The Real Housewives of Hobby Blogging – An Imaginary Recap

(This blog will be funnier if you know the whole story. You should probably join twitter too in order to optimise your experience.)

I just call it like I see it

I hate Jill Zarin

Reality… chopped!

I may not be young, but I can be every bit as bitchy.

I’m an author, yo! I swearzies!

Somewhere on Scary Island…

Mickey: So is everyone ready to eat?

RCH: Oh yes, I’m starving!

Jenn: Shaddup!! I’m on the phone with my kids, yo!!!!!
Mickey: Jenn, could you please just go in the other room?
Jenn: This isn’t about YOU Mickey!

Uhhh… what?


Jenn: You are not an author Lynn!

Lynn: Who are you again?

Jenn: You are not an author. You are pretending to be an author and it’s creepy.

What are you talking about?

Jenn: You say you have a blog, but I don’t know anyone who ever read your blog. You are a writer, not an author. Writer!

Well actually I have read her blog, she does have a blog. I saw it.

Jenn: Well I never saw her resume. How would I know if she has a blog or not? Words on the internet do not an author make. But whatevs.

So anyway…. Lynn, I just wanted to say thank you for posting my link on your blog the other day. That was very nice of you.

Lynn: You’re welco —

Jenn: ARE YOU GONNA KISS HER NOW??? Like with the tongue??
Mickey: No, I was just thanking her.
Jen: I don’t care what you were doing. I want you to ZIP IT.

Jenn please —

Zip it!

Jenn, come on, stop it.


But —


Mickey: Come on Lynn, let’s go in the other room for a minute so I can finish what I was saying.
Jenn: Yeah go in the other room so you can tongue kiss in private!

Jenn: You know RCH, you are like totally crazy. Like you were totally channeling a hate blogger when you said mean things about that guy from Yahoo. I cried. I had nightmares! You attacked that Yahoo guy. And his kids too! You attacked his kids in your blog!

Uh… no I didn’t

Jenn: Well Lynn did, she attacked his kids and had you deliver the message for her. Hate hobby blogger! She blogs hate and vitriol! She has knives on her tongue and tried to cut me with them! I have a scratch on my arm- see!! She’s taking money away from professional bloggers like me. Money out of my pocket and food out of my children’s mouths! My little girls! She’s trying to starve my children! She told everyone in DM’s that it’s her master plan!

I don’t think that happened.

Jenn: Yes it happened! She tried to kill me too! She hacked my blog and sent me viruses. Killer viruses that infect humans! She’s a H@k0rz for realz, yo!

Oh. Ok. Well I’ll be right back….

Wait a minute! Hold on. Why am I getting stuck with the crazy one?!

RCH: Omg. What WAS that??
Lynn: F you and F you because I told you!
RCH: No you didn’t…
Mickey: Yeah you didn’t tell me either.
Lynn: You’re right, I actually didn’t. But now you see what I’ve been dealing with! The lunatic came OUT!

Jenn: Lynn is scary. She sent me a tweet once. It had my name on it. It was so creepy and impersonal. And you want me to sit here with her and her vitriol? After she called you an old lady???

ROH: Well, it is my name…

Jenn: She spreads hate. She is a hobby blogger. A hate hobby blogger. And it bugs, ya know. It just bugs on a human level, because I’m human. And I won’t stand for that. That’s not what I’m about or what I stand for.
ROH: I’m sure it’s all a misunderstanding. There is really no reason for you to get so upset.

Jenn: She might have a blog. But I am a professional author and I have 5 new books coming out this month. And I already have 3 books on the best sellers list. I wrote them when I was 12. See how talented I am? I was writing books when I was a kid! What was Lynn doing when she was a kid? Teasing kids on the play ground? And I have an award. I’m an award winner! What award has she ever won? I’m so authentic for realz. Who are those bishes? They don’t even get paid. And they made me CRY and have nightmares too!
ROH: I’m scared.
Jenn: I know. It’s scary how mean they are.
ROH: No, I mean I’m scared of you.

Lynn: We have to go back to the table. We left ROH all alone in there.
: I don’t want to go back.
RCH: She’s had some time to calm down, I’m sure it’s fine now.

Mickey: So guys. How about them Real Housewives. Crazy women, huh? Good thing we’re nothing like them. Right?

Jenn: Not only am I a housewife, but I’m also a member of Associated Content. Anyone can write for them but they gave me an award so I’m special. SPECIAL damn it! If I don’t toot my own horn who will? Answer me that! WHO???

Lynn: I don’t know hon. Maybe your commenters would… if you had any.

Jenn: I would have commenters if it weren’t for you! If you didn’t have your blog then people would have no choice but to comment on mine. You should all be ashamed of yourselves! You and all your hobby blog hate readers! You only want to slam people! It’s not art! Not like what I do in my Youtube videos when I make fun of the other mother’s at my children’s school and call them dirty whores on the internet! I’m perfecting an art! What you do is hateful and mean!!
And I love Dina! Did you know that?? You asked questions about her charity.  A charity for kids. Sick kids!! How can you question that??!!!

Lynn: I was just asking her for the truth. That’s all. “The truth, you can’t handle the truth.”

Omg! Put your hair up!


Jenn: No, I was saying put your hair up… because it’s Al Sharpton.

I’m very drunk so I could be wrong, but I think you may have some sort of chemical imbalance Jenn.

Jenn: I don’t have an imbalance. You are all crazy. Not me. You are arguing with yourselves while I’m sitting here quietly not saying anything. So who looks crazy now, huh? Who is the crazy one! Whatevs yo, as long as it makes you guys feel better that’s cool with me. I’m all about peace and zen just like my idol Dina.
ROH: Ok that’s good Jenn. I’m proud of you. Now maybe we can enjoy the rest of our dinner.

Jenn: HOBBY BLOGGERS! You guys stole my readers and you made them boycott me!!! And now they have to read me in the dark with the lights off while they boycott me while not canceling their subscriptions!! You know what, I am so above this. I’m going to go off in my lala land with jelly beans and gum berries where Dina loves me and lets me be part of Project Lady Bug so that I can brag to everyone about how charitable I am. You guys can sit here alone with your hate and vitriol. Have fun! Byyyeeeee!!!!

RCH: What the fuck?
Lynn: That girl has some real issues. This is crazy!

Mickey: Where is my wine? I need another glass of wine please! Actually just bring the whole bottle! Two bottles will be fine, thanks!
ROH:  I don’t like to talk about the children. Children should be off limits. But I’m afraid for her children.

Hieeeeyyy I’m back. I wrote a blog about you guys. You wanna read it?

RCH: Are you feeling better now?

Jenn: Yes I am.
Mickey: Well that’s good because —
Jenn: HOBBY BLOGGERS! Hater hobby bloggers!!!!

Lynn: Omg not again.
RCH: Jenn you seriously need to stop.

Jenn: This is all white noise. I blocked you all so that I can’t hear anything you are saying. You are all BLOCKED!
ROH: What did I do to get blocked?
Jenn: I can’t hear you. You’ve been blocked!

Lynn: Good so I guess she won’t hear me if I call her a #nutjob

Jenn: I heard that! Hater! Go sip on your steaming cup of Hateraid! You are not professionals like me! I get paid to do this! I slave away 27 hours a day at this job because it’s what I love to do! I get paid and you don’t and I have a friend named Lisa and she is an artist and she promotes herself and so I’m going to promote myself too because saying that I am the awesomest shiznett isn’t bragging! It’s promotion!

RCH: The only thing you’re promoting is the delusional love you have for yourself.

Jenn: Don’t hate on my amazing self-esteem. If I don’t love myself who will love me? Not those PTA mom’s, that’s for sure. You’re all just nasty haters. And what is with that big vase you are always carrying around Lynn? What’s in there, huh? Like the ashes of a very big dead person or something? Or maybe you are just trying to be like Teresa with her huge vases. We all know you secretly love her and wish you could live in the marble mansion with her and Juicy Joe! Just admit it!

Lynn: You are insane!

ROH: You guys, Jenn is not well. Something is very wrong here. I think we all need to stop arguing and help her because she is having a breakdown or something.

RCH: Fuck that. This bitch is 10 kinds of crazy and she started this shit. I’m gonna go write a blog about this.
Lynn: I’m coming with you.

Mickey: Wait. I can’t walk straight. Someone carry me to the blog!

ROH: Ummm…. So Jenn. Uhhh… Oh look, it’s Dina Manzo!
Jenn: Where?!

Where did everybody go?

The End

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332 Responses to The Real Housewives of Hobby Blogging – An Imaginary Recap

  1. Lovin' this blog! says:

    I think I just peed myself.

  2. MickeyMouth says:

    Holy shits and giggles! This is awesome!

  3. Debbie says:


  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks RCH – the crazies never sleep! And it has been like scary island the past couple of days. Your humor is appreciated and spot on as usual.

  5. Snarky says:

    Holy Fuck that was funny…

  6. tweeterlaura says:

    no mention of followers and their need for drugs and dildoes? i guess jenn deleted that little nugget tweet. excellent job. carry on.

    • LurkerAlso says:

      I am speechless. Soooooooooooooo funny! I was just thinking all the real housewives blogs need their own show!

      WELL DONE!

  7. Damnert says:

    OMG This is perfect LOL

  8. @twilighttwitti says:

    OMG, This is by far my favorite Blog of all time. It’s hilarious. I wish you could hear me roaring with laughter at home. @PutYourHairUp You are the Bomb! I love your sense of humor. Zenn Jenn is the master manipulator and the craziest shit head on the planet. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. Need a Hobby says:


    Avatars!!! Avatars fighting!!! LOLOLOLOL! Sweet!

    One of RCH’s gifts is that she adapts reality, enhances & shapes what’s already really there, what really happened & was said, to illustrate a point…and of course, most importantly, to get a laugh.

    Some of the wackiest narrative & dialog in her blogs is actually verbatim. Some people see things as they are and ask why. RCH sees things as they are and says, “WTF???”

    Sunlight and laughter are the best disinfectants.

    Another classic. 😀

  10. housewifeaddict says:

    I don’t get it ’cause I’m not on twitter I guess.

    Just kidding – best blog EVER! How does that mind of yours work? Dang I hope Simon was reading your blog yesterday and gets this enough to appreciate it.

  11. boston02127 says:

    OMG……..P’ing my pants laughing!!!! Great one!!!!!

  12. Stephenie says:

    Best ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thank you for this… I needed a really good laugh after my day.

  13. jezzibel says:

    Don’t be drinking anything when you watch this video…..please I can’t afford to buy a bunch of new keyboards

  14. colibrimoon says:

    Okay young lady…I am laughing out loud. This is classic. I didn’t think my friend, Real Old Housewife, could move that fast…Thank you!

  15. Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

    OMG! Absolutely amazing & hilarious! I do hope Jenn sees the humor in this and we can all make peace.

    • Damnert says:

      Yes, I can’t wait. Possibly her PR people at Yahoo can chip in to make another YouTube with her saying ” I’m not an arrogant professional paid blogger – I – am YOU”

      It worked so well for Christine O’Donnell :o)

  16. RCH i so love your blogs. can you please try to come “home” and keep up w/ your
    housewives recaps.
    the last few days have been exhausting.!!!
    A lot of us don’t tweet. imagine how hard it is for us to follow that.
    You are so talented, I can’t believe how “distracted” the site has become.
    (really, not thru any fault of your own)
    I’m sorry for all this bull–it you have been going thru.
    It is hard for us who don’t tweet.

    • colibrimoon says:

      RCH is “home”. Her satirical blogs demonstrate an innate talent that has found its footing.

      I am happy that she is lending her point of view to the extended Housewives family.

      This blog can stand on its own. A conflict over a dinner table transcends. Everyone can relate.

      Don’t clip her wings…let her soar….

      • Sardonica says:

        I think what Beverly is trying to say is this is a happy opium den where all share the same hookah pipe. Drama requires effort addicts such as us don’t have and if we do attempt any effort we expend it on the RH show, not the ‘cauldron of wtf ‘is going on here?

  17. captaincarebear says:

    Insane funny. Loved every minute of it.

  18. michele shuster says:

    LOVED IT!!!!!! as Cat would say-“spot on”—I would add more-but I need to go change my Depends right now-laugh overload-even crossing the legs while laughing did’nt help! you guys are a hoot!

  19. I’m glad everyone like it! 😀

  20. Meg1964 says:

    LOVIN THIS!!! I swear this is too funny. And when you flipped Jen’s mouth around, a piece of lettuce shot up my nose. I got a little choked, but no need to call a medica. I was howling!!! Too funny!!

  21. LynnnSoCal says:

    Well done RCH! Laughed so long and loud my parrots joined in! You took those lemons and made some fine lemonade. You’ve got an amazingly quick and clever mind. Kudooze to you!

  22. Rabble Rouser says:

    hahahahhaha= great laugh.

  23. Adgirl says:

    RCH – You are the bomb!

    Hey, is there an Academy Award or Nobel Prize for
    “Best Screenshot-Collageing Adapted from Another Breakthru”?

    cuz I am totally nominating you and personally lard wrestling the judges until they give you some love.

    I will surely be visiting your site more often!!!
    You will know me because I look like a Kabuki Vampire.

    And WTF is up Jenn’s picture. It looks like it’s from her 9th grade yearbook candids page or she stole her cousins picture. Her video self is well … not as flattering to be kind. And when is CPS arriving??

    Fab work!!

  24. Stephb says:

    Bwaaaa haaaaa! You’re the best RCH!!!

  25. ReadB4Ujudge says:

    How come only Lynn and Jenn show their real faces? It’s so weird seeing Reese Witherspoon with Ray Bans, a poster & a monkey at the table.

    Yeah, I know. Me again.

    Hey, just stopping by to apologize to RCH. Hey girl, didn’t realize I was opening up the ninth gateway to blogger hell on your site. What a clusterfuck, eh? Let’s recap.

    Anyways I can be a little Machiavellian at times and WTH? I was hoping Lynn would come out and show what a liar and vindictive mean woman she really is. Showed that in Spades, eh? Honestly, that woman REALLY DOES HATE. Her blog title is NOT tongue in cheek. She is neither snarky nor funny nor interesting but damn she is great at name calling. Everyone that does not agree with Lynn needs meds and therapy. The woman is not stable, and if you can’t see that… idk. Good luck in life I guess.

    Bonus! WSL came out & got busted lying. Damn woman if ur gonna blame someone for “Supposedly” reporting your dirty deeds at least know FOR SURE who it is. She has now accused 2 people. I wonder who WSL will accuse next. What is up with the SEC fines? Really now? How come whenever WSL posts her “rate this” gets more thumb downs than thumbs ups? Nice way of telling her how u really feel, posters.

    @OMIB — don’t stop believing! Even when you know you did wrong. Don’t take ANY responsibility for it. I mean wolftulips had it coming right? Even though you now do admit you “GUESSED” while telling everyone you knew FOR SURE. Good thing you kept it off the IHJZ blog. Now no one will know you lied.

    For those that think I am Jenn Sales. Thank you for the compliment. I’m not but I do like funny & snarky. Which why I admit I laughed at this recap. It is so hilarious!

    For those that believe me, thanks. For those who don’t then well I guess “I am whatever you say I am; if I wasn’t, then why would I say I am?” – Marshall Mathers.

    Lastly, RCH I hope one day you have followers of your very own. Not Lynn’s leftovers. No wonder you feel you have to beat Jenn with a bat over and over and over again. No Lynn means no followers for you. Interesting way to show your loyalty to the man! Oops! Meant Lynn.

    For what it’s worth you guys can start slamming me now. I will not be posting any responses.

    • Wow
      Lynn’s leftovers? That’s not very nice to say to the people who read my blog. I said what I said about Jenn because (anyone who reads my blogs and kinda knows me) knows that fakeness really gets under my skin. Had Jenn posted the exact same thing in Lynn’s comments but said “Hey Lynn, I don’t like you and this is why —-” I would have never said a word to her. Lynn is a big girl and can handle her haters herself. If Jenn would have posted her rant about AC in the comments on my blog (the comments that provoked her to write her blog in the first place) we could have had a discussion about it. But she didn’t do any of that.
      She wrote her nasty blog, closed comments, and then blocked me on twitter when I asked her if she wrote that blog in response to what was said on my blog.
      THAT is why I did what I did. No other reason except that she pissed me off.
      Also, I like Lynn. I don’t feel the need to protect her or attack people for her. But if I want to say something that is my right. Jenn makes her nasty comments and then runs and hides. I created a conversation where people can talk to each other say what they want.
      You are also implying that the only reason anyone reads my blog is because Lynn tells them to. So I guess that means you don’t think I’m funny or talented enough to keep people reading my blog on my own. I think that might be the first real insult I’ve gotten since I started blogging. I guess there is a first time for everything. Sorry you think I suck so bad.

      • Tam5115 says:

        I’m insulted too, really. I’ve read Lynn’s blog and all but I consider THIS blog to be the one I want to read and comment at. (No offense to Lynn) I’m no leftover, thank you very much.

        • Brobee says:

          I’m no leftover either…I was recommended to RCH’s blog from a poster at Joker’s Updates that raved about the recaps here. I never knew Lynn’s blog existed until I started reading this one. ReadB4UJudge needs to get her facts straight before flinging out her comments.

      • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

        No leftover here either. I read man blogs housewives related & RCH is one of my favorites

      • Daisy says:

        Hey RCH,

        I have never been to Lynn’s blog. I don’t even know who that is, which is what has been confusing for me reading the past few days. I visit this blog every day, even from my iPhone in the carpool line (yep, I am one of those Stepford PTA moms). I totally get your humor and in fact, mine is exactly the same, I just can’t put it on paper like you can.

        I don’t know who this Jenn Sale person is either and I can’t bring myself to watch her make a fool of herself on the YouTube video because she has children in the video, subjecting them to her jealousy and rage. There is too much bullying among kids and it comes from the parents. There is no place in this world, aside for being the butt of jokes, for people like that. Seems like this person proved that theory all over the internet. Unfortunately for her, some personalities must learn restraint and manners the hard way.

        You have the best blog on the Housewives and you have some great commenters!! You deserve it–your writing, pictures, recaps, BS blogs are fabulous. Why that would make anyone angry…scratch that….insecure…is beyond me.

        Have a great day!!!

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        Sorry! There’s cuss words!

        To dumbass @ReadB4Ujudge, please go away!! I would rather read the fuggmatta troll than your crap. I wish RCH would just ban your ass! I was enjoying my coffee, giggling, and then I get to your shit……GET A FUCKING LIFE!! Go troll somewhere else or better yet, start your own damn blog so you can cry about how much you hate life, hate Lynn, hate Lynn’s followers, hate anyone who Lynn follows, hate anyone with the name Lynn, hate God, hate your kids, etc! I’m sure you will have thousands of fans.

        For your information, I found RCH blog first and read a comment that Lynn left about how she had linked her blog to RCH. In case you don’t understand … RCH lead me to Lynn. So stick that in your ass and have a nice life.

        Oh, once again GET A FUCKING LIFE!!!

      • RHofWhatever says:

        I did the same thing. I did a search for RHoNJ when they were going apesh*t crazy and one of the first sites was RCH. (too bad Jen can’t block her off the google search lol!) I read my first recap and it was love <3! I found my snarky best friend that saw and heard every CRAZY word, expression, and body language I did. I only checked out Lynn's site because it was mentioned in comments one time. This is my go-to spot and I am SO appreciative of the time RCH takes out of her life to share her spot on recaps with us. THANK YOU!!! 🙂

    • You know, you are what we call a real coward in my neck of the woods. You like to criticize and slam others, but only behind yet another mask. You don’t even have the balls to sign your anonymous twitter/blog identity. Real chickenshit of you. Who would believe anything you say? You have no cred.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Real City Housewife has fans/readers because she’s talented…period!

      I post a link to her blog on mine because she’s talented…period! The same way I post a link to ROH and Mickey’s blogs, talent! We all share some readers in common.
      Jealousy is ugly!

    • justanothermary says:

      For those that think I am Jenn Sales. Thank you for the compliment

      Stop saying that out loud. You’re letting people know how stupid you are!

    • oldcrone says:

      Oh dear ReadB4Ujudge, your recap was NOT funny NOR clever.

      You lose.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Well hey there pumpkin!

      how do you know I lied? I don’t think I did.

      Seems to me you know an awful lot about what happened between WSL, squirrels, and cyoteeflower.

      Maybe that’s why you’ve never been photographed together.

      just saying

    • SillyMe says:

      Wow ReadB4Ujudge, you seem to pass a whole lot of judgments without reading what all these commentors are saying. I love Lynn’s blog and I also love RCH’s blog, for different reasons. I visit both daily for updates to lighten my day, get a laugh in from a stressful day at work. I love RCH’s sense of humor and definitely don’t consider myself or people who admire her comical talent left-overs. I really don’t know what problems you really have with Lynn, or care to, but hope that you’ll just keep it to yourself and stop passing blame or linking RCH to your crazy equation. And thank you for not posting again, we’ve all heard/read enough from you. Have a great day! 🙂

    • Uh Oh says:

      Way to jump in and start shit! I’m nobody’s leftover. I read a lot of blogs and don’t read Jenn’s because she doesn’t allow comments on the blog I’ve seen. In addition, I don’t appreciate the “fake” ebonics. RCH’s blog is HILARIOUS! Life is serious enough – we all need to laugh. Take a chill pill. ::flipping my hair and stomping out of the room:::

    • Anonymous says:

      Who’s Lynn? lol I only know who she is because of RCH’s tweets and blogs.

  26. I know I am going to get blocked by people…. But that was damn funny!!!!! Thought I was back on scary island, eating gummy bears for my protein… I am willing to take your picture if you promise to feel very uncomfortable and post about it later!

  27. Re Turd says:

    Re Turd. Re Turd
    Re Turd
    Re Turd

  28. Shit the bed, Fred! This is so freaking funny! I’m laughing my frigging ass off, and it isn’t because I just partook of my herbal supplement. Of course that does make everything funnier, but this is seriously funny stone cold and straight up. Girl, you better watch your back because you not only made an idiot out of Jenn, you wrote something better than she can ever dream of writing.

    Oh and to ReadB4Ujudge – I don’t show my picture because I’m horribly ugly and immensely obese. Not to mention ancient.

    Oh, and I just watched that You Tube about the PTA ladies- omg! I wonder if any of the women she was talking about have seen it? That was seriously creepy.

  29. Re Turd says:

    Machiavellian ?
    Don’t flatter your self.
    Machiavellian LOL
    Readb4u judge aka
    No supporters
    Why don’t you just stop making a fool
    Of your self
    re turd
    Go bother your own family. They are used to your insanity.

  30. Adgirl says:

    Machiavellian? Really? That’s rich. She probably had to look that up on wikipedia and still couldn’t understand the complex subtleties of the masterful and cunning Niccolò Machiavelli.

    Oh dear. The last thing Machiavelli would do is announce he’s Machiavellian.

    Possibly our sad & lonely stalker also wishes to inform us she resembles Grace Kelly?

    Just because she confuses Milwaukee’s Best with Dom Pérignon doesn’t mean we do.

  31. Re Turd says:

    I will not be posting any responses
    Aka readb4youjudge
    Rodent girl ,is that supposed to hurt us or is it because you are a
    Coward who can’t
    Defend your stupidity.

  32. Re Turd says:

    Sorry Real City
    But slamming you,
    Lynn & others I am angry. Sorry ,I meant no offense to you or your blog. (Too bad I had a good one about “Lynn’s left overs”.
    Loved your very clever blog. MM
    Monkey was priceless. I too am fat & ugly. LOL
    I remain your devoted follower & I am not a leftover.

  33. Re Turd says:

    Ad girl isn’t is cool we were on the same wave length but you did it better. Does it hurt to have such a high IQ ?

  34. Re Turd says:

    Nite nite
    Don’t let the
    Squirreles Bite.!

  35. @twilighttwitti says:

    Last week that Bat Shit Crazy Zenn Jenn wrote a whole blog on *I HAZ A BLOG, Yo* because someone questioned her about writing a book. Amazon had never heard of Jennifer Sale so Jenn wrote a blog in her defense of her book. Here is a copy of the book Jenn wrote. Enjoy bishes! Bwa, ha ha ha ha. I’m still laughing my ass off. You better hurry and look before the (BSC) deletes it. That’s her MO.

  36. @twilighttwitti says:

    Now here is the link to the blog Jenn wrote dedicated to the book that she claims was published. Funny Amazon has never heard of this so called book. The girl is delusional.

    • I have a couple things to say about this:
      1 – She blames the book delay on issues with the ending. I don’t really believe that, but she was only asking for $1,500 so I suppose it’s possible that she found it. I guess this is going to be another “private release”?
      2 – The screen shot of her assignment desk…. Lol. Now that I have signed up for AC, I have the exact same thing. All you have to do is fill out your name and email adress and you too can have a professional assignment desk just like her.
      3 – Quote from her blog: “I’m all for getting the actual facts out there, so please do not hesitate to contact me.” Blog comments are off, everyone is blocked on twitter, and her tweets are protected half the time… good luck contacting her.

      • Oh and:
        4 – Her “award” is not so much an award as it is a “badge” on AC (and we all know how high their standards are). To call it an award isn’t exactly a lie, but to use it to refer to yourself as “award winning” is stretching the truth a bit.
        5 – On her Nuggets Begging For Money web page it says she is working on her first two books. So is Nuggets her first or second book? Come on Michaele, get your stories straight!

        • winatlife says:

          So much talk about nuggets. I am fundamentally against the big MickeyDs but will get a 20 piece tomorrow.

          I’ll be taking immodium for a couple of days afterwards, but right now – it seems like the right thing to do.

          • DO NOT EAT MCDONALDS!!!!
            PLEASE check the “My Charities” page up top. Please watch the docu I linked to there before you ever put another McDonalds product in your mouth!!!!!! This goes for all fast food too, not just McDonalds.

            • winatlife says:

              RCH, I know you are right. In all seriousness, I never eat fast food from anywhere. I lament the fact that I eat eggs, but they are always organic, cage free eggs. But dang. A chicken McNugget sounds good sometimes, even though I’d never eat 1 of the 20 pieces. Morningstar makes veggie nuggets that taste much better.

              Thank you for the conscious call though – sometimes I do need one – I have not gone through with eating one for 2 years, but sometimes I buy them and throw them out.

              Same, same. I also wanted to mention that you crack me up! I found you first, and think you are one of the funniest, most talented bloggers out here, including the paid ones.

              This is what threatens them.

              Keep on keeping on RCH!!!

              • Oh please don’t even buy them. Every time we make a purchase we cast a vote with our wallets. Every time you buy fast food or meat from the supermarket you are voting for animal abuse and torture.
                Even cage free is not that much better, and “organic” is a marketing tool. It doesn’t mean anything. Please buy your food from farmers markets, or even directly from the farm if you can.

                Anyone reading this, please watch this video:

                If you don’t care about animals, then please learn about how factory farming is affecting the environment and global warming. If you don’t care about the planet then learn about how factory farming is making people sick and causing many anti biotics to become ineffective. Learn about the connection between fast food and the drug companies and how corporations are getting rich off of making you sick and then selling you medicine to treat your illnesses. Please watch this video, it will change the way you look at food.

                Ok, sorry. I’m done preaching. Go back to laughing.

                • winatlife says:

                  Done. Thank you. And this comes from a “vegan” for many years. How do we spread the truth? Nevermind – I see how you do it, and this is the most effective way. Thanks.

                • I try to spread the truth any way I can. I only started learning about all this stuff about a year ago. Before that I had never even thought about where my food comes from or how it’s made or what’s really in it.
                  I was really shocked by the things I found out and it changed me. I think it’s not that people don’t care, it’s that they don’t know.

                • Tuzentswurth says:

                  Better yet, get your own chickens. They are sweet animals that will produce the best tasting eggs you ever had. Everything RCH says about the abuse of animals, the destruction of the environment, the drug industry and corporations is spot on, ….funny AND smart, our blogger darling.

    • Adgirl says:

      AKA a fashion show with no fashion … oh dear.

  37. Teresa says:

    First time I ever heard of Jenn Sales was in this blog. Your recap was hilarious!!! Too much drama in these blogs…reminds me of the “Housewives”, but isn’t that why we love the shows, because of the drama?

    Matter of fact, I scanned through the previous blog and read all the comments. I was captivated in some weird, sick way. I found “squirrels” to be very believable and compelling in her argument. From all the thumbs up she she received, apparently others felt the same way.

  38. @twilighttwitti says:

    Wasn’t Jenn ragging on Lynn for asking for donations? Well why is Jenn asking for donations to publish her *Private* book? LMAO! I think she has split personality disorder. She can’t decide who or what she wants to be and then she runs like a coward to her twitter cave to hide with the other nutjobs #RHOT <–Pronounce like ROT as in Rotten, Lol

    • Jen says:

      Please tell me you read the book excerpt-pleaseeeee. At this point in time I had a good opinion of Jenn…I wasn’t seeing any real evidence of craziness (but I’m not that great on Twitter so I could have missed it). I liked her blog although I was starting to get annoyed at her dialing back the snarkiness to stay on the good side of the HWs (umm that’s nice and all but it doesn’t keep me entertained.) Then she posted the excerpt which was about a women who has stage 4 cancer and is dying and her husband treats her like shit and won’t come with her to chemo but will go fly to another state for the funeral of his ex-girlfriend’s father and basically demeans his dying wife. It was so unpleasant to read that I don’t know who would want to buy it for 10 bucks let alone give money to her to support her writing. I’m not trying to be a “hater” but after all of this stuff and seeing the YouTube video I really changed my opinion. I’m finding it hard to believe that she was a model, ice skater, writer and all the other things she has claimed to be. The videos were sick-umm maybe the other mothers give you the stink-eye because you make those “shocking” aka bad jokes about wanting to buy liquor at 9am and sending all the homemade cookies to your husband in jail. I feel like she thinks she’s living in a sitcom and playing the part of the “too cool for PTA” mom who doesn’t fit in and is waiting for a laugh track to be played when she rattles off her “jokes”.

  39. LOL
    I’m still laughing at “Hmm” who left a comment on the other blog just to see how skinny the comments could get.

  40. Teresa says:

    RCH – it took me a couple of hours, but I loved every minute of it, lol. It felt like real courtroom drama…and I was on the jury (unbiased of course, for I had no knowledge of the case until today). I weighed the pro’s and the con’s, read all the testimony, and came to my conclusion.

    • Lol. As soon as they start talking about finances and hedge funds and documents my eyes glaze over and my mind starts wandering. I like to keep my drama simple. Who called who a bitch… who lied about being a dirty whore. Stuff like that.

      • Meg1964 says:

        That was when it went South for me. I felt like I was in a bad Wall Street movie, stuck and couldn’t get out.

        Call a bitch a slut and let’s see that go down! Yes!

      • Tam5115 says:

        Exactly! All that financial blah, blah, blah and my eyelids start to flutter.

  41. tweeterlaura says:

    thanks for the entertainment rch, need to get some laundry done now, looking for my crocs. black socks?

  42. Teresa says:

    RCH, totally agree!!! I skipped to the juicy comments. Felt like I was reading a real page turner, so to speak. So, who was the “dirty whore?” (flipping hair as I hear the word “bitch” mumbled, lol)

  43. lalalala says:

    onemoreinboston is the troll. I guess its time to delete this-right?
    Or get really nasty with me.
    She & miss troll-sprayer have done as much as tell you all repeatedly.
    It must really think it is funny.

  44. Matt Martin says:

    I have to admit that was FUNNY! Thanks for keeping me out of that one haha

  45. Had Enough! says:

    OK, so everyone – EVERYONE – can stop blogging now. Right now.

    Because there will never ever be a blog even half so brilliant as this. This is it. This is the blog-ending blog. Shit. This was so freaking funny that I’ll bet even Jenn is having a secret giggle. When she’s not busy channeling Kathy Griffin. Actually, that’s pretty pathetic. She’s a third-rate Kathy Griffin, and since Kathy Griffin isn’t all that funny and is mostly annoying….yup – a cross between Kathy Griffin and Kelly Bensimon. Bitter and crazy. That pretty much sums it up.

    To celebrate the end of blogging, we need a major party. Now, we’ve already got a long-list of appropriate attire, including micro-minis, feathers, very shiny one-shouldered dresses, bedazzled head bands, five-foot crucifixes (also bedazzled), ugly textured tights (ugh -thought those were dead for good when I was 14 yrs old)…and now we’ve got to add bumpits and crocs. Maybe Ramona can get us a good deal. She must have tons of this shit in her overstock biz. So add gallons of Ramon’s pinot and Bethenny’s SGM and get ready to award the BIGGEST AND LAST BLOG AWARD EVER! Cold latkes will be served and there will be large boxes of sugar and bottles diet coke to pour on the food so no one will eat it. Gummi Bears for dessert, yo!

  46. floridagirl88 says:

    Well done!

  47. Had Enough! says:

    Hey – how dumb am I? For two days now, I’ve been trying to figure out what UFC is. Need a clue, please!

  48. vilzvet says:

    Thank you for a great way to start the day! You, my dear, have created something not only on a par with but even better than the brilliant guy who does the bsideblogs with shot glasses. How funny was the Stanley Cup in each shot of Lynn? Yes I agree with Had Enough that we have reached the pinnacle of blogging, you can now all retire. Florida, anyone??

  49. Sardonica says:

    …and that work of art is why I am addicted to this blog. Where can I get primo crack like this other than here? As to being ‘leftovers’ I love leftovers. Always better the 2nd day. I am sorry to see the blog taking another turn today in comment section. It means I will have to actually do some kinda real life thing again instead of parking my lazy a** here all day. Crap.
    RCH, you always deliver the funniest content. I have become waaay more addicted to your unpaid hobby blog than I am to the actual shows. I now watch them so I can better enjoy your unpaid thoughts and mockery of bizarre situations. I can hardly wait for the blog reunion show.

  50. realminkey says:

    Holy cheeseballs, this is funny! Thank you, RCH!

    Is that glam shot really the same beyotch I saw in the video?

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