The Proper Authorities Are Real!!!

If you aren’t on twitter, then let me catch you up real quick on the whole #properauthorities thing: One day some of us were being mean to Dina on twitter because, you know, it’s funny when she freaks out. Eventually she wrote in one of her tweets that she was reporting everyone to the proper authorities. Obviously we all thought it was hysterical and since then it’s been a big inside joke that the proper authorities or “twitter police” are going to get people.

Well guess what, The Proper Authorities are real!!!

A detective joined twitter this morning and began tweeting. As funny as this is, it’s actually not a joke. Someone called the police department and verified that the detective really did make this twitter account. There is some twitwar back story here but I don’t know exactly what it is.  Something about people arguing and threatening each other. Not totally sure. But here are the tweets from the detective:


Here are more of the detective’s tweets (I posted from oldest to newest – opposite of how it appears on twitter- so it’s easier for non twitter people to follow):


And here are some of the tweets that people sent to the detective:



The following are the DM’s (private messages) sent between one of my twitter friends and the detective. My friend is in red:


Colibrimoon spoke to the detective on the phone:


So as you can clearly see from the evidence posted above, people have lost their damn minds on twitter and now the police have joined in too. All we need is a judge and a jury and we can act out an episode of Law and Order. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting a real kick out of all this!


UPDATE: Amia009 requested that her version of events be included in this post as well. So here you go:


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189 Responses to The Proper Authorities Are Real!!!

  1. ITS NOT THE REAL DETECTIVE there is one of that name. i had this looked in to today.

  2. Tam5115 says:

    That’s crazy! If the detective is legit, I can see why she’d approach it this way though. She’s required to investigate and she thinks it’s a huge waste of time and effort because no one has broken the law.

    What threats were made? It’s illegal to make a death threat on the internet (as it is through mail or by phone) but a simple trade of insults? Ridiculous.

  3. dreemz says:

    This has all gotten really “cray cray”. This is my first fall on twitter, does it get crazy every fall and around the holidays? It’s entertaining, but then I wonder if JS & Geo are REALLY needing some serious psych. attention. I feel a little guilty for watching this trainwreck but it’s hard not to when they both go to such extremes. I hope we don’t hear about something bad happening to them or (HEAVEN FORBID) It’s fun to be a little bit nutszoid…but there is a line I don’t want to cross, (unless there are good meds involved).

  4. Dalai Mama says:

    I thought I was following these deets closely, but the perimenopausaul fog now descends. Could someone please ‘splain to me who Laura is?
    Does this tie into the Trollin’ Squirrel Coyote Skirmish of ’10, or something completely different?
    Also, I cannot find my spare car keys. Perhaps this Internet Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer can help. And beer? Where is it?

    • I’m not 100% sure what it’s all about. But it had me laughing earlier. So I thought I would share.

      • katie says:

        Just saw the updates. WTH? Can someone please clarify this for me? Just to make you laugh said her name on twitter is amia009 who also wrote the blog imnotaliarlauraur?

        I’m sure that tweeting with a monkey sticking it’s middle finger up was the highlight of this detective’s career.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      There are various unrelated skirmishes going on online. There may be some crossover & interactions between some of the participants, but it’s not all the same thing.

      And now with Inspector Clouseau of the Wisconsin National Internet Police Task Force on the case, I’m sure things will improve.


      Now I have visions of a sort of Fargoesque tale of a hard working female internet cop hot on the trail of a bunch of crazed middle aged women calling each other bad names on the internet. I wonder if the Coen brothers might be interested.

      “OK, ma’am, uh Ms. “GoodNewsBoysTheWartsAreGone,”could you please explain to me the circumstances under which “KissMyPussysass” called you a “scum sucking hobagging bitch” and that she would like to “stick her boot all the way up your capacious ass?”

      • Dalai Mama says:

        Oh gally, yah.
        Or maybe John Ford will direct from the grave. “Sheriff, you got trouble in Twitter County.”
        And then John Wayne’ll be all “draaaaawwwww”, and Richard Widmark’ll be all “tweeeeeeeeet”, and then Clint Eastwood will tell everybody to get off his lawn and boy howdy, they’ll comply with all good haste.

      • Humbruh says:

        You should start an adult book series with that idea. It could be like Nancy Drew for the 30 & up crowd.

      • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

        Major waste of taxpayers money but I have been so entertained, it’s absolutely worth it. I have not been able to stop laughing, my asthma is kicking in & I can’t breath from laughing so hard! I’m in tears & have snot shooting out and my mother keeps looking at like I’m crazy! Thank you twitter for the pure entertainment.

      • Tuzentswurth says:

        Need a Hobby and Dahlai- ridiculously hysterical!

  5. dreemz says:

    (me again) I meant to say (HEAVEN FORBID) someone in their family

  6. WaxDiva says:

    WTF and puh-leeze! I don’t believe a word of it…

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    I’m disinclined to believe that this was a real law enforcement official. And if it is and time is being taken away from internet crimes against children then someone does need to be held accountable for this waste of taxpayers money. Someone has too much time on their hands and an overactive imagination.

    • Humbruh says:

      I agree. I can’t, in my right mind, see any law enforcement superior telling one of their detectives to contact anyone via Twitter to address an issue that was brought to them. Not following procedure opens them up for a huge lawsuit. I’m not buying this detective story. The name might be legit but I doubt the actual person doing this so-called tweet intervention is the real detective.

  8. housewifeaddict says:

    Did you make this all up?

  9. Candace says:

    Are you saying it is Dina who called the police or one of her bedazzling fans?

    • Meadow says:

      Dina stated that she contacted the “proper authorities”.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Different incidents. Dina said she had contacted the “proper authorities” IIRC when the Geo person called the number listed for the lady bug thing and I guess it turned out the ph # was actually Dina’s? Or something like that.

      Later, and by then I think some other unrelated hassles were going on around Geo I can’t remember, threats were tweeted to Geo by a new twitter acct (later shut down by Twitter) and Geo said she reported it to the local cops. Some think Geo created the acct & sent the threats to herself. Who knows.

      Apparently, if today’s tweets are to be believed, the local WI cops are investigating the original threat to & the twitter wars with/by/whatever Geo. And evidently getting a headache.

      • Hobby,
        Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your comments/posts… your wit and intelligence always shows.

        PS: What’s up with all the thumbsdown? Dina, if you don’t like it here, why do you visit?

  10. OneMoreInBoston says:

    There are just no words….

    • quincyil says:

      Law enforcement has been on the net since it began. There are law officers in the area of prostitution, child porn, corporate spying, and all of those scams.

      The officer on twitter doesn’t surprise me. It’s like a police car on the side of the road slowing traffic. Their presence controls the chaos. It’s a good thing.

      I know of a company with an online commercial presence who had the FBI raid and arrest employees. There are security people on the main servers who record and submit information to the government subpoenas every day.

      The US Post office responds to searches and subpoenas too.

      I bet the Candian govenrnment is watching cute blondes with a talent for writing, but they just are better at being undercover.

      I am extremely careful about what I write and what sites I go to. Of course, I enjoy reading Farsi script and I could get in a hell of a lot of trouble with some of those sites. I sent an email to the FBI asking them to look at two sites a couple of years ago. I got a response with a knod and they asked me to contact them in the future whenever I find something that bothers me.

      Yes, it’s a Brave New World.

  11. @twilighttwitti says:

    Yo, Detective Whad up! @wupddetective

    Geobitch, geoaubsmom, tarabitch christywithak (Sybil has a few personalitites) They have been stirring all kinds of trouble on twitter. If you stick around long enough she will reappear tomorrow as someone else. Twitter is Funnnnn! You’ll meet all kinds of crazy here. If I were you i’d get the hell out of Dodge!
    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  12. Candace says:

    Has anyone called her at the number she gave, to verify she is legit?

    For non-tweeters, it’s confusing.

  13. People called and spoke with her. Unless it’s a big conspiracy and everyone is lying to me… ?

    Either way it’s been entertaining me today.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      As a non twitterette – who threatened whose children? Is that why this got reported to the proper authorities?

      • Meadow says:

        Some people believe it was geoaubsmom who actually set up another account and threatened the kids.

        Who knows – I’m sure Detective Paula could get down to the bottom of that one if she really wanted to.

        I’m glad the detective was called out re: intimidation.

        • Sangfroid says:

          I’m trying, truly I am, but this is so confusing.
          Are you saying that this Geo person set up a false twitter account to make it appear that someone else was threatening her children?
          If so, is this a new form of Munchausen by proxy syndrome?

          • Meadow says:

            I’m not sure if she did or did not set up a false twitter account to make it appear like someone else was threatening her children, I was only saying that some people on twitter believe that she did.

            And I would think if there was a person who did that, the police would obtain the info immediately and contact them rather than post on twitter that people should not engage geoaubsmom.

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      Even if it is “a big conspiracy and everyone is lying to us” , this was the funniest shit I’ve seen! I’m still trying to breath! 😀

    • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

      Please! No one could actually make this chit up!!

  14. holy crow! i am just speechless and that doesn’t often happen!

  15. Candace says:

    We have all learned something very important. As Real City has stated, the Proper Authorities are real, and now we know that the headquarters of Proper Authorities is located where most Important Things are.

    That place is Wisconsin.

    The cheesehead detective, hounded by frequent and frantic calls from New Jersey, has offered a weary plea to stop the twitter wars. Dina has worn the hard boiled detective down to a whimpering shell with her incessant phone calls, demanding twitter justice.

    I think I understand everything now!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      No, apparently the Geo person called her local PD to report threats against her & other alleged harassment on twitter. The detective’s tweet, if real, is the local PD following up on Geo’s complaints.

      • Tam5115 says:

        Which would be, a “suburb” of Milwaukee. It’s a larger community but close enough to Laverne and Shirley, to count.

        You’re welcome,
        The northern cheesehead.

  16. Meg1964 says:

    This reminds me of the reality docudrama Catfish. Google it. I aint buying it. I might myself tomorrow. No badge # concerns me.

    • Meg: That was a really interesting docu/film. I was impressed with the filmmaker’s ability to keep everything straight with so many people/personalities involved. Then I had lists of questions, which dimmed my first impressions. So, yes, there are parallels between this and Catfish…

  17. hahah says:

    Im going to call and ask about this shit. I call Bs! Unless, of course ,Miss detective has spent so many years playing a child online she’s forgotten how to speak like an adult. Was it just me or was she extremely timid in her tweetsp?
    Its a conspiracy.
    By the way – defaming a charity is against the law. Completely different than what’s going on here

  18. hahah says:

    This isn’t Dina’s doing.

  19. Amber...Real Wife says:

    This could be the case of When Social Media for Middle Aged Divas Went Wrong. RCH please wear a trench coat, collar up of course, and a fedora for your interview. LOL

    As just a sweetie pie and not a tweetie pie, I say GET OVER IT!!! This “cop”, if that is what she says she is, needs to save our kids and leave these nutbags alone. To pop shit and then get scared or try to get someone in trouble is SO Dina isn’t it?

  20. Teresa says:

    SMH…the drama never ends, lol. What case citation should I use?

  21. boston02127 says:

    To hell with Twitter. I just wanna know who’s brother-in-law is FBI. In a few years I could use some pull.

  22. colibrimoon says:

    Do I get royalties?

  23. Tuzentswurth says:

    To think that any legit law enforcement official would be twittering back and forth with people is hilarious! PSYCH!

  24. Periwinkle says:

    I miss Giggy 😦

  25. Adgirl says:

    Since the Detective in charge of Middle Aged Catfights is On The Case could she please haul Camille and Kyle in for questioning and get to bottom of what happened at the Las Vegas airport?

  26. Shari says:

    colibrimoon, lol I really like you.

  27. Girlyright says:

    You’re all full of shit

  28. Jeana @LuvToLoveU says:

    Please stop.


  29. Tracy says:

    I thought tweeting was supposed to be fun? What nonsense!

  30. Salish says:

    This is so bullshit. Sounds like some crazy menopausal ladies need to take their thyroid medication. Impersonating a criminal investigator is a serious crime. I don’t believe for a second that a sworn in detective would go through loopholes like that and not get the proper paper work etc.. Good for your friend in the red type for standing up for herself.
    I think Ace Ventura needs to take an effing break.

    Now back to listening to N.W.A.

  31. Salish says:

    Thanks for posing this, who knew this crazy trick had more pull with the authorities than the Manzo’s? She must host tons of sheriff’s banquets…

  32. Sardonica says:

    I joined the big T to follow some of the posters from here to there but geeeeeeee…it is not fun. I decided to make my own fun and I do my own idiotic thing. Who is Laura? I mean which Laura. I have several Lauras’ on my list I grabbed the nics off of the nics I know from this blog. I wish I knew who was who so I may be able to read some fun snark here and there throughout the day.
    Where is the RHBH update? I m calling the authorities on you RCH if you don’t get it posted by sometime next week, or at lest by the New Year. With the holidays coming up I will be in dire need of my fix in order to be able to deal with these real people who seem to keep interfering in my very important RH time and now my Twitter time and my Nancy wtf? who is what? Drew time On Twitter, Meanwhile, I enjoy helping my cat find her inner feline via journaling on Twitter. After the week on this blog the drama on BH was kinda lame but I still need to vent about it. Happy to see you, Tuz. Hi! never see you on the Tdrug. Also, is Squirrel still here? I enjoyed her posts, sad to see her caught up in the problems. Fly back squirrel and continue posting about shows. Is Damnert also Sangfroid or Mickey Mouth? Geee….see what a paranoid mess this blog reading/Twittering is. I cannot see why anyone wants serious fake drama when there is so much funny fake paranoia going around. I wish the old blog was back and the posters I am used to reading. Like Boston and Tam and well you know who you are. The regulars on this blog before it became like Lynns blog which I enjoy but had so much of this drama that I never even bothered to check it much. Sorry Lynn. I am sure it is difficult to keep ppl reigned in when so many bicker. RCH, you are so fair in not being the blog gestapo but it seems this place has also become one big drama fest and maybe you should rethink what you want from the blog. If this is the direction you want it to take…yay! Whatever makes you happy. Your ‘hobby’ It is no longer what I enjoy….although I still enjoy trying to figure out who is who and what they did and wtf and ffs I have been in the rabbit hole too long. I like it here but I don’t like the new decor. I liked the old pattern wallpaper and the knick knacks I didn’t have to worry about knocking over. Stressless atmosphere. Sorry for the long post. Hope everyone gets what they need from this stuff. I need to relax and laugh at the expense of people who are paid to be laughed at. I am @catsamewsed Twittering to myself or others if they care to NiTwit back. or unfollow, as the case may be. A small potato in a large field. I have no agenda other than to not take myself serioulsy when online. I can be serious ( like right now )… ooops that was enough but only serious about real life problems ppl may have. Not nonsense.

    Look What They Done To My Song Ma

    lol musik laden. Seems appropriate

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I read a couple of blogs on HW and it is sad that they are being over run with trolls, toads and twitterettes. Hoping they get tired of this neck of cyberspace and we get our snark back soon!

    • I thought the twitter stuff was absolutely hilarious. I was literally laughing out loud yesterday when all this was going on. That’s why I decided to share it, for comedy not drama. I didn’t have a recap to post yesterday so it was this or nothing new…
      I think people have done a pretty good job of keeping the drama in their designated areas. RHOA recap has no drama while the super long fight blog is still a war zone. RHOBH will be up tonight if that makes you feel better!

      • bacasam says:

        OT Tried my first tweet to you yesterday, still figuring it all out…bottom line did you receive it or not? thanks
        No worries about waiting for the recap: RHOBH Most of us are getting it (Camille) fully now. Definitely want you at a good place so you are truly ready to give us your snarky takes!!

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Is Damnert also Sangfroid or Mickey Mouth?

      Glad to say I have no alter egos. It’s just me, Mickey Mouth. Oh wait, shhh don’t tell anyone but my real name isn’t Mickey Mouth. So I guess I have one. 🙂

      • Sangfroid says:

        Wow, it would be quite an honor to be mistaken for you Mickey.
        I just don’t look that good in bright lipstick.

        I was briefly Sanguis Frigidus because I found some awfully pornographic ish poetry posted by a gentleman? using the name Sangfroid and I did not want anyone to think that was me.

        It made me blush bringing color to these pale cheeks for the first time in decades. Oh my!

  33. Sardonica says:

    Holy Post! Didn’t know it was that long…sorry

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      Hi Sardonica, I was amewsed at your post and I’ll continue to be here having a great ol’ time with the regulars ( where is Bonbon?) compliments of our lovely and talented hostess. I’m not on twitter very much….time constraints, plus it can be a very cutthroat world there apparently. Watch out for Inspector Clouseau. I echo your sentiments…..
      .”A small potato in a large field. I have no agenda other than to not take myself serioulsy when online. “

      • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

        I know I’m not a regular, per se, but I totally agreed with your post, Sardonica. I came here for the HW bs, and since I’m not on the twitter and really cannot afford to waste any more time online as is, I guess I will be in the dark about the nonsensical, but amusing drama. I guess it’s as good of time as any to take a break, since I am now in charge of Thanksgiving at my grandparents as they are too old to do it anymore. Hope all is well with my fellow HW snarkers. I am thankful for all y’all and this blog you might say. 🙂

        • Tuzentswurth says:

          Have fun with Thanksgiving, I’ll be cooking too. Tracy, I am on twitter a little and I mostly have no idea what is going on either. I need a handbook and a newsletter to keep up, maybe RCH could write those too. I don’t even know the good guys from the bad guys, I just try to have fun. I am going to have to report to the #properauthorities that the BH blog is late though.

          • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

            Where have you been? I haven’t seen you around As-Twitter-Turns lately. You were funny and I enjoyed reading your Tweets!

  34. momofthree says:

    Being a mom of three has given me the ability to get to the bottom of things quickly.
    (I have also been involved in PTA for many years so I am used to handling crazy women). (BTW-I don’t have crocs. But I do have breast implants.) I was also wondering why a formal investigation would be done by “wut up detective”.
    I sent an email to the following –
    Got a problem or a question about Wauwatosa that you’d like to get answered? Just “Ask NOW.”Thanks for submitting your question/concern. We can’t respond personally to all the questions we receive, but watch Thursday’s Wauwatosa NOW newspaper and to see if your question gets answered.
    I’m not sure why I care, but I hope my question gets answered!

  35. realminkey says:

    LOL. Never a dull moment here.

  36. tweatcyn says:

    WUD-exactly what I read “Whaddup Detective?” LOL. I unfollowed GEO awile ago. Obsession with PLB is overboard. This big brother stuff is quite intersting though. Thanks for the interesting post. PS, I quite enjoy the twitter crossover blogs, giving background and detail to stuff I only catch bits and pieces of on twit.Also the forum to discuss with more than 140. The comments always have me rolling on the floor too.

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      That PLB crap was overboard. I tried to listen to that podcast of Lynn’s and it went on and on about nothing till I glazed over………….sorry Lynn, but anybody know what ever got un-earthed there?

  37. bacasam says:

    Find it fascinating that hobby blogs about disreality~reality shows has now entered the world of ‘Is is Real.’ Holy Blogsville, BatRCH, I just want to get back to snarksville. But I, too, appreciate the time for this blog, I try to follow on twitter but still new and just end up dizzy.
    Idea-can someone send tweet to JZ the link to ‘Whaddup Dick’ so she can finally win the Nobel Peace prize for her put-on-this-earth’s bullying work.

  38. kbinldo says:

    what I can’t believe is that someone is actually crazy enough to call the cops on 4chan.

  39. pantsonfire says:

    What the Hell?……….Is going on around here. I leave for a few days and this?

    I have a solution for anyone who has the time on Monday. Call the local newspaper in this area of Wisc. and pose the question to them about their tax dollars being wasted. And in this economy. And when a gazillion people in your area will soon lose unemployment benefits. And your taxes have risen again this year on your home, the value has gone down on (btw), the taxes go up.

    They go up to support their local services like the police. And guess what your local police detective with a specialty in child crimes is doing? The detective making a pretty good salary, union health benefits- better than the ones you have just lost this year btw. And what your local police are doing is this. Just send the newspaper a few of these links. Come on, lets be serious about this shit.

    If this was my town, you better believe PANTSONFIRE would be alerting the local newspapers, tv stations, and telling anyone I knew.

    Just sayin’.

    • I’ll call if someone get’s me the phone number.
      If this made it on the news it would make the whole thing just that much more hilarious.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      On the other hand, if the PD’s tweets are for real, getting subpoenas from a court, etc is more time/labor intensive of the local resources and time = money. If there’s enough reason (probable cause?) to even do that, that is.

      Going on twitter may be the sorta kinda the online equiv of a cop coming to your door because your neighbor keeps filing complaints about you parking in front of their house, and other similar stuff etc., and telling you, look they’re cracked, but help us out here. Don’t park in front of their house or fan the flames.

      Except of course on twitter it’s the equivalent of standing in the town square with a megaphone and telling the entire community about it.

      Either way, real or not, the whole thing is bizarre.

  40. Adgirl says:

    Isn’t it awesome how we in our homes talk to each other virtually about these fake reality women and now there are real women who talk smack to each other under fake virtual names and are contacting real women cops to tell us virtually to stop talking smack to real women using fake names or something like that.

    It’s like an Esher drawing of the upstairs turning into the downstairs turning into the upstairs …

  41. momofthree says:

    That’s what I think I did when I sent something to

  42. Tam5115 says:

    Well, what is up with this bullshit today?

    If this is a prank… do they not know that it’s illegal to impersonate LE? Hmmm?

    • Adgirl says:

      It should be illegal for the trolls to impersonate human beings.

    • I believe it’s also illegal to file a false police report. So it would be foolish to do so if it can be proven you made the threats up. What I don’t get is why a detective would waste time on twitter as per Det. Twitter’s explanation without getting the account verified, like famous people do? Also, how could a detective who knows little about twitter actually figure this crap out by tweeting? I’ve been trying to follow this madness for months and I still have no idea who is saying what, to whom, why, when…nada. Who can follow this crap, the way these people change twitter identities? Only someone in the middle of it. Certainly not someone who comes online for a few days and “follows” one person. I don’t get it.

  43. pantsonfire says:

    I gu ess I didn’t pay to close attention…. thx.
    Well I will jump on your bandwagon and try and help out from the Pacific Northwest..

  44. bacasam says:

    Now we know you’re Canadian, if a RH series went to Canada, what city do you think we be most interesting???

  45. pantsonfire says:

    Barry M. Weber
    Chief of Police Wauwatosa WI
    Phone: (414) 471-8430

    Click the email link to send to Chief of Police Barry- Here is mine.

    Dear Chief Weber:

    I am writing in response to some activity coming from your police dept. regarding some Twitter\Blogging wars. Although I am not a taxpayer in your jurisdiction, I do feel compelled to voice my disregard for Det. Roberson to be using taxpayer time to question anonymous people via Twitter about a nonexistent crime.

    I am just a reader of a humorous blog that has been infiltrated by a user posing as various people and making false claims about other Twitter users. Nonthing violent, just a bunch of grown women calling each other names using the latest technology.

    This entire cyber-fight centers around The Real Housewives Franchise of shows. It is just Real Housewives of America fighting for the blogosphere. I guess my point is, is now your Detective is spending valuable taxpayer time intimidating unknown people on Twitter implying she is doing nothing more than trying to keep the peace. Is she investigating a crime, and if so, what is the case number? If she is not, than why would she feel it important to get into the moiddle of it, follow it on Twitter, and Tweet various people involved in the cyber-fight.

    I am hopeful my local jurisdiction would never allow a highly trained child crimes professional to mediate a bunch of grown women on the internet.

    The attached link will give you an idea of what communication your Detective is having on Twitter that is spilling over into blogs and prompting sane individuals like me to write to you.

    Yours Respectfully;

    • LilyLynn says:

      So I’m picturing this police chief reading this letter. He gets to the end where you write about sane individuals being prompted to write to him, and then, wait, did you really sign this letter as Pantsonfire? That made me LOL, because now I’m picturing RCH maybe writing a letter and signing it as Put Your Hair Up – It’s Al Sharpton! 🙂

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        LMAO!! “prompting sane individuals like me to write to you” sane people called Pantsonfire. I can’t stop laughing!! I just call it As Twitter Turns.

        O.K., O.K., I stopped laughing and your right it’s a huge waste of time that could be spent on real internet crimes. I just think Det. Wud-up is trying to put an end to @TheGeoBitch calls/complaints the easiest way possible.

      • Debbie says:

        This whole situation is hysterical.. I was laughing so hard I was crying.. I can only imagine CofP reading these and the signatures. The absurdity hit home and my husband asked what I was reading.. When I told him it was a blog he asked if it was the one with the blond in raybans.. then wanted to know what was so funny.. I tried explaining the whole mess, emails, twitter names a detective,and an email to the PoPo. he looked at me like I was nuts. Now he just saw me typing and said .. You signing that email? OK, dont call me when they haul your ass off to jail. (he was laughing.)

    • WaxDiva says:

      I can see this CofP reading this and then gets to the end where it’s signed “PantsOnFire!”

      Hope you hear from him/her soon…

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      I’m dying LMAO!

    • Tuzentswurth says:

      “Yours Respectfully;

      Do you have ANY idea how long it took me to compose myself after this? LMFAO, ROTF, tears streaming down my face………….

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      is PantsOnFire on twitter?? I so need to follow you!!! LOL

    • Delia says:

      I cracked up at the ‘Pants on Fire’ signature. I hope you let us know if you get a response.

  46. pantsonfire says:

    Here ya go RCH Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

    Contact Us

    Mailing Address:
    P.O. Box 371
    Milwaukee, WI 53201

    (414) 224-2000

    GOT A TIP?

    Local Tip Line: (414) 224-2919
    Toll free: (800) 456-5943
    Business news: (414) 224-2168
    Cue/Entertainment: (414) 223-5250
    Editorial Page:(414) 224-2143
    Entree: (414) 223-5511
    Food: (414) 224-2382
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    Local news: (414) 224-2318
    National/world news: (414) 224-2317
    Newspapers in Education: (414) 224-2653
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    Death notices (paid): (414) 224-2121
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    Travel: (414) 224-2184
    TV listings: (414) 224-2212

    • I sent an email with the info. I don’t know if the guy believes me. He wrote back and asked if I do PR for the show.

      I guess it’s hard for normal people to understand why someone would do this for free.

  47. Had Enough! says:

    I don’t know if this detective is for real or not, but unless any of you are actually in Wisconsin, there isn’t a whole lot they could actually do … unless they were to get a warrant and you were then to set foot in Wisconsin and manage to make yourself known, e.g., with a traffic stop, and they checked outstanding warrants.

    Because guess what? No court is going to extradite you for ….for…well, it is hard to say exactly what for. There are no minors involved here, so even if some states do have statutes against cyberbullying, there is very little chance they apply to any of you.

    And then you have the detective admitting in writing that this other woman is equally guilty…

    • WaxDiva says:

      Whoever this is, they are having a fun time with this. Think about it… to my knowledge, there is no case law re what is written via twitter, blogging (hobby or otherwise) or comments. It is only recently that the foundation is being laid for these types of claims. If this “authority” is legit (cough, cough), they’re going to have a hell of a time trying to uncover user names, connecting that name to a real person and then proving that particular person actually wrote that tweet, blog or comment at that time on that computer. Good luck with that!!!

      For everyone who thinks this is legit, could you lend me $200,000? If you deposit that in my acct tonight, I will give you $250,000 tomorrow. I just found out that I have inherited $30 million, but I need the $200,000 to release the money from Nigeria…

      • Tam5115 says:

        Actually there are laws that cover the making of threats on the internet, whether that be via e-mail, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc…

        “Use of the internet to threaten “the person of another” constitutes a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 875 ( interstate communication of threat to injure) If it is communicated interstate, federal jurisdiction is created.”

        Further explanation at link:

        The problem here is that there are no serious threats being made. It’s simply an insult trading bitch fest. (as far as I know) So, it’s stupid, stupid, stupid!

        If they need to know who wrote something on Twitter, they do exactly as this LE claims they do: They serve Twitter for their records.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          The initial postings, for which a complaint apparently initially was filed, could be construed as threatening. That twitter account apparently was shut down by Twitter shortly thereafter.

          The other stuff and subsequent complaints, I don’t know. I’m speculating “bitchfest” is perhaps likely an apt characterization.

        • Waxdiva says:

          Here’s the point: there’s a law, but as of yet (to my knowledge) there is no case law, which means that someone sued someone else and there was a result.

          The bigger point: good luck suing someone under this law! You can subpeona twitter, twatter and his cousin Skipper, but that still proves nothing. It would still have to be proven that the particular person actually executed the criminal act.

          There are laws that are much more difficult to enforce and this is one of them.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            The issue here is criminal, not civil, law and there have been criminal prosecutions and convictions for online threats.

            There also have been successful civil suits for online defamation, etc., but that’s not within the jurisdiction of law enforcement.

          • Tam5115 says:

            Well, look at it this way: You are pulled over by the cops for speeding, (let’s just say, speeding) and the cops feel they have a reason to search your car. They ask you if they can search your car and you say, Hell yeah, I have nothing to hide. So they do and oops, they find some crack cocaine under the floormats.

            They come back and tell you they found crack in your car. You are completely innocent, and you say so! Where did the crack come from? You remember that you loaned your car to a friend a few days ago… it must be them! so, you tell the cop this.

            Hahahaha. Guess what? They will totally let you call this friend you loaned your car to. You tell this friend that crack was found in your car and since you did not leave it there, they must have. If your friend is honest, they will say, Yeah, I left the crack there. If your friend is not honest, they say, What? I don’t know what you’re talking about! (Hint: they will almost always say the latter)

            You know what happens? You get arrested for possession. It’s your car (it’s your Twitter account) it was found in your car (it was said on your account) You are held accountable (you are held accountable)

            I don’t know why I got more thumbs down than thumbs up for telling the truth.

            • Waxdiva says:

              No… sorry, bad analogy. There are too many variables that would have to be proven… so go ahead and prove that I was the one at the computer who wrote that sentence and not someone who may have hacked in to my account or another person who lives in my house that used my account to write a comment. Again… good luck with that!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Well one of the posters here has said she called the main PD #, asked for the tweet detective by name, left a message and got a call back from the detective.

        So either that person is flat out lying about that, and I’m not suggesting that, or indeed the PD is following up, however unadroitly, on geo’s complaints for the reasons I speculated above.

  48. Had Enough! says:

    You know, this is nuts. People get stalked in real life and go to file police complaints, only to be told “sorry there is nothing we can do.” In fact, someone posted a story from a NY newspaper just a week or two ago, about a case just like this.

    Now, I found out that this is the Wisconsin town where Laura lives, so maybe she really did call the police and maybe this detective is for real. But then…”I’m sorry Ms. Laura, there is nothing we can do. It is not illegal to send nasty tweets.” I mean if they can’t doing anything about something actually stalking you in person…

    So basically Laura needs to stop tweeting, block everyone (she’s already protected her tweets), etc. She can put a stop to this very quickly and easily.

    • See that’s what I was wondering. Can’t she just cancel that account – and then it’s done. So this has to be a joke – right? A clever one but …

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Exactly. It doesn’t make any sense that any law enforcement would take a twitter war seriously. Believe it or not, it’s even extremely difficult to get child predators and purveyors of child pornography to stop what they are doing online. Sad, but true. There’s simply a LOT of red tape involved in just about any real cyber crime. What has happened here isn’t even worth a police officer picking up the telephone to hear her complaint.

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        Miss A,

        If you have followed @TheGeoBitch on twitter you know how relentless she is (day and night 24/7). Det. Wat-up is probably getting the same relentless behavior as Dina from RHONJ did. Calling 10-20 times a day. I can just imagine what they say when her number pops up on caller ID.

        Geo hasn’t Tweeted since this all started with Det. Wat-up. Maybe she did the only thing she knew to get her to stop calling her department. I’m sure her boss said look, Paula, get a handle on this chick before you go on vacation because if I have to put-up with her chit you’ll be working the crosswalks at school all through the winter! Then, when the kiddies are in school you will be doing cavity checks at the jail. Got it!!

        Of coarse the above scene is playing in my head as I type. Whose the crazy one now??

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          Oh i DO follow her…sort of. She’s on my list and she shows up in my timeline (or wtfever you call it) but i can never make heads or tails of anything she is talking about. So i don’t doubt that she is either:

          a. crazy enough to call the “proper authorities” or
          b. capable of making this elaborate hoax up

          After all, didn’t Tila Tequila make up some fake personality who stabbed her a few months back? I believe the “proper authorities” were called on account of that as well.

          Things that make you go “hmmmm”…

        • katie says:

          Is this the same person who did the podcast with Lynn? I thought they researched PLB together. Or is this another person altogether?

          • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

            It’s the same person. She changed her twitter name to TheGeoBitch instead of Geo(something’s)Mom…how appropriate.

  49. Had Enough! says:

    See Laura or anyone else unhappy with the feedbox on Twitter, Facebook, etc. should do what our friend JS has now done:

    The blog was marked private by its owner. If you were invited to view this blog, please log in below. For more information about blog privacy settings, please visit our support site.

  50. Damnert says:

    Can I give a PSA here without having a cyber-hit placed on me?

    1. A cyber friend can, and has, turned into cyber enemies for 100’s of 1000’s of people using social networking. If you are going to share private details of your life with lots of people you do not know, it will come back to bite you in the ass if, for whatever reason, you piss someone off.

    2. The ability to laugh at yourself is as important as the ability to laugh at others.

    3. The block/unfollow buttons on twitter are Grrreeeatttttt, easy to use, and pretty self explainatory. It requires no law enforcement agency, has no line/no waiting, and cost no tax dollars to use :o)

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