The Real Housewives of Atlanta Slideshow Recap – Episode 8

Hey guys, it’s been a busy couple of days. I just watched RHOA but I didn’t write the recap yet. For now please enjoy my slideshow recap:

And also the many faces of Fakedra Parks from episode 8:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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46 Responses to The Real Housewives of Atlanta Slideshow Recap – Episode 8

  1. Tam5115 says:

    I’m sure it’s fabulous! It won’t show on my phone though

  2. Adgirl says:

    I couldn’t see it on my computer either. Must be operator error.

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  4. captaincarebear says:

    Cute slide show. But I like it better on your blog than on Associated Press. The big pictures make it even funnier somehow. I guess I’m spoiled.

  5. Sangfroid says:

    Up early this morning to get ready for a day of cooking, I wandered over to AC to see your latest slideshow. Hysterical !
    I am a little disconcerted at the eerie similarity between my Turkey’s physique and Phaedra at 7.5 months,(I’m making air quotes around the 7.5). Thanks RCH. It may have to be a veggie meal for me.
    Happy Thanksgiving all!

    • CAgirl says:

      I’m glad I’m not cooking the turkey today, now that you mentioned the similarity!!! Too funny. Happy Thanksgiving everyone šŸ™‚

    • Sardonica says:

      haha…I am glad I am reading this on Friday after the cooking and devouring olympics. Spooky similarities, indeed

  6. i couldn’t bring the slide show up! oh well, I’ll try it again tmro,
    when I’m not so crazed!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  7. bacasam says:

    Just wanted to let give you info on both links: received email showing both AC links as well as the usual WP blog and was able to access both easily with one click.

  8. anna says:

    did anyone catch what teresa wrote about teresa on her blog? the post is now edited but thank god for google cache! its so obvious how much she dislikes melissa. she has the nerve to rag on melissa about nannies when she has 2 full time live in nannies aka her parents
    btw happy thanksgiving everyone šŸ™‚

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Seriously? That’s nuts! T & Melissa are such close family and the rumors they don’t get along are not true, according to T, that when T wanted to clear up an issue she directly publicly addressed Melissa on her crackalicious website? Oy.

      And what a message it was. I’m sure that made things all better. Not.

      • bacasam says:

        Thanks so much for the save.
        Didn’t mean to be negative with the nannies comment, guess I’m a little thick, why else would you mention it?
        …”have 250,000 followers”then something like ‘wouldn’t know how to begin to delete.’ Oh then what less than 2 sentences later, “only delete those haters”?? The dictionary needs to be amended with her pic for personification of: talking out of both sides of your mouth.

  9. anna says:

    did anyone catch what teresa wrote about *melissa on her blog? the post is now edited but thank god for google cache! its so obvious how much she dislikes melissa. she has the nerve to rag on melissa about nannies when she has 2 full time live in nannies aka her parents
    btw happy thanksgiving everyone šŸ™‚

  10. LynnnSoCal says:

    Jeez Chicklet, do you ever sleep! Tried several access points, no luck on itouch. Dang! Try the Mac later. You always bring the laughs, so I don’t want to miss out. Happy Thanksgiving RCH, thanks for your awesome wit. Gobble, Gobble!

  11. Raquel Papel says:

    I am totally being a Thanksgiving bum. Not having to cook and having a late dinner is awesome. Gives me plenty of time to catch up on my blog reading. I love the many faces of Phae-Phae, she is just darling.

  12. Tam5115 says:

    I could see the slideshow now.

    I about died when Fakedra said her being 40 weeks was one theory! The doctor was like, “it’s no theory” hahahahaha

    • Daisy says:

      Ha! I laughed about that too. You know her insides squeezed that poor baby hard when she tensed up thinking about how she was going to have to explain to her momma that she was knocked up before marriage. You can tell she is afraid of her mom. I do admire her for not just killing the baby because of it.

  13. Sangfroid says:

    Addict that I am, I watched this episode while cooking, so I wasn’t paying close attention. When Phaedra & Apollo were at the Rosemary Inn discussing the Lady Fingers, did Phaedra say they were filled with Barbarian Cream?

  14. Snarkella says:

    Happy Thanksgiving RCH!

  15. Tuzentswurth says:

    Loved the slideshow!

  16. Sardonica says:

    Do I post here or there. You know over there on fancy blog? It is like having a new alley to shoot up in but I am not sure where to score the dope

  17. Sardonica says:

    I posted in the new alley but it was dark and scary and I think maybe a narc was watching me, not sure.

  18. Need a Hobby says:

    RHOA meets Ghosthunters on SyFy Channel. Wednesday, Dec 1. NeNe, Kim & Sheree. Preview clip here:–sneak-peek-2–ghost-hunters/v1261268

    Too bad Fakera wasn’t in on that. That would be something to see. Jason & Grant may not be afraid of no ghosts, but Fakera would be something else. Oh yes, I want Fakera and Dwight on Ghosthunters.

  19. pantsonfire says:

    So does anyone else have a big wonder about the financials of some of these Atlanta women? None of them have any real money, they all have financial skeletons in and out of the closet and obviously present themselves as wealthy, even as the lights are being shut off and cars are being taken away. I don’t keep up with the Joneses- I am the Joneses’! (please)

    Pardon my wtf, but anyone can run up credit cards and put themselves into double digit debt in minutes. I may not have been paying attention, but isn’t Kim the only one who has never seemed to have any issues? Except for Kandi, she seems to be screwed on very straight, and has a lot of financial responsibilty.
    **The Hartwells, lost jobs, lost income, were forced to downsize and let all their businesses go.
    **Sheree has never worked, and still doesn’t have a operating business that generates any real type of income (that I’ve seen), and has had a lot of issues with creditors and dept. stores coming after her. At some point your credit dries up. How can she spend 800 on a pair of shoes or 3000 on a handbag, and still keep the lights on, and feed her kids?
    ** Gregg lost his income, and they have struggled on the show last year and currently.

    It’s interesting that Kim continues to spend and have a very lasvish lifestyle, without any real income. Kandi said she made 80-100k off her song, but that seems like peanuts compared to her spending habits. Does her wigline make any money?
    It’s just interesting she seems to never fret about the economy, or is outed by repossessors, creditors, etc. And I think she said her home is paid off. And I am dead sure, that Nene and Sheree would gossip on the show about her having money issues if there were any.

    Seems to me Atlanta isn’t a mecca for wealthy African Americans, it’s a Las Vegas floor where you gamble your future, and any type of future your kids could have . I mean, wouldn’t you want to make your ancestors proud? The ones who lived horrible existences as slaves, the ones who fought and died for equality, voting rights, etc? Seems to me, they are shitting all over what their grandparents dreamed for them. an education, a job, a chance to make it. The same arguement can be made for any race of people -my dumb ass cousin who acts the same way, keeps living beyond her means, really just pisses me off. Come on lets show some restraint people!

    Anywhoodle… just questions any thoughts or does anyone know any more about their finances? I know there are some real smarty pants in the house here

    (Sorry, I’m a ranter)–Here is my new disclaimer that will go on all my posts, so as not to stir anyone up with my rambling thoughts….

    Please do not assume my thoughts and observations about anybodys race, creed, religion, sexual preference, or state of residence or conception, are aimed at causing controversy. Just observations..lets all be adults.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Just like in any other of the RH locations, there are real “society” folks with real money—you just won’t find them clowning for Bravo’s cameras.

  20. pantsonfire says:

    Hobby- right! I would really like to know who in Atlanta are the real socialites. The real women who are powerful CEO’s, charitable -without self promotion. Women who really hold upscale parties and live in glamourous homes. Women Atlanta could be proud of. But, lets face it, we might not watch because it would be boring.

    I mean some of the women married to powerful men in my town, are extremely giving and charitable. But they have to hide the fact their husband got caught tapping his toes in a mens room stall…..

    **Please do not assume my thoughts and observations about anybodys race, creed, religion, sexual preference, or state of residence or conception, are aimed at causing controversy. Just observations..lets all be adults.

    • Adgirl says:

      I’m with you sister.
      Just about everybody on any RH franchise is suspect for either 1) being broke 2) needing to jump start a career because of a pending divorce or 3) promote floundering business.

      Other than Ramona and Vicki G who were sucessful business women already and continue to be.

      I wonder if Jill even owns any portion of her husbands company, Zarin Fabrics?
      How about Carolyn in NJ – does she own any of the Brownstone?
      Is Adrienne only on RH to promote the Palms? Las Vegas has been in the shitter for years.
      Why is Lisa selling her house? Does she hate living next to Adrienne? Is the Villa Blanca in trouble?

      We need a snoop to track down the answers!

      • I want to know how owning two restaurants can afford you a 28million dollar home. They must do something else, because I just don’t see how that’s possible unless they are charging 5k a plate at dinner.
        I don’t think the ATL women are any different the other franchises. All the RH’s are just regular women who married into money (but not as much money as most of them are pretending.) I think Adrienne is the only one who has been rich her whole life and could stop working tomorrow and still be rich for the rest of her life.
        But we need these posers because real society women would be boring. It would be like watching 6 LuAnn’s…. or DC. We want to watch women who are gonna flip tables and pull weaves and wigs and call each other whores.

        • Adgirl says:

          Actually, I think they’ve owned over 25 bars and restaurants in England. They’ve apparently sold them before moving to the US.

          But it would be more fun to think they own 2 here and cook meth in them to sell to the starving actresses in LA.

    • Sangfroid says:

      @pantsonfire, here are some photos to click through of Atlanta Society. The Swan House Ball is a huge event. I don’t believe you will find any of The Real Housewives in these photos. šŸ™‚

      a little more about the ball.

  21. pantsonfire says:

    I think Ken Todd comes from some family wealth in England. That is why Lisa married him so young.

  22. pantsonfire says:

    I broke down the housewives by lowest to highest net worth. (m-million t-thousand)
    The three richest housewives are Adrienne Lisa and Kandi. You will see why I don’t count JZ in top three

    Sheree 50t (hehe)
    Lisa Wu 100,000t (Ed Hartwell is worth 5m)
    Kim 1.5 m. (Big Poppa is worth about 50m) Kroy not listed
    Nene 3.5m
    Cynthia 8m
    Phaedra 12m
    DeShawn 15m
    Kandi 35m (mmhhhmmmm)

    Beverly Hills
    Camille 5m (hehe) (Kelsey is worth 120m)
    Taylor 10m
    Kim 20m
    Kyle 20m
    Lisa 65m
    Adrienne 300m

    New Jersey
    Teresa -(negative) -11m
    Dina Manzo 4.5m
    Jacqueline Laurita 5.5m
    Danielle Staub 6m (really?)
    Caroline Manzo 8m
    Kim G. 20m
    Melissa Gorga not listed

    New York

    Sonja -20m
    Alex McCord 400,00t
    Luann 2m
    Bethenney 14m (Hubby Jason is worth 5m)
    Kelly 15m
    Ramona 18m
    Jill 35m (seems Bobby is also worth 35 m- assuming together 35m)

    Orange County

    Tamra 10t
    Jeana Keough 750,000t
    Gretchen 3m
    Alexis 3.5m
    Vickie 7m

    I like how people are negtive millions. and that Sheree is only worth 50 grand. How does she afford a 800$ pair of shoes? I don’t get it.

    • Where did you get these numbers? There is no way this is accurate. How is Kim worth 1.5 mil when she doesn’t even work?
      These numbers are too inflated except for Camille. She will be making more money then all of them (except for Adrienne) with her alimony payments alone.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Probably this site:

        This site doesn’t provide a methodology or back up for how it arrives at the numbers it provides. Absent that, there’s really nothing to distinguish their purported info from numbers picked at random. The site also has a disclaimer advising readers not to assume that the info posted on the site is accurate.

  23. pantsonfire says:

    Yes the numbers are from celebrity I doubt anyone knows the real truth, but lets face it- 99% of what we know about these people is all speculation and shit they made up themselves. I though it was a fun little exercise for the day. So in the big scheme of things, it’s no more contradictory that what comes out of their mouths. I doubt anyone knows the real truth.

    However, I love that it declares Sheree is only worth fifty grand- whether it’s true or not.

  24. pantsonfire says:

    Thanks for the link Sangfroid! I knew there were real socialites somewhere in Atlanta. And her dress is beautiful!

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