The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – I’m Too Lazy To Make Up a Title – Episode 12


The show starts with Lisa and Kyle having lunch. I love Lisa. Not only is she funny, but she’s smart and she see’s right through Taylor and her shit stirring ways. Lisa tells Kyle that she thinks Taylor said something to Camille to get her all fired up in New York. Yes! Thank you Lisa! Finally someone else see’s what I see.

Lisa is awesome and she wants to call Taylor out when she shows up to crash the girl’s lunch, but Kyle asks her not to. Damn you Kyle, you ruin all the fun!

Taylor is a moron. She’s giggling about everything and insists on holding Kyle’s hand even though Lisa was clearly bothered by it, and she’s giving my beloved Lisa an attitude. I can’t stand her.

Apparently Hell has frozen over last night because my husband actually sat and watched 15 minutes of the show with me. His verdict? Taylor must be at least 50, because no one younger than that would have so much work done. And he officially volunteers to be Lisa’s next house guest. He said he would have no problem pretending to be gay if Lisa will be his sugar momma. Look how quickly I get sold out!

Over at Camille’s they’re counting down to the Tony’s.

Camille loves her house so much that she is now matching her clothes with her kitchen walls.

Am I the only one who can’t stand Camille’s house? There is too much stuff everywhere. And it just looks very “Ashley’s Furniture” to me. (That may or may not make sense depending on where you live). I think Camille might be a few nick nacks away from being a hoarder herself.

In her interview Camille said [paraphrasing] “I don’t want to go to the Tony’s. But Kelsey said it’s something we really need to do together. He said come and lets spend a romantic weekend together and see how it works out.”

Um…. Bullshit.

Here is what Camille meant to say: “When Kelsey told me that I had to stay in a hotel because his new girlfriend had already moved in, I told him that if he wants to live with that whore, that’s fine, I really don’t care because I’m taking half of everything and the house in Hawaii, but there is no way in hell I’m gonna miss a red carpet – especially not when I already bought the dress. I told him either I can walk down the red carpet with him, or I can walk down the red carpet with a photo of him… wearing my panties and heels. His choice. So obviously he flew me down and put me up in a ten thousand dollar a night hotel.”

Kim does a phone interview with Radio Disney. Judging by the way the furniture is set up, I think she thought this interview was going to be in person. Kim is sad. She says that she wants to be a star again like what she was when she was younger. I hope someone will take pity on her and give her a role somewhere. I think she could play the perfect down on her luck truck stop waitress who lives in a trailer with her unemployed alcoholic husband who beats her. She has the perfect look for that role. I’m sure Lifetime will be making that movie sooner or later.

I have nothing against Adrienne, but I find her boring. And why is Paul bitching about how much money she’s spending? She could buy that whole store, and the employees too. It’s cute that he went shopping with her though.

Lisa says that wearing flats is like a disease. I agree. And no one suffers worse from this ailment than KKB. Ken wants Cedric to move out of the house. Lisa thinks he should, but isn’t sure she really wants him to. With a house that size, who cares? You could probably live there for months without ever seeing another person.

What is this? Is this her laptop or a jewellery box? I can’t tell. But if that’s a laptop then I am officially jealous.

Lisa and Cedric have a sad scene together. Poor Cedric. He just wants a mommy and daddy to take care of him. I know some people think he’s scamming, but I think he’s just a sad lonely boy looking for acceptance. Awww. 😦

Kyle’s daughter is graduating college. I don’t think we’ve seen 30 seconds of this daughter so far, so I don’t know why we have to watch so much of the graduation. I really could care less about all this.

Camille actually appears in a scene with her daughter. She didn’t want to, but DD suggested that it would look better in divorce court if she is actually able to pick her children’s faces out of a line up.

In her talking head Camille says that Kelsey has it easy because he doesn’t have to explain anything to the children. She said she wants her daughter to know that no matter what, mommy’s there. And daddy’s not. And never will be. Because a 29 year old British whore is more important to him than his children are.

At Farrah’s graduation party Adrienne and Paul ask Mauricio’s mother for relationship advice. She talks to them for a bit and give them some tips, in return Paul tells her how old she looks and suggests she do a mini face lift and some fat injections so that her deep wrinkles don’t distract her patients when she’s speaking.

Farrah and her father look really unhappy. Not sure what’s up with this situation.

Kathy Hilton and the rest of that family decided to ditch the graduation party and go to Cannes instead, so to make up for their absence they sent Farrah an incredibly large plant… and a check with a bunch of zero’s at the end of it.

In her interview Adrienne says that she can imagine that when her boys graduate from college her heart will be beating outside of her body. Um… what? Did anyone else think this was an odd thing to say?

Adrienne brought her kids to visit Paul at work so they can watch him play with his stethoscope and fiddle with thing-a-ma-jigs in his office, because apparently that’s what Adrienne thinks he does all day. Poor Paul, Adrienne is so emasculating. Any other woman would consider it a bragging point to be married to a plastic surgeon.

I need to get this software. I want to see what Taylor’s face would look like without all the plastic surgery.

Over in New York Camille is getting her makeup done. Her makeup artist says that he can tell she’s unhappy. I wonder what tipped him off. Maybe the fact that she refused to smile? I’m pretty sure Camille knows about the new girlfriend at this point, so I find it really odd that she’s joking that maybe Kelsey “traded her in for a newer model”.

In her interview Camille lists all the amazing things she’s done for Kelsey and demands to know why he doesn’t find being with her fulfilling. Hmm… I could think of a few reasons. You kiss your male friends on the mouth, your are a uber bitch, you take credit for everything he does, you hang out with people like Allison DuBois…. that’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure I could think of a few more if I tried.

Finally Kelsey shows up at the hotel.Β Camille asks him which dress she should wear and he could clearly care less. Camille says that if she didn’t show up to the Tony’s people would have been questioning where she was. As far as I know, people barely care about Kelsey Grammer. I can’t imagine them caring about his wife. When is the last time a red carpet picture of either of them was even published before RHOBH and the whole cheating thing?

In her interview Camille talks about how she thought that when she went to New York her and Kelsey would be able to work things out. Immediately after that, they show her asking Nick for a kiss… on the lips… in front of his wife. Gotta love editing.

Then there was a very weird scene with the toast. I’m not sure if everyone caught it, I had to replay it a couple times to hear everything correctly. I know sometimes I make things up, but this isn’t one of those times. This is exactly what happened:

Kelsey pops the bottle of champagne

Camille: Look at all the love that’s around

Kelsey: Here’s to love

Camille: To the women and the love

Kelsey: That’s very nice

DD: To the love and to… (cut off)

Kelsey: Particularly to all the love I’ve gotten from the British people

(some laughter)

DD: I’m sure you’ve been getting a lot of love — (cut off again)

Camille: And to 13 years of marriage

Kelsey: There you go babe

Camille: There you go

Odd looks from everyone.

Kelsey: Cheers

Camille: Cheers – and immediately turns her back

DD and Nick’s wife give each other a look

Something was going on here. But what? Why are they playing nice? Why is she still going with him to the Tony’s? Why is everyone being so sarcastic? What’s with all the looks? Did Camille really blackmail Kelsey with cross dressing pictures? And why the hell doesn’t Nick’s wife kick her ass?

The scenes from next week look really good. Camille cries, Kim yells at Lisa and Taylor, Taylor yells at Kim, and Kyle wrestles with Kim in the back of a limo. I love it.

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518 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – I’m Too Lazy To Make Up a Title – Episode 12

  1. Golden Girl says:

    Thanks RCH for the great blog! I think after the toast when Camille turned her back and made that ugly sneer she was trying to be all sexy like “look at what you’ll be missing if you go.” The problem is that she came off looking like a B!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you think that Kelsey was referring to his faince when he toasted to the love of the British people? Seemed odd at the time, but then I remembered she is British. Pretty balsy!

      • I thought it seemed that way after re watching it. Because right after he said that, Camille toasted to 13 years of marriage (knowing that her marriage was over). They were all acting very odd considering what was going on.

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          She threw that little dig like maybe it would change his mind or something. Here is just my observation…When you marry someone who has several marriages behind them, has cheated in prior relationships, has several different baby-mamas (or baby-daddys), has a >10 year age difference, and money is a big deciding factor, you probably shouldn’t think this is till death do you part (unless you are willing to kill them). You are just not that much more special than the last one. Kayte Walsh take notice, and Kelsey, watch your wallet.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Just watching a rerun of this show and watched the toasting fiasco. In her talking head, Camille says …..” Kelsey put me up in a hotel, suite, and I wasn’t allowed in our apartment. ”
        She then tells guy doing her make-up that “maybe he is trading me in for a new model, uha IDK.”
        Deedee definitely tries a snide comment after Kelsey says about the love from the British people……..”Oh, I’m sure you’ve been getting a lot of love from”…..but the poor woman never gets noticed. Nobody listens to her or pays any attention to her. This has got to be one of the creepiest scenes ever shown, now that everyone knows what has happened, they knew at the time but were trying to pretend for the camera it wasn’t happening. Awkward! And yet humorous to watch in retrospect. I need to go wash my eyeballs.

  2. Brobee says:

    Another great recap RCH! I haven’t had the chance to watch this yet, but I am particularly interested to see the part with the champagne toast. It really is strange that they all played along for the cameras when things are clearly not right. Rich people are weird! πŸ˜‰

  3. RealPartyGirl says:

    Hey Real City, if your husband trades you in, you can CUM to my house and sit on my lap and play bouncy bounce with me. You don’t have to be a man to do that baby that’s why they make sex toys. ((What do you say)) πŸ™‚ Ready to go swim in the lady pond with me ?

  4. Sardonica says:

    WHAT is THAT comment above? wtf?
    Heya Partygirlnic. The only way you could tap this lady pond is by wearing a pair of Louboutins cement pumps

  5. RealPartyGirl says:

    The comment is for my dear RealCityHouseWife :-:

  6. Sardonica says:

    Once again ywhen I think I caught all of the nuances of another fine RH production you, RCH, have found even more. The stillshots re: the toast and the Camille matches her decore. Bravo, no pun intended. I will submit a longer report from my vantage RH point when this partynic is done playing in the sandbox.

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  8. RealPartyGirl says:

    RCH doll talk to you sooner than later baby doll :)~

    • Sardonica says:

      She is not a doll. While we do realize the only thing you may have perhaps been able to ‘blow’ is a hunk ‘o burning polycarbonate your comment is not appreciated here

      • Sangfroid says:

        It appears that unRealPartypersona is hiding behind the blue cloak of anonymity, which means they did not enter an email addy.
        This makes their comments not only inappropriate but impotent as well.

      • Now y’all did it! RCH is in her iron lung for the night. Poor thing. It’s hard being so universally appealing, shy as she is….

  9. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    suprised no one mentions how appalingly bad Adrienne’s fashion “sense” or lack of is
    its like she is on a whole different show
    maybe she spends too much time in Vegas

  10. justtomakeulaugh says:

    I agree & when her kids graduate college she is gonna be in a wheel chair or walking with a cane, carrying a napkin to hold her teeth in 2 pose for pictures.

  11. justtomakeulaugh says:

    Oh all I did was say to Teresa “what happened thought you were gonna have to move to Madison Square so why couldn’t you sell tickets for $19.99 & why tell the guests YOU DIDN’T get paid for being there, THEY HAD 2 PAY 2 SEE U” in response to her RT ‘ing @NaughtyNiceRob ‘s comment. This is what the comment said but not exact words don’t feel like looking it up
    “Slow down Teresa if u keep selling tickets to The learning Annex were gonna have to move it to Madison Square”
    She blocked me lol

    • Vonya says:

      Teresa is as dumb as what comes out of my horses’ asses! (And she isn’t even smart enough to SHovel IT!) Her grating voice and that trashy-twangy accent make me cringe! I’d rather spend three days listening to Fran Drescher than three minutes of her voice! I hope to hell Andy doesn’t put that bumbling idiot in a friggin recording studio to bark out another “one hit wonder”….there ain’t enough “auto-tune” in the music industry to keep our ears from bleeding! Her “Teresa-isms” are so stupid–remember the whole “Danielle, you put the cunt in contradiction”–How? There’s no friggin U in “contradiction” you moron! Sorry, had to get that out of my system……

    • LilyLynn says:

      Didn’t she also say she was going to have a special surprise guest – and…. surprise! There was no one. Just trying to con more tickets into be sold i think.

  12. Dayum. I haven’t even finished; I made it through the red carpet walk in panties with Kelsey’s photo, Kim’s Disney interview, and just got to the part where you nailed Camille’s voice-over subtext with her dancing daughter to her matching tile wall. But I’m only human! I have to stop right there and say screw you and the cable you rode in on! I hate you! Didn’t you leave something in an outpost at the North Pole? Nobody should be this good. A curse on you! May all your letters fall off your keyboard!

    There, I feel better now. Back to this wickedly funny, ego-crushing blog. Then I’ll be setting fire to my monitor and taking a long vacay where they have no TVs, no blogs, and lots of little colored pills. Ciao!

  13. Sangfroid says:

    Taking a quick break from force feeding “Paradise Lost” to the remaining inmate at Maison du Froid when it occurred to me that Camille might want to add it to her reading list.
    But before I get back to the grind, lovely recap RCH!

    Camille was behaving particularly put upon and irritating. A lot of work to wear that dress on the red carpet. Sad.
    Did you notice the conversation between Camille and one of her paid minions regarding her weight loss.

    Minion: You’re looking a little . . . thin.
    Camille: (talking over her) A little tired, a little thin, Have you noticed that I’ve lost a little weight? Now I’m not proud of it, most people would be proud when they lose weight but I’m not. My stomachs been bothering me. Stress.

    Followed by her talking head saying,” So I had to put on a happy face and pretend everything was a-o.k. and it wasn’t.”

    I would never have recognized that as a “happy face”

    For me, she just sucks all the air out of the room.

    • Sardonica says:

      My der Sangie
      It is like you are in my head! I almost fell off the La-Z-Boy during that scene. Thank goodness I had the beer bottle to grasp on to and balance me out. Why I could have broken my hip if I fell off… ffs. I feel RCH did a wonderful stillshot (?) of the entire Grammer schadenfreude in this blog
      P.S. I loved Paradise Lost cuz I must have issues and I am not sure if i used the word ‘schadenfreude’ in the correct grammatical or is it grammEtical sense? Pondering

  14. Alicia says:

    So glad you are back with a recap! I was going through withdrawal!
    I like this series of RH. At least they have money and are not wanna-be’s like NJ and those class-less beyotches for ATL.
    I don’t like Taylor. Never have. Plastic, ice-queen bitch. And she wonders why her marriage has problems? She def started the whole NYC debacle between Kyle and Camille. Maj-uh bitch. I dislike her more than Camille. Because Taylor is a total fake.
    Kyle. Everyone loves Kyle. I don’t. She is mean to Kim and she is “that” girl in high school who pretended to be everyone’s friends, only to stab you in the back. You just wait. Her true colors are coming through. Bright and clear. She has an agenda. She wants to be “prom queen” and will stop at nothing to get it.
    Lisa. Love her. She calls it like she sees it. Thank goodness she said something to Kyle about Taylor! She is completely right in that assessment. And did Kyle care? No. Because Kyle cares too much about being miss popular and making her sister look like the evil witch. Hey, Kyle even said it at Portia’s B-day party. Her words, not mine.
    Camille. Don’t love her and don’t hate her either. Let’s face it. Without her this show wouldnt have any ratings. She’s good television. I feel a little sorry for her because I think she needs professional help. She has too many voices in her head. Hope she gets what she needs now that Kelsey is gone.
    Kim. I have nothing against her and I wish Kyle would be nicer to her. Kim is everyone’s whipping girl and punching bag. They can smell her weakness like sharks can sniff out blood in the water.
    Adrienne. What a snooze! Get a stylist! And get the gold shit out of your hair! I don’t think Paul was telling her she was spending too much money. I think it was his polite way of not telling her in front of the camera the clothes she was picking out, looked awful! They could get rid of her next season and no one would notice.
    The rest of the cast needs to stay around. They are great tv together.

    • Sardonica says:

      Well typed, Alicia! I am happy to see I am not the only one who thiks Kyle is kinda mean and manipulative. Most seem to adore her. Bravo is selling her as this years JZ. This would mean next up is Camille being the Bethanny?! Oh noooo…or they want her for the Hilton connection? I think the 2nd scenario is the most likely. Alot of attention was paid to the graduation because of the possibility/assumed(?) Hiltons were going to be there hence the ‘tears’. Give me a break. I still think Kim is nutty but sensitive and suckerd in by Kyle? Still in my field notes as a possibilty

      • I see what you guys are saying about Kyle, but Kim annoys me so much that I have trouble feeling bad for her. Kinda like how we didn’t care when Jill was mean to Simon and Alex in s1 because we didn’t like them. That’s how I feel right now. But I agree that Kyle needs to watch it or people are going to turn on her.

        • Sardonica says:

          My dear RCH,
          I beg to differ but I always liked Alex and S. My 1st RH epi was that show for a yuck that turned into the monkey on my back called RH everyplace other than NYC segue into YOUR blog! recap…I always enjoyed the Alex & Simon marriage. Rare in this day and age

          • I didn’t always like them. I think they were pretentious, fake, social climbers in s1. Now that they finally got where they wanted to be in life (famous and invited to all the fab parties) they have finally calmed down and started being more real and likeable.

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              They were AWFUL in s1. Very phony. Which is the real and which is the acting? I’m not really sure. When Alex revealed how they met, it really creeped me out. I not only have trouble getting past that, but the fact that she would reveal it on a tv show, yuk, lady…you’ve got 2 sons.

          • Sangfroid says:

            My impression–and I will admit that I am wearing wine goggles when I watch these shows–Kim looks shell shocked and as if a lifetime spent with larger than life personalities has somehow muted hers. Therefore to me she seems more normal. She may not be exciting, but in the pond that is Beverley Hills, I think she would be the least exhausting to swim with.

            Kyle has spunk and might be more fun, but at the restaurant with Taylor she was equally culpable of the mean girl behavior. Together they ostracized Lisa, or so it seemed.
            Was it editing?
            I will ponder that as I unscrew the lid on another juice box.

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              I too think that Kim is rather down to earth and doesn’t act pretentious.
              That scene is the previews where Kyle goes climbing across the limo…wtf is that. She looked as bad as Teresa, like she was going to rip Kim’s face off. I hope that was one of those crazy edits that come off completely different when I see the show. Maybe Kim never speaks up b/c she knows Kyle goes ape-shit nuts when when she doesn’t get her own way. I had a crazy sister like that and always tiptoed around her so as not to set her off. (She has completely removed herself from speaking to anyone in the family now and it is a shame but really, so much less stressful than always wondering what might set her off.)

            • justanothermary says:

              Tip it!

      • Vonya says:

        I agree about the “Hilton connection” being played for all it’s worth–I’ll go one step farther and say I think the producers hoped the Hilton’s would be at Farrah’s graduation just to get them on camera–even if for a few seconds, and when Rick, Kathy, etc…figured that out, they went to Cannes.
        Kim is a wimp. Kyle walks all over her because Kim LETS her do it! You can’t respect someone who kisses your ass and/or won’t stand up to you. When I saw the previews for the season finale, I noticed Martin’s in the limo when K&K go at it. Wonder what that’s all about….I know Kyle and Lisa like him and seemed frustrated over Kim not following up after the blind date. Kim seems to be a very nice person, but she needs to grow a set of balls and stand up for herself–whether it’s to her sisters, kids, or cast members. She’s like the “Real Housewives Doormat” and she’s the ONLY one who can change that.

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          Bravo probably can’t afford to pay the Hilton’s enough to appear and I doubt they’ll do it for free.

        • Terry says:

          I have more sympathy for Kim’s inability to stand up for herself.

          Kim’s and Kyle’s mother took away their childhoods and pitted the daughters against each other. Kim was not taught by her mother to value herself or stand up for herself β€” quite the opposite, actually.

          Now Kim is the shakier of the sisters and can’t seem to summon strength from within herself: strength that was not given to her by her mother.

          Kyle can’t ever forgive Kim for being the more popular little girl.

          I sympathize with both sisters, but I think that if Kim stands up for herself, she will lose her sister, because the underlying cause of Kyle’s aggression can never be made right. Kim can’t ever apologize since it wasn’t her fault and she probably also did stuff in childhood to encourage her mother to treat her with preference.

          It’s a very sad situation. Kyle has more life skills but she has the never-ending resentment. Kim has to feel guilty about being treated better and also about lacking the life skills because she was busy working when she might have learned them.

          After writing this, I am more sympathetic toward Kyle, but still think that she needs to choose to treat her sister better. Kim can’t force that. If she does, she will lose the family.

          • glued2it says:

            Terry, it’s hard to know what’s really going on between Kyle & Kim but that sounds plausible. I read a comment on gawker (maybe the blog?) where someone said this situation is starting to remind them of Whatever Happened To Baby Jane! Now that’s a scary thought….

      • Distressed says:

        Yes and No. I think Kyle could go either way, manipulative yes but also a fun girl’s girl.

        I mainly think Kyle is one of the top favorites, Lisa being in her own category, because she benefits from this inane and insane campaign Camille has against her this season. I really think a lot of her goodwill stems from Kelsey’s next ex being so abhorrent.

    • CAgirl says:

      Alicia–I think we may have been separated at birth. Totally agree with your post, except for the golden hair part. I had a Barbie as a kid that had gold wire in the hair so you could “curl” it, and was my fave!!! When I see Adrienne’s gold tinsel, brings back good memories πŸ™‚

  15. Sardonica says:

    Note2self: do not spellcheck AFTER sending comment

  16. glued2it says:

    THANK YOU, RCH for pointing out that extra chair in the PHONE interview that Kim had with Disney. That scene bothered me but I couldn’t put my finger on it, even though it was staring me in the face with that EXTRA chair. And if you look at how the chairs are arranged, sounds like she thought it might be a TV or online video interview. Kim keeps raising the bar on AWKWARD every week.

    Felt the exact same about the Lisa/Kyle/Taylor scene!!! (even tho I do believe Taylor had an abusive background) I think Taylor finally realized that Camille’s a sinking ship and KYLE is the ticket to more camera time!

    IMO, Cedric’s a GRIFTER with a lack of imagination. Can’t believe he played the rape card. (Glued is rollin’ her eyes….)

    And yeah, next week, I’m not sure who I’ll want to shake. Kyle looks stunning tho in that smackdown with Kim in the Limo. I don’t have sisters so it’s hard for me to relate. I want Kyle to be nicer to Kim, but Kim has major problems. They shouldn’t socialize together, just do the family stuff, then hug & kiss goodbye.

    • Vonya says:

      Agree! Kim has to open her eyes and see that her children are gonna be gone soon and she will be alone unless SHE does something to change that. It was sad to see her sitting in that big room with the empty chair holding her phone…..she enjoys having her house full of her kids and their friends but they’re old enough to have their own lives to live. She hasn’t been working and, until now, that hasn’t seemed to bother her because she lives through her children. Kim, hon, unless you wanna be alone for the rest of your life, you better realize it’s time to start changing–and only you can do that.

      Taylor strikes me as a poser. She spends and brags like she’s in the Beverly Hills Highroller Club but when you see the house and cars and such, it just doesn’t measure up to the others. I think part of the reason Russell is so withdrawn is because he’s stressed by trying to pay for the parties and such Taylor throws to impress others. She’s got that braggish poser thing in common with Camgram. The difference is that Camgram’s (actually Kelsey’s) got deeper pockets. And I DO believe Taylor was, as the side-kick-psycho says, the “shit-stirrer” in NYC with Kyle and Camgram. No one else had access to Camgram so it doesn’t take a double-digit IQ to see the logical source of the fuel in that little temper-flare.
      I also agree about Cedric being a grifter. His “life” story sounds much more Hollywood than real-life. It’s quite a coincidence, that story sounds sort of like the life story of Olivia Benson (Marishka Hargitay’s character) on Law & Order SVU! If the part about having to fend for himself on the street is true, he learned how important a good, heart wrenching story is worth so he had plenty of time to perfect the pitch and find people gullable enough to believe it so he can take their handouts. I really think that whole story was a bunch of cock and bull!

  17. glued2it says:

    RCH said: “But Kelsey said it’s something we really need to do together. He said come and lets spend a romantic weekend together and see how it works out. Um….Bullshit”

    I said the (almost exact) same thing to my daughter who was watching w/me. She didn’t understand how I knew. I said after all that’s happened, there’s no way Kelsey said that to her. She’s covering.

    And THANKS SO MUCH for providing all the photos!!

  18. glued2it says:

    And is it just me or does Kim’s house remind anyone of the Walton’s house – 2010 version???

  19. Terry says:

    Thanks for the recap. Fantastic as usual. I had not noticed the furniture as you did. Lordy, Camille’s house looks exactly like Ashley Furniture Home Store. It’s pretty awful. But so are the rest of the houses, except maybe Kyle’s, which is nice but too themed for me. The worst house is, imo, Adrienne’s. Lisa’s is better, but also tacky with the white leather dining chairs.

    I agree with the people who dislike Kyle. She’s mean and fame-whorey. I disliked her since that first time she made a scene on the plane about her fear of flying and then had the fantastic gall to cheer for the Lakers (like she’s so cool) when she was a guest of the rival team’s owner. Plus, what is it with all those kids and did she really name the kids (Farrah and Portia) after Hollywood celebrities? Finally, she has poor impulse control. She called Camille a F@#g B@#$. Deservedly, but still. No need for that kind of language. Then, if your maids just up and leave, and it’s a pattern, that’s a sign that you’re not a good person. Finally, I did not need to see her bikini wax on TV.

    Re waxing: most of my friends seem to do it, and I do it as well. I love the clean legs for at least a month. It’s efficient and it works well. But really, only high school girls go for waxing with their girlfriends. (Where I do it, they go in groups and giggle while the girl who is being waxed yells a lot. It’s cute at that age, not cute in your 40s.)

    I’m on the fence about Lisa. So far she’s been OK, but why would she care about Kyle and Taylor being friends? Seems odd to me. I don’t think I have any right to weigh in on who my friends socialize with. Is this just me? Am I wrong and should I start demanding that my friends associate only with people approved by me?

    • Well I guess time will tell about Kyle. I like her and hope she doesn’t become the villain. I still feel betrayed by Jill, I can’t handle it again.

      Re waxing: I got lazer and don’t have to wax anymore (1 more session!). It was the best thing I ever did. Maybe I’m a wimp, but I find waxing to be pure hell on earth torture. I want to kiss the guy who invented lazers.

      Re Lisa: I understand where she’s coming from with the Taylor situation. If one of my girlfriends started suddenly hanging out with a new girl who I thought was no good, I might say something to her as well. I wouldn’t ever tell someone who they can or can’t hang out with, but I would warn them if I felt the person was no good, and ask them not to invite us to lunch at the same time.

      • glued2it says:

        You got this, RCH, in while I was still replying to Terry. Need faster fingers! Yeah, that lunch scene. I really felt it for Lisa.

    • glued2it says:

      I don’t think it bothered Lisa that Taylor and Kyle have struck up a friendship. I think the problem is that Kyle is spending a WHOLE LOTTA TIME with Taylor and not so much time now with Lisa. Kyle put her friendship with Lisa on the backburner to play RHOBH with Taylor. And Lisa was missing Kyle who went and invited Taylor to join them w/out asking Lisa.

      And Lisa has Taylor’s number on that whole Camille/Kyle NY fiasco. And she was trying to warn Kyle that’s how Taylor is.

      That’s how I see it.

      • Snarkella says:

        Glad you brought that up glued2it. I also got the impression that Kyle knew Taylor was dropping in on the lunch and had neglected to tell Lisa. That whole scene was very awkward. The way Kyle was being so insensitive to Lisa, who appears to be her good friend, was just wrong. I like Kyle but what was up with that?

        • Daisy says:

          Anyone notice how uncomfortable and scared Kelsey looks when he is in the same room with Camille? In her hotel room, he protected himself with the bed post, and in other scenes he always keeps a safe from her. When she invades his space, he is looking for a way to out. There is such a disconnect with those two. I can’t imagine living like that.

          • LilyLynn says:

            Oh yeah, he seems scared of her – I imagine with good reason. Pretty sure she does have pictures of him clad in women’s underware. She has quite a collect of the stuff – remember seeing drawers and drawers of it that she said she collects.

          • Terry says:

            Of course Kelsey is scared of Camille; I’m scared of Camille and I don’t even know her personally.

            I read about all the personal tragedies in Kelsey’s life, so it’s a bit much to expect a person who has endured what he has to also be a ray of shining light and good citizenship.

            Still, ending your marriage over the telephone is despicable. No one deserves that.

        • bacasam says:

          For me, scene Kyle & Lisa with Taylor butting in, was most disquieting of this episode. What I noticed was the camera continuously showing Lisa looking at Kyle to see if she was gonna stand up to Taylor with my take at end of the scene Lisa very disappointed in her friend, almost a, “oh seeing part of you didn’t know” then quickly leaving with sadness.

          • Sangfroid says:

            Also odd in that scene the way Taylor and Kyle dressed similarly in white, and Lisa in black. They were visually on opposing teams.

            When Kyle sends Lisa on her way, telling her that their husbands were not waiting for them, so they would just hang out for a bit it sounded dismissive to me, weren’t they in Lisa’s restaurant?
            Kind of smacked of the hostess being sent from her own party.

            • glued2it says:

              YES! Exactly. Dismissive. Kyle needs to read the viewer comments seriously and watch herself next season or she’s gonna be riding the JillZ train.

      • Terry says:

        I’m finding all the comments very interesting. Clearly I am seeing the Taylor-Kyle-Lisa situation differently from the rest of you. I’m not getting any intuition about them, but the scene is very unsettling. There is subtext there that you all are interpreting better than I.

        • Daisy says:

          I see Lisa as looking out for Kyle. Taylor caused the discord in Kyle’s life and has been, in my opinion, protecting that little tidbit from coming to Kyle’s attention, even threatening people with physical violence by going Oklahoma on Kim’s a$$ (whatever that means). I bet my house on the fact that Taylor got herself invited to lunch with Lisa so that she would be able to control the narrative.

          Camille is despicable, and I would never personally befriend her in any setting. I wouldn’t be mean to her, but would never share time or space with her.

          But Taylor is a different story. I like her less than Camille. She’s calculating and a shit-stirring social climber. We all know the type. She would be chopped off at the knees and ostracized in my group. I know exactly what Lisa is getting at. She’s chopping her off at the knees. I am sure this is not something new to Taylor, and she is trying her hardest not to let that happen on national TV and just when she is about to be a pseudo-celebrity.

  20. Jersey says:

    Been soooo looking forward to this recap, great, as usual, thanks! I have a theory on Camille and would love to hear everyone’s opinion but, first the “toast” scene…..Camille seems to take great pride in being responsible for keeping Kelsey “sober” for 13 years but, I guess that doesn’t pertain to drinking champagne??? I’m confused.
    Anyway, on to my theory about Camille. I think Kelsey talked her into doing this show so he could gain some public sympathy when he dumped her. After watching her over the past few months who could really blame the guy?!?!?!
    Also, I think she fabricated the whole fight Kyle in Vegas because she knew she really didn’t have a story line and might not get much camera time. Think back to what her response to Kyle saying “why would anyone care about you without Kelsey?”. According to her conversation with Lisa where she recapped what happened she responded something along the lines of “why are you being so intrusive” (I’m paraphrasing but, it was something like that) If someone said something as offensive as what she is accusing Kyle as saying would that really be your response???
    Her husband is in NYC so there wasn’t going to be much filming with him, she’s never with her kids, she has no job, doesn’t seem to volunteer for any charity or have any friends that aren’t on her payroll so she thought she’d play the victim card and come across as this sweet, nice, woman who for no reason suffers these horrible jealous attacks from other women, blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately it backfired on her because everyone sees what a complete narsasstic, crazy a$$ bit** she really is!
    Okay, there’s my two cents πŸ™‚

  21. missmi says:

    I posted this on Lynns blog, but I have a theory on Camille as well. I think the marriage was over and Camille was well aware that when Kelsey left, it was to begin a new life w/out her. She needs to feel relevant without him and therefore he helped launch her storyline in the show. Given that Mauricio is their REA he may have been privy to some of this and therefore Kyle as well. This would explain why Kyle doesnt feel the need to kiss Camilles ass and suck up and perhaps question who would be going to Hawaii with her. Camille gets on the offensive quick like because she needs to make sure Kyle looks bad and remembers who is above her in the pecking order of Hollywood.

    Btw, Kyle treats her sister like shit and clearly does not like being linked to her. I wonder why she tends to lash out at Kim as soon as fights break out with Camille. I hate Camille, but Kyle seems to need to feel like she is in the “in” crowd.

    • I like this theory. It makes sense. Camille just doesn’t seem upset enough for a woman who just got dumped out of the blue while thinking her marriage was fine. I’m also starting to think that maybe they had an open marriage for a while – or maybe it was just over for a while.
      I still can’t understand how Nick’s wife lets her husband kiss another woman on the lips. Wtf? Something is weird with that situation. I really want to hear what the wife has to say about that.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        During the Howard Stern interview (
        ) Camille pretty much says they were talking about having an open marriage to spice things up. I don’t believe she was “blindsided” either.

        And here is an interview with Tricia and Nick re Camille’s kissing:

        • MickeyMouth says:

          Why do Bravo housewives hate the Italians? Every time someone does something that we as an audience find “questionable” like i.e. flipping tables, screaming profanities, uncontrollable anger, kissing other people’s spouses on the lips; the parties involved always blame it on “being Italian”.

          • Being Italian would explain why they all hug and kiss each other. Being Italian does not explain why, after Nick kisses Camille on the cheek, she asks for a kiss on the lips, then says “Mmmm… that’s good.”
            I’d like to see an Italian woman try that with Teresa’s husband.

        • LilyLynn says:

          Nice – they’ve set themselves up spectacularly for an RCH Bullshit Interview Blog πŸ™‚ The only thing they convinced me of in this interview is that they are into threesomes!

      • missmi says:

        Thank you RCH! I like that you like my theory.

    • Alicia says:

      Cool theory. However I don’t buy it. ALL of the ladies said that Camille was shocked and devastated that Kelsey wanted a divorce. They ALL said this in the beginning of the season on WWHL with Andy. They said that Camille really had no idea that Kelsey no longer wanted to be with her.
      They are not all smart enough to be on the same page about this.

      And if Kyle knew because her husband knew she wouldn’t be able to keep her mouth shut. She just isn’t smart enough. If she was smart she would not have said a word at the disaster dinner at Camille’s house. If your HUSBAND makes his living, that YOU have grown very accustomed to from the public and the Grammer’s then keep you mouth SHUT! If you piss people off, whether you are right or wrong, it does not matter. You have to rely on other people for you paycheck, learn to keep your mouth on lock. And that is why I feel Kyle is the dumbest of them all.

      • missmi says:

        Kyle knew what was good for her husbands paycheck. In addition to the fact that Kyle and definitely Lisa and Adrienne know how important business relationships are. Don’t forget….they are all on the show to promote themselves or their business ventures as well. Except maybe Taylor. The housewives know whats good for TV and type of arrangements made in Hollywood. Im sure they don’t have anything against Kelsey, so to call her out would possibly damage his rep too. Idk, its a theory. Seems strange that her motto was coming out of his shadow and they end up divorcing and why in the world could it not wait until after filming. Its that typical Hollywood publicity machine.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I’m sure Camille knew she had a shitty marriage, but I don’t think she knew that Kelsey was leaving/divorcing her or she wouldn’t have acted like such a smug, superior asshole up to this point in the series. She seemed to think she was quite the powerful queen bee at the top of the pecking order. I don’t think she saw this fall coming (nor did the ever-psychic Allison, nor her suck-up friend Taylor). I think Kelsey might have known for some time that he was leaving, this affair may have been going on for awhile. My theory is Kelsey thought this would give Camille something to occupy her, a life of her own and maybe a living shilling things. It would be very interesting to know how long Kayte and Kelsey have really been involved.

  22. Adgirl says:

    Mr Sobriety and Mrs I Don’t Drink …What was in your toasting flutes in NY?

    • missmi says:

      Yup!!!! I agree. Nice coaching Camille!! Way to keep him on the wagon. Obviously, the dress choice kept her from keeping him away from drinking that day.

    • LynnnSoCal says:

      I don’t drink alcohol. I did notice the bottle and it looked like Trader Joe’s sparkling apple/ cranberry. All the comments during the toasting were very odd. The cast for La Cage aux Folles is primarily British which might be why Kelsey made the reference. Some thought he was referring to his mistress. The entire scene was incredibly unwholesome. His lack of interest in her dress, the kiss and comment between Camille and Nick, the numerous paid pals. It was majorly creepy to me. The Howard Stern interview was just awful. She’s disgusting! While I don’t think much of Kelsey, he’s not shooting his mouth off about their personal life. Blech! Missed you RCH, you always notice some hilarious details I didn’t catch. Which is why you got the Number One Bestest Hobby Blogger Award!

  23. CAgirl says:

    Ok, I don’t get this. Not going to be a popular opinion–warning!!! Why do we all give Kyle so much slack on being a “mean girl” (and to her own damn sister!) but we hate on Camille? Yes, I get it, she was awful in earlier episodes, but giving Kelsey a complete pass here? He took the best years of her life–from late 20’s to early 40’s–then up and left her one day–for a younger woman. How bitter would any of us be?? I don’t give a shit if they had sex or not or what the status quo was of their relationship–they both chose to continue to be married to each other for 13+ years. For all those years. They are both adults. And if nothing was that much different, why would she suspect that Kelsey was sthupping a flight attendant? Not just that, but he knocked her up.

    Sorry, I don’t see how she’s the villain here, or why she shouldn’t be pissed and acting out. If our own husbands acted this way, we would be shocked–I would probably say way worse things, out of anger. Again, I don’t love Camille, but I hate that she’s getting a bad edit from Bravo (and yes, I do believe they show shots out of sequence and chopped together), and that she has perfect strangers telling her why she’s not good for her soon-to-be ex-hubby. Just saying–I know it’s only my opinion and not one shared by others…

    • You’re totally right. But…
      Personally, I give Kyle a pass because Kim really infuriates me – and she is disloyal to her sister (refusing to get involved in the Camille argument and prove her sister right).
      And I’m giving Kelsey a pass because Camille is just awful. I’m sure Kelsey isn’t a much better human being than she is. They were probably a good match for each other. But he isn’t on my tv screen (computer screen actually) pissing me off once a week.
      It might not be right, but that’s my feelings about it.

    • Alicia says:

      I kind of agree with you! Everyone is very quick to attack Camille and say that is it Kelsey’s money that pays for her lifestyle because she does not work. But NO ONE has said a word that it is Mauricio’s money that pays for Kyle’s nice little lifestyle. This honestly makes me mad. When you are married, it is BOTH husband and wife’s money. No matter who actually “makes it”

      Why is there a double standard here for Kyle? No one is hating on her for not working.

      • I think because Kyle seems like a real housewife and mommy and Camille lives like… a single woman.
        I agree that it’s both the husband and the wife’s money. But they are supposed to work together as a team. One is outside making the money while the other is inside taking care of the house/meals/kids. When one does all the outside work and then has to hire people to do the inside work while the other one just spends and vacations and does only selfish things, then people react the way they do to Camille.
        If she were home everyday with her kids and didn’t have nannies, and someone to turn on her hottub and put oranges in bowls for her, people would feel differently.

        • glued2it says:

          Exactly, RCH. While I notice that Kyle isn’t the “nicest” girl in town, she has some redeeming qualities as you mentioned.

          I appreciate that Kyle doesn’t kiss married men on the lips and go “mmmmm”

          I appreciate that she doesn’t dance like a stripper when out with her friends

          I appreciate that she seems to enjoy her life and doesn’t NEED to be married to a celebrity to feel good about her life.

          I appreciate that she is a beautiful woman who, for Beverly Hills, is quite “natural-looking” in her beauty, and didn’t blow up her boobs, her lips, her cheeks, etc.

          And I appreciate that Kyle can relate to other women in social circles w/out turning them off and calling them jealous.

          Kyle isn’t perfect and as I’ve said a dozen times, she runs the risk of becoming another Jill Zarin, BUT she is nowhere near the ICKYGROSSGAGME level that Camille seems to occupy.

          • Vonya says:

            Amen! And Kyle doesn’t pawn her kids off on FOUR nannies so she can throw herself all over anything with a higher testosterone level than her–especially when it’s someone else’s husband!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Kelsey MAY have taken the best years of her life (late 20’s to early 40’s, though she certainly didn’t ruin her body bearing his children), but she is taking $50 million of his life, so fair trade (more than fair) I’d say. It’s not like they were first sweethearts together or anything, Camille went into this (after this) with her eyes wide open.

      • BessiB says:

        …and thirteen years is not a long time to be married, she was wife # three already, the best years of your life do not end at 40, and no, nothing gives an adult licence to act out.

    • Terry says:

      I agree with you. Vile as Camille is, her husband left her for a 12-year-old. It’s a horrible thing to do.

      I also afree about Kyle. She’s a snake.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      CAgirl , I liked the word ” sthupping”. πŸ™‚

      • CAgirl says:

        I can only use a word like “shtupping” to come up with what KG might be doing with his new “lady” without gagging.

        BTW, didn’t mean to suggest that I was siding with Camille, just bringing up some points with the other ladies that tend to get ignored with her horridness!!! And I stick with it–I still feel bad for her demise a la Kelsey–can’t help it. But I also stick with all the other things I’ve said about her character, in no way does this mean I think she’s Snow White…

  24. Periwinkle says:

    Welcome back RCH and thanks for some much needed laughs. You always seem to notice things that I never do, no matter how many times I watch an episode. Never noticed the talk show set when Kim was giving that interview.
    I am kind of on the fence right now about Kyle. Before RHoBH, I had seen her interviewed a few times on tabloid shows, usually giving her opinion on Paris’ lastest antic “Oh she’s just a sweet girl” blah………. Wasn’t looking forward to watching her on the show but she surprised me. I loved how down to earth she seemed, her kids, her relationship with her husband(Can I just say right now that I want Mauricio to ogle me the way he did the hairdresser?) However, she really could cut Kim a little slack. I didn’t see sister Kathy at Portia’s birthday or Mauricio’s party yet she seems to get a free pass. I don’t get that. I also don’t understand why she gets so mad at Kim for fighting with Taylor. Kyle isn’t the only one that’s allowed to get into it with someone and as far as I’m concerned, she needs to listen to what her sister is saying about Taylor being the shit-stirrer.

    • I think Kyle and Kim are closer to each other than they are to Kathy. Or maybe it’s just bc they’re on the show together.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Perhaps Kathy bailed on the taking care of the fruitcake sister – which leaves the burden on Kyle (who is resentful as she has her own family to take care of)….personally I don’t like either sister and watching their dsyfunctional relationship is not what I envisioned for BH.

        • Sangfroid says:

          Perhaps Kim was told not to pick on or upset her baby sister?
          I’ve been trying to look at them from the perspective of birth order but it gets confusing.
          Is Kim the 1st born of her full siblings, but middle child in the family. I read that there are five siblings total. Anyone know who and in what order?

      • LilyLynn says:

        Also Kathy is half-sister to Kim and Kyle.

      • Dalai Mama says:

        According to ‘House of Hilton’ their mother “Big Kathy” was an absolute monster, wanting tv fame for all 3 of her daughters and rich husbands for all of them and “often pitted her daughters against one another. When Kyle generated more work than Kim she’d say to Kim ‘Well Kyle is my sweetheart. She’s working, and what are YOU doing?'” The book also says Kyle was jealous of Kim’s fame, and that when Kim started making big bucks acting she became utterly dependant on Big Kathy, who was highly controlling and ‘lived vicariously through Kim’.
        So can any of us even imagine the dynamic at work between Kyle and Kim?
        Not I, said the fly.

        • Sangfroid says:

          How interesting!
          Can you imagine how awkward it must be for them that there is a book.

          • Dalai Mama says:

            The person who by far comes off the most badly in the book is Big Kathy. Kim and Kyle’s sister Little Kathy (now Kathy Hilton) is revealed to be a gold-digging, status-obsessed do-not-speak-to-the-help-dahling nouveau riche terror. Kim and Kyle are mostly noted for the way Big Kathy uses them against each other. Oh, and something about a boyfriend of Kim’s being murdered WHILE SHE WAS ON THE PHONE WITH HIM.
            So yeah. With those issues and that history, I won’t be judging those sisters. They’ve had a complicated past together.

  25. Adgirl says:

    RCH — OMG I just adore your screen caps and comments.
    Isn’t it amazing how just watching a dumb reality show can turn us into a bunch of midlife junkies? I not only watch the RH shows, but then I need my daily fix of snark and commentary about the show I just watched myself. Huh? I never did that before Bravo. If you really think about it, it is truly trippy and idiotic. So I won’t think about it anymore.

    Kyle. Kyle. Kyle. I want to like you. Lisa likes you, so I should too. At first I adored you but now you are a spoiled cry baby who is a closet tantrum queeen and bully of your sister. β€œWho me get in a fight? Not me! Never!”

    While I am musing about the Richards family, I think the entire escape to Cannes by the Hilton clan is because the Hiltons are pissed about the Richards butting into their reality tv turf.

    Paris is fading out so her mommy and daddy probably want Bravo to give her a show and when Andy Cohen said Paris is used up like a $2 hooker Paris’s daddy said F U Bravotv!!! We are not going to any of Kyle or Kims parties on your stupid Bravo network until you submit to our demands and give Paris and amazing show.

    And off they flew away to Cannes. Because it makes them sound so important and jet setty.

    • I don’t think that’s why because Paris is also shooting her own reality show. This one is supposed to be a really real one, not like the other ones where she was all ditsy and cute. Kathy is going to be on the show and so is Charlie Sheen’s wife.
      I don’t know why they haven’t been at any of Kyle’s things. Maybe it’s because of what Andy said about Paris. When did he say that?

  26. First, RCH… great recap! You cannot stay away that long without checking in!!

    OT, but WOW… Nene may not be back to RHOA:

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Atlanta is the lol franchise – now NeNe wants more $$$ and Bravo isn’t forgetting the fight free reunion ploy. It will be fun to see her next to Iman on WWHL – may the best diva win!

    • Susie says:

      NeNe used to be my favorite. Something has gone wrong with her though. She seems so angry, I mean REALLY angry a lot. In the last episode (the bus tour) I really think Kim was scared, I mean REALLY scared of her. I want my old NeNe back. She was always outspoken, but now she seems like she has rage. Is this just me?

      • Golden Girl says:

        I agree she came off so mean, vicious, and jealous on the bus tour. I thought she was there to support Kim not kill her. When it comes to Kim she is always the same selfish, drunk, mistress, and just a big old hot mess but at least you know what you are getting with her. With Nene you never know what you are going to get and that can be scary. She made some good points about Kim but she just blew it with her attitude.
        The other thing Nene did that I think was wrong was on WWHL she told everyone about how Kim and big papa call Sweetie a black b. I just don’t know how she would know that and that is a serious thing to say and Kim is on my s**t list if she did but I think its crummy to through that out there when the other people involved were not there to defend themselves.

      • Vonya says:

        I think Nene’s been drinking too much of her own kool-aid cuz she’s gone from being sassy to just plain rude. Is she secretly going to the Camille Grammer School of Etiquette and taking the electives taught by the Psycho-side-kick Ali? I used to despise Sheree (and still do Kim) but now I’d prefer an entire episode of Sheree’s bad acting skills over thirty-seconds of “keepin it real with Nene” Bamm! Ugh……But, alas that is another blog.

  27. LilyLynn says:

    Quoting from RCH blog (about Kim): “I think she could play the perfect down on her luck truck stop waitress who lives in a trailer with her unemployed alcoholic husband who beats her.” — Perfect! Read that she was in that Samuel Jackson movie Black Snake Moan and I think her role was something like that – I haven’t seen the movie, but will have to netflix it now. Apparently, she plays Christina Ricci’s character’s mom. Anyone here seen it?

  28. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO – Kim has a much bigger part in the Camille vs Kyle fight than we are giving her credit for. She may have fed Taylor some gossip that gets embellished before it is given to Camille. Lisa may have Taylor’s number but who has Kim’s? Kim is an actress and her resentment of Kyle is always present from her kids confiding in their aunt to her never having her sister’s back.

    • When I re watched the conversation at the airport, Taylor was the one who called Camille insecure, and then Kim was like “yeah maybe she’s insecure” or something like that, basically just agreeing with what Taylor was saying. To me it looks like Taylor starts these conversations, brings up ideas, and when the other ladies say “Yeah maybe you’re right” she runs to Camille and syas “Omg they said this and that about you.”
      That’s what it looks like to me. Plus I think Taylor is like the only one who films with Camille alone. None of the other ladies seem to see her unless it’s a group thing.

  29. TheDesignDiva says:

    Isnt that a young James Spader in that film with Kim ???

  30. trice says:

    My take on Kyle: I think she still has jealously issues toward Kim since Kim was a more successful child actress. It seems that their mother made them really competitive against one another. Now that neither Kim or Kyle act, Kyle must show that she is more successful than Kim in life now i.e. successful marriage, girlfriends, well behaved kids etc. Kyle loves to point out how much Kim needs her. She is tired of defending Kim and taking care of her. She makes it seem like she is almost Kim’s caregiver.

    I think the family knows that as much as Kim is a little crazy, Kyle has anger problems and a short temper. Maybe that is one reason Kim told Kyle that the Hilton’s weren’t going to Farrah’s graduation? Kathy was afraid of Kyle’s reaction? Judging by the previews, Kim is afraid of Kyle….”I don’t want you that close to me, ” she must have been fearful of what Kyle was capable of. And Kyle does seem aggressive.

    Many have also said that they wish Kim would have rushed to Kyle’s defense on the whole Las Vegas fight, “why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey?” Kim has said that Kyle did not say those EXACT words. So it seems that Kyle may have said something that could easily have been misconstrued to mean that? Kyle can be very abrasive. Just look at the preview for next week, yelling at Kim that “mom had to die worrying about you.” That is a low, low blow that is never appropriate to say.

    Kyle wants to be the more popular Richards sister. That is another reason why she belittles Kim. In the beginning of the show, Kyle knew most of the women and Kim didn’t know any of them besides her sister, obviously. I definitely think Kim is crazy and socially awkward, but Kyle did not even bother to really introduce Kim to the ladies. She wanted Kim to appear as crazy, introverted, and socially inept. Granted Kim is those things, Kyle just magnifies it and points it out. Kyle is quick to tell people they are insane and need to get help. She told that to Camille and Kim.

    Kyle is also dying to be famous. She is the one who is on the talk shows and e! true hollywood stories about the Hiltons. She loves being on tv. Kathy got famous again through her notorious children. Kim got famous for an acting career. Kyle is the only sister that hasn’t had that level of fame and it is killing her.

    Sorry for the long rant but I’m just not buying Kyle’s act. Should be interesting to see the finale.

    P.S. Thanks for the great blog RCH. always an entertaining read!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been googling Kelseys past. Coincidentally so has someone on Lynn’s blog. Kim actually seems to know and hang out with one of Kelseys exes:Tammi Baliszewski and Martin the blind date. I feel so cheap and used by Bravo. I forgot for a minute that this is a TV show. I think everyone involved has an agenda, something to sell. They all agreed together to be on RHOBH. There’s too many formulaic incidents and forced conversations. Acting, bad acting at that. Still, makes great fodder for creative bloggers and snarky posters.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        That’s odd…why didn’t my name post too? I still think most of it is semi-scripted and set-up. When are they going to show Camille and Tricia’s jewelry line? They all have something to promote. Apologies for the redundancy, I’m just a little disappointed with the predictability of the franchises. On the plus side, nobody here is going broke or faking wealth.

    • Susie says:

      I really enjoyed reading your thoughts.

      You wrote “Many have also said that they wish Kim would have rushed to Kyle’s defense on the whole Las Vegas fight, β€œwhy would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey?” Kim has said that Kyle did not say those EXACT words. So it seems that Kyle may have said something that could easily have been misconstrued to mean that?”

      That’s EXACTLY what I think happened. Bravo on your astute observations (said in the most self depreciating way, of course!) I think Kim was caught in the middle of a no win situation, became very nervous since she’s terrified of Kyle, and desperately wants Kyles approval, and basically looked like an inept dingbat. Bless Kim’s heart. She just ain’t gonna win when it comes to Kyle.

    • Vonya says:

      The thing I find odd about the conversation between Cam & Lisa (when Cam tells her what Kyle said) is the obvious sound edit when Cam says “without Kelsey there”. That part is an over-dub. Why would they need to conveniently over-dub the very words that are the cause of all the fighting between Kyle & Cam?? It just doesn’t make sense, to me, that they’d cut from a normal conversation on film to dubbing those few key words.

      • Vonya says:

        Correction….sorry, I meant to say that it sounds like the (paraphrasing) “Why would anyone be interested in you…..” part just BEFORE she says “without Kelsey there” was an over-dub. Sorry. She says the second part on-camera, it’s the lead in that sounds fishy.

  31. Sangfroid says:

    If you like Spader you will get a kick out of this.

    • glued2it says:

      Thanks! Spader and Robert Downey Jr were so cute when they were young.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I’d still do RD, Jr, he’s still hot, JS not so much.

        • Sardonica says:

          Yea on doing RD ( he is a very good actor and funny, too ) but I like the big, old JS, freak that I am. In my mind I am confusing JS with Alan Shore. I never really cared about any actor in “that way” but the characters sometimes get under my skin. Alan Shore ( Boston Legal ) was a hottie for me. Mr Smartie Pants, cool and a pinch or more of neurosis tossed in. The young JS is kinda girlie looking to me. His hair is nicer than mine so I would have issues with doing him, Tuz. In the movie Sex Lies And Videotape his hair put F Fawcett’s (sp?) to shame
          I truly appreciate the video of JS singing. Now I may have to reconsider my young JS assessment. If only he were really playing the piano. Is that really him singing? I don’t think it sounds like his voice. Regarding Kim, I still like her and I feel she is so messed up at this point that I can only feel sad for her. Well, ‘cepting the fact she has enough money and connections and family, etc. Thanks for the vid, my little Sanfroidster

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            Settled, you get JS, I get RD, Jr. Now I just need to hide his glasses and my birth certificate.

          • Vonya says:

            If you really wanna see some film “footage”, check out the movie “Bad Influence” with JS and Rob Lowe. (Guess which one was the “bad influence”….) BTW, don’t watch this one with kids or anyone prone to blushing, it’s a very naughty movie.

  32. KiKiT says:

    I can’t believe the backlash towards Kyle. I just don’t see her negative side and am wondering if it’s just taking me a longer time for some reason. I understand that she is disrespectful to Kim, but Kim is such an annoying doormat fake-victim weirdo that i would react the same way. Also, there are family dynamics that we wouldn’t understand. I would like to hear more comments about Kyle from readers to expand my perspective.

    Re the Kyle, Taylor, Lisa conversation. It appeared to me like a set up scene by Bravo where Lisa was told to be jealous of Kyle and Taylor’s relationship. The other reason for the lunch was to question Taylor about her personal issues for continuity on that story line. Hence, when Lisa asked Taylor about her personal issues, Taylor appeared to react in a very serious manner and then broke her concentration and started laughing saying, “that was my soap opera face”! That seemed like a moment that she thought they would cut out. Even later in the conversation she makes a comment and then turns to Kyle and says something like “was that a weird thing to say.” It seemed like she was referencing her “lines.”

    Another weird thing was that Kyle was wearing the same outfit that she wore to a previous lunch with Taylor . So, they filmed both of scenes the same day! What is up with that…any insight?

    • I understand what everyone is saying, but I like Kyle. I would never be able to be friends with someone like Kim. And I don’t think Kyle would choose a friend like that either, but unfortunately Kim is her sister so she’s stuck in that situation. On one hand I do feel bad for Kim, but on the other hand she really just infuriates me. I’m more forgiving of Kyle’s behavior because I don’t know that I would behave much differently. I like that Kyle always says what she feels and doesn’t hold back. It makes the show more interesting, and at least she’s not fake. She’s not always nice, but you always know where you stand with someone like her. I prefer people who speak their mind and tell you you’re crazy and need help to the nicey nicey polite people who smile while thinking negative things in their head.

      • glued2it says:

        I watched the preview video for next week on the Bravo website. The scene in the limo? Kim says Kyle embarrassed her and calls Kyle an effing phony. AND MAN that struck a nerve w/Kyle – because if there’s ANYTHING she thinks she ISN’T is a phony!!


        • Periwinkle says:

          I think that episode will shed a lot of light on the dynamics between these two and why they act the way they do toward each other.

  33. Tuzentswurth says:

    Thanks RCH for an awesome recap. You always manage to point out some things I missed. I agree that the lunch scene with Taylor was just bizarre. I too think that Taylor thought Camille was at the top of the pecking order, but rapidly defected in her own interests when the winds changed.
    Camille once again proves what a manipulative liar she is when she tells us Kelsey wants a romantic weekend with her…..Uh, surprise, he is living with his girlfriend in your tiny, cramped 2,536,296 sq ft apt in NY and you can’t even get in! Deplorable? yes. Boohoo? no.
    Cedric…..You’re 35 ffs! Save the 1880 Dickens tale, I’m not buying it. Glad someone caught on and threw your lazy, scamming ass out.
    Good shots on the Farrah-Guraish faces. I’ve read that Farrah was from a prior relationship but haven’t really seen it mentioned that this was a first husband of Kyle’s. Anyone find info? Also, Kyle must have been quite young when Farrah was born…maybe even younger *gasp* then DC’s Mary who is actually twins with her daughter. Mary, take note. One is the mother, one is the daughter.
    I actually tweeted Dr Paul Nassif and told him that Estella looks beautiful and to leave her face alone. Gees, it did seem that segment was edited, I don’t think he just blurted that out during the conversation. Maybe she asked for advice? She looks normal to me.
    Kim, you are right on the roles for her. She seems like she has been a heavy drinker and it has taken a toll? Her voice is shaky. If she didn’t have that creaky, shaky voice I think my whole perception of her would be different.

    • Am I the only one who feels bad for Cedric?

      • justanothermary says:

        I’ve been reading that Cedric no longer lives with Pinky, et al., and that they no longer speak. I thought about it and, as close as Pink and Cedric were, I wonder if she didn’t find out his “story” was less than factual. That’s the only think I can think of that could that big an issue between the two. Of course I don’t know them or what exactly happened, but there’s always been something about Cedric that sets off the creep factor for me.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Probably – his story sounded overly manufactured, he mooches off of Ken/Lisa and it finally caught up with him!

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        “Am I the only one who feels bad for Cedric?”
        Yes, you are still young and a sucker for a pretty face and a sad tale. (JK, lol)

        • Wow. Maybe I’m a sucker then. It never would have even occurred to me to question him if everyone wasn’t saying it.
          I didn’t realize that I had missed two episodes before this one. I just watched the one when he told Kyle his story. She didn’t seem to believe him either.

          • Sardonica says:

            Maybe it was my distrust of everything RH related but since Cedric and Lisa had the falling out I have read about all of the Lisa bashing by Cedric. It almost seems that Bravo has been re editing some of the footage containing Cedric since that point in time. When they showed the Kyle yapping head about the dinner party I swear the line wherein she stated she was not quite believing the story was filmed and added after the fact. The audio changed and there was no film of her saying the line regarding her distrust. Now this is very picky but I did notice it. It is what I am paid to do. Wait, no one pays me but I did it anyway. I played back several times to check it out. I am now an official RH conspiracy theorist. Note2self: order designer bedazzled tin foil hat with radio antenna plume on side

            • Ooh get me one of those hats too please. We’re going to be so stylish!

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              I’ll have to watch closely when they have a marathon on next time (prob. Thurs). Good detective work, thumbs up to you! Your super sensitive whiskers must have picked that up. The tinfoil hat sounds very nice though, functional and stylish all in one.
              If we all wore the foil hat, we wouldn’t even have to type anymore, we could just transmit our thoughts to one another….think how crowded the airwaves will be.

            • missmi says:

              I find myself going to those levels as well. At the white party when Cedric takes a pic of Taylor and Faye with Lisas husband, I kept watching the convo between Cedric and Kim in the background. He asked her if she was jealous and she said No. Then he walked away. I think it was about the pic, but I kept rewinding to hear it all.

      • Susie says:

        Guess I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack, but I totally believed Cedric’s story. I watched him carefully and if he’s lying, forget Kelsey and give the dang Tony to Cedric.

    • Sangfroid says:

      “She seems like she has been a heavy drinker and it has taken a toll? Her voice is shaky.”

      Pity because she was famous for her husky voice as a young actress.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kim hasn’t aged gracefully – I was surprised to see how shaky she is (not just her voice). I feel bad that she wants to return to acting, especially how she comes off as a big mess in RHBH.

  34. Watching Teen Mom 2
    Anyone care for a recap?

  35. glued2it says:

    So, as I said earlier, I have 2 POVs – entertainment & real life (would I want to know them, like them, admire them?)

    This is how I see the RHOBH:
    Camille – HIGH entertainment (usually), she makes the show interesting to say the least. LOW real life value, I would RUN the other way if I saw her socially. Wouldn’t want to know her socially. Can’t stand how she lives her life if it’s anything like what’s on the show!
    Adrienne – SO SO entertainment, her clothes are the most entertaining thing about her. HIGH real life value – would love to know this woman, have her energy, her got-it-togetherness, I think she’d be a great role model in many ways (so it seems)
    Lisa – GOOD entertainment, love her wit!! Love how she just goes about doing her fabulous life! HIGH real life value – I think she’d be a good friend and a good person to socialize with. Really enjoy her on both levels.
    Kyle – GOOD entertainment. I like most scenes with her. I love her facial expressions, can’t beat ’em! TORN on the real life value. She get’s high & not so high marks in that regard. She’d be a good friend probably but make sure she’s in your corner – YIKES!
    Kim – PAIN and ENTERTAINMENT don’t usually go well together. REAL LIFE? I think one-on-one she’s probably really nice. Would be a good friend perhaps. But I wouldn’t want to go to parties and socialize much with her. Maybe just hang out on a lazy day at her Walton house.

    • Camille – I like her on the show bc she’s fun to hate and gossip about. I think I could actually get along with her in real life – until I disagreed with her about something. Then we would probably end up hating each other. But until then, I think we could have fun in her Hawaiian hot tub and flying in private jets to NYC (all at her expense of course.)
      Adrienne – I find her boring on tv and I think we would get along irl, but wouldn’t be good friends. I would love someone like her as an employee or business associate though.
      Lisa – Love her on the show and wish she lived across the street from me.
      Kyle – Love her on the show and could totally be bff’s with her.
      Kim – Can’t stand her on the show and would never be able to hang out with someone like her.
      Taylor (you forgot her) – Good for the show, but would never be friends with someone like her. Her face scares me.

      The only other Housewives I could really see myself hanging out with are Bethany, Kim, and Nene. It’s my dream to have the three of them over my house for white wine and skinny girl margaritas. I need friends who can make me laugh!
      The rest of them… don’t think I would be friends with any of those women.

      • Actually, as much as I talked shit about Lynda in my blogs, I think I could totally chill on her straw couch and pop a xanax and smoke some weed with her while her fat little dog sits at our feet. Might be fun.

      • glued2it says:

        yeah, I went upstairs to vacuum (cuz I wasn’t on camera) and realized I forgot Taylor. I agree, she’s good for the show but wouldn’t want to be her friend. I’d be wary of her socially.

        I don’t know, RCH since I don’t really know you but Camille’s constant BS, constant need to feed her ego, plus the good chance she’d be smooching Mr RCH on the lips – I don’t think you’d really like Camille in Real Life, lol. Oh, and don’t forget that Camille prefers friends who are on her payroll. I can’t imagine you working for her.

    • Terry says:

      Ay, interesting rating system. I’m going to give it a shot.

      CAMILLE: Entertainment: high. Good lord, she has us googling her and such. Real life: low. I would not enjoy knowing her. If I met her, I’d suspend disbelief that a person can be quite that vile, I’d spend time trying to figure her out and inevitably she would chew me up and spit me out.

      ADRIENNE: Entertainment: so-so. I do enjoy her bizarre clothing, but otherwise, she’s not that interesting. I don’t enjoy the way she dismisses her husband. Real life: low. I would not enjoy meeting a person so obviously obsessed with business. They’re a dime-a-dozen. I would be repelled by her treatment of Dr. Paul, since one of the ways I rate my own life is definitely how well I treat my husband and family.

      LISA: Entertainment: high. Giggy adds points, but I do enjoy her Jackie Collins novel ways. Real life: low. I suspect she would rate her friends according to net worth and then need a sycophant or two around.

      KYLE: Entertainment: so-so. She brings it with the waxing and so forth, but other than the way she treats her sister (and, it would seem, her maids), she’s sort of boring. Plus she has too many kids. Real life: low. She’s a snake, and she would chew me up in five minutes. Plus, a person who expects her sister to help her with a party instead of moving is not going to be a good friend.

      KIM: Entertainment: so-so. The most remarkable thing about her is the way her sister treats her. Real life: High. Despite the poverty of her life skills, she does seem nice and I think she’d make a good friend. I would enjoy her.


      I love me the housewives. Actually, the only one that I find utterly and completely repellent in every single way is Kandi from Atlanta. Her scenes make me cringe, but I don’t think she’s interesting enough that it would be challenging to think about how she became the way she is.

      • Golden Girl says:

        I used to really like Kandi from Atlanta but it seems like every time she’s on it’s like watching an infomercial lol. My album this, my clothing store blah, my night time radio show belch.

        • Terry says:

          Yes, there is that. Kandi’s not subtle about it. Lisa and Adrienne seem to understand that showing their businesses on air and not referring to them much is a good balance in their infomercial on RHBH.

          But besides the lack of subtlety, I find myself having a gut reaction to Kandi. She seems to roll her eyes a lot and I find that just horrible. She’s passive-aggressive, and I think I have a lower tolerance for that particular character flaw. I see her putting other people down in almost everything she does. Actually, I just realized that my objection to Kandi is that she’s chronically unkind to and disrespectful of others.

          When I watch tonight’s episode, I’m going to count the times Kandi is nice to other people. I’m guessing I’ll use only one hand and have fingers left over. If I count each time she puts someone down, I’ll need a counter.

          • Golden Girl says:

            Lol good idea I will as well. Another thing is how she constantly talks all kinds of crap about Kim but then has her do a bus tour with her wth? Your right, she is so passive aggressive.

            • Periwinkle says:

              Sadly, I think that Kandi needed Kim on this tour to draw people in. Would I pay good money to hear Kandi sing? Probably not but I sure would to see that hot mess that is Kim prance around on a stage.

              • I agree. I think Kandi needed Kim to draw fans and resents her for it. Kandi has real talent and tries really hard, then Kim comes in, can’t sing, doesn’t care that she can’t sing, expects Kandi to fix it for her, then gets a hit and makes tons of money and doesn’t give Kandi any of it. Kandi is resentful and it’s understandable, but her passive aggressive behavior is not. Either be Kim’s friend or don’t be, but don’t pretend to be her friend and then talk shit about her behind her back. Also her sex show really puts me off. There is sex talk… and then there’s what Kandi talks about. It just goes a little too far for me. I could care less what people do in their bedrooms, but I don’t want to hear about it.

          • I really started dis liking Kandi this season. I missed the last few episodes. I need to catch up!

  36. Terry says:

    TAYLOR: Entertainment: High. The lips alone. Real life: low. She’s manipulative and obsessed with money. I do feel sorry for her and hope she gets rid of Russell.

    • glued2it says:

      Yeah, it’s entertaining just looking at Taylor’s face. All those angles. Those BIG & LONG lips. And her hair…like the coloring but it’s too Farrah Fawcett wannabe to me (cuz I grew up in the 70s?) Taylor doesn’t need to say anything, she just needs to walk by the camera and stare for a few seconds…

      • Terry says:

        You know it! Like you, all I need from Taylor is a view of the trout lips. It gives me hours of entertainment in my head about how in the world those lips came to be.

        I’m still amazed by Russell and really want him gone. He’s just so incredibly awful, disrespectful, and disgusting. Taylor seems to be in repetition compulsion.

  37. OneMoreInBoston says:

    RCH- Awesome blog

    umm…that’s all I got

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      That’s a good start but I’m sure you could find your voice if you just give it a try, c’mon…..

    • LynnnSoCal says:

      Aloha OMIB, miss your comments!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        hello, sorry just so f*cking busy- no time to even watch these”ladies” let alone read the blogs about them- thank gawd for RCH or I’d be a moron about the HW. Actually never mind I am a moron about the HW…LOL!

        OK so now Teen Mom may be my new crack- that was an awesome recap!

  38. car54 says:

    I was wondering how Watch What Happens Now was prepared to show Camille her kids backstage at David Letterman with Kelsey’s new girlfriend. They don’t strike me as the most on-the-ball show —I bet either Kelsey or Camille set that up and let them know to be watching/filming it.

  39. WindyCityWondering says:

    While the Bravo blogs are not all that good – why can’t Kim turn in a blog? I will give Camille a pass this week, what with all the jetting across the country delivering kids, doing interviews, etc. But what’s with Kim?

  40. Terry says:

    Respectfully disagree. Kim’s wigs alone are fabulous. She is one of the characters I most enjoy watching. And, color me insane, but I think I’d enjoy being acquaintances with Kim, as she’s so over the top. Not someone I’d trust as a friend to have my back though. I would be fully accepting of the roles in our “friendship”: my job would be to tell Kim how fabulous she is, Kim’s would be to be fabulous and over the top. Kim is shallow, but her huge personality is endearing (to me).

    • glued2it says:

      Terry, I was referring to Kim Richards on RHOBH. I thought Windy was too. Did Kim R do her blog this week? I’ll have to go back and look.

      • glued2it says:

        nope! no blog from Kim Richards
        (as of this moment)

      • Terry says:

        Ah, sorry. I misunderstood.

        Yes, Kim R. of BH is so damaged that, imho, she has trouble doing a lot of stuff. The blog probably makes her anxious and nervous.

        On the other hand, I give Kim Richards props for doing the barbecue and inviting all her kids’ friends. She does seem t provide a supportive and child-centered environment. That’s no small achievement, particularly with her history.

        • I like how she brought her daughter a sandwich, begged her to live in her house rent free forever, and then agreed to fold the clothes that were all over the floor.
          Why would her kids ever want to move out?

        • Adgirl says:

          Terry -“The blog probably makes her anxious and nervous.” Like life does? LOL.

          RCH – I think had those kids so she’d have some friends.

  41. Terry says:

    RCH: Gosh I do hope you organize the sociological study of the RH of the Internet. I’m expecting it will be fantastic.

  42. glued2it says:

    Oh, I just realized something ( I think I’m right about this) – have ya’ll noticed that there are no guest bloggers from the other RH shows on the Bravo RHOBH website?? Alex blogged plenty on the NJ webpage and Teresa blogged plenty about the NY housewives.

    Was that stopped for some reason? Or do you think the BH wives nixed that idea? I can’t imagine the other RHs not being interested in giving their 2 cents. Or maybe, like Camille says, they’re all jealous, lol

  43. missmi says:

    Ok! I have one more observation from this episode since I caught the repeat. I think Taylor was drunk or high when she met Lisa and Kyle. I also caught that it was dinner they were having (not sure why that matters) not lunch. I was floored by the way Taylor seemed so dismissive of Lisa when she was intruded on them. Lisa was trying to tell Taylor that they were supportive of her and Taylor looked at Kyle and started laughing. The kicker was that Kyle joined in the cattiness.

    • glued2it says:

      Missmi – I hadn’t thought about Taylor being high/drunk but that would explain her idiotic behavior!

    • I actually pondered weather to refer to it as lunch or dinner. In the end I went with lunch because the sun was still up.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Taylor was way too animated when she came in – but with all that plastic work it has to take major effort to make her face move! Taylor wants a 24/7 party and clearly Lisa was trying to have an adult conversation. It was weird to watch.

    • Adgirl says:

      I’ve always thought Taylor was an alcoholic-rexic. Someone who drinks but doesn’t eat food.
      Maybe that’s one reason why Russell hates partying with her. He has to monitor her?

  44. missmi says:

    Not 100% on dinner thing, but my thought was that Taylor may have been dipping in the hootch already and impulsivly (?) dropped in on Lisa and Kyle. She had been with her hubby so Im sure he was anxious to get home πŸ™‚ Taylor is now living for the moment with Kyle cheering on her freedom. Come to think of it, thats what Taylor has wanted all along, a bff. Good Lord, I bet she does’nt have any friends and that was her purpose on the show. lol

  45. Terry says:

    OK, I am here to report on Kandi.

    I sat through an entire episode of RHoA (first time ever), and I counted the times Kandi was nice. The tally is 1.5.

    1. One-half point for talking to her daughter on the phone from the tour bus. The daughter was going to the mall with her father. Kandi was nice to the daughter, but told her to “be sure that he gits (sic)” her everything she liked. Ah, wonderful values to pass on to her child!

    2. One point for separating Kim Solziak and NeNe Leakes when they had their fight on the bus. The hairdresser helped also.

    Otherwise, that woman did nothing but try to make herself feel better by looking down on everyone else and making snide, passive-aggressive remarks about them.

    In contrast, as snarky as Kim S. and NeNe were to each other, as horrid as their fight, there is a basic respect between them that Kandi does not give anyone.

    I may have to further waste my time on Kandi and start a Facebook page called “I hate Kandi.”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I liked Kandi last season – I do not like her this season. She is always so put out by everyone – I prefer cheese with my whine, not Kandi.

  46. Vonya says:

    Anyone catch the stuff Camgram said about meeting Kelsey’s new chick?? When I met the woman my ex-hubby was scre…seeing, while I wanted to punch the little bimbo, I took the high-road and told her “if he’ll do it WITH you, he’ll do it TO you”. I still find it immensely satisfying that he proved me correct! I would love to know what Cam had to say in that situation… bad we didn’t get the chance to “watch what happens”!

  47. WindyCityWondering says:

    News flash – Pheadra wants a penis and Apollo wants breasts – these two are whack! And I get seasick watching Pheadra rocking that baby.

  48. glued2it says:

    If I were Kim R (way too many Kims on these stupid shows), I’d be upset w/Bravo in regard to her product promo – water bottles & maybe sippy cups. Unless I missed an entire scene from this recent episode and an entire section of RCH’s re-cap, I did not see Kim’s water bottle promo scene which included her beautiful daughter Brooke & her business partner guy. They do have a clip on Bravo’s website. And yes, Kim comes off looking DOPEY but NICE again. BUT STILL, if they can show all of Adrienne’s & Lisa’s business ventures, surely they can give Kim 3 min of promo time.
    (Am I right or will RCH yell at me to pay attention, lol?!)

  49. missmi says:

    I have never heard about water bottles. In NYC she said she makes her own jewelry and gave all of them a bracelet.

    • Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the bracelets. Kim isn’t a very good sales woman.

      • glued2it says:

        YOu’re correct again, RCH. Kim sucks at sales. Also. But if you check the BRAVO website for RHOBH and go to videos, they have a clip of Kim and her H2O Aid water bottles. It was either this week but maybe last week at latest.
        Sigh. Poor Kim. It isn’t entertaining to have to feel sorry for someone.
        But YAY for me – still have SOME memory!

        • glued2it says:

          On 2nd thought – you might not want to watch, she goes on & on about the ocean & sunsets. Her business partner guy looks like he’s silently questioning her sanity.

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