Teen Mom 2 Recap – Moron’s On Parade

I’ve decide to recap Teen Mom. Since I’m already falling behind on my RH duties, I’ll make these mini recaps. So here goes:

The show starts with Leah. Leah beat the odds and managed to get accidentally pregnant by a decent guy who actually wants to be a dad and take care of his family.

So you’d think she would be the one girl with some sense in her head, right? Wrong. She totally fucked it up by sleeping with her ex boyfriend and going out every night while Corey stayed home with their twin girls. What a moron. Corey is a sweet guy who needs subtitles when he talks because you can’t understand what he says. He got a house for them to live in, but moved out when he found out Leah was cheating and now she has the girls during the week and Corey takes them on the weekend. Leah eventually realized how stupid she was to mess things up with Corey and is trying to win him back by inviting him over for a mac and cheese dinner on what should have been their one year anniversary. Corey cries when Leah brings out the Betty Crocker box cake she made for him.

The reads: Happy 1 year. I ❤ you.

Then she gives him a card and the tears really come. He loves her and wants to work it out, but he’s hurt and doesn’t want to get hurt again. It’s sad, but Leah has him right where she wants him. He’s been trying to act tough but now his heart is melting and this is her opportunity to suck him back in. So what does she do? Go over and hug him? Tell him everything will be ok and she’ll never hurt him again? Ask him to spend the weekend with her and the girls? Nope. She stands at the sink watching him cry, then says “Well, I guess I’ll help you put the girls in the car.” Moron.

Kailyn is just BLAH. I don’t know how else to describe her.

She lives in a nice house in the suburbs with her boyfriend and his parents. But he just broke up with her and asked her to move out because she’s a mooch with a bad attitude. Kailyn goes to lunch with her mother to tell her what’s going on and her mom sorta doesn’t care that her daughter might be out on the streets with nowhere to go. She doesn’t like to spend too much time with Kailyn because “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Luckily for Kailyn her boyfriends mother is a nice woman who says she will never turn her back on her, and allows her to live in her house even though her son broke up with her. So Kailyn moves out of her boyfriend’s bedroom and into the basement. I can’t imagine that this living situation will turn out well. I can’t remember if her kid is a boy or a girl or what her boyfriend’s name is. I think I may have dozed off during some of her scenes. This girl is a snooze.

Chelsea is a daddy’s girl who is moving out on her own because her dad is paying the rent on her new house. Not apartment – house. Her dad seems like a good guy who tried to raise his daughter right, but she still ended up pregnant by some asshole who treats her like shit. She probably has the worst baby daddy, he refers to their daughter Aubrey as a mistake.

This message reads: “worthless stupid — in the world u better believe its so over for the rest of our lives ya fat stretch mark bitch tell me where and wen to sign the papers over for that mistake.”

Nice, huh? So you’d think that would be about all she needs to kick his ass to the curb permanently. But this genius still talks about him as though she may want to get back with him. Since he doesn’t want anything to do with her she decides it’s probably a good idea to start dating again now that the baby is a full 9 months old. Proving once again that she sure knows how to pick em, she goes on a date with a guy who takes her to a sports bar and then watches the game on the tv the entire time. Chelsea has a good family, a father who is completely supporting her so that she can focus on school and not worry about making money or paying bills, and good friends who help her take care of her kid. But I have a feeling that regardless of all the advantages she’s been given, she will still manage to fuck her life up through her inability to make a good decision.

Janelle has a son named Jace with a guy who’s only seen the kid 4 times, but she’s happy about that for some reason. She lives with her mother, a woman who appears to be an alcoholic or possibly suffering from a mild form of Aspergers. At the very least she hasn’t matured a day past 16 herself.

Janelle’s mother refuses to let her do anything for Jace, and when she does try to do something for him she stands over her telling her that she’s doing everything wrong which results in Janelle just giving up and letting her mom do it. Then her mom screams at her for never doing anything for him. During one argument the mother hid the internet box so that Janelle couldn’t get online. I think all of us understand what a serious crime it is to deprive someone of their internet access. Janelle is obviously upset, and decides that the best way to handle the situation is to push her mother and call her a stupid bitch. Surprisingly this approach didn’t result in her getting the internet back and she ended up leaving the house (without her son) when her mother threatened to call the cops. A few days later she returns home with some friends only to find that her mother is suing her for custody of Jace. They get in a huge argument in front of the house and Janelle threatens to punch and spit on her mother. I can only giggle when thinking that this is likely how the Giudice children will turn out.

Janelle tells her mother that although she wants to act like she knows best, she can’t be that great at mothering since her own daughter ended up pregnant at 16. Her mother argues “Well you were the one who spread your legs.” Their scene ends once again with Janelle spewing curse words and walking off and leaving her son there. She seems to be under the impression that her mother already has custody or something.  Both these women are fucking nuts and only one thing is certain in this situation: no matter who wins custody, this child is fucked.

And that’s it for the first episode. This show is kinda depressing actually.

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89 Responses to Teen Mom 2 Recap – Moron’s On Parade

  1. KittsMeow says:

    Thanks for the recap! Been a lurker for some time now, thought I’d get wet with Teen Mom. These girls are beyond trainwrecks! I knew effed up girls in high school(5 years ago) but nothing like the trash from all the Teen Mom shows. Ish! Where does it end?

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    Janelle and her mother are both disturbing to watch! There is so much hatred and resentment between these two that the baby gets lost in the process.

  3. kmuellfa says:

    OK, I admit, I watch Teen Mom. I was psyched to read on the previous blog that you were going to recap TM.
    Keep it up!

  4. NMhousewife says:

    One week ago I got sucked into the episode of 16&pregnant showcasing Cody and Leah and then soon after episode 1 of Teen Mom, and I will admit I got hooked. Janelle and her mom..just oil and water. They would both be terrible to live in the same house with. Kaitlynn, she has a terrible mom but your right, also a terrible attitude. Chelsea…so lucky to have a kind helpful friend to live with. Thanks for a great recap! I am intrigued with Cody and Leah’s story though and am crossing my fingers she won’t screw it up again.
    Keep up the great recaps…love your blog!

  5. Distressed says:

    Fantastic choice to cover this show, I’ve just now become addicted to Teen Mom. Love your recaps.

  6. Golden Girl says:

    Thank you so much for the recap! This season of Teen Mom 2 is going to be a doozie.

  7. Need a Hobby says:

    What fresh hell is this? 😉

    Is this the show where one of the moms was up on charges for assaulting her baby daddy or whatever? Or is that another one? I can’t keep track of these trainwreck tv shows. Oy. It does sound rather dispiriting, though.

    I’ll look forward to your recaps, of course. 🙂

  8. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Ok- so this show may be my new crack attack. Great recap RCH- Thank you!

    (does anyone else find themselves screaming “BIRTHCONTROL!” at the TV when this show comes on?…no?- must just be me-never mind)

    • Golden Girl says:

      Yes, I do along with “Take that boy to court and get some child support!” I’m sick of all these dead beat dads.

      • I don’t think they can get child support when the dad doesn’t make anything. In the other Teen Mom Macy took Ryan to court and ended up getting like $150 a month or something like that.

        • Tracy w/out an E aka mscarp says:

          Well seeing as how it was revealed is Amber’s (Teen Mom) domestic violence case that she pulls in $250,000 I wonder what the dads earn?

          • Woah really? Do you think they have a clause in their contract that says they have to pretend they’re poor? Why was Farrah stressing about finding an apartment to rent when she can buy her own house? And why the hell didn’t Amber hire a cleaning lady – or a nanny since she hates being a mom so much?

  9. I love your recaps! I read your tweets and you are def the funniest and most talented blogger of the HW series and now TeenMom.
    I hate to admit I watch this show, AND, I am from WV. This is where Leah (twins) and her babydaddy are from.
    I teach at a private school and one of my students actually know them both. I am told she is a real brat but he is sincerely a very good
    guy. Thanks for the entertainment! You seem to say exactly what I think! You rock!

    • You gotta get me some inside dirt on those two! It wouldn’t be wrong to ask your students to report gossip to you, would it? Lol. I’m glad to hear Corey really is a nice guy. It’s so rare on these shows.

  10. over the gaffe says:

    Hello to all my wonderful,beautiful, sexy,smart,and funny ladies/fugmatalites! O how I have missed you . I am back to resume my troll title 🙂

  11. Tuzentswurth says:

    Your recap was so funny I am afraid I may have to start watching this show. I burst out laughing at the Guidice comment but felt almost sure there would be some indignant retort in the comments by someone who “doesn’t get it.” Glad to see none yet, but the blog is young. 😉

    • Sangfroid says:

      Tuz -I don’t watch this either, but I didn’t really watch the housewife shows until RCH offered me a free taste of her Blog crack.
      I’m reading this one peeking out between my fingers and I hate to say it,
      but, it’s fascinating in majorly train wreckish way.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I don’t even know where to look for it, I know there is the 16 and pregnant show too. One of them is on MTV, right?

        • Sangfroid says:

          I watch the Housewife shows online.
          Sometimes a few days go by before I can find them.
          This is one is the MTV show isn’t it?
          I checked but I don’t see current episodes online there.

        • Omg… is it possible that for the first time ever, I actually have access to a show that the rest of you don’t?!
          How exciting for me!
          I watch on Mtv.ca
          I just checked Mtv.com and couldn’t find it. None of my pirate sites seem to have it either.
          Why does this make me happy in a very weird way?

  12. over the gaffe says:

    Thanks! I’m great! Had a great time visiting friends,and family in Tel Aviv. Now I’m back in California where the air is polluted! Hope you girls ring in a Good New Year. 🙂

  13. Adgirl says:

    OK. I do not watch Teen Knocked Up or whatever it’s called. But judging from the recap it’s a rerun of Real Housewives of the Holler. Which one is dating Big Poppa?

  14. LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

    RCH – Thanks for the recap on Teen Mom. I watch, IDK why I do, but I do. I agree with your last sentence. It is a depressing show in that it reveals how all the girls think life is going to be just wonderful after they have the baby. They will marry, finish school, go to college, get an apartment. But most of the time they end up living with a parent, don’t finish HS, give up dreams of college, lose all their friends, and are not with the father of the baby. It’s a sad show in a way, teens watching should really pay attention.

  15. Waxdiva says:

    RCH: Great recap!
    From 1-13-2011: About 90 teenage girls at one public high school in Memphis, Tenn., are either pregnant or have had a baby this school year, according to media reports.
    Frayser High School has 978 students – 508 of which are girls. That means nearly 18 percent of teen girls at Frayser are either currently pregnant or recently had babies. http://fieldnotes.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/01/14/5841767-90-pregnancies-at-one-high-school

    And… here’s the latest about jillzarin and her #1 fan: http://stoopidhousewives.com/2011/01/18/jillzarin-fan-adores-her-sad/

  16. MamaRea says:

    Poor Jace! Mommy is totally selfish, and gramma doesn’t get that ya gotta be consistent. If you want Janelle to take care of Jace, then let her. The kid won’t die if his onesy is too big, or there’s no baby powder.

    But Janelle is the bigger problem. Doesn’t matter if HER baby is sleeping, it isn’t gramma’s responsibility. And she doesn’t have a right to anything in her mom’s house. Not internet access, not a free babysitter, nada, nothing, zip. Gramma over reaches a bit, but you can understand why she does. Janelle is outta control.

    And the title, “Moron’s”. There’s no need for ‘s. That’s only for the possessive, like “the moron’s baby”. Plural is what ya have, “Too many of these girls date morons.” Sorry, but the who plural vs possessive is a thing with me.

    • I can see where Janelle’s coming from. If her mom won’t let her feed the kid, dress him, change him, or put him to bed at night, then why should she wake up in the morning for him? Janelle knows her mom is going to get him in the morning, so she sleeps in. If her mom stopped stepping in I’m sure she would do more. I’m not really pro Janelle, but she’s still young and at that age where I think her behavior can still be blamed on her mom. Janelle did not end up as crazy as she is by being raised in a loving supportive environment. Sorry about the apostrophe. I was even thinking to myself as I typed that “Wouldn’t it be funny if I made a spelling mistake in a title like this?” I even doubled check to make sure. Lol.

  17. Rabble Rouser says:

    Cory is such an awesome guy- I was so irritated last year when she didn’t appreciate what she had and was running off with her ex boyfriend who was a complete ugo to boot.

    Her idiotic mother didn’t help and actually encouraged this-if my kid got knocked up at 16 with twins-and the baby daddy (although I have to wonder if she wasn’t already pregnant and put Cory on the hook for it) busted his ass to take care of his family and responsibilities, there is no way I would tell her to ‘follow her heart’ when she is thinking of dropping him for some acne ridden dumb ass who can’t even manage to make it to math class. I can just tell her mother drinks Busch beer and her and her daughter give each other tragic looking home perms.

    Although- spoiler- they do seem to work it out since they are now married. And my heart goes out to them with prayer in regards to their daughter who is dealing with numerous health and medical issues.

    That Kaylin chick- what a Debbie downer mopey bitch- she is so fn annoying. I remember her last year- all she did was whine and complain. Joe’s mother is a saint for putting up with it.

    Jenelle- I can’t stand that kid. She is has been arrested for drug related charges and is with criminal. If she wasn’t on Teen Mom, we could still keep up with her on America’s Most Wanted.

    Chelsea- is an idiot and her Daddy is an enabler.

    • I never thought about Leah putting Corey on the hook for someone else’s kids. Could be true though… weren’t they only dating for a month when she got pregnant? I hope not just because I like Corey so much. I just want to hug him. Corey is like the woman in that relationship, staying home and taking care of the kids, and Leah is like the guy, running off and doing her own selfish things and not caring about the family she has at home.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m very suspicious of her; but who knows.

        I suspect at this point, Cory is so deeply committed to those sweet girls and to Leah, that he would still be there in the end. I think he would be devastated if those babies weren’t his, so I don’t see him pressuring DNA testing.

  18. boston02127 says:

    RCH– Thx for the recap. I missed watching it. Doesn’t seem like MTV is playing the same shows over and over and over and over and over…..I’ve been trying to catch this episode before the next one. Anywho….I get the whole pic reading your blog. Thx.

  19. SillyMe says:

    Hi RCH so glad to read your recaps again especially this show I’ve been waiting for the premier of Teen Mom 2 since Christmas because I started watching 16 & Pregnant a few months ago when I got preggo lol it was weird I was just looking for any show featuring pregnancy I guess because I wanted to get a feeling for what it’s like to go through a pregnancy and 4.5 months into my pregnancy I feel very blessed and thankful to have the support of a loving husband (found out I have twins!! 😀 very thankful indeed) because I feel for these girls who got pregnant by these jerks who treat them like crap but then again at 16 you are just a kid yourself. I’m also cheering for Leah and Corey…well more for Corey he seems like a very nice and responsible guy! Happy new year to you and keep up with the recaps I look forward to them! Thank you!! 🙂

    • Adgirl says:

      Congrats on your twins and happy marriage. That makes creating a family extra meaningful.

      • SillyMe says:

        Thank you Adgirl!! 🙂 I actually got very emotional when I was watching 16 & Pregnant…on one hand I was feeling sorry for the girls because they weren’t getting the emotional support from the baby’s daddy but on the other hand I was getting angry that they allowed these guys to treat them that way and kept coming back for more! I just know that I get extra emotional during this time and if the guy who gets me preggo father of my baby talks to me like trash I couldn’t handle it!

  20. missmi says:

    Oh Boy! One more show to dish on. Thanks RCH for the recap. I got hooked last year during a marathon of 16 and pregnant and I rememeber feeling terrible for Cory (who I think got his teeth fixed since then) and for Leah, since I think she was struggling with alot of emotions too. Drastic life change to say the least.

    Chelsea has it made. I do like her, but she risks not being liked because she is so spoiled and if she cant find a decent guy and finish school with all she’s given, then she will be an idiot. I have a feelin she’ll meet some rich guy and have more kids rather quickly. jmo

    Blond girl is boring. Boyfriends mom is a blessing and frankly very smart. She wants to be apart of that babys life so she knows what she has to do.

    Janelle is a mess, but there is hope if her mother would back off. How did it go from onesie choice to taking away the internet in less than 5 minutes. Janelle is rebeling and I think anything her mom pushes will automatically be viewed as a negative by Janelle.

  21. Distressed says:

    Agree entirely.

    Janelle and the mother, both horrible. See adage regarding apples not falling far from their trees.

    Corey is a total sweetheart. How about a Teen Dad show? Corey will be the only star because he is one of a select few good men out there. I hope he finds a nice lady to complete his family picture in life without the idiot mother. The problem with idiots is they’re really stupid and therefore can’t be trusted to make a decision about anything. Leah will manage to fuck it up once Corey takes her back. It’s inevitable. Move on Corey. You’re a good catch, good luck kid.

    The daddy’s girl. Seems to have good support around her but is so stupid, I agree with you, she’ll manage to fuck up her life no matter what.

  22. Miss Anthrope says:

    I saw the 16 and Pregnant episode with Janelle and because of that, I have to agree with her mother to an extent. She was out every single night in bars and sleeping all day while her mom took the kid off to daycare before work. She also basically gave the kid to her mom at the end of the episode.

    However, her mom is really doing things all wrong. She can’t expect Janelle to be responsible when she wont ALLOW her to be responsible. The whole situation is beyond fucked up and her mom is at least 50% to blame.

    I cannot understand Chelsea at all. I’d like to chalk her mentality toward the boyfriend up to teenage stupidity but I’m afraid that’s just not the case. This girl would probably still be blowing that douchebag if he set her ass on fire. Her father needs to take a long hard look at what he’s doing to enable his daughters stupidity. He should be putting his foot down and not giving her jackshit unless she drops that loser for good. It’s one thing to date a loser who verbally abuses you, and quite another to date a loser who calls your child a mistake. WAKE UP, BITCH!

    Kailyn is your average open mouthed breather who has a permanent look of “DUR DURRRRR” on her face. Unsurprisingly, she is as dumb as she looks. When her boyfriend dumped her she had no reaction at all. No tears, no “WTF?”, no nothing. She just sat there breathing with her mouth open. Then she walks around that house like it’s no big thing that she’s living at her ex boyfriends parents house. Just wait til you watch episode 2. Her idiocy knows no bounds.

  23. kmuellfa says:

    I was really saddened watching Kailyn. True, she is not making the best decisions, but I guess I have sympathy for her situation. Here’s a girl who’s father is not involved, her mother is some crazy crack/meth head who is a lousy parent, so she basically has no one in her corner.

    Kailyn desperately wants love, affection and acceptance. IMO, it’s this desperation that is causing her to find it wherever she can. Yes, her ex-BF parents have been great (letting her live with them), but when the mom tells her she’s family, I think Kailyn knows it’s not really true (evidenced by the previews next week where ex-BF mom basically tells her she has to move out if the relationship continues.)

    When I was watching, I kept thinking, her situation is so miserable she’s just looking for any semblance of happiness she can grab onto. I wish the ex-BF mother would be more understanding and sympathetic. Kailyn just seems like a little girl lost and alone, and ill equipped to handle anything.

    • Well you’re nicer than me. I don’t have much sympathy for Kailyn. She has a new baby and was only broken up with the baby’s father for 3 weeks! Geez. Give yourself time to heal from the birth before you start dating again! She is such a moron. I’ll cover more in my next recap.

      • kmuellfa says:

        Usually these idiot girls get me more riled up than the HW. Let’s just say my SIL would have been perfect for this show. I guess I have sympathy for her because she has had a shitty homelife (and unlike the couple from season one who gave their baby up for adoption, she doesn’t seem bright enough to try to rise above it). I see her a bit differently because

        1. She actually seems to take care of her kid
        2. She’s not out partying (drinking, drugs)
        3. She’s not an ungrateful, mouthy brat
        4. She doesn’t waste her money on fugly bedazzled neon acrylic nails (IDK why this chaps my ass when I see this on these teenage moms-college fund, anyone?) tattoos, tanning, etc.
        5. Even though she jumped at the first male that showed her any attention, she’s not dry humping him in the backseat of his car, they eat ice cream at the park and play laser tag. This may change, it’s early in the season.

        Or maybe its her sad puppy dog eyes and weak chin.

        • Golden Girl says:

          #4 I totally agree! That bugs the heck out of me too. I am always saying, “They can’t save to get their own place or buy diapers for their children but she gets her nails done.”

  24. Now come on (Put Your Hair Up) . I’ve told you before I don’t know Dina. I would only come on here trolling, to annoy you,and stick up for her because, she seem to be the only housewife you would pick on constantly at the time.

    Me an Italian? Not even close! Me a woman? I am probably the only dude that post on here. Me live in Jersey? yeah when hell freezes over! I still adore your site. It’s very comical 🙂 And I’ll still continue to be a troll when I have free time . *wink*

  25. over the gaffe says:

    Lynn nothing against Italian women at all 🙂 Lovz sorry,but I don’t come out to play till 1PM Pacific Time. We can go head to head then,with “poetry” Yeah (Put Your Hair Up) I’m sorry to disappoint but, I am a MAN tee hee hee Sangfroid wink wink

    Btw (Put Your Hair Up) when I posted yesterday. I did you a favor by posting on my laptop,so you can see my (IP) was from California. I’m now posting with my cell which would show as Kansas 🙂 anyway boys and girls I’ve got some serious projects to work on while I slurp on this delicious (snicker-doodle-coffee). If your on good behavior I’ll send each of you a box. Vroom vroom

    • jezzibel says:

      a gracious male troll from California…has the apcolypse started and I just did’nt get the memo?

    • ~Luvz2011~ says:

      There was once a knarly newt from seville……
      Posting troll nonsense ’bout dina at will……
      He had not a clue,
      She was skeeve thru ‘n thru,
      Puhleeze shrink him and send her the bill.

      Riddle for today, MrTrollpie———> Can critter placement programs be run w/out a license? Who has “muttsRus” printed on their new jersey?

      • ~Luvz2011~ says:

        From the el lay suburb……..
        A troll’s hazy blurb……..
        ’bout work’n all day
        His shrink bill to pay,
        Stay on topic …….else you’ll get kicked to the curb.

        Topic—->Teen Mom’s Moronry
        This thread’s difficult to load so I’ll not post more drivel here.
        ……but save’n bytes for later.

    • So you’re really not Tamara from Kansas? Or Dina’s friend in Jersey? Or Dina herself? Lol.
      I figured out the cell phone thing eventually. IP’s are tricky that way.

  26. Jane says:

    The editing in this show is extremely poor!!! You would think that MTV would put a little more effort into their top rated show. I watched the season premiere again Tuesday night – during Kailyn and Joe’s fight that ends their relationship – from sentence to sentence the baby is either fast asleep or wide awake playing with toys. The camera pans out and shows them on the couch – the baby is asleep. The camera shows close ups – the baby is awake. Literally from second to second the baby is either asleep or awake – very strange – almost makes the whole conversation look contrived.

  27. Anonymous says:

    sorry but you really need to brush up on appropriate apostrophe usage.

    • Sangfroid says:

      While I am sure you intended this as helpful, that issue was addressed with humor up thread beginning at January 18, 2011 at 12:49 pm.
      Many posters here agree with the wisdom of Dr. N. A. Hobby
      Emeritus Professor of English Literature and Landscape Gardening

      Hope you get a chuckle out of it as well. 🙂

  28. Lizbeth says:

    Hi, I love your blog and love the recaps on RHW. However, before you go calling someone a moron, please make sure yoru title is grammatically correct! The title should read “Morons on Parade” – there’s no apostrophe because is a plural word. Anal? Yes but I would have a heck of a lot more respect if you fixed it before calling someone a name… people in glass houses.

    Thanks for keeping the fun going by making fun of these people who are so desperate for fame, they’ll make asses out of themselves for our entertainment!

  29. ~Luvz Aluminum Accoutrements~ says:


    Every year we have a parade on this blog….. usually before we celebrate St. Valentine.
    Every year we give our parade a name. This year, the vote came in and we named our parade the “ON PARADE” and dedicated it to the morons who would live in glass houses and complain ’bout their anals. ( Silly, huh?) Because our parade, titled the “ON PARADE” belongs to certain morons ’round these parts, the morons become very possessive of their parade. I mean, it’s THEIR parade after all !
    It’s the Moron’s (possessive)—->On Parade.
    Oh….and btw,
    From your post……..please tell me the definition of a “yoru”.
    I’d have a heck of a lot of respect for you if you could.
    It’s sounds’s kindah’s moronic’s.
    Is it moronics for ‘windex’?

    • DarkSonnet says:


      • ~Luvz Aluminum Accoutrements~ says:

        I need your vote for next year’s parade name.
        Keeping with the moronic anals’s theme, I’m going with
        ‘Idiot’s Up Parade’. Maybe Lizbeth will bring some of that exotic yoru ointment that she drug along to the Moron’s On Parade this year.

        • Sangfroid says:

          Oh dear, I think we have a problem. I believe the psychos were planning the next parade. They were calling it Psycho’s Up and Down parade and were already in the process of choosing a theme song.
          Last I heard it was a race between Close to the Edge part 2 ( I get up, I get down) and Tubthumping
          ( I get knocked down, but I get up again)
          Maybe we can have more than one parade this year?

          • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

            That’s a darling idea!~
            May I enter lyrics ala the BlackEyedPeas:

            I know you loving the sound
            Don’t bring me down (Just pick me up)
            Don’t bring me down (Just pick me up-up)
            Don’t bring me down (Just pick me up)
            Don’t bring me down

            Ah-ah-aah-ah (x4)

            Don’t let me, don’t let me figure
            Go home and bring me down
            Feel the esculator
            Move up to higher ground [x5]

            Don’t let the elevator bring you down (x3)
            I think next is the ahh ah ah refrain, again
            …..else it’s the ha ha ha refrain.
            I would still like to edit my earlier entry for next year’s parade name to:
            The Up’yerz Parade in honor of yes, the
            psycho UP/DOWNERS. 😦

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