The Real Housewives of Atlanta – The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing, But Kim Is Wearing It Anyway

I’m sorry my recaps are so late, but I’ve just been very very busy. I’m going to try to catch up with the comments this weekend. I’ve also been having trouble finding RHOA online lately. My youtube friend Amy seems to be the only one who has it, but she didn’t record the entire thing so I’m just recapping what I saw.

The recording I saw starts on the bus tour with Kandi bitching to the camera about the fact that Kim orders Sweetie around all the time. I think she’s just jealous because Sweetie gets paid to put up with Kim while everyone else has to do it for free.

Kim gets a call from her younger daughter who is crying because she misses her mommy. I don’t know why, but I just can’t picture Kim’s kids caring whether she’s around or not. Maybe whoever is watching them is making them follow rules, or be respectful and that’s why they want her to come home.

Why does Kim wear her wig while it’s getting styled? It would be a lot easier to take it off, give it to the guy, and put it back on when it’s finished. Btw, hubby still refuses to believe that Kim isn’t a drag queen. He still thinks there is a woman out there somewhere who birthed her daughters.

This outfit is not doing Kim’s ass any favors:

There was some argument over whether or not black people walk outside with bare feet and whether or not Sweetie spends too much time around white people a.k.a Kim.
I could be wrong, but I really think the whole bare feet outside thing is more of a city/suburb thing than a black/white thing. But what do I know.

Back in Atlanta Cynthia tells Malory and Nene that Peter closed his restaurant and that he isn’t honest with her about his finances. Nene states the obvious and tells Cynthia that she probably, maybe, possibly shouldn’t be going into a marriage with someone who she is having trust and financial issues with. Malory really wants her to postpone the wedding, but Cynthia is determined to go through with it… But not because she wants to be Peter’s wife, because she wants to wear a pretty dress and have the party that she already booked at her dream venue. It’s a good thing Cynthia’s pretty, because I don’t see that brain of hers getting her very far in life. Who else can totally see Cynthia waking up 6 months from now only to find that Peter is gone and her bank accounts are empty? He just strikes me as the type of guy who could inspire a Lifetime Original Movie.

Phaedra… ugh. She’s annoys me. She calls her baby “this baby” more than she calls him by his name.

The rest of the show is pure drama. But it wasn’t fun “omg I can’t believe she said that” drama. It wasn’t Scary Island or New York “whats gonna happen next” drama. It was loud, annoying, name calling, headache inducing, please shut the hell up already drama.

Nene shows up on the tour seemingly for no other reason than to piss off Kim. The bus already appeared to be a stressful situation and Nene is just adding to the tension. She is clearly still mad that Kim decided to do Tardy for the Party without her. She doesn’t think it’s fair that Kim has a hit song when Nene is clearly the better singer. I’m sure the fact that she’s having money issues is only adding to her anger. Also on the list of things Nene’s mad about:
– The way Kim talks to Sweetie
– Kim sleeping with married men
– Kim practising before going on stage
– Kim calling her performances “work”
– And the fact that Sweetie and Don Juan are going to be in Miami with them

Then Kandi starts getting pissed because this was supposed to be her tour and a 3 episode long infomercial for her new album, but all the attention is on Kim and Nene and their drama.

Kim is just trying to have some fun and play pop star and is sick of everyone trying to rain on her little delusional parade.

Once Nene gets going she just can’t be stopped. And Kim doesn’t make things much better by constantly replying to all of Nene’s little jabs. Then the argument gets really hilarious when Nene (who is pretending to be a journalist) starts arguing with Kim (who is pretending to be a pop star) over who’s fake career is more legitimate. Kim calls Nene an intern, and Nene says that Kim thinks she’s Lady Gaga. They’re both getting so worked up defending their fantasy jobs that neither of them stops to see the absurdity of their argument.

I think they should both just stick to their day jobs of fighting and yelling at each other for our entertainment. Singing and doing interviews is nice and all, but if you want to be successful in life – stick with what you’re good at. That’s what I always say.

Things get even more ridiculous when Nene calls Kim a dumb blonde. In retaliation Kim calls Nene a dumb bitch and Nene suddenly gets sooo offended. She acted as though she had been sitting there minding her own business and Kim just called her a name for no reason. I think we see some evidence of that big head Greg was talking about when Nene yells “Who do you think you’re talking to like that?” Don’t you just love it when the Housewives can dish it but can’t take it? I do.

But then things turn from ridiculous to slightly scary as Nene gets up and starts screaming in Kim’s face. It looked for a moment like she might bite her or something. Kandi and Don Juan come between them, but I wish they would have waited a little bit longer to break them up because in another 5 seconds that wig was coming off! You know that was Nene’s next move!

Once they are separated Nene starts going on and on about how immature Kim is and how she needs to grow up. And then… she starts praying. Seriously. Don Juan doesn’t have a good poker face.

Kim says she’s scared and wants to get off the bus. The bus driver tells her that they’re in the Everglades and there are alligators outside. Kim weighs her options for a moment, and then decides to take her chances on the bus with Nene.

In her interview Nene says “I just want to get off the bus, I am so disgusted” and Amy, the woman video taping the show says “Yeah, I’m disgusted by you. Go back home to your husband.” Lol. She doesn’t like Nene. She also clapped when Kim called her a dumb bitch, and her husband said something in Russian that I couldn’t understand, but I bet it was funny.

The show ends there and next week we get to see more of Nene’s out of control behavior, Cynthia cries because she’s marrying a loser, and Fakedra is actually starting to look normal next to these women.

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35 Responses to The Real Housewives of Atlanta – The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing, But Kim Is Wearing It Anyway

  1. Thank you! Whew! I’m limp. That was something like an orgasm. I’ve been tied in knots waiting for you to make sense of this madness for us. And you did. Perfect. Anybody got a cigarette?

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  3. firepainter says:

    Funny recap. “Please shut the hell up already drama” – yes, yes, yes. Nene is really getting boring and tiresome with all her harping on what’s wrong with Kim. I also thought she was going to bite Kim the way she was baring her teeth.

  4. MickeyMouth says:

    THIS – “It was loud, annoying, name calling, headache inducing, please shut the hell up already drama.”


  5. Daisy says:

    Please don’t ever apologize for having a life Sugar! We love you, and aren’t going anywhere. Thank you for taking the time to do this blog. There are wonderful people/commenters here and even without a new blog each week, it is relaxing and entertaining to visit. You are very appreciated.

    Being from the south myself, I am sickened by the way these women represent us. Granted, we do have our fair share of loud, obnoxious, rednecks, but those people are generations long worth of n’er-do-wells that use the county jail as their little resort and their welfare check to go buy blindingly white tennis shoes and too-tight tank tops.

    However, these Atlanta women are not any different than the Beverly Hillbillies in character, except for Adrienne and maybe Lisa (the jury is still deliberating on her). I don’t know anyone that has this kind of drama or would actually ‘perform’ this on TV for any amount of money. It’s all very…….entertaining….in a train wrecking kind of way.

  6. 7and7is says:

    Great recap. Kim may be a moron but Nene is a loose cannon and bordering on dangerous
    Miss you but you are worth waiting for!

  7. IMO, the pressure from her stepson blabbing all her business is coming out via Nene’s dangerous behavior toward Kim. As we all knew, the rumors of how Nene met Gregg and the money Gregg put up for Nene’s ‘appearance’ on RHOA are not rumors… as the stepson reports. Nene is unraveling big time…. and I’m happy to see it. Any mother who denies children… any child/children… is dirt in my book.

    • PS: If anyone needs details on how they met or Nene denying her stepchildren, or the stepson blabbing, just ask me…

      • Susie says:

        Stoopid Housewives~I want all the details. Please do tell! I have no idea why I haven’t been privy to this fresh dirt! Thanks in advance 🙂

        • Sorry for the delay… OK.. Gregg met Nene when he was the manager of the Gold Door in Atlanta and she was the ‘den mother’ (stripper). Immediately after meeting Nene, Gregg moved his FIVE kids out of his house and cut off all communication with them. IMO, Nene is as much to blame for this decision as Gregg is. After 13 years, Gregg’s eldest son, Damian, is coming out to tell all. But, if you want to know the background on all this, check out this info from the Gwinnett Courts:

          If you go to and search for ‘leakes, gr’, you get these results:

          which show, among other things, the eviction notice. I was trying to figure out if Gregory Leon Leakes is NeNe’s husband, and I got my answer when I clicked on this:

          This case had something to do with his first wife, but in the details you can see that it was served to “Linnethia Leakes, wife”. So Gregory Leon Leakes is NeNe’s husband. This same Gregory Leakes was charged with writing bad checks in 2002:…e:02w%2d14868/

          and theft by receiving stolen property in 2002:…e:02w%2d06072/

          and shoplifting in 2002:…b%2d00590%2d6/.

          He was listed as living in an apartment on Pleasant Hill Road. In 2004, the sheriff attempted to serve him for child support recovery, but he couldn’t be located:…a%2d07118%2d4/.

          • Sangfroid says:

            I realize the blog is Stoopid Housewives, but I think you should call your self something else.
            The name does not fit you at all.

            • Sangfroid: That’s funny… I’ve been seriously thinking about that! I started it as a goof and gave it a goofy name, but then really got into it and it’s just took off. I changed it once (wild world of the RH), but really didn’t like it and went back to ‘stoopid.’ If you or anyone else has a suggestion for a name change, I will definitely take it into consideration… Thanks!!!

              • Sangfroid says:

                Off the top of my head, if you wanted to keep Stoopid in it The Real Stoopid Housewives, or
                The Real Reality of Housewife TV.
                Then we could call you Real instead of Stoopid. Manners and all that!
                I was going to suggest “Inside Stoopid Housewives” but I can see how that might be taken the wrong way.
                Not enough coffee yet to really think this a.m.

      • Jennifer says:

        Pick me, pick me!

        I love fresh dirt!

      • Ro050 says:

        How did they meet?

      • Pest control lady says:

        I DO I DO!!! Details please….

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Seems Nene was just a big ol’ stripper on the pole. I could believe it, easily, she is just so trashy.

    • Susie says:

      Unraveling…best choice of words to describe NeNe.

  8. ~Luvz Aluminum Accoutrements~ says:

    Welcome back ~sugarbooger…
    Those wacky witchy wives just don’t seem so nasty ignernt without’cha!~

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kim is fun – she takes herself for what she is and that makes her funny. NeNe is one loud, angry, jealous, ill mannered, pretentious bitch and that makes her scary ugly. NeNe was going for her Teresa moment (she failed) on the bus and only gave us a headache and an upclose look at a jealous loser.
    Pheadra cracks me up – motherhood really rocked her little universe but doesn’t stop her from making wacky observations. And as much as I hate to say it – she is closer to what I want to watch than the heffa and hippo that is Kim and NeNe.

    • 7and7is says:

      I’m finding myself liking P more and more…granted, sometimes her revelations border on ridiculous but this episode I found her adorable both in the limo and in Miami

  10. Linda G. says:

    Missed you & so glad you’re back! Love your recaps!

  11. missmi says:

    I agree WW. Nene has been up in peoples faces for the past 2 seasons. She is no longer friends with Kim,Dwight, her and Kandi are not tight. She fought with Sheree early on, but that chic would physically fight back and Nene knows it. She talkd behind cynthias back to Kim and now is making up shit to fight abot with Kim. I dont mind Kim and I think the sweetie thing is for enterainment than serious demands. btw, Nene has issues with phaedra also.

    I think Kim is going to get her on show just like Bethenney and Nene knows it. Very jealous and its pouring out of her. Thanks RCH for taking time out to do the blog. Bring on RHBH Reunion tonight!!!!!!

  12. Tuzentswurth says:

    Glad to see you back RCH! Just last night Meg, LaSarah, and I were planning a trip to Canada on twitter, we were so concerned to find you,(but admittedly we were going to wait till warm weather).
    I haven’t watched this Atl. epi yet but the recap was great. Now I actually want to watch it.
    We have been floundering over the BH finale on the epi 12 recap, we have needed your strong hand and gentle guidance, chaos and confusion reigned. If Madame Sangfroid had not made her fine millinery available when she did I am afraid we may have all perished, but the tin foil saved us and kept our brains contained.

    • Tam5115 says:

      I can’t get the BH blog to load anymore, it keeps crashing. 😦

      I just watched the last two episodes of BH night before last. WOW! I don’t even know what to say. The reunion should be interesting. But I think RCH could do an amazing BS Blog on Taylor’s latest entry. Really? Is she living in some fantasy land?

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Tam, just asking about you on twitter, good to see you. Try using a different browser to load the page, there are >500 comments so it is hard to load, but well worth it if you can! 🙂

  13. Susie says:

    RCH, you are one funny lady! That still shot of Don Juan and the comment about him not having a good poker face is priceless. I’ve looked at it about 20 times and every time I do, it cracks me up all over again.

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