Hanna The Animal Hoarder – AN UPDATE

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I have been in contact with one of Hanna’s family members. I spoke with him on the phone and we had a really long conversation. You will be happy to hear that they did eventually convince her to sell the goats and get rid of some of the birds after the show was filmed. The only animals still on the property today are the chickens and some guinea pigs. The Department of Agriculture responded to our complaints and went out to her property yesterday. Unfortunately they didn’t remove the animals that were still there, but they did open all the cages and release the birds into the outdoor pen (while Hanna yelled and screamed at them). This isn’t nearly enough in my opinion, but at least they aren’t squished in those feces filled cages anymore… for now.

This family member explained to me that they have gotten rid of Hanna’s animals in the past but she just goes and buys more and the state does nothing to prevent this from happening despite neighbors and family members constantly reporting her. So although some progress has been made, it is likely that this situation will just continue to repeat itself.
Most of the family members don’t have any contact with Hanna, and some of them are of the opinion that she should have been put in prison a long time ago, not only for the way she treats the animals, but for the way she treated her children and allowed others to treat them. Once again, this situation comes down to the state and law enforcement not doing their jobs. I was told some pretty disturbing stories about Hanna, and it’s clear that law enforcement dropped the ball big time on this woman – and continue to do so.
Hanna has a court appearance coming up next week and hopefully some progress will finally be made there.

I have also been in contact with someone from PETA and apparently I was wrong in thinking that the DOA were the only people with the authority to remove the animals. Here is an excerpt from his email:

The sheriff’s department can enforce cruelty laws as they pertain to any animal, so-called “agricultural” animals included, make no mistake. They likely have an internal policy that such species “belong” to the DOA, and my guess is this would be because they feel ill equipped, either financially/resource-wise, knowledge-wise, or both, to deal with animals who aren’t dogs or cats. But this isn’t law. Here’s a link to Illinois’ animal protection laws … they’re actually pretty good relative to other states. http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/stusil510ilcs70_1_16.htm#sec70_3_02

Here is PETA’s fact sheet about hoarders, please feel free to share it: http://origin.www.helpinganimals.com/pdfs/hoardingsingle72.pdf.

…our push is that all animals be confiscated (upon conviction, be this provision a part of the sentencing or a plea agreement) and that she be banned from owning or harboring animals in the future. We’ve already written to the prosecutor. I think you should encourage the many visitors to your blog, to do the same! Our letter may help folks know how/what to ask for specifically, I’ve attached it. Of course their words should be their own 😉 “

We still need your help on this guys! So please write, email, fax, and call the proper authorities (<– I finally found a legitimate use for the term “proper authorities”!) until this situation is fixed!

Her name is Hanna Palmer and she is from Vienna, Illinois.

Please write to the prosecutor and ask them to include a provision in her sentencing or plea deal that prevents her from owning animals in the future. Her hearing is next week:

State’s Attorney of Johnson County:
Tricia Shelton
400 Court Street
Vienna, IL 62995-1564
(618) 658-9318
(618) 658-2908 fax

Call, write, or email the Department of Agriculture and demand that they remove ALL of the animals from Hanna’s property immediately:

Illinois Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Animal Welfare
P.O. Box 19281
State Fairgrounds
Springfield, IL 62794-9281
(217) 782 – 6657
(217) 524 – 7702 fax


Call or send a letter to the sheriff and demand that he take action to prevent animals from being abused. Despite what the Sheriff’s department is claiming, they do have the legal right to enforce cruelty laws:

Sheriff Elry Faulkner
P.O. Box 546
Vienna, IL 62995
(618) 658-8264
(618) 658-5951 fax


I want to thank everyone who called and sent emails yesterday. Even though this case is not over yet, there are a bunch of chickens in Illinois who are at least free tonight and not crammed in tight, dirty cages. And that’s better than nothing!


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178 Responses to Hanna The Animal Hoarder – AN UPDATE

  1. I’m not a PETA-person, but the treatment of these animals was shameful. In this episode, I am shocked that there was such disconcern for the poor creatures. I realize that the people invovled in Hoarders are there for a short time and they have to focus on the person they are sent to help, but in this case, someone (staff, crew, anyone associated with the show) should have come forth to help those helpless animals. Another reason to dislike Dr. RobinZazio…
    Nice work, RCH!

    • I still can’t understand how all those people stood there and did nothing.
      I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself if I had been there.

      You know, if they had all said “I don’t care about animals and seeing them in cages didn’t bother me” I actually might be less upset by their lack of action. Not everyone cares about animals. It’s a sad fact. But the fact that they all agreed that the conditions were awful, yet did nothing because the law didn’t “allow” them to – that disturbs me. Especially because had they emptied the cages outside, they really wouldn’t have been breaking any laws. It worries me to see how many people were willing to abandon their moral simply because “the law” told them to.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I briefly visited the A&E message board & saw that the psychologist was defending the production’s sending away animal control as the production seeing the laws were upheld & in their view animal control didn’t have jurisdiction.

        Which is, again, bullshit. The “doctor” & production company are not IL law enforcement or gov’t officials and had no authority to decide such things. If there were jurisdictional issues, that would be for the local & state authorities to figure out between themselves afterwards. (& my bet would be the DOA would not give a shit if the whole lot of critters were taken away at once.) This was not a decision for an out of state TV production cast & crew. There were gov’t officials there (animal control) to pick up the animals and the TV show sent them away.

        The “doctor” IMO doesn’t get kudos for claiming that later they did a little something, when clearly at the time the production of a TV show took precedence over doing the humane thing when an immediate opportunity presented itself.

        • Believe me, I’ve argued this point on those boards. Those people over there make me so angry.
          I think I made 10 posts asking: “Why didn’t you at least take the cages outside and let the chickens loose?”
          I never got a response from anyone at A&E.
          I think one poster told me the cats would eat them and another told me that it would be against the law.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Absolulutely! I could never stand by and do nothing. I would feel complicit, if I stood by and did nothing then I am abusing the animals too.Those people should all be charged as accessories to animal cruelty. I may suggest that to the sheriff so A&E acts responsibly in the future.
        Thank you for the info, I will send the letters, you couldn’t make it easier to help. For that, I know you are truly an angel and another reason so many adore you!❤

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed. The law, much like “the government” has been tainted by bureacracy and is not ony failing people, but in many cases, innocent animals.

    • carmel says:

      “Another reason to dislike Dr. RobinZazio…”, what a short-sighted remark. How do you know what exactly went on behind the scenes of this show? There are numerous legal issues involved that complicate a situation like this. Besides, it wasn’t Dr. Zazio’s responsibility to fix the animal problem. The producers may the judgement call to get animal control involved, not Dr. Zazio, although she fully supported that action.

      Geez. Remarks like that are why we have such a problem with rumor control. No facts, just opinions passed off as facts.

      • RCH says:

        “it wasn’t Dr. Zazio’s responsibility to fix the animal problem.”

        Yes it was. It was her responsibility as a human being with a conscience to do something. It is the responsibility of everyone on this planet to help someone if they need it, to stop abuse when they see it, and to not allow animals, children, the elderly, or anyone who isn’t capable of standing up for themselves to suffer at the hands of an abuser.

  2. LilyLynn says:

    Bravo, or should I say kadzoo to you 🙂 RCH, for not just talking the talk but walking the walk! I think this part in particular (quoted from blog above): “Department of Agriculture responded to our complaints and went out to her property yesterday. Unfortunately they didn’t remove the animals that were still there, but they did open all the cages and release the birds into the outdoor pen (while Hanna yelled and screamed at them).” was specifically done as you had been suggesting as a minimum all along!

    • Maybe, but I was suggesting that one of the regular people should have opened the cages. I expected a lot more from the DOA. I’m going to call them again in a bit. I have new information that might be able to get them back out there. I didn’t share everything with you guys because it’s just too sad. I wish I didn’t know some of the things I know.

      • LilyLynn says:

        That’s what I meant – that you had been saying why didn’t someone at least open the cages and put them out in the pens – I think they heard that and that’s why they at least did that, despite her screaming and hollering (I can only imagine how that scene went.) Sorry you’ve been exposed to such ugliness and thanks for shielding us from the worse. I’m using that PETA letter as a guide and will compose and fax a letter to that State Attorney’s office first thing Monday.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I wish you could un-know these things. You are responsible for making things better though, you are one in a million.

  3. bacasam says:

    LOL wow working hard and learning lots but slow even more respect for this blogging biz..gave up on the longer tweet for now, haven’t been able to figure out how to combine using app with DM’s 😦 I have figured out how to simply add a post to my personal blog so now working on when set to private how to make it so those I choose can view. Have to go to work for few hours when get it all worked out will send a tweet.
    Good news on this post, we’ll keep after ’em!!!

  4. Snarkella says:

    Great job RCH! You really made a difference in the lives of some innocent creatures. Good for you and very, very well done!

  5. Wow, great job RCH. It’s a good feeling knowing that there are people like you in the
    world. I can’t even watch the commercials on TV w/ sara Mclaughlin . I start to cry.
    How you ever sat thru this entire episode is beyond me. I would never watch that show.

    But as I was thinking about what an awful show this is, I couldn’t help but think “what would’ve happened if the show never aired and RCH hadn’t seen it?’ At least those animals have a small shot now, thanks to you, right? You might be able to
    make a bigger difference than her entire family because of your platform.
    Good for you, better for them!

    • I change the channel when those commercials come on! They are so sad, I can’t watch them.
      I wanted to change the channel on Hoarders, but I had to stick it out for the happy ending – which never came.
      I hope I can help. I don’t know if all of this will really change anything, but I’m trying anyway.

      • RitaAustin says:

        All I have to say is BRAVO! Right after I watched the episode on a marathon, I started looking for updates. I am going to school for animal control officer, and let me tell you. I was screaming at the TV. One, they told the animal control to leave. WRONG. Two, all animals were left, all should have been taken. and Three, never have i ever seen that many people let something that bad go on for so long. Thank you for reminiding me why I am doing what I am doing. And a special thank you, for also reminiding there are good people out there!!!! I have bout three weeks left for this class, and move on to the next. One more step closer to making a difference! You keep doing what you’re doing, it comes back ten-fold. Dont know where you stand, but all mercy shown the Lord always blesses with grace.

        • Hi Rita thanks for commenting.
          I was screaming at the tv too! Those people made me so mad, I can’t even watch the show anymore if “Dr. Robin” is on because I get mad all over again.
          Good luck with the rest of school and thank YOU for doing what you (will) do!!!

  6. Artistic Aromas says:

    Wow! You are truly a force to be reckoned with RCH!!!
    Sadly, the comments about hoarders continuing to hoard even after animal cruelty charges (and convictions) in the PETA email are correct. I don’t understand the compulsion to do this, but I’ve heard of may cases and the people responsible for inflicting animal suffering seem oblivious to what they are doing. After being convicted of animal cruelty, I pray Hanna is assigned a caseworker to monitor her and her property to ensure that she isn’t hoarding in the future.

    • Justtomakeulaugh-bkaAMIA says:

      But when it’s ordered ppl like Hanna aren’t allowed to have animals and as long as their cousin isn’t the Sheriff they send ppl like Animal Patrol, ASPCA to check & make sure she don’t have any often like multiple times a month. But when you have a sheriff telling you get lost or get arrested then that’s how they keep getting more animals.

    • Thanks. Lol.

      Hanna is never going to change and she can’t be helped. No amount of charges are going to change her so I also hope someone will monitor her.

      • Sangfroid says:

        Years ago I had an elderly family member who could no longer take proper care of them self, so I went to court and became their guardian. I was then able to make decisions in their best interest. It was a huge responsibility but I was in control of the purse strings and made sure that they were in a clean and healthy environment and not eating rotten food.

        Since Hanna is a danger to herself and others, couldn’t her family petition the court for guardianship and then make it impossible for her to buy any more animals, or for that matter live in filth?

        • It sounds like a good idea, but then that person would have to actually enforce the rules and prevent her from buying and keeping animals. Most of the family members are not able or are not willing to control her. Her daughters look like they’re still afraid of her.
          I’d do it. Lol. I’d have her whipped into shape real quick. Her hollering wouldn’t bother me a bit.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            You have to prove someone incompetent to gain guardianship, Dr’s and judges can be very reluctant.

            • Sangfroid says:

              And that is a good thing.
              I wouldn’t want someone to be able to remove my independence simply because I annoyed them or they wanted to steal my vast fortune. 🙂

              Having been through the process, all sides agreed that it was necessary for my grandmothers survival, she suffered from dementia . The court appointed an attorney to represent her interests during the guardianship hearing. Having spent time with her, he determined that it was for the best.

              Also I did not watch this show and could only skim the blog–the pictures had me choking–so I don’t know if Hanna would qualify as incompetent. My impression is that she is living in a very unhealthy situation and might not be capable of making reasonable choices so it could be worth a shot.

              But as RCH pointed out, who in her family would want to take her on.

              • Tam5115 says:

                That’s exactly the point we’re at with my mom. She does have to be declared incompetent for us to get guardianship, which involves her doctors, her lawyer and possibly social workers and the like to testify to that.

                Once that is done, we can force her to see a doctor, even if she isn’t willing to do so.

            • Anonymous says:

              If this old tyrant isn’t incompetent, I don’t know who is!

          • Sharon Verigan says:

            Thanks Thanks…for what you are doing…I wish I personally knew you so that I could help…I was horrified, anquished, angered…everything you can imagine watching that show. I am not being ugly just realistic. I believe it is time to put Hannah away…medicate her , clean up her property and move on…but how could you with children that behaved as ignorant as her…this situation saddened me…the only thing I can do is pray…I may also write a letter..I can’t stand the situation.

  7. Justtomakeulaugh-bkaAMIA says:

    Sucks that the Sheriff and Hanna are related and that bastard is holding things up. This is a FACT although through marriage they are related. Don’t matter she shouldn’t get favoritism even if they are just friends, HIS JOB TO ENFORCE THE LAW!
    I’m glad we all know now it’s a bunch of B.S. that he says only Dept. of ARG. can do anything NOW WE KNOW It’s NOT TRUE!
    guys write to ppl (or even the news there where RCH put the link up the ” Sheriff’s department is claiming ” like I did and tell them it’s not fair and we want answers why she is exempt from the law. IT IS A FACT THEY ARE RELATED..

    • Yes that’s true. The sheriff is related, so that makes things even more complicated.
      This situation is such a mess…

      • Donna Watkins says:

        That woman and her family were so repulsive to me that I find it hard to believe that anyone that has even a passing association with them could have risen to a title as high as “sheriff,” even if it is in a podunk town. I realize you should pity the mentally ill and normally I have a great deal of empathy for the people on this show, but not in this case.

        But for all the people who were asking why didn’t the people on the scene release the animals, I wonder a) what you think would have happened to those animals in the bitter cold Illinois winter and b) if you think Hanna and her family would have just sat by and let that happen.

        • a) It was summer time when they were filming. DOA ended up emptying the cages outside 2 weeks ago, so you will have to ask them what happened to the animals outside in the cold.
          b) It would have taken 5 minutes to empty the cages. I would have done it when Hanna was in the barn.

          • Sam says:

            Dear RCH, while I passionately commend you for not just changing the channel when the show ended, and making a real effort to effect some positive change, I cannot imagine that you really think just opening cages behind the back of the mentally ill person who owned the animals would have had any lasting positive effect. You already mentioned that Hannah’s children have done this before, and the same thing happens in response every time.

            It is a gross simplification to suggest that it would have taken just 5 minutes to free the animals immediately without consent, which would not have solved all of their problems anyhow. It would have taken much longer, and would have ensured the continuation of this horrifying cycle. Clearly, just taking animals away from Hannah has not saved the hundreds of animals she purchased and mistreated in replacement of those removed from her care in the past. So acting without consent and without convincing her that it was the right thing to do to let someone else take care of them, would only have stopped the cleanup immediately and those sick animals would only have ended up in her care until animal control could gather the resources necessary to take care of the situation (which Hoarders had at the ready, unless you think the one small trailer the local AC people brought was enough for all Hannah’s animals), which would likely have resulted in more deaths. Having grown up with a hoarder whom we always had to argue with until they (sometimes) saw reason, I can tell you that just opening those cages would have had disastrous consequences completely far removed from your noble intentions. She would just buy even more animals than before.

            • Releasing the animals from the cages wouldn’t have solved any long term problems. But it would have stopped the suffering in that moment. I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself from doing something had I been there. So I don’t understand how others stood there and did nothing. If it were you in that cage suffering, would you still feel the same way? What if it were children?
              Suffering is suffering. Whether its a human or an animal – it’s the same pain.

  8. Justtomakeulaugh-bkaAMIA says:

    By the way i know this b/c i know ppl that live there and talked to them since the show aired & they said it’s just something that ppl don’t mess with is the sherrif. it’s known but it’s not known. it’s a shhh shh thing.

  9. Tuzentswurth says:

    What is this Hanna’s last name, can’t find it. I am sending emails now, from all my email accounts and would also like to let the Dept of Ag consider that these animals MUST be removed b/c of the overcrowded, poor conditions and possibility of diseases that could cause a threat to all livestock and humans in the area.

  10. OneMoreInBoston says:

    I am so impressed with you right now.

    Your passion and dedication with regards to this situation is truly inspiring.

    This woman is clearly mentally ill. Hoarding is a type of OCD, that can sometimes only be helped with medication.

    IMHO, she is too far gone to be held accountable, she needs to be put in a nice, safe, padded room. I almost am letting her off the hook because of how sick in the head she is. BUT these people in positions of authority? What is their excuse?

    I am shocked and appalled at their cavalier attitude towards these suffering and dying animals. And you are absolutely right, since when does upholding the laws trump personal responsibility?

    Just FYI- in Nazi Germany do you know not one of the 6M+ people killed was “murdered”? All of their deaths were in fact “legal” by the laws in Germany at the time.

    I’m not a big fan of Peta because sometimes I think they go so far that they obstruct their own message, yet if this Sherriff is allowing his relative to get away with this and the child abuse and cites “the law” as his rational, how far away is that from condoning an actual murder? Seems like a pretty slippery slope.

    A couple of smooshed chickens today, who is it tomorrow?

    • I totally agree with you about Nazi Germany. I’ve been trying to refrain from making the comparison because I don’t want people to freak out. But that’s exactly what I was thinking. Whether we are talking about humans or animals, it is still the same bottom line: many people chose to ignore their morals and their conscience when the law tells them to.
      Have you seen the docu The End of America?
      It describes how America could be heading in the same direction as Nazi Germany. Sounds crazy, but makes a lot of sense if you watch it. It will give you goose bumps.
      This whole situation made me think of some of the things they were saying in that docu.

      • Daisy says:

        Nazi is a nickname for National Socialist German Worker’s Party (in English of course) and we are definitely trying to be forced that direction. Very sad, but thankfully we have a few million good people that are not sitting around doing nothing.

        Thank you so much RCH for what you’ve done and are doing for these animals. That is a gift that comes from above.

        Loads of respect for you dear!!! LOADS.

      • Candace says:

        Great for doing what you can to take care of the animals.

        Please, though, no politics or somehow getting Nazis equated with what Naomi Wolf thinks were trends in our previous administration. (Naomi Wolf? Puh-leeze, as Danielle would say)

        It’s a huge non sequitor and detracts from what you are doing.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Please understand that I wasn’t equating the Holocaust to what is happening to these animals.

          And I don’t believe it is political but historical.

          When citizens of a society care more about enforcing a law rather than taking actions that are in alignment with their value systems, both human beings and animals are hurt.

          • I agree. The thing that bothered me the most about the doctor was that she was saying how awful it was yet did nothing. I would have less of a problem if she said “I don’t care about animals, now who wants some KFC?”
            Some people don’t care, you can’t make them. But to say you care and are upset over the situation yet do nothing…. that concerns me.
            There are two big problems displayed on this show. One was the mistreatment of animals, and the other was the willingness of everyone to abandon their morals.

  11. Tuzentswurth says:

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
    – Edmund Burke (1729-1797) (or good housewives)

  12. Tuzentswurth says:

    If these are the statutes for Illinois, isn’t A&E guilty also?

    (510 ILCS 70/3.03-1)

    Sec. 3.03-1. Depiction of animal cruelty.

    (a) “Depiction of animal cruelty” means any visual or auditory depiction, including any photograph, motion-picture film, video recording, electronic image, or sound recording, that would constitute a violation of Section 3.01, 3.02, 3.03, or 4.01 of the Humane Care for Animals Act or Section 26-5 of the Criminal Code of 1961.

    (b) No person may knowingly create, sell, market, offer to market or sell, or possess a depiction of animal cruelty. No person may place that depiction in commerce for commercial gain or entertainment. This Section does not apply when the depiction has religious, political, scientific, educational, law enforcement or humane investigator training, journalistic, artistic, or historical value; or involves rodeos, sanctioned livestock events, or normal husbandry practices.

    The creation, sale, marketing, offering to sell or market, or possession of the depiction of animal cruelty is illegal regardless of whether the maiming, mutilation, torture, wounding, abuse, killing, or any other conduct took place in this State.

    (c) Any person convicted of violating this Section is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. A second or subsequent violation is a Class 4 felony. In addition to any other penalty provided by law, upon conviction for violating this Section, the court may order the convicted person to undergo a psychological or psychiatric evaluation and to undergo any treatment at the convicted person’s expense that the court determines to be appropriate after due consideration of the evaluation.

    • Sangfroid says:

      Looks like it to me.

    • Tam5115 says:

      This little part right here, ” This Section does not apply when the depiction has religious, political, scientific, educational, law enforcement or humane investigator training, journalistic, artistic, or historical value; or involves rodeos, sanctioned livestock events, or normal husbandry practices.” Would be what gets them off the hook. They would say it’s educational and investigative with journalistic value.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        That absolves them while they are filming it and recording it, but to walk away and do nothing and then “the proper authorities” have been made aware, isn’t it infuriating like so much else in this world? And while I rant, rodeos should be banned too!

  13. Sparkles says:


    I don’t watch Hoarders and did not know about this until your blog. Bless you for taking action!!!

  14. Dee says:

    Wow, I had not seen this…good for you for delving into it further!! This is such a sad case.

  15. Dalai Mama says:

    RCH, you are outstanding.
    When was the last time I was outraged about something? About 20 minutes ago.
    When was the last time I took action to improve an outrageous situation?
    I don’t remember.
    They are not the trendiest, or the fluffiest, or the most egregiously Disney-eyed of the animal kingdom, but they spoke to you (and you spoke to the authorities).
    Thanks for what you did for them, and thanks for helping me to feel better about the human race, one real city housewife at a time.
    When I remark in the future that this blog is ‘for the birds’, you’ll know it’s the highest of compliments.

  16. iwannabeanarchy says:

    RCH – you are awesome – not only for your humor and insight but for bringing this devastating depiction of animal cruelty to your readers’ attention! This is simply heartbreaking, and I plan on writing letters to the Illinois DOA and State Attorney about this.

  17. Tammy Palmer says:

    This woman should have been hauled off to jail immediate in charges of cruelty to animals, neglect of animals resulting in desth, and felony charges on top of all of it. Her sick animal should have been nursed to health and adopted out and to ones too I’ll should gave been euthanized. She should also undergo a psychiatric evaluation for paranoid schitzophrenia and bipolar disorders! Why do all of the authorities seem to be sitting at a quilting bee secretly wearing their wives underwear and not all over this situation! Wake up Green Acres!!

  18. LilyLynn says:

    Today I got this reply from the e-mail I sent to the Dept of Ag. on Friday. A gag order?? I did ask what was being done and how long had they known of this horror of a farm. —

    Ms White,

    Thank you for your interest in this case but unfortunately at this time, a gag order has been issued and we are operating under that gag order so I am unable to provide any information about this case.

    Mark J. Ernst, D.V.M.
    State Veterinarian / Bureau Chief
    Bureau of Animal Health and Welfare
    Illinois Department of Agriculture
    P.O. Box 19281 State Fairgrounds
    801 East Sangamon Avenue
    Springfield, IL 62794-9281
    Office (217) 782-4944
    Fax (217) 558-6033
    E-mail: Mark.Ernst@Illinois.gov

    • questioning says:

      Lily Lyn, any way you can scan an copy of that email and upload it just so you can show everyone it is real?

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        If you doubt it, she has provided the phone number, pick up the phone and call. Thanks for the info LilyLynn

        • LilyLynn says:

          Thanks Tuz – It is a real reply. Without hesitation, I would certainly forward the entire thing, including the e-mail I first sent to them containing my real name (no, I didn’t sign my letter “Pants on Fire” LOL) privately to RCH if she wishes.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            OMG just snorted out loud, I forgot that whole “pants on fire” thing. Thanks for reminding…which blog was that on? I’d love to read that again, it was classic!

          • I don’t need the originals, I believe you. I’m sure that if you were going to make up a fake email it would have been much more interesting and scandalous than “gag order”.

            • LilyLynn says:

              Plus I think we all know how much of your heart is invested in this cause. I have too much respect for you to try and mess with you by making up fake (and boring 🙂 ) e-mails from proper authorities.

      • LilyLynn says:

        @ questioning: I did a complete copy and paste of the entire e-mail received – guess you’ll just have to take my word that it is a real reply. Did you think I made this up for some reason?

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Wow, who issued a gag order? RCH, I think many “proper authorities” are very sorry you saw this program and began biting at their heels while beckoning “hoards” of your minions to circle around and join the fray. Thank you for calling so many to action on behalf these poor creatures, you are certainly a person of action that knows how to get things done! To think the antics of the RH started all this! I haven’t received an answer to my email from the dept of ag, but I didn’t really question anything, just said something to the effect of “please take immediate action…”. It will be interesting to see if they are sending this standard statement to everyone who has written. I did question Dr Z as to what was done post-show to remedy the animal suffering, haven’t heard from her yet…but I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything.
      Thanks for the info above LilyLynn.

    • That’s what the DA’s office told me too. Gag order. I wonder if they are just making it up to get out of answering questions. Wouldn’t a judge have to issue a gag order?

  19. Need a Hobby says:

    Odd statement from a gov’t agency official. Is he’s referring to a court issued “gag order?” If so he could provide the info re: what court/judge ordered it & what the legal case is. Court proceedings are public proceedings, so that’s not confidential info. I thought this Hanna was facing local jurisdiction charges in which the state was not involved? Why then would the state be the subject of a gag order? And this is not the sort of thing or case for which courts usually issue “gag orders.”

    Or was the “gag order” simply a directive from the state administration/agency telling DOA staff not to discuss the matter? Which is a very different matter.

    Typically, if there’s an “ongoing investigation” that they cannot discuss, state officials say precisely that.

    • Tam5115 says:

      I suspect, but can not prove, this may have something to do with “local” politics so to speak. If the sheriff, being a relative and all, seemed to be interfering with this case on Hanna’s behalf… I could see him asking a good old boy county judge to issue a gag order. Now, I’m not saying that’s the case at all. I’m only saying I’ve seen such antics before. ::shrug::

  20. questioning says:

    just wanted to see if it were agency issued or court issued like Need a Hobby talked about.

    Copy and paste is good enough for me.

    • LilyLynn says:

      Oh okay 🙂 It was exactly what you see above – no more, no less information. Very cryptic. I’m hoping it means an official investigation is underway. Or maybe I insulted them because I implied in my email that I believed the agency knew about this situation for some time.

  21. questioning says:

    well, considering Hanna the Harpy is sweating like a pig and sleeveless in the video and it’s snowing near her now, of course they’ve known for awhile.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Yes, I don’t think this is a court-ordered gag order. Sounds like the agency is just caught with it’s pants down (but not on fire) and doesn’t want to let everyone see their lack of doing their job. Boss-man probably told everyone to shut up till they get a good spin going. Or not 🙂

    • LilyLynn says:

      questioning: Well yes, of course, I believe they knew of Hanna before Hoarders was ever up there filming.

    • ~Luvz2011~ says:

      It’s snowing ?
      ….. any way you can scan an copy of that weather map and “upload it just so you can show everyone it is real?”
      Oh snow…..
      Nice name ~Ms. Lily White and thnx

      • LilyLynn says:

        LOL – wondered if someone was going to put together the whole name “Lily White.” For the record, I married into the name “White” and it is our cat who is named Lily 🙂 – I sometimes wish I took more time to chose my blog name rather than stealing my cat’s identity. Meow. (and she’s on my lap watching the computer screen as I type this – lol).

  22. questioning says:

    new to all this but if there are mandated reporters for child abuse, you would think there would be mandated reporters for animal abuse. With a state like Illinois where they impeached their own governor for corruption, does the fish stink from the head down?

    And a vet sent Lily the email no less!

  23. questioning says:

    I think any person here can figure out the zip code for Vienna, Illinois and check weather.com. Yes, it’s snowing in the midwest.

    A bunch of super sleuth housewives should be able to figure that one out by themselves.

  24. Robert says:

    She does not have guinea pigs you dumb whore, she has guinea fowl.

  25. Real City Housewife says:

    From http://www.johnsoncountyil.com/

    ” Johnson County Genealogical & Historical Society

    Elry Faulkner, long time sheriff of Johnson County will be the guest speaker at the January meeting of the Johnson County Genealogical & Historical Society. Sheriff Faulkner has served the office for more than three decades and is an icon in Southern Illinois. Throughout those years, he has been involved in many historic events and has influenced the lives of many adults and young people in our area. Elry, as he is affectionately known, will be receiving questions concerning his experiences as Sheriff of Johnson County at the meeting, Sunday, January 16th at 2:30PM. Meeting will be in the Community Room of the Vienna Library. The public is invited to attend.”

    Anyone want to go and ask about Hanna?

    • LilyLynn says:

      No thanks, afraid I might end up in the middle of a Stephen King novel (i’ve read Misery and am in the middle of Under the Dome now.)

    • Shordy says:

      I do live in Johnson County. I think Hanna the Ogre is a bag to say the least. I have dogs and cannot watch anything bad on TV that shows cruelty to any animals. Mr. Faulkner IS a great person, I had no clue about him being related to her via marriage, but who cares, he’s always carried out the law no matter what. He may have not realized that his legal arm extended to chickens, etc. One thing I DO know is Shelton will NOT do anything for the Sheriff’s office, she’s a bitch. So he’s bumping his head against a wall. Write Shelton, but it won’t do any good.

  26. Shordy says:

    Oh by the way today Miss Hanna got an arraignment set for next month. For what? Being the same as she was??

    • Arraignment next month?
      I thought her hearing was this week. What is arraignment, isn’t that when they tell you what charges they have against you, and then it’s another month or so until your actual hearing? (My knowledge of the law comes completely from Law & Order, so if I’m wrong please correct me.)

  27. Shordy says:

    I really do take offense to you saying “affectionaley known.” Yes he is known for his good name, why do you think he is thee longest serving Sheriff in the State of Illinois? Of course we should all go to Hanna’s house and let the animals be taken care of & for her to be put in a padded cell. Totally agree.

    • glued2it says:

      I think RCH was quoting from the article. That’s not how she, herself, referred to the man.

      • Shordy says:

        Totally understand. Thanks, I just happen to be a friend of Mr. Faulkner and he’s always done what’s best. Maybe he faultered this time, I don’t know. He IS one amazing man and Sheriff, if you only had the chance of knowing him, you’d be very fortunate.

      • Yes, that was a copy/paste from the Johnson County website. I didn’t say that.

  28. Shordy says:

    By the way the meeting that Mr. Faulkner will be speaking at on the 16th will be about the Geneological and Historical aspects of Johnson County, this is NOT the time and place to bring up the “Hanna” situation. If you have questions regarding her situation it should be directed at his office and you all have his number, refer to the above posts.

  29. Good news: http://tiny.cc/4reuz

    Thank you everyone who called/emailed/wrote letters!!! Thank you all for helping. 😀

    • ~Luvz2011~ says:

      Thanx to you , toooo ~RCH

      Was she eating those birds for sustinance?
      Hopefully, she’s on her last chicken leg.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Awesome! RCH, thank you for your determination and your action. You make the world a better place snarky lady. I love you for taking up this cause. 🙂 (((((hugs)))))

  30. Oreo and Lucky's Mom says:

    I just watched what I believe was a rerun on TV of Hanna Palmer and her cruelty against animals. I’m interested in knowing what can be done by the public to put a stop to this kind of treatment of precious little animals who ask so little of us. This Palmer woman is obviously mentally ill and incompetent to own even a goldlfish. My heart broke when I saw the poor little creatures who have suffered for far too long.

    My fur babies are my passion and my joy. “Oreo” and “Lucky” are rescued Shih-Tzus. Last year Oreo was diagnosed with an inoperable Mast Cell Tumor. It was inoperable because it was pressing against the spine. I asked my vet if we had any treatment options available to us at all. He sent us to a Veterinary Oncologist in Jacksonville, FL. Oreo had 19 radiation treatments (over the span of a month) which shrunk the tumor away from the spine enough so the surgical staff could go in and remove it. Oreo is now cancer free. I understand that not everybody is able to bear the expense of this kind of treatment but I don’t understand how people can stand by and watch an animal suffer. These precious animals didn’t deserve what Hanna Palmer put them through. I live in Florida but I am willing to start a campaign, if possible, to make sure she is put out of harms way and is never again allowed to abuse any of these most precious treasures of God’s creatures.

    My email is itsmebobg@aol.com. My phone # is (321) 726-6939

    • Thank you for wanting to help. Hanna currently has charges against her, and I think her hearing is coming up on February 2nd. PETA has been involved and I guess the best we can do is call, complain, and write letters. It’s a very sad situation. I’m sorry to hear about your dog. I’ve been through health problems with pets too. People think I’m crazy for the amount of money I spend on my animals. But I love them.

  31. Hanna is a horrible gross human says:

    Why is this horrible woman allowed to keep abusing and killing animals??? She should be in jail! Disgusting abusive fat pig! Sorry to insult pigs!

  32. danceralamode says:

    I didn’t read all the comments but there were many questions as to why the Hoarders personnel just take over and let the animals out. First of all, before I speak to this question, I want to say that what is going on with these animals is disgusting and that Ms. Palmer should be convicted of criminal animal abuse/neglect.

    Regarding why they didn’t force her to let them go or do it without her permission: Ms. Palmer has a very serious mental disorder, beyond her compulsive personality disorder, she appears, to me, to also suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder. Personality disorders can tend to travel in pairs. I’m not a psychologist, I’m just saying that, from dealing with a family member with a personality disorder, that’s what I’m seeing. The same type of behavior. People with personality disorders do not share the same thought process as normal people, as you witnessed in the episode when Ms. Palmer is denying that anything is wrong with the animals.

    If the staff just did what they wanted, they would have made no headway in helping the root of Ms. Palmer’s psychological problem of animal hoarding. Of course, as many commenters have said, she was clearly too far gone for them to make ANY progress in one day–even I could see that. But by getting her consent (which appears to be their plan) they would be getting Ms. Palmer to recognize the condition of the animals and also make a “break through” about the situation she has created. Their job isn’t just to clean up the mess, but to get the individual to acknowledge their problem.

    Also, if they just tried to do what they wanted, I can probably safely guess that Ms. Palmer would have become physically violent with the staff. They did say that as soon as they left they would be calling the appropriate officials. It’s hard to explain in brevity here, but I can completely understand why they did not do what everyone claims is so easy: let the animals go. They are not just trying to clean a house, they are trying to help an individual grow beyond whatever coping mechanism is forcing them to hoard these animals.

    Frankly, I commend the Hoarders staff for remaining so calm and even trying to talk out this issue with a woman who is clearly very far from reality.

    • Anonymous says:

      you can’t treat personality disorders at the age of 66. Theres a window of time during youth when you can help change their destructive behaviors as much as possible but once it’s done, it’s done. 66 is far past doable. Actually, watching her say with pride that her daughter could “knock out” her son if she had the chance and then grabbing her daughter’s neck I honestly believe she is a sociopath and should only have minimal contact with society. I would call the police and just have her arrested for assault, end of problem- no Hanna, no need for any animals to be there.

  33. Lil says:

    I’m watching the show for the first time today and cannot believe the consideration given to this criminally insane woman. This is beyond the pale. I looked online because I was dumbstruck this old crone was not tossed in jail.

  34. Mickynix says:

    I’m going to go a completely diffrent way on this and call a spade a spade. The fact is we are dealing with a woman who has been abused and has abused all her life. She probably has little to no education and she seems to operate on an 4th or 5th grade level, almost adolescent. ie, “I’m the one who losses.” and “It ‘s all mine and you can’t touch it.” She sees the animals as a means to an end in that she has had to literally scrounge her whole life to have food. The chickens, ducks, turkeys, goats and lord knows what else provide her with the food she needs to live. she never wants to go hungry again so she feels that she must keep her animals and even get more animals just so she can insure her own survival. The whole family comes across to me as just one step above from feral. This woman will never change because she dosen’t have the mental capacity! Sad but true….

  35. concerned Jordan says:

    There have been a whole lot of topics brought up here. Obviously, we all agree that there has been mistreatment of the animals. I don’t agree with blaming the crew of Hoarders, though. In order to film the show on Hannas property, there would have been signed contracts and presumably some stipulations of what they were allowed to show and what they were allowed to do. Can anyone be sure what the contract said? I know I’m not, but I’m sure removing her animals from their cages would have violated the contract. And as mentioned before, it would have only been a very short term solution for the animals. I’m not arguing with anyone, just saying that I believe the show and the crew are doing what they can to help these people, and in this case, their animals. There is only so much they can do with the time given to them. This is one of those people that can’t be reasoned with, and will only get better with some serious therapy, or maybe its too far gone for that, and only a jail cell will stop her from abusing those in her care. I applaud the efforts of those involved in contacting officials to try to remove her animals from their unfit environment. In this system everything is so political that its hard to make progress. Best of luck, and I hope to see some justice served for the sake of all involved.

    • I’m sorry that you think it’s better to violate your morals rather than violate your contract with a production crew. I very strongly disagree with that mindset.

      • Anonymous says:

        your mindset is so adolescent, if everyone on that show did what you wanted them to do and got arrested for violated some law or contract, who is going to be there to go the the legal authorities and try to take care of the problem long-term?

  36. Lil says:

    If she becomes violent with the show’s people so much the better. Taser her and toss her in jail or a mental hospital where she belongs.

  37. Macco says:

    Like many of the newer posters above I just recently saw a rerun of the program. Interested, I went to the web to find out more about the disposition of her case. In addition to the great information I gleaned here from RealCityHousewife, I found this news article:


    I will be checking back in on the 2nd of February to see how she pleads, or if there is a postponement. I’m not a bar licensed attorney in Illinois (legal disclaimer, ha) but I am in New York and New Jersey. So here is my off-the-cuff analysis after a little research into the the strange waters of the Illinois Compiled Statutes:

    If the news report is accurate she is accused of 2 counts of “failure to comply with owner’s duties,” or 510 ILCS 70 §3. First offense(s) would be a Class B misdemeanor. Max penalties include 6 months in jail and a 1,500 dollar fine. This specific clause also allows for a court ordered psychological evaluation. Lastly, 510 ILCS 70 §17, the general penalty section, states that enjoinder (i.e. an injunction) can be ordered.

    Her other charge is one count of “improper disposal of a dead animal.” After a bit of head scratching as to whether this was a criminal act or administrative violation I located the appropriately named 225 ILCS 610 §17, under the Food and Agriculture Statute. The law specifies that a dead animal must be disposed of within 24 hours of death. First offense would be a Class C misdemeanor. Max penalties include 30 days in jail and a 1,500 dollar fine. **Personal note: Any law which has to define “blenders” used to liquefy animal parts turns me off….though I know it is necessary, it sounds, well, gross.

    Overall, my hope is that there will be a mandatory psych evaluation, either leading to or inclusive of a permanent injunction against owning animals. It wouldn’t be realistic to expect a fine. Likely she’ll be excused as destitute, and, let’s be frank, it wouldn’t do much good. She seems to be mentally ill and antisocial/abusive. Commitment to a mental institution, or even jail, seems a total impossibility without further offensive action on her part. Even though her charges are misdemeanors it is universally rare to get physical punishment if it is a first “non-violent” offense. That said, I don’t know the extent of her criminal background or how an Illinois court might incorporate that into sentencing.

    Just my two cents, but she strikes me as one sad and pathetic woman who likely got that way from abuse and has unfortunately passed that ignorant aggressiveness onto some of her kids.

    Hope this illuminates the situation a bit. -MRK

  38. JC girl says:

    If you go to judici.com and search Johnson county, Hannah Palmer has numerous charges of misdemeanors and a felony for her animals and the build up of trash and animal parts. Her other charges were in 2008.

  39. Kristin says:

    Hanna Palmer obviously has very serious mental and intelligence deficiencies. While I am disgusted by the cases on ‘Hoarders’, I’ve never been quite as frustrated and angry as I was throughout this episode. Not just at Hanna, but at everyone involved. She’s clearly nuts – but they’re supposed to know better.

    Hanna is a very ignorant, angry and abusive old woman. I’m certain she’s had a terrible life, and it’s obvious she’s created a terrible life for everyone who has ever been in contact with her – namely the family and animals who relied on her for their care.

    I’m upset and frustrated with A&E as well. They should have stepped back and allowed the animal control authorities to do their job while they were there. They had the authority to take real action. The psychiatrist (or psychologist – whatever) should have allowed them to do their job and instead shifted her focus to working with Hanna on what was happening and why. This is where concentrating on counseling her would have been helpful to her while keeping her out of the way of those in animal control, thereby allowing them to make some significant progress.

    By sending them away, I can’t help but think that allowed their need to control the situation (and their production schedule, etc.) to overshadow the immediate needs of those poor animals.

    The first and foremost priority should always be to help those who need medical assistance and protection. If she had been caught neglecting or abusing her children, the first priority would have been to remove them from her control. To do anything less to help children or animals or any other living creature in danger is nothing short of inhumane.

    If I had been there, I simply could not have stood by and allowed A&E to wield control over the situation, regardless of any contractual obligations or any other ridiculous reasons they had to standing between Palmer and animal control.

    I am a law-abiding upstanding citizen but I think there are plenty of situations when law has nothing to do with justice and logic. If the law couldn’t or wouldn’t step in and do what was humane and ethical, I would have. I would have absolutely no problem with going before a judge – or even going to jail – and I’m disappointed that too many people out there are so quick to ignore what’s right. Too many horrendous acts have been allowed to occur freely simply because it was legal. Justice is more important than legality.

    While freeing as many animals as possible and sneaking the sick ones into the care of those who could help, I realize this wouldn’t have helped Hanna long term. Hanna was obviously going to need help and supervision and (in my opinion, a lot of jail time), but the first priority should have been getting those animals out of those deplorable conditions.

  40. Charlene says:

    Why oh why did you write that gang of evil, evil sociopathic monster hypocrites for help?

    There’s little worse in the world than Hanna, but PETA is far worse.

    Shame on you for legitimizing those sociopathic evil hypocrites. Shame, shame, shame.

    • Say what you want about them, but they helped.

    • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

      The shame shame shame belongs on those who allowed this situation to become the tragedy that it is…….starting waaay back w/ her children’s abuse. The shame shame shame doesn’t belong on those try’n to finally do something to resolve it……to remove Hanna from the abuse biz. Focus on positive action, Charlene, and what you can do.

  41. ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

    Do you know if the court house was open today in Vienna,
    …….and if Hanna Palmer showed?
    Maybe you could call and talk to Robert Bradfield, the reporter covering this mess,
    @WPSD Local 6, and file an update…… to help do something!~ I tried to call but the phone number from their website went to a blizzardy buzzzzzzz.


  42. Macco says:

    Here is the update (shockingly the court was open, given the storm):


    The short story doesn’t go into detail about the proceedings or which of the 3 original charges she plead guilty to. I’m please to see an injunction was issued. Maybe in the 18 month period she will move on to just hording non-living things to fill her psychological void. Unfortunately my complete wish list, discussed in a previous post, did not come true. I thought mandatory counseling would be in order….but then again she might just be too old and stubborn for that to do any good. -MRK

    • Thank you for the update. Unfortunately 18 months isn’t nearly enough time at all. It’s better than nothing, but she got off way too easy. I hope she assaults someone when they come to take her animals so they have a reason to put her in jail.
      What a shame. I knew they would let her off with a slap on the wrist. I’m going to write another letter to this ridiculous judge.

    • anonymous says:

      There may be a silver lining here. Since Hanna Palmer doesn’t seem like the kind of person who will obey the judge’s ruling, she will probably attempt to have animals on her property before the 18 months is up (and under the same inhumane conditions as before). When she gets caught with them again, that will lead to bigger fines and a longer prohibition against having animals (maybe this time, it will be forever).

    • ~Luvz Cappuccino, Phd.~ says:

      Thanx ~Macco…….
      …….but why would the court allow the animals to stay in the family? If Hanna knows where they are (most probably she was there when her family came to gather them), she will definitely have compulsion to ‘visit’. Would a restraining order be possible? I wonder if she has been told that the animals will be hers again after 18 months?!~ Ohh m’gosh!~
      ……..and if the recitivism rate among hoarders is almost 100 percent, ….then yes, she’ll be back at it in no time…….well, 18 mo. time. The judge must think she’s a lost cause, with no chance (or welfare ca$h) for treatment, I agree.
      btw……on DrudgeReport.com, there’s an article re: 85,000 chickens killed when the ONE coop’s snow-packed roof fell. …..and Yes ~RCH, some people aren’t taking this seriously either; many of the comments are mc’nugget jokes.

  43. Cathy says:

    Wait- what? you guys seriously are crying about those chickens?
    How many of you are vegan? For those of you (and it appears that be most posters here) that feel this is “animal cruelty” you should educate yourself on how your DINNER animals are raised. I don’t think Hanna should be NEAR anything living, much less in care of anything, but really. Chickens on egg farms never see daylight either.
    It’s obvious that she has horrific congestive heart failure-I can’t believe she’s still alive.
    Social services in that county should be drummed up and penned in that trailer. That woman is so unable to properly care for herself. I can only think that her kids fend for her to give her back a portion of the hell she put them through.
    She’s not out of her fifties yet- but she has kids that look like they are in their mid-40’s. I am willing to bet that she started having kids at the age of 12, and the kid’s father is their father, grandfather, and great grandfather alike.
    The animals are suffering, yes, but not any more than your dinner animals are. This woman, however, is one big ball of pain.

    • I agree with you. That’s why I only buy meat and other products that come from animals (milk, butter, eggs) from the farmers market. I use soy milk instead of real milk when possible. I’m not a vegan, but I do what I can. I think most people have no idea where their food comes from, and if they knew they would be horrified. That’s why I have the “My Charities” link up top. There are educational videos and links there to help people learn about the cruelty of factory farming.
      Hopefully the show helped bring attention to this issue and made a few people think twice before eating a another Big Mac.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        My local store carries coconut milk sold in cartons in the fridge case by “so delicious” and it is GOOD! I like chocolate soy but not the white. Almond milk is good too. I keep a few chickens and eat their eggs, yummy eggs and the chickens are pets.

        • I like the chocolate soy milk too. Not as much as real milk, but I feel better about drinking it.
          The only thing with soy, it’s really watery. I wish they could find a way to “thicken” it. I tried the almond milk too recently. I mostly just use milk for cereal. I don’t like to drink it unless it’s chocolate.
          Someone mentioned fruit loops yesterday and I’ve got that stuck in my head. Lol. I’m debating weather or not to go to the store before it closes.

  44. Lonny Anthony Wedell says:

    My family used to raise animals and lived the farm life for a long time. That was the way we lived but NEVER like that. My grandfather constantly had vets checking his animals and even though they where pinned up they where never treated like that. That woman Hanna needs to be in a nut house the rest if her life. She has proven that she can not take care of her self let alone any thing else. Get the animals away from that lady and put her away. The law is too easy on this case.

  45. cindyinmaine says:

    @The only animals still on the property today are the chickens and some guinea pigs.

    Guinea pigs or guinea fowl? I didn’t see any guinea pigs, but she had a lot of guinea fowl… including the one that died in the ‘animal expert’s arms.

  46. Jessa says:

    I just watched the episode of Hoarders for the first time today. I am appalled at this woman and hope that she is never allowed to own an animal again.

    Thank you so much for the update. That would have bothered me for weeks not knowing if anything drastic was being done to correct this.

  47. Dan says:

    Hey, I have been a fan of the show Hoarders for many years, and have enjoyed watching the stories of people trying to turn their lives around and change their thinking, but after seeing this get rerun tonight where the A&E crew turns Animal Control away from a situation where animals are being abused, I am ill. I am no longer watching this show and my next stop is to let A&E know of my decision. I no longer support this show or their network. I am heartbroken over such a sick and irresponsible lack of judgement. They should have welcomed Animal Control in and allowed them to help rectify the situation. I am out. God bless U RCH and the commenters here, it is so great to find good people in the world who also find this to be wrong.

  48. Haven says:

    Save the animals, shoot that bloody witch. Seeing what I saw tonight….I’m still crying and upset hours later. How anyone can defend that piece of offal is beyond me, and I hope dearly that those poor animals got the help and mercy they needed.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Save the animals, shoot that bloody witch. Seeing what I saw tonight….I’m still crying and upset hours later. How anyone can defend that piece of offal is beyond me, and I hope dearly that those poor animals got the help and mercy they needed.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I have been a fan of the show Hoarders for many years, and have enjoyed watching the stories of people trying to turn their lives around and change their thinking, but after seeing this get rerun tonight where the A&E crew turns Animal Control away from a situation where animals are being abused, I am ill. I am no longer watching this show and my next stop is to let A&E know of my decision. I no longer support this show or their network. I am heartbroken over such a sick and irresponsible lack of judgement. They should have welcomed Animal Control in and allowed them to help rectify the situation. I am out. God bless U RCH and the commenters here, it is so great to find good people in the world who also find this to be wrong.

    • It was my understanding that the Animal Control authorities that were brought in by the show didn’t have the jurisdiction to confiscate the animals (because they were from out of state). Thus, their hands were tied. I thought I heard them mention that Hanna was being reported to local authorities so that they could remove the animals. Can someone confirm this?

      Hillbilly Hanna (“GEET OFFA MAH PROPERTEE!”) needs to be committed. She is obviously deranged. I think she and Augustine from Hoarders, Season 2 would make great roommates!

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