The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – I Decided Which One Is The Most Insane, And It’s Allison Dubois

I’m writing this recap on my lap top at the salon. I was going to wait until tomorrow to write it, but there was such a strong reaction from everyone yesterday so I figured I better get it done asap. Remember what I was saying the other day about taking a break from blogging until after the holidays? Yeah, me neither.

Before I start the recap I have to show you the picture that the TV site I watch my shows in uses as their RHOBH banner. Lol.


The show starts with a short scene of Lisa suffering from a bit of road rage due to the slow American drivers with their big streets and leisurely attitudes towards getting from point A to point B.


Camille and Taylor go out to lunch and Camille explains that it’s hard for her to forgive people and she’s working on that with self help books such as The Art Of War and The Prince. I guess she forgot that one episode ago she was saying that she’s the type of person who likes to forgive and forget and move on.
You know, I really thought Camille was pretty in the first episode, but now I don’t find her even slightly good looking. I think the saying “Beauty comes from within” is so true.


Camille warns in her interview that her friend Allison likes to drink, and when she gets drunk she likes to “hit below the belt”. And I’m sure that is exactly why she was invited to the dinner party in the first place.


Paul got his nose broken by his four year old son. Adrienne is proud that the kid is already so tough at such a young age. UFC here we come!


Paul is looking for a little sympathy, but he’s not getting any from Adrienne. She’s annoyed that he’s being a baby and complaining over a silly little thing like a broken bone. Adrienne is totally the husband in this relationship and Paul is the wife. I think it’s really funny seeing the roles reversed like that.


Camille called all the women to invite them to her set up dinner. I think it was really amazing that Camille actually made all the phone calls herself instead of having the hired help do it for her. She works so hard, I hope she treated herself to a nice massage after that.


Holy shit. I’m dying. I want my shoes signed too!


Camille’s shower has two windows in it – and no shades! I could never get naked in a shower like that. I would be too paranoid. How much you wanna bet she puts on little “accidental” shows for the gardeners and pool boys?


Camille has a microwave outside of her closet door. That’s a little weird.


The women all get ready and head out to Camille’s house. Adrienne looks really nice from the waste up, but from the waste down it’s hooker all the way. Somebody get this woman a stylist! Please!


The Wicked Witch of the West and her two flying monkeys sip cocktails before the other women arrive and make a toast to new friends and old friends. Allison makes a comment that the new friends might be old friends by the end of the night and Camille says that some of them are out the door already. Which really leads one to wonder what the true purpose of this dinner party was.


Lisa, Adrienne, and Taylor arrive first and Camille introduces them to her friends. Allison introduces herself as a “serial killer profiler.” I guess she just sits at home and profiles serial killers in her living room because she has never worked with any law enforcement agency and has never helped capture a single serial killer. Ever.


Allison tells them that the show Medium is based on her and that it shows people what she does in real life. I found that interesting, because the last time I watched the show her right hand had become possessed by a ghost and it was grabbing people and she couldn’t control it. Another time she woke up and discovered that she had traded bodies with an old man. If that’s an accurate interpretation of what her life is like I worry that she may possibly need a padded room instead of a tv show.


Kim, Kyle and her friend Faye arrived next. Kyle seemed ready to put the past behind her and even brought a present for Camille which I thought was really nice because had I been in that situation, I wouldn’t have even answered the phone when Camille called.
Poor Kyle. So innocent. So unaware of what is about to happen.


The women sit down to dinner and Camille announces that her two guests of honor, Allison and DD, are going to sit next to her. I’m not sure why they were declared the guests of honor when the point of the dinner was for Camille to fix her relationship with her cast mates. It probably would have been more appropriate to assign seating with name cards if she wanted people to sit in a certain order. I think that comment kinda set the tone for the evening.


Kyle smartly sits as far away from Camille as possible.


The dinner seems to be going ok. It’s a little weird and awkward (mostly thanks to the fact that Allison is weird and awkward), but no drama…


…Until Camille starts talking about Kyle’s friend Faye as though she isn’t sitting right in front of her. She asks Kyle “who is Faye?” but then 2 minutes later she suddenly remembers who she is, she saw her naked in Playboy. No one asks Camille why she was reading Playboy in the first place, but I guess that’s a question for another time.


Camille then tells Faye how great she looked and how much she loved her spread, but the damage is already done and it’s clear to everyone that Camille is not being sincere. That fact is proven in her interview when she calls Faye morally corrupt for doing Playboy. Hello Camille??? We decided on RHONY that posing naked for pictures is ok as long as it’s for a world renowned publication like Playboy. Pay attention. Puh – leeze!


Camille then brushes her head with her hand as though she just accomplished something. I hate her. And that bracelet really doesn’t go with her necklace and earrings.


The women start asking Allison questions about her abilities because obviously it’s not everyday that you get to have dinner with a psychic who tells you that there are dead people in the room trying to talk to her. But Allison doesn’t want to answer any questions because she is a total fraud and knows that these women won’t have a problem calling her out if she gets something wrong. Camille acts almost offended that the women asked Allison questions, and says that she was there as a guest and not to perform. Well, if that were the case then maybe she should have introduced her as “My friend Allison” and not “Allison Dubois, psychic and medium who solves crimes, profiles serial killers, and talks to dead people.”


And the best line of the night is when Camille says “if someone’s husband is cheating on them, she’ll know.” Lmao. Not only did the serial killer profiler miss Kelsey’s cheating, she missed a secret multi million dollar Manhattan apartment and a pregnancy.


Allison hasn’t really done anything horrible yet at this point. But her cocky faces and the weird way she’s holding her fake cigarette are just pissing me off.


And then it starts… Allison tells Kyle that her husband will never fulfill her and that once their children are grown they will have nothing in common.


Kyle looks more confused than anything else. Or at least she’s attempting to look confused, the Botox makes facial expressions a little tricky. 


The other women are just in shock. Not only is Allison not a good psychic, she’s not a good con man. Of all the people to call out on their marriage – she chose Kyle. Stupid mistake. Obviously a thorough google search would have given her all the information she needed to pretend to “know things” at that dinner. That’s what you get for using Camille as a trusted source.


Faye is outspoken and gets fed up with the bullshit pretty quickly. She also may have been auditioning for a spot on the show. Camille accuses Faye of only coming to the party to defend Kyle and start drama, but Camille was the one who started with Fay with the Playboy comment and had her little psychic attack dog ripping into Kyle every chance she got. Camille thinks she’s a master manipulator, but she’s actually really transparent.


Allison says that Faye is fighting Kyle’s battles for her and says that Camille is a strong woman who can fight her own battles, unlike Kyle. Somehow the conversation turns back to what happened in New York and Allison immediately jumps into the argument and doesn’t let Camille talk for herself despite the fact that she just claimed that she doesn’t fight Camille’s battles for her.


Then she rattles off her list of accomplishments such as the books written by her and about her, that stupid tv show which just got canceled, and her appearance on Oprah in front of “70 million viewers” which I guess makes her better than the other women at the table. Allison is so in love with herself, you’d think she was married to Kelsey Grammer or something. She then tells Faye to go “take a flying leap”. Which I guess is the Beverly Hills’ version of NeNe’s “Jump off a bridge”


After that the table just erupts into madness. Taylor and Kim start yelling at each other, Faye is yelling at Allison, Allison is yelling at Kyle, I even saw Lisa yelling at someone. And Camille just sits there as happy as can be feeling very Machiavellic.


Taylor appeals to Adrienne to stop the fighting but Adrienne really can’t be bothered to get involved. I think she was hoping that if she stayed really quiet and didn’t have any reaction maybe the editors wouldn’t bother editing in her shots and she could just pretend that she had never been there.


Suddenly Kim gives us the new best line of the night when she tells Taylor to “go blow up your lips some more!” LOL. Unfortunately Taylor ignored her and we didn’t get a reaction. But I did find it interesting that Kim was so bold, because whenever it comes to standing up for Kyle, Kim gets “nervous” and “can’t handle confrontation”. She seems to handle it just fine when she’s defending herself.


Finally Taylor was the one who stood up and put an end to the arguing and got all of the women to walk out. This is the one respectable thing Taylor has done all season.


DD really didn’t add anything to the dinner, but I figured this muppet face was worth a screen shot.


The fact that Camille, the hostess, never stopped Allison from acting like a maniac says to me that she condoned and approved of that behavior. Similar to when you re tweet something someone else said on twitter. You didn’t say it – but you might as well have. Camille comes to the conclusion -once again- that Kyle is jealous of her and that is the reason for all of the drama. There is really no other possible explanation for why her dinner party went to shit.


Kyle is on her way out with the rest of the women, but stops to talk to Camille before she leaves. Allison keeps jumping into the conversation and won’t let them talk, then all of a sudden she starts screaming at Kyle telling her that she is nothing and she’s done nothing. I guess according to Allison a loving (hot) husband and four healthy beautiful girls and a nice house in Beverly Hills just doesn’t count as doing something with your life.


Allison is so awful, that even awful Camille eventually told her she needed to stop.


After the women leave Allison brags about knowing when they all will die and what will happen to their families, and that if their children go missing they will be running to her for help.
She is doing exactly what it looks like she’s doing in this picture:

Very mature. I’m sure her daughters are wonderfully behaved young women.


Outside Kyle and Kim start fighting. I don’t think Kim was the one who started shit with Taylor, but I don’t blame Kyle for getting mad at Kim. Kim still refuses to stand up for Kyle even though she was the only one present during the conversation in Las Vegas.


Back inside the house of horrors Allison calls Kyle morally bankrupt and accuses her of causing girls to kill themselves in high school. Then she says she’s going to shove her cigarette up her ass, but says that Kyle would probably need something bigger in order to feel it. She seems proud of herself as she brags “Oh yeah, I went there.” This woman is rude and disgusting. Wow.


It is Allison’s professional psychic opinion that Kyle is unhappy with her life. I guess Kyle is an amazing actress then, because she appears pretty damn happy on the show. Then Camille imply’s that Kyle’s husband cheats on her with their nanny’s and other women around town. Oh the irony of it all!!


Camille says she doesn’t want to be friends with those women. Allison says that they can’t even spell the word “friends”, which doesn’t even make sense but at this point she’s just turning any statement into something negative.


The women all leave in one limo and Kim leaves in another because she lives in a different area then the rest of them. Kim complains that they all left her alone, because apparently she needs someone to hold her hand and walk her to the front door. I bet she was regretting not returning Martin’s phone call right about then.


The show ends with the Wicked Witch and her paid flying monkey’s crackling over the remains of what was supposed to be a nice dinner party.


You know who Allison reminds me of? Jenn Sale in her Youtube video. Lol.

I do have to say though, I would like one of those fake cigarettes. Since I quit smoking maybe I can take up “smoking.”

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195 Responses to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – I Decided Which One Is The Most Insane, And It’s Allison Dubois

  1. Waxdiva says:

    Great recap! I said this on your previous post… I truly despise Camille. She really enjoys stirring things up and enjoys watching the discomfort it causes. Definition of ‘mean girl’ = Camille.

    • Rebecca says:

      Camille= karma

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      IMO, Kyle needs to get some class and self-restraint. Her mouth does shift into gear before her brain engages. If I’m going to go into an already awkward situation like that with someone I’ve had issues with and that I find totally irrational, I’m not going to bother to try to straighten things out anymore. It is hopeless, obviously. Keep quiet, avoid the dumb bitch as much as possible and don’t get baited again. Kyle did start bitching across the table in a hushed tone about pulling out her credit card to make payment since Allison was “off the clock”. Kyle was primed for it too. Honestly, I have never behaved the way some of these women do while hosting a party or while being a guest at someone’s house. Maybe they forgot to read “Class with the Countess”.

      • Kyle doesn’t have the best attitude and she definitely can’t control her anger. But I like her. I like her bitchy little comments because they’re true. She reminds me of Bethenny in some ways.

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          I think B can throw out a bitchy comment but not get sucked in and totally out of control. I like Kyle too, she just needs a bit of anger management, or learn perspective.

          • But I like her anger management. Lol. When Kyle says what I’m thinking it stops me from yelling at my tv. I was so infuriated by scary island mostly because everyone just kinda sat there confused and didn’t grab Kelly by the shoulders and shake her. Kyle seems the type that would slap Kelly across the face. She’s like Bethenny, but meaner. That’s why I like her.
            You can’t sit at a dinner table and talk non stop about being a medium and seeing dead people in the room and then claim to be “off the clock” when someone wants proof of what you just said.
            You can’t make up stories and then expect people to just smile and say “Ok Camille, agree to disagree”.
            Kyle really calls people out and I like that.

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              That’s true and I see your point, I just think Kyle is wasting her time and raising her BP for nothing. I like the motto…never argue with someone that is stupider than you.
              Kyle will never straighten Camille out in a million years. We all know Camille is wrong AND a dumb bitch. Until Camille figures things out herself, she is hopeless.
              I hope I never have to see Allison again. I disdain her more than I dislike KKB. That is saying a lot! That bitch is a giant asshole!

      • sophie says:

        One thing I will never EVER do is drink in a tense situation. Alcohol is an uninhibitor, and these women were drinking like fish. Additionally, Camille had the drinks mixed extraordinarily strong…I believe deliberately. Because it loosens the tongue and people get emotional.

        I really like Kyle, but I think she needs to learn that drinking in a potentially nasty situation is the death of her. For her to restrain will result in being calm….i.e. ‘the winner’ according to Camille.

        Kyle would’ve done better to abstain and sit back with a bemused smile on her face. This would not only make her look better, but drive Camille and her guests of ‘honor’ absolutely off their rockers.

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          I didn’t get that Kyle was drinking too much, nor that she reacted any differently than in NYC. She sticks up for herself and I absolutely love that about her. She’s my kinda of friend.

      • Snarkella says:

        I can understand Kyle because I have the same MO. I think she means well and has the best of intentions. She’s a genuinely nice person. (See? Just like me, LOL). But when the crazy starts swirling around her, her emotions surge and she says things she’ll later regret. The words literally fly out of her mouth. I bet she has a drink or two in a tense situation, hoping to make herself more mellow and less likely to pick up her sword and shield and start going at it with everyone.

        I have learned to say nothing (zip it) and state my case in a follow-up note the next day when some of the emotions have drained. But that only works about 25% of the time, LOL, because usually I can’t help myself from diving right into the battle.

        So, I like Kyle and don’t hold these flaws against her. We are not perfect people, just doing the best we can. I don’t think she is out to create trouble like Camille.

  2. as shocked as i am to here myself say it, countess luann is right….money CAN’T buy you class as amply demonstrated by camille and allison last night. i’m seldom rattled by the behavior of a housewife, but this was a shocker to me.

  3. LynnNChicago says:

    This is a GENIUS Blog Missy! I am loving it! (especially the little pro blogger dig at the end!) haha Nice work, have a wonderful Christmas honey!!! xoxox

    • Damnert says:

      This was great PutYourHairUp lol. Right up to the end comparison of the pathetic professional blogger video and Mz “Cereal Killer Profiler”.

      Mz. Profiler (Quantico, Virginia just shuttered a lil) blows smoke in everyone’s face that night.

      Pathetic Professional Blogger blows smoke up everyone’s ass everyday.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Yes, I too enjoyed your last little bit about really nasty women on youtube videos.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Love it too .. absolutely one of your best…(I’m also noticing Lynn’s thumbs down)…you guys rock in my books ….Merry Christmas Lynn and you too my Cdn friend

  4. Carol adler says:

    Wonder how Camille feels about her friend Allison and her”predictions” now

  5. Dalai Mama says:

    Miz Dubois is clearly Small on humanity, and Large on bitchery, but I don’t think there’s any authentic Medium in this bitter creature who sucks so mightily on a Fischer Price ciggie.
    Me thinks this selfsame Allison Dubois appeared on Adrianne Curry’s reality show My Fair Brady many years back, as a boozed up guest at Adrianne’s stripper infested bachelorette party. I’m very sorry that I know that, sorrier than I can convey, but the memory is burned into my cerebellum.
    That said, I’m not holding this against Patricia Arquette.
    Know That.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Adrienne Curry tweeted as the show on the W. Coast started: “watching my girl allison dobois on the real housewives of bev hill. shes about to pwn some bitches in a minute”

      She got a lot of flack for that tweet so she deleted it and then responded to one of the more tame tweets re Allison: “fuck you. that is one of my best friends.”

      She tweet this after the show: “finished watching housewives. allison gets annoyed @ people constantly wanting her2drain her energy4their amusement.saw it coming.”

      • Dalai Mama says:

        Oh thank you – I am not the only person with this information hogging up space in the memory cells.
        So Allison is a frequent worshipper at the Altar of Moderate Celebrity by Proxy (Frasier from a distance via Camille, Peter Brady from a distance via Adrianne). Big fish, small pond syndrome, I guess.

        • tinselkitty says:

          Aha, Dalai Mama, I’ve found you at last. Mwahahahaha.

          Now seriously, why aren’t you playing in our sandbox anymore? We’ve been keeping the cats out just for you. I’m running back to tell the others you’ve been spotted. Come willingly and there will be glitter for all.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Why am I not surprised that A. Curry would run with this pack of dogs. OMG I never intend this to be an insult to dogs, whom I love.
        When I saw her (and I mean quite briefly, cause I couldn’t tolerate much) on My Fair Brady, I thought she was the stupidest train wreck that took too many drugs That I had ever seen. She fits right in there.

  6. Grace says:

    Great blog, and the video at the end was a just desert!

  7. You Know Me says:

    Ok – my turn…… 🙂

    1. I think its safe to say we won’t be seeing Allison on Oprah again.

    2. Why do I remember hearing something about “pizza”…then about a chef….then there is a a table set for fine dining? Was that just me? (I admit I watched it late after a LONG day)

    3. I think we are seeing Adrienne post stylist

    4, Its weird that so many wealthy women behave so badly. And they all say they thought they would just have fun w/ girlfriends doing a tv show – and it always goes so terribly wrong and they become aggressive, fighting, nasty, hateful bitches. shame.

    • 1. I think the next show we’ll see Allison on will be Celebrity Rehab (they use the term “celebrity” very loosely on that show)
      2. They did have pizza, even showed the chef cooking it
      3. Is that the same dress Teresa wore to the reunion?
      4. But it goes so wonderfully terribly wrong!

      • You Know Me says:

        1. who needs a pizza chef – that is pathetic – just sayin…

        2. who sets up for fine dining when eating pizza? ( I must have been tweeting when the pizza was being eaten – did they use forks or did they eat it like the rest of us?)

        3. isn’t it funny how they all say the same thing…how it was supposed to be fun!!! ha ha ….my son told me he wants me to do a housewife show – I said do you not see how NOT fun it is? And how mean everyone becomes…and then kids would be mean to you at school….his answer…”that’s ok, they can be mean to me, I will be too busy on my new Ipad w/ video to care” ha ha ha…..

      • CAgirl says:

        I want to see Allison on “celebrity drink more”. I’m sorry, she was fascinating. I’m not a huge fan of Kyle though–she’s pretty bitchy if you think about it. Just saying…

    • Periwinkle says:

      Yes they had pizza but I think I remember Camille telling someone that she was inviting that it would be served as an appetizer.

      The psycho psychic was only invited to do Cam’s dirty work. You don’t invite someone who gets belligerent when they drink unless you have an agenda. You also don’t mention that she is a medium half a dozen times then tell people they can’t discuss it.

      • Candace says:

        I really dislike her looks and facial expressions…which reveal the true personality.

        You know how a plain person can be so beautiful sometimes, because of the inner person shining through?

        This chick is a prime example of just the opposite.


  8. Brobee says:

    I wonder if Allison predicted the cancellation of “Medium”… IMO Patricia Arquette is a better Allison DuBois than the real Allison DuBois…then again, if they portrayed her as she really is in real life, the show never would have stayed on the air for 4 seasons. I also think that Camille is the ultimate troll- can’t stand her!

  9. MamaXanax says:

    Loved the screenshots! Lots of good/funny points. This is my first trip to your blog. : )

    I gotta say I was distracted by the fact that Allison was about 1 fresh-from-the-pizza-oven appetizer away from a massive camel toe.

    A is for AWFUL, in her case!!

    • Stephenie says:

      You MUST come back… this is the only blog where I literally LOL every paragraph. I don’t post much, but this is my nightcap to the hilarity that is RH.

    • Daisy says:

      I noticed that too, the camel toe. She was inappropriately dressed, too. I’ve seen Camille around the net being called CamilleToe, so maybe that was on purpose…you know, to show that she (Allison) was in her corner.

  10. Shari says:

    Allison Dubois if not mistaken is the woman behind the series, Medium, staring Patricia Arquett (Not sure of the correct spelling)

  11. Totally_Toonces says:

    This just got funnier and funnier!!! I love you Put Your Hair Up!!!

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  13. Yoli says:


    Great blog and visuals!
    I bet you Bravo is foaming at that mouth at all the craziness Alison brought to the table. How much to you wanna bet they wine and dine her to sign on for next season?

  14. You Know Me says:

    And I still don’t think Camille is as bad as some of the others. She hasn’t driven drunk – which in my book is a serious crime against humanity. (Sonja Morgan and Joe Giudice) She hasn’t filed for bankruptcy then gone shopping – leaving hardworking people going unpaid for their work. She has not been charged w/ fraud. As far as we know she pays her taxes. So, while irritating – I find the strong reaction to her so disproportionate to the others.

    • She married a rich guy who pays her bills and never (got caught) driving drunk. I don’t think that makes her any less of a horrible person. I think she is worse than Teresa.

      • You Know Me says:

        Really? You think marrying and living w. a rich man for all those years is WORSE than T? At least her “rich man” came by it honestly!!! Haven’t a lot, a majority, of the housewives married rich men? wow. I am finding this all so interesting. At least, she didn’t break any laws…..or scream like a wildabeast. I am not being facetious or sarcastic. I am really fascinated by the reaction. Maybe I know too many woman who have married for money. ha ha….

        • You Know Me says:

          ps – I married for “love”….never again! 😀

        • Yes I think Camille is worse. If you look at it from a criminal perspective, Teresa is worse. But I’m looking it at from the perspective of “If I knew these women”. I don’t think there is much difference between Camille and Teresa in the horrible department. It’s just their circumstances that are different. If Teresa had married a smart, rich, important man who used big words, and she never had to worry about money and everyone kissed her ass all day, I think her attitude would be a little different.
          I also think Camille would be willing to go pretty far for money if she had to.
          The biggest reason why I think Camille is worse is because at least with Teresa you know where you stand. If she doesn’t like you she’ll scream it in your face. Camille is sneaky and backhanded and has the ability to (or used to) make her husband fire people. She has no problem fucking with people’s livelihood. The worst thing Teresa can do to someone is yell and flip tables. Camille will smile, invite you for dinner, and plan her attack. I’d rather deal with someone like Teresa than Camille any day because at least you know where you stand.

          • Candace says:

            Nice analysis.

            Their styles are so different, they are apples and oranges.

            The only thing they have in common is that they are both willing to do almost anything to climb socially.

            Teresa is as subtle as a two year old. I like to watch to see her come undone and f-up her attempts and be trashy, when she gets so angry she loses her powers of speech.

            Camille has the whole evil essence thing happening.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Yes, she is a horrible person. She married a wealthy man and thinks it makes her better than others. She is beyond self-absorbed and shallow. Money doesn’t make you a better person, doesn’t buy you class (couldn’t resist), it just makes life easier and relieves you (or should) of financial stress. (Unless you are a Joo-dice).

    • Had Enough! says:

      Disproportionate? You mean we haven’t been hard enough on Teresa, the Queen of Tacky, JillZilla the Marquess of Mean, and KellIdiot the Duchess of Dumb?

    • Snarkella says:

      She’s awful in every way!

      Remember in Vegas when she was doing her stripper dance in front of the other ladies’ husbands. There was a moment when she turned her attentions to Mauricio and Kyle had to step between them.

      She flirted with the husbands poolside, right in front of their wives. Topic of conversation — her breasts!

      She says that she has a Jesus-complex. This is how much she loves herself!

      This woman is so selfish she didn’t even carry her own children and with four nannies probably seldom needs to even see them!

      Then she sits back and says, “I don’t know why the ladies don’t like me. They’re so catty. They must be jealous of me.”

      I do not like this lady one bit.

      • Sangfroid says:

        I wonder if her mother watches the show and if so, what her impression is of her daughter now.
        And why 4 nannies for 2 children?
        Day shift night shift M-F and then day shift night shift S-Su ?
        I would love to see a reasonable explanation for what appears to be excess.

      • Omg I forgot about about the part where Kyle came between them when they were dancing. I bet THAT is why Camille started shit with Kyle after Vegas!

  15. captaincarebear says:

    Continuing on the self serving Camille vibe, did ya realize that the Grammers ARE the , scratch that, WERE the executive producers of Medium. Guess she figured she’d give the show some publicity by putting Allison in the limelight via the Housewives show. Can we say major backfire?

  16. Shari says:

    Had I read the whole post I would have know that you already refered to the show. lol And if the show really was based on her life, I guess that drink in her hand means she can’t see spirits anymore, because in the show, Allison said she used to drink to drown them out. lol

  17. Tuzentswurth says:

    Thanks for the great blog….again, RCH. Your insights are hilarious. I agree with you, I wouldn’t have answered the phone either if I saw Camille calling. Cracked me up when you caught the pic of Camille and noted that her bracelet didn’t
    I really like Adrienne, I don’t know if they just didn’t show it or she doesn’t bother playing fake kissy face with everyone when they first arrive, but that shit is so tiring, especially among people who A. Don’t even know each other, and B. Can’t stand each other, like make my bodily fluids curdle can’t stand each other.
    Camille and Allison are such despicable humans that they should just stick together, preferably in a room that has been bricked up from the outside and triple bolted with fingerprint sensitive locks that haven’t been programmed to anybody’s fingerprint.

  18. Rebecca says:

    I luv u man! Lol social misfits that try too hard, Camille & her friends. Ew!

  19. Mirror mirror filled with glee, my psychic abilities are telling me

    That Ms. Dubois is a lush with opportunistic tendencies…

    But seriously though, I thought I was crazy?! You are spot on she is def the nuttiest one of the bunch. I smell 2nd season casting in her future.

    • I don’t think so, because unlike the other Housewives, Bravo needs these women more than they need it, and I doubt any of them will agree to film with her ever again.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        Honestly, IMO, there seem to be a plethora of no class females that will do anything to appear on TV. Bravo will never run out. LA is filled with these botoxed, big boobed, bottle blondes. What I find appallingly depressing is the depths they will sink to get air time. The Bravo formula of instigating (setting up) provocative situations and then providing lots of liquor is getting way too predictable. In perusing the internet, I discovered that these “ladies” have traveled in the same or immediate circles for years. They’re not strangers to each other. I really believe they think RHOBH is an opportunity for them to showcase their acting talents. Nick and his wife do theater in the Malibu area and also up here in SB. While I think they’re delusional if they think they are getting positive exposure, I think they believe it. I can hear them cackling as they read the blogs. “OOOh we did it!” We are good if comments are saying Nick and Camille are having an affair. It’s becoming so overdone and predictable. All that and yes, Camille is a low life, sleaze, who got her hooks into a drunken, wealthy, idiot. That Allison person is beyond foul! She’s a mother!? Acting or not, who would want their children to see that? Okies, I feel better now. Love your blog RCH!

  20. BTW, I seriously Looovve this blog.

  21. Shari says:

    Come to think of it, Allison got the prediction correct, its just that said prediction was about Camille, not Kyle.

  22. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

    Finally, you are up-to-date on the housewives. I really love watching HWoBH. If the shows boring I can just drool over their homes, furniture, clothes, helpers, cars, etc. Atlanta is kinda a snooze this season with the exception of Phandra! I always have to rewind her clips at least 3 times. Maybe all the twitter drama is taking up too much of the useless part of my brain and now I can’t input anymore useless reality TV.

    I thought the side-kick (psychic) looked possessed by a demon. Did anyone else think that and that it could be the spirit in RCH house? or either she was tweeking on some drugs??

    I’m so glad the “u-tube video” is still in circulation. Has Project Ladybug/Dina seen this video? I would think that a cancer charity wouldn’t want someone like that representing them. Just thinking out loud.

    Once again, loved it!

  23. sophie says:

    Oh how I love your blog, it is truly laugh out loud funny. I needed a laugh after seeing this episode, it was so PERNICIOUS. My one laugh during the episode was Kim calling out Taylor on her overblown lips. I was dying. I was on the fence about Kim until that moment. I think I love her now. She’s batty as a #$%^-house rat, but there’s an innocence in her that is not there in some other twits I’ve seen on Housewives.

    Camille is a vicious, vicious lady. That’s all I can say. She uses her ‘friends’ to do her dirty work, to the detriment of their public reputation. If I were these two honored guests, I’d dump her yesterday. Unfortunately, Camille holds their purse strings, so they cowtow and bend over backwards and say ‘spank me again, please.’ Because it keeps a roof over their heads. I think they probably can’t stand her, but hey…she’s an in to the A list parties, gives them a false heightened sense of superiority by inclusion and she (I mean Kelsey) probably pays them well. They can’t afford to displease her, because the manner in which she’ll shove them under the bus if they do won’t be pretty.

    I’ll never be able to watch Medium again without laughing. Thank goodness they canceled it.

    • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

      My 10 y/o son saw Taylor when he was walking through the Den and he stopped dead in his tracks and said “what’s wrong with her? Has she had plastic surgery?” I barely could get out a “yes” when he said “that makes her look so ugly, her lips, why would she do that?”

      The boy was mortified! I guess I’ve gotten use to her and overlook the lips. He (my son) never notices things like that. I didn’t even know that he knew what plastic surgery entailed. He’s all into football, video games, baseball, etc. Usually, I would tell him not to refer to someone as ugly but I was at a loss for words… plus he was interrupting my HW show! (Just kidding)

  24. Adgirl says:

    RCH so glad you rushed this blog up. This epi is a mile wide and an inch deep. So much to comment on for no real reason.

    Allison FortuneTeller reminds me of when my friend called her own mother
    “The Loudest Woman in the Bar”. You know the one.

    Why was she dressed in KMart stretchy pants and a tee shirt? Wasn’t this event cocktail dress only? Is that how people in AZ dress up for cocktails? What do they wear to the mall then?

    Why are the “dead” people all over Kelsey Grammer’s house? It looks pretty new to me. Are they former dinner guests of Camille’s?

    I’m dying to know wht Camille and Allison FortuneTeller talked about prior to RH and Kyle? Other Hollywood wives?

  25. CAgirl says:

    So I guess no one has noticed the earth is round (as opposed to flat) other than Lisa and Adrienne. How they manage to film with a straight face week in and week out, I don’t know. I was hoping they would just walk away…but no. It was totally obvious that Camille wanted to wind up Kyle, and she fell for it. Sad, really. But then it back-fired on Camille, because her guest was such a be-yotch!!! Poor thing can’t even get bitchy right.

    • CAgirl says:

      And BTW, thanks for the reality crack, I had just started to lose it and now I’m back in. Like I wasn’t just snorting reality housewhores before, I am now main-lining them…

  26. tinselkitty says:

    If you stare at that last talking head of Camille’s it looks like it’s moving and that she’s breathing deeper. Maybe Camille’s your ghost and the ash was from Allison. Once she realized she made that mistake she had to switch over to the electric version.

  27. Akiko says:

    Am I the only one who feels that when Allison was predicting Kyle’s future with her husband, that she was really just vibing off of Camille? Because everything she said sounded WAY MORE like Camilles life. Maybe that’s just me…. 😛

  28. Alicia says:

    Wow! I am late to the “comment” party! Great recap! I love this show! I am strangely addicted to it! Camille is mean and vindictive. The dinner party was a total set-up and she had Allison do her dirty work. Camille knew EXACTLY what she was doing. Kyle told Camille on the phone that she was bringing her friend, Faye Resnick. Camille knew what she was saying when she dropped the Playboy comment because she had plenty of time to look up who Faye was prior to the dinner party.

    I am so glad that you caught on that Camille said she likes to forgive and forget and then at lunch with Taylor she said she is working on forgiveness!

    Kyle is not innocent either. I really liked her at first. But now, I dont know how I feel about her. Seriously, how stupid can you be to fall hook line and sinker for what Camille did at the dinner party? Kyle played right into Camille’s hand. If she was smart, she would have just kept her mouth shut like her sister said she should have.

    Taylor really is the one who started the mess that went down in NYC. At least from the footage we have seen. Taylor is the one at the airport who called Camille insecure. When Kim brought it up at the dinner party, Taylor is the one who started screaming and dropping the F-bomb! I am glad Kim said what she said. I cant stand Taylor. She was the only one who stayed behind in the room with Camille in NYC after Kyle apologized. Then we didnt see what happened, but Camille went to the restaurant totally PO. I just cant help but feel Taylor stirred the pot up on that one!

    Adrienne, seriously. You have the worst taste in clothing. Get help! I cringe every time I see her!

    Great recap! Glad you are back!!!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I do believe that Kyle went with good intentions but she does let herself get sucked right in and she reacts terribly. I would have excused myself and left as soon as I caught wind of the negativism (set-up/attack to come). I hope Kyle realizes that no good will ever come of Camille’s fake expressions of “forgive and forget”. Camille’s fake talking, trying to maintain a squelch on her NJ accent, is almost painful to listen to. Camille knows she is fake, that is why she looks for it in everyone else. Note her talking head after lunch with Taylor….””She seems genuine, but….”, then that stupid close eyes, shrug shoulders expression. Speaks volumes.

  29. WindyCityWondering says:

    Great recap RCH!
    IMHO – the real BHHWs need to pull a Manzo – and threaten not to film another season if Camielle is asked back. Bravo needs to also rethink Kim – she isn’t close to a Bethenny nor a housewife (crazy exchild actresses could be another show).
    As for Allison – hope her husband makes a decent living cause the demands for her services will soon vanish and no psychic abilities are necessary to see that one coming!

  30. You Know Me says:

    I am still annoyed at the pizza party sham. If I was invited to a pizza, I would probably not dress up like those women, and I would be expecting pizza – not pizza snack appetizers. I think that was misleading. and wrong.

    Taylor irritates me the most…then Kim. I really don’t have a lot of patience for weak, whiney women. Taylor is selfish and mean and scary looking. I like strong women like Kyle, Lisa and Adrienne, they get my vote every time. I think it was so obvious Taylor and Kim were fighting b/c the producers made them….”pssst Kim, you want to show the world you are not the weak, whiney, driveling fool the world thinks you are? Now is your chance, let Taylor have it, say something about her lips – the fans will love that!” I mean, can’t you just imagine a producer whispering that into Kims ear piece…? ha ha ha….

    • I don’t have a lot of patience for weak whiney women either. That’s why I don’t blame Kyle for the way she treats Kim. I totally understand the frustration. I could never be friends with someone like Kim. And I don’t think Kyle would chose to spend time with someone like Kim either, but unfortunately she’s her sister so that puts her in a tough spot. She loves her, but their personalities don’t go together at all.
      Everyone thinks Kyle is mean, but I give her credit. She does way more than anyone should have to do for their grown sister. If you notice, Kim isn’t friends with any of those women, she only tags along behind Kyle. If Kyle is mad at her, then she’s left out of the group because she isn’t friends with any of the other women. I find Kim infuriating. And I think the only reason the other women aren’t meaner to her is because they like Kyle. I think Lisa had some worse things to say about Kim than what she did, she held back.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        I agree. I really don’t think reality TV is the place for Kim Richards. She is emotionally ill equipped to handle it and it’s not her sister’s job to babysit her. I would have strangled her years ago. As a survivor of a toxic family, sometimes you need to walk away. Poor thing is the constant refrain in my head when she’s on screen. Thank goodness for DVR! I now fast forward a lot of the dreck.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I get frustrated with Kim too, but I’m not anywhere near disliking her. She basically has zero social skills and any situation like this seems so painful.

        What irritated me, and granted, I missed a lot of what was being said due to Allison DuBigMouth, but Kim was trying to be honest as to how she saw the situation and Taylor went ballistic immediately! Taylor is a definite shit stirrer here and she will do anything to take the focus off her actions and words. I’m sure she was the one who got Camille all upset after Kyle had apologized the first time, telling her they had all called her insecure at the airport. Taylor was totally in with that and it wasn’t meant as an insult when they spoke of it. Kim was relating to that iirc.

        So, Kim brings her own opinion into things… Taylor blows an ovary, Kim retaliates and stands up for herself and Kyle gets pissed at Kim? Uh, NO. Fuck that noise. This was never Kim’s issue to begin with, it was Kyle’s and Camille’s. Kim can’t win for trying it looks like.

        So Kyle is pissed at Kim for actually opening her mouth for once and Kyle huffs off with Taylor and the rest? No wonder Kim never says anything.

        I just find the whole dynamic between them frustrating. Kyle feels like she has to be the one to do everything but she wears it like the long suffering martyr who can get much satisfaction out of complaining about it. Kim tries to speak for herself and Kyle smacks that down, as if to say, get back in your place, Kim!

        • Yeah I agree, Kim was not wrong at the party. And Kyle shouldn’t let Taylor talk to her sister like that.
          But Kim still annoys the hell out of me.

        • You Know Me says:

          Taylor is definitely a shit stirrer…and she is doing it to ensure camera time for herself. she is selfish as they come and she will throw kim under the bus every time to get her camera time. she sees kim is the weak link – that is why she starts w/ her. I dislike taylor the most out of this group. she is fake and selfish and scary ugly.

          • I dislike Camille the most. Then Taylor. Then Kim. Then Adrienne.
            I don’t really dislike Adrienne, but she doesn’t add anything for me. I feel like we haven’t gotten to know anything about her except that she wears cheap sparkle extensions and beats up her husband.

  31. LJ Engracia says:

    BLOODY HELL! I’m typing away all from the other side of the world in Australia, (I can’t even remember how I found this out anymore lol) and I am LIVID I cannot see a full episode here! Just 1:30min vid on youtube, but F*#K me! This is the funniest commentary blog i’ve read in ..well, ever! HAHAHA! If I were ever going to have a dinner party from hell, i’d have you write up on it straight afterwards!
    Although, I used to be a fan of Allison.. After seeing & reading all this, it kinda makes me feel like my favourite soccer coach went and made himself look like a fool in front of the world (might as well have done it on Oprah instead) and now i’m too embarrassed to ever cheer for him or even acknowledge his existence when a friend talk about him, cause THIS PARTY WAS RIOT!! Shocked. Emotionally disturbed. And considering Allison is Down Under for her tour, I feel compelled to hit her up and go “OI! …WHAT THE FRICK LADY??!”

    But there were some pretty bloody awesome quotes flying out of the girls mouths. I want to requote them on twitter. And cry with tears of mad laughter. Camille is a fingers-crossed-behind-my-back-while-i-smile-at-you-like-were-all-good BEARTCH!
    I like Faye. Hit the rewind!!! Someone please send me a link to this full episode!! lol

  32. Sangfroid says:

    RCH, this was a lovely holiday gift. Thanks so much for your dedication to your craft and your little gang of addicts.
    I’ve enjoyed everyone’s comments. Snarky brilliance.

    The still photos add much to the Real Housewife experience (as do your edifying comments) and enable us to ponder on the ways of the wives.

    The microwave in Camille’s bedroom for example, with the little basket of teas and snacks. makes it look like a hotel room. Surely if you have staff, you could ring for a cup of tea, so perhaps the hotel look is what she was going for. Rumor has it that she might feel quite at home in hotel rooms as they would remind her of her misspent youth.
    The shower, just screams exhibitionist.

    • Sangfroid says:

      Speaking of the gang of addicts, Sardonica are you out there, or did you go cold turkey on us?
      Oh, and the coma after “the shower” I have absolutely no idea where that came from nor what it means. I think there is a ghost in my keyboard randomly punctuating.

  33. Periwinkle says:

    I’m watching again right now. Why does Kyle not get annoyed at her BFF Lisa for not having her back? Is it too easy to just put all the blame on Kim?

  34. Hooked on HW says:

    Hi All!
    Stumbled onto this site about a month ago and have laughed my butt off reading the recaps and comments.

    I jus wanted to comment on a few things:
    How come Kelsey’s wife made it a point to tell all the other ladies to wear cocktail attire but Smellison shows up in cheap pants and a tank top?
    Smellison and Kelsey’s wife were lying about not having discussed NY by the way Smellison was talking in the kitchen about “new friends being old ones….leaving early”.
    I don’t think Faye was accusing them of not being friends but rather the claim of Kelsey’s wife not telling her her version of “NY”
    How can Kelsey’s wife ask DD to give her version of what happened in NY when she wasn’t in Taylor’s room apon their arrival or the dinner table?
    Camille is the worst hostess ever!
    I didn’t think Kyle was upset at the reading as much as the Kelsey’s wife Klan was naking rather she thought it was total bogus an thought she was a total loon.

    • Hooked on HW says:

      Oops, hit “publish” when was trying to fix a typo.
      I think I almost spit my drink when Smellison was saying that she is still young as to her reason for wanting to party on the weekend.
      If she was “off the clock” why was she discussing “the love they feel…” to Adrienne. She was all about discussing her “gift”until innocently asked a question by Lisa.
      I believe Kyle had done more in her life by age 3 than that fraud has to this day.
      Taylor keeps thinking Kim is accusing her of knowing about the discussion in vegas when Kim is talking about the discussion they had at the airport in LAX on the way to NY. The argument between Taylor and Kim is Taylor’s fault because she refuses to fess up to disussing it at all.
      I’m sure I have more comments, but that is enough for now

      Thanks everyone for the laughs!

      • Yes Kim is right, but she will never win that argument because she doesn’t know how to express herself. Taylor was the one who basically called Camille insecure, she just didn’t say the actual word. Then Kim said it, because that’s what Taylor was implying. Then Taylor twisted the whole story saying that they were talking shit and that Kim was trying to bait her when that’s really not what happened at all. Taylor is absolutely a shit starter, and she seems to have an unexplained problem with Kim since the very beginning.

        • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

          When Taylor was on WWHL Andy asked her if she was the one that instigated the fight at dinner…she said that she did but that wasn’t her intention. They were just hanging out and talking and I’m sure Kelsey’s ex-wife asked lips what they talked about on the plane ride. I mean I would if I knew a mutual friend was with someone I just got into a fight with recently. I would ask what did Kyle say about coming here, about the argument, etc.

          Lips did own it. I respect her for that…and that only for now.

  35. Stephenie says:

    FABULOUS job as always, RCH. Just wanted to say… u have been reserving my opinion pertaining to a certain ‘professional blogger’ as I do not follow said blogger and some tweeps I do follow seem to not mind her…….. And then I saw that youtube you posted. I think 20 seconds in was enough ‘evidence’ needed to state: That girl needs to get a hobby (maybe blogging?), and fast.
    Looking forward to next week!

    • Stephenie says:

      Damn autocorrect, meant I was reserving my opinion.

    • That video says it all, huh?
      I can’t remember who originally found it, but I want to thank them.
      Maybe she could get a hobby as a drunken wanna-be friend of a rich Housewife. She seems perfect for that role. And she’s already got a foot in the door with Dina Manzo so you never know!

    • Tam5115 says:

      I know! I was done when she got to “dirty whore” What was that? Less than a minute in?

      A total lack of class (and intelligence) will always show.

  36. mnick says:

    May I first say hello and I love this blog. I’m a virgin blog commenter but as I’ve been lmao I just felt I needed to dive in.
    I may be off base here but I think there was a moment when Allison denied knowing what happened at all in NY. If I remember correctly she was asked if she knew the story and hesitated just a bit before saying no as if those stygian witches didn’t gossip. That’s when Faye threw the BS flag. I was a little distracted while watching so I may be wrong, I’ll have to watch it again.

  37. cdnfillie58 says:

    IMO…a lot of this was staging by Bravo…I don’t believe for one second Kyle would have gone to the party had it not been for Bravo taping that night. I think she knew something was up, maybe she was lead to believe this was a chance for her and Camille to patch things up on the show, (ditto the trip to NYC) and had no choice but to go..but I think she wanted to have someone she knew (and told the story to) that would stick for her because, really, none of the others stuck up for her including her sister in NYC…Allison scares me, I believe she channels negative energy, I wouldn’t come near her …..ever!!!!!!

  38. Doixy says:

    Wow.. lucky you 슟_슟!.. Thanks for sharing the beautiful moment with us..

  39. Earring Girl says:

    After the Dinner from Hell here is a lighter version of it:!

  40. WakkaWakka says:

    For people saying that Kyle should’ve saw this setup miles away. But to her credit, Kyle went in with good intetions knowing her husband is still doing business with Kelsey and wanting to believe that cunt camille would make up. And didn’t she say she was busy that nite to go out with Faye? So it’s not like Kyle strung her along to defend her. Ugh everything about camille and her fake friends disgust and annoy the hell out of me. Everything out of camille’s mouth is to be taken with lightly and cautiously. I love how she says she wants to move on from this catfight, but the last 5 episodes it’s all she’s talked about.

    • Tam5115 says:

      She doesn’t want to move on. she wants to use others to get at Kyle, and this she did. I don’t like Camille at all, but I seldom use the C word to describe a woman. Allison gets that description from me.

      I think Allison just ruined any good rep she ever had. The show is now cancelled and she’s left with her fake ass cigarette and bitchy self. Good.

      Plus, kudos to Faye! I think Faye handled herself incredibly well. she probably should have brought up Camille’s journey into porn, but hey, Faye is obviously a little classier than that.

  41. Snarkella says:

    Hi RCH!

    Thanks so much for coming out of temporary-holiday-retirement to post this blog. I was dying with anticipation. Lol.

    Away from my PC again so be prepared for choppy-speak.

    At a dinner party where several people made crazy, rude comments, two little rude comments really shocked me. The first was when Camille called her two friends special guests of honor in front of the ladies and gave them assigned seats right beside her, while telling the other ladies to sit wherever.

    Damn it’s hard to think while typing with one finger!

    The second is when Crazy told the other ladies that she was still young (implying what, exactly?) and that’s why she was ready to party on the weekend. Is that what polite people say at a table of women they are trying to be friendly with? Way to make friends Crazy.

    Oh hell! This thing won’t even let me back up and check what I typed! I’m sending it anyway now that I did all this caeful pecking. Sorry.

    Oh, and RCH, will you be offended if I don’t tell you how much I love you everytime I comment? I’ve been following you a long time now and all these I love yous are adding up. It’s beginning to feel like I might propose any day now. Can you just know that I love you and we’ll leave it at that?

    OMG. I don’t even know what I wrote in this comment at this point. Here goes nothing.

    • You mean you weren’t planning to propose? Geeze, way to lead a girl on. With all those I love you’s I thought for sure I was getting a big ass diamond any day now.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I love you too, dearly, but I’m not getting you a diamond either, not even a big canary diamond. Sorry, spent all my money on a Flat screen TV, a DVR, a laptop, DSL service , and satellite TV 😦

        • Tam5115 says:


          yeah, I love you too. You know I do. I mean, who gallops to your side when a “professional blogger” gets all ridiculous? Nothing like a twit with a foul mouth to get my Irish dander up!

          Here… I found this cool whistle in my last box of Cracker Jacks! Will you be my blogger? ::smooch::

  42. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Good work RCH! Hope your family is treating you well and behaving this holiday season. Blog soon.

  43. Sangfroid says:

    You know, this is awful to say, but I’m surprised that Allison did not claim to be able to hear/speak to Nicole Brown Simpson.
    That is what Medium Allison Dubois does on the show, solves crimes by getting the truth from the victim.
    It’s late I’m wandering down murky highways.

    • Tam5115 says:

      Oh yeah, what was she going to say? Uh, yeah, OJ killed Nicole but she says to let it be what it is?

      1. We all know OJ killed Nicole.
      2. Karma finally caught up with OJ
      3. Allison is not a real psychic.

      If Allison had been a REAL psychic, she would have told Camille that her husband was cheating and leaving. DUH!

      • My psychic abilities are telling me that Allison will say that she drinks to drown out the spirits and that because she was drunk she confused Camille’s future with Kyle’s. She will blame the whole thing on the alcohol / it wasn’t the real her, the alcohol took over / poor her, spirits are always chattering in her ear and she can’t focus on the living / she wanted to drown out the dead so that she could be polite and focus on the living dinner guests / she went overboard bc that damn bartender made the drinks too strong.
        There is really no other way she can get out of this without admitting that she’s a fake, so I think she’ll go with that story to attempt damage control. But judging by the response on twitter, blog comments, and every single youtube video having anything to do with her – the damage has been done.
        I have yet to see a SINGLE person defend her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Even Teresa and Jill have supporters. Hell, a few people even like Fakedra!

      • Sangfroid says:

        She wouldn’t have to go down the OJ way in her attempt to be cruel and hateful to Kyle and Faye.
        She could have easily claimed that Nicole was angry at Faye for the books and the playboy “spread. ”
        Not the lame stuff she spewed.
        A little research on the inter-webs and she might have pulled off something believable.
        Or at the least, looked up “cocktail attire.” 🙂

    • Adgirl says:

      Sangfroid that is probably the smartest point anybody has brought up. A Medium is at a dinner party and another guest is a key figure in one of the most notorious murders in history and the Medium is worried about how many times Kyle has been married?

      • Sangfroid says:

        Thank you for that.
        I was trying to imagine the dinner party as an episode of medium. Poor Allison would have been assaulted by imagery. She would tell “Mr District Attorney” who would ignore her vision, as in every episode. Back at home she would wake up Joe repeatedly. He would tell her she was just having a bad dream. We would watch Joe wander around in boxers and a t-shirt in muted tones of blue and grey.
        Maybe then they would bring in the ghost whisperer to encourage the random ghosts of Camille’s former dinner guests to move on to Kim’s house. (Well she already looks so frightened and the ghosts would feel they were accomplishing something.)
        As I said it was late, murky highways and holiday stress.

        • Haha!
          It’s true, in every single episode she has a vision of something, no one believes her, then her visions end up solving a crime.
          You’d think after 5 years of solving crimes for Mr. District Attorney (why doesn’t she work for the police department if she’s solving crimes?) he would finally start listening to her, at least sometimes. Like, why did you hire her to have visions about crimes if you’re never going to believe anything she says? And her husband too, always telling her she’s crazy and should ignore the dream about the young woman being murdered 3 days from now. I think I would have divorced his ass by now, it’s a clear case of emotional abuse by constantly trying to make her doubt herself. He tries to convince her she’s crazy, then pats her on the head and says “there there, I’ll take care of you”.
          And since you got me going, why don’t they live in a nicer house if he’s a rocket scientist? Shouldn’t they be rich? And what is up with his accent? I thought he was English or something, but in the episode where we met his mom she was clearly American.
          Come to think of it, this is a really stupid show. I’m embarrassed that I’ve seen so many episodes.

          • Sangfroid says:

            My thoughts exactly. We used to count the “Joe in his underwear scenes” and the denials.
            Have you seen this spoof?

            • That woman did a good Patricia Arquette impression. Lol
              Didn’t really get the whole thing with the Chinese guy though.

              • Sangfroid says:

                He is a recurring character played by Bobby Lee.
                From Wikipedia, “Bae Sung (Bobby Lee) is an Oriental American man who has held several jobs, mostly as a translator. However, no one can understand him because he speaks the language described once as “Dumbass.” In a few of the sketches, most of them involving Ike Barinholtz, Bae Sung answers a series of questions in gibberish, followed by his catchphrase, “Uh-oh, hot dog!” (On one occasion, he was tackled by a man in a hot dog suit). . . in season 12 in a parody of Medium, as a translator for a future murder victim who speaks Korean. Allison DuBois (Crista Flanagan) was unable to save the victim due to Bae Sung’s poor translation. The coroner, also played by Bobby Lee—and also named Bae Sung—spoke perfect English.”

    • BessiB says:

      Except that the real Allison Dubois is a BigFatFake.

  44. Now that I got Botox, I REALLY don’t understand how Camille doesn’t notice those 3 ridiculous wrinkles she has at the very top of her forehead.
    I probably spend a good 5 minutes per day making faces in the mirror and trying really hard to make wrinkles to make sure it’s working.
    For someone as in love with herself as Camille, you’d think she would spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. Or maybe she doesn’t bother since she has other people to do her hair and makeup and tell her she looks beautiful.

    • Adgirl says:

      Only 5 minutes? My wrinkles need a longer workout than that. Their old and out of shape.
      You have to find out where the good doctor has to add shots to prevent that crazy clown eyebrow. That’s why I don’t dare get botox.

      I did start laser light for skin discoloration and it worked really fast after 1 of 6 sessions. I’m really pleased. I also started chem peels and right away my skin is brighter, or less dull. whatever. I also recommend that.

      • Adgirl says:

        wish we had edit! my wrinkles .. “they’re” old.

      • Sangfroid says:

        My New Year’s resolution, facial yoga with Phaedra.
        Whip those wrinkles into shape.

      • He said the clown eyebrows are sometimes a side effect, but he said if it happens he can fix it right away with another shot in a different place. So you don’t need to worry about that. The scary part is that he was the first doctor I saw who didn’t try to convince me to do the clown eyes on purpose. These doctors are like drug pushers. Another one tried to convince me how nice I would look if I let him give me injections to make my cheekbones look bigger. I swear, if I had taken all the advice the other dr’s had given me I’d look like Taylor right now. They prey on insecure women. It’s sad really.

        I really wanted to do the chem peels (is it called microdermabrasion?) but I was scared about the whole “taking off a layer of skin” part of it.
        What kind of discoloration does the laser fix? Like just little spots, or does it make it so your whole face an even color so you don’t have to wear makeup anymore?

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          Do you still have that feeling of a brick under your skin or did that subside?
          Camille never sees that wrinkle b/c when she looks in the mirror she has her nose stuck up in the air and only looks right and left, cooing to herself about how wonderful she looks. She doesn’t look at the top of her head b/c she isn’t looking critically at herself, she is admiring herself.

          • Lol. That makes sense.
            I don’t feel the brick anymore, but I am aware that something feels different. But it’s not bad, and I’m really happy with the way it looks.

            • Adgirl says:

              Chem peels are differnt than micro derms. Chem peel is like a mask they leave on for few minutes and then wipe off. It takes off the top layer of skin. Right away the rougher places disappeared. micro is an abrassive scrub that is good for little lumpy things.
              Laser (I get 2 kinds) light to lighten the discolored spots and another for skin tightening. Surprisingly they both worked well on me. I have very light skin which is the easiest to work with. I have rosacia (redness) and a few color problems from meds and general aging. I don’t look good with base on so this is preferable.
              One more in Boston told me how to get a great price. She manages laser centers.

              • CAgirl says:

                Any recommendations for wrinkles and discolorations/freckles?? I have fairly light skin–I’m sure I need botox between the brows, but am thinking of getting a “tune-up” all over the face. I’m extraordinarily vain, i.e. I won’t be on tv or trolling for hotties any time soon, but I want to look good for me…

      • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • Snarkella says:

      Ooooh I hate Camille’s freaky little three wrinkles at the top. Even Anderson Cooper noticed and commented on them.

      • Adgirl says:

        I wonder if Camille knows who Anderson Cooper is. I’m sure she read Variety, but does she watch the news?
        That whole comment reminds me that there are NO GAYS on BH unless you count Cedric. Camille needs to get herself a gay bestie.

        • Camille doesn’t hang out with gay’s because they aren’t attracted. She likes to be friends with men who want to sleep with her and women who wish they could be her (which in her mind is every woman). She is offended by the entire gay race (are they a race?.. lack of a better word) because how dare they not find her irresistible.
          Although I think Dwight would be the perfect friend for her. He would kiss her ass like no other.

    • Sangfroid says:

      I had to go back and look for the wrinkles. Yikes!
      Honestly I never noticed them.
      I have been obsessed, or should I say obessed with her eyes. They look so under made up and tired compared to all the other women. Even Dubois has enhanced her eyes. Is Camille sporting a natural look? Is it that her eyes are so deep set?
      For someone into her appearance, the eyes look odd to me and she is shiny.

  45. browneyes2004 says:

    I just discovered your blog….LOVE at first read ❤ You are spot on with Camille, what an awful woman. I think she has easily won the spot in my heart as my favorite to hate. So glad I found this site…cant wait to read more! ;0)

  46. Tracy says:

    Poor Kelsey…lol

  47. London Calling says:

    Massive fan of The Real Housewives. This is my first ever post.

    Taylor, other than the affected voice she puts on at Mohammed’s house (during their greeting/Introduction) she also did this walk, not how you usually see her walk but a fancy walk (like she’s been studying high society ladies), first time I saw her do it was in N.Y when the gals were walking to their car to go to the theatre. All of them were walking normally but catch Taylor profiling big time.
    Taylor reminds me of Tamara (OC) trying really hard to fit in and sucking up to the others (except to Kim). I think she is manipulative – at the disastrous dinner at Camille’s she was crying in the toilet before they left – why? Maybe to distract the other women from asking what Kim was really saying and accusing Taylor of AGAIN. By quickly (and unnecessarily) crying the women comfort Taylor instead of questioning her.
    I get the OC Tamra feeling again- like she’s a fake rich. I think she’s mean and desperate to take the heat off herself…she doesn’t have the success/wealth as the other ladies, she’s not “real “Beverly Hills. Hence her stirring, manipulation and fake behaviour. As Bethenny (NY) said the audience are not stupid .

    Adrienne. I like her but we need to see more…give us something. Something funny, something kick –ass, just something. With all her money and resources she should have better hair extensions and a better wardrobe.
    Like Lisa. Great lady, great accomplishments, great humour. But I have a feeling she’ll be our next Jill Zarin (I’ve felt that from the beginning) If I’m wrong then good I’ll continue to like her and marvel in her success. I’m from England (London) although I’m a city person, I went to school in the English countryside and I’ll support Lisa on just how beautiful it is – come over guys and see it for your self, you won’t be disappointed…..still think she’ll be the next Jill Z.
    Kim. Does have funny one liners, seems harmless. I like her.
    Kyle. Erm…let’s wait and see.

    • You think Lisa will be the next JZ? I can’t see that, mainly because Lisa really stays out of the drama.
      I could picture Kyle going down that road though if she doesn’t chill out with her treatment of Kim. While it really doesn’t bother me, I see people online getting annoyed with her. Kyle and Lisa seemed to be the early favorites on this show and I don’t see Lisa’s status changing, but I do see Kyle’s reputation slipping a bit every time she yells at Kim or loses her temper.
      I agree on Taylor. I called her a wanna-be before the show even started. I can’t stand her. I didn’t notice her walk, but now I want to go back and check it out.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        I think Kim was making an effort to stick up for Kyle ( at the dinner from hell) by pointing out that Taylor started the whole “insecure” thing, but her timing was terrible and it backfired. Kyle does treat Kim in a manner she would never do to anyone else.

        • Adgirl says:

          Kim should have stood up an confronted Allison & Camille, not re-start the Taylor fight. That is why Kyle was pissed at Kim.

          She’s like the husband who won’t stick up for you because he doesn’t want to get involved.

          • Tuzentswurth says:

            Taylor herself needed to admit to her part. Kim can accuse her all day long, but Taylor …well we see what Taylor did when she should have admitted her part and brought truth to light.

          • Tam5115 says:

            I didn’t notice Adrienne getting involved either.

            Kyle knows damn well how uncomfortable Kim is in any social setting. Just because she comes roaring out of the gate doesn’t mean that Kim needs to join right in.

            Adrienne looked like she wanted to sink under the table and could have thought of a million other things she’d rather be doing… like a root canal.

            The more I think about it, the more irritated I am. Kyle could have handled this much better than she did. She had to poke at Allison, and while I agree Allison is horrible and deserves it, Kyle already had issues with Camille that were just going to be brought up and not resolved.

            Don’t poke the crazy lady with a stick… just don’t.

            • Tuzentswurth says:

              “Don’t poke the crazy lady with a stick… just don’t.”
              Another good *snort*

            • CAgirl says:

              Amen Tam5115–you said everything I was thinking while daydreaming at work today! And “don’t poke the crazy lady” applies to more than just one of those ladies at the dinner…I know how to keep my head down when surrounded by crazy 🙂

  48. Waxdiva says:

    Was doing some homework on the Salamis: Yeah, they’re still around…

    • They’re still showing their faces in public? Lol
      I love her answer for what they would do if someone crashed their party!

      • Waxdiva says:

        I despise Camille, but these two are the king and queen of RH despicability (I think I just made up a word). Camille is catty, petty and a pro at backstabbing, but the Salamis know their legal stuff, which makes them pro scammers and scarier… Jim Bellino could learn some tricks from the Salamis, that’s how ‘professional’ they are at scamming.

  49. London Calling says:

    Another desperado, D.D – Camille’s employee/fake friend. Yes we all need to earn a living but self respect is important. Worst suck-up I’ve seen on these shows.

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