBH again and watch Adrienne in action.

    Snippets I remember:

    From the beginning, Adrienne did not engage in any nastiness or dirty talk. On the trip to Sacramento, Kyle said she didn’t want her top to come off. Adrienne was silent. Then Kyle joked about the pumpkin “party favors” (vaguely shaped like penises), and Adrienne didn’t say anything. Camille said something dirty which I’ve forgotten. Adrienne grimaced. At the basketball game, Kyle was cheering for the opposing team and Camille was dancing as though she had a pole. Adrienne kept her cool. I’m sure there are more examples.

    Anyway, Adrienne is my new hero, really she is. I haven’t heard her say anything negative about anyone. She bickers with the husband, and that’s unpleasant, but she does it to his face. And when she has a problem with him, she tells him directly.

    Well, except for the golf vs. party comment she made in front of third parties on the finale. Personally, I would not have said that except directly to my husband when alone.

    I guess maybe I need to watch her with Dr. Paul a little more. She does put him down quite a bit. But among the cast, Adrienne is the model of deportment.

    • Adrienne is the husband in the relationship, and Paul is the wife.

    • Distressed says:

      Nice comment about Adrienne, she deserves it. She’s the only one I would want to have dinner with. Lisa of course, but Adrienne really showed some diplomacy and some compassion this season. She’s kind of boring, but that’s because she’s the voice of reason in a din of catcalls.

      Thanks for a great season, Adrienne Maloof. A class act.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I agree. I think Adrienne was the voice of reason in the finale. she kept telling Kyle that none of this shit mattered because Kim was her SISTER. Then she got herself out to that limo to try and help Kim.

        That Martin got himself in that limo first and stayed there to talk to Kim, makes me think he’s an okay guy. I happen to think their blind date was more of a success than anyone imagined. They seem to be real friends. They may not work as a couple, but it seems they DO like each other.

        • glued2it says:

          Yeah, at the finale in an interview scene, Kim was referring to Martin as a “calming agent” or something like that. Apparently she’s had more contact with him then it would appear on Bravo. They seem to genuinely like each other but then again maybe Martin just loves being around women in general and has nice manners.

          • LynnnSoCal says:

            They are all friends outside of the show. There was a link on one of the blogs to, I think, one of Kelsey’s exes Facebook page and they are at some local party. Dang, I can’t remember her name. Tammy? Some kind of new age spiritualist….??? Anywho, lots of photos of all from a few years ago

    • TheRealBex says:

      OMG I must be pure evil. Adrienne seems like a lovely lady but I wouldn’t model myself after her or choose her for a dinner date. Bor-rrring! I like things a little spicier. I do admire good, clean, wholesome, goodness but I rather do it from afar.

  42. glued2it says:

    I just watched a scene from Reunion part 2 on Bravo. It starts out with Andy calling Taylor out for starting the argument w/Kim at the “birthday” party. He plays the clip of the Finale where Taylor is accusing Kim of not having Kyle’s back in NY. Taylor tries to worm out of it. She insinuates that Kim was drinking. So then (ARGHHHHH!), Andy turns to Kim to ask her if she does have a drinking problem!!

    ANDY – get a clue and go OKLAHOMA on TAYLOR! Don’t turn to Kim when you’ve got Taylor in the palm of your hand squirming like a 3 yr old who needs to use the bathroom!!

    I hope she had to squirm longer than the clip showed. Cuz it wasn’t LONG ENOUGH!

    • glued2it says:

      The clip is called the Elephant in the Room. It’s referring to Kim’s “drinking” problem but it should be referring to Taylor and her shit-stirring ways.

  43. pamela says:

    I am not sure if anyone has seen this:

    I think Kim does have substance abuse problems. However I think the fact that Taypor lords it over her is inexcusable and abusive.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      While they didn’t show Kim drinking during the season they did drop hints along the way that they didn’t get much usable footage from her. Like Kelly on Scary Island – we know her behavior was much worse than what we saw – the BH wives don’t talk about it but what they don’t say is telling as well. The limo scene was Bravo’s way of saying what many were thinking. Should it have been shown? I think not.

    • Yeah I saw that. How many times did she say “Do you know who I am?” Lol. If you have to ask that – then you probably aren’t as important as you think you are.

  44. Real "TO" Housewife says:

    ok let me start by saying i love love love this blog and the comments. i have literallly laughed til i cried reading these.

    my take first on each “house”wife is:
    – big mouth billy bass (i keep waiting for her to burst into song) – is a shit stirring bitch. the first epi i ever saw was #6 and right from there i knew she was full of shit. i think she was all up camille’s ass at first because she was married to an “A” list celeb, and then when she saw that ship sinking grabbed closer to kyle because she is a hilton family member.
    who the fuck pays 50 grand for a kids b-day party, wears giant diamond engagement rings and yet is all about the domestic violence movement. that bitch should have spent kennedy’s b-day money on something worthwhile, like a big fat check made out to her “own” fucking charity.
    it hurts my eyes to look at her face. there is just NOTHING there what looks good

    – kyle – i liked her at first but she is just another opportunist. (all of the the “ladies” were on the wendy williams show before the first show aired and when they were supposed to introduce themselves kyle said she still acts. yeah, like a stuck up bitch! but take a ride on the reality train woman, honey you know the only acting you have done for years is while on the rhobh.
    i think this was to be her “vehicle” back into the limelight. i may be in the minority but i truly believe she was quite rude during the dinner from hell and pushed allison into a reading. ok allison was a bitch right back, but i think kyle was looking for a fight.
    as far as her “friendship with BMBB (taylor) – i hope to hell she is doing it to stick it to camille. ‘ look at me, you HAD BMBB all over you at first and when she realized you WERE nothing without kelsey she got all up in my grill because i am more important.”

  45. glued2it says:

    Back to what RCH was saying about the Reunion show and how Kyle should have seen already what we saw about Taylor, and having Kim’s back…

    When I rechecked the “Prada shoe” clip (and I was wrong, Kim is wearing Prada, dang!) – it was during a break from “official” taping (8 hrs into the taping to be exact) and they showed Kyle sitting on the couch next to Kim. They seemed fine together. But then it was time to get started again and Kyle went over to the other side to sit by Taylor and Camille switched over to sit by Kim.

    Another instance of Bravo trying to make “teams” between the women that don’t necessarily exist, IMO.

  46. Real "TO" Housewife says:

    – camille – BAT SHIT CRAZY
    went on the show because she was sick of kelsey getting all of the attention “damn that man for being talented when all i have is no gag reflex”
    whatever the reality of that “insecure” comment it hurt her because she knows it to be the truth.
    she knew about kelsey and little miss brit long before he called her to say it was over.
    thought fuck you buddy i am having one last hurrah on the red carpet.
    she needs a blackberry or iphone to keep track of her bullshit so when she goes on tv she is aware of what she has said in the past and doesn’t fuck it up.
    the art of war and the prince were library books, probably taken out by her kids – i don’t think she knows how to read. (i don’t know how many hours of enjoyment i have gotten over the ‘perncious clip’ – watching her struggle to come up with another big word made my day)
    should really pay for DD to get some facial surgery. it’s just not fair to walk around with that much toxin on your body and not give some to your bestie. (who definitely needs it
    – kim – way out of her league with these vipers. should really have befriended adrienne and the show would have been much different.
    an alcoholic? maybe but definitely suffering from some long held resentments and “child star” issues.
    LOVED her when she told BMBB to go blow up her lips some more.
    someone else mentioned her being the ONLY housewife to ever wear converse. LOVE her for being laid back and casual.
    – lisa – a bit snobby, but after being crazy rich for years can’t really blame her. i mean how many poor friends do you really think she has.
    went in thinking of this as a “show” and a place to act like a high brow lady who lunches. (all in good fun) and came out wanting to run for the hills because she realized the show was more than a caricature of beverley hills.
    between her and adrienne they are the only two REAL people on the show who truly have feelings (except for kim)
    – adrienne – should NOT sign on for a second season. this show could lead to problems for her businesses. even if you are truly sane (she is) people will start to wonder WHY not only are you hanging around these harridans, but WHY you feel the need to be on television.
    you can see her uncomfortableness with everything they do. she should go back to just being lisa’s friend and across the way neighbour.
    i like her the best – in fact she is my favourite HW of all of the shows.
    her clothes are horrible and her hubby looks like a hobbit but i like her. (seriously in epi #6 i was expecting him to go to the shire instead of the uncles funeral, and i sooooo badly wanted them to show his feet – i KNOW they were bare, hairy and humungous.

    • LynnnSoCal says:

      Hahahahaha! You had me at “no gag reflex”! Your assessment of the harpies is hilarious. Kyle is a truly desperate famewhore. She “acts” like a viciously mean high schooler. BBMB day of reckoning will soon be upon her. Should be entertaining to see how she handles her fall from grace…thanks for the great observations.

  47. mi ph says:

    Thank you so much! Everything you said is right one!

  48. missmi says:

    My only problem with Adrienne and I do love her on the show is that she stays out of it to much. She has enough respect from the others to politely say……You all ganged up on Kim, period! They would eat shit at that point. I also think that RCH and bloggers should start helping Kim with more comebacks for Taylor. We need to build her up and let her know that its ok to call people out on the obvious and not feel bad for it.

  49. glued2it says:

    Wow, there seem to be A LOT of thumbs-down on this thread! It almost seems like someone came in and just punched the thumbs-down on every post she saw.

    Is this normal? I don’t recall other threads w/so many *This Sucks* – but I’ve only been posting a few weeks.

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