Teen Mom 2 – Episode 2

First up lets talk about Kailyn. This fucking girl…. she’s been broken up with her ex Jo for a full 3 weeks now, and that’s clearly too long to be single so she goes out and starts dating a guy from work. But she’s still living in Jo’s house. And since she doesn’t have a car of her own she tricks Jo into driving her (and her baby) to the first date with the new guy by telling him that she was meeting with friends. Eventually she decides that she should stop sneaking around and tell Jo and his parents that she’s seeing someone. But communicating like a human being is hard, so she decides to let them find out by changing her facebook status to “in a relationship”. Her friends all seem to think this is a good idea and even hand her a phone to do it. Jo and his parents are upset that she starting seeing someone so fast and that she didn’t even have the respect to tell them about it when she’s living in their house. She wines about them not understanding, insists she still loves Jo even though she’s dating another guy, she sighs and makes other noises that aren’t really words and stands there with her mouth open and that blank look on her face. Jo warns her that she better not bring his child around this new guy. Uh oh… too late. I actually do feel a little bad for Kailyn though. I don’t think she meant to do anything wrong, she really is just too stupid to understand why it wasn’t the greatest idea to start seeing another guy so soon, or why it was a horrible idea to go about it the way she did. Jo and his parents could have handled the situation more maturely instead of ganging up and yelling at her. But I can only assume that after living with her and her attitude for so long it was all they could do to stop themselves from choking her.



I can’t say anything bad about Leah today because one of her twin girls, Ali, might have something wrong with her spine and it’s really sad. The doctor was a real insensitive douche about the whole thing too. Luckily for her Corey is there to sit with her on the back of his pickup and tell her that everything will be ok. I’m starting to forgive Leah for cheating on my beloved Corey and I hope these two can work it out. This health scare might be the kick Leah needs to grow up and get her shit together.



Jannelle and her mom calmed down and stopped cursing at each other this week. Janelle realized that she can’t afford to go to court against her mom and just gave up, moved back into her mom’s house, and let her have complete control over her and her son’s life.

Janelle’s mother (what is her name? I still don’t know) has a permanent smirk on her face that irritates me so much. I blame Janelle a little bit less for threatening to punch her last week. In fact now, I almost wish she would have. There was no reason for the mother to take custody from her. It was unnecessary, and clearly had nothing to do with the welfare of the child and everything to do with her wanting to control the people in her life. I think I hate this mother even more than the meth head mother from the first Teen Mom.



So on to Chelsea. *Shakes head* Like I said last week – it doesn’t matter how many opportunities this girl is given in life, she will always fuck it up by making the wrong choices.
She is actually considering allowing her scum bag ex back into her life. This is a very bad idea. Her girlfriend tells her it’s a bad idea. Everyone watching at home thinks it’s a bad idea. And even Chelsea seems to know that it’s probably a bad idea. But you know what, I say she should go for it. Honestly, if it’s not this kid, it will be some other guy who treats her like crap. If she’s gonna be treated like crap by someone it might as well be the father of her child. She’s a lost cause, so what the hell.

Since I’m so far behind there is already a new episode for me to watch and I’m gonna go do that now.

Btw, funny ot story. I saw this banner on my movie site, and I thought “Wow Paula doesn’t look very good, does she?” Then I realized it was Steven Tyler.

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4 Responses to Teen Mom 2 – Episode 2

  1. NMhousewife says:

    Love the banner story at the end of your recap!

    I agree with most everything you say except a few things here and there…just minor though.

    Kailynn, stupid stupid thing to do dating while living in their house. BUT a part of me does not blame her because Jo has been so horrible to her, his parents apparently let him get away with terrible behavior, she is in an awkward living situation that where she no other option, pretty much relegated to that basement room because of that awkwardness. So she obviously is going to be vulnerable to the first person who pays attention to her. Although she needs a better (smarter) set of friends, I give her a lot of credit for not just living off of them and staying at home with the baby. She has a job and is going to college, no matter how difficult it is to get rides or babysitters during those times.

    At the end of 16&Pregnant, Leah realized what a horible mistake she had made with Corey, and I think it is actually better it happened that way, so she can see that there was no way in hell her ex was going to get back with her along with 2 babies. I am glad Corey has made her work harder to get him back, but I am really glad this story seems to be having a happy ending as I think she now has her head on straight and realizes she does love Corey. I give her a little leeway as far as her bad behavior goes in that this was not a long term relationship, more of a rebound, she obviously was very confused about her situation, and yet she got a good guy. I have to agree with you, I heart Corey too.

    Chelsea, Totally agree she seems destined to make bad choices her whole life. I feel for her, yet frustrated with her because you just know this can’t be a happy ending (at least I don’t think so) regarding her boyfriend Adam. He seems to be trying, but I don’t believe this will last. Too bad she can’t marry Megan (her roommate) as she seems to be a better parent than either of them.

    Janelle, ugg. From what I have heard, she has had issues with the law, drugs, etcetera since giving custody to her mom, so I have to think that definitely was in Jace’s best interest….but do I think her mom (Barbara by the way) is a pushy no-it-all who wants to do everything her way? Absolutely. There’s no reason she can’t encourage Janelle to do more with the baby and even make her do more, but she obvioulsy likes to be the martyr too much and almost wants Janelle to be a screw-up in my opinion. Can’t stand Janelle, but can’t stand her mom either. Poor jace!

    Can’t wait to see your take on episode 3! Happy times for Leah and Corey!

    • I always look at it from the perspective of what I would do in that situation. I would never do what Kailyn did. I kinda get where she was coming from, but it was just wrong. And the facebook thing – sooo wrong. But also, if I were Jo’s mom I would have made Jo move to the basement and taught him a little lesson about putting the mother of his child first – even if he’s not getting along with her. He wouldn’t get away with talking to her the way he does in my house. And as pissed as I would be about her dating, I wouldn’t threaten to kick her out. Family is family and you have to watch out for each other no matter how bad they mess up. But Kailyn’s attitude really sucks. If she behaved differently maybe people would treat her differently. She acted all “poor me” when Jo ignoring her at the pool. But would you be friendly with her after the way she talked to you in the car? I don’t agree with the way Jo acts towards her. But she brings a lot of it on herself.

      All I know about Janelle is what I saw in these two episodes. I don’t think I saw her on 16 and Pregnant. The custody thing was unnecessary because she wasn’t trying to take Jace away or stop her mom from seeing him. I really think the mom only got custody because she wants control over her daughter. Her mother isn’t trying to teach her or help her grow. She is trying to hold her down. What she is doing is really damaging to Janelle’s development. So mostly I just feel bad for Janelle. Because I don’t know how you can grow into an responsible mature adult when you live in an environment like that.

      I think Corey and Leah are the only two who have a shot at having a normal family. Chelsea will be alright because she has good family and friends. But I think she has self esteem problems and until that’s fixed, there will always be some guy messing up her life. How can you still have feeling for a person who said/did such horrible things to you? That’s not ok.

  2. It's Hot In Texas says:

    I wondered if Adam wanted to re-connect with Chelsea because she has a house, car, and money (thanks to her Dad)? And who orders their mother to come over with diapers and clean clothes because baby Aubree had an accident. It seemed that Mom got there so quickly. It was probably a good thing, since no one at the house had even made an attempt to clean the baby.
    Chelsea seems like the type to think she does 30% more than the other mothers on the show…

  3. missmi says:

    Great blog RCH! I thought the same thing about that doctor. He then proceeds to point out that the babys arms are to short. He called these issues defecits and then walks out. What an ass!!!!! Chelsea will continue to scerw up, because everyone will pick up the pieces for her. So far it doesnt even look like she can hold up her end of the deal with school.

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