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Camille Grammer

Wow! What an episode. Watching this week’s show was quite the experience. I recalled many, many emotions. The most prominent were surprise and disappointment. (I think you mean joy and excitement.)

When I first started planning this dinner for the ladies, I was truly cautiously optimistic. (Optimistic that you would make Kyle look bad and come off as the victim?) A little time and distance had passed since “New York” and it seemed like a good idea to try to settle things down, a reconciliation. (Is that why you were telling your paid yes men friends that the women were “out the door already” before the dinner even started?) I thought it would be great if I could patch things up with Kyle. (You mean it would be great if she would kiss your ass and beg for forgiveness?) If not, then maybe we could at least get to a point where we could all be together in the same room and be civil to each other. I wanted to extend an invitation, and hope for the best. (Meaning make Kyle look bad? How’d that work out for ya?)

My plan was simple, (Obviously not simple enough since you were unable to carry it out) to have a dinner party with all of the ladies and invite a couple of my friends as icebreakers. (Icebreakers? Ha!) Dedra has been so dear to me over the years and gets along with almost everyone. (Everyone you tell her to get along with) Allison was a perfect choice in my mind because not only is she a good friend but also is witty, (I think you are confusing “witty” with another word… like “insane” maybe?) entertaining, (can’t argue with that, she was entertaining) and compelling. (compelling as a train wreck) She had always gotten along well with my friends in the past. I knew she would be a welcome distraction for us. (Distraction? Yes. Welcome? HELL no!) Her career is interesting and usually leads to a variety of conversations. (Except conversations about her career – because that’s forbidden conversation, right?) This may be just what we needed to keep from rehashing our past disagreements, to forge into a whole new direction and the opportunity to have a night without negative exchanges. (Yeah, ok Miss “I saw you naked in Playboy!“) I thought once we had a friendly get-together under our belt our future interactions would precede more easily. (Well I guess your psychic should have warned you that that’s not what was going to happen, huh?)

Oh, how wrong was I!?! (How wrong you still are… In SO many ways…)

The night of the dinner party I was very nervous for obvious reasons. (Because you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and thought you might possibly shit yourself?) As a side note, it may not come as a surprise to the viewers, but I when I get nervous I smile and laugh. (I don’t think that’s nervousness, I think that’s pure joy over the drama and chaos you create) I know that there are other people that do this as well. It isn’t something that I try to do, it just happens. (Yes, we are all aware that you don’t mean to reveal your true feeling about situations through your facial expressions, it just happens) I don’t know if there is a medical name for this, (it’s called being a bad liar) but a friend of mine who also reacts similarly, says it is just a nervous reaction, nervous energy finding an outlet. She is probably right, but it does lead to some confusion with people who don’t know me well.

I worked hard at being a good hostess to the housewives, (HAHA! Yeah, ok!!) most of who had never been to my home before. The party was going fairly well until Kyle walked in with her friend. (You mean until you decided to attack her friend for no reason?) I just felt something was off when I greeted her friend and welcomed her into my home. I’m not sure if it was because she wouldn’t look me in the eye or if it was just a change in the energy of the room. (Paaaraaanoid…) As the night progressed, it became obvious she wasn’t there for the food and sparkling dinner conversation. (No, she was there as an enemy combatant to attack and destroy you in your own home. Clearly.) It appeared that she was stalking the perimeter of the conversation, just waiting for her chance to pounce. When she found her opportunity she kept antagonizing my guests and stirring the pot. (Must be that damn editing again I guess.)

Finally Allison had justifiably had enough. (Enough of what?) She felt the need to defend me as well as herself. (You mean, defend you and herself against being called out on the truth) She is a fiercely loyal protective friend and no shrinking violet. For this I am grateful and I appreciate and love her dearly. (That’s why you put her in a position where you knew she was going to get drunk and destroy her reputation? Nice friend.) Unfortunately we had reached the point of no return. The whole night started to resemble a freight train out of control.

I was deeply hurt, (hurt that Kyle didn’t get on her knees and beg you for forgiveness) surprised (surprised that the peasants dared to call you out on your actions) and disappointed (disappointed that DD didn’t attack the other women the way Allison did). I felt so ambushed in my own home. (Funny, since the only one ambushing people was you) After the other ladies left I talked with my friends about the evening’s events. We were all shell-shocked and I said some things I wish I had not said. (You mean you said things you wish hadn’t been caught on camera)

At this time I want to apologize to Kyle and her husband Mauricio. (How many PR people did it take to convince you do to this?) We have worked with Mauricio for several years, and I think he is a lovely person. (That’s why you were ready to fire him over an argument with his wife?) I must apologize for my comments because I believe they really have a great marriage, and he does love his wife. (We know you believe this, and it’s one of the reasons for your anger and jealousy towards Kyle) It was the end of a very volatile day with emotions raging and tempers flaring. I reacted out of frustration, (you mean jealousy?) and made statements that should not have been said. I sincerely (<– bullshit) apologize to Kyle and Mauricio for my statements and truly don’t believe what was said.

Back to (the) story, I wonder how many people have actually succeeded in establishing the goodwill I had hoped for under such trying circumstances. (Huh?) That night all just went so horribly wrong. (Actually I think that night when pretty much the way you had planned. The only thing that went horribly wrong was the reaction of the public which you were not expecting) All I had to show for my good intentions (Good intentions? LOL!) and efforts were some fresh bruises for me, (always the victim, huh?) and many ruffled feathers for the housewives.

I remember thinking to myself, why did I agree to do this show? (Because you were jealous of your husbands fame and wanted some for yourself? Or because he pushed you to do the show so the world could see how awful you were and forgive him when he left you?) Is this as bad as it gets? It has to be, right?

Again, how wrong was I?!!! (Good! So that means you’ll be looking even worse in future episodes. Can’t wait!)

Until next time,


PS: I want to extend a special thank you to my good friends Allison and Dedra. I appreciate that we are still close friends even after I exposed you to such an explosive evening. I love that you stood by me and came to my defense. (Now DD came to your defence? You said on the show that Allison was the only one who had your back) I only wish the evening had turned out differently. But, as you both know, no one is more disappointed at the outcome of that evening than I am. (If they are such good friends, why are you talking to them in a blog? Is the woman who holds and dials your phone for you off today?)

A few comments from Camille’s Bravo Blog:

And I actually managed to find one comment in support of Camille. But still not one comment anywhere (Bravo, blogs, youtube, twitter) in defense of Allison. Not one.


Thanks Pamela, for finding the link to Camille’s blog.

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134 Responses to BS Bravo Blogs: Camille Grammer’s (deleted) Blog About The Dinner From Hell

  1. 7and7is says:

    I re-watched the dinner party last night…I took an ambien about a half hour before the show and feel asleep…anyway, had anyone noticed that the lovely Camille has eyes exactly like a shark? Cold,black and dead. The only joy she seems to feel is when she is making Kyle miserable. Nice lady…she is getting everything she deserve. It’s called karma, bitch!

  2. boston02127 says:

    Great blog, I missed it all the first time around. Thx.

  3. Daisy says:

    I hope they have CamilleToe on suicide watch, because harming herself seems likes the only logical strategy left in her battle to be the victim. She is clinically insane and seriously needs to quit the show. There is no coming back from this for her; no redemption at all….know that!

    Sure, she will have her money, but that is all she will have. Who will be her friend after what has been done on national television to her now widely known paid flunkies: Nick (making him appear to be in an affair with her when his wife just had a baby), DD (the ne’r-do-well homeless leech [didn’t CamilleToe diss homeless ladies?]), and now Allison (the psycho psychic from hell). Not that these people had much going for them in the character department in the first place, especially Allison, but why throw the only people that can stand being in the same room with you under the bus to make you look better? If I were them, I would regret the day I ever laid eyes on that wildebeast.

    I don’t know what Bravo has done here, but making a malignant narcissist the Butthole of the Century, is not a very smart thing to do. If we hear that the nannies have been fired, child protective services should be called STAT.

  4. Daisy says:

    Great job on slicing and dicing that blog, RCH. It was a disgusting example of her true nature, and you definitely called each and every BS word. I am glad they pulled it from the site because people were letting her have it right and left, as they should. I didn’t read one psycophantic post regarding her upstanding character, and if you look on the Two Cents blog, they were letting AD have it years ago. She’s been nasty for a very long time.

  5. LuvToLoveU says:

    I wonder (not really) why Bravo deleted the blog? I hope Kelsey’s Ex wife can support Allison now that she’s destroyed her career!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      My guess is that perhaps Hammy, genius strategic thinker that she is (not), figured that the continued existence of that episode’s blog (wherein she smears Kyle & Faye & blames them for everything) might have called into question Hammy’s oh so “sincere” on air apology to Kyle on WWHL.

      Hammy’s “spontaneous and sincere apology” is one of those WWHL moments that ranks up there with Dwight’s discussion of his penile implant & Kim Z’s “singing.”

      Additionally, Hammy was getting quite the smack down on Bravo’s site & Hammy really is such a sensitive soul….after she’s done cleaning her dripping knives and then swearing to her permanent state of victimhood, boo, hoo.

      In short, she can dish it out but can’t take it. When I read Hammy’s twisted version of anything, I’m reminded of that Jack Nicholson line from “As Good as it Gets:” “Sell crazy someplace else.” We’re not buying it, Hammy.

      • LilyLynn says:

        I think the psychic sensed RCH’s hobby blog out there in the universe (or more probably she was just sent the link), and warned Camille to delete her blog before it became a BS Bravo Blog. But, know this, the warning came too late.

  6. Waxdiva says:

    Camille=CamelToe…LOL! Great name!

    I despise Camille. Period.

  7. Interesting. So Camille took that blog out? Did she finally hire someone who has the psychic ability to see that Camille’s public image needs some help after she systematically destroyed it with her obvious bullchit on this show? lol

    I don’t believe for one minute that Camille didn’t make up that whole “Kyle said this” lie for attention. She’s no dummy, even if she is vile. Who gets the most attention in these shows? The one who causes the most drama. Camille has been in the business of showing herself any way she can for attention (nudity, porn, now acting provocatively on reality TV). All that smirking is because she means to provide the conflict and she’s happy when she does. Her payroll-friends all work for her on some level and are all plugging themselves, so they do and say whatever is needed because they’re all acts in the same circus. The fact that the “psychic” was too clueless to realize she was seriously damaging her own “career” is really funny.

  8. captaincarebear says:

    Camille, karma is a biotch.

  9. Waxdiva says:

    This is very OT, but a wonderful thing to do, especially if you have kids in your life… they will love it:

  10. bacasam says:

    SO GLAD you caught this before deleted and RH wife producers thought they struck gold with Teresa lol
    Dochaknow Andy and WWHL crew are desperate to have Allison on the show… hope
    so, what a riot

  11. Mr Danielle says:

    Great blog RCH, isn’t it amazing that no matter how vile some of these women are, there are always some people out there that take their side. Even Danielle Staub has supporters, as does Theresa, Phaedra, Taylor, and now Camille. Maybe because the supporters are one out of a million, they consider themselves one in a million, somehow special?

    • Vonya says:

      Those are the same people who encourage the housewrecks to record a song when they have NO, ZERO talent–they shouldn’t even be encouraged to sing Happy Birthday at a kid’s party! “Money can’t buy you class, my friend” but it can buy you a car so you won’t be “tardy for the party” when you’re “real close” but need to “Google me” for directions. What kind of song do you think CamGram will sing (cuz I bet her “Side-Kick-Psycho” is telling her she’ll have a hit and win a Grammy–not to be confused with a Grammer, that boat’s sailing away…..and FAST)? Seriously, if another pitchy, squawking, no talent broad steps into the recording studio, our ears are gonna bleed!

  12. TEB says:

    Great job RCH!! I wish there was some way to let Camille know that her blog is still out there……

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Camille set up the dinner from hell and then sat back and watched as her “friend” Allison went out of control! In my world – a hostess would never attack a guest (Faye) or allow anyone else to attack their guests (Allison). The Las Vegas/NYC should not have been brought up (Kim egged that one on by going after Taylor). Watching the plastic Camille try to contain her glee at the meelee she created sealed her fate with viewers – she is the garbage of the BH franchise. Her call in to WWHL to apologize to Kyle was fake, insincere and only further damaged her credibility. And no one paid me to say this!

  14. Tam5115 says:

    You know who is happy right now? Jill Zarin. Even she couldn’t get this level of disgusting going on. LOL

  15. Dalai Mama says:

    I suggest Camille host a Dinner Rematch, this time with each lady bringing a Celebrity Aggressor Foil along with them, each with convenient catchphrase. Some possibilities:
    Clint Eastwood for Kyle: “Get off my lawn.”
    Joan Rivers for Kim: “Camille honey who’s your plastic surgeon – Madame Tussaud?”
    Dina Lohan for Adrienne: “I am sueing each of you for 26 million and custody of these cocktail glasses.”
    Eddie Izzard for Lisa: “Yes, but do you have a flag?”
    Teresa Giudice for Faye: “Is Hustlah bettah?”
    and of course…
    Mel Gibson for Camille: “Youshe sugah tsss gozza hot tub mah blow jhab whamma blahhhh.”

  16. Hooked on HW says:

    Did anyone else catch that when Camille and D.D. were in her closest picking out an outfit for the evening that they said the “Screw You” shirt was for Monday night….then when all the HWs arrived and were getting their cocktails in the kitchen Camille asked if they were going to the event on Monday…coincidence? NOT!

    • Is that what she said? I thought she said the screw you shirt was for dinner. What was the event on Monday?

      • Hooked on HW says:

        D.D. actually said Monday…I have On Deman, this is the conversation:
        Camille: this is the screw and on the back it says you, so it says Screw You
        D.D.: I know I love that, maybe you should wear that tonight, no teasing
        Camille: that’s for another night
        D.D.: that’s for another night. That’s Monday night
        Camille: My anthem

        I am not sure what the “Monday event” is but I guess it’s either the fashion show or costume party thing they show clips of.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          I think Monday was the event Kyle was attending, where Hammy sent her the “your hubby’s ass is fired” text??

          If that’s indeed correct, that would prove the whole “I want to make up & have peace” dinner was a sham and a set up as we already knew; and also prove that before the dinner from hell even took place, Hammy was already planning to stick it to Kyle at/during the Monday event.

          I think someone else pointed that out previously in the BH blog recap here? but sorry I can’t remember who & am too lazy busy right now to check.

      • I think Camille did say something about wearing the screw you shirt for the dinner, but her assistant/paid for “friend” discouraged it.

        Re: beach photos- the daytime ones are usually taken with my little Sony Cybershot DSC W370. But the sunset ones are taken using the Sony Cybershot.

  17. Sangfroid says:

    I keep tripping over this.
    “our future interactions would precede more easily”
    She means proceed right?
    “it became obvious she wasn’t there for the food and sparkling dinner conversation.”
    Sparkling conversation beginning with,”Who is Faye?” and was there actually any food? Drinks aplenty, yes.

    I don’t think she watched the episode, and what she remembers is veiled by a haze of alcohol or other recreational chemical.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Camille, like Danielle, like Teresa, like (insert the name of the uber bitch of any HW franchise) all have a habit of trying to rewriting what they so clearly did on their show. None of them think they deserve the negative comments/reactions they receive or are capable of making a sincere apology! Playing the victim makes for funny tv. But at the end of the day – they are all still bitches and they are all still getting what they so richly deserve.
      By removing Camille’s latest blog is pretty lame – wonder if Andy will comment on it at the reunion…..

  18. Tam5115 says:

    Not that this has anything to do with Camille’s blog, but damn, I have to learn how to shut off my computer before I have that fourth glass of merlot.

    I checked my e-mail (kinda hit and miss for me syk) and find that Kelsey now follows me on Twitter! What was I thinking in the wee hours of Sunday morning??? ffs. I’m also following a couple people that I have no idea at all who they are.

    • LilyLynn says:

      Lol 🙂 know this, if you have a third glass, you will always have a fourth. Also, I can’t stop using the phrase “know this.” I love that about me.

    • CAgirl says:

      ha ha, my friends and I have been discussing commercialization of a “keyboard breathalyzer for years now!!

      • Tam5115 says:

        That’s a damn good idea… for reals

        • CAgirl says:

          Right? Because it doesn’t hurt to be reading/surfing after a few glasses of vino, it’s only when you involve the keyboard that trouble may ensue :-). I plan on using my imaginary KB for the rest of the weekend while i enjoy the festivities–happy holidays everyone!!!!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Hey Tam, Who are you on twitter, do I follow you? I have no clue, I really “know” no one and don’t get into it much, exchange a pleasantry here and there. Just got into it from the blog here. I see Meg there, haven’t seen her here lately.

    • Vonya says:

      At least you didn’t fall for Lisa’s answering machine joke!! And CamGram was sober when she did so what does that say about her? She’s dumber than a sack of hair! Know that…..Oooh, I went there, and I love that about me.

  19. Tuzentswurth says:

    Oh Christmas Gold!! A BS Bravo blog….the deleted one no less. RCH has brought us a Christmas miracle. Thank you for the lovely gift. It’s perfect, just what I wanted, how did you know?
    Yes, unfortunately I think when we see next week’s episode and Camille continues her vile behavior it will be beyond obvious what her intentions were despite her phony protests now. Camille (and Allison, but she is irrelevant) is crazier and more bizarre than KKB or Teresa. I seriously hope she is sequestered somewhere and in intense therapy. She needs it.
    The responses have been priceless, insightful and hilarious. Thanks to all here for the fun unwind this evening.
    @Waxdiva, thanks for sharing the PNP link. It’s wonderful!
    You ladies and guys are great!

  20. Adgirl says:

    I’m convinced Camille has Jill Zarin’s crack team of PR people advising her (who she ignores). So when things inevitably blow up Camille calls her Big Attorney (probably Jill’s too) and gets the blog pulled.
    I always thought Jill had an attorney threaten Amazon and Bravo over the online comments (remember how fast RHONY was pulled off TWOP???).

    • LynnnSoCal says:

      Merry Almost Christmas! I posted link to Bravo contract on IHJZ. Bravo owns those blogs. I can’t understand why they would remove it. CamelToe doesn’t have to read the comments. She would have to have an attorney and a Dr maybe saying the blog was a making her feel extreme mental anguish or that she felt her life was in danger. They sign their lives away for these semi-scripted, fictionalized versions of their reality. She certainly stepped out of Kelsey’s shadow. How’s that working for you, Hammy?

  21. Miss Anthrope says:

    The thing is, there was no need for anyone to “defend” Camille. Nobody was attacking her whatsoever. Kyle even brought her a fucking gift! She started off by calling out Faye on the Playboy shit. And granted, I do think it’s in pretty poor taste to do a Playboy spread right after you became “famous” for your friend being murdered. But who is Camille to judge? She not only did Playboy, but actual PORN. And really, who the hell says stuff like that at a dinner party?

    As for Allison…

    She was practically begging for the women to ask her about her career. The minute they walked in they were like, “OMGZWTFBBQ DID U KNOW SHE IS THE GIRL FROM MEDIUM!!!!!!!!!?” So wtf? Obviously she wanted that kind of attention.

    The things she said and the way she acted are totally inexcusable. She’s a nutbag if I ever did see one. Like….Kelly Bensimon caliber.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Fae posed in Playboy once three years after the murders. Camille was in Playboy 15 times and performed explicit acts in at least one soft porn flick. She has zero room to call anybody out. You simply don’t call somebody out that way when they’re sitting at your dinner table. It’s vile behavior, no matter how you look at it. I really want to know why they pulled her blog. I wonder if her lawyer(s) got involved?

  22. Sangfroid says:

    Best wishes of the Season.
    May you all enjoy good company, good food and good drink.
    I hope that TT in OC and any others in that part of the country are safe and well.
    Now to turn the Keyboard breathalyzer on while I can still find the switch.
    Joy and Peace

  23. Vonya says:

    I was laughing my butt off when Camille warned everyone that Allison would know if their husbands were having an affair….She obviously isn’t the best side-kick-PSYCHO cuz she didn’t tell her dear friend Cami that Kelsey was knocking up his younger mistress! That was priceless! It was also funny when DD was trying to signal the drunk psycho broad from hell to shut up before she said something on camera that could come back to bite her in the butt! (Thank goodness she missed the hint–she certainly gave us plenty to laugh at!!)

  24. chris says:

    actually, i was on camille and allison’s side on this. i thought allison was being a friend, backing camille up. yes, she was acting coy and a little annoying but basically she wasn’t a chicken and she didn’t let those other witches intimidate her like they tried to do. i don’t think any of them has a right to feel superior to anyone else. not one of them is anything special. i’m surprised at all the nasty comments about the show “Medium.” come on, people, it’s a TV show, not a biography. i was actually interested in seeing what the real “medium” looks like. she’s pretty and she’s articulate. i’d rather have a friend i can trust to back me up than a supposed friend who attacks me or is cruel to her own sister.

    • Morgaine Swann says:

      Allison was an embarrassment to other psychics. She did us all damage with that performance. Her behavior was crude and unethical, and she said unforgivable things to Kyle and about Kyle that demonstrated quite clearly that she had been coached by Camille. Kyle is having normal reactions to an outrageous accusation from a mentally ill person. Most people are ill-equipped to deal with a malignant Narcissist like Camille.

      • Vonya says:

        She’s not just an embarrassment to psychics, mediums, etc….She and Cami are an embarrassment to the entire female gender! They make us all look bad by fueling the gender biases that strong women (or, as much as I hate to use the psycho’s phrase, “Alpha Females”) around the world fight so hard to prove unfounded every day. They should be ashamed of the example they’re setting for women of all ages.

    • Vonya says:

      Blame booze, editing, whatever was in that ciggie she was SOOOO intimate with, or her trying to suck up to her show’s producer, but the simple fact is, she made an AS* of herself and all the spin in the world can’t fix that. She’s incompetent and unprofessional and when she said she wouldn’t help the ladies if they came to her because one of their children was missing, she really crossed the line! (Ooh, I went there….) Her two legs should have carried her out to sober up instead of to the bar so she could grab more booze and keep running her mouth! Lisa was spot-on when she said she wouldn’t be comfortable trusting her as a psychic who may have access to secrets, intimate thoughts, emotions, etc.

      Know this; SHE blew it, no one else in that room could have done the damage that SHE did to her own reputation. We get to watch her do it again and again and again…… I love that about Bravo!! That footage will never, EVER go away–yay!

    • Hi Camille. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  25. SoFlo Lulu says:

    Has anyone realized that Camille is having an affair with married Rick or Nick or whatever his name is? How about riding away on his motorcycle with him…where is his wife? Half the time, he and Camille have to catch themselves from kissing or pawing each other because the camera is there. Do you think Kyle would say it’s okay for her husband Mauricio to go riding on the same motorcycle for the day with an attractive female “friend”…WHY IS NO ONE Noticing this???? Camille – fess up – Kelsey might have had his mistress in NYC, but you’ve got your fling in BH…! Oy!

    • Waxdiva says:

      This was reported earlier.
      The story is that Nick was in Hawaii with Cami, returned with her to BH and Kelsey found them together, which was the impetus for their divorce.
      Nick was also in the audience when they all went to NY to see Kelsey.

      • Morgaine Swann says:

        That’s the first I’ve heard of that – what’s the source? It makes perfect sense, I’m just surprised I haven’t seen it before.

        I read hundreds of comments on dozens of blogs since this episode and I’ve only seen 4 positive comments about Allison, including the one here. As a professional psychic, I can tell you that her behavior was patently unethical, and there wasn’t a bit of psychic ability shown, unless she got Camille and Kyle confused, which can happen in such close proximity, but I don’t think that’s the case. She walked into the room with a script to follow.

    • Vonya says:

      They are WAY too affectionate with one another–he’s married with a new baby but he’s meeting up with Cami in Vegas and NYC, dinner at her house WITHOUT his wife, kissing her ON the mouth…….If he was my hubby, well, he wouldn’t be my hubby anymore! What kind of cad leaves his new baby and wife alone to travel and spend time alone with his “friend’s” wife??? Cami never spends time with her children….heck, she paid someone to carry them and give birth to them and now she pays four nannies to care for them!! If Cami & Nick are having an affair, they deserve each other!

  26. Nika says:

    It looks like that pyscho DuBois is doing damage control on her website. She’s claiming it was reckless editing and not representative of who she is…those editors should get an award. Know that!

    She also claims she was being protective of her friend after hearing how the housewives had treated CamelToe. Hmmmm…..didn’t she tell Faye that she and CamelToe had NOT discussed anything about the housewives prior to that night? Of course, not counting the comments about how some of them were “new friends and already old friends” immediately before the arrival of the rest of the guests.

    Also, remember when Camille told Kyle to “dress nice” when she invited her….clearly she didn’t give that note to Allison. What the hell was she wearing? Did she borrow one of Kelsey’s sweaters? That was NOT a cocktail party outfit. Unfortunately, the least of her problems that night.

    Camille attacked Faye…that was not clever editing. Interesting given all the nude pictures of Camille that have surfaced since then. Camille is an opportunistic narcissist. Kyle didn’t attack Camille at any point during that evening, so not really clear on what Allison was “defending.” Camille has duped yet another unsuspecting soul into believing that she is a victim.

    Alison and Camille deserve each other. She can tell when Camille will die, too, right? I LOVE that about her. 😉

    • CAgirl says:

      Yup, there was some “reckless editing” going on there–like Alison should have edited her facial expressions and verbal assaults, knowing that she’d be on the tee-vee. Maybe she forgot she wasn’t on the set of Medium, and instead of the Patricia Arquette character we got the girl from the exorcist. Sheesh, I agree they can edit sequences, but they really can’t edit what you say, and there’s no context for the vast majority of her behavior at that dinner party that could make her look any better, IMO. She should maybe rethink using Camille’s PR team and just apologize for being a giant jerk…

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Funny “I know the future” Allison didn’t know how much of a hit her “image” would take in that episode.

      The only way “editing” could be to blame for how she appeared is if she announced at the beginning that she was just going to pretend to be a psycho bitch on wheels and they edited out that announcement.

      The only thing missing from her performance at that dinner party was the Paranormal State guys showing up and performing an exorcism on her. Ha!

      I wonder if we start writing in now to Andy Cohen, maybe we could get Allison on the reunion show? Make sure she has a few cocktails beforehand & then she can rail against the evil editors (*puff, puff*) and tell everyone when they’re going to die. Maybe they could skype her ass in.

      • CAgirl says:

        I think she’d be a lot more entertaining than Kim G was on the NJ reunion. And they could ply her with a bathtub of gin, in keeping with the 20’s flapper theme!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      LOL, She doesn’t even need psychic ability to “know that” she just called herself a liar by saying she was being protective AFTER HEARING how the housewives treated her. (Still no italics b/c my powers are so hard to control I don’t want to break the blog and affect everyone’s computers again).
      Best plan for Allison, let me go into a deep trance, oh, I got it; STFU and go away.

    • Navymommy says:

      I just checked out her website and she said the vitriol made her physically ill. I ain’t no slycic but perhaps it was the alcohol and not the vitriol that made her ill. Plus the effects of the nicotine in the cartridge of her faux cigarette that she sucked on like a turbo charged Dyson…

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Quote from Allison’s website:
        ” I was there only as support for my friend Camille who had told me how painful her interaction with the other housewives was and it was making her physically ill. I’m very protective of my friends/family and was there to support my friend.”
        So, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick was absolutely right when she called BS on Allison at the table. A psychic should be able to predict that she would get caught up in her own lies. I think the episode was very representative of what happened that night and of who Allison Dubois is. Allison’s opinion that it was reckless editing seems to be another of her psychic failings.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Yeah, Allison can’t keep track of her stories: first she didn’t know nuttin’, they never discussed the interactions, painful or otherwise, between the castmates. (Which we knew was false just from the “3 weird sisters” toasting each other in the kitchen…h/t to Mickey & W.S.) Now, Cam did “tell” her about what allegedly went down with the others, & so of course Ally McLoon was primed to “defend” her friend by attacking the others. Which is precisely what she had previously denied knowing & doing at all.

          Allison really must be a dunce: she didn’t even claim to have learned of Hammy’s “plight” through her intuitive psychic abilities. Idiot. Suddenly Allison don’t know shit unless someone tells her. Like, duh.

          As an aside: why is it when some folks are really terrible people and/or serious wackos they are so quick to claim others make them sick?

          Let’s see…Kiki “I’m not crazy” Kookoo Bensimon, Danielle Staub, & now Hammy Crammer.

          Kiki….claims she was throwing up with apprehension before the Virgin Islands trip, since B was going to kill her & others had warned her & who knows what else. So what does she do? Goes to the Virgin Islands with the group of course & then loses her shit. (Andy, we’re still waiting for that “lost footage.” Maybe a nice little DVD bonus release or download before the next season RHONY premiere?)

          Didn’t Danielle mentioned she was puking &/or had diarrhea for days/weeks/whatever before the infamous table tossing dinner? Or something like that? These women were so awful & hateful to her that she’s apparently puking &/or shitting up a storm at the mere thought of them. So of course she goes to the dinner with the whole bunch!

          So of course when Hammy Crammer is brought to the point of being physically ill by her colleagues on the show, what does she do? Ask Allison & Dede to bring her some Pepto Bismol & a bag of Depends? Don’t be silly! She does what any “normal” person does in that kind of situation: she invites them all to her house for dinner!!!! Yeah. That’s such a natural thing for an IBS sufferer to do: combine food and stress in one great big wallop. As the topper on evening, Ham sics her personal little psycho buddy on them.

          And then these women all claim they’re victims. Pulleeeze.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            I sent this:
            On Wednesday 29th December 2010, @tuzentswurth said:

            @BravoAndy Can you address this quote from Allison Dubois’ website at the BH reunion show?
            “I aired in an episode of HW of BH that was to say the least, in my opinion, recklessly edited and was not representative of what actually happened that night nor who I am. I was there only as support for my friend Camille who had told me how painful her interaction with the other housewives was and it was making her physically ill. I’m very protective of my friends/family and was there to support my friend.”
            Was it reckless editing and why did she claim no knowledge of the fighting at dinner (which Faye R said at the dinner she didn’t believe) yet clearly claims here that she did know?

            It would be great if Andy got bombarded with this or a similar question. Of course, he artfully ignores anything he wants to ignore.

  27. rippiroo says:

    Thanks so much for publishing this blog! I was looking for it and saw on the message board that it had been deleted. I was browsing the comments and for some reason decided to jump to page 50 and, voila! There was your wondrous link! Oh, Camille, what a mess she is! She managed to make many of us feel that pompous ass Kelsey is doing the right thing by dumping her even more pompous ass-ness!

  28. Navymommy says:

    This is my new fav HW blog. I had commented on Camitoe’s victim blog posting, went back to check it and poof! it was gone. Now I know why. I suggest everybody bombard Andy Cohen for an explanation at the reunion show. Oh and definitely invite Alky Allison. I want to know why she didn’t tell Camitoe her husband was cheating on HER!

  29. Vonya says:

    I wish there was a show with all the former significant others, hubbies, baby-daddies and insiders giving us the real scoop on these broads….imagine the possibilities….I’d love to hear from the former Mr. Danielle (or Beverly-or whatever she was calling herself then), Mrs. Big Papa, KookooKel’s ex-shutter-bug hunny, and oooh yeah, we MUST get the dish from the party-crashing MicTar Sala-nnabes mummy-on-the-vine, Missus Nick-the-Cam-sitter and the Side-Kick-Psycho………..I know I’d definitely “watch what happens” (probably several times)! So, let’s come up with some great monikers for the “cast” that knows all about the past!! (I know it sounds devious, but I can’t wait to hear what everyone comes up with…..this is gonna be so much FUN!!!)

  30. Tuzentswurth says:

    Watching TV last night, I saw an episode of Wendy Williams with the BH HW. Must have been a month or so ago b/c they showed a clip of the show they said was the upcoming show and it was awhile back.
    Camille was asked about the pressure and she said that she had QUIT the show, but then decided that she isn’t a quitter so she returned. I wonder if that was during the time when they showed the episode where she was absent except for trying on dresses for the Tony Awards (you can never keep track b/c of the non-linear editing). Surely the dinner from hell was b4 she knew about Kelsey’s extracurricular activities. I found it interesting that she quit but Bravo was obviously able to talk her into continuing. She is so vapid and narcissistic it probably wouldn’t be difficult, I’m sure she thought she could turn the tides in her favor. *clueless*

    • Navymommy says:

      Famewhores aren’t quitters! If she steps down before she truly seals her infamy ala Danielle, she might fade away. Then all she’s stuck with doing is managing four nannies and her housemanager, botox and bolt-ons, acting inappropriately with anything that has a penis, how in the world will she justify her exhaustion to her poor, cancer-stricken mom? Oh yeah, she COULD go back to the soft porn…

  31. Waxdiva says:

    Good Morning!!! Just had to share this… a recent post of mine re Tom ‘celebrity magnet’ Murro and KimG got a response from him:

    If you can think of any further titles for the category, please post them…

  32. candy says:

    I would have to say that I see shit too when I’m drunk- let me play the psychic and I will tell you all what I think. If this is what friends with money is all about, I will stick to my loser buddies, at least I know that they aren’t going to gang up on me. Talk about hypocrisy in calling the kettle black Camille, sad- Playboy- fake hair, boobs and DD’s hubby and now Kelsey’s money. I hope Kelsey has you psychic evaluated because your a NUT, give that lady an apple cuz she’s a fruit.

  33. Kimberly says:

    Allison, should be boycotted! ! What sane person would make comments like I can tell you when she will die, etc! She obviously thinks she is God! My goodness, Jekyll and Hyde!

    And to be a good friend….to Camille! What a laugh! Notice that Camille’s friends are all paid people, makeup, hair stylist, and Allison, someone through a show they were involved with (cancelled.)

    I don’t see any friends that are unpaid…Or have no financial gain or stake. Mauricio and Camille, no one that mean should have their butt kissed. It is not worth any money Realestate wise. Mauricio, you told Kyle you have to “protect your clients.” Protect your wife! She is angelic! Respective to the way she has been treated. I hope you mean “protect your clients” in the latin form, of keep your clients..

    • Vonya says:

      Isn’t it odd that her best/dearest friends are people she has to pay to get them there? Didi is doing her make-up, and as arrogant as CamGram is, if she had another makeup artist, Didi would be able to JUST be a supportive buddy. I also noticed the way they acted in the closet that Camgram hinted about getting someone in to clean and organize the closets….well, as they were trying to find something to wear, instead of Cam hanging a dress she considered, she handed the dress to Didi for HER to hang it. To me, that was just one little snub to remind Didi of her place in “the pecking order”. Too good to even hang up a damn dress?? How egomaniacal! The side-kick-Psycho is also on her payroll… can pay people to speak highly of you–look at how many politicians work that system!! (*DISCLAIMER: if CamGram goes into politics, please don’t hate me–it wasn’t a suggestion, just an observation.

      I do not think Psycho-Alli is a psychic/medium, etc….if she was good at that “job”, she should have known about Kelsey’s extra-marital activites so, she either sux at her job, or sux at being a friend. If she knew, she should have told her so, she sux as her friend. If she didn’t know, she shouldn’t brag about having psychic powers ANYmore.

  34. dj says:

    “our future interactions would precede more easily”
    This stupid bitch doesn’t know the difference between precede and proceed. Precede means to go before and proceed means to go forward. I don’t think she knows the meaning of most of the words she uses. She probably heard Kelsey use them and thought they would make her sound intelligent.

    • Vonya says:

      She reminds me the folks who use the “word-a-day” calendar. SHE was pernicious and reading “The Art of War”?? Puhleeez!

  35. dj says:

    Anyone who thinks that Allison DuBois is “articulate” obviously doesn’t know the meaning of the word. All I heard was f*** you and f***ing this and f***ing that. She is an ignorant, no class, alcoholic, psycho bitch.

    • Vonya says:

      One of my favorite things was when she was immitating the “tossing off” gesture. Classy–oops, I mean Trashy lady. Allison is obviously very low-bred and has no class at all! Her verbal communication skills are significantly lacking–unless we count all the four letter, single syllable words.

  36. Daisy says:

    I just read that CamelToe isn’t coming back for season 2… THANK GOD!!!

    Allison DuButt gave her psychic input on it, without a single premonition, prediction, or any soothsaying. Good for her. Perhaps she’ll go get an honest job.

    • Waxdiva says:

      Oh… I have a feeling she’ll be back… check out her video with Ellen… nothing has been settled and IMO, she wants to come back to rehabilitate her image as the biggest bitch on TV:

      • Daisy says:

        Oh goodness….why can’t she just go away and leave us all alone?!!?

      • CAgirl says:

        I DVR’ed the Ellen show today–I hate to say it, but I felt bad for her. Divorce is nasty business, and it looked like she had been suffering.

      • Vonya says:

        Camgram’s not strong enough to EARN the title “bitch”! She’s no more than a pathetic, weak, arrogant “poser”! She puts on her “I’m such a powerful but sweet, kind woman” mask when she has her “salaried cult of delusional Camgram devotees” and that sleazy Nick around to fall all over her, feed her ego and tell her how fantabulous (I hope I didn’t just use the stupid word that low-bred table-flipper-Teresa has trademarked) she is as they trash-talk everyone who dares speak out against her! She has no backbone and she loves playing the “victim”–anyone else reminded of a Jersey trainwreck? She’s been vilified in the media and on-line but ya know, when you see how manipulative, spiteful, conceited, selfish and lazy as she is, she’s earned it!

  37. glued2it says:

    This isn’t about Camille, it’s about Adrienne, but wasn’t sure where to post.
    I saw this photo of Adrienne on Gawkers and wondered what anyone here knows about it. Can this really be her??? maybe before plastic surgery??

    Scroll down half-way.
    Is this already posted on this site?

  38. car54 says:

    Camille just essentially outted Kelsey as a cross-dresser to Howard Stern.

    It was only a matter of time til she pulled that out of her bag of tricks.

    Very classy—nice thing for her kids to read some day.

    • Sangfroid says:

      Camille is in a desperate race to become the poster child for “Morally Bankrupt” on After all it is time for her to spread her wings and fly without using Kelsey’s name, and with total disregard for her children, methinks she has pulled it off.

    • I’m not surprised at all. About the cross dressing or that she’s talking about it.
      Camille said before that she was shocked and caught off guard by Kelsey leaving her. But here she just said that they stopped having sex years ago and that he told her he wanted to have sex with other people. So she couldn’t have been that surprised. I think her marriage was crap but she didn’t care as long as she kept getting to be “Kelsey’s wife”. I think she was just surprised that he actually left her. She is so in love with herself it probably never occurred to her that he would find someone else.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Camille always “hints” at things but won’t say them. It is soooo in her passive-aggressive nature. It will legally allow her to get away with a lot of BS without consequences. (Good for Kelsey for ignoring her and her p-a statements, I’m sure it just angers her more that she can’t get a reaction from him. Remember how delighted she always gets when she makes Kyle go off the rails?). She said something on “Access Hollywood” or what ever show I recently saw interviewing her. She was asked if the producers told her to act like that to cause drama. Her response was (not verbatim) You could say that, I’m not allowed to say that but you can say that. *shrug,smile*
      She also said…Kyle and I really are friends, we just clash sometimes like friends do. (again, not verbatim)
      This is contradictory to what we hear otherwise (aka a lie). Everything she says is a transparent PR attempt. When asked if she is quitting RH, she says, “We haven’t decided that yet.” “WE” who asshole? (Clearly they should make me an interviewer).
      Camille seems to me to be making the rounds to see if she can turn this thing around so she can continue on RH. (You know, this could have been an opportunity for her to hawk products, develop talk show, who knows what? Kelsey was maybe hoping for something like that to happen so he could avoid alimony? He underestimated her stupidity and high opinion of herself.)
      Camille is everywhere now, yuk. She won’t need money, I think she is afraid that she will be a “nobody” now so she is scrambling to rehab her image to keep a spotlight on her narcissistic self.
      After all, why would anyone be interested in her without Kelsey?? (Sound a lot like her “I’m just saying, Mauricio likes women, he likes a lot of women)

      • Sardonica says:

        I didn’t know our mid-term paper was due yet. Yours is well thought out and makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the links. I hope you get a good grade unless RCH grades on a curve. In which case I will have to undermine you finals

  39. Vonya says:

    Camgram’s “poor me” interview with Andy (on WWHL) is obviously an attempt at some major damage control-I have to wonder if she’s hoping her divorce attorney can use the show footage AND her recent interviews with anyone who has a camera and a pulse as evidence in the divorce. That may work against her because the footage of her all over another woman’s husband does not make her look good–ain’t karma a bitch?

    • Daisy says:

      Agree. I almost started connecting with her on WWHL, but then they showed the clip of her asking Nick (in front of his wife) for a kiss on the lips and then she played it to the camera. She’s a despicable individual, and any “sorry” I was feeling for her immediately took a hike.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I think she is more likely shooting herself in the foot by insinuating a lot of negative things about Kelsey. He plays it smart by not casting aspersions and not responding to her innuendos. She looks very tacky and unconcerned for her children.

  40. glued2it says:

    Can’t wait for RCH’s blog this week! I actually felt sorry for Camille in spots but knowing all the background kept me completely from going there. And it was just plain weird watching Kelsey in those scenes.
    Taylor has nearly hit my last nerve. What little liking I developed for her in those mid-season episodes flew out the window last night. That whole cheerleader scene at the restaurant w/Kyle & Lisa – WTH??? I was feeling Lisa’s disappointment (disgust?) and wished I could’ve grabbed Taylor by the shoulders and said ENOUGH with the camera whoring!!

    • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

      Totally agree. I guess I drank way too much wine last night when I watched WWHL, b/c Camille was coming off as funny and self-deprecating and, dare I say, *likable*?! <> I must just be getting soft or something.

      RCH, please come back and knock some sense into me!!!!

      • Sardonica says:

        Tracy Long Nic
        I am going to kick you in your a** if you keep up with that poor Camille stuff, Okay? Huh? Got it?? Now straighten up and get a grip!
        Your Friend In Real Housewivery,

  41. Sardonica says:


    • Vonya says:

      Is that like “midwifery” without the acceptable water breakage? Hey, I wonder if the side-kick-psycho had any water–or perhaps I should say “watered down booze” breakage to accompany what I can only pray was one big-ass hangover from hell after her “readings” at that notorious dinner table…..if there’s an ounce of karmic justice in the universe, she earned a big dose of nasty for the hateful, spiteful, immature and revolting things she (the side-kick-psycho) said and did that night! IMO, she owes every person present (including Camgram’s “staff”) a massive apology. She even owes Camgram an apology because she destroyed any miniscule amount of sympathy we “B thru Z” listers had for her. Guess the “medium” didn’t have the foresight to see that she was gonna get shit-faced, make an ass of herself, ruin her reputation and offend 90% of the folks who saw the show. Let’s see how her accurate she was: she was wrong about Kyle, didn’t see Kelsey cheating or that he was about to dump her “dear” friend, bragged that if any of the women had a missing child, she wouldn’t help them….Ooh, wait, she did say that Faye had two legs, and Faye did use them to walk out–I guess she was right about something afterall. Amazing!

  42. Michele D'Anjolell says:

    Camille, Why sell your Beaver Creek house? Just rent it out most of the year. Save a few special weeks for yourself. You can more than pay off any payments on it.

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