Bravo Blogs: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta ep 7

There were no BS Blogs this week, unfortunately. But here are the highlights from the ladies blogs:

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Kim Zolciak

Show Me What Your Workin’ With

Kim gushes about her new beau (and his best feature).


I thought Cynthia’s proposal was VERY romantic yet very interesting.

1. He put the ring on the wrong hand.

2. She had NO expression on her face.

3. Aren’t proposals supposed to be an intimate moment with YOU and YOUR man ONLY?

It seems to me Kandi has A LOT to say about my vocals and my work ethic behind my back but never to my face! She was so sensitive when I told her I didn’t like the track. Am I supposed to sing something I don’t like? It’s amazing to me the things your “friends” say when your not there!

I have never seen a butt on a white guy like that… First thing I noticed was him workin’ that thing, of course then came his face, and eventually his heart. He’s now my boyfriend, and I’m in such a happy place with him. I was so happy Bravo caught the moment we met, I will always have that footage and not too many people can say that… WHAT AN ASS! And it’s ALL mine.


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Kandi Burruss

Music and Mistakes

Kandi explains her comments about Kim’s song and wishes she donated more at Sheree’s event.

Kim is not my artist. She’s a friend I’m helping out. So its kind of irritating when you’re making time to help someone, and they’re telling folks things behind your back how they don’t like what you’re doing instead of just telling me from the jump and giving me time to fix it first. Now for the people that posted saying that I purposely was trying to get Kim back by making her sing this song that I know that she couldn’t sing … YOU’RE WRONG! Irregardless of our business disagreements, I would never try to make Kim look bad.


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Cynthia Bailey

That Loving Feeling

Cynthia’s thankful to have such wonderful friends and family in her life.

Things that made me giggle, cringe, or just left me confused. Oh, and best quotes.

1. “You got to be skilled to touch this face.” Sheree cracks me up.

2. “This baby is ready to climb out of my vagina.” OUCH!

3. “The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice.” Well, I couldn’t agree more.

4. “Eat s— and die.” How do you really feel?

5. Kandi yawning … Hmmmmm.

6. “Is this dress beautiful, or am I making this dress look beautiful?” Did I really say that?

7. Low self esteem is the one issue we don’t have. Obviously.

8. Oops! Is wearing last season’s Chanel a bad thing? Awww man.

9. Didn’t know about the 50 cent piece. Noelle still ended up with a innie not an outie.

10. “Ooze sex! Just don’t get any on the mic.”


No new blogs from Sheree, NeNe, or Fakedra, but Sheree’s blog from last week had a little story about the fake doc:

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Sheree Whitfield

Communication, Trust, and Honesty

Sheree tells us what she’s looking for in a relationship.

When Kim came to my house, and I mentioned that Tye was staying at the Holiday Inn while in town visiting his kids, the part of the conversation that you didn’t get was me telling her that he phoned me saying how hungry and tired he was. So I responded telling him to order room service and relax! He then replied that the hotel he was staying at didn’t have room service, so he was out of luck. I then said he should go grab something and take it back to the room so he could get some rest. He then said he didn’t have transportation, suggesting I come take him. He said he usually borrows one of his friend’s cars when he comes to town, but he didn’t this time! Okay, while that may work for some, it doesn’t work for me! After driving around performing my daily errands, running to meetings and appointments, then running my kids to their everyday after school activities (football, soccer, acting, gymnastics, cross country), I’m beat! I think a grown man should not rely on others to transport him around ANY city! It would be different if we were in a serious relationship, but we’re not!

Episode 7 Recap

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13 Responses to Bravo Blogs: The Real Housewives Of Atlanta ep 7

  1. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bravo’s housewives blogs really slant the comments so I read the wives and come here so I can say what I want since Bravo never posts my responses. Anybody wondering why Phaedra isn’t blogging? Is that baby interfering with her life?

    • 9021ch0de says:

      Come on now…you know Fakedra isn’t taking care of that baby. She’s probably busy defending people in court who get caught with dime bags. You know, cuz she’s a “lawyer to the stars”, or whatever the fuck she claims to be. Or, maybe, she’s still trying to figure out that penis ointment….

  2. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Hey RCH—
    I didn’t see the reply about your name until today. How stupid do I feel right now not to make that connection. In my defense Put Your Hair Up reminded me of a friend I had in High School. She was from Puerto Rico and had that long, rich, dark hair. When she got ticked off she would say (with a thick accent) “OOOOOO Now you’re gonna make me put my hair up and then it is on!” So the running joke for all of us became “Don’t make me put my hair up!”
    And Blue Sky, a friend emailed me your comment about my little blog–I am so flattered! Thanks and I put a new posting up over there!

  3. Tuzentswurth says:

    I haven’t even watched Atl yet. Did catch BH, I look forward to the recap what with Camille being so “real” and sincere and all, and I know how you (RCH) love her “realness”. Honestly, the way she wiggles all the time, has she been checked for pinworms?

  4. Sorry Im so ignorant, but what are BS Blogs?

  5. Isharemymeds says:

    Sheree is hilarious! This reminds me of that movie where Carmen Electra and her 2 friends get played by that hustler.

    I bet Tye has a similar bet with his friends. I bet she is going to be so into the Dr. part that she won’t even realize that I don’t have a penny to my name, and got himself of tv to prove it.

    Poor Sheree!

  6. little red says:

    Nee Nee is abusive towards her husband and most of the men. She needs counseling and friends who have successful marriages.
    She doesn’t know how to “keep her man.” The financial tables have turned and she should be subtle with her husband & give him some power back. He took great care of her when she did not have a lot of money and protected her. Now that she has money she flaunts it in his face. Nee Nee should be called, Me Me! What an ingrate!

  7. little red says:

    One more thing: Most men do NOT like to “communicate”
    Why does she boss her husband around and yell at him because he doesn’t communicate?

  8. bet365 says:

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  9. All Over The Gaffe says:

    Mariah), (Sletvana), (Maria), (Revinka) (Tina Marie) (Clap trap) (Sus) (Beehive,flying monkey) Or whatever other internet Alias names …..You go by. I have tried dealing with You……in a delicate manner….in fear of triggering a (Psychotic Break) You have not only continued to stalk me……from during my earlier Days on (RCH) You are obsessed with me.

    You made it your mission… stalk and haressed my Family.

    I extended my hand to you….to get you the professional help you needed. You are un stable. This behavior of yours….has reach far and,beyond than it needed to go. My error was being too nice to you and anyone else. I helped that year on RCH. It’s really true what They say….no good deed goes un punished.

    Why did You take this to an all new level? because I made a Little jab at you then? Are you angry that I took your spot there? That was over a Year ago! Let it go! Put it to rest already!

    I have no problem with You….or anyone else impersonating me. Or mimic me for laughs. That’s cool….we all need an outlet to play around….to get away from our serious lives. When You start to step over the line. This is where I have a problem.

    You continue to spoof my personal numbers, ……my email addresses…. and my IP addresses. You’ve now stepped into very muddy waters.

    You’ve over stepped your boundaries ……once you had my emails hacked! That is un acceptable. The line has to be drawn. That line will be drawn Today.

    Note to (Put Your Hair Up) It’s never a good idea…to entartain abnormal behaviors. We all have fun or may poke fun. When we come across these nut crackers…on the internet. The slightest joke or jab,can set them off. It may seem harmless……but It’s a very damaging thing to do.

    Regards David

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