Breaking News: Teresa Giudice Is Full Of Shit – UPDATED

Sorry, that’s actually old news. But here is something new to laugh at:

Here is Teresa a couple weeks ago at the Posche fashion show wearing a dress that was (supposedly) auctioned off for charity:


Here is Teresa wearing that same dress this week:


You’re welcome. Lol.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this blog Teresa erased the pictures of the dresses from her website. She is blaming Bravo and saying that they made her take down the pictures. Lol. Good thing I have the screen shots.

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146 Responses to Breaking News: Teresa Giudice Is Full Of Shit – UPDATED

  1. Shari says:

    Nothing new is right. She must really think the majority of us are really that stupid.

  2. Shari says:

    oops, I meant, ‘Old news’.

  3. Shari says:

    On the ohter hand, she may have ordered one for herself?

  4. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    I think Shari is right just because the dress was sold at auction doesnt mean she didnt buy one for herself afterwards

  5. firepainter says:

    Is that a giant guitar on his shirt?

  6. Periwinkle says:

    “government convention” ? Hmmm, I wonder if that’s like when the cops try to round up a lot of felons at once so they tell them they’ve won a brand new tv and to come to such and such warehouse….then they nab them.

    As for the dress, she’s the 3rd housewive I’ve seen wearing it. Sheree had it on at da club where Kandi was singing and Adrienne had it on in Vegas.

    • Adgirl says:

      fuckin hilarious.

      • dreemz says:

        Well, the guitar shirt MIGHT have been on the clearance racks……noooo……scratch that, she wouldn’t humiliate herself being seen at the clearance racks. Also, all this talk about coupons and saving money is bullshit. She has tweeted about $25.00 certificates for $3.00. Yes, this is a good deal, but misleading. It requires a $35.00 minimum purchase, 18% gratuity, then add in the $3.00, you’re still spending $20.00 to go out. (minimum) A family of 6 would need 2 certs. so even if they stick to the minimum purchase it’s still $40.00 for a meal. I suppose this is change to them but if you have the balls to declare bankruptcy then you better be disecting every dime you spend. I’m sure alot of the families they screwed over don’t have the money to go out and blow $40.00 . OK, back to my point, she tweets all these ads about good deals when if you’re broke it doesn’t matter if it’s a good deal or not….you don’t have the frickn money to be spending!
        Party with the government workers…..what..why..WTF….they were invited to this party for a REASON?? Who the hell wanted them at this shindig? Was it some kind of a JOKE? NEW JERSEY has GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE PARTYS??? I think I’ve entered the twilight zone the last 2 days. WISCONSIN is authorizing TWITTER INVESTIGATIONS, what the hell is next……LOL…this is fun!

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  8. Adgirl says:

    Oh, it’s a picture of Dumb and Dumber!
    Say Bitch – Get off my computer and get off the magazine covers that ruin my grocery shopping trip.

    Are there any more gob’ment conventions that the Mayor of Your Town can invite you criminals to?
    WTH kind of gob’ment convention is that anyway?
    “How Tax Money Can Benefit You and Your Gob’ment Contact Personally”.
    Too bad Charlie Rangel was too busy to attend. How about Maxine Waters?

    Panel discussions: How to Rig Contracts. Kick Back Etiquette. I’ll Scatch Your Back…
    Tips on Setting Up a Phoney Business Front.

    • Why is the Mayor of a North Jersey town holding government conventions in a casino in South Jersey?
      Does this sound normal?

      • Adgirl says:

        Because that where all the good hookers are.

      • Starry Night says:

        RCH, it is in Joisy. By the way, Borgata means “our crew” in mafia italian, if youse know what I mean…!

        Love your blog, & Lynn’s IHJZ blog too.

        • JuJuBee says:

          A lot of conventions are held in AC. It was a government convention for NJ, and since AC is in NJ….well, makes sense. Duh!

          PS – NO ONE who is actually from, or, lives in Jersey EVER says “Joisey”.

          • FlyontheWall says:

            I’ve lived in North Jersey for most of my life and haven’t even heard of any of those words except for sneakers and seltzer.

            And Meowth has a New Jersey accent?!?!?!

            • JuJuBee says:

              I’ve lived in NNJ all my life and agree a lot of the stuff on Wikipedia is BS. But you’ve never heard of ‘stoop’ or ‘Bodega’? Or Sub?

              I just added a link to that because it really pisses me off when people say ‘Joisey’. I just find it so stupid and have only ever heard people say it that are not from Jersey.

              • FlyontheWall says:

                Lol whoops. I have heard of stoop and sub before, guess I just missed those. But Bodega is new to me. Maybe I’ve heard of it before but don’t remember it?

                And I agree. If anyone in Jersey may accidently say “Joisey” or sound like it, they get laughed it.

          • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

            that is really true. we say jersey not ‘joisey’ ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

            add in dungarees, stick ball, scallion, stoop, sub, sneakers, seltzer, hoagie & bodega for me (ok, bodega I know cause I’m latina & bodega is a city thing, not a Jersey City thing). I also us ‘hon’ quite often. The other words .. never heard of them ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous says:

        Abso-effin-lutely!:) This is New Jersey: we set the standards and raise the bar for government corruption. I’m told Northern Arizona University School of Jurisprudence has a mandatory 4 credit hour course in “Corruption in Hudson County, N.J.” as a degree requirement. Just sayin’…

        • BonBon says:

          I can believe it. Hudson County politics have been the most corrupt of politics since at least the 1920’s and the days of Jersey City (county seat of Hudson) Mayor Frank Hague. He was called “Boss Hague” (for good reason) and if you have HBO, you can get a little taste of Hudson County politics in “Boardwalk Empire”.
          My very FIRST month living in Hudson County, the mayor of my THEN city (North Bergen…back in 1978) was being indicted on all kinds of charges.
          I’ve been away, sista. May not be back for awhile again. Haven’t forgotten RCH.

  9. Damnert says:

    It’s these “little” things, like having the head of a city government invite someone under criminal investigation to their convictions…….I mean conventions, that mean so much in that area, evidently.

    I thought it was beyond WTF to have a your fundraiser for Sheriff on TV at the Manzo residence – now this….

    What ticket will “The Situation” be running in his bid for Gov? Will SnOOki become Sec of State? Will the birds nest created by the women of “Jerseylicous” be the new house for the state bird? Will we see New Jersey State Police running around in Posche clothing or “Jersey Couture” next season ?

    I love how a lot of my NJ friends will say “That’s the part of NJ we don’t *ahem* talk about” ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Adgirl says:

      I believe Snookie and Situation haven’t reached the required number of felony investigations to qualify for office in NJ.

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    Does Joe own a suit or did it get destroyed during the baby christening brawl? She’s all decked out and he is in jeans and a shirt (he didn’t even tuck it in). IMO – this looks like a photo of some short toad getting it on with a hooker in Atlantic City.

  11. The Real Story says:

    Teresa’s ‘assistant’ is the one who tweets for her on Twitter.
    Teresa just tells them what lies to post and they do it. Did you actually think that Teresa even gave a damn about coupons or discounts?
    Notice how her spelling has gotten better over the last few months?

    ” Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive! ” SWS

    Dont know now about what she is doing to her inlaws. Maybe she released them from the basement because Joe’s new gf needed help.

  12. The Real Story says:

    Im sure the taxpayers would love to know where their tax dollars are going.

    Oh wait! There is no such thing as taxes, and every credit card allows you to use them without paying them off, and people that usually charge for services like building a home do so in NJ for free.

    I forgot about NJ laws. LMAO.

  13. Tuzentswurth says:

    Whoa, methinks Camille is faring worse than JZ and Danielle put together.

  14. Lucy says:

    I don’t like Teresa AT ALL but it never said the dress was a ONE OF A KIND. It actually said you could call the store an order one for yourself. Teresa might of thought she looked really hot in it and purchased one herself OR the store owner gave her one for participating as a ‘Thank you’. Which is good business. The housewives are always asked ‘What are you wearing?’ It is a perfect way for a store owner or designer to advertise!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Good point – she may have purchased it or it was given to her but it really isn’t flattering either in style or color on her!

    • Maybe…
      But Teresa’s favorite thing is to say something is fake, borrowed, or was a gift when it wasn’t.
      She said that dress went to charity, not a dress like it. So you think maybe she gave away the dress she wore all night and then bought another one? Why not keep the one she wore and give away a brand new one? Or hey, why not give the dress to the wife of the guy who installed her railings for free and let her auction it off for some money.
      You can find something wrong with this situation no matter which way you look at it.

  15. NJCleanUpCrew says:

    This is another picture that has to go to Mr. Christie. Why the hell is the tax payer footing the bill for these deadbeats to go to AC? And Why are the taxpayers paying for government party (convention, whatever)

    I think the charity this was supposedly donated to has no record of such donation…..

  16. Daisy says:

    It was so great to meet government employees…..Really?? What a stupid thing to say.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Why would a mayor bring as a “guest” anyone who is a very visible negative representative of their community? And what about the people in that community that got ripped off by this guest? Talk about dirty laundry!

      • Daisy says:

        So agree. It’s disturbing that the mayor would invite criminals to a government party. You have to wonder if he did that to make a mockery of them, or if he admires their ability to jook the system and wants to them to give instructions.

        These people should be in jail.

  17. Tracy says:

    I simply cannot believe this woman feels that there is enough interest in her life to actually get a website.

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    Teresa used to be a fan favorite – but its doubtful that she has the fan base she used to have. Charity to her means things she gets for free! Wonder what the bid for that dress got? Betting Melissa’s got a whole lot more!

    • jana says:

      No one knows Melissa. It cracks me up how twatters think they know her, and she’s so kind. A) she already lied to RHONJ FANS. Even Danielle sounds sweet/normal on twitter. Teresa does have fans,not everyone looks down on her for going broke.or for trying to protect her family. That’s human nature. What’s not human nature is hating someone to the point of obsession. All I read about is who Teresa hurt, she’s the one that had to file bankruptcy; anytime you work for someone you run the risk of their business failing. General motors?this blog is the perfect example of desperately trying to dig up dirt on someone. There are numerous reasons for the dress photo. And apparently insiders to Teresa’s life do not see the criminal behavior that you folks believe and or conjur up. FYI- nobodies perfect!

      • Jen says:

        I’m still waiting for point B! No one looks down on Teresa for being broke, they look down on her for being 11 million in debt. She wasn’t a working mom with a full-time job that suddenly got laid off and couldn’t keep up with the bills, she was/is an image-obsessed woman who racked up massive credit debt to furnish a lifestyle she couldn’t afford, and this was at the expense of others. You only read about who they have hurt because they hurt a lot of people-I don’t think you would be so quick to defend her if you lived in the slum apartments that Joe owned that would get the heat and lights shut off. They have an excuse for everything and nothing adds up-but way to compare Teresa and Joe to General Motors! (???)
        And there are numerous possible explanations for the dress photo and here they are-1)she lied and didn’t donate the dress 2)she bought another one (again lying about how she has no money-all her coupon-clipping bs) or 3) Posche gave her the dress for free and she is too stupid to realize that it wouldn’t look good to wear the dress-no matter how she got it-only two weeks later without an explanation. Teresa thinks we are all as dumb as her.

      • I don’t pretend to know Melissa. But from reading her facebook before anyone knew who she was, she does sound really nice. I could be wrong, but I don’t care as long as her being on the show upsets Teresa.

        And no one has a problem with Teresa or anyone else filing for bankruptcy. People have a problem with the fact that Teresa went on shopping sprees knowing that she was never going to pay for any of it. She also went on a 60k shopping spree days after she filed bankruptcy. You don’t see anything wrong with that?

        Personally, I don’t pay all that much attention to the bankruptcy. If you notice, I’ve never written about it. I don’t like her because of her personality. There are many reason but I will just give one example: The country club. She started the fight with Danielle on purpose. She never once apologized to Jac for starting something that ended up with her daughter getting in trouble. She never apologized to Danielle in an attempt to get the charges dropped against Ashley – or because it was the RIGHT thing to do. She never once took responsibility for anything. She sat there going “What? But I was just being nice…”
        I think it’s insulting to the viewers that she assumes we would be stupid enough to believe that.
        Unfortunately… it appears as though many people were stupid enough to believe that because you are right, she does have fans. That makes me worried for society.
        She also admitted on the show that she never made homemade pizza dough. But there is a recipe for homemade pizza in her book. You don’t find a problem with that either?

        • justanothermary says:

          I have a HUGE problem with the cookbooks when Teresa was busted ON CAMERA not making her own pizza dough. Whose recipes did she use? Did they get compensated? Is she really stupid enough to think no one would notice that she was outed? Does she care that she’s using the talented person who did have good recipes and not giving them even co-author status? She is a pig plain and simple.

          • Jen says:

            You know what annoyed me about the cookbook other than the sucky recipies and her lying about how she cooks? She bashes all the foods that are not authentic Italian and are the American version of Italian food-basically all the stuff you would find in a pizza place like really cheesy pizza, calzones, etc. I’d love to see the menu at Joe’s pizzeria and see how many “authentic” dishes he has…I’d bet 11 million dollars his pizza place is exactly like every other pizza place in NJ.

  19. thekidisallright says:

    JuJu- Obviously you are here reading comments as well? No need to defend Tree, and ask why we question her. It’s all pretty self-explanatory. If your trolling for an arguement, please go elsewhere, we have had enough shit stirred by Sybil lately. And if you don’t like us pickin on T- then ask to be invited to Jenn Sales Blog. There you can complain about us all you want, and we don’t have to ignore all your posts here.

  20. momofthree says:

    I’m pretty sure this is the convention she was referring to -(“The Auditor” is a writer from the Star Ledger. This is the first few lines of his article.)

    The Auditor decamped part of last week in Atlantic City where the state’s movers, shakers and political wannabes were on hand for the League of Municipalities convention.

    God help us all if Joe if is going into politics. BTW- Here are some lessons in Jersey speak. You always ask “What exit?” because everyone lives off of the Turnpike or Parkway. Our next lesson will be on “didjetyet?” Did you eat yet? Or maybe we could talk about “youse guys”.

    • JuJuBee says:

      Most people who live west of Essex county aren’t anywhere near the Parkway or Turnpike.

    • MOT is right, this is an annual convention of the criminals who run our state.
      Its been going-on since Boardwalk Empire days. Probably before Miss America.
      I guess Joe & T really made a great impression on them this year?
      Maybe they’ll even be invited on that train-ride to DC, another traditional get-together .
      Maybe they’ll let Joe carry the bags of cash since he showed what a good job he does with that on the trip to Italy?

  21. momofthree says:

    blah, blah, blah…..

  22. JuJuBee says:

    Well, it’s the truth!

  23. Divalosity says:

    @ Put Your Hair Up

    Do you block posters who aren’t popular or who have disagreements with others? In other words as to last week’s fight, can those posters come back? I see trolls are allowed, will we never hear from S or L again? S was very sweet and snarky. I hope she regroups and comes back.

    • I’ve never blocked anyone. If some people haven’t been back it was their own choice.

      • CAgirl says:

        Coming out of lurkdom–been reading your site for months now, felt the need to comment today. I love the fact that a) you don’t censor/block people, b) differing opinions are not only allowed but also respected (usually), and c) your blogs are funny as hell!! I think this site may become the only one I regularly follow for housewives/reality tv-related snark. Keep up the good work (no snarkiness there, really). And maybe I’ll even comment from time to time :-).

  24. thekidisallright says:

    So sensitive JuJu– Are you really that upset that people have this bad impression of Joisey, or they don’t know turnpikes from exits and you seem to be amping up for some kind of arguement about Jersey. Stop already…… And don’t be so sensitive about thumbs down comment. Either join in with some fun anecdotes about what a trashpit Jersey is, how many dead bodies might be buried under Tree’s house or something fun. No matter how much you want to defend Joisey, your not really in like company so the more you get your pant ies in a wad, the more crap your going to get flung at you, so to speak. Like monkeys in a zoo.
    Don’t bring me down.

    • JuJuBee says:

      It’s quite the opposite. YOU seem to be the one trying to amp up an argument. I’m not being sensitive about anything – I didn’t do a thumbs up or thumbs down on any comments. How does that come across as sensitive? As far as the stupid ‘Joisey’ thing…well, that’s just what that is, stupid. I was just correcting all the misconceptions people seem to have about JERSEY. You’re the one who seems to have their panties in a wad and wants to stir up some shit.

      • Starry Night says:

        @jujubee sorry to get you all hot & bothered about “joisey.” Gotta love you for defending this state, corrupt as it has been *and is* even today. Do you keep up with the latest arrests in New Jersey? Lots of other states have corruption issues too. “NJ & you, perfect together” was the state motto. Sure there’s a few good things about NJ. Aren’t you as fed up as most NJ people are with all the shows that perpetuate the infamous side of NJ culture, like RHONJ, Jerseylicious, Boardwalk (HBO show, haven’t seen it but based on the facts…), etc.? NJ is so diverse, why do we not get to see the good side? Probably because Bravo and other networks realize that the garbage attracks more viewers.

        • JuJuBee says:

          All government, politicians, etc., are corrupt IMO. And I know that most people wouldn’t watch these shows if they didn’t perpetuate the “Jersey Stereotype”, myself included, but it takes a real simple-minded person to actually believe everything they see on TV. No doubt there is truth to the stuff portrayed, but it only accounts for a small percentage.

    • ilovelynn says:

      that’s how much you know. the bodies are all under the 50 yd. line at the meadowlands giants stadium. duh!

  25. housewifeaddict says:

    With all due respect RCH – because I know you’re busy – but Camille has given you so much to work with – when is your blog on BH coming out. I’m dying to see what you do with that episode ….

  26. thekidisallright says:

    WoW JuJu. So Sooooorrrrrry–You can’t be so INSECURE about Jersey.

    “Itโ€™s quite the opposite. YOU seem to be the one trying to amp up an argument. Iโ€™m not being sensitive about anything โ€“ I didnโ€™t do a thumbs up or thumbs down on any comments. How does that come across as sensitive? As far as the stupid โ€˜Joiseyโ€™ thingโ€ฆwell, thatโ€™s just what that is, stupid. I was just correcting all the misconceptions people seem to have about JERSEY. Youโ€™re the one who seems to have their panties in a wad and wants to stir up some shit.”

    This seems to be quite the yeast-infection itch you have about Jersey, and turnpikes, and whatever the fuck no one cares about. I am sorry you feel that way- Just hoping you aren’t trolling for fun- this is how it starts.

    So I’ll sit back tune you down to a 0-1 and ignore you. I just want to wrap you in a beautiful light- K? Hugs and Kisses and No thumbs down please…..

    • JuJuBee says:

      How about this? —————- That’s what you wanted, right? YOU are the one trying to start shit. I wasn’t being nasty in my responses, as YOU are being. Do you not know how to carry on a normal, respectful conversation just because someone doesn’t agree with you? Obviously, you don’t. You just know how to be a ——————- and start shit.

      You want to be the shit stirrer…go right ahead. —————

      [RCH EDIT: I’m not even going to explain why I edited this post. You should know better.]

  27. pantsonfire says:

    Hey didn’t the poster ask for no thumbs down? I didn’t find the response as negative as to get one, although I couldn’t even begin to guess as to whom it would have been–Trollers should have to give up their thumbs before entering websites. Like Troller Predator List…..Accessible to anyone on the internet to see who in their own neighborhood is a Troller. That way you can keep your kids safe. Or you could Call that WI detective and get her involved.

    Thumbers suck.

    “I’m squishing your heads- I’m squishing your heads!”

  28. pantsonfire says:

    Adgirl- I likey. I need to actually register as a user- then I can put up a fun pix of some random person that looks better than me. or a cartoon, don’t wanna ruffle any feathers.
    Quick poll- I am changing phone plans and will have internet and data and am considering hopping on twitter. I am a little afraid I might spend to much time watching people tweet, retweeting or whatever it’s called. I don’t want to have a guilty pleasure that turns into a bad habit. Ex. years agho when the HBO series Carnivale was on- I was on the discussion boards constantly. Was heartbroken when it was cancelled, BUTT (as Pee-Wee Herman says-“There’s always a big but” it was the best thing for me- I left it and never went back and really have never posted anywhere else but here in the recent. I find all of you humorous. Even the Trolls.
    So I will give Twitter a whirl and follow all the drama live!
    But I Hate Thumbers-

    Oh-yeah–Anyone find out why the YouTube video of the professional Blogger was taken down so abruptly? Does anyone know where else it may have been placed on the web? I missed logging into see it a day late I guess.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Aw Pants, I like the thumbs, though till recently, almost no one used the thumbs down ever! There is a link here somewhere, maybe a previous blog to the Jenn video. Hang around, RCH can direct you to it when she comes by.

    • I fixed the youtube link on The Hobby Blogging Imaginary Recap so it works now.
      As for why it was taken down so abruptly… I think the real question should be: why was it not taken down sooner, or why was it even posted in the first place?

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      PantsonFire -when you join twitter, let us know & follow me — I so want to follow you! Your letter to the Chief of Police still cracks me up. We’d love to have you on twitter! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        Follow me too Pantsonfire! To answer your question about Twitter….Yes, it’s addicting but also a lot of fun if you are bored. There is always someone on that you can talk to in Twitterville. Your comments are limited to 14o characters so you have to get creative sometimes.

  29. j_dumbasshly says:


    Hey, what the heck? What is going on at BS Blogger? Are people really still fighting? Its been a week. I cant even load the page anymore it just freezees my computer.

    Personally, I think you should do a recap of that blog cuz it just derailed within its first few hours. I know you had to delete some things but can you tell us why? I know people’s names got outed but there was other stuff.

    I’ve never seen anything like that anywhere. For me, fter reading that blog I came away thinking very differently about some posters.

    • Yeah people are still fighting. It takes me like 3 minutes to load that page. Lol
      I didn’t delete anything. All I deleted were squirrels and WSL’s real names and links to websites about WSL and her company.

  30. momofthree says:

    This message is in response to JUJUBEE. I apologize if I offended you. I wasn’t making fun of NJ, I’m from NJ. I live in North Florida now but I will always by a JERSEY GIRL. “What Exit” is a term of comraderie (spell check!) because MOST people know what exit they live of off. Or maybe they don’t. I comment every now and then, but I have enough drama with two teenage daughters, so I prefer not to get involved with it here. You need to just lighten up a little. Do you know these people? Why let them bother you so much? I am sometimes amazed that people take these comments so seriously.
    As for the train to DC – now that you mentioned it, quite a while ago. my sister went on that. It was the year the Jim McGreevey was the Golden Child of the Democratic Party!

    • JuJuBee says:

      Momofthree – I wasn’t offended by your comments at all, so no need to apologize. I just wanted to shed some light on all of the misconceptions people have about Jersey. I guess my comments on here are just being misunderstood, but I was never nasty with my responses as some people have been to me on here (not you). I totally get the whole “what exit” thing (16W btw…), but why leave out North West Jersey on all the fun. LOL. To answer your questions, no, I don’t know any of these people and it doesn’t bother me at all. Maybe it might come across that way the way I write….I dunno. Guess that is why i’m not a writer.

      I’m a proud JERSEY BITCH!

    • Starry Night says:

      Oh God, Gov. McSkeevy (aka McGreevey). Thanks for reminding me about him. It got even better when the ex Gov. of NY – Spitzer – got booted for his spending NY state money on a hooker … just can’t explain politics NJ/NY style can you? Don’t you love the Saturday Night Live spoofs on Gov. Patterson (current Gov. of NY, replaced Spitzer.) And now Spitzer has a show on CNN…it is what it is, as they say. Having a sense of humor is the only way to handle living in…joisey! I just love the digs the SNL guy gives NJ …. so funny!

  31. TEB says:

    RCH- when are we going to get the BH blog? I keep clicking on this site every 20 minutes looking for it. (I feel like one of those mice in Pavlov’s studies that kept clicking on the lever for food….) I can’t wait to see what you do with Camille and the NY trip.

  32. Juicy Joe’s shirt is available at the Graceland Gift Shop, Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis TN

  33. to @thekidsisallright:
    please read Jana at 9:18am
    you were,imo, responding to HER comments. not juju. you confused the two names.
    thats why she got her pants in a knot.

    you , imo, owe her an apology.
    btw, what state are you from?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      OMG. Well it does have a certain charm.

      And it made me laugh. Score! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Haha! That made me laugh out loud for real!
      They really will publish almost anything, huh? I say almost anything because they rejected my 3 News Years Fashion Resolutions.
      This was the article:
      1 – I will stop wearing giant flowers the size of basketballs in my hair
      2 – I will not wear two different types of animal print at the same time
      3 – I will only put 1/2 a bottle of volumizer in my hair from now on.

  34. SWANKY says:

    You people are morons- what typically happens at a charity fashion show is that the winner of the dress gets a brand new, their choice of size dress for themselves. It’s that simple. Duh.

  35. car54 says:

    Pretty soon people are going to think Teresa is a paid writer for Associated Content.

  36. Noelle says:

    Why is everyone hating SO much??!?! When people hate on other people SO much to the point that it makes YOU LOOK stupid…its ALL jealousy. This world could really use less hating, more love, less judgements and some happiness, people.

    Everyone sounds so angry…who are WE to judge anyone, even Teresa? How does anyone know whats true or fake?? I hate to see everyone waste so much energy and hate on something like this.

    Just my 2 cents!

    • We know what’s true because there are court records.
      We have the right to judge because she put herself and all her problems out there for everyone to see and shined a spotlight on them. And it’s human nature to judge, everyone does it even you, don’t lie.
      I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not angry and I don’t hate Teresa at all. I really appreciate her for all the laughs and good blog material she gives me.

    • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

      Aren’t you judging us?

  37. thekidisallright says:

    ****HEADLINE**** New Jersey the Armpit of the US-Making America Stink?
    ‘How about this? โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”- Thatโ€™s what you wanted, right? YOU are the one trying to start shit. I wasnโ€™t being nasty in my responses, as YOU are being. Do you not know how to carry on a normal, respectful conversation just because someone doesnโ€™t agree with you? Obviously, you donโ€™t. You just know how to be a โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”- and start shit.
    You want to be the shit stirrerโ€ฆgo right ahead. โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”โ€”
    I turned you down to a 0 and you still managed to offend me, and get yourself censored by RCH- I don’t think I’ve everr seen her censore anyone. all I said was you were trolling for an arguement because no one likes NJ. Guess what, stop trying to give us all the idea that Jersey is a wonderful place full of warm and fuzzy peope. here’s some examples of why that’s a big fat lie:
    1. Jerseylicious
    2. RHONJ
    3. Jersey Shore.
    4. My Friggen Wedding
    5. Camille
    I could go on and on and on. Everyone from this state presents themselves as unintelligent, foul-mouthed and self centered.
    But you proved my point with you above deleted comments. Whether you accept that NJ is the trashpit we all see splashed across our TV’s on various channels or not- only you can make your world a little better- so take a look around yourself at the local grocery store and just realize Jersey needs some cleaning up. Start with your mouth!

    And go back to high school and enroll in a debate class. That will teach you how to have an adult conversation about your homestate and learn there are perceptions about it you don’t necessarily agree with, but the perceptions are out there.

    I don’t have to like Jersey! And no matter how much you complain, curse or rant back at me, you only prove my point and make me dig my heels in. You can’t make everyone like what you like, or try and bully them into agreeing with you.

    YOUR opinion- Jersey is all about cartwheels and Satchels of gold!
    MY opinion- Shark attacks on the shore-24\7 (no kids- just anyone who fist pumps)

    P.S. Don’t waste your masturbation energy typing another post to explain to me why I’m wrong. Just sit back, relax, and take it in and move on.

    • Jada says:

      you know what, thats really stupid of you to say. Jersey is a great place to live, I’m not saying it’s perfect but you’re being really nasty and disgusting. I suggest you calm down and act like a mature person than a 12 year old kid. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  38. thekidisallright says:

    btw. I thought my analogy of your problem with my not liking what you like as being as itchy and distasteful as a yeast infection was pretty good stuff. It’s called humor. Same as getting your panties a a wad. humor. Not to be confused with name calling, expletives and general trolling behavior. But I digress Dina……..

  39. thekidisallright says:

    Beverly from Jersey- Here is the post since you seemed to be unclear on what was said.
    JuJuBee says:
    November 21, 2010 at 9:21 am
    A lot of conventions are held in AC. It was a government convention for NJ, and since AC is in NJโ€ฆ.well, makes sense. Duh!

    PS โ€“ NO ONE who is actually from, or, lives in Jersey EVER says โ€œJoiseyโ€.

    Thanks for all your handdholding for JuJu- But if you had read back through the posts you would see I was responding to JuJu’s many quips about Jersey, and why everyone else have everything wrong, they appear to be all our misconceptions.(?) She pointed out to 2 other posters that they called Jersey -Joisey, didn’t know Joisey had turnpikes and exits and whatever the hell. JuJu jumped in two or three times with these types of comments, and that is why I told her no one really cared about turnpikes and exits , because no one really cares a whole hoot about Joisey.

    Sorry I won’t give an apology, as I wasn’t the one who took it to another level and said all the nasty stuff to her personally. Except for the analogy about yeast infections.

    If you look back at my post I simply stated she was trolling, and I would sit back and stay out of it, becuase I thought by her behavior she was starting. As most Trollers seem to do in this very way. She was the one to escalate, after I already said I wouldn’t keep at her. A DOG WITH A BONE!

    So Beverly- NO apology for her or you. And please, let’s not start with the Class with the Countess, you need to apologize crap. Not gonna happen. live with it.

  40. thekidisallright says:

    Thanks Beverly in New Jersey. Same to you and yours:) Don’t mean to hate anyone. Best wishes.

  41. momofthree says:

    NEW JERSEY: Only The Strong Survive!

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