My Adventures with Associated Content

As many of you know, I recently signed up to write for Yahoo’s Associated Content.

This was prompted by a certain someone’s rant about paid professional writers vs crappy hobby bloggers who don’t have assignment desks or byline’s.

(Original story here – warning: slow loading time)

I love a challenge, and it’s not like I have anything better to do so I signed up for AC and guess what? Now I have an assignment desk and a byline of my very own.

So as I complete my “assignments” I figured I would post them on this page for anyone who is interested in reading them. I’m going to stick this page to the top menu so it’s easy to find, but there is also a feed on the right menu that will show new articles as they are published.

I’m currently at clout level 4. My goal is to get to 10, and possibly win some of those fancy awards along the way. But of course no award will ever be more important than my hobby blogger award. I am doing this mainly because a certain someone acted all superior and I’m just trying to prove a point… I also have too much time on my hands.

If any of you write for AC or decide to start writing, please post your links in the comments so we can read your articles too!

My AC Articles:

A New Jersey Thanksgiving Poem

Housewives Holiday Jingle

Funny Toddler Quotes

The Many Faces of Phaedra Parks from Episode 7

The Many Faces of Phaedra Parks from Episode 8

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Slide Show Recap – Episode 8

Where to Buy Winter Fresh Farm Food (with my own anti-factory farming agenda thrown in)

Green Cleaning Products


Pretzel Dog Recipe

Chicken and Cheerios Recipe

Sausage Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Asparagus

Recaps: (These are the same as the recaps I post here – except without the curses and the pictures…. so really there is no point for any of you to read these. But here they are anyway.)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Episode 6

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 8

UPDATE: Fried Banana Recipe

UPDATE : Losing Weight in 2010

Top 10 Unusual Holiday Tech Gift Ideas


UPDATE:  I have just been accepted as a “Featured Contributor”. Woo Hoo!!
I only have 5 levels and 3 awards to go before I can tell Jenn to SUCK IT. Lol

UPDATE: The Meaning of Christmas (RCH version)




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143 Responses to My Adventures with Associated Content

  1. TheDesignDiva says:

    CONGRATULATIONS….We knew you could do IT….

  2. WaxDiva says:

    WOW! A real byline! How does it feel to be a professional writer and not a hobby blogger? What do you win when you get to a 10??

  3. Need a Hobby says:

    Don’t page views contribute to the attainment of levels? If so, I would encourage all to view the entire RCH oeuvre at AC/Yahooooo.

    Remember, every time you read a jingle, you set the cosmos all a tingle.

    As above, so below; as within and without.
    Keep reading and give
    our home girl some clout.


  4. bacasam says:

    A suggestion on AC recipes: could very well be my limited grocery store knowledge, but sometimes the recipes mention something which perhaps isn’t known or known by different name in other areas.
    Example: Sausage/Mash Pot said ‘club house’ dressing. I love finding new ways to make everyday foods, so I’ll probably eventually try them all

  5. Shari says:

    Good job. I wonder how long it will take before she says anything else? lol

  6. tweatcyn says:

    Now Zenn Jenn will protect you from the Hobby Bloggers, as one of her peeps!

    • Oh yeah didn’t she say something about peers and giving respect?? I think I have some respect to be collecting soon. Lol
      Honestly, this whole AC thing is so frustrating. There are so many bugs on that site it’s ridiculous. About 1/2 the articles I’ve written never got published bc it does this thing where the article gets stuck and all the buttons disappear and you can’t go back or forward or save. You have no choice but to exit out and start all over.
      I wrote to Yahoo about this problem but no one ever responds. It’s a real mess over there.

  7. Tuzentswurth says:

    Awesome, thanks for creating the feed, I can be sure not to miss any articles.

  8. TrillianAlice says:

    Clout 10 before you know it, you are so funny, you deserve an award. I would give you an award just for all the times you have made me laugh.

  9. ilovelynn says:

    kiss my big fat ass, zenn jenn! who’s the “professional” now, you putz! yay, RCH!

  10. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Pretend she is Poland and dress up like a Nazi and INVADE.

    If you seriously get a higher clout rating than her, I want Dina to go up to Canada and do a Project LadyBug event with you too. She can even bring her trollies. Oh wait. She is the trollie. nevermind.

    • Damnert says:

      Actually, when (not if) your cloat rating goes above hers, she should have to put her YouTube back up and unlock her blog. I’m so “oh wellsies” missing the episodes of grandeur for “realsies” and for “suresies” 🙂

  11. MickeyMouth says:

    Will you still associate with us lowly hobby bloggers or should I expect to be blocked on twitter and banned from commenting on your blog.

    I am surprised you allow comments on your blog. I thought professional bloggers blocked commenting.

    • I suppose I can’t be truly professional until I block comments and start acting like a snob.

      Btw, funny story – Jenn is always like “My article is in editing” or “My editor sent my article back, I need to make some changes” and it sounds very professional when you say it like that. But “editing” that 5 minute waiting period after you click the “submit” button before your article is published. I don’t even think anyone actually reads them. I think they have a system that scans them for curse words and the correct format and either accepts or rejects. I had something sent back once because I didn’t have the minimum amount of words required. But it all happens too quickly to be read by actual people.

      • fashion42 says:

        That’s just so sad.

        Keep up the good work, calling out people on their BS and what not!

      • housewifeaddict says:

        LOL – you need to stop telling us the trade secrets. It all sounded so important before, and now I’m beginning to think that Hobby Blogging with open comments is actually HARDER than AC writing. Hmmm – maybe you’re the REAL writer and Jenn is the imposter.

    • Sardonica says:

      Will we need to log in to read your ‘product’ and to comment? Will we need secret passwords and codes?

  12. Alicia says:

    Yay!!! Good for you!!! You will be awesome!!!

  13. Sardonica says:

    Very good job, RCH! Why is it I feel has if I have just been to a parents/teachers conference?
    I am very proud of your progress and I know you will continue to continue to do a great job on AC. If you need any days off I can supply you with a please excuse note…Your Cyber Mom, Sardonica
    p.s. I hope you do not want a new car or a big BH diamond upon graduation from A.C.U.
    I thought I would dread it
    But I have to give you credit
    You have your own byline
    and it took you no time
    Make me want keep a rhymin
    But my oven it’s a chimin’
    Have to feed the hubby
    And hope he don’t get chubby
    Gots me all the jitters
    Just logged off of that Twitter

  14. cdnfillie58 says:

    hey RCH, proud to know you… sad that some don’t know about Club House seasonings though..maybe we should start a little online business 😛

    • I thought the States had everything. It never occurred to me that we would have something they didn’t. Except poutine. Have you ever tried the roasted garlic and peppers seasoning? I’m currently obsessed with it. I will be putting it on everything for about another couple months until at which point I will get sick of it and be disgusted by the sight of it.

  15. kotagirl29 says:

    Congrats to a fellow Professional. After that business I tried it too. Not very hard. I wrote a couple of articles one about the war of bloggers and one on vacation nightmares. Check them out:
    Keep up the good work. Us professionals got to stick together. HA!

  16. fashion42 says:

    RCH- you should start doing 16 and Pregnant recaps, methinks a a certain professional blogger would go bat$hit crazy.

    • Actually…. I’m going to start doing Teen Mom next season. Lol. I used to read a certain professional bloggers recaps, but now that I can’t read her stuff anymore (principals, ya know) I think I will have to start writing my own.

  17. karenne says:

    Congrats!! i can hear the Brenda Starr Typewriter keys pounding out the top stories…the PAID stories….Associated Stories!!!
    wow…a byline.
    now, I am being silly…due to that other silly chic….
    but I am not surprised you have a byline! You have a hobby blog!
    both I am sure are fabulous!
    I know the RCH is awesome and you keep me laughing daily….on RCH and the up your hair.
    us girls, Love you and just think its cool you GRADUATED in to bylines…
    is your byline going to have a comment section/
    just wondering because “some peoples bylines dont” and that is irritating.
    smiles and smooches

  18. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    Great job RCH!! You are an awesome writer and I can always count on you for a good laugh!

  19. Larue says:

    I’m so proud of you! They are publishing your stuff right and left. Keep up the excellent work.

  20. kbinldo says:

    Here’s mine. So far I’ve earned a whopping 3 cents. 😉 Does this mean I’m a “professional blogger” now, or do I need to earn at least a nickel?

  21. T-Rex says:

    KimmieZ is selling her Crib, again. Don’t know if anyone posted this yet. Too bad they don’t require the Realtor site to provide a “scratch and sniff” section because with how much she smokes in her house, it’s got to be pretty stinky! With all that furniture of Fabric, you can’t get that smell out, no matter how much Febreeze you try to spray

  22. Tuzentswurth says:

    So whatever happened with wud up detective? She was to be away till Nov 29? Is she back and now hot on the trail of “The Case of the Middle-Aged Twitter Wars”?

  23. Sardonica says:

    I have noticed yout recipes do not allow suffcient cook and/or rest time allowing the cook ( not chef ) to check blogs,Twitter, etc. The best recipes allow time to leave a post, too.

    re: Det Wha’dup. I read the detective was reassigned to help Perry Mason look for Jessica Fletcher who is believed to have run of with one Miss Marple. As you can well guess the case is quite the scandal! A Miss Nancy Drew was called away from looking for a pesky missing staircase in order to assist… hmmm…hidden staircase… missing people? Must tweet Mr S. Holmes as soon as next recipe allows me the time

  24. Sardonica says:

    you* suffcient* off* I really am cooking right now. See what happens when you cook and post. THIS is why I cannot be a professional blogger.

  25. Sardonica says:

    I should not be allowed to own a keyboard

    • Sardonica says:

      Why do I get 2 thumbs up on NOT owning a keyboard? Doesn’t equate with mathmatical thumbing on my other posts of same time period . My feelings are hurt * sitting in corner, in need of wine but have none boo hoo… sobbing*
      Note to self: Always have enough wine on tap
      addendum: Left a truly, no really it was so wonderful! post to kota here and it was lost in cyberspace because I had cleaned my cookies ( oh, it was good for me. Lit a ciggie after and ordered a pizza up. Another story for another time ) I have now re-entered proper name and addy so I hope this sticks to the comment section

      • Tralena says:

        I gave you a thumbs up because it was funny, thats all. You are good with that keyboard…..very funny!

        • Sardonica says:

          …aaaw, Tralena. So nice to reply to my paranoia, ya little enabler you. I have become Twitcrazy ( crazier than my usual fun crazy ). I am like Ms Backwoods- Hick in the big city over there. Anytime I ‘try’ to help or be real with, ahem…you ppl know who you are, I get my leeettle feelings hurt by the professional twitterites ( well, only 2 so far but… lol ) I think I need to keep my little kitty nose out of the war. The only reason I interjected was because THIS blog has kinda changed from the safe, fun place it used to be. Remember? huh, remember when?? I like my internet time easy and funny. I also want world peace and everyone to get along and happily skip together hand in hand on the playground. * tears in eyes* yes, and this is why I should be Miss America!
          This post has been verified by ‘The International Committee Of Dramatic Posting”

          • Sangfroid says:

            You are certainly not alone in those sentiments and I for one am in awe of your courage in venturing off to new horizons. Just don’t get your sash snagged on the twigs and come home before dark. It is still safer here then out there.

  26. This is the email I got from AC:


    I am happy to inform you that you have been accepted into the Associated Content for Yahoo! Featured Arts & Entertainment Contributor Program! Your professional and hands-on experience coupled with your library of informative and well-written Arts & Entertainment content establishes you as an expert in the field—and we are very glad to have you on board.

    As a featured contributor, you are first in line to be featured on omg! and other Yahoo! sites; you may be featured around the Associated Content for Yahoo! site; and you will also be contacted if we need Arts & Entertainment content for a content partner. In order to maximize these often lucrative opportunities, we are requesting that all featured contributors make themselves familiar with and abide by all featured contributor duties.

    Your Arts & Entertainment editor, Jenny, will be targeting you with three $10 assignments each month (International Contributors: please see these directions for submitting your W-8BEN form). You can expect your first assignments in your Assignment Desk early next month. All content you submit for a featured contributor assignment is expected to be high quality, proofread, on a topic not already extensively covered on Associated Content, and on an appropriate topic for the category.

    Here are some examples of Arts & Entertainment content we like best and are most likely to feature or pass off to a Yahoo! site:

    Evergreen Content: These are stories that will consistently perform well over time. Ex: “8 Movies About Summer Vacation”
    Trending Stories: These stories will cover a trending topic, but will explore new angles. If you love celebrities, this is often the spot for you, but make sure you provide new information that can’t easily be found by a simple search. Always hyperlink to any articles you cite. When citing articles on celebrities, we expect you to cite professional websites like TMZ or OMG!
    Trending Topic with a Twist: This is your best bet. Check out trending topics online and find a way to put a unique twist on it. Ex: “Top 10 Guys Bristol Palin Should Date”. Bristol Palin is currently in the news a lot, but we don’t want a biography on Bristol Palin (we can get that on Wikipedia). We do want an article that has a trending celebrity, tv show, movie, musician, etc. in it, but in an engaging and entertaining way.

    If you have questions about your assignments or the Arts & Entertainment program, Jenny can be reached at

    Again, congratulations on your acceptance.

    Brenna Lewis
    Manager of Community Programs

    For those of you who signed up, it may actually be worth it to stick with it. At the very least you may just be able to make enough to cover your internet bill. You’re online anyway, so why not!

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      I LOL at ur editor’s name: Jenny!

    • fashion42 says:

      I’m signing up. I’m moving to manhattan in 2 weeks soooo anything to help pay the bills. Even if it’s just like $20 extra month. Thanks for the info!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Well congratulations to you! It sounds like there is some form for “international contributors” like yourself (sounds so exotic, you jet-setter you), maybe you can make a few bucks after all. The trending topic with a twist is what you do now with the recaps and BS blogs, they are great humor, send them in and let us know if and where they are published. You know you can count on us, we are behind you, no seriously, look behind you, we are right behind you………….

      • Daisy says:

        That last sentence….ROFLMBO!!!!… RCH, we are stalking you in a mildly creepy way, but as friends, cyberly-speaking and all…you know. Please don’t call the Twit Dick (twitter detective) on us, we are actually here to give you are stepping stone on your way to associated content fame. You deserve the kudos fo’ sho’ yo!

        Yep….2 margaritas about 30 minutes ago with friends.

      • Lol

        I published my recaps there, but I can’t put the pictures on those articles the way I do here, so it’s not as fun. I didn’t do the BS Blogs because they make a big deal about copy right and stuff like that, so I don’t know if I’m allowed to copy and paste someone else’s blog. I don’t want to get my account suspended and they never answer when I email a question. Now that I have Jennifer’s email I think I’ll ask her.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      RCH: Excuse me if I missed it, did you apply for “featured contributor” or did it just happen?

      Either way, congrats! 😀

  27. TrillianAlice says:

    I am so impressed, my favorite hobby bloggers have gone pro. Seriously, good for you, you had a goal in mind and you went for it. Congratulations and we need to throw a huge cyber party for you and now Lynn. Whoever else has done this, this party is for all of you. Hurray.

  28. Tuzentswurth says:

    Congrats featured contributor! I just read the Tech Gifts and Losing Wt articles and they are very good, serious, informative and then they put me on the floor with that humor you just so casually drop in….you have a gift, I love it and adore you too. You should use your Dr. picture on you AC page. It is totally believable and makes you look authoritative. It’s a great pic. I’m going back to read the Christmas article. I’m relly enjoying this extra crack!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      yeah, relly, relly, like I’m obessed with it.

      • Sardonica says:

        I am still obessed with the word ‘obessed’. Better than fumgata or my nutty little fruitcake, or is it nuttie little fruitcake? I forget. Which reminds me, a recipe for nutty fruitcakes on AC?( or vice versa )

        • Sardonica says:

          or fruity little nutcake*
          addendum: How do you find the time to do the AC thing? I would enjoy it but I can barely get enough time to send 1 post without checking sp/grammar. Was yakking at husband, turned around to see if the post stuck to the monitor and saw THAT error. I was informing him RHBH was on tonight and he wasn’t invited to my RHBH party. he doesn’t bring the proper ‘ attitude’ to the viewing.

    • I should use my Dr. pic! Everyone will take me so much more seriously and they will take all my advice.

      • Tam5115 says:

        Of course they will, you’re a professional!

        Sticking it to that “other” professional, and we all know where you’re sticking it.

  29. Damnert says:

    JS to a tweeter : u know, u preach all of this peace on twitter then Rt’ed a comment so obviously a slam on me it’s a bit hypocritical.

    @jennifersale Which comment ? I didn’t see anything slamming you,I would not have return anything doing that! If I did , I’m sorry I didn’t

    @jennifersale I just read the tweet I think you are talking about, but for the life of me, I don’t really get how that was directed at you

    JS /same tweeter: it didn’t hurt me, it’s twitter. Sticks and Stones. Just seemed counterintuitive to do that.

    @jennifersale I’m not wrap up on the In’s & out’s of the tweeter wars, so truly have no clue. Again, I’m sorry, it was not intentional .

    JS/same tweeter: it’s fine, it really is. None of this stuff is personal to me. I just happened to see that after everything.

    What caused Jenn to “NOT be butt hurt because SHE doesn’t TAKE “stuff” personally?

    This was what the poor tweeter RT’d LOL : RT @PutYourHairUp: Woo Hoo!! I am now a “Featured Contributor” for Associated Content in the Arts & Entertainment category! Lol.

    Jennifer, where’s the fucking SLAM you moron?

    • Adgirl says:

      It wasn’t her, it was her editor. Yep. That’s it.

    • Haha! Thanks for laying out the convo!
      I don’t know why it’s bothering her. Didn’t she say in her blog that she would consider us peers and show us respect if we became “professional writers”? If she though that was a slam… wow. I haven’t even said anything to her yet. I’m waiting until I’m a level 9 with an award before I start collecting on some of that respect she promised. Lol

      And I like your new quilt color.

  30. CAgirl says:

    So….when can we start looking for the next recap??? Signed, another RCH junkie,..

  31. CAgirl says:

    PS I much prefer my quilt on the phone, in spite of how much more difficult it is to type here 🙂

  32. kbinldo says:

    zOMG! I’m no longer a “hobby blogger!” I actually got an offer!!! :faint: As soon as I get a link, I’ll post it so y’all can read my brilliant piece of work. 😉 LOL!! This is so much fun! Thanks, RCH!

    • Congratulations!
      I’m so impressed by all the professional writers we have around here now! Lol.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      I’m impressed too at all of my professional writer friends. Who knew? I really enjoyed the article, didn’t know a thing about the Camino. Thanks. It is such a large world and such a small world all at the same time!

  33. Sardonica says:

    My Twitter is broken and I am making dinner and I don’t know how to cope and cook.
    Once had a Twitter
    Now all a’jitter
    Tryin’ to cook
    Finished my book
    Trying to not…
    1) feel ‘bitter’
    2) push out a litter
    3)something a’skitter
    4)try to work ‘dither’ in somehow?
    5) play my zither lol
    6)oh, too many words to rhyme here
    I would enjoy being a professional writer on AC. Need to find the time. Must find a way to block out phonne/3-d ppl during holidays
    RCH Thank you for this space. Please send me the bill @ hatetheholi&

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Ahh, Sardonica, love you you little twitter Kitty. I’ll send you some Xanax for the holiday crush. Dr. RCH can write us another script. I like to imagine the things she would have people doing if she posts her Dr. pic and gets all that authority going and people do what she says. Can you imagine the fun she could have with that! (Not that I’m implying that she has a twisted mind or anything, teeheee).

  34. Sardonica says:

    I have checked everything on my magic smartie pants computer machine and all seems to work except Twitter. Any ideas? CT had many power outages yesterday due to storms but none in my area. Does twitter not like me? Am I not good enough for the Twitster? Must ponder?
    I blame RCH for another addiction…sighhhhhhhhhhh. So many cyber-monkeys on back. So few dealers. What is a gal to do?

  35. anna says:

    hey where do you guys watch rhoa online? surfthechannel, where i usually go, has the latest episode but its a muted version argh

  36. Tuzentswurth says:

    Your losing weight article on AC is very good and the links are great. You really did a fine job there. I am so proud of you!

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